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Found 1,916 results

  1. Hunting for Stalker for Payback

    I need to know when is the stalker gonna appear because I'm gonna get my payback from that creep who attack one of my girl (Titania) with Rift Shifter (Limbo) to send his creepy dog donkey to MY LIMBO (NOTE: I can't use profanity in this so forgive me for my false profanity if you know or don't know what I'm saying)
  2. looking for mods

    looking for the following mods: pistol amp anemic agility gunslinger pressurized magazine
  3. Frost rhino ember giveaway

    Hey all updating my post. I am giving away 1 rhino set 1 frost set 1 ember set possibly 1 Loki set and u never know maybe others please spread the word as usual winner or winners will be picked at random
  4. Hello! 420DeathSquad is recruiting everyone! (No you don't have to be a smoker ) We are a Storm clan that has more than enough room for new members. We're looking for members who will be active in the community and helpful to the other members. This doesn't mean that you have to be on all day, everyday. However we do have a 14 day inactivity limit, we understand that there ate other games to play and things to do. Though, what this means is that we are looking for people who aren't just joining a clan for the sake of being in one. We want those who are looking for a friendly environment and will openly talk to the other members. Having an active clan doesn't just mean having people who play Warframe all day, but having people who are willing to collaborate and have fun with the rest of the clan. We don't have any requirements such as mastery rank minimums nor do we expect you to be the best player in the game. We just want people that we can play with, progress with, and have fun with. Our Dojo is pretty big and has everything you'll ever really need in it. I personally am in it constantly decorating because i just love to do it. We have 100% of our research completed and a 0% trade tax for those that love trade. We have a custom emblem as well. 420DeathSquad also has a community so upon joining our clan you must join the community as well for the purpose of delivering clan wide messages about events, meetings, and the like. The alliance we are affiliated with is known as the Anarchy alliance, home of 40+ clans. The alliance is definitely active and never ceases to amaze. Once you message me, I will ask again the things above just to make sure you will abide by them. The 14 day limit is strict, so on the 14th day you will be kicked. You can rejoin the clan but after the second tie of going over the limit you can not rejoin, unfortunately. I personally handle everything that goes on in the clan so if you have any questions, just ask. Any and all are welcome to join so don't be shy even if you don't want to join but you have questions, I'm always ready to answer whatever you have. Contributions to the dojo aren't necessary but are definitely appreciated if you can. We always start research as soon as the update drops so never worry about staying up on research. Also, upon joining, if you have any commentary or ideas that could better the clan, just let me know. I'd be happy to discuss it with ya. If you're interested in joining, we would be delighted to have you! My PSN name is exactly the same as you see it here. You can either PM here, over PSN, or just reply to this topic. We hope to see you soon!
  5. Captura Photosharing

    Hey all thought I'd make a topic, and after a brief search didn't find anything similar to what I want this about, basically I've been messing with captura recently, here just share your photos and give helpful constructive tips to others or compliment and comment on photos.
  6. There are thousands of clans to choose from, pick one that you feel meets your needs best. This can be a challenging game to learn. Haveing a clan benefits most players, offering help, instruction, and through research, blueprints you can't get anywhere else. Take your time, find one that fits you, and it can enhance your gameplay. That being said, here is a little info about us to help you decide. We are a very active Storm (100) clan. We have been top 10 leaderboards in last 5 Events, we are a casual orientated clan, but have quality players who have always played strong when there is a challenge. We are a US based clan, but have many players from around the world. Including UK, Germany,Canada, and others. Our busiest times are app. 4pm to 1am CST US. With the large alliance there are always people on to form with. Our rules are pretty simple, no racism, sexism, or any other hateful 'ism you can think of. Don't random invite folks, ask first. Generally treat each other with respect. We have good people and wish to keep it that way. If you like the drama, this probably is Not where you want to be. We are female friendly, we will not tolerate abuse towards our female players. We are a proud member of Stalkers of Hunhow alliance, we will provide guidelines for alliance chat before you join. Alliance is over 60 clans, has a moderated chat tab, and very expierianced help available, including raid schools. We seek those who play often, it's not skill or MR we're after, it is people who love the game, want a good place to enjoy it. We have a strict 14 day no-play policy. We understand life happens, tell us ahead of time, we'll work with you if you need, It isn't personal, it keeps the clan alive. Members in good standing are always welcomed back if they leave or are removed. I can't promise you that you'll make friends here, or that you'll get everything you want, what you get depends alot on you, and what effort you're willing to put into it. Contact me by PsN or in game if we sound like a home you'd be intrested in. Dorian-Hawkmoon - Warlord
  7. Valkyr "ARK" Skin

    Picture done by: (PS4)BloodWolfFangPicture done by: AtoKitsune This skin is one of a small few skins. During the day of Blood Lua, a select few warframe turned in to demons of the Wolf fang Clan, a Clan who's Kaga killed a dragon of hell, and became the strongest clan in history. Valkyr Arc is the huntress of the clan, she is every were and yet no were, and if you are the prey, then you better pray to what ever gods you pray to, cause she won't stop until you are dead. The next frame: MESA
  8. WELCOME....We are a Highly Active Mountain community with a primary focus on Teamwork and Teaching players in all aspects of the game, and all we expect from our players are: Be active, Interactive and to treat clan mates and fellow alliance members as they would like to be treated. Failure to do so will be met with warnings and in extreme cases removal and banning from the community. Our Experienced Leadership are always online and are willing to Share Advice, Builds, Hosting and Mission assistance including Raids with New and Veteran Players alike. We are a starter Friendly Clan and have a Highly Active Long Standing Alliance full of Knowledgable and Friendly Players just waiting to meet you. Yggdrasill "Community" Emblem Legion of the Lotus "Alliance" Emblem We are accepting MR5+ Active, Social and Respectful Players to join our clan depending on numbers positions available we do not discriminate against a persons race, religion, sex, sexual orientation etc. Although, We are looking for Strong like-minded Players who have a passion and drive to become community mentors, would prefer players have at least 500 hours, 18years and older and with a completed solar map to maximize the efficiency of Hosting and to spread out the load between the other senior members in our group. Grand Meeting Hall Dueling Hall Entrance Zen Garden Monument Events Podium Ignis Wraith!!!!!!! Make sure to send Expressions of Interest for Mentoring Roles should be Forwarded to BigAdz85 (GMT +10) Via PSN or in-game and we can discuss your suitability. Other Leaders in the clan you can contact for member recruitment are. InsanityLAUGHS (GMT -5) comicholic1 (GMT -5) THOMAS-WATSON (GMT -2) xWARframeWARRIOR (GMT +12)
  9. Confusing

    I like to know what master rank weapons are that requires rank 4 to use cause i'm rank 4 but idk what rank is what so i'm very confused about it and i also think Credits should be tradeable cause its easier to earn and make and Platinum shouldn't be traded cause its bought with real money?
  10. People, do snipers need a huge buff? I mean, this game is about killing as many enemies as fast, and efficient, as possible. If a sniper struggles to kill even ONE enemy on high levels, do they become worthless? The combo counter takes too long to fill up, and when you miss once, it restarts! The only decent snipers (imo) are the Vectis Prime and the superior Lanka. Snipers only become viable if certain warframe abilities are used, but sometimes I wanna take other warframes on tier 3 sorties and beyond. #MakeSnipersAThingForOnce
  11. Your own unique customizable Warframe.

    We all know PEO is coming sometime and it adds custom weapons you can craft and customize. That already makes you "unique",but what if there was something that made everyone even more "special" more "unique" than ever before..........i'm talking about you very own warframe one that doesn't come from lore that don't come from great from the operator. This warframe is who you want to be if you were a warframe,it reflects you.This warframe will have abilities that you collect like mods or like items you make from a blueprint, abilities from enemies,other warframes or abilities that has never been seen before. Highly custom ability system. The customization is what make you really "stick out" in the crowed of people.A normal blank warframe (Excalibur) where eveything is customizable from the top of the head to the feet.thousands of combinations to make YOU and you can even change the size,rotation and position. SECTION OF HEAD CUSTOMIZATIONS: top of head;back of head;sides of head;face (eyes if there is);chin;neck SECTION OF TORSO CUSTOMIZATIONS: body;body marks SECTION OF WAIST CUSTOMIZATIONS: waist (belts;cloth) SECTION OF ARMS (individual) CUSTOMIZATIONS: shoulder;arm;hand SECTION OF LEGS (individual) CUSTOMIZATIONS: leg;feet There are even more customization,you can make,add and customize textures,marks,scars to add to you warframe,you can make you own attachments that you cant attach and alter how you like.You can even alter your warframes look.You can make this warframe how you like....YOUR DREAM WARFRAME. This warframe you can of course give a name but you can only have one and that one is free.
  12. Stug tweak suggestions

    The Stug is a weird gun.... it deals corrosive... has delayed damage output and can do self damage.... all around it's quite interesting. However, it's not all that great to play with... the biggest issue that it faces is that your allies are likely to kill the enemy you've placed globs on before the globs themselves deal their full damage. Back when I played a game called Spiral Knights I faced a similar problem when using a gun with similar mechanics called the Biohazard: Much like the Stug this gun relied on stacking up damage and then detonating it yourself for a massive blast later and an almost guaranteed chance to poison your enemies (In SK this meant a debuff to their defense and offense, similar to corrosive melting armor) In this respect the Stug is superior due to it's DoT that the globs do to near enemies and the fact that the globs self detonate which saves the player a lot of potential lost damage. But that doesn't mean it couldn't be better. So I have a list of suggestions for your consideration: Final blast: When the enemy dies all of the existing globs in them immediately detonate... this would make it an idea weapon to meting out damage and corrosion to crowds of enemies Share the love: When the enemy dies all of the existing globs... fly out from the enemy in various directions, getting a small extension to their timer, and can stick onto nearby enemies... this makes it so all the globs have a chance to get direct damage on the enemy Catalyst: When a globbed enemy is hit by a status (other than Corrosion or a status that has been modded onto the gun) all of the globs attacked would detonate dealing it's corrosion damage and a chance to deal the status that set them off... this would add in an element of teamwork for groups or synergy for your other weapons. GET IT OFF!!: Basically have it so bodyshots slow down the enemy they are on and cause nearby enemies to also slow down.... if the glob is attached to the head the enemy would be completely blinded and would attack wildly (similar to radiation) dealing damage to other nearby enemies. Web shot: Instead of charging up a single large glob the alt fire would now launch a net of globs that flies through the air and covers an area... after a set distance the net would reach a max size. All the area in between each glob would also deal light DoT (not as much as a direct hit glob) and would detonate along with the rest for slightly lower damage than an individual glob. Edit (9 hours later) UT Biorifle has another possible way to go about changing this weapon It is very similar in terms of shot types (rapidfire and charge) but far more interesting I'm not saying that ALL of these needs to be added.... I'd be happy with just ONE of these tossed in... something to help it compete with the immediate damage guns ______________________ I'm just throwing these out there, I find the Stug to be a fun and unorthodox weapon. I just believe it needs a little more love.
  13. We need this devs please

    We tenno have favorite weapons right? so what If I told you that I have 22 different weapons I like to use. I came up with an idea why not have a favorite guns selection for example lets say i have this gun called Bronco and i used it an it was good but wanted to use it later. later you forget the name of the gun you wanted to use again so you try looking over the 100 weapons you own for no reason that takes you 5 minutes to find. this is when your favorite weapons selection comes up all you do is click this and that an whala!! you have put a ❤ into your favorite guns.
  14. I have an account on my PC. Played there for 200 hours, spend almost 500 reais ( brazilian coin ), but my PC is pretty bad, my fps is 10, but when i start playing, it goes to 3-5.I love warframe, and played it a lot, but i can't play it anymore on that PC, and unfortunately i can't buy a new one. I have a ps4, so i want to know if there is a way to migrate this account. Help pls.
  15. Endovelicus Prestigious Clan, Great Community of dedicated members. LOR / JV Schools is available | Clan & Alliance Logo | Clan Rank MR 10 100% research with full color pigments + Ignis Wraith | 0% Clan Tax | Dojo with Brilliant Architecture plus a Glitch Room available | 85% Vet Members | Monthly Clan - Alliance Platinum Championship rewards & weekly prizes | Storm Clan 100 active members | 1+ YR Clan 3 Gold Trophies - Last event placed in top 5# | PS4 top # 3 Weekly kills consecutively for Storm Tier. Founder of Mithras Alliance. Clan requirements (MR15+) (18+ age) Min 9 day inactivity Limit | Participation in Events Mandatory - More Details & Info Send PSN PM to hardhouz Thank you for your interest in Endovelicus Executive Leader / Founder hardhouz
  16. We are currently a shadow clan. We are a casual clan with these simple rules. Pofanity is allowed,trading is allowed. Racism,sexism and hate speech will not be tolerated. Be respectful to each other We have a 15 day inactivity limit but if you need to be away from warframe longer than that please send me a psn message with a valid reason and i will put you at the do not kick clan rank . De clan event participation is required. I only require each member gets 1 point though in any event. We have an age requirement of 17 + years old to join. We are proudly in Mithras alliance. Mithras alliance is a 25 quality clan alliance and offers daily raids and 2 tournaments a month for prizes. Mithras alliance is friendly helpful and knowledgable community. The Casual Tenno was created 5/14/2017. We have all research complete but dojo colors. However since we were created right before The Ambulus Event we don't have access to the ignis wraith but after you have been in my clan for 2 weeks i will make sure that you will have an ignis wraith.Our clan emblem was approved 6/1/2017, we are waiting for a hotfix or an update for it to be added to the game.. I am personally willing to help anyone out with any any mission and I am willing to teach the raids to anyone interested in learning them. Send legionofwolves or brandondeasy a psn message for a clan invite today.
  17. Mithras Alliance - Experienced leaders with professional & supportive community founded by Endovelicus. Committed to a quality community of dedicated members | 25+ Clans | Active | Lor and JV | Tournaments | Alliance Logo Alliance - Quality, Respect & Honor Raids Events Sorties Quests Tournaments 2 tournaments per month guaranteed Trading Trading is allowed no more than 2 time spam consecutively. Trade within alliance is beneficial for everyone, while helping others at same time. PSN Mithras Alliance Community Pages Mithras Alliance - All Alliance related topics - Builds, Events, Trades, Fashion-frame, etc Requirements Ghost - Mountain Clans Only" Adult Warlord 18+ age min Events - Mandatory participation Clan Must maintain 80% Active members - required screenshot end of each month Following credentials required - screenshot of Clan offline page inactivity & warlord profile, required conversation over PSN for final decision to enter Alliance Thank you for your Interest in Mithras Alliance Executive Alliance leader / Founder - hardhouz
  18. WTB Smeeta Kavat imprints

    Hello, I'm looking to buy Smeeta kavat imprints that have the same ears and tail as my Smeeta kavat. I'm looking for the dark blue energy. Will pay anywhere from 60p up to 400p for a set of 2 imprints that have the dark blue energy color. Please only reply if you have exactly what I'm looking for, thank you.
  19. ✴☠Welcome to Reapers of Warframe☠✴ #1 in Ambulas Reborn (36,779) #1 in Pacifism Defect and the Only Mountain Clan to hit Victory Tier🏆 #1 in Shadow Debt🏆 Gold Trophy Winner of Rathuum Event🏆 Alliance Discord Server🎧 We are a Highly active, Top Leaderboard International Clan(Rank 1-2 weekly). One many try to rival with and compete against. We will not back down. RoW is a 4+ year old Clan founded by Overkill1469. Our focus is to be a strong, super friendly and helpful Clan that will assist in the development of only the Strongest Tenno. Our goal is to provide our members with a means to accomplish all goals within the game and a Clan/Alliance. ⚠️No Weekly Kill requirements, No Dojo resources or Vault credit requirements. All we require is Event Participation during Clan Trophy/Leaderboards Events. ☠Must be 18 years of age or older and must have 300+ hours played in Warframe☠ We base our Clan rank structure off your performance, attitude, helpfulness and leadership skills that you demonstrate. Not off MR. Our dojo consists of 6 floors all easily accessible by transporters. We have robots, glitched rooms and more! All Research is completed, pigments too! And any new research is completed immediately with all clan members contributing. (Clan Emblem) (Meditation glitched rooms are available if needed.) We are also the founding clan of our Alliance, Stalkers of Hunhow Alliance, of which has 60+ Clans with our same vision... To be the best at all things Warframe. (Alliance Emblem) (Past Alliance Event) ❇All Adult Clan with Event and team building focus. ❇We are Event Driven. WF Events that require member activity are mandatory. We need you. RoW needs you. ❇Extremely Helpful, experienced members to guide and help build the strongest Clan. Our community is one of a kind. No one is left behind. 🔥Daily Raid Squads. Raid Schools Available. Daily/Weekly/ Monthly events, both Clan and Alliance. Plat, Mod and Prime Prizes! ✴2nd in Command candidates are greatly welcomed. Mentors always welcome! ☠Endgame Players. Loads of experience here... 🤙Huge, active and helpful Alliance. 60+ Clans, over 3.5k members. Rules: ✔Support Clan and Alliance. ✔Participation in WF Clan Events are mandatory. Mandatory amount will be given per event type. If you are unable to contribute, you must inform a Warlord Prior to Event start. You will sadly be removed from clan if you do not contribute. ✔18y/o+, Sorry No Exceptions. ✔⚠Must have 300+ hours played in game⚠ If you don't fit our criteria we can get you into a highly active Clan in our Alliance. We have all sizes of clans with stellar leadership available! ✔Must remain Active, 10day inactivity kick. Vacations, emergencies, holidays, military service(Thank You!) absences are excused. ✔PSN Alliance Trading Community in place for trading between Alliance mates.Our Alliance allows Focus Lenses & Syndicate Trading(mod for mod, item for item) in Alliance tab. ✔Clan trading is encouraged but at a "family" discount. ✔No Spamming Random Invites. Ask and we will be there to help. ✔NO profanity, vulgar or abusive chat in tabs. Be respectful above all! Contact via PSN or in game: ✴ Steelergurl33 🤙digipo ⚱Lak3rz79 👊 M3THOD777 🕋 Omegas-Handler 💥Become the best you can be with RoW💥
  20. Rage County Storm Clan Discord server: Website: YouTube channel: Twitch channel: Recruitment closes after 95 new members join. (50/100) There are currently 0 pending invitations. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔽 Please read the bottom of the thread before applying! 🔽 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rage County is a growing Warframe PlayStation 4 clan that achieves greatness with every member that joins. Empower your gaming experience by joining our social, friendly, and supportive community. Rage County has no affiliation with DE or Warframe staff. We are simply a community of gamers looking for new and fun players. Clan Ranks and Clan Staff Ranks are very important in a clan as they symbolize trust and dedication. The higher you're ranked, the more trusted and dedicated you are to the clan. Clan Staff: Founder: The creator of the clan, Whiskey1015566. Leaders: Leaders are the highest rank in the clan, excluding the founder. They have the same responsibilities as the clan founder and managers. Managers: Managers are the "directors" of the clan. They make sure the right members are promoted/demoted, clan events are hosted, and they keep the peace. Moderators: Moderators are the "police officers" of the clan. They make sure that no one is in an unsafe environment and everyone plays fair. Support: Staff members who devote their time to assist other clan members. Additional Clan Staff: Additional clan staff are just as important as any other position. They are not moderators, but they help develop and grow the clan. As said many times, being a clan staff member is NOT about power. Recruitment Officer: Recruitment officers are in charge of recruiting members into the clan and getting current members to apply for the staff team. Social Media Manager: Staff members in this position manage social media accounts for Rage County. This includes, but is not limited to, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Website Developer: Website developers are in charge of making the website/forums ( awesome. They code, design, and patch bugs. Community Developer: Community developers decide on whether or not clan council ideas should be implemented. They also come up with a large number of ideas and submit them for review. Decisions that make it pasts community developers go to clan managers and leaders for final review. Warframe Clan Ranks - Members Spectral - Fourth and final rank given to the most dedicated and active members in the clan. These members have an active Discord and/or forum account and usually offer their assistance to other players. Malik - Third rank given to members who have participated in clan events and who are highly active. Teign - Second rank given to active clan members. Niz - First initial join rank. Departed - Lowest possible rank given when a member violates the clan rules multiple times or violates a severe rule. Members at this rank can submit a punishment appeal if they want to be able to achieve a higher clan rank. Departed members are unable to participate in clan events and get accepted into groups and staff positions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clan Chat and Activity Activity in a clan is obviously important. We can't just have members sit around and stalk us. All we ask of you, when you join the clan, is to be active and help out if you're not busy. Chatting is the most efficient way to show activity and reach a higher position in the clan. It shows your appreciation and ability to communicate with the clan. If you never chat with the clan and you aren't rewarded, don't complain to us as we probably have no idea you even exist. Inactivity and Demotions Demotions in the clan are usually only given to staff or members who aren't doing their jobs or if a player is breaking the rules. If you are demoted you can always bring up the issue with a manager or leader and get the issue resolved. If you didn't know, Rage County has an "inactivity kick" in place to kick members who are inactive for a certain amount of days. Members who have been silent for more than 30 days from the Discord server and 19 days from the clan, will be kicked. This is to ensure activity and remove inactivity. If you are kicked for inactivity and you want to join back you can always go to and join the Discord server. From there you can contact a clan staff member to get re-invited. Vacation, School, Work, etc. If you are going away for a while and you don't want to be kicked for inactivity, please let a clan leader know. Clan leaders are identifiable by a red name in the clan Discord server or have the title "Clan Leader" on the clan page, in Warframe. Once you let a clan leader know that you will be away for a while, you are excused from the 19 day inactivity limit. Members who are away have an inactivity limit of 90 days. So yes, we let you have a life. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Helpful/Non-Helpful Members In a clan most people look for one with helpful and friendly members. It's already pretty obvious that we aren't a group of Microsoft support agents from India. We can only offer our help when we are not busy. As for non-helpful members, they usually mind their own business and are never promoted to a staff position. Not everyone is helpful or feels like helping, but the members who do help are or will be available at some point. If you need help from an experienced player it would be wise to contact a member from the clan staff team. Clan Seriousness When looking at Rage County for the first time you might think that we are a super strict, uptight, fun-bashing clan. Rage County is actually a very laid back clan where everyone is allowed to have as much fun as they want as long as it abides by the rules. The rules are just in place to keep the clan in order and to make sure no one is being bullied or made to feel uncomfortable. The clan staff, volunteer moderators, etc. are also very in-touch with the clan and it's members. Research As a clan we have completed all dojo research (excluding colors). We are always checking for new items and contributing to them as soon as they're released. We expect everyone in the clan to contribute as it's a clan requirement. If their are no items in the dojo to contribute to, then don't worry as clan staff are completely aware. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Moving Up in the Clan Many members are probably wondering how they can move up in the clan, become a staff member, etc. Before I write anything more about this, know that we only promote members to a staff rank if they are truly dedicated to the clan and have spent a lot of time in it. As you know many people out there just want power where ever they can get it, as long as it's easy. We know who to promote and who not to as we have had a lot of experience with abusive clan staff. Our clan staff team only consists of trusted members who are responsible with power. Being a staff member isn't about power! This is probably said a lot, but it's true. Clan staff are only given more permissions so they can help out more in ways they couldn't before. The moderation privileges are just in case they need to deal with a situation involving a member who is breaking the rules. What are clan staff? Clan staff are just helpful members/managers of an in-game community and ensure that you have a better gaming experience. How do I become a clan staff member? Where do I get started? Becoming a clan staff member comes with responsibility. If you're interested in helping the clan, you first have to start by helping the clan. Go into the Discord chat or on the forums and help out as many people as you can. This is a great way for a staff member to notice you and become a popular member of the clan. After you've shown you can be trusted you're eligible for a position as a volunteer moderator. As a volunteer moderator you have permission to submit a clan staff application. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Volunteer Moderators - Not to be confused with Warframe's Community Moderators If you are interested in becoming a volunteer moderator, their is no application or any amount of sweet-talking that will get you there. We carefully pick dedicated members of the clan to become a volunteer moderator. Volunteer moderators are not clan staff and are not granted any moderation privileges for the clan in-game. How do I get noticed? To get noticed you must help players and be active on the Discord server and/or forums. Contributing to the clan and helping members in the Discord server are the most effective ways to be noticed. What are volunteer moderators? Volunteer moderators help keep the Discord server and forums clean of rule-breakers when clan staff are not available. Volunteer moderators are also helpful members of the clan who have plenty of knowledge to go around. They also are given a blue name to let players know that you can ask them for assistance. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rage Bucks on the Forums A lot of you have the same questions regarding the forum currency on Everything on the website is completely free and we do not offer anything for real currency. Rage Bucks can be earned by posting threads, replies, etc. and in return can be spent on a premium forum membership. Anything you purchase on the forums has no affiliation with Warframe. This means that we do not offer in-game items, forum rep, etc. in our shop. More info on Rage Bucks can be found here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Equipped clan emblem previews: The emblem will be more visible in-game than in captura mode. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord Warframe Commands Preview: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: Have a mastery rank of 5 or above Must be a weekly or daily player Must have an active account in the clan Discord server or on the forums Must have decent skill in the game Must contribute to dojo research when a new research item is released Must leave your clan before asking to be invited Rules: No spamming. No scamming. No posting links to inappropriate and dangerous sites, Discord servers, etc. No mass mentions, all caps, or excessive emotes. No impersonating DE/Warframe staff, DE/Warframe bots, clan staff, volunteer moderators, users, etc. No posting any content consisting of pornographic nature, disturbing images or descriptions, racist/sexist/anti-religion pictures/descriptions/statements/comments/etc., and content that would be considered inappropriate. No posting advertisements, promotions, etc. No references to anything that would lead someone to something inappropriate. No asking people to type something in chat that would lead them to be auto-muted, kicked, or banned. No talking down to the clan, clan staff, or volunteers. We all work hard to keep this community awesome. No begging for money or in-game items. No begging for staff permissions or a position as a volunteer moderator. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⚠️ READ BEFORE APPLYING! It is required for you to be in our clan Discord server and/or on our forums to be applicable to join. How to Join: * = required. * What is your mastery rank?: * Are you a weekly or daily player?: * Are you in the clan Discord server and/or the forums? If so, what's your name on it?: * How would you rate your skill in Warframe from 1-10? (10 being an unstoppable immortal tiger with laser eyes): Why do you want to join?: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. Invasion Sabotage glitch

    Doing the ongoing Corpus siege and siding with Grineer, the tileset progressed us through the section of being shot on the Corpus ship with a cannon, pod contraption. We complete the sabotage as normal and reinsert the fuel cell to overheat the generator. After that the blast door shuts and we must open it, well surprise surprise the mission broke, and the console to open the door didn't even exist on the Corpus side of the mission map, nowhere to go, and waypoint directs us back at the Grineer galleon through the pod we were shot out in. Fix please?
  22. Sentient

    I have curiosity about the lore of the game. How do sentients reproduce?
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