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  1. People, do snipers need a huge buff? I mean, this game is about killing as many enemies as fast, and efficient, as possible. If a sniper struggles to kill even ONE enemy on high levels, do they become worthless? The combo counter takes too long to fill up, and when you miss once, it restarts! The only decent snipers (imo) are the Vectis Prime and the superior Lanka. Snipers only become viable if certain warframe abilities are used, but sometimes I wanna take other warframes on tier 3 sorties and beyond. #MakeSnipersAThingForOnce
  2. DE wont address this issue EARTH is unplayable for a lot of ppl (i LAG super hard ) and avoid any missions on earth (something is wrong on earth even my friends who have x3 times better PC than me lag on earth) internet is not the problem. WILL IT EVER BE FIXED OR SHOULD I JUST SAY BYE TO EARTH FOREVER If they decide not to do anything im afraid all other planets will be ''reworked'' too and than i wont be able to play WARFRAME anymore I dont even wanna talk about POE since i have been watching last stream even DE pc lag a bit (from time to time / glich) Can you DE guys pls do something about it i asked on region chat also (like 10 or more ppl agreed they all LAG there)
  3. Вылетает из игры при динамичных сценах + в реле, при этом никогда такой проблемы небыло GTX 650 2Gb Intel Core i5-2320 6 Гигов оперативы Win 8 x64
  4. Captura is here!! This new photobooth mode will excite your deepest fashion frame desires. Use this megathread to show off screenshots of your Warframes in all of their customized glory! Looking to access Captura? Here’s how! Head to the Arsenal and select your Warframe Appearance tab. There you will see a new button titled Captura on the bottom right. Upon launching Captura, you can select the Corpus Ship Maintenance, Grineer Galleon Cargo, or Infested Ship Hologram scene. From there you can spawn in enemies, slow down, or speed up time and compose a stunning photograph. Add more depth to your composition with dozens of filters, special effects and graphic options. If you have any bugs to report please post them here: Thank you! We hope you enjoy the Update :)
  5. My name in game is xSimox, back in the day I was the Founder of I just recently came back from a long absence due to a few medical issues. I was actually bed ridden from Brain and Lower Spine Surgery for about 2 years. I am looking for anyone who remembers me to get together and play again! Heck, even if you don't know me, feel free to message to kick-start a survival! I will be sparking back up a website later on down the line, as well as streaming and hosing local events around the Chicago land area in Illinois! If you are interested in joining or collaborating let me know! I welcome all Tenno to contact me to start something great! xSimox
  6. Sedna Junction bug?

    It says I haven't crafted a weapon for mastery 5 yet, but I just claimed Soma?
  7. hi, my apologies in advance as english is not my main language, so i will do my best to be understandable as best as i can so i will try explain why, kubrow need a rework (with proof) and why its urgent i ve been playing warframe for a long time, took some break, and came back, but i just dived in the game once more, just to find out that the kubrow problem hasnt been fixed yet ... yes im talking about the awfull IA, you dont believe me ? look at thsoe screen shot i just took like 1 hr ago pay attention to the timer he finally decided to move just a few meters, to well go AFK again ... now from here its the best, for the next 15 min it wont move anymore AT all ... look what i mean, when i say he wont move, see how far we are from each other ... (in total the kubrow went "afk mode" for almost 30 min in a 40 min mission ...amazing ...) and i got many many more, like 1 time, a player came with a kavat, so my kubrow started "chasing" the said kavat (they were chasing each other in circle) i was like "oh thats nice, devs implemented a duality beetwen kavat and kubrow", but 2 min later the kavat stopped and went back "fighting, but the kubrow ... well hes was still chasing the kavat, too bad, it was no longer here ..., at this time i was more like "wtf ..." ooh, did i said about the time, when in a camping mission, (survival) my kubrow thought it was best to go "afk mode" RIGHT in the middle of the incoming mob ? well it died, over 20 time, and i asked other players "please dont raise anymore my dog ..." i have many more story like this, but ... please devs, fix the kubrow IA its a much needed thing !!!
  8. Our clan is called: Kinryu as of right now we have 5 members and 2 are active. we're looking to expand that by notifying as much people that they can join our clan, no matter the level/rank. We have a dojo with all the research you might need. want to join? just go ahead and ask, simple as that :D See you there ;)
  9. We're Royal Destiny, a clan that focuses on the idea of developing new and long term relationships. Through these relationships that we continue to develop, we built a strong foundation of communication. We have about over 3000 members on discord and we strive to develop a community where strangers become long term friends. We love people to enjoy each others company, play together, raid together, and have fun. Most importantly, we are extraordinary because our members always has amazing ideas and our officer, leaders, warlords listen! This is what Royal Destiny is about. Change, adaption, growth. We will always be around! We understand that people take breaks and have commitments outside warframe. That is also why we will always remain active and alive for our loyal members to come back. They will always have a home here. We truly have an amazing empire. We began this clan as a ghost two years ago with a group of 4 individuals without a clan. Our founders were RoseDestiny, FerrousWolf, Gbonk, Papersuit. It was fate how we actually met. We started as pug group for a mission and began playing together for a couple days. Then, we decided to say -"Hey, Let's create an amazing clan". So, we did. We created a community of gamers where we were able to meet like-minded individuals where we build new-relationships and establish stronger bonds. There were definitely some up-downs on developing the clan but we did our best to solve any issue that came our way. We can safely say "We definitely came a long way. It started with 4 and now we have 3300+ Royal Destiny members among 6 highly active clans." [ Current Member Requirements ] Rank 6+ [ Current Members ] 990+ [ Current Alliance ] Rose - 3800+ Members 6 Highly active Royal Destiny Clans [ Raids ] During Raid Reset hours [ Discord - Voice Chat ] pm officers for invitation - 24 hr link [ Research Status ] All Complete - HEMA RESEARCH COMPLETE [ Clan Website ] Royal Destiny Website [ Sister Clan ] Royal Destiny Academy - Moon Royal Destiny Elite (MR 15+) - Mountain Royal Destiny United (MR 3+) - Moon 1. No spamming/Flooding chat 2. No flaming (joking around is okay, but dont go too far) 3. No hate speech i.e: racism, sexism etc towards other users 4. Be kind to one another :) Just to let you know, we want our clan to be extremely active. Therefore, we have a 15 day inactivity policy. However, if you plan to go on a break or vacation, please notify us on our steam page. We definitely want you to come back to us! We're all over the globe. Most of our players are based in USA,CAN,AUS,UK. Our Motto: Contact List: Royal Destiny Jospedas IraqiWalker MARSMAN. Copula RoseDestiny AetherLink Dranco20000 Trivona Dracuula Lysergknight Jayman2 Please post your IGN, rank, region, Type of player: Casual or Competitive below if interested. Example: IGN: AetherLink Rank: 23 Region: USA Type of Player: Competitive Reminder: Please exit your current clan when you post so we can invite you as fast as possible! Just Keep in Mind, we are doing our best to add everybody. You either will be put in Royal Destiny, Royal Destiny Academy, Royal Destiny Elite (MR 18+).
  10. Discord server

    Hi everyone I made my own warframe discord server if anyone wants to join here is an invite -
  11. при входе пришло оповещение, что доступ в игру ограничен в связи с негативным балансом платины.... что это еще заа фигня?
  12. Warframe Support

    Hello! This is my first post but I would like to commend Warframe's Support system with their fast SLA times. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but I would like to highlight [DE]Vicky for resolving my hacked account issue that I was unaware of resulting in me losing all my platnium and providing insightful tips to reduce future hacking which I have never experienced before. If the higher ups see this commend this Tenno! I've played a few games in my time with terrible support systems but Warframe's support is fantastic for my first time! Cheers, HydraKhoa
  13. Все косы на нидусе висят лезвием вверх при "стандартном" положении, на остальных такого не замечал. Если потребуется могу приложить скрин, но уверен такое не только у меня. Как поправить помимо покупки других, отстойных, положений крепления?
  14. Hydroid Revisited Please use this thread to give us your feedback on Hydroid Revisited. We will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing with Hydroid's revamped abilities. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed. The sea has a revamped fear creeping in the depth, and his name is Hydroid. With Hydroid Prime emerging to the surface soon, the team took another glance at Hydroids power and what we could do in order to achieve ability synergy. Hydroid now brings barrages, puddles, and tentacles into a deadly oceanic horror. General Hydroid Changes Hydroid’s base Shield and Armor has received a buff! Shield is now 375 from 345. Armor is now 200 from 65. Tempest Barrage: Tempest Barrage can be cast while in Undertow and will now hit enemies submerged in Undertow. Tempest Barrage can now be charged for longer Duration (more explosions) and more Damage for more Energy. Tidal Surge: Tidal Surge can be used to move around without canceling Undertow (note that Tidal Surge speed - and hence distance - is halved when used in Undertow). Tidal Surge will now pull enemies along for the ride. Tidal Surge can be interrupted at any point by casting Undertow to go into your puddle, sinking enemies being pulled along. Undertow: Hydroid can pull enemies into Undertow by aiming and clicking on them. Undertow can be cast while in air. Jump and roll will break Hydroid out of Undertow. Hydroid can now move while in Undertow at the expense of Energy. Submerged enemies in Undertow receive Damage Per Second, increasing every second they are submerged. Enemies that die will be released from Undertow instead of dragging their dead bodies along for the ride. Tentacle Swarm: Hold onto your ships, Tentacle Swarm has received a new look straight from the depths of the sea! Can you summon the Kraken? Tentacle Swarm can be charged to get more tentacles over a larger area for more Energy. Hydroid tentacles will now seek out nearby enemies and attempt to slam on top of them rather than just always flailing randomly and hoping they hit something. Tentacle Swarm will protrude from Hydroid’s Undertow if active when cast. Hydroid Changes based on feedback since U21.4.0: Improved the ‘charge up’ indicator for Hydroid’s abilities. Improved the targeting of Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage liquid fury. Improved the cast FX detail on the Kraken spawned from Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm. Update 21.5.0: As mentioned in Hotfix 21.4.2 on Friday, we continued reading feedback and testing Hydroid changes up until todays Update. 1 week into Hydroid Revisited and more than a handful of changes from constructive feedback have been implemented! The changes below cover a number of ideas about making Hydroid's simply feel better to use, particularly for teams. In the scheme of our 33 current Warframes, Hydroids role is to be a fun and active way to use the power of water and swashbuckling themes to take on enemies. Hydroid has received the PBR treatment! Hydroid’s base Energy has been increased from 150 to 188. Tempest Barrage now has a charging sound to indicate when the ability is being charged. Allies can shoot their weapons into Hydroid's Undertow to transfer half of their damage and distribute it among all enemies in the puddle. Undertow damage per second is now a % of the target's max Health. Undertow damage per second now scales with the amount of enemies in the pool - more submerged enemies, more damage! Undertow now deals Impact damage towards submerged enemies. Tentacle Swarm’s tentacles now move at a slower rate when enemies are captured in their grasp to improve issues with hard to shoot flailing enemies. Improved Tentacle Swarm’s cast sound to sound more aquatic and powerful when charging up. Improved Tentacle Swarm when cast on walls/odd surfaces. Improved the performance of Tentacle Swarm. Sentinel abilities are now disabled while in Undertow. This fixes vacuumed items blocking your view and you from pulling in enemies.
  15. Play the mission 5 times and every time it still bug.
  16. "God of Time" Deus Ex Tempus is a 3+ year-old laid-back (founded on February 14, 2014) and active clan aiming to reach and stay at the maximum number of members (~1000 members) for a constant flurry of activity. Our goal is to just basically have fun with the game, and with each other! There was no MR requirement, however due to the influx of new playesrs we now have a minimum MR requirement of 5. We have a large dojo with everything researched, and even now we are still constantly renovating and expanding. You can check out our dojo along with our clannies at the bottom! Founded by YouHaveShamedYoFamory (original thread:, there has now been a transfer of leadership, starting with this new, official recruitment thread that will replace the old. ONWARD, TO GLORY! [ Recruitment Status ] Open [ Current Minimum Mastery Requirement ] MR 5 Any member invited through referrals and not through official mediums are exempt from this [ Current Member Count ] 950+ [ Current Alliance ] Seal of Prophets [ Raids ] Hosted nightly, organized through Discord! (ET) [ Permanent Clan Tax ] 0% [ Research Status ] Complete [ Discord Server (Text/Voice Chat) ] Not required - our main form of communication is through game clan chat, but you are always welcome to join our discord to chat about random things! (It is also the main form of communication between staff members, thus staff there are online 90% of the time should you ever need to contact them.) [ Current Purging Policy ] To make room, we purge as we recruit new members. Anyone with >20 days of inactivity may be purged if it is deemed necessary. You can contact one of the high ranking members (Oracle+) and warn us how long you'll be gone, and you won't be kicked. If you were purged, we had nothing against you. You can always ask to be invited back as we welcome returning members with open arms! We're a simple clan, we don't have half a page of rules encased in a wall of text like some other clans. All we ask is: • Be respectful to others and their differing opinions. Harassment/ad hominem will not be tolerated at all. • Vulgar and explicit content should not be discussed in public. • Keep trade-related messages to a minimum. • Do not beg for handouts. These are for the comfort of every clan member. If you feel you are unduly subjected to any mistreatment, or if you see anything against these rules, PM one of our higher ranking members (Oracle+) with a screenshot if possible immediately either in-game or on Discord. If this is not possible, then you may contact me personally. How to Join! 1. Be sure you are at least MR 5 2. Leave your current clan if you are currently in one. 3. Reply to this thread, expressing your interest in joining. 4. Wait for confirmation of a sent invitation in this thread, or periodically check your inbox (step 5). 5. Accept your invite by pressing ESC in-game, click Communications, then click Inbox to find your clan invitation. Unfortunately, if you do not respond to the invite after several days then we must clear the pending invite to make room for new members. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in Discord or here. Otherwise, head on down to the Media section! For a map of the Dojo's first floor (the most significant one), click the button below, otherwise enjoy all our photos at the bottom! Disclaimer: Color shades shown in screenshots may not be the ones seen through regular gameplay, however all photos were taken in-game with clan members through organized events. Special thanks to all of our devoted clannies for their coordination and time! If looking for a more competitive spirit, check out Deus Ex Incendium!
  17. Welcome to the Nightfall Gladiators! We are an Australian-based clan that is recruiting members from anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, or South-East Asia! We're also the sister clan of the Celestial Gladiators, the current top Oceanic event clan! However, we focus on a casual mindset, taking it slow, and enjoying the game without the stress of events. This clan hosts CG members who don't want to do events but still want to stay with the Gladiators, but we’re now open to the anyone who wants to join us! If you're looking for a clan that's got good friends, bad jokes, and the personal touch to it, we are the clan for you!! -99% finished Clan Research, with access to all others – Ignis Wraith can be acquired just by asking! - Want to learn Raids? we have full Raid Guides and plenty of Raid Leaders who are RSB recognised and willing to help you learn! - All raids every day - Raids are in the evenings by Australian timezones, but are flexible depending on the day and people. - We're at home in the V Alliance, one of the finest Alliances in Warframe. - Three Discord servers - the Clan server (which we share with CG), the Alliance server, and the Non-Warframe Gaming server. - A huge, neatly decorated Dojo, featuring several glitched rooms and a room just for Traders. (Click "Spoilers" to see it!) Our rules are clear and simple. ⭐ Be kind to not just clanmates, but everybody. ⭐ Follow the advice or instructions of any Head Gladiators when they speak to you. ⭐ Use English in the Clan Chat and in Discord. ⭐Contribute to Nightfall wherever possible! This could be in Research, or in Raids, but do your best! ⭐Show some Clan Pride! Changing your name to add -NG- earns you a promotion in clan, and a special role in the clan's Discord. ⭐ Warlord - Master Gladiator ⭐ The role occupied by yours truly, Squiddy. There's not much to say here, I do Warlord things. In the Discord server, my name is bright blue. ⭐ Officer - Head Gladiator ⭐ The Head Gladiators are the second-in-commands, most trusted, and active members. They assist Squiddy in her daily jobs as well as helping with any surprises. We have purple names in our clan Discord. ⭐ Chief Gladiators ⭐ These members are exceptional in one of two areas - they are either Raid Leaders or Community Leaders. Raid Leaders, as you'd probably guess, are in charge of leading and organising the daily Raids. They have bright pink names in the clan Discord. ⭐ Top Gladiators ⭐ These members are the highest rank they can be without being a Leader. They have shown exceptional Clan loyalty, help immensely, and are devoted. If ever you're in need of ingame advice, they're who you turn to! To join this rank: You must be MR15 or higher, own Trinity, Vauban, Volt, Nova, and either Banshee or Frost, and solo 45 minutes of Mot, Void. ⭐ Advanced Gladiators ⭐ These members have impressed the Leaders with their skill and activity. They've worked their way up, but still have some way to go. To become Advanced: you must be MR12 or higher, and complete a squad of 30 minutes Mot, Void with a squad of NG clanmates! ⭐ Initiate Gladiators ⭐ Newer members that are starting to show their potential. To move up to Initiate, you must be a Discord member and own 10 Warframes. ⭐ Recruit Gladiators ⭐ New clan members, but not to be underestimated. This is the default rank - hopefully, the only way is up! ⭐ Cryo-Sleep ⭐ These members have left Warframe for longer than 30 days, but are immune to AFK kicks because of this role. If you're going to be away and want to stay in Nightfall, let a Leader know so they can assign you this role! You're ready? No? Of course you are~ Please ensure that you fit our requirements - that you're MR7 or higher, that you live in Australia, New Zealand, or South-East Asia, and that you're ready to use Discord if you're interested in raiding. (Of course, Discord is optional otherwise!) Our Steam group can be found here! Our Facebook group can be found here! Our Discord group access is given once you are a member! If you fit these requirements and are interested in joining Nightfall, you have two options. The first is to apply via our Discord Recruitment Channel, the second is to apply here, on the forums. A few things we'd like to know about you when you apply are your: Mastery Rank: Country: Previous clan: Do you have Discord?: Anything we should know about you?: We hope to see you soon!
  18. Game crashes under 64 bit

    My game crashes every time when I try to launch it under 64 bit mode. CPU: i5-4440 GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 760 Gaming OC 2GB Ram: 8GB DDR3 Crash report code: WAR-1416947
  19. 10054 error + Discinnections

    So all of a sudden some time after 12pm i habe been getting 10054 errors from chat. it seemed to resolve for a few hours. then now its happening + im getting disconnected from games. I figuredd i would ask here for help b4 trying a ticket.
  20. Are YOU a new player? Are YOU an old player? Are YOU a veteran? Are you never accepted into a clan because you're new? Well lucky for you, none of this matters since everyone is welcome!! We want a big and active community who wants to grow big enough to fight for the solar rails! Wanna be one of the first players in this soon-to-be huge clan? Then Join! EMBLEM: (don't worry it's transparant in-game and cool af) ALLIANCE: Currently not in a alliance but we are looking for one to join! DISCORD: We've just created our own Discord channel! Click HERE to join! More inf about the discord is in the "info" text-channel in the Discord server. LEADERS: Currently the only leaders (warlords) in this clan will be me (Vispen) and my friend (Ezzal), if you seem trustworthy and a nice person you'll be promoted. Ranks: Warlord Admiral General Sage Captain Soldier Initiate Peasant These are the ranks of our clan. Newcomers start as Initiate. If you behave like an a-hole you'll become a peasant, simple. DOJO: Okay so here comes the dojo! Me and Ezzal have tried to make the dojo as compact as possible! We didn't want a too big dojo, we want a compact and alive dojo. The grand halls are decorated, not fully (that would be incredibly many decorations), but just enough. If you see something that can be improved, me and Ezzal will take you seriously and listen to you. The other floors wont contain much, one of the elevators will only go to all the barracks for clan promotion and the other will contain some decorated rooms with water and zhit. Now a shadow-clan, NICE! Research is going forward fast! (Shoutout to FuryScythe for being a real homie) Tenno lab: 59/63 Orokin lab: 5/9 (No specters) Chem lab: ALL Bio lab: 18/19 Energy lab: ALL ^ might not be up-to-date since we research more and more. Map of the dojo: Sorry for bad picture END: Sooo, if there's anything missing, anything you want to know, just tell me! ;) IGN: vispen Steam: zmiken99 (I know.. it's old af) Timezone: Me and Ezzal live in CET. UTC +01:00 If you are offline for 20 days without telling me or Ezzal why, boom, you're out. (You can message "Vispen" in the forums, I check regularly)

    Nelayan Inc is a clan that was seeded originally in Malaysia, created as a place for a few members to get together and have a good moments in the game. As time passed, the clan grew and became a place where new friends were made. Nelayans worked together to help each other with the mission and quest that was assigned in the Warframe universe. After a year of cruising the journey through the rough seas, Nelayans decided to expand the clan with more tenno players who decided to be part of our crews. Are you interested to join us? Do you plan to ride through the seas with us? Do you love the sea breeze?. Do you love the sounds of seagulls when they fly through the seas? So what are you waiting for? Come and join us and together we be Nelayans riding through the seas unravel secrets and treasures. All we need are young and active SEA tennos… Why we need active ones? We are not interested with tennos that are slacking off and sleeping by the side of the ship. Who will guide the ship if everyone is sleeping or laid back right? Ships without direction will be heading to a random places. We do not want that to happen!! What we can currently provide: - The dojo is pretty much finished, with little touches here and there. - A Discord server to communicate which is “Nelayan inc” - An active group of experienced players that are willing to lend a hand both with gear and knowledges. - Raid , if there is sufficient participation from members, we will host it. But the amount of leader for raids are limited. So we are searching for more people who can lead the raids. WHAT WE WANT ARE: - Active and friendly players - Players that are willing to help their fellow clan members. - SEA players out there, come and let’s build our own community here. - Players that are willing to learn and share knowledges and information to everyone RULES AND REGULATIONS - Be respectful to other players (even those outside the clan) - Be part of the community (help each other out) - Not login in for 7 days will get you listed as inactive - Inactivity will result in demotion. 15 days without signing in and no prior word that you will be gone for a while will result in a kick from the clan. - To have better communication, we need all clan member to have a discord account which is FREE. GOAL - We hope to create a friendly and open community of SEA tennos. - Nelayans should feel welcomed and provide assistance to other Nelayans when possible. - We wish to have 100 active members that are more like family and will not go more than that number. UPDATE: 19/8/2017 - the clan is now officially a storm clan with 30 players and we're welcoming everyone to join us, NOTE: Something will be changed in the future such as clan name and clan logo . currently we have 56 members 70% online during peak time . To apply simply leave your in game name below, an example is shown below. IGN: PRIME.ACE Or just PM one of our executive clan member in game: IGN: ezrizul IGN: PRIME.ACE IGN: ConsStation IGN: ChaosSixth IGN: Abyslullaby
  22. PURE TIDE IS CURRENTLY 28/30: APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN AGAIN UNTIL SPOTS ARE FULL. Introduction Here at Pure Tide, we're all about our social interactions and being a tight knit group, we have high expectations of each other but there are huge rewards to reap in return! We have a facebook group and chat which are both active and important to the clan, coupled with this, there is the huge ICE alliance discord to be a part of, these are mandatory requirements as we are always talking and keeping members in the loop. In addition to the community side, we like our members active, major warframe events must be participated in, with a useable score; we are a top 10 shadow clan in most events due to the tireless effort of our members. Our activity threshold is 4 days inactive if you are not part of the facebook and discord, and 10 days henceforth; this can be lenient in some circumstances; we're far from slave drivers, and have many very approachable senior members and officers if you have any issues, or need some time out. Finally, we merely expect you to enjoy being part of our family, we get on well, and hope you do too! Day to day life with us is never boring and there'll always be someone around to help out or lend an ear. Research All research in all areas is complete. This includes: Ignis Wraith blueprint. Hema blueprint. New blueprints Clan Dojo Discontinued tilesets (orokin derelict tilesets), everything you could ever need. Rank 10, with all research being completed within a few days of release. What can we do for you? We have many very skilled members who push the boundaries of the meta and current builds, all ready to help you. Daily raids of both JV and LoR, with Nightmare for the veteran players. Provide an active and friendly community for you and other members. What we would like from you Activity: As above, 4 days inactivity if you are not part of the facebook and discord, 10 days otherwise (without valid reason). Companionship: Playing games with others from the clan is encouraged. Participate: World events are MANDATORY; we are not a top 10 Shadow Clan by sitting around doing nothing. Growth: We accept anyone, but we expect growth; staying at MR5 for several months is far from growth. Politeness: Good manners and being nice is important, and we expect this. English speaking: Self explanatory, members should know/be able to speak decent English. If you think you have what it takes to join our wonderful society, message one of the following players or post below with the following: Recruitment members/officers (message one of these members): Avidain (Clan Warlord) Theister Cephalon_Moisty Esdraphus Wicked_Smile_Gaming Dimitrov2003 Forum application: Username: Mastery rank: Time Zone: General weekly activity: LOR(+NM) JV complete?: Favourite Warframe: Anything else we should know?:
  23. "Always at your side, in death and glory." Every Tenno needs a weapon and a friend. We've got both. Sentinel Nova, what are we? A family, a group of gamers that play together and help one another. No goals, no pressure all just good fun. After all, if you are not having fun ... Do I need to say more? Summary: Demography: International. Clan type: Casual. Clan activity: Roughly 80 steady active member count since game launch. What we expect from you: - "Respectful is earned, not demanded." Threat others as you want them to treat you. After all: You reap what you sow. - "Only that what can be observed, exists." Log in once a month at least, to show you still have an interest in the game and your fellow Tenno. What we ask of you: - "Live not for yourself, but for those around you." Helping others gives them more reason to help you and those around them and so on. In the end you benefit from this just as much as they do. - "Stay calm, like the river." There is never a good reason to curse, swear or otherwise lose your temper. There is nothing that can't be solved though normal discussion. - "If it bleeds ..." Nothing can not be overcome, if you need help, ask. If you have a question ... ask. The forums are a good place for this, but in-game chat can be used in a pinch. - "Answers are free, recourse are not." In short: No begging! Period. If you need help acquiring an item, ask people to help you. But not to do it for you. FAQ: - But I want to solo ... And you can, no one will hold it against you. But don't be afraid to talk in chat, we don't bite .... much. - What type of clan are we? Currently a Storm clan. We can count up to 100 members presently. (We downsized. Started out as a Mountain clan) - These events .... how active are we in them? That is up to each individual Tenno. Some of use go above and beyond, other don't really care. use the chat during these event to find out! - If I have a problem with another member ... You shouldn't, but if it happens talk to a General or Warlord if that person is an officer or a Commander or higher for another member. You can use the in game whisper function. Best to keep these kind of thing out the general chat. - Do I have to ask permission to invite people / start projects / buy stuff in the Dojo / etc. No, the only things that would ever need a consensus to be reached are Commander and up type promotions and drastic changes to the clan / Dojo / ranking. - If I have a question about the clan...? Feel free to ask me ingame or here in this topic. - I was kicked! Why! I don't want to go! Relax. This was most likely because you hadn't logged in for a month. Just post here or ask in game and we get you right back in. - Can I contact you or other members besides in-game? You can also find most of our members at the Sentinel Nova Steam group; Though this is not a primary communication platform, you can find clan members through it. Never go alone... If you are ready to join, leave your in-game name in the comments below, and we will be sure to answer. Invites will be processed once every 24 hours!
  24. I'm posting here since i've been pretty unlucky finding a team in game for these relics :/
  25. ok so it has been bugging me for about 3 weeks now. I was on Hydron and a guy was there with a trinity that killed everything before they were even in sight. I notice that he was using link and a throwing weapon (i think it was despair not sure). but anyway he would use link and just start throwing despair and everything would die as I said before they were even in sight. please someone help me to figure this out. English Deutsch Français Edit Classic editor History Edit intro Comments (1k) Share English Deutsch Français Edit Classic editor History Edit intro Comments (1k) Share