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  1. 3/29/2021: I'm changing the topic of this post. Its new purpose is to serve as a collection of bugs that revolve solely around Umbra, in the hopes that one day DE reads this and finally deletes Umbra's Sentience. If not, then at the very least it will act as a sort of outlet for me. Everybody can call me crazy for thinking Umbra's Sentience is the worst passive in the game, but nobody can tell me that these bugs/"features" don't exist. 3/28/2021 - Kuva Fortress/Spy You get forced all the way back to Umbra's position instead of him teleporting to your place if you: use Transference while not the host of the session die as Operator switch back to Umbra right before falling into a bottomless pit (you can sort of circumvent this by rushing on ahead with operator, then waiting in one spot until the game teleports Umbra to your location(this is still utter BS though since literally no other warframe suffers from this nonsense)) Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/d9aOOh2 A.N. : Excalibur Umbra SPECIFICALLY gets a number of unique bugs that no other warframe suffers from, every time a new slice of content or event is released. Easy fix that's also a buff to Umbra? Just remove Umbra's Sentience; it does nothing but get players killed and cause countless bugs. Over two years since his release and ever since Day 1, Umbra's Sentience has been arguably the worse passive among ALL warframes, even compared against the likes of Frost or Valkyr or etc(at least those passives are just virtually useless, instead of being an actual detriment like Umbra's). Please DE, if you could only do one thing to fix Excalibur, delete this passive first. 3/29/2021 - Sedna/Survival(Steel Path) Copy/pasted from previous posts because they're still relevant: 4/11/2021 - Uranus/Survival(Steel Path) If Mania appears and applies Lifted on you while you have Exalted Blade activated, then you switch to operator and back to Umbra, you will be unable to use both Exalted Blade and your melee weapon, with only the first few frames of the animation playing out before your attack is canceled(if you try this with a Nikana, it looks like Umbra is quite literally masturbating himself). https://imgur.com/a/AyYTjUv 4/11/2021 - Phobos/Exterminate(Kuva Lich) If you build melee combo with Weeping Wounds/Blood Rush/the Gladiator set bonus, use Naramon's Power Spike to maintain your combo, switch to Exalted Blade and hit at least one enemy, and then let Exalted Blade's combo duration reset(either on its own over time, or using a heavy attack), you will lose: The Gladiator set bonus applying to Exalted Blade Weeping Wounds, Blood Rush, and the Gladiator set bonus applying to your melee weapon, even if you still have some combo remaining on your melee weapon To regain WW/BR/Gladiator, you must either use a heavy attack on your melee weapon to lose all of your combo and start over from zero combo, or wait for Naramon's Power Spike to drop you to the previous combo multiplier(e.g. With a combo multiplier of 5x at 97 hits and Body Count equipped, it takes 17 seconds to drop you to 92 hits, another 17 seconds to drop you to 87 hits, another 17 seconds to drop you to 82 hits, and another 17 seconds to finally drop you to the previous combo multiplier of 4x at 77 hits; in total, you must not use melee for 68 seconds to regain the effects of WW/BR/Gladiator(again, alternatively, you can also reset your entire combo with a heavy attack and start over from zero combo)) This is a problem I've noticed on all exalted melee weapons, not just Umbra, but I felt it was appropriate to include it here. 6/11/2021 - Jupiter/Assassination(Steel Path Incursion) If you jump up to the Ropalolyst(I did to get a better shot with my amp), switch to Operator, and switch back when Umbra was killed(one-shotted because the Ropalolyst's lasers on Steel Path are lethal), you will(as Excalibur Umbra) LOSE access to ALL of the following: casting abilities attack switching to Operator change elevation(i.e. you can't jump or fall off the cliff) the visual model of your warframe the ability to die(meaning you can't even kill yourself to reset your warframe(which, in theory, would unbug your warframe)) https://imgur.com/a/RczIEpm
  2. The stats of my Railjack Crew Member appeared wrongly. When I change the Crew member from Yato to Yogirv Domm, the stats didn't change and was stayed as Yato stats still and I've tried to change it back and change again, but it doesn't works. [img]https://i.ibb.co/jh0qdxw/Screenshot-171.png[/img] [img]https://i.ibb.co/kQYdmrr/Screenshot-172.png[/img] [img]https://i.ibb.co/xX0LdBB/Screenshot-173.png[/img]
  3. What do you guys think about the discounted dlc (or pack ) is it worth the cash or not
  4. My PC crashes and restarts when I run Warframe. It's very inconsistent. It can happen five minutes or five hours from firing up the game, and there's days when it doesn't happen at all. It's happened both mid-mission and in my orbiter. My hardware runs everything just fine, it's not chugging or has any problems otherwise. Fans are working as intended and temp is a stable lukewarm. However, I've noticed that every time right before it crashes, the in-game music cuts out. Then after a few seconds, everything freezes, then a couple more seconds and it's "OOPS! Your system has run into an unexpected error and we need to collect some information"-time. My computer isn't new or very strong by any means, so I've thought about possibly dying hardware, but it doesn't ever happen with any other application than Warframe. It's started happening two patches of Win10 ago, but I'm not going to claim that it's necessarily related. It feels so random that I find it hard to collect any useful information myself. Hardware and stuff: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6300HQ CPU @ 2.30GHz 2.30 GHz NVidia Geforce GTX960M 32 GB RAM (don't ask, haha) Game runs from an SSD with plenty empty headroom 250∇ / 150∆ MB/s ethernet
  5. 1) Недавно я писал о том что "Шаблон меха Кубрау: Сабелла прайм" неправильное так как этот шаблон для Кават, в арсенале ошибка была исправлена, но вот в магазине, в прайм доступе, ошибка по прежнему осталась. 2) 3) Пожалуйста исправьте название в магазине на "Шаблон меха Кават: Сабелла прайм" так как некоторые пользователи могут по ошибке купить этот набор думая что покупают мех для Кубрау
  6. I'm going to take a long break and hopefully during my break the Devs fix many of these under performing and less played warframes. After seeing the new water frame and looking at Hydroid, I had enough. So many old frames need help, and the lack of attention to them is sad. I play Hydroid, Vauban and Atlas and not happy with any of their fixes. Most of the fixes people wanted went to the new frames leaving the old ones far behind and out dated. Can't really play the game if what I want to play isn't on par to newer frames. I'm sure once you actually fix these older frames or underperformed ones, more players might come back to their once favorite frame.
  7. Где и каким образом можно достать этот плащ как на картинке ?
  8. ...know that you're not alone. I've been playing this game on and off for over 6 years and I've only JUST gotten Hate to drop. I'm fairly certain I've gotten the Scimitar Engines (1%) to drop TWICE before this. If you've got your own tale of woe, regale us Tenno.
  9. Melee nerf reduces player choice. This is the conclusion I have reached after a number of considerations. 1. Melee weapon is short range with higher potential damage. 2. Ranged weapon is long range with lower potential damage. 3. Ranged weapons is always better in cases where enemy can be one/two-shot by Ranged weapons. Let's call this "Range Optimized Levels" 4. When ranged weapon damage is insufficient on steelpath and long endurance runs,, melee takes over. Let's call this "Melee Optimized Levels" 5. Each player has a different level range of when enemy levels switch from Range Optimized to Melee Optimized. 6. Warframe is a game with infinite enemy level scaling but no infinite rewards scaling. Therefore it doesn't really matter what enemy levels players are able to reach, beyond bragging rights. For example, a starting player may find that Range Optimized Levels for him is between 1 to 60 level enemies,. For example, a MR20+ player may find that Range Optimized Levels for him is between 1 to 100 level enemies. For example, a fully maxed player with rivens and latest meta weapon may find that Range Optimized Levels for him is between 1 to 150 level enemies. Now let's assume, (1) and (2) remains true after the gun buff and melee nerf, then the level range of Range Optimized Levels shifts to the right for everyone. This is fine but do not really make much change to the existing meta. Players will still use Ranged weapons until they can't. Now if we assumed (1) is no longer true, meaning that Melee weapon is short range with lower potential damage and Ranged weapon is long range with higher potential damage. Then every level becomes Range Optimized Levels, effectively deleting melee weapons as a weapon class. Based on the above, the outcome is either neutral, or bad.
  10. You know what the Arsenal Divide is - melee good gun bad. Why is melee good? Stances All stances add +10 mod capacity while buffing your damage from +400% up to +3000% and many increase slash damage heavily. Combo builds Condition Overload: +120% damage per status -> at least 360% damage, +960% if you run a priming Nukor Weeping Wounds: +40% status per combo -> +440% status at max combo Blood Rush: +60% crit per combo -> +660% crit at max combo Gladiator Set: +10% crit per combo for every piece -> +330% crit for just having 3 of them on a sentinel melee Berserker: +30% Atk speed on a crit up to +75% -> this actually is not a problem because we have much more powerful fire rate mods on guns and they are rarely used. Heavy Attack builds Sacrificial pressure: +220% crit (x2 on heavy attacks). -> +440% crit chance on a single mod (+550% if you equip Sacrificial Steel) Heavy Attacks on most META weapons have 100% Slash status chance. Corrupt Charge + Killing Blow while not strong individually are all flat damage bonuses that are equippable alongside Pressure Point, and stack multiplicatively compared to normal damage mods while also dramatically increasing wind-up speed. Why are guns bad? Lack of comparatively good critical options Compared to free Sacrificial Steel "+220% critical chance", Primed Pistol Gambit is downright pathetic. We’re not even talking Blood Rush, guns just can’t do critical hits. Lack of comparatively good status options Melee has guaranteed bleeds on heavy attacks, +440% status chance on combo builds, and guns have Hunter Munitions, Hemorrhage and Internal Bleeding, of them the only good one being a status mod based on criticals. Guns have no good status either. Lack of design space Guns are just not fun to build. The META for secondaries right now is [Damage; Multishot; Critical Chance; Critical Damage; Cold 60/60; Toxin 60/60; Lethal Torrent; Heat 165] and no mod can be taken off because there aren’t just good mods right now. And there's just not a way to prioritise any playstyle, all mods are flat unconditional increases. How to make guns good? Gun Stances If melee Stances were created to diversify functionality depending on moves, then they failed. We can build on their mistakes with Gun Stances taking into account function differences from the previous point. My proposed Stances: All of them are Rare mods, have no polarity, provide from -4 drain at rank 0 to -10 drain at rank 6, effects shown at full rank. They would occupy the function of both Galvanized mods and new Arcanes and as such would replace them in the Arbitration shop. Because of the power they can provide, locking them behind full map competition (not 20 plat unlockers, DE) would be like a milestone. Sea of Flames: For every enemy hit with a single shot gain +8% Critical Chance and Critical Damage on your next shot with any weapon. Example: You shoot a group of 10 enemies with a Bramma. Now you have +80% Crit Chance/Damage for your next shot with the Bramma, or even your Secondary Epitaph. Despite the buff having no timer you better don't miss, or the effect will be lost. It also should scale modded crit chance and not base. On shot = one click so that Multishot does not have negative effects on DPS. Tormenting Mist: +100% Damage on a damage type for every enemy afflicted with it's Status Effect. Example: You have this Stance on a 100% radiation Lanka. You spray 8 enemies with your Rad/Viral/Heat/Magnetic Nukor. Now, while you are holding your Lanka the Heat procs would deal 9x the damage, and your Lanka also deals 9x the damage. Piercing Cyclone: On Headshot: +8% Critical and Status Chance for 12 seconds. Stacks up to +160%. On Bodyshot: can't headshot for 4 seconds, stacks up to 12 seconds. This is very straightforward, the buff would work on other damage sources, but they wouldn't refresh it. Bodyshot break is created to stop excessive auto-fire abuse (just does not vibe for me), and would only activate on the actual weapon shots (not Status, not Abilities, not Melee hits). Use the Synoid Gammacor to buff up the crit and status, then just destroy the room with Khora's Whipclaw. Galvanized Flare: On Hit: The enemy takes 5% more damage, stacking infinitely. The buff is reset upon hitting another enemy. Simple stuff, hit an enemy to then hit them harder, every hit counts: every pellet, every DOT. Other damage sources can take advantage of the buff, can't increase it but can reset it. Of course, Slash will be buffed twice. Just Better Mods While the Stances are good, they are not the end. We just need to give normal Multishot and Critical Chance mods more stats, because they just don't compare to current melee mods that are created for the same things. Possible changes: Split Chamber: +90% Multishot -> +120% Multishot Point Strike: +150% Critical Chance -> +180% Critical Chance Critical Delay: +48% Critical Chance -> +150% Critical Chance Blunderbuss: +90% Critical Chance -> +180% Critical Chance Critical Deceleration: +48% Critical Chance -> +150% Critical Chance Pistol Gambit: +120% Critical Chance -> +180% Critical Chance Primed Pistol Gambit: +187% Critical Chance -> +240% Critical Chance Creeping Bullseye: +187% Critical Chance -> +200% Critical Chance Also, increase the effects of Physical Damage mods like Maim and Carnis Stinger, the damage buff should probably be doubled. Other misc. changes Give secondaries Hunter Munitions. Increase weapon swap speed by 100%. Why these changes? What guns do we have? Our choices within guns are: Single target, slow fire rate like Rubico and Seer AoE, slow fire rate like Bramma and Angstrum Single target, fast fire rate like Soma and Rattleguts AoE, fast fire rate like Ignis and Nukor Shotguns that fit into one or the other category depending on distance like Sobek and Pyrana Single target weapons benefit from Weakspot damage, AoE benefits from range increase. Fast fire rate weapons benefit highly from Status Chance, slow ones incentivise using pure damage Why these changes? I just thought that these 4 specific mods would a) buff up weapons individually and b) incentivise building them differently for more interesting and powerful effects. They also very much fit the name of Stances as they would actually change the way you play with a gun. Gun mods should be buffed because many of them are just flat worse than melee or cross-type counterparts. Physical Damage mods should be buffed because in the current iteration they are unusable. Would this not be OP? No, not in the current meta. Practically speaking, mods like Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds even after the nerf would work like "On hit: +2% Critical or Status Chance, stacks up to +440%", Stances would still buff DPS heavily and melee would still have no reloads.
  11. 【War Dragon】氏族開放招生 -氏族資訊- 本氏族為休閒氏族 等級10暴風氏族 近期進行內部整理之後重新"開放招生" 目前氏族人數:60/100 除了少許顏料外皆已研發完成(有亡魂火槍) -氏族規定- 拒收幽靈、米蟲、伸手族、小白、自我感覺過度良好的大佬 氏族的新進成員需至金庫繳納總和100個的素材(不指定什麼素材都行) 才能獲得複製藍圖的權限 當有氏族相關的戰術警報時,氏族會針對該次活動訂定目標分數 有達成目標分數的人可晉升特殊氏族職級 未達標者不會有任何變動&懲罰,但0分者會直接被逐出氏族 30天未上線者將會被逐出氏族(沒有請假機制,被逐出後可以重新申請加入) -氏族職級- 1.會長:氏族最高權限者 2.評議會:負責管理氏族秩序,有任何氏族的問題也都可以找評議員處理 3.先鋒兵團:氏族活動達到內部規定分數者即可晉升此階級(每次活動都會進行調整) 4.征服者:MR:26以上 5.探索者:MR:16以上 6.冒險者:MR:08以上 7.會員:完成素材捐獻,可進行藍圖複製 8.新人:氏族新進人員 9.建築工匠:負責道場的裝潢,可找會長申請 -氏族Discord說明- 本氏族的DC群並不對外開放 會定期踢除非氏族成員的用戶 DC群中會提供遊戲更新等等的資訊懶人包 如果是要申請加入氏族話,DC群內也可以申請加入 -氏族遊戲外群組- Discord氏族群:傳送門 -入族申請- 有意想加入本氏族的請在下方回覆 【遊戲ID】: 【簡短自介】:
  12. 经常有人在完成任务的时候就离开队伍,特别是主机的时候,进不去,然后什么奖励都没了,真的服了,能不能以后主机离开以后把每个人都传回自己的主机呀,别再加别人的了,根本进不去,结果全部奖励都没了,要么就给个举报系统,不要给这种人当主机,每次玩的结束了,那个人就离开,奖励全没了,也可以看看聊天频道也有人在骂,真的很烦的。要么就封号封这种人。 解决措施:1,如果主机离开队伍,直接把每个人都传回自己的队伍。奖励才不会消失。2,提供个曾经游戏那里的举报系统,举报并且核实以后,一周或者一个月内禁止这种人当主机。3,主机在离开队伍前由所有人投票,半数及以上同意才能让主机离队。 希望能得到de的好好考虑,谢谢
  13. It is no surprise to anyone that ON KILL is a bad mod activation condition, i am actually surprised i have to explain why but here we are! ON KILL means that you have to KILL an enemy just to be capable of using ur mods, at low levels this is no big deal and is quite easy, which makes these mods significantly better at places that .......we kinda don't really need it (which cases pretty bad power creep at low levels btw), and on the other hand at places that it ACTUALLY MATTERS killing that first enemy is gonna be a VERY jarring experience because ........ well ur mods are not active! (in other words this is the opposite of making a fluent combat) Even though the intention with Galvanized mods is to make weapons better at high levels, with them having ON KILL effects they are going to be a nightmare in the usability department which is pretty much everything, lemme put it this way: right now snipers have one of the highest damage output of all weapons in game, they have insane range and can one tap pretty much anything, but they lack 1 thing and that is USABILITY and kaboom go find someone using a sniper for normal missions! And now with BERSERKER being also on kill at high levels the entire experience will change to be MUCH WORSE. SOLUTION? Well it is actually quite simple, instead of ON KILL or ON HEADSHOT KILL, we should simple make it a CHANCE to get the buff ON HIT or ON HEADSHOT, this way the mods will actually be weaker at low levels which will incentivize using other tactics, which is good we don't want any more low level power creep than we already have, and on the other hand at places where they matter they will be much more consistent and usable. It is still not too late, you still haven't launched this, PLEASE pay attention right now and avoid this disaster!
  14. 아케인 액셀러레이션은 치명타 발생 시 30% 확률로 9초간 주무기의 연사력을 90% 상승시키는 효과를 가진다고 표기되어 있습니다. 하지만 실제로는 산탄총에는 적용되지 않으며, 오직 소총 모드를 장착할 수 있는 무기군에만 발동하는 것을 확인했습니다. 산탄총은 아케인 템포가 있음을 알고 있습니다만, 템포는 치명타 발생 시 15% 확률로 12초간 산탄총의 연사력을 90% 상승시키는 효과이며 발동 조건이 액셀러레이션에 비해 많이 어렵고, 따라서 이를 대체제라고 하기에는 무리가 있습니다. 아케인 액셀러레이션이 산탄총을 포함하는 모든 주무기에 적용되도록 수정해주세요. 만약 산탄총에는 적용되지 않는 현 상황이 의도된 것이라면, 액셀러레이션의 설명에 있는 주무기를 소총으로 바꿔주시고, 아케인 템포의 발동 조건을 상향해주세요.
  15. it has no interaction with the rest of Atlas' abilities. it should either it's really strange considering how new atlas is in the scheme of things. It has a time limit it has a low armor amount it restricts your jumping it forces you to use incredibly weak attacks. considering how much more useful the destraction of two rumblers is why didn't they make it a more, involved? mod. literally reversing one of those negatives or increasing the max rubble count by it's armor would be enough.
  16. Arbitrations compared to steelpath: Vitus essence is around 12 guaranteed per 60 minutes VS 24-ish steel essence (affected by boosters and kavats meaning it can be significantly larger than garbitration) arbitrations have default solo enemy spawn rates VS steel path where you’re rarely ever out of enemies to kill. That makes arbitrations Arbitrash because you’re asleep for 99% of the time. arbitrations are a randomised gamemode, meaning when you log on it’s very often not a gamemode you’d ever want to play (I like Survival and hate defense, interception, defection and excavation, so it’s almost always “oh this gamemode sucks so I won’t bother with arbitration) VS steelpath, which is ANY gamemode at any time, play when you want to no bullS#&$. droptablesfor arbitration are filled with arcanes, mods, seeding step ephemera and aura forma blueprints. No one ever wants these once they have them, move them to the arbitration store there is absolutely zero justification for these in the drop table for arbitration, move them to the store like the other mods are. you have one life, and you get less rewards than the “”Hard mode”” that you can revive multiple times in, significantly less rewards. Vitus essence from all sources (besides the 3x you get from drop tables) needs to be AT LEAST DOUBLED. enemy spawn rates need to be the same as steel path, in fact, spawn rates should be steel path spawn rates IN EVERY MISSION. alternatively, just put the damn galvanised mods back in the gamemode that is not boring, unrewarding, and timegated RNG. OR JUST HAVE IT IN BOTH. also the warframe boosts are almost never a warframe I’d want to play and absolutely never a weapon I use, although I see that more as a bonus. and don’t you DARE make steel path less rewarding because arbitration sucks, make arbitration fun and rewarding to match steel path so that people that hate steel path have an alternative, and people that play steel path don’t have to experience garbitration/arbitrash economy. Really hate the galvanised mods move, you really suck when you do this kind of thing, stop moving good rewards to the worst game modes when you had it right the first time.
  17. hi guys, i am from pakistan and i play on Asia server. i need the server address to convey to my ISP so they can facilitate. getting higher ping and they ask the server address for it to be resolved. thanks.
  18. Around 15 minutes into a Survival Mission, my Warframe is suddenly being drawn with only black/white polygons while in certain positions/frames of animation. This doesn't seem to happen in I am in certain tiles though; if I leave an affected tile, my warframe is not affected by this bug. I don't know how to add images so I can't show them here. Edit: I was using the Enhanced graphics engine.
  19. Just asking if its a good option for xaku
  20. PRIME GAMING VERV ATELIA SYANDANA SİZLERLE Moda illüstratörü Jessica Durrant’tan ilham alınan tasarımlar Prime Gaming Verv Koleksiyonunu kutlamak ve gelecekteki Fashion Frame’inizi canlandırmak için, Verv Koleksiyonun bir sonraki özel ödülü olan Verv Atelia Syandana’yı sergilemek için önde gelen moda illüstratörü Jessica Durrant ile ortaklık kurduk. Jessica yakında çıkacak olan ‘My Warrior Woman’ Syandana’dan esinlenerek resimli bir moda parçası tasarladı. ''Ona güçlü ve çağa uygun, savaş alanından yeni gelmiş gibi bir görünüm vermek istedim... güçlü, şiddetli ve dünyaya karşı koymaya hazır hissediyor.'' - Jessica Durrant, moda illüstratörü. Jessica’nın tasarımı hakkında daha fazla bilgiye buradan ulaşabilirsiniz: https://www.instagram.com/jessillustrator/?hl=en Bu çarpıcı replika ve hayal gücü için inanılmaz yetenekli Jessica’ya miğferleri çıkarıyoruz. İlham almaya ve yaratıcı olmaya devam et Tenno ve Fashion Framing ve Warframe’den ilham alan sanatını dünyayla paylaş! Her Verv Ödülünü toplarken o muhteşem Captura’ları ve ekran görüntülerini çektiğinizden emin olun. Onları gösterin ve bizi Twitter ve Instagram’da etiketleyin! Verv Atelia Syandana, Prime Gaming üyeleri için ücretsiz olarak şimdi sizlerle! Prime Gaming hesaplarınızı nasıl bağlayacağınız ve ödüllerinizi nasıl alacağınız hakkında daha fazla bilgiyi burada bulabilirsiniz: https://www.warframe.com/news/prime-gaming-verv-collection HyLoTuS tarafından çevrilmiştir.
  21. Здравствуйте. Реально ли вернуть не полученные ресурсы после миссии? Играл полтора часа на разрыве бездны, лит, раскопки, накопилось 1100 отголосков и около 13-15к криотика и соответственно прайм куски всякие. Под конец миссии начались какие-то проблемы, двоих игроков отсоединило и я с еще одним челом решили закругляться, но при выходе что то пошло не так и у меня бесконечно висел экран с итогом миссии, а поверх этого надпись "Обновление учётной записи. Пожалуйста". В итоге я вышел через alt+F4, перезашел, получил по почте прайм части, но не получил отголоски и криотик(хотел прайм триню поставить на крафт) Скрины для наглядности.
  22. 氏族简介: 中文区老牌氏族建立于2015年5月17日自今 【11级】风暴氏族 【满】科技研发包括亡魂喷火器 世界活动氏族排名 【恶意合并】-----风暴第17名 【AMBULAS】-----山脉第8名 【和平者之叛】-山脉第12名 【奥影之毒】----风暴第18名 因为氏族内几乎都是老咸鱼【30段】,所以招点新人活跃一下 希望来的人能愿意多交流多活跃,同时拒绝黑金/ RMT /伸手党/爷新/宏孩儿 -----------------------如何加入我们------------------------ ---------------------------------------------- 需要到QQ群申请【QQ群号:303849785】 入群后将名片改成:[申请]游戏ID例如[申请] 123456 修改好名片后联系氏族族长:-VC-VIN【群主】 PS:为了防止帖子沉了希望有意向的玩家在帖子下方回下贴 ----------------------关于新手指导电子书----------------------- ---------------------------------------- 中文区最全流传最广的VIN新手指导书,也是经过几年的打磨覆盖了游戏的大部分内容 方便新手与回坑玩家快速的上手游戏,避免一头雾水。 百度网盘下载地址:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1bnrnS1T ------------------------氏族道场装修----------------------- --------------------------------------------- 还有更多的装修就不发截图了。
  23. Nyx is an old frame with outdated abilities, the newer warframes have her abilities but improved by 3x, plus her abilities don't have almost any synergy with the other ones as if they worked independently, for those reasons a rework for is really needed. Mind Control This ability is complete garbage, one proof is that its augment gives 300%+ damage which is absurd and still does nothing. In my honest opinion, this ability should be completely reworked or give it a massive change, like: make it function like a statstick, make the enemies shoot themselves, make it an AoE ability, when psychic bolts land on mind controlled enemies, they will now "spread" them or simply change it all, you could also leave it that way so it's her "bad ability" but it seems kinda scuffed. Psychic Bolts This ability is really good and should be her subsumed, the problem is that the number of bolts don't scale with any stat and the fact that you need power strength for it to work makes it hella contradictory with her other abilities, my suggestion is that her armor strip now scales with other stats let's say ability duration, make the number of bolts scale with range and enemies affected by chaos get more strip. Her augment should be innate on this ability, or a better choice would be, enemies that leave her bolts will get mind controlled. Chaos This ability is good...... i'm just kidding, there are many other frames that do that same thing but better, want examples? ok, Oberon's 2 and 4, Loki's 4 augment, Wisp's electric mote, Frost, Equinox, Banshee, etc. There are good changes: make it so enemies get a damage vulnerability and maybe scaling with strength so there is a reason for it other than psychic bolts, decrease their accuracy, damage reduction, mind controlled enemies deal more damage on enemies with chaos and, again, her augment should also be innate because enemies keep spawning and you have to recast it several times. Absorb This ability is either really good or really bad, if you're modding for assimilate, then say bye bye to the other abilities and even if you mod it for its original purpose it's still going to be bad for several reasons, enemies move and you don't, range is terrible, enormous energy cost and you will almost run out of energy before you can accumulate enough damage just to name a few. I could think of a few fixes, greatly increase its range, enemies affected by chaos will be "attracted" to it, more damage absorb, delete the terrible feature that gives 8 more energy per second with 100k damage stored, decrease its energy cost, you can use your chaos while in it and maybe give it a cool animation, and damage dealt to it is multiplied with the amount of enemies on chaos. These changes might be too op but i'm not an expert on stats and they could be balanced. I would like to hear your opinions and thoughts about it
  24. Please DE can you add some loadout/config slots to the operator/amp soon, changing the arcanes to do different things becomes a drag and if we forget to do it it can cause grief in-game .. If we had say 3 slots to make for example: Standard loadout, Eidolon Loadout, RJ loadout .. that way we can utilise our Magus and Virtuos arcanes and our many amps more effectively. Thanks in advance ..
  25. The ephemera is always completely black and cannot be colored. I've tried all available color slots on appearance and it stays black no matter what. Also related but unsure if its a bug or intentional. The tenebrous ephemera directly on warframe also cannot be colored. The smoky aura of it can. Here's how the ephemera currently looks. I'm using bright purple and bright yellow in the emissive colors.
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