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Found 173 results

  1. jackylai111

    Questions about amprex riven

    I currently have a unrolled amprex riven with +damage + CD . I heard that CC is better but I ain't sure whether I should reroll or not.
  2. So far i’ve enjoyed this game so much One warframe I would love to use in every single mission (except spy) is Saryn and her Prime Variant. I love to use saryn so much, and have reading and watching video about guide and tips about her. But the more I watch and read them all, the more confusing I am. As far as i know, saryn 2nd ability (Spore) is dealing a corrosive proc damage so i dont need corrosive proc weapon (correct me if I am at the wrong) Saryn 4th ability (Miasma) is dealing a Viral Proc so I dont need that either (correct me again if I am wrong) My current equipment for her is Primary - Tigris Prime with Viral and Slash Secondary - Akstilleto with Gas Damage and Cold damage (I didnt get lucky enought on Riven) Melee - Dokhram Zaw with Increased Damage and A’speed and Gas Proc So I want to ask maybe a tips or a correction from you guys, am I doing good enough? If there is a better choice for weapon and proc I would appreciate it so much. I just love Saryn and want to main her. Have a nice day fellow tenno 😉
  3. Braiking.Boss

    Help with my Oberon Prime build

    Building around 2 and 3 These are the mods I am confident in keeping. * growing power * power drift * vitality * rage * hunter adrenaline * stretch * overextended So far I have 235% range which gives my 2 360 degrees radius around me (234% is min needed for that), energy managenent, and some power mods to help start offsetting overextended's reduction. This is where I am stuck. Do I go power, efficiency, duration, or all 3? The duration vs efficiency interaction is confusing to me in terms of maximization. Let me know your thoughts, explaining your choices would be appreciated.
  4. Is Kela de Thayme still dropping [Medi-Ray]? Have done her times and no medi-ray drop. Anyone got a medi-ray to drop recently?
  5. Fidipars

    Riven Price Check

    Hey guys I'm fairly new to the game and I have no clue how much rivens go for. Can any of you kind sirs price check this riven for me? (I dont know how to attach images to this so I'll just right down the name and the stats of the mod) Dragon Nikana Locti-critaata +203.9% Melee Damage +111.8%Critical Chance +159.8% Range -8s Combo Duration Thnx 🙂
  6. Hi friends, I received a riven mod from today's sorties and I'm having trouble completing the challenge. As the title implies, the challenge is "Kill 5 Dargyn pilots before they hit the ground". I cant shoot the pilot out of the Dargyn because that doesn't count, I tried Limbo shenanigans to no avail, and it seems that no matter what, whenever I try to kill the Dargyn so the pilot will fall and then I can kill them, the Dargyn exploding instantly kills the pilot which also doesn't count. Any suggestions?
  7. 2 rolls, Madurai, MR 15, Max rank: +88.3% Toxin +187.9% Damage -20.3% Magazine Capacity Pls help it's my first riven that I'm selling D:
  8. Hello, I have been rolling my supra riven for about a day and had a good roll, the only downside was the +recoil. but the stats were better that the previous option so i took the +recoil; i then went into Fortuna to shoot the gun and test the recoil. when i shoot the Supra there is a small initial kick then the recoil stops and the screen shakes violently, after about 20 seconds of shooting my eyes hurt and i have a small headache. i do have screen shake disabled and was looking for help as i don't know what to do as it makes the game unplayable.
  9. This Riven doesn't add any recoil other than the initial kick, it just violently shakes the screen and really strains my eyes, i was wondering if any others have encountered a similar problem. I do have screen shake disabled.
  10. Is it good? What weapon should i use, while im in the air? (mastery rank 8 or lower)
  11. (XB1)Jarl Skoggi

    Mios Riven value?

    Mios Croni-ignisus +65.7 heat +41 attack speed +85.5 slash How much plat would that bad boy go for?
  12. PMR25


    first apologize for my writing format im working on it but i need to get this out as i have many times before... 1. for the purposes of melee what mods/arcanes/ keep my combo counter going as i continue to fine tune my builds that's a recurring problem especially when enemies are high like 70+ when i'd actually really need it 2. i've recently discovered the no speed or little speed method the context is after using no speed mods and just using base speed i ramp up my crit counter way faster than with them at one point i have considered channeling for melee even tho it's mainly for war frames b/c when i was a speed man it made sense but now not so much with little to no speed 3. status what works on all factions the context being you can use use one stat type like corrosive for ex on all factions but no matter how many times i think ik i don't as either the status will fall off or just won't work and i do know of enemy amour but im just asking what the setups that work against everyone Grin/Corp/Inf/Corr 4. when it comes to crit chance or crit dmg do you want a higher from both or is there like a sweet spot context on this is i usually got for highest crit in combo with highest multiplier so like ex 93.2 crit chance and 7.8x multiplier so using that i will still go down and i don't understand why that happens or why my weapon becomes mudd against high lvl enemies 5. if i don't slide to win and just wanna swing my melee around can i still do as much dmg as if i slide since many builds i see using the fabled "spin to win" but i've never been a fan and i can only assume there are others so im asking what do i do or how do i do it the context BTW is that i use Atterax the spin to win king but i don't spin so im swinging it around like i would any other whip 6. are there any good mods from conclave worth doing conclave for since ik it's not very popular with the community but i've seen mods that pique my interest or just are curious about and potentially i would use them if even in low tier so im asking is it even worth it or should i just trade for the mods i want ?
  13. (PS4)Glericus

    What primed cards to buy [PS4]

    So the void trader is here and we have. Primed Point blank Primed Pistol gambit Primed Fast hands Primed Morphic Should I get everything or is something useless?
  14. Anyone can help me with my Volt? I plan to complete all nodes before farming any Primed Warframes. I've also used one Forma and the Goldtato on my Vanilla Volt.
  15. Superhero12320

    This build is good for ash prime?
  16. Подскажите как отключить свечение в настройках. Отключить его нельзя так как вкладка темная. Помогите.
  17. I know Broken War primarily does slash damage, so the mods I've been using to enhance that strength. Here is the list of all the mods I'm currently using for this weapon. Please don't tell me this build is bad or anything else that doesn't solve this one particular problem. Just let me play the game my way. All of these mods are at max level: Pressure Point Fury Molten Impact Fever Strike Buzz Kill Jagged Edge True Steel Drifting Contact (Stance) Swooping Falcon IMO this is a decent build when you want a lot of slash damage. However, for some unknown reason, this slash damage seems have a lesser chance of occurring than Impact damage, so much so that I literally deal Impact damage every single time I hit something. I have no idea why this is happening. I'm not using any mod that guarantees Impact damage. No Warframe has any passives related to status effects. Someone on Region chat suggested it might be the stance, so I swapped it out for another and the results were nearly identical. Please give me an explanation for why this is happening. I really want to use this sword to the best of its ability, but I can't do that when it's doing Impact damage all the time. Thanks in advance!
  18. Down_Freeze89

    synapse riven price check

    I have a riven for the synapse and it goes as follows: +138.2% status duration -107.2 weapon recoil This is my first unveiled riven, any idea how much it is worth? thanks!
  19. (XB1)Ghostfu2 killer

    Vampire Leech

    I'm looking to buy Vampire Leech for 15plat new to trading I'm on xbox
  20. Lykosas

    Phage riven question

    Hi, I am not proficient at rivens, so I came to the only place i could think of to ask an estimated value of this mod that I have Phage Visido: 33.5% damage. Max level 301.5% 17.5% cold. Max level 157.3% -9.2 multishot. Max level -82.4% I am sorry to come up with this topic, but I don't know what to do with. Sell it or get a phage weapon myslef.
  21. (PS4)waltsjr

    Zaw build and mod setup help

    Hey I have a Plague Keewar riven (+116.3 Range, +92.8 Status Chance) and I was wondering what suggestions you guys had for zaw builds and mod setup. I was thinking Zaw: Mods: Primed Pressure Point, Primed Reach, Primed Fury, Riven, Condition overload, Primed Fever Strike, Voltaic Strike, Drifting Contact I have only built one zaw before and suck at making a build unless I can test it, so any advice is appreciated.
  22. Air time - -20% gravity when falling down Mad Stack - +120% velocity when falling down Isnt one like opposite to another? If one makes u fall longer and the other faster theres no point in using both at the same time right? Or im missing something? If im right, then which ones gonna do better for a "speed" build cause im not sure?
  23. (NSW)Primus-ZD

    Nintendo Switch price abuse

    Hey there! I'm just a newbie Nintenno and I got some really good stuff from pc players, I also found new friends 🙂 but one thing that I don't understand is why some people are raising the price for some sets to the heck out of the normal prices of the other plataforms. I know that is a new plataform but a mirage prime set for more than 200 plat?! This is wrong. Thank you for your time.
  24. (PS4)Pr0Nub88

    Tonkor Zetiata price check

    Hi guys I just got this riven mod and wondered what price it is, thanks. It has at Max upgrade +154.7% damage -85.8% weapon recoil -23.7% zoom
  25. Just looking for some constructive criticism for my current build; gallery link below: Imgur placed my images out of my intended order; this is how it was listed: Deconstructor Prime Boar Prime Akbronco Prime Ankyros Prime Helios Prime Rhino Prime Thanks in advance!