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Found 2,543 results

  1. So I just wanted to share my opinions about the new ember rework launched on the update the shrine of the has been some time since the upgrade was released but I wanted to play enough with ember to have a solid idea I love ember,she is my favorite frame in the whole game and when I knew that her WoF was going to be changed I got worried,that is because before this update the survival of ember depended most on her WoF,After the update I was concerned by the reduction of range and fast drain of energy once WoF reached the 100% but then I tried using her others abilities especially the new charged fireball I see that the rework wasn't bad as I thought,I consider that ember is now much fun to play when you try using her differents abilities than just press 4 and sit while WoF clears the room, I find her the same as useful in missions above level 50 (only if has firequake) and I don't find that trashiest as many other describe her after rework Feel free to leave opinios and what you think about her rework
  2. Wts a braton riven

    Well my first time writting here, anyway i want to sell a braton riven info: name: Braton Hexa-lexilis Stats (max): +49.8% zoom +2.5 punch through +88.1% status chance -105.9% critical chance (it isn't max out cuz im lazy, srry m8) Rotations: 0 price: 50pl so if u want to buy it leave a comment ill b on like 1:00pm Central Time on monday 3/9
  3. Wts Rivens, Wtb a few things

    Wts: Akvasto Zeti-critades, unranked, unrolled: +crit chance, -weapon recoil, +status duration Ack & Brunt Argi-visidex, unranked, unrolled: +status chance, +damage to grineer, +melee damage Despair Mantinok, R8, unrolled: +damage to corpus, +punch through Dual Toxocyst Lexi-puracak, R5, unrolled: +puncture +punch through +damage to infested Dark Sword Visinem, unranked, unrolled: +combo duration +melee damage -range Jat Kittag Locti-acribo, unranked, unrolled: +channeling damage, +range, +crit damage, -status duration Tekko Hexacta, unranked, unrolled: +status chance +finisher damage -damage to grineer Post an offer on this thread Wtb: Corvas barrel & receiver, 10p a piece Dual Decurion - 2 barrels & 2 receivers, 10p a piece Prisma Grakata, post a price Prisma Obex, post a price
  4. Fissures/Prime farming

    hello, I would like to see a minor quality of life change in the fissure/prime farming. Im pretty sure everyone would agree with that. I would really love to see the ducat value of the parts we drop displayed on the screen, that way we can maximize our profit on that department.
  5. Reveal default colour schemes

    I know you guys have deliberately made the decision to hide the default colours from us. I also know there are ways to find out what those colour are, even copy them to other things so you can see them properly on that other thing. Therefore is there really any point to concealing them? Why not make them visable? What harm would it do? Nothing I think.
  6. Entering numbers on CONSOLE

    I am on ps4 Any time when need to enter a number we have two options: 1: click L1 or R1 to decrease or increase the number by one. This is a problem when its a big number, its way to slow and we end up wearing that button out on our controllers 2. We can hold the button down and the number increases or decreases in an exponential way. It speeds up. This is a problem because its still to slow. Its also wildly inaccurate. Because it speeds up exponentially, you ALWAYS fly past the number you wanted. I’ve seen it go backwards from 100,000 credits to 0 in half a second. We need the option to be able to type in a specific number. This QoL change is WAY overdue Thanks. Share your nightmare number entries below console tenno! Let see if we can make them pay attention to this stupid problem
  7. Ayatans and Stars

    On am on ps4 When putting stars on statues, we need a button to fill up all the holes automatically. We get so many statues (particularly from sorties, though thats a whole another gripe) that it takes ages to put the stars in 1 by 1 by 1. It was interesting to spin the statues the first couple of times and get a good look at them, now after hundreds of statues its just a drag
  8. I'm not giving away the farm (get it? 😂) but I'd like to help newer players. Name what you need and I'll reply if I can help :)
  9. Make LEADERBOARDS great again

    I think leaderboards should last longer than 1 week. I’m thinking they should last a few weeks, or until an update comes along that may influence the board. Also i think the data should not be lost when it rolls over. We should be able to scroll back in the past to see previous winners. I think there should be more types of leaderboards, for example exterminate and sabotage speedruns. You could get really creative here. Finally, I think there should be rewards for finishing in the top 10 on a leaderboard/s. Maybe rewards for getting on one of them, and getting on multiple boards within a time frame. You could get really creative with rewards, even give options for their rewards, they get to choose from a list. Maybe they could get to choose what shows up on the list or drop table. Some reward examples could be slots (warframe, weapon, riven, kubrow/kavat, setinel, etc), kuva, traces, armour, a copy of a warframe they already have but might like another version of, skins, prime extractors, emblems, sigils, plat, loadout slots, mastery rank points, weapons, boosters, special skins that only last for a limited amount of time, arcanes, credits, potatoes, trace, trace capacity, focus, sydicate points, syndicate capacity, etc.
  10. Current state Currently Warframe is one of the best games to play on a social aspect. The tutorial system needs an insane amount of updates but once you understand the game its an amazing social & casual game. Which is great for bringing in new players but makes it really hard to hold vets and endgame players. These are the ideas I have to help fix that and help bring new players into endgame content. The tutorial system I personally have to go threw again as someone who already understands the game to give input and what should be added and when. Post on that will come in the furture. Endless missions as the true endgame. My opinion on where the endgame of warframe should go. Currently because you can collect everything at a pretty much min. level the only real endgame is fashion frame or helping new players but imo it needs to be fixed to hold players vets longer. Players should be rewarded for going longer on a real level. Endless fissures have a good platform base theory but not enough people care or even know about every five cracks gives you a free refined relic up to radiant after 15 cracks. Normal missions could have the same setup but at a 1/2 rate & instead of free refinded relics they can give extra rewards. So rewards 1-4 would give a 12.5% booster & fith reward giving a extra reward. 6-9 would be 25% & two free rewards at 10 & this would stack endless. Every 25 rewards would also give an arcane of lower quality. Fissures should keep stacking as they should but after the 15 cracks every five cracks after gives you another relic ontop of the radiant starting at exceptional & ending at radiant. After you would be working on a 3rd rad relic this scaling would go on endlessly. Every 25 rewards you would also be given a arcane of rare quality. I would also like to see endless plains bounties with endless scaling going in the same direction as normal missions with the bonuses. The builds for weapons/frames/operator to preform at high level content(over 500) takes an insane amount of time or plat to get there & the players that do it & play the game to its fullest capacity should be rewarded the most. This game has been built perfectly for the casual gamer but not for the hardcore endgame player & rewarding them fully its time to start seeing that. Finally the weekly leaderboards for the top 5 placing with at least 50 entries should recieve two rivens each. top 10 10,000 kuva. top 20 forma blueprint bundle & orokin reactor. with each higher rank getting the lower ranks rewards aswell. So getting top will give you a orokin catalyst & reactor, forma bundle & two unrolled rivens. This also makes sense to have the rewards in this order as top 5 players will want more rivens to have more weapons to use at endgame, top 10 will likely need to roll rivens more and top 20 will likely need to forma more & use the catalyst to gain access to more weapons(as there are far more weapons in the game than frames so the likely hood of them using it is higher. The reasoning for why every 25 rewards for arcanes & not sooner is you want Eidolon farming to still be the best way to get Arcanes & a way to build yourself for endgame. Changes to primary & secondaries Mele has a base damage mutiplier & because of it a lot of mele weapons can hold out a lot longer than most primary & secoundary weapons because of mods like bloodrush & weeping wounds. If primary & secoundaries were have their own base damage mutiplier & like mods & focus talents were made it would even out the playing field on a drastic level. The same counter & ideas behind focus talents such as Void Stalker, Affinity Spike & Power Spike can be used to create a new focus school or new talents to current focus schools. Maiming Strike I've heard a lot of talk of maiming strike being one of the most op mods in the game but honestly after reviewing everything the only reason it becomes op is its synergy with bloodrush & the mutilpier system which bloodrush is 100% dependent off of. It is a strong mod as it does give 90% static extra crit but only on slide when mods like argon scope & hydraulic crosshairs give 135% extra crit chance on headshot for 9 secs which if the mutilpier system wasn't a thing for mele would make it much stonger then the 90% on slide attacks only. So as you can guess I don't find maiming strike overpowered. Its all about synergy which is what this game is based off of. Survivability mods Current survivability mods only last till around 300 at very most if you are stacking a vitality and quick thinking for most frames after that you pray off CC and killing them before they touch you or you'll die even with a vit, quick thinking and primed flow in one shot. Even posion on the ground can kill you. What we need to change that are better versions of these mods. Such as a primed vit that instead of giving 440% extra hp you get 1200% extra hp, quick thinking where instead of 240% efficiency be 500%, steel fiber instead of 110% extra armor 200% extra armor and Redirection 440% shield capacity to 1200%. Not saying to change the mods but add better versions in. Reason for armor being less in scaling then the rest is armor is pure damage mitigation but also being impossible to hit 100%. These can come from baro, endless missions past the 16th reward and have a chance of being in the loot table for the reward on both regular missions and fissures. Shields Shields are prehaps the most worthless thing after level 60 for survivability and a huge part of that is shields aren't effected by armor which is good for us when needing to kill something which high shields but also is horrible for us as players trying to live longer. Shields should count for 75% of your armor. Nerfing things in general in a game where endless is a thing. There should never be a need for a nerf in anything because it over shines another what needs to be done is that item needs to be brought up to that items level for that role. Not saying everything should be able to do everything but when an item weather it be a warframe, gun, bow, pistol, mele or anything they should all be equal when built with the right mods if that takes a god riven then so be but everything should preform at the same level. Rivens for warframes A lot of weapons are made endgame viable by rivens and I feel warframes would be in the same spot. there are already set gold mods for warframes & weapons. There should set rivens for warframes aswell that give stats you can find find other mods such of intensify, vitality and all other warframe based mods. My overview of warframe in short I love this game on so many levels to the point where I stream it for 160+hrs a month but its just missing a real endgame that's rewarding. I was asked in another stream "well what do I get for doing endurance runs" this was coming from a player that was dead bored of the game and wanted something different but only wanted it if it rewarded correctly. This has been done in other games where an endless system was put into place and it not only increased the amount of people playing but brought about an real esports league just for it that peaked at 75k viewers their very 1st tournament and avg. 35k. the game itself avg. around 15k-25k(25k being during peak hrs of twitch) across all streams. So just in the tournament alone they were able to double if not have 10k more people watching and that was just twitch. Youtube they uploaded the clip of each vs and currently avg. around 75k most being 24-50k with one video 210k views. Now do I think endurance runs have a place in esports? No esports is about who can get done with what the fastest time for pve but it does bring those players to the game and those players are the ones that will stream your content and bring real notice to the content. An esports league could happen with warframe but it'd be who can clear 4-5 rewards of a endless the fastest and mobs would start as level around 500. PvP I have no pov on as I haven't touched it only watched and not gonna give my pov from just watching. If I missed anything feel free to add below, if you support these ideas please share this out. Let's try and get as much support behind this as possible! I am sorry for any miss spelling or improper gammer. I fail at it sometimes =(.
  11. What ive seen Warframe PVP i see conclave pvp as so many few players in it and when you try to play other pvp game modes its always vacant other than 1 vs all which has occasional drop ins from 1 or 3 players. i played the conclave from what i can seen that frustrates people is the balancing of weapons and warframe ecstatic,speed movements making them near to impossible to shoot down. why so many people use Melee weps as its easier to get kills and be close to impossible to hit when moving at that high speed,jump,rolls. when someone is shooting at you. not to mention some melee weps can one hit you like a shot gun bows that one hit you while snipers cant do the same as you need 2 shots even to the head to kill. limited options to players for a varied play styles in PVP. PVP needs a few tweeks it will be great stage layout -the stages need to be bigger, not so cramped and narrow , have ceilings pipes and ground areas to sneak around like a panther waiting to swoop down on its prey. with sniper/melee kill from sky or melee kill from behind to unsuspecting players. -obstacles for players to wall hug and use as cover as they shoot. stealth kills and melee take downs and movement of warframes - reward stealth kills allow players to sneak behind and do a melee finish if a player has their back towards them (splinter cell,metal gear) - allow players hang of obstacles like ( assassins creed , splinter cell,metal gear ) -allow aerial melee stealth kills from roofs/ceilings/pillars (assassins creed,Splinter cell ) if a enemy players comes within range. -allow players to wall hug or strafe so they can use a wall or obstacle as cover as they shoot (splinter cell,ghost recon,rainbow six,uncharted) -decrease movement speed and distance of rolls , jumps. and slides so players cant just melee hit and run / evade gunfire as easily. Enemy spawn and enemy sighting - remove the the red highlight from enemy players as it gives away their positions and makes them vulnerable to being attacked. ( this also makes the other players focus more with their eyes and decision, to engage or not the enemy in front) - have dark shadow/darkened areas on maps for players to use as cover to watch battlefield and strike from shadows. - when a player is killed dont show who killed them as it gives away the position of the killer. (battlefield hard mode) - have spawn locations away from enemy players so they dont get killed before they even knew what hit them (destiny) - allow players that have taken damage to recover both shield and health so they can fight a 2nd enemy if they engage them and not be at a handicapped because of low health (Destiny) Gunplay range,damage bullet drop,gun customization. - allow snipers to kill will one hit if aimed at the head and 2/3 shots if aimed at the body (destiny) -have hit confirms that do more damage depending on where you shoot a player i.e head shot 35 body 25 legs 15 damage (battle field) - give players option to switch between 3rd person to first person mode ( star wars battle front ) - have players appear on radar every time they fire their gun i.e assault rifle,shot gun,sub machine guns,pistols (Metal Gear solid) (players can also equip mods to reduce their guns noise level to certain reasonable distance so their position doesnt appear on radar/map) - allow snipers and bows to kill one hit if aimed directly at the head - a bows bullet range should be half of a snipers - include weapon bullet range to weps example snipers have longest range, scout rifles have long, assault riles have medium and shot guns have lowest range. ( their range determines the damage output they do ) -include bullet drop (destiny,splinter cell, battlefield.) ( a assault rifle is effective at a xx amount of distance but if it goes over it the bullets do less damage and any farther the bullet starts to drop not even reaching the target anymore) Mods examples - allow mods to increase reload speed - ammo capacity - wep melee atk speed -sprint speed -change melee weps attack animation -change melee weps stealth animation kill -reduce gun fire noise so when a pistol is fired so it cant be heard from xx amount of distance away - allow mods which make you camouflage with your surroundings of xx amount of time. - allow mods to add elements to guns / melee when fired it will to one of the following electricity causes paralysis for 3 secs fire burn damage 3 secs ice slows enemy down 3 secs toxin damages the actual health for 5 secs - mods which when used will have a cooldown period before they can be resued again Grenades + flash bang,incendiary,smoke,frag. (restores by picking up ammo) Warframe could allow use of these types of grenades to PVP to be strategic these can be thrown via your companion i.e deth box. wyrm and during load out these grenades can be swapped out. Special grenades (have a cool down period before being able to reuse again shield grenade a shield appears when thrown like volts shield ammo grenade which restores users ammo cluster grenade which follows target for few seconds. energy grenade restores energy to user (These also belong via your companion loadout ) Side note stealth kills,wall hug/strafe, hanging of pillars exist in PVE Stealth kills from behind exist in warframe in PVE when you sneak on a corpus or grinner and wall hug/strafe exist too both the grineer and corpus do this before opening fire hanging of pillars and walls are there when warframe are able to stick to walls with melee weapons these should be added with the points i made at the top. "in Warframe PVP theres more Meleeing hit and run than there is actual shootings" -.
  12. Friendly conversation

    Just a freindly chat about your life on warframe!
  13. it should be that the longer you stay on it the more kuva you get over time! this would encourage players to stay longer and longer!
  14. WTB Specfic Lanka Riven

    Lanka Riven with Crit Damage Multi Damage Negative Zoom/ Or harmless Neg PSN Flight_God
  15. Ive been using the decorate mode to remodel my dojo since when i made it it was just a "half-assed" job, but thats not what im here to talk about, what im here to talk about is the behaviour of the game when trying to move decorations around, as a perfectionist i tend to not like it when things aren't in the right place, "what do you mean?" you might ask well whenever i say try to move the new corpus and grineer catwalk staircases, the camera snaps to a corner of the decoration instead of staying where i actually click on the decoration. Normally this would be fine but as i said earlier im a bit of a perfectionist and when i try to move something and this behaviour happens, it causes what is known as "parallax error". For those who don't know, parallax error occurs when you dont look at an object or substance at eye-level so say for example youre looking at a dojo decoration with your camera looking at the object at an angle, the object will appear higher or lower than where you want to place it based on if youre looking slightly up or down at the decoration. My request DE is if you can change this behaviour so that way parallax error can be easily avoided then i would appreciate it. P.S. for those who want to learn fully what parallax error does to accuracy, here is a wikipedia link explaining it better than what i just said in the post
  16. So a looong time ago I made a post about future weapons that I hope to see in warframe. And... I want to kind a... update that a bit with a more refined touch and uh... share my ideas. I do hope they are token into consideration, or looked at to start some creative juices, whether its with the community or digital extremes for future content. So first is a Corpus sub machine gun. What makes this weapon special is that, with each headshot you gain an additional 15% fire rate (up until you reach 75% which requires 5 shots or 120% which requires 8 shots, still hadn't decided on that), additional status chance, and a additional cold elemental damage buff. This weapon is not pre-silenced like the baza, due to the fact that it would already be much stronger if it was. Synchera (SIN- CHER-DA) Stats are: Accuracy: 10-13.2 Crit chance: 15% -16% crit multiplier: 1.5x-1.7x Fire rate: 5.00-6.23 Magazine size: 20-25 Noise: Alarming Status chance: 25%-28% Reload time: 0.8-1.1 Also when I imagined this weapon, I imagined it having a scope attachment on it. Seeing that most Corpus weapons are centered around being accurate, it seemed appropriate to make this sub machine gun a bit more different from our baza and grakatas. So with that being said, I was thinking of a way to logically implement that into the weapon stat designs by giving it an alternate fire. The gimmic of the primary fire still applies to the alternate fire mode. Accuracy: 20-21.2 Crit chance: 20%-22% crit multiplier: 2.5x-3.2x Fire rate: 1.28-2.22 Magazine size: 20-25 Noise: Alarming Status Chance: 16%-19% Reload time: 0.8 - 1.1 IPS: Impact: 0 Puncture: 32 Slash: 18 Next weapon I spent time to statistically design is a pre-silenced support based sniper rifle. This weapon has been a really, really, really difficult one to design seeing that I wanted it to be support based, but lethal enough to be able to kill an enemy. Not only that, it is hard to being able to support a squad in a game like warframe, in terms of weapons. At first I thought, "maybe if you use the alt fire button and shoot a squad mate, it would give them a small heal of 15% of their health" then I thought "maybe using the alt fire to shoot a squad mate with give them a damage resistance, or purify them of damage types (i.e. toxin, puncture, slash, cold, etc.)". Realistically, it wouldn't give the weapon enough to be viable. It would only make the weapon a less effective sniper rifle. So, with that being said, I've came up with two solutions that could fix the weapons gimmic. 1st solution: Using the alt fire on a enemy would highlight their weakspot, similar to Helios's augment or banshee's sonar. 2nd solution: Using the weapon's alt fire would dump its entire magazine, and put down a type of deployable field that lasts for 20 seconds (can be increases with status duration mods). This field would protect you from incoming projectiles and every 5 seconds, has a chance to purify all personel inside the bubble of status effects OR ALTERNATIVELY, every 5 seconds has a chance to apply a 15-20% hp heal or status chance/crit buff. Side note - the bonus from zooming in is also debateable. I am personally thinking of a 2x zoom. 1st zoom level gives a 15% status chance buff. 2nd zoome level gives a 45% status chance buff. Ohklaiz (OH-CLY-S) Stats are: Accuracy: 56 Crit chance: 19% crit multiplier: 2.3x Fire rate: 2.00 Magazine size: 3 Noise: silenced Status chance: 30% reload time: 1.5 IPS: Impact: 30 Puncture: 126 Slash:48 Now, for the final weapon that I've really put some thought into is a grineer long bow. Why would we have a grineer long bow? Because the corpus has the Lenz, that's why timmy. This bow was a fun one for me to tinker with. I'm still not sure if it's appropriate for warframe, however what is? So, with this bow, the primary fire is just a normal shot. single arrow. dead to the chest. However, the secondary fire (or alt fire) can be charged up to fire off a 3 shot volley of arrows. The user has the option to turn his primary fire arrow into a beacon by tapping the alt fire button. Once he/she has done that, the user can then hold the alt fire button to fire the 3 arrows(charge up machenic). Thus, the arrows sticking into the target then, after a... 0.4 second delay, immediately blowing up afterwards. Stuegmei (STEA-OHH-ME) stats are: Accuracy: 30 crit chance: 20% crit multiplier: 2.0x Charge rate: 0.6 magazine size: 9 noise: Alarming status chance: 15% reload time: 1.0 Beacon: Accuracy: 100 crit chance: 0 crit multiplier: 0 fire rate: 5.00 magazine size: 9 noise: silenced status chance: 20% reload time: 1.0 Hellrain Volley: Accuracy: 100 crit chance: 25% crit multiplier: 2.8x fire rate: 8.00 magazine size: 9 noise: alarming status chance: 18% reload time: 1.4 IPS: Impact: 156 Puncture: 30 Slash: 30 Note: explosion radius of each arrow is 3-5m. and arrows will only attrack towards the first target hit by the beacon. Please provide feedback, do you think these weapons are good enough? Or should I go back to the drawing board? I know that it's not really worth it to provide ideas but, I love this game even though it disappoints me at times lol. And mind storming things like these for a game like warframe is honestly, kinda fun.
  17. I was thinking that log in rewards and gear and fashion through daily log in should be separate. Just my opinion, but gear and cosmetics should be hourly based. Daily rewards should be resources, rare or otherwise. You could get normal resources daily or the rare ones like x3 nitrain extract and even a riven as daily milestones where gear and cosmetics should be around 25 hours played, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 etc.. It would stop people who just log in everyday and log out and not playing from benefiting from little to no effort. Some with even less hours played than those with many less days logged in. You also have control over and the ability to actually earn those sought after weapons and cosmetics through actuall effort.
  18. stuck in skybox (ps4)

    In the newly released dlc, after entering into the new open world vehicles you can boost into the ground and jump after falling in and get stuck in the sky box.
  19. Captura

    Salut à tous, J'ai une idée d'amélioration pour le mod Captura : J'ai remarquer que pour prendre des photo ont à pas les pouvoirs en illimité je parle en temps et Energie obliger de se recharger avec un kit . Je pense que se serais cool d'avoir dans se mod les pouvoir et la durée en illimité ou la mettre en option , car je trouve sa frustrant pour les new qui veulent essayer se mod et qui n'ont pas de mod de durée ou autre. Et mettre TOUTES les palletes de couleurs dispo :) Vous en pensez quoi ? :)
  20. Bonjour à vous, Nous avons décidé d'ouvrir nos portes de notre clan après plus d'un mois à rendre notre dojo opérationnel. Tous nos labos sont complet ainsi que les recherches. Nous sont une dizaine de québécois, ancien de Destiny, qui jouons ensemble pour la plupart depuis 3-4 ans. Les français sont les bienvenues on a un croisement d'horaire. Alors bienvenue à tous. Juste à me donner vos PSN ou m'ajouter JoeyCape89 Nous avons que 12 places de disponibles pour l'instant. Au plaisir!!! ID PS4 : JoeyCape89 1 Sujet : [PS4] Notre clan recrute Répondre Répondre Actualiser
  21. The Jordas Verdict

    Hosting The Jordas Verdict raid today at 8:00 PM EST for experienced raiders before raids are completely gone. Reply to this thread before 8 PM EST if you want an invite. Thanks! Just did the raid earlier. Not recruiting anymore.
  22. Hola, es la segunda vez que escribo en el foro y esta vez es para hablar de algo serio, desde ayer cada vez que me conecto al warframe desde play 4 me dice lo siguiente, NAT estricta detectada. Nat .pmp no detectado..... SI algún moderador me pudiese ayudar lo agradecería mucho, soy el único que juego en warframe en mi red, y desde que me pasó no puedo jugar por micro con mis amigos o gente del clan, no se me oye y yo si que los escucho, si algún moderador me pudiese ayudar lo agradecería con el alma, ya que he buscado en foro de ingles y no encontrado nada solo que se puede abrir el nat en el router pero no se si eso me ayudara. muchas gracias espero una ayuda
  23. Dev-Stream Stalker mode

    After seeing tactical potatoes stalker video, I agree, this really should be a game mode, maybe like, have it as an alert to be able to stalk a random person, I don't know, but someone really should make a voting poll on having this, it seems fun af.
  24. *I want to state that this post is not trying to bash the Plains of Eidolon as in my opinion they are amazing, but instead give feedback correcting some errors they may have for future open worlds as a community* Hello my fellow players, I wanted to discuss a topic that not many people talk about from what I know... Plains of Eidolon is an amazing concept but I think such a huge open world should have way more activities, don't get me wrong hunting eidolons is fun, the concept of going out to get resources like mining and fishing is also quite interesting. So what is it lacking? As I said the map is huge compared to other maps, but most of it isn't explored at all and there are some areas like the grineer bases that are only explored during bounties which grow tiring after a while. Having said all of this...what could be some things that could be implemented or changed in the Venus open world compared to the Plains of Eidolon, I think this could be an interesting discussion to look at some ideas of this amazing community and who knows maybe we could see them in the game some day. So what are you guys waiting for? Let's see some things you guys would LOVE to see in future open worlds and feel free to explain it in detail if you really want to. Cheers :)
  25. discussion moved here