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  1. ---- Astral Awakening ---- -- Extremely Active Rank 10 Mountain Clan l New Player Friendly -- -- Researched l Awesome Community l Events -- -- Discord Mandatory (MIC optional) -- -- No MR Reqs! -- Who are we? Astral Awakening is the academy/casual branch of the Astral Clans, we are dedicated to helping newer players become more efficient and reach their full potential in warframe. Once we have taught you all we can offer and made you guys lean mean killing machines, you might want to join Astral Ethereum, which is our Competitive/Active Storm clan. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/950911-astral-ethereum-recruiting-l-competitive-storm-clan-l-247-active-discord-l-friendly-community-l-come-join-us/ What do we offer? We have both experienced and new players, so if you need someone to help you or if you want to help you’re welcome either way. You can basically find someone any time you want, since we have members from almost every time zone! An active community full of awesome people, you’re not gonna get bored hanging around with us that’s for sure! A 24/7 active voice chat in our discord with all kinds of awesome people. We host quite often events which have fantastic prizes! These events range from Captura- to Fashionframe- to Speedrunning- to Endurance-Events with large Platinum prize pools. Lastly we offer some of the most willing veteran players and leaders to help you guys on your epic journey that is Warframe (#grindframe). Our dojo is followed and built by our official dojo build team (who knows…if you like these things and prove capable you may even be able to become one). Our dojo is complete with 99,99% of research, obstacle course, dueling rooms, a “trade center”, gardens and more!- We also have a Discord server! Where you can share builds, fashion frames and capturas, doubts, experiences, memes and more (we might even have a 18+ section). Well-designed clan emblems by our very best graphic designers. Open minded staff to share your ideas with! We always appreciate having clanmates come to us with concerns or suggestions and we do always try to solve them together! Although some decisions made by management are final. How can you apply? First and foremost you need to know that you are welcome to join without worrying about your experience and rank. We are also looking for higher ranking players to come and show the ropes to newer players (but we still have older vets teaching). We’re constantly recruiting! Below you can read on what we require of you guys to give us in order to join! Mention the things below in your forum clan application: A small introduction of yourself: Ingame Name: Discord Tag: (e.g. ThatBlue#2517) MR: NOTE: If you are MR 15+ and have 500hrs ingame. Then you might want to have a look at our recruitment ad for Astral Ethereum, Link to that below. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/950911-astral-ethereum-recruiting-l-competitive-storm-clan-l-247-active-discord-l-friendly-community-l-come-join-us/
  2. ✨ The Gladiators Legion ✨ Founded in 2015 ✨ Discord: https://discord.gg/gladiatorswf ✨Forum Group: https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/157-gladiators-legion/ ✨ What We Offer You ✨ Clans for every MR, skill level, and region. You want an NA-based clan? You got it. Aussie wanting other Aussies? We're here! Very Active - 10 days AFK timer on all clans, over 15,000 messages in our Clan Discord daily. Largest Australian Warframe Clan Community in the game. ALL weapon research finished in ALL clans, with Ignis Wraiths available on request. We're the founders of the 35,000+ member Gilded Phoenix Alliance. 6,000+ member Gladiator Discord with full Nitro Boost perms - we were the first Warframe Clan to achieve full Nitro Boost! ✨ Our Achievements, Shortlisted ✨ Celestial - #7 Mountain Clan in Pacifism Defect Celestial - #2 Mountain Clan for Ambulas Reborn Celestial - 50+ gold Plague Star Trophies Celestial - #5 Mountain Clan for Hostile Mergers Tempest - #8 Mountain Clan for Hostile Mergers Aurora - #8 Moon Clan for Hostile Mergers Solar - 3rd place winner of Winter 2019 Dojo Contest ✨ About Celestial and Tempest Gladiators ✨ CelesTempest are twin Mountain Clans with 100% research each. These clans are for MR15+ Tenno who enjoy a more veteran playstyle and are generally the more experienced clans. Tenno from Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and surrounding areas can become Celestial members, while European and American members join Tempest branch. Celestial also has full access to the Ignis Wraith in the Clan Dojo. ✨About Quantum Gladiators ✨ Quantum Coming Soon! Please wait warmly until it's ready 🙂 ✨ About Nightfall, Darkstar, and Aurora Gladiators ✨ Nightfall, Darkstar and Aurora are triplet Moon Clans with 100% research except for some Pigments. Clan members have access to Ignis Wraith through our Clan Discord. These clans have a minimum MR of 7 to join, and are split up by region. Tenno from Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and surrounding areas will become Nightfall members, while Tenno from Europe or the Americas can become Aurora members. Darkstar is the international of the triplet clans and accepts members from any country! ✨ About Solar, Lunar and Radiant Gladiators ✨ SoLuRa are Triplet Moon Clans with 100% research. Solar, Lunar and Radiant are open to ALL tenno of any MR, skill level, playstyle, and from anywhere in the world. Both Clans have 100% research except for some Pigments, and clan members can access Ignis Wraith through our Clan Discord. Just because they don't have an MR cap, doesn't mean they're not full of surprises - the communities in these clans are second to none! ✨ To Join ✨ Please leave a message below with your In-Game Name, your Country and your Mastery Rank! If you would like to join a certain branch, please include that info too! If you do not include one of these things you will be invited to a random clan from Solar, Lunar or Radiant. Alternatively, you can apply through our Discord for faster responses! https://discord.gg/gladiatorswf Thank you, Tenno!
  3. Welcome to Eternal Aegis! We are a close-knit clan dedicated to keeping a casual, fun, and welcoming atmosphere. We strive to give our members the best clan experience Warframe has to offer. If you are interested in joining, please leave a comment below or message one of us in game! What We Offer A very active, friendly, and helpful community We are a Mountain clan with over 290+/300 members at any time An international community with members from all over the world. Most of our players are based in North America and Western Europe Efficient and well-designed dojo Photos of our Dojo 100% completed Clan research Casually competitive - we do well on leaderboards, and have no minimum quota for our members. http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/hostileMergers.php Eidolon hunting, Arbitrations, and other types of content are regularly hosted A comprehensive promotion system which is tied to our inactivity policy. Details here: https://imgur.com/a/2KOUsAw An organized discord server with alerts, guides, announcements, and more! Frequently hosted clan events, contests, and giveaways Member of Moonlapse Alliance, a close-knit alliance of friendly clans. Our Rules Be polite and respect each other. Harassment, sexism, racism, bullying, and excessive profanity will not be tolerated. No Sexual, political, or obscene discussions in clan chat or discord. Our inactivity policy is 7 days for initiates (members gone for longer can contact a mod). Currently, we require new recruits to be MR 10+ (But friends of clanmates are only required to be MR 6+). Join Now! We will need interested Tenno to comment below with the following information: Your in-game name Your Mastery Rank (Note: Mastery Rank MR 10+ is required but friends can join at MR 6+) Your region The length of time you have been playing the game for What you are looking for in a clan How often are you able to play during a typical week Have you been in a clan before? If so, which ones and why did you choose to leave? We will respond as soon as possible! Reminder: Make sure you exit your clan before leaving a comment. Contact List: --Aegis--Dandy | --Aegis--Nightressa | --Aegis--Paikoo | --Aegis--Silberon | Myzhari | Valkor | --Aegis--Dragunova2018 | Sebas_Sal12| --Aegis--Tetsuni | JohnSaint | --Aegis--Renzashi | --Aegis--Cuci | --Aegis--Hypyrionn | --Aegis--Piscas7
  4. We're back to recruiting!!! Please read on and post your details. We cannot respond to applications immediately but as soon as a recruiter is online we will get in touch.. About Us We are an international clan,that has been active since 2013. Our main objective is to create a community that shares the passion of playing Warframe and pushing its limits, while maintaining a fun and cooperative atmosphere. We aim to maintain and further our position as top Mountain and Storm tier clans by constantly improving our scores on the leaderboards. To meet this aim we ensure that our members always have access to the latest clan research and we encourage our members to assist each other and strive to be the best. Requirements to apply to Quasars We are always looking for new devoted players with at least 700 hours in-game, Mastery Rank 20+, Discord, and are eager to lead future events or have participated in past ones.These players should display the following attributes: Friendly: Engage with clanmates, treat others with respect, and connect with the clan Discord server (microphone optional, but highly encouraged). Adaptable: Willing to take on different roles in a team and enjoys testing new Warframes, weapons, mods and team combinations. Active: Help other clanmates in need, experiment with different play styles, or simply be sociable. Competitive: We are an event clan and expect all our members to fully participate and strive to do well in all official leaderboard events. We always offer multiple Platinum prizes as an added incentive. Clan Rules We have a few rules that we expect all Quasarians to follow; 1) All clanmates should respect each other. Please keep in mind that Quasars consists of players from all around the world. We will not tolerate attacks on a clanmates culture, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. 2) Don't be inactive longer than 2 weeks without notifying a Quasars officer. If a member is inactive for longer than 2 weeks then they are liable to be kicked anytime while inactive. If this happens, they can re-apply here to an Officer. 3) Write only in English in the clan chat. We expect members to communicate in English in the public chat, but don’t worry if it isn’t your first language. How to become a Quasarian To apply to Quasars please reply to this thread asking to be recruited; include your IGN, Mastery Rank, Country, Current/previous clan, when you started playing warframe, your Discord ID and also feel free to include a little about yourself. While we can’t guarantee everyone a place, recruiters will consider your request and get back to you as soon as possible! Clan Promotion System After joining, in order to get promoted in Quasars you can take a series of optional tests to determine your skill. Newly joined Quasarians will starts out as rank Nebula and will work their way up. Higher ranks don’t offer any advantages over other clanmates (except bragging rights, of course). Clan Ranking Tests: 1) Penumbra (Solo): Possessing the following Warframes: Banshee Prime, Equinox, Frost Prime, Ivara, Trinity Prime, Octavia, Volt Prime, Rhino Prime as well as one of the following Amps: 223, 323, or 423. Complete Mot 1 hour survival in the Void solo. 2) Singularity (Solo): Complete Arbitration defense 50 rounds solo. No restriction on the faction, tileset or gear. 3) Aurora (Squad of 4 clan members) : Complete 1 mission selected from the Zenith test: 12,000 Kuva gathered from Taveuni on the Kuva Fortress. (12,000 x 2 if you have a booster) Booster checks will be made with a screenshot of kuva canister popping and the amount acquired. 100 Waves of Belenus in the Void 6,000 Cryotic on Despina, Neptune 4) Zenith (Squad of 4 clan members): Complete the following within a week: 12,000 Kuva gathered from Taveuni on the Kuva Fortress. (12,000 x 2 if you have a booster) Booster checks will be made with a screenshot of kuva canister popping and the amount acquired. 100 Waves of Belenus in the Void 6,000 Cryotic on Despina, Neptune More information about ranking up can be found on Discord. Clan/Alliance Emblems Quasars Quasars Storm V Alliance Operation Achievements Quasars Storm Hostile Mergers: 1st Quasars: Hostile Mergers: 1st Ambulas Reborn: 1st Pacifism Defect: 1st Rathuum: 1st Shadow Debt: 1st False Profit: 4th Eyes of Blight: 2nd Mutalist Incursions: 2nd Grate Crash: 3rd Cryotic Front: 3rd Breeding Grounds: 1st Tethra's Doom Event: 5th Cicero Crisis Event: 11th Gravidus Event: 10th Arid Fear Event: 11th Kill Event: 12th In-Clan Events We also love to challenge the global leaderboards outside of events. Endless Excavation(Hieracon) Stealth Exterminate Event Orokin Derelict Defense Happy Zephyr Fastest 100 waves Tower 4 Defense Endless Excavation(Triton) Raids RIP Raids As well as hosting multiple daily raids to suit various time zones, Quasars currently holds all records for all the currently available Trials, (Law of Retribution, Nightmare & The Jordas Verdict). Feats Defense: Survival: Excavation: Interception: Social To keep updated on our in-clan events and general clan information while outside the game, you can join our Forum Club. Our clan's VOIP is Discord, joining the chat would be useful for members doing Eidolons and leaderboard runs. We recommend using the same Discord name as your Warframe name. Quasars currently run both the Endurance Runs and Build Archives servers; One is for endurance runs that we excel at and the other is for teaching and builds Clan Subforums: Quasars and Quasars Storm V Alliance Discord: Link Endurance Runs: Link Build Archives: Link Clan Discord: Link will be provided after joining the clan Dojo All current research completed, and all new research started within minutes of launch Trading post with 0% clan tax 2 Dueling Rooms & Obstacle Course Custom obstacle course designed by Hiatel and featured on Prime Time (Link) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Floor: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd Floor: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B1 Floor: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Hi, I am Paul. I am an enthusiastic Clan Emblem Designer wanting to add value to all the clans out there, established or fresh, in terms of their organization's identity. I have been extra honored to be able to work with a few clans so far and building up my hi-quality emblem portfolio in the past recent months, and I am trying to expand my service out there. Enough about me, please let me know how I can help YOUR clan become a more outstanding one with your desired identity. Now before any false scamming accusations arise, please let me share with you my past client list, my works and finally how my business operates: Real Clans Client List (Updated Frequently): Rageing Tennoids Warlord: MrPotatoHead357. Status: Under discussion. Crimson Shadow Knights Warlord: Synchro122. Status: Emblem Officially Online. The Ashen Knights Warlord: Sethrox100. Status: Design Accepted. Awaiting Upload Update. The Valley of Kings Warlord: RoachApproacH2O. Status: Emblem Officially Online. Ophidian Warlord: xNakshx. Status: Emblem Officially Online. UnKnown Origin Warlord: Viox_IV. Status: Emblem Officially Online (Different Option). Trigger Warning Warlord: Whitewasher2. Status: Emblem Officially Online. Black Sky (Alliance) Warlord: Anonymys. Status: Emblem Officially Online. Nothing to see here Warlord: sb1125. Status: Design Accepted. Awaiting Upload Update. Umbruh Warlord: expelled_angel. Status: Emblem Officially Online. Venatores of Mars Warlord: Raidershogunate. Status: Emblem Officialy Online. Venatores of Mars' Alliance Warlord: Raidershogunate. Status: Emblem Official Online. Tactica Imperialis Warlord: Agent M3tallion. Status: Emblem Official Online. Galaxy Brawlers - Alliance Warlord: DarkenPrime. Status: Awaiting Response. Works Overview (To be Updated Frequently): Works Usage: Clan: Rageing Tennoids. Clan: Crimson Shadow Knights. Clan: The Ashen Knights. Clan: The Valley of Kings. Clan: Ophidian. Clan: UnKnown Origin. Clan: Trigger Warning. Alliance: Black Sky (home of Clan: Unknown Origin). Clan: Nothing to see here. Clan: Umbruh. Clan: Venatores of Mars. -------- Now that you have seen some of my recent works, please let me go over how my business operates. In order for me to best serve you and your clan, I only ask you of a few things: 1. Since I have my job in real life, the best way to reach me is through my email: paulvo(dot)844(at)gmail(dot)com 2. Whether it be through email or audio communication, I will try to get to know your ideas, preferences, etc. in terms of what you want for your emblem and from that we will move on to the deadline setting and payment discussion before I embark on the design process. I hope through this post to establish an initial trust from you. Your clan deserves the most outstanding and unique emblems, and I will work my butt off to make sure that it has one. Thank you for your time. Hope I can serve you and your clan soon! 🙂
  6. Hi all, Garden of Solace is a chill clan that is hoping to grow into a community, we currently have 100+ members and are looking to grow with people that are interested in making this clan become a community, whether that is just participating in activities or just chatting. we dont have any requirements for the clan and we have a good few knowledgeable members to help out those who are still getting started. We also recently joined an alliance that is also growing. Our discord server is currently housing just Warframe but we do plan on expanding to more games in the future, that being said there are channels for Warframe players and players from other games, it is also the easiest way to get in contact with me in case you need to ask some questions or want to be apart of our growing community. (Discord link will be provided once you join the clan or get in contact with me) (We also have a few custom emotes for those who enjoy them). The officers we have in the clan are also very friendly and approachable if you have questions about anything or need general help I know this is something people look for and im glad i can say we do have a dojo that has decorations (we are not pros tho so its all still underway) Our dojo has a few rooms decorated and heres a few of them Hide contents To get into contact or if you wish you know more information, or just want to join us contact RoseeGamer ingame or via discord @ RoseGamer#1128 (Discord will be easier since RoseGamer is always active on it and messages will not be sent if they are not online) If you made it this far through the post and are interested in joining us there are ways of contact above. Thank you and have a nice day :D
  7. Indonesia Warframe merupakan salah satu clan Warframe lokal dari Indonesia yang lebih dikenal dengan nama singkatannya, yaitu INAWF. Tujuan didirikannya clan lokal ini yaitu sebagai wadah untuk menampung serta tempat berkumpulnya player Warframe tanah air agar lebih mudah mendapatkan teman main satu bahasa, mengingat beberapa tahun lalu sangat sulit untuk mencari sesama player Indonesia di Warframe. INAWF terus berkembang secara perlahan & seiring berjalannya waktu, clan ini tumbuh menjadi salah satu clan lokal besar, Pada saat yang bersamaan, komunitas/playerbase Warframe di Indonesia juga ikut tumbuh & berkembang. Hal ini dapat dilihat dari berdirinya berbagai macam clan Indonesia baru dengan tier/ukuran yang bervariasi, mulai dari Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, hingga Moon clan, serta dengan terbentuknya Aliansi Indonesia. Mungkin ada yang belum mengetahui keberadaan clan ini, padahal sebelumnya sudah pernah berjumpa dengan kami baik itu di Relay, Lobby, bahkan mungkin salah satu dari kami pernah main 1 Squad denganmu Informasi Clan Syarat Bergabung Slot Anggota Pembangunan Dojo Fasilitas Penunjang Cara Mendaftar Kami Tunggu Kehadiranmu di Indonesia Warframe !
  8. The Syndicate [PC] is currently open for recruiting! We are a 6 clan operation that caters to different levels of players. We also have our own website as well as a discord server! The alliance Syndicate is in is led by Pride, the founder of our sister clans and has leaders to help manage them. Website: https://www.warframe.guide Discord: Clan Page on the Forums: *** *** You can freely transfer between any of the Syndicate clans should you wish to. **Syndicate Academy** Introduction: A temporary home for new players, this clan is created to help new players progress further into the game. Players are encouraged to move up to the next clan they qualify for to create space for other new players. Research : Full except for pigments Clan Rank/Size: Rank 9 Mountain Clan Requirements to join: MR2 Leader: Prophet *** **Syndicate Succession** Introduction: Casual clan that does not take progression too seriously Research : Full except for pigments Clan Rank/Size: Rank 9 Moon Clan Requirements to join: Completion of **The Second Dream** and meeting **one** of the following 2 requirements: MR10 **OR** 100 profile hours. Leaders: Knowledge and killersmurph *** **Syndicate Synergy** Introduction: The founding clan of the six, this clan is a Moon clan, the largest, and has about a thousand players in it. This is a clan for those who take progression seriously as well as a semi-hardcore sanctuary from new players. Research : Full, has Ignis Wraith too. Clan Rank/Size: Rank 10 Moon Clan Requirements to join: Completion of **The War Within** and meeting **one** of the following 2 requirements: MR14 **OR** 200 profile hours. Leaders: Pride, Shuvi, and Lord *** **Syndicate Supremacy** Introduction: The clan for event leaders and elitists with the aim to break leaderboards. Research : Full Clan Rank/Size: Rank 9 Storm Clan Requirements to join: MR20 **OR** currently owning base/prime of every frame (proven by screenshots). Leader: Hera.Ci *** **Syndicate Solstice** Introduction: Clan for Discord Users. Research : Full except for pigments. Clan Rank/Size: Rank 9 Storm Clan Requirements to join: MR 4 and must have TSD completed, and use Discord Leader: Sloth *** **Syndicate Sakura** Introduction: The clan for anyone with an interest in roleplay. Research : Full except for pigments. Clan Rank/Size: Rank 9 Storm Clan Requirements to join: Completion of The War Within and an interest in roleplay Leader: Nanika Inactivity policy is 10 days for Academy and 15 days for the others. A re-invite can be sent by messaging any of our officers or requesting for an invite on our discord server. You can also request to join via our clan page on the forums and posting in "Member Applications" as well. Leave a message with your username, your MR, in mission hours, and the clan you wish to join. We will check your profile and send you an invite to one of our sister clans. *** Please make sure to leave your current clan so an invite can be successfully sent***
  9. ⚔️ Defenders of Prime ⚔️ (PC Only) Welcome to the Defenders of Prime recruitment page! If you would like to join, comment below, or send me a pm on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrayFrequency Discord: GrayFrequency#9604 or here on the forums What do we have?: Mountain Rank 9 All Labs Most research done (working on it!) Decorations PG Discord with guides, roles, information, couple of bots, and giveaways 🎉 No required donations You don't need to be a certain mastery rank to join. Inactivity Kick Rules: MR1-MR5, if inactive for 30 days or more, you will be kicked. This is done because if the account is inactive for so long it could be a spam account. MR6+, if inactive for 200+, you will be kicked. (will be adjusted in the future) Exceptions: If you pm me, why you will be inactive for so long, then I may consider canceling your kick. As long as you log-in/check-in once in a while you should be fine. Note: If I do kick you, and you decide you would like to rejoin, feel free to pm me 🙂 Reasons for having a PG discord: Having a PG discord promotes a relaxed community, and helping other members It is safe for streamers (they can get banned if things go too far) Clan Discord: https://discord.gg/NbHY43B Donations: Not mandatory, but very much appreciated 😁 Research: Over 72% (working on it lol) Trading Posts & Treasuries: Yes, there a few throughout the dojo Alliance: The Defenders of Prime clan is a proud member of the Lost Souls Alliance. Thank you for reading this! If you have any questions, ask me privately.
  10. Notice: we now have an alliance, Birbs of Prey, mostly for little clans that don't want to lose their efforts but believe in what we are doing! Feel free to message me about both. Note: The Warlord of any clan applying will need to answer the survey mentioned in the main part of the ad, unless a member or ally can vouch for the clan. Hey, Fellow Tenno! The Mischievous Chickens clan is a pro-LGBTQ+ rights, pro-Civil Rights, pro-Feminism, (and generally supportive of leftist values,) refuge for those who are exhausted from dealing with the toxic and often hateful status quo behavior of most gaming environments. Rather than suffer through the constant harassment or vitriol in other groups, we have joined together to have a place to ourselves to retreat to. We strive to cultivate a welcoming and supportive community within both the clan and the alliance. To join Mischievous Chickens or Birbs of Prey, contact SpicyDinosaur on the forums or through one of the methods at the bottom of the post. The clan is a Rank 10 Mountain Clan with all research complete and Ignis Wraith blueprints available upon request. Our goal of a friendly, welcoming environment requires vetting anyone applying. Note that we are not in this to change the game or do battle with the toxic elements in gaming. The clan is simply a safe space for fellow Leftists. We have a survey for our applicants. If there are any questions regarding said survey, reading the full ad may answers these prior to or help with the application process. However, it is generally not a long or problematic process! If you want to be an ally to the clan to see what it is like this can be accommodated; the survey is still required. If you are a friend or family member of a clan member and they can vouch for you, you can skip the survey. If you have any questions at any point re: parts of this post, the survey, the interview, etc., do not hesitate to message me. The survey does require a Google sign-in. However, I am not capable of seeing what account is answering the survey. This limits applications to one per account and prevents spam, which is its entire purpose. Feel free to request the survey at any time feel free to contact me and I will provide a link. Also see contact info at the bottom of the page for more options by which to reach me. We don't expect applicants/members/allies to be 100% perfect or never mess up, but a general awareness of yourself and others, and a desire to learn, including acknowledging suffering you might not even be able to see from your "vantage point," if you are in such a position, is essential. It goes without saying that TERFs, SWERFs, Tankies, and Truscum need not apply, as their policy is that of hate. The size of the clan is robust, still allowing familiarity and camaraderie while having enough members on to actively participate in things with. We don’t intend to go higher in clan levels but this plan may be altered at a later date, depending on how many members we have. We accept all MRs and even the greenest newbie that is looking for a clan such as ours. (Note that we do allow minors into our ranks, and actively strive to make early gaming experiences both as exciting and welcoming as possible.) We are looking for people with similar, but not identical mindsets. The clan is built in a way that allows members to not get lost in the crowd, and get help or group with others easily even while we grow in numbers. Addressing a rather common question asked regarding the clan: How often are politics discussed in your clan, and is it expected on a regular basis? Politics, etc aren't actually a usual topic of discussion as many of us just want to play peacefully. I know I prefer not to think about the issues while gaming, as they can be stressful for me personally. Most importantly: You will never be required to engage in any discourse you do not feel comfortable with, nor is voice chat ever a requirement! Mischievous Chickens Clan Page Birbs of Prey Alliance Page Our Discord SpicyDinosaur, Inglourious Henno (Co-Warlord) of the Mischievous Chickens Mischievous Chickens Clan Emblem Birbs of Prey Alliance Emblem FURTHER CONTACT INFO: These Forums: SpicyDinosaur Discord: SpicyDinosaur#2019 Within Warframe: SpicyDinosaur .
  11. About us We are a cozy laid back Mountain tier (300 members cap) clan with most of our members living in Europe. Here's our awesome site/blog with basically the same info I include in this topic. Warlords are @Suncake @WithinDestruction Would also be important to mention that we allow ourselves friendly roasting and free usage of "banned" words. Not because we're evil and hateful people, but because it's fun. Also, if someone gets mortally offended by people posting crap in the internet, they probably deserve it. The clan was created 21.12.2013 with me as its only member, but from 06.06.2015 I renamed the clan into A Piece of Cake and started recruiting new members. Don't ask about the first name, it was way too dumb. We use Discord to stay in touch even when we don't play Warframe. Our server is a nice place where we can share our thoughts, screenshots, dank memes, music, nsfw stuff and team up for other games. We even have reaction karma system, last month activity roles and custom roles anyone can get. Feel free to join the server even if you're not going to join the clan, as we're looking for more active members for our community. We also have a useless group in Steam. Why you should join us Emblem. It's delicious. Wear it with pride. Dojo. It's pretty big and has everything you need. If it doesn't, we add it. Also no trading tax. Research. E V E R Y T H I N G is complete. Discord. It's what takes us to a higher level than just a Warframe clan. We're quite heavy on memes in there too. Community. It's rather friendly and consists of people from different countries, newbies and vets, schoolkids and adults. Progression. Be active, helpful, have fun and participate in clan life, and you will be a valuable member of our community somewhere among the top ranks. We're a part of the biggest alliance in this game, Gilded Phoenix. Profanity. It's allowed. Giveaways. Sometimes they happen. Contests. They also happen from time to time. Why you shouldn't join us Activity peaks in the evening (30-50 online), so sometimes there's only a few (10-20) members present. No scheduled runs, we're too casul for that. Low voice chat activity since it's not mandatory to have a mic. Profanity is allowed, in case you're too sensitive. What I expect from you English. Do you speak it? Probably the most common international language. Adequacy. Don't be too rude or spam or beg or invite people without asking them first. Don't be annoying. MR 8 or higher because lower ranked players tend to abandon the game really soon. But we accept lower rank players too anyway. Joining and using our Discord server is highly recommended, but it's not mandatory. Be at least a bit social. It's sad to see that people never talk after joining the clan. You will be noticed and promoted if you socialize. We have a 30 days offline kick policy. Appear online at least once a month if you don't want to be kicked. You can always get an invite back if you got booted, especially if you stay in our discord. Clan ranks explanation There are some tasks for all clan members: Join our group at warframe forums. Join and use our Discord server. Join us in Steam. Donate anything in any amount to our dojo. Send us your location, timezone and birthday. It will be put in our clan roster for other clan members to see. There are birthday announcements on our server too. Participate in our events. Participate in Warframe clan events. Each completed task grants you a point of clan involvement, which are needed for the promotions. Crumbs. A punishment rank, was never used yet. Rights: none. Duties: to improve. Requirements: be a $&*^. 1st Layer. That's where you begin. Rights: your usual rights. Duties: having fun. Requirements: none. 2nd Layer. You've done something to integrate with the clan, noice. Rights: you can start research. Duties: having fun. Requirements: be in clan for 2 weeks; earn 1 point. 3rd Layer. Keep up the good work, boi. Rights: inviting people to the clan. Duties: keeping the clan at 95-100% population. Requirements: be in clan for 4 weeks; earn 2 points 4th Layer. The cap for those who don't socialize within our clan. Rights: can put resources from clan treasury into the research/decorations. Duties: fair chat moderation, helping others. Requirements: be in clan for 8 weeks; earn 3 points. 5th Layer. Only the ones chosen by the council get here. You need to be active to get noticed. Rights: can change ranks of other members and decorate dojo. Duties: being wise. Requirements: be in clan for 12 weeks; earn 4 points; get noticed by being active and helpful. Whipping Cream. Only the ones chosen by toppings of the ones chosen by the council. Rights: can do almost everything. Duties: watching the clan, helping others, keeping the interest in game. Requirements: be in clan for 16 weeks; keep being active and helpful, especially in clan-related matters like recruiting Cake Topping. b0ss. Rights: can do everything. Duties: taking care about the clan. Requirements: being the most active, helpful and adequate. Limited to 3-4 members. How to apply (fastest way to longest) Join our Discord and ask for the invite. Reply here or to this Applications thread. PM warlords at forums or in-game. Dojo (an old map, it's way bigger now) Screenshots - https://imgur.com/a/Tlfmoep A bit more about or discord server:
  12. ***A Home. We aspire to turn our community into a safe zone for everyone who’s a part of it and make them feel at home.*** 😀 **Arab prime** we're a mountain clan Rank 10 99% Research Done and we're accepting Only Arabians new members new and old,:telescope:`We LF ppl who's can take care of Needs` Unique ranking system and special privileges that regular members can achieve simply by obtaining the required rank. We have most of our research done (just ignis wraith, we hope to come by event again), We're on discord +600 players:lifter: Contests,giveaways and clan meetings! 🔍 **Research** 🔍 Is completely done 📍 **Our Requirements:** 📍 Discord mandatory! MR does't matter Decent people. We don’t deal with toxicity and we have no tolerance for that kind of behaviour. We’re friendly! Keep that in mind when joining! ❓ **Who are we?** ❓ Currently the clan is growing and is a Storm clan. We are aspiring for a healthy, thriving community that we’re more than certain we can provide. We have a limited amount of spots left, and we would like to maintain our active community. If you want to be a part of this 😃 **Remember** 😃 ✨ Speaking Arabic required ✨ required to read the rules in clan and server ✨ required to be respectful to other people and help out when you can ✨ PM me on discord for invite information https://ibb.co/4RV6zLm LGND#4850 My Greetings
  13. BACK OPEN! Current member count: 252/300 The Teleri emblem is created by Jithvan Hi there! Are you sick of the solo life on Warframe and want a fun and casual clan to kick back with? Then look no further! The Teleri accepts anyone, no matter what mastery rank or if they're 'nooby' or 'pro'! We're looking for new members to experience the game with us and to expand our family. We're an international mountain clan with players all over the world that's been in the Warframe community since 2014. We're an english speaking clan which doesn't have any problem with others who are still learning english! As long as we can both understand each other. I'm on the forum post pretty much 24/7 so you will be invited to the clan around the same time as when you posted your response. If not, please be patient! If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to message me. Here's some information about our clan! TL;DR: We got some rooms, we are friendly and we are active. Join if you wish, please leave your clan if you are already in one or I'll just send you a friend request and message me when you'd like to join 🙂 We have every single room buildable in the dojo! We also have an obstacle course upstairs (accessable in the main hall). We also have a Ludoplex incase anyone wants to play Frame Fighter! - Labs: (186/192) - Tenno Lab - RESEARCH COMPLETE - Bio Lab - RESEARCH COMPLETE - Chem Lab - RESEARCH COMPLETE - Energy Lab - RESEARCH COMPLETE - Dojo colours (30/35) Transporters are in the main few rooms so getting around isn't that hard. Trading stations and a Treasury are also present. I can also do a tour if anyone gets lost. WARLORDS: Myde198 (MR 27) & Wispy. (MR 27): Australian couple with 1000+ hours on the game. Space mum and The Hammer CORDAGAR: Silosm (MR 27) & Agridilith (MR 19): The original two leaders who helped us run the clan since 2017. The clan is in good hands with them. IRNIL: LazilyLazySloth (MR 20), Featherfev (MR 26), FrozenFireGod (MR 21): Our trusted recruiting leaders. They help recruit and help with events. Ohtari (Utility) - Players who have been away for 40+ days or are currently not able to play Requain Hail (Initiate) - New players who have been added to the clan or less active players Arequain Vin (Soldier) - Players who have contributed to clan decorations/research or been active and helpful within the clan. Arequain Laur (Sage) - Players who have shown outstanding support for their peers, helped with the dojo and are heavily active in the clan Rhivilyr (Leader) - Players who are heavily active and have a great understanding of the game. These are supportive members and who to ask for help if a leader isnt on. They help others and can guide others if needed. They are our mini leaders. Irnil (Leader) - Players who are rising up in the ranks and showing leadership but have not reached the level of Officer. Trusted still, active, supportive, friendly. Also our main recruiters. (LazilyLazySloth, Featherfev, and FrozenFireGod) Cordagar (Officer) - Our most trusted in the clan. They have significant input in our ideas and are on good terms with Myde and myself. Must help the clan actively and supported other clan members. They work as a smaller ruler. Also a recruiter/moderator. (Silosm and Agridilith) Olwë (Warlord) - The ruler of the clan alongside The Hammer. Recruiter/Decorator/Research starter/Clan event maker/Taxi, Hydron and Relic runs~ Wispy. The Hammer (Founder Warlord) - The justice for the clan if anything goes wrong, the hammer strikes. Leader/Decision maker/Sorties/Events/Raids ~ Myde198 How do I rank up? - 1) Be active in game, help peers, be friendly and overall make your mark in the clan 2) In discord we have a bot who gives you levels. Get to a certain level and you'll rank up! I'll be always watching this too! AS A CLAN, WHAT CAN WE OFFER? Large Dojo to Relax in Friendly members who can help with daily missions, resources etc Nightwave missions Sorties Alert taxis Hydron runs Tridolon runs Bounties Profit Taker runs Exploiter Orb runs Kuva runs SO & ESO runs Kuria hunting Talkative clan EVENTS! WHAT DO WE EXPECT FROM YOU? To be active (play whenever you can!) Be friendly to your peers and treat them with respect To help with dojo decorations, research or building (This is optional but encouraged) WHAT ELSE CAN WE OFFER? 24/7 Dojo hosting Freebies A safe environment Full time support from anyone in the clan AN INTERNATIONAL CLAN! These include (and not limited to): India, Philippines, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany and more! Our clan does its own events so that the members can win platinum or prime sets/pieces. This is all done by Wispy. and moderated by Myde198. This was originally intended to keep all the winners in one place but the clan has had so much fun that we want to share it with everyone else! These all are great fun to do! 2017 2018 2019 Non holiday related events: To join we require no form for you to fill out, simply message us in game or leave a comment below here. Easy! You are more than welcome to message us names you prefer to be called or your MR but we don't mind! We accept everyone! But we also keep an eye on everyone too ;). Warlord's IGNS Wispy. Myde198 Other Leader's IGNS Silosm Agridilith FeatherFev LazilyLazySloth FrozenFireGod Thank you for reading this, have a good day and a good game! I hope you consider The Teleri as your new home in Warframe STEAM GROUP: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/theteleri DISCORD: https://discord.gg/EJtKpWw (If you wish to contact me on steam) This clan is always going to be casual and for fun. We're here to relax, shoot some stuff, collect some resources and be a family. Our clan is a casual place with a chill environment. We have friendly people from all over the world and we would love for you to join our family. We're looking for friendly people to become friends with and enjoy the game together. Please don't be shy to speak and input your own thoughts or questions, we do care about what you have to say. If you're looking for a no stress clan where we only ask for you to respect your clan mates, this is for you. Please be respectful to newer players as well! You are all individual tennos! Not just numbers Minor Rules: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEMBER OF THE MONTH
  14. About us; The Order of Ergon lends its name from an ancient alchemist symbol named Ergon. We are a six year old clan, with an active adult community, discord, all research and facilities as well as a lot of decorative spaces within the dojo. We are currently also looking for dojo decorators, event leaders and generally people that would like to help us reach our full potential as a clan! Because we are an adult clan, most of us have jobs and/or school so we are a decidedly casual clan, that said we are of high level and a lot of us are veteran players, we are very much looking forward to the clan vs clan content the game is bringing in the near future! We recently decided that it was time to move towards mountain clan, as we set a goal of having 30 people online at all time we decided getting around 120 players should be sufficient. We employ basically only one main rule that is the general standard of warframe clans; Don't be a !@#$ The rest being more policy than anything else.. namely the following; MR10+ (MR8+ for friends) 18+ years of age Be online at least once every 30 days. We also have a discord server which comes with certain privileges within the ranking system of the clan. Clan Ranking System; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What you can do to join us; Fill in this form and send it to the welcome channel on our Discord server. IGN: ??? AGE: ?? MR: ??? CLICK HERE for a discord invite link or https://discord.gg/xFt7aRV OR Leave Blackfold a message Ingame. OR Leave Blackfold#8306 a private message on Discord with your ingame name, mastery rank and age. OR You can leave a message here.. with the same form. ======================================================================================= Discord is probably the quickest way to get connected & best way to gather information about the clan and other facets of the game. ======================================================================================= I hope to see you fighting by our sides soon! gl&hf,
  15. Hi all, Garden of Solace is a chill clan that is hoping to grow into a community, we currently have 100+ members and are looking to grow with people that are interested in making this clan become a community, whether that is just participating in activities or just chatting. we dont have any requirements for the clan and we have a good few knowledgeable members to help out those who are still getting started. Our discord server is currently housing just Warframe but we do plan on expanding to more games in the future, that being said there are channels for Warframe players and players from other games, it is also the easiest way to get in contact with me in case you need to ask some questions or want to be apart of our growing community. (Discord link will be provided once you join the clan or get in contact with me) (We also have a few custom emotes for those who enjoy them). The officers we have in the clan are also very friendly and approachable if you have questions about anything or need general help I know this is something people look for and im glad i can say we do have a dojo that has decorations (we are not pros tho so its all still underway) Our dojo has a few rooms decorated and heres a few of them To get into contact or if you wish you know more information, or just want to join us contact RoseeGamer ingame or via discord @ RoseGamer#1128 (Discord will be easier since RoseGamer is always active on it and messages will not be sent if they are not online) If you made it this far through the post and are interested in joining us there are ways of contact above. Thank you and have a nice day :D
  16. Vážení hráči a hráčky, pokud začínáte číst tento specificky orientovaný text - směřovaný na hledání komunity CZE & SVK hráčů, pak se zájmem čtěte dále. Všichni, co hrají massive multiplayer hry, si v určité chvíli položí univerzální otázky, které pro každého jednotlivce představují různou roli "čeho chce dosáhnout": - co přesně přestavuje volný čas a jak se určí? - je účelem dané hry si najít partu správných lidí na prožití společných chvil nebo hrát solo? - je příjemná představa si vytvářet zajímavé vzpomínky ze společného hraní nebo co představuje 100% endgame? Můžeme také poukázat i na jinou stránku hodnot: - odpočinout si na chvíli od problémů v osobním životě a trochu vypustit páru ve světě Warframe? - předhánět se, soutěžet, zlepšovat své dovednosti, reflexe a reakce? - nebo prostější pojetí hry z trochu kreativnějšího úhlu pohledu jako např. design postav, zbraní, doja a to vše opět okolo lidí, které by s Vámi sdíleli své nadšení a vášně? Ať už je pro Vás prioritní cokoliv, věříme, že jste si na většinu položených otázek odpověděli podobně. Což nás vede k zakončení úvodu a nyní můžete věnovat Vaši pozornost a čas na bližší představení naší komunity a plánům. Kdo tedy jsme a jaká je naše vize? Na začátku jsme během krátké doby byli jeden z nejpočetnějších klanů v souvislosti s CZE & SVK komunitou ve Warframe, jelikož jsme neměli žádné specifické požadavky (měli jsme pouze dvě - chovat se slušně v naší komunitě a aby nikdo z hráčů nevydělával na našich hráčích). Což uvítalo velké množství hráčů a všechno ostatní se zavádělo za pochodu. Naše komunita má označení SGSWT (tag, který vymysleli zakladatelé, jenž představuje největší seriálovou a filmovou ságu ~ StarGateStarWarsTeam) spolu s krásně vypadajícím logem. Aktuálně jsme zaměření pouze na komunikaci a stmelování hráčů. Postupně bychom se chtěli rozrůst na specifičtější organizovanou komunitu lidí, rozčleněnou na více kategorií. Nezáleží jestli jste volnočasoví / rekreační či aktivnější kariérní hráči - své místo by si zde našli všichni a popřípadě jsme plně nakloněni i vytvoření elitních skupin na plnění obtížnějších částí her. Naše komunita se však nespecializuje jen na Warframe, ale věnujeme se i dalším hrám. My a Warframe? Ve hře máme možnost nabrat na aktuální level klanu až 300 členů (jako v každé hře dochází k výkyvům aktivity a neaktivity podle různých období). Vlastníme velké Dojo a také jsme zakladateli aliance (přičemž preferujeme nábor do vlastních řad). Jsme rádi za jakýkoliv nápad, spoluúčasti, určitou dávku tolerance a trpělivosti . Nikoho do ničeho nenutíme a víme, že každý z Vás má i osobní život. Takže není podstatné zda si chcete zahrát na hodinu či na celý den. Nováčků (myslíme ty, kteří právě začali hrát) nabíráme poměrně hodně a máme plno officerů / veteránů, kteří rádi pomohou. Aby nehrozilo přehlcení obřím přísunem informací, snažíme se směřovat veškeré informace nebo jen zdvořilostní pokec na Discord, který je zcela dobrovolný (ale pro organizování společných akcí či kontakt na někoho z komunity - je dobré jej mít). Pro připojení na náš Discord server, můžete využít tuto pozvánku: https://discordapp.com/invite/sRntUbu , avšak pro přiřazení práv je nutné do sekce #invites-recruit doplnit informaci o herním nicku a typu hry. Kdo jsem a koho představuji? Mé jméno je Leo a bude mou ctí spolu s potěšením doprovázet Vás skrze hru Warframe. Má práce se bude odvíjet převážně v organizaci aktivit naší hráčské komunity a náboru ve hře Warframe. Budu rád, když se se mnou spojíte zde v komentáři nebo Ingame zprávou (-SGSWT-Leonard), případně Steamu (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Leo_The_Beater), či Discordu(-SGSWT-Leonard#1255). Rád Vám poradím v rámci mých možností s čímkoliv. 😃 Co se týče herních zkušeností s Warframe - jsem veterán s +2000h ingame. Nemám potřebu se chvástat nad novými hráči ohledně mastery ranku, vlastněných věcí, úspěšnými eventy apod. Warframe beru celkem dost sportovně a spíše to považuji jako koníček, který mi jednoduše vyhovuje. Hře relativně rozumím, ale pořád se učím a počítám, že se stále budu učit nové věci. Nejsem zrovna typ, který rád zůstává v komfort zóně či si vytváří denní stereotyp (splním sortie, odkliknu tribute a nazdar babi). Rád pomáhám novým hráčům a vytvářím pro sebe výzvy s elitou. Podmínky pro přijetí? Upřímně nechceme vytvářet nějaké restrikce, podle kterých se budou selektovat lidi. Hranice pro možnosti se nekladou a pokud se chce někdo věnovat aktivnější sekci hráčů či eventům, může prodiskutovat nápad s vedením pro upřesnění myšlenky a směle si nápad vzít na starost. Chceme, aby naše komunita byla plně otevřena všem lidem - nehledě na věk, rasu, vyznání, sociální status apod.. Pokud by to někomu vadilo, může hledat místo určitě jinde. Zlobit se nebudeme. 😃 Převážně naším plánem je pokračovat v neutrální atmosféře - lidé, kteří si spíš zajdou zapařit a pozitivně trávit svůj volný čas. Mladší jedinci se budou muset připravit na kontrolu svých emocí, starší naopak oprášit svou toleranci, avšak vždycky počítejte s tím, že na prvním místě bude slušné chování k naší vytvořené komunitě (agresory nebo sprosté jedince nemáme potřebu poslouchat ani kontrolovat). Herní zkušenosti jsou výhodou nikoliv nutností. Vše se dá naučit se správnou dávkou energie a individuálním poměrem času. Většinou se vyhlédavají podobné potřeby hráčů z podobných misí (sortie, tridolon hunt atd...). Co bychom nechtěli? Je vhodné, abychom si ujasnili i k tomuto bodu něco málo. Budu teď mluvit za sebe osobně (ale všichni další officeři a vedení budou mít stejný či podobný názor). Jak jsem již psal... Hraní warframe = můj koníček, který mě baví a nějakým způsobem mě naplňuje. Nechci, aby se kdekoliv - ať už na Discordu nebo v klan chatu stalo místo, kde by se lidi pomlouvali, napadali, hádali apod. I já často s někým nesouhlasím, to ale neznamená, že musím automaticky daného jedince nenávidět, ba dokonce o něm mluvit za zády. Tohle píšu zase opět kvůli mým zkušenostem. Vím, že to v určité míře je všude a nechci slibovat, že u nás to tak nebude, ale co mohu za sebe napsat je, že se budu aktivně podílet o co nejmenší výskyt těchto problémů. Budu rád když mi v tom budete pomáhat. 😃 Na závěr bych Vám chtěl velice poděkovat za Váš čas a pozornost. Pokud jsem Vás tímto textem oslovil, prosím, vyhledejte mě na jednom z uvedených kontaktů a já se postarám o zbytek. 😉 Přeji příjemné herní zážitky ve hře Warframe, za SGSWT CZE & SVK komunitu - -SGSWT-Leonard(Leo)
  17. We are looking for mature active members. We have a clan emblem, no trade tax, and no MR requirement. We are part of an alliance with a discord and giveaways. All of the available research is done. We are willing to help and teach people.
  18. I'm looking for a clan of decent size and a great active community. I'm MR 13 (going on 14) and fairly active. I'm willing to help my peers and I'm friendly. I also love really nice/cool dojos!
  19. Obsidian Reborn MR5+, Player Development, and Friendly Competition Introducing Obsidian Reborn! We are a clan with the primary focus of developing high caliber players with an emphasis on group play and high clan activity/ involvement. Our members are committed to providing a helpful environment to new players that are actively seeking to learn the game. Additionally, we strive to provide an atmosphere which will nurture a competitive mentality. To do this, Obsidian Reborn will host a month competitive league, that will both be rewarding in the prizes received but also in the connections made within our community. Players looking for an environment that will both serve as a place to learn and also provide sweet relief for a competitive itch, you need not look further than Obsidian Reborn! What We Can Offer You An active community, full of helpful members. Opportunity to help a clan and community grow and succeed. Weapon Research and Labs are 100% completed with the exception of Ignis Wraith Mentorship to help you progress. We host competitive clan events, contests, and giveaways! An organized discord server with alerts, guides, announcements, and more! The Obsidian Reborn Discord Voice chat and text conversations for all sorts of topic discussions and focuses. Memes, events, squads, the works. Keeping you up to date on our clan events and announcements from our community leaders. Updates on Warframe alerts and news. Recently completed Goals Clan Logo - Ouroboros Hydra. Decorated Dojo - More can always be done! Achieved Gold Tier in the Hostile Mergers clan event! Clan Plans and What we're working on Recruiting outstanding tenno such as yourself. Continue to develop players into Endurance mission masters! Complete more pigments! Our Rules We have a few rules, and I don't think that they are too difficult to follow, but I feel that they are necessary in order to create a helpful and fun environment! Be polite and respect each other Respect our team Do not post obscene (NSFW), offensive or politically-charged content Our Leadership These are the people you should contact if you are interested in joining or if you have inquires about the clan. Creedus00 (Recruitment Leader -- Preferred Contact) -OR-Zib (Warlord) -OR-VeteranNation (Warlord) How to Join Does everything sound good to you? Awesome! Now follow the steps below to apply for an invite to one of our clans. Join our Discord through this link: Discord Link Head to the #apply-here channel. Follow the instructions on how to apply. You may also contact me on Discord at Abrams#3918 Alternatively, you can comment below with your IGN (in-game name) and I'll get invited as soon as possible.
  20. r you looking for a active clan then tennotyrants is clan for u we have 99%research beautiful dojo friendly alliance and helpful veterans PM me or add me on psn for invite and information deaths-servant21
  21. RAGE COUNTY PlayStation 4 Warframe Community https://ragecounty.com About Us Rage County was founded on June 9th, 2017, by Whiskey1015566, to allow a place for players to come together and help each other achieve their full potential. In our community we host as many events as possible to ensure that everyone's experience is better than expected. In the future, we plan on spreading to multiple games and platforms to make our community more accessible to everyone. If you want to find a friendly community that is built on the idea of helping other players, you found it. Discord & Forums We have created a Discord server and a forum for easy communication. Easily chat with the community from your phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc. We offer rewards for those who are active on our server/forums as a thank you for making this community awesome. What We Offer & Why We're Unique We offer many things ranging from recurring events, ways to increase your rank, tools to help you improve, and so much more. Here is a list of some of the stuff we have to offer. A fully interactive Discord server & forums A non-toxic community full of people who want to help Tri-monthly giveaways with HUGE prizes Recurring events, contests, etc. A beautiful dojo that is still getting awesome changes/additions 100% research (excluding colors and event-exclusive items) We look at every member as an equal; we don't believe we are higher than anyone else even if we have the rank of a clan leader Our staff team is carefully picked so that we get no bad apples We have a sense of humor, and if we find any robots, we kill them with flaming ninja stars We encourage and support dedication; members who are devoted to our community are always rewarded Two beautiful emblems (clan & alliance) created from scratch We welcome and respect anyone no matter what race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Constant development to make the community a better place We listen to the opinions of the members in our community and act on them We allow members to submit public reviews (whether they are negative or not) A team dedicated to helping members, Deputies, are almost always available to assist you Our Dojo Join today! https://ragecounty.com/join
  22. We're a gaming community looking to expand our member count with some at least semi active members, no real requirements to join other than that (and of course to not be an ass). We have most research done. Discord is not required but is reccomended (link to server), you can message me here or on Discord (The Researcher#0311) if you want to join, or for more information.
  23. Nama Alliance: Warframe Indonesia Community Alliance Founder: @-K-samirul Community Founder: @Queenque Jumlah Clan yang telah bergabung: 55+ Clan Deskripsi Aliansi: Warframe Indonesia Community dulunya berdiri hanya berupa sebuah komunitas saja yang di mana komunitas ini adalah salah satu komunitas Warframe Indonesia terbesar yang berada di Indonesia. Tujuan dari utama aliansi kami adalah mempersatukan semua para Tenno, menjadi wadah dan bersenang bersama-sama. Aliansi kami juga memiliki banyak player dan Warlord yang aktif dalam mengontribusi Aliansi dan Komunitas itu sendiri. Serta kami juga memiliki para Warlord Aliansi dan Clan Warlord yang sangat menakjubkan dan luar biasa. Dan juga ada beberapa member yang selalu siap untuk melakukan sebuah tantangan yang unik untuk semua clan dan setiap member mereka. Meskipun kebanyakan dari member kami adalah casual player, dalam artian mereka bukanlah player yang hardcore, kami juga punya beberapa player yang memiliki semangat untuk selalu melakukan raidolon, pvp, void run, kuva farm, dll. Kami berusaha untuk selalu aktif, clan yang siap terlibat dengan aliansi dan komunitas kami. Kami disini untuk menjadi satu, tak melihat dari sebuah perbedaan serta mengatur dan membatu clan kecil dan setengah besar untuk menjadi lebih besar dan menjadi player yang tangguh (jago dan pro). Kami bertujuan juga untuk mendukung dan membimbing para pemain baru. Kami sangat menghormati kesportifitasan dan keterampilan bermain Alliance Motto: Quality over Quantity serta membimbing dan membina player yang baru agar bisa menjadi player yang hebat. Alliance Emblem: Perekrutan: Kami merekrut semua clan mau itu ghost, shadow, storm, dll. dan semua perbolehkan untuk join bersama kami karena kami tak memandang jumlah anggota yang berada di dalam clan anda, seperti motto kita. Kelebihan Join di Aliansi kami: Player yang menakjubkan yang berasal dari seluruh penjuru Negara tercinta kita Indonesia untuk berkumpul dan bermain dengan menjalankan misi bersama-sama Aliansi Logo dan Aliansi Emblem yang sangat keren dan di design oleh @Abelisk Discord server untuk voice dan text channel yang tersedia buat anda untuk membicarakan off-topic / hal seputar warframe dengan player yang aktif serta random giveaway yang berada di Discord Server kami dan terbuka untuk semua player yang berada di luar Aliansi Raidolon yang biasanya di lakukan oleh para casual atau hardcore player Aliansi yang diorganisasi dengan sangat rapi dan terjaga atas keamanan dan kenyamannnya Aliansi Chat yang sangat rame setiap waktu dan setiap harinya Event yang biasa di adakan oleh para Supporter dan Donator yang berasal dari aliansi dan Discord server kami Facebook Group Warframe Indonesia Community memiliki member sebanyak 5k+ LINE Square yang sangat aktif dan sangat rame juga (bisa disearch atau langsung klik link ini: https://line.me/ti/g2/OKZVK7VDD1) Instagram sebagai tempat untuk memposting captura terbaik anda (https://instagram.com/warframeindonesia) Berpartneran bersama Warframe Official/Unofficial Discord Server, Console Discord Server, WarChat, serta mendapatkan sebuah promosi dari WFRSB Youtube Channel milik Warframe Indonesia Community itu sendiri Voice server kami gunakan adalah Discord Discord adalah voice chat dan text chat yang paling modern dan yang paling banyak digunakan orang pada saat ini. Dengan berbagai UI yang keren, gratis dipakai, mudah digunakan, dan tersedia di hp dan desktop (cross-platform) Warframe Indonesia Community memilih Discord sebagai media sarana dan prasana dalam komunikasi, karena itu akan menjadi kemudahan bagi para player Indonesia berkomunikasi apabila sedang tidak berada di dalam game. Daftarlah di form kami agar kami dapat melihat informasi clan anda di: https://bit.ly/wicalliance Perkenalkan diri anda di Discord Server Warframe Indonesia Community Setelah form diisi reply msg di bawah ini nama warlord dan aliansi clan anda Setelah kamu mengisi form ini, dalam 24 jam kami akan membaca form anda dan akan menghubungi anda sebelum invitation ke Aliansi kami. Kami akan sangat senang jika kalian Clan Indonesia ingin bergabung dengan aliansi kami ❤️ Untuk info lebih lanjut komen saja thread ini atau kontak salah satu player yang ada dibawah ini: @-K-samirul @-K-Uryuu @Queenque @Joshua @BansheeUmbra @-Viel_Von_Einzbern-
  24. *Sorry if iI wrote this topic in the wrong section* So i've been in a clan since I started playing the game (MR 19 atm), but I have decided I wanna leave, cause it is devoid of online players, no one is doing the necessary research for our equipment (and I dont have the access to do so on my own), and most importantly, and bear with me on this one, it's interior design is just plain... bad. So if anyone is kind enough to invite me to join, I would be grateful ^^.
  25. Hi I am deaths servant leader of tennotyrants we r active mountain clan and looking for new blood message me for invite
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