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Found 701 results

  1. (PS4)Zephiel321_IT

    Consigli dopo maestria 10?

    Ciao a tutti, sono finalmente arrivato a maestria 10. Scrivo "finalmente" perche' penso sia il limite per poter cominciare a giocare veramente. Puoi acquistare l'Amprex o i'Arca Plasmor che sono due armi incredibili. Ma ora mi trovo in un limbo. Sono "troppo forte" per fare livelli fino al 30 (nel senso che e' noioso farli perche' con un colpo ne ammazzi 5 o 6 in una volta sola) ma troppo debole per fare quelli con nemici sopra al 40. Ho installato 1 o due forma su armi (Amprex, Arca Plasmor, Volnus e in effetti mi manca un'arma secondaria decente) e warframe (Oberon e Nezha in particolare). Ovviamente ho installato anche catalizzatori e reattori orokin. Ora sto pompando l'operatore ma anche avendo comprato un AMP che fa fino a 9000 di danno, quando si combatte contro i Teralist sembra che io non gli faccia assolutamente nulla o quasi. Quindi ora cosa faccio? Consigli? Cosa si puo' fare a maestria 10 con mod non particolarmente incredibili? Perche' inizia a diventare un pochino noiosa la situazione dove l'unica cosa da fare e' creare nuove armi e warframe e portarli al lvl 30 per fare exp per salire di maestria. Quando e come arrivero' a poter fare missioni dove i nemici sono di livello 50 o 60 se ho gia' pompato al massimo tutto cio' che possiedo? Ho fatto un sacco di domande... 😅 Scusate se ho esagerato. Grazie! Buona serata!
  2. KingRad5


    J'adore Warframe, et je trouve que ce jeu est excellent. Cependant il y a quelque chose que je n'aime pas. Je sais que ce n'est pas évident, mais ne pas pouvoir jouer avec des amis qui sont sur PlayStation alors que je suis sur PC, est assez embêtant. L'ajout du crossplatform sur Warframe serait un atout agréable.
  3. Buenas tardes, mi nombre es Diego. Estoy buscando jugadores que tengan tiempo y ganas de ayudarme a desbloquear planetas y terminar las misiones de historia. Actualmente desbloquee Urano y ya se me esta haciendo dificil para seguir solo. Mi usuario de PS4 es diecronos. Los que quieran mandenme una solicitud de amistad. Suelo conectarme los fines de semana. Saludos tennos
  4. I don't know why because the regular akvasto is pretty much a laser. I even ran a test between the vasto and the vasto prime and the vasto prime has like a third of the recoil that the regular vasto has. It seems to be the complete opposite for the akvasto and the akvasto prime. I think the worst thing about it's recoil though is how slow it takes to re-center. It takes like a solid half a second to re-center after firing one bullet. It's even worse when you fire it multiple times. Whenever I fire it like it's a pair of dual revolvers, I hover over the enemy's head and when I let the recoil settle, I do hardly any damage because I have pretty much no fire rate which the damage just doesn't back up. The akvasto prime reminds me of the Aklex prime in the fact that it has a lot of floaty recoil, but it seems like it was just toned down in it's damage and recoil and turn up in it fire rate. If any of you have ever tried to use the Aklex in that way, you know how bad it performs compared to any other secondary. If they really do want the akvasto prime to have really bad recoil, I'd at least want them to speed up it's re-centering speed so I can't just hover over the enemy's head while I'm trying to shoot it.
  5. (PS4)AdorableKittenK

    Pleb Seeking Clan

    Hiya! So I’m pretty new to Warframe but I’m looking for a clan to join and have fun with. I would prefer one that has a discord since that’s where I’m most active. I’m super nice, a fast learner, and helpful. Also, I’m on PS4. 😊
  6. Hey I got a pretty nice riven for tysis so far as I can tell, tysis visi-armalis +104.2% zoom +311.7% damage +67.3% magazine capacity -60.3% reload speed Any insight into what I should be asking here would be appreciated!
  7. Title. Only available in open world areas
  8. (PS4)yunalesca26

    Inaros Question...

    Ok, so I've been fairly regular on warframe for a while. I haven't been able to get on and play for an extended amount of time until this morning. When I did I was using my Inaros frame and noticed something odd. Usually when. I start a mission I do the scarab armor then use my 1 to gain back the health. When I do the scarab armor it takes all my health down to 2 hp and doesn't fill the scarab armor up but to about 58% whereas it used to take my health down to about 50-100 hp and the scarab armor was 100%. Is this a bug or was Inaros nerfed or were the mods tweaked at all? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕: Update 23.10.6 The launch of The Sacrifice back in July 2018 was the last Mainline update to go out, and it was no doubt a hefty one. There was much for the entire DE team to comb through and we find this to be the case with all Mainlines. As we say with all Mainlines, we can’t catch everything that may fall through the cracks, and even with all of the PC hotfixes that went live prior to the release of this update, there is a possibility you may see some WIP or unintentional things that are not meant to be live. C̶̹̃h̴̊̍̐͜i̶͓̩͛̽m̸̨̈́͘e̴̤̒ŕ̸͉͋̕å̸̙̭͕: has come.... Arbitrations: Lethal Alerts A new type of challenge is available to players that have completed the entire Solar Map! If you have not completed the entire Solar Map, you can go to the Arbiters of Hexis Enclave in any Relay and talk to the NPC located at the front of the room. They will tell you what nodes in the Star Chart you must complete to unlock Arbitrations! ARBITRATIONS are here, read on to learn everything you need to know! The Arbiters of Hexis are providing you with the chance to fight with something unknown to most Warframe missions: Mortality! Arbitrations are single-life missions that put you in a scenario where you have to make your only life count! Every hour you'll be presented with a new Arbitration. These missions are always Endless! Rewards are earned at double-the-usual interval (every 10 Defense waves, every 10 Survival minutes), etc. Rewards are on an ABCCCCCCCCCCC (repeat C to infinity) rotation. Any A/B/C interval reward you receive is kept after you die or fail the mission (anything picked up off the ground is lost though)! Missions feature a new Arbiter-themed drone enemy that effectively shields nearby enemies. A keen team will coordinate to take these protective units out! Each successful interval will earn you a new "Vitus Essence" resource that can be used to build some new cosmetic items offered by an Abiters NPC in the their respective Arbiters Enclave in any Relay. PER PLAYER BOONS! Every Arbitration features a custom boon to you! A given Warframe and Weapon will receive substantial bonuses if used. Endless Arbitration missions play out a little differently for an added challenge... Survival: Life Support Capsules are worth 75% of what they're normally worth! Interception: Towers controlled by enemies fill the "Opponent" progress bar at double the rate! Defense: You're protecting an NPC and have much less downtime between waves! Excavation: Increased Defense time to 3:00! Defection: Rescue targets have no revive state! Infested Salvage: Consoles have half their normal Health! Unique Rewards can be found within Arbitrations, including: 6 x Mods: Sharpshooter (Sniper): +15 Energy on Headshot Kill Cautious Shot (Unique): -90% Self Damage, -15% Total Damage Power Donation (Aura): -30% Ability Strength, +30% Ability Strength for teammates Vigorous Swap (Warframe): On Equip: +165% damage for 3s, +100% Holster Speed Vigorous Swap will deactivate when an Ability weapon is active (Mesa’s Peacemaker, Valkyr’s Hysteria, etc). Rolling Guard (Warframe): On Dodge: Become invulnerable for 3s and remove all Status Effects. 7s cooldown. Adaptation (Warframe): When Damaged: +10% resistance to that Damage Type for 20s. Stacks up to 90%. Arbitration exclusive Resource known as 'VITUS ESSENCE' used for crafting Arbitration Cosmetics! Note: Failure is a rare thing in Warframe. Prepare yourself for a new reality where failure may become the norm for these missions - can you overcome the odds!? Tennogen Bundle XXXIII This bundle features creations from past PC releases! Find these new TennoGen gems for PS4 in the in-game Market: Excalibur Apex Skin by A-p-o-l-l-y-o-n Loki Rogue Helmet by artarrwen Loki Ersatz Helmet by Rekkou Nova Tachyon Helmet by Rekkou NEW WEAPONS PUPACYST A two-pronged attack; the bone-grafted cocoon at the tip of this staff rends flesh, while the viral mass living within spreads itself into the wounds of each new victim. FALCOR Carve through enemies with surgical precision using this Corpus-tech Glaive. Find both these new weapons in the in-game Market or in your Clan Research! NEW WEAPON SKINS ZASTRA DUAL DAGGER SKIN Artistry meets lethality with this elegant Dagger Skin. KLUDGEKIL MACHETE SKIN Bludgeon, hack, and maim with this improvised Machete skin fashioned out of broken Grineer weapons. Find both these new weapon Skins in the in-game Market! PLAGUE STAR RETURNS! Plague Star is returning to PS4 on November 2nd @ 2 PM EDT! A forum thread will be posted when the Operation goes live with all the information you need to burst that boil out in the Plains of Eidolon. General Additions: Operators now have an A / B / C Customization config option for clothing and accessories! Added ability to swap your A B C Appearance loadout order in the Arsenal! Added ability to swap your Mod loadout order in the Arsenal! This works the same way as dragging/dropping your A B C Appearance loadout order. New Sentinel Precepts (available from Simaris’ offerings): Dethcube - Energy Generator: Dethcube drops an Energy Orb after assisting in 10 kills. Shade - Ambush: When Ghost invisibility is broken, Shade’s owner is granted 120% Damage for 3s. New infinite Gear spiral! Is it truly infinite? No. BUT 99 Gear items is a lot and we challenge you to reach the limit. The Gear Spiral restricts duplicate Gear items (Apothics, Stims), with the exception of Dragon Keys! 7 new Syndicate Captura Scenes purchasable with respective Standing once Quest requirements are met (with the exception of Simaris’): LUA CONTAINMENT SCENE (Arbiters of Hexis) CHAMBER OF THE LOTUS SCENE (Cephalon Suda) SILVER GROVE SHRINE SCENE (New Loka) MYCONA COLONY SCENE (Perrin Sequence) HUNHOW'S CHAMBER SCENE (Red Veil) KUVA THRONE SCENE (Steel Meridian) SANCTUARY CONDUIT SCENE (Cephalon Simaris) We've added a library of new sounds for the general social experience. You will now hear new and custom sounds for: DMs and Squad Chat When someone joins your Squad (no longer just a visual bumper) New drag/drop sounds! Added an ‘Auto Install’ button to the Ayatan Sculptures screen for Mastery Rank 10+ Tenno! This long requested feature allows you to auto install Stars from your Inventory to your Ayatan Sculpture in a flash. A ‘Relics' category has been added to the player Inventory menus. Added objective marker pointing players to Konzu when entering Cetus for the first time. Added new aiming in/out transition sounds for Archwing weapons. We added these for primaries and secondaries in 22.17.0, but now you get to hear them in SPACE! Added the ability to purchase multiple Forma Bundles from the Market at once. Added more Community Fan Art to the Codex for your Display decorating enjoyment! Added a Decoration called the ‘Note Beacon’! A beacon capable of displaying custom messages that can be placed in both Orbiter and Dojo! Added an FX to the Energy Orb dropped by Deth Cube with Energy Generator equipped. Added Prime grip trail colour FXs. Junction Changes: Removed “Defeat 3 Eximus enemies on EARTH” requirement from Venus Junction. Lowered “Defeat 10 Eximus enemies on Venus” requirement on Mercury Junction to 5 Eximus enemies in any region. Lowered “Defeat 10 Sentient enemies on Lua” requirement to 5 Sentient enemies. Lowered “Collect any 3 Mods from the Orokin Principle challenge rooms on Lua” to 1 Mod. Daily Tribute Changes: The much discussed changes have arrived - they are quite straight forward, but if you want to really dive deep into them please start with our Dev Workshops for history! Milestones! On the major Milestone days (every 50 days between 0-1000) you will be presented with up to 3 Choices! These choices will still respect the original chronological release, and by the next time you reach a given category, you'll see a new item appear in place of what you've already chosen (if applicable). 1. Sigils and Resources. Days 50,150,250, etc. 2. Primed Mods. Days 200,400,600, etc. 3. Weapons. Days 100,300,500, etc. Day 1000 and beyond! Starting at Day 1050, Evergreen reward choices will be rotated every 50 Days though the following options: Evergreen Choices A (choose one): 3 x Forma 3 x Exilus Adapter 4 x Weapon Slots Evergreen Choices B (choose one): 50,000 Kuva 7-day Boosters (Affinity, Credits, Resource) 30,000 Endo Evergreen Choices C (choose one): 3 x Rifle Riven 3 x Melee Riven 3 x Secondary Riven Scaling Day-to-day: Scale all the things! One important thing to clarify is that the in-game items received on the non-Milestone Days in Daily Tribute system now scale based on the amount of days you have logged on. Endo is an example well documented in the past Workshop, but this also applies to Credits, Booster Durations, Resources, Syndicate Medallions, Relics, and Forma Blueprints. The way this Scaling works is that we have chosen a base amount of a given item and applied a multiplier that reflects your current amount of Days logged in - it does vary by item type! For example, on Day 1 I get 1 x Tellurium, but on Day 1000 I get 6 x Tellurium! Additional Information: Our goal is to make it only slightly more flexible while still respecting the core need to login frequently. Personalization is a huge part of Warframe and we think that this changes the Daily Tribute system to better reflect that. We have added custom lines and videos to each Daily Tribute which brings a Warframe NPC out to greet you on your new day. There is a fixed Day 5 Reward of 25,000 Credits and 1000 Endo. The Lodestar Syandana and the Lodestar Armor Set - they are staying at Day 800 / 1000 respectively. Saryn Changes: We recently made the surprising discovery that Miasma’s damage multiplier for targets affected by Spores never fully worked as intended. It has been fixed and will now work as we’ve intended it to originally. That said, seeing as it has been absent until now, we have increased the damage multiplier from 2x to 4x to encourage use of the synergy between the two abilities. By increasing the damage multiplier we have reduced the following to compensate for the change: Miasma base Damage has been halved. Spores scaling Damage cap per second has been reduced from 10 to 7. As always, we watch for your feedback and encourage you thoroughly test out the changes first before leaving your thoughts on the official Warframe forums. Thank you! Revenant Changes & Fixes: Revenant’s Reave now follows the direction of your reticle as opposed to always in a straight line. This allows you to steer it freely. You can of course maintain the original behaviour of a straight line by simply not aiming your reticle, but for those of you wanting better control over where Reave goes are now able to freely steer! Revenant’s Reave wall width is now affected by Range Mods. Revenant’s Reave now also sheds Status Effects on cast and applies them to targets it hits. Fixed Revenant's Thralls not granting Affinity when killed. Fixed Revenant’s Danse Macabre being able to damage Nullifier bubbles (and then killing the Nullifier). Fixed enemies affected by Revenant’s Enthrall and then a Radiation Status Effect being able to enthrall the Defense target, preventing the wave from ever ending. Fixed Revenant Reave not using Modded Health/Shield steal values. Fixed Revenant’s Reave Abilities page not properly showing the Modded Health/Shield steal values. Fixed Revenant’s Thrall death pillars blocking projectiles. Fixed getting one-shotted through Revenant’s Mesmer Skin by a single very powerful hit. Fixed Ability immune enemies not decreasing the Mesmer Skin count when hitting Revenant. Fixed Revenant’s Thrall FX not attaching properly to Vomvalysts. Fixed various Syandana clipping issues with Revenant. Phantasma Alt Fire Changes: Phantasma’s Alt Fire homing projectile amount is no longer based on charge time. Alt Fire now releases 5 total homing projectiles. Phantasma’s Alt Fire damage per projectile now scales based on charge time. Dojo Additions & Changes: Over 40 FX Decorations and 7 structural Decorations have been added for your decorating enjoyment! A brand new Sandbox room has been added! Check your Dojo Room Building options for the 'INSPIRATION HALL'! This empty great hall is a blank slate awaiting inspired designers! All Display Decorations are now usable in Dojos, as well as a 'Text' Decoration! The Clan Chat tab now displays the following Clan activity in green: Player left Clan Player invited Player joined Color Research started or unpaused Player Hierarchy change Clan Tier change A confirmation prompt now appears when a Clan Chat Moderator attempts to kick/ban a player. Added a toggle to ‘Show All’ or ‘Hide Owned Blueprints’ in the Energy, Bio, Orokin, and Chem Labs. Added 3 more options in the Contribution screen under Alliance header for donating Credits, Decorations, and Resources to other Allied Clans. You can now toggle ‘Disable Operator’ on/off from the Dojo Obstacle Course console at the entrance of the room! The Clan screen now displays the remaining time to those who have not yet participated in the Ascension Ceremony (if one is active). Ammo is now successfully restored when a Dojo Duel is over. Improved visibility of the room rotate button in the Dojo Architect menu, and added shortcut indicators. Added “Duplicate” button to Dojo (and Orbiter) Decoration modes. Pressing it duplicates the aimed at Decoration, including its scale (where applicable) and rotation. UI Changes: Numerous UI screens have received updated Theme revisions, such as various Zaw weapon screens (Hok), Daily Tribute, generic menu screens, and more.This is our continued UI rollout as noted here: Melee Sound Additions & Changes: Melee 3.0 continues in development, but the Sound Team has gone above and beyond to bring hot fresh sounds for all Melee weapons! From the desk of Audio Director George: “We started working on Melee 3.0 sounds and made so many cool improvements to low-level things like hit effects, Foley, field-of-view, and general sound cleanup that we wanted to get it out ASAP. We still have a bunch of new sounds that will be releasing with the full Melee 3.0 overhaul as well.” New impact sounds for all Melee weapons. New slam sounds for all Melee weapons. New heavy attack sounds for all Melee weapons. New slide attack sounds for all Melee weapons. Added Melee sounds to Valkyr’s Hysteria ability. Cleaned up Melee weapon sounds when hitting floors and walls during combat. Removed music occlusion when bullet jumping. Incubator Changes: Shortened default Stasis Recovery time from 3 hours to 30 minutes. Changed cost of Stasis Rush cost from 10 Platinum to 10,000 Credits. Tenno with the Nutrio Incubator Segment installed now have instant recovery from Stasis at no cost! Reduced Platinum cost of Companion Name Change from 25 to 15 Platinum to match weapon entitlement costs. Removed pickup limit on Kubrow Eggs! Weapon Aiming Changes: While this is largely under the hood, we want to detail out some changes we made to how Weapons are fired, particularly projectile weapons. We've added some new behavior that makes it easier to hit targets very close to the camera, eliminates strange sideways flying projectile and can be applied to any projectile (projectiles with gravity were previously excluded from the coolness. The basic idea now is: if you're aiming at it, you'll hit it. Forest Sabotage Changes/Fixes: Added a progress wheel to UI to show Antitoxin Strength. Antitoxin console disables when strength is at 100% to avoid wasting Antitoxins. Slightly increased strength score of common and uncommon Antitoxins. Fixed incorrect Affinity reward scaling for Antitoxins. Fixed broken materials on the Antitoxin console. Status on Operator Suit Mesh Changes: Since we reverted the Operator Suit Mesh Changes introduced in PC Update 23.10.0 to restore Operator Suit Meshes to their pre-Update 23.10 state, they will not be coming in this update. A more careful re-release of the Operator Suit Mesh Changes will come at a later date. Virtual Cursor Changes/Fixes: Expand spoilers below for list! General Changes: Expand spoilers below for list! Fixes: Expand spoilers below for list! October 30th Hotfix #1: Fixed an issue with being unable to place multiple decorations in the Dojo. November 7th Hotfix #2: Fixed issue with audio cutting out and stuttering in transmissions as per: November 8th Hotfix #3: We have tweaked Dispositions across the board (on all platforms!), to better uphold the delicate balance of power that Rivens represent (excluding Melee Rivens until Melee 3.0). Please read our Developer Workshop for more information and direct your feedback/comments: Sentinel weapon Rivens have been removed from the Riven generation pool. Those who own Sentinel weapon Rivens will still have them in their Inventories. Obtaining a Sentinel weapon Riven was simply lackluster compared to more applicable weapons. We also want to take this moment to let you know that the console team is already deep in the process of working on a build candidate for Fortuna to send to cert. As usual, status threads will be posted once we have successfully done so! We all lift together, Tenno! November 13th Hotfix #4: PRIME VAULT HAS OPENED! For the first time ever, the volatile Nova Prime is back from the Vault. Along with this master of antimatter is the energetic Mag Prime, high-demand Vaulted Prime Accessories, Prime Weapons and discounted Platinum. Magnetic Mayhem Dual Pack Features: 1200 Platinum Nova Prime Mag Prime Soma Prime Boar Prime Dakra Prime Vasto Prime Edo Prime Armor Set Yamako Prime Syandana Distilling Extractor Prime + Blueprint Velorum Prime Sigil Prime Glyphs Nova Prime Pack Features: 400 Platinum Nova Prime Soma Prime Vasto Prime Edo Prime Armor Set Velorum Prime Sigil Prime Glyphs/Profile Icons Mag Prime Pack Features: 400 Platinum Mag Prime Boar Prime Dakra Prime Yamako Prime Syandana Distilling Extractor Prime + BP Prime Glyphs/Profile Icons Nova Accessory Pack Features: 200 Platinum Edo Prime Armor Set Velorum Prime Sigil Mag Prime Accessory Pack Features: 200 Platinum Yamako Prime Syandana Distilling Extractor Prime + Blueprint Nova Prime, Mag Prime, Soma Prime, Boar Prime, Dakra Prime, and Vasto Prime Relics have been added to Plains of Eidolon Bounties, and in the Void drop table. Contained within some of these newly released Prime Vault Relics, is a brand new Prime weapon - Akvasto Prime; Orokin craftsmanship married with superior firepower. Dual Vastos, primed and ready to strike! See below for PlayStation 4 regional launch dates: North and South America – Nov 13 Europe – Nov 14 Asia – Nov 14 Japan – Nov 15
  10. Glavenusaur

    Promo codes!

    Editing this post with every other codes I find from here on out. This includes codes generously given by posters within this thread and others all within this forum. Here's are a list of all the promotional codes i have found for the game so far. They contain two weapons (with their own free slots) some Glyphs, and a Syandana, If anyone knows of anymore, please feel free to share them here so that the rest of us can know, you can claim them through this website here, enjoy! Glyph codes and the Syandana (still dont know which of these codes is for the Syandana yet): Warframe May not work MCIK works HOMIINVOCADO works KINGGOTHALION May not work PROFESSORBROMAN May not work ADMIRALBAHROO works BIKEMAN May not work SUMMIT1G May not work SP00NERISM May not work IFLYNN works TACTICALPOTATO works MOGAMU works SKILLUP works ORIGINALWICKEDFUN works MCGAMERCZ works TVSBOH works BRICKY works N00BLSHOWTEK works r/warframe works New codes: TOTALN3WB works (added in memory of Totaln3wb, who passed on the 4th of july 2018) BWANA works LILLEXI works BROZIME works INEXPENSIVEGAMER works LYNXARIA May not work STRIPPIN works Other codes: FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N - (vectis sniper rifle with free slot and a catalyst pre-installed) Expired FREESWORD - (Heat sword with free slot and a catalyst pre-installed) works OLDFRIEND - (3 days affinity booster along with an old orokin tea set) works Special thanks to rfreug and to Indemon and everyone in this thread for letting me know about these codes, you guys are awesome!
  11. (PS4)dsforbus

    Some content could not be downloaded ps4!

    Why! Some content could not be downloaded. Really! What's up!
  12. ------------------------------------------>> <<-------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------->> <<------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recopilacion de algunos glyph partner actuales 23.1.1! Algunos partner usan streamlabs o streamelements donde podras canjear tus puntos por el glifo, otros usan un Generador de puntos y Redemcion en la misma pantalla del directo y otros puedes reclamar tu glifo con un comando en el stream. !Sé amable con su búsqueda y respeten todas las reglas en cada canal de cada streamer, se lo agradeceran. pueden suceder cambios, incluso algún error, si encuentran algo mal, diferente o simplemente no existe, podéis comentarlo para editar el post! Los siguientes Codigos Promocionales solo pueden activarse una vez! Este Post sera actualizado cada vez que incluyan un nuevo Codigo Promocional Puedes activar los codigos desde la Tienda en el juego o desde la pagina de Warframe ------------------------------------------------------------------------->> <<------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Codigos Especiales <<---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREESWORD ------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Codigos de Eventos y Updates <<------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WANDERBOTSLABOROFLOVESOLARISUNITEDWARFRAMETENNOSKOOMOLDFRIENDSPACENINJATWOGRAKATAGUARDIANCON2018r/warframe ------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Partners Codigos Globales <<------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LEGEND! PSIV BIKEMAN PROFESSORBROMAN SUMMIT1G LYNXARIA ADMIRALBAHROO SP00NERISM IFLYNN SHUL TACTICALPOTATO TVSBOH MIKETHEBARD MOGAMU MCIK SKILLUP TOTALN3WB ORIGINALWICKEDFUN MCGAMERCZ HOMIINVOCADO BWANA BRICKY BROZIME N00BLSHOWTEK INEXPENSIVEGAMER KINGGOTHALION LILLEXI STRIPPIN BURNBXX TEAWREX UNREALYUKI DJTECHLIVE COHHCARNAGE LEYZARGAMINGVIEWS DIMITRIV2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ KIWad: griddark: RandomSurge: SlapstickLogic: agayguyplays: NoSympathyy: Relli5000: Ivorysmoon: BackyardisTV: esp4him: DanieltheDemon: Tygastripe: DappaDanMan: J3ubbleboy: RLCGaming: Ceratia: FatefulYT: Rippz0r: AlexandraLive: Adelfos_Selene: Alyekk: Azrael112: GogumaGaming: Janine: DarkSlayer313: DKDiamantes: Makarimorph: PrettyPoison105: Zakguo : JayNeverwhere: AeonKnight86: UncleCatTH: Le_double: Bennyfits: GorillaWolfGaming: Volkeris5k: Annoying Killah: JoeyZero: Xenogelion: vnorberto : HM_Fuji: A_H_R: Warframe Madness [vamp6x6x6x]: ToYou: FromThe70s: Zanagoth: Porongo: ShadowFoxx086: Canal Tenno: MrWarframeGuy: AlThaniTheNoble: Mozetas: Gooperatives: H3dsh0t: Frozenballz: Kaoiji: Qynchou: Hidroxate: ArgonSix: Senastra23 [QueenSena]: Sherpa Rage: neavo_0: ChrisIsHD: (CruxedKat) Smashley: LovinDaTacos: BabychanTH: WoxLi: NeoNess007: Ashi: SpaceBeastX: Lordschaby21: Lunskee: BlackOni: GiR8Tacos: Tanchan: JunoWaifu: Lok_KingMacho: k0yi: XandyPants: Whiskey_Cat: Goku_707: (MatterMind) MrMorgenstern: MemeSage: SteelWar1337: Tenno Clock News (TCN): Wobbzie: BBSChainWarden: Bast50: superxinvader: CrazyBikerDude: xOGx SKEEZY (SkeeZ): AdikDarkCero: CaptainTuTu: Toasted_TV: Rundas342: eduy16: NRDabear: King Kacchi: wgrates: QuietteShy: LifeOf Rio: XiaRose: InglriousB (TheNextLevel)[Michel Postma]: DeejayKnight: ClanRawSteel: Flare_Eyes: El Tio Prod: InfraRedMike: TioMario: LittleNavi: EMOVJ: Rahetalius: Slycker: DogMan Dan [NightOwlsGaming]: AngryIceberg: DADxGOTxGAME: Buff00n: distantObserver: Endotti: fattshane: Francois878: Gamingbtches: GlamShatterskull: GlitchyGirl: LeyzarGaming: Old07: OldDirtyDaz: PokketNinja: Rageypoo: SabaiGuy: serafim_pt: Shanksy1387: Slivarito: SpiritualJedi: Triburos: x3lplive: Zotbot: AccessibleGamer: Omni_Voice: Capt_Walker: VoidFissureBR: Grind Hard Squad: Crusader: RavenN: Sealsdie: DobraTV: Reaper_Hunter: DeepBlueBeard: RedX: GrimlockePrime: Infodiversao: JustPlayBP: lluull: Roy Gaming: SerganIkari: Smoodie: VVhite_Angel: TheDorTip: Yantzi: MC Monkeys: Aywi: CASTiELiX_URBEX: Dayjobo [代 啾 Ra Rakshasa]: NekroKrim: OriginalGamersLive: Tenno Defton: Tyler [TyFighter]: VoltTheHero: Vernoc: TavierCorsair: Zopney: Mk3Gaming: Deuce the Gamer: Kr1pton Player: AnJetCat: iwoply: Seleste: Stormcrown: Sapmatic: BadNewsBaron: ajingom: GARA: StallordD: Sabuuchi: 13angTV: [alex][sNeewer4]: AuroraStarr: --- ---
  13. (PS4)spiritThedemon

    Seeking PS4 friends + clan

    Hi fellow Tenno! My name is Spirit and I'm looking for some friends, or even a clan to play with and help me out. I'm MR13, roughly 180 hours played but somehow I still find myself struggling to progress through story, and even things like decent frame builds. I'm a 19y/o female working student, who's a bit shy around new people. I'm in the Northeast US, playing usually at night (anywhere from 7p - 2a, sometimes later) but sometimes I'll be on during the day. I have a Discord account, and am more than willing to break the ice by hopping in a server vs a voice chat :D in addition to my being a student and working, that sometimes leads me to disappear for some days, so some leeway would be much appreciated. Much appreciated Tenno, looking forward to meeting or hearing from you! 😄
  14. Not a preview in the sense of being able to see the stats of the daily zaw/kitgun, (As there already is) but more like a 10 second gameplay clip of it in action with an average build. Personally, this would be more of an incentive for me to purchase it, but on the other hand, I understand how it could give away some of the enjoyment of figuring out how it works on your own.
  15. (XB1)Fartmonkey

    Layered Octavia music

    I recently copied a really good sounding song called Crab Rave on Octavia and spent 100 plat getting two new instruments to make it and it turned out amazingly. However the beats are way too hard to get buffs to and make the song worthless. I find myself stuck now with my Doom song since it's the only one that gives buffs that my team and I can move to. I think it would be a great idea to add layered music so I could have my Doom beats but people would hear Crab Rave instead allowing for good music and supportive beats that allow players to stay alive longer. I know that the beats won't match up but if we are being honest most randoms will just spam crouch wether or not the song is fast or slow. I hope a dev can see this and give a response and I'd also like to hear what the community thinks about this idea even though I'm sure it's not the first.
  16. (PS4)BloodWolfFang

    Welcome to West Waste of mars

    West waste is a bio dome on mars with 4 towns each with a different (style) to them. the name West waste stands for the forgotten town, after the orokin tower of mars became infested the towns put a dome over the a large area, the dome keeps the infested in, but it can let grineer and corpus in and out, it also has random sand storms so you may want to find some cover. The links are consept picturers that I didn't do ~center dome: this is a visible dome that covers miles of land, it is powered by 4 towns called west, north, east, and south, each town is based off of old earth historic towns.;ccid=vxCYnYqq&amp;id=0C90449A2B45B14A862BB34FEF4673B9A1588148&amp;thid=OIP.vxCYnYqq3kfdZwsB1_1FvQHaJu&amp;;exph=896&amp;expw=682&amp;q=hell+demon+tower&amp;simid=608010893262717403&amp;selectedIndex=2&amp;cbir=sbi&amp;ajaxhist=0 ~infested tower: this is an orokin tower corrupted and mutated by the infestation, the concept pic is not exact but close to what I believe it to look like. ~land scape: the consept pic is close to a mars landscape as could be. ~mystery ship: this ship is said to have crash days after the orokin came to the system, there is a quest that will revile the secrets within. ~ambush canyon: it is a perfect place for the grineer and/or corpus to hide and well you know, it is located in the north ~Bone yard: this is an area filed with the bones of extinct creature, it is also a new place to hunt some creatures call the bone stealers, these creatures go by 3 feet tall 4 feet long to 1foot and 2feet, these creatures got their name because the steal the bones off of the dead, note they eat rare plants. (PC) Culaio: this comic basicly explains what west town's amesphire will be like, (the town and bar seen only): ~west town: this is based off of a steampunk western town, Here you can get zenuka as a customizable companion. In addition the town is govern by a Mayor. ~His name is Mayor Hex, John Hex. the town is also filled with Steel Meridien Grineer. ~north town: this is based off of a Egyptian town. In addition the town is govern by a King and Queen. (The King~ ~The Queen~ ) His name Sah and her name Kakra. The town is also filled with members of The Perrin Sequence, and Cephalon Suda. ~east town: this is based off of a Chinese style. In addition the town is govern by an Emperor. His name is D-34-D (DEAD). the town is also filled with Red Veil. ~south town: this is based off of the Aztecs. In addition the town is govern by a Chief. Her name is Zuma. The town is also filled with Arbiters of Hexis and New Loka ~Grineer train: the train is the fasest way to travel from town to town, and only for 1,000 credits. (PC) Culaio: , the third pic down, , ~ Vip-cycal (name optional): this is one of two new forms of transportation, the vip-cycal is the iron horse of the tenno allowing a one to two tenno to travel the Waste, the Vip-cycal will cut sand storm damage in half, It can be built in west town (ps4) StormFalcon2018: (PC) Culaio: and ~Jun-bug: this is the second form of transportation, its a two seater buggy that you can customize with a torrent, missile launcher, or two more seats. the grineer and corpus both get buggies that fit their styles, the Jun-bug can also travel through the sand storms, It can be built in west town from (PC) Culaio This link has multiple pic that can be used :
  17. (PS4)mar308cos

    no me llegan mas drops

    Hola, llevo más de 6 horas mirando los directos de los partners de warframe en twitch y solo me han llegado 4 drops. ¿Es solo yo o le pasa a alguien más?
  18. I try to get my friends to play but they say the Start is not interesting or they could not understand it or the movement in the game. So I was thinking the community might have some good ideas to get new players in.
  19. With arbitrations on all platforms, it's now a great way for endo farming. So in my honest opinion why would you keep those 2 rewards locked in sorties as just doing 30 to 40 min inany of the arbitrations proves more productive. Some may agree and some may disagree, however I think if they were to be removed dont replace with anything. And it may be unfair to those who have yet to complete the star chart but for those of us who have doing sorties only to get endo or a sculpture is just aggravating. This is merely my opinion but I am sure there are some that do agree. I just hope that in the future they change this as my rng in sorties is either a sculpture or either endo or kuva with a occasional booster.
  20. Oni, the Ogre Frame Oni is an ogre themed warframe based around the old folklores of ogres being able to eat anything, including people. Oni is a thank frame that feeds off enemies to build up power and gain buffs. Appearance: Oni is a fairly large male warframe, with horns and spikes covering parts of his body. On Oni's stomach is a mouth like segment of armor that covers a small void warp hole. Along Oni's back and limbs are a series of elongated lines that work as vents when using abilities. Art The link is an updated version of the rough sketch. Here is a more final version of the warframe done by XhiroKhai on deviantart. Lore "Oni hungers for battle. Let him feast on all those who oppose you tenno." -Lotus Basic quest line will involve exploring the void and finding old research notes on a warframe that uses small wormholes to send matter to and from the void. For completing the quest, the player will receive a blueprint of Oni and will now be able to get his component blueprints. All of Oni's component blueprints drop from corrupted enemies in void missions. Stats Armor- 300 Health- 150 (350 max rank) Shields- 100 (300 max rank) Energy- 100 (150 max rank) Sprint speed- 0.9 Abilities Passive- Digest: Oni has a gauge that measures how full his void stomach is. The gauge fills from 0-100. As the gauge fills Oni gains buffs according to its fullness. For each 10 stacks Oni gains 15% extra armor and 20% extra health (Max 150% armor and 200% health). Stacks drain at a 1 stack every 1.5 seconds and heals health at a rate of 5% health per stack. While at max stack, Oni will instead consume the 100th stack over a period of 7 seconds while still healing at a rate of 5% health per 1.5 seconds. 1- Consumption: Cost 20 energy to cast then drains 5 energy per second. The void warp hole on Oni's stomach is opened and will pull in any enemy projectiles that enter a 1.8/2.2/2.6/3 meter vertical radius in front of Oni. Enemies can be consumed as well if they are under 15% health. Each projectile that is consumed grants 1 stack, enemies grant 5 stacks. While using this ability, Oni's movement speed is reduced by 15%. Any enemies that linger within the range of Consumption will take 50/75/100/125 damage per second. 2- Regurgitate: Costs 15 stacks to cast. Oni's void mouth opens and leaks a void infused slime in a 10/13/16/20 meter radius. Enemies that are caught in this area take corrosive damage 150/200/250/300 per second with a 100% status chance and are slowed by 25%. Allies that stand in the AOE gain an armor bonus of 100 and regen health at a rate of 3 per second. Allies only gain these buffs while standing in the area of effect. This ability lasts 10/15/20/25 seconds. 3- Scattered Slam: Costs 40 energy to cast. Oni summons his exalted mace and slams it into the ground. All enemies caught in a radius of 6/8/10/12 meters are knocked downed and stunned for 3/4/5/6 seconds. The impact of the mace deals 200/350/500/650 damage, 50% impact, 25% puncture, and 25% slash. Can be charged up to deal extra 10% damage per second its charged up, maximum of 5 seconds at a cost of 5 energy per second its charged. All enemies caught within range of this ability are marked with a cross over their heads, when consumed they grant 8 stacks and can be consumed at 20% health. 4- Carnage: Costs 30 energy to cast and drains 5 energy per second. Oni summons his exalted mace (similar to the maces Ogres are depicted with in old Japanese art). Oni's stomach opens and his vents release energy. In this state Oni gains increased movement speed of 45%. Kills in this form grant 1 stack. Oni is immune to status effects in this state and can't be knocked down. The mace will deal 175/250/325/400 damage on each swing. The damage is separate into 20% impact, 40% puncture, and 40% slash. When the mace makes contact with an enemy it sends off a small shock wave in a 4 meter radius of the target that will stun near by enemies. Slam attacks cast Oni's 3rd, Scattered Slam, at the cost 20 energy instead of 40. Weapons Protix: Primary Rifle with a revolver style drum Accuracy- 27.8 Crit Chance- 15% Crit Multiplier- 2.0 Fire Rate- 18.0 Magazine- 44 per shell (6 shells within revolver magazine, 264 rounds in full magazine) Noise- Alarming Punch Through- 0.0 Reload- 0.1 when switching to next shell, 2.0 when replacing magazine Status- 28% Trigger- Auto Slash- 45.5 Impact- 7.0 Puncture- 17.5 Dual Kamraa: Dual lever style shotgun sidearms (primary fire/ secondary fire) Accuracy- 100.0 Crit Chance- 12% / 33% Crit Multiplier- 1.8 / 3.5 Fire Rate- 2.0 Magazine- 16 / 8 Noise- Alarming Punch Through- 0.0 / 1.0 Reload- 1.5 Status- 30% / 15% Trigger- Auto / Semi Slash- 52.5 / 555.0 Impact- 122.25 / 42.0 Puncture- 35.25 / 113.0 Fisk: Heavy blade cleaver style sword Attack Speed- 1.0 Channeling Cost- 5 Channeling Damage- 1.5 Crit Chance- 18% Crit Multiplier- 2.0 Damage Block- 85% Leap Attack- 140.0 Spin Attack- 149.0 Status- 28% Wall Attack- 280.0 Slash- 67.3 Impact- 19.3 Puncture- 23.4 **Working on an alternate helmet and quest to be included.** Looking for any and all input on my concept. Thank for viewing. 🙂
  21. (PS4)BradleyAanderson

    Promo codes

    Hey everyone, Awesome Support on this Forum! Thank you all! -Any and all Warframe Promo Codes/ Redeem codes will be posted HERE. -All Codes can be redeemed via the in game Warframe Market, or Online on the Warframe Website. Again thank you all for the support and active Codes. -Also if you think you know a code not yet posted please post it up!!!
  22. (PS4)EpICFreeDoMZz

    My problems with arbitrations

    For full disclosure this is mostly me just ranting about my feelings, I don't expect DE to see this nor do I expect people to agree with me. With that out the way let's get into this. I have 2 main problems. 1) no revives and 2) having to wait twice the time before rewards. My problem with no revives is there's so much stupid stuff that happens in warframe that can instantly knock you down. Yes it makes it a lot harder and even more risky but I've heard too many stories of going in surviving for 5 or 10 minutes then getting one shot. Before I was one shot in an empty area while I was following my team to the first drill. I'm not asking for it to be made easier I'm asking for at least a few revives. My solution would be to give each player 3 revives and half the time they have to be revived. Still difficult but it negates the problem of being knocked out from dumb encounters. As for my problem with waiting twice as long is it doesn't equate to making you better. It was the same thing with when people would compare their times on Mot Survival. There are plenty of people who could go for hours in these missions but most people don't want to. I for one get bored after 5 or so minutes because the missions are so samey. Obviously I don't want the best rewards at 5 minutes but I do want something. Why not give us scaling rewards like 1 Vitus for 5 and 10, then 2 for 15-20 and ect. If I'm honest I don't like feeling like I'm being penalised because I get bored. I especially don't want to have to wait the extra time for my team to leave just so I can get my reward. Anyway rant over thanks for reading, sorry for the wall of text.
  23. (PS4)Naruto6910

    Twitch Drops!!!

    I was watch Daniel the demon for about 8 hours start today. I log in to my PS4 account to okay some Warframe but no drops. This happen yesterday as well watched tactical potato. DE can this be fix soon my account is linked to my twitch account. Please let me know what I can do.
  24. (PS4)princessbloky

    WTS unrolled/low roll rivens

    15p: Twin Grakatas Visides +Status Duration +Damage -Zoom 30p: Bolter Feva-visimag +Damage +Reload Speed -Weapn Recoil 20p: Dera Ampican +Ammo max +multi shot -dmg to corpus 20p: Laser Rifle Visipha +heat +damage 20p: Hek Geli-zetipha +heat -recoil +cold - flight speed 50p: Aklex Acri-croniata +dmg +crit dmg +fire rate 15p: Scourge Sati-decimag +status duration +multi -recoil -reload 20p: Detron Visi-ignimag +heat -recoil +dmg 20p: Kohmak Hexa-acrilis +crit dmg +zoom +status chance -crim chance 30p: Tenora Argi-gelitron +dmg to grineer +cold +dmg to corpus Trying to open up some slots, let me know if you are interested. Willing to negotiate.
  25. Took a break, got my sh.t together, and i'm back. Let's Begin. This, is Belithusa. The methodical, the natural. The stewardess of biological forces. Awesome Artwork Compliments of @KronikPlague. They are absolutely amazing! Look them up and check out their stuff! 🙂 Stats at max rank: Health: 500 Shield: 175 Armor: 150 Energy: 230 Sprint Speed: 1.25 Passive: Belithusa is constantly undergoing accelerated mitotic cell division, culminating in a constant state of slow health regeneration. (Think Rejuvenation, but innately...because this makes sense.) +5.8/sec Constrain: This is self-explanatory. All enemies in a cone in front of the warframe will have their nerves jolted to the point where their muscles lock up, rendering them immobile. - Affected enemies will cease all movement for 3 seconds, then collapse - Will remain unconscious on the floor for an additional 10 seconds - When used with Mitosis, Allies will have their neurological processes steadily increased within safe levels, resulting in a reload speed increase that gets faster and faster with every reload as well as a recoil stabilization that gets better and better with every unit of ammo consumed. Neurological conditioning done in this manner will also aim-lock to the enemies heads. Occipital Distortion: Creates a deficiency in the occipital lobe to make enemies process visual information as if they were drunk. - Enemies can see, but will fall over if they try to move too far (6 m) - They will fall every time the condition is met, regardless of actions being performed at the time. - Their accuracy becomes miniscule. - Duration: 30 sec - When used with mitosis, Allies will have their occipital lobe improved, making their vision much more capable of spotting the small details. Under these effects, allies become able to see the imperfections in enemy armor, which will make targeting them ignore their armor. (these weakpoints are very, very small and will rely on the 1st ally buff to consistently hit them. (So for everyone who's going to say "B-But banshee", deal with it... weakpoints are a universal thing.) Mitosis- An aura of biological energy that sets mitotic cell regeneration to overdrive, reducing maximum HP by 30% in exchange for 88% damage reduction and a +20/sec health regeneration. Applies to all allies in Affinity Range, but they get 75% of the effects. (Overclocking natural processes in this fashion should not be consequence-free.) Duration: 26 Seconds (affected by power strength - When used with Stroke of Genius, Allies will have their heart rates increased within safe levels, which will increase output from the muscles. Allies will attack faster and hit harder with melee. (60% and 130% respectively) Flatline: All enemies in range will have their hearts squeezed, creating a surge of blood through the vessels, rupturing them and cutting off blood flow to the brain, starving it of oxygen. - Affected enemies will hemorrhage internally, losing 6% total hp every second until they die. Critique is welcome, will be taken seriously and will be implemented accordingly. And please, for the love of dog, make sure your proposed changes do not change the theme or feel of the warframe