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Found 2,164 results

  1. [PS4] WTS Tigris Prime Set for 40p

    PSN - RankoIV
  2. Resources not appearing in inventory

    After fishing and chopping up for bait 19 Charc, I received 25 of the charc component needed for the Gara Systems build. Returned to my craft and the 16 I previously had were the only ones in my inventory.
  3. Make Vauban Great Again :(

    Why does Vauban need another set of tweaks you say? Tesla is 100% completely absolutely useless. They just need to make it do 100% stun. His mines are alright if you spam them in very specific places - he does very well in defense missions as a result since enemies come to you. Bastille is my go-to CC to stop everything in its tracks. Vortex is aight. He just... can't take any hits whatsoever. And having lower shields than health and already very low armor doesn't help that much. That being said I'd like to hear your ideas of how we can make booben great again. In my opinion I think that they should implement some kind of grenade that deactivates and jam guns into his lil bag of tricks!
  4. Tenno Operator

    On Saturday 11/18 I logged into warframe on PS4 to join some clan mates on eidolon. I checked the star map the backed out remembering I had some things to equip. when I turned around I was met by my Tenno sitting on my Codex Console starring at me. He proceeded to say "Hey Kiddo". Anyone know whats going on here?
  5. warframe concept: NO FACE

    stats. armor: 65 shield: 300 (700 at rank 30) health: 50 (175 at rank 30) sprint speed: 1,5 power: 125 polarity: v v aura: d passive: standing still makes you fall in with your surronding's making you invisbel look alive: cost: 25 take the apperance of an enemy. mind trap cost: 50 you trap the mind of a enemy in a illusion making them unable to atc now you see me cost: 75 become invisbel until your next attack mass illusion cost: 100 become invisbel and summon 10 clones that distrack all nearby enemys as well as running around all over the place and dealing 50% damage of your equip weapos damag. if you have any ideas (fx: changes) just post them in a nice way Have a good one
  6. WTS Nyx Prime

    I want 220p 🤔😊

    [Astilla Visican] +131% Multishot +214.1% Damage 2000P Add me Mistofavalon9 on ps4 if interested
  8. Swooping Falcon not showing up for bounties

    Since the plains dropped, Swooping Falcon hasn't appeared for a reward once, I don't fully know if this is a bug or just that it has a really low chance of showing up for bounties. If anyone is able to clarify or something that would be most helpful.
  9. Psn NinjaHeroV2 clan

    This is a new clan. ANY one can join. 1 rule is always be nice or get kicked. 2 ruleDoint need mic be active and have fun. Clan name is the space ninja.
  10. WTS ballistica prime

    Psn NinjaHeroV2
  11. WTS ballistica prime

    Psn NinjaHeroV2
  12. Emblems

    I created an emblem for my alliance. And it says not bigger than 128x128 (I shrunk it down.) and format must be png. I looked and it the pic was a jpeg. Since my PC is broken, I had to do it all on my phone. So I was like “How am I supposed to convert it?” Then I remembered that you can change the format in Dropbox. So I uploaded it to Dropbox and changed it from .jpeg to .png. (Dropbox even warned me that if I change the format, the pic will act different.) But when I try to upload it, it still says that the data need to be .png.
  13. Chroma

    Hello all, im stuck with earning chroma parts ive completed all junctions before completing the quest. I can't redo the junctions to earn the parts is there anything I can do about this?
  14. WTB Maxed Galatine Riven Mod

    Message me on PS4 if your willing to sell it to me.
  15. I was using the focused his nostram cutter and a focus boost appeared then the sound started cutting out, eventually going away completely. After making it back to cetus I fast traveled to hai luk and then the miner, finally making it to the quills. After getting back into my Warframe the game crashes and I get booted to the ps4 error screen.
  16. Wtb loki prime system

    Hi i want to buy loki prime system white pl
  17. Christmas in Cetus

    So, since Christmas month is just around the corner, how about instead of just the usual Christmas stuff we get, ship decorations, themed Frames and Weapons, etc, we turn Cetus into Christmas land (somewhat)? Stick a big Christmas tree near the entrance/exit to and from Plains, surrounded by presents, since it's the area with more space that lots of people go through that comes to mind at the moment. All those cables around Cetus buildings could have multi colored lights, they could also be put anywhere else around town. Have Konzu give us themed bounties with special rewards related to the season, introduce Christmas fishing, pets and masks sold by those vendors in Cetus. That's all I can't think of at the moment, sometimes I have good ideas but I can't translate it into text. Feel free to post your own.
  18. WTS Amprex and Broken War riven

    Broken War: 250p Amprex: 250p
  19. Fooling around with friends turned deadly when I decided to continually shoot Torid at them while waiting by the door to Cetus. They suffered agonizing deaths by toxin which also failed the mission... for all but me hehehahahhahaHAHAHA. I guess since when the squad disconnects for a moment to load into Cetus, Torid and any weapon that leaves residual damage apparently will kill them during that time, and they can’t revive therefore failing their bounty mission. On a side note this is perfect for an ultimate betrayal after some good eidolon night hunting.
  20. (PS4) WTS Daikyu riven mod

    100plat or best offer Daikyu pura-visidex unleveld and unrolled the stats are +17% damage +9.1% status chance +4.8% damage to infested
  21. Just a Suggestion

    Hello DE. I've always been having thoughts about this for a really long time and I think its about time I say this now then never. why not just have all the previous Prime accesses available for everyone at once? for starters. Im no pro at businesses but if I were a game dev. I would wanna add in something to make some money so to say. imagine how much funding you could gain for just people buying more prime access? it would support you guys for the awesome contant that you make. and I think Im not the only one who would think doing this would do no harm to the game. same thing with the vault system. why even have it? no seriously why is there a system that takes away certain primes and locks them in a set timer for the next ones to show up? some people would say that it is becouse the number of relics would be too much. heres a solution, just sort them out and place ech group of relics on diffrent planets. we already have codex over wich relic drops where right? I dont see how this couldnt work. this is only my opinion on the matter but let me know what the rest of you think. Should we have access to all the previous Prime access packs and should we get rid of the vault system and perhaps sort things out with the relics?
  22. Archwing help (PS4)

    Is there anyone available that's pretty awesome at handling Archwing missions? If so, I could really use the help clearing 2 missions because I suck at them. Pandora on Saturn and Salacia on Neptune. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. PSN ID: Ghost_XVll (2 lowercase L's not uppercase EYES) Thanx
  23. Solo mode for dojo

    About half-ish of the weapons in warframe require dojo research but if you're a solo player because you don't have xbox live or some other reason, you've got half of all weapons and a few warframes locked. I really want a solo mode so that i actually got a use for my resources. I'm also thinking that if this does become a feature, also allow contributions to research and rooms.
  24. Hi was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, or if it was intended. A short time after jumping right into the amazing plains of eidolon on the PS4, and playing a few other missions, I noticed I wasn't gaining focus. So I checked and every lens had been removed from my weapons and frames, in my inventory I saw I had the few random ones I never used, and 4 Greater madurai lens I believe to be the ones refunded from my warframes but the 5 or more greater madurai lens that were on my weapons are missing. Which I paid for with plat, amounting to at least 200p. If this is intended then I'll take the hit that's fine, but I also want to get it out there in case it wasn't meant to happen, and I can't find another post about it. Would love to know. Other than this AMAZING! This is getting me right over my Destiny 2 blues!
  25. wts sovereign outcast

    Wts sovereign outcast for 16 plat