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  1. Hello Tennos! I am Paul. I am passionate about and committed to designing High-quality emblems for clans to showcase their pride, honor their heritage and recruit more loyal members. Almost all my previous clients are satisfied with the quality of work I am able to produce for their clans. Now, my need for more reach and exposure has led me to create this thread in hopes to offer my skillset to those needing a real face lift for their clan to show true love for their group and increase the number of loyal clan members in the future. Unlike many other clan emblem design services out there, which typically focuses on bulk collaborations, my service dovetails nicely with proud, passionate and committed clan warlords who are serious about having a high-quality emblem designed for their clan. My focus is on the end result which will surely reflect the meaning and core values of the clans that I get to work with, thus both visually appealing and contextually appropriate. My old thread (placed in the wrong Section, thus prompting me to create this new thread) has been featured by the awesome tenno HolyIcon in his extremely helpful thread [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale Here are some of the works I was able to produce working with amazing warlords: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** FOLLOW ME *** Instagram (@Povo.844) DeviantArt (@Povo844) Artstation (@Povo844) Discord (@Paulvo#7045) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warden Mjolnir - Owner: Warden The Hive of Hera - Owners: VoxHera + Ju Promethean Fire - Owner: JQMac Morrigan's Crows - Owner: Mechelle The Eyes of ERRA - Owner: Brandon B The Guests of the Lighthouse - Owner: BigRedLeadHead The Pukish Rogues - Owner: GuessedTea Your Body My Disease - Owner: Incongruous Knights of the Last Oath - Owner: PostWarTacos The Tenno High Council - Owner: spaceageGecko Grind Don't Stop - Owner: FrankVonTank562 Dudes with Guns - Owner: Sixanto Nezha Prime Glyph - Povo844 Death at Will - Owner: Gabriel Herrera Neon Light Empire - Owner: Voljaras Swarzeblade Clan - Warlord: Michael Yanz Golden Harbingers - Owner: Strouff99 yoRHa Initiative Parttime Hero Dragon - Owner: Malicore LOrdre des Arcanes - Owner: Atsushii Shrouded - Owner: Relentless_Adapt Guardians of Lohk - Owner: Asterlohk Will of the Iron Lotus - Owner: Zodd Hunhow Acolytes Clan - Warlord: Ives Jessy La lance et le Bouclier Clan - Warlord: Narwaiin Jacklestar - Owner: Jacklestar Wraith of a God Clan - Warlord: er474 New Scoria Clan - Warlord: Mercy 99 Ronin (Redesign/ Revamp) - Owner: Michael Gods of the Orokin Clan - Warlords: Aaron, Blade and Anthony Doom Slayer Roman - Owner: ThatDoomGuy Zoe Ovadeline - Owner: Shinymelanie Ex Nihilo Resurgemus Alliance - Warlord: Rappy-Prime Orokin Acies - Owner: Victor Macklin Dances with Kubrows - Owner: Dixie Guardians of Nexus - Owner: Tracie Ordan Karris - Owner: Chris Moore Children of Clem - Owner: Sirhhaos Warden Wolf - Owner: Warden Menphina Raven - Owner: Vahsrin Tree of 7 Elements - Owner: Swagmiku Children of the Galaxy - Warlord: TheGreatKing Mikany Magic - Owner: Shin Mel N Synthwave - Owner: Ribben The 4 Horsemen - Owner: Weedle 442nd Mech Brigade - Owner: Bcom The Orokin Vault - Warlord: CoYoFroYo Lethal Reunion Clan - Warlord: LK-4T4 Cephalon Prometheus Clan - Warlord: lakshan Old Wolves of the Void Clan - Warlord: plasmite13 Seraphim Sol Clan - Warlord: Apocalypto Space Ninja Clan - Warlord: GOOBER__LORD Amethyst Spirits Clan - Warlord: Spot Legion of Knights Clan - Warlord: SOULFEEDER45 Vileblood Predators Clan - Warlord: Gaute Pure Instinct Clan - Warlord: iSnowyXD DeathsMinions Clan - Warlord: JoshuaVargas B3WB Clan - Warlord: Wolf-2458 Task Force Dagger Patch - Owner: Ethan Riley Warframe Community Discord Glyph Contest Entry Ruin's of Atonement Clan - Warlord: Kikuko_Senpai Team Exodus Clan - Warlord: DarkS0laris Summer Court Clan - Warlord: Nebryose Voidlight Armaments Clan - Warlord: Dracovision The VoidExiled Clan - Warlord: Atlantic575 The Nidus Syndicate Clan - Warlord: lCB2019l Vengeful Vipers Clan - Warlord: WalkingBio Shadow Morningstars Clan - Warlord: DMC4_Dante13 Sanguine Seraphim Clan - Warlord: Ragnarok Justicars of Sol Clan - Warlord: babygoestoChin F0X HOUND: SPECIAL FORCES Clan - Warlord: Anastasia Ophidian Clan - Warlord: xNakshx Black Sky Alliance - Warlord: Anonymys Children of Lotus Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 Children of Lotus Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 (Alternative Option) Umbruh Clan - Warlord: expelled_angel The Ashen Knights Clan - Warlord: Sethrox100 Trigger Warning Clan - Warlord: Whitewasher2 Rageing Tennoids Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 Tactica Imperialis Clan- Warlord: Agent M3tallion Venatores of Mars - Warlord: Raidershogunate Team Rose Family - Owner: Winelover213 Moth Airlines Clan - Warlord: DamagingMoth47 Hope to proudly showcase your clan's emblem as my next portfolio piece! Inquiry Method: In order for me to best serve you and your clan, I only ask of you a few things: Reach me through any way convenient for you: Discord: Paulvo#7045 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phumblev Instagram: povo.844 Forum Message To save time for both parties, in your inquiry, please include the form below with all information filled in: Once I receive your inquiry, we can discuss further then. Note: Since our potential project will be an art commission project that takes real work hours to complete, my payment method is Paypal. It is beneficial to note that you commission me for the project, you get my 100% effort and time in real life to create that good-quality emblem you and your clan deserve. To kickstart our project, a down-payment ought to be made. (as a token of commitment from both parties). My mission is to come up with a high-quality emblem that truly represents your clan and its core values, for your clan to wear and showcase to all Tennos out there. I am committed to the delivery of good end results, and I hope to receive your commitment and respect upon our collaboration. Looking forward to hearing from and serving you, Tenno!
  2. Atlas is a fun frame to play, mostly because is passive is basically Prime Surefooted, but that is about the only good thing about him. His kit needs some tweaks and an actual ultimate. Summoning two dumb rock bros, while fun to have around, do not make an ultimate ability. Landslide - We are leaving this unchanged. Bulwark - Hot garbage! Get rid of this ability and move Petrify into it's place. Petrify - This will now be a channeled ability that will work in a fashion similar to Gloom, but only in a cone in front of you. The base drain will be 5 energy per sec that ramps up to 15 energy per sec when up to 10 enemies are within the cone. Enemies within Atlas's gaze will be initially slowed by a certain amount based on your ability strength. Over the next 6 seconds the enemies will gradually get slower and completely petrify if they remain within the gaze long enough. This petrification processed can be hastened with duration mods, meaning Narrow minded would make petrification almost instant but at the cost of range. Additionally, enemies killed while under the effect, even if they are not completely petrified, will still turn to rubble. Rumblers - Move this to the 3rd ability slot and take away the duration. If Wukong can have a 5 star specter indefinitely Atlas can have his two dumb rock bros. Now For Atlas's new Ultimate! Meteor Impact Atlas's takes 5 seconds to form a large molten bolder and hurls it a target location at least 15 meters away and no further than 100m. This targeting range is not affected by mods. On impact the bolder causes 1500 heat and 1500 impact damage in a 14 meter radius. All enemies caught in the blast are petrified and heat procs are applied, enemies killed by this will turn to rubble. In addition, a large pile of rubble will be left at the center of the "crater" enough to fill 1/4th of the rubble gauge. The blast radius and damage will be affected by range and strength mods. Please let me know what you think.
  3. Let me start off by saying that I love the Tenet Diplos. They are my new favorite secondaries. And I'm making a feedback post in the hopes that I can raise awareness to DE and get them buffed, because there is a gleaming issue holding them back: the special effect they were built on. Aiming down sights to mark enemies and launch a burst of homing projectiles is fine to me, but only two shots are fired per marked target and the homing shots have no difference in stats to the hipfire shots; this essentially forces you to only shoot an enemy twice, something that is odd & clunky at best (standard star chart content) and useless & detrimental at its worst (Higher level content and/or anything against armor). There are two ways to fix the Tenet Diplos: 1.) You can remove the cap of how many bullets you can fire per target. This would allow players to lock onto enemies they want to focus down, hold the fire button as they maintain line of sight, and make the room swim full of energy bees with murderous intentions. 2.) You can give the homing projectiles a boost in stats. This buff is less preferable compared to the idea listed above, but would still help the Diplos a lot. If players are going to be forced to only shoot two enemies per shot while launching the homing burst, then there should be more stats to back it up. Maybe an increase in critical stats and damage specifically while aiming down sights, and it reverts to normal upon hip firing. Another issue with the Diplos seems to be more of a bug that a design flaw. Shooting homing projectiles at specific enemies will cause the projectiles to miss, and proceed to spin right 'round the marked target (baby right round) like a record player until the projectiles hit their intended mark, or (the most likely case) despawn without hurting anything. Let me say again that I love the Tenet Diplos, and I'm happy I was able to get my greasy little Equinox Prime hands on a pair of these gems. However, the issues that I found with them are not limited to just being experienced by me. Seriously, I searched "Tenet Diplos warframe forums" on Google, and found three posts with negative sounding titles that provide the same ideas of buffs as mine. We worked hard to obtain and build our briefcase guns, and the homing projectiles that should be beneficial to us just won't hold up in higher level content unless we are given a better quantity or quantity of angry energy bees.
  4. First off, I play on the nintendo switch where this bug has been happening for me... I've tried to post it to the nintendo switch UI bug report forum, but there doesn't seem to be an option there... perhaps a moderator can move this post there for me. Basically, I've been having an issue where I go to vendors (cetus, fortuna, etc) and dojo labs, but none of the item icons load and it's just a bunch of blank squares. The odd thing is, that the first vendor or lab that I go to will have most (if not all) of their icons showing, but once I go to another vendor/lab that vendor will have nothing showing. It also doesn't seem to matter which vendor/lab I go to first - that one will show most icons and subsequent other vendors/labs will show nothing. As a side note, turning item labels on has helped since I can at least read the names of each item; but without that, they all look the same and I have to move the cursor over each one to find out what it is and search for what I want to get. I put in a support ticket about this and have done the following to try and remedy it: - turned modem/router off/on - checked if the game data was corrupt (it wasn't, but I did a fresh re-install anyway) - cleared game cache Unfortunately, the issue persists. It started happening to me after the major railjack update that introduced the railjack mods instead of whatever they were called before and changed dirac(?) into endo. I thought it was a bug or something related to that update and it would be fixed in the next one... But, that doesn't seem to be the case. I haven't seen it anywhere else in searches I've tried, so I guess it's not a very common bug. The DE representative requested I post the bug to the forums.
  5. As the title indicates, I would personally prefer if the Verv Ephemera's hexagons were set to always match the Warframe (IE: if the hexagon has one of its sides go up the front of the frame, it would do so regardless of which direction the player turned to face, with the same applying to the arm hexagons). Example screenshots of current behaviour within Spoiler box.
  6. We have quite a lot of craft-able stuff in our forge and further game goes the complete list of items and connections between them just grows bigger. I've found myself that I'm mostly using "search" tool in forge UI, and every time I have to jump back and forth between "parent" item blueprints I want to build and "child" item blueprints that I need to craft in order to complete "parent item". Plz add some sort of fast links between "nested" items. I would like to be able to jump to appropriate item in my forge in 1-2 clicks from parent item (like in wiki for example), but not by using search field over and over again.
  7. The staticor is and has always been a fun weapon too bad it looks like you got your hands stuck in pairs of pottery. Can we have a skin that make it like a inserted palm piece or make it really slender or even a small cuff. Would be awesome to make it appear you are shooting energy balls from your palms while looking styIish. I think it would also be cool if it had a augment mod to make it burst fire fully charged energy balls that shot until the magizine emptied but with less accuracy. I love that weapon but it needs some love.
  8. Greetings Tenno! Nidus Prime Access brings the master of mutation to the Origin System. Riven Mods are of a similar sort - constantly mutating and evolving - and this Prime Access is no different. The Sisters of Parvos update introduced many new powerful weapons, the Tenet series, which caused a period of volatility in usage stats. We are still evaluating the strength of these weapons, but have done our best to add power where it seemed appropriate. We’ve also taken this opportunity to slightly change how we calculate Riven values internally, in terms of the tools we use. This change, combined with shifting trends, means that this disposition update adjusts more numbers than usual (but nothing too extreme!) Without further ado, here’s what to expect in the update: RIFLES SHOTGUNS PISTOLS MELEES ARCHGUNS Thanks everyone!
  9. Nidus Prime & 疫病の星:ホットフィックス 30.7.5 Ghoulsaw 「Butcher's Revelry」に関する変更 Warframeで初めて登場したアサルトソーをお試しいただけましたでしょうか。 Ghoulsawと共にリリースされた新しい近接スタンス「Butcher's Revelry」が登場してから約一週間が経ちました。 このスタンスによって可能なコンボへバフを導入します。 コンボをうまく使いながらアサルトソーの威力を発揮している皆さん、より多くのパワーをお楽しみいただける調整が入ります。 Rictus' Wrath コンボ • 二回目のヒット時、切断状態異常を必ず付与するように。 • 三回目の攻撃時、ダメージ乗数を2から3へ増加。 • 四回目の攻撃時、ダメージ乗数を3から4へ増加。 Rip 'n Ride コンボ • 一回目から二回目の攻撃時、ダメージ乗数を1から2へ増加。 • 最後のヒット時、ダメージ乗数を2から3へ増加。 Reciprocator コンボ • 最初の攻撃の最初の二回ヒットのダメージ乗数を0.5から1へ増加。 • 最初の攻撃の四回目のヒットのダメージ乗数を1から2へ増加。 • 二回目攻撃の三度目のヒットは切断状態異常を必ず付与するように。 • 二番目の攻撃の最終ヒットのダメージ乗数を3から4へ増加。 これらの変更により、Ghoulsawのコンボを使用すればするほど、多くのダメージを与えられるでしょう。 私たちは、皆さんからのフィードバックを読んで、Ghoulsawの致死性を高めたいと感じました。致死性を高めるにはコンボを調整することが一番の対策であると感じたため、あらゆる動きの使用を促進する(特にダメージ乗数)統計へバフが加わる予定です。 また、将来的に新しいアサルトソークラスの近接武器が登場する場合、この基準を使うことになるため、適切な火力を持ち合わせるものとなるでしょう。 最適化: • DirectX 12を利用しているときに起きるヒッチングを軽減するためマイクロ最適化を実行。 • レンダリングへマイクロ最適化を実行。 変更点: • 属性武器のFXを調整して、属性コンボ全体へ統一性を保つように。 • Vitruvianスタイルをよりよく反映させるため、お知らせビーコン装飾品のカスタマイズ画面のスキンを変更。 修正点: • VervエフェメラFXが腹部のあたりで透明になりすぎる問題を修正。 FXがより目立つように表示されるはずです。 • エイム中、Sepulcrumのオルトファイアモードを使用できない問題を修正。 • 最大発射速度に到達しているプレイヤーに対して、Kuva Ayangaが発射物を送り返す問題を修正。 • Nidus PrimeのLarvaがカスタムカラーを使用しない問題を修正。 • Revenant Mephistoコレクションのジオラマからリアケープの詳細が欠落している問題を修正。   • マーケットのXaku、TitaniaとGaraから設計図のヒントボタンが欠落している問題を修正。 • レべリアンのアイテムの説明文を読む時スクロールできない問題を修正。
  10. 皆さん、こんにちは。 Warframeコミュニティチームと一緒にゲームプレイを楽しもう! スタジオから配信していたストリームの代わりに、DEのコミュニティースタッフは自宅から生放送をお届けします。 生配信に参加して、Warframeを楽しむ世界各国からのテンノと交流しよう! 各配信を30分以上視聴して、Twitchドロップを入手しよう。 この週の配信では「AYATANグラブバッグ」をお届けします。 AYATAN VALANA 像 AYATAN SAH像 AYATAN AYR像 AYATAN PIV像 AYATAN VAYA像 Nintendo Switch版Warframeをご利用のテンノは、Nintendo e-ショップからYouTubeアプリをダウンロードするとSwitch本体から視聴することもできます。
  11. Tenno, 观看 Warframe 社区直播,与社区团队一起来聊聊天、玩游戏!为了替代我们的传统直播,社区团队的成员会在我们安排的定期时间于家中直播。 记得驻足和其他 Tenno 一起来和我们聊聊天! 在 twitch.tv/warframe 上观看 30 分钟来获得本周的 Twitch 掉落奖励!本周,所有直播都将掉落阿耶檀识盲盒: 阿耶檀识 Valana 塑像 阿耶檀识 Sah 塑像 阿耶檀识 Ayr 塑像 阿耶檀识 Piv 塑像 阿耶檀识 Vaya 塑像 Nintendo Switch 平台的 Tenno 若想要观看直播,可以通过 Nintendo eShop 免费安装 YouTube 应用在便携式设备上观看。我们直播时,请访问 Warframe YouTube 频道!
  12. pourquoi avoir patché les missions de la route en acier. Maintenant, nous pouvons simplement avoir que 2 à 3 acolytes du stalker dans une mission alors que nous ne pouvons même pas exp normalement dans une mission
  13. Ghoulsaw: Cambios en Fiesta del carnicero ¡Holi tenno! ~🦋 La primera sierra de asalto de su tipo está en tus manos. Ghoulsaw lleva poco menos de una semana y cone esta arma nuestra último mod de guardia para armas cuerpo a cuerpo: Fiesta del carnicero. Estamos mejorando algunos combos para este mod. Más poder para todos los tenno que son unos maestros al hacer combos. Combo Ira de Rictus Se agregó que el estado de cortante siempre se aplicara en el segundo golpe Se incremento el multiplicador de daño de 2 a 3 del tercer ataque Se incremento el multiplicador de daño de 3 a 4 del cuarto ataque Combo Agarra y Desgarra Se incremento el multiplicador de daño del segundo golpe en el ataque de 1 a 2 Se incremento el multiplicador de daño del segundo golpe en el ataque de 2 a 3 Combo de Reciprocador Se incremento el multiplicador de daño de los primeros dos golpes en el primer ataque de 0.5 a 1 Se incremento el multiplicador de daño del cuarto golpe en el primer ataque de 1 a 2 Se agregó la probabilidad de estado cortante siempre se aplicara al tercer golpe en el segundo ataque Se incremento el multiplicador de daño del golpe final en el segundo ataque de 3 a 4 Esto significa que a medida que vayas haciendo combos para todo lo relacionado con el arma Ghoulsaw, estarás causando más y más daño. Queríamos aumentar la letalidad de todas las cosas de Ghoulsaw después de leer sus comentarios, ¡y sentimos que los combos en sí mismos eran el mejor lugar para mejorar una gran cantidad de números para fomentar el uso de toda la gama de movimientos! Esto también lo hace que encaje muy bien para cosas en el futuro, así que otras armas de esta clase que compartan este mod de guardia podrán tener estas características de poder básico. ¡Espera estas mejoras de esta serie de combo en una próxima revisión!
  14. Good parts: - Forward + block => hits enemies while riding, this kind of thing what probably some stances missing (e.g. forward + block of Bullet dance). I like riding on neutral speed. - Block => has nice range, number of hits - Back finisher -> pretty gory, - Attack after Slam attack is pretty nice. We don't have to roll to cancel animation. Bad parts: 1. Forward, Standing and maybe Block combo a little is slow compared to Forward+Block combo. Buff speed a little of those 3 combos. 2. Forward combo looks the same. Without knowing when combo ends I tend to just spam melee key. It hasn't happened with any melee! Either: - make animation longer (e.g. by repeating) that lasts e.g. 20-30 seconds. We can cancel animations by rolling so it's not a problem. I prefer this option. - hold melee key to continuously attack - this is what some people want so it might be an option instead - swap forward and standing combo 3. Block combo forces you to stay in one place for a long time. Let it move (maybe little bit slower than frame's speed). 4. Finishers are too long. Enemy is death already (Inaros sand creatures appears on death) but animations still plays. Make them finish at enemy death. 5. Forward + block combo has not very responsive camera. While you are sliding/riding it's ok (it just lags a little). However at the end of riding camera won't follow melee too much. You can have melee at one corner of the screen while you are facing another one. It's hard to hit enemies that are not in front of you. Either - make make melee move faster like camera - or somehow lock camera (cannot move) 6. Forward + block combo sometimes deals very small damage while enemy you are slamming and you are stuck on enemy. The enemy might have very small damage. Is it slam radius fall off damage? If yes maybe increase it? 7. Heavy attack is very slow and it locks you in one place. Suggestions: - make it much faster - let us move - add some effect that stuns (e.g. electricity) or pull enemies in. I prefer this. 8. While not bad, Block + forward could be better. It could be similar to Forward combo: - start combo (going forward with block you press & hold melee key). You can release any key except melee key, When you release melee key it triggers slam attack - you start doing combo (going forward with block you press melee key). Frame will start to continuously ride Ghoulsaw. You can release all keys. After you press melee key again it will finish riding and execute another attack in combo (this weird slam attack). I think this is how Ghoulsaw's slam attack works. Combos names (if some one doesn't know):
  15. so i have had this idea for awhile, I'm a big fan of the artist Robert Venosa and i thought his aesthetic would suit a skin for Gara; or for a 'light' frame that alot of people have brought up ideas about. but i think the luminous water droplet crystalline effect would be a great look for Gara regardless his art style definitely suits warframes art style too feel free to share your thoughts :) here's some pictures to explain the concept better:
  16. So after some time playing Yareli, trying to go on mission slowly or "racing" over to the extraction with others here are some ideas to make it more comfortable to drive. 1)Remove the bounce off the walls and object. I think a lot of people find that really annoying that when you hit a wall or obstacle or etc. - you get bounced back, turning you into a pinball and sometimes - you might even get bounced between objects for a few seconds, loosing your speed (And desire to drive Merulina). It would be nice without it. 2)Remove the "glide"/momentum after you move. It's also kinda annoying that when you stop touching the WASD keys - or Stick - and Merulina still moves a tad in the momentum. Why not make Yareli a true k-drive master and remove the momentum? So that when you stop touching the movement keys/stick - Merulina stops right there. 3) Make the first jump bigger instead of 2nd one on Merulina. Merulina jumps are REALLY weird after you play on warframes. Usually on warframe you do a big jump (or a bullet jump) first, and then use the second jump to just slightly boost you up or in the other direction, making it perfect. How's that on Merulina? You get a tiny first jump - and then the second jump in the air sends you FLYING off the map boundaries (if it's an open segment on the map, like Mars tile set). Make it just like warframe's jumps - big first jump, and then small second jump. 4)Let us use main weapons on it! Come on now. You can leave the melee out - but let Yareli use the main weapon to shoot on it. You can use the tap on one button to change weapons and then hold to completely sheathe the weapons.
  17. Non riesco a trovare il cephanlon railjack ogni volta che vado nello spazioPorto e vado nella console mi dice che x accedere alle ricerche railjack e neccesario possederne uno ma io nn riesco ad ottenere uno
  18. I've played few event but they weren't like PS. Orphix restricting you from using your frame most of the time. Naberus on other hand requiring you just mother tokens (as fair I remember) so you could do mission that doesn't reward you some loot. Plague star on other hand gives me a lot stuffs: - Sentient cores (I can get ~10 per Hemocyte). - Cetus wisp - you can find it by traveling or as reward (not much but it's still something) - weapons (Saw, infested zaws) - mods sets - revenant (I don't remember if it were only one part) - forma and other stuffs I no need for forma, zaws and revenant but mod sets, wisp, cores and Ghoul saw is nice rewards. Someone may have those stuffs already but from my perspective it very rewarding.
  19. Dev Workshop: Ghoulsaw: Butcher's Revelryに関する変更 テンノ、 Warframeで初めて登場したアサルトソーをお試しいただけましたでしょうか。 Ghoulsawと共にリリースされた新しい近接スタンス「Butcher's Revelry」が登場してから約一週間が経ちました。 このスタンスによって可能なコンボへバフを導入します。 コンボをうまく使いながらアサルトソーの威力を発揮している皆さん、より多くのパワーをお楽しみいただける調整が入ります。 詳細: Rictus' Wrath コンボ • 二回目のヒット時、切断状態異常を必ず付与するように。 • 三回目の攻撃時、ダメージ乗数を2から3へ増加。 • 四回目の攻撃時、ダメージ乗数を3から4へ増加。 Rip 'n Ride コンボ • 一回目から二回目の攻撃時、ダメージ乗数を1から2へ増加。 • 最後のヒット時、ダメージ乗数を2から3へ増加。 Reciprocator コンボ • 最初の攻撃の最初の二回ヒットのダメージ乗数を0.5から1へ増加。 • 最初の攻撃の四回目のヒットのダメージ乗数を1から2へ増加。 • 二回目攻撃の三度目のヒットは切断状態異常を必ず付与するように。 • 二番目の攻撃の最終ヒットのダメージ乗数を3から4へ増加。 これらの変更により、Ghoulsawのコンボを使用すればするほど、多くのダメージを与えられるでしょう。 私たちは、皆さんからのフィードバックを読んで、Ghoulsawの致死性を高めたいと感じました。致死性を高めるにはコンボを調整することが一番の対策であると感じたため、あらゆる動きの使用を促進する(特にダメージ乗数)統計へバフが加わる予定です。 また、将来的に新しいアサルトソークラスの近接武器が登場する場合、この基準を使うことになるため、適切な火力を持ち合わせるものとなるでしょう。 上記変更点は、今後導入されるホットフィックスにて登場する予定です。
  20. 昨日今日と1日の最初のミッションにインデックスをやったのですがクレジットが2倍になりませんでしたがこれは変更が入ったのですか?それともバグですか? 変更ならいつ頃のアップデートでの変更なのか教えて貰えると助かります
  21. Hello Tenno! Update 30.5: Sisters of Parvos is live on all platforms and we are looking to hear your thoughts on the brand new Warframe, Yareli! With Update 30.5, we are continuing our Trello Board approach to communicate known bugs, fixed bugs, and popular feedback submitted by you, the community! To see a list of known bugs and fixed issues, please check out our new Trello Board. You will also be able to see notifications of changes and fixes by joining our official Discord Server and following the #bug-feedback-tracking channel, found here. NEW WARFRAME: YARELI Always on the move, the vivacious Yareli commands the ocean's fury. The original waverider. PASSIVE Yareli gains +100% Critical Chance for Secondary weapons when she has been moving for at least 1.5s. SEA SNARES Form three water globules that seek out enemies and expand on contact, simultaneously damaging and immobilizing their victims. MERULINA Summon Merulina, a rideable creature of the waves, and the inspiration for K-Driving. Merulina protects Yareli by absorbing a large portion of incoming damage. *Subsumed Helminth Abilities cannot be used while Merulina is active. AQUABLADES Tear through foes with a trio of orbiting aquatic blades. *Aquablades is Yareli’s Helminth Ability! RIPTIDE Drag enemies into a crushing maelstrom and then blow them away in a watery burst. Each enemy trapped in the vortex increases the burst’s damage. KOMPRESSA Launch a volley of virulent, hyper-pressurized, water globules that envelope targets and explode with torrential force. Yareli’s signature pistol. Please use this thread to let us know your feelings on the following: Yareli: general gameplay, passive and abilities Merulina: general gameplay and abilities Kompressa: stats, function, etc. If you want to let us know your feedback, please make sure that you do so in a civil and constructive manner. Read our How to Provide Good Constructive Feedback thread before posting. If you like something, let us know! If you do not like an element of Yareli’s design, then tell us what it is, and what you would change to make it better! If you have encountered a bug with any of the new content items, be sure to submit a bug report over on our Bug-Hunting Megathread!
  22. First the Galvanized mods and arcanes. In high level missions, they are technically only useful on meta/top and good tier weapons which can kill enemies quickly. The other weapons in low tier have too little, if any chance to gain the buff from "on kill" condition (and it means on kill with only that weapon). Which narrow down the weapons choice variability you want to widen. My suggestion is add another condition like a small chance on hit or so. So the lower tier weapons which take many hits to kill high lv enemies would have a chance to gain the buff (which they are exactly the weapons that need it) too. This also make you gain the buff (which I am sure you need it) in a boss fight without anything else around to kill. So the buff are not limited for only the already-good weapons in the time they don't even need and cannot be gained when you really need. When there is something supposed to make weapons better, nothing within its capability should be left behind by them, even a rivened Stug. Second, the glaives throwing. After you adjust the glaives throwing charge time with the reason "to prevent accidental throw" (which does not help much and I know you actually want to softly nerf glaives throwing), the glaives with throw-focus build does not affected much. They can still work fine (with roughtly the same charge speed as glaives without Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed mods before the adjustment) and can still be "accidentally" thrown like just before the adjustment. But all the damages go to the glaives without throw-focus build, the glaive with normal attack builds like Pathocyst. Without Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed mods, they take too painfully long to charge a throw, makes them lost their utility throw uses, destroy the uniqueness of glaive weapons unless with throw-focus build. The thing you want to nerf is not the glaives themselves, but it is the glaives with a specific build. My suggestion is fix the charge time to be like before the adjustment and, if you adjusted it because you want to nerf the throwing glaives, you can make it gets less (if any) effected from the Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed mods. So the glaives without throw-focus builds are still intact, saved from the nerf hammer. And you can still do the same effect on the glaive with throw-focus mods you want to nerf Hope DE and anyone read this will get my point
  23. 尸鬼电锯:屠戮盛宴的改动。 Tenno! 首创的突击电锯已经到你手中了。 尸鬼电锯已经推出了不到一周的时间,随之而来的是我们最新的近战架式:屠戮盛宴。 我们正在对这个架式中的一些连击进行加强。 更多的力量正向那些在外面用连击击杀敌人的 Tenno 们涌来。 细节如下: 裂嘴之怒连击 - 给第二击添加了必定触发切割异常状态的设定 - 第三次攻击的伤害倍率从 2 提高到 3 - 第四次攻击的伤害倍率从 3 增加到 4 撕裂碾踏连击 - 将攻击中第二击的伤害倍率从 1 提高到 2 - 将攻击中最后一击的伤害倍率从 2 提高到 3 往复不止连击 - 将第一次攻击的前两击伤害倍率从 0.5 提高到 1 - 将第一次攻击中第四击伤害倍率从 1 提高到 2 - 在第二轮攻击的第三击中添加了一个必定触发切割异常状态的设定 - 将第二次攻击中最后一击的伤害倍率从 3 提高到 4 这意味着,当你使用尸鬼电锯的连击时,你将会造成越来越多的伤害。 在阅读了玩家的反馈后,我们想增加尸鬼电锯的杀伤力,并认为连击本身是加强大量数字的最佳方向,这样可以鼓励玩家使用全部的动作! 这也使得在未来这种类型的其他武器在共享这个架式时也能够获得如此这般的基准力量。 请在即将到来的热修中期待这一系列的连击加强吧!
  24. (Couldn't find a very specific category within Feedback; Not a problem) The title might sum it up in short, but I had a chance to sit down and think on this earlier today. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on these changes / additions for both Necramechs. Especially @[DE]Rebecca & @[DE]Bear (If you have time!), I wanted to get this out in the open as soon as I could, before too long after the Operation was out. These are some changes that may even eliminate the need for bringing back some of those forms of healing for Necramechs (If there is no justification for doing so that is; It would be nice if that could be reverted, but it's not relevant at the moment). So do you think that the following ideas are realistic for Necramechs in the future? If so, I strongly hope that this can actually happen! I'll list both Necramechs here, starting with a new passive effect for each, followed by some things for each of their abilities. For the most part, their abilities didn't need a lot of additions, but this was some of the best I can think of. I've been putting forma into my Voidrig to prep for when Orphix Venom arrives on consoles, but I'm still working on crafting Bonewidow, so that (The things I've listed for her) may need more tweaking, as far as she goes. Voidrig: Passive: (Hidden in the quote due to the in-depth explanation) Necraweb: (Hidden in the quote due to the in-depth explanation) Storm Shroud is perfect as is! I couldn't think of anything to add in and of itself for this ability. Edit (12-21-2020): I rephrased what I mentioned about a possible bug right below this! Other than that, it might be relevant to note Storm Shroud's invulnerability period may / may not be affected by the Voidrig passive's ability duration charge (Up to DE). That said, ability range charges have no relevancy with Storm Shroud, as far as that goes. There is still a possible bug where if you exit the Necramech, Storm Shroud may turn itself off. If it does, you'll have to reactivate it normally (Which naturally costs some energy). One compensation would be to make your next Storm Shroud cast not cost energy, but another method would be to let it stay on no matter what, until the Voidrig is defeated or Storm Shroud is turned off manually. (As far as I know this is still a bug, as of Deimos Arcana) Gravemines: (Hidden in the quote due to the in-depth explanation) Guard Mode is very well done, I see no need or reason to change it whatsoever. The level of firepower is balanced by the activation cost & gradual drain, and the fact that you're rooted in place (Plus the animations aren't too fast nor slow!). Edit (12-21-2020): With the Necraweb's updated implementation above, any fiery conflaguration fluids absorbed by you or an ally Voidrig will not affect the Arquebex. Perhaps if it receives a bit of a nerf in the distant future, this restriction can be lifted to compensate for said nerf. As things currently stand, using the Voidrig's Backup Power passive with the Guard Mode ability will be good against the enemy, tailored to how the player sees fit. Next up, Bonewidow: Passive: (Hidden in the quote due to the in-depth explanation) Meathook: (Hidden in the quote due to the in-depth explanation) Shield Maiden could benefit nicely from the above options, if implemented! Since the main realistic things I thought of for Shield Maiden are incorporated into her passive (The Entrati Endure), I wanted to minimize scrolling somewhat for anyone reading this. So the original suggestions I thought of for this ability are now in the hidden thing here :) Firing Line sounds useful as is, but perhaps it should be useable while swinging with Ironbride, to create some potential combos with that weapon (The beginnings of an Archmelee stance!). Edit 12-26-2020: Other than the above suggestion, the main additions I really thought of for Firing Line were included in Bonewidow's first passive, which is no longer what I'll be going with for her. As a result, there's nothing much new I can think of that would be realistic for Firing Line. Unless DE would like to use that theoretical "Firing Hole" Augment, which is listed within the description for her first possible passive. That would involve the use of Void Energy, and may need more technical work (Unless they made it so you can hold the Firing Line button instead of tapping it, to choose which version you want to use) to get it made properly. Exalted Ironbride: (Hidden in the quote due to the brief in-depth explanation) Edit (12-26-2020): With all this finally updated, the Voidrig and Bonewidow Necramechs have a reliable way to heal / prepare themselves as well as their squad (No need to worry about using Warframe abilities, etc.), and each Mech has their own unique passive that fits in with their theme & how their abilities work! It took quite some time & help from some other people on the thread, but I feel very confident that if the above things were implemented for these Necramechs, they will be very capable in the hands of the Tenno. I hope this thread hasn't come too late for those working in Operation Orphix Venom, but in the end, I'd honestly like to see this become a reality whenever Necramechs are needed in the future. Speaking both from the heart and for future Tenno, I would be glad to see this help everyone. I'll post this on the Bonewidow / Voidrig feedback threads as well, for further reference there. I'll update this if any changes or other important things come up.
  25. Hey folks! So I'm sure you've all (or mostly all heard) the great news regarding Cross-Play and Cross-Save coming to Warframe later this year with the New War update. While we do not have all the details yet, this long requested feature is finally making its way to the game (and the moderators will no longer have to lock the monthly/weekly/daily thread asking about it). Folks on different platforms will be able to play together, and users will (presumably) be able to freely transfer their progress between platforms on a whim (or perhaps 'unify' different platform accounts in a similar fashion to some other games, like Destiny, where all linked platform accounts access a singular set of account data stored on DE's servers). I decided to re-create the megathread of yore (the one from 2018 with 69 pages) with some up-to-date info and a more relevant opening post. Please feel free to discuss and speculate on this upcoming feature here! Some of the major talking points popping up in the thread: Platinum between platforms - Will platinum be merged between platforms, or will platinum bought on one platform remain on that platform? (Think Silver from Destiny 2) Trading & Market Questions - Will players across platforms be able to trade with one another? Or will it be restricted to the platform a player is currently on? The market-scape between platforms is vastly different for platinum prices on some tradeable goods, and cross-save/cross-play may wind up balancing/equalizing prices across platforms TENNOGEN - A real hot topic, seeing as the method of implementation is radically different between PC and Console; will Tennogen skins transfer when moving between platforms? Will PC players be able to purchase Tennogen skins for platinum when playing on consoles? Platform exclusive cosmetics - Similar to Tennogen, will they transfer? In regards to the Obsidian/Jade skins, etc. Method of Cross-Save - Some players have expressed interest in a 'Merge' style of cross-save (where items from multiple platforms are merged/combined) versus more traditional style of 'Overwrite' style of cross-save (where the data of the 'master' account overwrites/overrides the linked accounts of other platforms--think Destiny 2). This thread will hopefully be able to start compiling some good sets of questions we can field to DE staff for upcoming devstreams. I for one am very eager to hear more about the manner in which cross-save and cross-play will be implemented. Update: Thanks to @xcrimsonlegendx for the update on goals for linking/merging/cross-saving accounts!
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