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Found 2,754 results

  1. (PS4)Stark2004181

    Revised Railjack Ideas

    Structure: Okay, I want to keep both my Railjack and Orbiter, and they both could be useful for different things. The main purpose of the orbiter would be to travel from point A to point B real quick (just like normal). We should be able to choose between railjack or the orbiter at any moment including when extracting from a mission and we should be able to roam around space at our free will, there should be random encounters with other spaceships and there should be different mission type between each ship you encounter Mission types: let's say you encountered a ship, ordis tells you that there are captured Ostrons or fortuna people in that ship, then you proceed to choose weather you want to save them or not. Also another mission type would be where you would need to do a basic spy mission but then you can also hijack the ship and crash into another enemy ship as a bonus objective to spice things up. Also a bomb defense mission would be nice too where you are defending a bomb that is planted in the enemy’s ship and you need to take out enemy emp for the timer to go on. Effect on the Open Worlds: You should be able to call in air support In Orb Vallis, Cetus, and ship missions ( For ex: plasma death beams, missiles, turrents, tesla coils, emp, bullet barrage etc). Effect on node gameplay: They should also decrease the filler node that each planet has since its more dynamic Furthermore the railjack mission should have impact on node gameplay so lets say that the corpus are building mechs or hyenas in a ship or greenier are training a lot of bombards in a particular ship, if you destroy it you will see less mechs, or less bombard but higher level ones when you do because you are a high priority target. When the higher level enemies spawn they will have a higher chance of dropping rare mods tied to them.They could also move all the warframe parts to different nodes If you have already killed the boss for each planet since killing bosses multiple times breaks immersion for example if you have already killed Tyl Regor and gotten a equinox part he is dead forever and then to get all the parts for her you have to shut down cloning factories.
  2. danistophan

    Should this be punishable?

    So I was running a standard Hydron exp farming when I noticed that our squad of 3 people were having slight problems clearing all the enemies. That why I checked up upon my mates and found a Hydroid who had puddled up on the floor and wasnt doing anything all mission, every one in a while he ran around gathering energy to go back into the puddle. Whe did the mission without a problem at the end, but I still felt cheated by this player, as the other lad and me were doing all the hard work and the Hydroid was leeching from us. Therefore the question comes to mind, should this be allowed? Do you think its should be considered as AFK farming (not solo though, as it wouldt work) and if yes, what should the consequences be? Here are some pictures: Greetings, Daniel
  3. Last year, we ran the Dojo Remaster Contest to select Warframe’s first ever Featured Dojos! We were amazed by the submissions and delighted that the winning Clan Dojos could be showcased on the Star Chart for all Tenno to visit. The Dojo Remaster Contest demonstrated that there are so many talented Clans who deserve a chance to share their hard work! Show us your unique Clan Dojo and the exclusive Trophy and featured spot on the Star Chart could be yours! There will be three winners per Clan tier per platform (15 first place winners in total). PC: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon PS4: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon XB1: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon How to enter: Decorate your Clan Dojo by yourself or with members of your Clan. Take us on a tour by sharing image(s) and/or a 3 minute video of your Dojo here! Feel free to dive into interior design detail and tell us what went into creating your rooms of art! You must include the following information with your submission: Clan name Clan tier Clan platform Your Clan role (must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions) Feature image of a section of your Dojo that you want to highlight (in addition to any other images or video you choose to include) Please keep in mind that the winning Dojos will be accessible from the Star Chart. That means that, if you win, all players will be able to access your Clan Dojo at any time! Prizes: 1st place – Exclusive Gold contest trophy for your dojo + 5000 Platinum added to your Clan Vault + Your Dojo featured on the Star Chart! 2nd place – Exclusive Silver contest trophy for your dojo + 4000 Platinum added to your Clan Vault + Your Dojo featured on the Star Chart! 3rd place – Exclusive Bronze contest trophy for your dojo + 3000 Platinum added to your Clan Vault + Your Dojo featured on the Star Chart! Need an example? Rules: One submission per Clan Must list your Clan’s name, tier, and platform with your entry Must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions for the Clan whose Dojo you submit Video tours must not exceed 3 minutes Dojo theme and presentation must be appropriate for the community forums Do not reserve spots in this thread Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified Dojo Remaster contest winners are not eligible for the first run of the Featured Dojo contest. They are welcome to enter again in a future round! Best Practices for Winners: Nothing vulgar or offensive can be added to your Clan Dojo while it is featured on the Star Chart You cannot change your Clan tier while your Clan Dojo is featured on the Star Chart Winning Clans who do not follow these guidelines will have their Dojos removed from the Star Chart Selecting Winners: After the contest closes, a group of Warframe Community Team members will take one week to review all submissions. Once the top submissions have been chosen, Community Team members will closely review and compare those submissions a second time to select the winners. We will look for creativity and quality. Large structures are impressive, but keep in mind that small details set winning submissions apart from top submissions. Focus on creating an immersive atmosphere with details we can’t ignore. Make your Dojo a testament to your unique Clan! Winners will be announced on January 31 during our Prime Time live stream at FAQ: This contest starts now until January 24 @ 1:00PM ET! All players from PC, XB1, and PS4 can participate! The Nintendo Switch will be included in the next round!
  4. (PS4)BradleyAanderson

    Promo codes

    Hey everyone, Awesome Support on this Forum! Thank you all! -Any and all Warframe Promo Codes/ Redeem codes will be posted HERE. -All Codes can be redeemed via the in game Warframe Market, or Online on the Warframe Website. Again thank you all for the support and active Codes. -Also if you think you know a code not yet posted please post it up!!!
  5. (PS4)corvette_lover14

    Saryn Augment Changed Please?

    Ok so, I have a full list of other changes i would love to see for other frames. However, Saryn being my boo, she has priority and I still haven't finished the suggestions for some of the Frames, Vauban specifically. Anyway, Saryn. Yes she's a bit broken, but her saving grace is that she's usually only used for ESO. So, she's not popular enough to warrant a nerf. However, I would LOOOVE to see her Augment, Regenerative Molt, get a slight tweak. Most of the other heals are a per second version. However, Saryn's Aug is unique in that aspect, as it's the only one that works on a Health every second. Garuda works off of Health Per second as a percentage. Chroma is a straight up health increase. As well as Equinox. Inaros is damage dealt gets turned into health, which still seems like Health Per Second. Oberon and Nidus is health per second. Lastly, Nekros and Nezha as on a different level of heals. Why isn't Saryn's Aug that gives her health Health per second. Of course, this is purely my preference. Health Per Second just feel nicer. She's not particularly a tanky frame so she still can get one or two shot in some cases. Would a slight buff also be applied to it. I would prefer it if it were a duration increase, as her heals are good as they are, i just feel they're too short. Once I finish the suggestions for the other Frames, I will post it here as well THANKS!!!
  6. Hello again, all. New day, new bug: When decorating the Landing Craft, I've discovered that surface snapping isn't working- at all. Pictures remain fixed on a horizontal plane, and don't reorient to the wall when in sufficient proximity. I've tested pre-existing decorations, and if I try fooling around with their orientation, they also do not surface snap. As of this moment, all I've tested are actual graphic frames, ayatans sculptures, and neither have any surface snapping. Bug occurs on my wife's computer as well, so it's not a localized issue. (both our units are Asus ROG G750JM) Thx for your time/attention/herculean labors. Screenshots depicting initial generation of a decorative object, and sequential (failed) attempt to "snap" it to the wall:
  7. Pitchers

    Warframe Fan Font V2?

    What do you think about making a second Warframe Fan font?
  8. In June 2018, we announced plans to change Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs. We have officially set a timeline for these changes! Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, DirectX 10 capable graphics cards, and 4GB of RAM in mid February 2019. We want to move away from operating systems that Microsoft and hardware vendors no longer support and focus on software that improves Warframe’s development potential. Updating our Minimum Supported Specs will keep player experiences safe and stable on operating systems that are up-to-date, secure, and supported by the companies that make them. We explained in detail when we announced our plans - please click here if you’d like to know more! We’ll let you know in this thread when the changes are live - stay tuned!
  9. DatCanadien

    LF Dojo Artist (Decorator)

    Looking to spice up my clans Dojo. We're starting to grow and we've reached a maxed out Shadow Clan. I can provide all necessary materials except Forma. No real theme that I'm looking for, just something nice to look at, creative and will make visitors say, "wow". Payment can be provided in plat at a fair price and whether the job satisfies the criteria. Clans name is: The Golden Sentinels Maybe the name itself will be a theme if you so choose to accept this offer.🤗
  10. Seditiar

    Supra sound bug

    Firing sound of the Supra bugs out after firing for a while. Lowering in volume until it goes mute (impact sounds remain the same). In the video I have the unlimited ammo buff, but 300 magazine size is big enough to bug it out with a single magazine. Its sound does work again after you stop firing. Video Weapon stats with a maxed Arcane Acceleration.
  11. We are Cephalon Shy, a fun silly, sometimes indecorous clan that isn't all too serious. We are a pretty relaxed clan and we welcome all people regardless of your experience in Warframe. You may be here because you enjoy Shy's videos. Well this is her clan, and our doors have opened up to allow more members. Features · Complete clan tech, including the Ignis Wraith! · You get to talk with Shy for free!* Touching will cost though. · A lot of explicit content in clan chat usually involving Vauban (you have been warned). · We have a Steam Group! · A cool clan emblem! (2.0) · A very active community! · Constant chat games, jokes, conversations, etc. · We do game and glyph giveaways on our Discord! *Free for Patreon Supporters Rules · Do not be a jerk. Most important rule of them all. · Do not harass/bully other players in any form, be it sexually, racially, etc. We do not tolerate homophobes, racists, bigots, and their supporters. · Do not beg for free stuff! We are not a charity, we are a clan. · We have changed our "No Trading" policy to allow you to trade now in clan chat, but note there are several rules about trading. · Do not spam chat with caps. · Be somewhat active. We are fairly lax about this but please do tell us if you need to go for extended periods of time. We will kick players out if they have been inactive for 30+ days unannounced. · Gives us your unquestioning loyalty · Do not ask to be in Shy's videos. If she needs help, she will ask. · While the Cephalon is all-knowing, our operators only speak English. As such, all prospering operators must speak English somewhat fluently. Please speak only English in our clan chat unless you are doing otherwise for what you organic beings call "humor". · If you change your in game alias, tell Valafor, and the recruiter who invited you into the clan (Puurrfect). If we don't recognize you, we'll just kick you out. Please note, if we find that you break these rules, we can remove you without warning. Clan Etiquette While these aren't official rules, do follow these to make this clan the most pleasant one to be in. · When you see a fellow clan member, be sure to greet them with a bow! · If you see a clan member of a higher rank than you (anyone with the rank of Intelligent, Wise, Genius, Paragon, Oracle or Cephalon), greet them with a deep bow. How to Join Joining is very simple. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to join. 1. Please leave your current clan or turn down any other clan invitations before applying. 2. Send Valafor a private message on the forums or post on this thread with the following information. NEVER send CephalonShy, Valafor or Puurrfect your application in game via pm. That instantly means rejection and a permanent spot on the clan blacklist. Please type out your applications to the best of your ability and professionally. Your application is your first impression, and first impressions are lasting impressions. 4. Wait patiently and our Cephalon will process your application as soon as he can. Processing can take a day or two, but usually it will be done the day your application is turned in. If you fail to provide enough information or leave your current clan before submitting your application, your application will be considered incomplete and you will need to reapply. Q&A 1. Do I need to support Cephalon Suda in order to join? No. Your in-game syndicate does not affect your application. 2. What would be considered a proper application? Example of a properly done application. Example of an improper application. 3. Why was I kicked out of the clan? Most common reason was because you are inactive. Feel free to reappply if we still have openings. Otherwise, it is because you have broken the rules. We have zero-tolerance and reserve the right to remove you from our clan without warning. 4. Someone is harassing me! Tell Valafor or CephalonShy and we will get it sorted out. Feel free to PM either of us on the forums or in game. Providing screenshots will help us hasten the investigation. 5. Can I get a promotion- Don't ask. We will promote people based on their qualifications and if the need arises. 6. How else can I support the clan? Tell your friends to join us, subscribe to Quiette on Youtube (link to her Youtube channel right here), join our Steam Group, and if you have the cash, support Shy on Patreon. 7. What happened to Shy's channel? Shy got her channel terminated by the Google Copyright Bot. By law Shy is not allowed to make a new channel because she was a YouTube Partner. As such the new channel is run by a third-party to publish our videos on the channel. Our content will not change and everything will run as they did before. The only difference will be possibly slower uploads. We will like to thank all of our subscribers, the Cephalon Collective YouTubers, and all our supporters for staying with us through these hard times.
  12. kythia

    VentKid belt

    The ventkid belt doesn't fit on the Zariman suit. It doesn't adjust for the hip width difference between suits.
  13. Aeon-

    Mag Magnetize Conflicts

    Hello, I was unsure where to set this topic, so here it is. Recently after Fortuna release Mag can no longer magnetize enemies under certain affects (that I've came across, there may be more) such as Khora's Strangle dome, Nezha's Divine spears and also when enemies are rag dolled under her Pull skill. What ends up happening is she loses energy and nothing happens. Its quite problematic as one, she loses energy for no gain and two, it disrupts quick plays and set ups. Before the Fortuna update it was working fine, but after, this started to occur. But any who, please take a look at this issue, as a "connoisseur" of Mag it really ruins the gaming experience with her. Because we all know, Mag is GOD. te-he On another note, laser like weapons, (so far rattleguts, arca scisco) doesn't really add anything into Mags's Magnetize bubble. Is that a design flaw? What does that say about opticor and her bubble?
  14. Buenas, hace poco me hice a Garuda y la fui a probar un rato, cuando llegue al 30 y empecé a hacer la build de sus garras, la equipé con Sobrecarga de Asesinatos y mi Kavat estaba Recuperación del Cazador. El tema es q en la misión ninguno de esos mods servía, mataba con canalizado y no tenía el buff de velocidad y tampoco recuperaba salud mi Kavat. Pregunto si a alguien más le pasa... porque si sólo soy yo, prefiero mandar el ticket pronto.
  15. Hello everyone. Garuda is the first Warframe with an exalted weapon which is not activated by an ability, but by not equipping a melee weapon. I was thinking if not other Warframes could have one, too. It could be used like a normal weapon and also as a "stat stick" for abilities. As an example, i would suggest Atlas. He has a ability - Landslide - which uses melee mods from his equipped melee weapon to make Landslide stronger. If he had a exalted weapon like Garuda's Talons (E.g. Atlas' Fists), he wouldn't need a weapon that is only there for mods. This could give players the option to use a melee weapon with any mods and still have other melee mods for Landslide. As a bonus, they could use Atlas' exalted weapon as a melee weapon by not equipping melee weapons, similar to Garuda. The only downside on this would be that, there will not be any Rivens for those exalted weapons, but in my opinion it would be fine. This problem could be solved by making the weapons decent in combat. Not every weapon needs a Riven to be good in combat. To be clear: I don't mean that every exalted weapon should be used as a normal weapon. So no Valkyr's Talons as a melee weapon like Garuda's Talons. Those should stay as a ability, in my opinion. For other exalted weapons i would suggest: Khora's whip Gara's (glass)sword (Have you other ideas?)
  16. Ever since Apparels became a thing and not part of Suits making a fashion with operators is difficult.Reason for this is the Greaves dont go up to the end of the Suit and end at where the Apparel end leaving a blank space which cannot be recolored and is just black/gray. Example: On this picture I have all white selected yet on the Greaves right below the suit(belt area and below the belt) it is black and it shouldnt be black unless I have None selected in Graves BTW: I do have None selected in Suit slot to show that its logical there to be black, but since I have Greaves selected there shouldnt be any 'Default' or 'None-type' zones that cant be recolored Here is another pair of Greaves(both are Cetus themed) and has the same issue-this is my main loadout and I have black in multiple channels but its because I was forced to have it black mostly to try and hide the 'Default-zone' which is uncolorable, but even with this it doesnt look good unless one equips an Apparel to cover the 'Default-zones'/'None-zones' Conclusion: I had to put this Apparel on to have a good-smooth look but when my operator is sitting in his chair the Apparel just goes to the side or clip through everything. And only this apparel works for this the others do not.
  17. Daevic

    Archwing Weapon Vanishes

    While using Khora, if you equip your Archwing weapon (Imperator Vandal) , then use your Venari Ability (3), your Archwing weapon disappears. The weapon is still there and fires, etc, its just invisible.
  18. arborealkey

    Valkyr Graxx cosplay

    I made progress on the chest, all made out of foam. I made a pattern on myself with tape so the pieces would fit me perfectly. For the moment, the different parts are attached together with tape (and missing a fair amount of details). They will be articulated so I can move easily. UPDATE 1:back UPDATE 2: shoulders UPDATE3: base of the shins UPDATE 4: bottom part of the syandana UPDATE 5: I tried some of the pieces on (please ignore my ugly face) UPDATE 6: the spine UPDATE 7: base of the arms UPDATE 8: beginning of the head (yes, I use the Cheetah helmet on the Graxx skin IG because nothing makes sense) UPDATE 9: current state of the Due Volpi syandana UPDATE 10: syandana
  19. (XB1)Pyryan

    New Weapon Type

    So back in 2016/17 I did a year on a game design course and I came up with a couple ideas for weapons. 1: A shield. Think captain America, a shield that could either be dual wielded with a pistol or used by itself. When using a pistol you would be able to block but you wouldn't be able to aim the pistol. The shield would be throw able, similar to sigma and octantis but you don't have to be in the air to throw it. It would have it's own stance mode focused on bashing enemies with the occasional throw or roll on the ground. When thrown it can bounce off all surfaces. An idea I had for a shield is the plasma shield. When holsted it would be a gauntlet with plasma energy in the middle facing upward on the top of the forearm. When the shield is equipped it would form a slightly domed shape, staying mostly flat. I see the transition of the plasma to be a fast liquid movement, building the shield up instead of drawing the weapon. In terms of colours, the plasma would be the energy colour and the gauntlet would be the rest. The gauntlet could have the lotus symbol on in a pattern all across it or a different pattern (I've not really thought about the gauntlets design as that isn't the weapon, more like the harness for the weapon.) 2: Laser blade. Laser blades are similar to gun blades, in the fact they are a gun as a melee weapon, however, the idea I've come up with is called the gammaclaw. The gammaclaw is crafted by crafting 2 gammacors and a pair of venka together. It would retain both weapons designs however the would overlap, both would be active at once and the energy ring would rotate around part of the venka too. When in a mission with melee equipped, you would be able to channel to fire the gammacors beam and also attack with the claws with the melee button. Due to the different firing mechanism it would require a different stance mod to gunblades, hence Laser blades. Claw stance mods could also work with the gammaclaw but you wouldn't get any combos that fire the beam. When holstered the venka would holster the same as before however the gammacor would retract into the arm. Thoughts? If I missed anything or you have any questions let me know.
  20. Already know what you're looking for? Here's a quick link to our Forum Club Here's a quick link to the Gladiator Discord! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Welcome to the Gladiators Legion!  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Our journey began with the founding of the Celestial Gladiators in late 2015. Since then, we’ve expanded to seven clans and stuck together through thick and thin. A common saying in the clans is that Gladiators are family, and we’ve proved that time and time again. We all share a Discord and work together. We now have a five-clan family, with various ones suited for ping and timezone. All clans are guaranteed to have 100% or similar research (some clans are missing Ignis Wraith and Dark Sector areas as well as unneeded Pigments). We offer: ⭐99% finished Clan Research for all clans, with Ignis Wraiths supplied on demand. ⭐ We're at home in the Gilded Phoenix Alliance, which boasts over 40,000 people ⭐ A wonderful and hugely active Discord server with 2000+ fellow Gladiators, Build Guides, and a full non-warframe gaming area. You'll feel right at home! ⭐ A huge, neatly decorated Dojo, featuring several glitched rooms and a room just for Traders. Without any further ado, let’s get into our clans! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Celestial Gladiators  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Clan Rank: 10 Clan Tier: Mountain Research: 100% + Ignis Wraith Clan Region: Oceanic/South East Asia only Formerly a competitive Storm clan with many astounding Leaderboard achievements, Celestial is an MR15+ OCE/SEA only Experienced/Veteran Mountain clan. Celestial Gladiators is a Mountain clan for experienced, skilled, and veteran players that are MR15 or higher. CG has a very rich and exciting history in Warframe. Our clan houses one of the most beautifully decorated buggy dojos in all of Warframe. Our clan has had an impact in everyplace it has gone. We were leaders in V Alliance, helped reunite ICE Alliance, and are one of the creators of Gilded Phoenix. When walking through our dojo you can hear the echoes of prestige and hard work the members of the past and present have put into making the legacy of our great clan. CG members are best known for their incredible loyalty, belief, and durability to stick together as a family through thick and thin. We also love to meme please be prepared! The family that guides all of the Gladiators. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Tempest Gladiators  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Clan Rank: 10 Clan Tier: Mountain Research: 99% (Missing some Pigments and DarkSector research) Clan Region: North America + European Regions Designed to be a companion to CG, Tempest is our MR15+ Experienced/Veteran branch for NA and EU members. Tempest Gladiators is a clan for MR15+ who are experienced and like to challenge themselves, as well as veteran players. We are relaxed & chill but do like a challenge from time to time. Need some help or want to help others this is your place to be, there is always someone around that want to run something. If it be Hydron, Poly, Kuva farm or just a random 100 wave defense or 2 hour survival there is always someone willing to participate. Just want to chill and chat or some random banter? That’s also fine. There is always someone to strike a conversation with. Are you MR 15+ and looking for some higher company. Join Tempest Gladiators [Avid Panda fans] Kappa. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Nightfall Gladiators  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Clan Rank: 10 Clan Tier: Moon Research: 99% (Missing some Pigments and DarkSector research) Clan Region: Oceanic and South-East Asia The second Gladiators clan to be made, and the first Moon-tier clan, Nightfall is our MR7+ casual branch for OCE and SEA members. Nightfall Gladiators is a casual and laid back type of clan. Banter and all types of nonsensical happenings is the norm in Nightfall. We are all here to simply play the game praise Santa whilst taking a backseat and help each other out when necessary. We radiate with a strong sense of union and family in Nightfall and welcome people of all races and personalities. As long as you understand what it means to respect others and to be easy going, then Nightfall is the place for you. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Aurora Gladiators  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Clan Rank: 10 Clan Tier: Moon Research: 99% (Missing some Pigments and DarkSector research) Clan Region: North America and European Regions Aurora is the NA and EU only MR7+ Moon Clan. Aurora has gone through many hardships but the loyalty and friendship are quintessential in this clan! Active, very outspoken, and always doing something! Banter is active nearly 24/7 and there’s hardly a dull moment! A place where a lot of people choose to call home, we’ve got a title “wholesome” for a reason! In addition to this, its safe to say that we’re one of the most welcoming communities in Warframe. Everyone is always willing to help, join parties or simply salute new members. Everyone in the clan adds to this kind of feel and while we have our fair share of autistic and meme moments, I can said that what this clan represents is a community of people that just get together, play and have fun with each other and will stay by each other, which is a hard thing to come by. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Darkstar Gladiators  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Clan Rank: 9 Clan Tier: Moon Research: 99% (Missing some Pigments and DarkSector research) Clan Region: International - All members welcome! The first International branch of the Gladiators, Darkstar is available for any and every MR7+ Tenno! Thinking of relaxing while having some fun? Thinking of releasing stress? Well Darkstar Gladiators is the place for you! Here in this clan we treat each other like pure-blood family. Even if you’re feeling down or just out of place, the clannies will make you feel like you’re at granny’s. I must say that our Chromosomes level is out of the ordinary BUT that’s the fun part when everyone in the clan is just having fun on the same wavelength. If you think you’re willing to cope with our chromosomes level, I’m pretty sure Darkstar is the HOME for you to enjoy your warframe experience 😉 ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Solar and Lunar Gladiators  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ MR 0+, International Research: 99% (Missing some Pigments and DarkSector research) Clan Tier: Moon Solar and Lunar Gladiators are our all-access clans! They are MR0+ and International, so all Tenno are welcome! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ You've seen the rest, now join the best! Please make sure that you fit the MR requirement of the clan you're looking to join, or apply for Solar or Lunar if you're still working on it. If you have a friend who's a Gladiator, please let us know when you apply - this allows you to bypass our MR7 requirement, as a friend of a Gladiator is a friend of ours. To join us, you have two options... The first, and most obvious, is to apply here, on the forums. The other way you can apply is through our Discord recruitment channel, which you can find by clicking this text. A few things we'd like to know about you when you apply are your: In-Game Name: Mastery Rank: Country: Preferred clan: Previous clan: Do you have Discord?: Anything we should know about you?: Please know that although there's a 'preferred clan' option in the applications, we may choose to place you in a different clan depending on your location as well as spaces free. However, assuming you fit the location requirements, there shouldn't be a problem, and the Head Glads will try their best to fit you into the clan you'd prefer. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you!
  21. Verstreut im Universum, fanden wir uns in einem gemeinsamen Clan. Doch die Atmosphäre stimmte nicht ganz und so brachen wir auf zu neuen Welten! So entstand im Oktober 2017: The Second Awakening Unser Ziel ist es immer schon gewesen, mit den Leuten Spaß zu haben und ein familiäres Miteinander zu verfolgen, weshalb wir die Kommunikation mit den anderen sehr schätzen! Hiefür haben wir einen sehr individuell gestalteten, strukturierten und organisierten Teamspeak Server! Dort findet ihr Informationen wie Warframe Builds, Patchnotes, Guides und Tipps zum aktuellen Content und noch mehr! Eine durchschnittliche Aktivität von 20+ Leute am Tag ist bei uns die Regel, teils auch noch bis tief in die Nacht hinein! Nichtsdestotrotz, das Real Life geht vor! (Das echte Leben braucht auch seine Helden! :D) Die Organisation ist bei uns klar strukturiert. An der Spitze haben wir 3 zuverlässige und erfahrene Clan- Leader, die aktiv am Clan- Leben teilnehmen und auch dafür sorgen, dass alle zufrieden sind. Hierfür halten wir auch monatliche Clan- Besprechungen ab, in den Themen diskutiert werden, die unter anderem auch von der Community kommen können. Wir sind eine Demokratie, d.h. wenn Clanrelevante Entscheidungen anstehen, hat jeder von euch ein Mitbestimmungsrecht! Des Weiteren haben wir sog. Mentoren. Sie stehen für allerlei Fragen zur Verfügung und helfen euch speziell, wenn ihr noch neu im Spiel seid und allerhand "Noob-Fragen" habt 😉 Gemeinsam ist man stärker! Da manche Leute für Events nicht immer Zeit haben oder aufgrund ihres "Neuling- Status" nicht die nötige Ausrüstung besitzen, haben wir hierfür einen Nebenclan eröffnet, sodass für Events eine hohe Teilnehmerzahl garantiert ist und die Neulinge unter keinem "Erfolgsdruck" stehen, sondern das Game in vollen Zügen genießen können! Steht ein neues Ranglisten-Event an, geht eine große Nachricht die Runde, um alle zu informieren. Spieler, die in Events (Ranglisten Events oder Interne Events) besonderes Engagement zeigen, werden bei uns auch entsprechend mit Belohnungen geehrt wie einem Pokal im Teamspeak und auch mit kleinen Belohnungen! Außerdem gibt es bei uns die Möglichkeit einer Beförderung. D.h. wenn ihr aktiv etwas für die Community machen wollt, könnt ihr den Posten eines Offiziers übernehmen und helft dabei z.B. neue Member anzuwerben bzw. kümmert euch um organisatorische Aspekte (z.B. das Pflegen des TS Servers). Oder ihr werdet Mentor und helft unseren Neulingen sich zurechtzufinden. Zudem veranstalten wir auch Erklärdolons (Teralyst, Gantulyst und Hydrolyst), sofern das Interesse eurerseits auch vorhanden ist. Hierbei fokussieren wir uns v.a. darauf, das ganze möglichst effektiv zu gestalten, um möglichst viele in einer Nacht zu schaffen. Wir bereiten unsere Jäger Neulinge Schritt für Schritt dafür vor, sodass sie am Ende auch ihre eigenen Hunts starten und andere anleiten können. Wir wollen die Kommunikation untereinander fördern , d.h. Einladungen in den Clan werden ausschließlich über ein kurzes Gespräch im TS ausgehändigt. Auf diese Weise habt ihr direkt die Möglichkeit ein paar der anderen Leute kennenzulernen. Wir heißen jeden Willkommen der mit uns zocken will! Hier nochmal kurz zusammengefasst, was euch erwartet: ● Vertrauenswürdige Ansprechpartner ● Mentoren, die euch helfen sich zurechtzufinden ● Offiziere, die sich um organisatorische Aufgaben kümmern ● Teamspeak- Server mit allerhand nützlichen und aktuellen Informationen ● Erklärdolons, wenn ein Interesse eurerseits dafür besteht ● Ein fantastisches Dojo mit kompletter Forschung ● Spieler mit jahrelanger Erfahrung, die dieses Know- How mit euch teilen! ● Eine aktive, hilfsbereite und humorvolle Community (Durchschnittsalter: 25 Jahre) Wen wir suchen: ● Tenno aller Meisterschaftsränge ● Spieler ab 18 Jahren ● Ambitionierte Spieler, die sich in Events beweisen wollen ● Teamplayer, die Wert auf eine aktive Kommunikation zu ihren Mitspielern legen ● Spaß daran, das Spiel auf den Kopf zu stellen ● Du nimmst dich nicht zu ernst und verträgst eine Prise Humor ● Keine Scheu, uns im TS zu besuchen und Spaß zu haben ● Auch Freunde dürft ihr gerne mitbringen, die z.B. auch noch auf der Suche nach einem Clan sind Ein kleiner Vorgeschmack auf die harte Arbeit, die wir u.a. in unser Dojo hineinstecken! Wenn du Interesse hast beizutreten, schreibe am besten eine Antwort auf diesen Forumpost und wir melden uns bei dir schnellstmöglich (i.d.R. 1-2 Tage). Du kannst uns auch hier im Forum eine Privatnachricht hinterlassen, wenn du möchtest. Ein kleiner Hinweis noch an alle Bewerber: Bitte schreibt dazu, wann wir euch am besten erreichen können! Wir versuchen zwar euch regelmäßig zu erreichen, aber da wir nicht wissen wann wir euch am besten erreichen können, ist das immer so eine Glückssache. So kann es passieren, dass es teilweise mehrere Tage dauern kann, bis wir euch tatsächlich erwischen 😉 Also: Bitte beherzigt diesen Wunsch, es ist in eurem Interesse. Über PM geben wir euch dann die TS-IP. Zuständig für die Rekrutierung: -TSA-Swaggi -TSA-Crulth -TSA-Suukie Du bist dir unsicher oder hast noch Fragen? Kein Problem! Melde dich einfach bei uns und wir beantworten dir was du wissen möchtest! ★ Wir freuen uns auf euch! ★ <══════Ι▬ Lass uns zusammen groß werden! ▬Ι══════>
  22. desertsniper55

    the war within quest breaking bug

    while playing the war within quest I had a bug in the " return to mountain pass" mission where I can't see my character or the mission entrance animation and i automatically enter the mission after logging in without going into the navigation and here is a video of someone who suffered the exact same bug :
  23. High level wise in terms of tridolon hunters, volt is the best dps frame period. True he doesent put out as much theoretical damage as chroma, but thats irrelevant with a good riven or suplementing with combo counter or sarpa. I know im triggering all the chroma fanboys now but I dont care, its the truth. I one shot every limb of every eidolon with volt+lanka and it takes me 2 shots with rubico. This is without debuffing eidolon with sarpa, or buffing using Void strike or combo counter. All i need is a shield. In normal gameplay It just gets even easier. With a good squad I get all kinds of extra buffs such as cc from kavats, combo counter or eidolon debuffs due to CP. Ironically, despite chromas larger potential to dish out more damage, most people ive played with cant one shot without the aditional help of the combo counter. For those of you who dont understand, just listen how chroma puts rounds into eidolon while you are taking down the shield. Now if I were to do this with my volt its just plain overkill, but somebody with a average riven or none infact, would also one shot just by doing what chromas always do... Now that I have established how volt can easily 1 shot, ill explain some advantages over chroma. The main one for me is that I dont have to worry about keeping my buff up and having to spam energy pads constantly. All I have to do is pop a shield and there is my buff(also available to teamates). Its quick and simple. After doing many eidolon hunts these two aspects of chroma are extremeley offputting and one tends to appreciate a way to cirvumvent this. Another benefit of using volt is that you dont need to sink in formas into the warframe, you are able to play with 0 forma volt. However, chroma on the other hand requires a hefty amount of forma and some specific mods too as well as a damaging secondary. Volt is superior for advanced players (not so frustrating and more rewarding imo) and to new players (less forma and mod investment). The one afvantage chroma has over volt is increased survivability. Thats it. Ive done 5x3 on console with a team of me as unairu volt, trin volt and harrow VS without once using an energy pad or maybe the odd one if energize doesent proc. True I have god rolls but even if i didnt like most people id get the same same results by building combo counter or having teamates with CP. Conclusion: Volt will 1 shot (with riven or by buffing) Volt is not so frustrating to use imo Volt requires much less investment to build Chroma fanboys will hate Its time people opened their eyes to how fantastic of a frame volt is for tridolon. Videos: Volt 1 shotting no buffs other than 1 shield: Volt 2 shotting hydrolyst with rubico prime no buffs other than shield: If any of you still doubt volts potential, here is the WR for 1x3 solo and it is by a volt (not me):
  24. Today's sortie mission 1, mobile defense on Zeipel, Lua. First terminal was in a Power Test room, third terminal was in an Agility Test room. In the third terminal room, I put the datamass on the left moving platform then decided to do the test first. Test completed, went back to grab the datamass but all of a sudden it's floating high, even higher than the moving platform. I couldn't pick it up. Had to abort mission and redo it. Screenshot: