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Found 10,066 results

  1. Channeling Rework

    Let's talk about melee for a second Running melee only is almost always a handicap in Warframe. Despite us being supposed space ninjas, despite frames with kits designed entirely around melee, the current system does not, in my opinion, offer enough compensation for running melee only loadouts. And that's a damn shame. The framework is clearly there for running melee only to be good. It's why we can switch to melee only mode, why channeling is a thing, and why we have a combo counter. Melee is clearly meant to be more than CQC and Last Resort weapons, because we have plenty of CQC firearms and the game doesn't PUNISH you for switching to melee in the absence of ammunition. It just doesn't reward you for running melee only However, the things that could make melee good are woefully mishandled. Every time I bring up channeling in region or between clan members, it's treated as a joke because in its current state it IS. There are exactly two channel efficiency mods, Focus Energy and Reflex Coil. Focus Energy railroads any potential channel build into using electricity, so it needs a counterpart in each of the base elements. This would put Reflex Coil in the position of "placeholder," a sort of crutch for players to use until they get the proper Nightmare mod. This can only happen, however, if one of two things happens: -Channeling Efficiency mods get significant buff -Channeling mods that sacrifice efficiency sacrifice less of it Right now, to run even a single inefficient channel mod relegates channeled melee to a niche that frankly insults the concept. Worse still, the current trade-off mods encourage NOT ranking them, Life Strike being a prime example of this. This is the only kind of mod outside of zoom mods that encourages this behavior, which comes across as less "feature" and more "bug." Even reducing Channel Cost to 1 can still be a tough pill to swallow. You've sacrificed status chance Nightmare mods for channel efficiency Nightmare mods, and quite possibly are also sacrificing a Naramon slot to pure efficiency where you could be putting pure elemental damage. Either you have to live with the cost, or try to compensate for it with Energy Siphon and Coaction Drift. Without creating more Nightmare Efficiency mods, you also have damage output to consider, which can only be compensated for by Steel Charge or in the case of the Grineer/Corrupted, Corrosive Projection. Channeling mods hand you more compensation requirements than you can mod for and not enough read to justify it. The damage multiplier and the mods that increase it simply needs to be better, because unlike the mods you could put in their place, you are actually SPENDING ENERGY to use them. Sure it may be only 1 energy per strike, but then consider the nature of Warframe. It's a horde shooter. There are hordes. 1 Energy per strike may not sound bad until you realize that 1 button tap could run you 3-5 energy, or more due to certain stances and weapons having multiple strikes per button tap. Not only that, but a properly placed spin attack could run you upwards of 15 energy! And sure, you've killed everything around you, but any number of Streamline frame abilities could do the exact same thing. Why channel a spin attack in a group when, as Excalibur, you could pop Radial blind and do finisher damage to enemies that can't fight back? Better, why not Slash Dash for about the same cost as the spin, while being invincible no less? The philosophy used by those who design Warframe mods and those who use them does not appear to match up. If a mod does not increase damage, it needs to compensate for taking up an otherwise "damage" slot. With Channeling, the mods need to do that AND compensate for the slot only being used at the cost of energy. Moving on to channeled blocking, that channel efficiency cost is more deceptive here than anywhere else. If you've ever channel blocked a group of two or three Dera crewmen, you know what I'm talking about. The current blocking mechanic essentially punishes you when you need it most. It slows you down, meaning you can't justify using it while approaching a group of armed enemies. It drains your energy faster than any channeled ability I've ever seen, efficiency or no. And the mods for it are self-defeating. Parry, for instance, does 96% of the damage you receive while channel blocking to the mob that dealt it to you. It sounds great, until you realize it scales off of damage you RECEIVE, and it's only active while CHANNEL BLOCKING. The most effective form of blocking has mods that are entirely dependent on how ineffective that blocking is. This is a bit harder to change. The energy cost to block and the energy cost to strike while channeling should not be linked, because while "per attack landed" is manageable, "per attack blocked" is not. Perhaps instead of "per attack blocked," make channel blocking a drain ability that removes energy when you activate it, and continues to remove energy based on how good DE intends blocking to be on that weapon. Blocking with a sword and shield? Good job, you spend some energy ever 3 seconds or so and get maximum protection. Longsword with no shield? Tough, but you'll manage with medium protection and spend energy every two seconds. Blocking with a dagger? Why? Low protection, faster energy drain. Blocking with nunchucks? WTF is wrong with you, lose energy at the same rate as the dagger but lose more of it. You could also add unique cases with special weapons. Dual blades, for instance, could have lower energy costs (another blade to block with, less reaction time needed) at the cost of less damage resistance (only one arm's strength behind each block). Rapiers could cost more energy, but in turn offer more protection than the standard longsword, but less than the standard shield This would reward knowing your weapon, as you would be able to time the energy loss and know when to drop your guard in an efficient manner. In regard to blocking melee, in the exception of certain weapons (nunchucks come to mind) melee on melee blocks should absorb 100% of the physical damage. Certain elements, like magnetic, blast, radiation, and electricity should transmit through blocking due to their nature. Most melee is made of conductive metals, blast speaks for itself, and radiation has little to do with actual physical contact. Melee attacks using fire, toxin, gas, cold, and viral should, in turn, receive some kind of multiplier. In place of increase damage resistance, channel blocking melee attacks should act as a sort of parry button. Tapping channel at the right time (as the attack lands) would result in a blast proc as your energy surges and repels the other blade, knocking the opponent down and opening them to finishers. The important thing here is to make channeling, on both offense and defense, VIABLE but not default. Crit builds still need to exist, status builds still need to exist, and they both need to be viable alternatives to channel builds. I want channeling to be useful (mainly because it's freaking cool) without it being the reverse of our current situation. So what do you guys think? Did I miss something? Is there a super secret channel build that works that I don't know about? Let me know.
  2. ARCHWING weapons as part of Warframe loadouts

    Remember Archwings? Yeah, didn’t think so. I mean, yeah there’s the plains of Eidolon to fly up to search for the Teralysts if there aren’t enough lures and it’d dip out and we’d need to “hunt” or archwing our way to him but really really though, when has archwing ever mattered post launch?! Well I’m not here to bash nor spew nonsense at DE, this is but my humble opinion. I propose that they stay in the game still, but as it stands the reality is that no one actually “archwing archwing” they just traverse large distances to an end, hunting down the Eidolons. And that’s fine... but, imagine their weapons being added in the Warframe weapon slots instead... mindblown, I know. Seriously, they can keep their mods setups and mod cards(if you will), with additional ones to compensate for critical and status builds and so on. Seriously, again Our primary, secondary, melee slots plus archwing weapons! Yes, including their melees too. I’m a five year veteran that still enjoys this game, I’ve lost relationships over this game, time that’ll I’ll never get back, countless hours spent in the VOID, survival, and Kuva floods(now preferably Kuva survival)... I'm saying all this to that one guy rolling his eyes thinking “here we go again, yet another veteran complaining about Warframe” but I never felt like this game is “dying” or “stale” rather the opposite really, clan members I carry through various missions and my own library of play styles from Warframe-Weapon synergy(RIP Mirage+Synoid) to game modes themselves, survival being my favorite. I got nothing but love for this game, it has helped me through some S#&$. Itwas the only game I could afford when the PS4 dropped back in 2013. Battlefield4 I got later down the line, played it, witnessed the “levelution” went “meh” then came back to Warframe... Sure for the new guys reading this you wouldn’t think Warframe came a long way, but bruh, I Love and can’t praise DE enough on this gem of a game.. This game came a long way, so much so that games I ended up buying later around the same time as Warframe aren't even being supported by their own devs anymore. So do hear me out on this. with “Sanctuary onslaught” coming to consoles one day I couldn’t help but to watch various PC TWITCH and YouTubers perspectives... and from there I realize that we need this! Blow them all up with the GRATTLER or slice them down with the KASZAS or punch them with the KNUX... these may sound like gibberish but I promise you they are weapons in the game, it’s just been forgotten due to the fact that they’re all archwing’s. What a waste, the CYNGAS is such a cool gun yet I leveled it up once for the MR and never looked back, hell, and so has everyone else. the VELOCITUS is dope and the CORVAS would feel amazing to mow down these high level enemies… we’ve been begging, clamoring with a thirst for “ENDGAME” for five years now, and “SANCTUARY ONSLAUGHT” is DE’s answer, round of applause… seriously guys, they’re onto something huge here, once the bugs are ironed out and patched with a few tweaks to the reward table it’ll probably be a veteran’s haven! I swear, this community is the greatest, I’ve made more friends here more than in real life. I’ve worked and lived in various cities, states now in Canada, but nowhere feels better to be in than to be part of the Warframe community. We’re here to give constructive criticism not bashful ones. Maybe this might inspire someone to help get the word out, “MAKE ARCHWING WEAPONS PART OF OUR WARFRAME LOADOUTS”... Another thing, on the PS4 “Triangle” is how we switch between weapons; a tap switches to the secondary a hard press, the melee... but what if a tap is the secondary a double tap the melee and a hold, the Archwing or “SUPER” primary or melee, with no cooldown whatsoever just more ways to blow S#&$ up! I swear this one truth, to me, this game is cathartic as hell. Come home from work, school or whatever put on WARFRAME and ZARR the S#&$ out of the infestation or ZAW the CORPUS to death then RATHBONE the GRINEERs and with the ONORIX kill the corrupted in the VOID MOT. But unfortunately the only Archwing missions worth playing with hopefully a full squad is the ONLY interception mission and if even 1 squad member leaves, it’s over. it’ll go to waste if those weapons aren’t used as much. Do this real quick, go to your profile, sort your list by the order of mostly used to least used, almost unanimously everyone’s will have the Archwing stuff at the very bottom... or their respective percentages will be hella low... I suggest DE, please, have the Archwing weapons to be part of our loadout so that we can switch to them whenever we want. To the rest of the community, do comment and help this become a thing . If they can take away LoR and Jordis, this shouldn’t be too hard… RiP “RAIDs”… See you out there Tenno.
  3. Basically to sum it up quickly, I died while my teammates went through the portal but instead of letting me respawn when I clicked it, instead nothing would happen and after a little bit the screen turned while like I was going through the portal but nothing else would happen. I could hear everyone fighting including myself (like when I'd swing a weapon or something), yet nobody could see me. After a minute or so I was removed by the game as if I had lost and ended up losing all the rewards and the part I got. Anyone else getting/ had this?
  4. Plains of Eidolon Underwater?

    In roaming around the Plains this morning, (23/Apr/2018, 0300 GMT) I managed to get underwater. On that instance of the Plains I was then able to freely enter and leave water, though upon exiting the mission and re-entering the plains I was unable to replicate the issue. The actions I had been taking immediately prior to the bug were an amount of fishing on the south-western coast. When returning to the Cetus gate I wanted to do a little more fishing in the lake at Twin Horns I accidentally landed in the water while landing from the Geyser. I have a screen-grab of being underwater, but am currently unable to attach to this bug report.
  5. Unlimited Tigris Magazine

    Randomly had unlimited Tigris ammo in the magazine and could fire endlessly without it changing. No idea what caused it but it might need looking into.
  6. Vor's prize

    I can't finish the mission because I don't have enough of the components to build the navigation segment, and I can't redo or buy them, what do I do? TYIA
  7. ???

    I just reset my password yet it says the password I changed it to is wrong
  8. Every time the host rage quits and leave it disconnects me from the squad and back to the relay without getting all of my rewards that i got to zone 10. Can you please fix it to where i still get my rewards after i loss connection with the host
  9. Modifiable Warframes

    Hello there, I've been playing Warframe for 5 months now and i really enjoy the game but the I remembered something from the Trailers. You can choose your way to play. This is great but it would be awesome to have a Warframe that you can fully customise from Parts to Abilities. This could make the game a lot more fun and allow the Players to tinker with their Frames. However this is just and idea and to the Devs if you see this please.. give it a shot. Destruction_Lord P.S : Comment below what YOU think of this Idea.
  10. Lost a cool scene

    When I was playing the mission on Elite sanctuary onslaught and someone had left the game and it caused us to go in to "Host migration" then kicked us out of the game and completely lost everything I didn't have any parts but I had the Lua scene and lost it I really want it back.
  11. Email change

    So I may need to change my email address due to conflicts, and I was wondering if I change the email address set on my WF account, will I be able to recover my data and if so, how? I need to change it soon so I would like to know ASAP Thanks in advance,
  12. Purple Mist on the Orbiter?

    I upload a video showing it, its a purple mist that started to appear lately on the orbiter, everytime I finish a mission, I am clueless what can it be or if it just some bug, but it always appears on the same place when I finish the missions. Link to the video below:
  13. I'm putting this in General because there's no specific feed for companions, so please forgive me if this is meant to be posted elsewhere. I have noticed that part way through a mission, my kubrow will suddenly vanish from the map and his waypointer from the minimap, but I know he's not dead, because his health bar is still there. This is a consistent problem. In my most recent mission with him, this happened while he was bleeding out and his bleed out timer froze. I Tried to add screen shots, but could not find the right button to upload them from my drive.
  14. The trial of the San Palace examination smelting portal cannot be opened, including the resurrection.
  15. There are two things wrong with the portals or conduits whichever you prefer to call them. The first one is sometimes in the beginning and even in missions (more on about missions later) They simply dont spawn. They just dont appear or spawn. Moving on the mission part of the conduits sometimes they are delayed and I've noticed two things that make this happen. 1. People crash/join late and it must mess up the ticks or something because rather than the 3s delay (roughly) it can end up being a 30 second delay instead, if at all. Two things wrong with host migration in Sanctuary. This first one happens to me all the time so any player playing don't do this. When the host leaves, or doesn't follow through the conduit and leaves early it causes the host to migrate obviously. The problem is it can't do it right and two things happen. The first one is you get disconnected and you lose all the gear you did earn during the mission or you get stuck in the host migration screen and you listen to jeopardy music as the game plays in the background and you can't do anything while you wait for efficiency to die out and Simarus to say GG you are not needed anymore. My last bug I've noticed. "ok im going to" *crashes*. I simply couldn't figure out why I crashed but I have crashed once out of the roughly 45 missions i've done trying to get Khora. Yes Khora is hard to get. End me please because of that. But don't change this because I'd rather when I finally get her to rarely see her drops anyways because Ill be using Sanctuary to farm relics. That or make them more common on only the Normal Sanctuary and keep her drops the same on elite.
  16. White screen after data conduit

    I was running Sanctuary Onslaught as Inaros and cast 1 just as the conduit appeared, I travelled to the next area but got a white screen and could see nothing but the UI. I got vision back just before the next one closed.
  17. Mobile Defense - Datamass Bug

    Just had to drop a Mobile Defense mission because a player (carrying the Datamass) accidentally dropped it on top of the console to which it was supposed to be inserted. Because of this, the only actionable option that would pop up was the "Insert Datamass" execute from the console. This is the first time that i've EVER seen this happen, and now that it has... it is glaringly obvious that this is a much needed fix, as players unconsciously switch their weapons all the time without thinking that they'll drop the DM somewhere. Please fix this pronto, just to avoid potential further mishaps... or, if possible, add an "/unstuck <item>" command. which ever is easier. Datamass Bug - Mobile Def.
  18. Hi, I am not sure if I am the only one who has been having this issue but the sound that plays when Banshee uses Silence makes me feel really queezy. I cant go more than 10 mins of playing with her before I have to take a 30 min break. I really like her and would like to keep playing with her but with that sound being a constant issue when playing I don't think it would be possible. Is there a way I can delete the sound file somehow? If not it's fine I shall stick to maining Oberon for now.
  19. it failed to spawn multiple times in the beginning :( ive no idea if theres a certain thing that occurs to cause this but it happens often, in addition, it seems if someone crashes and rejoins the portal to the next zone fails to spawn causing the mission to end.
  20. Assaut du Sanctuaire.

    Bonjour à tous , Voilà , il y a un vrai problème sur ce mode de jeu ,les joueurs qui au bout de 10 ou 15 vagues en on marre déconnecte ! Le problème c'est que quand l’hôte fait ça les autres joueurs quittent la partie et perdent absolument tout les loots ! Alors j'aimerais pousser un coup de gueule : si vous trouvez cela trop long , dites le aux autres joueurs et ont ne tuent plus personne et en 2 minutes c'est terminé mais avec tout les loots , parce que ça fait 4 parties d'une heure que je perds à cause d'abrutis qui ne sont pas patient !
  21. As title says, host left and rejoined after the eidolon hunt mission for the three teralyst things, during extraction phase. Extraction resulted in no mission rewards, though XP was gained. Seemed like the game had reset the mission from the host migration.
  22. [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: Bug Report Megathread

    While playing Sanctuary onslaught it seems to crash the game. A few times while playing in a party, the game crashed completely. It locked Warframe and I needed to shut down the game via Task Manager. The latest mission I played, not only crashed me but every other player in the party. When re joining the party, the game lost all progress earned with the weapons selected in that mission. Party was still joinable. Another that may or may not be part of this is that at certain points in the mode, enemies will stop spawning and the portal will not open after reaching 0 time.
  23. la nouvelle mise a jour je doit tout fermer parsce le jeux plante ou le screen du jeux vien tout blanc sa vien chiant de joueur et qui a toujours un problème
  24. Thought I'd post it here instead of the megathread since it will likely be seen by more people and get noticed by DE. Rewards: Firstly, the reward pool is far too diluted with relics for both game modes. Farming Khora, the vandals, perculiar bloom or the captura scenes is too much of a chore (as evidenced by the maths on the wikia page for khora). 100+ runs for a single part is roughly 500+ mins at 5 mins per rotation. It's even worse for B and C rotations. I feel like reducing each rotation to 1 onslaught, and increasing the time of each onslaught to 3 mins instead of 2.5mins is a decent compromise to this (as opposed to reshuffling the loot table). Either this or a token system redeemable via simaris. Let the game mode give you simaris rep, and have the simaris rep pool max out at 494k like Nakak in Plague Star. Then have each of the new weapon and frame parts purchaseable from Simaris for something like 200k rep per frame part, 100k rep per weapon part (just spitballing numbers here). The game-mode: Instead of giving you 10% flat efficiency, have the efficiency boost actually boost the amount of efficiency you get per kill. They are currently useless at the start of the game, and useful later when only 1 of them spawns. The efficiency decrease is also too steep at later levels. You can either fix this by increasing spawns (which isn't what I'd recommend, since that would just turn the game-mode into more of a zerg rush than it already is), or by combining my earlier statement with a more tempered decrease in efficiency per kill. Furthermore, a brief invulnerability period when you first load in to a new area should really be considered. It's ridiculous to die to an enemy before you can even move your character. Either this or freeze the enemies in place till you make a move. In conclusion: I've played this game mode a few times solo, and all times the game has come to a halt because I didn't have enough enemies to kill, NOT because I wasn't killing fast enough...which is pretty outrageous.