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Found 2,189 results

  1. SEIJIN (previously Ouristu) is recruiting new tenno to join us in Dominion over the Origin System. Seijin Co. is recruiting once more! For those of you who are unaware of our collective; we are a small group of artist as well as a streetwear brand. We are guided by the theme of individuality and desire to unite the world though the expression of art. Currently our collective channel has around 80 subscribers which, is not a substantial amount compared to other groups however, we plan to expand more rapidly as we drop more content reliability. We open our arms to all who wish to join however, only a selected few will become managers and have access to the channel.Discord: Channel: Personal Channel: What we stand For: Seijin is more than a warframe clan. We have non-gaming members who work with us closely to produce art is various forms. We currently operate a YouTube channel as well as a functioning Fashion Brand. The Name have two definitions depending on the kanji (saint or, adult). We reflect both meaning in our clan operation. We seek perfection although we are aware it is nigh impossible to achieve therefore, we request that all members contribute. Benefits of Joining: There are opportunities in our clan that go beyond gaming. If you choose to pursue a career involving creativity you will have the support of other like minded individuals. Clan YouTube: Clan Ranks : clan emblem Discord:
  2. The Higher Order (THO) is looking for active MR5+ members who aren't afraid to help other players out if needed. We got top 10% in The Pacifism Defect. 99% research in the dojo (missing Hema, go figure) we are the founding clan of the alliance called Anarchy. A massive friendly alliance that is always active. Clan normally has 20-100 online daily. If you're interested in joining just send me a message over on PlayStation and I'll get you in! :)
  3. Akbolto 20p Aklato 20p. amprex 50p burston 40p msg and find out why. castanas 20p kulstar 20p seer 10p spectra 10p spira 50p twin Rogga 10p vulklok 20p. zhuge 50p you can also msg me on PS4 at THREAT-LEVEL-RED ty
  4. I'd like to buy a soma riven preferably with no rolls. The stats don't matter as I'd like to try and reroll it myself. I have 80p on hand. If that's too low then let me know and I can get more or trade items to mitigate the cost. Thank you im mr 9 if that's helps. I also have a twin grakata and azima riven to trade for it.
  5. So i just tried the rank up test mentioned in the title, rescue by way of meleeing orbs, don't get seen etc etc? by sheer dumb luck i got seen on my first attempt, but didn't get to even try a second or third attempt, because the second i re-spawned in i got detected each time by enemies shooting at me from when i was detected on my first attempt. I googled "mr19 test glitch" straight after to find that there has been issues the same or similar to what i experienced at least a year ago. Seriously time for a fix, or rework . in it's current state it's quite broken. hopefully in 24 hours time the game doesn't decide to S#&$ it's pants again, when i try again and hope i don't experience the same nonsense.
  6. After a long closed period, DAM is recruiting again. Post if you'd like an invite and someone will send one to you. we have NO requirements towards Mastery rank, everyone is welcomed may you live in japan or usa or germany ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Destroy All Monsters, Moon Clan is recruiting. We have been an active clan since the launch of the PS4. We were the first clan to reach 2 million kills, and every million kill landmark after that. we have 6 gold trophies from all ps4 events. We also had the top cumulative kill count when the statistic was retired in favor of weekly Stats We are primarily a co-op focused clan that works together as a community, and are most concerned with having a friendly, supportive environment. Because if it isn't fun, why bother? We have favored a more open, less military style set up since day one, and have no requirements for those who join. Rules, ranks and other info can be found in our forum. You will not be asked to meet a quota of any kind. Destroy All Monsters Official PS4 Clan We have an elaborate Dojo that has been optimized to make every thing you might need easy to find and reach see picture below We are now run by a team of seven leaders, made up of members who've been invaluable to DAM and who have shown their good nature and helpfulness over the past several months. Yes, we are named after a Godzilla film, and all of our ranks are named after different monsters appearing in past Godzilla films. Matthew Broderick and Godzilla's son are not included. the 7 Warlords(Gojira) of DAM: - Nordulven - Whiskey69 - X-x__MEGA__x-X - illwill843 - BeaStzReaCtioNz - ND_LandShark - fiendnix FORMER warlords: MatangoMushrooms (Founding Father) SakuraWars A_Pack_Of_Wolfs for any other information feel free to either contact any of the leaders mentioned above, join our forum or to simply receive an invite you can also contact these: sdaly96 HyperInfestation Also note you should avoid sending me (Nordulven) any pm on here as i almost never come here
  7. Aklato : -161.1% Weapon Recoil, +92% Magazine Capacity, -78.9% Status Durarion, MR9 Aklato : +127% Status Chance, +172.3% Multishot, +338.9% Damage, -52.7% Reload Speed, MR13 Buzlok : +100.5% Cold, +94.4% Toxin, +52.6% Damage to Corpus, MR15 Grinlok : +126.8% Cold, +79% Ammo Maximum, -26.3% Damage to Corpus, MR15 Twin Gremlins : +65.5% Damage to Infested, +158.4% Impact, +3.5 Punch Through, -98.5% Flight Speed, MR16
  8. Endovelicus Established Clan, Great Community of dedicated members. LOR / JV Schools is available | Clan & Alliance Logo | 100% research with full color pigments| 0% Clan Tax | Dojo with Brilliant Architecture | 70% Vet Members | Monthly Clan - Alliance Platinum Championship rewards & weekly prizes | Storm Clan 100 active members | (PS4 - In Top 3#) Storm Clan for Kills. Affiliated with Stalkers of Hunhow Alliance 50 + clans within. Clan requirements (MR10+) (18+ age) 9 day inactivity Limit SND PM to hardhouz on PSN / Search Endovelicus Clan @ youtube to view full dojo Thank you for your interest in Endovelicus Executive Leader / Founder hardhouz
  9. Hello Tennos👋🏼 • We Are Event Driven Clan - Finished In Top 10 In The Past Three Events - #1 Shadow Debt - #1 Rathuum - #8 Pacifism Defect • 100% Research •Requirements to Join - We Have Quit Policy (Send Screen Shot ) - 1000+ Hours Played (Send Screen Shot ) - Mics - Must Be 18+ - MR 15+ - Inactivity Policy Is 14 Days • If You Meet The Requirements And Interested Joining PSN Me Or ChaoticChaos. Thanks
  10. This Operation is on from March 20th @ noon ET until March 27th @ noon ET Developer Note: "A new Clan Operation is finally here! This Clan Operation has bits of the same - a unique mission, a call to action, a Wraith weapon… and a bit different! The Operation link will have all the information for you on what to expect - but for even further explanation: We're trying something exciting and different with rewards for the most interesting Competitive aspect in a Clan Operation to date. There are a multitude of Personal and Clan rewards - Cosmetics and The Ignis Wraith! The Ignis Wraith as a reward has a few different avenues - an avenue for more casual clans, more coordinated clans, and a Hardcore avenue for the most competitive clans. Visit the Operation link to find out more!" The Infestation has overrun a convoy of allied ships and forced the surviving crew into emergency safe rooms. They’re holding on for now, but without your support, they’ll die on those ships. Before you go, you should know something; the crew is Grineer. But not just any Grineer, they’re Kavor Defectors, pacifists who deserted Sargas Ruks army when they could no longer bring themselves to kill for him. They don’t want to fight anymore, not for the Grineer, and not for Steel Meridian. All they desire is a peaceful life, but that won’t come easy; Sargas Ruk is hot on their trail and desperate to make an example of them. The Kavor need evacuation, will you answer this call? Thread for full Operation details: NEW CONCLAVE VARIANT MODE (Coming in April): Quick Steel: Razor sharp Nikana clash with bullet fast Hikou in this amped-up deathmatch variant. ADDITIONS: Taxon Sentinel: Many, many months ago we showed our community something we nicknamed 'baby's first Sentinel'. This quirky looking Sentinel has arrived, and it serves a very clear purpose: provide new players with an introduction to the Companion System. New player experience is always on our mind as Developers. This new Sentinel joining your Arsenal has that exact new-player approach to it’s functionality and mechanics. Say hello to TAXON! Perhaps Taxon will not replace the Mastery Rank 23 player's beloved Carrier, but please keep in mind that it was created and geared towards new-players who are experiencing Warframe for the first time. A new Sentinel has been discovered that is programmed to assist newly-awoken Tenno. With 'Retarget' and 'Molecular Conversion' as its default Precepts, Taxon protects its owner with shield restoration. Taxon comes equipped with the Artax Sentinel Weapon! Freeze targets in their tracks with this Sentinel mounted ice-beam. Newly awoken Tenno will gain this Sentinel Blueprint by completing the first Junction between Earth and Venus. If you have already completed this Junction, you will receive Taxon’s Blueprint in your Inbox upon login and can be found in the Market for Credits! FERROX: Discharge a rail of ionized death or throw the Ferrox like a spear and create a localized field of attraction no enemy can escape from! Visit the Market or the Energy Lab in your Dojo to start the Ferrox research now! VEXILLUS CLOAK: • March through the battlefield with this Corpus cloak. MASHED GLYPH PACK: • A collection of glyphs, using captured frames from the 100 Days of Warframe video by Digital Extremes & MASHED. Foundry Cancelling: Foundry items can now be cancelled while in the ‘Build’ stage, and all resources (except Argon) will be refunded back to you instantly! This is done by clicking the red 'X' on the item itself in the Foundry Screen. You no longer need to make a Support Ticket to undo an accidental crafting - you have the power now! NEW TENNOGEN: Community Made Skins for the following Items have been added to the Market! Check them out and support your fellow Tenno! Maharliqa Syandana by led2012 Sciathin Syandana by Master Noob Disconnect Syandana by Faven_PS Teplo Syandana by FrellingHazmot Boltara Syandana by led2012 Deru Syandana by malayu Officium Syandana by Hitsu San Volt Graxx Skin by Faven_PS Excalibur Graxx Skin by Faven_PS Valkyr Graxx Skin by Faven_PS Nyx Athena Skin by prosetisen Excalibur Caduto Skin by Hitsu San Valkyr Cheetah Helmet by Cheshire Wukong Xingzhe Helmet by Rekkou Chroma Drevni Skin by Volkovyi KINTSUGI WEAPON SKIN COLLECTION (skins purchasable separately): Repaired with golden-alloys, these battle-scarred weapons have been transformed into objects of beauty. Contains skins for the Braton, Paris, Kunai, Lato, Aklato, Skana and Bo. NOCTURNE WEAPON SKIN COLLECTION (skins purchasable separately): Pay homage to the constellations with this brilliant collection. Contains skins for the Braton, Paris, Kunai, Lato, Aklato, Skana and Bo. NEW ALT HELMETS: Ivara Zirastra Helmet Inaros Canopic Helmet Vedda Glyph Pack: Show off your style with this action packed collection of Warframe glyphs. Glyph Display: Proudly display Glyph images around your Landing Craft! Choose from any unlocked Glyph image. Harkonor Weapon Skin Collection: A collection of skins forged by the Grineer’s leading weapon manufacturer. Provvok Shoulder Guard: Cobbled together from vanquished Grineer, this Steel Meridian armor sends a clear message to the enemy. Hit Indicator Changes: • Shooting enemies in the head versus their gut is very useful when it comes to...everyday Tenno life. To better indicate exactly where your bullets are penetrating, hit indicators will be a pulsing yellow on default (anywhere but the head) and a quicker pulsing red when administering those satisfying headshots! Raptor Boss Fight Changes & Fixes: • Added text help explaining how to drop the bomb once you’ve picked it up to help alleviate confusion on this mechanic. • The vent objective markers are now hidden when there's a bomb that's not being carried to give a more clear priority of when they need to be interacted with. • Bursa spawning is now disabled for the duration of the mission (was previously duration of boss fight). This fixes Bursas following you into the boss fight after triggering the alarm before initiating the boss fight. • Fixed music changing randomly throughout the boss fight. GENERAL CHANGES: In an effort to address feedback regarding Grineer Scorch enemies killing you through walls, we have audited their weapon and removed any effects relating to punch through for their weapon. Please let us know if you come across instances of further issue with attacks through walls with this enemy type. Conclave Changes & Fixes: FIXES: Hotfix March 21st: Fixed Loc on Spira Obsidian Skin Fixed appearance of a Kavor Defector that was distorted. Hotfix March 22nd: Fixed a prog stopper in Mastery Rank 16 & 18 tests Hotfix March 23rd: Fixed a bug that would prevent mission completion in Hijack if you died three times. Fixed Platinum not showing it was deducted properly when gifting.
  11. Pm me on here or in game with an offer
  12. Welcome Tenno to Ares Knightmare recruitment Thread ◘History Ares Knightmare was born at Warframe Day1 from an idea of some Battlefield competitive players. We wanted since to the start, to became an important italian reality among the most important console Warframe Clans. Time passing friends from Battlefield competitive scene started playing Warframe joining us, so we decided to open the doors to international players. We wanted to be an european reality, not only national and this changed a lot of things. The core of the Clan comes from the most important Battlefield National Teams and Clans like: [vVv] Veni Vidi Vici [ONE] Project ONE [pp] Pernix Pugnax [RV] Reges Victores [SoN] Give me back my son [iCon] Inevitable Consequence [Team Italy] - [Team UK] - [Team Holland] - [Team Finland] - [Team USA] - [Team Portugal] (you could find further information on Google, YouTube or Battlelog) ◘Clan Day 1 established Clan, heavily active and serious Leadership. Custom Clan Emblem Experienced community with more then 85,000 hours spent on Warframe, Clan gross income over the 12 billion credits About 70 daily players, 90+ weekly. Contests, raids, PvP, endgame runs. Decorated and well structured 3 floors Dojo. Each room is connected with a Transporter. 4 Trade Stations. 4 Dueling Rooms. 2 Obstacle Course (for 1 vs 1 challenges, we got some of the best runners around) 4 Labs for easy access with all research completed. 5 Orokin Labs for Dark Sectors stuff. Honestly one of the best looking Dojos out there. ◘Requirements to join & a few things you need to know before joining Must be 18 Years of age or older or anyway mature enough to deserve a spot in our Community. No kids, no childish behaviour, racism, homofobia or BS like that, you will be kicked out with no advice if one of the things listed above will happen. 700 hours spent ingame are needed for consideration, no exceptions will be made. MR dont matter to us, we are looking for heavily active and experienced Tenno, no one likes to stay in a desert Clan chat. English knowledge, we are not looking for lone wolves, we are a community and we expect people to be social. Be respectful and represent our Clan positively. Our actions reflect on many others so keep it clean. We expect contributions from any of our members. Anyone here is involved in the Clan life and needs. We always have open research in need of contributions (credits, specters, resources etc.) Knowing the concepts of Loyalty to the Clan, discipline, respect, teamwork and reliability are the keys to rank up the Clan hierarchy. We chose to have 100 members only and will not expand beyond that. 15 days inactivity policy to keep our clan so active, after that you will be demoted with no Dojo access and if free spots will be needed we ll kick you out. ◘Contacts ☆ KrakenUnchained (Ita-Eng) ☆ JohnCooney1 (Eng) ☆ VanTonder (Fin - Eng) ☆ Dr_Blubber (Ger - Eng) ☆ Leduanjohan (Esp - Eng) ☆ ExetSM (Swe - Eng) ☆ maso_sage-mode (Ita - Eng)
  13. I know people are not happy with primed regen being released calling it a band-aid solution to the problem. I do not personally use sentinels anymore since i got a kubrow. The reason being that they can be revived and do not die as often. So trying to bring that revive factor to sentinels why don't have little like repair kits that we can build before a mission that allow us to repair the sentinel when it goes down (instead of exploding it just short circuits and hovers low behind you not working). These repair kits could buff your sentinel a short time after you repair it when you add stuff to it just stuff like that. If you have an idea to make this better or changes please leave them below
  14. ✴✴Welcome to Reapers of Warframe✴✴ #1 in Pacifism Defect, Shadow Debt and GOLD Winners of Rathuum Event. We are a Highly active, Top Leaderboard International Clan(Rank 1-2 weekly). One many try to rival with and compete against. We will not back down. RoW is a 2.5+ year old Clan founded by Overkill1469. Our focus is to be a strong, super friendly and helpful Clan that will assist in the development of only the Strongest Tenno. Our goal is to provide our members with a means to accomplish all goals within the game and a Clan/Alliance. We base our Clan rank structure off your performance, attitude, helpfulness and leadership skills that you demonstrate. Not only off MR. Our dojo consists of 6 floors all easily accessible by transporters. We have robots, glitched rooms and more! All Research is completed, pigments too! And any new research is completed immediately with all clan members contributing. (Clan Emblem) (Meditation glitched rooms are available if needed.) We are also the founding clan of our Alliance, Stalkers of Hunhow Alliance, of which has 55+ Clans with our same vision... To be the best at all things Warframe. (Alliance Emblem) (Alliance Event) ✴Dark Sector Ready. ✴All Adult Clan with Event and DS drive and team building focus. ✴We are Event Driven. WF Events that require member activity are mandatory. We need you. RoW needs you. ✴Extremely Helpful, experienced members to guide and help build the strongest Clan. Our community is one of a kind. No one is left behind. ✴Currently 290+ active members. ✴#1 Mountain Clan and Gold trophy winners of Shadow Debt and Rathuum(#2). ✴All Research and pigments complete. ✴We have robots.Yes, robots. ✴Daily Raid Squads. Raid Schools Available daily. ✴Weekly/ Monthly events, both Clan and Alliance. Plat, Mod and Prime Prizes! ✴2nd in Command candidates are greatly welcomed. Mentors always welcome! ✴Endgame Players. Loads of experience here... ✴Huge, active and helpful Alliance. 50+ Clans, over 3k members. Rules: ✔Support Clan and Alliance. ✔Participation in WF Clan Events are mandatory. If you are unable to contribute, you must inform a Warlord Prior to Event start. You will sadly be removed from clan if you do not contribute. ✔18y/o+, Sorry No Exceptions. ✔⚠Must have 300+ hours played in game⚠ If you don't fit our criteria we can get you into a highly active Clan in our Alliance. We have all sizes of clans with stellar leadership available! ✔Must remain Active, 10day inactivity kick. Vacations, emergencies, holidays, military service(Thank You!) absences are excused. ✔PSN Alliance Trading Community in place for trading between Alliance mates.We allow Syndicate Trading(mod for mod, item for item) only on Alliance tab. ✔Clan trading is okay at a discount. ✔No Spamming Random Invites. Ask and we will be there to help. ✔NO profanity, vulgar or abusive chat in tabs. Be respectful above all! Contact via PSN or in game: Steelergurl33 digipo D-Coy666 Tundra8863 Brandondeasy 💥Become the best you can be with RoW
  15. A Dancing club room for dancing emotes to preset DE tunes? Lol might as well go all the way aimiright? If we are gonna dancing like "destiny guardians" might as well one up them and add a Club at the relay to dance in?! ( I cringed alittle just now.)
  16. Hello Tenno, After 50+ days of total game play, I got burned out and our active members went to other games etc. Revamping the clan, we are all about leveling, teaching, helping other new/old Tenno. (We get levels/equipment really fast) I do not care about having 1000+ members as this usually creates cliques, and drama and players usually feel really left out. DMA is more interested in players who are skilled, tight knit, willing to learn/teach, and just to have fun and maybe build a real friendship in the process. - All research done - Clan emblem (changing soon) - Prefer mature people. (Just b/c your an adult does not mean you are mature, there are plenty of 30 year old's that act like kids and plenty of 12 year old's that act like adults) My philosophy is gaming and work is: "I would rather work with a handful of intelligent/efficient/good people than 100 idiots" - silent9 If interested please contact: PSN: silent9_ or PSN: BttnsMcBoomBoom Hope to converse with you soon Tenno! -s9
  17. Preference for: - Ember Set - Nyx Set - Frost Set - Rhino Set -Loki Set (As part of the mod value)
  18. I just started a clan which has just my friend and I. I'm looking for solid players. This is open for anyone to join. Beginner friendly. Mics are suggested, but not mandatory. Lots of room for promotions. Contests will be in the near future. Rules: No immaturity ( innapraprate language, derogatory comments, racism etc not tolerated!) Inactivity in excess of over 7 days will result in a kick unless noted otherwise. Please send me as message if you'd like to join or have any questions.
  19. WTS

    lex prime barrel x2 carrier prime systems ash prime chassis x2 trinity prime chassis x2 orthos prime blueprint fragor prime handle bronco prime blueprint volt prime blueprint akbronco prime link lex prime blueprint x3 odonata prime x2 nyx prime systems rhino prime chassis rhino prime system
  20. Bütün Warframe'lerin Güncel Drop Lokasyonları: ASH Her parçasını normal Manic’leri öldürerek edinebilirsiniz. Bu moblara özellikle The Law of Retribution'da ve Uranus-TITANIA da sık sık rastlanıyor. ATLAS Bu warframe’in parçaları The Jordas Precept görevinden sonra ödül olarak verilmeyebaşlar. Blueprint dışındaki parçaları Eris'deki Jordas Golem ArchwingAssassination'dan elde edilir. BANSHEE Banshee parçalarını Klan Dojo’sundaki Tenno Lab’den edinebilirsiniz. CHROMA Chroma’yı yapabilmeniz için sırasıyla aşağıdaki görevleri yapıp Uranüs > Neptün > Plüton kavşaklarından ödül olarak chroma parçalarını almanız gerekiyor. The New Strange > Cephalon Simaris > Stolen Dreams EMBER Her parçası Satürn - TETHYS ‘deki General Sargas Ruk‘dan düşüyor. EXCALIBUR Excalibur’un parçaları Pluto - HADES ‘deki Ambulas isimli bossdan düşüyor. Veya direk 60.000 Conclave puanı ile Teshin‘den edinebilirsiniz EQUINOX Her parçası Uranüs - TITANIA ‘daki TYL REGOR isimli bossdan düşüyor. Gece ve gündüz olmak üzere toplamda 8 tane parça toplamanız gerekiyor. FROST Her parçasını Mars - WAR ‘daki Lieutenant Lech Kril’i öldürerek edinebilirsiniz. HYDROID Her parçası Dünya - ORO ‘daki Councilor Vay Hek bossundan düşüyor. INAROS Inaros’un tüm parçaları Sands of Inaros görevinden gelir. Bu görevi yapmak için önce Baro Ki'Teer ‘den ‍200 + ‍ 50,000 karşılığında görevin blueprintini almanız gerekicek. IVARA Blueprint dahil her parçası Casusluk(Spy) görevlerinden düşme ihtimali var. Girdiğiniz görevin seviyesine göre belirli parçalara sahip olursunuz (nightmare tipi görevlerden de elde edilebilir). Görev içerisinde 3 konsolu da yakalanmadan hacklemeniz gerekiyor. 1-15 Seviye görev : Sistemler 16-25 Seviye Görev : Gövde +26 Seviye Görev : Blueprint + Neuroptic LOKI Lokinin parçaları Neptün - PASAMATHE ‘deki Hyena Pack moblarından düşüyor. MAG Mag’in parçaları Phabos - ILLIAD ‘daki The Sergeant moblarından düşüyor. Yada 60.000 Convlave puanı karşılığında Teshin‘den alabilirsiniz MESA Parçaları Mutalist Alad V isimli bossdan düşebiliyor. Eris gezegenindeki bu bossa girebilmeniz için Patient Zero görevinin ödülü olan Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Key’i kullanmanız gerekiyor. Bu anahtarı atolyenizde craftlamak için gereken Mutalist Nav Kordinatları'nı navigasyondaki Invasion (Saldırı Cepheleri) kısmından elde edebilirsiniz. MIRAGE Bütün parçaları sırasıyla Hidden Messages (Gizli Mesajlar) isimli görevin sonunda ödül olarak verilir. Bu görevin kalıbını almak için Plüto'daki Sedna Kavşağını geçmelisiniz. Kalıbı craftlamak için gerekli olan Orokin Chiper'lar sadece Orokin Derelicteki Ejderha Anahtarları ile açılan Corrupted odalardan elde edilir. NEKROS Parçaları Orokin Derelict Assassination zindanlarının sonundan çıkıyor. Bu zindana girebilmek için Marketteki Anahtarlar katagorisinden “Orokin Derelict Assasination Key”i alıp atolyede işlemeniz gerekiyor. Bu anahtarı craftlamak için gereken Lephantis Nav Kordinatları diğer Orokin Derelict görevlerinden çıkarılabilir. NOVA Nova parçaları Avrupa - NAAMAH ‘daki Raptor isimli bossdan düşüyor. NYX Parçaları saldırı cephelerindeki Phorid suikastinden elde edilir. NIDUS Anaplanı The Glast Gambit görevinin sonunda alınır. Diğer parçalarının Eris-OESTRUS 'da dördüncü roundda çıkma ihtimali var. NEZHA Nezha parçalarını Klan Dojo’sundaki Tenno Lab’den edinebilirsiniz. OBERON Bütün gezegenlerdeki bütün mobların Eximus’larından düşme ihtimali var. Eximus tipi düşmanlar özellikle uzun süren oyun modlarında ilerleyen dakikalarda daha sık çıkarlar. OCTAVIA Kalıbı Relay'lerdeki Cephalon Suda sendikasından alınan "Octavianın Marşı" isimli görevin sonunda elde edilir. Parçaları ise sırasıyla; Nöroptiklerinin Orokin Enkazında Hayattakalma (ODS) bölümlerinde her 3. dalgada bir çıkma ihtimali var. Gövdesi Lua'daki Müzik Puzzle'ından ödül olarak veriliyor. Sistemleri Lua-Exterminate(YokEtme) görevlerinden elde edilebiliyor. RHINO Parçaları Venüs - FOSSA ‘daki Jackal isimli bossdan düşüyor. SARYN Parçaları Sedna - MERROW ‘daki Kela De Thaym isimli bossdan düşüyor. TRINITY Parçaları Ceres - EXTA ‘daki 2 bossun da içinden çıkma ihtimali var. TITANIA Tüm parçalarını The Silver Grove isimli görevden sırayla ödül olarak veriliyor. Bu görevi herhangi bir Relay'deki NewLoka sendika odasından alabilirsiniz. VALKYR Parçaları Jüpiter - THEMISTO ‘daki Alad V ‘den düşüyor. VOLT Volt parçalarını Klan Dojo’sundaki Tenno Lab’den edinebilirsiniz. Veya direk 60.000 Conclave puanı ile Teshin‘den edinebilirsiniz. WUKONG Wukong parçalarını Klan Dojo’sundaki Tenno Lab’den edinebilirsiniz. ZEPHYR Zephyr parçalarını Klan Dojo’sundaki Tenno Lab’den edinebilirsiniz. İPUCU: Oyundaki her item ve warframe bedavaya craftlanabilir sadece nereye bakacağınızı bilmelisiniz. Oyun marketindeki warframe'ler aşırı pahalı ordan almak yerine kendiniz biraz emek göstererek atolyede craftlayabilirsiniz veya markete vereceğiniz para ile diğer oyunculardan bu warframelerin daha güçlü ve daha güzel gözüken PRIME versiyonlarını satın alabilirsiniz. İPUCU2: Equinox hariç her warframe toplamda 4 parçadan oluşur. (Kalıp, Nöroptik, Gövde, Sistemler) Kalıp hariç her parçayı yukarda belirtilen lokasyonlardan düşürebilirsiniz, Kalıbı ise marketten kredit karşılığında oyun marketinden satın alabilirsiniz. ***
  21. Welp since we got dancing emotes (via Octavia) might as well put a "Dance Club" at the relay and go full "destiny dancing" "so tenno that like to dance can dance to preset music? Can't believe I just suggested that but seems fitting IMO
  22. OPERATION: THE PACIFISM DEFECT This Operation is on from March 20th @ 12 p.m. EST until March 27th @ 12 p.m. EST "A new Clan Operation is finally here! This Clan Operation has bits of the same - a unique mission, a call to action, a Wraith weapon… and a bit different! We're trying something exciting and different with rewards for the most interesting Competitive aspect in a Clan Operation to date. There are a multitude of Personal and Clan rewards - Cosmetics and The Ignis Wraith! The Ignis Wraith as a reward has a few different avenues - an avenue for more casual clans, more coordinated clans, and a Hardcore avenue for the most competitive clans." The Kavor Defectors need evacuation, Tenno. Will you save them in Operation: The Pacifism Defect? THE PACIFISM DEFECT The Infestation has no prejudice on who it affects. Its next victim is a convoy of allied ships. Survivors of the outbreak have locked down the ship hiding themselves in safe areas. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO Time is running out; the Infestation is growing and spreading quickly as the dead join their side. Rescue as many survivors as you can by clearing a path through the Infestation and leading them to the escape pods. The survivors are susceptible to environmental damage and will need to be healed using the Med Towers throughout the ship! Keep them alive as you escort them through the hostile ship that was once their only hope of peace. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Important information before you go, Tenno: the crew is comprised of Kavor Defectors -- pacifists who deserted Sargas Ruk’s army when they could no longer bring themselves to kill for him. They don’t want to fight anymore, neither for the Grineer nor the Steel Meridian. All they desire is a peaceful life. This will not be easy as Sargas Ruk is hot on their trail and desperate to make an example of them. The Kavor will listen to you: be strategic when you tell them to make a break for the next point. The Kavor can be rushed: When The Lotus discovers new groups of Kavor, you can speed up their evacuation if you think you can handle more frequent groups. New Gear: Your Clan will house new ‘Stim’ Technology that can be used for different results on the Kavor. Use them wisely! You can craft them using SYNTHULA found for a limited time in Low Level Endless missions, Low Level Spy missions and specific Alerts! PERSONAL REWARDS There are 3 missions to play for Personal Rewards! Completing the First earns you The Pacifism Defect Emblem. Earn 75 cumulative points in this mission! Each Kavor rescued is worth 1 point in this mission! Completing the Second earns you the Harkonar Wraith Arm and Leg Armor. Earn 250 cumulative points in this mission! Each Kavor rescued is worth 2 points in this mission! Completing the Third earns you the Harkonar Wraith Cloak and Chest Armor. Earn 2000 cumulative points in this mission! Each Kavor rescued is worth 4 points in this mission! Once you’ve completed them all… earn more points for CLAN REWARDS! CLAN SCORING & REWARDS There are plenty of rewards for Clans of all tiers – read on to learn what could await you and your Clan! Remember: When the Operation starts, your rosters are LOCKED. No new members can join to compete, and new clans formed won’t count for competition! Clan scores are determined by the Total(Sum) of the best Score for each participating player. NOTE: Mission 3 is the only Mission that will allow Clan Scores to be contributed. You will be able to see your Clan's combined score in the UI under Communication > Clan > View Stats. For the Competitive mode, all contributions by clans can be found here on these public Leaderboards: PS4: XB1: These leaderboards do not include scores from members that joined after the Operation started. CLAN PARTICIPATION TIER: THE IGNIS WRAITH BLUEPRINT for participating players (must have played) at the end of the Operation*. If you reach the new Point thresholds seen below, your Clan's participating members will get the Ignis Wraith Blueprint at the end of the Operation* Ghost Clans must earn: 260 Points. Shadow Clans must earn: 760 Points. Storm Clans must earn: 2,520 Points. Mountain Clans must earn: 7,560 Points. Moon Clans must Earn: 25,200 Points. *New clans formed or newly joined members during the Operation will be eligible for this since this is the first time Clan presence is needed for an Operation Weapon. VICTORY TIER: THE IGNIS WRAITH weapon with a Slot and Orokin Catalyst for all members of your clan instantly: Ghost Clans must earn: 4,000 Points. Shadow Clans must earn: 12,100 Points. Storm Clans must earn: 40,300 Points. Mountain Clans must earn: 121,000 Points. Moon Clans must Earn: 403,000 Points. HARDCORE TIER: THE IGNIS WRAITH weapon research in your Clan Dojo at the end of the Operation: Ghost Clans must earn a score that puts them at the top 10% of scores within Ghost Clans. Shadow Clans must earn a score that puts them at the top 10% of scores within Shadow Clans. Storm Clans must earn a score that puts them at the top 10% of scores within Storm Clans. Mountain Clans must earn a score that puts them at the top 10% of scores within Mountain Clans. Moon Clans must earn a score that puts them at the top 10% of scores within Moon Clans. To Get THE OPERATION: THE PACFISIM DEFECT TROPHY at the end of the Operation: Teracotta Bronze Silver Gold Ghost 25 POINTS 100 POINTS 250 POINTS 500 POINTS Shadow 75 POINTS 300 POINTS 750 POINTS 1500 POINTS Storm 225 POINTS 900 POINTS 2250 POINTS 4500 POINTS Mountain 675 POINTS 2700 POINTS 6750 POINTS 13500 POINTS Moon 2025 POINTS 8100 POINTS 20250 POINTS 40500 POINTS
  23. Salve, volevo chiedere se qualcuno poteva risolvere il mio problema dato che ho ritirato il teorema chassis limbo (l ultimo ) dalla fucina ma la quest non mi da la missione da fare fatemi sapere se a qualcuno è successo lo stesso grazie
  24. Salve, io sono GiulianoKoala12 il capo del clan "The Sword Perfect", siamo attualmente in clan montagna attivissimo ed ogni giorno cacciamo più di 70-80 persone poiché non sono sempre attivi, il nostro principale requisito è essere attivi e nerdare anche se siamo un TOP clan attualmente primi nella maggior parte delle classifiche ogni settimana, se siete interessati al clan come funziona le top è il resto qui c'è il Link del nostro sito: E qui il link del nostro canale YouTube dove pubblichiamo molti contenuti interessanti e particolari del gioco ad esempio quest apro build di frost: Ripeto che se siete interessati dovete vedere il primo sito, li c'è scritto tutto
  25. WTB

    euphona prime blueprint 10p,Receiver 40p soma barrel 10p,blueprint 15p,Receiver 30p My psn:CrazyGirl990418