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  1. I recently defeated the Lephantis and on top off not getting any rewards I also did not clear the Lephantis requirement of the Eris junctiondetails about what I suspect the cause to be are belowI received this message immediately after killing the second to last head of Lephantis"Mission Failure Imminent, Eliminate Remaining Targets"I then killed the last head with 3 seconds left and headed to extraction. however the timer did not stop despite the fact that I had completed the objective. I figured out the following from update 18.5 must be source. however my objective was completedI only had 30 seconds not 15 minutesI made another kill before the time ran outThis isn't an exterminate missionwhy is this even in an assassinate mission I will submit a support ticket for the mission rewards. thank you PS I still received the actions have consequences stalker message.
  2. This concept is a fun reoccurring/one time event, centered around the assassins of the game. Currently they consist of: the gustrag three, the stalker/shadow stalker, zanuka and the wolf of saturn six. this essential gives us a total of six assassins ingame. The event can be a sinister six type of event in which you could see posters of all the six assassins posted on the displays in the navigation center of the relays, you could hear about all six assassins teaming up to stop the tenno dead in their tracks on the orbiter radio. Nora could even warn the tenno before hand. The premise could be that the tenno have become to powerful and have destroyed the delicate balance the assassins have worked to maintain. The loss of balance would have been noticed by Hunhow, the queens, sergeant Illiad (he has been neglected since release) or some other power at be, thereby causing that figure to hire all the assassins to kill and stop the tenno. Stage 1 could initially have each of the assassins take over a planet in its entirety. each node on the planet could have a 100% chance to spawn the assassin dedicated to that planet, with a slightly lower chance of spawning minions belonging to the other assassins. The idea is that the player base slowly works towards clearing the newly controlled nodes of a planet, thereby removing the control the assassins have over these planet. A fun mechanic to add some difficulty to the event would be that, as nodes are regained by the tenno, the remaning nodes increase in difficulty to clear. In addition to this, a planet can only be cleared by facing level 50 or 60 versions of the assassins on the boss nodes of the planet they are occupying. This tactic may re-inspire the fear the tenno once had in these assassins. Stage 2: after the tenno have successfully cleared all the controlled planets, the story can progress to a point where the assassins decide that, because their solo based methods of facing the tenno alone and/or with their minions have failed so dramatically, they should go all out on the tenno. This second stage will feature the tenno facing three assassins at the same time on the boss nodes of planets. the assassins will get their levels bumped up from 60 to 80. This tactics serves to add difficulty to beating the assassins as well as inspire more fear in the hearts of the tenno. Finale Stage: Part 1: The assassins throw away their pride entirley and the event progresses to a point where there is a decent chance for all six assassins to gang up on the tenno during missions. this stage of the event should be hard, but not insane with level 60 versions of all the assassins together. 30% - 40% spawn chance seems fair. Part 2; Finale: the assassins have had enough of the failing teamwork and have resorted to declaring open challenges to the tenno. The tenno,in order to get rid of the coordinated assassination attempts, willingly accept these boss missions against the assassins. each assassin will be at level 100 for max difficulty. after beating an assassin at level 100, they will get the option to pick a reward from the assassins loot tables as well as some other rewards as the cherry on top. Stalker should be the last boss because he is the stalker rewards for all assassin boss defeats may include the rewards of the sortie pools, as well as skins for the weapons and Armour they wield (I am bad with rewards XD) after the event, all assassins should receive a quality change of an increase in their level, just so that they become feared once again. Hey guys, thanks for reading this, i know it was long, and i tried my best to fully flesh it out. please share this with everyone, because the more traction it gains the higher the chance it receives of possibly happening. I think this could be an awesome,long event that could take away the grind players have from farming the assassins. It also serves to reinvigoratethe fear that the assassins once held. Also, leave your tweaks and suggestions as to what might make this idea better Thanks.
  3. For new content, what if you gave both new players and the Vets a chance to be a Elite Character(s) for the other Factions. Give player a chance to play as a Elite Stalker, a Corpus, a Grineer or one of the other Factions. A Elite Infested Stalker or whatever. But have them play through the game trying to stop and undo all the Good that the Tenno accomplished. Something like what you're doing with the Emissary. This will also allow players to have the option to battle one another, if set settings allow it and doing normal game play missions. Imagine, you're doing a mission and a player invaded your game. Now you have to both completely both your mission and try to defeat your invader(s). Have it set up, that you can control how many people can invade your mission(s) or if they need to be in a Squad to invade your game. Cause you're in a Squad. At the end of each missions which ever player or team is defeated. You receive a Blueprint(s) for either the components for there Frame, to built your own version of that Frame or a Blueprint(s) for one their Faction greatest Weapon(s) or Item(s). And you receive a Blueprint(s) from each opposing player. So the Tenno objective is to complete their mission and defeat any new opposing threats. While the Player from (let say) Grineer Faction objective is to undo any progress the Tenno completed and defeat them and whoever threatened their Faction Plans. Since their now so many Planets to start from. Each Factions would have there own start planet. Players new and Vets, when logging into to the game, will now have the option to continue playing with existing Tenno Warframe or pick as a new Faction Character. But will be allowed to switch back and forth between Tenno and the Factions. This will create more Missions, Weapons, Frames, Gears, Cosmetics, and a ridiculous amount of more Content. I wouldn't mind joining the Crew (if they would have me), to help design all the new Elite Factions Characters. Each Faction can start off with 4 Characters each and over time more can be added to the mix. Just like the Tennos, you can unlock, buy and build the other Frames or the other playable Characters in your Faction. Don't get me wrong, the game is already Amazing. This type of content will increase the number of players and insure the Future of Warframe. I enjoy the game, keep up the great work. Thank you.
  4. Klan Glyph(Kabartma) Biliyoruz ki Warframe Partner'i olmadan Glyph yapmamız imkansız. Oyunda bazı klanlar kişisel partnerlik yerine klan partnerliği alır gibi klan adına glyph kullanmaktadır. Bu diğer klanların geri planda kalmasına ve prestij anlamında geriye düşmesine neden olmaktadır. Klan Glyph için Warframe Partnerliği alınmasına gerek olmadığını ve 10. Seviyeye ulaşan klanlar için başarım ödülü olarak verilmesi, klan logonun glyph olarak kullanılması ve X platinum karşılığında klan üyelerinin glyph(kabartma) envanterine Klan Glyph adında gösterilmesi ve kullanılmasını istiyoruz. Desteklerinizi Bekliyoruz! https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1108967-request-clan-glyph/
  5. I find it sad that Umbra and Wukong and even Atlas has a similar minions trait that are part of the default abilities in the warframe. All I ask if for Duality to be a part of Equinox 1st like a health bar just like the recently reworked frame please DE I like to have a duality that last longer and doesn't need duration. Thank You :)
  6. Precisely after Tenno reinforcement Update 25.4.0 Currently I'm facing huge loading time if I'm trying to go in open world area (like Plains of Eidolons or Orb Valis) from safe zone (like cetus or fortuna), I tested few scenarios when I face this issue. Surprising part is if someone else hosting then everyone in squad enters first and I enter in open world last. If i'm hosting then everyone get stuck for 4-6 minutes in loading screen. Maximum time i hav noted is 8 mins. These are the conditions when the issue does not occur, - If I'm entering open world from orbiter - If I just opened the game and enter to open world thru safe zone for first time. These are the conditions when the issue does occur, - If I have played few missions in regular tilesets and trying to enter open world thru safe zone. Currently game is installed on system memory with 6 GB free space. If anyone faced issue and able to resolve it just let me know
  7. There is something wrong with my operator and watever i try it dont change. my operator: i try to give him hair but its sort of invisseble with a glitch how to fix it ?
  8. Mas que nada es para ver que tan creativos son, nunca dejan de sorprenderme la cosas con las que salen, no hace falta decir que sea todo con respeto y temas apropiados. Sin mas yo comienzo "Donde esta Bat-man att: Joker" Esta idea del Joker la robe :v Si no sabes como poner una imagen en el foro no te preocupes, también me robe un gif que muestra como hacerlo
  9. Want to sell this twin viper across-ignican riven. Stats at max level +102 crital damage +124 multishot +95 heat damage requires mr 16 to use
  10. This started after I completed my weekly acts and recovered some I missed. I went to help Clem, but the act didn't trigger, and I noticed the recovered acts disappeared. The recovered acts randomly return, but I'm never able to complete them because when I leave my orbiter and check for the acts by pausing, they aren't there anymore. Here's some pictures. I'll try to get a video if I can. http://imgur.com/a/uoM1tXR EDIT: http://imgur.com/a/1WO9HGu as you can see from this video, my Recovered Acts disappear after trying to view them in Cetus, or anywhere else it seems.
  11. August 15th Update: Wukong Deluxe: Update 25.6.0 is now in Cert! The total download size for this update will be ~290 MB. We will update this thread with an official launch date once we have passed. Wukong Deluxe: Update 25.6.0 is in development and aimed to be submitted to Cert this week! This next update for Nintendo Switch includes everything from PC’s Hotfix 25.4.1 to Update 25.6.0. The monkey king has new groove with some fancy new Deluxe digs, some of our older Augments have been reworked to make them punchier, and more! Read on below to learn more about what you can expect in Wukong Deluxe: Update 25.6.0. Once we have sent to cert we will update this thread and let you know the download size. WUKONG SAMADHI COLLECTION Reborn in flame, Wukong finds enlightenment in the Wukong Samadhi Collection! Wukong Samadhi Skin Wukong Samadhi Helmet Meteor Whip Skin Subhuti Syandana *The Wukong Samadhi Collection also includes the Wukong Samadhi Iron Staff Skin that can only be applied to Wukong’s Iron Staff! TEKELU COLLECTIONS Tekelu. Weaponsmiths of the highest caliber. This school of master craftsmen delivered a single coveted collection more than three years ago. This time, they’re bringing two. Tekelu Collection II: Akstiletto Tekelu Skin Glaive Tekelu Skin Nikana Tekelu Skin Panthera Tekelu Skin Redeemer Tekelu Skin Tekelu Collection III: Magnus and Akmagnus Tekelu Skins Vasto and Akvasto Tekelu Skins Baza Tekelu Skin Gunsen Tekelu Skin Stradavar Tekelu Skin ESSENTIAL GLYPH BUNDLE Soon you will be able to purchase the Essential Glyphs Bundle and equip these six powerful designs: Additions: Missed note from Tenno Reinforcements: Update 25.4.0: Added a highly requested ‘Toggle’ for Excalibur Umbra’s details to hide / show his details on Skins! This predominantly hides / shows Umbra’s scarf to allow Skins to truly shine! New Wukong Samadhi Glyph and Wukong Samadhi In Action Glyphs are coming! Added Ember, Loki, Rhino, and Ash’s Ability videos to their Arsenal diorama. Added the ability to view a list of items you own that a Riven fits into. This way you can know which stats you want, without having to flip-flop between the Arsenal to check. Themed Loadout Screens are coming! This Arsenal screen has been completely redone to give you as much information about each loadout as possible on a single screen, while also providing new features like custom icons using any Glyph you own! We’ve gone from a single list with information only on hover to a complete presentation of all your Loadouts with the ability to favourite and more! Color Picker Changes: You will soon be able to view your Palettes in a redesigned screen that allows for more convenient browsing of your options. The old single-column design took a long time to scroll, and the new two-column cleaner design is much more streamlined. Random color will soon choose across multiple palettes! Any Legacy colors cannot be saved as favourite - this is to fix a bug that would prevent any and all customization saving. Added 5 new ‘Favourite’ Color slots! Added new ‘drag’ functionality to the Favourites grid so you can move color around! Added focus sound to swatch grid, and select sound when toggling favorites! Augment Changes and Fixes: Added numerous Warframe Ability Augment stats to the Ability Screen. We debuted this with Wukong’s rework, and you will soon be able to directly see the Stat changes associated with Augments on the Abilities! Reworked the following Augments: If you checked out the linked Dev Workshop – you’ll know a bit of the method behind these small tweaks. We’re just pushing a bunch of Augments into a stronger direction. Please be aware this isn’t reflective of the entire thought process behind Augments overall (i.e some lesser use ones haven’t been buffed). While many responses to this have been to ‘simply add an Augment slot’, that is a way bigger conversation and choice beyond the micro-changes here. Expand the spoilers below for the full list of Augment changes! Changes: Expand the spoilers below for full list of changes! Nintendo Switch Specific Fixes: Fixed Broken Operator Face blends as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1118675-operator-bug/ Fixed legacy Operator Hair appearing translucent as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1118675-operator-bug/ Fixed the missing Minimap icon when not in the expanded view as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1118388-when-will-missing-you-are-here-on-mini-map-be-fix/ Fixed invisible animal tracking UI elements. Fixes: Expand the spoilers below for a list of notable fixes!
  12. Hildryn: 1st ability: · Increase the blast radius from 3m to 5m · Charging it will widen the spread to shoot in a cone. 2nd ability: · Enemies will stagger when the wave goes out and back in to give it cc. 3rd ability: · Enemies should have a 50% chance to be affected by radiation causing enemies to attack each other. 4th ability: · The movement speed is determined on wither you use speed mods or not. · Dashing doesn`t cost any shields. · While using the 1st ability, you are able to aim and shoot. · Holding the 1st ability while in her 4th ability will change it to auto shooting draining 50 shields a second. · The cc effect can bypass obstacles and floor levels. · Increase ascending and descending speed. · Make her be able to fly over endless pits without losing altitude. · Visually, make her do the landing animation after she hits the ground instead of her doing it in mid-air. · The higher she is off the ground, the more damage she will do when deactivating the ability. Reaching the 10m cap will double the damage. Wisp: 1st ability: · When picking up wisps, make them visually translucent by the wisp`s energy colour looking like there are invisible, doing this will make it visually less annoying to look at. · The electric mote that’s left behind should be able to shock enemies when approaching it. 2nd ability: · The decoy should be able to bypass obstacles, grates, enemies and any object that looks like you could squeeze through it. (fence) · Teleporting should refresh her glide time, bullet and double jump. · If you jump in the air and cast it, it synergises with the passive by make it invisible so you can reach the other side without being detected by enemies in its path. 3rd ability: · If an effected enemy receives a status proc from your weapon, the surge sparks should carry over the status proc to nearby enemies that they also can be affected by it. · Enemy killed should deal bonus damage to the nearest enemy with surge sparks. · Increase the chance of releasing surge sparks to 20%. 4th ability: · Make there be an option to aim while using it. · Make it leave behind a fiery trail for 10 seconds. Wukong: 1st ability: · Wukong should spawn two clones, one using primary weapon and the other secondary weapon. When you switch weapons, one of the clones will switch to melee. - Wukong constantly switching from gun to melee affects the clone’s performance which is a problem. · Since you have two clones, you can mark up to two enemies for each of them to attack. · After marking the enemy, the clone(s) should teleport to the target. - When marking while the clone is using a melee weapon, the clone takes a long time to reach the target. If using guns, it`s stuck in a spot and can`t kill the target because of obstacles in the way. · Clones can use whatever stance you have in your melee weapon and stance from the 4th ability. · When you crouch the clone will crouch and not attack enemies unless you mark them. · When using melee, the clone`s sprint speed is increased by 30% - I noticed that the clone is better at using guns than a melee weapon. · Instead of the clone teleporting to you when you move far from it, pressing the ability on the ground will teleport the clone to that location. - In defence missions you want the clone to attack enemies but if you move far from it, it teleports to you which is something you don`t want. 2nd ability: · Holding the left trigger (controller) should give the option to decrease it`s speed. Doing so will also increase the duration of use. · If the clone attacks an enemy affected by the stun of the 2nd ability, the clone should perform a finisher, doing so will make the clone invulnerable until animation is done. · Sentinels and companions are invulnerable while activated. · If you toggle sprint and you cast the ability, afterwards it should stay at the speed to left it on instead of resetting. 4th ability: · The second part of the combo with the kick animation should (small) ragdoll the enemy hit instead of a knockdown. · The ground slam animation should look like the slams when Wukong`s staff is bigger. (the slam we have now looks weak) · The ground finisher animation should be Wukong jabbing his staff into the enemy`s back. Primal fury is way better than it was before however it’s just a stronger staff with a different stance, it doesn`t have a unique ability like Excal and Valkyre. Here so some options for some unique abilities; · It has the ability to charge it. Holding the attack button at an enemy will pull wukong to it causing a kick that staggers the enemy and closing the gap. · While blocking, wukong can absorb damge with no limit and can be released by a slide attack, a slam attack and synergises with the 3rd ability by increasing the swipe damage. · While using it, Wukong has 30% increase dodge speed, bullet-jump 50% farther and 20% sprint speed. · While blocking, wukong can reflect damage back at enemies having a 20% chance of staggering them. Fix: When Wukong stands still with no weapons equipped, the animation is meant to show him with the staff in his hand but you can`t see. I know this warframe is not out yet but from what I saw I want to talk about his abilities. Grendel is a waframe that I wanted to see happen plus I have talked about my version of what I wanted for a fat warframe. Here’s the link to my post: I have some suggestions for his abilities; Grendel Passive: From what I herd from the devstream, it sounds less of a passive and more like apart of the 1st ability. I think it would be better if it was the more you use your abilities, the more armour you get. Imo armour is not really good, the only way this passive is effective good is if there is no cap to how much armour you can get. · Each ability use you get 50 armour and there will be a 15 second timer for you to use your abilities again until it will deplete. · Since the 4th ability is an energy drain ability, there is no timer when in use. 1st ability: · You are able to eat up multiple enemies at a cap of 15 (base) making it a cc ability. · He is invulnerable when using it. · The damage done to him will convert into increase damage when shooting out enemies from inside his stomach. · There is an indicator showing the damage accumulated. · Remove the energy drain while enemies are in his stomach. · Depending on how much enemies you eat he should receive damage reduction. 1 enemy =5% damage reduction eximus = 10% dr. 2nd ability: · There is an indicator showing the buffs you have from eating enemies. · You can switch between which buff you want to use. (like ivara`s 1st ability) · Allies can receive the buffs within his range but don`t have to stay in range to keep it. · When picking the toxic buff, it will reflect the damage at enemies attacking him no matter the distance. · The armour he receives should NOT be percentage but base armour. · (Synergy) if he has armour (from the passive) when activating the armour buff, he will get a short invulnerability depending on how much armour he gets e.g. 100 armour= 1 sec 150= 1.5 sec. 3rd ability: I totally disagree with this ability being on its own instead it should be with the first by holding the ability to shoot them out. · Shooting them at enemies causes a toxic aoe that damages enemies within 15m. · If enemies shot out are still alive, holding that ability causes them to explode knocking enemies down and dealing viral damage. 4th ability: · Can be cast in the air. · Can be cast on the move. · Hitting a wall while on the ground will cause you to ricochet off it. If in the air, you will ricochet back into the air. · Rushing by an enemy will cause a small ragdoll. · Your movement speed is doubled and the speed of his ball form is based on speed mods and the number of enemies you eat. · I don`t think it should automatically eat enemies but instead by synergy to the 1st ability. · (Synergy) using your 1st ability will cause his to do a homing attack onto an enemy consuming them. This is also good for closing the gap. · Hitting enemies should deal damage and knock enemies down. · Make it easier to control like the movement of warframes. DON`T MAKE IT LIKE ARCHWING, IF YOU STOP, HE STOPS ALSO. · (Synergy) You are able to receive buffs while in this form. · The bigger he gets, the more damage he does when colliding into enemies. This is his 4th ability even through I like the idea of it, I DON`T like how slow it was. It should move a lot faster and be easier to control than what I saw.
  13. A couple times while doing some eidolon hunts, the host was kicked/left and the remaining players would load in but couldn’t interact or proceed with the mission. Instead we were invisible and could not do simple things such as; pause, chat in game, use abilities etc. All we could do was move around and watch as if watching a live stream.
  14. Hello all. Usually, I write warframe concepts that pride themselves on originality and creativity. However, this one will be the least original one, as it is meant to be a rework idea for Valkyr. I just want to get the community's thoughts on this and maybe pick some brains in the process... Stats (Max Rank): Health: 475 Shield: 200 Armor: 825 Energy: 275 Sprint Speed: 1.15 Passive- Cat-like Reflexes: Valkyr's parkour is enhanced so that bullet jumps are faster and cover way more distance, especially the upward bullet jump. Knockdown recovery is extremely fast, and long drops have no touchdown delay. 1st: Deep Claw: Pounce at an enemy and sink long, sharp claws into them, stunning them and delivering a slash status. Press and hold to launch into a 6 hit combo and slash said enemy repeatedly before knocking them back. Every subsequent scratch will impart a separate, stacking slash status, causing enemies to bleed profusely. Every enemy that looks at their bleeding comrade will be terrified. - Damage: 350 + 3% total enemy hp per hit - Range: 30m 2nd: Brutal Roar: Inundate the battlefield with a mighty roar that intimidates enemies and increases the agility and resilience of allies, spurning them to action. Enemies within earshot will have their accuracy sharply lowered and allies will gain increased attack speed and a damage reduction that reduces in effectiveness with every ally that is affected. - Accuracy reduction: -85% - Attack speed Increase: +30% - Damage Reduction: 85% (per ally affected: 75/70/65%) Capped at 90/85/80/75% per ally affected - Range: 45m - Duration: 13.6 seconds 3rd: Tail Spin: Summon a large, long and ethereal tail and quadrupedally spin around with great swiftness, slamming the tail into all enemies in range. Does not ragdoll but it will lightly stagger. Leaves behind a circular well of void energy that slow enemies by up to 85% while standing on it, doing damage over time before exploding on a quick delay time of 4 seconds. Using Brutal Roar while standing in the well will cause the roar to send out a wave of energy pulled straight from the well, slowing everything in a cone going forward by up to 85%. This weakens the accuracy debuff proportionate to the strength of the slow. -Tail damage: 850 - Slow Strength: 55% -Explosion Damage: 1250 +8% total enemy hp -Brutal Roar Wave Range: 45m and 135 degrees -Brutal Roar Wave Duration: 15.6 seconds Well duration: 4 seconds Tail Spin Range: 30m 4th: Vicious Mangle: A set of claws on the hands and feet that deeply lacerate enemies with frightening ferocity and swiftness. -Weapon stance would be great if it had forced slash statuses in multiple places in the combos. ---Using Deep Claw while this is active will mark that enemy permanently and when Vicious Mangle is deactivated, all marked enemies will transfer 6% of their total hp to Felinis and all allies in affinity range. (The enemy only loses 6% total hp but all allied warframes receive 6% of that enemy's total hp as health) Slash: 245 Crit Chance: 30% Crit Multiplier: 2.2x Status Chance: 35% Attack Speed: 1.25 ********If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Constructive Criticism welcome and appreciated. Leave your thoughts and opinions on it if you feel so inclined!********
  15. This was a topic a year ago, and I started it, but it is already archived, for the second time, so here is the third thread... Many players here in Warframe do have such a common type. But, some of them may become rare. Idk why tho, but let's discuss this, shall we? The Noob - troublemakers and do not know how to do this and that... it may seem annoying but for me, it's a great opportunity to help them. Of course, you cannot help them if you're not... The Teacher - like The Librarian but during the battle. The coach perhaps. The Caster - welcome to the wizardly "solar system" of Warframe, where these Tennos usually cast abilities to kill enemies. The Archer - they seemed to be rare though, but I am one of them. They often use the standard bow as their signature primary weapon to kill enemies. The "rare archers" are the headshooters, where they often kill enemies with headshots. They are really good at tactics and survival though. Sometimes, uses light melee weapons in case of trouble. A.k.a "The Ghost / The Hunter" Round Table - the melee people. Often use melee weapons. They have 2 classes: Arthur - heavy weapon-wielder Lancelot - swords, daggers, staff, light weapons Idk why I called this but what I know is that most of the Knights of the Round uses melee weapons, like King Arthur's Excalibur. But can you help me complete the Round Table thing? 😕 The Boomer - Name all of explosive weapons. Lenz? Phantasma? Arca Plasmor? They usually equip with the big bad primary weapons (or small but explosive secondary weapons). The Normal Ones - they are the "jack-of-all-trades" in using any weapons... well. The Flash - the quick killers, quick runners, quick at everything. They are good at dodging things. The "Warframe" Tank - a type of supporter who is the "Tank"... you know what I mean? They often guards everyone with shields. Also, the useful frontliner. Descendants of Destiny / COD - whenever they took primary weapons, they feel like they are now in FPS games... well, often use primary and secondary weapons The Guardian Angel - the supporters who always supports. I know that there's a specific frame for those but they are usually them. They sometimes have pets, too. Normally, the healers. Twin Brothers - has an aggressive warframe with an aggressive sentinel / pet. Usually the veteran type. Treasure Hunter - a.k.a "Looters / Farmers". Always explore maps to see chests before attacking Mad Genius - a tactical player who also solves ciphers quickly. I could be one of them, though. The Pusher - they are more on completing the quest than attacking anyone. The Esper Summoner - known for deploying clones, necromancy, and CLEM! The Headhunter - the headshot guys... some of them can be annoying Gilgamesh - in his epic, he is very adaptive... well, at least with Enkidu... so, this type of player are seriously adaptive and strategic, who knows how to play well. For example, when he is trapped by crowd, he may swing a heavy weapon or just use his abilities. If the foe is far, he will just use a range weapon. Very adaptive and smart. Almost similar to Archers, but very smart. Fortnite Tenno / Emotenno - whenever you kill anyone at Fortnite, you go boogie. Well, this thing still exists here. They usually do whatever they want when they are at the extraction point while waiting for others (e.g. Spending MP for casting abilities even though it's unnecessary, dancing, or placing some "chill" music if you are Octavia) Tenno Runway Participant / Tenno's Next Top Model - the fashionistas of Warframe. They usually spend on cosmetics to have a good looking frame. They sometimes show-off their fashion at public areas (e.g. Cetus, Relays, Fortuna, Bazaar). The Manager - bossy at clans, always leads, well... can be seen at Squads and Clans. Counter of The Librarian The Entrepreneur - yes, that's right. Traders! The Librarian - this is helpful to the clans or squads. They often help or give info of each thing they asked. They even spread some news like "Baro is Here!" or "There's a contest!" The Lone Ranger - feels better at solo... hates having squad The Roulette Victim - okay, gonna explain this. Matchmaking is random, and sometimes, you want to do it yourself, but instead, you find yourself in the squad. Then, sometimes, you leech them. "Leechers" for some type. The Berserker - veterans who always rages or very aggressive play style, not as aggressive as Twin Brothers. Hot-heads in Warframe, actually. The Time Mage - also known as the illusionist. Sometimes, Gara, sometimes Mirage, or Loki. Like the Caster, except they build up illusions, protection, and traps. The Architect - known for decorating SO MUCH in dojo or orbiter. If Cinderalla's dojo is worn out, the tenno godfathers / godmothers will bibbidi-bobbidi-boo'ed everything. The Rumpelstiltskin - known for doing CAPITALISM in in Warframe, also known for making deals like helping things for a price. The Vendetta - known for making silent kills, equipping silenced weapons. Good in Spy missions. The "Beguiling" - known for making noises, attracting enemies, and a bit of aggressive in play style. Often fails at Spy missions. Lastly... The Stalkers - random invites, knowing infos on their clan mates. Maybe they can be rude. So which one is your type? Let me know in the comments below.
  16. To preface this, I decided to try weapons that I don't use often and decided to use the Dark Split-Sword. I actually enjoyed my time.... with the dual sword stance. The biggest problem I had was that all the dual sword stances don't match any heavy blade stances and it would not have been possible to keep my build and use a heavy blade stance without forma-ing the stance polarity. So I figured that I'd share thoughts on how the weapon could be improved. Firstly, I feel that with the introduction of Aura forma's there is the possibility of adding Stance forma's that do the same thing (enable all polarities)... but for melee weapons. That'd solve the the stance issue real quick. Another solution that comes to mind has to do with mods and weapons as well and is a little more in-depth. Now that we have reached a state in the game where Warframe's have Exilus mod slots and weapons have alternate fire modes, why not give the DSS a dual/two stance slot(s)? One for dual sword stances and the other for heavy blade stances and then give it an alt-fire mechanic where upon hitting your assigned alt-fire key/button you do a neat little animation where you slap it together or take it apart? That way you could use the dual sword stance with its increased attack speed to strip armor on higher level targets and then swap to heavy blade stances on the fly and really tear into it. I do recognize that this creates more work, as no skins would be able to be used on the weapon unless it's like the Day of the Dead DS and DD skin. Holsters would in theory be relatively fine... considering they don't work anyway. But if they did, instead of just main hand and off hand, it would specify dual sword main hand/off hand and heavy blade main hand. Also as a final touch, I'd just recommend swapping the SC and Crit properties of the different stances. i.e. making dual sword stances have higher SC and heavy blade stances have higher CC and CD. P.s. Since there's another warfan in the works, could we get another split-sword? I was thinking a Corpus themed one. Where the default attack style is that if a Sword and Shield, something akin to like a Prova or Plasma Sword merged with a giant energy shield that then converts to a Hammer?
  17. Table of Contents: General Thoughts / Introduction Point 1: How to link the Open Worlds with the rest of the game to make them self-sustainable? Point 2: How to add Variation to keep everything interesting? Point 3: How to make the OpenWorlds feel more like OpenWorlds? (while also providing more "Endgame"-content?) Point 4: collection of mission-type ideas to provide variation in Bounties Point 5: concepts for Bosses and Heists Point 6: random concepts and ideas related to OpenWorld activities ----------------------------------------General Thoughts:---------------------------------------- I've seen a lot of people arguing over the question "shall DE do more open worlds or other stuff?" I think the question should be "What will they do with the existing OpenWorlds"? The two Open Worlds took them a really long time to produce, so it would be a shame if they both suffer the same fate of getting left behind after the players got everything there is to get. Most suggestions in this topic will take less ressources to implement in the game than creating a whole new OpenWorld for example, will hopefully achieve that the already created OpenWorlds will stay relevant for most of the players at all times while many of the systems can be also reused in a possible future OpenWorld. Due to several reasons, they feel disconnected from the regular game (unique ressources, unique missions unique rewards). Its a good thing that they come up with new ideas and do not simply copy+paste the regular stuff into a bigger tileset, but this leads to some problems. Mainly, once you are done with the unique activities, you have no reason to go back there (Point 1). Additionally, a important reason why PoE got left behind is the boredom that comes with it after playing it some time due to its high repetitive nature (always the same exact bountys and tasks for over a year, only 2 Events while Ghouls are basically 2 weeks on the Plains and then gone for 2 weeks ^^). It needs variation (Point 2). Sometimes, those worlds feel a bit empty (PoE mostly, Fortuna and the Orb Vallis are much more interesting and the Devs have done a good job imo!) and they lack in terms of OpenWorld activities and feeling. It doesnt need to be an OpenWorld like in titles like FarCry, Gta or Assasins Creed for example, afterall those are completly different games where the OpenWorld is the main feature, while in Warframe those OpenWorlds are just a small portion of the whole game. Still, some really small additions could make those places feel much more alive. Also, what we got now with PoE and Fortuna offers a great framework for new, large scale missions which still rely on the core mechanics of Warframe. (Point 3) If they manage to implement those things, the OpenWorlds can become an integral part of the Warframe Universe, not "just" a nice bonus on top of it. --------------------------------Point 1: Self-Sustainability -------------------------------- ----------------------------------------Point 2: adding Variation ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------Point 3: adding Open World activities---------------------------------------- This ideas are focused on Orb Vallis, but they could be implemented on the Plains aswell. Considering the "Outposts" on Fortuna you can capture: Right now you can capture them to start certain Bountys from there, which is not a bad idea. I dont know yet if they plan to add something to it, but if this is all, i think it needs something more. 1st possibility: persistent Outposts 2nd possibility: capturing the Outposts triggers a RAID add a Quick-Travel option to the Outposts: QoL-Additions for both scenarios: let us refill ammo/health/energy on certain consoles (like in the Plains) and change Loadouts (only allowed when no mission is activated) that way captured outposts can become something like a "safe zone" or "refugium" to recover and start new missions Time Attack - Extermination This will be a mission type that you can chose to do just like you can start k-drive races. While you can farm for standing in this mission, they also feature ladders so it can be used as some kind of competitive content. Convoy Attack Incursions: Incursions got removed from the Plains, but i think the idea of a random mission is still interesting, and this is my concept for a mission that could appear in the OpenWorlds (and make them also feel more alive) 5 Stage Bounty with Sortie-lvl Enemies (lvl 90-100) This could be seen as a mix of the High-tier-bounty/Sortie/Raid/Heist, so difficulty, time investment and rewards represent that. The most important aspect for me in this example is that all tasks build up on each other so that there is a central theme. In this example, the drone fills that roll, but it could be anything. Although i introduced a new Stealth-Mechanic in this example, i understand that it might be too complicated, so it could be easily left out. "Tower Defense" This missiontype is primarily supposed to be an alternative way to farm for Toroids while utilizing all the beatiful, but currently unused landmarks/spots in OrbVallis. It rents a few Ideas from Disruption which has recieved an overall great feedback from the community but should still be able to create a fresh experience with a few additions. ----------------------------------------Point 4: Mission ideas for NPC's/Bounties---------------------------------------- This is a collection of possible missions that can be added in both OpenWorlds. In all cases, i took already existing gamemodes and added some tasks or mixed tasks from different mission to create a new experience. Hijack a corpus/grineer ship: Rescue a target: Assault - plant a bomb: Defend an Outpost (infested salvage and/or Railjack type elements involved): Aerial Defense: Aerial Defense (endless) in the OrbVallis Outposts: Recovery: Exterminate-Assasination: Rush-Sabotage: Hostage Taker: ----------------------------------------Point 5: concepts for Bosses/Heists---------------------------------------- Call of the Condrocs - The Flying Eidolon I would really like to see the Flying Eidolon appear on the Plains as a Boss, and this is my concept for the fight: a different approach on Heists: Iam not expecting the Devs to completly change the existing Heists, but maybe this concept can be picked up to provide other Boss-Fights in a Heist-environment. It could lead to us fighting against bosses like the Jackal, but with the same rewards as the Orbs drop. additional Bosses for Operational Supply (Plague Star): I mentioned the possibility of already existing Grineer-Bosses appearing on the Plains (and Corpus-Bosses on Orb Vallis) in Point 2 - Variation. Instead of always fighting against the Hemocyte when Plague Star returns, there could be different bosses we have to fight. Lets start with a concept for Counciler Vay Hek: The Kuva-Fomorian: This is a concept for a recurring Event (just like the other Fomorian). Once again, its all about adding variation (both to the Events we have and the OpenWorlds). You will recognize a lot from the already existing Fomorian Event, but i added/changed some stuff so it works on the Plains. ------------------------------------Point 6: concepts related to OpenWorld activities------------------------------------ Reworking K-Drives to bring them on par with Archwings: Some time ago there was a huge debate over Itzal's Blink this Archwing is the only tool that is used for mobility. While the simple solution surely is to nerf or remove this ability, i think a better way to tackle this issue is to look at the reason's why Itzal actually is so popular. This will bring up 3 Points: large distances between bounty-stages without anything happening there mission design doesnt encourage the use of Archwings/K-Drives K-Drives are basically cosmetics which you have to level up but they still dont provide any useful mechanics besides "travelling much slower than in any Archwing" The following concept focuses on making K-Drives useful instead of nerfing the currently best method to travel: Integration of Pets into the conservation process: This is just a minor point that both could make conservation just a little more interesting while also making all the Pets useful in this activity. Its completly optional to bring Pets, but if you do you get some small benefits that might make it interesting to consider:
  18. I did today's new daily tasks. I had to capture 2 Corrupted Crewman. I did both in The Void- Hepit (Capture). I went to turn my quest. After I went to the Relay close to Earth to see my progression and noticed that it wasn't updated. It still said : " 0 / 1 - Complete a Simaris Daily Synthesis Task". I left the relay. Restarted my game. And nothing changed. Even the prompt in space when selection the relay shows 0/1.
  19. Hello Nintennos! I was hoping this visual bug would get fixed months ago, but they Atterax skin with the Telos has been bugged on my frames for a while now. It only happens in Fortuna, Cetus, Orbiter and I think POE/Fortuna. Here is a photo of my frame: https://imgur.com/a/GlMSqkh It seems this bug has been posted before on PC https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1097622-visual-bug-for-atterax-with-telos-skin-and-cape-style-syandanas/ Hoping this gets fixed soon! I need the telo skin for fashion frame :(
  20. -When switching back from operator to warframe the first time game thinks R is constantly pressed and instead of doing actions it launches all abilities. -When launching the Archwing in the open world areas you get clipped into the ground. Jumping before activating it works as a workaround. -When crashing against something with your hoverboard you often ragdoll through the ground of the map where you fall... and fall... and fall xD -The game crashes sometimes when using the onscreen keyboard. -Recovered Nightwave acts disappear and don't count if not visible. -Performance while fighting the Profit Taker is still really bad. -Operator faces are creepy & hair is often missing. -Many Npc faces are messed up (like konzu, new loka representative etc.) -Animal captures are almost impossible because the tracks are invisible. -Nightwave often doesn't count perfect animal captures and Fortuna missions. (We did 5 missions on Fortuna and it counted as 2) -The player marker on the minimap is gone. -Text appears faulty/ formatted in the foundry and the decorator mode. (At least in german) -Warframes like Valkyr and Mesa sometimes get stuck while leaving their abilities. Unable to move or to fight. -Since the Jovian Concord there is a blackscreen of around 10-20sec before every loading screen. (Maybe use higher cpu clocks for quicker loading times too ?) -Since Jovian Concord there are pink boxes instead of bushes on Cetus & plains of Eidolon. When you get close the bushes reappear. -Since Jovian Concord it seems impossible to modify your market whislist - the option to add or remove items seems to be missing. -Gas city remastered still has a bad framerate & resolution. (Worse than Plains of Eidolon & Orb Vallis) -There are energy/color bugs when using melee weapons or really bright energy light sources that make big chunks of the screen pixelated. -When you aren't the host you can't catch flying animals. They first get stuck in mid air, then appear on the ground but pressing the button prompt does nothing. -There is no working preview for the operator voice in the character editor. -Lua can be seen from within the ship, even when you never went there yet. (it's a big spoiler !) -There is a lightning bug in some dojo garden rooms where shadows disappear when looking up. -Voice-chat does not work with USB headsets or via usb controllers. (It works in Paladins, Fortnite etc.) -Motion controls with pro controller are extremely weak. (With single joycons and in Handheldmode it works great, but with the pro controller it's almost non-existant) Maybe just increase sensitivity or add two options like in fortnite. -The Motion controls drift correction for the joycons is too aggressive. Maybe add a slider from disabled to strong or a recenter/recalibrate button (it drifts back to it's last position when moving the joycons slowly - it's impossible to aim precisely like for to catch animals) Suggestions: -Add an unstuck button in game options or a feature to warp to another player. (Many people don't know you can unstuck via the chat, so they either try to get out for 10 minutes or leave) -You could save recources by using lower polygons enemy and/or object models. Fixed: +Crashes in Orb Vallis seem to be finally gone. +The framerate is back where it was before the jovian concord (or even better ?) +Ambient Occlusion and Volumetric Lightning are back !
  21. I just recently finished downloading the Dog Days event update data, which in and of itself took FOREVER to download for being a ridiculously small file size which, if I remember correctly, was 28.62MB, but for some reason was only allowing me to download it at around 600b/s, so it took me all night and into most of the morning Friday to Saturday to download, around 16 hours. Now, after I've finally downloaded the update, I'm having MAJOR issues with connectivity. So far, I've tried picking mission 1 of the Dog Days update to play over 10 different times, and out of all those times, only once did it actually end up working and loading me to the actual mission where I was able to play and complete it. All other times, it stayed on the loading screen where it just shows your ship flying, for about 5 minutes, slowly filling the loading bar, only to pop up with an error message about 65% of the way through filling the loading bar, the error message stating "The connection to the host has been lost. You will be returned to the multiplayer menu.", then it puts me back through yet another loading screen showing the ship flying that takes another 5-10 minutes to load, that ultimately takes you back to your ship. At first, I thought it may just be an issue doing this on the Dog Days missions only, but I then tried just going to the star map and selecting regular node missions on other planets, and ended up getting the exact same error on the loading screen for these missions as well. It is even doing this when I try to attempt to simply go to one of the Relays. I've even tried changing my settings to Solo, but it hasn't helped. At this point and time, I now cannot get ANY missions or levels to load at all, making the game literally unplayable. I think it is safe to call this a game-breaking glitch. I tried asking people in the region chat if anyone else was having this problem, but haven't gotten a reply back yet from anyone. Is anyone here in the forums experiencing/experienced this problem as well??? I have to know if this is just happening to me, or if it is happening to others. Before this, I have literally never had a single issue with the game before, and have just over 300 hours logged onto Warframe on my Switch. Please, someone, maybe even someone from the dev team for Digital Extremes, PLEASE reply back and let me know what is going on. Are you guys aware of this issue, is anyone working on fixing it, is the game literally going to ultimately be down for the whole time of the Dog Days event or possibly longer even?? I am totally in the dark as of right now, and just want to get my game back so I can play again.
  22. One Skin in progress for Revenant. Skin - The Forgotten Some color ideas.
  23. Is slow. Please buff at least a little. Especially considering he is all about the sword. Of course I'm referring to all versions of the poster boi. To preemptively answer some possible posts: Yes, there are mods, thank you. See title
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