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  1. I don't have much to say about the Draco nerf as I feel It was needed if you're honest with yourself BUT I do think that it could've been done differently. As of 2017, yes the devs have given us more options on where we can xp farm and get good xp out of it too rather than just one place. We now have a few places like Akkad/Hydron/Berehynia (and salacia for archwing) that somewhat gives us that variety but let's be honest guys, most of us will figure out if you haven't already which is the best place of the 3 mentioned to farm xp and will start going there all the time. It's what we do because most of us want to earn as much xp as fast as possible. So did this change help us and the game? Technically yes but only for a little while not for the long run. It has only served to alleviate the problem for a bit rather than fix it although I don't think that was the devs intent. In my opinion, it's only a matter of time before there's another Draco incident on our hands. This is bad for us players because we'd right back to repetitive same mission play, shortcutting our way to high MR and burning ourselves out of playing the game in the process while the devs are presented with the same old problem where we aren't actually playing the game as they intended. Could there be a better more permanent solution this? I believe there is and the answer has been hidden in plain sight for the longest. I'll explain. This answer is what I call the ever-changing aspect for lack of a better term and this could perhaps offer a more permanent fix the xp farming method for warframes and weapons (and even archwing leveling). What is this aspect? Simple really. Missions for syndicates, void fissures, and sorties are always changing after a time period bringing up new missions and mission types on different planets. Syndicates and sorties change every 24 hrs while void fissures have more spontaneous and shorter time periods which I like so I'll use void fissure time periods for my example. So we will call this tab xp alerts.(placeholder name for lack of a better one) There will be 12 missions in this tab. 8 of the 12 would consist of perhaps four t3 missions and four t4 missions and the last four missions would be dedicated to archwing with two t3 and two t4 missions. All of these missions of course would offer up xp amounts similar to berehynia, Akkad, hydron, etc. It would Depend on enemy tier. Also include ALL mission types, not just interceptions and defense missions. Benefits of ever-changing xp alerts •Would eliminate having to nerf specific nodes ever again. since the missions are always changing, players wont be able to stick to one mode for xp farming. •Would be able to better enjoy the diversity of the each planet and its tilesets/enemy types to level up rather than the current way (playing 1 or 2 nodes against the same enemy types all the time.) This is what I believe is what the devs intentions are which is for us to actually play the game so having these alerts being able to occur on all planets/nodes would help achieve that. •Would keep xp farming fresh and interesting while lessening the burnout from repetition of same mission xp farming. Pretty self explanatory. •including archwing would better incentivize players to level archwings and archwing weapons with more places to level them. I think we all can agree that finding a squad to level archwing is pretty tough so this would help somewhat. So, all in all I believe that implementing something like this would keep both the players and devs happy. Players will always handful of places to earn good xp while effectively lessening the player burnout. Also players will be able to play this game more as the devs intended by playing on different tile sets across the solar system.
  2. Hopefully Ballas will actually say Oberon this time lol Are those videos always the day of? Who's excited? What will you farm first? I am going after Sybaris! It will be mine!
  3. My daughter asked me if it was possible to create a Maleficent inspired tennogen for Titania? Can any tennogen tenno help me out here?
  4. I'm doing a fanart piece for this wonderfull game. Just got my new beautiful Trinity Prime in the gorgeous Strega skin and am wanting to do a piece to celebrate. Here's the thumbnails, and am torn between which ones to use. Help me out!
  5. ✴☠Welcome to Reapers of Warframe☠✴ #1 in Ambulas Reborn (36,779) #1 in Pacifism Defect and the Only Mountain Clan to hit Victory Tier🏆 #1 in Shadow Debt🏆 Gold Trophy Winner of Rathuum Event🏆 We are a Highly active, Top Leaderboard International Clan(Rank 1-2 weekly). One many try to rival with and compete against. We will not back down. RoW is a 3+ year old Clan founded by Overkill1469. Our focus is to be a strong, super friendly and helpful Clan that will assist in the development of only the Strongest Tenno. Our goal is to provide our members with a means to accomplish all goals within the game and a Clan/Alliance. We base our Clan rank structure off your performance, attitude, helpfulness and leadership skills that you demonstrate. Not off MR. Our dojo consists of 6 floors all easily accessible by transporters. We have robots, glitched rooms and more! All Research is completed, pigments too! And any new research is completed immediately with all clan members contributing. (Clan Emblem) (Meditation glitched rooms are available if needed.) We are also the founding clan of our Alliance, Stalkers of Hunhow Alliance, of which has 60+ Clans with our same vision... To be the best at all things Warframe. (Alliance Emblem) (Alliance Event) ❇Dark Sector Ready. ❇All Adult Clan with Event and DS drive and team building focus. ❇We are Event Driven. WF Events that require member activity are mandatory. We need you. RoW needs you. ❇Extremely Helpful, experienced members to guide and help build the strongest Clan. Our community is one of a kind. No one is left behind. ❇Currently 290+ active members. 🌟#1 Mountain Clan in Ambulas, #1 Pacifism Defect, #1 in Shadow Debt and Gold Trophy winner of Rathuum. (Ambulas Reborn) ❇All Research and pigments complete. 🤖We have robots.Yes, robots. ❇Daily Raid Squads. Raid Schools Available daily. Weekly/ Monthly events, both Clan and Alliance. Plat, Mod and Prime Prizes! ✴2nd in Command candidates are greatly welcomed. Mentors always welcome! ☠Endgame Players. Loads of experience here... 🤙Huge, active and helpful Alliance. 60+ Clans, over 3.5k members. Rules: ✔Support Clan and Alliance. ✔Participation in WF Clan Events are mandatory. Mandatory amount will be given per event type. If you are unable to contribute, you must inform a Warlord Prior to Event start. You will sadly be removed from clan if you do not contribute. ✔18y/o+, Sorry No Exceptions. ✔⚠Must have 300+ hours played in game⚠ If you don't fit our criteria we can get you into a highly active Clan in our Alliance. We have all sizes of clans with stellar leadership available! ✔Must remain Active, 10day inactivity kick. Vacations, emergencies, holidays, military service(Thank You!) absences are excused. ✔PSN Alliance Trading Community in place for trading between Alliance mates.We allow Syndicate Trading(mod for mod, item for item) only on Alliance tab. ✔Clan trading is okay at a discount. ✔No Spamming Random Invites. Ask and we will be there to help. ✔NO profanity, vulgar or abusive chat in tabs. Be respectful above all! Contact via PSN or in game: Steelergurl33 digipo D-Coy666 Tundra8863 💥Become the best you can be with RoW
  6. What gender do you think the new warframe will be and what do you think it will be based on?? Edit: Devstream confirmed it to be a Male Deacon based Warframe. My Opinion: Sounds cool but I hope he ships with an alternate helm because I`m not digging the pharaoh look. What are your Thoughts? Dev-Stream #92: Harrow: DEEP DIVE. The Devstream missed some details, let’s dive into Harrow. He will be coming with an Alt Helmet and the first Secondary Weapon with a scope, which gives you more benefits the more headshots you land. What you really care about are his abilities, so let’s get right into it. You can watch the full segment about Harrow here. Passive: Double Overshield Capacity Ability 1: Creates a ray that chains enemies, leaving them open for headshots, which synergizes with his kit. You obtain shields for each enemy hit. Ability 2: Casting sacrifices your shields, gaining a buff that lasts longer the more shields are sacrificed, in exchange for reload and fire rate buffs. While it’s active, you will also heal allies in affinity range for a percentage of damage dealt. Ability 3: Casting spawns a spectral thurible, which grants you energy for every headshot you get within its range. The longer you hold 3 down, the more energy the ability costs but the more energy you’ll make back per headshot kill. Ability 4: Casting makes you invulnerable for a short duration. Once the invulnerability ends, you will gain additional critical chance on headshots. The more damage prevented in the first phase the larger the damage bonus will be. Below is a gif of his 1 and 3 working in tandem: ---------------------------------------- Dev-stream #93: Harrow We’ve made some changes to the next Warframe since Devstream #92. Headshots are not required for the bonus, but will give you an extra bonus on top of what his abilities give you. You can watch the gameplay in full here, but here's a placeholder version of his abilities screen: Harrow’s alt-helmet: Here’s a tease at who you’ll see in his Quest: Palladino is tied to the Red Veil as a clairvoyant…. What does she see?
  7. Coming together is the Beginning, working together is Progress, Staying together is Success. ~Henry Ford ▪Stalkers of Hunhow Alliance▪ ▪EST. IN 2015 - OVER 2.5 YEARS OLD.. GOING STRONG ▪ 60+ HIGHLY ACTIVE AND ESTABLISHED CLANS- Over 3,500 Members. ▪WEEKLY TOP LEADERBOARD(ALL TIERS) AND GOLD TROPHY WINNING CLANS (AND A FEW SILVER AND BRONZE TOO ;) ▪ WEEKLY/MONTHLY ALLIANCE EVENTS ▪ ALLIANCE PSN COMMUNITY FOR EVENTS, TRADING, UP AND COMING INFORMATION, BUILDS ETC ▪DAILY RAID SCHOOLS!👊 An alliance must be active, helpful, informative and share goals, like fighting to control Dark Sectors or building clans up to be successful and strong. • SOLAR RAIL INITIATIVES We are beyond prepared. Ready. We are eager for the return of DS and look forward to its rework. • ALLIANCE COMMUNITY An Alliance must be active, helpful and enjoyable. As an Alliance we are like blood, like family. We assist on all things whether farming orokin cells, aiding with WF information or with teaching Raids. LoR, NM and JV Schools Daily👀 We also encourage every Clan in Alliance to donate prizes for our monthly Events. With your help, we united, build teamwork and communication among our Alliance members while offering great prizes. (Alliance Event Example) For those interested, we are currently neutral in our standings with other alliances. We believe we are strong enough to hold our own. ON OUR OWN. ☆ REQUIREMENTS ~Must be Ghost - Mountain clan only. If a mountain clan becomes a moon clan, unfortunately you will be asked to leave or be removed. ~Clan must maintain 75% active members to ensure all Clans remain Active. Monthly activity screenshots required. ~Have FUN! Let's help each other, teach each other and share our knowledge to develop the strongest Tenno! ~Clan must be active and growing, always striving to be better and stronger. Need help recruiting? We do that too! ~NO spamming invites, instead ask the Alliance for help, we will be there to aide you. ~NO Profanity, racist/sexist slurs and or hate speech allowed in Alliance Tab. Be respectful to all. There may be kids about😮 ~We have a highly successful trading PSN community in place for alliance trading. We allow trading of Syndicate items(mod for mod, item for item etc) in tab. We choose to refrain from Trading plat/prime in our tab to better allow our members to get the help they need without trade spam. ~Tab is used for squad recruitment, WF Q&A, quest/mission end help and general warframe chat. ~Must have the desire to grow as a Clan within our Alliance to help us remain a Strong and Active Force within the Star Chart. ▪JOIN If you meet the above criteria please send Message via psn or in game to one of our High council(listed below) or leave a quick message below. We will need to see a Screenshot of your clans page showing your member activity. We look forward to hearing from you. ☆Steelergurl33 ☆Mmcareen 🥓Dorian_hawkmoon 🤓Markfitness
  8. Endovelicus Prestigious Clan, Great Community of dedicated members. LOR / JV Schools is available | Clan & Alliance Logo | Clan Rank MR 9 100% research with full color pigments + Ignis Wraith | 0% Clan Tax | Dojo with Brilliant Architecture | 75% Vet Members | Monthly Clan - Alliance Platinum Championship rewards & weekly prizes | Storm Clan 100 active members | 1+ YR Clan 3 Gold Trophies - Last event placed in top 5# | PS4 top # 3 Weekly kills consecutively for Storm Tier. Founder of Mithras Alliance. Clan requirements (MR15+) (18+ age) 9 day inactivity Limit | Participation in Events Mandatory - More Details & Info Send PSN PM to hardhouz Thank you for your interest in Endovelicus Executive Leader / Founder hardhouz
  9. Mithras Alliance - Experienced leaders with professional & supportive community founded by Endovelicus. Committed to a quality community of dedicated members | 20+ Clans | Active | Lor and JV | Tournaments | Alliance Logo | Looking for quality Alliance SND PS4 PM to hardhouz for a presentation. Alliance - Quality, Respect & Honor Raids Events Sorties Quests PSN Community page Mithras Alliance - All Alliance related topics - Builds, Events, Trades, Fashion-frame, etc Requirements Ghost - Mountain Clans Only" Adult Warlord 18+ age min Events - Mandatory participation Clan Must maintain 80% Active members - required screenshot end of each month Following credentials required - screenshot of Clan offline page inactivity & warlord profile, required conversation over PSN for final decision to enter Alliance Thank you for your interest in Mithras Alliance Executive leader / Founder hardhouz
  10. Ok so, I rolled my Amprex Riven and got this. These are maxed stats. Should I reroll? Crit chance +149% Reload speed +42.6% Punch Through +2.6 Magazine capacity -39% Thanks in advance for input.
  11. Earthless... For now. We have no specific requirements to join. All ages and MRs are welcome. Our rules are as follows: No spamming invites No begging for free stuff or plat No abusive or offensive language or behavior 14 day inactivity kick policy Disobeying clan or alliance rules will result in banning or expulsion. We encourage asking questions, inviting others to join missions, sharing tips, builds, opinions, pleasures, and frustrations. During events we try to help those who need help, but don't have expectations of how you spend your gaming time. Our dojo is sufficient to all needs, has 0% trade tax, has all research finished, and our clan emblem is a fusion core. Our numbers are between 20-30 tenno, and are part of the Stalkers of Hunhow alliance. The SoH alliance is a great community and hosts some really fun, and possibly lucrative, events. If you have any questions or comments comments PM me here, on PSN, or in game.
  12. [Spira Acri-Manticron] +70% CC | +43% CD | +21% Corpus | MR12 [Paris Argi-Saticron] +79% MS | +127% CC | +42% Grineer| -44% zoom | MR8 [Sicarus Sati-Hexatio] +130%SC | +184% MS | +129% electr | -93% zoom | MR11 [Amprex Manti-Acriata] +145%Dmg | +114% CD | +43% Corpus | -35% ammo max | MR15 Pm me in game at Lycann1, send me a direct message, or reply to this post :]
  13. Prime Shred?! Holy Sweet Mother of Warframe Psychos!!!..GIMMIE GIMMME! 4 months for me then 👇
  14. RIVEN MOD NAME RIVEN MOD STATS PRICE STATUS* [AMPREX PURA-CRITATIS] 86 cd 109 cc 34 infested 500p SOLD! [QUANTA CRITA-ACRIADA] 109 cc 87 cd 29 infested 200p negotiable [TONKOR CRITATOX] 77 cc 45 toxin 150p negotiable [BRAKK ZETI-VEXIATA] 141 dmg 60 electric -68 recoil -55 cd 200p negotiable [ZARR CRITATIN] 150 cc 46 mag cap 200p SOLD! [SPIRA ACRITIO] 58 electric 62 cd 100p non-negotiable [VULKAR VISIDEX] 128 sc 253 dmg 300p negotiable [AZIMA IGNI-PURADRA] 86 heat 43 infested 71 firerate 50p non-negotiable [LATRON PURACRON] 208 cc 64 infested -31 zoom 200p negotiable [PENTA CRONI-CRITAATA] 141 cc 57 firerate 145 dmg 250p non-negotiable PM Here(Preffered), on PSN or Ingame(If PM ingame please tell me that you have come from forums) Might accept worthy trades depending on offer, Opinion on prices is appreciated *Status will be changed when sold
  15. Hellooo good people of Planet Earth and to you guys at DE I am writing this in the hopes I can bring to the attention of the DE Console Team something I have considered for some time now, in fact ever since Warframes PS4 release and I first came across from PC with my Loki (when the account transfer was available). I was immediately struck by how much more comfortable and playable this game was on a Pad (for me, that is). But... Some powers are not suited to be on certain buttons. Some powers need to be activated quickly and the last thing I need is to remove my fingers to cast a Warframes dot powers on an enemy or use an aggressive power that I need on tap. Currently the only way to alleviate this is to change my controls for the entire game. For someone with many Frames and who likes to switch between them many times a session, this is mind numbingly tedious, so much so that I cant bring myself to do it just to pull a frame out the box for an hour or so. What I propose for the good people at DE working on the console side of things is this: Can we change the "slot" the powers work in as part of a loadout. I dont mean change power order etc, but allow me to swap powers without remapping my entire pad to suit one style of play with a particular frame. Just to be clear, I do not propose changing the actual order of powers in any way on the frame itself, but to allow me to put powers into a "slot" on a loadout. For instance, I have "power A" set to my right thumbstick, known to us peasants as R3. This is great for many of the various frames first powers but for others its entirely counter productive. Great for Frosts Ice Cube, great for Lokis Decoy, but not great if I want to use an Ice Wave Frost or have Loki Switch Tele on call (dont judge me). So if I want to try Frosts Ice Wave on my R3 I need to currently go in and change my controls around. But with the new system I would put Loki Switch in my loadouts slot for "Power A" while decoy would move to "power C" Again, I need to stress, I DO NOT propose changing the actual order of powers on a warframe. Thanks
  16. So as I was building my dojo I decided to just build all the essential Clan halls to get the biggest and then delete the rest. Now as I can see that they need to be they're so the biggest one can be there which is BS but none the less now I'm stuck with not being able to delete any of my rooms please help thanks! Clan:Vox Mortis PS4 : coldblooded188
  17. Hey all! With the early Banshee Prime release for the winners of the Prime Gaming Giveaway, some Ducat Price changes went live ahead of schedule and before we could inform you. Intent of Change: The introduction of Banshee Prime's Relics was planned to change the rarity of some previous items. Instead of dropping them down to the standard Uncommon value, we added a new price that sits between Uncommon and Rare. This new Ducat value of 65 Ducats has been added to the following: Vectis Prime Stock Carrier Prime Cerebrum Kavasa Prime Buckle Fragor Prime Handle Ash Prime Systems We apologize for the sudden change, and will try our best to give you advanced warning come any future changes for Ducats. Thank you!
  18. So lets talk about Archwing. The way I see it there are several main issues with it that are what keep people from it. First, the control scheme. This is probably the biggest issue that most people have, at least from what I've seen on the forums. The 6DoF is nice in theory, but it is terrible to control, especially since there is still a relative "up" dimension that the minimap and enemies are based on. As a result, it becomes nigh impossible to control, particularly in the cramped quarters of the Corpus Ship map (more on that later). My way of fixing this would be to take a look at other games with 6Dof. The one that comes to mind for me is Space Engineers. In SE you have controls that allow you to rotate your view around your cross-hair (imagine bending your neck left and right. The object in the center of your FoV stays there, but rotates). We already have controls to turn left, right, up, and down, but we need to use a composite of those to actually rotate our body on the third axis of rotation. Secondly, we have the disconnect from regular gameplay. Sharkwing is an attempt at that, as was the beginning of TWW, but those are the only times where we transition between Archwing and Ground Play within a mission. Originally there was the issue of scaling, but those two events show that is no longer the case. The unfortunate reality is that normal and Archwing gameplay are so different, both mechanically and scale (kilometers vs meters), that it becomes difficult to combine the two. I have no idea how to make it easier, beyond including Archwing for In/Exfiltration, like the infiltration of the Kuva Fortress in TWW. Third, we have the issue of variety. So far, we have 2 maps that we encounter on a regular basis: Corpus Ship and Grineer Asteroid Field. We also encounter Mutalist Corpus ships on the Jordas Assassinate mission and Jordas Verdict, but that's it. In my view, these are too different, and there is no middle ground. Corpus ships are too tight, especially with the speed at which you can move in Archwing. It renders your speed more or less irrelevant (and if you're using Itzal your Blink is pretty much useless). For that I suggest expanding that map a bit so we have a bit more room to breath. As for the Grineer Asteroid Field, I think it is the ideal style for a map in Archwing. Huge, open, and making great use of the 3 dimensional movement that Archwing allows. For a Corpus version of this, we could have a Debris Field. A bit more stuff in your way than the asteroid field, but that sort of thing. In addition to a lack of variety in tilesets, we also lack mission types. We currently have Exterminate, Sabotage (Corpus only), Pursuit (Grineer only), Mobile Defense, Interception (Grineer only), Rush (Corpus only), and Assassinate (Infestation only). As you can see, we have plenty of mission types, but they are too linked to individual factions. Only 2 of the seven mission types can be played with more than one faction, and the Infestation only exist in the Assassinate mission. I will grant that in large part the mission types are intrinsically linked to the tilesets (the Corpus Trench Run is too closed off and tight for Interception to be very viable) but the maps we see on the ground could definitely lend inspiration to Archwing maps and open them up significantly. We have also seen mission types that haven't happened since the events they were introduced during (Eyes of Blight I'm looking at you)(Yes I know that there have been Formorians attacking since then but not with any regularity). In my opinion, the best way to boost Archwing play is to start with the controls. Make it easier to right yourself to the global "up" (and possibly fix the minimap at the same time). Then we can work on the disconnect between regular and Archwing gameplay. Starting with Archwing as a way to get into and/or out of missions would be good, and then possibly allow players to provide support to squadmates on the ground in Archwing. Finally, add more variety. Mission types, Tilesets, and so forth. I think that if Archwing were approached from this point of view it would be able to be vastly improved and greatly boost the amount of play that Archwing receives. Please keep the conversation civil. I don't want a flame war to deal with. Any feedback you have on this I would love to hear.
  19. Welcome to The Nightwatch. What is the Nightswatch? Founded by Eeoiwalka three years ago, Nightswatch has grown into a Mountain Clan with over 270+ active Tenno. Joining us means becoming one of the elite, and even if you feel like you don't belong, don't worry; we have plenty of veterans ready and willing to help our fellow Tenno The Nightswatch does not know the meaning of second place. Our clan is full of Event enthusiasts and are really competitive and enjoy climbing to the top of the leaderboards, competing with other clans on the top spot. We are gold winners of a ton of events such as: Mutalist Incursions , Shadow Debt, Rathuum and most recently The Pacifism Defect and Ambulas Reborn! We aspire to be always top competitors to other clans and fight for glory. When all others fail, we are the ones the Lotus sends. What We Offer :Alongside having the full support of the clan in your adventures, The Nightswatch proudly offers 100% complete research with all weapons from each faction AND Event exclusive blueprints (such as Ignis Wraith). We also have clan emblem Made by : (PS4)JablesTheMadMan We updated our clan emblem made by (PS4)Deadflesh! Here it is: in-game perview: We are members of Anarchy alliance which is full of clans and great people to talk to and share your experience! To reward your hard work, The Nightswatch often holds contests with rewards going from nice amounts of plat to vaulted rare prime gear! Prove your worth Tenno, and perhaps these rewards can be yours. Tired of destroying puny Grineer? Sick of reducing those Corpus scum to scrap metal? Fear not, for The Nightswatch has a home for you. Meditate with your friends before heading out to hunt your enemies. Gaze out into the stars and remember what it is you're fighting for. Of course, if you have no time for peace and seek only glory in the battlefield, use our fighting club to hone your skills with fellow Tenno and bring honor to our clan How we Operate : Our clan has unique ranking system giving Tenno goals to work hard for rise up the clans in the nightswatch! Here's the requirements for each rank: We are currently recruiting, and we are looking for you Tenno. We just have a few requirements .which are : You must be 18 y/o+ You must have 100 hours of gameplay in the game! If u meet these requirements , you can join Here are our rules : Now , If u want to join you can contact the following people ingame or via psn : Eeoiwalka Ultra_Player_56 enunga666 geph48484848484 OR you can also post in this thread and we will be sure to contact you !
  20. Greetings, I'm sorry to bother but I'm a bad spot for this event, as I need someone to help me to get to pluto and kill the Ambulas. I'd rather do it myself than bothering others but I still need to unlock Saturn and, even if I were able to rush everything to Pluto, due to my equipment I'd just get wasted (I had serious troubles when facing the raptors on Europa). If someone would be kind enough to help me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for your attention.
  21. Despite having a 3.6 punch through riven for this weapon, the blades never cut through enemies and just disappear or bounce off on contact
  22. I am looking for a few people to help me unlock the Sedna junction so I can proceed with the next two quests I will be on later tonight around 9pm (GMT, UK time) and I am looking to unlock the Sedna junction, all I need is one final requirement "Collect any 3 Mods from the Orokin Principle challenge rooms on Lua" I am at 2/3 for it but just can't seen to get the last one which I need to unlock the next two quests "hidden messages" and "the war within" as they require Sedna junction to be unlocked first. Would anyone be able to help me? I have tried in game chat but never get a reply.. My PSN is ENightmare69. Feel free to add me even if you can't help as I am always on the lookout for people to team up with as all my buddies have dropped the game for Ark (Which I played years ago on PC so bored of) so I have nobody to team up with other than random public play. I am Mastery rank 11.
  23. If you need help with anything my psn is AwesomeN45750 and only one requirement you must be speak English cause then I don't know what u saying and I can't help you.
  24. I have been using Limbo's Stasis with Cataclysm on the mode Excavation on the Hieracon (Pluto) to guard our excavation machines but at some higher levels. I have noticed that my Cataclysm bubble stays up but for some reason my stasis will randomly stop working (it stops working at random times before the timer runs out so that is not the issue) until i use it again. I'm guessing it some kind of infected enemy that is causing this issue but I'm not sure. If anybody can give feed back on what enemies may cause my stasis to stop for my Cataclysm then it would be a great use.
  25. We all know her 1 isn't vary good. Does she need a new 1? Or am I way off base here... Does anyone have any ideas to replace her 1?