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Found 7,644 results

  1. Hello and thank you so much for clicking this topic. Im a Warframe player for 4 years and my first ever Warframe that I would call my Main/Fav is Zephyr. I loved her since her first apperance in the game. So it is painfull to wait for her rework so long : P I've made my own Fan-Rework and I wanted to share it with a great Warframe community. Please leave comment good or bad, it will help me upgrade it. Thank you ^_^ If you have any time please look at this, thank you and sorry if I've made any grammar mistakes in my work. :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Zephyr rework proposition by CuteFoxyFox (Warframe nickname) ------------------------------------------------------------ Zephyr is my main-frame. I enjoy playing as her so much so I worked on rework on her. It's obvious Zephyr lost her speciallity after parkour rework so I wanted to change it :) My goal is to made Zephyr a "Airborne assasin" able to knock up enemies, stun them and kill them staying airborne. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats: My reworks makes Zephyr able to dodge enemy fire while killing them. So her defences should be lowered. She should get lower shields, more HP and armor. (why? With this rework Zephyr will use a lot of energy. it could be nice to give her a good possibility to use Rage to fill up energy bar faster) 500-600 with instaled shield mod 1100-1200 HP with instaled HP mod 200-300 armor without instaled armor mod Energy should be incresed like to 550 with Primed flow due to her energy drain ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Most importan passive. This reworked one will make more suitable for new parkour system. Passive: Zephyr's bullet jumps and melee dives (with E) deal addictional area damage. So she will be able to do like 3-4 bullet jumps not only one like most of frames. (it will scale with Exilus Bullet jump mods) Note - Scales with Damage mods and range mods, besicly her first old skill made into a new Parkour system. More mobility while airborne stays. Also Zephyr will get +2 seconds to the next aim glide after a kill. Note - It will allow Zephyr players to stay in the air, get kills and have some fun ofc ^^ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many, many players wanted a Zephyr to fly and made mean jokes about Zephyr. "Titania can fly but Zephyr can't". We can't leave Zephyr with this problem! First Ability Hold Ability button to fly. Works only when Zephyr is airborne. Zephyr will fly as long as you hold a button consuming energy in proces. (THE MOST IMPORTAN PART OF THE SKILL AND HER SKILL-BUILD) Zephyr can hit an enemy, preforming a finisher than lunch airborne again. (Scales with Meele mods etc) Note - Zephyr is usless in places with no space for jumps, flying etc. I'll give her a possibility to fly in coridors and use her other powers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Her second skill was preety good... so it fits in here. Second Ability Zephyr dashes to the marked location toward the ground creating an exlosion on contact.knock uping hit enemies Note - So what changes is: It's not just a dive anymore, it's a dash like her old first ability but only toward a ground. Also radius of the exposion should be bigger. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This will make Zephyr good for team play and let her stay alive longer and get some kills to stay airborne longer. Third Ability Zephyr creates a small tornadoes under enemies (radius 10-15m efected by range mods, duration of tornadoes scales with duration mods) knocking up enemies and stunning them airborned. She will be able to dash to knocked up enemies by clicking skill button again It will consume energy for every dash. After a dash she preforms a finisher like on first ability. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tornadoes are important in Zephyr style and ablilties. So we shouldn't remove them. But update them a bit. Fourth Ability Zephyr creates one tornado (cost 40)(same as old tornadoes scales with range modes, duration etc) (She will be able to create 4 tornadoes max or more with agument mod) Tornado is able to give Zephyr and her allies a wind shield able to redirect enemy projectiles. Shield lasts for 10 seconds - 5 for allies - than explodes stunning enemies for 1 sec. (It will give Zephyr player a point to play close to tornadoes.) (But for that we will need to change "logic" of tornadoes. They should attack enemies max 10-15 meters away from Zephyr. What I mean is, Tornadoes should fly close to zephyr so player will have a controll of a tactic not a computer) (So her third ability is builded into her 4th now. Why? Becouse people likes to have more active abilities like in Ash.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zephyr - Assasin that strikes from above Thank you so much for reading my idea. Hope it will make into a game! It will make Zephyr as popular as Ash is :)
  2. Hello everyone, so recently I got a riven mod for the Braton which adds 151.2 Crit chance and 107.5 crit dmg. I know the Braton is good for the crit/status build but I was wondering if I should take off Point Strike and Vital Sense and add more elemental? My current build= Serration, Split Chamber, Riven Mod, Point Strike, Vital Sense, Shred, and two 90% elemental mods
  3. Мне во время игры попался страний баг из-за которого я не смог дальше играть,появилася справой части белая лента с непонятными никами игроков и мне пришлось перезаходить и игру после этого, через 20 минут у меня вылитело и пытался зайти в игру минут 40 пожалусто помагите ести что я вам скину картинку с багом спасибо что рассмотрели заявку
  4. Hi. When I start mission with Equinox, she is in her composite form. After using Metamorphosis, the form is corrected. But after activating focus ability, the form is again composite. I also seen this on other players. It worked correctly until this week, I think.
  5. What gender do you think the new warframe will be and what do you think it will be based on?? Edit: Devstream confirmed it to be a Male Deacon based Warframe. My Opinion: Sounds cool but I hope he ships with an alternate helm because I`m not digging the pharaoh look. What are your Thoughts? Dev-Stream #92: Harrow: DEEP DIVE. The Devstream missed some details, let’s dive into Harrow. He will be coming with an Alt Helmet and the first Secondary Weapon with a scope, which gives you more benefits the more headshots you land. What you really care about are his abilities, so let’s get right into it. You can watch the full segment about Harrow here. Passive: Double Overshield Capacity Ability 1: Creates a ray that chains enemies, leaving them open for headshots, which synergizes with his kit. You obtain shields for each enemy hit. Ability 2: Casting sacrifices your shields, gaining a buff that lasts longer the more shields are sacrificed, in exchange for reload and fire rate buffs. While it’s active, you will also heal allies in affinity range for a percentage of damage dealt. Ability 3: Casting spawns a spectral thurible, which grants you energy for every headshot you get within its range. The longer you hold 3 down, the more energy the ability costs but the more energy you’ll make back per headshot kill. Ability 4: Casting makes you invulnerable for a short duration. Once the invulnerability ends, you will gain additional critical chance on headshots. The more damage prevented in the first phase the larger the damage bonus will be. Below is a gif of his 1 and 3 working in tandem: ---------------------------------------- Dev-stream #93: Harrow We’ve made some changes to the next Warframe since Devstream #92. Headshots are not required for the bonus, but will give you an extra bonus on top of what his abilities give you. You can watch the gameplay in full here, but here's a placeholder version of his abilities screen: Harrow’s alt-helmet: Here’s a tease at who you’ll see in his Quest: Palladino is tied to the Red Veil as a clairvoyant…. What does she see?
  6. Remnants of the Void We are an active clan that: - Possess high activity numbers with players playing together. There's members online at any time. - Full Research ( including Hema and ignis wraith) - Raids daily. -Part of V alliance who holds control of several dark sectors. - Clan Website - Active and huge teamspeak. Server Adress - Discord -Finished 1st place in the last Event: Pacifist Defect - -Finshed 1st place in the last Event: Ambulas Reborn - Requirements - Mastery rank 15+ - Minimum of 350 hours of playtime in warframe. Looking for players that will participate in clan matters and warframe operations/events. Clan matters range from dojo donations, to helping clan mates, doing clan raids, being on teamspeak, participating in clan events or simply keeping clan chat active. Leave a post here for an invite or pm one of the recruiters ingame. We are currently recruiting . Warlords @---RV---Maniac; --RV--Dizzy; --RV--HawkiKill ; -exotic Officers --RV--Draconian; --RV--Kiradaman; --RV--ohestnes; --RV--ChaosStar; --RV--Halcyoner; --RV--Storm; KingsGambit; SwordSaint ; --RV--Eye ; --RV--Moegreen; --RV--D4ve
  7. We're Royal Destiny, a clan that is on top of the food chain. Our members are forever loyal, strong, and great individuals. Together, we make an Empire and our community creates the foundation of our strength. We strive to be the king of warframe nation We began this clan as a ghost two years ago with a group of 4 individuals without a clan. Our founders were RoseDestiny, FerrousWolf, Gbonk, Papersuit. It was fate how we actually met. We started as pug group for a mission and began playing together for a couple days. Then, we decided to say -"Hey, Let's create an amazing clan". So, we did. We created a community of gamers where we were able to meet like-minded individuals where we build new-relationships and establish stronger bonds. There were definitely some up-downs on developing the clan but we did our best to solve any issue that came our way. We can safely say "We definitely came a long way. It started with 4 and now we have over 900." [ Current Member Requirements ] Rank 6+ [ Current Members ] 990+ [ Current Alliance ] Rose - 10 Clans [ Raids ] During Raid Reset hours [ Discord - Voice Chat ] pm officers for invitation - 24 hr link [ Research Status ] All Complete - HEMA RESEARCH COMPLETE [ Clan Website ] Royal Destiny Website [ Sister Clan ] Royal Destiny Academy - Moon Clan Royal Destiny Elite (MR 18+) - Mountain 1. No spamming/Flooding chat 2. No flaming (joking around is okay, but dont go too far) 3. No hate speech i.e: racism, sexism etc towards other users 4. Be kind to one another :) Just to let you know, we want our clan to be extremely active. Therefore, we have a 15 day inactivity policy. However, if you plan to go on a break or vacation, please notify us on our steam page. We definitely want you to come back to us! We're all over the globe. Most of our players are based in USA,CAN,AUS,UK. Our Motto: Contact List: Royal Destiny TacitCensure Jospedas IraqiWalker MARSMAN. RIBS.HAVOC CheezyBroc ImuraOnyxious Copula RoseDestiny AetherLink Dranco2000 Royal Destiny Academy Danday21 Jahirie RageJunkie Royal Destiny Elite Appocalyptic Please post your IGN, rank, region, Type of player: Casual or Competitive below if interested. Example: IGN: AetherLink Rank: 23 Region: USA Type of Player: Competitive Reminder: Please exit your current clan when you post so we can invite you as fast as possible! Just Keep in Mind, we are doing our best to add everybody. You either will be put in Royal Destiny, Royal Destiny Academy, Royal Destiny Elite (MR 18+).
  8. Hey guys, What is the best Index Frame & Companion & Weapon? What I've read online has not worked. I am thinking stealth loki + Dread + sunaka kubrow, thoughts?
  9. Ok, so here's my two cents on reworking limbo. Hopefully this will give him some huge buffs, while getting rid of some of his major weaknesses. The general rift So the first set of changes will be on the rift itself, so we can get the biggest issue out of the way... It's only good for isolation and re-gaining energy. That's it. While isolating yourself from the rest of the battlefield is an incredibly nice perk, I think most of us can agree that the only effect it comes with isn't enough to satisfy the end game planets or even sorties/raids, unless you're incredibly resourceful. Especially with the fact that limbo is a really squishy warframe. So, in order to fill in that supportive role, (And I know you guys have heard countless others say this,) rift surge should be a passive ability, and the mod that comes with it should take effect as well. But in order to have some diversity to the rest of the oppinions out there, I would also like the rift to apply continuous elemental damage to any enemy you send to the rift. The element will change depending on the enemy. (corrosive for grineer, magnetic for corpus, and viral for infested. Of course, I'm also fine with just applying slash damage.) Rift Surge will also apply to allies as well. And as an added bonus, enemies only see banished warframes half as far. Also, a good change for the visual effect when somone is in the rift is turning them transparent with the same wavy water texture as the energy orb. Banish/Rift Walk I can agree that it's kind of a waste of energy to have two abilities that basically do the same thing. So to address this issue, let's just fuse the two abilities under the name "Rift Banish". It still acts like normal banish, but you shouldn't aim at anyone if you want to banish yourself. There. Problem solved. (A good alternative to banishing yourself is to simply hold the button.) Rift Wave So now that we have two ability slots open, let's fill one of them, shall we? Let's say you're tired of picking off your enemies one by one, but you don't want that huge cataclysm hogging up your space and energy. Introducing Rift Wave! A small and short lasting AoE ability that sends you and anyone within fifty meters of your position into the rift instantly. with this, you can banish multiple enemies without them having free access out like cataclysm does. Just note that it takes just a little more energy than two uses of Rift Banish. Elegant Storm Another AoE attack, but it only works in the rift, and it can't hit enemies that are above your head. You shoot several energy slashes in a seventy meter radius that deals slash damage for each hit. If you use this outside of the rift though, nobody is effected. It's continuous, so you can use this ability for as long as you have energy. It's also effected by certain melee mods. Cataclysm So we still need a reason to use Cataclysm. But there aren't many changes I can come up with to make it better. All I can think of is to add a small health regeneration bonus to any allied unit within it (that includes defense points), and make it drain Limbo's energy as long as it's out. It'll disappear once you have no more energy to spare. This is to encourage all limbo players to use mod loadouts that gain energy and increase max capacity. That's all I can come up with, but I'm open to suggestions. Compensating Drawbacks So with all these buffs I'm suggesting, you must be asking if there is anything keeping Limbo from being so OP that the game gets centralized around him. And you're right my friend, there are a few things to keep limbo from breaking the game. For one thing, his armor is slightly reduced, making him even squishier than before. Allies that have been banished will also have slightly reduced armor, and everyone in the rift has noticeably less gravity. Lastly, anyone caught in the rift will be taken out of it once Limbo (or in some casses, all limbos) dies. Final Thoughts I understand that I may have gone overboard with the buffs (such as the element damage that could just be slash damage,) and there may be too many things happening at once. But that's because I hate to see my favorite warframe getting no love from the devs. So I'm open to any changes and criticisms you may have for this thread. Thank you for reading, and good night.
  10. It has come to our attention that Windows 10 Creators Update may be having problems with some mice; the system gets into a state where the mouse looks like it only has 3 buttons and your bindings for Button 4, 5, etc stop working. This seems to have started with the Creators Update -- systems on Windows 10 Anniversary Update seem to be fine -- and it may be isolated to laptops but we're not sure. This isn't just Warframe: Google turned up lots of confused players having problems with other games. We even adapted a trivial DirectInput sample app that reproduces the problem (which is helpful for testing workarounds!). You can try the test yourself here: Both 32 and 64-bit versions are included just in case this matters. When Windows has been mixed up it'll report that your mouse only has 3 buttons and will ignore the extra buttons in the test. This mystery was particularly confusing because these buttons would continue to work in other programs (not games). For example Button 4 would still perform a "Back" command in a web browser. The first clue we found was that it seems to be related to unplugging: it would work fine but then after the mouse was reconnected games would see it as only a generic 3-button mouse. This would reproduce the problem for one player every time but when we tried this ourselves we couldn't get it to break; it's possible that this only occurs when the system is a laptop and unplugging the mouse toggles back to a generic touchpad but we're not sure. The only workaround we have heard of so far is just to reboot Windows -- however one user reported that this only fixed it if his mouse was plugged into certain USB ports. Another claim was that you have to turn off "Fast Startup" -- we could not verify this workaround so it may not be true. If you want to try it anyway the steps are roughly: We're still investigating at our end but so far we have no leads; if you have clues or workarounds we'd love to hear about it!. Special thanks to @Crackle2012 and @Tenarsha for assisting with the initial investigation!
  11. Does someone even play this rifle anymore?!
  12. Yo! Mam na imię Adrian i streamuję już jakiś czas, bywały bardzo długie przerwy jak i częste streamy. Staram się streamować codziennie, bądź gdy tylko mam okazję. Streamki odbywają się głównie od godziny 18:00 (czasem wcześniej) gdy mam już spokój i czas wolny od codzienności. Do kiedy stream? Do końca, czyli przeważnie godzin późnych. Zdarzają się streamy z innych gier niż Warframe (LoL, CS, Soulsy, nowości) lecz to właśnie Warframe stanowi główną część mojego streama. Staram się pomagać nowym graczom (misje, porady, buildy, warfram'y, drop), robie giveaway'e z przeróżnych setów prime (wkrótce również z platynki). Jestem otwarty na propozycje, wspólne gry i uwagi dotyczące buildów, misji etc :) Odnośnie Warfram'a, to mój staż wynosi 4 lata od pierwszego odpalenia gry, nie jestem wszechwiedzący jak i doskonały w tą grę dlatego też chętnie przyjmę sugestie i pomoc od weteranów jak i pomogę początkującym :) Zapraszam na mój kanał!
  13. Hello guys, I returned to warframe after using 1 month to finish Nier automata, and apparently both of my mouse side keys are not functioning. I am not able to assign hotkey in game meaning when i click on "quick melee" and push mouse button 5, it will still show as "please input a key". I have driver updated and game setting at default. Please help me! I have a razer death adder chroma, and I actually cannot play without my side keys... THANKS
  14. I cant login to game though i write good password and email. I even change password still cant. I dont know wtf i easly login to forum.
  15. Hello! So here's the deal: I'm trying to make another Titania. She's my favorite frame, and I really enjoy focus farming with her. I want to make another one to put a Naramon lens on, but I can't figure out how to replay the quest. I couldn't find anything in the codex, and the New Loka lady only wanted to talk about offerings. I tried bringing an apothic to the shrine place, but it just spawned a dude (and that was it (and my apothic is now gone)). Does anybody know how to get another Titania?
  16. Hello, I naschel bug because of which I died standing and the rest of the mission was not able to use the ability
  17. Hey! I want to start a little discussion about the Prime Access - Accessories Pack. Do you think it's worth its money? Do you want something more in it? Because i think, for the 45€ that i have to pay in Germany, it's not worth it. I know, the stuff is limited, the Boosters are really awesome but in comparison with like the first Prime Access Pack and its price it's not that worth, because you can farm all this stuff in not more then 3 Days. I would like to have some Platinum or something. But whats your opinion? ~Workiii/Tim
  18. 取引希望の方はトピックへ書き込み後、 Hi_im_M4DMan へフレンド申請をお願い致します(フォーラムでは反応が遅れてしまうことがあるため、申請を頂ければ確実なので助かります)。 取引内容を確認後、申請を承認しておりますので、都合が良い時にゲーム内チャットでお声掛けください。 在庫が限られている物は、先に声を掛けて頂いた方へ優先的にお渡ししています。 ※ ( ) 内の数字は、複数ある場合の在庫数です。 《セット》 TRINITYp set 100pt (1) ODONATAp set 60pt (2) GORGON WRAITH set 60pt 《フレームMOD》 Narrow Minded 30pt (1) Blind Rage 30pt (1) Overextended 30pt (5) Equilibrium 15pt (1) 《プライマリMOD》 Heavy Caliber 30pt (3) 《セカンダリMOD》 Barrel Diffusion 15pt Lethal Momentum 15pt (1) Ruinous Extension 10pt (2) 《近接MOD》 Auger Strike 60pt (1) Healing Return 30pt Spoiled Strike 10pt (3) Blood Rush 80pt (1) 《スタンスMOD》 Eleventh Storm 10pt (1) 《オーラMOD》 Corrosive Projection 10pt (1) 《センチネル・ クブロウ・キャバットMOD》 Medi-Ray 15pt
  19. I do not know if anyone else has a problem with hair operter after last update,pls fix
  20. Can window 8 pc run warframe, because it says missing some kind of api msi file. So is it a must to have windows 10 to be able to run warframe now ?
  21. Why does golden potatoes dont come after dev stream? but those silver potatoes? :(
  22. I found that my operator was floating as if sitting on the transference chair whenever they're still this only happened once as of posting an after I customized my tenno's face, secondary face, lip colour, hair style and voice from falcon to heron and getting of the chair. It happened after I sat down, did all of the following changes and stood up all as the operator.r.
  23. Это даже не топик будет а просто изложение в саркастичной форме. Перед тем как выпустить варфрейма с таким количеством докупаемых айтемов почему бы не попробовать самим поиграть за него более 1 часа подряд не выходя с миссии? Тогда сразу и без лишних слов стало б понятно, что кровь идущая из ушей от однообразного громкого трека со звуком которого должны быть синхронизированы действия свои и других игроков, не очень приятный факт!!!! а вот решение от "капитана очевидность" : на 4 способность "усилитель" нужно привязать эффект зажатой кнопки, для смены треков в "мендакорде" по анологии стрелы "ивары" или ловушки "вобана" и всего делов. Решит сразу кучу проблем таких как, психоз и непопулярность данного варфрейма из-за кривых рук игроков создавших треки до продажи полного набора инструментов и внешки для него, т.к. идея очень интересна но почти полностью загибается, из за плохой оптимизации игрового процесса, как-будто варфрейм создавался чистым техником абсолютно безразличным к пониманию потребностей игрока. PS : у меня окта 250%сила чтоб вы понимали 250%зоны 160%длит и 45% энерго. все инструменты и все айтемы мощные треки из за которых вы свои ваще слышать не будете и пишу я сюда не для вас "хейтеров" постов, а для того чтоб увидели разработчики и может быть поиметь маленький шанс быть услышанным. тк меня сюда направил сотрудник службы поддержки, так что оставьте свои мнения и теории при себе!!!!
  24. Альянс CARDINALS. Здесь каждый найдет друзей по интересам, будь то Конклав или Рейды. Альянс создан с целью объединения кланов для обеспечения хорошего онлайна, атмосферности, помощи молодым кланам и подготовки к сражениям за темные сектора. В нашем Альянсе 48 кланов : 1 горный, 8 штормовых, 19 теневых и 20 призрачных. Связь в альянсе Discord, наш адрес Руководство альянса: Основатель альянса Loki.kor из клана ReLIFE Сооснователь альянса -BB-Bushido из клана Blackberry В нашем Альянсе Вы получите: 1. Эмблему альянса 2. Хороший онлайн и сплоченный коллектив; 3. Равноправие всех кланов в Альянсе; 4. Помощь в развитии клана и по игре от других кланов в Альянсе; 5. Приятное времяпровождение в Дискорде в кругу товарищей и друзей. Правила нашего Альянса: 1. Запрещается мат и оскорбления; 2. Запрещается торговля за платину (обмен разрешается); 3. Запрещаются споры на религиозные и политические темы; 4.Запрещается попрошайничество (спам). Требования к кланам: 1. Наличие эмблемы клана (если Вы только подали заявку на рассмотрение - мы готовы пойти на встречу) 2. Желание играть и развиваться. 3. Приветствуется наличие голосовой связи Discord. Для вступления в Альянс оставляйте заявки здесь или заходите к нам в Discord и оставляйте заявки в текстовом канале invite Форма для подачи заявки: -Название клана -Тип клана -Количество людей в клане -Игровой ник представителя администрации клана для связи.