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  1. So we have stuffs like "+15% to parkour" or 150 HP. What if we have alternate (similar version to it) with negatives (similar to Corrupted mods): into (base form, multiply by 1.5 for Tauforged): into: into (not sure what to put here): With alternatives we could more specialize our frames (negative stats), improve our mobility when long bullet jumps or rolls are not great (rolling speed, sprint speed, slide), make ability usage flow better and in general more versatility. New shards' versions could be obtained via converting from shards for example (simple to get resources but with bigger quantities): We could convert it back geting Shard back (in this case amber shard). Other resources (Oxium & Argon) are gone. ps. values works with current shard system that forces you to put MANY shards to see effects. If you limit to ~2 shard's effect (e.g. you can only put 2x Strength shard) then those values should be increased if necessary. More here:
  2. Many players feel disatisfy by the new archon boss fight and complaining about damage attenuation. Same problem will definitely come up when designing future raids boss. Problem is that developer having trouble to decide how much health to give a boss fight without players complaining it's too much/ too little or both at the same time. So if you are the developer. What method will you choose to solve this problem and why? 1.Keep impove the damage attenuation to achive it's original purpose(narrow the gap betewn optimal damage and off meta weapons or something). 2.Rework damage system entirely(ideally having less multiplier). 3.Go back to design gimmick in between boss fight(orbs,eidolons) 4.Vehicle(playing as railjack,necromech,khal,drifter) 5.Do nothing. just give boss a nomral health bar. 6.Other ideas.
  3. To find out whats inside. What was inside your last relic tenno? Mines was corvas prime barrel.
  4. So I've finally worked up the nerve to post my ideas for a Hydroid rework. I've been thinking about it for the last couple of days and I think I've come up with a decent rework. Of course it could sound good in my head, but in reality isn't that good. So anyway, for the time that I've played hydroid it seems that his abilities don't really support each other or do a whole lot for himself or a team. There are warframes that can do what he does a lot better. So my ideas aim to change that while still sticking with his theme. My ideas will cover his passive, abilities, and ability mods. I will provide information on damage types and numbers, duration, power cost, range, intended effects, and a description of my thoughts and intent of the change where I can or when I feel it is necessary. All of the numbers provided are treated as if Hydroid was at max level. If I don't mention a mod or an ability I either forgot about, didn't know, didn't think it was worth mentioning, or don't think it's a real problem at this time. Thank you for taking the time to check out my ideas. Passive Description: When Hydroid slams the ground an 10m radius wave emanates from Hydroid that knocks over enemies and then pulls them towards Hydroid. Thoughts: The idea of this passive is to support Undertow by bringing a decent amount of enemies close as well as make it easier to do melee attacks. 1st Ability: Tempest Barrage Cast Cost: 25 Energy Radius: 12 m Duration: 15 Seconds Damage Type: Impact Damage: 500 Status Chance: 100% Chance to proc an impact status effect Mechanics: Press the cast button once to activate an hold button to aim it. Remove the charge mechanic on this ability. It doesn't serve a purpose and creates an extra step in order to getting the full benefits of the ability. When in Undertow, holding the cast button for a brief period of time will shrink the radius of Tempest Barrage to the radius of Undertow and concentrate the projectiles on Undertow even while moving. Thoughts: I've always thought of this ability as a light softening and crowd control ability. It reasonably reduces the amount of shields a target has since it does impact damage as well as reduce the amount enemies attacking you because it keeps knocking them to the ground. However, I also want it to make it easier to kill heavy units and set up for his other abilities. By giving it a 100% proc chance, heavy units will need less health taken away before you can do a mercy/finisher kills, especially if the procs stack. I also want the procs to stack in order to set up for Undertow and Tentacle Swarm. Mod: Corroding Barrage Changes: Name: Implosive Cavitations Effect: Each projectile has a 100% chance to inflict a heat status effect. Tempest Barrage gains 100% ability strength. (The heat status effect does not replace the impact status effect but is added to the ability. So the ability will trigger an impact proc and a heat proc.) Thoughts: I wanted a mod that would improve the ability's "softening" capabilities by not only effecting armor but also flesh. Inspiration: I watched this YouTube video about the mantis shrimp…. also exploding cannonballs. Time starts around 2:22 : 2nd Ability: Boon of the Seas Cast Cost: 50 Energy Damage Type: Magnetic Damage: 20% Duration: 20 Seconds Status Duration: + 100% Effect: Provides a magnetic damage to melee weapons. Increases the status duration of melee weapons and Hydroid's abilities. Thoughts: I wanted an ability that would provide benefits to Hydroid and potentially his allies without being another direct damage ability. Mod: Sharing the Bounty Effect: Hold the cast button to cast this ability on all allies within a 15m radius. Thoughts: I wanted Hydroid to have a way to directly help teammates. 3rd Ability: Tidal Surge Cast Cost: 75 Energy Travel Range: 8m 6m (How wide the ability is) Duration: 3 seconds (Show this stat in the ability stat screen) Reach (Horizontal Range): 6m; (Can be effected by range mods) Damage Type: Impact Damage: 300 Damage / Sec: 300 per 0.5 0.75 seconds Status Chance: 50% Speed: 30m / s Effect: Tidal Surge has a 50% chance to disarm an enemy trapped in the ability. The 50% chance is a 1 time occurrence that happens when the enemy gets pulled in. Mechanics: Tap cast button for Hydroid to travel with wave. Press and hold to launch a wave from Hydroid. Thoughts: So I saw this power more as a crowd control and utility ability than a damage dealer. It can do a little damage but was mostly there to move Hydroid around or to stop and displace enemies trying to attack you and your allies. Unfortunately, for the energy cost it took and how minimally effective it was, it didn't really serve a point. So instead, I decide that at the cost of increased energy it would be far more useful. First change was to make the damage that the ability does not a one time thing upon contact with an enemy, but something that is continuously occurring to enemies trapped in the wave. This would not only help with damage but also help build impact status procs for other abilities. Second was to increase the range at which it could gather enemies because if the ability was to narrow than it would be competing with your arsenal and usually the arsenal beats powers in terms of small groups or single targets when it comes to damage. By effecting a larger group of enemies it helps separate itself from your weapons. Following similar lines of thinking, to prevent the ability from being just another damage ability I added the effect that enemies will be disarmed. 4th Ability: The Depths Thoughts: I wanted to combine both Undertow and Tentacle Swarm while making them more effective. This is also where all the impact status procs come into play. Undertow Cast Cost: 25 Energy Sustain Cost: 3 Energy per second Traverse Speed: Equal or slightly less to warframe sprint speed Distance / Energy: 0.2 Radius: 5m Damage Type: Puncture Damage: 30 Damage Increase / Second: 2 Mechanics: Tap the cast button to activate the ability. Effect: Casting Tidal Surge in Undertow will reduce Tidal Surge's cost by 25 energy. Tentacle Swarm Cast Cost: 75 Energy Duration: 20 Seconds Radius: 15m Grab Range: 15m Number of Tentacles: 20 Damage Type: Impact and Puncture Damage: 200 Mechanics: Press and hold the cast button to cast Tentacle Swarm. Tentacle Swarm can be aimed. Remove charge mechanic because of same reasons as Tempest Barrage. Tentacle Swarm will move with Undertow. When exiting Undertow will Tentacle Swarm is active will expand Tentacle Swarm to its radius. Casting Undertow within the radius of Tentacle Swarm will shrink Tentacle Swarm to the radius of Undertow. Effects: When in Undertow, casting Tentacle Swarm will increase the base damage by 20 and increase the sustained energy cost of Undertow by 2 . When enemies have stacked a certain number of impact status procs or the enemies are at a certain health with impact status procs on, the tentacles will do finisher damage. This will also happen if enemies are in Undertow while Tentacle Swarm is active. Mod: Pilfering Swarm Changes: Name: Enriched Waters Effect: Enemies called in or by The Depths has a 100% chance at additional drops. Side Notes: Helminth Abilities Abilities like Aquablades and Elemental Ward should work in side Undertow instead of either sitting on top or not working at all.
  5. In this update, the bullet jump part on Mag`s passive was removed just making pick-ups drawn to her. First of, this is useless coz the majority of ppl are using some sort of companion with uni vac on and secondly this is a slap in the face to use wanting uni vac. Ppl aren't talking about it but that doesn't mean we have forgotten, ppl have asked for it on operators, while they do have it it`s only 3m which is totally useless and funny enough it was not in the patch notes we only knew about it when Scot mentioned it on a devstream. I don`t understand, Sonic can pick up rings and ratchet can pick up bolts why can`t warframes get that (and operators) and don`t talk about it making sense when this is a futuristic game (if you want to go down that stupid route then mag shouldn`t be able to do it coz some of the pick-ups are not made of metal). Just make it to where warframes and operators/drifter can have vacuum and give Mag a new passive. Examples: When 100 of her shields are depleted, she will release a magnetic pulse the pushes enemies back in a 15m radius. Mag is immune to magnetic procs When Mag receives a magnetic proc her weapons add on magnetic damage/status and does more damage to her abilities. Scot was the one that basically said no to uni vac but he's not here anymore, he also didn`t take the 15% extra standing off of sigils but ever since he`s gone things have gotten better (besides focus 3.0 imo), since we have new management I believe this can be a thing so please give this to all frames/operator and give Mag a better passive coz at the moment this is an insult.
  6. Ever since Veilbreaker, my clan emblem will not display when worn on either shoulder. It reverts to the tilted, aged lotus you see in the market for the clan emblem item. Our clan has had the emblem loaded for a long time, it just stopped displaying recently.
  7. 皆さん、こんにちは。 9月30日金曜日、twitch.tv/warframeにアクセスしてPrime Time 第320回を楽しもう! コミュニティのハイライトやアート作品など、盛りだくさんの内容をお見逃しなく。 配信開始は、日本時間9月30日午前7時です。 配信を45分以上視聴して、Twitchドロップを入手しよう。 今週の配信では、Rivenの破片 x4をお届けします。 ** Prime Timeを視聴すると、最大二つのDropsを獲得できます。 お楽しみに!
  8. Hello Tennos! I am Paul. I am passionate about and committed to designing High-quality emblems for clans to showcase their pride, honor their heritage and recruit more loyal members. Almost all my previous clients are satisfied with the quality of work I am able to produce for their clans. Now, my need for more reach and exposure has led me to create this thread in hopes to offer my skillset to those needing a real face lift for their clan to show true love for their group and increase the number of loyal clan members in the future. Unlike many other clan emblem design services out there, which typically focuses on bulk collaborations, my service dovetails nicely with proud, passionate and committed clan warlords who are serious about having a high-quality emblem designed for their clan. My focus is on the end result which will surely reflect the meaning and core values of the clans that I get to work with, thus both visually appealing and contextually appropriate. My old thread (placed in the wrong Section, thus prompting me to create this new thread) has been featured by the awesome tenno HolyIcon in his extremely helpful thread [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale --------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** FOLLOW ME *** Instagram (@Povo.844) DeviantArt (@Povo844) Artstation (@Povo844) Discord (@Paulvo#7045) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💌 INQUIRY METHOD 💌 In order for me to best serve you and your clan, I only ask of you a few things: Reach me through any way convenient for you: DISCORD: Paulvo#7045 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/phumblev INSTAGRAM: povo.844 FORUM MESSAGE To save time for both parties, in your inquiry, please include the form below with all information filled in: Once I receive your inquiry, we can discuss further then. Note: Since our potential project will be an art commission project that takes real work hours to complete, my payment method is Paypal. It is beneficial to note that you commission me for the project, you get my 100% effort and time in real life to create that good-quality emblem you and your clan deserve. To kickstart our project, a down-payment ought to be made. (as a token of commitment from both parties). My mission is to come up with a high-quality emblem that truly represents your clan and its core values, for your clan to wear and showcase to all Tennos out there. I am committed to the delivery of good end results, and I hope to receive your commitment and respect upon our collaboration. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are some of the works I was able to produce working with amazing Warlords ❤️ The Council of Tenno - Owner: Andres Glade-Galliadi Tower of Insomnia - Owner: Indyio Nightingales of Lua - Owner: That_void_kid Ghost Ten Zero - Owner: Phil Tilly Ourorboros Aeternum - Owner: Samuel Mogensen Void Sling Hate Brigade - Owner: Demented_Toast Tempest of Insanity - Owner: Mustafa Al Islam Void Sovereigns - Owner: Eren Thurston Viridian Isle - Owner: Dogemain Sordjaevel Sharpening Services - Owner: Gabriel A. Herrera Ravens Blood Symphony - Owner: Squishy Mouse Trelorean Sky House - Owner: Sliucha Chthonic Shipping Solutions - Owner: Warden935 A Canadian Moose - Owner: SimonA Hati n Skoll - Owner: Dylan Schickedanz Yodas Ket Commando - Owner: Sav Twilight Protector - Owner: YoRHa Zant (and Dingo) Temporal Masters - Owner: Devon KumStainKlan - Owner: Skyler Waye The Seven Gods - Owner: Lily_Thorne Red Queens - Owner: Domini Pool Milites Mortem - Owner: Will Price Kagetora - Owner: Templar Van der Lille - Owner: Trayne Rayder Anubis Wrath - Owner: Bloodmage77 Anarchic Suns - Owner: NetworkPaladin Inkwell Isle - Owner: Inferno PEKKA Nezha Prime Glyph - Povo844 Raven Rapier Crest - Owner: Shadowflare The Controller - Owner: Relentless_Adapt Refugees of Dishonesty - Owner: Andres Glade-Galliadi ForResearchPurposes - Owner: SleepyBurr Golden Harbingers - Owner: Strouff99 Shrouded - Owner: Relentless_Adapt Necron Cowboy - Owner: Theo Purple Starfish Cult - Owner: masterflinter The Iron Cloak - Owner: Matti Morrigan's Crows - Owner: Mechelle Saevitia - Owner: Redoric Swarzeblade - Owner: Michael Yanz Guardians of Lohk - Owner: Asterlohk Bella Siderea - Owner: MrSicks Breaking Infinity - Owner: Lisa Tye The Lalaupsis - Owner: Nurexon Neon Light Empire - Owner: Voljaras Lux Luna - Owner: Mournblood The Alula - Owner: EightMetalAlloy Warden Dog Logo - Owner: Warden935 Wolves of Warframe - Owner: NamelessUndead Kingdom of Kuva - Owner: Sparkle Ruptures of the Void - Owner: Javier Your Body My Disease - Owner: Incongruous FarFromGlory - Owner: Leon Queen Kuvael Kosma - Owner: davetheracoonmaster The Pukish Rogues - Owner: GuessedTea Lotus Consortium - Owner: Interritus Warden Kite Shield - Owner: Warden935 Kaliberserker Logo - Owner: Kaliberserker LOrdre des Arcanes - Owner: Atsushii Doom Roman Banner - Owner: ThatDoomGuy Promethean Fire - Owner: JQMac LIVIDITY True Crime & Coffee Time - Owner: Matthew & Ashley Wurtz The Hive of Hera - Owners: VoxHera + Atlante117 The Hall of Gilded Horns - Owner: Endur07 Death at Will - Owner: Gabriel Herrera New Scoria - Owner: Mercy Jacklestar Tesseracts - Owner: Jacklestar PIT Clan - Owner: Rhukha Saevitia (Alternative) - Owner: Redoric Zedar and Friends - Owner: Zedar451 The Eyes of ERRA - Owner: (PSN)R3D3Y3D_J3D1 Black Sky - Owner: Anonymys Sicut Unum - Owner: Bababooey Lethal Reunion - Owner: LK-4T4 Legion of Knights Druids of the Lotus - Owner: Interritus Knights of the Last Oath - Owner: PostWarTacos Rokmah Tarvoknaak - Owner: (XBOX)Dark K Slime Neko Galore - Owner: Winterzala La lance et le Bouclier - Owner: Narwaiin Ex Nihilo Resurgemus - Owner: Rappy-Prime Dudes with Guns - Owner: Sixanto Warden Mjolnir - Owner: Warden The Guests of the Lighthouse - Owner: BigRedLeadHead The Tenno High Council - Owner: spaceageGecko Tactica Imperialis - Owner: Agent M3tallion Children of the Galaxy - Warlord: TheGreatKing Summer Court - Owner: Nebryose Gods of the Orokin - Owners: Aaron, Blade and Anthony Amethyst Spirits - Owner: Spot Yorha Initiative Grind Don't Stop - Owner: FrankVonTank562 Pantheon Wheel - Owner: SunshinePrincess Hunhow Acolytes - Owner: Ives Jessy Mikany School of Magic - Owner: Shin Mel Parttime Hero Dragon - Owner: Malicore The Nidus Syndicate - Owner: lCB2019l Wrath of a God - Owner: er474 Trigger Warning - Owner: Whitewasher2 Orokin Acies - Owner: Victor Macklin The 4 Horsemen - Owner: Weedle Ophidian - Owner: xNakshx Children of Clem - Owner: Sirhhaos Will of the Iron Lotus - Owner: Zodd Old Wolves of the Void - Owner: plasmite13 Justicars of Sol - Owner: babygoestoChin Ordan Karris - Owner: Chris Moore Zoe Ovadeline - Owner: Shinymelanie Warden Wolf - Owner: Warden Rageing Tennoids - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 The Orokin Vault - Owner: CoYoFroYo 99 Ronin - Owner: Michael Guardians of Nexus - Owner: Tracie Cephalon Prometheus The Ashen Knights - Owner: Sethrox100 442nd Mech Brigade - Owner: Bcom Vengeful Vipers - Owner: WalkingBio N Synthwave - Owner: Ribben Dances with Kubrows - Owner: Dixie Children of Lotus - Owner: MrPotatoHead357 Children of Lotus Alt - Owner: MrPotatoHead357 The Toy Soldier - Owner: Lunarectic Umbruh - Owner: expelled_angel Crimson Shadow Knights F0X HOUND: SPECIAL FORCES - Owner: Anastasia Task Force Dagger - Owner: Ethan Riley Voidlight Armaments - Owner: Dracovision DeathsMinions - Owner: JoshuaVargas Seraphim Sol - Owner: Apocalypto Vileblood Predators - Owner: Gaute WFCD Glyph Team Rose Family - Owner: Winelover213 Hope to proudly showcase your clan's emblem as my next portfolio piece! Looking forward to hearing from and serving you, Tenno!
  9. its so pain when i farm 20 min 15 excavator and leave with 100 mother token and 0 cryotic what is this mission pls fix it make it 2 digs only and keep the token reward number as it is pls why is this not fixed from the first day
  10. As everyone and their mother knows “Utility” has nearly no place in Warframe no matter what people say… unless that “Utility” directly benefits the players dps or leads to synergy with other mods that make the use of it meta and therefore (nearly) mandatory… This has only been made more prominent when We received galvanised mods and the unshakable meta that is viral and slash even more so with Augments that apply with helminth abilities ever decreasing our precious mod capacity… And Personally Im tired of the mandatory mods that make up a majority of the space you have and where Utility mods aren’t even a second thought at this point especially when there is CLEAR & OBVIOUS solution sitting right in front of our eyes… Exilus… Mods… Slots… Weapons Exilus Mod Slots should allow the following: Reload Speed Mods - (that contain no increase in direct dps like damage status or punch through so NO “chilling Reload” etc) Magazine Mods - (that contain no increase in direct dps like damage status or punch through so NO “Wildfire” etc) ALL Accuracy Mods - (like “Gun Slide” that IMPROVE accuracy/spread even under specific conditions and not ones that increase DPS in exchange for less accuracy like “Heavy Caliber” obviously… :/) This WILL include corrupted Mods like “burdened Magazine” that fit into these categories and All mods that previously existed in the category like Ammo mutation and Beam extension etc Warframe Exilus Mod Slot should allow the following: EVERY SINGLE WARFRAME AUGMENT no matter how good it is since they are currently competing with Mandatory mods and instead with mods such as “Preparation” “Primed Sure Footed” “Power Drift” etc that were previously available there. it will just now make the pool more competitive instead of just power drift when low level and move onto Primed Sure Footed or Preparation when Experienced and if the player feels like none of the augments are worth exchanging for any of them? That’s fine just give us the choice to. Why DE refuses to allow Utility mods such as Augments and Mag/Reload/Acc in these mods slots will always be a mystery especially considering we have to farm items or pay plat to have these slots accessible to us is insane considering how limited it is. Previously the excuse of they don’t want it to include mods that change your dps despite the fact that the “DPS” of the hoard shooter power fantasy mmo that is “Warframe” has only just increased with power creep for the last 5 years yet Magazine Reload and Accuracy mods were “too much” in their eyes is at this point hilarious. Mods such as increasing Blast Radius on weapons such as the Ogris and Accelltra were really supposed to compete with pffttt “Accuracy”? In a hoard shooter? like I’m sorry ijbol typing this… Niether were Augments such as Teeming Virulence that increase Nidus crit damage by a base of 120% by just PLAYING HIM competing with other mods like “Insatiable” o.0 Or worse even mods like despoil that synergise with Equilibrium and Energy Conversion these augments see consistent use because they by far improve the Warframes dps or Survivability aka they are THE META when playing. if Warframe wants to finally make Utility relevant to the game make these mods have atleast ONE reserved spot that the player can choose to add them too and compete within themselves until DE fixes Mandatory mods or Exilus Mods Slots shall continue to be the barren wasteland that it is… I believe I’ve been fair in my judgment here in order to make it as reserved as possible so DE doesn’t blow a fuse thinking this will powercreep the tf outta the game cus… IT WONT… it’ll just give Utility mods a time to shine for the FIRST TIME EVER and considering thier 2022 survey mentioning Utility it’ll be a great change they should take on board.
  11. With new management in place, and new modern design conventions, Ember's rework NEEDS to be looked at again. She has horrific anti-synergy that completely brutalizes my ability to enjoy her and, I believe has no place in this game. Where else is a frame actively punished by their own kit for doing exactly what that frame should want to be doing? Ember should be REWARDED for having high heat, not PUNISHED. Why actively sabotage her kit like this? Forget rewarding her, just stop hurting her. No increasing energy cost on Immolation, just a normal channeled ability that requires heat build up before it's a halfway usable defense ability, and remove Fire Blast taking away your defense every time you use it. From there, any other changes are just side tangents, such as making Heat drain over time instead of build over time and you want to keep turning up the heat similar to Garuda wanting to maintain kills for her passive. She's already ridiculously energy hungry by default without this energy crippling garbage, Ember wants you to spam her 3 and her 4, so arguably her 2 shouldn't even drain energy and should instead just be something more like Gyre's 3, but instead of kills it's about Heat procs to maintain a Duration rather than maintaining a channel.
  12. On 1 hand things take time to develop and integrate and test, it feels like the Sentients are just missing something before we got all into the void and all that, maybe if we like went to Tau first? The story of the Sentients would feel a bit more fleshed out, but then also on one hand we already knew the sentients could literally just body us anytime they felt like it........ Which they did...... Flawlessly....... *Insert sentient and fight back meme here* Then there's also the fact it would of felt like forever until we got the void, which is needed to progress the overall warframe story. What would yall have preferred since we can't have both? The sentients first that way we go through all the factions then we get to what's supposed to be the "Final big bad over arching" section of the game (Void) or is the direction they went currently fine?
  13. Bugs in rank promotion,Fifteen stage upgrade interception task, settlement in the game failed,In the game, the task has been completed but cannot be settled normally
  14. I'm a graphic designer. I mainly do line art and photoshop projects. I've done commissions before, including Warframe logos. If you're looking for a clan logo, hmu. My discord is Sc0rpi0nsPoison #3186. I provided an example of some vector-style emblems I've done for mutuals, but I've done more detailed work as well. Prices are negotiable.
  15. I've seen this happen for a while now, but to specify, the game keeps crashing while trading resources for standing tokens from syndicates (Entrati, Holdfasts, etc.). It happens while buying multiple tokens in a row, through not so much after buying one, exiting the menu, and back again.
  16. We know the ones who control the Sentients have to be higher ups, Hunhow has full access probably just whenever the hell he feels like it to all of them, Erra can control the sentient drones as well, and we know Lotus could straight up override his command. So why are the Sentients still technically "Evil" or more like rouge like enimies, When the Archon took over Erras body what even made it want to do that? Are archons naturally parasitic? And did taking over Erras body give it and the other archons control over the other sentient drones? Is pazzul like the ring leader now of all of us? What do they even want?
  17. Bonjour je ne peux pas rejoindre les joueurs ou amis ou les membres de clan ce problème persiste sur l'un des meilleurs jeux je paye des pack prime je voudrais bien un patch pour pouvoir profiter de jouer avec tous le monde merci de votre compréhension pour faire un patch
  18. INTRODUCTION I love Revenant and I'm looking forward to getting his Prime Version, but after the Veilbreaker update, 1 second of invulnerabilty was added each time Mesmer Skin loses 1 stack. This was supposed to fix the problem created by the introduction of Overguard (not affected by the Mesmer Skin crowd control), that was making Revenant lose all his Mesmer skin stacks extremely fast when attacked by some high fire rate Eximus. THE PROBLEM The problem is that now Revenant is immortal with very low cost and compensations : Nyx and Valkyr and every frame that can Shield Gate well can do the same thing, but Nyx and Valkyr need much more energy and a specific build and Shileld gating need a lot of skills and it's not that easy. On the other hand, even an unmodded Revenant can be immortal at any mission, with very low investment and energy cost. Even though Revenant still can receive damage from rare sources, he is invulnerable to almost everything in the game, no matter the faction or the level. I'm always against nerfing things and I'm convinced that "a big pillar of Warframe is let players do what they will, but we also don’t want it to be too crazy". (Pablo on Devstream 162). Revenant's Mesmer Skin is not (in my opinion) disruptive to other players. Revenant isn't dominant at all (even though he went from 27th to 22nd on the rank of most used frames - 1.33% on 2020 and 1.46% on 2021). And it cant't create an automated gameplay (perhaps with the exception of the self-stagger immunity). The problem is not with Revenant, but with Mesmer Skin in itself : this ability is too much OP for the energy cost. POSSIBLE SOLUTION I would suggest, to "fix" the problem in a very simple way, just to add a casting cooldown on Mesmer Skin. This cooldown would be a bit higher than the stacks created. As an exemple : if Mesmer Skin has 15 stacks, the ability will have a cooldown of 20 seconds. The use of a cooldown to balance an ability already exists for Gyre's Cathode Grace, and for Valky's Enraged augment Mod. As Revenant can regenerate Mesmer Skin stacks with the synergy between Enthrall and Reave, this cooldown balance will work the same way as Gyre's Cathode Grace cooldown works for Gyre. And will have the advantage to make Enthrall and Reave more impactful on Revenants gameplay. This would not break down Mesmer Skin and this ability will remain as awesome as before. _________________________________ After some discussions, I think TARINunit9 is suggesting something much better than my original suggestion :
  19. Hi guys! I found no other topics on this so I'll start a new one. On Nintendo Switch, if you use Carrier Prime with the armor "Unda Prime", there's a graphycal glitch when you apply the two wings: one of the two merges with the middle of Carrier itself, it does not apply to the juncture as the other one. It's very disturbing to watch. EDIT: it happens with any wing part applied on Carrier Prime, not only Unda prime ones.
  20. Warframe: Kitsune - The Spirit Fox Skills Passive: Fox Form - On receiving a fatal hit she instead turns into her fox form till she recovers 50% of her health. Cooldown 2 mins, can still be hurt in fox form. Skill 1: Charm/Feed - Using 20 Energy. Charm her enemy to fight for her until death. Gains 10% overall Stat increase. Hold skill button down to dash to the charmed victim draining part of his life and recovering your own, charm is broken at this point. ( If feeding is done cooldown is increased by 45%) Skill 2: Spirit Walk - 15 Energy. Goes into the spirit world becoming untargetargetable for a few seconds. Gains increased movement speed with the ability to do a short dash. Skill 3: Radiant Light - 35 Energy. Slams her tails to the ground making a ring if fire pulse out of the ground damaging all those within her grasp. Skill 4: Fox Fire - Using 25 Energy with 7 drain a sec. Summons the force of her 9 tails and begins thrashing them around summoning homing fox fire to engulf her enemies.
  21. Everybody might have experience to go into wrong difficulty node. If background color in StarChart is simply different from normal vs SteelPath, it would be nice improvement.
  22. 1. Make all non-aoe projectiles have infinite body punch through. 2. Change all punch through mods to include the ability for non-aoe projectiles to bounce between targets, plus the original punch through effect. Weapons with built in punch through have punch through stat doubled and new ricochet effect added with the same range (in meter) as new punch through value. Projectiles will only ricochet to targets in range of the initial directly damaged target, (range is determined by punch through range). Ricochets do not require line of sight. Projectile will bounce in a random direction if no target in range. Each time a projectile ricochets to a new target it deals less damage, (works like melee follow through). Ricochets can bounce until they fall below zero damage which then they will despawn. New mod stats: •Shred: +30% fire rate +2.4(meters) ricochet targeting +2.4 punch through •Primed Shred: +55% fire rate +4.4(meters) ricochet targeting +4.4 punch through •Metal Auger: +4.2(meters) ricochet targeting +4.2 punch through •Seeking Force: +4.2(meters) ricochet targeting +4.2 punch through •Seeking Fury: +30% reload speed +2.2(meters) ricochet targeting +2.2 punch through •Seeker: +4.2(meters) ricochet targeting +4.2 punch through •Rivers: +X(meters) ricochet targeting +X punch through •Thrown melee punch through mods are unaffected. •Capacity drain for punch through mods could be increased for balance. Rivens drain should not change. 3. Things that could be broken: •Mesa 4th ability •Zenith alt mode
  23. 「ベールブレイカー」アップデートがただ今、実装されました。 英語のフォーラムスレッドと同様、日本語コミュニティからのフィードバックを募集します。このスレッドには日本語スタッフが毎日目を通す予定ですので、皆さんがお気付きになった点を投稿してください。 フィードバックを書き込むときに気をつけていただきたい次の3点に目を通してから投稿ください。 1.できるだけ簡潔に 強く感じているトピックについてできるだけ短く、簡潔に要点を捉えて説明してください。他のプレイヤーが内容を理解できるようにできるだけ難しいゲーム用語、ニックネームなどは避けてください。 2. ゲームから引用した証拠や具体的な例を挙げてください 具体的なポイントを引用して主題をサポートしてください。例えば「XはYに比べて統計値が優れている」や「このアビリティはXと兼用すると劣っている」などの書き込みをお願いします。 3. 発言するときはマナーを守ってください 議論はフィードバックの自然な部分ですが、攻撃的な口調は他のプレイヤーがむきになってしまう傾向があります。そして、個人的な攻撃やマナーを守らない書き込みはせっかくいいアイデアであっても取り入れられる確率は低くなります。どうぞ皆さんが納得できるような書き方をしてください。 日本語サブフォーラムでは通常通り、バグ報告を承ることができません。お手数をおかけしますが、英語版フォーラムまでご投稿ください。なお、日本語クライアント特有の不具合を見つけた場合(文字化け、日本語クライアントだけでクラッシュなど)は速やかにサポートまでご連絡ください。
  24. I have the following: Chroma prime Equinox prime Mesa Prime Boltor prime Braton prime Burston prime Paris prime Rubico prime Tiberon prime Akjagara prime Bronco prime Lex prime Fang prime Gram prime Kronen prime Nikana prime Orthos prime Redeemer prime
  25. サリンのシステムのドロップ率がおかしい。セドナのボスを30回以上倒しても一つもドロップしていない。運が悪いだけでは済まない問題になっていると思う。確認のほど、していただけるとありがたいです。よろしくお願いします。
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