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  1. Hello I make this thread to recommend three "small" suggestions and new features for some menus of the game. 1 - Riven Mods 2 - Relays and Syndicates 3 - Option for Arsenal - Appearance Only those three recommendations. PS: Sorry if my English is bad, a big part of this thread I did with the help of a translator.
  2. OPERATION: BURIED DEBTS We bring you our first Operation of 2019. It's big, deep, and it starts now. Buckle in, Tenno, it begins soon! While we have no clan leaderboard with this Operation, you can earn many rewards by participating and unlocking the mysteries of Fortuna. We’re doing things a bit differently with the launch of the Operation on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for the first phase (Thermia Fractures and Data-Hash scanning) and onward (“Escalation” boss fight). You may be aware of the fixes that are being worked on for PC to address some painful bugs in the boss fight: crashes, Host migration issues, etc. In light of this, we will be sending another build to cert as soon as possible with whatever fixes are needed. We aren’t comfortable having the boss fight go live in its current condition as it is very unstable and fun-breaking. Ideally, we want to deliver it in its best quality form for a smoother and more enjoyable experience. This does change the pacing of the Operation as we require the fixes to go live on PC first, and the time to properly test and submit our builds to cert. So! That said, here’s what you can expect: Phase 1 - Thermia Fractures (live now!) and Data-Hashes (to come!) As intended for Phase 1, you can participate in the closing of the Thermia fractures out in the Orb Vallis. Thermia fractures are cracking open the surface of Venus, a consequence of Nef Anyo’s unrelenting greed. He’s willing to do whatever it takes for a quick profit, including putting the whole Orb Vallis at risk. By figuring out how to stop the Thermia fractures, you're able to earn these rewards: Operation Emblem Amalgam Mods x4 Operation Sigil Opticor Vandal A bird's eye view will help you find Thermia fractures! Kill Coolant Raknoids to take their canisters and put them on a Thermia fracture. When the canister is ready, you'll need to defend it from Corpus enemies. You get 1 point for each Thermia Fracture you close - if you close 4 Fractures with 1 Coolant canister, you get 3 bonus points (7 total)! You can track your personal progress via the Navigation panel. Now that we’ve got you on the right path to sticking it to Nef Anyo and his Thermia fractures… The Data-Hash scanning portion of Phase 1 will be postponed since it is tied to the boss fight. This will go live around the time we send the bug fix build to cert. But in the meantime, you’ll notice the Hashes are still scattered around the Vallis. You can get a head start in discovering their locations now, so that when the time comes for you to put the pieces together, you’ll be ahead of the game! Phase 2 “Escalation” - Boss Fight and Hildryn (to come!) We are hoping for a speedy turnaround for the cert builds, but this does depend heavily on fixes going live on PC. We will keep you updated as we go along. We appreciate your patience, especially since we know you are excited to get to collecting Hildryn’s components via the boss fight. Rest assured that even though we have changed up the pacing of the event, Hildryn will remain a completely free Warframe for you to earn once the fight is live! For now, you can play to earn the Operation Emblem, new mods, Sigil, and Opticor Vandal via Thermia fractures. Good luck out there, Tenno! Brief note about difficulty intention: some players may find some of the combat encounters of this operation difficult. It is intended that this is a higher difficulty. Brief note about event recurrence: we have this set up to occur as a world event frequently. This will not be a case of Hildryn being inaccessible as Thermia Fractures will occur in the Orb Vallis regularly, enabling the boss fight (in its newly polished post-cert state). It will be frequent to make sure she is available to all! This event is cycled similarly to Baro Ki'Teer in cadence. In the same way you can get Sands of Inaros from Baro Ki'Teer with Ducats when he visits regularly, you can use Thermia to get Hildryn. Fractures will occur often - like ghouls - to keep Thermia in high supply. FAQ: “How do I start Operation: Buried Debts?” A bird's eye view will help you find Thermia fractures! Kill Coolant Raknoids to take their canisters and put them on a Thermia fracture. When the canister is ready, you'll need to defend it from Corpus enemies. You get 1 point for each Thermia Fracture you close - if you close 4 Fractures with 1 Coolant canister, you get 3 bonus points (7 total)! You can track your personal progress via the Navigation panel. "Where can I find Coolant Raknoids?" You will find Coolant Raknoids following the Exploiter Orb up near the Temple of Profit. "What is Diluted Thermia?" Diluted Thermia is a resource you receive as a result of using a single Coolant Raknoid's canister to close 4 fractures. This can be banked and accumulated. Who knows... maybe they have a role in taking down a major threat... "What are Data-Hashes?" Expand the spoilers to see what they look like! They are spread out around the the Orb Vallis -A map just might be floating around with their locations... Once we near Phase 2 of the Operation, scanning them will give you some information on what to expect next.
  3. So, I have seen my fare share of Prime Accesses and the begging of the Prime Vaults, and I have noticed some things that kinda put me off wen it comes to them. Prime Access doesn't seem to really focus on what it is selling, basically, wen we get the prime vault, it seems DE is trying to sell us the Platinum and the Boosters rather than the Frame and the Weapons, which makes the Access surprisingly expensive (same goes for the accessory pack), and, wen it comes to the Prime Vault, we see the same thing happening but in a lower quantity, whit both packs (Warframe and Accessory's) being 20$ (Its 20€ for me so not sure if its the same amount in dollars). So, I think both Prime Access and Prime Vault kinda need verity, some people really just want the Frame + Weapons or just the Accessory's themselves, some might just not want the Boosters, some might only want the Boosters and the frame + weapons, and so on... I dont find the Prime Access appealing what so ever, specially since you are basically buying platinum whit a discount, so my ideas were the next : Keep them has they are, lower the prices. Lowering the price of the current Prime Accesses and Prime Vaults would sure increase the sales, specially because not everyone is really hyped to waste for example, 20$ on a armor they want simply because the pack comes whit a bunch of stuff the person really doesn't need. Like instead of 79$ why not make it 60$ ? Instead of 59$, 40$ seem much more pleasant to what is given to you, and so on. Add more stuff to them. The current Packs prices are simply not equal to the content they give, Platinum instantly skyrockets their price, so, why not give an actual boost to the players who waste 79$ on them ? Hell, add 1 untradeable riven for each weapon to the pack or something, Add something that would make players WANT to buy the pack instead of farming for the frame, specially to players who dont see need to more plat then they already have. Give us more options. If DE finds a problem whit lowering prices or adding stuff to them, why not at least give us the choice to buy what we WANT ? DE could easily make packs whit just the frame + weapons and one whit just the accessory's and make them go for way cheaper (since boosters and platinum wouldn't be included), this way, people would not have to wait for a prime vault to come so that they can buy a cool prime syandana or prime armor that they liked but could not buy for 19$ (which is only that price because it comes whit additional stuff like a bit of plat and a extractor) because the prime access asks for 59$, so why not simply make us able to buy simply ONLY the items ? Nothing else, just the items. What do you guys think of the Prime Access and the Prime Vault ? Are you comfortable whit the current prices and items they bring ? Should there be more variety ? Do you think something could be changed about them ?
  4. March 20th 2:00 PM EDT: Buried Debts: Update 24.5.0 is LIVE! Buried Debts: Update 24.5.0 has passed cert and is coming TODAY, March 20th! Red text will greet you around 2 PM EDT to get the countdown party started. Thank you! Buried Debts: Update 24.5.0 has just been sent to cert! Our second mainline update of 2019 is on its way, and it's bringing with it the first Operation of the year, the newest Warframe Hildryn, Phase 1 of the Melee Revisit, and much more! Huge round of applause for the teams who worked so hard to get this out to cert late tonight. We made it! As we head into the weekend with some relief, we hope you are as excited as we are to kick off Buried Debts. In the meantime, I'm sure we'll be seeing you out in The Index enjoying the Double Credits bonus weekend - oh! And I hear that Nora Night is broadcasting Episode 2 of The Wolf of Saturn Six, you can tune in to hear what she has to say, Dreamers. Now onto the meat and potatoes of this thread! This update includes everything from Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.13 to Buried Debts: Update 24.5.1*. For those of you who might not know - mainline updates tend to be quite bulky in size when first released on PC, and since we want to give you guys the most we can in a single cert build, that usually includes a big chunk of content from everything that was released after mainline. That said, the download size for Buried Debts: Update 24.5.0 will be roughly 1.5 GB! *The Nightwave updates/hotfixes on PC included changes and fixes that were not included in the launch of Nightwave on Switch, so we have included them in this release! Once we have passed cert, we will share the good news and an official launch date with you here and on the usual Warframe channels. Let’s get into what Buried Debts: Update 24.5.0 (and its whopping 22 pages of additions, changes, and fixes!) will bring: OPERATION: BURIED DEBTS 8:00 AM EDT March 20th Edit: The pacing of the Operation has changed slightly while start work on a new cert build that will address some painful issues with the boss fight that we were unable to include in this update. More information will be available in the update thread! Deep in the bitter heart of the Orb Vallis lies a hidden mystery. Band together to complete the first community event of 2019 and work to bring a secret to light in Operation: Buried Debts. You can receive Operation Specific Rewards by participating in parts of this event. Thermia fractures are cracking open the surface of Venus, a consequence of Nef Anyo’s unrelenting greed. He’s willing to do whatever it takes for a quick profit, including putting the whole Orb Vallis at risk. By figuring out how to stop the Thermia fractures, you'll be able to earn these rewards: Operation Emblem Amalgam Mods x4 Operation Sigil Opticor Vandal And eventually, an incredible new boss fight will unlock where you can earn Hildryn! We will keep you updated on when you can expect the next phase of the Operation to begin. Free players - rest assured Hildryn is a completely free Warframe for you to earn as the Operation unfolds! Brief note about difficulty intention: some players may find some of the combat encounters of this Operation difficult. It is intended that this is a higher difficulty. Use this time to get your Arsenals ready to take on the Operation! Brief note about event recurrence: we have this set up to occur as a world event frequently. This will not be a case of Hildryn being inaccessible as Thermia Fractures will occur in the Orb Vallis regularly, enabling the boss fight. It will be frequent to make sure she is available to all! This event is cycled similarly to Baro Ki'Teer in cadence. In the same way you can get Sands of Inaros from Baro Ki'Teer with Ducats when he visits regularly, you can use Thermia to get Hildryn. Fractures will occur often - like ghouls - to keep thermia in high supply. NEW WARFRAME: HILDRYN PASSIVE Become invulnerable for a brief moment after Shields are depleted. This ability is restored when Shields fully recharge. BALEFIRE Charge and launch devastating bolts of fire. SHIELD PILLAGE Pillage a percentage of Shields and Armor of nearby enemies to replenish Hildryn’s own Shields and Overshields. Also removes status effects from Hildryn and her allies. HAVEN Create a Shield aura around allies. Enemies that approach Shielded allies will take damage. AEGIS STORM Take the skies and rain Balefire rockets down on the enemy. Nearby enemies are blasted into the air where they will create an Energy Orb every few seconds. When Shields runs out the enemies are smashed into the ground. Notable Hildryn Changes: Changes included from Hotfix 24.4.2: Hildryn's Main Blueprint has moved from Vox Solaris' Offering Rank of Shadow (Rank 5) to Agent (Rank 2). Removed Hildryn's Shield-gate mechanic that was applying to Eidolon Lures, resulting in an invulnerability for 3 seconds after their Shields are destroyed before becoming vulnerable again. Greatly reduced the camera angle when casting Hildryn’s Haven. Change included from Hotfix 24.4.4: Hildryn can use Shields for Melee Channeling! Changes included from Update 24.5.0: Hildryn can use her custom dodge while in Aegis Storm at the cost of her Shields (50). We're starting with this cost because many abilities of this nature have movement restrictions that can be overcome with Augments (Peacemaker, Resonating Quake, Assimilate). Removed ability to access Gear/Emote/Hotkeys when Hildryn is in Aegis Storm due to it breaking functionality. NEW REINFORCEMENTS HILDRYN COLLECTION Load up with Hildryn and several iconic additions for this stolid Warframe: the robust Surator Syandana, the intimidating Asuron Helmet and the distinctive Larkspur Archgun. Includes 3-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters as well as an Archgun Gravimag device. LIMBO LIMINA COLLECTION Standing in the doorway between one world and another, be sure to cut a memorable figure. This bundle includes the Limbo Limina Skin, Tarock Thrown Blade Skin, Interga Sugatra and the Sidereal Syandana. QUARO SYANDANA Extol the virtues of Profit with this Corpus-styled Syandana. TATSU Fearsome and noble, the elegant two-handed Nikana is the pride of any Arsenal. WISE RAZOR (Two-Handed Nikana Stance Mod) Deftly executed sweeps and slashes. Change included from Hotfix 24.4.3: Increased the Coolant Raknoids chance to even drop a Mod for 10% to 30%, thus increasing the drop rate of Wise Razor (and all Mods on the enemy). TENNOGEN ROUND 14 BUNDLES TennoGen Bundle XXXV Zenoriu Earpices by led2012 and daemonstar Zenoriu Oculus by led2012 and daemonstar Zenoriu Mask by led2012 and daemonstar Garasu Oculus by lukinu_u and Ixe Lumis Earrings by lukinu_u Incognito Oculus by Prosetisen TennoGen Bundle XXXIV Gara Zamariu Skin by led2012 and daemonstar Limbo Graxx Skin by Faven Equinox Divisa Skin by HitsuSan Titania Lympharis Skin by lukinu_u Kavr’r Greatsword Skin by Faven and Scharkie We have also posted an update on what you can expect for future releases on Nintendo Switch: MELEE REVISIT: PHASE 1: "Flow" Let The Gun & Blade Flow Swap between your gun and melee at the press of a button, no holstering required! Combos will be able to be executed and resumed between movement and more. Blocking will be automatic in melee mode when aiming at an attacking enemy. Your stance combos may change, so be sure to check out the Stance interface when the update goes live! Death From Above A Tenno is a master of aerial tactics - soon you will be able to better target enemies on the ground with deadly and responsive aimed ground slams. All melee weapons have had their ground-slam ranges increased based on their type and new FX added! Effects Upgrades We've done a complete overall of all Melee Effects! Hit animations, elemental effects and slam attacks: making melee look as good as it feels! Because this is Phase 1, it means all the unique weapons will have new generic FX for a little while (Jat Kittag etc.) until we can get through them all and make new clean variants. New and cleaner FX have been created with the idea of beautifully short, highly detailed lifespans. Not infinite - meaning the 'Constant Weapon Trail' option will be removed as a result of this change (at least for Phase 1, we really do think it looks better removed). CONTROL BINDING CHANGES General: Your X button will exclusively swaps between Primary and Secondary weapons with a tap. Change included from Update 24.5.0: Pressing X when in Melee mode will switch you back to your "other" weapon. For example, if your Primary weapon is equipped when you trigger a Melee attack, you will return to your Primary weapon when you aim or fire. If you instead press X while in Melee mode, you will equip your Secondary weapon. Your ZR trigger will be gun fire, always, instantly. Your ZL trigger will always aim, instantly. Channeling: Channeling will be a toggle set to your alt-fire button when in melee mode. Melee Channeling will no longer be able to be rebound due to it completely breaking the Melee changes. We apologize for the discomfort this may cause for those who have built their controllers comfortably around a different binding. Blocking: Blocking with a melee weapon is now automatic when facing enemies who are dealing damage to you in melee mode. Your Reticle determines all! However, we have also included Manual blocking/parry when players wield only a Melee weapon in a mission (i.e NO Secondary or Primary equipped). This is possible because in this specific state, some bindings are free to allow this manual blocking. We do not plan on adding it to any other state yet. The default binding to block with Melee-only equipped will now be the ZL trigger (“Aim Weapon”)! Which will require a bit of a muscle memory adjustment, as expected with the rest of the binding changes. This is mostly due to the toggle we have added to enable Melee attacking with the Fire Weapon input: We have added a toggle to preserve one aspect of the older melee system. You will be able to toggle it, allowing you to continue melee attacks with the ZR trigger once in melee mode. You will find it under Options > Controls > “Melee with Fire Weapon Input”. More to Come Fundamentally, we aim to upgrade Melee. This is Phase 1. Please Note: When the update goes live, we encourage you restore your controller bindings to default to experience the changes. Additional Phase 1 Information and Changes: Expand spoilers for full list! If you missed the full workshop discussing Phase 1, you can find it here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1063446-melee-changes-phase-1/ NEW SPECIAL FX: EPHEMERA Introducing a new way to customize your Warframe: Ephemera! These new 'ATTACHMENTS' can only be earned and crafted by the brave. Once you acquire an Ephemera Blueprint and craft it, the ability to equip an Ephemera will appear in your Arsenal under Attachments! Seeding Step Ephemera (obtained from Arbitrations) Freezing Step Ephemera (obtained from New Boss Fight) Shocking Step Ephemera (obtained from New Boss Fight) Blazing Step Ephemera (obtained from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught) Bleeding Body Ephemera (obtained from Arbitration Honors) Smoking Body Ephemera (obtained from Stalker) NEW OPERATOR HAIR: 3 new curly haired Operator Hairstyles are coming! Choose from Curly Bun, Curly Braid, or Curly Ponytail. In addition, Operator hairline has been improved to show less scalp. The Tenno have improved their hair care routine and it shows! General Additions: A new Corpus K-Drive is arriving! Corpus inspired Highbrow, Two-Sloops, and Thugs Blueprints will be available from Roky. Added Mastery Rank 27 Test! Added a shockwave that ragdolls nearby enemies when using the Archgun Deployer. Added new Business and Hai-Luk VO lines about Fish rarity. Added different aim pose animations for enemy MOAs. Added a hint sound to the Fishing Spear during Profit-Taker Bounty Phase 1. Added sword impact sound effect to Excalibur’s Slash Dash for a little added oomph as your slice through your foes! Added whooshing sounds to Valkyr’s Hysteria heavy attack. Added FX to Heavy Weapon equip of the Grattler and Fluctus. Plains of Eidolon Changes: Bounties will be available out in the Plains of Eidolon! Certain tents placed throughout the Plains contain a console that encompasses the power to contact Konzu himself. With Bounties available out in the Plains, Incursions will be removed. These were meant to give players something optional to do as they spend their time in the Plains, but since Bounties will be able to be activated on command, they will no longer serve a purpose. UI Additions and Changes: The Warframe Abilities screen has received a visual and functional overhaul! Added stats to your Warframe’s Passive description in the Abilities menu. Ability information will be displayed in a more condensed form, with hover-over functionality to display specific Stats and expand the information. A new ‘Tips’ section has been added that covers a range of information on the Warframe’s abilities from synergies to modding tips, and more! Respective Ability videos will also appear upon hover-over to add that little extra spice! This initial Ability video aspect will only be functional for Excalibur, Mag, Volt, Garuda, Baruuk, Revenant, and Hildryn! More to gradually come! Your chosen UI Theme will be thematically reflected. The Arcane Manager has received a visual overhaul to match the chosen UI Theme! Along with the new visual appeal, the Manager now also: Lists which Arcanes you do not own (hovering over will display information) Arcane Ranks displayed on the right-side are now selectable, allowing for a more direct Rank Up mechanic. The Dojo Trading screen has received an overhaul! 6 Trading Slots instead of 5! Faster item selection responsiveness and improved UI to help you easily find the items you want to Trade. Added UI themed particle FXs to the Trading UI screen. The Trading screen now contains a Riven category and specific search functionality! Added checkmark to the ‘Ready to Trade’ UI screen. Added respective Warframe Ability stats in the Warframe Arsenal Upgrade screen. Added the ability to unequip Arcanes in the Warframe Arsenal Upgrade screen the same way Mods are. The Dojo Decoration screen and Dojo Room Construction screen will reflect your chosen UI Theme! HUD Damage Numbers and Affinity Numbers will be separately toggled in the Interface Settings! If Coupons, Boosters, 2x Events, etc are active, hovering over the Icon in the top right will display a list of the respective active events. Selecting the Foundry notification in the UI will take you to the appropriate Foundry screen to claim. Swapped the order of Operator Hair ‘Tips’ and ‘Highlight’ in the customization menu so it made more sense with the tint masks used. Scrollbars will default to a condensed mode where necessary. Hovering over their hitbox will expand them to a normal size. Improved successful Mining discrepancies where it would appear you hit the perfect sweet spot in the heat gauge but were told otherwise. Updated all mentions of Solar Map/Solar Chart to Star Chart. Added a checkmark for prerequisite Dojo Research preview and completed material requirements. And some minor adjustments to text, etc.! Mining Additions & Changes Smokefinger has been hard at work on improving the Sunpoint Plasma Drill. Similar to Synthesis Scanner Widgets, Tenno will soon be able to purchase upgrades for their Sunpoint Plasma Drill from Smokefinger himself! Upgrades are auto-installed upon purchase, and offer the following benefits: Sunpoint Plasma Drill Range Widget: Increases plasma beam range. Sunpoint Plasma Drill Silencer Widget: Mine in peace and avoid alerting nearby enemies with this drill silencing widget. Reduced Focused Nosam Cutter standing cost to 750 and Advanced Nosam Cutter cost to 1000. Orb Vallis Assassinate Bounty Changes and Fixes: Assassinate encounters will no longer be global, they will instead be localized to a specific area within a radius. We made this change because we received feedback that players are getting frustrated that they are so widely separated when trying to achieve the same goal in Bounties. The encounter can be abandoned by leaving the radius. Changed bonus objective of the Corpus Assassinate Bounty on Vallis: the Bounty will fail if enough Credits are not gathered before the timer runs out, and Tenno will earn a bonus for collecting enough Credits within a shorter amount of time. This Bounty didn’t have a failstate like others, so we tweaked the objective and bonus objective for consistency. The timer will scale based on how many players are in the squad. The less players there are the more time is granted to complete. Assassinate target will scale based on how many players are in the squad. Changed the cover evaluator for the Assassination targets in Orb Vallis Bounties so that they don’t run as far to find cover. Individual Extraction: Non-Wave Endless! Soon you will be able to extract from Survival, Excavation, and Defection missions independent of your squad. Once the 'mission complete' interval is met, players can head to extraction any time they choose (i.e 5 minutes for Survival). Any player at extraction triggers a countdown timer. If all players leave the extraction zone, the countdown timer is cancelled. When the timer is up, the extraction ship arrives and any players in the extraction zone leave. Anyone still playing can extract later any time they choose. Client-Authoritative Changes: We have made some much requested changes to the responsiveness of two things in Warframe: Weapon swapping and automatic doors. Right now in Warframe, if you are connected as a client you may have experienced delays in responsiveness of either of these essential things! The changes should result in a much smoother experience: Swapping weapons as a Client will soon feel more responsive because we've made it Client-Authoritative. Automatic Doors have been made Client-Authoritative. Currently they are cases of door not opening in tandem with the Host if any latency was experienced. General Changes: Expand spoilers for list of changes! And 6 pages of fixes! Additional Mentions: An important write up was made in the PC Update 24.5.0 thread regarding Arcanes. The change that was reverted in that update will not be going live with Switch’s Buried Debts: Update 24.5.0 (as it was the reason for many issues with Arcanes + Abilities on PC), however, it is important for us to point your attention to our intentions moving forward with Arcane balancing, as all Platforms will be affected eventually. We will let you know and it will be the result of a lot of consideration. Design changes like this need to be more tempered and considered.  The following list of changes went live with Nightwave and some were already listed in the Alert Dev workshop, but we felt they were worth mentioning here in case they were missed! Increased chance of Kavat scans yielding Genetic Codes to 25% and made drop chance/amount Boosters apply to all scans that yield Resources. Removed the Radio Chatter toggle trigger in the Orbiter and moved into the Settings > Audio.
  5. Decorations got stuck in the top of my orbiter is there a way to have my orbiters decorations reset?
  6. While I was performing a rescue mission, the rescue target was knocked down but continued to stay standing up, my theory on how this happened was that a heavy gunner did his ground pound move at the exact moment that he got knocked which caused him to recover from the ground pound move even though he was knockedknoked
  7. In Orb Vallis I found a river where the out-of-bounds zone's hitbox doesn't match its actual visual size, this let me walk deep into the water and completely submerge myself without having a forced re-spawn happen I forget the exact location of the river but I remember it was around the upper left hand side of the map.
  8. There is this gitch where when you use the deep bow emote and look in just the right way, your warframe proceeds to snap its own neck... I hope they don't fix this
  9. There is a small visual glitch where if you spin around fast enough the lazers can't keep up and get kinda messed up
  10. On the Ceres boss fight I have come across 2 ways for them to get stuck one way is for Vor to teleport into the ground if you drop down a floor the exact moment he teleports, the second Kril just got stuck inside the stairwell.
  11. There is a small bug in the entrance to the POE where if you look directly up and crouch at the same time most of the roof above vanishes and you can see right through it
  12. Sound the triumphant Fanfare, for the (not-so) Legendary Dark is back. I am here to bring to you once more, a concept to exercise your imagination. (Because let's be real, DE has better things to do than to peruse the forums looking for a warframe to actualize.) I have been on a trend of taking elements that DE has already used and twist them into something almost brand-new. This helps me develop a more creative mind that can be used to spawn exotic ideas for this game, that I am so (so....) invested in. This warframe will be a mistress of Ice, just like Frost, but the difference will be worlds apart (hopefully). We shall now commence.This is Axelana: The Deep-Frozen, The Stagnant, The Something below Nothing. (Let me know if "Something below Nothing" is better than "The Below-Zero Hero" because that was an idea I had too.) She uses the unfeeling bite of cold and ice to personally see enemies to their graves, built on the very spot they stand.Stats:Health: 400Shield: Lmao...Oh wait...you're serious?Armor: 350Energy: 160Sprint Speed: 1.05Passive: Numb, But Responsive: Axelana does not feel pain, using damage to improve rather than panic. When taking damage: Accuracy increases on all ranged weapons. This includes recoil mitigating and hip-fire spread tightening. Numbers on this are too variable so I'm going to leave it open. Benefits: +Accuracy, -Hip Fire Spread, -Weapon Recoil1st: Frostbite Create Ice-Born weapons of differing shapes and sizes to do damage to enemies.- Create a straight blade about 3 feet long to unleash a 5 hit slash combo. This does escalating damage per hit. (Every subsequent slash does 35% more damage than the one before)- Create a pair of daggers that can be used in a quick 8 hit combo, or thrown at an enemy. The 8- hit combo will inflict cold and slash statuses per hit, stacking the slash statuses. When thrown, the blade will sprout ice spikes inside the bodies of those hit. Hit an enemy in either a joint, or limb, and the functions associated with that limb or joint will be shut down. (Hit an enemy in the knee, they will move no longer. Hit them in the arm, and they drop their weapon. There will be some mild lock-on to assist with this)- Create a long ice staff that staggers on every hit. It has a combo counter and every activation is a single hit, but chaining them gets faster and smoother with every hit, adding to the combo counter. At the end of the combo (12 hits) a powerful slam will be unleashed that will knockdown every enemy in a 18m radius.2nd: Absolute Zero: Lower the temperature around Axelana to absolute zero, flash-freezing and stopping anything hostile that gets in range, be it enemy or hitscan projectile. Energy based projectiles will lose all their heat instantly and dissipate. - Range 15m - Duration 13 seconds -- Enemies with armor will have their armor made brittle. This will make it so that against that enemy, all damage is given as corrosive damage, with a 100% chance of status effect per hit, for as long as they are caught in suspended animation. - Damage: 1 corrosive/ 100% Status chance against stuck enemies. (This is basically just an excuse to have back to back corrosive procs that strip armor, without doing any damage) 3rd: Frigid Fractal: Create a glowing ice symbol that affects enemies in the following ways. - When standing on the symbol, enemies are slowed massively. -90% speed. - Will remain until triggered, or until maximum number of enemies are caught. Triggering the symbol will rapidly steal the heat from enemies caught. This manifests as an energy meter recharge for Axelana. - While slowed, enemies will take 4% total hp per second as damage for as long as they remain under the influence of the fractal symbol. - Range 36m (Range increasing mods are only 50% effective) - Shape: Snowflake inside of a circle - Energy Recharge: 25% of total energy bar for every 6 enemies caught. Becomes less effective the less time there is in between uses. 4th: Cocytus: Use the power of ice bring judgement upon your enemies. - Charageable. Send out a massive radial wave of ice that imprisons all caught in a block of ice, then steal the heat from all trapped enemies and gathers all the energy in the center. When ready, trigger again to explode all gathered energy outward, doing several things. - Upon explosion, all allies in range will be able to absorb some of the energy in that wave. The wave will recharge all allies energy meters and shields by 125 for energy and 50% for shields. - Upon explosion, all enemies take +10% total hp as damage for every enemy caught in the blast. - This ability has a cooldown of 7 seconds. For every enemy caught in the explosion, this cooldown will be multiplied by 1.6. - The ability also has a stun for those enemies that remain alive after the blast. The stun lasts 10 seconds. - Range: 36m - Damage: Minimum 10% total enemy hp. AND THAT'S IT. Let me know what you think (actionable feedback preferred). Name Changes to the 1, 2 and 4 Compliments of @AndouRaiton. What a Champ!
  13. What do you guys think customization wise would be cool in the next update? And I’m not just talking new skins though feel free to chime in with new ideas regarding those but new customization mechanics? Any ideas? Unrelated to the customization mechanics I think getting a nice glowing color palette and metallic color palette would be neat.
  14. Today, I noticed that the the Salix Syandana no longer appears in either the arsenal or the market. I can't equip it on any other Warframes even if I own one and currently have it equipped on Ivara and Loki.
  15. I only need the blueprint and Systems price can be negotiable.
  16. Mudar para português Volt rework, idea. Passive: Electrical current. Volt Skills 2, 3 and 4 use Electric Loads as cost, deal damage with your first Skill charges 1 of Electric Charge to each enemy taken, offers 1 more charge per second for the enemy to stay on your ability's 1 pulse , Limit 100 of Loads. It causes 10 (+ force) of electricity damage per second on enemies within 20 meters of the Volt, every 10 charges the damage increases by +100 (+ force). 1 skill- (Now works as a mini ultimate). Range 20 meters Damage 600 Duration 10 seconds Damage Per Second 400 Maximum targets 10 targets Energy cost 30 (mod union) Increases target range from 10 to 20, but decreases damage per second by 50%). 2 skill- (Speed affects white and normal weapons). Range 30 meters Increase speed of movement 250% Increases Attack speed 250% Duration 20 seconds Cost 4 loads (Mod union) You and your affected allies gain 40% Elemental damage, but the cost increases to 8 electric charges. 3 skill- (Nos it's a shield that surrounds you by 360%). Duration 30 seconds Cost 4 loads Damage to the enemy whock cross the shield = 1000 for each time it crosses. (mod union) Same as the old 3, but costing 40 energy. 4 skill- Range 25 meters Damage 3000 Duration 30 seconds Damage for 2000 Second 10 Charges Charge (mod sincato) 100% of the ultimate damage is converted into shiels, reaching the limit of 1000% or 2000 of your maximum shield)
  17. So my issue with melee "phase 1" is they removed the ability to hold triangle/Y/X to swap primary to melee. So if you use an exalted weapon for example excalibur's exalted blade which requires you to aim now feels awkward to use the same thumb to aim and attack.
  18. The energy details hanging from ivaras waist stay white instead of matching your chosen energy color. 😣
  19. It would be great to see the Stalker character to appear in a prime version as powerful as the playable Prime characters and drops his weapons in Prime versions too... Can't wait to put my hands on a Dread Prime bow 😁
  20. Hallo, Eben im orokin Wrack verteidigung gespielt, durch die Treppe gefallen ins nichts. Wurde wieder nach oben geportet und hing nun fest. /unstuck halfen nichts. Musste bei Welle 24 feststellen, auf Dauer ist das Spiel nicht ausgelegt. Das festhängen passiert mir oft. Dann regelmäßig im sanctuary Ansturm, "Software wurde beendet" oder es kommt der ladeschirm (Host ist nicht gegangen). Ich weiß net weiter! Liebe Grüße
  21. Link to my previous post: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1066653-dailyweekly-ideas-of-warframe-reworks-re-visits-and-qol/ Inaros: Passive: · Increase the damage of enemies when reviving while he is in his sarcophagus over time. Aiming at head will increase damage x2. · Change it to a wave to capture multiple enemies instead of one. 2nd ability: · Holding the ability will pull multiple enemies. · The time of sand shadows` duration is 20 seconds and can be increased by duration mods. 3rd ability: · The more energy is lost the faster he moves. Also having more energy can also increase the speed of it. 4th ability: · In the delay between the cast and it seeking out enemies, you can use the reticle to swipe aim the enemies you want to trap. · The spread radius can be increased by range mods. · Make ability able to strip armour by 50%. · The more enemies trapped the more damage it does. · Synergy: if you use 1st ability on enemies affected, it will spread to other enemies for half of the duration. · When enemies are killed the scarabs will form into a pile for enemies to walk into for 15 seconds. · (Synergy) Using this on enemies affected by the 1st ability will deal more damage. Octavia: · When activating the abilities, you will still be able to hear the music no matter the distance. 3rd ability: · When you miss a beat the percentage doesn`t go down but instead stays at the current percentage you’re at. (This means you can make music instead on making a flat note for convenience) · You only need to perform the actions three time to the beat in sync before you get the buff.
  22. Disclaimer: These ideas are my opinions on how I think warframe abilities can be fun and useful. My ideas will lean towards it being fun first and useful second and I will giving ideas on how individual abilities work so even if a warframe is classed as a S rank warframe that don`t need changes, I will talk about them regardless and even if a warframe has 3 out of 4 good abilities in my eyes, that’s not good enough all abilities should be fun and useful. Link to my 1st post: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1066653-dailyweekly-ideas-of-warframe-reworks-re-visits-and-qol/ Limbo: · All abilities have an decreased cast time. 1st ability: · Make it more visible to see enemies affected by it with the chosen energy colour. · When used in the rift (passive) enemies will join you. 3rd ability: · You can use this while in the rift. 4th ability: · Make it more visible to see when in the rift. Frost: Passive NEW: Enemies attacking at frost will be slowed down by 20%
  23. In game name cpbamn platform are switch if anyone want to join clan Add me! Oh btw i crate something in my dojo Example like.. Tenno lab and orokin lab Anyway i hope any people send friend add reques to me Because... like.. im RLY PAINFUL FULL OF PAINFUL SOLO PLAY SO PLS JOIN MY CLAN OR END MEEE HAHAHHHHHH Ty for read it (sory for bad England LUL)
  24. I don't have a terribly good track records with concepts, as I tend to turn and run once I realize that they're terrible beyond salvation, but for once I think I have an idea that everyone can agree with. All Warframes should be able to melee without a melee weapon equipped. Garuda's pseudo exalted claws are great, and I love them. I do however also remember what happens when you get captured by Alad V's franken-tenno dog, if the mission even still exists, where you are unarmed, powerless, but can still melee. Frankly I don't know why you can't do it normally. Even if the damage was poor, it'd still just be a nice thing to have for fun. I can see a few frames that would have a slightly better unarmed melee, like Atlas, Rhino, or Hildryn, and other frames may not reasonably use their fists so they'd get some other simple weapon, but that's besides the point. We all just want to deck things in the face, just... whenever. If I can walk into a mission unarmed an slap each enemy with my bare hands, that's a true success. All in all, just punch things. It solves all our problems. This idea can't be worse than many speed frame with a base sprint speed of 3.0.
  25. I love this game and have bought prime access package. But when i join 4 players co-op game , it is almostly unplayable, the frame rate is too low to play!!(less than 10 fps) Especially in cetus & fortuna & earth. This is a action game , stable frame rate is most important. Please downgrade effect&graphic for stable frame rate or give more graphic performance option at least.
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