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Found 7,619 results

  1. Allow Sentinel + Companion?

    TWO companions is better then ONE - But not for the sake of Damage! Alright so before people spit out "OP" or "lame" excuses... It would be very nice if we could have Both the Sentinel AND an companion. ----------- Q: Alright but how do we balance this to not have 2 attack pets? A: Sentinel will not be able Equip weapon if secondary pet is active (Kubrow/Cat). Q: Alright so i have a dog/cat pet now but why not a weapon on sentinel? A: Consider you already got a "weapon" in terms of your dog/cat, you dont need an on your sentinel aswell. Q: So why even have sentinel out if i have my dog/cat? A: Simply becuse they are the absolut BEST "Vacuum cleaners" there is! -- Carrier: Ammo -- Helios: Scan + Weakness -- Shade: Stealth Support -- Taxon: Shield booster Q: Alright but how about mods, Cant use duplicates on each? A: NO = If one kind of mod is on Sentinel, The same type should not be viable on your Cat/Dog. (For balance sake). ------------------- Alright i think i have answeared some of the major questions that may come up. - Do YOU have more questions for DE? Please add them in the comments below! Edit (1): Added Sentinels Type of Pets + Their benefits (if double-pets).
  2. Hello, The Moonmun clan is looking for an alliance to join, we are a big clan (Moon). Was hoping we could find some alliances that are recruiting on here! Thank you, AleMcDale
  3. Welcome to the Nightfall Gladiators! We are an Australian-based clan that is recruiting members from anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, or South-East Asia! We're also the sister clan of the Celestial Gladiators, the current top Oceanic event clan! However, we focus on a casual mindset, taking it slow, and enjoying the game without the stress of events. This clan hosts CG members who don't want to do events but still want to stay with the Gladiators, but we’re now open to the anyone who wants to join us! If you're looking for a clan that's got good friends, bad jokes, and the personal touch to it, we are the clan for you!! -99% finished Clan Research, with access to all others – Ignis Wraith can be acquired just by asking! - Want to learn Raids? we have full Raid Guides and plenty of Raid Leaders who are RSB recognised and willing to help you learn! - All raids every day - Raids are in the evenings by Australian timezones, but are flexible depending on the day and people. - We're at home in the V Alliance, one of the finest Alliances in Warframe. - Three Discord servers - the Clan server (which we share with CG), the Alliance server, and the Non-Warframe Gaming server. - A huge, neatly decorated Dojo, featuring several glitched rooms and a room just for Traders. (Click "Spoilers" to see it!) Our rules are clear and simple. ⭐ Be kind to not just clanmates, but everybody. ⭐ Follow the advice or instructions of any Head Gladiators when they speak to you. ⭐ Use English in the Clan Chat and in Discord. ⭐Contribute to Nightfall wherever possible! This could be in Research, or in Raids, but do your best! ⭐Show some Clan Pride! Changing your name to add -NG- earns you a promotion in clan, and a minty green name in the clan Discord! ⭐ Warlord - Master Gladiator ⭐ The role occupied by yours truly, Squiddy. There's not much to say here, I do Warlord things. In the Discord server, my name is bright blue. ⭐ Officer - Head Gladiator ⭐ The Head Gladiators are the second-in-commands, most trusted, and active members. They assist Squiddy in her daily jobs as well as helping with any surprises. We have purple names in our clan Discord. ⭐ Chief Gladiators ⭐ These members are exceptional in one of two areas - they are either Raid Leaders or Community Leaders. Raid Leaders, as you'd probably guess, are in charge of leading and organising the daily Raids. They have bright pink names in the clan Discord. Community Leaders, however, are in charge of recruitment. Yellow names are the easiest way to identify them. ⭐ Top Gladiators ⭐ These members are the highest rank they can be without being a Leader. They have shown exceptional Clan loyalty, help immensely, and are devoted. If ever you're in need of ingame advice, they're who you turn to! To join this rank: You must be MR15 or higher, own Trinity, Vauban, Volt, Nova, and either Banshee or Frost, and solo 45 minutes of Mot, Void. ⭐ Advanced Gladiators ⭐ These members have impressed the Leaders with their skill and activity. They've worked their way up, but still have some way to go. To become Advanced: you must be MR12 or higher, and complete a squad of 30 minutes Mot, Void with a squad of NG clanmates! ⭐ Initiate Gladiators ⭐ Newer members that are starting to show their potential. To move up to Initiate, you must be a Discord member and own 10 Warframes. ⭐ Recruit Gladiators ⭐ New clan members, but not to be underestimated. This is the default rank - hopefully, the only way is up! ⭐ Cryo-Sleep ⭐ These members have left Warframe for longer than 30 days, but are immune to AFK kicks because of this role. If you're going to be away and want to stay in Nightfall, let a Leader know so they can assign you this role! You're ready? No? Of course you are~ Please ensure that you fit our requirements - that you're MR7 or higher, that you live in Australia, New Zealand, or South-East Asia, and that you're ready to use Discord if you're interested in raiding. (Of course, Discord is optional otherwise!) Our Steam group can be found here! Our Facebook group can be found here! Our Discord group access is given once you are a member! If you fit these requirements and are interested in joining Nightfall, you have two options. The first is to apply via our Discord Recruitment Channel, the second is to apply here, on the forums. A few things we'd like to know about you when you apply are your: Mastery Rank: Country: Previous clan: Do you have Discord?: Anything we should know about you?: We hope to see you soon!
  4. Ash Prime+Supra Vandal

    Играл я значит на обороне(Уран),залез на канат с Супрой вандал в руках,пострелял,все было нормально,все анимации в порядке,потом решил покидать сюрикены(1 скилл),закончил обстрел сюрикенами,затем эш должен был достать Супру из за спины,но что то пошло не так,и такая анимация сохраняется,если просто бегать по канату,анимация стрельбы в норме,с остальным оружием тоже нет проблем,также проблема исчезает,если спрыгнуть с каната,но потом все повторяется,исправьте плиз,а то это меня немного напрягает
  5. Six in a row.

    So, users who have done sorties would know that Ayatan Statues can be gotten through the rewards... well, I'm on a Fail streak. I've gone and gotten Six of the things in a row, non-stop, since the last riven I got. (I'm counting Endo rewards as this as well, as it is really easy to get 4000 Endo.) so, yeah. I swear, If I only get Statues, i'm going to go insane... like, levels of insane
  6. FREESWORD Promo code

    Promo Code: FREESWORD Don't know what it is, Just redeemed it. Who can tell me what it is? Free slot?
  7. Scam

    Witam zostałem oszukany na 500 platyny w grze w taki sposób że jedna osoba chce kupić za (w tym wypadku 600 platyny) riven mod a 2 sprzedaje go za 500 postanowiłem skorzystać z okazji i kupiłem od tej osoby ten riven za 500 następnie zostałem zablokowany przez obie osoby. Wysłałem screeny i opis sytuacji do supportu ale chciałbym się dowiedzieć czy mam jakieś szanse na odzyskanie platyny i czy te osoby zostaną zbanowane.
  8. Captura is here!! This new photobooth mode will excite your deepest fashion frame desires. Use this megathread to show off screenshots of your Warframes in all of their customized glory! Looking to access Captura? Here’s how! Head to the Arsenal and select your Warframe Appearance tab. There you will see a new button titled Captura on the bottom right. Upon launching Captura, you can select the Corpus Ship Maintenance, Grineer Galleon Cargo, or Infested Ship Hologram scene. From there you can spawn in enemies, slow down, or speed up time and compose a stunning photograph. Add more depth to your composition with dozens of filters, special effects and graphic options. If you have any bugs to report please post them here: Thank you! We hope you enjoy the Update :)
  9. Are YOU a new player? Are YOU an old player? Are YOU a veteran? Are you never accepted into a clan because you're new? Well lucky for you, none of this matters since everyone is welcome!! We want a big and active community who wants to grow big enough to fight for the solar rails! Wanna be one of the first players in this soon-to-be huge clan? Then Join! EMBLEM: (don't worry it's transparant in-game and cool af) ALLIANCE: The White Order is part of a big alliance! Not the very competetive one, but the one with a loving community! "Seal of Prophets" is the name of the alliance! The leader of the alliance is extremely active, and that's something really good! They have raids, discord and a loving community! Seriously, just check out their applying page, they only get possitive feedback! ^ Is old stuff, we used to be part of that alliance but not anymore. Instead we have created our own alliance! "The Covenant" is our very own Alliance and we want more clans to join that one too! We are currently alone in it but if you own a clan or know a clan that is looking for an alliance, just write to me and I'll be glad to have you clan! (Only serious clans though, dont want any weeb stuff and things like that.) Currently we don't have a discord. I'm thinking of making one though if the clan is successful, maybe even one for the Alliance if that is successful too! LEADERS: Currently the only leaders (warlords) in this clan will be me (Vispen) and my friend (Ezzal), if you seem trustworthy and a nice person you'll be promoted. Ranks: Warlord Admiral General Sage Captain Soldier Initiate Peasant These are the ranks of our clan. Newcomers start as Initiate and Ghost-members will immediately be promoted to soldier, nothing special. No more ghosts. If you behave like an a-hole you'll become a peasant, simple. DOJO: Okay so here comes the dojo! Me and Ezzal have tried to make the dojo as compact as possible! We didn't want a too big dojo, we want a compact and alive dojo. The grand halls are decorated, not fully (that would be incredibly many decorations), but just enough. If you see something that can be improved, me and Ezzal will take you seriously and listen to you. The other floors wont contain much, one of the elevators will only go to all the barracks for clan promotion and the other will contain some decorated rooms with water and zhit. So we have all the labs, but we dont have all the research. That's our current goal, get all research done and then promote the clan higher, and higher. Long ago (previous text) in the clan we got too hesitant and pushed the clan up to mountain-clan and it wasn't really healthy for us. People stopped playing, not many active players and no one contributed so we had to lower ourselves to ghost-tier (We thought that since the clan-tier would derank so would the prices, but they didn't) so right now everything is expensive to research, but luckily we have almost everything. Now a shadow-clan, NICE! Research is going forward fast! (Shoutout to FuryScythe for being a real homie) Tenno lab: 51/63 Orokin lab: 5/9 (No specters) Chem lab: 15/17 Bio lab: 16/19 Energy lab: 17/22 ^ might not be up-to-date since we research more and more. We have much resources in clan vault since we were a mountain clan and built stuff, then destroyed it and demoted to ghost clan, so it's only a matter of time when all the research is complete. (Som resources are depleted) map of the dojo: Sorry for bad picture, the map is an a-hole... END: Sooo, if there's anything missing, anything you want to know, just tell me! ;) IGN: vispen Steam: zmiken99 (I know.. it's old af) Timezone: Me and Ezzal live in CET. UTC +01:00 If you are offline for 20 days without telling me or Ezzal why, boom, you're out. (You can message ME in the forums, I check regularly)
  10. We're Royal Destiny, a clan that is on top of the food chain. Our members are forever loyal, strong, and great individuals. Together, we make an Empire and our community creates the foundation of our strength. We strive to be the king of warframe nation We began this clan as a ghost two years ago with a group of 4 individuals without a clan. Our founders were RoseDestiny, FerrousWolf, Gbonk, Papersuit. It was fate how we actually met. We started as pug group for a mission and began playing together for a couple days. Then, we decided to say -"Hey, Let's create an amazing clan". So, we did. We created a community of gamers where we were able to meet like-minded individuals where we build new-relationships and establish stronger bonds. There were definitely some up-downs on developing the clan but we did our best to solve any issue that came our way. We can safely say "We definitely came a long way. It started with 4 and now we have over 900." [ Current Member Requirements ] Rank 6+ [ Current Members ] 990+ [ Current Alliance ] Rose - 10 Clans [ Raids ] During Raid Reset hours [ Discord - Voice Chat ] pm officers for invitation - 24 hr link [ Research Status ] All Complete - HEMA RESEARCH COMPLETE [ Clan Website ] Royal Destiny Website [ Sister Clan ] Royal Destiny Academy - Moon Royal Destiny Elite (MR 15+) - Mountain Royal Destiny United (MR 3+) - Moon 1. No spamming/Flooding chat 2. No flaming (joking around is okay, but dont go too far) 3. No hate speech i.e: racism, sexism etc towards other users 4. Be kind to one another :) Just to let you know, we want our clan to be extremely active. Therefore, we have a 15 day inactivity policy. However, if you plan to go on a break or vacation, please notify us on our steam page. We definitely want you to come back to us! We're all over the globe. Most of our players are based in USA,CAN,AUS,UK. Our Motto: Contact List: Royal Destiny TacitCensure Jospedas IraqiWalker MARSMAN. RIBS.HAVOC CheezyBroc ImuraOnyxious Copula RoseDestiny AetherLink Dranco20000 Royal Destiny Academy Danday21 Jahirie RageJunkie Royal Destiny Elite Appocalyptic Please post your IGN, rank, region, Type of player: Casual or Competitive below if interested. Example: IGN: AetherLink Rank: 23 Region: USA Type of Player: Competitive Reminder: Please exit your current clan when you post so we can invite you as fast as possible! Just Keep in Mind, we are doing our best to add everybody. You either will be put in Royal Destiny, Royal Destiny Academy, Royal Destiny Elite (MR 18+).
  11. ~Crescent Moon Prime~ Dojo: Complete! Everything is researched DISCORD VOIP: "Ice.WF" (in your web browser will take you directly to our fantastic discord!) Alliance: proud member of ICE. Twitter: @ClanCM FaceBook: www.Facebook.Com/CrescentMoonPrime Forums: www.Clancm.Net When you got that Nova Prime, did you ever use regular Nova again? What about that Soma Prime, regular plain old Soma got the ax didn't it? And what about that prime armor, the non prime version looked kinda boring didn't it? We feel the same way, we prefer things primed. Why? Because Primed, is better. What is Crescent Moon Prime? We are a moon clan made up of active members from all over the globe. We choose to be competitive and focused on the community we create for our members. We frequently hold contests and competitions for our members involving platinum, complete prime frames and weapons, and various other rewards. Join our discord ( and get to know us - very few people leave us once they join! Our creed: We believe in the community of our members! We enjoy assisting each other, growing the active base of the clan, and helping everyone enjoy their time in Warframe. We are also made up largely of Warframe veterans who are willing to help and teach newer players. How does one become a Crescent Moon Prime member? Post your in game name to this thread, as well as your mastery rank. Connect to our discord server on ICE.WF with a working mic and your ingame name as nickname. When connected ask for one of our recruiter. What do we ask of you? We expect our players to be reasonably active and participate in Warframe events and some aspects of our community. Requirements: Agree to be part of our competitive clan nature Capable of using Discord, and have a good attitude General Guidelines: We have a complete list of rules regarding our clan, which can be found at Rules.CMP.Ninja. Adult content is allowed in our clan as Warframe is a 17+ game; however, NSFW content is strongly urged to be kept in private conversations in our teamspeak, or squad chat. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Above image donated to the clan by StrongBelieves. The clan thanks you for your continued support, and dedication to Crescent Moon Prime. Winner in Rathuum Event: through dedication and fair play. Our domination in Shadow Debt: we were the only moon clan to claim a gold trophy -CM-Mrow proving his dominance. One of our members performing at the top of their game!
  12. "God of Time" Deus Ex Tempus is a 2+ year-old laid-back and active clan aiming to reach and stay at the maximum number of members (~1000 members) for a constant flurry of activity. Our goal is to just basically have fun with the game, and with each other! There was no MR requirement, however due to the influx of new playesrs we now have a minimum MR requirement of 5. We have a large dojo with everything researched, and even now we are still constantly renovating and expanding. You can check out our dojo along with our clannies at the bottom! Founded by YouHaveShamedYoFamory (original thread:, there has now been a transfer of leadership, starting with this new, official recruitment thread that will replace the old. ONWARD, TO GLORY! [ Recruitment Status ] Open [ Current Minimum Mastery Requirement ] MR 5 Any member invited through referrals and not through official mediums are exempt from this [ Current Member Count ] 900+ [ Current Alliance ] Seal of Prophets [ Raids ] Almost nightly hosted by our leader! (EST) Anyone and everyone in our clan is welcome to join in, new or not. [ Permanent Clan Tax ] 0% [ Research Status ] Complete [ Discord Server (Text/Voice Chat) ] Not required - our main form of communication is through game clan chat, but you are always welcome to join our discord to chat about random things! (It is also the main form of communication between staff members, thus staff there are online 90% of the time should you ever need to contact them.) [ Current Purging Policy ] To make room, we purge as we recruit new members. Anyone with >20 days of inactivity may be purged if it is deemed necessary. You can contact one of the high ranking members (Deus+) and warn us how long you'll be gone, and you won't be kicked. If you were purged, we had nothing against you. You can always ask to be invited back as we welcome returning members with open arms! We're a simple clan, we don't have half a page of rules encased in a wall of text like some other clans. All we ask is: • Be respectful to others and their differing opinions. Harassment/ad hominem will not be tolerated at all. • Vulgar and explicit content should not be discussed in public. • Keep trade-related messages to a minimum. • Do not beg for handouts. These are for the comfort of every clan member. If you feel you are unduly subjected to any mistreatment, or if you see anything against these rules, PM one of our higher ranking members (Officers+) with a screenshot if possible immediately either in-game or on Discord. If this is not possible, then you may contact me personally. How to Join! 1. Be sure you are at least MR 5 2. Leave your current clan if you are currently in one. 3. Reply to this thread, expressing your interest in joining. 4. Wait for confirmation of a sent invitation in this thread, or periodically check your inbox (step 5). 5. Accept your invite by pressing ESC in-game, click Communications, then click Inbox to find your clan invitation. Unfortunately, if you do not respond to the invite after several days then we must clear the pending invite to make room for new members. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in Discord or here. Otherwise, head on down to the Media section! For a map of the Dojo's first floor (the most significant one), click the button below, otherwise enjoy all our photos at the bottom! Disclaimer: Color shades shown in screenshots may not be the ones seen through regular gameplay, however all photos were taken in-game with clan members through organized events. Special thanks to all of our devoted clannies for their coordination and time!
  13. Introduction Here at Pure Tide, we're all about our social interactions and being a tight knit group, we have high expectations of each other but there are huge rewards to reap in return! We have a facebook group and chat which are both active and important to the clan, coupled with this, there is the huge ICE alliance discord to be a part of, these are mandatory requirements as we are always talking and keeping members in the loop. In addition to the community side, we like our members active, major warframe events must be participated in, with a useable score; we are a top 10 shadow clan in most events due to the tireless effort of our members. Our activity threshold is 4 days inactive if you are not part of the facebook and discord, and 10 days henceforth; this can be lenient in some circumstances; we're far from slave drivers, and have many very approachable senior members and officers if you have any issues, or need some time out. Finally, we merely expect you to enjoy being part of our family, we get on well, and hope you do too! Day to day life with us is never boring and there'll always be someone around to help out or lend an ear. Research All research in all areas is complete. This includes: Ignis Wraith blueprint. Hema blueprint. New Guandao and Zakti blueprints Clan Dojo Discontinued tilesets (orokin derelict tilesets), everything you could ever need. Rank 9, with all research being completed within a few days of release. What can we do for you? We have many very skilled members who push the boundaries of the meta and current builds, all ready to help you. Daily raids of both JV and LoR, with Nightmare for the veteran players. Provide an active and friendly community for you and other members. What we would like from you Activity: As above, 4 days inactivity if you are not part of the facebook and discord, 10 days otherwise (without valid reason). Companionship: Playing games with others from the clan is encouraged. Participate: World events are MANDATORY; we are not a top 10 Shadow Clan by sitting around doing nothing. Growth: We accept anyone, but we expect growth; staying at MR5 for several months is far from growth. Politeness: Good manners and being nice is important, and we expect this. English speaking: Self explanatory, members should know/be able to speak decent English. If you think you have what it takes to join our wonderful society, message one of the following players or post below with the following: Recruitment members/officers (message one of these members): Avidain (Clan Warlord) Aquellia Theister Cephalon_Moisty Esdraphus Motionboy Forum application: Username: Mastery rank: Time Zone: General weekly activity: LOR(+NM) JV complete?: Favourite Warframe: Anything else we should know?:
  14. We are the Royal Destiny Guard, a sister clan of Royal Destiny, we offer the high quality life shared by all RD clans, but for the Tenno that prefer smaller, more tight knit groups. We're also part of the 2,500+ member Royal Destiny Famiy, a line of two successful moon clans, a rapidly growing moon clan and a competitive mountain clan. The Royal Destiny Family Royal Destiny Royal Destiny Academy Royal Destiny United Royal Destiny Elite Clan Tier: Mountain Requirement: MR 6+ Current Membership: 150+ Research: Fully Researched Alliance: Rose What we're looking for: Active players who are Mastery Rank 7 and above. Most importantly, we want players who are mature, and loyal. Be kind and helpful of fellow members, both in clan and in alliance. Hate speech and flaming are not tolerated (e.g. racism, homophobia, sexism). General teasing and joking are okay, but don't go too far. Do not spam/flood clan or alliance chat. Selling & trading in chat are allowed but don't make it excessive. Do not take advantage of fellow members; instead, offer help and advice when you can. As we strive to maintain an extremely active clan, we have a 10-day inactivity policy. However this is excused when a notice is given to Officers via our Steam page or Discord. What we offer: A very active, friendly, and helpful collective. A strong clan that puts member activity as a top priority. Daily raids and frequent clan events. An international clan with members from all over the world. Most of our players are based in the USA, CAN, AUS, and the UK. A well-designed Dojo. 100% completed labs and research, including the Hema. The Ignis Wraith is available upon request. A large Discord server with over 1000 members all over the globe: link provided upon joining the clan. The founders of our alliance, Rose, which is continually growing. Competitive ranking system. We're all over the globe. Most of our players are based in the USA, CAN, AUS, and the UK. Please post your in-game name, rank, and region. We will reply to your comment as soon as possible to confirm that we have sent you an invitation. You will find the invitation in your inbox in-game. Example: IGN: playah5 Rank: 19 Region: South America Reminder: Make sure to exit your current clan before leaving a comment (Communication > Clan > click on your name > Leave Clan). In the unlikely event that 24 hours have passed and you have yet to receive an invite, please contact one of the members listed below in-game. Contact List: playah5 Dub13 Auroravi Catemonster Defexx IvanCY Omikias Simman102 wavy.
  15. I've created a new weapon with many functions, that I think you would beinteressed by it. Every time you will change the build, it will change how to interact with the weapon. In other word, it is a riffle corpus. Initially, his function is like a normal riffle (single shot or a few shots at time). But, when you use it as a secondary, the weapon will change his aspect and his functions. The speed of the run will decrease, but it would not change the speed of the walk. The weapon will open and it will became a semi-shield and at the same time a semi-shotgun. When it's active in his second type, all the loader's shots (the shot is made of energy) will became the shield of the weapon. You can shot meanwhile the shield is active, but the shield will lose the resistance, because the energy of the shield is the same energy for the shot. The shots have a large diffusions, so it's ideal when you've few vital's points and you're face to face with the enemies. The resistance of the shield is composed with the number of the loader's shots per the total damage of the single shot from the primary weapon. The mod "multi-shots" don't influence the resistance of the shield, but when you use shot-gun (meanwhile the shield is active) the number ofthe multi-shots will increase. For the shield is recommanded to use mods for increase the range and for increase the capacity of the loader. It means, that the shield is wider and more resistent, so it's the ideal for small spaces, as tunnel and corridor and for safe your mates or to safe the objective. There is three principal build: 1. Primary shot 2. Secondary shot 3. For the shield I've done a drawing of this weapons. What do you think about it? Would it be use as new style for the gameplay? It's better than the two shields of the cold steel of Warframe. In order word, it's more adaptable. ^^
  16. "Always at your side, in death and glory." Every Tenno needs a weapon and a friend. We've got both. Sentinel Nova, what are we? A family, a group of gamers that play together and help one another. No goals, no pressure all just good fun. After all, if you are not having fun ... Do I need to say more? Summary: Demography: International. Clan type: Casual. Clan activity: Roughly 80 steady active member count since game launch. What we expect from you: - "Respectful is earned, not demanded." Threat others as you want them to treat you. After all: You reap what you sow. - "Only that what can be observed, exists." Log in once a month at least, to show you still have an interest in the game and your fellow Tenno. What we ask of you: - "Live not for yourself, but for those around you." Helping others gives them more reason to help you and those around them and so on. In the end you benefit from this just as much as they do. - "Stay calm, like the river." There is never a good reason to curse, swear or otherwise lose your temper. There is nothing that can't be solved though normal discussion. - "If it bleeds ..." Nothing can not be overcome, if you need help, ask. If you have a question ... ask. The forums are a good place for this, but in-game chat can be used in a pinch. - "Answers are free, recourse are not." In short: No begging! Period. If you need help acquiring an item, ask people to help you. But not to do it for you. FAQ: - But I want to solo ... And you can, no one will hold it against you. But don't be afraid to talk in chat, we don't bite .... much. - What type of clan are we? Currently a Storm clan. We can count up to 100 members presently. (We downsized. Started out as a Mountain clan) - These events .... how active are we in them? That is up to each individual Tenno. Some of use go above and beyond, other don't really care. use the chat during these event to find out! - If I have a problem with another member ... You shouldn't, but if it happens talk to a General or Warlord if that person is an officer or a Commander or higher for another member. You can either use the in game whisper function or use the forums. Best to keep these kind of thing out the general chat. - Do I have to ask permission to invite people / start projects / buy stuff in the Dojo / etc. No, the only things that would ever need a consensus to be reached are Commander and up type promotions and drastic changes to the clan / Dojo / ranking. - If I have a question about the clan...? Post it in the FAQ section of the forums, though you might want to search first. Someone ells may have asked it already. When it becomes extensive, I'll add it here. - I was kicked! Why! I don't want to go! Relax. This was most likely because you hadn't logged in for a month. Just post on the forums or ask in game and we get you right back in. - Can I contact you or other members besides in-game? You can also find most of our members at the Sentinel Nova Steam group; Though this is not a primary communication platform, you can find clan members through it. Never go alone... If you are ready to join, leave your in-game name in the comments below, and we will be sure to answer. Invites will be processed once every 24 hours!
  17. Charm still doesn't apply to operator

    Despite being 'fixed' in a recent hotfix, in most cases, the 2x resources/affinity Smeeta Kavat charm buff still doesn't get shared. Please fix!
  18. Cronus mod

    Anyone know how much this mod will cost? It is a cronus Mod +19.1% channeling efficiency +35.2% Melee Damage -10.2% impact (keep in mind cronus uses slash)
  19. Hey guys! ~~~~~~~~~ Were recruiting for the weekend to find fresh new faces to join us here at Da Pham! Were a very small clan containing 16 people, all of which are active and very close friends. There are few requirements, but most importantly were looking for people that are active. We also have a discord! Of course, you'll need to join this to be able to be granted initiation. simply by replying to this forum post requesting i send you an invite to the discord. (You do not have to talk, or even talk all the time. its there so we can inform you of recent changes and or news, as well as keep in touch with our small community) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For a couple of side notes, there are a few extra things that we plan on doing in the future. These things include; YouTube recording, Major farming rotation groups (Co-leaders and i will be taking people on major farming rotations), Going for lengthy survival and defense, constantly taking Captura scenes. We are also helping with builds on frames and weapons! So don't be afraid to ask. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also provided are ways to move up in the ranks, and a list of people who are ranked as well as the ranking system. Ways to move up: You are able to move up by being active, showing you are contributing to the clan, as well as being an active chat member, discord member and a proactive, friendly and 11/10 community member. Newborn Phammie: None New Phammie: snowmanairsoftgaming, Probiscuit12 Phammie: A_Tenno_In_Maroon, Hayter12, Laxus75 Da Real Phammie: Wparker, Reptkota Pham Leader: Mini44 Pham Officer: None Pham Phattie: Scandard, FunyonFroto, FreedomIncarnate, Spruce1565, Scarface306 Pham Lord: The.Fram3.226 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gallery: We do plenty of Captura! Feel free to ask for feats :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (were also based in multiple timezones, and were not looking for anything specific. I myself is in pacific standard, so do let me know your timezone and we can conform to it) I will check this regularly, so no need to worry about late replies :)
  20. Commander Synthesis Targets

    I can't seem to find any commanders. I've looked at a couple of different websites and they have all said pantheon on mercury, but I've done it quite a few times now and I haven't seen cephalon say anything once. Is there a better location to find them or am I just unlucky?
  21. bug quete guerre interieure

    bonjour a tous,je me suis remis a warframe depuis peu et bien des choses ont changé...evidemment toute mise a jour apporte souvent son lot de bug divers et variés :) apres avoir cherché pendant quelques heures sans rien trouver,je suis venu ici vous demander si vous aviez une solution a ce probleme: j ai accompli la guerre interieure avec succes jusqu a tuer le boss(avec succes aussi),et finis par me retrouver dans mon vaisseau,ou un message s affiche en haut de l ecran me demandant d appuyer sur la touche ( de mon clavier,chose que je m empresse de faire evidemment... la,ben rien! rien ne se passe,le jeu n est pas freeze,rien ne lag,mais la transcendance ne fonctionne pas,et a ce stade de la quete on ne peut evidemment pas la mettre en "pause",le seul moyen que j ai trouvé de pouvoir en sortir est de fermer le jeu,l ouvrir a nouveau et me depecher d aller interrompre la quete avant que le chargement automatique ne se mette en route. je n ai vu personne a part moi avoir ce genre de probleme,ma connection est impeccable mais rien n y fait,je suis coincé a ce moment de la quete,n ayant aucune option pour la redemarrer ou reprendre une etape en dessous,je ne peux la terminer. si quelqu un sait comment je peux resoudre ce probleme afin de pouvoir terminer cette quete tres interessante,ca m aiderait beaucoup :)
  22. Always prepared to sacrifice. This monastic Warframe uses the Void to bolster allies’ defenses and amplify their lethality. Get Harrow today by purchasing him in the Market for Platinum, or by completing the Chains of Harrow quest and finding his parts! His parts can be found in the Defection mission type, Grineer Fortress Spy missions, and from enemies corrupted by Void Fissures! Harrow's Abilities: Passive: Harrow’s overshield cap is doubled. Condemn: Harrow casts a wave of energy that chains enemies where they stand. Each enemy held reinforces Harrow’s shields. Penance: Harrow sacrifices shields to boost reload and fire rate, while converting damage inflicted on enemies into health for Harrow and nearby allies (including companions). The more shields are sacrificed the longer the buff lasts. Thurible: Channel Harrow’s energy into the Thurible to generate a buff. The more energy channeled, the longer the buff will last. Once finished, killing enemies will bestow nearby allies with bursts of energy. Headshot kills reward four times the energy compared to body kills. Covenant: Protect nearby allies with an energy force that absorbs all enemy damage and converts it to a Critical Chance bonus that can stack up to 2x for all those under the Covenant for a short duration. The more damage is prevented, the bigger the bonus. Headshots are amplified even further. Please note that we will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing with Harrow. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed. If you have any bugs to report please post them here:
  23. Hi there, I'm Sxy_Snake and I'm here to invite you to Chibi! We're a close-knit community that enjoys movies, food, music, but most importantly, games. Our guild plays many games, and we are always looking for new friends to join us. Several of us have decided to try (or return to) Warframe. Personally, I've been hooked for the past ten days hence this post and the rest are very interested as well. We currently have five people in the clan but we need some help expanding our Dojo to get the basic structures built. If you can, great! If you can't, just being involved in-game and hanging out with us in our Discord is more than enough. Now for some of the specifics: -We are currently a Ghost Clan Rank 2 -We would prefer that you use Discord. Link will be given to you when you join. -If you do choose to join, please be active! Let me know if you're going to be away for some time. -If interested, please leave your ign in this thread or add me in-game. That's it for now, I'm looking forward to meeting you! See you soon.
  24. ALRIGHT GUYS! SO IT FINALLY HAPPENED TO ME! So, I had just finished today's sortie, and I was checking my orbiter like I normally do... And I went to the lower part, and slid across, and slammed my face into my operator lmao. They were standing in the middle doing a handstand, and when I went up to them, they said the same "Hey, Kiddo"' Here's my info... ------------------------------------------------------------- TIME: 4:25 pm EST PLACE: Lower part of the orbiter, in the center. ACTION: Doing a wobbly handstand CIRCUMSTANCES: I just did the 3rd sortie. I got the Ayatan Anasa Sculpture. I do not have Rell's Donda in my orbiter. I was using Ivara with the Vulkar Wraith, Euphona Prime, and Endura, with no companion. ------------------------------------------------------------- Looking back on it, I want to go into decoration mode, whilst looking at the Man in the Wall, and place rells donda near it. Maybe it will do something? Idk. Please tell me if your circumstances are similar!!!
  25. 원래 이렇게 보여야되는데 저에 경우에는 양쪽에 달려있는 5개 5개씩 총 10개에 작은 상자가 없는데요 어떻게 된거죠