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Found 8,543 results

  1. When i am killed in operator mode while using Excalibur Umbra, I am sometimes teleported below or out of the map. Also, when Excalibur umbra is given a charge weapon (like the lanka or opticor) and he is in AI mode he half charges it and dosen't fire. I also personally think Excalibur Umbra should have preference for using melee weapons seeing as that is his strong point, rather than consistently preferring ranged. but this is just my opinion, the bug report is up there .😄 Thanks!
  2. Avg015

    Void Trader syndicate

    Hey DE, first of all, we love you guys! I was talking to my clanmates, (divine eagles on pc) and we thought of something: What if Baro Ki'Teer had a syndicate of his own? Instead of points, it would count the amount of ducats spent, to reach new rankings(titles), and the higher the ranking, the better he treats you. Also, we would get a weekly mission to retrieve the void goods, on the week he doesn't come, kind like a sortie, three hard missions to get the things for him. It could be implemented as an mr 15+ journey where Baro tells us that he needs our help, and ask us to get the "good stuff" for him. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase make it happen. by the way im a brazilian and the clan is also brazilian, sorry if i made any mistakes. with love, by your aways loyal tenno, Avg015 Dreylord Sething Lendastico Meldinn Coringamalol
  3. Wantes

    Mag is weak

    Since the change to Greedy pull i don't see Mag anymore, my friend tried his best to make mag viable in late game (100+) and didn't really managed to. Looking at her passive i don't see any utility, we already have Vacuum for sentry and Greedy pull work too, even if it don't grab the loot for others. So, in order to make her turn from a paper piece to cardboard, why not change her passive to something like "25% of her shield is added as armor", she only have 65 armor with the prime version which isn't much compared to like all warframes. Feel free to share your thought on mag and on my proposition. Wish you good luck Tenno !
  4. Cup_o_Joe

    Colours are overly saturated

    I don`t know when this happened but the three colour packs i have are overly saturated but all the other locked colour packs are fine and seem unchanged. The colours that were on the warframes before are fine and unchanged but when I place new colours on it places the overly saturated. It is not my in-game or monitor settings, i played with those and it didn`t help. I`m not sure if this is just an update to the colour packs or just a glitch. My specs: Windows 10 home CPU: Intel Core i5-6400 RAM: 8GB Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 -EDIT- I have the default one that I started with, Easter and Shamrock packs
  5. Hesruk

    Chat Not Working

    Anyone else having issues with chat not connecting? I have re-launched the game a few times and tried disabling and re-enabling each chat in the settings with no luck.
  6. Клан Blackberry Штормовой клан Blackberry, ведущий ТОП клан по убийству свободного времени ищет магистра Ордена Великого Рандома! Наш Кодекс: -Нет страстей, есть ясность мыслей -Нет неведения, есть знание игровых механик -Нет хаоса, есть гармония, умение самостоятельно организовывать свой игровой процесс -Нет прокрастинации- есть Великий Дедлайн. (J) Наш Девиз: «Death Or Glory» Наша речовка: «Победитель тот, кто встает на один раз больше чем падает» (о чем это я? 😊) Предлагаем: -Взрослый коллектив (средний возраст 30 лет). -Хороший Альянс (ориентированный на набор 18+). -Дружественный Дискорд (пользуемся Дискордом Альянса). -Взаимопомощь (обмен опытом, контентом, прохождение миссий и т.д). -удобное Додзё (10 ранг клана). -ивенты, розыгрыши и другие плюшки. -Греющая душу атмосфера общения. Хотим от кандидата: -Возраст от 25-и лет (Умудрённость старца, глубокие познания игровых механик, большой опыт онлайн ММОРПГ (умение жать на кнопки J)). - Ранг, профиль, игровые часы и т.д не важны (мышление гуру- из множества решений выбирать самое верное и самое простое знать 2х2, иметь связную речь и ясный ум) -1-ин Аккаунт (ответственность, самостоятельность и прочие прелести.) -Наличие гарнитуры (микрофона). Использование Дискорда. Находиться постоянно в голосе не обязательно. -Желание играть в команде. -Соблюдение правил клана и Альянса. (соответствие общепринятым правилам этики и морали) Приём исключительно голосом! Если Вы поняли написанное, подходите нашим требованиям и заинтересованы в вступлении в клан оставьте краткую информацию о себе (по желанию) и контакты для связи. Либо свяжитесь со мной в Дискорде (Bushido#2047) или отпишитесь в игре. (-CS.BB-Bushido)
  7. YelloBug

    Cetus Wisp spawn in the air

    I noticed a Cetus Wisp spawn in the air and it disappeared when I got to my arch-wing to try get it. I got a Wisp spawn properly before on another lake, so this is spawning at this lake maybe.
  8. Since I used Ember and her WOF ability I noticed that when Iam placing these team energy "dispencers" while running her WOF ability , I wont regenerate any Energy. I got really confused when i picked up the energy orbs, (still using WOF), dropped by the enemys and got energy , as usually , but wont get it (the energy from the "dispencers") when iam running WOF
  9. If you have any riven mod, but don't know how much it worth just ask me Q : How do I estimate the price? A : number of good stats * stats combo * weapon's popularity * freshness (new weapon get higher price around 1-2 week) Tips new weapon riven (first week) always get high price 300 - 1000 ,except if the weapon is bad (like cycron) or very hard to get ( zenith, sigma) always set a price higher than what you want ( for negotiation ), but not too much. Price check Bot check out pricecheck bot on this discord ( ) from @Folren PS. price base on my experience, sometime it might be wrong PS2. *** please don't put a tons of riven on me, I'm human not a bot I can tired too, pick only 1-5 riven for price check if possible" *** PS3. *** If you put a tons of riven on me, I'll not reply" *** PS4. ****Pricecheck every Sunday**** list of the stats for some god riven
  10. Phoenix Dynasty. Helpful, Active and Fun! 990+ members! Introduction: Welcome to the Phoenix Dynasty one of the most active moon clans in warframe. Founding clan of the Phoenix Family clans and Total Eclipse Alliance. A community so big that we had to expand and make more clans to fit everyone in our community. Welcome to Phoenix Dynasty. Phoenix dynasty was founded 2 years ago by ImHeroic and Monstrosity. With the Goal of making a huge active community. And im proud to say we achieved that goal. With over 1.7k members in the clan discord and over 4k members in the Phoenix Family. Phoenix Dynasty is an activity clan, meaning we strive to be active and always keep our clan alive and growing everyday, to give our members a active community to come on and play with. If your not mastery rank 7+ to join Phoenix Dynasty scroll down to join the other Phoenix Family clans! Clan Goal: Strive to be the most active and helpful community on warframe. To give our members a place to call home to be proud to be apart of the Phoenix Family. To help out members when they need help Clan discounts Active chats for our members to come on to Great leadership for our members Activity Rule: We are an activity clan meaning we strive to keep out community active You can be off for 10 days before we kick you from the clan You can ask for an invite back to the clan when you come back online Clan Dojo: Events: Survival and Defense events for: Plat, Primes, Arcanes and more Discord: 1,700 member discord always 500 members online active and helpful join in on the discord for the events and giveaways! Clan Discord Link Ranking up: If you wish to not be apart of the staff just be active in the clan and you will get promoted Applications are released monthly for new staff members. Alliance: We are apart of the "Total Eclipse" alliance, an alliance we founded to help bring active clans together. Total Eclipse Alliance 8k members! Active Discord Sister Clan's: Phoenix Kings, Moon Clan, Sister Clan. Our more less competitive side . Phoenix Kings Mastery Rank 5+ Phoenix Vanguards, Moon Clan, Sister Clan Our noob friendly clan . Phoenix Vanguards Mastery Rank 0+ Phoenix Paladins, Moon Clan, Sister Clan Our competitive side of the clan. Clan Rules Please post your IGN, rank, region, and type of player: Casual or Competitive below if your interested in joining the Dynasty Family. Example: IGN: ImHeroic Rank: 24 Region: USA Type of Player: Competitive. Reminder: Please leave your current clan before asking to join so we can send you the invite as soon as possible!
  11. PrincesaPeach

    Erro para Logar.

    Faz três T R Ê S dias que eu não consigo logar no jogo por algum erro na atualização. Olha na boa, o jogo existe a muitos anos, então bora ai pf resolver isso.
  12. DracoRiff

    Infinite Realm (SEA)

    Hi there, Infinite Realm is a SEA (GMT+8) based ghost clan that's been around since the early beta days. The clan was started by my friend and I. We are both very active on Warframe. Achievements: Pacifism Defect - within top 1000 on the leaderboards, Ambulas Reborn - Gold, Plague Star - 4 Golds Current Slots open: 3 We are looking for: Active players, MR10+ preferred We are NOT looking for new players who require help! The dojo is fully researched (with the exception of solar-rail locked research) and the layout is easy to remember too! What's different about us is that we won't force you to join discord servers or to be extremely sociable. We're all introverts here and our dojo and clan mainly exists so that we can get 100% completion on weapons. That being said, we're looking to expand and welcome all like-minded Tenno who are active (especially for events) and know their way around the game; players who can work together to achieve clan-related objectives like research and events. We're very approachable and friendly too! Here are the hierachies in our clan: Dimensionist - Ruler Solar - Recruiter, Regulator, Promotion, Architect, Treasurer, Tech, Tactician, Chat Moderator Lunar - Recruiter, Regulator, Promotion, Tech, Chat Moderator Tempest - Recruiter, Tech, Chat Moderator Pyre - Recruiter, Tech Tidal - Tech Terra - Tech Quark Each rank will grant you 1 week of inactive grace period and at Lunar (the highest you can be promoted) you'll have 6 weeks inactive grace period! The first promotion occurs a month after joining us. Remaining promotions occur once a month but are subject to online activity. To be promoted further, a member has to be active at least a week before their promotion date. (Example: Member joined on 20/11/2017 and his/her offline counter displays 3d on 20/12/2017, they are eligible to be promoted) Otherwise, the promotion will be delayed until the clan member is seen online again. Extras: We still have the old dojo hall. Here's a preview of how the emblem looks like on the badge as well as the hall Feel free to leave a reply here or PM me or limpidpurity in-game if you're interested!
  13. I have been searching for this fix day and night for roughly 30 hours now and finally got it to work! If you have been having Bad Image! or Update Failed! errors, this will likely get you back into the game. If this dosent fix the Launcher for you I apologize, but this is kind of a last resort kind of deal. Type "uninstall" into your search bar, "Add and Remove Programs" should pop up. Click it. Type "Visual" into the search bar and several Microsoft Visual C++ 20XX Redistributables should pop up. If they dont you probably have to install them, the lack of proper C++ Redistributables is causing the error for most people. This is often caused by a faulty system update (Thanks Microsoft!) or fooling around with sys32 files by accident. Starting at 2010 forward (2010-2015 usually), click each and select "Modify" (you may need to right click on each depending on operating system). Select "Repair" on each window for each one (only repair one at a time, each one should take 5-30 seconds). Once you have repaired each, run Command Prompt as an administrator and type "sfc /scannow" (no quotes). This will scan your core files and make sure everything looks good. Restart your computer (the repairs will have no effect until you restart) and re-run the Warframe launcher. It should work. If this fails, try repairing the C++ Redistributables previous to 2010, then if that dosent work uninstalling and reinstalling each (2010+) off of the OFFICIAL Microsoft website, never download important sys32 files from outside sources.
  15. The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.5 UI Improvements & Fixes: Fixed the UI overlapping when switching from a Warframe without an Exalted weapon to one with an Exalted weapon. Fixed numerous weapons using the wrong Icon in the Inventory Skana Prime Icon is known and will be fixed. Controller Improvements & Fixes: Controller DPad navigation will always be enabled for Chat when its expanded. Fixed the pause Menu not closing when Menu is already open with the controller. Fixed a crash when attempting to move the text cursor vertically through a multi-line text box (MOTD for example). Fixed odd multi-line text navigation with up/down arrows for empty lines. Changes: Improved the Rift Walker Prime Sigil to be more metallic. This is the start of our Art team going through previous Prime Sigils to give them the same metallic treatment by request! Updated the Vitruvian Glyph bundle store icon to better display the Glyphs. Orokin Cells pickups will now appear in the pop-up notification similar to Argon Crystals. Fixes: Making progress on investigating Megan's soul crushing issue of not receiving Relic rewards. So far it is looking like an internal account issue, but we'll update you as more information turns up. Fixed new players who picked Excalibur not receiving his Exalted Blade in the Arsenal, making it unModdable. Affected players will now see the intended Exalted Blade Arsenal slot. Fixed the Pyrana Prime auto-switching to another weapon when the magazine empties. Fixed casting Khora's Strangledome on a large group of enemies resulting in the VFX disappearing shortly after. Fixed the Dax Syandana not being Giftable. Fixed the Dax Syandana clipping through numerous Warframes Titania clipping is known and will be fixed. Fixed lights at the top of the Dax Syandana not applying Energy colors. Fixed Nekros Prime having a ‘None’ Skin option. Fixed the Zarr Towsun Skin not properly apply to the "dangles" on the front of the weapon. Fixed inability to Chat link the Towsun Weapon Skins for the Quartakk and Stubba. Fixed an issue with the Hystrix not being able to switch fire modes during reload if all bullets are emptied out of the clip. Fixed multi-line text navigation with up/down arrows for empty lines. Fixed a rare crash. Fixed a slow memory leak that would lead to a script failure if you left the Navigation console up for 13 hours. Fixed Rift Walker Prime Sigil flickering in the Arsenal. The Sacrifice Quest Related Fixes:
  16. Bonjour ! Le clan COBRA KAII vous ouvre ses portes et recrute des joueurs débutants, mais pas que ! Je vous explique :) Avec un ami nous commençons le jeu et avions pour objectif de farm farm farm ^^, mais de ne pas le faire n'importe comment ! En effet plutôt que de rejoindre un clan où beaucoup de chose ont déjà été débloqué, nous avons opté pour créer notre clan, de recruter (si possible) des personnes avec le même profil (c'est à dire plus ou moin débutant sur le jeu). En effet nous sommes ~rang 5 maintenant, donc c'est sure que pour l'instant nous sommes plus en phase de découverte, qu'autre chose, mais pour ne pas être trop spoiler par le contenu HL et le découvrir par nous même, nous soulignons notre recrutement en ciblant des joueurs ayant à peu prés le même profil et la même envie de s'amuser en découvrant le contenu avec nous :) Nous recrutons des personnes dés 20ans + (ayant nous même ~30ans), avec discord (obligatoire pour le recrutement, même si on demande pas d'y être forcèment à chaque session de jeu). Voila venez jouer avec nous, et venez aider le COBRA KAII à se développer !
  17. xXDieHapperXx

    Erro no Chat

    Bom dia/ Boa tarde/ Boa noite. Não sei se esse problema já ocorreu com outros players, mas esta assim desde sexta-feira (15), não consigo me comunicar com ninguém no chat (nem com amigos, clã, aliança, recrutamento, trocas), fica como se estivesse carregando, porém, só fica nessa carregamento infinito que não da em nada. Não ocorre em nenhum erro jogando em modo global, consigo ser o host sem nenhum problema. No dojo, os membros me veem online, porém na aba do clã, aparece como se eu estivesse off. Agradeço quem poder me ajudar!! Link da imagem:
  18. Hey fellow tenno, i decided to open a new thread to share with you my ideas for skins (mainly weapon skins atm) i'm just getting started i 3D modelling so don't expect many results early. But i'd like to gather your thoughts about the design i'm thinking about ! I thought about an amprex skin on another thread but the fact that we're unale to create a model swap kinda kept me from posting it here... Anywaaaaaaay, considering the existing skins for melee weapons, i thought that doing a corpus heavy blade could be a challenge and something cool to create. So here is my idea, the lenz kinda shape is just to break the straight line of the weapons, hope it doesn't make it too much like the mithra skin, it wasn't my inspiration anyway but you never know I'm not quite sure about the blade at the handle, let me know what you think ^^
  19. Dear fellow ninjas, I was just about to start The War Within and then I boot up the Evolution Engine, press play and then i get to the Umbra loading screen. Then the bar at the bottom stops. It stops right after Umbra's scarf. Was hoping to find some answers here. After 3 hours: Borderless Windowed/Fullscreen After 15 hours: Windowed Kind regards, QSun Fellow Ninja
  20. Aymi38

    Bugged UI

    why i can't see my mouse cursor when in loading screen but before this i usually press T for a chat during loading and the mouse cursor still there but now after the updates, i cant see the mouse cursor anymore. Help. PLUS when the "Host migration" text appears and I can't press anything to get out from there.
  21. Hello, There is a bug which makes equipping the Dual Swords Cyskis Skin on the Dark Split-Sword with Dual Swords Stance equipped glitch! When you equip the skin it doesn't apply on the apperiance but just fills the skin slot! Please fix this bug! I am addressing it from more than 6 months and the bug is still a thing! Please take action finally!
  22. クラン名:「Yo ro z NEKOMATA」 ランク:シャドウ 現人数:8人 ラボ:5つ(研究状況は半分ほど。) 一時期Warframeから離れていたので、募集を停止してましたが、再開したので募集を行います。 悦楽 このクランのモットーです。 ゲームといえばこの言葉に尽きるでしょう。 喜び楽しむ。ゲームとはそういう場所です。 このクランではみんなが楽しめるそういう場所にしたいと思っています! 右も左もわからない初心者から何でも知っている上級者の方まで幅広く募集しています。 特に初心者は大歓迎です! 僕などの経験者ができる限り協力します。 クラン募集をかけていますが、一つ問題があります。 このクランはまだ未熟なクランです。 まだクランらしいクランではないので、一緒に成長していくことになります。 頑張りましょう! 頑張るといっても強制はしません。自由にクラン活動を行って構いません。 楽しいクランが一番ですから。 活動内容:主にクランとして行うことです。 惑星開拓やクエストミッションクリアの協力 レリック集めから亀裂回し ODMOD集め イベントミッション シンジケートミッション ソーティーミッション Dojoコンテンツの協力(設計図研究の投資など) これから追加されるコンテンツなど 主にこれらをクランの活動とします。 特に、レリック集めや亀裂による設計図回収はみんなで協力したほうが効率がいいと思います。 これ以外にも、やりたいこと協力してほしいことなどチャットで呼びかけOKです。 活動時間は自由です。参加じたいは自由です。強制はしません。 クランの注意点としては、誹謗中傷は絶対やめてください。ゲームは楽しむ場です。 僕のクラン活動じたいがこのゲームが初めてなので、至らないところ沢山ありますがご了承ください。 僕の活動時間は、平日20時~2時。休日はプレイ時間不安定です。 このトピックをみて、興味がある方はトピック返信後MitisCatにフレンド申請お願いします。
  23. China players love to use VPN(they called it as accelerator) in warframe. Which make their ping varies from 100ms ~ 1xxx ms, this thing very FRSUTATED asia players. (connection detect as 100ms, but perform 1xxx ms in the battle) I don't know why DE like to decorate UIs, trivial changes, but ignore those essential problems. So, DE please add an option in the game menu, "DO NOT CONNECT TO VPN USERS", or any other good ideas.
  24. We will be using this thread to house your Update 23: The Sacrifice bug reports. Our resident bug master, [DE]Saske, will be monitoring this thread and relaying prevalent bugs to the DE team for fixes. With any update, we focus on fixing the priority issues first as soon as we can! Lower priority bugs that can be reproduced are logged to be fixed when we’ve squashed the monster bugs. Bug report guidelines: Be as detailed as possible! The more information we have on the issue, the better we can track down the cause. Provide steps on how to reproduce the bug that answer "How was I able to produce this bug, and can I do it again?" If possible, provide video and image of the reported issue. Be respectful - We understand bugs can be frustrating, but the better you can report the bug the better we can get to fixing it. Thank you!