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  1. I cant start it but I have already beaten the new war. I tried to beat it AGAIN and nothing
  2. https://i.imgur.com/XL6bNi1.mp4 my weapen range is 9m, but I can't hit because those are "NOT IN SIGHT"
  3. So, apparently when you quickly go out as Operator and back in, your frame literally breaks, Or more like your entire Game. You can't attack, can't use Abilities and even the Animations are broken as hell. I've been experiencing this bug since Veilbreaker came out. There's also another Bug that still occures. It's basicly the same but you just slide, without even that i move or use any buttons. The only way to manually "fix" it, is dying. But.. in the middle of the Archon Bounty.. you can see, how this is a problem. The Game is for me sadly for now unplayable.
  4. 購入希望の方は、フォーラムに希望を書いてから.rok.までフレンド申請をお願いします。 自身のログイン時間が不定期の為、フォーラムへの書き込みとフレンド申請を確認次第、此方からお声掛けします。 ■■■3種類以上ご購入の方に下記中1点をプレゼント中■■■ シミターSet マンティスSet パララックスSet プライマリマーシレスR5 プライマリデクスタリティR5 プライマリデットヘッドR5 セカンダリマーシレスR5 セカンダリデクスタリティR5 セカンダリデットヘッドR5 メイガスエレベートR5 メイガスヴィガーR5 メイガスハスクR5 バーチュアスストライクR3 バーチュアスシャドウR3 損傷したネクロメカパーツ4点セット ■商品購入頂いた方へは特殊な入手方法以外のMODであれば無料で差し上げます。各自ご確認ください。 【売ります】 ■Prime Set Atlas Prime Set 100pt Ash Prime Set 220pt Banshee Prime Set 120pt Chroma Prime Set 120pt Ember Prime Set 150pt Equinox Prime Set 120pt Frost Prime Set 170pt Gara Prime Set 100pt Garuda Prime Set 120pt Harrow Prime Set 120pt Hydroid Prime Set 150pt Inaros Prime Set 100pt Ivara Prime Set 100pt Limbo Prime Set 170pt Khora Prime Set 150pt Loki Prime Set 250pt Mag Prime Set 250pt Mesa Prime Set 130pt Mirage Prime Set 120pt Nekros Prime Set 240pt Nezha Prime Set 100pt Nidus Prime Set 100pt Nova Prime Set 130pt Nyx Prime Set 100pt Oberon Prime Set 150pt Octavia Prime Set 100pt Rhino Prime Set 150pt Saryn Prime Set 250pt Titania Prime Set 100pt Trinity Prime Set 150pt Valkyr Prime Set 120pt Vauban Prime Set 240pt Volt Prime Set 150pt Wukong Prime Set 120pt Zephyr Prime Set 120pt Astilla Prime Set 100pt Baza Prime Set 100pt Boar Prime Set 100pt Boltor Prime Set 100pt Cernos Prime Set 100pt Corinth Prime Set 100pt Latron Prime Set 100pt Nagantaka Prime Set 100pt Panthera Prime Set 100pt Rubico Prime Set 120pt Scourge Prime Set 100pt Soma Prime Set 100pt Stradavar Prime Set 100pt Strun Prime Set 100pt Sybaris Prime Set 100pt Tenora Prime Set 100pt Tiberon Prime Set 100pt Tigris Prime Set 100pt Vectis Prime Set 180pt Zhuge Prime Set 100pt Akbolto Prime Set 100pt AkJagara Prime Set 100pt AkLex Prime Set(BP+リンク)100pt Aksomati Prime Set 100pt Akstiletto Prime Set 150pt Akvasto Prime Set(BP+リンク)100pt Ballistika Prime Set 100pt Euphona Prime Set 100pt Hikou Prime Set 100pt Knell Prime Set 100pt Pandero Prime Set 100pt Pyrana Prime Set 100pt Sicarus Prime Set 100pt Spira Prime Set 180pt Zakti Prime Set 100pt Ankyros Prime Set 100pt Dakra Prime Set 100pt Destreza Prime Set 100pt Dual Kamas Prime Set 150pt Dual Keres Prime Set 180pt Fragor Prime Set 100pt Galatine Prime Set 100pt Glaive Prime Set 240pt Gram Prime Set 100pt Guandao Prime Set 100pt Karyst Prime Set 100pt Kogake Prime Set 100pt Kronen Prime Set 180pt Nami Skyla Prime Set 200pt Nikana Prime Set 180pt Ninkondi Prime Set 100pt Pangolin Prime Set 100pt Reaper Prime Set 100pt Redeemer Prime Set 100pt Scindo Prime Set 100pt Silva & Aegis Prime Set 100pt Tekko Prime Set 100pt Tipedo Prime Set 100pt Venka Prime Set 150pt Volnus Prime Set 100pt Carrier Prime Set 120pt Dethcube Prime Set 100pt Helios Prime Set 100pt Wyrm Prime Set 180pt Kavasa Prime Set 100pt Odonata Prime Set 120pt Corvas Prime Set 100pt ■Riven Pennant MR11 VAZARIN 25サイクル 500pt (最大強化時:攻撃速度+62.8、範囲+2、ヘビー攻撃効率-33.3) Dual Keres MR13 VAZARIN 183サイクル 500pt (最大強化時:範囲+2.1、攻撃速度+60.1、追加コンボカウント率+57.1、対感染体-37.3) ■Primed MOD(MAX品のみ販売で各200pt)※Primed MODは受け取る側が100万クレジット必要 Primed Continuity Primed Flow Primed Magazine Warp Primed Fast Hands Primed Point Blank Primed Ravage Primed Chilling Grasp Primed Charged Shell Primed Fulmination Primed Heated Charge Primed Pistol Gambit Primed Target Cracker Primed Quickdraw Primed Pressure Point Primed Fever Strike Primed Reach Primed Animal Instinct Primed Regen Primed Morphic Transformer Primed Rubedo-lined Barrel ■その他MOD Blind Rage RankMAX 150pt Transient Fortitude RankMAX 150pt Narrow Minded RankMAX 150pt Adaptation RankMAX 150pt Rolling Guard RankMAX 150pt Heavy Caliber RankMAX 150pt Galvanized Chamber RankMAX 150pt Blood Rush RankMAX 150pt ■アルケイン(記載品以外も在庫ありますのでお気軽に確認ください) アルケイン エナージャイズ Rank0 100pt 在庫18 RankMAX 2000pt アルケイン グレイス Rank0 55pt 在庫29 RankMAX 1100pt アルケイン バリア Rank0 20pt 在庫21 RankMAX 400pt アルケイン フューリー RankMAX 450pt アルケイン イージス RankMAX 400pt アルケイン アヴェンジャー RankMAX 350pt アルケイン ガーディアン RankMAX 300pt アルケイン ベロシティ RankMAX 250pt アルケイン アクセラレーション RankMAX 250pt アルケイン ストライク RankMAX 250pt アルケイン ピストリアー RankMAX 300pt アルケイン タンカー RankMAX 250pt モルト オーグメント RankMAX 250pt メイガス ロックダウン RankMAX 150pt メイガス リペア RankMAX 150pt ■その他 運猫遺伝子(容姿および費用は応相談) 【買います】 Zenith Riven 状態問わず 100pt 開封済み不要Riven ライフル/ショットガン/近接 5pt              ピストル 1pt
  5. Railjack crew stopped firing turrets whatsoever. Assigning gunners to a different role and then back to gunners doesn't help. It happens in all missions. Also, now enemies doesn't spawn in low level missions, and it's impossible to complete the mission. Both started occuring after Veilbreaker. Tempestari skin bug is present since its realease in Call of Tempestari update. It's a visual bug with turrets, where they don't attached to the carcas and just float in the air.
  6. Hello, since 1-2 weeks I see that some warframes like wukong, vauban, khora, mesa nova run like a stockfish. This state changes randomly for reasons unknown to me. In this state it is impossible to execute melee attacks or projectile jumps, shots from the primary weapon work. I was once lucky enough to end this state with the operator mode. Today the arbitration was affected by this and I couldn't stop this staus. I had to brake the mission because it was impossible to play like this. This happened in the plains of eidolon and the new archon hunt. I recorded video clips, PLS check them. https://imgur.com/XLQI9Mx https://imgur.com/Il6p1xr https://imgur.com/apoZ7Po
  7. Warframe: Kitsune - The Spirit Fox Skills Passive: Fox Form - On receiving a fatal hit she instead turns into her fox form till she recovers 50% of her health. Cooldown 2 mins, can still be hurt in fox form. Skill 1: Charm/Feed - Using 20 Energy. Charm her enemy to fight for her until death. Gains 10% overall Stat increase. Hold skill button down to dash to the charmed victim draining part of his life and recovering your own, charm is broken at this point. ( If feeding is done cooldown is increased by 45%) Skill 2: Spirit Walk - 15 Energy. Goes into the spirit world becoming untargetargetable for a few seconds. Gains increased movement speed with the ability to do a short dash. Skill 3: Radiant Light - 35 Energy. Slams her tails to the ground making a ring if fire pulse out of the ground damaging all those within her grasp. Skill 4: Fox Fire - Using 25 Energy with 7 drain a sec. Summons the force of her 9 tails and begins thrashing them around summoning homing fox fire to engulf her enemies.
  8. I personally play titania a lot, and I just recently posted a topic about requesting enhanced titania. In that topic I mentioned that Titania's passive skills are really bad. As a flying frame, her passive skills can only take effect when she's not flying, which is as bad as asking zephyr not to fly, yareli not to ride on her skateboard, and gauss not to charge the battery. As for her passive other effect, fixed health recovery of 4 points per second, I think most of the time we can ignore it. (Maybe the new Archon mod will be useful) In any case, what I want to express is not only that this skill is weak, but that it is not suitable for titania, and that this passivity does not fit with the theme of titania. Why do we add a jump amplification effect to a flying frame? In addition to titania, I found that Styanax's passivity was not suitable either. Actually, I can understand that de wants Styanax's javelin to be able to inflict critical hits. However, I don't understand why critical strike chance is associated with shields. Does Styanax have any background connection to the Shield? Or is it referring to the shield he was holding? Also, Chorma's passivity is also strange, being able to jump twice, is there any necessary connection between this and an elemental master? Also, mirage's passive skill is increased gliding time and increased action speed. Does this have anything to do with an illusion master? I'm not talking about the strength of these skills, but I'm trying to say that these skills don't match the background setting of the frame itself, and these skills seem to be added casually without knowing what to do. So, in addition to passive skills, there are also those frames that have skills that are not suitable for them. Are there any skills that you don't think are appropriate?
  9. Всем привет и хочу у многих игроков спросить с Начала обновления "Новой Войны" у вас начили появляться Фризы, лаги, упадки фпс? Потому что у меня уже не первый раз такое и это просто ужасно ! Я и так отрицательный отзыв оставил игре мне теперь его дополнить и Оптимизацией ? У меня стоят высокие настройки и мой ПК это может себе позволить причем игра как мы знаем не слишком тяжелая , я это все веду к тому что С начала "Новой войны" у меня все лагает и фризит невозможно играть от слова совсем ! Раньше при загрузке локации у меня фпс был от 100 и более но сейчас он падает до 5 фпс . Я чистил свой пк , оптимизировал затем в самой игре убавил настройки до средних убрал даже то что мне не нужно и все равно все ужасно! до всего этого обновления у меня было Шикарно) и тут выходит новый варф и еще все хуже становиться . Такое чувство как будто разрабы спец на нас крест поставили . Разработчики Ало ? где моя Оптимизация верните пожалуйста!
  10. Everybody might have experience to go into wrong difficulty node. If background color in StarChart is simply different from normal vs SteelPath, it would be nice improvement.
  11. Reaping Spiral I like this stance's neutral. but this combo cause it tends to throw my target behind me after it is lifted. And, Scythe weapon attack speed doesn't seem to work well for sliding attacks.
  12. I think Yareli honestly is quite fine. However there is a simple change that would make her good. And I think that change would be to allow her to use Primary Weapons while riding Merulina. You don't even need to allow her passive to buff primaries as well. Just being able to use primaries on her would honestly make her feel really nice. Either change that as a general change, or make that her Merulina Augment. (Also allowing Merulina to use K-Drive Mods would be nice but not terribly necessary).
  13. 閲覧ありがとうございます 購入希望の方は、コメント欄に希望の品を書いたあとK.N.E.S.Sまでフレンド登録お願いします。 トレードしたことない方もサポートしますのでよろしくおねがいします! ↓↓↓トレード方法を簡単にまとめてみましたので良ければ初トレードの方は見てください↓↓↓ https://kness-online.hatenablog.jp/entry/2020/10/03/012840 確認次第こちらからご連絡させていただきます。 ここに書かれてないPRIME・MODでも何でも受け付けております! IGNIS WRAITH 設計図   無料 MR9~ こちらのみのトレードでも遠慮なくどうぞ!  ←トレード不可になりました 【フレーム】 Khora Prime 250pt Atlas Prime set 100pt Ash Prime set 250pt Banshee Prime set 120pt Chroma prime set 120pt Ember Prime set 200pt Equinox Prime set 150pt Frost Prime set 200pt Gara Prime 120pt Garuda Prime 150pt Harrow Prime 120pt Hydroid Prime set 180pt Inaros Prime set 80pt Ivara Prime set 120pt Limbo Prime set 180pt Loki Prime set 300pt Mag Prime set 250pt Mesa Prime set 150pt Mirage Prime set 150pt Nekros Prime set 250pt Nezha Prime 100pt NIDUS PRIME 100pt Nyx Prime set 120pt Nova Prime set 150pt Octavia Prime 100pt Oberon Prime set 180pt Rhino Prime set 200pt Saryn Prime set 280pt Trinity Prime set 180pt Titania Prime set 100pt Valkyr Prime set 180pt Vauban Prime set 280pt Volt Prime set 200pt Wukong Prime set 150pt Zephyr Prime set 120pt 【センチネル】 Carrier Prime set 150pt Dethcube Prime Set 100pt Helios Prime Set 120pt Wyrm Prime Set 200pt 【プライマリ】 RUBICO PRIME 120pt Sheduパーツset 150pt 【セカンダリ】 EPITAPH set 50pt 【近接】 Glaive Prime 280pt KRONEN PRIME 200pt WOLF SLEDGE 300pt 【MOD】 GalvanizedMOD 各種30pt RANKMAX 150pt Adaptation 30pt RankMAX 150pt Blood Rush 50pt RankMAX 180pt Weeping Wounds RankMAX 100pt Condition Overload RankMAX 50pt Primed Chamber 500pt Blind Rage 40pt RankMAX 180pt Transient Fortitude 40pt RankMAX 180pt Fleeting Expertise 40pt Overextended 40pt Narrow Minded 40p RankMAX 180pt Heavy Caliber 30p RankMAX 180pt Magnum Force 30pt RankMAX 180pt Corrupt Charge 40pt Jolt 100pt Voltac Strike 100pt Shell Shock 100pt High Voltage 100pt Primed MOD 各種 【アルケイン】 エマージャンス デシペート R5 100pt モルト ヴィガー R5 200pt モルト エフィシャンシー R5 300pt モルト オーグメント R5 350pt エターナル オンスロート R5 250pt エターナル イラディケート R5 200pt カスケイディア オーバーチャージ R5 100pt カスケイディア フレア R5 300pt プライマリorセカンダリ マーシレス R5 50pt プライマリorセカンダリ デクスタリティ R5 30pt プライマリorセカンダリ デッドヘッド R5 30pt アルケインエナージャイズ R5  2400pt アルケイン グレイス R5 1200pt アルケイン バリア R5 500pt アルケイン ガーディアン R5 500pt アルケイン ストライク R5 300pt アルケイン フューリー R5 500pt アルケイン イージス R5 500pt メイガス リペア Rank5 200pt メイガス ロックダウンRank5 200pt メイガス エレベートRank5 200pt パックス チャージRank3 80pt エグゾディア コンテージョン R3 600pt 【ネクロメカ】 損傷したネクロメカパーツset 50pt 損傷したネクロメカ武器パーツset 200pt 【Ayatan像】 Anasa 星付き 20pt orta 星無し 5pt
  14. as i were extracting the game just spaming my account can not be updated multiple time and after a couple time it stop and continue the game and then i check my inventory all my stuff from that mission is gone reduce to atom
  15. ¡Bienvenidos al Tercio! https://postimg.cc/tsRL0jzv https://postimg.cc/tsRL0jzv Aviso de antemano, si solo buscas un clan para tener los objetos del Dojo, mejor deja de leer aquí y no pierdas el tiempo. En cambio si buscas un lugar para pasar el rato y hacer nuevas amistades, este es tu clan 🙃. Buscamos personas activas, con ganas de participar con nosotros. No valoramos ni nivel ni Rango de Maestría, solo valoramos la actitud positiva y las ganas de integrarse. Para ello, se deben cumplir los siguientes REQUISITOS: Tener una EDAD de +18. Usar Discord regularmente: Nos comunicamos exclusivamente por esa vía. Hay que participar activamente en Discord. y ÚNICA CONDICIÓN: Inactividad máxima de 30 días. Se pueden dejar avisos de inactividad prolongada para guardar la plaza. En la medida de los que se pueda hay que pasarse por discord, puesto que nos coordinamos siempre por allí. EL CLAN: Clan TORMENTA. TODO 100% INVSTIGADO. Todos los laboratorios, el Dique Seco, la Agencia Carmesí (intercambio de Liches de Kuva y Hermanas de Parvos). Contamos con pista de obstáculos y arena de duelos. Además, contamos con jugadores de Rango Legendario 2, y otros + RM 30 con varios años de experiencia, que pueden guiar y ayudar en lo que sea, además de mantener a todos al día de las novedades, promociones, regalos, estrategias, etc. EVENTOS DE CLAN: Esporádicamente, cuando no hay nuevo contenido hacemos eventos. Todos los eventos cuentan con premios (potenciadores, formas, warframes, armas, platinos, etc)., Muestra de EVENTOS --> Evento 2020 de Tercio Del Loto - EIDOLON TERRALISTA, EVENTO TERRALISTA y TRILODON 2021 (Premios) EVENTO DE CARRERA OBSTÁCULOS 2021 SPEEDRUN CAPTURA VACIO SOLO EVENTO ESPIONAJE 2022 VIDEO PROMO EVENTO SPY 2022 PREMIOS EVENTO ESPIONAJE 2022, Evento Robaganancias 2022 + PREMIOS a los top 1 EVENTO ROBAGANANCIAS 2022 También vamos en plan casual a LVL CAP 9.999 - CLEM 10.002 . Contáctanos enviando solicitud de amistad por DISCORD: - Si eres de ESPAÑA - IR4_IR4#1061 -Si eres de cualquier país de AMERICA - janlol27#5617 Saludos.
  16. Didn't see a bug page specific for this update, so here we are. Bugs -After the first phase concluded, after the (skipped) cutscene, I was floating in a t-pose, couldn't unstuck, and my team already ran off to the second stage, and wouldn't be able to revive me if I fell from this stuck position -2nd attempt, squad left after the first phase, so I solo'd the rest... and Nira just died in one hit upon reaching her in Phase 2. It was a bit comical, really. I brought my souped up Laetum with my Yareli on Meralina, but Nira didn't respond upon me entering the area, and just died from one bullet. Went through two hosts changes, as well, if that's relevant. Feedback -Make it a "vote to skip" for the cutscenes, really would've loved to see these cutscene but someone always wants to skip everything, like they've seen them before. The only way to circumvent is to just solo these missions. -I liked Nira's paralyzing gaze for group fights, I could see it as frustrating in solo play. I've truly enjoyed these missions and Kahl's missions. Keep up the great work.
  17. I find the archon hunt missions to be pretty stimulating. My biggest gripe though, is mysterious things that happen that just bring me from over 1k armored health to 0 in a single hit. Few things are more irritating. There was that story of the guy that was running Inaros, and bout to complete a mission solo when he got nuked by something for all of his health. The reason this isn't such a big deal in normal play is because dying is barely an inconvenience. However, in archon missions, where you make the threat of death as mission failure, I find blindsiding players with powerful, unpredictable attacks as unacceptable. At the very least, it makes soloing missions a big pain in the ass. Please consider balancing enemy damage output at such high levels, or remove the (gimmicky) perma-death punishment.
  18. 1. Make all non-aoe projectiles have infinite body punch through. 2. Change all punch through mods to include the ability for non-aoe projectiles to bounce between targets, plus the original punch through effect. Weapons with built in punch through have punch through stat doubled and new ricochet effect added with the same range (in meter) as new punch through value. Projectiles will only ricochet to targets in range of the initial directly damaged target, (range is determined by punch through range). Ricochets do not require line of sight. Projectile will bounce in a random direction if no target in range. Each time a projectile ricochets to a new target it deals less damage, (works like melee follow through). Ricochets can bounce until they fall below zero damage which then they will despawn. New mod stats: •Shred: +30% fire rate +2.4(meters) ricochet targeting +2.4 punch through •Primed Shred: +55% fire rate +4.4(meters) ricochet targeting +4.4 punch through •Metal Auger: +4.2(meters) ricochet targeting +4.2 punch through •Seeking Force: +4.2(meters) ricochet targeting +4.2 punch through •Seeking Fury: +30% reload speed +2.2(meters) ricochet targeting +2.2 punch through •Seeker: +4.2(meters) ricochet targeting +4.2 punch through •Rivers: +X(meters) ricochet targeting +X punch through •Thrown melee punch through mods are unaffected. •Capacity drain for punch through mods could be increased for balance. Rivens drain should not change. 3. Things that could be broken: •Mesa 4th ability •Zenith alt mode
  19. Now when we are on the topic of focus limit. Shouln't there be an alternative to Eidolon fights? The reason I'm saying this is that I need the items the Eidolon drops. But the fight it'self and preparation is clunky as hell and unfun, none engaging, and boring fight af! Not to mention it's A. limited during the night cycle only. B. not that easy to solo. C. Hard to keep the damn lures allive, but also annoying to get the charge up. Just rework the Eidolon fight and focus more on the fight itself than this inconvenient mechanic called lures D. Very limited with warframes and loadout
  20. Depending on your build and helminth ability, you may want different shards on the same frame and it will get tedious having to swap shards when you are just swapping loadouts, or to have a second or 3rd frame, just for different shards. Then if you wanted to keep the same shards across all loadouts on the same frame, you could do so. For example, I run a flying mirage build, where she is mostly airborne, and parkour velocity will be amazing on her, but on other loadouts where she is on the ground, I might want something else. As for shards being some "final" part of the warframe - well they are swappable, and should allow for multiple options within the same frame (in my opinion). Also, it would be nice if you could subsume the same ability onto multiple loadouts on the same frame.
  21. For melee fist weapons, after finishing off from behind, the main and secondary weapons remain in the cabure. I asked to check all my friends, everyone has this bug. I also attach a video demonstration of the bug.
  22. Добрый день! У меня 9 ранг мастерства, сейчас бегаю на Рино Прайм с Осколком Войны и Сомой Прайм (Собирал её еще до нерфа несколько лет назад). Пытаюсь фармить лича кувы, однако, он у меня апнулся до 5 уровня и противники на карте стали не убиваемыми, урона у меня категорически не хватает. Билд на осколок у меня такой (на разрез, без МРа): Урона в Соме Прайм тоже не хватает. Игнис призрак теперь не передается, а в клане его еще не изучили и я не знаю когда изучат. Пытался выбить Акцельтру на миссии Ur На Уране, но за несколько часов она так и не выпала. Во всех видео на ютубе предлагают много разного оружия, однако, оно на более высокие ранги, а выбить кува оружие я не могу (слишком сильные мобы, не говоря уже о самом личе). Прошу Вас посоветовать мне хорошее оружие на 9 ранг, которое не жалко билдить. Т.е. мне не хотелось бы тратить формы на одноразовое оружие, хочется такое которое пригодится не только на текущем этапе но и в будущем.
  23. It'd be lovely if Styanax's Tharros Strike shield was an Auxiliary attachment, even if it was in a smaller buckler sorta form. Upon casting Tharros Strike, it'd simply start expanding and snapping down into his hand for the ability cast. This also allows for Tharros to be visible outside of Idle animations or the casting of Tharros Strike, such as if someone replaces it with a different ability via Helminth.
  24. I am surprised we don't have additional mod or arcane sources of Dodge Speed like what Amalgam Barrel Diffusion offers. With having used Amalgam Barrel Diffusion for quite a while it's almost impossible to go back to the stock dodge speed. Now that we have a second 'Diffusion' mod with the Galvanized Diffusion mod I think it's time for additional sources of Dodge Speed. Could have an Exilus mod similar to Rush at the very least for %30. If not a gold or set mod for a higher %Dodge Speed. With all of the sprint and bullet jump mods it would easily fit in here. A melee version would also be fitting. Though in this case perhaps as a combo mod with something like Fury? Something that slots in between Fury and Primed Fury with a %40 Attack Speed/ %40 Dodge Speed? Then last up an Arcane. Could have a stacking Dodge Speed bonus on kill. Something like %15Dodge Speed for 20 seconds, stacking up to 4 times. Then use the decay rule that every 20 seconds just one stack falls off at a time.
  25. PRIME RESURGENCE HAS RETURNED! Prime Resurgence returns once again, this time to stay! Reinforce your Arsenal with the greatest creations of the Orokin Empire with the help of Varzia Dax. The Prime Vault has closed for good. In its place comes the new and improved Prime Resurgence. After listening to your feedback, we saw a clear opportunity to improve both Prime Vault and Prime Resurgence, bringing more value to the program for the Warframe community and ultimately, more Primes into your Arsenal. With our new program, you can expect to see new monthly rotations filled with Prime Warframes, Weapons, Accessories and more. The first debut rotation welcomes Wukong and Equinox Prime! Visit Varzia Dax in Maroo’s Bazaar to gain access to her Prime items: Wukong Prime Equinox Prime Zhuge Prime Ninkondi Prime Stradavar Prime Tipedo Prime Sanzang Prime Kubrow Bundle - Includes: Nai-Zhen Kubrow Collar Sanzang Prime Kubrow Armor Derelict White Tidal Blue Corrupted Gold Tang Prime Kubrow Fur Pattern Incubator Segment Nutrio Incubator Upgrade Segment Kubrow Egg Incubator Power Core Genetic Code Template Jindou Prime Syandana Corposant Prime Ephemera Isabeau Prime Syandana Narvarr Prime Armor Set Wukong Prime Noggle Equinox Prime Combined-Form Noggle Equinox Prime Night-Form Noggle Equinox Prime Day-Form Noggle And Wukong and Equinox Prime Relics! The following evergreen items are also available at Varzia: Apis Syandana Filigree Prime Decorations Necraloid Bundle - Includes: Necraloid Glyph Necraloid Sigil Spektaka Liset Skin 5x Orokin Ducats (NEW) 5x Void Trace Pack Burston Prime Braton Prime Fang Prime Lex Prime (NEW) Former Twitch Prime items: If you missed these during their run as Twitch Prime items, now's your chance! Avia Prime Armor Set Avia Prime Syandana Operator Vayas Prime Accessories Spektaka Prime Sugatra Spektaka Prime Syandana Vistapa Prime Syandana Static Reactor Prime Sigil How it Works: Earn Primes with Aya With Prime Resurgence, you’ll have a more direct path to earning Prime Warframes and Weapons through gameplay. Earn Aya in Missions to purchase Void Relics containing the specific Prime components you want from Varzia. OR Earn Primes with Instant Access For each new rotation, you will be able to access all the available Prime Items instantly with Regal Aya. The price of Regal Aya has not increased since last year’s Prime Resurgence event and Platinum is still included with each purchase. With Regal Aya, you have more agency in choosing the specific Prime Item you want to purchase with Regal Aya, including individual Prime Accessories. However, you can still purchase bundles for Regal Aya as well. The History of Prime Resurgence and What’s Changed Since: The History On November 16th, 2021, we launched a time-limited scheduled event in Maroo’s Bazaar on all Platforms: Prime Resurgence. In the goal of addressing the major pain points with our Prime Vault program, we put Prime Resurgence to the test as an alternative. After several weeks of rotating through Primed goods, we concluded the event in successful fashion. The months that followed consisted of a review of its performance based on player feedback and interaction with the program. We determined that with its success, it met the criteria to permanently replace the Prime Vault program for good! Before we get into what's changed, we want to reiterate that the return of Prime Resurgence maintains the two options to gaining access to Prime goods: Instant access through purchasing (Regal Aya) Free path access through gameplay (Aya and Relics) What’s Changed Thanks to your feedback during the event last year, we have been able to make some great quality of life changes as you see listed below: Increased rotation length between Prime sets. During the event in 2021, the rotations were a week long. Players agreed that this was too short a window to earn the Aya and Relics they need from that rotation. So we have increased the rotation length to roughly a month each (specific dates will be made available for each rotation when we near the next). Added the ability to trade 1x Aya for 5x Void Traces. Similar to the 5x Ducats available at Varzia, you can now use your Aya to purchase 5x Void Traces. Added a ‘Visit Varzia’ fast travel option to the Relic Segment UI - selecting this option will prompt a confirmation window before taking you to Varzia in Maroo’s Bazaar. Added a ‘Prime Resurgence’ tab in the in-game Market where Aya and Regal Aya purchases can be made instead of traveling to Maroo’s Bazaar. Aya drop Changes: Added Aya in Zariman Bounties. After Prime Resurgence concluded, Zariman Bounties were introduced that included some Vaulted Relic drops. We have updated the drop tables to swap the Vaulted Relic drops with Aya in Zariman Bounties! Rebalanced Aya drop chance in Stage 2 & Final Stage in Level 25-30 Cambion Drift Bounties. An inbox message will now be sent upon installing the Relic Segment in your Orbiter explaining Prime Resurgence and Varzia! Prime Resurgence FAQ: What is Aya and Regal Aya? These are the currencies that are used to purchase items from Varzia! Aya is an earned currency that is your free path to gaining Prime items through the in-game Relic system. It is a resource that is exchanged for Void Relics and other non-premium items available in Varzia’s wares. Aya is found in Void missions and Bounties and has a chance of appearing in Relic Packs available for purchase in the in-game Market for Platinum or Syndicate Offerings for Standing. Aya has replaced Vaulted Relics in the Void and Bounties Drop Tables. In other words, where there was once a Vaulted Relic, there will now be 1 Aya instead. And that Aya can be traded in at Varzia to purchase Relics of your choosing during Prime Resurgence. The public Drop Tables have been updated to include Aya drop locations, so that you have all the information needed to plan your Aya acquisition. What requires Aya vs. Regal Aya to purchase? And why? All of Varzia’s wares maintain their previous acquisition methods. If something was purchase-only via Prime Vault, it will appear in her shop as such (Prime Accessories for example) and will require Regal Aya to purchase. While others that have been previously released through a free-path method, will maintain that as well using free-path Aya. Regal Aya is a premium currency (similar to Platinum, but not tradeable) that gives you instant access to Prime Warframes, Weapons, Accessories, and Bundles available in Varzia’s wares. It can be purchased in the Market or online storefronts. Can you buy multiple Regal Aya packs? Yes, like Platinum Packs, you can buy multiple Regal Aya packs! As a currency, you can acquire and hold it in whatever amounts you need for your desired items. Do the Prime Warframes and Weapons come with Inventory Slots, Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactors? Yes! If you purchase a Prime Warframe or Weapon with Regal Aya, it will come with an Inventory slot and either an Orokin Reactor or Catalyst already installed. Will Regal Aya be available for purchase through Steam? You will be able to purchase Regal Aya from the site using Steam Wallet! Regal Aya Packs will not be available on the Steam Storefront to purchase (due to technical limitations). Do the Regal Aya bundles come with Platinum? Yes! Regal Aya Bundles come with bonus Platinum. 3 Regal Aya: 200 Platinum bonus 7 Regal Aya: 400 Platinum bonus 15 Regal Aya: 1200 Platinum bonus
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