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  1. Indonesia Warframe merupakan salah satu clan Warframe lokal yang berasal dari Indonesia. Tujuan didirikannya clan ini yaitu sebagai wadah untuk menampung serta tempat berkumpulnya player Warframe tanah air agar lebih mudah mendapatkan teman main satu bahasa, mengingat beberapa tahun lalu sangat sulit untuk mencari sesama player Indonesia di Warframe. INAWF terus berkembang secara perlahan & seiring berjalannya waktu, clan ini tumbuh menjadi salah satu clan lokal besar, Pada saat yang bersamaan, komunitas/playerbase Warframe di Indonesia juga ikut tumbuh & berkembang. Hal ini dapat dilihat dari berdirinya berbagai macam clan Indonesia baru dengan tier/ukuran yang bervariasi, mulai dari Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, hingga Moon clan, serta dengan terbentuknya Aliansi Indonesia. Mungkin ada yang belum mengetahui keberadaan clan ini, padahal sebelumnya sudah pernah berjumpa dengan kami baik itu di Relay, Lobby, bahkan mungkin salah satu dari kami pernah main 1 Squad denganmu Informasi Clan Syarat Bergabung Slot Anggota Pembangunan Dojo Fasilitas Penunjang Cara Mendaftar Kami Tunggu Kehadiranmu di Indonesia Warframe !
  2. VIDEO DOJO DISTRICT 12: PIANTA DOJO: (Ovviamente tutta la struttura è ben connessa da numerosi teleport) District 12 - YOU TUBE CHANNEL GMV D12: LA NOSTRA ALLEANZA: siamo capi dell'alleanza PLZ Uninstall che attualmente conta 40 clan al suo interno (tutti attivi, chi non è attivo si elimina)! Cosa fornisce? Stemma alleanza - Server vocale su Discord con Canali privati per i clan membri - Gruppo Telegram per comunicazioni fra Warlord - Forum alleanza - organizzazione di eventi a premi e raid durante la settimana. Cerchiamo di fornire tutti gli aiuti possibili ai nuovi, sostenendo coloro che possiedono un piccolo clan e sperando che con il tempo possa migliorare ed espandersi! Cosa è assolutamente vietato? convincere un membro alleanza ad entrare nel proprio clan, mancare di rispetto ai compagni, proporre una vendita di un oggetto senza averne specificato il prezzo (questo serve ad evitare frodi verso i più inesperti) VUOI FARNE PARTE CON IL TUO CLAN? Fai la richiesta a -IlKenpachi- in game, nei commenti di quest post, oppure sulla sezione di reclutamento nel SITO ALLEANZA --->
  3. Tyranq

    Frostleaf does not exist

    Hello,like in the title frostleaf does not exist in game or its really small chance to spawn on map. I was helping a player when i saw it. We reload the missions many times,even changed planets from Venus,Eurpe, Neptun and even Pluto. Nothing helped. If you would be that kind,let me know if you saw this massage. Tyranq
  4. When mining, I no longer get a display of how much of a particular gem or ore that I've gathered from a node. I see the flashy "spark" and the type(s) of gem(s) or ore(s) appear, but not the amount. I can check manually, but it would be nice to be able to see how much I'm getting at the time of harvesting. So I don't have to do this kind of circular loop.
  5. As the title, Just curious what exactly I need to do to actually see what they are typing? Obviously they refuse to use english. Changing the launcher language makes the whole UI into chinese which I don't want. Even if I can read chinese, when the team chat is all ****** That's really hard to tell what they are trying to say 🤦‍♂️
  6. To celebrate the Fortuna update launch on Xbox One and PS4, we're rerunning our Twitch Drops campaign for a limited time! From now until December 17, watch any Warframe stream on Twitch to get in-game items every hour. You could get Nidus, Khora, a Rifle Riven, free Credits and more! Twitch Drops are available to Tenno on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch! Event ends December 17 at 2 p.m. ET. Don’t forget to link your Warframe and Twitch accounts to get your Twitch Drops. Getting Your Twitch Drops Make sure your Warframe and Twitch accounts are linked to get your rewards! You can link your accounts by clicking here. If you don’t already have a Twitch account, you can sign up for one here. To see which Twitch account is linked to your Warframe account, visit the Account Management page here. After you’ve linked your accounts, watch Warframe streams while logged into a linked Twitch account to receive the Twitch Drop. Then log in to Warframe and check your Inbox to find your Twitch Drop! You could get Nidus, Khora, a Rifle Riven, celebratory Fireworks and more! A full list of available Drops can be found below -- but not all Drops are equal, some are more common than others! Nidus (including a Warframe Slot and pre-installed Reactor!) Khora (including a Warframe Slot and pre-installed Reactor!) Rifle Riven Mod 7500 Credits Cache 100 Oxium Cetus Wisp Nitain Extract Grand Finale Glyph Display Ambulas Noggle Khora Delphi Helmet Blueprint Lith C3 Relic Meso T3 Relic Neo K2 Relic Axi C3 Relic If you’re looking for a Warframe stream to watch but don’t know where to start, you can see what broadcasts are available in the Twitch Directory. If you’re looking for a Warframe Partner channel to watch, check out our Partners page! If you’re a broadcaster, the Warframe account you are playing on needs to be linked to the Twitch account you are streaming from. Your audience will not receive any Twitch Drops until you do so.
  7. SmilingDoge-

    Flickering sun on the plains

    Today I've noticed that the sun on the plains is flickers. Currently running on i5-8600k with 2080Ti. My display settings
  8. So in the light of the new upcoming Deluxe skin, and DE stating that there could be a possible rework for him. Me and my girlfriend went ahead to create some (hopefully) Awesome ideas As most of you know Wukong is one of the least played Warframes in the game. and with good reason. and with all these newer Warframes focused around synergy we tried to do the same with Wukong and also staying true to his Journey to the West ''Lore'' I hope some of you like this and that this will turn some eyes at DE. We are more than open to feedback. Passive: Since in the lore Wukong can see all evil no matter what form they take, with this in mind a nice passive for him would be an Enemy Radar passive. 1. (IRON JAB) - (DEFY) This ability will be replaced with a new sort of defy (his current second ability) Upon activating it Wukong will spawn a clone which would distract/aggro enemies into shooting it. The clone will be fighting with an iron staff and more damage this clone takes the more damage it will do so it scales with the enemies this way. When Wukong ''Dies'' the clone returns to Wukong healing him and turning Wukong invincible for a couple of second just like the 'old' defy. After a few seconds the clone will spawns again (this Ability will still be a toggle energy drain ability). 2. (Defy) - (IRON SLAM) Since the First ability is now a rework of the second I would like to change the second ability into something completely different. He now will be able to throw his staff and when it hits anything he will be instantly teleported to it knocking the enemies around it down. If Wukong has DEFY active, then all the damage that the clone has received will be added to the knock down which will also deal blast damage. 3. (Cloud walker) - (MIST WEAVE) This ability is also replaced with something more team oriented. Wukong will Spin his staff with nimbus (Nimbus = the cloud thing) on top of the staff creating mist/clouds around him. making Wukong and allies hard to see by the enemies which will now be able to take stealth damage thanks to this ability, this ability will be duration based and when recast before the duration ends, Wukong will ones again spin his iron staff around removing the mist and healing all the allies in a certain radius. Based on the damage dealed to the enemies in the mist the healing will be increased capped at 100%. The healing will linger on the allies and Wukong himself restoring health for a set duration that can be increased/decreased with duration mods. 4. (IRON STAFF) of course what is Wukong without his iron staff? This ability will stay mostly the same but will have a few utilities added. When the Staff is active it will still has its range increased when hitting enemies but that will increase the range of his 2nd (blast radius) and his 3rd (mist and healing radius) abilities as well. This will make the Staff not only useful for combat but an essential part of his kit. I would like the staff to be a bit more on par with other exalted weapons like Excalibur's Exalted Blade. Also changing the base damage from impact to fire and increasing the base stats for example will be a nice change. These are just a few ideas and I know that I am asking for whole lot and I have no idea how this will work from a design standpoint. this makes him pretty much a new warframe but I would love to hear what you think about this idea.
  9. Здравствуйте можно узнать появится ли "Эскалибур умбра" как NPS в комнате со шлемом лотос. после прохождения квеста "жертва" по действиям он может к примеру затачивать свою канату, играет на инструменте про который говорится в квесте или подойдя к нему оператор может предложить сыграть ему в "коми" в игру которая была в квесте "жертва". Когда экскалибур будет экипирован с ним нельзя будет с играть в игру.
  10. Kaytranada

    Quick Limbo Tweak Idea (QL fix)

    Goal: Propose a quick and easy (main idea) change that could help Limbo and others playing with Limbo without calling forth a ‘rework’. Consider this more of a ‘quality of life’ idea. Secondary ideas might not keep up with how quick and easy the main idea is but I felt like its good to put those out there too. I know it’s hard to find time/ incentive to back track and visit content what was just recently looked at (kind of oldish now) but hopefully since this idea is relatively small and seems easy to do, there’s more incentive to look into it. It also seems like a nice thing to do since Limbo’s Deluxe skin is dropping soon *wink *wink *more incentive OK, so here is the quick and dirty: Limbo still has issues with being ‘Bossy’ in team gameplay Squad mates don’t have effective ways to deal with banished enemies if Limbo doesn’t have cataclysm up/ near them or enemies are individually/ radially banished and Limbo isn’t around Squad mates 99% of the time don’t like being individually banished (and roll out almost instantly) This conflict makes Limbo’s radial banish mechanic almost useless outside of solo/ highly communicative team play Ideas: Main concept: Limbo needs ways to allow his squad mates to enter and exit the rift more freely and on their own terms without the need of verbal communication/ having to guess that they want you to banish them. This does NOT imply that I think squad mates should have as much freedom to enter and exit the Rift as Limbo does, they just need more than what they have now (which is almost zero since using Limbo's Rift tear is their only option rn) Main Idea: After squad mates walk outside of Limbos Cataclysm, they stay banished until they choose to roll out or the duration ends.This lets them use Cataclysm as a base to run and grab a banish to seek banished enemies outside of the Cataclysm on their own terms and pace. *This change alone could be enough Secondary Ideas: Limbo can charge banish to deploy a large Rift tear that has enough duration for squad mates to use it consistently and consecutively OR Limbo can individually Rift Surge Teammates and give them the temporary ability to use Limbo's Void Dash. OR Bullet Jumping directly into a Banished enemy grants you a brief banish so that you can quickly deal with a single/ small group of targets. (Make this about ~ 1/4 to ~ 1/6 of Limbo’s modded banish duration) OR Whenever a radial banish is performed, Rift tears spawn around previously surged enemies. Limbo already synergizes well with certain Warframe abilities since a lot of them ignore his banish but this quick tweak could help out people focusing on gun-play or melee and lessens the need for considerate Limbo's to micromanage (there’s already a good amount of things he needs to manage). Edit: Crossed out ideas that seemed problematic after consideration of the feedback in the comments.
  11. saludos gente. si pueden ayudarme con el tema , estaria muy agradecido: necesito hacer una copia de seguridad del juego. mi conexion es bastante mala. de hecho suelo conectarme desde un telefono o cuando puedo de un internet movil. descargar el juego puede llegar hacerse bastante penoso. por algun motivo no puedo hacer una copia de seguridad por steam. y por fallas de electricidad en la zona , me ha tocado ya un par de veces reinstalarlo. je je. no es agradable. si pueden resolver esta duda, seria genial.
  12. FOX81


    Bonjour/Bonsoir, Un soucis avec la pêche. Je clique sur 1,2 ou 3 du pavé numérique mais rien ne se passe. Maintenir ces touches revient au même. j'ai aussi essayé avec le clavier à côté de tab, maj ça ne fonctionne pas non plus. Je n'avais pas ce problème avant. Que faut-il faire pour y remédier ? En effet c'est problématique pour pêcher. Merci à vous.
  13. This is pretty rare, but still happens from time to time, seemingly no matter what tileset I play. This time it happened in an Orokin tileset (sabotage, with the portal) and decided to take a short clip of it. The clip is here, due to Youtube compressing I suggest viewing in 1080p or the minimap is just a blurry mess anyway. You can see me start in an area where the minimap is fine, then going to an area where the minimap freaks out, and I do this a couple of times.
  14. zlChaser

    Host migration

    Please, fix or change host migration to something else. Im tired of this issue. Was farming 5k kuvat, told people to extract but none of them want and guess what, ITS FKING HOST MIGRATION. BACK TO ORBITER AND LOST ALL, EVERY THING. Please can i at least get my item. Holy jesus
  15. Dear DE, I got an idea on how to buff the thrown attack of glaives, without touching any stats or impacting riven power in any way. I am exclusively talking of the glaive as a thrown melee (and the AOE it has), not the glaive as a melee weapon. WHY BUFF THEM Because of the very fast paced nature of WF, throwing your glaive is usually a terrible idea. The damage it deals in thrown mode is rarely worth not being able to use melee anymore. Nobody uses the mods to make glaives bounce more, or speed up flight, simply because it's not worth it, when you could add MOAR DAMAGE to it, which is frankly the only way to mod weapons. In short : Throwing the glaives will leave you without melee until it returns Damage isn't high enough to make it worth it Trying to detonate the glaive mid flight to hit the enemy is terribly difficult With how fast glaives move, enemy moving as well and potential lag, hitting something with the AOE is almost impossible unless you focus on it exclusively, which puts you in danger or makes you useless ("yay I hit 2 enemies after 4 tries!" whereas you could have killed 10 times more while playing normally) Reach does not (afaik) make the AoE larger Even just hitting enemies isn't easy (and once the glaive has bounced just once, it's basically lost until it returns and will not hit any enemy - it has zero tracking/magnetism) Reach barely helps with this issue for the initial hit, and has absolutely no use once the glaives bounces HOW TO BUFF THEM My idea does not require any stat change whatsoever to glaives. During the charging animation, you can lock on enemies, and that guarantees that this enemy will be hit (provided there is LoS) once the glaive is released from charge. Maximum of 4 targets. Also add a mod that increases the amount of locked on targets. Add a mod that gives a X% chance (100% chance at max rank) of the glaive doing it's AoE on the last locked on enemy (before it returns to you). Result of these changes : When using thrown glaives, you will now deal damage to a minimum of 4 enemies guaranteed (plus any other that may be in the path of the glaive). No more missing because of enemies moving or lag! The first mod also increases guaranteed damage indirectly by guaranteeing more hits The second mod forces a AoE to proc, significantly raising the damage the glaive will do on the last hit I believe my ideas wouldn't break the game's balance (since all of it is already things in the game with, again, zero stat changes). It's just QoL for glaives, the coolest weapons.
  16. Альянс создан с целью объединения кланов для обеспечения хорошего онлайна, атмосферности, информативности и помощи участникам кланов альянса. Здесь каждый найдет себе новых друзей и товарищей с кем можно будет ставить новые рекорды в таблице лидеров, ходить на разрывы бездны, вылазки и другие миссии. Много внимания мы уделяем новичкам, для помощи которым, в дискорде альянса создана отдельная категория с текстовыми и голосовыми каналами. Также, есть участники из разных кланов, которые всегда готовы оказать помощь по игре и дискорду. Они имеют роль "Помощник новичкам" и их ники выделены золотым цветом. В альянсе проводятся конкурсы, розыгрыши и ивенты, как внутриальянсовые, так и международные. Наш сервер дискорда является партнером для множества сообществ Warframe, в том числе иностранных. Полный список и ссылки сообществ партнеров Вы можете увидеть в нашем дискорде в текстовом канале partners. Для коллекционеров и только начинающих коллекционировать уникальные глифы от партнеров, есть специальный канал в дискорде с актуальными способами получения глифов. Добавлять новые глифы и их способы получения может каждый участник. Также, обсуждение глифов, способы получения и ссылки есть в нашей группе VK. В нашем Альянсе 86 кланов : 1 горный, 19 штормовых, 23 теневых и 43 призрачных. Связь в альянсе Discord, наш адрес Группа нашего альянса ВКонтакте Клуб альянса CARDINALS Руководство альянса: Основатель альянса -CS.RL-Loki из клана ReLIFE Сооснователь альянса -CS.BB-Bushido из клана Blackberry В нашем Альянсе Вы получите: 1. Эмблему альянса, сделанную профессиональным художником; 2. Хороший онлайн и сплоченный коллектив; 3. Равноправие всех кланов в Альянсе; 4. Помощь новичкам от опытных участников альянса, а также помощь в развитии клана; 5. Дискорд альянса с более чем 1500 участников и всевозможными ивентами, конкурсами и розыгрышами. Правила нашего Альянса: 1. Запрещается мат и оскорбления; 2. Запрещается торговля за платину (обмен разрешается); 3. Запрещаются споры на религиозные и политические темы; 4.Запрещается попрошайничество (спам). Полный список правил: Требования к кланам: 1. Наличие эмблемы клана (если Вы только подали заявку на рассмотрение - мы готовы пойти на встречу); 2. Ранг клана - не ниже 9 ранга; 3. Желание играть и развиваться; 4. Приветствуется наличие голосовой связи Discord. Для вступления в Альянс оставляйте заявки здесь или заходите к нам в Discord и оставляйте заявки в текстовом канале #заявки в клан и альянс. Также, в нашем Дискорде принимаются заявки в кланы альянса. Форма для подачи заявки в альянс: Название клана; Тип клана; Количество людей и средний онлайн в клане; Почему Вы выбрали наш альянс и как Вы о нас узнали; Название предыдущего альянса и причина выхода из него; Игровой ник представителя администрации клана для связи.
  17. About us We are a cozy laid back Mountain tier (300 members cap) clan with most of our members living in Europe. Here's our awesome site/blog with basically the same info I include in this topic. Warlords are @Suncake @RAZORMAX @m00ndr3nch @Aynnocia Would also be important to mention that we allow ourselves friendly roasting and free usage of "banned" words. Not because we're evil and hateful people, but because it's fun. Also, if someone gets mortally offended by people posting crap in the internet, they probably deserve it. The clan was created 21.12.2013 with me as its only member, but from 06.06.2015 I renamed the clan into A Piece of Cake and started recruiting new members. Don't ask about the first name, it's embarrassing. We use Discord to stay in touch even when we don't play Warframe. Our server is a nice place where we can share screenshots, dank memes, music, nsfw stuff and play other games together. Feel free to join it even if you're not going to join the clan. We also have a group in Steam. Why you should join us Emblem. It's delicious. Wear it with pride. Dojo. It's pretty big and has everything you need. If it doesn't, we add it. Also no trading tax. Research. E V E R Y T H I N G is complete. Discord. It's what takes us to a higher level than just a Warframe clan. We're quite heavy on memes in there too. Community. It's rather friendly and consists of people from different countries, newbies and vets, schoolkids and adults. Progression. Be active, helpful, have fun and participate in clan life, and you will be a valuable member of our community somewhere among the top ranks. Profanity. It's allowed. Giveaways. Sometimes they happen. Contests. They also happen from time to time. Why you shouldn't join us Activity peaks in the evening (30-50 online), so sometimes there's only a few (10-20) members present. No scheduled runs, we're too casul for that. Low voice chat activity since it's not mandatory to have a mic. Profanity is allowed, in case you're too sensitive. What I expect from you English. Do you speak it? Probably the most common international language. Adequacy. Don't be too rude or spam or beg or invite people without asking them first. Don't be annoying. MR 8 or higher to confirm that you are a serious player and because we already have a lot of newbies. But you can talk me into accepting you even if you're MR 3, just be nice and active. Contribution towards new research, building and events. Be ready to help with something like Hema in future. Joining and using our Discord server is highly recommended, but it's not mandatory. Be at least a bit social. It's sad to see that people never talk after joining the clan. You will be noticed and promoted if you socialize. We have a 30 days offline kick policy. Appear online at least once a month if you don't want to be kicked. You can always get another invite again anyway. Clan ranks explanation There are some tasks for all clan members: Join our group at warframe forums. Join and use our Discord server. Join us in Steam. Donate anything in any amount to our dojo. Send us your location, timezone and birthday. It will be put in our clan roster for other clan members to see. Participate in our events. Participate in Warframe clan events. Each completed task grants you a point of clan involvement, which are needed for the promotions. Crumbs. A punishment rank, never used. Rights: none. Duties: to improve. Requirements: be a $&*^. 1st Layer. That's where you begin. Rights: your usual rights. Duties: having fun. Requirements: none. 2nd Layer. You've done something to integrate with the clan, noice. Rights: you can start research. Duties: having fun. Requirements: be in clan for 2 weeks; earn 1 point. 3rd Layer. Keep up the good work, boi. Rights: inviting people to the clan. Duties: keeping the clan at 95-100% population. Requirements: be in clan for 4 weeks; earn 2 points 4th Layer. The cap for those who don't socialize within our clan. Rights: chat moderation, can use clan treasury. Duties: fair chat moderation, helping others. Requirements: be in clan for 8 weeks; earn 3 points. 5th Layer. Only the ones chosen by the council get here. You need to be active to get noticed. Rights: can change ranks of other members. Duties: being wise. Requirements: be in clan for 12 weeks; earn 4 points; get noticed by being active and helpful. Whipping Cream. Only the ones chosen by toppings of the ones chosen by the council. Rights: can do almost everything. Duties: watching the clan, helping others, keeping the interest in game. Requirements: be in clan for 16 weeks; keep being active and helpful, especially in clan-related matters like recruiting Cake Topping. b0ss. Rights: can do everything. Duties: taking care about the clan. Requirements: being the most active, helpful and adequate. Limited to 3-4 members. How to apply (fastest to longest) Join our Discord and ask for the invite. Reply here or to this Applications thread. Use this handy google form. PM warlords at forums or in-game. My Discord - Suncake#0948. My Steam. Dojo (a bit old map, it's bigger now) Dojo screenshots GOT REMOVED DAMN IT I'll add some new ones later: Please, leave your current clan before you apply because you can't receive clan invites while in a clan already.
  18. Здравствуйте! В нашём клане ооочень мало людей... Тематический в плане людей клан, всё же... Ну, в общем, если вы - брони и ищите клан - вам у нас будут рады. У нас всё изучено (кроме цветов и игниса). Ограничений по рангу - возрасту нет. Помогаю соклановцам если могу) Вопросы можете задавать тут или в игре!
  19. HawkOverHK

    Bug on Tilesets from Sedna

    So on Sedna some alerts for capture pop up for anything I do them and the mission loads in fine. But mission done and there is no exit. The map given is a defense or interception tile set so I cant find an exit. On a side note the code TERMINALBIGFLIP came out and I claimed it but i dont see it in my inventory or anything how come? I claimed it right after it was released(a few hours)
  20. Hello, Running today's sortie, a couple friends and I ran into an issue where the datamass fell into the central platform in the Agility Drift room. We'd completed the console there, and leaving the datamass in that spot, completed the puzzle. Going back through the portal to that room we found it was under the platform and quite inaccessible. I tried unstuck in hopes the datamass might refresh too as I was the last person with it, but to no avail.
  21. Ninja Clan for NicoNico 概要 Ninja Clan for NicoNico(略称NCNN)は5周年を迎えてなお勢いを増すwarframeを、クランというコミュニティで盛り上がっていきたいニンジャ集団です! 始めたばかりのルーキーテンノから、冷凍睡眠テンノやなんでもござれのプロテンノまで幅広く大募集しています! 詳しい募集要項は、このクランホームページを御覧ください! 簡易的なお話 我々はwarframeというゲームの楽しさを知っています!また、それを知る楽しみも同時に理解しています! NCNNではプレイ歴やMRの垣根を限りなく削り、新規に追加されていくコンテンツにも仲間とともに挑戦し、遊べるクランにしていきたいと考えています。 そのためにも、メンバーには一定の「心がけ」はしてもらいたいと考えています。 ホームページを作成し、加入希望を出す前にページを読んでもらう、という面倒な手順をわざと準備したのには、そういう「心がけ」を、加入希望を出してもらう道筋に準備してもらいたかったからなのです。 とっても楽しいwarframe 気軽にcoopプレイが楽しめ、見ず知らずのプレイヤーともマッチングでき、言葉少なくともコミュニケーションが感じられる素敵なゲーム でも、それはルールがないわけではない。各個人のマナーとエチケットで初めて成り立つことなのです。 私達の笑顔でwarframe体験をもっと素敵な時間に 興味があるから少し話をしてみたい、という方はDiscordの案内受付をご利用ください! こちらのリンクから受付に飛び、ログを残していただければマスターもしくは、メンバーとお話できます! _____________________________________________________ 2018年11月20日更新 ついにやってきたコーパスオープンワールド!まだまだNCNNメンバー募集中です! ニンジャの輪の広がりを感じており、一定数の皆さんにご賛同いただけているようで何よりです 動物保護もK-ドライブも、新要素盛りだくさんでwarframeはまだまだ大賑わい! !まだまだ遊ぶ余地がありますよォこいつはァ・・・NCNNとしても存分に楽しんでまいります! 良識あるニンジャの皆さんの加入申請お待ちしています
  22. ToastBacca

    Mesa's Unlimited Peacemaker Bug

    so I was in Fortuna doing a bounty with some friends, and then used Peacemaker to clear some mobs but noticed that my energy wasn't going down and I couldn't cancel Peacemaker. I still could use other abilities but not weapons or regain energy, also I didn't have to left click to fire, it was automatic. And no I didn't have the Peacemaker augment equip (cause I don't own it) and could run and bullet jump around freely whilst doing so.
  23. ¡Buenas tardes a todos! Como dice el título, estoy regalando planos de Ignis Fantasma para todos aquellos jugadores que no hayan podido conseguirla en sus respectivos clanes. Si deseas tener una, envíame un mensaje en el juego, mismo nick que en los foros y estaré feliz de darte un plano, o directo aquí en los foros para que cuadremos. Algo importante: Tienes que tener al menos rango de maestría 9 para poder recibir el plano, si no alcanzas ese rango, simplemente no podré intercambiarlo contigo ya que el juego no lo permite. Pueden encontrarme en cualquier momento del día, más a menudo en la noche (vivo en Uruguay). ¿Cómo haremos el intercambio? Será o en tu dojo, o en el mio, un intercambio normal, yo pongo el plano de Ignis Fantasma y tu colocas un mod común repetido que tengas y no te sirva. (Asegúrate de tener al menos 10k de créditos e intercambios disponibles) ¡Saludos Tenno! EDIT (13 de Agosto 2018): Por favor, todos aquellos que me hayan agregado ya y aún no les pasé su plano, avísenme en cuanto me vean en línea, tengo un montón de gente que me envió solicitud de amistad con mensajes de ésto pero ya no sé a quién le he dado y a quién no. ¡Mándenme mensajes hasta que les pase sus planos, Tennos! No sean tímidos, no molestan ni nada. No quiero dejar a nadie sin su plano. EDIT (3 de Diciembre): Ya terminé con los temas que tenía pendientes de la Universidad, mis conexiones se normalizarán y estaré online más a menudo. Recuerda enviarme un mensaje en cualquier momento que me veas conectada, con gusto les entregaré un plano de Ignis.
  24. Vyrhelle

    Valkyr claws working like Garuda

    Someone might have suggested this already, I can't be bothered to scroll through the forums so I'll be up front about that. Anyhow, making it so that Valkyr can equip her claws and use them as her melee weapon slot just like Garuda does would be amazing. I see no reason why this couldn't be made to work separately from her Hysteria, simply let her equip the claws but give her none of the additional powers from Hysteria. Just the melee weapon stats.
  25. Hi, I just started Warframe recently and I would please like to join a South African clan Any help would be appreciated