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  1. playing is getting extremly annoying and I'm starting to get more and more... extreme towards newer players..... this game has some problems in my opinion, and i want to know if i am the only one who thinks that some of these ideas for DE could work out well i am addressing farming, leveling, and conclave in general this isn't a new content idea but something, i think would fix some obstacles for up coming (or even already existing) rewards and content please make an elite abi (similar to EOS) without revive burdens.... i don't even care if there are revives at all, i dont think stuff like that makes the game easier or harder... the only thing it does, is that you need to go through another loading screen after waiting for the next arbi.... i just dont want to get potentially one shot... rdm 1shots=/=hard content please replace rewards with place holders that give you rewards depending on the rota you reached ON ALL ENDURANCE MISSIONS (EOS/Kuwa/Arbi/ect...) only after you left. So if you play A, A, B, C (you left after C, the 4th rotation) you get 4 times something from the C table please hold back affinity if you dont reach a certain rota (+ something to cancel out all those 0% dmg limbo's, maybe an activity meter), so leveling gets less brain dead and tedious. ppl shouldn't be able to join just for 5 min... players should be able to join EVERY ROTA, and with my prior idea of reward place holders it shouldn't be that big of a deal, you still get rewarded for playtime and please give us a 50% loot,affinity bonus if you leave solo/the last.... so ppl get encouraged to play longer and you don't need to leave because everyone else left and there is a minimum of enemies and affinity please let conclave sigils give extra affinity, like every other syndicate sigil too, at least while doing conclave.(would be great if it would count in pve too tho) let us stay in a conclave queue even during missions, so you are just a host migration away from it after finishing a mission. So you are not frozen solid while wasting time in the waiting room. And maybe do some pvp event, waiting 30 min for 1 player that rage quites after the first death is stupid (btw if anyone wants to do the conclave dailys with me, HIT ME UP!) i am at 3k h in mission now and I've seen many players getting burned out way before that mark ._. i think my suggestions would affect newer players and some older players in a positive way (i am not talking for the 1% who really have everything, and have no interests in endurance runs) wouldn't everyone appreciate it? DE, please don't understand this as a decimation of playtime. Everything i mentioned is no content cut. there is more then enough stuff players can invest playtime in, even if they don't want to admit it. Players get burned out before "they have done everything". Like in most of my posts I ask you to consider trying out some ideas as weekend events/tests. And don't even comment "use recruit chat" or whatever community you think of... i tried, sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't, i don't want to do that before every mission, thats even more ridiculous Mandarin Chinese my bad sorry, I'm German I hope this reaches someone Have a nice day edit: 3k hours, not 3000k lol I still love this game, and I'm not tired or annoyed of this game as a whole, but of some mechanics
  2. TRANSMUTATION The transmutation mechanic needs to be amended. It should be where if you select 4 pistol mods for example the resulting mod should also be a pistol mod and so forth. I once tried to get a particular stance mod i was searching and i transmuted 4 x rare stance mod only to end up with a common pistol mod. There are so many mods in the game that transmutation feature becomes totally pointless if there is no system that allows you to hunt for a particular mod you are looking for. i could well end up transmuting all my mods and still not end up with the mod i seek as it stands currently. Not to mention transmutation can get costly if you end up having to transmute a 100 times to get one particular mod. CODEX With regards to the codex the mod name and function of the mod must not be hidden as again, if you are looking for a particular stat there's no way to tell which mod will give you the desired boost unless you search on Wiki, as all mods are hidden in the codex. I believe a game should have all information available in game as opposed to having to go to external sources. For example when i acquired the Redeemer Prime and i was searching for the gunblade stance i had no way of knowing what the name of the mod was that i need to farm for. Even if i go the codex under factions and quiz through every unit to see which unit will actually drop the mod i need, even if i see it i wouldn't be able to tell that the High Noon or Bullet Dance is the mod i seek because all information on mods in the codex are hidden. Now i seek a mod that gives increased crit chance for primaries and increased ability strength for Warframes and unless i search through Wiki (which i find to be totally annoying) theres no way of knowing which mod i need to hunt for . All information that a player seeks should be available in game. And the codex should give you a more detailed breakdown on weapon functions and use. Again for example with the redeemer, until i researched the weapon on Wiki i had no idea that each bullet has its own status chance and crit chance, also the amount of bullets that are released with every shot, also the fact the weapon has innate blast damage. Similarly with Opticor Vandal,the weapon has innate AoE Magnetic Damage. i kept using the weapon for a good while and a lot of the times in a shot i would proc magnetic and it would baffle my mind as to why im proccing magnetic when i haven't moded the weapon for magnetic damage. To conclude the codex and transmutation needs to have a major re-work in order to make it useful and actually have a use in game otherwise might as well remove it because it is pointless
  3. #Warframe needs to make cosmetics free Lately Veterans have been leaving warframe because of the lack of consistency with content concepts, the game needs some editions with the fashion frame endgame motif and also to make it easy for beginners and professionals, warframe should add a new tool that can be used in any mission type that finds random cosmetics (specifically armor pieces and skins for warframes,weapons, sentinels,kubrow,etc) around the star chart, this way veterans can expand on their gaming experiences and to randomly help players that are stuck in a certain mission at the same time, displayed mechanical cases should now be interactive and there should be 20 or so of them per mission and if a player has the tool* to open them, a random skin or armor piece should be collected, the chance is of course higher in harder missions and its the sort of fortnite expansion to warframe. This can not necessarily be implemented to already existing missions or mission types, but it should be just so that veterans can sorta give a helping hand in addition to relic farming , inventory parts or resources. Cosmetics are an interest to players so if its available in every planet in every node, it can be varied dependant on which cosmetic its based on. Also cosmetic drops should be tripled if there is a player using a cosmetic booster which boosts the cosmetic drop rate for only those with the tool*. There should be an icon for players with that specific tool and its booster. obviously the blueprint for it cannot be traded,and it should be obtained from reaching maximum standing for ANY syndicate, since standing can be used to BUY those cosmetics. players that dont have the tool cannot pick up the cosmetic drop* if its dropped by someone else, with this, veterans doing fashion-frame can grind for their accessories while helping out the noobs anywhere, 4ever.
  4. The Wolf of Saturn Six will soon leave the airwaves. Nightwave Series 1 will be ending on Sunday, May 19th at 20:00 ET (8pm). This week's Acts will be the final Acts for Series 1! Be sure to spend any Wolf Cred you have left before this time in the 'Cred Offerings' shop, as Wolf Cred is only usable in 'The Wolf of Saturn Six'. There will be a gap of time between the end of Series 1 and the start of Nightwave Series 2. This is partially because we’ll need time to sync on all platforms, but also because we don't want to simply lead right into another schedule. We are confident the changes to Acts and structure will make Series 2 more enjoyable and well paced, and we're also confident some week's downtime will help. As a reminder, we’re changing the Acts and tempo of Series 2 to reduce the time needed to progress through the Nightwave ranks. This includes making expired Acts obtainable again and making changes to existing Acts - which you can read more on here. Remember - the end of Series 1 will not be the end of the Wolf of Saturn Six himself! There will still be a chance to hear the wolf howl... Thank you all for joining us for Nightwave Series 1 - your invaluable feedback has helped us move in the right direction for future Series installments.
  5. I hate to say it, but plains of eidolon looks horrible on consoles with almost all of the environment having either no shadows or just a black splodge, no god rays, some of the lighting is disgusting in comparison to pc and for some odd reason the rocks are like staring into hell... It can't be the restraints of consoles because we see far better looking games on the PS4 and Xbox 1 Days gone, anthem, metro exodus, horizon zero dawn, rainbow six siege, destiny 2. And it's such a shame to see something turn..ugly. If there aren't any plans for making plains of eidolon better, I'm not hopeful for the Jupiter rework...
  6. PS4版での募集です。 クラン名:Quiet Nights(ストームクラン) 【募集要項】 ・無言プレイ希望の方 ・ラボ目的の方 「入退室時等のあいさつがめんどくさいな…」 「クランに入りたいけどチャットはしたくない…」 上記を考えずに気軽に参加したい方向けです。 よって、クラン/DOJOチャット、VC、は他のクラン員の迷惑となりかねませんので、 基本、使用しないでください。 なにかございましたら、Sentail1202までメッセージをお願いします。 ラボ建設中の為、皆様のご負担のない範疇で素材提供のご協力をお願いします。 DOJOデコレーター権限を付与していますので、内装はご自由に飾ってOKです。 (通行の妨げになるものは解体する可能性がありますのでご了承ください) 一ヶ月以上ログインされていない方は、除名させていただきます。 (ログインできない事情があれば、事前に連絡ください) 応募はこちらのフォームに書き込みください。 お待ちしております! -----2019.5.17----- ストームクランにランクアップしましたので、ご連絡お待ちしてます!
  7. This post was IN NO WAY meant to sound rude or disrespectful. I respect the DE staff team and the community they've made for us. ----------- My Dojo is Featured on the Star Chart... And I Hate It. So recently my community won 3rd place in the Winter of 2018 Dojo contest and I was REALLY happy. I have been featured for a month or two now because somehow the first and second place winners were taken off the chart. It has become a problem for me lately due to the lack of moderation tools in the dojo. I feel like if people can come into your dojo and access almost anything, you should be able to remove them from it or at least block them from sending you invites. PROS: Publicity; ever since I was featured I have been getting a lot of new members People hang around the dojo, give compliments, and make the dojo look more lively My work is being shared; I love showing other people my hard work and dedication CONS: Scammers are often reported to me, or my community's staff team, by members Beggars in chat asking for platinum or other items Trade spams; THE MOST ANNOYING thing to ever happen here; you are just minding your own business until someone purposely spams the trade button so you keep having to close a popup on your screen; it's done on purpose to annoy you and the ignore/kick options don't have any effect (I had to remove the trade post and put one in a secret location for my members) I host contests in my dojo once and a while and the random players completely sabotage them; recently I hosted a duel event and they kept initiating duels making sure that no one could play How I Recommend We Fix This Warframe is my favorite game and I would NEVER accuse the developers of making the game poorly or not trying. They did an amazing job, but I think some things can be improved so that we can continue having fun and not let other players ruin that. Add a "Ban from Dojo" option; removes the player from the dojo and they are not allowed to re-enter for a specified amount of time The "Ignore" option should block players from initiating trades with you Have a "Guest" rank in the hierarchies with permissions such as initiating trades, access to dojo chat, starting/participating in duels, and running the custom/standard obstacle course Again, I love this game and would never spread hate or slander about it. I just hope DE takes a look at this and considers it in a future update. Thanks! 🙂
  8. Tenno! Today has been a confusing day for Baro: On Consoles, Baro accidentally brought with him Primed Pack Leader. You were expecting Primed Animal Instinct and were bamboozled! We rectified this and added Primed Animal Instinct approximately 20 minutes after Baro's appearance. On PC: Now that Primed Pack Leader is out on Consoles - we also wanted PC to have the same chance at getting the Mod so it was also added there about 50 minutes after Baro's appearance! The Kavat is out of the Primed Ducat Bag, so Primed Pack Leader is now available from Baro on all Platforms.
  9. Plop les Tenno ! Présentés par la communauté Française, en partenariat avec Digital Extremes, voilà non pas un mais DEUX événements pour XBox et PS4: voici l'événement "FashionFrame Sans Limite" !!! Un événement sans restrictions ? Des récompenses sont en jeu ? Des Warframes resplendissantes ? Préparez-vous pour une nouvelle édition FashionFrame ! Pour le mois de Mai, nous proposons un événement communautaire PS4 et XBox One sans forcément de thème en particulier. Bien évidemment le but sera de montrer à la communauté Warframe votre talent dans l'utilisation des couleurs et des accessoires. Toutes les informations seront indiquées ci-dessous. N'hésitez pas à donner libre court à votre imagination ! - Quand vais-je pouvoir montrer mon plus beau personnage ? L'événement aura lieu le Samedi 18 Mai 2019 : - 21h Heure de Paris (GMT+1) / 15h ET sur PS4 - 19h Heure de Paris (GMT+1) / 13h ET sur XBox One - Où aura lieu cet événement ? Il y aura un rassemblement sur le relais Strata de la Terre pour PS4 et sur le relais Vesper sur Vénus pour XBOX. - Que pouvons-nous utiliser comme équipement ? Y-a t'il des restrictions ? Non, il n'y a pas de restriction. - Qui fait partie du jury ? [DE]Kev, CooKie_Kawaii, Steamox et Alix-712 vous ont proposé cet événement PS4. Ils seront également du jury sur PS4. Tandis que sur Xbox, [DE]Kev, Freefighter31, DF I Phoenix et Ades x Hunter x vous ont proposé cet événement. Ils seront également du jury Xbox. - Comment nous allons déterminer les vainqueurs ? Il y aura 3 gagnants par plateforme qui seront choisis par rapport aux couleurs et aux accessoires utilisés. - C'est bien beau mais on nous a parlé d'une récompense è_é ? Il y aura 3 vainqueurs sur PS4 et 3 vainqueurs sur XBox One pour cet événement avec 125 Platinum chacun qui seront crédités sur leur compte ! Merci à vous, vous pouvez donner votre avis également afin de nous améliorer ! Bonne chance Tenno ! ╰(•̀ 3 •́)━☆゚.*・
  10. As I currently see it, Atlas' kit is lacking the capability to scale in endgame (Sortie level, or lvl80+). I'll go over what I think of his abilities as they currently are. Landslide is okay as far as I know. It deals decent damage, grants invincibility for the duration of the animation, & only really starts to suffer at sortie level due to how armor works. Shields are still inconsequential unless the enemy is a lvl150+ eximus. Landslide is affected by equipped melee mods, but isn't yet considered an exalted weapon. Tectonics as a cover point is inferior to Volt's Electric Shield in practically every respect. Tectonics has a limited health pool determined by power strength, while Electric Shield is invincible for the entire duration regardless of any other power stat. Tectonics can't be moved, but Electric Shield can. Electric Shield doesn't reduce visual awareness because it's transparent, while Tectonics does. Electric Shield increases critical damage from guns by 200% regardless of any power stat, while Tectonics turns into an oversized rolling cotton ball that desperately needs a buff (Petrified Bulwarks aren't much better). The boulder rolling along the ground is very limiting to its versatility as an attack. There are 3 things Tectonics has over Electric Shield. Tectonics will delay enemy movement if placed well, but only in enclosed spaces. Tectonics can last forever, so long as the enemy doesn't vaporize it. Even though it's pitiful, being able to turn a Bulwark into an attack is a nice mechanic. Petrify is great as a hard CC ability, except that it makes armored enemies unnecessarily more difficult to kill, if not borderline invincible, for the entire duration. This happens because petrified enemies can't have status effects inflicted on them. While this flaw can be bypassed with armor stripping beforehand, it's such a tedious process, the player might as well just use a decked weapon that can do the job all by its lonesome. It's much faster that way. This is a problem because the Rubble mechanic requires that petrified enemies actually die while petrified, because good luck getting the Rumblers to give rubble at a fair rate without spamming them, which is only possible on an efficiency build. 100 base energy cost for 100 armor from the two rubble (50 each) from the two Rumblers, versus 75 base energy cost for 3+ petrified enemies whose rubble give 75 each. Easy math. Besides CC, Petrify is also good for locking in preexisting status effects already on enemies, so that they can essentially suffer 20s+ long bleed & toxin procs (yes, it's still troublesome to do). As an aside, Gara's Mass Vitrify & the freezing effect from Frost's Avalanche suffer the same issue, but at least Avalanche reduces armor (though not shields). The Rumblers are one of the few aggro abilities in the game. It's actually really good, especially since the Petrify bonus was added on cast, though the Petrify can still make enemies more difficult to kill. Even though the Rumblers are really good as offensive aggro support, as an ultimate costing 100, they deal poor damage & don't always pull attention away from Atlas. As for fixing this: Landslide is mostly fine as is. It's a standard attack 1 with some tank on top. It would be a nice QoL change if Atlas' fists were separated out & considered an exalted weapon. Bulwarks need a massive health buff. The boulder mechanic needs a damage & mobility buff. I'd like it if instead of rolling the boulder, Atlas hoists it over his shoulder or head like the power lifter he should be & throws it wherever the player wants, which will explode on contact with a major obstacle while plastering any foe in the way. When lifted the player can take the time to aim if they need to, then throwing with the fire button. I think this would really bring in his theme & lore as a mover of mountains better than the rolling boulder does. A petrified Bulwark gains health, & as a boulder it gains damage, though lifting it is slower than for a regular Bulwark & won't travel as far. Trade-offs like these force players to think & plan, which is good. Since Bulwarks working this way would require Atlas to be next to them to lift, recasting while away from one simply creates a new one while the old one disintegrates. To offset that downside, a Bulwark can be Landslide punched for an immediate explosion of the Bulwark, with a petrified Bulwark needing a full 3-hit combo for a significantly bigger explosion & payout. If using Tectonic Fracture, Bulwarks can't be lifted, but they can still be punched &/or petrified, with the explosion &/or damage being smaller, respective to whether the Bulwark is petrified. A petrified Tectonic Fracture Bulwark will have the same explosion range &/or damage as a regular un-petrified Bulwark. To fix Petry, I think it should be given a percentage based armor & shield reduction stat, starting at 50% as base. This way, petrifying exceptionally tough &/or high level enemies isn't as much of a detriment to killing them, & thus the same for the squad & mission. To balance this, the base duration of 20s will be nerfed to 8-12s, & enemies must be in line of sight & facing towards Atlas, the same way Inaros' Dessication (pocket sand) currently works. Because of the 75 base cost being potentially steep considering the LoS & duration nerf, it may be appropriate to reduce the cost to 50. Besides the Petrify effect making enemies a potential headache, Rumblers don't deal enough damage to warrant their position as an ultimate, especially when they could do a better job at being decoys. They could use a damage buff. The taunting ability of Titanic Rumblers could be built in to regular Rumblers, & the Titanic Rumblers could have their buff changed to "can now stagger/stun enemies for finishers". Please let me know if I missed anything.
  11. Maxed +165.7% damage 101.4% multishot 146.3% critical chance -55.3% fire rate pm offers on PlayStation
  12. I'll just keep it short and simple. Rewards for certain content such as ESO, arbitration, etc. Are currently pretty underwhelming. So here's my proposal. Common Rewards: resources in amounts decided by DE such as Kuva, plastids, circuits etc. Rare Rewards: subjective to whatever drop chance percentage DE deems fit. Forma blueprints, exilus adaptors, orokin reactors, boosters(1 hour, 3 hours), etc. I personally hate having to farm for resources for hours on the same mission. Almost being forced to play warframes such as Nekros or Hydroid to increase my efficiency. It's also not worth the effort without a resource booster. A competitive aspect could also be integrated based on your performance which could scale your rewards. Conclusion: I believe this approach would make veterans content and give "casuals" something to aim for or do. Make us enjoy playing whatever mission type we want with our favorite warframe. Give us something that's worth our time and effort. Thank you for taking the time to read this. 😃
  13. Hi everyone I wanted to start a clan both Dutch and english ppl i need officers an co-leader and the name of the clan There for add me King-Of-Anebles to coóperate with and created we together an respective and family friendly community in the future we goning to do solar raids dark sector missions star chart [i have all the nodes] talking in general or game talking chats inside a party dont worrie i dont bite be social dont be an ass play fair and together we are the clan for the future
  14. Good evening DE and to every Tenno out there. I am curious to know if you have any plans to update/revamp the web page to buy platinum here: https://www.warframe.com/buyplatinum?gameplat=1&msi=1 I believe it has been some 3 years perhaps since this has been changed or updated. I do recall the last change was before Second Dream. My questions is, would it be possible to change the page so that we can purchase platinum, and if you do insist on including bonuses, then consider things like Endo or Kuva, or better still, Focus, instead of mods. (New players can store focus until they have done the Second Dream quest.) Or better yet, offer players the choice of what they want. With the new system to ranking up mods whereby we can no longer use duplicates to rank them up cheaply, it simply makes no sense to be selling mods anymore. I thank you for taking the time to read this and consider updating the web page. Cheers!
  15. Wouldn't it be cool if the swords and other melee weapons had combos that lock on an enemy and make an incredible combo, like the "Izuna Drop," from Ninja Gaiden games. Is this a good idea? Make an enemy go to air and keep hitting them on the air so you can be distant from the combat and still cause damage to them.
  16. Passive, Relentless Mist: +30% melee damage per Status Proc Valkyr is afflicted with. Duration is tripled but potency is halved, negates dot that isn't slash. Frenzied enemies killed by abilities add Frenzy Venom counters aka FV Counters. Immune to hard falls outside Ripline aoe. Combo Counter affected by Ripline hits. +150% innate combo duration. Inflicts Frenzied status on enemies hit with her abilities excluding Warcry. Ripline: Pulls you to enemies/objects or enemies to you fully. Enemies in the way are knocked flat. Use midair to pull you to anything. If cast again at the ground while target in animation to be launched they are hurled at the reticle doing aoe damage based off their hp x FV Counters/ 50. Loses cast delay, casting speed dropped to .2 seconds, flight speed is tripled for Ripline. Unaffected by bubbles/nullifier bubbles. Loses current damage multiplier and duration window. Free to cast in Hysteria; Range of Ripline, tether count and cast speed doubled. Using Ripline charged: Can pierce marked target(s) and pick them up allowing for different attacks using Ripline. Can store multiple, if all lines are occupied can't use Ripline to rappel pull. Using Ripline while being knocked down nullifies it and pulls Valkyr towards whatever the reticle is pointed at. Velocity of the pull is doubled as flight speed is tripled when used this way. Usable even midair while knocked down. Ripline affected by range only. Ripline Attacks: Midair: Enemies below you can be hurled towards you, cast again to hurl them downward. Otherwise they are launched skyward for true damage. Enemies take damage from Ripline via FV Counters x3 before enemy resistances are calculated, deals Slash damage w/o proc. Enemies thrown downward through this knock all enemies nearby down. Full charge on ground: Sweep Horizontally with affected targets dealing damage based off FV counters x targets stored. Charged version Hysteria: Requires 4 snared enemies to use. Can be used to add slam attacks during Hysteria's combos. Deals impact damage. Normal cast to rip the lines out hitting them with permanent slash procs nonstackable. Does only base tick damage of Ripline w/o modifiers. Charge cast again to pull the ensnared around Valkyr as a shield against most forms of damage. Charge cast again to shred through them sending the parts in every direction. Enemies shredded this way drop no loot, enemies hit by parts from this are marked. Charged aerial version Hysteria: Huck 2 snared enemies towards your reticle, Shoot Riplines piercing any nearby enemies within range of 50m, stitching them together. Enemies hit with this suffer bleed procs scaled off FV Counters. Charge cast again to perform a group finisher from above. If used during Hysteria; Normal use causes Valkyr to somersault through enemies in the way of her target granting punch through. Enemies hit with this are stunned. Normal cast and melee immediately after; intercept lined targets with melee attack dealing double dmg. If used midair will lead to a melee aoe slam using pulled enemies hp as aoe damage. Ripline ability Interactions: Enemies affected by Warcry are prone to being pounced on by Valkyr for a knock down grab attack while running or while flying from Ripline. Pounced enemies take 100% more damage. If used while Hysteria is up slices through the enemy before lobbing them to spread Frenzied status. Corpses made this way emit Frenzy mist. If used after Warcry and Frenzied Roar while in Hysteria can use group finishers in place of normal finishers. Marked enemies are pierced through if hit with Riplines and transfer stored damage into all pierced through with a Ripline that seeks out marked targets within 50m of Valkyr before being pulled together. Enemies that die after this exude a slash aura dealing 30% of that dmg per tick for 1 minute. Ideal for setting up group finishers. Warcry: Strips armor, slows enemies, buff allies atk/movement/sprint spd, buffs allies armor in range of aura. Including Frenzied enemies. Warcry during Hysteria; makes non frenzied enemies flee, Duration and range are doubled, cost cut in half. Cast speed doubled. If Hysteria is used while Warcry is up will extend it's duration to it's duration while doubled via Hysteria being up to begin with. Warcry's range is affected by range mods, base range of 30m capping at 50m around Valkyr through mods only. Duration is fixed at 30 seconds but buff is refresh-able. Cast time fixed at 1/2 second. Paralysis renamed Frenzied Roar: All hit are marked. Enemies are drawn in as Valkyr exudes sanity corroding mist around her. Hostile guns of all types are jammed and when misfired deal true damage to the wielder upon detonation. Enemies in range are Frenzied. Deals damage based off all FV counters used X 3. Afflicted are stunned for 5 seconds flat. Range mirrors Warcry if used in tandem. Guns are perm destroyed. Finisher multiplier buff applicable only during Hysteria and will count towards group finishers. Range is fixed at 20m but covers 360 degrees around Valkyr. Hysteria: Set energy per second rate of 20 can drop to 10 energy per second with mods. Frenzied enemies are constantly prone to finishers as Valkyr. Can execute group finishers when using Riplines if criteria is met. Tendrils will home in on Frenzied enemies and transfers damage into them multiplied by 3x when not in use. These enemies can be used in some of Riplines attacks. Loses Invulnerability but gains 95% DR. Take received damage value as true damage if you run out of energy with enemies in aura. Take full damage after resistances if Hysteria is nullified or uncast while enemies are in the aura. Aura range still drops per kill. Aura range is 50m fixed. Lifesteal only usable on Frenzied enemies while Warcry is active, 1% dmg done while channeling is healed. Gains more in depth combos as her FV counter goes up. +150 FV Counters = a new combo in Hysteria's Stance. Riplines will seek out enemies while she's attacking with nothing near her. Tendrils will be used in her attacks giving her more hits per movement. Valkyr's Talons Does lethal damage to Frenzied enemies. Valkyr's Talons gain critical chance times combo counter and cd multipliers based off how many Frenzied enemies killed ie FV Counters. +100% cc times combo counter and 50% cd per every 100 FV. Bonuses calculated like their mod counter parts. Bonuses reset if Valkyr is downed or killed. FV Counters needed to get next bonus are doubled if hit with nullifier bubbles/fields. Valkyr's Talons range is doubled if using Claw melee weapons. Valkyr's Talons not affected by Gladiator Set bonus, acolyte mods, melee range mods, lifestrike/healing return. FV Counters used will not take away bonuses or stance evolution, but will reset progress to the next tier. Frenzied enemies: take double damage but deal triple damage. Will not attack Valkyr till no other uninfected are nearby. Will attack other players too but will not spread the Frenzy status to them. Drop health orbs upon death unless killed via Ripline shredding move. Loses hp at 1% every second. This status is incurable without dying. Should Frenzied enemies die after dmg is transferred into them via Valkyr's tendrils/Riplines will exude FV mist 10m around their corpse for 30 seconds dealing slash based dmg based off how much damage was transferred into them x FV counters/5. Frenzied enemies that die otherwise leave a 5m radial puddle of FV that infects other enemies. Valkyr notes: Lose all FV counters if knocked down or killed. Range and strength of all abilities halved for 2 minutes. Cost of abilities are doubled in this time span. While in Hysteria Duration of status procs Valkyr takes are multiplied by 10 but debuffs are negated. Dot will hit for double value. The Frenzy Venom secreted by Valkyr is a by product of her abilities. It's limitless but corrodes shields and firearms removing the ability to use them. Infects those it comes in touch with the same limitless blinding anger she is stuck with. Valkyr loses her shields from this. Firearms used by Valkyr take a fire rate and magazine debuff while her FV mist is around her. All enemies in aural range are tinted while Hysteria is up. Frenzied Roar consumes all FV Counters in reserve. Hysteria still stockpiles dmg received and stores it. Hysteria uncasts itself after 60 seconds of continued use, cooldown of 20 seconds. Frenzied Roar has 10 second cool down. Her augments would need remaking as they would be rendered moot by these changes. Gotta keep up the theme of uncaring elegant cruelty in the form of this Infuriated Berserkress. Just a fun Valkyr Rework with spreadable rage in form of the Frenzy Venom. Code Orange to regard how the venom she secretes is hazardous material.
  17. Recently I've noticed a lot of criticism aimed at DE. Most of this is skewed by the fact I watch a lot of YouTube based Warframe content and I know that controversial or provocative topics are more likely to be on there because, well, those kinds of things get views and views mean $$. All things considered, I don't fully understand the harshness of the criticism DE has received. A few things before I get started. I've been playing Warframe for 3 years and have over 1,000 hours logged in the game. I know there are people with far more hours than me, and I'm certainly not bragging, I'm just setting the context that I've played the game more than just a small amount and have played long enough to see both good and not so good changes. Starting off with the not so good. Arbitration needs work. It's not a terrible game mode but it obviously needs some tweaks to be better. Scaling rewards (which I know have been announced) needed to be in place a while back and we will see how they will be implemented. I'll withhold a bit on this as it's pending. Some bugs dealing with connection, staying connected, host migration and so on definitely need work. Waypoints are often goofy and misleading. And probably my biggest criticism is the grind. Not because I necessarily mind it, but it's a tremendous undertaking for new and casual players. Often I feel the grind either isn't worth the time or the reward(s). This is, of course, a subjective criticism. What may be worth it for you may not be for someone else, etc, but I know many of my friends who have left the game cite this as being the principal reason. And even as someone who has amassed quite a collection of things in Warframe and continues to, I sometimes feel the burnout of the continued grind. Conclave is essentially not worthwhile, daily standing limits are silly, and Lunaro is, sadly, DOA. Lastly cosmetics are often too expensive (seriously why is the alpha color pack 281 plat), or don't impress. There are probably other things I'm missing but those things stand out most to me. Now with the good. The game is fun, addictive, and surprises me with how complicated it can be. Damage types and status effects are great mechanics that help to make Warframe distinct and enjoyable and provide it with enough depth to continue diving. The movement, art style, and replayability on Warframe are all outstanding. The new frames (while not always perfect) keep giving us different things to play with and different gameplay styles to explore. There is a bevvy of weapons to build differently and experiment with. There is content for both casual and hardcore players. And most of the content in game can be earned rather than purchased. And while DE doesn't ALWAYS listen they do address and respond to many criticisms that the community puts forward. While some implementations are slower than wanted, I feel DE makes more of an effort than many developers to institute changes players want to see. Frame designs are interesting and intricate especially for a free to play game. And while I know that's a crass comment to make and could be seen as being dismissive it's a good point to make. I've purchased many other games from developers who a) stop releasing updates, b) incorporate ZERO feedback from the community or c) stop making the game altogether. I even recall the lead dev of a game I own stating something to the effect of "if you have more than 2k hours in the game you got your money worth and I don't really (care) about those players". If anything even remotely resembling that came from DE this community would absolutely mutiny. The point is, it wouldn't. I don't deny criticisms exist and that they are valid. I'm simply stating in my view this is one of the better games I play by one of the more involved developers I've seen and on top of all that it's free. I'm not white knighting. I'm just trying to give a different perspective. Also fix Vauban.
  18. Yeah, I know; there are probably better concepts, and this kind of concept is probably not very original. But I'l put it out there anyway. I plan to commission an Artist, for some actual concept art. This Section is for that person, and anybody who would like to speculate- Zauron has two forms. His base form: "Raptor", and his "ultimate" form: "Tyrant". His overall design, is heavily inspired by predatory therapod dinosaurs, and thus would have a less human appearance, compared to other warframes. I imagine him looking kind of like a dinosaur-human hybrid; with a mouth, full of sharp teeth, talon-like hands, a true tail (unlike Chroma), and digitigrade legs with avian/dinosaur like posture and movements. Also, sickle claws. Do note, that while Zauron may be primarily designed with the "Raptor" and "Tyrant" dynamic in mind. He does not have to take all elements of his design from Dromeosaurs and Tyrannosaurs, exclusively. I would certainly like to see his design incorporate elements from other predatory dinosaurs; such as Ceratosaurus, Allosaurus, and Carnotaurus. And perhaps some aspects his design, can come from some types of herbivores. Like Hadrosaurs, and Ceratopsians. Let your imagination run wild. Here's some design references- Something like this, but with slightly less Quasimodo, and more elf-like athletic litheness. Wouldn't be against some Xenomorph-like elements in the design, because this is sci-fi with space-wizard-cyborg-ninjas after all. A little bit of a bio-mechanical vibe wouldn't hurt. Yeah, I know it's gay anime crap (literally), but the fusion of humanoid and dinosaur physiology is still relevant. I absolutely adore this design. I think the tail, head, and overall slender and agile design is kinda what I'm going for. Even though, Zauron would obviously be more inspired by T-rex and raptors. Also, glowey bits. In his "Raptor" form. I imagine him being like a more muscular Nezha. With a slender (be it, a bit androgynous) but athletic appearance, with physical traits akin to various raptor dinosaurs. He should also have feathers incorporated into his design, if at all possible. He would probably be among the smaller Frames in this form. As his "Tyrant" form. Zauron, obviously, would be way bigger (like double or triple his original height) and beefier. With broader shoulders, and more muscle. Taking on a likeness akin to a therapod dinosaur. In this form, he would easily dwarf the tallest of his comrades. Actually, screw it. He just, straight-up,turns into a large therapod dinosaur. With elements of his "Raptor" form, mixed in. Remember, this is a warframe. So referencing, and keeping in-line with, the designs and aesthetics of the universe is important. Zauron, The Primordial Predator. Stalk your foes and consume their flesh as a fearsome carnivorous hunter, inspired by beasts of millennia long forgotten. Zauron is designed to be a stealthy, mobile, and deadly solitary-hunter. With a kit that revolves around stalking and devouring his enemies. Then finally, unleashing his true strength, after sufficiently filling his belly. Raptor Form Stats- Health- 125 (425 at rank 30) Shields- 100 (400 at rank 30) Armor- 50 Energy- 400 (600 at Rank 30) -I know this sounds crazy, but you will understand this when you see his passive and fourth ability. Sprint Speed- 1.5 Raptor Form Passive- Thanks to his lithe, lightweight form and athletic musculature. Zauron has the ability to bound and acrobatically maneuver through the air, to cover great distances with incredible precision. While also being able to hunt with silent prowess. But is dependent on his biological Metabolism to power his lethal capabilities. In terms of gameplay. Zauron has double jump height and double jump distance. And will jump higher and farther, for as long as the space bar is held, maxing out at the top of his jump (if you have ever played the raptor in Primal Carnage, you probably have a good idea of how this will work). He also, has far greater control of his movement in the air, being able to change and even reverse his trajectory more efficiently (making him the ideal Frame for platforming). In addition, all his weapon's noise levels are reduced by one degree, and enemies detect Zauron at half the normal range. This makes Zauron, a vastly more improved version of Zephyr. With some stealth capabilities. -In my defense, Zephyr had a pretty weak passive already. Plus, copy and pasting a passive would be pretty boring, so why not add in some cool mechanics too. Zauron can eat enemy corpses, by pressing the "Interact" button, consuming it for 10/13/17/25 Energy. But cannot use Energy orbs. He also starts all missions with a flat 100 energy, regardless of rank or max energy. Zauron also has access to his fourth ability at level 1. Note: most of Zauron's best abilities are unaffected by Nullifier's. First Raptor Ability- Scent Cost- 10 Energy Zauron sniffs the air, in search of prey. All enemies, within a 15/22/28/35 m radius, are highlighted and visible through walls and obstacles, for 5/10/15/20 secs. This ability has no cool down, but takes 4 secs to cast. This ability is silent. First Ability Augment- Prowl Scent's duration is increased by 15%/20%/25%/30%/35%/40%. And Zauron is turned invisible, after the ability is cast. This effect lasts for 15/20/25/30/35/40 secs, or until Zauron uses an ability, or either takes or deals damage. Second Raptor Ability- Pounce Cost- 25 Energy Pressing and holding the ability button. Zauron launches himself at 150% of his sprint speed, grappleing one enemy in his path (popping shields, and shutting down Nullifier fields), and carrying them as he flies through the air. Propelling to a distance of 10/14/16/30 m, or until he collides with a wall, obstacle, additional enemy, lands, or the ability button is released. Zauron can use this ability from standing position, travelling only half the distance at only his normal sprint speed. Or charge it up to its full power by crouching for 3 secs. Zauron can disengage this ability at any point by bullet jumping, or jumping off a pounced target, in midair or on the ground. Jumping/ Falling physics is reapplied after reaching the ability's max range, or after the ability button is released, allowing this ability to be arched. Zauron can still grapple a target until he touches the ground, or bullet jumps. Upon landing on the ground, Zauron will then proceed to pin-down, and bite chunks out of his captured prey (shields and nullifier fields are disabled). Dealing a flat 5%/10%/15%/20% of it's max health as damage, ignoring armor, for every second he holds the target down. 50% of the consumed health, is converted to Energy. This continues, until the target dies, or until the ability is disengaged. This ability is silent, but muffled noise is generated for every second a target is pinned, and has no cooldown. Second Ability Augment- Metabolic Regeneration Zauron heals for 25%/30%/35%/40%/45%/50% of energy gained. In addition, Zauron will passively regenerate missing health at the cost of Energy, at a rate of 6->1/5->2/4->3/3->4/2->5/1->6 every 0.5 secs. Third Raptor Ability- Crow Cost- 50 energy Zauron lets out and projects, a shrill ear-drum bursting call. Affecting all enemies within a 3/4 m by 5/9/11/15 m area in front of him. All affected enemies are permanently rendered deaf, and are stunned for a short duration. This ability is Silent, and has a 10 sec cooldown. Third Ability Augment- Primal Frenzy Upon casting Crow. Zauron, and his teammates, receive a 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%/30% attack speed buff for 4/8/12/16/20/24 secs, functioning similarly to Berserk. Primal Frenzy will not proc again until the previous buff has timed out. Primal Frenzy stacks with Berserk, and other attack speed mods and buffs. Fourth Raptor Ability- Tyrant Cost- 100 Energy Upon sating his hunger. Zauron transforms into his "Tyrant" form. Increasing in size and strength. Zauron must be in a large enough area, in order to use Tyrant. This ability has a cooldown of 15 sec. Fourth Ability Augment- Apex Predator Enemies are frozen in fear, at the sight of the Tyrant. Upon seeing Zauron in his Tyrant Form, Enemies are unable to move for 5/10/15 secs. And have their attack speeds and fire rates slowed by 10%/20%/30% for as long as he is in their field of vision. The cost of Tyrant is reduced by 25%. Tyrant Form Stats- Health- 600 (3000 at rank 30) Shield- 50 (200 at rank 30) Armor- 700 Energy- 400 (600 at rank 30) Sprint Speed- 0.7 Tyrant Form Passive- Because of his massive size, Zauron's movement is slowed, and has lost his ability too jump, and his footsteps can now be heard from several meters away. But, what he has lost in lethal grace and stealth, he has gained in sheer destructive power and endurance. Crushing foes under foot, and shrugging off blows that would have stopped any other frame in their tracks, there is little that can stand in the Tyrant's way. From a gameplay perspective, Zauron's Tyrant form is immune to stuns and knockbacks. And only winces at knockdowns. This, all the while passively dealing trample damage to enemies he walks on top of. But at the same time, his Tyrant Form also passively produces alarming noise while moving. And due to his size, and inability to jump. Zauron can step over most obstructions, but must climb up low cliff faces, and find alternative routes. He also has a *gulp* Turning Circle. In his Tyrant form, Zauron also loses use of his weapons, as well as equipable gear. On top of it's initial Energy cost, Tyrant will drain Zauron's Energy, at a rate of 4 Energy per sec. Once Zauron's energy hits 0, he is returned to his Raptor form automatically. He can still eat corpses. Tyrant Form Weapons- (use melee mods) Primary Attack- Rending Maw Attack Speed- 1.00 Damage- Total/500, Slash/150, Puncture/250, Impact/100 Crit Chance/Multiplier- 20%/x3 Status Chance- 10% Attack Area- Short Reach(Front)/Small AoE Weapon Passive: Zauron rakes and bites chunks out of his enemies, with his powerful jaws. 25% of damage to enemy health, is converted to Energy. Finisher: Zauron chomps down, and devours, an enemy whole. converting 50% it's remaining health into energy. Secondary Attack- Tail Whip Attack Speed- 0.80 Damage- Total/500, Slash:100/Puncture:100/Impact:300 Crit Chance/Multiplier- 10%/x2 Status Chance- 15% Attack Area- Long Reach(Behind)/Large AoE Weapon Passive: None Finisher: None Passive Attack- Trample Attack Speed- 1.50 Damage- Total:150, Slash:50/Puncture:50/Impact:50 Crit Chance/Multiplier- 5%/x1.5 Status Chance- 30% Attack Area- On Contact/While Moving Weapon Passive: None Finisher: None Weapon Stance- Carnal Thunder Combining Tenno martial prowess, and the prehistoric fury and physical might and form of the Tyrant. This stance offers a more complex, graceful, and disciplined approach to the beast's rampage. First Tyrant Ability- Tyrant Stomp Cost- 20 Energy In a display of ancient might, Zauron Stomps his foot. Creating a shockwave; that stuns, ragdolls, and damages enemies for 100/300/500/700 blast damage within a 10/13/17/20 m radius. This ability is Alarming, and has no cooldown. Second Tyrant Ability- Stampede Cost- 5/4/3/2 energy per sec Pressing and holding the ability button. Zauron charges forward at 110% of his sprint speed. Ragdolling enemies, while stunning enemies who are already ragdolled, that he runs into. Building up speed and momentum, for as long as the ability is held, up to a max of 200% of his sprint speed. If Zauron crashes into a wall, or a very large enemy (Thumpers, Eidolons,and Orb Mothers) both he and the enemy, will be staggered or stunned by the impact, while dealing his momentum as impact damage to the enemy. These effects are dependent on how fast he was moving. When the ability is released, Zauron will stop running, but will move forward progressively slower for a minuscule distance, dissipating his momentum (use with Caution). Stampede also widens his turn radius, why? Because inertia. This ability is alarming, and has a 10 sec cooldown. Third Tyrant Ability- Broadcast Cost- 50 Energy Zauron unleashes a bellowing primordial roar. Causing enemies to panic with confusion, hide behind cover, and run in terror for 5/10/15/20 secs. Zauron, and his allies, also receive a 20%/30%/40%/50% sprint speed and damage buff for 30 secs. This ability is VERY LOUD, and effects all characters who hear it. This ability has a 20 sec cooldown. Fourth Tyrant Ability- Raptor Cost- 0 Energy Zauron returns to his Raptor form. Conserving energy, and opening up areas and paths that would be inaccessible otherwise. Got some better ideas, critiques, or suggestions? I'll be happy to hear them. Also, please let me know where I can get some actual concept art for this guy!! Also, Rahetalius..........notice meeeeee!!!
  19. So I built the Staticor and went to try it, but for some reason, I keep charging my shots without the ability to rapid fire, I even spammed R2 without hope, changed the fire weapon button to R1, still no hope, it just annoys me how that my dude keeps shooting it with one hand, it also make firing slow, even with max fire rate, pls help.
  20. alguem ai saberia me informar, se realmente esta dropando Efemera na missao de arbritagem? Nao aguento mais fazer esta missao, todo santo dia faço umas 5 vzs de 40 a 1hrs de duração e nada até agora. Estou começando a duvidar que realmente esteja dropando a Efemera nesta missao. Se alguem ai já conseguiu dropar ela, manda um feedback pra mim ai. Vlw.
  21. So at first I was going to just make this a list of weapons I think should be nerfed or removed those being (Staticor, Telos Boltace, Snipetron, and Arca Titron.) But I decided maybe not, Instead I wanna try to get some feed back from DE or someone, on who specifically handles Conclave balancing and what exactly is their design philosophy and intended purpose to what they add and don't add, and also why its a good thing to listen to the community and sometimes bad (especially in the conclave niche) but mostly good. I'd like to first start off with the sheer unbalance of it all at the moment and how this breeds a toxic environment. Example: a person with a nidus+telos boltace combo would be almost impossible to beat especially if they learned how to be very good at a not so hard to use weapon and frame, this regrettably from my experience this will feed their ego and will absolutely get to their head, especially when the victim has no possible way to counter it with their loadouts or refuses to use meta/cheese things due to some made up honour. Most shrug it off but for those that don't it just ends up being a toxic fest of laughing at eachother or seeing who's better in a "1v1 me bro" situation this in my opinion is one of the primary reasons its important to keep balance in conclave it will both make it "fair" and more enjoyable for the overall conclave player and at that theoretical point the one player complaining would actually be (for lack of a better term) a scrub that needs to invest a bit more time in learning conclave, instead of most complaints today that have legitimate reasons. Secondly, the question of weapon/frame balance and what is the intention behind it, Ideally I wouldn't want DE staff to be forced to figure out conclave and balance it from their own experience, because like many a fighting game for example, the player base will far exceed developers expectations I'm also not naive and say DE should just listen to the "pros" or the 2 Conclave YouTuber that exist" so in that sense I'm not entirely sure how we could keep Conclave at a consistent balance between balanced and op (I'll give a little anecdotal personal thing tho, the Daikyu I personally think its not op if you were told it one shots, alot of people would say its op but its charge rate, travel time, and small hitbox requires the user to have some ability with aiming same goes for the Opticor even though its hitscan and does alot more damage) this is just a fear I and maybe others have, nerf something the majority of casual players complained about in one match? Or listen to the consistent players with actual time and hopes to see Conclave be somewhat popularised and balanced but the majority voice (casual players) will be better heard. Lastly, yes nerf the weapons listed above but not to obsolete, yes this is another wishful pipe dream post of 'how to fix conclave' I just want the toxicity and unbalance to end ;-; sowwy. I just want feedback or a stable update of Conclave for 5 months TL;DR I talk outta my oro
  22. Alright Tennos, send me a message on PlayStation network for a much faster response if you would like to purchase the Riven thank you for taking the time to click on those links, https://ibb.co/BjNSqB3 Twin grakatas 80p Clem...Clem...Clem...Clem.... https://ibb.co/s6hD6vg Staticor 70p great cround control weapon, add some damage and multishot to it, and you'll have a good time https://ibb.co/S5qBfbf Sonicor 50p A great unroll sonicor Riven for that price it's a steal https://ibb.co/Sm3bPbS Sobek 80p Great for a status build https://ibb.co/fdnDxBW Kulstar 150p If you don't mind blowing yourself up https://ibb.co/WpJYMvX Kohm 250p great unroll Riven right here, definitely get that gun if you want to shoot a shotgun like a rifle https://ibb.co/5kn31JW Dual cestra 90p A very underrated gun, I'm surprise not many people use that secondary https://ibb.co/djvj900 Convectrix 60p .....damn maybe even 60p is probably high for that weapon lol https://ibb.co/VqkyVDF Cestra 90p Oh damn what happen to your other cestra? Guess you'll just gonna have to compensate it with a $hit tone of damage https://ibb.co/NsqhbHh Cernos 30p hell im not even sure if I endos that Riven, heh.... I don't really want it, that why it's 30p https://ibb.co/z7T85xV Zenith 700p Alright what do u do half of the time in this game ?? Answer is RELOAD, yup yup yup. https://ibb.co/YLBsxzG Twin gremlins SOLD OUT I think I sold that one.... I need to check https://ibb.co/HrL120B Veldt 90p Oh boy what a popular weapon......yes....verrry popular...... https://ibb.co/HThPMBD Detron 250p you'll still need 3 duel stats mods to get to a 100% sc https://ibb.co/pR14f95 Buzlok 30p The ZF1 of warframe, that was a reference from fifth elements https://ibb.co/PDv1wkR Corvas 80p Well that one big shotgun https://ibb.co/sFccLTT Ocucor SOLD OUT Hydroid will be proud of this weapon https://ibb.co/RcMW3Lq Larkspur 180p I'm not sure what to say about this Riven, it's good I guess https://ibb.co/W3pnXGL Grinlok 400p amazing how the hype goes down after the weapon is released well that all tennos, for now. thank you for your time. pm psn thx
  23. Llevo varios meses jugando a este juego. No me considero un veterano, pero creo que le he dedicado suficientes horas para poder decir que sé de lo que hablo. Lo he probado casi todo del juego, algunas cosas las he encontrado muy repetivas y otras me han encantado. Pero no hay nada en este juego que este peor diseñado que el kuva y los mods agrietados. ¿Como puede ser que solo para darle dos rolls a un mod tengas que hacer una hora de supervivencia kuva? Y eso con potenciadores y el kavat, porque si no farmear kuva se hace completamente inviable. Las inundaciones de kuva por otra parte, solo te dan 1200, 2400 con potenciador, y 4800 si todos los planetas se alinean y el kavat te suelta el buffo. Esto, a decir verdad, se podría sobrellevar, si no fuera porque las stats de cada roll son completamente aleatorias. He visto gente que lleva 400 rolls con un mod y aún no le tocó lo que quería. "Confórmate con cualquier cosa buena" dirán algunos. Pero en armas con una disposición de 1 o de 2 cualquier cosa buena es equivalente a quedarte con un mod inservible. También habrá quién me diga que me olvide de los agrietados, que son opcionales. Bueno, tener continuidad prime o flujo prime también es opcional. Hacerte un chroma umbra para eidolones también lo es. Y ponerle reactores o catalizadores a las armas y los warframes. En ese sentido todo es opcional en este juego. Además se supone que los mods agrietados fueron diseñados para que las armas poco populares se usasen más. Yo tengo el inventario lleno de mods agrietados basura, e incluso de armas que me gustan. Pero me sale mas rentable rollear un mod de la lanka o de la plasmor arca hasta que me toque algo bueno y comprar esos mods a jugadores que hayan tenido más suerte que yo. En fin, me parece que el sistema de los agrietados y el farmeo de kuva necesita una mejora urgente. Deberían poner que se pudiera fijar una stats, o como mínimo, reducir el coste de kuva, ¿De verdad piensan los creadores de este juego que con solo 9 rolls es suficiente para que te toque algo bueno? Lo único que hago últimamente en el warframe es farmear kuva. Solo tengo una hora para jugar cada día y la tengo que desperdiciarla en farmear kuva para rollear un mod de la lanka que compre por 150 pl. Sinceramente esto del kuva me esta quitando las ganas de jugar. Todo lo demás que hay en el juego se puede conseguir con constancia y paciencia, pero los mods agrietados... Me encantaría saber vuestra opinión. ¿Os parece bien el sistema de los mod agrietados que hay ahora?
  24. -------------------------------->>> https://www.warframe.com/es/community/partners#partnerIndex <<<------------------------- Echa un vistazo a la lista completa de los Socios de Warframe, que incluye a creadores de contenido en YouTube, Mixer y Twitch. !Lista Completa de la mayoria de Glifos que puedes conseguir, Asociados a Warframe! !streamlabs, streamelements suscripciones con twitch , patreon, mixer, donaciones etc... !si encuentran algun error, diferente o simplemente no existe, pueden comentarlo para editar el post! >>> Puedes activar los codigos desde la Tienda en el juego ó desde la pagina de Warframe <<< -------------------------------->>> https://www.warframe.com/es/promocode <<<--------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------->>> Glyphs Partners (Waves)(Rondas) <<<----------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANTE: >>> Algunos Asociados, pueden estar "Inactivos ó su Glifo retirado del Juego <<< ---------------------------------------------------------------------------->>> Partners Codigos Globales <<<---------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>> Los siguientes Codigos solo pueden activarse una vez! Algunos codigos son Temporales y solo funcionan cada cierto tiempo <<< IMPORTANTE: >>> Introducir demasiadas veces un codigo invalido puede bloquear vuestra IP en la pagina <<< >>> si esto sucede se arregla a los pocos minutos, solo os bloquea el acceso a la pagina de Warframe, no afectara al juego <<< ------------------------------------------------------>>> Codigos Especiales, Eventos, Promocion y Updates <<<-------------------------------------------------------------
  25. Tenno! Oggi è stato un giorno confusionario per Baro: DE per sbaglio ha fatto portare al mercante Void Primed Pack Leader su console. Doveva uscire Primed Animal Instinct, e invece siete stati tutti bamboozlati. :U Hanno deciso, pertanto, di aggiungere anche Primed Animal Instict dopo 20 minuti dall'arrivo in stazione di Baro.Su PC: Visto che Primed Pack Leader è disponibile su console hanno preferito fare una rettifica anche su questa piattaforma e rilasciarlo anche lì. L'hanno aggiunto circa 50 minuti dopo l'arrivo in stazione del mercante. Così, giusto per informarvi. Alla prossima, Tenno!
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