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  1. Nidus Prime & Plague Star: Hotfix 30.7.5 Ghoulsaw Butcher's Revelry Stance Changes: The first-of-its-kind Assault Saw is in your hands. Ghoulsaw has been out for a little under a week, and with it, our latest Melee Stance: Butcher’s Revelry. We are buffing some Combos in this Stance. More power is coming for Tenno that are out there combo’ing like the best of them. Rictus’ Wrath Combo - Added guaranteed Slash status on second hit - Increased damage multiplier from 2 to 3 of the third attack - Increased damage multiplier from 3 to 4 of the fourth attack Rip 'n Ride Combo - Increased damage multiplier of second hit in the attack from 1 to 2 - Increased damage multiplier of the final hit in the attack from 2 to 3 Reciprocator Combo - Increased the damage multiplier of the first two hits of the first attack from 0.5 to 1 - Increased the damage multiplier of the fourth hit in the first attack from 1 to 2 - Added a guaranteed Slash proc to the third hit in the second attack - Increased the damage multiplier of the final hit in the second attack from 3 to 4 This means that as you’re engaging with Combos for all things Ghoulsaw, you’ll be dealing more and more damage. We wanted to increase the lethality of all things Ghoulsaw after reading player feedback, and felt the Combos themselves were the best place to buff a big batch of numbers to encourage use of the full gamut of moves! This also makes it so well into the future, other weapons in this class that share the Stance would have this baseline power. Optimizations: Made micro-optimizations to reduce hitches in DirectX 12. Made a micro-optimization to rendering. Changes: Tweak elemental weapon FX to bring unification across elemental combos. Reskinned the Customization screen for the Note Beacon Decoration to reflect a more Vitruvian style. Fixes: Fixed the Verv Ephemera FX being too transparent around the stomach area. You should see the FX more prominently now! Fixed inability to engage the Sepulcrum’s Alt Fire mode while aiming. Fixed Kuva Ayanga firing projectiles back on the player with maximum Fire Rate. Fixed Nidus Prime Larva not using custom colors. Fixed Revenant Mephisto Collection diorama in the Market missing the rear-cape detail. 👀 Fixed Xaku, Titania and Gara not having a Blueprint hint button in the Market. Fixed not being able to scroll when viewing items displayed in the Leverian.
  2. Is this a thing that really can occur? Even if I'm playing naturally without trying to glitch the game? If so, why? Why discourage long play with the threat of being banned, even if playing legit? If not, how did this idea get lodged into the public warframe mindset? What nightmare occurred to let this idea insert itself and why was it allowed to fester?
  3. As per title, sometimes when the Hounds get downed I am unable to Mercy kill them. They lie down as they normally do when their hp drops to zero and the health portion of their bar is empty but they will continue to recharge shields when not taking damage. They don't get back up, they don't do any attacks or use any abilities and they cannot be Mercy killed. Experienced it twice in the last half hour (so it isn't an especially common bug), and I've farmed at least one Sister to completion every day this week and never encountered it before. I really don't know what's causing it, unless something broke in the update that launched today. If the update didn't cause it, the only thing I can think of is it might be an interaction with Sonar or Silence. I've farmed Sisters a lot, but today is the first time I've used Banshee to kill them. The second time it occurred the Hound was finished off with a melee slide attack. I don't remember how I killed the first one that broke (probably just shot it) and I don't know if this will be significant.
  4. Hey, so we had the galvanised mods and the melee nerf in an attempt to close the gap between melee and ranged damage. This was done in lieu of base stat changes, I have returned from the front lines to report that, while guns are stronger and melee is weaker, you’re just shifting the margins by tiny percentages. My Stahlta has 6 forma, an arcane adaptor, a catalyst, and a hunter munitions + viral build. My Hate is rank 17, has no potato, and only a handful of mods. My Stahlta takes 5-10 shots to kill a grunt on steel path, the galvanised mods and arcanes kick in after that and improve how the weapon functions, but the damage is still pretty weak on SP targets. Furthermore, I need to stay at a distance and do what I can to hit headshots with projectiles. That can be difficult even without other variables. But my hate? Cleaves through whole packs of SP enemies within a couple of hits. It does higher single target damage, and it does that damage in an area with no restriction on how many times I may use it. Stahlta is one of my favourite guns, nearly every slot has a polarity. Hate was a piece of MR fodder I was just leveling up for mastery rank. Yet it still performs better. This is a very specific comparison, to give a more grounded and personable perspective on the arsenal divide and its state now. I firmly believe the gap will never be closed without changing base stats. If it was up to me, I would revert the changes to blood rush, leave condition overload how it is, and rework base stats category by category. You could even time it with your prime releases. Every 3 or so months you could do a “weapon class update,” where in a single update you’ll release base stat tweaks for hand guns, shotguns, smgs, snipers, polearms etc one at a time. Doing them staggered like this will allow your development teams understanding of the base values to adapt and change as they commit to working on this project. It would be iterative, it would be time consuming, but I honestly believe the influx of players you’ll receive when you announce “we are reworking all hang guns,” would be phenomenal. League of Legends keeps its playerbase engaged with bi-weekly patches. I solemnly urge Digital extremes to take a more hands on approach to balancing. Alternatively, I am genuinely willing to undertake base stat changes on my own. I will spend a whole year in excel rebalancing things myself, because I know it would be the single greatest change you could make to this game. The balance is the problem. Or just get your own public test realm or beta server, bring your community in, get their feedback, listen to them. Why guess what might work, when you can upload changes to a test realm and have tens of thousands of players provide you with millions of hours of data. I love you guys at Digital extremes, but sometimes it really does feel like you’re asleep at the wheel. You. Need. To. Engage. With. The. Base. Stats. New frames are releasing weak, hugely anticipated weapons are coming out as MR fodder, it’s become very clear that internal balance has slipped out of your hands. Please, seize it again. Please <3
  5. These are some visual bugs I've discovered with Nidus prime's abilities since I bought the $150 Nidus Prime access pack this morning: Ravenous Maggots don't use your chosen colors unless you are the host. If you are not host they appear as the default white/blue/gold colors. Larva textures don't use your chosen colors. (always uses default white/black/gold/blue) Fixed in Hotfix 30.7.5 Larva's secondary and tertiary color channels are reversed since the last hotfix. [Image] Some of the tendrils within Primed Larva use purple base Nidus' textures, not even matching the prime color motif. [Image] [Image2] Larva projectile before it lands uses base Nidus' textures and the energy trail it leaves behind is also default Nidus purple. [Image] [Image2] [Image3] Virulence fungal growth spikes don't use your chosen colors as they should. (always uses default white/black/gold/blue) [Image] Parasitic link/Larva don't use chosen colors or emissive on the overlay applied to Nidus and his target, uses red energy color. [Image] [Image2] Ravenous maggot nests and maggots release default orange infested particles instead of your chosen colors like other maggots do. [Image] [Image2] Ravenous carpet infested meshes have red texture bleeding through chosen energy color. [Image] [Image2] [Image3] Energy effects that cover your warframe such as a healing aura, ephemera or invisibility (causes torso to vanish as well), highlights the fully mutated tendrils even when they are invisible leaving a ghosting effect. (also applies to Phryke skin) [Image] [Image2] [Image3] [Image4] [Image5]
  6. Press CTRL + F then type the title from contents. Contents: Movement Focus System Rework Void Melee Weapons Operator Game-Modes Operator Cosmetics QOL, Bugs, Changes & Improvements What I want out of Duviri Paradox On the last devstream someone asked a question about operator content, they didn`t say much but from their reaction it looks like we will finally (the operator lovers) getting some operator content. Since this is the case I want to give some ideas of what I would like to see them get. Movement Firstly, the operators should have better mobility than what we currently have. Here are some improvements; Sprint Speed: The operators should be able to run faster than the current speed they are at even with the passive of 30% sprint speed from the Naramon tree is still slow. The operators should at least get an extra 50% running speed to make them more usable. Also, if anyone knows how much sprint speed they have without any passives or arcanes please let me know. This is the operator`s sprint speed with the way-bound passive (mind step) which gives 30% sprint speed. This is the operator`s sprint speed with the tenno speed buff from disruption. Look at the complete difference, this should be the operator`s base sprint speed. This is the operator`s ludicrous sprint speed with the tenno buff and from arcane cadence that gives you 90% sprint speed. With all those speed buffs this is how far the operator can jump. Jump Hight: Operators should either be able to do a double jump or holding the button should make them jump higher to make them be able to get to higher platforms. Wall Run: I would like to see them be able to perform parkour moves. Even though void dashing gets you to where you want to be faster sometimes it`s uncontrollable and it`s not fun but seeing the operator performing a wall run would be fun to watch and another alternative to get around places. Dodging/knockdown Recovery: Even through their dodge is sliding I think it should be dramatic like the knockdown recovery they have when shooting certain amps but instead work when enemies knock them down. Since they don`t have that much of survivability, this would be a very useful mechanic plus it would be fun to watch. Fly Kick/Slide Kick: Fly kicking is one of the most underused manoeuvres in warframe. Because warframes are powerful, a fly kick is underpowered but since operators are not as powerful as them, I think this move would be fitting for them. When they fly kick an enemy, they should receive a small ragdoll also, they should be able to do a slide kick (like in Ninja Gaiden) where the enemy should receive a knockdown. (combined with the slide we currently have) Edge Grab: Although operators can perform this, It`s not reliable. The only thing I’ll say is it needs to be more consistent for it to be useable. Chimera Prologue Dash: This feature in the prologue was fun, I`m hoping that we get this dash after we complete the new war quest. In the environment, there can be dash points where operators can dash to. (like in the amazing spider-man games web dash) If they added an operator game mode where it`s about stealth, this dash ability would be a perfect fit. Enemy Vaulting: Operators being able to do this makes them more versatile in getting an advantage on enemies. As for how it works, if the operator jumps onto an enemy, it will automatically vault them up into the air, holding the jump button will make them vault over them getting behind them. Running on ziplines: Watching them do this is fun however, once again, it`s doesn’t happen all the time which makes it unreliable. This needs a fix that makes it more consistent and when operators are on a zipline the should move faster and when jumping off, the should get a jump boost. If the operator can do this it will make them enjoyable to play and make moments like this satisfying. Focus System Rework When this was introduced, I was hyped, it was a grind but I’m glad I got them all done that being said the issues I have with this is that they support the warframes more than the operators so the point of these changes is to make operators good on their own and not to be a tool for warframes. Some will be replaced with new abilities and some will switch places with another school. The focus of these changes is to improve and make them useable for both warframe and (most importantly) operator gameplay, also bold writing means changes. Here is the link to all the focus schools and their abilities https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Focus Madurai Naramon Zenurik Because of how good it is and that its abilities is good for the operator there will be no changes as I feel this focus school supports both warframe and operator gameplay. Vazarin Unarui One thing I also want to add is that the nodes are no longer connected, you can now choose the abilities you want active and what abilities you want turned off. Void Melee Weapons Since operators have void abilities, I think operators should be able to use melee weapons. This is something that I and other people have wanted to see happen. So, I’m going to talk about what I would like out of this when this happens. Usable weapons: Traits of melee weapon: You can use any melee weapon with the operators, however, using a certain weapon will give bonus stats for the weapon and the operator. Madurai: Zenurik: Naramon: Vazarin: Unairu Void Rage Void weapons have a gauge that can be filled up by killing enemies. When this happens, the operator is in a powerful state that increases melee damage, attack speed and amplify weapon bonuses. · Void rage will last one minute. · Upon activation, operator will scream in rage surrounded by an aura (operator`s energy colour) Visually the weapon is broken, then as the operator kills enemies it start to become whole and when it does you can activate void rage. Amplified bonuses: Madurai: Aerial attacks will ignite into flames instantly, reach up to 20m and will release three energy waves. Zenurik: Held enemies are affected by radiation and enemies shooting enemies held up will have their shots reflected at them knocking them down. Naramon: Enemies with a mark will be affected by gas damage and preforming an aerial attack will zip the operator towards enemies within 20m. Vazarin: Melee weapon range is increased to 15m and can hit through obstacles and walls. Unairu Slam attack AOE sends out a radial wave reaches 20m and affected enemies receive 30% reduced movement speed for 10 seconds. If operators were to use melee weapons, they would be fun a heck (especially with the Naramon focus school). Operator Game-Modes This is something that needs to happen, we have operators but we don`t have much that`s exclusive to them only. Since the operators are here, we need some operator only game-modes that can make use of their movement and abilities. This is a mission where you use operators that can benefit from warframe abilities however you can only use operators and the only thing your chosen warframe can do in the mission is sprint and cast abilities that can affect them. Effective warframes: Volt - 2nd 3rd Wisp - 1st Harrow - 2nd 3rd 4th These warframes provide useful buffs or abilities that operators can use while in the mission from ranging from damage to survivability. Here is a game-mode I came up with back in 2018 where it`s a mission with eight objectives and each of them evolves around the focus schools which means each of the focus schools are useful in each mission. New game-mode: Operation Havoc As for this part I’m not going to take credit for, I can`t remember who said but this person basically said that instead of gaining focus by putting lenses on warframes and weapons, it would be better to get focus by a specialised mission for operators that an NPC gives based on the focus school you are currently with. For example Madurai mission – exterminate all enemies (infested enemies) Naramon – mission – Infiltrate into a base and steel classifies intel on enemies` weaknesses and patrol routes. If it`s from a syndicate: Arbiters of Hexis – Complete challenges that will better your skills. Steel Meridian – Storm into the base, rescue prisoners and escort them to extraction (obviously more interesting than this) This will make getting focus more interesting and for the people that have done it already will get other rewards that only the people that have completed upgrading the focus schools will receive. Operators can also be used in conclave in fact I think they should replace warframe to give them a use. There could be a game-mode where you have to find 6 parts for you necromech, build it then you can use it to defeat you rivals. Here is how it works: Also their could be K-drive races where the gameplay is like mario karts. Here is a post I put up about how it works. If you have any ideas for operator only missions put them here. Operator Cosmetics I put up a post on the warframe forums and on reddit back in March last year asking if we could have the armour from the Erra quest and to my surprise a couple of months later the Bishamo armour is now purchasable from Teshin and now It my most favourite armour in the game. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1176452-operators-please-let-us-have-this/ https://www.reddit.com/user/Vexx757/comments/fkpslu/operators_please_let_us_have_this/ But I’m not satisfied I WANT MORE! The crew members can wear armour pieces and syandanas if they can use them why can`t operators do the same thing? it would be sick if this was a thing. Here is a post that @(NSW)Gamer-Steve has put up about it. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1212287-expanding-operator-customization/ I have an idea of armour pieces made out of resources. It could be a possible reward where you receive a blueprint and depending on what resources you use will determine the visual appearance like Argon Crystal Armour or Oxium Armour. There are three different visual versions of the (argon crystal) armour, adding more of the same resource will change its appearance. The point of this is that you can decide to choose two more appearance options if you don`t like the first look. When it comes to suits, I would like to see outfits like Egyptian armour, a sick Japanese outfit, a roman inspired armour even a trench coat look but the one thing I want to see them most is a suit with a HOOD, we technically have two but one covers the face and the other one when closed look like bloody Globox which looks weird. It would be sick to run around dodging and running with a hood. The possibilities are endless... It would also be sick if they could do something unique besides looking sick like preforming an action which will do something like the syandanas from the syndicates or for it to glow in the dark. Since we have armour that the dax wore I would like to see some syndicate themed suites (Arbiters), warframe themed suites (like an Ash suite) I would like to wear the Grinner armour in the footage from the cinematic shown at tennocon. I have even come up with my own holographic armour. If anyone has any cosmetics they want to see write them here. QOL, Bugs, Changes & Improvements There are some problems when using the operators plus somethings that could improve them as well so there needs to be some QOL/bugs/changes/improvements for them. If their is something that I haven`t mentioned please add it on the post also bold writting means bugs/issues. · There is a delay between pressing the button and operator crouching. · Companion mods like animal instinct should work while in operator form not just warframes. · Two arcanes can be installed on amps. · Include the A, B & C slots for amps to give option to change amps, colours, equip arcanes and lenses. · Include the ability to change the face of the operators in the slots of A, B & C. · Operators can ride on K-drives. · You can change operator visuals, focus trees and amps while in the simulacrum. · Add an in-depth face customisation (nose length, eye width etc) and separate body sliders to change the length, width and height of the operators. · Add different voices for operators (from different ethnicities) and have a slider to manipulate the sound to make it unique to your operator. · Sentinel are invulnerable while you`re in operator mode. · If you have vacuum mod on your sentinel or companion and you are in your operator form, the operator should be able to pick up items. · You should be able to use operators in the relays. · Give operators new idle animations. · Make operators be able to use the idle animations from the syndicates. (when it`s released) · Make operators be able to use all emotes. · Fix the bug where operators with black hair looks white when sitting at the back of the ship. · Fix the bug where the scaffold that`s on your amp is clipped into the amp. What I want out of Duviri Paradox Based on the trailer and from people talking I have concluded that it is an open world where the operators can go to like somewhat of a haven for them. Here is what I would like to see from this update: And that`s it I’m finally done, if there is anything I forget to add or you want out of the operators feel free to express them here and let’s have a discussion. If all these things were to be implemented it will make operators more than a tool for warframe and make them have a firm place in warframe to make doing things like this enjoyable.
  7. I play Valkyr as health/armor tank but she lacks healing. I injected Revenant's Rave into her but that is really effective only against horde of foes but if those are not available, welp imma die I guess. I could use something better that can effectively heal my 1k HP faster than foes can take it down, and they can take it down pretty fast, especially scum that spawns with profit taker so I could use something better for healing for that fight, and for all fights in general. What is best healing subsume-able ability ?
  8. I was able to get all the Kuva weapons I wanted with cycling 10-20 Cassini rounds each. Since my girlfriend hates grinding, she logged in to her own computer and I played on her behalf to try and get her the Kuva Bramma too while only expecting to spend no more than an hour on Cassini. I’m not exaggerating when I say I ended up spending 3 hours on running Cassini (average 1.5 minutes per run). At that stage, it was no longer about getting Kuva Bramma but more to satisfy my obsession to disprove my disbelief that it just wouldn’t appear for me. I had cycled through EVERY Kuva weapon over 10 times each and still no Bramma. Then after she was getting annoyed by me not going to bed, I turned on a different computer and said it would be my last 3 attempts. On the second attempt there, it FINALLY popped up. First Kuva Bramma for her account with 55% Toxin. I’m done with Lich weapons for a while.
  9. as title said, are melee slam attack angle changed? it seems that it covers less distance now
  10. Using Explosive Legerdemain while a hemocyte is out makes it stand still and not attack. It also shows the visual effect for legerdemain on the body of it. If you use legerdemain while the hemocyte is not out, it works normally. It seems as though the ability is treating the body of the hemocyte as a target. It will resume as normal if the mine is set off by another enemy.
  11. My request for a bulk and huge revolver, so powerful that can only be equipped on a primary slot.
  12. Yareli has been my most played frame since the latest update. Fixing my biggest problems with Merulina (namely enemy/loot radar and vacuum being turned off) and giving it full status immunity and purge has made Yareli a much better pick. Sea Snares actually feels like it properly tracks enemies now, Aqua Blades deals surprisingly respectable damage, and Riptide can pull enemies from halfway across a room to you or keep them far away. Pair her with a weapon like Epitaph, Sporelacer (ESPECIALLY Sporelacer), or Kompressa, and she's a surprisingly strong damage dealer with strong zoning and some tankiness to her. If you're using an Umbral setup. I still think there are two problems with this frame and her sea-slug. 1) Her base stats are INCREDIBLY low. 100 base HP and armor makes her even squishier than Banshee without Merulina active. Unlike Banshee, Yareli is a very in-your-face frame, where Banshee is a quasi-stealth frame (or at least intended to be). 2) Merulina has some serious problems, the most obvious of which is the complete lack of customization. Merulina's HP is determined by power strength, but other than that it's pretty much just a flat 75% DR shield for Yareli. It's also really slow as far as K-Drives are concerned, and can't have mods equipped. I assume because that would open it up to Juice and Inertia Dampeners, but I don't see that as a bad thing. It would be pretty much the same as using a Zenurik bubble, just requiring more skill. Maneuverability is also a pain. I've gotten used to driving a K-Drive indoors, for the most part, but the real problem is bonking a tiny doodad sends you back surprising far, and that K-Drive boosting uses a completely non-standard movement behavior. For starters, I'm sure your moms taught you not to skateboard indoors, and the lack of feedback on many actions (picking up Ayatans, opening lockers, hacking) and the difficulty on actually lining them up is annoying. But the fact that Merulina has an almost bumper-car-like bounce on even the slightest of taps makes piloting in tight corridors really difficult. The dodge was a nice addition, but it also makes it very difficult to use her slam (double tap L/LB/L2). It's also really easy to wedge the board in uneven ground, especially going up inclines. I find myself usually dismounting her to walk up stairs. Guess that's kinda like a skateboard anyway, but it makes for some clunky gameplay. Also, sometimes vacuum just breaks on it, and I have no idea why. Recasting seems to fix it for a little bit, but something isn't coded right in there. At this point, I think she's mechanically fine, but she definitely needs some tweaks. Mainly, Merulina needs to not be so clunky in tight spaces or get stuck on stuff, and some glitches need to be ironed out. Yareli could also use some stats passes, namely a little more health and armor. But yeah, I'm actually liking this frame now.
  13. Currently doing the "Sands of Inaros" Quest, on the second mission, aka after filling the first vessel and having to return it. The problem is that after i take the vessel, some screams seem to appear as by default, but the Kavat that should spawn, doesn't spawn. Which means i am currently stuck on that step, since it still tells me to: "take the vessel" with a yellow mission cirkle around the shrine, of which of the vessel used to be, which as i have explained i already have.
  14. Just wondering if it's really worth fusing these weapons until it hits 60%? Assuming you've already got decent mods on, does a +-10% in weapon bonus make a huge difference? Also, what is the best strategy to do so since it only takes the biggest number? (Assuming you don't want to grind through many Liches over and over) Scenario 1: I bought a 55% Kuva Bramma off someone and fused it with my crappy 28% one, which made it 58.6%. Does that mean all I would need is any cheap low roll (25%) Kuva Bramma for it to reach 60%? Scenario 2: I've got a 4 Forma 33% Tenet Envoy with a potato catalyst. Hypothetically, if I acquired a 57%+ Tenet Envoy and fused it into the crappier Envoy, would it keep all Forma and potato while making the increase of % based on the higher percentage weapon? Since the existing weapon is already Toxic and we get to choose any of the 2 elements, could I essentially broaden my search to any high % element? Scenario 3: I've also got a fully established 49% Kuva Zarr. Is it worth bumping the damage bonus any higher? If so, does the same apply as per scenario 2? Also, is Toxic always the most sought after element followed by Heat?
  15. I've recently got into forging zaws due to plague star event and so far I've gotten 2 zaws: Plague Kripath - Seekalla - Vargeet II Jai (not too bad, but it seems to be underwhelming): https://overframe.gg/build/217583/plague-kripath/iesous27-plague-kripath/ Plague Keewar - Plague Bokwin - Ekwana Jai II (just forged recently and haven't put any time into it yet) I'm not sure how zaws are in late 2021 considering I've recently just gotten into them, but it seems like a cool system that I hope has great rewards. So, what are your favourite zaws and why? If possible, post a picture of the build 😅
  16. Like the title, Ghoulsaw's problem is not about the damage, it just feel like crap to use -The STANCE suck: Rictus' Wraith: Why it feel like an eternity to swing a 1 attack speed melee around? Ghoul Rush: Make it just one smooth motion, the current combo is stuttery and super awkward to use. Allow the player to hold the melee key to keep revving the saw in front of them while walking, rather than having them tap it repeatedly. Rip 'N Ride: Slit the combo up to multiple stage, like with Blind Justice we have the slide and the slam separate, why can't you do this with this one? oh, and make the "ride" stage longer, ya know, as long as the time you make us wait for sh1tshow of a new weapon type that you hyped up for almost a year. Reciprocator: WHY THE F you make it spin backward, you hitting enemy with the guard not the blade itself. -The Mechanic of the saw: Make the Assault Saw weapon class Alarming. Make it tick damage multiple time per hit, it is a mechanical saw, stop treating it like just another heavy blade. P/S: did you test weapon with a level1 Butcher again?
  17. This week I have been playing missions on the Plains of Eidolon, where I noted an issue with gameplay. After using a Dargyn, I am unable to deploy any tools (scanners, boosters) or use any weapon except for my melee, and my abilities. I am still able to move around normally, and enter a Rampart Turret. Even progression is counted. However, to use Primary/Sencondary weapons again, I must abort a mission and re-enter. I play Warframe on PC and Xbox, and have noted the issue with both platforms. The only reason I have not reported the bug in platform-specific subforms is I don't seem to have permission.
  18. As the title said, I posted many threads talking about this issue, I can't join most of the players in the game, screen being stuck on please wait, then join failed, can we have a fix for this long long issue ? I can't play this game with this issue
  19. I've been playing Lavos pretty frequently since Heart of Deimos launched, and it wasn't until recently that I realized that his 3 is extremely buggy in open worlds, except for Cambion Drift. It transmutes Health and Energy Orbs into Universal Orbs, and reduces cooldowns perfectly fine, but it does not transmute ammo of any type; at any distance; whether it's Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper or Heavy; cooperative or solo. This does not happen anywhere else; Sorties, Arbitrations, Steel Path, Star Chart, etc. Only the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis. This isn't too bothersome, especially with the signature bonus on Cedo, but it's easily reproducible in either PoE or OV. Cambion Drift works fine, which leads me to think that this is unintended/a bug, and that he should be allowed to transmute ammo in PoE and OV.
  20. i killed Kuva Lich but i don't get any award why?
  21. they need add few things in the game first they need add a new item that you can use to increase stats of rivens a little when use, they need to add riven slots to weapons and universal forma for rivens, they need make it where every mr rank u get u can increase the health armor and sheilds of enemies by 50% per mr in simulcrum room and make it where you can summon all enemies in the game like stalker and the acolytes and vor ect.... they need to make it where in the simulcrum room you can spawn in high level enemies instead of 5 per Mr it should be 20 per Mr and after Mr 30 it should be percentage increase like 25% and add endless relics that you can use on any endless mission and it will give random buffs every 10mins or 2 rotations for the rest mission and there's buff can stack up to 5 times at max and the buff be like 100% more drop chance and 100% drops and 100% health or sheilds or armor and 100% more damage and 1 revives and other buffs like that it will make it more viable going more then 1 hrr in steel path and other missions like that
  22. Far to often do I throw my sheild satellites out to support my team only for two or three of them to bounce off my sentinel and hit the floor. Would it be possible to disable their clipping on sentinels?
  23. So I'm doing Nightwave challenges as we Tenno do, and decided to run one of the Empyrean Survival missions to go after the Ambassador main blueprint and to get the 30 minute Survival Nightwave challenge done cause you know, it's a Survival mission. I ran the mission for an hour, well over the time for the challenge and it didn't count at all when I extracted. Didn't get my blueprint either but that's not important. So now I'm sitting here wondering if it's intentional for Empyrean Survival missions to just not count cause it's not the standard Survival setup (even though it functions exactly like it should on the planet nodes) or if this is a bug.
  24. So, how many characters in the Origin System are aware that the Tenno are secretly children? I mean, excluding obvious picks like Lotus, Teshin, Ballas or the Queens... Like, does Parvos Granum know? Seems like he was kickin' around during the old Orokin days you think he might've known... This Drusus Leverian guy, too... he knows a lot of WarFrame stories surely he might also know about their operators... EDIT: Do ALL OF OUR ALLIES know? Like, the Syndicates (Palladino for sure would if she knew Rell), maybe even Maroo?
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