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  1. Hey guys, lonely player in a semi dead clan looking for a new clan, my requirements are: 1. friendly and atleast sometimes helpful community 2. theres atleast 4 or so players around gaming warframe daily. 3. people run liches/sister/steel path/archon hunts etc together once in a while 4. discord or some other voice app 5. people care about eachother and the clan atleast rudimentarily. Please message me ingame and tell me about your clan before you just invite me, thank you so much :) have an amazing day!
  2. posting here cause i have no joy in game. Need a FULL squad for Lith H6 radshare. --- we also need a forum sub section for squad recruitment.
  3. Basically started the clan solo as I'm mainly a solo player, now looking to expand (a little bit) to include some like-minded players to help me expand the dojo and in some higher-level missions. I'm UK based and I've played Warframe on and off since 2015 so, pretty experienced but by no means an expert (MR 10), the Dojo is kinda half built with some labs, a trading post and a dry dock, I also have a railjack and I'm open to suggestions and contributions about new rooms etc from new members but there's no expectation that you contribute. I play when I can but due to work I'm definitely a casual player so the clan would suit other people looking to get the benefits of a clan without having to commit to anything else other than helping each other out in missions where we can. Happy to help out newer players too, get in touch if you're interested!
  4. Moin, wir die Night Actives sind ein 2019 gegründeter Multigamingclan der sich jetzt auch auf Warframe ausbreitet. Bei uns sind Alle Masterys willkommen, Also egal ob Veteran oder Anfänger. Unser Dojo is 99% Researched damit du dir alles was du zum Start brauchst direkt holen kannst. Unsere Kommunikation findet auf Discord statt. Vorraussetzung: Geistige Reife MemeKnowledge Funktionierendes Mikro Zielstrebigkeit im Spiel Hab ich dein Interesse geweckt? Dann add mich gern auf Discord (Staz#0420] für mehr Details oder join direkt dem Server. www.discord.gg/NSCJqNebCs Ich freu mich auf dich, Tenno.
  5. We are looking for more players. Clan is a chill place, with helpful community, where you'll be able to ask for or provide help, share your builds and fashion, discuss, share memes and stuff, etc. We are focused on making various competetive events and giveaways with some shiny rewards! So in order to constantly stay tuned, DISCORD IS REQUIRED. If you're interested, DM me there, tell me your in-game alias as well, and you'll be welcome to join! Rules exist, though they aren't strictly moderated.
  6. VAULTED RELIC COMMUNITY (PC + XBOX) Sick and tired of endlessly spamming recruitment chat to get that one part you need for that expensive vaulted set? Interested in farming those vaulted sets for platinum? Just have a ton of vaulted relics? If so you’re welcome to join **VAULTED RELIC COMMUNITY**. This server has been designed as a recruitment hub for all vaulted relics, including aya relics. You’ll find veteran relic runners and new runners alike! We have extensive guides on the ins and outs of relic running, along with a help channel with helpers happy to answer any questions you might have. How do I join? You need to have discord in order to participate. Join the server and read #introduction to familiarize yourself with the relic running process. Be sure to also read #rules. Register your in game name with the bot going to #botspam by typing "++ign ign_here". After that, you can type ++sub and add any relics you wish to receive notifications for! If you’re confused by any of the above, join the server and type @Relic Sensei in #help with your question and someone will come to assist you. https://discord.gg/F73kF5Y3dm
  7. The Rangers Regiment Alliance is a military themed organized alliance that values & strongly encourages Free Speech as written under the First Amendment to the US Constitution. We are a new alliance formed and founded by me Patriotic Eagle of the Airborne Rangers clan. We are actively seeking clans that share our 3 core values: 1. Respect each other as you would your own family. 2. Speak your mind freely, while maintaining common sense. 3. Aid each other as best you can and have a blast in the spirit of family based community. Your clan rank tier is not a factor at the moment as we are new born alliance seeking other clans to join our fellow brothers and sisters in arms. If you're tired of the same dramatic bs, getting booted just because you voiced your opinion, joked around and someone got butt hurt over it. Give our alliance a try, you may want to stay and spread the word ;) Then read the following below: If these values apply to you or you find it to be worth looking into to get more information. Please add me in game and insert a message that states you're a clan leader responding to the warframe forum ad i posted, to ensure you're not some random weirdo lol. If you wish to speak to me offline, my discord handle is Eagle#9706. Be sure to identify yourself when adding me on discord or i will just will reject the request out of habit.
  8. The Breeder Squad is currently looking for new members, and you could be one of them! Click on our temperamental mascot below or keep reading for more information! We are an interconnected group of Kubrow and Kavat breeders on a Discord server that continues to grow. We are just beginning to blossom! We are PC based but looking to expand the market into all the console realms! We can get people started, we can provide another place to sell wares if you are willing to invest time in the group and be patient, or we can serve as an alternate potential place for purchases. ♥ There are no real requirements other than not being a jerk. Feeling overwhelmed by entering the business of breeding? There are so many of us that can help you. I have my own guides, including a Primer. I cover Kavats, Kubrow, and Deimos Pets! We can also help with pricing using Morningstar999's pricing guide (a group effort she spearheaded.) That's just the beginning, many of us have written about or are familiar with at least some part of this process, and you get to tap directly into that information and what we've learned! We are invested with great hope in this welcoming community, and want to see it blossom and grow to its full potential. So stop by, just click the picture of our temperamental mascot below to join the Discord! Take time to chat, advertise, teach others or ask questions of your own. Show us that picture of your recent and very first Kubrow or Kavat you've bred! Anything that helps you, helps all of us!
  9. The Mischievous Chickens is a clan that serves as a safe space for LGBTQ+, Civil Rights (including but not limited to groups like BLM,) Intersectional Feminism, and those supportive of Leftist values. We are a refuge for any who are exhausted from dealing with the toxic, hateful status quo behavior of most gaming environments. We now have an alliance, Birbs of Prey, for clans who believe in what we are doing. Clans of any size are welcome to join! To Contact Me About Our Clan or Alliance, friend add me on Discord and/or join our Discord server and message me under the name SpicyDinosaur#2019. We are a rank 11 Mountain Clan with all research complete. Our goal is a welcoming and safe environment for our members. We are not in this to change the game or do battle with the toxic elements in gaming. We accept all MRs and even the greenest newbie that is looking for a clan such as ours. We welcome all ages into our ranks. We have a survey for our applicants. Doing it is generally not a long or problematic process! If you want to be an ally to the clan to see what it is like this can be accommodated; the survey is still required. For the sake of full disclosure, be aware that these surveys are archived. This is for administrative purposes. We have never, (in multiple years,) revealed the survey to someone outside of administration and never will. For those who are made uncomfortable by this or are nervous we are not what we say we are, you are welcome to reveal your in game name after you are approved,, (assuming you gain admittance.) It goes without saying that TERFs, SWERFs, and Truscum need not apply, as their policy is that of hate. Contact me at any time if you are interested in joining our family! Discord is preferred! SpicyDinosaur, Inglourious Henno (Co-Warlord) of the Mischievous Chickens Discord: SpicyDinosaur#2019 Mischievous Chickens Clan Emblem Birbs of Prey Alliance Emblem
  10. hey Id love to run all sorts of content am an old returning player, most of my friends have ditched the game and Id like to fill the ranks with some new heads and have some fun in warframe, am mr 25 which is an indicator for nothing, id love to run liches and sisters etc and basically im game for anything thats fun, I have steel path and zariman unlocked, i wouldnt say im the most solid gamer out there not solely to blame on pc and internet lag but i try my best and generally have lots of fun but its getting a bit tedious gaming alone. So if you wanna join forces Im all kinds of game for that, im currently in an old dead clan that i guess i could leave but id prefer to see if this can work first than jumping into a new clan. Happy to help you unravel the starchart etc etc, looking fwd to chill with you :) feel free to msg here or add me on discord Callie#6317
  11. Temple of Thanjuul 𝐓𝐞𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐣𝐮𝐮𝐥 is recruiting. Please reply below for one of our recruiters to contact you or join our discord and talk to us! About Us We are a competitive European clan pushing end-game content. Always looking to min-max and chase the highest standards possible in Warframe whilst keeping a co-operative and relaxed atmosphere within the clan community. We often have events to keep our members close together and to earn many things including platinum. Requirements & how to join To enter the clan we require you to be at least MR25 or have 1000h in-game hours. Please note, if you only have the hours we still require a minimum of MR22+. Once one of our recruiters contacts you, they will do a few tests and ask a few questions before you can join, this is to make sure all our members are equipped with the minimum gear to ensure smooth runs and no time wasted fixing bad builds. Post below your IGN/in-game hours, discord name and if you want a little bit about yourself :) Why join us? We have a very strong community with friendly relationships between everyone and a mature environment. We have full research and will continue to provide full research as soon as possible whenever anything new is released. We want the absolute best for our members by giving them access to everything necessary. We have a private Discord Bot with many functionalities, including our own currency system on our discord. We often host SP Relic Fissures, Arbitrations, Hunts, etc. Many members also test gear, here within the clan you can always find people available to help you in your build/synergy testing. Anything you need to maximize performance we will help you with, from builds to clan research to runs. Inactivity If you have to stop playing for any reason, you can contact a member of TOT and let them know about your absence. If you stop playing without warning us, you'll be kicked after 2 weeks of inactivity. However, you can message us again after you return and we will invite you to the clan again. Clan Ranks Within our clan we have different ranks. Ranging from Temple Student to Temple Elite. To rank up, you must complete a series of challenges, doing so will reward you in our own currency TOT coins. You can later redeem these coins for Boosters/Forma & many other in-game market items that cost platinum. Miscellaneous Our dojo is fully decorated and I'm happy to give anyone a tour if they would like, just contact --TOT--Basi in game or Basi#1056 on discord! Labs research is all together and all rooms are organized with quick access through Teleporters/Fast Travel to anything. We have our own private Discord Bot with many functionalities and completely open to any suggestions from members. We have our own "store" allowing members to redeem rewards such as boosters & forma, etc. Concluding Join our discord here: https://discord.gg/kB2f454t9R Contact me in game: --TOT--Basi Contact me on Discord: Basi#1056 Or leave a reply here with your IGN/in-game hours, discord name and if you want a little bit about yourself :) I hope to hear from you!
  12. "haHAA Tribe" clans are currently recruiting English-speaking players, both new and veteran! We are a "family friendly" international community for casual/active gamers, with an active Discord. Looking for friendly players who are willing to learn/help out/have fun! Our main rules: use English | don't be rude | keep things family friendly. If you have any questions, feel free to message me ( @Syrethyst ) on the forum~ [PC - Main] = Rank 11 MOUNTAIN clan, with a Dry Dock, 100% dojo research. Leader: Syrethyst (Contact on forum/in-game) Co-leader: Everick (Contact in-game) Recruiters: BLIZZARATOR, djsammy5000, Dulaguri, Jawilde, Llanowor, Ohlgrist (Contact us in-game) We share an alliance chat in-game with our Pioneers PC clan. (check below) [PC - Pioneers] = Rank 0 SHADOW clan, with a Dry Dock, 100% dojo research (aside from ignis wraith). Leader: AgentSyrup (Contact in-game) or message Syrethyst (Contact on forum/in-game) Info: Made for players with "low end PCs/laptops", our clan dojo has the bare necessities for players who struggle with slow loading times! (zero decorations/fancy rooms) We share an alliance chat in-game with our main PC clan. (check above) Staying at rank 0 for now, so more future members can share the endo from rank up rewards. [NSW] = Rank 7 SHADOW clan, with a Dry Dock, about 60% research complete. Leader: Damon-0 (Contact in-game) Recruiters: Warzkull, jack2.3 (Contact in-game) Some of our hobbies include, but not limited to: -Farming XP/frames/materials etc -Sitting and chatting with each other. -Goofing around in Captura/Dojo -Decorating the Dojo -Doing random giveaways/contests -Hanging out on Discord (movie streams too!) Our [PC] clans are part of the alliance "Get Lich or Die Trying" which currently has over 500 players combined. A little background on our clan ^.^ We were founded on 15/02/2018 (in a different game) and over the past 4 years, grew to be a community with 800+ members. (that game had no updates, so we had to get creative with events and stuff ) After dabbling in a bit of WF back in early 2019, we finally created our Warframe clan on 04/09/2019! Currently, we are still going strong in both games and also play a bunch of other games together (no, we are not related to the meme)
  13. Holà, Si vous souhaitez monter un clan sous le nom Tri4de avec moi à 0, n'hésitez pas à me laisser vos coordonnées afin que je vous contact. Oui il y a déjà des clans bien former mais souhaitez-vous pas avoir la satisfaction de monter un clan vous de 0 et vous dire "C'est vraiment mon clan aussi" ? Des bisous
  14. Welcome To Agriya Assassins In Game Clan name: AGRIYA We are a casual laid back clan & community who dont take themselves too seriously and like to joke around with each other. We have members actively playing Warframe, Raft, Space Engineers, Valorant, CSGO, but those are of course not the only games being played. We've got three simple requirements: #1: Be as active as possible on Discord, whats the point of being in a community if you dont participate in it. #2: Have a sense of humour and be able to handle immature, and sometimes mature (and sometimes offensive) jokes. #3: Just dont be Toxic towards people, nobody likes a toxic person (Jokingly toxic is fine tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) Add "Serinus967#3898" or/and "SVT#4288" on Discord after applying. #1: Be as active as possible on Discord, what is the point of being in a community/clan if you dont interact with your fellow clan mates. Activity in just text channels is fine (Actually the main way we check) but if you're gonna play a team game just join up in a voice channel, we wont bite, just nibble abit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). #2: We dont believe we should make this community +18 therefor we do ask if you are able to take immature and sometimes mature (and sometimes offensive) jokes, if not please steer clear we want to keep everything as dramaless as possible. Who are we looking for: Pretty much everyone who's laid-back (Relaxed), who has a sense of humor and is looking for a good time while playing games or just mess around. Requirements: Not much really -Returning and new players both are welcomed. -Have a Sense of Humor ( And be able to handle adult and sometimes offensive jokes ofcourse ) -Be as active on Discord as possible, but we understand real life comes first as it should. -Dont be toxic, nobody likes toxic people. -And of course be able to Type/Speak & Understand English, always nice when you can understand each other. Join Discord: https://discord.gg/EFkE3x2QTV
  15. Alliance <None at the moment> Clan: Trident Company. We are an 18+ community of gamers who love to game. We are also a community of adults whom have a sense of responsibility and won't kick you just because life got in the way. Despite being a PC only clan right now, we were thrilled to see the talk of crossplay hitting Warframe extremely soon. Our Dojo is nearly maxed out in research (finishing the last bit of the Dojo Colors as we speak). If you are looking for a group that has a great community, structure, something to strive for both in and out of the game, players that are knowledgeable about Warframe, etc. Then Check out the Kaldaran Empire today. Your questions can be answered within out discord. http://discord.gg/kaldara
  16. kurze knackige info zu uns, wir sind von Destiny 2 zu Warframe gewechselt und bauen uns nun dort auf sind bis jetzt 2 Warframe spieler und suchen noch neue Tenno die den Clan unterstützen wollen - Alle Mastery Ranks sind willkommen - Egal ob Anfänger oder Veteran wir freuen uns über beides Discord: https://discord.gg/DEMJ7wjVtD Bei Staz oder Froggz melden Bis Baldrian
  17. EN->I'm looking for a clan that could teach me back the game since i haven't played it in a year, i forgot a email for my main account so im on a new one now, i had a very rich account so i will learn easily, i'm 18 and can speak through discord/teamspeak. PL-> Szukam klanu który mógłby mnie z powrotem nauczyć grania z tego względu że przestałem grać na rok a chciałbym się ponownie wciągnąć w gre, jestem niestety na nowym koncie bo na głównym nie pamiętam emaila ale nie będzie to problemem ponieważ mam dużo czasu na granie, wiek 18 lat, posiadam discorda i mikrofon, moge pobrać tsa.
  18. We are recruiting a few members to join our new clan. We are going to keep it small as we do all our research, learn and progress through the game. Any mastery levels, newer or older player welcome to join. Post here if you would like to join or any questions!
  19. Do not read this if you aren't interested in a clan focused on late game content (Eidolons, levelcaps, PT speedruns etc.), or hate Discord orientated communities. As you will then otherwise waste ur time reading. To start off i'd like you to know that we as a clan are sort of the equivalent of community ''nationalists''. Our clan was founded on the 21st of August, 2021. With one aspiring goal: To become the best endgame Storm tier clan, and push our community and skills to our limits. So, how is that working out? Well this is what we can offer you now: - Our clan and server is filled with a load of very well known and skilled Profit Taker speedrunners, our members have claimed spots in the top 2. top 3, top 10 and top 20 leaderboards on https://speedrun.com/wf. We provide builds and guides from ourselves and the Profit Taker Community hosted by @uumm@Iterniamand Dynamite. - We have consistant 6x3 and 5x3 Eidolon hunters with tons of experience and a truck load of caps who can also provide builds and help you hunt. Occasionally a carry or two is also offered. - A bunch of SP Disruption Levelcap enthusiasts, who love to do either fast runs (sub 1h15-20m ish), chill runs or SP Fissure runs. - A handfull of ex- and current riven whales and well-known sellers/flippers. Our riven channel and general channel in our Discord server are good places to ask, observe and learn about how they do their every day business (involves a lot of dojo afk'ing sometimes). - Our dojo has won the 3rd, 2nd and 1st place dojo contest trophy, including being featured 3 times (weird flex, but i spend too much time decorating). - Our Discord server is Level 3 boosted and still active, you can talk there about Warframe, other games and pretty much anything. As well as find guides, giveaways, events and various cool people to become friends with. Our clan is looking for new and old players who are interested in becoming a better player, and wanna hang out with us, our server is open to anyone in case you aren't looking to join our clan, or are currently unable to because of our clan requirements. Which brings me to -----> Our clan joining requirements. - Mastery Rank 23 or higher. - At least 800 hours on your Warframe profile (esc > top left of the screen > show profile > stats). - Joining our Discord server as a member. (VC not required.) -----> https://discord.gg/shadowassassins - Getting the Shadow Ascendant clan rank within 5 days (which will be in the spoiler tab below) Exceptions to MR and hours ----> Below MR23 but over 1200 mission hours OR being able to show us that you are well skilled o experienced in either PT speedruns, Eidos 6x3s, Lvlcaps or Rivens (stats n trading). Clan ranks: Inactivity Limits: Shadow Initiate - 5 days Shadow Ascendant - 7 days Shadow Knight - 7 days Shadow Assassin+ - 14 days Exceptions are rarely made, but if you get kicked you can get a reinvite as soon as you return, we don't hold grudges. If you would like to join, either join our Discord and ping/DM a member with the Shadow Thane role. -----> https://discord.gg/shadowassassins Or leave a comment under this thread and wait for a response (takes longer and might has timezone issues with me.) with the following info: - Your Mastery Rank. - Your Profile Hours. - Why you want to join us. And i'll hope to see you as a fellow Assassin o7 !
  20. Returned to the game a month or 2 ago to catch up and continue playing. MR19 with 1000+hrs looking for a clan to learn from and play the game with.
  21. Druids of the Lotus Click here to join the Community Discord server! "Druids of the Lotus is beginning to recruit players from the XBOX platform! While we understand your clan won't be able to receive an invitation in-game (because we are a PC clan), we will send you one when the accessibility arrives!" About us We are a small clan/community of friends that was first established back in 2015. All players new and returning are welcome to join us; our player-base is very diverse experience-wise and hosts both new-comer and veteran players alike of any background (our golden-rule is quality over quantity regarding recruiting members)! Resource contribution is not required but encouraged. If you are looking for a tightly knit community of casual players that also enjoys occasional competitivity amongst each other, then this community is for you! There may be a miniscule amount of ideocracy within our community. What we offer A rank 11 mountain clan with an active roster of players Discord and In-game (280+ presently), Completed dojo with a Dry Dock, Crimson Branch and all other required rooms. All research is completed and available to our active members, An active community discord with populated voice-chat channels and a vibrant roster of international players (Our community is vastly populated with North American, European players, and a few Asian/Oceanic players), Giveaways + Clan events that offer a wide variety of prizes including Steam cards, in-game gifts and platinum; and Community events such as movie-nights, DnD nights, game nights and much more! Requirements Mastery Rank 3 or above, A minimum age of 16; we have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who doesn't meet these criteria, Active participation in the Clan Discord; our progression is based on time spent in Discord and our Research is available to active members only. Voice-chat participation is not required however encouraged, All new members have a 14-day Inactivity rule which increases based on time spent in the Clan; and You must have basic literacy in the English language. If you are interested in joining the Clan, please join our Discord through this link! Thank you for considering our community, have a nice day!
  22. The Lotus Consortium Click here to join the Community Discord server! "The Lotus Consortium is beginning to recruit clans from the XBOX platform! While we understand your clan won't be able to receive an invitation in-game, we will send you one when the accessibility arrives!" Member Capacity 480/600 Clans in House: Druids of the Lotus Noodles Fused Veggies Luminarae Universium S.A.U.C.E Flamebolts Outcast Samurais The Visini Council Gilded Moon Black Rose Kingdom Infinite Casuality Loop Renga About us The Lotus Consortium is a social-hub established in Winter 2022 that welcomes a home to clans of all sizes, experience, and nationality! The Alliance was created by the clan Druids of the Lotus which has been around since Winter 2015. The Alliance is ran by veteran players that love and appreciate this game to establish a close-knitted family for players alike that share our love for Warframe! Our Community also consists of casual players new and veteran alike that also enjoy competitivity amongst each other. We like to recruit with a emphasis on Quality over Quantity, so we would like to recruit clans that are well-organized, and socially active. The Alliance is mostly populated by North American players however we do have European, Asian and Oceanic players. We are not in a rush nor competing against other Alliances to grow a vastly-populated community. Aspiring goals We are dedicated towards putting together a vast community of players that enjoy Warframe and engage everyone to co-operate and make friends amongst each other. We are also interested in meeting all kinds of new people and continue to move towards the close-knitted family of people we wish to establish! Our goal is to keep the community smaller-focused up to 600 members (While still upkeeping the activity we promised) and potentially re-branding our Clan Discord to an Alliance Discord where all members can have access to the activity-based leveling structure. It is also our intentions to branch out to other games, host weekly events such as movie nights, game nights etc as our community grows! What we offer to clans the Alliance hosts A active social-hub on Discord for all of your Clan members can participate in to talk amongst each other, play games, and voice-chat, Veteran players who are informed about the game to assist your newer players, Monthly giveaways, and community events such as Prime Access giveaways (Also can include Steam and Platinum), Weekly Captura contests for your members to have a chance to win various prizes such as Warframe Slots, Potatos, Cosmetics and ultra-rare prizes including Legendary Cores; and Our Discord Server is well-developed and offers unique titles to your Clan members (We will also offer your Clan a special role & emblem if most of your Clan joins the Discord) Clan Requirements Your clan may be of any size, experience or nationality however we require: Basic literacy in the English language, Interest of your members in joining our Discord Server; and A well organized community of active members (We will have an Alliance representative verify as such) Community Rules & Etiquette You may run your clan as you please however our Discord enforces a 16 years or older policy; members who do not reach this requirement may not join as this is non-negotiable; and Our community does have a miniscule amount of idiocrasy however toxicity amongst each other & edgy behavior is not accepted here. If the Lotus Consortium interests you, please join our Discord and submit an application! Click here to join the Community Discord server! Thank you for considering our Alliance, have a nice day!
  23. Dear Tenno, I haven't played in several years. Long enough to even consider myself new. I'm MR8. I have some max prime frames and weapons (probably not the good ones anymore). But I have no idea what I should be doing or where I should even start. That leads to me logging in and not staying long. Do I level a 0 rank frame? Do I try to use one of my max frames and level weapons, increase MR, and keep working through the star chart? I thought of joining a clan and asking for help, but feel bad about asking someone to spend their time helping me. Please send help! Sincerely, Overwhelmed Noob
  24. I'm looking for a Warframe clan with a discord where i can just chill and talk with people with similar interests. Would be nice if there were people who are always on VC so i can hop in whenever. It's a Necessity for it to have an art chat for i am a creative person and wish to express myself in such a way. Thank you
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