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Found 3,115 results

  1. Necronchik

    Senstivity bug

    I've encountered and interesting bug on Eidolones or Orbs of Vails. Swithching to the operator and then returning back t othe frame causes the sensitivity switch into the archwing mode- so it is really raised up. Same problem occurs with using the k-drive and then going back to the warframe. The only possible solution for me for now is using the archwing and going back to the frame- that returns the sensitivity to the normal state.
  2. Rapidrabidrabbit

    Please bring back Thyst to its glory :( 'twas a beautiful & iridescent RED shard 😢
  3. You guys never disapoint. Best DEV team ever. Thank you SO much for bringing back the fun and joy of using the archwing. Much appreciated.
  4. Flaminghelmet

    Argonak not highlighting anymore

    Before the Fortuna update launched, the Argonak Grineer rifle used to highlight enemies with an aura of the chosen energy color. Now it just doesn't, I'm not sure this is a Fortuna bug and, I've made sure by going to the simulacrum, I'm hoping for DE themselves to look into it. Also, I would like to discuss some problems this particular function had, first of all, it didn't highlight enemies through walls, yes the description doesn't say that it highlights enemies through walls and objects but, I think its a bit useless to highlight enemies only when in sight. Another problem it had is the farther the enemies the smaller they get but, the highlighting aura doesn't get smaller, at some point you'd see this huge ball (of whatever color you chose for the energy) and barely see any of the actual enemy.
  5. TheDante500

    Cant Play VoO

    I use a HP i7 Notebook (Laptop) and i cant describe the lag i have i would like that you guys, the ones that can play VoO with a laptop if can share the caracteristics of the pc BTW should i use for graphics: intel(R) HD Graphics 520 or the Nvidia of High performance? My processor is an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz Velocity 2592 Mhz
  6. Indonesia Warframe merupakan salah satu clan Warframe lokal yang berasal dari Indonesia. Tujuan didirikannya clan ini yaitu sebagai wadah untuk menampung serta tempat berkumpulnya player Warframe tanah air agar lebih mudah mendapatkan teman main satu bahasa, mengingat beberapa tahun lalu sangat sulit untuk mencari sesama player Indonesia di Warframe. INAWF terus berkembang secara perlahan & seiring berjalannya waktu, clan ini tumbuh menjadi salah satu clan lokal besar, Pada saat yang bersamaan, komunitas/playerbase Warframe di Indonesia juga ikut tumbuh & berkembang. Hal ini dapat dilihat dari berdirinya berbagai macam clan Indonesia baru dengan tier/ukuran yang bervariasi, mulai dari Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, hingga Moon clan, serta dengan terbentuknya Aliansi Indonesia. Mungkin ada yang belum mengetahui keberadaan clan ini, padahal sebelumnya sudah pernah berjumpa dengan kami baik itu di Relay, Lobby, bahkan mungkin salah satu dari kami pernah main 1 Squad denganmu Informasi Clan Syarat bergabung Slot anggota Pembangunan Dojo Fasilitas penunjang Cara bergabung Kami tunggu kehadiranmu di Indonesia Warframe !
  7. when i use operator, the cat start following me, that's cool and everything, but when i go void mode he doesn't turn invisible, which is rather annoying since the easily detectable cat already triggered alarms on spy missions several times making me lose the bonus reward, and that trigger me as well. proof
  8. smebjulak

    Nezha Blazing Chakram

    Nezha second ability, blazing chakram doesn't work properly against corpus. The ring just hit only one opponent. Explain against Corpus: Explain against Greener: In the second video can see the Ring easily hit multiple enemy... (Sry i can't make longer than 30 sec)
  9. Quill.Onkko

    My feedback on venus enemies

    Basically when the fortuna update came out the enemy scaling was on point and the game felt challenging for the first time, since we all know the rest of the content is a joke by now, arbitrations, elite sanctuary onslaught, they're too easy, even eidolon hunting can be solo'd but the enemies in venus felt different, they made you move and hide and actually be tactical with your gameplay, it was the first time i was ever scared to revive someone even while i was in operator, but then.... but then DE nerfed the enemies and their spawns, to the point that its kinda of a joke like the rest of the enemies in the rest of the so called "hard" missions like arbitrations and eso, i dont wanna sound like im nagging but its extremely annoying that now when im solo and theres more than 5 banners present in venus 1 or 2 enemies spawn each orbital strike, and it take more than 30minutes for enemies to scale to the point that its actually a bit hard to kill, take note that i said hard to kill not hard to deal with, cuz the enemies damage is joke and there barely any reason to dodge their bullets or take cover or stay on the move. in my opinion venus is ruined for me, i have been honing my warframe with a S#&$ ton of formas and min maxing my builds for the "challenge of venus" and what i got is a watered down version of a challenge, plains 2.0 with bigger map... what a waste
  10. I have been searching for this fix day and night for roughly 30 hours now and finally got it to work! If you have been having Bad Image! or Update Failed! errors, this will likely get you back into the game. If this dosent fix the Launcher for you I apologize, but this is kind of a last resort kind of deal. Type "uninstall" into your search bar, "Add and Remove Programs" should pop up. Click it. Type "Visual" into the search bar and several Microsoft Visual C++ 20XX Redistributables should pop up. If they dont you probably have to install them, the lack of proper C++ Redistributables is causing the error for most people. This is often caused by a faulty system update (Thanks Microsoft!) or fooling around with sys32 files by accident. Starting at 2010 forward (2010-2015 usually), click each and select "Modify" (you may need to right click on each depending on operating system). Select "Repair" on each window for each one (only repair one at a time, each one should take 5-30 seconds). Once you have repaired each, run Command Prompt as an administrator and type "sfc /scannow" (no quotes). This will scan your core files and make sure everything looks good. Restart your computer (the repairs will have no effect until you restart) and re-run the Warframe launcher. It should work. If this fails, try repairing the C++ Redistributables previous to 2010, then if that dosent work uninstalling and reinstalling each (2010+) off of the OFFICIAL Microsoft website, never download important sys32 files from outside sources.
  11. DarkDude134

    Glast Gambit Glitch

    okay so i was playing on the glast gambit for my first time and i got up to the spy mission segment and i came across this part where i would pass a certain point in the tile set. once i got up to that point the game would act like i had gone out of bounds and send me far away from my objective and it would keep doing this so i wouldn't be able to complete the mission without restarting it entirely. also minor note, i didnt show it off in this video but there was another glitch i came across where i apparently "found" an ayactan star but when i went to where it was it appeared behind a locked room i couldn't get into. however that might just be a bug with the ayactans themselves and not just the map but i thought i should point that out anyways
  12. Может ли челик из пати обрывать выборочно коннект к себе игроков которые находятся с ним на миссии? Встретил челиков Первый был хостом, второй говорил за него когда я говорил что хост чудит чето не то. В общем мне очень сильно показалось что меня ДДОСили из за того что я был в пати и обрывали мне коннект в пати именно хост т.к. к нему я подключен. Он становился АФК на капсулу на сатурне Хелене и после этого я вылетал. Причем не из игры, а из сессии, с миграцией хоста перед этим. Я переподключался и снова вылетал после какого то времени и того что сошлись на мнении что может сервера чудят. Но обычно когда они чудят вылетаешь из игры, а не из сессии.. Вот и назрел такой вопрос, может ли хост выборочно с помощью стороннего ПО для троллинга обрывать пакеты игрока который находится с ним в пати, чтобы его так "троллить"? Или как то ддосить его чтобы он вылетел? Ибо по мере игры и развитию событий у меня сложилось впечатление что эти 2е были в пати своей и 2ой знал что делает хост, если кто то возникал - начинал "глумится". У меня идет стрим с твича бэком и я его слушаю иногда смотря туда, он не прерывался, роутер тоже дропов не ловил, интернет в это время работал, с игры самой меня не выкидывало. Меня именно выборочно меня выкидывало из сессии хоста, при этом он становился перед этим в афк на капсулу и после меня выкидывало, второй в это время его защищал.
  13. ストームクラン 【Shot.Whisky】 では クランの拡張に伴い活発なクランにするためのクランメンバーと連盟を募集しております! ◆募集人数◆ メインクラン : Shot.Whisky 統括クラン : 10名程度 連盟 : Killing Field Sappukei 野良ニンジャ重点 : 随時受付 ◆募集内容◆ マスタリーランクやプレイスキル等、全く気にしなくて大丈夫です! ◆活動環境◆ これだけ読めば大体分かる【Shot.Whisky】の簡単な説明 武器目的OK!個人部屋作成OK!部屋メイキングOK!TriリストOK! イベントスコアタOK!野良無言重点OK!連盟OK!交流OK! 暇人OK!社畜OK!サブクランOK!初心者玄人OK!ワイワイOK! 英語OK!外部チャットOK!配信OK!独自イベOK!冬眠OK! 多くの方は日本時間における平日休日ともに夕方以降が多いです!また、積極的な多言語交流を推奨しております。 ◆DOJO・研究◆ 設計図については””全て””揃いました。 Ignis Wraith研究権については設立日の関係で入手できていないので代替案としてクラマスらが実質無料で定期的に配布いたします。 部屋は全種完備。装飾に関しては自由に行ってください。装飾を行うために建築の権限も希望あれば階級Leader以上に連絡をしていただければ付与いたします ◆チャット◆ チャット自体は重要だと思うので雑談やゲームの話などから恋のお悩み相談まで大歓迎です。ただし、ログインやログアウトの挨拶は任意ですので極力は相手に返事を期待しないようにしましょう。 またチャットツールの「Discord」を使っているのでオフライン中の連絡やクランチャットで話しにくいこともOKです。VCに関しては使いたい場合利用可能です。クランメンバー専用チャンネルへと権限が付与され次第、Tipsやビルド例など各種情報へアクセス可能です。 Discordに参加する際はrecruitのチャンネルに下記テンプレを参考に参加したい旨を投稿ししていただければ幸いです。 ◆連盟◆ 多数のご縁に恵まれ現在8つのクランによって連盟【Killing Field Sappukei】を結成することになりました。 連盟チャットは野良無言重点として始まりましたが、より活発な組織とするため募集を強化しております。 イベントや平原等の分隊員募集やちょっとした雑談などにご利用いただければ幸いです。 連盟特典としては連盟主のたまの雑談とプロテンノたちによる超高難易度ミッションの攻略サポートが保証されています。 現在連盟参加中のクラン(敬称略) ・Shot.Whisky(main) ・ABV (sub:部屋装飾限定クラン) ・Pure.Rich (sub:冬眠者向けクラン) ・Ten-Zero (sub:野良ニンジャ重点) ・siratama with gaikotsu ・Unarmed Noobs ・Enpire of Rising Sun ・Face of Morozumi ・Yaoyorozu no Kami また、連盟に参加したい方は下記フォーマットにてご連絡ください。 連盟アイコン ◆禁止◆ クラン内含め野良でも人に迷惑をかける行為(例:レリックの持ち寄り詐欺・トレード詐欺・同意のない寄生行為・暴言等) マナー違反等であまりにも目立つ行為は、独断と偏見で除名とさせて頂きます! ◆その他◆ ・3週間(21日)程度INしないメンバーに関しては新規入団希望者がいる場合、クラマスの総合的判断によりサブクランへ移管による入れ替えを行います。この入れ替えにより、サブクランの枠へ招待を出されたとしてもメインへと戻ることも可能ですし、そのサブクランで過ごすことも可能です。メインに復帰することを希望する場合には改めてご応募ください。但し、枠も無限にあるわけではないので状況によっては上記を守れる保証はありませんのでご了承ください。 (何か理由がある際は事前にこちらなどでお伝えして頂けると嬉しいです) ・クラマスへ重要な連絡がある際はDiscordを使うかクランチャットでなく個人チャットを利用して下さい。 長くなってしまいましたが、参加して頂ける方がいましたらこの記事への返信もしくはDiscordへ連絡をお願いします! 折り返しクランへの招待を送らせて頂きます! ------------------------------------------- 【参加テンプレ】 ・エイリアス: ・希望形態(クランメンバー"クラン名" or同盟): ・その他: (*エイリアスが不明の場合空欄で構いません。また活動時間などの記載は気にしないので別に不要です) ------------------------------------------- 直前のイベント ・「Trick , Treat or Trigger Happy?」 ハロウィーンスクショイベント ※最新のイベント情報に関してはDiscordもしくはこのトピックの最新レスを確認願います Our clan is called: Shot.Whiskywe're looking to expand that by notifying as much people that they can join our clan, no matter the level/rank. all complete research. want to join? just go ahead and ask, simple as that 😄
  14. i just gone farm/fishing for more than an hour especially on "warm" 2x but when im going back to fortuna i got an error like a network problem then there was an "abort update" button .. idk what to do because my internet didn't even disconnected when i looked it up on phone.. then it suddenly shows nothing on the screen, as if im outside the vallis normally but still can't cast abilities.. but im stuck in the elevator for like forever? im scared to lose my progress :(
  15. Maxin_YourGrace

    Exclusive weapons of GARUDA

    The effectiveness of any combination of MOD can not be applied to Garuda exclusive weapons. I hope it can be repaired as soon as possible.
  16. I just got back to the game after a while and seen that the UI had some updates. While I like the style, it seems like I can't change between consumables and emotes with my Dualshock 4 and the only thing on the spot of the right click icon is the message <MENU_RIGHT_CLICK>EMOTES. Screenshot: It would be about the same thing if I used my keyboard to switch to the emotes menu.
  17. Javatosx

    Bug Inaros

    I take the recipient and nothing... Please help me :( , relog mision and nothing
  18. ridleysamusprime

    Nidus' Larva Ability is Bugged

    When I tried to use Nidus today, I tried to use Nidus' 2nd ability, Larva, to try to pull enemies in so that I can get stacks with him. However, instead of getting pulled in, they get stuck on the floor while attached to the larva. This makes it significantly harder to get stacks with Nidus. So, I really hope it gets fixed.
  19. after fortuna update it started. i can't join any squads and can't invite any other player to my squad. i checked UPnP and NAT and port forwarding. all works correctly. when i start the game only for the first time i can join a squad but after that this problem happens. please help me. i can't play the game like this.
  20. Hi, this is my first post in this Forum and I hope I posted it in the right place, if not, please let me know where to post it. I posted my idea at reddit as well but I am not sure if I am allowed to link it. So here it comes: Theótis - Knight Warframe ("Theós" Greek for God + "Ippótis" Greek for Knight) Role: Tank / Support Passive: +60% Faster Knockdown Recovery Ability 1: Taunt 25 Energy or more Theótis raises his energetic shield and taunts the enemy. Taunt surrounding enemies so they only target you for ? Seconds. Incoming damage is reduced by ?%. Hold down activation key to increase taunt radius and energy cost. Duration is affected by Ability Duration. Radius is affected by holding down ability key, not Ability Range. Damage reduction is affected by Ability Strength. Ability 2: Shield Charge 50 Energy Theótis equips his phased shield and charges an enemy. He deals damage while stunning him - The longer the path, the bigger the damage/longer the stun. While charging, all other enemies are knocked to the side and stunned for a short duration as well. Deals ? Damage to charged enemy and stuns him for ? seconds. Up to ? damage and ? seconds the longer the distance charged. Enemies knocked away to the side are stunned for ? seconds. Stun duration affected by Ability Duration Range affected by Ability Range Damage affected by Ability Strength Ability 3: Hold Your Ground 75 Energy Theótis slams a phased flag pole into the ground, creating a circle, marking the surrounding area for defense for a limited time. Warframes inside the circle got a higher shield and health regeneration. All damage taken by all Warframes and Pets/Sentinels inside the circle is stored as "energy" inside the melee weapon of everyone and can be released separately to deal damage to surrounding enemies thru the next slam/leap attack. * Max +100% Shield Regeneration - Not affected by any mods Max +?% Health Regeneration - Not affected by any mods Circle range affected by Ability Range Ability 4: War Horse 100 Energy + ? Energy for every continuous second Theótis summons and mounts his phased War Horse, equipping his Divine Sword* to ride thru enemy lines and deal damage. While mounted, Theótis is immune to any crowd control effects, can ride thru enemies and gains special attacks (MB - 1 quick slash, MB2 - Heavy Slash), higher armor and movement speed. The sword is always channeled at no extra energy cost during that time. Every enemy killed with the divine sword explodes in a small radius. The explosion deals damage to enemies while healing Theótis and his allies in that radius. +?% movement speed jumping possible on horse (no bullet jump obviously) gained Armor affected by Ability Strength (unsure if fixed amount or not) Divine Sword damage affected by equipped mods to the sword (look at ***) Explosion Radius affected by Ability Range Explosion Damage and Healing affected by Ability Strength I am unsure about the phrasing here and if the explanation is precise enough. What I mean is that all damage taken is collected and numbers are added together but the energy is stored into every Warframes melee weapon, so that everyone can release the energy slam attack without taking away the energy from an ally. The ally still has the full amount of collected energy for his attack ready to use without any decimation. ** The War Horse can be visually customized and should have this slight phased/see thru/ghostly appearance 😄 *** The Divine Sword counts as separate melee weapon and can be modded separately. For example just as Garuda's claws. I am bad with numbers so I put the question mark (?) instead. It is not easy to balance numbers. I am still not sure about the name of this Frame but overall I'd like to see a classic Tank like Rhino and Frost that not only tanks damage but literally supports his allies thru his attacks. Any ideas or criticism or general feedback? Comment please : )
  21. disclaimer: these are just ideas i have if DE is to add this feature, everyone is welcome to respond with their own ideas. So after tonight's Prime time testing the "drop monsters" a few ideas popped up. the mob show cased moa spawned rather too quickly and was really easy to kill as someone's sentinel killed the first one. my ideas incorporate spawn mechanics of certain mobs, difficulty, and drop quality. As for spawn mechanics i assume most players are familiar on how bursas, manics, and juggernauts spawn. as you need to lure the particular mob out. in the case for these "Drop mobs" they will only spawn once or twice when the player has killed a certain amount of mobs. For difficulty give the "drop mob" a buff like eximus units but also de-buff the players frame like dragon keys but in a less degree maybe -15% speed, damage, shields, and health. this will also change depending on the type of "drop mob" it is. Finally as for drop quality. Common "drop mobs" may give (credits, common resources, ect) Uncommon "drop mobs" may give (higher amount of credits, uncommon resources, rare chance of weapon blueprints and cosmetic items) Rare "drop mobs" may give (rare resources, weapon blueprints, rare mods, cosmetic items, rare chance of weapons, very rare chance of certain warframes) Legendary "drop mobs" may give (certain warframes, rivens, and rare chance prime parts) To identify the mob type they will have an aura around them. Common "drop mobs" yellow aura Uncommon "drop mobs" orange aura Rare "drop mobs" purple aura Legendary "drop mobs" gold aura these are just the ideas i have and will greatly appreciate your ideas and feed back. 👍
  22. FatherPoof

    Massive terrain lines in Vallis

    Everytime i load into fortuna, i get these massive lines that randomly appear on my screen, they seem to heavily reduce my fps while in the vallis, save me DE! (PS: This also causes my game to freeze up after a while, curing the massive screen line issue but causing like 70% of the terrain to turn invisible, showing only folliage)
  23. Immortal Exiles - Rank 10 - Mountain clan open recruitment again. We are cozy, laid back and semi-competitive clan, one of most active mountain clan in pc platform, we are forever mountain because we believe in quality not in quantities, max 300 members is best for interact each other and help each others. Our focus is to grow as a strong warframe community and striving to be one of most active clan. We have all dojo lab items researched. very friendly and helpful members, huge number veteran players from most of all the busiest time zone. Our Dojo and all rooms are awesome, huge and beautiful decorated with nice colors. We are part of the huge and very active alliance Eternal Eclipse. We are an International clan, Members from around the globe, we are open for all players no matter what country or cultures, Always 30 to 60 members online in 24/7 hrs. We have a very organized discord server, with warframe alerts, cetus day/night alerts, price checks, builds, warframe news and update ect; 1) Mastery Rank 6 or above. 2) Discord required, (mic optional) 3) Participant in clan events 4) Be active. 1. 7 days for members are mastery rank from 0 - 6. 2. 10 days for all members with clan less than one month or clan rank below Deadly Ninja. 3. 14 days for those with clan more than 1 months or clan rank Deadly Ninja. 4. 21 days for clan rank Fearless leader and above ranks. 5. You can leave a vacation note in discord if you have a real life need. 6. Maximum additional total day can be allowed is 21 days when submit a vacation note. 30 days for high clan rank members. If you interested to join with us leave a reply below this post with your: 1) In-game name: 2) Mastery Rank: 3) Region: 4) Type of Player: Or send me a friend request with a note in game to -IE-DragonZero- Or you can apply online here: We are not following this recruiting applications anymore since new Clan forum started by DE. Clan forum links:
  24. Il clan Sentients Slayers apre ai reclutamenti! Il clan Sentients Slayers, nato il 31/10/2016, è aperto ai reclutamenti per i giocatori di Warframe su PC. INFORMAZIONI: Siamo un Clan Tempesta molto compatto. Usiamo assiduamente un Server Discord (circa 150 membri totali) al cui interno sarà possibile trovare persone facenti parte anche di altri Clan dell'Alleanza Warframe - Italia di cui il nostro Clan è fondatore. I canali vocali sono piuttosto popolati e frequentati e abbiamo delle sezioni appositamente studiate per diversi tipi di attività con Moderatori ed Admin. Non miriamo a diventare il clan numericamente più grande nel server in quanto preferiamo coltivare rapporti umani in una dimensione di gioco. Non troverete una lista utenza da un numero indefinito di utenti inattivi bensì un gruppo di gioco che ama divertirsi insieme supportando i nuovi giocatori. Se queste sono le qualità che stai ricercando in un clan, sei il benvenuto. Malvolentieri sopportiamo giocatori invisibili che non salutano nemmeno. Se di norma hai questo comportamento il nostro clan non fa al caso tuo. COME ENTRARE IN CLAN: Per entrare in Clan sarà necessario: rispondere a questo post sul Forum facendo richiesta di accesso al Clan; fare richiesta di accesso al Subforum Clan qui; accedere al nostro Server Discord tramite questo link comunicaci in Canale #ingresso che hai trovato il nostro post sul Forum di Warframe e che vuoi entrare in Clan. NB: Se non avrai prima risposto qui, fatto l'accesso a Discord e al nostro Subforum non ti invieremo l'invito in gioco. DOJO E RICERCHE: Dojo completo con sale duelli e percorsi ad ostacoli organizzato razionalmente su più livelli per non perdersi. È poi presente una serie di Teleport che ne migliorano la visita. Si cerca di spronare gli appartenenti al Clan a decorare personalmente il Dojo lasciandovi al suo interno una loro traccia. ATTIVITÀ DEL CLAN: Si organizzano squadre, anche con altri membri dell'Alleanza, per fare le seguenti attività: REGOLAMENTO: EVENTI WARFRAME: PERSONE DI RIFERIMENTO: Capoclan: 1. @Fra. 2. @Lele. 3. @Headphone 4. @Cimbro94 Vice-Capoclan: 1. @Doggo_
  25. latetier

    very important question

    warning spoilers for those who haven't gotten to this quest yet my question is about space mom, aka the lotus. i did the quest where lotus disappears and then you only see the glitchy pixelated lotus when she talks to you after that.. when is normal lotus coming back or is there a feature where i can turn off glitchy pixelated lotus?? her little glitches when she talks annoys me