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  1. Hello Tennos! I am Paul. I am passionate about and committed to designing High-quality emblems for clans to showcase their pride, honor their heritage and recruit more loyal members. Almost all my previous clients are satisfied with the quality of work I am able to produce for their clans. Now, my need for more reach and exposure has led me to create this thread in hopes to offer my skillset to those needing a real face lift for their clan to show true love for their group and increase the number of loyal clan members in the future. Unlike many other clan emblem design services out there, which typically focuses on bulk collaborations, my service dovetails nicely with proud, passionate and committed clan warlords who are serious about having a high-quality emblem designed for their clan. My focus is on the end result which will surely reflect the meaning and core values of the clans that I get to work with, thus both visually appealing and contextually appropriate. My old thread (placed in the wrong Section, thus prompting me to create this new thread) has been featured by the awesome tenno HolyIcon in his extremely helpful thread [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale Here are some of the works I was able to produce working with amazing warlords: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** FOLLOW ME *** Instagram (@Povo.844) DeviantArt (@Povo844) Artstation (@Povo844) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swarzeblade Clan - Warlord: Michael Yanz La lance et le Bouclier Clan - Warlord: Narwaiin Kings Brotherhood Clan - Warlord: Egyptian_R3dd666 Vileblood Predators Clan - Warlord: Gaute DeathsMinions Clan - Warlord: JoshuaVargas The Wizard Coalition Clan - Warlord: Woodrow2021 B3WB Clan - Warlord: Wolf-2458 Task Force Dagger Patch - Owner: Ethan Riley War Dancers Clan - Warlord: CadetSpaceWhale Warframe Community Discord Glyph Contest Entry Goon Squad Tennos Clan - Warlord: MF Reggie B Team Exodus Clan - Warlord: DarkS0laris Summer Court Clan - Warlord: Nebryose Voidlight Armaments Clan - Warlord: Dracovision The Nidus Syndicate Clan - Warlord: lCB2019l Vengeful Vipers Clan - Warlord: WalkingBio Shadow Morningstars Clan - Warlord: DMC4_Dante13 Justicars of Sol Clan - Warlord: babygoestoChin Dragon's Talons Clan - Warlord: QueenGaea F0X HOUND: SPECIAL FORCES Clan - Warlord: Anastasia Galaxy Brawlers Alliance - Warlord: DarkenPrime Ophidian Clan - Warlord: xNakshx Black Sky Alliance - Warlord: Anonymys Children of Lotus Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 Children of Lotus Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 (Alternative Option) Umbruh Clan - Warlord: expelled_angel Crimson Shadow Knights Clan - Warlord: Synchro122 (Alternative Option) The Ashen Knights Clan - Warlord: Sethrox100 Trigger Warning Clan - Warlord: Whitewasher2 Rageing Tennoids Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 Tactica Imperialis Clan- Warlord: Agent M3tallion Venatores of Mars - Warlord: Raidershogunate Team Rose Family - Owner: Winelover213 Pupsker Warframe Youtuber Channel Profile Picture Moth Airlines Clan - Warlord: DamagingMoth47 Bearsloth Clan - Warlord: Killjoy20 Hope to proudly showcase your clan's emblem as my next portfolio piece! Inquiry Method: In order for me to best serve you and your clan, I only ask of you a few things: Reach me through any way convenient for you: Email: paulvo.844@gmail.com Forum Message Discord: povo844#5675 To save time for both parties, in your inquiry, please include the form below with all information filled in: Once I receive your inquiry, we can discuss further then. Note: Since I am no longer an active player in-game, the preferred payment method will be Paypal (address is the same as my email). It is beneficial to note that when you pay with real money, you get my 100% effort and time in real life to create that good-quality emblem you and your clan deserve. To kickstart our project, a down-payment ought to be made. (as a token of commitment from both parties). My mission is to come up with a high-quality emblem that truly represents your clan and its core values, for your clan to wear and showcase to all Tennos out there. I am committed to the delivery of good end results, and I hope to receive your commitment and respect upon our collaboration. Looking forward to hearing from and serving you, Tenno!
  2. I've already made a video on this topic extensively covering my issues with the current gun to gun weapon switching speed however I will keep trying to bring attention to this topic since I believe having instant gun go gun switching will benefit the feel of the game immensely. in any case I will be mostly reiterating the points I made in my video so if you'd like to listen to my points with a wonderful narrator and quality audio instead of reading this honest to god long post on reddit, be my guest! anyways lets begin. this post will be separated into five parts. A little lesson on mods that affect weapon switching speed in warframe. Investigating the current weapon swapping system in waframe and seeing if it is consistent. With tests. Talking about the current switching speed in warframe and my thoughts on it. Going over arguments against this and why they are wrong. Final thoughts on the topic and possible solutions to the problem at hand. Part 1: A little lesson on mods that affect weapon switching speed in warframe. There are 8 mods that affect weapon switching speed in warframe and these are.....drumroll please! Speed Holster which gives extra 120% holster speed Coaction Drift which can boost speed holster by 15 % Synth Reflex which gives 100% Holster Speed Vigorous Swap which gives 100% Holster Speed Streamlined Form which gives 60% holster speed And the three weapon-type specific ones that give 200% holster speed for that weapon. And these are Twitch for rifles. Soft Hands for shotguns Reflex Draw for pistols. and the way These mods should calculate how faster you should swap guns is this formula right here. (as/(1+I+W))+(as/(1+S+W) as = animation speed I = initial weapon holster bonuses W = warframe Holster bonuses S = swapped weapon holster Bonuses basically this formula tells us that weapon switching has 2 parts, that of holstering your current weapon and the other of equipping the swapped weapon,and i have reasons to believe this is incorrect, but we will get into that soon. Part 2: Investigating the current weapon swapping system in waframe and seeing if it is consistent. With tests. Now I am aware that swapping from any gun to melee is instant... however I’m talking strictly about switching between guns ie primary and secondary. So this is how the following tests are going to go. Ill show you four clips. The first will be with no mods the second is going to be with all warframe holster speed mods the third is going to be with all warframe and weapon holster speed mods on primary and secondary, the fourth will be with all the above plus a full squad with speed holster and coaction drift equipped.. We could push forward with high power strength toxic chroma since that increases weapon holster speed.....but that's a fruitless endeavour and you will see why soon. These are the expected times for this experiment No Mods =1.5 All Warframe holster mods =0.28 All warframe & weapon holster mods. =0.20 All warframe and weapon holster mods and a full squad with the Speed holster aura and Coaction Drift =0.12 And now for the actual time of the clips. So lets examine this information First clip with no mods has a time of 1:15 seconds Second clip with all waframe mods has a time of 0.48 seconds Third clip is with all warframe and weapon mods respectively has a time of 0.48 seconds Fourth clip is all of the above with a full squad of speed holster and coaction drift this one has a time of 0.48 seconds Now as you can see we couldn't go further than 0.48 seconds. And the times are so far away from the expected which is not consistent as you might have guessed. And why could this be? Well my theory is this. Weapon switching has 3 parts one part is the animation of you holstering your current weapon second part is a pause where you do nothing at all other than movement , and third is the animation of you equipping the switched weapon. This is the only explanation i could come up with unless there is an intentional or unintentional cap on the waframe weapon switch speed.....but we will get into that later. Part 3: Talking about the current switching speed in warframe and my thoughts on it. So now that we know the default holster speed is roughly about 1.2 seconds lets talk about why this is too slow and why i believe this has been overlooked despite the type of game warframe is. Now I’ve said this before but in a fast paced game like warframe with a movement system as fluid as this and the amount of control you have over your actions and power level I’d honestly expect our warframes to switch weapons quicker if not instantly, like what we have with melee already. For examples in other fast paced shooters like doom 2016, doom eternal, vanquish, ultrakill, ....weapon switching is so much more quick, snappy, responsive and all around better. And it pains me to see warframe lagging behind in this small but crucial department that does so much for the feel of the game. Butt. And this is a big butt... i can understand why it has been overlooked mostly.... The developers have great ambitions with examples being Plains of Eidolon, Fortuna, Railjack and so much more, and they are busy, constantly being pestered about reworks rebalances, bugs, buffs, nerfs, and a lot more.they probably are flooded to their necks with what's happening in the world right now. And I believe they just forgot since so little people talk about it.. You have no idea how long it took me to find posts on the forums and the subreddit. click here for posts. and a video Quite Shy made so long ago, and all of these have great points. However so little people care about this. Butt why do people don't care about this? Well i honestly believe it's Because weapon switching isn’t encouraged at all mostly because of it being slow and clunky even with speed holster mods. Most of warframe can be finished with a single weapon and not even a melee or a secondary. This has mostly led to people using one weapon most of the time and only switching when absolutely necessary or never, its a shame honestly because the whole weapon system opens itself to a huge amount of synergies between them. But thanks to the current holster speed its just not possible or impractical. when i can reload faster than switching weapons there is no point in doing so. But......we will get into that shortly....just you wait. Part 4: Going over arguments against this and why they are wrong you'd think that most people would be ok with this change being implemented... but no. So now we are here....the part I’ve been waiting for....now lets get into it. Just use holster speed mods. we have already determined that weapon holster speed mods have a cap on how much they can help therefore making it useless if you want to get faster weapon swapping speed altogether. We don't need to switch weapons quickly in warfame Except we do, once all bullets are shot and you start preforming the reload dance you have the option to whack stuff with your melee....which has no delay.... Warfame isn't a shooter. Except it is, the steam page for warframe puts it int to the Looter Shooter category. Warframe doesn't need faster weapon switching because you can get through the entire game with just your primary/secondary/melee. You can get through the entirety of any game with just one weapon..its not the easiest most fun or dynamic way of doing so, there is literally an entire genre of videos out there doing this very thing, you definitely can, but this doesn't mean that you need to. Comboing weapons in smart ways is part of the fun in these types of shooters. Shouldn't DE be working on other more important stuff first? I'm not a developer of games, I’m merely a guy with a nice voice that has a small channel mostly dedicated to story telling, but even i can use common sense and come to the conclusion that making another open world, reworking a piece of content, making a cinematic quest or a new gamemode is much more work than fixing this tiny issue that has been in the game since far before i started playing. Maybe DE is trying to balance the amount of damage we can do that's why the cap exists. Now id be inclined to believe this if if weren't for the fact that instant melee is a thing now...so that arguments stops where it starts. Just use octavia and bramma 4head. This argument in particular talks about that the issue at hand doesn't exist because there are things that accomplish things quicker and easier than fixing the issue altogether. And to that i respond Octavia is boring to play overpowered as #*!% and shouldn’t be used as a way to deflect a well constructed argument, please try again. Love the concept of her tho. And the final one ....ill leave it for the end. Part 5: Final thoughts on the topic and possible solutions to the problem at hand. As my closing statements ill say that we already have instant weapon switching in warframe...well sort of. be it for when inserting the datamass into a defence mission console, giving an excavator battery, inserting fuel or coolant cells in their slots in sabotage or picking up a spear gun, all of these instances will see you swapping from secondary to primary instantly So with all that has been said I’d suggest weapon switching be changed to be near instant by default so that we could get rid of the speed holster mods entirely. If this weren't to be the case at least fix the weapon holster mods so they don’t have an intentional or unintentional cap despite them supposed to be giving great bonuses to what is already a slow swapping speed in the context of the game. Now for the final argument. Who cares? I do, and many others aswell ... probably too much for our own good. But maybe I’m just shouting into the void with this post. An issue that never will be resolved. Despite my thousands of hours in this game maybe asking for a simple fix is too much and i should be grateful for the amount of fun I’ve goten from this game. Maybe loving this game so much comes at a cost that wanting it to be better even if its something small is too much to ask for. Regardless I’ll keep trying......this is after all the dumbest hill ill decide to die on. this has been an kind word on warframe weapon switching speed. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day. Cheers.
  3. As much as Ash is my main frame, he needs to be looked at again. The 1st ability is only good with its augment. Augments should be used as an option and not coz the ability on its own is bad, the 2nd ability could benefit by having better cc and even through ppl say that his invisible is too short I have no issue with it, the 3rd ability has potential to be so much better just of the concept of teleportation alone and the 4th ability is terrible when it comes to activation speed, it`s too slow and other ppl can take your kills (even in low levels) and even more things that make it bad. Overall Ash is a contradiction to what DE wants ppl to do in this game.... PLAY AS A TEAM, that's why he needs to be looked at again and If I were to give him a re-visit, this is what I would do; Ash: · All abilities can be cast while on ziplines. 1st Ability: Shuriken This makes Ash more strategic by giving a choice of who he wants to kill and makes him better at killing single target enemies. 2nd Ability: Smoke Screen These improvement makes this ability strategic and you have more than one way to use the ability. 3rd Ability: Teleport These tweaks Ash`s 3rd ability will improve his teleporting abilities and gives him the option from focus enemy targeting to teleporting anywhere with less limitations. Before I get into bs here are the current problems with bs; 4th Ability: Blade Storm Why this logically makes blade storm better; · Ash`s bs is still slow when it comes to dps however, at lease because it`s an instant activation, he will at least get to the enemies 1st before any other frame`s damage ability does. · The current bs we have now made him absolutely useless in a team but with my changes, at least in a high-level mission he can kill more efficiently which in turn make the team less likely to get downed. · The choice of whether you want to be in the animations or not is much easier to pull off. The way it is now, if you use bs and you want to join the animation, but you have no energy you can’t join it even through it`s not meant to cost any energy to do so. · The indicator lets you know when you can use bs again. · Other people can take his kills while bs is still active which won`t matter coz of the amount of enemies he can kill. Since Ash doesn`t have any synergy (or any good ones) here are some that will improve his performance; Synergies There are some issues with Ash that need to be fixed At the time ash was ranked the number 1 favourite warframe by votes on Mogamu`s channel in 2016. Now he is one of the least played warframe stated by DE themselves on life of rio`s video in 2018. Proof: Mogamu`s vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adLohAFoWQc Life of rio`s vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJRx6oTxF1Y My re-visit to Ash makes him strategic in missions, more effective in stealth gameplay, gives him better and useful synergies, makes him more of an efficient killer in the art of assassination and makes him have a use in a team. If you want a visual understanding of how some of my ideas can be implemented check out page 7. Below is a list of players that support my idea of Blade Storm and wanted to see this happen. I have gathered these names by speaking to people on the mic when I’m in missions. (PS4 players) This has been an ongoing process since August 2017.(I stopped around feb 2018) I know you won`t read all of this but the point is to show how serious I am about my ideas and for Ash to get a revisit. If you like my ideas please leave a like and share this post, If you want my idea to be implemented to Ash please sign and share my petition so DE can see this and make Ash way better than he is/was. http://chng.it/TVJnXgZC I will be updating this (EVERY FRIDAY). You can look in the comment section of me talking from more ideas to past events relating to Ash. So if you want to know more, follow this post. To view them go to each page, hold CTRL F and type VEXX-INFO to view them. If you have any questions about my revisit to Ash just ask me. To find answers to questions you have which has been answered (which I will let you know If I have) press ctrl & F then type Q&A to find them. And just to make this clear.. I`m giving Ash a REVISIT not a rework. Here is the difference between a rework and a revisit. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1170539-what-is-the-difference-between-a-rework-and-a-revisit/
  4. je n ai pas recu cette arme(Athodai) malgre ma presence sur twitch j ai recu tout les autres Bonus
  5. Since this is the year DE is fixing things, I feel like warframe abilities is one of them so i`d through I would put up some ideas to improve the warframes abilities with some new added parts to it, I have been playing each warframe to see if they need some improvements or some changes to their abilities. Here are my reworks, revisits & QOLs I would like to see each warframe get; To quickly view the warframe you`re interested in, hold CTRL and F to bring up a search bar then type the warframe you want to read about, also when I think of more improvements I will be updating it so look on the other pages to view them. Ash Atlas Banshee Baruuk Chroma: Ember Equinox Excalibur Frost Gara Garuda Gauss Grendel Harrow Hildryn Hydroid Inaros Ivara Khora Limbo Loki Mag Mesa Mirage Nekros Nezha Nidus Nova Nyx Oberon Octavia Protea Revenant Rhino Saryn Titania Trinity Valkyr Vauban Volt Wisp Wukong Zephyr Depending on how far this post goes, I may come back and update it either to improve their abilities or to add new warframes that need some tweaks.
  6. Now that the Umbral Mods, Sacrificial Mods, and Daily Sign-in Weapon Rewards are available thru Cephalon Simaris, shouldn't the Primed Mods thru the Daily Sign-in be available, too? You can keep 'em non-thradeable, but I'd like to have another at least Primed Fury that isn't maxed for some builds. Anyways, that's my two cents...
  7. Please fix the Veykor Sydon not charging any longer and therefore can’t do radial blind. There’s no charge counter showing up in the hud. Tried several times. Thanks for all you guys do!
  8. First Post in Forums: Does De have any plans to maintain playerbase if and when players change consoles. I did not like Xbox1, the console has had many issues for me. I only picked the console due to liking the controller better. I play many games with friends on xbox,but the majority of time spent playing is on warframe. I have 76 days played on WF, and in my estimate 200+ dollars on the game. I love the game and dont intend to stop playing, but me and my friends are making a group decision to change consoles. I will make this clear I have no intention of starting over; I believe loseing umbral forma, rivens, and prime mods kills all motivation to play the game. Thoughts from other players and devs wanted.
  9. Didn't like redoing the entire star chart but i did it for the mastery, did a solo survival (to avoid host migration and such)to get the new steel essence and... oh boy. 2 hours gave me 7, yes seven steel essence , 6 riven slivers and some parts of that warframe that i really need ,OBERON , because that's what i really need, Oberon parts and riven slivers when i waste 2 hours to get the resource that i actually want. Turning off "hard mode" until this gets revised, the diluted drops feel bad and i can't even say how disappointed i got after this, at least get rid of the Oberon parts drop in this mode or make it a sure drop every 5 or 10 minutes or even better all the above. Oh yes almost forgot, the cat gave me 2x essence once so they were actually 6.
  10. anyone else still didn't get theirs? I know alot of people already got them long time ago. but somehow I'm still waiting for mine 😕
  11. It’s been almost 9 hours since I watched Tennolive. I have received the hand cannon, but no Hydroid Prime. I would like to know possibly how long would the Twitch drop be given out.
  12. I remember when this was shown during a dev stream from what feels like a year ago, have they ever updated us on whether or not that skin was to ever be worked on? I only saw a picture for it, and that was it. No model, in-game render or anything past this one image. Thanks for your time Tenno!
  13. The Steel Path: Update 28.2.0 We’ve included everything from PC Update 28.0.6 - (and cherry picked fixes and changes beyond). The total download size for this update is ~ 710 MB. CONSOLE SPECIFIC NOTES Get the exclusive Synkra Syandana by completing your Warframe Account with a verified email address. Learn more here. Edit for clarity - currently adding your email via warframe.com is not enabled at this time. In order to claim the Synkra Syandana follow these steps IN-GAME: 1. Go to Options > Account (new tab on the far right) > Add Email 2. Check your email for a confirmation link from Warframe. 3. Confirm your email and you'll find the Synkra Syandana in your inventory the next time you log in! Controller Changes & Fixes: Removed the ability to open up the main menu with a controller when using Navigation or browsing Ayatan Treasures (could result in a loss of functionality). Fixed Pets using the wrong skeleton and appearing mutated when swapping to a loadout of a different Pet (Kubrow vs Kavat) before claiming your Incubated Pet when using a controller. Fixed the Avionics screen showing the incorrect callout for "remove" with a controller. THE STEEL PATH It is time to take on a new challenge. The Origin System is ever-changing. Our enemies grow more powerful - only the Tenno with true mastery of their Arsenal will overcome what awaits us. Once you have found yourself with a completed Star Chart, you may choose to arm yourself for a higher tier of enemies in Warframe. With this Update, we are introducing ‘The Steel Path’, a way to replay the Star Chart with all regions receiving +100 enemy levels. You will earn exclusive Emotes and Trophies by completing each region. Team up or go alone - good luck! If you are not ready for this challenge, fear not, it’s not going anywhere. One day you may be prepared to take The Steel Path. Your weapons make music, and the enemy calls for a song. Visit Teshin to learn more, if you’re ready. The Relay ‘CONCLAVE’ Fast Travel option has also been changed to say ‘TESHIN’ as this option now serves a new role with The Steel Path. This will also now place you in front of the Conclave station instead of in the Conclave screen. Requirements: A completed Star Chart (access to Arbitrations) is required for The Steel Path. Teshin will invite you to seek him out in any Relay once you’ve met the criteria. Hot tip: If you’re unsure of what Nodes remain for you to unlock, visit the Arbiters of Hexis enclave in the Relays and speak to the Arbitration representative located to the immediate left of the door. What you need to know about The Steel Path: Since launching our weekend Public Test Cluster project, we have made some changes to The Steel Path for launch. These changes will be indicated below (but this is not an exhaustive list). You can toggle on/off The Steel Path in the Star Chart, which will automatically change the Star Chart to reflect which path you wish to play. The Steel Path toggle will also pulse to draw attention for those who question how to access The Steel Path after talking to Teshin. Completing 1 Steel Path mission will disable the pulse. Mastery can be earned by completing each mission on The Steel Path (similar to normal Star Chart, Mastery is earned once per node). Enemies on The Steel Path are +100 Levels higher than their normal mission counterparts, and have enhanced defenses. Their enhanced defenses are not quite as high as Sortie modifiers, but enemies do have a *150% bonus to Health + Armor + Shields. This decision was made based on Public Test Cluster feedback. The original Test Cluster Feedback change brought a 175% bonus that we then reduced to 150% bonus after further testing. We also realized some inconsistencies with what we stated and what was truly live on the Test build leading up to now. To clarify what this equates to: Enemy Health/Shield/Armor: 1+1.5 = 2.50 (250%) The Steel Path has Custom Gear Rules: 1 Minute Cooldown on Restores. Open Worlds (Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon) have a special Steel Path Bounty you must complete to progress. It is the 6th tier Bounty only accessible on The Steel Path! The Steel Path Eidolon levels will increase respective of their difficulty for Tenno who seek a challenge, and also drop 1 Steel Essence on death: Teralyst: Level 110 Gantulyst: Level 120 Hydrolyst: Level 130 Junction Specters must be fought at their new 100+ level to proceed in the Star Chart. You’ll notice that the ‘Junction Tasks’ popup on hover will not appear in The Steel Path as those items are not required nor rewarded for completing the Junction. Eximus enemies have a chance at dropping Riven Slivers and a new currency: Steel Essence. Archwing Missions within The Steel Path will contain enemies with a 50+ level increase instead of 100+, and the 150% bonus Health + Armor + Shield multiplier will not be applied. This decision was made based on Test Cluster feedback. Note: Railjack is not a part of The Steel Path. Progression Rewards As you progress through The Steel Path Star Chart, Teshin will award you for each Region completed with its respective Planet Decoration and Planet Emote, as well as 2x Steel Essence per Region (which can also be earned simply by playing Steel Path missions)! The Steel Path Honors & Steel Essence In addition to those Rewards, Teshin now has The Steel Path Honors: a store only accessible when The Steel Path is unlocked. Similar to the Arbitration Honors store, The Steel Path Honors takes Steel Essence as currency. Steel Essence can be found as a Resource drop from Eximus enemies within The Steel Path. By accessing the Steel Path Honors, you can exchange your Steel Essence for the following rewards: THE BISHAMO ARMOR SET: Uphold the elite warrior tradition of Teshin and the Dax in the Bishamo Armor Set. This Orokin-designed collection includes a Helmet, Cuirass, Pauldrons, Greaves, and apparel. Earn the Blueprints by trading Steel Essence from The Steel Path Honors. Kuva x 10,000 Random Relic Pack (3 Random Relics) Stance Forma Blueprint - this Forma type was introduced in Operation: Scarlet Spear. In the interest of having it more widely available, we are adding it to the Steel Path! This Forma allows for an added touch of flexibility in Melee weapons for those who seek it out! The Trio Orbit Ephemera and Crania Ephemera These new Ephemeras are available for a Steel Essence price respective to their prestige. The Crania Ephemera is for the truly worthy and those who have shown no fear on the Steel Path. Ephems.mp4 The Steel Path Feedback Megathread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1205597-the-steel-path-feedback-megathread/ KHORA DELUXE Khora Urushu Skin Personify the avenging spirit of the forest in armor flowering with deadly blooms. Buying the Urushu skin unlocks the Maculatia Skin only for your Venari. Includes Maculatia Venari Skin, Khora Urushu Agile and Noble animation sets! Khora’s Whipclaw whip also use the Khora Urushu whip design! Maculatia Venari Skin Venari becomes the dark and dangerous woods in this deluxe Pet Skin. Khora Urushu Collection Embody the galaxy’s most dangerous flora with the Urushu Collection. Includes the Khora Urushu Skin, the Pulchranopsis Syandana, the Veratria Blade and Whip Skin, and the Maculatia Skin for Venari or your favourite Kavat. Includes Khora Urushu Agile and Noble animation sets! Pulchranopsis Syandana The beauty of the orchid paired with the elegance of Tenno design. A signature Syandana for Khora. Veratria Blade and Whip Skin Tangle your target in a thorny vine with this deceptively floral weapon Skin. Maculatia Kavat Skin Nature at its most brutal comes alive in this deluxe skin for your Kavat. Accessibility & Visibility Improvements: Color Blind Compensation Under the Display Options tab, you’ll find a ‘Color Blind Compensation’ option that modifies game and interface colors to increase visibility for common forms of color blindness. There is also a strength slider to the Color Blind Compensation filters. This setting will allow you to pick between the following options: Protanopia: A setting for people with Protanopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to red lights. Deuteranopia: A setting for people with Deuteranopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to green lights. Tritanopia: A setting for people with Tritanopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to blue lights. It’s worth noting here that our Color Blind Compensation approach is far from perfect and feedback will vary accordingly. We will continue to investigate larger scope accessibility issues! Please let us know of any issues or feedback you may have: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1202836-the-deadlock-protocol-color-blind-compensation-megathread-2806/ Xoris Interaction Changes: Certain Warframe Abilities and Exalted weapons will now reset the Melee Combo Counter only if the Xoris is being used. The overwhelming Damage output of certain Warframe Abilities was not our intention with an infinite Melee Combo weapon, and the conversation of ‘Xoris or you’re doing it wrong’ is greatly restrictive in terms of player choice. Warframe Abilities / Exalted Warframe weapons affected by this are: Ash Bladestorm Atlas Landslide Baruuk Serene Storm Excalibur Exalted Blade Gara Shattered Lash Khora Whipclaw Valkyr Talons Wukong Iron Staff The full breakdown can be read here. Granum Void Changes & Fixes: !!Contains Spoilers for The Deadlock Protol Quest!! Stropha Changes & Fixes: Increased Stropha projectile lifetime from .12 to .14. Fixed Stropha Heavy Attack not increasing in Damage from Melee Combo stacks. Fixed the Stropha shot not gaining Combo hits against a ragdolling enemy. Fixed Condition Overload not affecting its shots. Corpus Ship Changes & Fixes: Removed numerous door Lasers within the Corpus Ship tileset. Only connecting tile doors will have Lasers. Fixed some Corpus Ship doors not opening until you’re practically at the door, resulting in faceplanting. They’ll now open when you’re a few meters away. Fixes towards an inability to get through side doors in the Corpus Ship Spy tileset if you’re going back through the alternate direction of where you came in. Fixed Rescue/Spy Vault door lasers not matching the intensity of doors throughout the Corpus Ship. Fixed enemies in the Corpus Ship Defense tileset sometimes getting stuck on door frames. Fixed a rare case of having no objective during an Invasion Rescue mission in the Corpus Ship tileset. Fixed the Golden Hand Shrine sometimes not spawning in the Jackal and Razorback boss missions. Fixed Solaris prisoners being invisible, but still freeable, if you aligned with Grineer on an Invasion mission that generates a Corpus Ship tile. Fixed a lack of emissives when Lockers are open. Fixed Locker emissive turning green instead of teal when a Locker is opened with the Thief's Wit Mod. Fixed Treasurers dropping a ‘Granum Crown Cache’ when killed inside of Limbo’s Cataclysm, instead of the intended Granum Crown. Fixed broken Defense objectives in Corpus Ship missions after a Treasurer spawns and the squad migrates. Numerous fixes towards missing collision throughout the Corpus Ship tileset. Numerous fixes towards poor lighting and AI pathfinding in the Corpus Ship tileset. Jackal Changes & Fixes: Pets & Sentinels no longer take damage from Jackal's Grid Wall attack. Fixed Clients sometimes being left in the first stage Jackal arena if you died/Revived before the second stage. Fixes towards spamming the Parazon Finisher for the Jackal as a Client breaking the Finisher animation. Visibility improvements towards the Jackal’s stomp ability FX. General Changes: Shield Gating now applies to Companions the same way it does to Warframes! Blocks 100% of Damage for 1000ms on first break, reduced to 300ms if Shields break again without fully recharging. Protea’s Blueprint has been added to Simaris’ Offerings for players who have completed The Deadlock Protocol Quest and unintentionally sold Protea. Let it be known that the Xoris Blueprint/Parts are also available here for players who have completed The Deadlock Protocol Quest and unintentionally sold the Xoris. The Friend ‘Batch Remove’ feature minimum has been changed to ‘1 week’ to allow for more list purging. Doubled the Decoration Capacity for the "Open Space" Dojo room, from 800 to 1600 (for comparison the Inspiration Hall is 1400). Updated a few occurrences of "Resist a Damage effect" to the more accurate “Resist a Status effect" for some descriptions of Arcanes. Platinum bonuses given from Referral links are now non tradable/non giftable, similar to Platinum that you don’t purchase (win on a Livestream, etc). To help prevent accidental Kuva Lich generation from quick tapping the Mercy action, you must now Hold to perform a Mercy on a Kuva Larvling. Beacons are now disabled in Junctions. This is a solo fight to show off those skills! The Star Chart Quest FX indicator will now still appear when you are zoomed out. Disarming abilities no longer affect pilotable Dargyns to prevent accidental disarm usage that removes weapon capability. Increased the size of the Shedu explosion FX to better visually represent its radius. Protea Fixes: Fixed Protea losing her Temporal Anchor actions during rewind if during the ability she walked through Volt’s Electric Shield. Fixed Protea's Blaze Artillery not targeting enemies in Mag's Magnetize bubble if Mag is Modded to have a high Power Strength. Fixed a script error that could occur if a Protea died or left the squad with a Grenade Fan active on an ally. Fixed Helminth Cyst being on the wrong side of Protea’s neck. Fixed a case of Protea’s Blaze Artillery not damaging ragdolled enemies. Fixed a script error when casting Protea’s Grenade Fan. Fixed Protea’s Passive HUD FX becoming invisible after Transferring into Operator and out as a Client. Fixed Protea’s Passive HUD FX not applying chosen Energy color as a Client. Nightwave Fixes: Fixed cases of Cephalite Fissures not spawning in numerous eligible missions. This was most commonly seen in Plains/Vallis or key-required missions, but was possible elsewhere as well. Fixed Cephalite Resonance not being shared between squadmates in Railjack if the player who collected the Resonance was at the 20 cap. Fixes towards an ability to multiply Nightwave Standing gained by repeatedly going in and out of Fortuna. Fixed the Explorer Nightwave Act text not updating progress by always saying ‘Complete 3 Railjack Missions’. Fixed not receiving progress for the ‘Ascendant’ Nightwave Act upon completing the Agility Test on Lua. Fixed not being able to complete ‘Just Visiting’ Nightwave Act by visiting a Featured Dojo higher than Ghost. Fixed some small typos in the Nightwave Episode 3 crime scene. Railjack Fixes: Fixed Maxima and Hull Weave Avionics missing from respective Earth Proxima and Veil Proxima enemies. Fixed the Archwing Slingshot breaking after the first use if it was used to board a Crewship. Fixed spawning thousands of meters away from your Railjack if you Transfer back into your Warframe after launching a Railjack mission as the Operator. Fixed getting stuck in Orbiter/Railjack walls when entering the Arsenal as the Operator. Fixed viewing Railjack Components/Armaments and switching tabs after making a selection not properly deselecting the selected item, resulting in the Valence Fusion and Scrap buttons disappearing. Ropalolyst Fixes: Fixed Clients becoming stuck riding the Ropalolyst if two Client players attempt to ride it simultaneously. Potential fix towards the Host being able to interrupt a Client mounting the Ropalolyst, resulting in a crash. Fixed players not animating properly when landing on the central platform after crashing the Ropalolyst into one of the towers. Fixed the Ropalolyst cutscene intro not playing for Clients. Fixed Client players teleporting forward in the Ropalolyst cutscene. Fixes towards misaligned mounting animations when rolling before mounting the Ropalolyst. Fixed a script error that resulted in infinitely falling/respawning when falling into a teleport volume as the Operator during the Ropalolyst fight. Fixed potential script errors caused by using the central laser in the Ropaloylst fight. Optimizations: Made systemic micro-optimizations to the script system. Made several micro-optimizations to the log subsystem. Made systemic optimizations to game startup time. Made a micro-optimization to in-game stats rendering. Made some micro-optimizations to rendering performance. Made a micro-optimization to a core math routine. Made some micro-optimizations to rendering performance. Fixes: Fixed not retaining Kuva Lich mission progress if you Parazon stabbed your Lich during a connection loss. Fixed many Junction Specters having Health/Shield/Armour overrides, which gave them dramatically lower Health (eg: This changes Mag Specter's base Health from 75->1800). They should now match the listed values in the Codex. Fixed Heavy Weapons not having correct animations when sliding and firing. Fixed Panthera Prime and Karyst Prime not having proper setup for unique Riven disposition. Both arsenal UI and in-game stats will now reflect intended disposition of 0.5. Fixed a bug that could cause broken Hijack HUD elements when joining a mission in progress on a slow network. Fixed a bug that could cause broken Fomorian Assault HUD elements when joining a mission in progress on a slow network. Fixed hearing Client Wukong Iron Staff FX sounds when the Wukong is far enough that you shouldn't hear it. Fixed a crash that could occur for the new Host of an Archwing mission due to prior Host migration if they had the Dark Split-Sword equipped. Fixed up numerous crashes that could occur when joining a Hive mission in progress. Fixed Shield-Gating not functioning properly after Reviving when becoming downed. Fixed ability to keep your Melee Combo for Gunblade Heavy Attacks by timing a Transference activation at the right time. Gunblade Heavy Attacks will now expel Melee Combo as intended. Fixed Arsenal not listing Gunblades stats for their projectile behavior. Fixed Condition Overload not affecting the damage of a thrown Glaive. Fixed Saryn’s Contagion Clouds becoming hostile to players if you die and Revive. Fixed Pets using the wrong skeleton and appearing mutated when swapping to a loadout of a different Pet (Kubrow vs Kavat) before claiming your Incubated Pet. Fixed Vasca Kavat babies having broken textures when previewing in the Arsenal. Fixed Pets spazzing out for one frame when swapping Companions in Arsenal. Fixed the camera needlessly moving back and forth between Sentinel/Pet positions when swapping Companions in Arsenal. Fixed receiving a weird error when attempting to equip a Pet while another one is being Imprinted. You’ll now receive a less confusing error message indicating “Cannot switch to a new Pet while imprinting”. Fixed Arcane Bodyguard not healing Venari. Fixed Precision Strike buff granting buffs to explosive Secondary weapons (Kuva Seer, Tombfinger Secondary, etc). Fixed Dizzying Rounds leaving an enemy open to Melee Finishers forever (now closed to Finishers after the Finisher is performed). Fixed Atlas ‘Rubble Heap’ Augment for Client players insisting that you needed energy to cast Landslide even though it was free. Fixed your Moa Companion not gaining weapon Affinity if Hard Engage was the last thing the moa activated before extracting from the mission. Fixed Djinn automatically Reviving after exiting Titania's Razorwing if Reawaken is equipped. Fixed the Xoris infinite Combo Counter UI not reflecting when there is -100% Combo Duration equipped. The Combo Counter UI will now display ‘0’ when appropriate - otherwise it will say infinite. Fixed selecting Dojo when in the Liset from the Railjack Star Chart not functioning. Fixed an issue in the Grineer's genetic code where dying while frozen resulted in their face floating a meter away from their head. Fixed Mag's "Magnetize" ability displaying the chosen Energy primary/secondary colors differently depending on what rank Magnetize is. Fixed Status Effects on the Melee weapons of Mirage's Hall of Mirrors clones not disappearing when you stare through her body, as they are supposed to. Fixed saving the default Mandachord song to your customization causing it to reset back to what it was previously the next time you return to the Orbiter. Fixed Octavia's Mallet ability causing many audio issues for Clients. More fixes towards various missing audio/visual effects for the Javlok's throw attack explosions. Fixed the ‘Bloom’ setting slider not being available when enabling the setting. Fixed the Shi Shoulder Plate not appearing on Mag Prime when equipped on the left shoulder. Fixed Corrosive having no tooltip on hover in the Arsenal. Fixed switching from 'Incomplete' tab to 'Riven' tab in the Foundry resulting in non-existent Mods showing at the end of your Riven list. Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing the ‘Incomplete’ tab of the Mod Station, and then attempting to change the Sorting method. Fixed "waiting for other players 1/1" message displaying in Solo mode Transferring in/out of Operator mode when at the mission objective. Fixed opening any kind of Chat link while on the Railjack Configure screen causing UI overlaps. Fixed Prisma Veritux being hidden within your Profile Equipment list until at least 1 XP is gained. Fixed Lotus VO indicating an ‘Assassination Target’ when a Lynx is spawned in a Grineer Galleon Spy mission. Fixed incorrect Corinth Prime reload sounds if the Solstice Skin is equipped. Fixed Eidolon Bush Decoration description using ‘bare’ instead of ‘bear’. Fixed a crash upon viewing Vay Hek’s Codex entry. Did you really believe it would be this easy?! Fixed some rare Host migration issues where you would sometimes after migration join a session you didn't expect (hosted by someone who used to be connected to your host, but has left long time ago... mostly possible in Open Zone missions). Fixed Vomvalysts appearing to move slower than usual. Fixed Ivara’s Artemis Bow sometimes firing the previously selected Quiver type instead of the one currently selected. Fixed Octavia’s Resonator spamming 0 Damage numbers in between doing charm Damage. Fixed Enemies that are converted by Revenant's Enthrall energy pillar not appearing to have the Enthralled visuals around their head despite being friendly/affected. Fixed a few more cases where Titania could clip through the floor in Razorwing. Fixed the ‘Relentless Combination’ Mod not building Melee Combo from Slash Status Effects. Fixed Pax Seeker and Pax Bolt being able to be activated by weapons/abilities other than the Kitgun it's installed on (sometimes resulting in a script error). Fixed Kuva Guardians remaining vulnerable and not firing their Twin Roggas after picking up their Kesheg. Fixed Fishing Bait not functioning in some Orb Vallis caves. Fixed Pets facing backwards when interacting with the Incubator. Fixed being able to interact with Pets that haven't yet been named/claimed which could cause a functionality loss. Fixed flickering/invisible issues with Pets when accessing an Arsenal outside the Orbiter (Cetus, Captura, etc). Fixed Incubated/unnamed Pets showing up in your Inventory as an unnamed level 0 Kubrow. Fixed Excavation Rewards not displaying in the ‘Mission Progress’ screen. Fixed enemies sometimes not responding properly due to a visual block by pickups. Fixed flinging yourself halfway across an Open Zone (Plains/Vallis) by using a Melee Heavy Slam Attack on an elevated surface. Fixed cases of using a Grustrag Three Beacon to escape a mission prematurely and it counting towards Star Chart progression. Fixed ability to teleport to old Operator positions when exiting Transference and using the /unstuck command. Fixed the 30 second warning Transmission from the Lotus not playing in Arbitration Survival missions. Fixed Orbiter ‘Scene’ Decorations reverting after closing the game and coming back in. Fixed not being able to see unowned Bundle-only fur patterns for Kubrows/Kavats in the Arsenal item grid when selecting a pattern. Fixed the Star Chart UI breaking when selecting an Invasion mission from the WSW with the Railjack Star Chart open. Fixed setting the ‘Master Volume’ slider between 1-4 resulting in no volume. Fixed the Prisma Lotus Sigil not having its two-toned style. Fixed the Vetala Armor not attaching properly to the Trinity Strega Skin. Fixed Platinum Coupon UI text overlapping. Fixed Valkyr's Bastet Helmet to make certain metal areas the proper untintable dark that matches the rest of the Helmet. It still won't be tintable but it should now match the correct color channel. Fixed the Decoration Mode ‘AIM TO MOVE’ text string not being properly localized in the German game client. Fixed movement sound looping for Titania Prime. Fixed some audio timing issues with Liset fly-in cinematics. Fixed seeing "previous kick still in progress" for Clan or Alliance Chat moderation. Fixed a soft lock that could occur if you tried to ban someone from Alliance Chat. Fixed missing message for certain types of kick/ban. Fixed Mag's Greedy Pull not pulling pick-ups long enough to bring ones that are far away. Fixed missing dangles on Khora’s Delphi Helmet. Fixed a script error if your Djinn's Reawaken Precept activated while you were in Operator mode. Fixed a script error when accessing the Arsenal while standing near the Helminth Infirmary. Fixed a script error when casting Chroma’s Effigy ability. Fixed a script error when your Sentinel attempts to Revive you. Fixed a script error that could occur if a Kuva Guardian leapt at a target that died (or toggled back to Warframe) while in mid-air. Fixed a script error when casting Saryn’s Toxic Lash ability. Fixed a script error related to hacking an Eidolon Lure. Fixed a script error when Vay Hek attempts to zap you. Fixed script crash that could occur when logging into a very decorated Orbiter. Fixed Host migration script error that could occur in Archwing missions. Fixed a script error related to Domestic Drones. Fixed a script error when spawning a Specter. Fixed script errors when joining-in-progress on a Hive Sabotage mission. HOTFIXES Hotfix #1 This Hotfix is to set up the arrival of the TennoLive 2020 Relay for all Tenno!
  14. I have watch some of the panels and the whole TennoCon stream but wasn't able to join the TennoLive Relay since I was busy with my family and couldn't be on my PS4 during the stream. Will I still be able to get my Lemnas Staff Skin and the mystery decoration with my other drops? Or only get the hand cannon and hydroid Prime?
  15. Summary: "Make it so people can't choose missions when you are host for railjack and outside of railjack" So, I'm doing railjack and hosting matches for people to join and come farm resources. Or just do their nighwave missions. So it occurred to me that people can access "your" mission console and start whatever mission "they" want, on "your" ship. This is disrespectful on so many levels. The first being, its "your" ship and they are joining your crew to either help you with your mission or collect resources. or do their nightwave. Its happened on multiple occasions where I'm just farming resources on what i presume to be an efficient mission for everyone or especially when I'm working on my star chart for the railjack. This is and will kill new player experience especially when they are trying to progress and (very unkind name) type of people come in doing stuff like this.
  16. Hello everyone, I would really love to confirm my account and get this reward, but there is no option to add my email in the first place. Any clues ? Currently on the NSwitch
  17. PS4版での募集です。 クラン名:Quiet Nights(マウンテンクラン) 【募集要項】 ・無言プレイ希望の方 ・ラボ目的の方 「入退室時等のあいさつがめんどくさいな…」 「クランに入りたいけどチャットはしたくない…」 上記を考えずに気軽に参加したい方向けです。 よって、クラン/DOJOチャット、VC、は他のクラン員の迷惑となりかねませんので、基本、使用しないでください。トレードは問題ありません。 なにかございましたら、Sentail1202までPSNメッセージをお願いします。 リサーチ拡張中の為、皆様のご負担のない範囲で素材提供のご協力を頂けますと幸いです。 DOJOデコレーター権限を付与していますので、内装はご自由に飾ってOKです。 (通行の妨げになるものは解体する可能性がありますのでご了承ください) 40日以上ログインされていない方は、クラン員招待の為、除名させていただく可能性がございます。 (再開された方は応募頂ければ再度招待します。) 応募はこちらのフォーム、またはPSNメッセージに書き込みください。 お待ちしております! -----2020.7.24----- 応募の際は、既存のクランを抜けた後にしていただけますと、円滑に招待できますので、可能であればよろしくお願いします。 祝クランメンバー280人突破!!これからもよろしくお願いしますね! 乾ドック完成しております!
  18. I would like for DE to add more hair for the operators and update the older styles. Right now there isnt as much variety as id like especially because the older hairstyles are ugly as heck because the textures are thin like paper. Ive made somw quick drawing to add some more versatility. Id like these to be added and the older hair to get revamped.
  19. Warframe FR Salutations, Tenno de tous horizons! Quelques soient nos planètes respectives, plateformes, nos Clans, Alliances, nos compétences et nos passe-temps favoris, nous avons tous au moins trois choses en commun: nous jouons à Warframe, nous parlons français et nous avons besoin des autres pour évoluer. La communauté Warframe FR, qui a connu divers visages & structures au fil des années, est née de ces réalités fondamentales qui nous relient, et tente de donner des outils concrets pour favoriser cette évolution à la fois commune ET diversifiée. Pour commencer, vous pouvez rejoindre le Discord de Warframe FR, le groupe Facebook pour faciliter les échanges et les rencontres. De là, de nombreuses possibilités s'offrent à vous: ne rien rater de l'actualité de Warframe (sans trop de notifications pour les nerveux), découvrir, suivre et interagir avec les talents francophones (vidéastes, streameurs, dessinateurs, graphistes, écrivains, relecteurs, maîtres des Captura, builders, conseils, histoire du jeu, etc) et des joueurs sympas (mais bizarres) de toutes plateformes (PC, XB1, PS4, NS), participer aux événements ponctuels & aux activités communautaires permanentes (édition et complétion du Wiki Warframe FR, Jeux de Rôle [RP], sessions Captura/Streams/Dessins) ouvrant régulièrement le droit à des récompenses et lots, dont un Glyphe exclusif - en entête de ce post - parfois en collaboration directe avec DE, même à 4h du matin pour les nolife, vous inscrire sur des sites tiers pour élargir votre horizon et faciliter votre vie (DropInGame pour trouver des partenaires de jeu de qualité, et le réseau Fandom pour faciliter les participations aux Wikis), discuter de la traduction FR du jeu, trouver des bons plans sur les jeux vidéos ou des conseils divers des experts et passionés de la communauté, améliorer la communauté en proposant vos idées inédites, vos créations et contenus, expertise ou force de travail, ou en vous engageant dans le Staff (et par staff, je veux pas dire "bâton"... quoique.) ou les différents rôles d'animation de la communauté tout ça, à l'écrit ou en vocal (canaux généraux ou temporaires, pour former des escouades ou réunions stratégiques, entraide ou détente) ... et plus encore! Les objectifs principaux de Warframe FR sont de s'entraider, encourager, partager, découvrir et conseiller, principalement au sujet de Warframe, mais pas seulement. Et évidemment, tout cela dans une atmosphère bienveillante, avec une modération active. Warframe FR n'est pas un Clan, ni une Alliance: elle vise à regrouper tous les joueurs francophones de Warframe qui le souhaitent, de tous les pays, dans toute leur belle diversité. Vous êtes donc tous bienvenu.e.s, peu importent vos affiliations actuelles ou futures! Veillez à bien lire les règles de la communauté en arrivant. Accéder aux possibilités de Warframe FR est un privilège; si votre comportement est exécrable ou néfaste, votre accès pourra être révoqué suivant la gravité de votre infraction, pour garantir la bonne santé de la communauté pour les autres. Nous espérons tous que vous rejoindrez les vôtres pour partager tout ce que vous pouvez apporter, et découvrir ceux que vous ne connaissez pas encore. D'ici là... Que le Néant soit avec vous! Accès rapides: Lien d'invitation pour le Discord: https://discord.gg/Tf7utwp Lien du groupe Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WFCFR/ Lien du Wiki FR: https://warframe.fandom.com/fr/wiki/Wiki_Warframe Lien du Twitter FR de Warframe (maintenu par les employés de Digital Extremes): https://twitter.com/JouerAWarframe Table des Liens Utiles des forums: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/687803-aide-table-des-liens-utiles/
  20. So as a long time Mesa player, I want to get my two cents out there about how I feel about Mesa Prime's chaps, and back flaps. I do know I am late to the party, but I feel this needs to be talked about more. The back flaps and chaps on Mesa prime make it difficult to fashion frame Mesa. You can find syandanas that work with Mesa but it's just a few that work/look good with the back flaps. Mesa Prime's chaps they may go with the whole over coat aesthetic, they get in the way of some attachments, they also hide a good majority of Mesa's legs. What I think a good portion of the community would like to see is these four pieces on Mesa Prime become toggleable like Excalibur Umbra and his attachments. Will this gain any traction most likely not, but it would be nice if the development team is at least considering the proposition.
  21. RECRUTEMENT OUVERT Bonjour a toi cher ou chère visionneur, visionneuse de ce topic. Notre clan tempête recrute de nouveaux membres. Plus de 90 membres actifs actuellement! Seules conditions avoir de préférence 18 ans avec ou sans micro et ne pas avoir peur de se présenter en tchat clan et alliance pour trouver de l'aide et des escouades! Nous ouvrons nos portes aux plus grand nombre afin de faire profiter notre clan et notre dojo a tous. Sans pour autant nous transformer en crèche géante, le respect et le sérieux sont donc de mise. Dojo complet et entièrement décoré : 7 leaders/modérateurs pour animer/gérer le clan Alliance de 12 clans organisant des événements. Si tu es intéressé(e) n’hésite a laisser un petit message ici, nous pourrons te contacter sur le PSN Contacts partie forum : Fondatrice : Pelote_De_Neige_ Leaders : i_JuliOo ; AA__Nagato
  22. Everyone gives ideas on warframe improvements to make abilities valuable in high-level missions or just for them to function, however I`m going to do something different. I`m going to give improvements to warframes where their abilities are useful but are boring to play by making them fun to use visually or/and mechanically. I know fun is subjective that`s why I’m saying my ideas, whether you agree with my ideas or not remember DE ultimately is the one that decides what frames will receive reworks, revisits or QOL. I will be posting warframe ideas probably once or twice a week, also remember to ask the question why I added something instead of cussing me out, if you have any better ideas to make warframes fun to use give your feedback. To view them hold CTRL F and type the name of the warframe you want to view. Inaros Hydroid Banshee Chroma Trinity Mesa Nekros
  23. Son güncelleme: 22 Haziran 2020 Bütün Warframe'lerin Güncel Drop Lokasyonları: ( CTRL + F komutu ile aradığınız warframe'i daha rahat bulabilirsiniz. Liste eksiksizdir. ) ASH Her parçasını Manic adı verilen düşmanları öldürerek edinebilirsiniz, bu düşman türü genellikle Grineer görevlerinin ilerleyen dakikalarında işleri zorlaştırmak için geliyor. Özellikle Sığınma(Defection) tipi görevlerde 5-6 dakikadan sonra sık sık gelmeye başlıyorlar. Örn: Saturn-CARACOL , Neptün-YURSA , Phobos-MEMPHIS *Uranüs gezegenindeki Tyl Regor'un yanında gelen manicler Drekar Manic olduğu için onlardan çıkmıyor. ATLAS Bu warframe’in parçalarını almak için öncelikle The Jordas Precept görevini tamamlamalısınız. Ana kalıbı dışındaki bütün parçaları Eris'deki Jordas Golem ArchwingAssassination'dan elde edilir. BANSHEE Banshee parçalarını Klan Dojo’sundaki Tenno Lab'den edinebilirsiniz. BARUUK Kalıbı dahil bütün parçaları Venüs-FORTUNA yerleşkesindeki gizli odada yer alan Little Duck 'dan toplamda ‍20,000 Vox Solaris mevkii puanı karşılığında alınıyor. CHROMA Chroma’yı yapabilmeniz için sırasıyla The New Strange > Cephalon Simaris > Stolen Dreams görevleri tamamlayıp, Uranüs > Neptün > Plüton kavşaklarından ödül olarak Chroma parçalarını alabilirsiniz. *Yukardaki görevleri yapıp kavşakları geçtiğiniz halde kalıpları sildiyseniz veya bir şekilde bu kalıplara yeniden ihtiyacınız olduysa Relay'lerdeki Cephalon Simaris odasından bu kalıpları yeniden temin edebilirsiniz. EMBER Her parçası Satürn - TETHYS ‘deki General Sargas Ruk‘dan düşüyor. EXCALIBUR Her parçasını Mars - WAR ‘daki Lieutenant Lech Kril’i öldürerek edinebilirsiniz. Veya direkt ‍60,000 Conclave puanı ile Teshin‘den edinebilirsiniz EQUINOX Her parçası Uranüs - TITANIA 'daki Tyl Regor isimli bossdan düşüyor. Gece ve gündüz olmak üzere toplamda 8 tane parça toplamanız gerekiyor. FROST Parçalarının Ceres - EXTA ‘daki Lieutenant Lech Kril & Captain Vor ikilisinin içinden çıkma ihtimali var. GAUSS Parçaları Sedna - KELPIE noktasındaki yeni Kargaşa(disruption) oyun modundan elde ediliyor. Her parçasının bu görevdeki C rotasyonundan %10 'ar ihtimalle çıkma şansı var. *C rotasyon ödülünü almak için 3. Round'dan sonraki her round en az 3 conduit'i başarılı bir şekilde korumalısınız. GARA Ana Kalıbı Saya's Vigil görevinin sonunda ödül olarak elde ediliyor. Diğer parçalarının ise Dünya - CETUS yerleşkesindeki KONZU'dan alınan ufak bounty görevlerinden çıkma ihtimali var. GARUDA Kalıbı Vox Solaris görevinin sonunda ödül olarak elde ediliyor. Diğer parçalarının ise Venüs - FORTUNA yerleşkesindeki EUDICO'dan alınan ufak bounty görevlerinden çıkma ihtimali var. GRENDEL Kalıbı marketten 35,000‍ karşılığında alınabiliyor. Diğer parçaları için Arbitrasyon* tekliflerinden tanesi 25 Vitus Özü karşılığında [Grendell Konumlandırıcı] 'larını satın aldıktan sonra Europa üzerinde Grendel'in parçalarının çıkabileceği görevleri görüntüleyebilirsiniz. 40-45 seviye bu görevlerde techizatlarınız, modlarınız ve operatörünüz devredışı kalır. *Arbitrasyon oyun moduna ve tekliflere erişebilmek için gezegenlerin üstündeki her görevi en az bir kere tamamlamış olmak gerekir. Bu gidişatı Profil > İstatistikler > Yıldız Haritası Durumu kısmından takip edebilirsiniz. HARROW Kalıbını herhangi bir relaydeki Red Veil sendikasının odasından başlatacağınız Chains of Harrow isimli görevin sonunda elde edebilirsiniz. Nöroptikleri Kuva Kalesindeki Casusluk(spy) görevlerinden elde edilebiliyor. Not: Kuva Kalesi, The War Within isimli görevden sonra açılır. Gövdesi Void Relic görevlerindeki çatlaklar tarafından "Corrupted" olmuş düşmanlardan çıkabiliyor. Sistemleri Sığınma(Defection) tipi görevlerinden düşüyor. Örn: Saturn-CARACOL HILDRYN Kalıbı ‍5,000 Vox Solaris mevkii puanı karşılığında Little Duck'dan alınıyor. Diğer parçaları ise Venüs - ORB VALLIS 'deki Exploiter Orb isimli bossdan düşüyor. *Exploiter Orb her zaman kesilebiliyor. Ancak savaşı başlatmak için gereken [Thermia] materyali sadece Operation: Buried Debts etkinliği süresince elde edilebiliyor. Bu etkinlik bir kaç haftada bir gelip bir hafta boyunca aktif kalıyor. HYDROID Her parçası Dünya - ORO ‘daki Councilor Vay Hek bossundan düşüyor. INAROS Inaros’un tüm parçaları Sands of inaros görevinden gelir. Bu görevi yapmak için önce Baro Ki'Teer ‘den ‍200 + ‍ 50,000 karşılığında görevin kalıbını almanız gerekiyor. IVARA Kalıbı dahil her parçasının Casusluk(Spy) görevlerinden düşme ihtimali var. Girdiğiniz görevin seviyesine göre belirli parçalara sahip olursunuz (nightmare tipi görevlerden de elde edilebilir). Görev içerisinde 3 konsolu da hacklemeniz yeterli. 1-15 Seviye görev : Sistemler 16-25 Seviye Görev : Gövde +26 Seviye Görev : Ana Kalıp + Nöroptik LIMBO Limbonun bütün parçaları The Limbo Theorem isimli görevden alınır. Bu görev Jüpiter'deki Europa Kavşağından elde edilir. *Görevi yaptığınız halde kalıpları sildiyseniz veya bir şekilde bu kalıplara yeniden ihtiyacınız olduysa Relay'lerdeki Cephalon Simaris odasından bu kalıpları yeniden temin edebilirsiniz. LOKI Lokinin parçaları Neptün - PASAMATHE ‘deki Hyena Pack dörtlüsünden düşüyor. KHORA Khora'nın bütün parçaları Sığınak Hücumu (Sanctuary Onslaught) oyun modundan elde ediliyor. Bu oyun moduna herhangi bir Relay'deki Cephalon Simaris odasından veya navigasyonunuzdaki sendika sekmesinden ulaşabiliyorsunuz. Rotasyonlara göre düşme ihtimali olan parçalar ve düşme şansları; Rotasyon A (zone 2-4) Khora Gövde (8.33%) Rotasyon B (zone 6) Khora Nöroptikleri (7.69%) Rotasyon C (zone 8 ) Khora Kalıp (5.64%) Khora Sistemleri (5.64%) *Bu parçalar Elit Sığınak Hücumu'ndan elde edilemez ! MAG Mag’in parçaları Phabos - ILLIAD ‘daki The Sergeant bossundan düşüyor. Yada ‍60,000 Convlave puanı karşılığında Teshin‘den alabilirsiniz MESA Parçaları Mutalist Alad V isimli bossdan düşebiliyor. Eris gezegenindeki bu bossa girebilmeniz için Patient Zero görevinin ödülü olan Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Key’i kullanmanız gerekiyor. Bu anahtarı atolyenizde craftlamak için gereken Mutalist Alad Nav Kordinatları'nı navigasyondaki Saldırı Cepheleri (Invasion) görevlerinden ödül olarak veya Orokin Derelict Savunma, Hayatta Kalma görevlerindeki B rotasyonundan elde etme imkanınız var. MIRAGE Mirage'ın bütün parçaları sırasıyla Hidden Messages (Gizli Mesajlar) isimli görevin sonunda ödül olarak verilir. Bu görevi başlatmak için Plüto'daki Sedna Kavşağını geçmelisiniz. *Görevi yaptığınız halde kalıpları sildiyseniz veya bir şekilde bu kalıplara yeniden ihtiyacınız olduysa Relay'lerdeki Cephalon Simaris odasından bu kalıpları yeniden temin edebilirsiniz. NEKROS Parçaları Orokin Derelict Assassination 'daki Lephantis bossundan çıkıyor. Bu zindana girebilmek için Marketteki Anahtarlar sekmesinden Orokin Derelict Assasination anahtarının kalıbını alıp atölyede işlemeniz gerekiyor. Bu anahtarı üretmek için gereken Lephantis Nav Kordinatları ise diğer Orokin Derelict görevlerinden çıkarılabilir. NOVA Nova parçaları Avrupa - NAAMAH ‘daki Raptor isimli bossdan düşüyor. NYX Parçaları navigasyondaki Saldırı Cepheleri (invasion) sekmesindeki Phorid suikastinden elde edilir. NIDUS Nidus'un ana kalıbı The Glast Gambit görevinin sonunda elde edilir. Diğer parçalarının Eris-OESTRUS 'da dördüncü roundda çıkma ihtimali var. NEZHA Nezha parçalarını Klan Dojo’sundaki Tenno Lab’den edinebilirsiniz. OBERON Parçalarının bütün gezegenlerdeki Eximus düşmanlardan düşme ihtimali var. Eximus tipi güçlendirilmiş düşmanlar özellikle Savunma, Hayatta Kalma gibi uzun süren oyun modlarının ilerleyen dakikalarında işleri zorlaştırmak için daha sık çıkarlar. Bu düşmanları üzerlerindeki kırmızı auradan ve isimlerinden idrak edebilirsiniz. OCTAVIA Ana kalıbı Relay'lerdeki Cephalon Suda sendikasından alınan "Octavianın Marşı" görevinin sonunda elde edilir. Parçaları ise sırasıyla; Nöroptikler; Orokin Enkazında Hayattakalma (ODS) bölümlerinde her 20 dakikada bir çıkma ihtimali var. Gövde; Lua'daki Müzik Puzzle'ından ödül olarak veriliyor. Sistemler; Lua-PLATO görevlerindeki Orokin Zulalarından elde edilebiliyor. PROTEA Protea'nın ana kalıbı "The Deadlock Protocol" görevinin sonunda ödül olarak verilir. Diğer parçaları ise Granum Void boyutundan elde ediliyor. Granum Void'e yenilenmiş herhangi bir Corpus gemi görevinden erişebilirsiniz. Görev esnasında bazen "Treasurer" adında işaretlenmiş bir düşman belirecek, bu düşmanı öldürdüğünüzde yere [Granum Crown] adı verilen jetonlardan düşürecek. Girdiğiniz görevin seviyesine göre yere düşen jetonların kademeleri de değişiklik gösteriyor. Bu jetonları gemideki herhangi bir Altın El heykeline götürüp teslim ettiğinizde Granum Void'e portal açmış olucaksınız. Nöroptik %11 şans ile "Granum Void", Gövde %11 şans ile "Extended Granum Void", Sistemler ise %11 şans ile "Nightmare Granum Void"den elde ediliyor. Not: Protea parçaları sadece C rotasyonlarından çıkıyor. RHINO Rhino'nın parçaları Venüs - FOSSA ‘daki Jackal isimli bossdan düşüyor. REVENANT Ana kalıbını Mask of the Lost One isimli kısa görevin sonunda elde edebilirsiniz. Görevi başlatmak için Dünya-CETUS 'daki NAKAK isimli çocuktan [Kayıp Olanın Maskesi] isimli Revenant Tenno maskesini satın alıp kuşanmanız gerekiyor. *Bu işlem için Quill sendikanızın en az ikinci seviye olması gerekiyor. Eidolon Ovalarına gece olduğunda bu maske ile girerseniz haritada beyaz bir halka ile bazı bölgelerin işaretlendiğini görürsünüz, buralara gidin ve görevin sizden istediklerini takip edin. Diğer parçalarının ise gene Dünya-CETUS 'daki KONZU'dan alacağınız ufak bounty görevlerinden çıkma ihtimali var. SARYN Parçaları Sedna - MERROW ‘daki Kela De Thaym isimli bossdan düşüyor. TRINITY Trinity’nin parçaları Pluto - HADES ‘deki Ambulas isimli bossdan düşüyor. Boss'a girmeniz için [Animo Nav Kordinatları] diye bir materyal istiyor. Bu kordinatlara açık hava Corpus görevlerinde çıkartma gemisi ile gelen Mini Ambulasları keserek kasabiliyorsunuz. Örn: Plüton - OUTER TERMINUS TITANIA Titania'nın tüm parçaları The Silver Grove isimli görevden sırayla ödül olarak veriliyor. Bu görevi herhangi bir Relay'deki New Loka sendika odasından alabilirsiniz. *Görevi yaptığınız halde kalıpları sildiyseniz veya bir şekilde bu kalıplara yeniden ihtiyacınız olduysa Relay'lerdeki Cephalon Simaris odasından bu kalıpları yeniden temin edebilirsiniz. VALKYR Parçaları Jüpiter - THEMISTO ‘daki Alad V ‘den düşüyor. VAUBAN Vauban parçalarının her biri yeni uyarı sistemi Nightwave'deki Cred Tekliflerinden 25x CRED karşılığında alınıyor. VOLT Volt parçalarını Klan Dojo’sundaki Tenno Lab’den edinebilirsiniz. Veya direkt ‍60,000 Conclave puanı ile Teshin‘den edinebilirsiniz. WISP Wisp'in ana kalıbı dahil bütün parçaları Jüpiter gezegenenindeki Eidolon bossu Ropalolyst 'den düşüyor. Bu boss ile karşılaşmak için en az Chimera Prologue görevini tamamlamış olmak gerekir. WUKONG Wukong parçalarını Klan Dojo’sundaki Tenno Lab’den edinebilirsiniz. ZEPHYR Zephyr parçalarını Klan Dojo’sundaki Tenno Lab’den edinebilirsiniz. ••• EK BİLGİLER ••• • Oyundaki bütün silah ve warframe'ler ücretsiz bir şekilde elde edilebilirler, sadece nereye bakacağınızı bilmelisiniz. • Platinum ile marketten Warframe almak gereksiz derecede pahalı, oradan direk yapılmışını almak yerine kendiniz biraz emek göstererek atölyede üretebilirsiniz. Markete vereceğiniz platinum ile diğer oyunculardan bu warframe'lerin daha güçlü ve daha güzel gözüken PRIME versiyonlarını satın alabilirsiniz. (Her warframe'in prime versiyonu yoktur, ortalama 3 ayda bir yeni bir prime warframe oyuna eklenir.) • Equinox gibi istisnalar hariç her warframe toplamda 4 parçadan oluşur. (Ana Kalıp, Nöroptik, Gövde ve Sistemler) Ana Kalıp'ların çoğu marketten kredi karşılığında alınabiliyor ancak bazı warframelerin kalıpları markette yer almıyor. Bu durum sizi yanıltmasın eğer istediğiniz warframe'in kalıbı markette yoksa bilin ki başka bir yerden başka bir şekilde elde ediliyordur. Bu tarz istisnaların konumlarını da zaten yukarda ki gönderide açıkca belirttim. ***
  24. Hello everybody, my friend and me like to cosplay something in Warframe. This is interesting, but we have a problem. All remember, that you can switch and chose warframe's helmet, but you can't color it the way you want. So, my idea is to make it possible to color warframe's helmet separately from the body. This would provide many more opportunities for fashionframe.
  25. Can you add keyboard and mouse controls to console
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