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  1. If you had a 3 team of the gaurdians from destiny vs diffrent tenno warframes what kind of warframe would make the perfect team to eaisly kill the gauridans without much trouble
  2. I will start off by saying that this is an Ember Rework thread, sorry for the different type of formatting in the title. We'll be discussing her current functions, where she came from, and where she is now. Then, we'll discuss how effective she is compared to other Warframes and how we can make she better. Now then, let's begin! (notice that I call this an Ember rework and not revisit. World on Fire is getting cut completely.) Now then, Ember... let's just say it, she's bad. She's not viable to me at any level of play anymore. She suffers from many different factors. After the World on Fire nerf, her surviviability has been more noticeable than ever, especially on the vast Plains of Eidolon where we are "encouraged" to spend much time during the game. Her low damage output for what is supposed to be the damage Frame is slightly better than it was before and none of the actual issues that people had with Ember were addressed. And now it's "anything under level 40"? Her whole thing is ever less effective than it was before, and makes her theoretically weaker, considering her damage can't reach far enough to control the areas that would be putting her down. The reason she will continue to be weak in this day and age of Warframe is because just damage can't do crap. She needs utility. The exact opposite, actually. While she is technically stronger, now she's more prone to death than ever. Nerfing the range on her World on Fire throws her surviviability in the trash, making her more prone to damage due to her not having a good enough effect on the battlefield. World on Fire is also now pretty much the least capable of clearing rooms effectively. A Lenz does it faster. This doesn't mean that I want to see World on Fire go back to what it was before. I feel that her fourth ability should be so much more. Now that that's been said, let's hop straight into how to make Ember good! And before you guys start arguing with me about "she's very good... with this augment!" I mean without an Augment. The Ember Rework - Sixth Degree Burns _____ Passive - Ignition - It is a theoretically good passive. However, with the fact that only about four or five different things can cause Ember to take fire damage, you're hardly ever gonna' get that 10 energy per second and 35% extra power strength. Additionally, Ember isn't anywhere among the tank Frames, so she won't be able to normally benefit from it with the ridiculous enemy scaling. NEW Passive - Wildfire enemies closer to Ember have more of a chance to suffer a Heat proc, heat procs last twice as long 100% chance when 1 meter away diminishes by 5% per meter increased Heat proc chance is additive This new proposed passive is very useful (and practical), encouraging you to use heat-based weapons to increase you survivability by forcing enemies to panic. It also has high damage potential, considering enemies will suffer the burning effect for much longer than usual. 1ST - Fire Ball - Still isn't that good, but it is pretty close to getting there. The charge up time to get the max Fire Ball effect is way too slow and isn't good enough to use. Fire Ball itself is also pretty slow. Let's take the general concept and make it a bit more useful in higher levels. increase projectile fight speed of normal Fire Ball by 20% charging to the max changes Fire Ball to a two handed action much bigger Fire Ball much faster travel time guaranteed knockdown chance with added blast damage fire damage is doubled, along with area damage. current lingering AOE effect shall be effected by range 75% fire status chance This should make the ideas that DE were going for much much better to use, and also fun! Like a Kamehameha, but Fire? Wait! It's a burning Spirit Ball! 2ND - Accelerant - It's pretty good already. I want to just give it a tiny buff and little extra addition. Accelerant Stun equal for all enemies (5 seconds, not effected by duration) enemies are opened to melee finishers This will further increase Ember's survivability while her 4th ability isn't active, giving her more protection and after effects in the midst of battle. 3RD - Fire Blast - Probably the worst ability in Ember's kit. Fire Blast isn't practical to use at all in a game like Warframe. It's primary function forces you to stand still and let the ring around you keep enemies away, and it's a fairly small ring at that (that doesn't even do what it's supposed to). The expanding ring on cast is alright at best, but the effect only lasts for 3 seconds which is absolutely nothing. On top of that its damage is absolutely terrible. The only situation this would ever be even somewhat practical in is Infestation missions because most of them can't shoot you. However, DE has been shoving the Grineer down our throats since day 1, so the ability should be useful across all factions. Fire Wave the wave of expanding Plasma will burn away enemy armor and deal high damage over the duration armor strip rate is 2/4/6/8 % per second for 6 seconds (effected by duration and strength) damage per second is 70/140/210/280 (effected by strength) wave radius is now effected by range Ember's new Passive can increase the duration of armor strip Fire Ring the ring made at the cast point will strip armor even faster and deal more damage armor strip rate is 4/8/12/16 % per second (effected by strength) damage per second is 100/200/300/400 (effected by strength) ring now has a 5 meter radius and is 1 meter thick (effected by range) Ring can now burn projectiles shot through it 50% burn chance (effected by strength) Ember's new Passive can affect the ability's potency remove added fire damage inside the ring added synergy w/ 4th ability (see fourth ability) New Augment Eruption - every 3 seconds, big geysers of plasma and fire erupt from the ground, damaging and knocking down nearby enemies each geyser drains 5 energy These proposed changes to Ember's Fire Blast will actually allow her to scale much higher into the game, and allow her to achieve her intended damage potential. Fire Blast will be much more useful and see regular usage at higher levels. Don't freak out at the removal of added fire damage here. The Augment however is a very useful skill. It's pretty much what Fire Quake is now, but stationary and effective within the range of Fire Blast, encouraging you to stay nearby. Very good for defenses. 4TH - (NEW) Ancient Inferno - World on Fire no longer has a place in the game, so I'm suggesting it be removed completely. With DE recently looking at older ability design and changing it up. Same case with her World on Fire as you know. Previously, World on Fire was a high range ability that dealt decent damage for "Starchart" content for little to no energy cost. This damage however lost scaling power very quickly, giving her the position of only being good for stuff below 50. Now, World on Fire can't clear rooms, which really takes away the "World" part from it. It also does more damage. But the limited range takes away survivability from Ember and Firequake. This new ability will adopt the added fire damage from Fire Blast's Ring and allow Ember to do much more damage and have some added utility. And if DE can break promises by adding in a new ability for Zephyr after they said they aren't making new abilities, then I can do it too (sorry I'm still kinda' salty about that). Ember burns like the sun, unleashing the violent and godlike power of fire across the battlefield. 75 energy to cast, 10 additional energy per second Gating Flames - main function enemies within 10 meters (not effected by range) take 300/600/900/1,200 fire damage (effected by strength) with guaranteed status chance each enemy killed by Ember adds to the damage and range of Burning Ashes - main end function Burning Ashes - main end fuction on ability end, Ember erupts, dealing massive (heat and blast) damage to all enemies within 15 meters (not effected by range) while also blinding them with smoke and ashes enemies killed by Gating Flames or Ember add onto the damage and range of Burning Ash Eruption calculations for Burning Ash damage and range additions every 500 points is 100 extra points of damage, every 2000 points is 1 extra meter accumulates 50% of enemy health and/or shields for additional damage, and 50% for extra range bypasses obstacles in the environment, but not level geometry (bypasses things such as Blunts, but not walls) Mending Overheat - secondary function yay! the possible return of overheat! Ember gains 100% more fire damage to all attacks, and gains 50% damage reduction, along with healing 30 per second to her and all allies in range extra fire damage not affected by strength, damage reduction effected by strength (maxed at 75%), and healing rate affected by strength w/ range not effected (range is 10 meters, increases with enemies killed) synergies Fire Blast enemies Ember kill while inside the ring have a 50% additional increase to the Burning Ashes counter New Augment World On Fire - Ember ignites an entire room on fire (30 meters), dealing 300 damage per second to all enemies who enter the field with a 50% status chance. ignited duration is 30 seconds energy cost is 100 I know this sounds very overloaded and complicated, but it's really good, and the extended use is not encouraged because of the high energy cost. It can serve multiple different purposes and can put Ember back on the radar for high damage in an almost "Equinox" like way with the scaling per kill. The Mending Overheat function will make up for the low range, back returning that boost of survivability and Ember can finally benefit allies! Also, World on Fire actually feels like the World's on Fire and can be used defensively now as an augment. That'll be all for the Ember changes I propose! So... thanks everyone a ton for reading along, and I hope you enjoy the tweaks I propose to Ember, let me know what I missed or got wrong and also let me know if you'd like to see any changes to Ember and what those changes are! Thanks for reading along Tenno. Whoo, that was I lot to type.
  3. (PS4)FrosTy-abirfaruk

    Best solo frame?

    whats the best solo frame?
  4. (PS4)meehnohim

    Neglected frames

    Hey DE first let meeh say I respect you as the creators and meeh just a player but as a long time veteran in Warframe I'm surprised you would rework saryn who was and is still dominant while wukong basically can't die but does nothing besides his 4 to bring real damage same with Titania and nyx I just would love to see the rarely used frames get some love
  5. If you like this topic, want to critique my thoughts &/or ideas, &/or have your own ideas that you want to contribute, please post a reply as it will help keep the topic visible. From what I currently understand of Melee 3.0: No more attacking through walls. This line of sight nerf supposedly affects objects as well? Maiming Strike >will still work< with this, just that we can't take advantage of it from behind a wall in safety. All melee weapons will have their range adjusted, in which DE stated sparring & fist weapons will be buffed in range, while staves & polearms will be nerfed. Reach & Primed Reach will supposedly be nerfed as well. The direction of Ground Slams can be controlled to move towards the cursor/reticule, allowing Ground Slams to be aimed. No more Channelling. It will be merged with Parry/Block, which will cause every instance of Parrying to behave as if they were Channelled, reducing damage as Channelled Parrying currently does. It will still cost energy, but will most likely have a buff to efficiency. The Combo Counter will have the damage multipliers be easier to achieve, but only Heavy attacks will benefit from it, & will reset the Combo Counter back to 0. To make up for the damage loss on part of regular attacks no longer getting stronger from Combos, all melee weapons will have a base damage buff of 2-3x (ballpark). Heavy attacks will be moved to the defunct Channelling Command as a separate attack from regular melee attacks. What I think of it: No more Maiming Reach spin to win meta. The staff, polearm, Reach, & Primed Reach nerfs are worrying. I assume DE is attempting to have melee weapons use a range the same as their literal length & size. Having melee attacks being blocked by general clutter seems pretty bad, but as long as dead bodies are excluded from the list of clutter, I personally don't see any issues. I am seeing complaints that melee hit boxes are horrid & that they'll become more apparent with the melee line of sight nerf. I myself haven't experienced anything truly bad, or uncorrectable, out of any specific melee, but any bad things I do remember about the melee hit boxes are really down to the attack animations & the game properly reading the position of the striking element on a given melee weapon throughout those attack animations. As an example, Astral Twilight had (it was fixed) an attack within one of the combos (don't remember the combo) where no matter how close a player was to an enemy or where they stood, that one attack would hit the ground effectively in front the toes of their warframe, causing the attack to only be good for hitting Crawlers, even though the attack animation itself appears like it should be hitting about 1m in front of the warframe somewhat below chest height. That's the game not properly placing the strike element of the melee weapon. Problems like this are so easy to fix I honestly do not understand this freakout over the line of sight nerf "supposedly" making the issue "more obvious". It was always obvious & clearly broken, so no one should pretend the line of sight nerf is somehow going to make it worse. Other problems like weapon clipping & the range changes are also similarly easy fixes. All the potential problems that could arise from the line of sight nerf can be patched with relative ease on part of the devs. If anyone feels I'm ignoring these issues more than I should, let me know. Sweet stuff. Nothing but good thoughts. Channelling can stay >mostly the same<, but will still take tweaking (will explain). If this change happens though, this qualifies as a nerf to Parry/Block. With Parry/Block & Channelling merged, that means players will be forced to Channel while Blocking/Parrying whether they want to or not, eating energy while doing so. Every single instance of Parrying will now waste energy by default. That's the nerf, which will be very, >very< bad for Parrying, regardless of the buff to Parrying. Unless DE can find a way to keep regular Parrying, this will be one change, I believe, a good number of players will hate. & 5. As long as the damage buff can adequately make up for the loss of the Combo Counter as we know it, this will be very good. If not, very bad. I'm still somewhat worried that the indirect nerf to all Combo Counter mods will cause even a 3x buff to not be good enough. Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds, & the Gladiator set bonus will be indirectly nerfed by these changes. Body Count, Drifting Contact, Gladiator Rush, & Relentless Combination will be less affected, but their use will be scrutinized that much more due to the indirect nerfs to the previously mentioned mods & the changes that caused them. 6. The Heavy attack doesn't need a separate button. What it does need is an improved input. DE & many players believe the Heavy attack needs its own special button because it's disrupted by a regular attack before the Heavy attack can be executed. The reason this happens is because the Melee Attack Command registers & executes from an input of >Press<, causing the program to execute the command from that initial input before moving on to the following >Hold< input. What could & should happen instead is have the Melee Attack Command register from an input of >Release<. This allows the program to register a button press for a melee attack command as a preparatory command >before< executing any melee attacks. My personal suggestion for Channelling & the Combo Counter: Instead of the Heavy attack being affected by the Combo Counter, make it Channelling that's affected. Channelling no longer takes energy, but will instead take its cost out of the Combo Count. Right now a standard Channelled attack costs 5 energy. It will instead cost 5 Combo attacks. If a player has a combo of 5, that's enough for 1 Channelled attack. I understand that the current energy cost of Channelling is based on number of enemies hit. That means if a single attack hits 4 enemies, that attack costs 20 energy. A great change would be if the cost only applies to the attack itself. A single Channelled attack will cost 5 energy no matter how many enemies it connects with. Furthermore, a Channelled attack should only cost energy if it connects with at least one enemy or other valid target. Hitting nothing should cost nothing but time. Replace 'energy' with 'combo' & that's my idea. Using the current Combo Counter & multiplier, a combo of 5 will get a 1.5x multiplier, or 50% more damage. For every time a player has a combo of 5, that will enable the option to use 1 Channelled attack that deals 50% more damage. A combo of 15 will get a multiplier of 2x, or 100% more damage. In this case, the player has the option of using 1 Channelled attack that deals 100% more damage. A combo of 10 has a multiplier of 1.5x for 50% more damage. Here, the player has the option of using 2 Channelled attacks that both deal 50% more damage. A combo of 45, 2.5x multiplier, enables 1 Channelled attack that deals 150% more damage. A combo of 30, 2x multiplier, enables 3 Channelled attacks that all deal 100% more damage. Notice the pattern? Each time the next combo multiplier is achieved, the entire previous combo is bankrolled into the next level... a singular, more powerful Channelled attack. The combo must then be continued to maximize the benefit of the current Combo Tier. See how a combo of 30 is better than a combo of 45? Again, a combo of 30 enables 3 Channelled attacks that all deal 100% more damage, while a combo of 45 enables only 1 measly Channelled attack that deals 150% more damage. This forces players to be aware of their own ever changing melee potential & to measure their strikes in response to this. Believe it or not, but having to put more brain work into an activity can make it more fun to perform, to a degree of course, like anything else. As for the Combo Counter itself. I >do not< know the planned 3.0 combo requirements or what multipliers they would grant as DE has not decided on anything in which that data could be derived from. Either way, there's this nifty ability in the Naramon school tree called "Power Spike". What it does is prevent the Combo Counter from resetting completely to 0 when the Combo Timer is triggered. Instead, it causes the Combo Count to decrease by certain predetermined amounts each time the Combo Timer is triggered. At ranks 1/2/3/4, for each moment the Combo Timer is triggered, the Combo Count decreases by 20/15/10/5, respectively. I believe that this feature should be built into the Combo Timer, with the default rate of decrease being 30. The Combo Timer is 3s at default before mods & passives, so after that 3s, a combo of 30 resets to 0, & a combo of 60 resets to 30 after that same 3s. The feature I mentioned about the bankrolling of combos into the next multiplier tier >has no bearing< on the function of this combo reduction feature. Just because a player got a fresh multiplier tier of 3x at a combo of 135 doesn't mean that the Combo Timer causes a full reset to 0 from that bankroll. That combo of 135 will reduce to 105 in a normal fashion. NOTE: Again, remember that the Combo Counter is planned to be changed. I'm only using the current one as an example. Finally. Parrying. Parrying as it is now, I feel is kind of weak. I'd like it if a regular Parry could stun, if not stagger, enemies >if< skillfully timed. That applies to both Parrying against melee attacks & bullets, to include harpoon attacks, which would result in a quick animation of dragging the attacker towards the player, but only if the enemy is light. If a heavy unit uses a harpoon attack, the rope or line will simply be cut with a following triggered animation. If the parry is too long or used too often, the enemy becomes much less likely to be stunned or staggered, as they will brace themselves against reflected & repulsed attacks & projectiles. The block chance, instead of reducing damage, will run as randomized. A successful block will completely nullify a given attack. Explosives & AoEs are still an exception to this, but instead, well timed attacks (well aimed for guns) against explosive projectiles, & certain AoE ones, will disarm them (detonate when shooting). Attempting to block an explosive or AoE projectile will only remove the direct damage from getting hit physically by the projectile, but the explosive & AoE damage will still be dealt in full. Since daggers have a 35% block, instead of reducing damage by 35%, that chance is run as to whether the attack deals damage at all. Blocking a melee attack has an improved chance over blocking projectiles. Reflecting an attack has a reduced chance based on block chance, but can be massively improved when timed as I suggested. Timed blocks will increase block chance as well. Only reflected projectiles will stun or stagger enemies. Every successful reflection contributes to the combo count. For a Channelled parry, a reflection is guaranteed always & effectively functions the same as how I described my recommended Channelled attack. The chance of stunning or staggering will be affected & buffed by the combo multiplier, as is the reflected damage.
  6. PS4 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8 NEW WARFRAME: KHORA Tenno and beast, red in whip and claw. Khora and her Kavat companion, Venari, embody lethal versatility. Two bodies, one will. PASSIVE The ferocious kavat, Venari, fights by Khora's side and provides her with a speed boost while active. If killed, Venari will reappear after a short time. WHIPCLAW Send enemies reeling with a deafening whipcrack. ENSNARE Bind a hapless target in living metal, entangling others who stray too close. Whipclaw will refresh the trap allowing it to capture more enemies. VENARI Command Venari to focus on a target. Hold to cycle between Attack, Protect, and Heal postures. If Venari is killed, use this ability to revive her instantly. STRANGLEDOME Weave a dome of living chain that ensnares and strangles any enemy within, and any foolish enough to approach. Foes outside the trap will try to hasten their comrade's deaths by shooting them. Crack Whipclaw on the dome to further damage any trapped enemies. NEW WEAPONS AND ACCESSORIES KHORA DELPHI HELMET A uniquely-styled alternate Helmet for Khora. KERATA SYANDANA Flowing lines meet sharpened spikes in Khora’s signature Syandana. HYSTRIX Fire, ice, electricity, or poison: choose an element and launch a flurry deadly quills. This versatile sidearm is Khora’s signature weapon. *Guaranteed Elemental Status Effect on each hit, in addition to Status Effects from the weapon's Status Chance. *Blueprint available in the in-game Market DUAL KERES Tear through any target with these vicious, claw-like blades. The signature swords of Khora. *Blueprint available in the in-game Market VELDT Precise calibration, rapid trigger-pull and a steady hand all combine to bring down the hardiest prey on two legs or four. *Can be researched in the Tenno Lab Dojo room NEW ZAW PARTS! Hok’s busier than a mime with a skin rash, but has acquired some new Zaw parts for your crafting pleasure! Find him in Cetus today! SEPFAHN A balanced Zaw Strike for Nikana and Staff weapons. A steady blade for steady hands. RABVEE A heavy Zaw Strike for Machete and Hammer weapons. Measure twice, strike once... heavily. DOKRAHM A light Zaw Strike for Scythe or Hammer weapons. Lightweight, for flash and bite. SHTUNG A two-handed Zaw Grip for measured strikes and greater impact. KORB A one-handed Zaw Grip for measured strikes and greater impact. TennoGen Bundle XXV Nyx Graxx Skin by Faven Rhino Graxx Skin by Faven Nova Lamia Skin by Mz-3 Rhino Vojnik Skin by Volkovyi Magesty Orthos Skin by prosetisen NEW WARFRAME AUGMENTS *shown at max rank (at max rank) Nezha - Blazing Chakram Augment: Reaping Chakram The Chakram flies through enemies. Each enemy hit increases it’s damage and healing by 2x. *Available as an offering from Steel Meridian and Cephalon Suda Syndicates Ivara - Artemis Bow Augment: Concentrated Arrow Fires a single arrow that, on headshots, has +50% critical chance and explodes in a 7-meter radius. Removes punch through. *Available as an offering from Cephalon Suda and The Perrin Sequence Syndicates Equinox - Mend & Maim Augment: Energy Transfer 100% of charge is conserved when switching between forms. *Available as an offering from Arbiters of Hexis and New Loka Syndicates Mesa - Peacemaker Augment: Mesa’s Waltz Mesa can move at 50% speed while using Peacemaker. *This is a reworked existing Conclave Augment that applies to both Conclave and PvE *Equippable in the Exilus Slot *Available as an offering from Steel Meridian, Red Veil, and Teshin (Conclave) Syndicates New Endless Gamemode - SANCTUARY ONSLAUGHT //Message From: Cephalon Simaris //Subject: An experiment “Hunter, you have proven your dedication to the cause. It is time to enlighten you, to show you what we have built together. It is time to enter the Sanctuary. In the simulated universe of the Sanctuary, my data-immortals have fought each other countless times. Through this violence, I have studied and documented their true character. But my study cannot be complete without the power of the Tenno, the most powerful specimen in the system — you. Your duty in this experiment is to kill as many specimens as efficiently as possible. In this chaos, the true nature of these creatures will be revealed... as will yours.” - Cephalon Simaris PREREQUISITES Must complete The New Strange quest. WHERE TO GO Talk to Cephalon Simaris at his Sanctuary in any Relay OR select Sanctuary Onslaught in the Syndicate World State Window tab. NEW TERMS ZONES: The equivalent of a 'Wave', 'Round', etc! This is a new Endless mode, thus, new terminology! DATA-CONDUITS: Portals to the simulated combat! (X) EFFICIENCY: The means to keep a Conduit open! WHAT TO DO Enter the Conduit to the Sanctuary and maintain Efficiency against increasingly difficult Specimens for 2.5 minutes. Each Specimen you kill attributes to your overall Efficiency, with Eximus Specimens attributing more. Efficiency Stimulus’ are spawned per zone that each grant 10% Efficiency - use them wisely! Each zone after the first triggers a 45 second Focus Boost that scales in multiplier (MAX of 16x) - kill Specimens as fast as you can! When a zone is complete, Simaris will open a Data-Conduit to a new and harder zone within his Sanctuary. ELITE SANCTUARY ONSLAUGHT (HARD MODE): Welcome to Simaris’ true stress test. Each week Simaris simulates a predetermined sequence of tilesets and Elite Specimens. This Onslaught is not for the leisurely, as Specimens are stronger and Simaris’ rewards for your Elite data mimic your efforts. Fight relentlessly and repeatedly until your fingers bleed - this please Simaris. TIPS Simaris seeks data on the Elite using his own rules. This is his simulation, after all, and his rules are: No Gear! The Gear wheel, Specters, and Emotes are disabled in Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite. Strictly no Dancing in Simaris' world. Simaris demands only Rank 30 Warframes can compete in the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. An overuse of Warframe abilities in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught can skew Simaris’ data. You may find he has different tolerance levels against ultimates than first abilities. You may never even encounter this rule, but if you do, know that it is only temporary. Each Conduit entered/Zone advanced removes current buffs, active Warframe abilities, combo multipliers, and resets Energy to the respective base level. Harder enemies from a baseline! The amount of Efficiency Stimulus that spawn decreases the deeper you go into the Sanctuary. Simaris is (somewhat) kind and will always spawn at least 1. Increase your pace! The deeper you go into the Sanctuary the faster your Efficiency drops. Specimens do not drop real-world things like Mods/Resources in Simaris’ Sanctuary. Rewards certainly do exist, though. Focus Boons and Reward Tables (below) aplenty! Leaderboards are available based on overall score for both Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught that Simaris will reset weekly. REWARDS Rewards are given per 2 successful zones in an AABC rotation in both Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. 2 Zones = Rotation A 4 Zones = Rotation A 6 Zones = Rotation B 8 Zones = Rotation C Sanctuary Onslaught Rewards: Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Rewards: Operation: Plague Star Returns! (Going live on Thursday, May 10th - Monday, May 22nd) Rally your Squad and defend the Plains of Eidolon! A mysterious meteorite has crashed just outside of Cetus revealing a horrific boil. The boil is growing and the Ostrons have sighted infested lifeforms emerging from it. We need to act now before they make their way to Cetus. Konzu has received reports that Vay Hek possesses a toxin that can destroy the boil. But Vay Hek won’t help; he sees this infested boil as a means to rid the Plains of Cetus and the Ostrons. We need to get ahold of the toxin and destroy the boil before it becomes unstoppable. Visit Konzu in Cetus to learn his plan for retrieving the toxin from Vay Hek. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO Konzu has a Plague Star Specific Bounty for you. Completing the series of Bounty Missions will earn you continued OPERATION STANDING to shop for all the Event Rewards! You should to speak to Konzu at Cetus to begin running the Plague Star Bounty! WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The Plague Star Bounty starts with enemies in the Medium difficulty range, but you can increase the stakes. The more Bounties you complete, the more standing you earn toward something new: Operation Syndicate! NAKAK, the oddities vendor, represents the OPERATIONAL SUPPLY Syndicate for Operation: Plague Star! The Rewards NAKAK holds to exchange for standing aren't just vanity - some allow you to increase the stakes to earn more! More details can be found here: General Additions: Added option to Return to Orbiter from the Simulacrum. Five new tradeable Captura Scenes - available as Sanctuary Onslaught rewards. CORPUS SHIP FREIGHT SCENE GRINEER SETTLEMENT ARTILLERY SCENE LUA BALCONY SCENE KUVA FORTRESS CREVICE SCENE GRINEER SEALAB CENTRIFUGE SCENE Added 9 Fan Art Displays that were featured on Prime Time to the Codex! Kuva Survival Changes & Fixes: Taveuni node on the Kuva Fortress now indicates that it’s a Kuva Survival as opposed to a regular Survival. Removed a tile in the Kuva Fortress Survival tileset that had recurring spawning problems. Fixed Life Support Towers sometimes not accepting Kuva Catalysts. Fixed new incoming Life Support Towers sometimes overlapping Towers which were activated and had yet to disappear. Fixed "Time" on Kuva Harvester UI only being localized to the Host's language. Fixed Kuva Catalyst pickup and Life Support warning transmissions playing more than once. Fixed Kuva Harvester UI overlapping and lingering on screen. General Survival Changes: Incoming Life Support markers now show in-world and flash, instead of on the minimap only. The Extraction marker now shows at every rotation C for 60 seconds (as well as the original 5 mins), and when players are at Extraction and triggered the countdown. Small Survival pickup markers no longer stick to screen edges to reduce clutter. General Changes: Minor changes to Zephyr Hagoromo skin that improve overall aesthetic. Changed Fomorian drop rates to the following: 400 Endo Common (38.72%) Imperator Vandal Barrel Uncommon (11.28%) Imperator Vandal Receiver Uncommon (11.28%) Imperator Vandal Blueprint Common (38.72%) Corrected some Sugatra positioning on Infested Zaws. Updated many Glyph descriptions formatting and removed mentions of "Skin" in some. You can now Quick Melee while Spearfishing in the Plains! Increased Nezha’s Blazing Chakram base Damage to 250. Ability Strength Mods now affect both Health restore and Damage (previously was just Health). Made spawn improvements to Kuva Catalysts to avoid getting stuck in geometry or unreachable places. Opened more previously locked walls in the Void that hold item Containers. Friends' current location/activity is now displayed next to their names in the quick invite panel (same as what is shown in the actual Communication > Friends list). Toned down some fog effects in the Grineer Asteroid tileset. Improved performance issues when firing the Furis or Kohm. Removed unnecessary ragdoll from all the Eidolon variants, as it was only causing issues when attempting to kill it with knockdown weapons as seen here: Optimized Helios' Investigator Precept: it should now find targets more than 10x faster and no longer causes periodic spikes in frame-time as high as 7ms. Improved performance of a few “laser beam” effects (including security cameras, Mirage's Prism, trip lasers, etc). Kuva Guardians will now play their disarming animation properly, instead of having their Twin Rogga’s magically appear into their hands. Removed Excalibur’s 3 second cooldown on Radial Blind. Removed Weekly Kills Leaderboards and Leaderboard Top 20 placement notification . Improved enemy navigation in the Infested Corpus Ship tileset. Conclave Fixes: Fixed Warframe Conclave stats appearing inconsistent in the Arsenal. Fixes: Hotfix #1 - May 10th Fixed Saryn's Toxic Lash consuming energy but not applying to Melee as intended. Also fixed the ability appearing greyed out in the Arsenal stating "Stats with Mods Coming Soon". Hotfix #2 - May 15th Fixed Depth of Field and Motion Blur taking a hiatus. They can now be enabled with the intended results.
  7. As it says on the tin. This bug has been around for at least several months (probably longer), been reported repeatedly, and applies to the following weapons: Gunsen All Nikanas (will show through the scabbard) Venka Prime Sigma and Octantis (only shows in mission and will temporarily disappear at random) Glaive Prime Orvius There are possibly a few other weapons, but these are ones that I have seen so far. If anyone has seen this on any other weapons, reply to this post and I'll add them to the list. More than likely this affects consoles as well. This bug is fairly easy to replicate. Simple turn off Elemental Weapon FX under options, equip any of these weapons (don't just preview them) in the arsenal and mod them for any type of elemental damage. Elemental FX will show up on the blade in mission and in the arsenal (with one noted exception). Fixes for this have been requested for some time in numerous update feedback threads to no avail. It would be GREATLY appreciated if this could be fixed soon. If you can address size scaling issues with weapon skins within a day or two, this should be really easy to fix. Thanks for reading!
  8. Tenno Guards of Destiny is Recruiting There's a small clan on PS4, formed originally by members of a Destiny raiding clan. We're now ready to expand! The purpose of keeping our clan at a max of 30 members is to make sure that we're always a group of friends playing together. There are plenty of clans to join with hundreds of players if you just want the research and trading post. But if you become a Tenno Guard you'll make a real difference, meet some great people from around the world, and become a friend! There's an easy path to leadership if you want, or just kick back and hang out slaughtering the masses. Whatever path you want to take within the game, they'll be a friend here to play and talk with! We have all of the weapons researched, except the Hema (so many Mutagen Samples), and we're only missing an archwing part or two. I played the game back in 2013-14 on PC leaving in February, but everyone else in the clan is fairly new, starting back in November. We've been doing Sorties almost daily, as long as there's people interested. There's also a few people running Eidolon hunts for you to join if you're so inclined. We have a discord, but most of the conversation happens either in-game, in PS4 party chat, or a PSN Messenger group. The ideal player that I'm looking for is somebody who's active weekly. I'd prefer you to have a mic, but it's not at all mandatory. There's no Mastery Rank requirement either. In fact, I'd say that I'm mostly looking for relative newcomers who want a friendly group of people to explore the Warframe universe with. If you have any questions, you can certainly ask! Please let me know either here if you're interested. You can also message me, DaThornz, or BeastVT in-game or on PSN for an invite or more information! See you out there, -CW
  9. I wanted to get some recommendations on how well I could sell a Supra Riven mod, it requires MR 10 and I have it at rank 4, offering the following stats: +73.5% Damage +25.4% Magazine Capacity +39.6% Toxin If maxed to rank 8 the stats would be: +132.4% Dmg. +45.7% Magazine Cap. +71.3% Toxin. I was thinking that I could sell it at around 250 plat and 370 plat if max rank, but I'm fairly new to WFrame and I don't really know what would a correct price. Any recommendations and help would be highly appreciated.
  10. Banshee Prime 50p Braton Prime 20p Burston Prime 20p Cernos Prime 30p Gorgon Wraith 20p Paris Prime 20p Tigris Prime 30p Ballistica Prime 30p Bronco Prime 20p Fang Prime 20p Kronene Prime Blades x2 10peach Silva & Aegis Prime 30p Helios Prime 20p Burston Puraata Infested dmg 57% Dmg 176.5% 4 rolls ?? Broken Scepter Decitis Status Duration 118.5% Crit Dmg 104.6% ?? Corinth Gelicron Cold 84.9% Crit Chance 84.5% ?? Ether Reaper 131.3% CC 118.1% CD 110.1% Cold Finisher Dmg -141.7% ?? Sonicor 42.% status Duration 41%tatus Chance 94.6% Dmg -32.8% Zoom ?? Dehtat CD 117.7% heat 114.4% Salsh -58.3% ?? Sonicor 58.4% CC 32.3% CD 36.9%Cold ?? Jat Kittag Elec 46.2% CC 52.9% Melee Dmg 96.5% ?? Open to Any Prices Just pm me and we can hash it out
  11. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Ember Won't Be Viable Until Some Changes Are Made

    The state that you left Ember in is quite... embarrassing, to say the least. It's actually insulting to the players that love Ember that you just "attempt" to revisit her and then let her rot without actually fixing her issues. This is actually a problem. While I do like what you guys have been doing this year, fixing all the issues by rebuilding everything from the ground-up, you're moving way too fast, and some things are being left behind in the end, one of those being Ember. And on top of that, my salt has reached almost-- unfathomable levels with the recent Saryn changes and all of her buffs. So here's what I think, I know you guys like to design your Frames your way, but you guys need to stop and listen to your players, and I don't mean the vocal majority (because look what happened to Zephyr's Tail Wind and Dive Bomb), I mean the calculated minority who has great ideas! And if you can't take this up I just have one question for you guys... How long are you just gonna' let Ember rot?
  12. I'm looking for Panthera Riven with -zoom Multishot, damage, Critcal chance, -Zoom Multishot, critical chance, critical damage -Zoom Damage, critical chance, critica damage -Zoom critical chance, Critcal damage -Zoom Pm me screenshot and offer on Psn thank you for your time Tenno
  13. (PS4)Crackle2012

    Console & PC Controller / Gamepad Suggestions

    Ayyyoooo Tenno!!! This thread is mainly for players that play on console, or for PC players that happen to use a game pad / controller! If by chance some suggestions are thrown in by PC players, they are more than welcome! I'd love to see some controller QoL for KB and Mouse / Steam Controllers as well! This thread is the result of me playing a LOT of Warframe on both Console (PS4) -- and PC over the past two years or so. There are, and always will be some disparity between the controls for any given game on a Controller vs a Keyboard and Mouse, however my goal is to collect as much feedback as possible, with the help of everyone, and hopefully close the gap in controller functionality on Warframe for PC vs Warframe on Consoles! (or at the very least, get controllers some QoL upgrades!) With that said, I'll just hop right to it! ------------------------------------------ The following Layout is what I like to call "All Thumbs" - Thank you to (PS4)Sreza for this picture!. He is also the one who turned me on to this entire way of thinking when playing Warframe on console. Please note: There are two main goals with this layout 1. To have all the abilities on the D - Pad (which helps greatly with the "hold to charge / use and tap to swap abilities) such as Ivara's Quiver or Inaros' Scarab Swarm & Devour. 2. To have everything in a place, so that you have to take your thumbs off of the controller as LITTLE as possible at any given time to perform any sort of parkour maneuver / jump / roll etc.... because it just simply "doesn't feel 100% like Warframe" unless you have full control of your Slide, Crouch, and Jump buttons readily available while maintaining control over both your movement (left joystick), and your aim / look (Right Joystick) For the above lay out, there are several things to note: Jump is on R3, and yes it is insanely hard to get used to, but I promise you, if you force yourself to try it this way or, alternatively, putting jump on R1 for a week or two, you will not go back. I would prefer to have R1 as my jump key, but then that forces me to put Melee/ quick melee on R3 - as I cannot deal with melee being on Triangle, Square, Circle, or X. The absolute best way to melee in Warframe, is to have attacks alligned to camera turned "ON" (also a toggle in the options) This makes it so that, you aim your melee with your right joystick, just as you would a gun. In regards to the above two bullet points: The reason that we do this, is there are some combo's on certain stances that require you to hold "back" while pressing the melee button. & Unless allign attacks to camera is toggled "On", your character is most likely always going to turn backwards and whiff whatever you are wanting to hit for that particular swing. All abilities are readily available on the D pad for "tapping to switch, or Hold to use" -- Note that Context action is also the Reload Button via the options menu toggle for that Crouch is set to "toggle" - but that's purely preference with this load out, however it does allow you to do a "super roll" of sorts. (See below later in the thread, as I plan on demonstrating this with a video on PC and then again on Console.) - but a quick explanation of how to do this, would be to sprint forward, hold crouch to slide and then VERY quickly tap to roll while you still have momentum going from the slide. (This is not possible currently unless crouch is set to toggle, and even when performed with precise timing, it is "not" the same as hitting Roll + Crouch at the same time on PC) -- which sends you "very far" and it is extremely useful in almost all situations Last but not least, one MAJOR inconsistency is fixed when using the above layout by simply swapping Melee Channel and Block to L2 and R2, respectively. This allows you to use L2 for aim gliding whether you are using a Gun, or going all out Melee. Other small up-sides of this lay out: Using Archwing Super boost by pressing R3 -- allowing you full control while boosting. (It is normally X) Having Gear slots Hotkeyed No need for a power menu button at all with this layout, or the "use ability" button. Also please note that Power E = Focus ability, and is bound to swipe "up" on the D pad. Downsides: No room for the "reverse camera" or "shoulder swap bind" Hard to get used to because of Jump being on R3. --------------------------- Layout 2 -- Which I will just call "Default / Custom" because it is simply the "new" controller defaults, but switched around a little bit. -- Huge thanks to (PS4)Viggorrah for providing me with this pic! This is most often what I see when I look at someone else's custom controller -- give or take a bind here or there. Up-sides: Being able to use 2ndary fire while aiming by pressing R3 Context action and reload are separate, which results in less accidental deaths because you decided to "reload" using context action beside a void laser, which.... probably downed your entire squad if you have my luck. Not having to re-train your brain to use something other than X to Jump Something that these two customizations have in common that I would like to point out: -Neither of them use the Power Menu Button Why? - Because the power menu button cancels you out of whatever you are doing whether it be aiming down sights, charging a weapon, or even wall latching / aim gliding. Suffice to say, most players that have played Warframe as long as I have on console end up veering away from the power menu button because of this. Downsides: No shoulder swap bind (AKA: Reverse Camera in the options) Not as great for freedom of movement while aiming, as you need thumbs "off" joysticks more often. ------------------------------------------ FINALLY, we are at the entire reason for this post. I have tackled what seemed somewhat impossible, and taken the Xbox 1 controller, which has the least amount of buttons available to it, and decided to make a layout which I would use all the time, while at the same time accomplishing several QoL changes! See the proposed Layout Here: Main things to note about the above lay out: To be clear - I would not suggest the above as a default layout -- I would suggest everything except I would swap the function of the A button and R1 as defaults, simply because I know most people probably are too used to jump being on A to change. Regarding having jump on a shoulder button or R3 -- (I was stubborn at first, but now that I've changed, I won't ever go back -- I can't stress the difference it has made!) - To be honest, it's not something you are going to know that you are missing out on movement wise, unless you have played Warframe with a Keyboard and mouse. Obviously the Ps4 and Steam controllers would have more leniency with where they can put things and how many different things can be bound. However, I felt that when proposing a QoL change, the best course of action would be to do the best I could with the least amount of buttons possible. Oversights / other notes regarding the above controller layout: When making it, I overlooked and forgot to add the "place mark / waypoint" -- so I would suggest putting that on "left on the D-pad". I have separated roll and crouch/slide, as this is causing more "funky" things to happen than I care to think about right now, but here they are: 1. Cannot perform a "roll" in Arch-wing (Yes you can roll by turning quickly, but that is not what I am talking about- I am talking about being able to literally dodge missiles etc... while Aiming down sights by rolling left or right by pressing "Roll") 2. Have to toggle sprint to perform a "roll" while in abilities such as Atlas' Stonegaze or Chroma's Fire breath as opposed to just pressing "roll" 3. Even if Crouch is set to Toggle in Options, you cannot toggle crouch on a zipline, which seriously hurts their functionality as you are not free to aim and shoot while sliding across a zip-line. (this IS possible on PC with toggle crouch "on") 4. You cannot do the "super roll" that I've mentioned earlier in the post as efficiently due to not being able to pressing Roll and Crouch to slide at the same exact time. (Will insert Video's here ASAP) No direct bind for focus ability -- just activated / deactivated by pressing 2 shoulder buttons at the same time, or both joystick (Seems fine?) Tap to switch through abilities but hold to use that ability, or inverse that and hold to switch and tap to use (bound to Right on the D-pad) then have the "use ability" button work the exact same way for Ivara's quiver / Inaros Scarab Swarm / Devour / Vaubans Traps etc.... I've squashed Toggle Melee channel in with context action AND reload as this is the only way I was able to fit everything. I don't see how this would cause any conflict, however, since you can't reload a melee weapon, and you can't channel a gun. Separated Quick Melee and "All out Melee" -- Replaced "fire gun" with "all out melee" on R2 depending on if you are in melee / holding a gun -After taking a good second, third, and fourth look at the above layout, here are some things I would change in hindsight. -put Jump / Archwing thrusters on A -Shoulder swap on R3 -Use ability on D pad UP -Remove the funkiness I have on R3 -Move Quick melee / Melee together back on R1 -Melee channel back up to R2 with "fire gun" -Possibly Context action + reload also includes "secondary fire"? -- Secondary fire if applicable and ADS'd -- reload when not applicable / not ADS'd? ---------------------------------------------------- Note: I've put hours and hours if not days, or maybe even entire "weeks" of thought into the above, and over 2 years of playing Warframe on PC and Console as my #1 hobby in order to come up with the above suggestions and notice all the differences with controls in the game. Now, what I want to know is --- What do YOU guys (The entire Warframe community) think!? -PC players that use controllers, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU TOO!! -- If you have and use a steam controller layout that you think is awesome, or you have problems with - please post them here! -XB1 & PS4 players -- do you like the controls how they currently are? is there anything else you would suggest or change!? Would you change things at all? Please, let me know! Warframe is one of the more, if not the most "controller intensive" games I have played as far as how many things are possible / bindable simply because it is so movement and Ninja / Parkour oriented, and has so many different, awesome aspects to it. The game is absolutely amazing with the current controller configurations, but I believe it "can" be made better! -- do you? What would you suggest!? Please feel free to post ANY opinions / suggestions here! Thank you everyone! :-)
  14. (PS4)maeli28011998


    Servus ich bin auf der suche nach nem Emblem Creator oder etwas wo mit ich Schnell gute embleme machen kann haben einenClan mit Paar freunde und wir sind echt am verzweifeln
  15. Hi i love this game and developers, i have been thinking about this alot and decided to let the developers know my thoughts on current standing system of cetus. I found the standing system a lil lacking in the department of a community. I understand this much after playing on POE that a community such as cetus is not very good on building emotional connection with players community as well as creating a connection for the players to keep coming back to cetus other than zaw, reward or eidolon hunts so here is my thoughts on what i think if it had would be more engaging. cetus as a community is like any other community which requires food, resources and protection. If they had all of that tenno wouldn't be asked for help or we wouldn't have bounties(talking strictly in the sense of engagement not game design) so lets talk about each of them and how us as tenno comes in. let's talk about protection, so grineer have been increasing there aggression towards the Plains for the resources and control, though the corpus have some influence on community of cetus they are there just for profit, That where players come in as an outsider community should trust us even though we helped konzu but for a community surrounded by threats is never welcoming of new faces so here is what i think should happen bounties should be given based on the trust level of the player (which is standing that's what i think at least), meaning that a new player on plains shouldn't have the option to do the 4000 standing mission, and as we grow in the community the number of bounties should grow too be it mediocre for example Konzu: "tenno some villagers are going hungry, can you hunt for us some fish that would feed 30 families/homes" so players help the community by providing food and gain trust in return as the player grows his trust the community asks for more tough tasks. just imagine you are sitting and you get a msg on your inbox that someone got kidnapped from community and they ask for your help or grineer increasing there aggression towards the gates etc etc. i think this would be more engaging for the player seeing it as their own community and themselves as protectors which in my opinion is really cool. there can be a cap on the standing per day but it should increase as players gain ranks in the community like it is in syndicates, but what i feel is providing food or resources should still provide standing be it a lil. i understand as a game there has to be a time gate which doesnt let the players maxing the whole ostron standing in one day or week so here my solution on that make it so that players can't repeat the same standing again and again and keep on repeating it, make it so they can only do it once successfully which makes sense since a community wont have 40 people captured on the plains that you're rescuing, also making it like suppose you do a high level bounty on the plains you should have the option of going for more bounties then and there or if suppose you do a high level bounty on a plain of executing someone think of it as what grineer would do. what would a totalitarian regime do if there important officer gets executed they send in hunters or death squads to deal with the one who did it. I find it very weird that we can keep executing commanders, taking control of the areas they control and releasing their prisoners but no retaliation ever comes from grineer feels very out of place. this is also make sure that if you choose to do a high level bounty first then you have to very cautious about the rest of bounties coz you'll be hunted. so here are my suggestions in a neatly presented points bounties available based on rank on cetus (more rank = high level bounty =>better rewards) ostron standing increase each rank as you grow.(for ex 16k to 24k to 32k and so on) Providing food and resources to the community not be capped or be capped separately or make it so that if you max out whatever you then provide to community will be half worth of its standing Having consequences to the bounties and make so that death squad provide rare drops with better chances will be more engaging As you grow your trust with the community you get alerts for help on inbox, but make it that these inbox msg don't go further than 2 a day As we increase our standing and ranks make the lower rank required stuff cheaper as we climb the ladder. i might be completely wrong on this aspect or just plain stupid about these changes please let me know your thoughts on this. 🙂 Thank you DE for making this game and thank you guys for this amazing community 😄
  16. (PS4)AliZarar13

    WTS A Few Rivens

    [akbolto satitis] 133 ms 94 cd 35 recoil {600P} [Castanas satiata] 204 ms 362 dmg -65 ammo max {650P} [boar visican] 227 dmg 160 ms {500P} [arca titron visicron] 100 cc 200 dmg -23 grineer {BEST OFFER} [Corinth Sci-visicron] 74 cc 145 dmg 122 slash -72sc {1000P} [Dread acri-satidra] 97 cd 64 ms 42 firerate (x2 for bows) -25 grineer {500P} [galatine cronitis] 54 cd 36 speed -20 sc {700P} [krohkur critatis] 144 cd 144 cc -55 sc {300P} [Lanka hexa-satitis] 102 sc 101 ms 127 cd -49.9 zoom {1500P} {SOLD} [Lecta plecitis] 50 cd 51 slidecrit -13 speed {550P} [opticor hexa-critatis] 139 cd 178 cc 107 sc -46 rld {1400P} [SnA hexa-geliata] 89 sc 78 cold 141 dmg -35 infested {300P} [venka acriata] 100 dmg 56 cd -26 finisherdmg 800 [soma acri-critadra] 59 cd 74 cc 25.9 firerate 550p
  17. (PS4)deadfrontier

    BUYING Kavat imprint

    Looking for a male smeeta kavat with any head (but Persian) peacock tail and blue energy color preferably.
  18. (XB1)Raptor8846

    Concerning the Grineer language

    Has DE put a bit more into this language and just not released it, or is this it? I feel like they have done more than ran it through a script. I would also like to know why the Grineer speak in almost another language while they write in English just ran through a script. It's funny to me that they don't speak English (like our English) but they write in it. I mean, haven't you noticed that what they say and what they write would be two completely different things considering that they spell current English words that would be said the same in English (except q and x), but they don't speak them. I've also been looking at the language for a bit (the quotes in their latinized versions) and have seen that there is grammar to some extent, but I would love to see some more things about the language. I feel like it could really, and i mean REALLY enhance the lore of the game and allow for some more story line and missions/events. For instance, maybe there could be an event where you have to steal cargo from the Grineer, but the cargo manifests are in their language so you'd have to translate it. I understand you could do that now, but wouldn't it be so much more interesting than just a cipher? There could also be incredibly rare stuff in the cargo and you have to have some understanding of the language to read the manifest to find out where it's at and whats inside. Kind of like how star citizen has made an entire language for the aliens to speak and the player can learn it. Anyways, I would like to know if there's more than meets the eye about the Grineer language and if not, I would love to see it become more in-depth and become an actual language rather than boring old English with symbols. What do you guys think?
  19. (PS4)deadfrontier

    WTB kavat imprint

    Looking for a male smeeta kavat with a fennec fox head and a peacock or guppy tail with a blue energy color. Message me on PS4 @Deadfrontier
  20. (PS4)Taken_Penguin

    WTS Lesion Deci-visitor

    I'm looking to sell Lesion Deci-visitor riven for 200p
  21. Fellow Tenno, I believe many of us approach our careers as Tenno in a number of ways. Soon or later we understand that the world is just so massive that keeping track of it all is quite a daunting task. This is my tool, I've finally built the courage to share back to the community. Shared at Microsoft One Drive Better choice OPEN with Excel! Shared at Google Drive Download a copy for yourself, all the cool stuff doesn't work in Google sheets Please note the Excel workbook is macro enabled. It contains both VBA code and hyperlinks to Warframe wiki pages or to other source information. Enjoy and please let me know what you think or how it works for you!
  22. Mithras Alliance Experienced members - supportive community - vibrant community -dedicated members - organized - focused on precision Highlights Over 1 yr organized & established Alliance community 30+ Clans including Leaderboard Clans 24 tournaments last year and continue to have them 2x monthly + Exclusive rewards & prizes Eidolon Groups Events Sorties Quests Alliance - Quality - Respect - Honor Tournaments 2x tournaments per month exclusive rewards & prizes Trading Trading is allowed no more than 2 time spam consecutively. Trade within alliance is beneficial for everyone, while helping others at same time. Economy Endovelicus provides plenitude to our community due to its superior economy PS4-PSN Mithras Alliance Community Page Mithras Alliance Official Page - Details - Updates - Events Requirements Clan size - Ghost - Mountain Adult warlord Leadership - 18+ age min Events - focused on precision - D.E. Leaderboard events mandatory participation Activity - leadership & member presence - clan must maintain 80% active members - required screenshot end of each month Organized - organization skills a must Following credentials required - screenshot of clan offline page inactivity & warlord profile, required conversation over VIA-PSN for final decision to enter Alliance Details & Info - Contact hardhouz PS4 VIA-PSN Thank you for your Interest in Mithras Alliance Executive Leader - hardhouz
  23. Endovelicus Prestigious Clan - focused on precision - active - vibrant community - organized - dedicated - honorable members Clan Details Clan & Alliance Logo Clan Rank MR 10 100% research plus + all color pigments + Ignis Wraith 0% Clan Tax Brilliant Architecture in Dojo - Glitch Room available Highlights Storm Clan 100-97 active members 87% Vet Members 2+ YR Clan 4 Gold Trophies Last D.E event placed in top 5# Eidolon Groups Available - Eidolon Groups Economy Endovelicus provides plenitude to our community due to its superior economy Tournaments Monthly alliance championships with exclusive rewards & clan weekly prizes PS4-PSN Endovelicus community page Endovelicus Official Page - Details - Updates - Events Requirements MR 15+ Age 18+ Min 9 day inactivity Limit Participation in D.E Leaderboard events mandatory Details & Info - Contact hardhouz PS4 VIA-PSN Thank you for your interest in Endovelicus Executive Leader hardhouz
  24. e ae galera, blz? está fazendo, basicamente, 01 semana que tive o meu primeiro contato com Warframe; vindo de 03 anos de Destiny, agora Destiny 2 (beta player, Destiny 1), identifiquei algumas semelhanças e muitas melhorias ao que eu estou acostumado e, desde então, não logo em Destiny 2; não me entendam mal, gosto muito de Destiny, mas os períodos de hiatos matam e não havia encontrado um bom jogo para preencher esta lacuna... até agora... o que proponho é juntar um grupo de jogadores inciantes, que estejam dispostos a aprender, colaborar e crescer juntos, para que a experiencia de jogo seja muito mais divertida e compensadora, afinal de contas, Warframe é um jogo cooperativo e muitas de suas atividades são excruciantes caso você esteja solo e não queira gastar infortúnios de dinheiro em platinum... para completar o bolo, temos uma vida além dos jogos, temos que saber conciliar trabalho, afazeres, esposas, filhos e diversão, não podemos jogar todos os dias, ficar muitas horas online, etc, além de outros games que não deixaremos para trás, eu, particularmente, vou voltar a jogar Destiny 2 quando lançarem as expansões (não quer dizer também que vou abandonar Warframe), CONCILIAR é a palavra chave aqui... bom, vamos lá, resumindo: - procura-se novos membros, preferencialmente iniciantes (veteranos dispostos a ajudar também são aceitos); - idade 18+; - jogadores casuais ativos (algumas vezes na semana); - paciência para aprender e/ou ensinar; - CONCILIAR; - *** no salty players. Caso hajam interessados, deixem seu PSN que faço o convite!
  25. (PS4)Vexx757

    The future of the operators

    If you`re not interested in the operators the skip this post but if you are then read ahead. Here is some thing I would like to see the operators get in the future. · Operators get their own game mode e.g racing game in conclave or game mode where they can possess creatures and objects like the worm in TWW · Make the operators able to use melee weapons with their own stances. · Operators having new ethnic hairstyles like zari brench braid, baby buns, Dreadlocks and Cornrows. · Warframes can move on the own independent from the operators (makes sense because of the second dream quest) · More cosmetic and suits for the operators. · Config A,B,C for suit colour options. If there is anything else you would like to see DE do for the operators write it here.