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Found 265 results

  1. So my zenistar that I only had for not to long mind you randomly disappeared after I left the game for a bit and returned idk what exactly caused it to disappear because I took a break from the game and when I came back it was just gone
  2. Completed a hour and a half of thermia sealing then when i went to go to fortuna the mission screen popped up but then a smaller screen popped up in the middle saying i couldn't update profile and gave me a counter that just kept resetting and when i cancelled the ending mission i got stuck locked in the elevator and had to close out the app and lost all progress.
  3. I had the decoration and was trying o place it on my ship, but couldn't find a good place for it at the time-when I canceled out, the decoration did not appear in my inventory-it is also not anywhere to be found in the ship as a placed decoration. Help?
  4. Hello, staff of DE. I've had this one annoying problem for months, as I know some more players had, about having mastered all 4 kitguns but having the "general" kitgun entry in the profile still incomplete. It also seems like it was solved for at least one OP who posted about it here on the forums, but I still have that issue, so I assume this is fixed individually instead of a big fix for all. So I'd like to ask you to take a look and fix it since it's a tad annoying knowing I have all items maxed except the one and useless "Kitgun" one in my profile. Other than that there's nothing, and thanks in advance! Below there's a screenshot of my profile, if it server of any help at all. I'll also answer any question if needed be. Cheers!
  5. while using atomos i am some times having an issue where it will not visually shoot where i aim. instead the flame will shoot diagonal or if i sidestep won't keep up. while switching to the atomos once the gun never left holster and fired from hip until i reloaded. while doing a defense i threw the ferrox a few times and after picking it up glitched the fire stance to have the throwing stance. so every time i charged/fired it would do the toss animation and would look like i'm walking in place. if i was moving while doing this the frame would lurch in the target direction at a randomly slowed speed a majority of the time doing it. while aiming down sights my frame was posing with the toss stance which looked cool/funny but kinda annoying seeing i have a javelin toss zoomed in on for my screen. this also caused my idle stance to be 1 random frame of movement instead of the casual swaying frames do. i took a couple screenshots on the ps4 of the ferrox but not sure of an easy way to upload them to here.
  6. I know this is an ongoing problem, but it's popped up again. Orvis won't lock on, and just throws as if it were uncharged. Glaive prime only charged throws half the time, the other half throwing as of there was no charge function at all. This is all duel welding. I should also note that if you run out of ammo with your secondary, or do you not complete the reloading process, the glaive will not throw. Upon attempting to throw, it will show the charge symbol, along with the reload symbol, but will not initiate the attack. You must finish the reloading process. Both work better in the similcrum, but fail to function in regular gameplay.
  7. I need some help, I recently put a Forma on my K-Drive & it will not level back up. It shows it to be 'Unranked' in my Arsenal, but when I try to level it back up it keeps saying that it is 'Max Rank'.
  8. While playing a pug tridolon bounty after bringing down the eidolon’s shields with the operator the health bar on the limbs remain purple. The damage values still come up when I shoot but the bar doesn’t decrease. I can still break the limbs so I am doing damage. The same thing happened again when I ran a teralyst bounty afterwards.
  9. So I was doing a spy mission and I don't know what happened or at what point it happened, but there was a yellow glowing dot that just won't go away no matter where I look and I couldn't get rid of it. It's quite annoying to have this on my screen, also distracting. Also, it happens every now and then when I do one of these specific missions. http://
  10. I was using the cernos prime a little while after claiming it at the simulacrum. I was modding it and put all of my multi shot mods on it and began messing around. I then took those mods back off for my preferred setup, and then fired it to find that the horizontal spread shot had become a random shot closer resembling that of a shotgun, and the vertical spread shot had been replaced by the horizontal shot. This continued outside of the simulacrum as well.
  11. PS4 BUG A Green Door Does Not Open (Fails To Open) Prevents Completion of Mission Objective General Description: A door in a tile set, which is “GREEN,” and is SUPPOSED TO OPEN, does not open. This blocks passage to areas which SHOULD BE accessible. The Particulars: There are Three Instances which are documented here. Two of them Prevented Completion of the Mission Objective. The Initial, “Precedent” instance occurred November 16, 2018, 2:09 AM PST The FIRST and SECOND recent Instances occurred April 25 - 26, 2019. In all THREE recorded instances, this bug occurred: On CORPUS Tile Sets Game Play was solo MATCHMAKING was set to FRIENDS ONLY First Recent: Second Recent: The initial “precedent” instance occurred months before the recent two. (Extracting the corresponding recorded broadcast is possible, but will require some additional time to isolate). It was noted, but not reported at the time due to it being a (then) unique and isolated incident, with no occurrences similar enough to be considered a “bug.” The FIRST RECENT occurrence matched with the main behavior, (of a “Green” Door Failing to Open when IT SHOULD, on a Corpus Tile Set), but did not interfere with completing the Mission Objective. The SECOND occurrence DID correspond with the Precedent Occurrence, Mission Type (Spy), Warframe (Ivara) and Tile Set (Corpus non-ice), were all the same, a Green Door DID NOT OPEN, and completion of the Mission Objective was rendered impossible as a direct result. Instance #1 This is particularly unusual. Mission Type: Assassination, Jupiter, Kuva Siphon Valkyr was being used. The door that became un-openable while green, had already been opened (from a yellow bypass) when entering the area. Upon doubling back to it, it was Green, but would not open. In this instance it was not “MISSION CRITICAL.” The SECOND instance: Jupiter. Spy Mission. Kuva Siphon. During the same session, the bug recurred, this time barring access to a “MISSION CRITICAL” area, the first (A) cache of a Spy Mission. In the PRECEDENT Instance, the failure occurred, blocking access to the third (C) cache. Many SIMILAR Reports have been made on the PC Platform: PC Reports: [Game-breaking] [Bug] Broken/Stuck Doors (Main Thread) Doors not opening in solo mode door bug Door not opening - How to get rewards ? Doors please fix!... 😞 Progression Impeded by Non-functioning "Green" Door [Game-breaking] [Bug] Broken/Stuck Doors (Main Thread) (Note, instances cited here include Grineer Tile sets.) Possibly Related Door bugs after host migration
  12. This has happened countless times and it's basically stopping the missions from being completed, especially spy missions. Idk why but it's really getting annoying having to quit out multiple times just for the chance that the doors are gonna function properly, especially aggravating when you get a rare drop from stalker or the wolf and you get bricked from finishing the mission due to a door bugging out and not opening (which has happened a few times with me)
  13. AYATANトレジャーでクリアしたのに、像が手に入り、ミッションはクリアしたことになり、再度ミッションに行くことができない。 この症状は昨日から続いており、今日と合わせて二つ分像を損失してしまっている。 このまだ永遠に手に入ってないままです。 対応をお願いします。
  14. There are probaly multiple posts about this same topic but if the deva see this could you possibly think about fixing the warframe cryopod. When I was grinding levels on hydron and we found a few issues on the cryopod. So the first issue we found was that is you stand on the cryopod while it's elevating if you stand in the cryopod you mesh inside of it. While inside of it you can't shoot unless standing up. The second issue we discovered is that if you go into operator form you can go inside of the cryopod without it being in motion. While in your operator form you can activate transference to go into warframe form while the platform is still accessing it anytime. The third issue I found, myself, was that is you stand above the platform, on the second level, you start to levitate unable to lower yourself until the platform has completed its course. The final issue my friend found was that when the platform is moving downwards an invisible platform appears where the plaform is moving to. You are able to jump of but I still found it interesting. I hope to see this change in the future and if you have read this entire post thank you. Killercow842,
  15. The publication of the remastered Plains of eidolon seems to unveiled a bug with location of those fish fragments. The fragment called "ostron artisans" wich is in the rotating turbine (or whatever it's) isn't available to scan. Even helios couldn't scans it. It looks like the fish slipped in another layer of the plains, also the name above the fragment isn't standing there. Are there other players out there who have the same problem with this fish fragment?
  16. I have lost 14 excavation worth of loot in the arbitration 2x and I feel like that needs a fix it please.
  17. i have already finished all the junctions on warframe but i accidently deleted my chroma parts so can you get them again or is that it? idk it could be a bug but i want to make sure
  18. So I was playing the new barrier debts event for an hour but didn’t get any points we did what we had to do with the fisher or what ever there called we played for an hour and some minutes we extracted then I went to me ship my friends got points but I didn’t
  19. Well I was doing the spy mission in Unda,Venus and I encountered a weird corpus re-spawning bug heading towards objective A. When i was trying to clear the room from behind the door and the left side kept re-spawning with a random corpus unit every second or so after getting killed(video of it below) The bug stopped after i entered that room...unfortunately i saved the clip before entering that room. https://youtu.be/vErxyrnuoy4
  20. I have things like this happen all the time, whether it be during a kuvival or situations like this and you end up getting no loot. Its really annoying
  21. Hi , im based in the uk and since the last couple of updates i have been experiencing network not responding more and more often. The messages i get are network not responding , cannot connect to host server and being logged out. Happens roughly every 5-15 minutes. My internet is 32mb and has always been fine until recently. I always play north American region as there are more players so i dont if region makes a difference? Anyone else get these issues ? Please help .
  22. If you use the third hability of reverant and the four hability u can spin ultra fast Please fix that
  23. The last Mission I did was fight the Profit taker with a person named TheAphrodisiac - we added each other to our Friends list and us and two others (jennerherrerp and I forgot the other persons name) then took her down. I don't think I have to explain the Profit Taker can be a painful battle, but more so when you do it for Nightwave and the thing decides that it's not going to count it. I'd really prefer not to fight the Profit Taker again at the moment so could DE take a look into this and see what went wrong - and hopefully fix it? Thanks.
  24. Keep bug that won't let me pull out my heavy weapon or the weapon will just reset from my hands on top of that the timer until you can use the gun again is a joke
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