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  1. JaredWolf

    Log in Dailies: Rerevisited.

    Greetings Tenno, So I've been having some thoughts, and after seeing a lot of people ('veterans') complain about the mock-up of the daily login system, before we even got real solid information. I waited for DE to release more information. They finally have. Have the complaints of the veterans' and sympathetic new players' been heard? No, quite the opposite actually. This new system doesn't just mess with veterans; it also messes with everyone in the game. Before starting I'd like to state this is all my opinion, and can be 100% incorrect. So please comment below and tell me about what you disagree with. (Tip, there is a lot to read here. And I write as if I am speaking, so it might help to read it with a lot of pauses, and not straight through like an essay) We need to cover some bases before continuing about the log in system. First and foremost, what the veterans' have been saying. Why are they complaining? Because they clicked [Play] for 900+ days to get all their rewards. And with the new changes, it seems someone who just started playing, at 100 days can now get what veterans' had to wait 300 days, or 500 days, etc. That is a bit of a slap in the face. What else is there to be heard? Prestige. This fancy word people like to use a lot in the MMO Genre. So lets take a look into that; and a few other definitions. Prestige: "reputation or influence arising from success, achievement, rank, or other favorable attributes. Distinction or reputation attaching to a person or thing and thus possessing a cachet for others or for the public" (Urban Dictionary this, I think you'll get a laugh, I know I did). Cachet: "a sign or expression of approval, especially from a person who has a great deal of prestige." Veteran: "a person of long experience usually in some occupation or skill". Reward: "something given or received in return or recompense for service, merit, hardship, etc.". Merit: "something that deserves or justifies a reward or commendation; a commendable quality, act, etc." I've put in bold the words that I feel should carry more weight. Prestige makes you stand out, based on possessing a cachet. (Cosmetics rings a bell, doesn't it?) And you get prestige by earning it through merit, success, and achievement. Lastly, a veteran is simply someone who has a lot of experience; usually dictated by time spent to gain said experience. So with all of that said. Do people who reached a time-gated milestone, sound like a veteran? Does that sound like something to be rewarded? That depends on every single situation; it was a trick question. There are people who've, since the start of the log in system, logged in and played hundreds to thousands of hours. But there are also those who simply just logged in at reset, gotten their log in credit, and logged back out. There are plenty of people in-between those two extremes. So that question can't really be answered without a strong bias. Loyalty also gets tied into this. Can reaching the milestone for logging in show personal loyalty? This is not a trick question, the answer is no. Because of what I explained above. So we're going to continue using this basis. Time spent != mean loyalty. Nor does it mean you're a veteran, or warrant prestige In the terms of log-in. We're going to drill that in once more. Prestige is from achievement and merit, which is shown off by standing and possession of something. In which veterans will 'tend' to have. Lets take a look at one of my favorite, and least favorite examples of Prestige. Runescape: Cape of Accomplishment. As the name sounds. It is a cape (cosmetic) that you can wear after achieving an accomplishment (obtaining a max skill, or completing every single quest). To get that max skill (level 99) you need to play the game for a pretty long time doing something. In the time it took to get that, it is highly unlikely that you are new, or inexperienced of that particular skill. Taking this even further, when you get another skill maxed out the capes will change graphically. They will look more fancy with a trimming around it. And players get specific emote when wearing the cape. There is another version, for a "master cape of accomplishment" and this simply makes the cape have more visual effects. (All versions provide ingame effects depending on the skill but they're not some game breaking advantage either). Guild Wars 2: Legendary weapons. At release, these weapons were one of the coolest obtainable weapons you could get. They had visual effects when you equipped it, when you ran you left special footprints, they had unique audio effects, and certain skills effects visually change to reflect that you used that weapon. Having one early on showed that you clearly played the game a lot. You knew where to farm and what events to do etc. But as time went on, there were hundreds if not thousands of people who would convert real life cash into premium and then in-game cash; and simply buy the legendary itself (off the market from someone selling one they made) or the materials needed to make it, and then click a few buttons and make it that way. This was completely legal due to how the way ArenaNet made their premium cash store work. But those items lost prestige instantly as soon as the availability became more public. Due to cash conversion, and ease of availability. There we have two examples of what makes, in my opinion, a good example of prestige, and bad example of prestige. Now at this point you might have connected the dots a little bit. The second example sounds a lot like what DE is planning with the new log in system. They have thankfully reverted their idea of selling these items, but it doesn't change the fact that they'll be as easily obtainable. Both examples show the achievement of the player. But one cannot be bought, or fast forwarded to obtain it faster. This is what helps keep prestige effective. It is only natural that something obtainable by any, will eventually be obtained by all. The original people who got the skill capes, or the legendaries, felt cool and prestigious. But if you look at the game now. Its almost as if you get it for making a character after buying the game. This is nearly unavoidable, I certainly cannot think of something, without bouncing ideas off the drawing board, that would fix that. And truth be told, the current, or planned log in system does not give that guarantee either. Eventually everyone will get to the 1000th day log in, and it won't feel special anymore. Log-in Rewards should NOT contain "prestigious" items. In all honesty, Log-in rewards are a catch-up mechanic. So hopefully this clears up prestige, which is mainly what the veterans want. Something to show their dedication and time investment into the game. But remember, time investment isn't the only part of the formula to prestige. Going onto the next subject, yes you read that right, there is more to read. All of what I put above, is for the Veterans'. Its time to talk about the new players. What is it that new players want? Quick answer is "everything under the sun". But they mainly want to play all the content in the game and not be stuck in the "starter" content zone. So this is the reason developers started making catch-up rewards. to keep new players invested into the game, by giving a false sense of accomplishment. You didn't earn those, you were given those. New players will always want the "shinny things" that everyone else has. Which effectively increases, but in the long term removes, prestige. You feel good when someone asks you about your prestigious item. But odds are, it won't last forever; and that's okay. I know that was really quick for new players. But to be honest, that isn't my target subject to this giant post. There were things that added prestige into warframe, no one said there wasn't. Excalibur Prime, Vandal Set, and all the other event based, or founder based items. But Lets be real here. Excalibur Prime is statistically even with Excalibur Umbra (After getting rejected to give everyone Excalibur Prime, they went ahead and did it anyway, but made him look cooler). Naturally this wouldn't be that bad of a problem. Everyone has Excalibur Umbra, he was given out for free. Only the founders still have Excalibur Prime; but his visuals are extremely outdated. The Vandal sets are given out in alerts for all to take, so that is no longer prestigious either. While there isn't really anything to do for the Vandal set there is still something you can do for the founders. Give Excalibur Prime a complete VGU (Visual Gameplay Update). Make him look really cool really stylish, and maybe touch his passive and skillset (maybe not change his 2, but change his 3 or 4) Could make the visuals of his Exalted Blade look more flashier than Normal or Umbra variants. Ask the founders' what they'd like to see done to their Prestigious Excalibur Prime. As for Veterans' who aren't founders, this obviously won't do much for them. So this will bring us to my suggestion to the log-in system--after I talk about log-in systems as a whole. I mentioned catch-up mechanics before. Log-in system is one such mechanic. It's suppose to help players catch up to the veterans' and existing player base so they don't feel excluded or stuck in quicksand. Does giving them a once semi-exclusive weapon/mod catch them up in warframe? I mean with the Zenistar they certainly can play like a veteran by hiding out of LoS and spam skills and the Zenistar (I kid, I kid). Jokes aside, no it doesn't. So what should a log-in system look like then? Lets take a look at one that I think did it correctly. Guild Wars 2: Log in System. Their system for log-in works well because nothing is too advantageous, and nothing is prestigious. But a downside could be, its the same rewards every single month. No "RNG" to what you'll get like in Warframe. Maybe I get credit booster, maybe 10000 credits. Guild wars 2 on the other hand. Offers crafting resources, and other things to help progress your account faster, level up scrolls, Luck (to "increase" drops), cheap cash shop items, like access bank or market anywhere, exp boosters, drop chance boosters, things to transmute gear appearances, etc. After you reach 30 days, which doesn't reset on you if you miss a day, the log in rewards reset. And its the same as last month. This system will help new players catch-up not by having things given to them, but giving them the means to get it sooner. This is the system I suggest Warframe uses for their Log-in System. With that out of the way we can start the main subject. Warframes' Log-in System. I suggest that the log in rewards be nothing cosmetic, or usable weapon/frame etc. But instead give chance at resources harder to obtain. And these % chance will change with Mastery Rank. Low Mastery Ranking: you have a higher chance to get things, like Gallium, Tellurium, Neurodes, 90 minute boosters, credits, etc. All things that you'd commonly need to grind at that Mastery Rank. Medium Mastery Ranking: At this point you'll need to be either grinding more quantity of what you've already been getting, or you'll need to start getting new resources. So; you get less % chance to get those resources from before, but you get higher amounts if you do get it. At this point you also get Endo, 2 hour boosters instead of 90, Oxium, Mutagen Samples, Cryotic, Forma blueprints, and 20-50% platinum discount. With a slight chance at Nitain Extract. High Mastery Ranking: At this point you no longer get things like Gallium, Tellurium, and all the more common of rare material. But if you do, once again its a huge quantity. You get more Endo, 3 hour boosters, More Oxium, Mutagen Samples, Full Forma/Reactors/Catalysts, higher chance at Nitain Extract, and a chance at a good chunk of Kuva. You also get 50-75% off platinum instead of 20-50%. That is just a rough idea. Something I thought of right before making this post, after reading the blog post by Rebecca. So it might not be balance, or coherent. But as writing it, it makes sense on paper. Now if this was to be the new log in system, you're probably asking one main question right now. What happens to the current rewards of the present system? So excluding the normal rewards and looking at whats really important; the milestone rewards. My suggestion is to place the Primed mods on Baro's list at a much lower chance than normal primed mods. And the weapons and cosmetics items, to be not removed from the game. But left with the people who've already received them. This way, you get to keep what you took the time to log in for, whether it was simply click and get, or actual log in and play time. And without being able to get it anymore, it will add prestige to the item. Especially the cosmetic rewards. The new rewards wouldn't have the same problem, and would be rather future proof. Veterans' get their prestige, and new players get their catch-up mechanics. At that point its up to DE to not mess up and give people these items at a later date. Two more things to note before I sign off on this massive post. A problem with the proposed new system, is you're possibly furthering someones reward (This looks like it would be fixed according to Rebecca's update to the proposed milestone rewards, but is still worth noting). So I recommend that of the day of the update for the log-in revamp. Everyone unlocks their closest milestone (unless they're nowhere close. Like if they're at 456 the next milestone is Zenith. They wouldn't unlock it, but if you're at like 486 then you're pretty close so you'd get it). Not to sure on this part here, but I think it would be fair to people? Lastly, I feel this change would help all, instead of hurt all. Because players will be able to farm new frames, weapons, riven rolls, etc sooner. And its more oriented towards how useful that resource would be towards your general mastery rank. But all of that can be changed based on balance. But with all this said. I'm not sure if it is best to leave everyones log in days the same. Or if everyone should be reset to zero. Technically this won't cause a problem, as there aren't really any Milestones anymore. (Unless we want milestones to be something like massive quantity of things. Like 10 Forma, or 50k Kuva etc). To all of those who read this all. Thank you, and I hope to see what you have to say in the comments.
  2. Hi guys i wanted your opinion about my hek's build is it good enough? ( P.s : i will upgrade my primed point blank soon) Update (@Alcatraz) Or
  3. When trying to place items or even just move in decoration mode in the dojo I move at about 100x speed and go through walls! It happens at the terminal or via the menu mode of entering decoration. Was fine yesterday, but today it's unusable. I was logging in on a different account so if you need that info let me know. Update: Upon leaving and returning to the dojo it seems to be fixed.
  4. As we know DE do some big or small changes to warframe. One of the problems I have with DE is that instead of them telling us what they plan to change before they start working on it they show us the changes and no matter what we say they won`t go back to the drawing board to redo the changes (like Vauban). So, I have taking it upon myself to address the problems of each warframe and add some changes. I want you to pretend DE`s telling us what changes they are planning to do so give some feedback to these ideas. If you have a better idea for one of the abilities put it down. Ash: 2nd & 4th ability synergy: · If you are invisible before you use bs enemy bodies will disappear. (This will give you a choice if you want the bodies to disappear or nt and its health for nekros` 3rd ability) 3rd ability: · Make ash able to teleport through windows. 4th ability · Give Ash the old bs but with slight changes; · Enemies that are red can be killed by players. · Make bs able to kill as many enemies that are within the radius of the enemy he`s aiming at. · Activating the ability will send the clones to kill, if you want to join in bs press 3rd ability. (like the way it is now) · The number of enemies that are going to be killed by bs are shown. · Enemy bodies will not disappear. (This bs change will make him be a efficient killer but not a kill stealer because other player can take his kills, ash is just faster at killing like before) Fix: Make Ash be able to teleport in and out of the same grates instead of just one direction. Fix: Sometime ash isn`t on the enemy or he is unseen when using bladestorm. Atlas: 1st ability · Increase the dash range from 15 to 20m 2nd ability Synergy: Using your 1st ability on the 2nd will channel more force dealing more damage. · Visual change: make it multiple rubbles to form a rock-wall with gaps in-between them to see enemies through. · On deactivation it will shoot like a fast projectile instead of a slow roll. · If Atlas or allies stand near it, he will receive 30% status chance in a 5m radius. Fix: When visually stacking armour, make it to where the rubble builds up symmetrically on Atlas instead of only on one side. (having it on one side looks ugly to me) Fix: When equipped with the shikoro helmet and his head turns it looks flat. Banshee: 2nd ability · Make it able to see enemies through walls. 3rd ability · Make enemies have a slower reaction time noticing you, dead bodies or alarms. · Reduce range from 20m to 12m. (This makes it good for using melee) · Show the radius of the ability. · Put an indicator above enemies’ head to show how quickly they will be alerted by seeing you. (like stealth games) Chroma: 1st ability: · Increase the range from 10m to 15m. 3rd ability: · Make it synergise with 2nd ability Ember: 1st ability: · Decrease charge speed. 3nd ability: · Anyone or anything within the fire ring will receive a damage reduction. (flames are so hot it melts most of the bullets) Equinox: Passive: instead of getting 10% of energy or health make it half of what you pick up e.g pick up 50 health gives you 25 energy. (I feel like it will make this passive better) 1st ability fix: when switching to day form you don`t get the full speed. You start slowing down instead of keeping the speed until the duration runs out. 3rd ability: · Make it synergise with 1st and 2nd ability. Excalibur: Passive: Increase the percentage of damage and attack speed bonus to bladed weapons from 10 to 15% (his passive at this moment is not noticeable) 4th ability: · Get rid of mini 2nd ability. (waste of energy) Fix: Put Excalibur`s energy channel glow back the way it was like nyx`s. (the way it is now is just ugly) 3rd ability · Make enemies affected by this more vulnerable to slash procs. · Make the ability bypass obstacles. Frost: Passive NEW: Enemies attacking at frost will be slowed down by 20% Gara: 1st ability: · Increase cast range from 10 to 14m Hydroid: Passive NEW: Melee slam attack has a 50% chance to sent out a water wave that’s knocks enemies down and slows down the recovery rate. 2nd ability: · Press button again to stop moving instead of using 3rd ability. · (It`s a waste of energy. 2nd and 3rd ability synergy fix: Enemies at the moment are not dragged with you when you move. Inaros: Passive: Increase the damage of enemies when reviving while he is in his sarcophagus. · Change it to a wave to capture multi enemies instead of one. 2nd ability: · The time of sand clones can be increased by duration mods. 3rd ability: · The more energy he loses the faster he moves. 4th ability: · Make the scarab projectiles seek out a maximum of 10 enemies. (this is good for reaching enemies with guns instead of it hitting one enemy and nothing else happens besides scarabs are bugs so they should be able to have a mind of their own) · The spread radius can be increased by range mods. · Make ability able to strip armour. Ivara: 2nd ability: · Decrease the speed of the controllable projectile. (because of close and tight rooms this will be an improvement. I like the ability, but the slower speed is still too fast.) · Decrease energy cost while in use. 3rd ability: · Make it also have a 70% chance to unlock lockers and disable alarms without hacking. 4th ability: · When using 4th ability you are able to use your melee weapon. Limbo: 1st ability: · Make it more visible to see by the chosen energy colour. · When used in the rift (passive) enemies will join you. 4th ability: · Make it more visible to see when in the rift. Loki: 1st ability: · When cast, make it immune to damage for five seconds while absorbing damage. Depending on the damage stored it will be converted into health for more survivability. · When casting, holding the ability will make the decoy move within a 10m radius. · When shooting, enemies will be effected by 100% impact proc making them stagger. 3rd ability: · After switching with the enemy, loki will be invulnerable for three second. · Make loki always face the enemy he switches with. Mag: Passive NEW: When her shields are depleted there is a 40% chance that she will release a magnetic pulse the pushes enemies back in a 15m radius. Mesa: Passive: Make dual wielded sidearms have 20% reload and one handed sidearms have 10% fire rate instead of the other way around. 1st ability: · When converting damage, it has five extra shots instead of one. Mirage: 2nd ability: · Make glowing booby traps charm enemies when active which will set off the traps by them interacting with the traps. (this will make it useful and all tile sets) · Make it work on grineer tilesets · Make dead bodies be a booby trap also. Nekros: Passive: Make nekros receive 10 health within 15m when enemies are killed. 1st ability: · An enemy affected by this is susceptible to damage. Nezha: 1st ability: · Decrease energy drain form 5 to 2sec. · Increase duration to 15 sec. 2nd ability: · Make it seek-out enemies in range. · When enemy affected explodes, the flames will spread to enemies in a 10m radius. 3rd ability fix: · Make the ring go over his head and under his feet instead of through it. · Increase cast speed. 4th ability: · When duration runs out there is no animation and it does not disrupt nezha`s movements. · Increase cast speed. Nova: Passive: Enemies with a grappling hook will also be knocked down. 1st ability: · Instead of it inflicting slash damage it will proc impacted damage which will have a 100% stagger affect. If the particle hits the same enemy again it will knock them down. · If you hold the ability it won`t seek out enemies but instead can be used for damage reduction. · Damage reduction will not disappear until all particles are gone. 3rd ability: · If and enemy walks into it on the opposite end it will send the back to the direction its pointing at (this is good to put in doorways) · You can shoot through the worm hole which will convert into explosions in a 10m radius. This has synergy with her 2nd ability. 4th and 1st ability synergy: · If an enemy under the effects of molecular prime is damaged by the 1st ability it will cause a chain reaction of staggering or knocking enemies down in a 15m radius. (if the enemy is not killed off by the 4th ability) Nyx: Passive NEW: When nyx has half her health left there is a 50% chance that will appear invisible to them in a 15m radius for 4 seconds. 1st ability: · This ability will now do multiple things. It can either make enemies fight for you, make them run in fear or lay on the ground brain dead. (these are at random) · This ability now sends out a kinetic wave to control multiple targets instead of one. (maximum is five) · Kubrows, kavats, osprays and maggots will always be controlled to attack enemies. · If the security alarm is on or there is a lock down while using 1st ability, one of the controlled targets will hack alarms and lockdowns. 4th ability: · You can now move at the same speed as jogging. · It pulls aggro from enemies and are hitmitised into moving closer to nyx. · Whatever enemy is shooting at nyx will be affected by the explosion no matter the distance. · You can cast other abilities while using 4th ability. (If it was up to me I would get rid of this ability and replace it with a new one, but I can`t think of one. If any has a better idea, please put it down) Oberon: Passive options: Give oberon his old passive back but teammates can kill enemy companion or increase companions’ health, shields and armour by 100 and pets have an unlimited revives. Octavia: 3rd ability: · You only need to perform actions to the beats three time in sync before you get the buff. · When you miss a beat the percentage doesn`t go down but instead says at the current percentage you’re at. (This means you can actually make music instead on making a flat note for convenience) Rhino: Passive: If the shockwave indicator touches the enemy it will knock them down instead of you having to land ontop of them. This can also be triggered when doing a weapon slam. Titania: · Increase all ability cast speed. 1st ability: · Take away ragdoll affect. 2nd ability: · All ability affects when stacked up will reach up to 75% (as of now the abilities are unnoticeable and useless) 3rd ability: · Take away ragdoll affect. 1st and 3rd ability synergy: · If the enemy affected by the 3rd ability explodes the enemies affected by the 1st ability will also explode. 4th ability: · You can pick up loot while flying. · While using 4th ability, the other ability used will cost half the energy. Trinity: Passive: Trinity can also revive allies by aiming at them no matter the distance and will take three seconds instead of four seconds. 1st ability: · This ability can affect up to five enemies. · This ability gives trinity and allies armour instead of health. · Each shot gives trinity and allies 10 armour, killing an enemy gives 50 armour and killing an enemy in one shot gives 100 armour. · The duration of allies keeping the bonus armour is the same as the duration of the ability. 1st, 3rd and 4th ability synergy: · If trinity shoots the enemy while using the 3rd or the 4th ability it will increase her survivability. Valkyr: 1st ability: · Make it put a maximum of four enemies. · Reduce ragdoll (If anyone can think of a better ability, let me know) 4th ability: · You can heal yourself however you not invulnerable. (in my opinion you don`t need both just one) · The longer the ability is on the more energy it drains should be taken out. · Give her a new stance where her claws are mostly used. Fix: When pulling off stances its hard for auto track enemies. Fix: Energy claws are not visible in animation of Valkyr prime. Vauban: Passive: Give nyx`s passive to Vauban. (This will make his abilities more useful against enemies with guns) 1st ability: · Make them have 100% stun proc · Reduce the charge time to 1sec instead of 3sec · Make one tesla shock two enemies instead of one. · Holding the ability will slowly move the tesla in the direction you’re facing. (This is good for enemies at a distance hiding in cover) 2nd ability: · NEW- Replace tripwire with a trap the tether enemies to it slowing down their movement. (tripwire is fun to watch but ultimately useless) · All traps are seeker traps that seek out the nearest enemy to it. (this makes it better of enemies with guns) · Bounce will continue to seek out enemies until the number of bounces run out. · If you want to lay a trap without it moving, double click the ability. · Increase shred and concuss range to 10m when triggered and on detonation. · Hold to switch abilities and press to activate the ability. 3rd ability fix: Enemies still are moving around inside even when affected enemy cap is not full. (including with augment) 4th ability: Increase the range from 6m to 12m. Volt: Passive: You can only release the stored-up damage on enemies not on crates or environmental objects. Wukong: Passive: increase the combo duration to 7sec 1st ability · Increases the range of the ability cast to 20m and 5m radius when knocking enemies down. 3rd ability REWORK Wukong plucks a hair to produce a clone of himself that will fight with him for a short duration. Upon death it will multiple itself up to four clones. · I will either use the melee weapon that you have equipped, or it will use primal fury depending on what you are using. If you cast it while using guns, the clones will fight with melee weapon. · (synergy) You can increase it survivability by using the 2nd ability before you cast the 3rd ability. The invulnerability phase on the clone will only work once. · (Synergy) The clones range attacks will be the 1st ability. 4th ability · Decrease the attack speed of the first two swings in the stance. · Make it block all damage. Fix: Make the growing range of the melee weapon noticeable and effective. Extras: Fire damage buff: The longer fire is on enemies the more it stacks up. This will make fire damage more useful in the game and it will buff warframe that have fire abilities. Future Nezha prime: When design Nezha make the chakram on his back smaller or a flaming see-through hologram. Arrow glitch fix: Sometimes the arrow in the bow is sticking up. Hover boards: In the future it would be good if DE tied a new game mode to this like a racing mode or to stop travel in Venus being boring by added a feature where if you get to the mission objective in the quickest or with skill you will be given a small reward (a useful reward) and make them customizable. I’ve wanted some sort of vehicles in the game for years, and when I said this for funs` sake some people said there is no need or that operators are fast enough so those people that said that should not go near the hover boards then, but we know they were talking out of there backside so let’s move on. Future Umbras: Let there be an option to remove the scarfs and to change skins entirely. Polearm finishers fix: They shrink in size when preforming a finisher. Operator crouch fix: There is a delay when clicking the button and the operator crouching. Duel welding SMG`s fix: Only one SMG has a shooting animation while the other one doesn't. Finishers: There are times where weapons only use katana finishers instead of their own.
  5. Hey guys, with Nvidia rencently showing up the new generation of graphic cards and the Ray Tracing, do you think DE will add in video options something to enable Ray Tracing? or if it is going to be developed on a far away future and applied to WF? It will be nice to discuss something like this on this thread.
  6. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    "Fixing" The Daily Tribute System

    Okay, so that Dev Workshop was... something. So most of you know if you're reading this that the Daily Tribute system got a Dev Workshop and might be changed. While I'm personally not opposed to it, I can see where a lot of people are coming from when they say they hate it. So, I'm going to be implementing ideas from DE themselves with @Operative_Shift's own philosophy on the matter to come up with something that can make everyone happy. Power of choice and "veteran (or those players that just login for 3 seconds every day to get the reward and then leaves) prestige" both included! Starting with some general adjustments to the drops: remove Warframe and Weapon blueprints add scaling to all resource drops lock credit reward at 20,000 lock Endo reward at 160 all mods in the Daily Tribute system should come fully ranked Now into the nitty-gritty. Let's get into the choice system. Tribute Weapons and the Lodestar pieces should not be able to be picked. Sigils in the Milestone Packs should not be able to be picked, but the extra add-on items should every 100 days, an "Evergreen Pack" should be guaranteed, and should have multiple options I think that these suggestions would make everyone happy, right? It implements DE's choice system while also allowing players deep into their days to keep their prestige. It also improves upon all resource drops on the table to make them more useful to the advanced players. What are your thoughts?
  7. Hello, I would like to propose a visual security solution to be implemented that can be visually-inspected nearly instantaneously upon login. This "Last Login: xx/xx/xx xx:xx:xx " dialogue would complement the two-factor authentication system already provided, similar to Enmasse's Account Armor via email. (their previous passiveness to implement HTTPS on their website logins says quite a bit about their website security reputation, though) Even if a customer's email account was compromised, through SMS SS7 vulnerabilities, a skimmed password, or various other security loopholes, that user could easily identify at a glance if their account was subjected to unauthorized access. Please seriously consider this addition to your security protocols, [DE] friends and community members. Thank you.
  8. (PS4)aiptekfanboy

    Anyone else feel like we need a Downvote button?

    Every once in a while I see forum threads and or forum topics that make me say I hope there was a downvote button to make my opinion heard. As things are now the only results from posting in a thread we dislike is actually bumping the thread and conversley it gets more attention. For example on another forum when theres a topic that many dislike there is the option to select a downvote button leting others know we dislike the thread topic. Please excuse my lack of clarity in requesting this as just when I posted this I felt a backtooth crack(i was reading an old thread where someone wanted all advanced guns removed and I guess the anger made my tooth crack...sigh) and thus I am off to the dentist to get help to stop my tooth pain.
  9. From my over 400 hours on Titania I have noticed some things which I think should be fixed/changed: Spellbind: Sometimes does not actually do anything (read full post for details/clarification) Tribute: If it acted more like Limbo's Banish that would be appreciated. "Thorns" doesn't fit Titania in my opinion, so I made a new ability that could replace "Thorns". "Powdery light": Titania casts "Tribute" on the right enemy. Then Titania and close enough allies will become invulnerable for a short period of time. During this short period of time all damage Titania and close enough allies receive will be stored up similar to Nezha's "Warding Halo". Once the time of invulnerability is up all the damage that had been stored will be released as a bright light that will blind all enemies in a certain range (unaffected by mods). Also if you increased the base range for some if not all buffs (that would be great). (read full post for details/clarification) Lantern: Instead of an enemy becoming a lantern Titania spawns in a lantern that stays in one spot. "Razorwing": - Please increase her sprint speed, and remap button layout for console. (read full post for details/ clarification) - Please shrink her hitbox some more. (read full post for details/clarification) - Passive: Keep the old one, but while in "Razorwing" give her "Pixie Dust Coat": while in "Razorwing" Titania is immune to status, cannot take damage from enemies that elbow/hit her if she gets too close to them, and any enemy killed by Titania (while in "Razorwing") should have a significantly higher chance of dropping an energy orb. (read full post for details/clarification) - Diwata: Please increase base status chance to 25% and please make slash focused instead of puncture. (read full post for details/clarification) - Razorflies: Please make respawnable and let them be able to take advantage of companion/sentinel mods. (read full post for details/clarification) - Targeting: Please make Titania target enemy heads instead of enemy midsections and thighs when she is using her Diwata. Also a new stance for her Diwata would be nice. (read full post for details/clarification) Link to full post:
  10. Short_Temper

    Let's have a chat..... about Chat!

    This is a general warning for all players, as I've seen enough people try pulling fast ones on devs like DE for long enough that it concerns me. I intend to make clear that a chat block is not the same as being BANNED (shadow or otherwise). Without further ado, let's chat. 1. Know what your saying... Chat blocking is a common practice, devs don't like it when players can't play nice. After all, just because the game is rated M for MATURE (some of us are not, lets be fair) does not mean you have a free license to be an outright A double S. There are rules for talking with players, you have to follow them, or suffer the consequences (ask me how i know, feel free). Everyone here does not have to bear witness to how dunce you can be, even if you think they are inviting it on themselves (they probably weren't). Save us all some headache, and read the rules before chatting. This also begs for a clarity point... Chat blocking ISN'T Shadow Banning. (i'll clear that later) Stop confusing the two. 2. A BAN is bad... Bans are just that, BANS. I.E, Your BANNED from playing. You wouldn't get past the login if you were, because a ban would kick you from game. DE uses IP bans, which are worse than just account bans. You couldn't log if you tried, unless you moved into a new place. Now, to clear the air. Shadow banning is a neat little practice, because devs who have a problem (say, TOS breach or use of cheats in a "no cheat" game) but can't quite prove it can legally still ban you from playing, they just don't have to admit to you they did it. It's a nice little sub clause they use to stop people from ruining the game they worked on, possibly for years up to that point. Let's have an example: Lets say Valve (makers of steam and Counter-Strike) has a player who likes being a naggy sob. Like, "Oh god you sucked that guy's deagle man. Why didnt you hop? blah blah blah...." so on and so fourth to the point people stop playing. This person technically haven't breached TOS, but its starting to affect the number of recurring players. Noticably enough to warrant concern.They can't BAN him outright, but they wanna teach him to be a better team player. Enter the shadow ban. A "shadow" ban is where you can't enter the game, but they give you no reason why or how it keeps occuring. they won'tbe able to play nomatter how they try. For this player, he'll just keep getting a connection error, or whatever have Valve's fancy at the time they entered it in. The same would apply here. DE wouldn't LEGALLY have to say your banned if they did a Shadow Ban. Granted, DE also has a strictly written TOS. SO there should not be a need for one. 3. Your are singled out, just not what you think its for... In the event your chat blocked, you first need to back away from your game. Obviously if your mad, you either: A. didn'tread the rules carefully enough, or... B. decided for whatever reason your more important than everybody else, therefore are immune to punishment. Either way, you need to first get away from the game. wash your face, get a drink, whatever have you. But STEP AWAY. Thats always first. You can then clear your head, and return to your controls with a little more patience. The next step is to logout. Stop playing for about 30 minutes-1 hour. Do some stretches, read a book, watch TV (if thats your thing). just rest for the time. When you decide to come back, just rememberto examine the chat rules a little more closely this time. You might find out why without having to embarass yourself and the rest of us by posting crap threads here on the forums.
  11. hispeedbunny

    Stuck in loading screen

    Sometimes me and my friend get stuck in the loading screen of a mission. Even though the bar is fully loaded, nothing seems to happen and we are forced to close Warframe. This happens very regular. We can move the ship so it's not like the screen is frozen. Anyone perhaps has a fix for this?
  12. Phoenix Dynasty. Helpful, Active and Fun! 990+ members! Introduction: Welcome to the Phoenix Dynasty one of the most active moon clans in warframe. Founding clan of the Phoenix Family clans and Total Eclipse Alliance. A community so big that we had to expand and make more clans to fit everyone in our community. Welcome to Phoenix Dynasty. Phoenix dynasty was founded 2 years ago by ImHeroic and Monstrosity. With the Goal of making a huge active community. And im proud to say we achieved that goal. With over 1.7k members in the clan discord and over 4k members in the Phoenix Family. Phoenix Dynasty is an activity clan, meaning we strive to be active and always keep our clan alive and growing everyday, to give our members a active community to come on and play with. If your not mastery rank 7+ to join Phoenix Dynasty scroll down to join the other Phoenix Family clans! Clan Goal: Strive to be the most active and helpful community on warframe. To give our members a place to call home to be proud to be apart of the Phoenix Family. To help out members when they need help Clan discounts Active chats for our members to come on to Great leadership for our members Activity Rule: We are an activity clan meaning we strive to keep out community active You can be off for 10 days before we kick you from the clan You can ask for an invite back to the clan when you come back online Clan Dojo: Events: Survival and Defense events for: Plat, Primes, Arcanes and more Discord: 1,700 member discord always 500 members online active and helpful join in on the discord for the events and giveaways! Clan discord will be in the clan message of the day when you join the clan in game! Ranking up: If you wish to not be apart of the staff just be active in the clan and you will get promoted Applications are released monthly for new staff members. Alliance: We are apart of the "Total Eclipse" alliance, an alliance we founded to help bring active clans together. Total Eclipse Alliance 8k members! Active Discord Sister Clan's: Phoenix Kings, Moon Clan, Sister Clan. Our more less competitive side . Phoenix Kings Mastery Rank 5+ Phoenix Vanguards, Moon Clan, Sister Clan Our noob friendly clan . Phoenix Vanguards Mastery Rank 0+ Phoenix Paladins, Moon Clan, Sister Clan Our competitive side of the clan. Clan Rules Please post your IGN, rank, region, and type of player: Casual or Competitive below if your interested in joining the Dynasty Family. Example: IGN: ImHeroic Rank: 24 Region: USA Type of Player: Competitive. Reminder: Please leave your current clan before asking to join so we can send you the invite as soon as possible!
  13. HSKelvin64

    Plains of eilodon bug: Major fish bug.

    when trying to fish on the plains, i get no fish showing up whenever im near the water, as well as whenever i try to throw bait/dye into the water, it just falls right through to the ground instead of floating on the water. this may also help shed some light on this issue, scince this happened after this issue also happened. when i was flying on a dryag, i got shot down and the flyer exploded, but when i fell, i turned invisible and flew right through the ground untill a server migration occured and i was brought back up, and even then i was invisible untill i left the squad completely. UPDATE: after some work, i found out that it worked when i used the unstuck command, on the sea, it wouldn't often work on the lakes, still further testing.
  14. During the Protect the Moon mission from Second Dream, if the Pendula is destroyed the same time the player dies, the mission is unable to be completed after you pop a revive.
  15. I feel like it's kinda dumb that it's literally impossible to get every achievement in Warframe (on a side note, more people have the literally impossible to acquire MR 26-30 achievements than the ones for fully unlocking a focus tree and exploring all the Eidolon caves.) due to there not being enough content. I try very hard to complete all the achievements in a game, but every time I look at Warframe in my Steam library, I'm reminded that I can't get those last 5 achievements due to no fault of mine. Can those achievements be removed until they're actually possible? Please and Thanks.
  16. hey folks. before this is getting too heated up lets just calm down. DE will probably delay the system just like DMG3.0... so to help them out lets do some feedback and overall changes: the daily reward system needs to go along with a ranking system (like the syndicates etc). that means that people level there ranks by some sort of value.. previously i considered sticking this task to baro so i thought of ranking it with endo BUT overall it can be anything. (maybe somewhat quest based like simaris?).. and the higher the rank when reaching a milestone the bigger the accessable reward pool. OFCOURSE players would start with a rank accordibg to the previous days logged in. so veterans might even start on on of the higher ranks. ALSO the rank should still slowly increase every day with every loggin - this is important because: this would treat new players and veterans alike. as new once could grund their ass off to achieve a decent rank until the next milestone (eg. to earn the zenistar earlier) or just simply play the game as before and slowly reach higher ranks and earn the weapons just like before/now! PLEASE TELL ME YOUR OPPINION AND LET THIS REACH DE!
  17. I have experienced this bug twice and was wondering how it could be fixed. The mission gets stuck on the liset loading screen. I can still do other missions fine but cannot rank up my mastery. Anyone have any ideas on how this can be fixed.
  18. potiisbest

    Zephyr unintended tornado bug.

    If u are playing as zephyr , there is a very annoying bug which will decrees your overall damage. If u use AOE weapons ( tested on torid , pox , staticor ) and u are not the host , the clouds will not apply the elemental damage to tornadoes only if u diretcly hit them with the projectile. However , if u are the host , u will get the benifits from the AOE weapons since u can apply those elemntals to the tornadoes with your pox / torid clouds or your staticor explosions .This bug needs to be fixed very quickly because it ruins the game experinace for the zephyr playerbase.
  19. Когда можно будет перенести акаунт с пк на пс4,так как у меня и наверное у многих лагает даже на самых низких настройках.Я боюсь представить,что будет с моим пк с дополнением Fortuna,а начинать играть когда твоему акаунту недавно исполнилось 4 года,что то не очень классно.Надеюсь разработчики или добавят эту фичу,хоть на малое время и надеюсь со мной многие будут согласны.Спасибо что прочитали.
  20. I feel that a lot of players don't really consider the Lanka as a valid option for long distance sniping because it's not hitscan with the projectile being comparatively slow to all the other snipers. Please keep in mind, I'm referring to Lanka's ability to snipe long distance like the other snipers can. If there were a soft reticule for leading targets, then it could make Lanka more reliable for long distance. The reticule would only make regular hits easier, but not necessarily headshots, as it would lead the midsection, but not the head. A good example of this is the Plasma Repeater from Halo: Reach (though the player has to be an Elite to see the feature). I understand that the Lanka is very strong for its Shot Combo. It lasts 6s & starts at 2 shots. However, this doesn't solve the Lanka's very weak long distance game, & really only causes it to be received as some weird type of heavy rifle. Because the soft reticule would make long distance sniping easier with the Lanka, we need to consider some trade-offs if this change is made. Nerf the Lanka's Shot Combo. Make the soft reticule feature into a mod (this could allow the Lanka to keep its current Shot Combo). This mod could work on all non-hitscan weapons as well. Much like the projectile speed mods. Both could be done together. If we don't want a soft reticule at all, then we could restructure the Lanka's scope such that there are mil markers to assist leading. (I still at least like the mod idea) I'm not going to deny that Lanka is very strong as a weapon. I am denying that it is strong as a sniper. Lanka's strength as a weapon comes from a combination of its base crit chance, scope-in bonus, & special Shot Combo. I am contending that, while these things grant Lanka over the top power, this doesn't necessarily mean it is good specifically as a sniper. Strong as a rifle, but weak as a sniper. I find this a problem because Lanka is classed as a sniper, yet doesn't do very well filling that role for anything that isn't a Grineer dropship on the Plains. Against large targets like those dropships, Lanka is fine, but only because those targets are large. Against standard units, though strong as a rifle, it is weak as a sniper. If in future updates we could get more large, lumbering enemies, I could accept Lanka's niche position, but we don't have that. That's more years of waiting if we are to expect that. I'm asking for Lanka to be easier as a sniper, but not easy to the point of OP cheese (which, when considered as a shorter range heavy rifle, arguably already is to some). I'm asking for it to be less painful as a sniper.
  21. (PS4)BradleyAanderson

    Promo codes

    Hey everyone, Awesome Support on this Forum! Thank you all! -Any and all Warframe Promo Codes/ Redeem codes will be posted HERE. -All Codes can be redeemed via the in game Warframe Market, or Online on the Warframe Website. Again thank you all for the support and active Codes. -Also if you think you know a code not yet posted please post it up!!!
  22. We're Royal Destiny, a clan that focuses on the idea of developing new and long term relationships. Through these relationships that we continue to develop, we built a strong foundation of communication. We have about over 3000 members on discord and we strive to develop a community where strangers become long term friends. We love people to enjoy each others company, play together, raid together, and have fun. Most importantly, we are extraordinary because our members always has amazing ideas and our officer, leaders, warlords listen! This is what Royal Destiny is about. Change, adaptation, growth. We will always be around! We understand that people take breaks and have commitments outside warframe. That is also why we will always remain active and alive for our loyal members to come back. They will always have a home here. We truly have an amazing empire. We began this clan as a ghost two years ago with a group of 4 individuals without a clan. Our founders were RoseDestiny, FerrousWolf, Gbonk, Papersuit. It was fate how we actually met. We started as pug group for a mission and began playing together for a couple days. Then, we decided to say -"Hey, Let's create an amazing clan". So, we did. We created a community of gamers where we were able to meet like-minded individuals where we build new-relationships and establish stronger bonds. There were definitely some up-downs on developing the clan but we did our best to solve any issue that came our way. We can safely say "We definitely came a long way. It started with 4 and now we have 3300+ Royal Destiny members among 6 highly active clans." [ Current Member Requirements ] Rank 6+ [ Current Members ] 990+ [ Current Alliance ] Rose - 3800+ Members 6 Highly active Royal Destiny Clans [ Raids ] During Raid Reset hours [ Discord - Voice Chat ] pm officers for invitation - 24 hr link [ Research Status ] All Complete - HEMA RESEARCH COMPLETE [ Clan Website ] Royal Destiny Website [ Sister Clan ] Royal Destiny Academy (MR 6+) - Moon Royal Destiny Elite (MR 15+) - Mountain Royal Destiny United (MR 3+) - Moon 1. No spamming/Flooding chat 2. No flaming (joking around is okay, but dont go too far) 3. No hate speech i.e: racism, sexism etc towards other users 4. Be kind to one another :) Just to let you know, we want our clan to be extremely active. Therefore, we have a 15 day inactivity policy. However, if you plan to go on a break or vacation, please notify us on our steam page. We definitely want you to come back to us! We're all over the globe. Most of our players are based in USA,CAN,AUS,UK. Our Motto: Contact List: Royal Destiny Jospedas IraqiWalker MARSMAN. Copula RoseDestiny AetherLink Dranco20000 Trivona Dracuula Lysergicknight Jayman2 Please post your IGN, rank, region, Type of player: Casual or Competitive below if interested and apply on This will help speed up the recruitment process. We definitely want to build a great community with great players! Example: IGN: AetherLink Rank: 23 Region: USA Type of Player: Competitive Reminder: Please exit your current clan when you post so we can invite you as fast as possible! Just Keep in Mind, we are doing our best to add everybody. You either will be put in Royal Destiny, Royal Destiny Academy, Royal Destiny Elite (MR 18+).
  23. narayanmgowda

    Warframe Invisible Bug

    my character goes Invisible in middle of every mission but enemys and squade members can see me only i cant see my character i even reinstalled this game and reduced video setting to medium and verify this game still this did not solved this problem just like this video
  24. We Are a shadow clan with all lab research completed. Accepting New players as long as veteran and anywhere in between! Our clan Is meant for enjoying Warframe while making friends doing it. Also finding people to learn more about Warframe or to Share your knowledge of Warframe. Presently we are part of The Gilded Phoenix alliance. -Rules Are simple get along and do not cause trouble with fellow members. -Be active in our clan chat -be active for at least 3 days a week -Inactivity for 6 days or more should be reported in our discord channel. Please leave a reply if you are interested or you can try to contact me in-game, though I can not guarantee what times I am online.
  25. Witam. Otóż niegdyś grałem w Warframe i teraz postanowiłem wrócić po dość długiej przerwie. Po zainstalowaniu gry pojawia się dziwny bug graficzny. Na niektórych mapach(na wielu mapach) jakieś obrazy zasłaniają mi ekran, czasem prześwitują na tyle, że jestem w stanie coś tam ugrać, ale zazwyczaj nie mogę nic zrobić w zasadzie. Próbowałem wszystkiego: zmianę grafiki wysoka/średnia/niska, włączanie i wyłączanie różnych efektów, grę uruchamiałem w trybie 32 i 64bity. 2 dni już tak gram i jest to naprawdę męczące. Nawet przywróciłem sterowniki stare od chipsetu graficznego, a jak nie pomogło to na nowo zaktualizowałem. A oto link do 2 scr. z tego jak to wygląda. Mam nadzieję, że jakoś się uda rozwiązać ten problem