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  1. In solo, Carpo An Amalgam Osprey dropped a mod... but it was hexenon (or nothing) An Amalgam Machinist dropped a mod and i got nothing After Hotfix 25.8.2 (Fixed Hexenon and Orokin Cell drops from Amalgams appearing as Mods.)
  2. Does anybody know when Armistice is supposed to be over? Are we waiting for a specific update? If so is there a date set?
  3. I've had this glitch happen a couple times recently. My screenshots are from today, the mission was Teshub, Void. I've noticed this graphical glitch, when I rerun a mission a few times.
  4. Just played through Dione. Exploding barrels do not allow properly explode heavy fans after latest update, so no entry through the back workings of the map in spy missions. Deal killer! Will see if I can get a screen capture so show the fan frame remaining after explosion. Hacked images post here:
  5. This thread will be used to house your feedback on Phase 1 of the Melee Revisit! No one knows the power of their Arsenal better than the Tenno - your adaptability and skill with the blade will be tested, and as we continue these changes, we rely on your feedback! Here’s what has changed: Let The Gun & Blade Flow Swap between your gun and melee at the press of a button, no holstering required! Combos can be executed and resumed between movement and more. Blocking is now automatic in melee mode when aiming at an attacking enemy. Your stance combos may have changed, check out the Stance interface! Death From Above A Tenno is a master of aerial tactics - now you can better target enemies on the ground with deadly and responsive aimed ground slams. Effects Upgrades We've done a complete overall of all Melee Effects! Hit animations, elemental effects and slam attacks: making melee look as good as it feels! More to Come Fundamentally, we aim to upgrade Melee. This is Phase 1. Expand the spoilers below for more details on the changes: FEEDBACK GUIDELINES Before posting feedback on Phase 1 of the Melee Revisit be sure to spend enough time with her in different missions! Once you feel you have handle on what she’s all about, and would like to share your thoughts, here is a fast guide from a Dev side to write good, useful feedback. A well constructed and thought out post is the way to go! 1. Keep it simple Write simple, directed points about the topic you feel strongly about. Remember to be constructive and to the point. 2. Back it up Support your points with concrete points. X has better stats than Y. This ability is less useful when considering X. Provide in-game situational evidence or a solid foundation for your argument to rest upon. 3. Be polite The best feedback occurs when two people discuss opposing viewpoints to find a constructive middle ground. Discussion is a natural part of feedback! Ensuring that it is polite and without personal attacks is key. We’re far less inclined to listen to feedback filled with personal attacks and rude speech. We are all trying our best! The Forums can be an amazing tool when used correctly. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on Phase 1 of the Melee Revisit! EDIT AS OF 8/26/19: Greetings Tenno! In brief, we owe you an update on Melee changes. Last Devstream had one remark about something maybe making it into Gauss’s Mainline, but this is no longer the case. You can see the clip here: as stated by Steve on Devstream #130. We wanted to give you some insight into our process and why this decision was made. The melee “beast” is a large one to tackle, and while we could add in some minor changes, the knock-on effects to other aspects of melee (such as Stances, blocking, Mods, Augments) may cause more issues than improvements. Frankly, we need to look at the system more holistically and make decisions based on thorough testing, and re-works of the varying components involved. Those reworks are not going to make it into the system before our up and coming mainline update, and while we would have loved for these changes to make it sooner rather than later, we simply need more time to implement these changes to the expansive collection of melee systems in place. What we can say with certainty is that your concerns have been heard, and they are at the forefront of our minds when we consider alterations. The changes to quick-melee, how channeling and blocking are affected all the way to how Valkyr’s power set has felt the knock-on effects of blocking changes. As we are sure you can understand, this transition will be much more complicated than the transition from Melee 1.0 to 2.0, and we want it to be the best that it can be. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we hope you enjoy all that the Mainline Update has to offer when it reaches you at supersonic speeds!
  6. This still isn't fixed. Last night I my Fulmin and Vasto was snatched and couldn't retrieve them anymore, even dying/reviving won't get them back I don't know if this video and screenshot would make sense The video I recorded: The screenshot my friend took: he can see my weapons in the corridor but on my screen there's nothing
  7. Hello Tenno!! I had this idea for a project for the longest time and just now gathered the resources to form an actual product. I need help from as many of you as possible and everyone that contributes and gets in will be credited! Essentially, I was watching the latest cinematic trailer from Tennocon, and while I found it gorgeous and absolutely incredible- one of my favorite all-time trailers, in fact- it (understandably) didn't contain any gameplay or show off what the game truly had to offer. That's why I want to work on something to the best of my abilities... I aim to create a community-made trailer for Warframe!! I won't say too much about it, as I want to surprise as many people as possible, assuming it gets any recognition at all. But to get straight to the point, it's impossible for me to create a COMMUNITY-made trailer on my own. I want to show off my favorite two frames (Octavia and Trinity Prime), but despite my relatively large collection, I can't (and shouldn't) represent every single frame or use purely my own clips for this project. As such, I'd like to request clips from you, the Tenno! I want to not only represent every single frame in this trailer, but also the awesomeness in the community itself. Guidelines go as follows: 1. The clip can be almost anything you want it to be! A cool cinematic clip you made, trickshots, something that shows off a frame's ability, or even just some random cool clip of you bullet jumping through a hallway (although I can't promise to accept 300 bullet jumping clips lol), 2. Leave the duration of the clips at about a 10-15 second maximum. It's going to take a long time to download these to begin with, it's going to be a lot more painful if I have to trim almost every single one. 3. I want to show off every single frame, so if you have multiple favorite clips as different frames, feel free to drop them here. Just don't send so many that it's overwhelming! 4. Your clip can either be in the form of a YouTube video or in a trustworthy file sharing site for convenient downloading, like Google Drive. 5. It's preferred for music to be off as I'd like to use the game's sound effects and voice lines for a less blank effect. If there is music or off-putting sounds in your clip, such as voice chat or audio from a mic, the clip is likely to be muted if I put it in. 8. Please include how you'd like me to credit you! It's likely that I'll just end up using your username, but if you'd prefer a specific name or would rather shoutout any social media, let me know to put that instead! 9. Try to avoid spoilers, I may accept operator footage but I want to welcome new players to make their own discoveries. 10. The deadline is either going to be at the end of October or sometime mid-September, it depends on the amount of clips I can gather. I hope this topic picks up! I encourage anybody interested to share this thread around. I'm super hyped to put this together, even if this thread becomes a ghost town and I have to make the whole thing on my own XD. Show us what you can do, Tenno!!!
  8. This thread will be used to house your feedback on the 6 new Disruption mode locations from Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0. Each feature new Debuffs appropriate for their setting, varying difficult, and new rewards throughout! They can be found at the following locations: Grineer Settlement - Mars, Olympus Corpus Outpost - Neptune, Laomedeia Grineer Galleon - Sedna, Kelpie (Grineer) Grineer Galleon - Uranus, Ur (Infested) Grineer Kuva Fortress - Kuva Fortress, Tamu Lua - Lua, Apollo (Corpus) Before posting feedback on the expansion be sure to spend enough time in each of the new Disruption missions! Once you feel you have, and would like to share your thoughts, expand the spoilers below for a fast guide from a Dev side to write good, useful feedback. A well constructed and thought out post is the way to go! Need to report a bug? Visit the Saint Of Altra Bug Reporting megathread.
  9. I played the mission (The War Within) and when i finished the mission it reset on me so i have 2 play trough the whole mission argain😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  10. https://i.hizliresim.com/grQ3R5.jpg Şöyle bir güncelleme hatası alıyorum internetteki her çözümü denedim hatta koca 24 gb yi baştan yükledim düzelmedi vpn falan forumlarda ne yazıldıysa denedim yardım edebilicek varmı daha önce oynuyordum sadece biraz ara verdim tekrar güncelliyeyimde gireyim dedik 2 gündür düzeltemedim ... :(
  11. I accidentally dropped the hack/key-thingy down a hole (accidentally swapped to primary weapon), cannot get close enough to pick it up, going down that hole respawns me outside. Only solution was to abort mission. It was the Grineer tileset from today's (18.10.19) lotus' rewards (the orokin reactor blueprint) https://imgur.com/KMxbz7o
  12. In my opinion augments should be used as a choice for people, an option to use in certain missions however with most augments this is not the case. There are seven types of augments; · They make the ability better and if taken off the ability is useless. · It`s should be a part of the warframe`s abilities or made into an ability. · They change how the ability works and gives players another option. · While the augment is good, it`s for the wrong warframe. · One is good for only type of mission vs one good for all missions. · They do the same thing for different warframes but nothing that stands out. · It`s bad/useless overall. I’m going to go through each point by giving some examples of these augments Point 1 Ash`s 1st ability augment seeking shuriken This is very useful because of the armour strip (mainly at high-levels) however the ability by itself is only good for low to mid-level enemies which means Ash`s 1st ability need to be improved. Here is what I would do to improve this ability; Point 2: Valkyr`s 4th ability augment hysterical assault I like this augment, this makes Valkyr pounce on enemies which makes sense since she has claws and she`s a raging killer. This to me is something that should be an ability for her, I would get rid of her current ability and replace it with this. This is what I would do to the 1st ability; Point 3: Mag`s 3rd ability augment counter pulse This is an augment I use on mag permanently, this augment jams enemy weapons and disables robotic enemies for a short duration which changes the ability from de-buffing enemies to that plus cc however there are times when and when not to use it. Using this in an interception is great because it stops enemies reaching the terminal though using it in a defence is not a good idea since you want enemies (with guns) to move out of cover and this mod will slow the progress of the mission. So, this is an augment when you have to use in the right situation however you still have the choice. Point 4: Inaros` 4th ability augment negation swarm This augment blocks status effects from affecting Inaros, draining a percentage of bonus armor for every status effect blocked. On paper, this is a very good augment unfortunately, Inaros doesn’t need it due to the fact it`s he has a lot of health and has more than one way to regenerate health. That being said in my opinion, this augment should have been made for Nova. Imagine if this was an augment for Nova`s 1st ability which consumes particles and the particles don`t seek out enemies, this will improve her 1st ability drastically by giving her survivability since she doesn’t have any unlike Inaros. Point 5: Ash`s 1st ability augment seeking shuriken VS Trinity`s 2nd ability augment vampire leech Even through Ash`s augment is useful in high-level missions if you`re playing low level missions, this augment is useless since there is no point in striping armour from weak enemies plus, it only works for enemies with armour. On the other hand, Trinity`s augment gives allies and herself over-shields which is useful no matter what level mission you are playing. Point 6: Ash`s seeking shuriken and Banshee`s sonic fracture Sonic fracture strips 70% armour for 8 seconds… and so does Ash`s augment. Even through both augments are good, there is no difference between the two augments which gives player no reason to pick on over the other. If I were to make a distanced difference between the two I would; Ash augment – Ash`s shurikens now strip enemies defences by 70% for 8 seconds. Banshee`s augment – Sonic Boom strips enemy armour and decreases enemy damage by 70% for 8 seconds. As you can see there is a difference between the two. Point 7: Valkyr`a 1st ability augment swing line This augment makes it to when the next cast while airborne will cost no energy, this is the most useless and pointless augment in the game since receiving parkour 2.0. If I had to make a prediction, I think Valkyr will receive a rework since DE know this augment is bad but they haven`t even made changes to it when they had the chance. On solution I can think of is whatever the warframe is lacking in, the augment should add to it. (Loki lacks damage so augment gives him that) If I had to come up with some augment for warframes here is what I would come up with; Improved: Banshee`s 3rd ability augment – Enemies affected are open to finishers. Each enemy killed by finishers gives banshee and team 100 armour (60% max) for 20 seconds. New: Titania`s 1st ability augment – Each enemy killed by Titania and allies will either regenerate 60 health or regenerate 10 energy for 5 seconds. Improved: Inaros` 4th ability augment – A full charge gives Inaros 200% power strength. Power strength and charges will decrease when taking damage. New: Wisp 1st ability augment – When picked up, Wisp and allies receive 20% damage reduction, (60 max) pods will deal damage to any enemy that steps in its radius. Vitality pod – fire damage, haste pod - toxin damage and shock – electric damage and you can combine them to change damage types. Improved: Loki`s 3rd ability augment – switching with allies grants them with invulnerability for 6 seconds while switch with enemies will give Loki 500% damage for 10 seconds. New: Gauss` 2nd ability augment – Enemies attacking Gauss will reflect 700 damage back at them having a 75% chance to receive viral procs. In order for augment to improve DE need to take these points into consideration.
  13. Hello fellow Tenno, I thought I might as well start this discussion up about my boi, Atlas. From all the time I've spent playing him, I learned one main thing - Before his prime barely anyone played him or gave him a chance. It got me thinking as to why this was the case. If there was a checklist of things that generally made a frame strong, Atlas (For the most part) ticks all boxes. Amazing AoE crowd control with the use of petrify, phenomenal tanking potential with armour stacking and health return using his passive, and arguably one of the highest single/group damage abilities in the game given that he can utilize a stat-stick for his landslide (which has impressive damage scaling)... I would mention his rumblers and tectonics ability, but honestly their kinda a meme. Although its always fun to block off doorways and have them YEETing rocks about - their have no real scaling and tend not to be used as much. I want to know from the community, why you think hes not played as much as other frames. And if anyone else is confused as to why most people consider him MR fodder. Thanks for listening to my Ted talk.
  14. For some reason i wish that we can just making the eidolons capture mission turn into mission we can choose like profit taker, doing it we can making easier way for player to play due to limited of time as right now making the frustration and raging when come to running with some limited time. So all i want is they should make it become a raid mission or changing the way eidolons work now so other can have time to try it at anytime not have to wait 1hour for it.
  15. https://imgur.com/o5mnFPa https://imgur.com/JKNxzLg https://imgur.com/LfLO9W7 as U can see some names get duplicated
  16. Hi all, Garden of Solace is a chill clan that is hoping to grow into a community, we currently have 100+ members and are looking to grow with people that are interested in making this clan become a community, whether that is just participating in activities or just chatting. we dont have any requirements for the clan and we have a good few knowledgeable members to help out those who are still getting started. We also recently joined an alliance that is also growing. Our discord server is currently housing just Warframe but we do plan on expanding to more games in the future, that being said there are channels for Warframe players and players from other games, it is also the easiest way to get in contact with me in case you need to ask some questions or want to be apart of our growing community. (Discord link will be provided once you join the clan or get in contact with me) (We also have a few custom emotes for those who enjoy them). The officers we have in the clan are also very friendly and approachable if you have questions about anything or need general help I know this is something people look for and im glad i can say we do have a dojo that has decorations (we are not pros tho so its all still underway) Our dojo has a few rooms decorated and heres a few of them Hide contents To get into contact or if you wish you know more information, or just want to join us contact RoseeGamer ingame or via discord @ RoseGamer#1128 (Discord will be easier since RoseGamer is always active on it and messages will not be sent if they are not online) If you made it this far through the post and are interested in joining us there are ways of contact above. Thank you and have a nice day :D
  17. As much as Ash is my main frame, I think he needs to be looked at again. The 1st ability is only good with its augment. Augments should be used as an option and not coz the ability on its own is bad, the 2nd ability could benefit by having better cc and even through ppl say that his invisible is too short I have no issue with it, the 3rd ability has potential to be so much better just of the concept of teleportation alone and the 4th ability is terrible when it comes to activation speed, it`s too slow and other ppl can take your kills (even in low levels) and even more things that make it bad. Overall Ash is a contradiction to what DE wants ppl to do in this game.... PLAY AS A TEAM, that's why he needs to be looked at again and If I were to give him a re-visit, this is what I would do; Ash: · All abilities can be cast while on a zipline. 1st Ability: · If enemy is killed in one hit it is considered as a stealth kill. · Holding the ability will make both shurikens target the enemy you`re aiming at dealing double slash damage and adds critical damage based on what mods you have equipped on your melee weapon. · The more health the enemy loses, the slower the enemy moves when bleeding out. · When the enemy stops bleeding, it will go back to its normal movement speed. 2nd Ability: · Increase the cast stun duration to 4 sec. · The smoke left behind will last for 10 seconds. · Enemies that enter the smoke will have a 6 sec stun duration and are 40% more susceptible to damage. · All stun durations cannot be increased by duration mods. · Increase smoke cloud radius by 7m · Smoke cloud`s radius can be increased by range mods. · The stun and the smoke damage buff will also work on bosses. · When Ash is invisible, the apparitions from bs are also invisible. There are now new ways you can use this ability; · You can use it next to a dangerously high-levelled enemy to stun it and kill it with ease. · You can use it to block enemies in doorways. Since the smoke affect duration is 6 seconds and the smoke lasts 10 seconds, enemies will be stuck for a total of 12 seconds. · If you mod for less duration and more range, it will turn it into a better cc ability. 3rd Ability: · Holding the ability will give Ash certain mobility buffs. Teleporting in the air will give him sprint speed, bullet-jump before teleporting will give him increased bullet-jumping distance and sliding before teleporting will give him maneuverer speed. · The buffs start at 5% however, multiple used can increase them up to its maximum of 25%. · All buffs will have a duration of 20 seconds. · These buffs are not affected by strength and duration mods. · Holding the ability while on the ground will make ash kick the enemy across the room causing a small ragdoll (visual animation is the same) · You can teleport through windows if there are allies, npcs, enemies or objects with a health bar on the other side of it. · You are able to teleport to enemies in the air. · After teleporting in the air, preforming melee attacks will keep him in the air. (if DE decides to add aerial combos to melee 3.0) 4th Ability: · When activating the ability, it will start instantly. · Pressing the ability will bring you into the animation while holding the ability will send clones out to kill instead of you. · If you want to jump out of bs, press the ability again and the clones will continue to kill enemies. · Enemies that are red can be killed by players. · There is no limit to how many enemies he can kill within the radius of the enemy he`s aiming at. · An indicator is shown of the number of enemies that are going to be killed by bs. Why this logically makes blade storm better; Interactive blade storm animation Since Ash doesn`t have any synergy (or any good ones) here are some that will improve his performance; Synergies Smoke Screen + Shuriken, Teleport & Blade Storm: · If you use any ability while you`re invisible, enemy bodies will disappear. · The energy cost will also be cut down by half. · Using you 1st, 3rd and 4th abilities on the smoke victim will increase the damage dealt to the enemy. Shuriken + Teleport: · Using the 1st ability on an enemy will show their health bar through walls longer, making you able to teleport to them as long as they are continually receiving bleeding ticks. Since DE is getting rid of the combo multiplier, here is a solution to building up damage. Shuriken + Blade Storm: To increase the damage of bs you must use shuriken. As long as enemies continuously keep receiving bleeding ticks, your damage will increase over time with no limit. · Enemies need to be alive and bleeding from the 1st ability for bs to build up damage. · If no enemies are affected by slash, you will have five seconds before the damage is lost. · If the five seconds is up, the stored-up damage will decay overtime instead of disappearing completely. · There will be an indicator showing the amount of damage you are accumulating and the amount of time you have left. · If you get downed, the timer won`t start until you are revived. Fixes: · Make Ash be able to teleport in and out of the same grates instead of just one direction. · Sometime ash is glitched and stabbing the air and he is unseen when using bs due to camera angle. · Make the “clones” look like him (like wukong`s 1st ability) instead of looking like a hologram. · When blade storm is done, Ash doesn’t appear at the same place he started at but instead is teleported in a different location. Loki is on of those frames ppl say that don`t need to be looked at but imo, he needs a look over. Only 2 out of 4 of his abilities are being used, the 1st ability is just a couple of seconds of a distraction until its destroyed plus Wisp and Saryn does it better and the 3rd ability gets it into more danger if you switch with enemies. Here is what I would do to improve his abilities; Loki: 1st ability: · After cast, it`s immune to damage for five seconds while absorbing damage however, the five seconds of immunity doesn’t start until it gets attacked. Depending on the damage stored it will be converted into health for more survivability. · Holding the ability will make the decoy mobile within a 10m radius which can be increased by range mods. · When shooting, enemies will be affected by an impact proc making them stagger. · There is a 50% chance of it to proc blast damage knocking enemies down, if this happens, enemies within a 30m radius will prioritise the decoy as a dangerous threat increasing threat levels for seven seconds. (threat levels higher than interception and defence targets) · It will use whatever primary or secondary weapon Loki is currently using. 2nd ability: · When you shoot your weapon at a certain point, enemies will seek out the location of the surface where the bullet hit. · (Synergy) An enemy you kill while invisible will give the 1st ability 40% critical chance to and 3.0 critical damage for 15 seconds. 3rd ability: · After switching with the enemy, loki will be invulnerable for three second while the enemy will receive a radiation proc. · Loki is always be facing the enemy he`s switches with. · If he teleports into a group of enemies, they will receive a knock down in a 10m radius however, this only works if you`re not invisible. · If you have a melee weapon equipped while doing so, enemies will take slide attack damage from melee weapon. · If an enemy is killed by it, Loki will receive 70% critical chance and status chance increase on weapons for 15 seconds. · (Synergy) If you decide to switch places with the decoy, you and the decoy will knock down enemies within a 15m radius. 4th ability: · Holding the ability will make enemies weapons explode dealing 1000 blast damage and knocking them down. This can be increased by strength mods. · This will deactivate infested eximus for 20 seconds. · (Synergy) If you use this after receiving critical and status chance from teleporting to an ally, the critical chance status chance will carry over to enemies affected by blast increasing its damage. I think if these change were implemented they will drastically improve their usefulness and most importantly... make them fun to play. So I ask, if these changes were implemented would you play these frames? or would it make you want to play them?
  18. so i was playing index and the 1 match i got 20 point and didnt realise then 2 match when i picked 1 point there was a spam sound of points and i got like 20.My 3rd game i sent a friend mu chroma build and forgot to change so i pressed my 3rd ability and then when it ended i got that buff. https://imgur.com/fUzD04e
  19. Atlas Prime: Hotfix 25.8.2 Cambiamenti Nightwave: I seguenti Atti per le future Nightwaves sono stati modificati in base al feedback dei giocatori: L'Atto ‘Polarized’ è cambiato da 3 Forma a 1 Forma. L'Atto ‘Grove Guardian’ è cambiato da uccidi 3 Silver Grove Specters a 1. Cambiamenti Reward Relic Disruption: Sulla base dei feedback dei giocatori, abbiamo spostato i tipi di reliquia per rotazione per alcuni nodi delle missioni Distruption per bilanciare meglio la ricompensa rispetto al periodo di tempo che dedichi alla missione: Sedna/Kelpie Rotazione A, le ricompense ora danno reliquie Meso, sostituendo le reliquie Lith; Rotazione B, le ricompense ora danno reliquie Neo, sostituendo le reliquie Meso; Rotazione C, le ricompense ora danno reliquie Axi, sostituendo le reliquie Neo Relics. Uranus/Ur Rotazione A, le ricompense ora danno reliquie Meso, sostituendo le reliquie Lith; Rotazione B, le ricompense ora danno reliquie Neo, sostituendo le reliquie Meso; Rotazione C, le ricompense ora danno reliquie Axi, sostituendo le reliquie Neo. Lua/Apollo Rotazione A, le ricompense ora danno reliquie Meso, sostituendo le reliquie Lith; Rotazione B, le ricompense ora danno reliquie Neo, sostituendo le reliquie Meso; Rotazione C, le ricompense ora danno reliquie Axi, sostituendo le reliquie Neo. Jupiter/Ganymede Rotazione A, le ricompense ora danno reliquie Meso, sostituendo le reliquie Lith; Rotazione B, le ricompense ora danno reliquie Neo, sostituendo le reliquie Meso; Rotazione C, le ricompense ora danno solamente reliquie Axi, reliquie Meso sono state rimosse. Mars/Olympus Rimosse le reliquie Lith duplicate dalla Rotazione A; Rotazione B, le ricompense ora danno reliquie Lith, sostituendo le reliquie Meso; Rotazione C, le ricompense ora danno reliquie Meso, sostituendo le reliquie Neo. Ottimizzazioni: Piccoli miglioramenti delle prestazioni durante l'uccisione degli Infested Crawlers. Risolto un errore di script / perdita di funzionalità se non si riusciva a completare uno scambio nel Maroo's Bazaar. Risolto il possibile blocco dell'interfaccia utente quando si tentava di contribuire alla ricerca incompleta sulla ferrovia solare (attualmente disabilitata). Cambiamenti: Sostituita una reliquia Axi P2 duplicata in numerose drop table nelle missioni intercettazione con la reliquia Axi A6. Scambiate reliquie duplicate nella rotazione A di alcune missioni intercettazione e sostituite con reliquie corrette (Neo Z3 e Neo C1). Fixes: Risolto il problema per cui i giocatori venivano lasciati fluttuanti se si trovavano su un Escavatore o un Capture Case quando veniva distrutto. Risolto il problema con gli Hexenon e le Orokin Cell droppati dagli Amalgams che apparivano come Mod. Risolti i problemi con gli emissivi rossi su Venus Terra Moas. Risolti alcuni schermi dell'interfaccia utente che non mostravano icone / trame corrette dopo un avanzamento di livello. Risolto un punto di spawn nel tileset Assalto nave Corpus. Risolto un buco di livello nel tileset Corpus Outpost. Risolti i problemi di spawn delle piante nel tileset Grineer Shipyards. Come riportato qui: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/dfk69f/de_fix_when/
  20. One second I was flying with Archwing, then as soon as I clicked the Kdrive... freefall. Spent 4 minutes switching vehicles and /unstuck before I made it to spawn. Not the first time this happened.
  21. Atlas Prime: Güncelleme 25.8.1 Grendel, Ember/ Vauban değişikleri ve daha fazlası gelmeden önceki son (muhtemelen) Hotfix sizlerle! Eğer acil durum Hotfixlerine ihtiyaç olursa tekrar yayınlayacağız! Eklentiler: • Gauss'un Yetenekleri ile ilgili 2 yeni ipucu eklendi. Optimizasyonlar: • Kod çalışma sürelerine genel optimizasyon yapıldı: • Fazladan 356KB kod, yeni bir arayüz kodu yazılarak silindi. • Datalar, 136 KB bellek tasarrufu ve önbellek konumunu iyileştirmek için sıkıştırıldı. • Ek yükü temelinden azaltabilecek bir RTTI sistemi özelleştirildi. Bir i5-5960X için, bu komut dosyası yürütme 100 μs azaltıldı. • Bu rakamlar düşük olsa da, bir çok işlemcinin yalnızca 32K komut önbelleğine sahip olduğunu belirtmekte fayda var; daha yavaş hafızaya sahip sistemlerde performans değişikliğinin daha büyük olması bekleniyor. • Dojo ve Orbiter'a yükleme yapmak için bazı küçük optimizasyonlar yapıldı. • Khoranın Strangledome yeteneği kullanırken oluşan FX problemi düzeltildi. Touchpad / Fare Tekerleği Değişiklikleri: • Touch-pad "kaydırma'' hareketleri için destek arttırıldı (DirectInput'u her laptop sürücüsü desteklemiyor). • Fare tekerleği girişi için destek eklendi, böylece pencereleri hızlıca yukarı veya aşağı kaydırabilirsiniz. • Kenarlıksız tam ekrandaki Warframe'in fare tekerleğinde kaydırma yaparken oluşturduğu sorunlar düzeltildi. Hyena Değişikliği (Sadece Razorback görevi için): Bir Orokin Hücresi toplama oyun açığı hem oyuncular tarafından, hemde oyun içi takip sistemimiz tarafından bu metodun kötüye kullanılması dikkatimize sunuldu. Kısaca: oyuncular Hyenaların sonsuz bir şekilde canlanmasını Orokin Hücresi düşme şansının %100 olduğunu bildiklerinden odalara gir çık yaparak zorluyorlardı. Bu yanlış kullanımın sonucu olarak, artık Razorback görevindeki Hyenalardan Orokin Hücresi düşme şansı her canlanan Hyena ile azalacak. Bu oyun açığını kullanan oyunculara verilen ticaret banı bu Hotfixten sonra kaldırılacaktır. Gauss Değişiklikleri: • Mach Rush Sırasında Görünürlük arttrıldı ve daha uzun süren yürüyüşlerdeki kamera sallanmaları iyileştirildi. Değişiklikler: • Atlas Prime'ın Rumblerları Prime görünüşlerini başka bir Atlas Skini kullanımda olsa bile koruyacaklar. • Tek İstisna Atlas Karst Skini olacak çünkü onların kendi Rumblerları var. TennoGen Değişiklikleri & Düzeltmeleri: • Vücuduyla daha iyi uyuşması için Wisp Damas Miğferi güncellendi. • Ivara Kuvael Skininin etek dokuları düzenlendi. • Wisp Damas Miğferi ile kumaşların birbirinin içine geçmesi düzeltildi. Düzeltmeler: • Tusk Thumper Doma ( ve potansiyel olarak diğerlerinin) bazen uzağa zıplaması ve yok olması düzeltildi. • Arcane Pistoleer %100 verimlilikte birden fazla mermi atan silahlara sınırsız cephane vermemesi düzeltildi. • Nightwave Temsilci Suikast 'Lantern' aydınlatması FX'inin kapılardan geçerken büyük bir oranda değişmesi düzeltildi. • Nightwave Temsilci Suikast 'lantern' aydınlatması FX'inin yerde ve tutarken farklı olması düzeltildi. • Bir tip Ayatan Heykelinin sonuncusunu Klan Kasasına bağışlarken oluşan bir sorun düzeltildi. • Halatların oyuncuyu bir geometri ile çarpıştığında aşağı atması düzeltildi. Ayrıca Zipline üzerinde başka oyuncularla/düşmanlarla içinden geçmeniz gerekirken çarpışmanız düzeltildi. • Belirli durumlarda düşmanları öldürmenin başarımları iki kat hızlı tamamlaması düzeltildi. • Gas City İndirme Gemilerinin onları görme şansınız olmadan ortadan kaybolması düzeltildi. • Vallis'te Condor İndirme Gemilerinin havada asılı kalması ve birliklerini indirmemesi ile ilgili düzeltmeler. • Khoranın Strangledome yeteneği FX'inin yanlış bir şekilde ortaya çıkması düzeltildi. • Kodeks'te Cellat Harkonar ile ilgili eksik tanımlama düzeltildi. • Pax Şarj sesinin düzgün bir şekilde oynanmaması düzeltildi. • Diğer harita setlerine taşan bir dizi dekorasyon ile ilgili sorun düzeltildi. Burada bildirildiği gibi: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/dc0zjh/i_was_in_the_middle_of_a_syndicate_spy_mission_in/ • Infested Corpus haritalarındaki ulaşılamayan ganimetler sorunu düzeltildi. Burada bildirildiği gibi: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/ddgo8x/worst_pain_known_to_tenno/ • Jordas Precept dövüşündeki bir yazım hatası düzeltildi. • Shepherd Aura Modundaki 'Zırh' yazım hatası düzeltildi. • Eidolon Ovalarındaki bir asansörün altında yersiz bir 'asansörü başlat' yazısının ortaya çıkması düzeltildi. Atlas Prime: Güncelleme Optimizasyonlar: • Kötü-zamanlanmış Arayüz olaylarında Arayüzün kilitlenmesine sebep olabilecek bazı aşırı ayrıntılı hata-bildirimleri devre dışı bırakıldı. Değişiklikler: • Jotumheim Syandana materyalleri, doku sorunlarının gidermesi için geliştirildi.
  22. Atlas Prime: Güncelleme 25.8.0 Dağın herkül kuvvetini Atlas Prime ile bütünleştir. Bu titanik savaşçı Tekko Prive, Dethcube Prime Sentinel'i ve daha fazlası ile birlikte geliyor! En yeni Prime donanımlarını Atlas Prime Access ve Prime Aksesuarları ile buradan sahip olun: https://www.warframe.com/prime-access • Atlas Prime, Tekko Prime, ve Dethcube Prime için yeni Axi Relikleri ayrıca Galleon Kargaşa, Lua Kargaşa, ve Jupiter Kargaşa'nın C Rotasyonunda düşecektir. • 3-Günlük Mod Düşürme Şans Arttırıcı bu yerlere eklenmiştir: • Baro Ki'Terer, Atlas Prime Access sırasında birkaç ziyaret gerçekleştirme teklifinde bulundu • Taarruz sırasında verilen Kredi Arttırıcı ödülü yerine. Mirage Prime, Kogake Prime ve Akbolto Prime Prime Vault'a girmiştir! Bu Vaulting ile aşağıdaki Sendika Fedakarlıklarına değişiklik geliyor: • Arbiters of Hexis Sendika Fedakarlığı Mirage Prime Sistemlerinden Equinox Prime Nöroptikleri ile değiştirilmiştir. Bu yeni Prime Access'in eklenmesi ile Riven Durumu değişikliklerinin yeni bir dalgası gelmiştir! Bütün değişiklikleri öğrenmek için lütfen Dev Atölye'mizin gönderilerini okuyunuz: Genel İlaveler: • Yeni bir 'Hızlı Vızıldama' sesi Pathocyst'e eklendi. • Oyuncu Profilindeki istatistikler ekranına "ÇOK-KULLANILAN EKİPMAN" adında bir alt kategori eklendi. Warframe Eşya Toplama Yetenek Değişiklikleri: Warframe Eşya Toplama Yetenekleri zaten ürün toplanmış cesetlerden yeniden ürün çıkartabilecek. Bir düşman, grup başına en fazla bir Yetenekle yağmalanabilir - daha önce de bu şekilde idi, sadece açıklığa kavuşturmak istedik. Warframe Eşya Toplama Yetenekleri daha anlaşılır olsun diye farklı amaç gruplarına ayrıldı: 1. Hayatta iken eşya toplama: Ivara 2. Taşlaşmış durumda iken eşya toplama: Atlas 3. Öldüğünde eşya toplama: Wukong, Khora, Hydroid. Bir düşman sadece bir kez ölebilir. Birden fazla kere ölemezler. 4. Cesetlerden eşya toplama: Nekros, Chesa Bu değişiklerin kaynağı The Jovian Concord'daki Yağmacı Frame değişiklikleri hakkında bilgi sağlamak amacı ile dün gerçekleşen daha büyük bir konuşmadır. Tüm bilgiler burada bulunabilir: TennoGen Değişiklikleri ve Düzeltmeleri: • Kuvael Ivara Skin ve Kuvael Jester Mirage Skin renklendirmeleri iyileştirildi. • Ivara Kuvael Skin'in birkaç alanında hacim tanımı iyileştirmeleri yapıldı. • Wisp Damas Skin kapşonunun en üstündeki dikiş çizgisini kaldırma üzerine düzeltmeler yapıldı. • Wisp Graxx Miğferindeki kumaşın daha ağır olması için düzeltildi. • Ash Ryuga Migferindeki at kuyruğu kumaşı düzeltildi. • Saryn Ion Skin dokuları güncellendi. • Jotunheim Syandana'sının seçili olan enerji rengini uygulamaması düzeltildi. Değişiklikler: •Atlas'ın Rumbler'ı artık çağırıldığında/yok edildiğinde bir kaya patlaması oluşturacak. • Neptune, Laomedeia da bulunan Kargaşa Kredi ödülleri geribildirimler göz önünde bulundurularak arttırıldı: • Rotasyon A artık 2x 10,000 Kredi Zulası için %100 şansa sahip. • Rotasyon B artık 3x 10,000 Kredi Zulası için %100 şansa sahip. • Rotasyon C artık 5x 10,000 Kredi Zulası için %95 şansa sahip. • Evrensel Madalyon hala %5 şansa sahip bir ödül olarak kalacak • Hatırlarsanız bu bölümü açtığımızda "Normalden Daha fazla Kredi Ödülleri bekleyin" demiştik. Index'e mükemmel rakip olmayabilir ancak Başka bir manzara ile biraz kredi kazanmak isteyenler için güzel bir değişiklik". Hala index bölgesi içinde değiliz, ama en azından daha ödüllendirici olmalı. Ne düşündüğünüzü bize iletin! • Veiled Sentinel silah Riven Modları artık belirli bir silah tipine kuşanılmak yerine herhangi bir Sentinel silah tipine kuşanılabiliyor. (örneğin. shotgun). Tüm Veiler Sentinel Riven Modları artık "Yoldaş Silahı Riven Modu". • Aim Glide/Asılı Kalma Süresi isimlendirmeleri Aim Glide/Duvar Duruşu Süresi olarak güncellendi. • Eğer bir Onkko iletişimi oynamakta ise Teralys Vokalleri biraz daha indirilecek. Optimizasyonlar: Gara'nın Mass Vitrify yeteneğini kullanırken oluşan kodlama hatası düzeltidi. Gauss Değişiklikleri & Düzeltmeleri: Pasif: • Kalkan yenilenme hızı %80'den %120 maksimum'a arttırıldı. • Hareket ederken Batarya şarj etme oranı %25 arttırıldı. %0'dan %100 tam (modlanmamış) hıza ulaşmak artık 20s sürecek önceden 25s idi. • Batarya artık Sanctuary Onslaught Bölge teleportu sırasında boşalmayacak. • Gauss Specter'ları %80 batarya ile başlayacaklar. • Batarya kazancının dikey sürati hesaba katmaması düzeltildi. Mach Rush: • Artık koşu sırasında vurulan her düşman başına %1 Batarya şarjı sağlıyor. • Sürekli koşu sırasındaki Batarya şarj hızı %33 arttırıldı. • Artık Koşuyu iptal etmeden koşu sırasında yerden (Havada zıplayamaz) zıplayabilir. • Thermal Sunder ile küçük bir sinerji eklendi; bir baloncuğun içinden koşmak onun hasarını size çarpma ve darbe patlaması olarak ekler. • Yetenek ekranının "enerji başına uzaklık" göstermesi düzeltildi, ve tepe göstergelerinin altında istemsizce hem Verimlilik hem de Süre modlarının uygulanması ve bunun sonucu olarak Süre Modlarına sahip olduğunuzda Enerji emiliminin Kullanıcı Paneli ile uyuşmaması durumu düzeltildi. Metre başına Enerji istatistiği saniye başına Enerjiye çevirildi: modlanmamış Enerji emilimi aynı kalacak, ve önceden hız Modları Enerji emilimini arttırırken (daha geniş bir kapsama alanı ile) artık arttırmayacak. Bu nedenle, Enerji tüketimi, daha önce hiç olmadığı kadar iyi veya aynı olacak, daha da kötüleşmeyecek. Kinetic Plating: • Hasar dolayısıyla oluşan Batarya emilimi %33 azaltıldı. • Aktif iken Yakın Dövüş silahları az bir Batarya şarjı vericek. Thermal Sunder: • Kabarcık süresi 4/6/8/10'dan 6/9/12/15'e arttırıldı. • Minimum alan %33'den, maksimum %50'ye yükseltildi. • Buz hasarına karşı Ateş hasarı 2 ayrı değere ayrıldı. Ateş modunun hasarı 2x arttırıldı. • Patlama hasarı istatistikleri kaldırıldı, Patlama artık uyguladığınız modun hasarını (Buz ya da Ateş) + Statüyü iptal etmek için gerekli ek hasarı kullanacak. • Patlama Zırhını ayırma %0-50'den %0-100'e arttırıldı. • Patlama Zırhının kaldırılması, Patlama zararı ele alınmadan önce uygulanarak daha etkili olmasına neden olacaktır. Redline: • Redline % kazanma şansı %33 arttırıldı. • Uçan mermilerin düşmanı arama şansı %33'dan %50'ye yükseltildi. • Pasif Batarya emilimi %33 azaltıldı. Genel: • Gauss'un Redline'ının dolması ve limiti geçmesine yeni ses efektleri eklendi! • Gauss'un Mach Rush sırasında bir kılıç ile aim glide yaparsanız Zephyr'e dönüşmeniz düzeltildi. • Gauss'un Mach Rush'ı ile su üstünde zıplandığında yükseklik kazanamamasından dolayı ıslanması düzeltildi. • Kinetic Zırh aktif iken Kesme Statü Efektinin Gauss'a tam hasar vermesi düzeltildi. Statü hasarı Statünün oluşması anında o andaki hasar azaltma ile belirlenecektir. Düzeltmeler: • Başka bir yerde Tidal Impunity kullandığın zaman dostlarının Tidal Impunity buffını kaybetmesi düzeltildi. • Shawzin tuşlarına Fare kaydırma tuşu atandığında Menüde kaydırma işlevini kaybetmesi düzeltildi. • Kullanıcılar tarafından zırhı 0'a azaltılan zırhlı düşmanların sağlık çubuğunun sarıda kalması düzeltildi. • Corrupted Vor'a fazla hasar verildiğinde ölümsüz olması ve bir animasyonda sıkışması düzeltildi. • Bir Archwing görevinde silahları değiştirirken Arch-Gun animasyonunun oynaması düzeltildi. • Orbiter misafirlerinde Note Beacon metni görünmemesi düzeltildi. • Grineer haritalarında Corpus konsolunun kullanılması düzeltildi. Burada bildirildiği gibi: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/daxl4c/i_just_realized_something_this_corpus_console_has/ • Corpus Mevzi Savunma haritasındaki bir delik düzeltildi. Burada bildirildiği gibi: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/dbdzqw/found_this_hole_on_corpus_defence_map/ • Grineer Sealab haritasında Yapay Zeka'nın camlardan dışarı yürümeye çalışması düzeltildi. Burada bildirildiği gibi: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/dbih0j/im_trapped_in_a_glass_case_of_emotion/ • Corpus Buzlu Gezegeni haritasında bir Yok Etme görevi tamamladıktan sonra Kullanıcıların aranoktaları görememesi düzeltildi. • Grineer Sealab haritasında kötü aydınlatılmış koridor düzeltildi. • Infested Corpus Gemisi haritasında kapının duvarların içinden geçmesi düzeltildi. • Grineer Ormanı haritasındaki çarpışma eksikliği olan ağaç düzeltildi. • Archwing'deki Kullanıcıların "Yaklaşan Bir Roket Var" mesajını görmemesi düzeltildi. Atlas Prime: Güncelleme Değişiklikler: • Atlas Prime'ın Tectonic Rock Wall'ının artık Primelı bir görünüşü var! TennoGen Düzeltmeleri: • Gara Zamairu Miğferinin sarkıklarının seçilen Enerji rengini kullanmaması düzeltildi. Düzeltmeler: • Bağlantılar nedeniyle, Atlas'ın Titanic Rumbler Augment Modu etkinleştirilmişse, Warframe Yetenekleri/Transference kullanılamaması sorunu düzeltildi.
  23. whenever I attempt to craft the boltace, I cannot. I have all the components and the necessary credits, but the game doesn't allow me to craft it.
  24. DXCeed

    Cetus Wisp Farm

    Hey I Have problem When Searching Cetus Wisp, Does anyone know what is perfect time to farm Cetus Wisp? cause i just got like 1-2 only, i know the rute, but i cant get much cetus wisp, i need like 20 Cetus Wisp Need Help !
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