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Found 30 results


    guests in orbiter stuck in doorways

    when in my orbiter, and i invite party members to my orbiter, the are getting stuck in doorways not able to go through, been able to visit others orbiter and can there walk through doorways, it is only when inviting ppl to mine the issue seems to be, and no doorways are not blocked, i can walk through but guests cannot, has been like this for over a month now
  2. Hello! Ever since the Nyx rework, her Absorb skill no longer absorbs self-damage unless you are the host. I have tested this multiple times in multiple missions, as well as the Simulacrum. Tested with: Nyx, Nyx Prime Where: Arbitrations, Void Fissures, Starchart, Simulacrum. What: Absorb does not take self-damage with Sancti Castanas into the damage calculation unless playing as Host. Platform: PC, Standalone Client. Thank you for your time!
  3. vincent09201

    error code

    錯誤代碼:WA R-2212776
  4. When transference is used all of the remaining daggers from desolate hands will disappear when returning to the warframe if Baruuk is not the host. If Baruuk is the host the remaining daggers persist.
  5. hunterofnecros

    Electric Shield and Catchmoon

    When placing two or more of Volt's third ability "Electric Shield" and then attempting to shoot through it with the Catchmoon kitgun the projectile gets blocked by the shields and bursts directly in front of your frame.
  6. RePhantom

    Index bug

    When I finish index I always forget to extract and for some reason sometimes the screen just freeze. I cant press any button so the only thing I can do is close the game and restart. And that's 15 minutes wasted on index cause u dont get the reward, it makes it worst if u did index 2 in a row. De plz help with this glitch. It's happening to me 4 times already. Anyways I'm depressed, times is precious and I wasted time farming 0 credits.
  7. Spamming Volt's Speed hard will make everyone lag (doesn't matter if you are host or client) and cause all kinds of crazy glitches to occur, if it doesn't disconnent them first. Not sure if the problem lies in network overload or game client (this is just speculation, I'm not sure how it ACTUALLY works) but ping does not seem to spike when this happens. Volt's speed has no cooldown and can be recast an infinite number of times. If it had even a 0.5 second casting cooldown it could probably fix this, while also fixing a minor annoyance with playing as Volt in general.
  8. BloodOfAngel_

    My affinity booster stopped working

    I bought a 3-day affinity booster on February 1st, 2019, and 2 days later I received a 3-day affinity booster reward from Sorties, and also that day received another5-hour affinity booster from the daily reward, and now I have total of 3days and 23 hours of affinity booster, but when I play Sedna, Hydron to level up my items, I receive 1x xp, when my friends receive the double of what I earned in that mission. How could I fix this, or could I at least receive a new booster, new player don't have enough platinum to buy one. Name in game - BloodOfAngel_
  9. Hello, after being in flying hell for more than an hour, i have a lot to share, first of all, no matter if someone else was in the map playing, i didn't got matched until i asked for help in alliance and my clan.I mainly play on experimental mode of archwing, wich has the smoothest movements, tho is slower than the normal archwing gameplay, also when you aim in experimental if you move the gunfire goes wherever you move, wich makes sense but i don't think it's intended or practical, now on the normal flying mode, the 3rd ability doesn't really chase enemies, in fact doesn't really work unless you're on melee range facing the enemies, and when you move, your gunfire is facing where you aim but the gun face in the direction you're moving. Now, Pandora, the courier goes trough asteroids a lot of times, it's movement gets wacky when you're playing on experimental mode, wich is tough because when you move, the gunfire beam doesn't really face where you're aiming but where you're moving, so basically in normal arcwing mode, the animations are off, and the movement is less precise and in experimental the archwing is too slow to chase the courier, and the gunfire is very difficult to direct to your aiming target, so i basically died a bunch of times while only doing a little damage to the courier. By the way i'm very happy with your game and i take a little of my time to try to help it to improve. My most sincere thanks for making this gem, Driearms
  10. (XB1)Ninja Remake

    Constant Fortuna Disconnect

    Ever since Fortuna launched on xbox, most of the time trying to do bounties I end up losing connection to the server and losing all progress. I recently tried to get back into doing it because of the newest update and I've run into the same problem almost every time. Never being able to finish bounties and getting any of my rewards because of disconnects... Anyone else having this issue??
  11. Dear DE Customer Support Long short story - So i have obtained a Pistol Riven Mod from a sortie, which requires to collect 12 (twelve) syndicate medallions durning a single mission. "Find 12 syndicate medallions without raising any alarms." Here's a screenshot Looks obvious, easy to make out, right? So how about this: First at all, each mission, like exterminate (which is an only option for this challenge because of alarms) contains maximum 8 medallions. Even if i reach the extraction, while having collected all of them - 8/12, withouth being detected or even seen, the counter is resetting back itself to 0/12, everytime i'm getting extracted and finished the mission. So here's the problem - You simply cannot collect 12 of them, because even if you collect the maximum ammount in the mission, and want to start another syndicate mission - you are starting from 0/12, over and over, everytime you finishing a mission. I can assure you, that i didnt trigger any alarms and kissed the extraction zone while having 8/12 and BAH! - it's downed to 0/12, just when got back to landing craft. There's something wrong, isn't it? Please take a look at my account and investigate. For now, this mod is a garbage which is never gonna get unveiled. Best Regards 🙂 Nargaroth666
  12. (PS4)Reshiram25

    Baruuk Infinite restraint Bug

    Today i Experience the infinite restraint on Arbitration without a host migration. Had no secondary just primary and melee. So i had my 1st ability active and my 4th. Then i deactivated my 4th and use a slide attack. Now im just curious if i can do it again.
  13. AshiroRX

    Erro de rede

    Queria ajuda pois meu jogo vem dando um erro de rede não respondendo
  14. Encounted an error where as the topic mentions was happening, but while leaving to go toilet (expecting the game to automatically put me to the next wave as usual) it froze me on the choosing a relic. I was still able to access the start menu to abort mission. Doing this i lost my rewards and my relics that i had opened. It was mostly junk i have lost but my time in the mission and farming relics has gone to waste. If there is anyway for me to get my junk for the mission it would be greatly appreciated. I can provide footage of the glitch occuring but not of what the rewards are.
  15. (XB1)merrick 555 666

    Constant kicks and freezing

    I am enjoying the game but I cant always play as my progress is halted since it wont let me so me do missions on my own or with friends. It freezes on the loading screen so all I see is black then kicks me from the game or I have to close and restart then try again only to have the same result nine times out of ten.
  16. Carcino25

    Ship color change bug

    I apologize if I dont have the proper tags or a terrible title to this, but this bug I was not aware of is that when loading into a mission, my ship was in default colors, but then shifted back to the color style I chose when almost fully loaded into the mission. This I think is a minor bug, but I thought I'd inform incase there is any means of trying to fix or resolve this small issue. Thanks in advance!
  17. I've been wanting to make this list for a long time. This is sort of a condensed version of a list I've posted elsewhere. In essence, this is a list of long-standing bugs that either have not been addressed or simply have not been fixed. WEAPONS: Tonkor grenades do not explode on contact at any distance, and do not deal damage on contact fixed with Tonkor rework in 24.2.0! Zenistar charge attack function is at least sometimes broken for clients (newer bug) The Clashing Forest staff stance has at least one broken (missing/misplaced/too small) hitbox fixed in 24.1.5! The Quanta simply does nothing when pressing alt-fire with less than 10 ammo (should reload like other "empty" weapons) The Dark Split Sword has issues with alternate holster styles and weapon skins Some projectile weapons (Tonkor, Miter, possibly others) cannot break grates, containers, glass, and other objects Multishot mods and weapons interact poorly with the stealth kills bonus Sacrificial set mods do not apply set bonus on exalted weapons (possibly intentional?) Inconsistent reload behavior on the Corinth (particularly when auto-reloading an empty mag) (maybe addressed?) Cannot melee after performing an air melee (fixed in melee 3.0 probably) WARFRAMES: Khora's Ensnare can drag Lephantis' heads around in the first phase (need confirmation this still happens) Khora's Strangledome does not propagate Whipclaw damage as it is supposed to Nova's Antimatter Orb will stick to her arm and even inflict ally damage if she is wearing certain arm accessories Atlas' Landslide does not see Capture Targets as a valid target ("Invalid Target" error) The Adaptation mod appears to be completely nonfunctional in the most recent game versions Mag's Magnetize is unreliable on hitscan weapons with a visual effect Titania gets targeted by anti-air turrets while in Razorwing Titania's Lantern has various issues (see first two posts at link) OPERATOR: Activating Transference when your Warframe is near death can cause your operator to instantly "die" and your Warframe to go down supposedly fixed? Sometimes, "empty" Warframes are still damageable while the operator is transferred out (possibly intentional, still researching) Extracting from a mission as your operator does not award syndicate standing (confirmed with Simaris, maybe others?) Respawning after your operator falls into a pit can sometimes put you hundreds of meters back, even if your Warframe was nearby UI: Two "return/enter" presses required to send a message on a machine with IME enabled, even on the English single-byte client Chat sometimes remains open after sending a link, requiring the user to press ESC to exit Frequently, keyboard inputs function on multiple parts of the UI simultaneously, causing improper inputs when a dialog is presented Cephalon Simaris' menu text Uses Caps For Each Word And It Looks Terrible Mining laser mineral scanner can be inconsistent (sometimes doesn't show minerals on radar), especially after using a vehicle Ore veins sometimes don't appear on the mineral scanner until you switch to operator MISC: Kubrow fur still looks wrong since Chimera (has been patched again, needs confirmation of fix) Some cosmetic armors are not aligned correctly (e.g. Porta set left shoulder on Rhino Prime) The "ability in use" bug is still common, not just in open-world maps. (perhaps network-related? very common in PTO fight) Fishing on the Vallis does not work properly in multiplayer seems to be fixed at least as of 24.2.1 PoE "hidden cache" bounties can sometimes spawn caches outside of the mission area, particularly inside caves Trading with a player before they have properly entered the dojo causes them to be stuck in loading loop Upon first-time completion, The War Within quest can sometimes reset progress and require the user to complete the entire quest again to get credit Infested enemy noises (particularly chargers) frequently persist after the enemy has died Enemies will often grossly exceed their normal fire rate when blind-firing over cover Exterminate missions very frequently have buggy enemy spawning, forcing players to backtrack to spawn enough enemies Exiting a mission with the mission status UI up can result in a black screen soft-lock for all players in the squad If the host uses 5+ revives in a plains mission, rewards may be lost in that or subsequent plains missions Some of these may not be bugs, some of them may even be intentional. What we're looking for here is a reply from DE that addresses these concerns and calls out whether they are known bugs, unknown bugs (need verification/reproduction, which we will provide in the replies), or Working as Intended™. TENNO, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THE REPLIES IF YOU HAVE OTHER SUSPECTED BUGS YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD TO THIS LIST! I will add them if we can confirm them or if I've personally seen that behavior. If you have forum threads available to link for the above issues, please provide them! Thanks for reading! (*'▽')
  18. farkas888

    Loot, drops in game

    I dont really know.. But i think i find a bug with the warframe blueprint drops in game!. When i play sometimes i get warframe blueprint drop and this drop ALWAYS THE SAME! I got 14 HARROW CHASSIS in a row!.. What is that? I will never get Nidus or something else? Thanks for visiting
  19. (XB1)WryWoodenman

    Not receiving any chat messages

    I have not received any messages in any chat menus. Been about 1h and half....
  20. This has happened to me twice in a row now while ranking up an Amp in ESO. I have max ranked the amp and then the host will decide to leave (naturally without telling anyone) forcing a host migration that wipes all progress made in leveling the Amp (both experience and affinity). If you are hosting and you decided to leave PLEASE let your squad know when you are going to leave. Bugs or no bugs that is common courtesy. I found at least two other forum posts with the same bug reported going back almost two months but no response. Please Fix DE:
  21. Pandauria

    orbiter bug?

    So you know the feature to invite someone in the orbiter right? well apparently I encountered a bug where when I invite or I am invited to the orbiter, the hosts ramp to the arsenal room is gone and also we can't open any door to visit the ship .
  22. Xtremefighter7296

    I can't invite anyone! Please fix DE

    I am trying to make some plat and now i cant invite anyone can you please tell me whats wrong?
  23. i accidentally got myself into this bug when a obviously using VPN player hosted a random joined game. which later on becuz of the slow loading, he quit, and host migration and leaving myself loaded into Orb Vallis Which than what i saw is quite Epic, but i think its a bug? i took some clip and photos. and i later on ended up not being able to take the lift back down to Fortuna, Forcing me to close the game instead, the lift won't go down, unstuck don't do anything. here are the clip and photos
  24. our host left the match by the 20 min mark and after that the game just stoped giving to me the rotation rewards, i lost 2 vitus escence a rolling guard and what i belive to be 4k endo by the last rotation, are these itens gone from my account forever? is there something i can do?
  25. After completing a Vox Solaris mission, I went to start another mission with the same group. While navigating menus, the host left the squad. My game then soft-locked at the point where other players would vote on the mission, with "Mission Vote Cancelled" appearing in the bottom right.