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Found 1,883 results

  1. [PS4] Newish player looking for clan EU TZ

    In looking for a group of people to play with and learn from. Im currently MR5 and I'm pretty active (on almost everyday). I'm looking to join a chilled smaller group (moon or shadow) so that I'm not just another face in the crowd.
  2. We are currently a shadow clan. We are a casual clan with these simple rules. Pofanity is allowed,trading is allowed. Racism,sexism and hate speech will not be tolerated. Be respectful to each other We have a 15 day inactivity limit but if you need to be away from warframe longer than that please send me a psn message with a valid reason and i will put you at the do not kick clan rank . De clan event participation is required. I only require each member gets 1 point though in any event. We have an age requirement of 17 + years old to join. We are proudly in Mithras alliance. Mithras alliance is a 25 quality clan alliance and offers daily raids and 2 tournaments a month for prizes. Mithras alliance is friendly helpful and knowledgable community. The Casual Tenno was created 5/14/2017. We have all research complete but dojo colors. However since we were created right before The Ambulus Event we don't have access to the ignis wraith but after you have been in my clan for 2 weeks i will make sure that you will have an ignis wraith.Our clan emblem was approved 6/1/2017, we are waiting for a hotfix or an update for it to be added to the game.. I am personally willing to help anyone out with any any mission and I am willing to teach the raids to anyone interested in learning them. Send legionofwolves or brandondeasy a psn message for a clan invite today.
  3. Mithras Alliance - Experienced leaders with professional & supportive community founded by Endovelicus. Committed to a quality community of dedicated members | 25+ Clans | Active | Lor and JV | Tournaments | Alliance Logo Alliance - Quality, Respect & Honor Raids Events Sorties Quests Tournaments 2 tournaments per month guaranteed Trading Trading is allowed no more than 2 time spam consecutively. Trade within alliance is beneficial for everyone, while helping others at same time. PSN Mithras Alliance Community Pages Mithras Alliance - All Alliance related topics - Builds, Events, Trades, Fashion-frame, etc Requirements Ghost - Mountain Clans Only" Adult Warlord 18+ age min Events - Mandatory participation Clan Must maintain 80% Active members - required screenshot end of each month Following credentials required - screenshot of Clan offline page inactivity & warlord profile, required conversation over PSN for final decision to enter Alliance Thank you for your Interest in Mithras Alliance Executive Alliance leader / Founder - hardhouz
  4. Atterax Lochtinem

    Wts Atterax Lochtinem Riven Mod Stats: +4.1s Combo Duration +60.6% Range Mr 14 0 rolls I sell it for the BEST offer!
  5. Hello! 420DeathSquad is recruiting everyone! (No you don't have to be a smoker ) We are a Storm clan that has more than enough room for new members. We're looking for members who will be active in the community and helpful to the other members. This doesn't mean that you have to be on all day, everyday. However we do have a 7 day inactivity limit, so just a few days would suffice. What this means is that we are looking for people who aren't just joining a clan for the sake of being in one. We want those who are looking for a friendly environment and will openly talk to the other members. Having an active clan doesn't just mean having people who play Warframe all day, but having people who are willing to collaborate and have fun with the rest of the clan. We don't have any requirements such as mastery rank minimums nor do we expect you to be the best player in the game. We just want people that we can play with, progress with, and have fun with. Majority of our members are daily players and normally some of us, including the clan leader, like to talk with our mics but its not required of course. Our Dojo is pretty big and has everything you'll ever really need in it. I personally am in it constantly decorating because i just love to do it. We have 100% of our research completed and a 0% trade tax for those that love trade. We have a custom emblem as well (as shown above). The leader of our clan, freakshow41204, is a daily player as well. However, you'll see more of me than you will of him due to his varying work schedule. 420DeathSquad also has a community so upon joining our clan you must join the community as well for the purpose of delivering clan wide messages about events, meetings, and the like. The alliance we are affiliated with is known as the Anarchy alliance, home of 25+ clans. The alliance is definitely active and never ceases to amaze. If you're interested in joining, we would be delighted to have you! My PSN name is exactly the same as you see it here. You can either PM here, over PSN, or just reply to this topic. You can even message our clan leader if you wish. His name is exactly as mentioned above. We hope to see you soon!
  6. Ash Koga Color Schemes 2017!

  7. WTB Dragon Nikana Riven Mod

    Rolls and ranking don't matter
  8. Dual Wielding Controls

    I play Warframe primarily on my Xbox One. I've always believed that Glaives were really cool, but under powered and now with the new system and buffs I've dusted off my Cerata. The first thing i did was equip it along side my Gammacor, but there was an issue. In order to use my new setup i had to press b. I had to to stop aiming so i could throw my Glaive which obviously was not going to work. So i remapped my controller and made quick melee LT. This worked pretty well and losing ADS was fine for dual wielding. Kinda like Halo 2. Unfortunately when i wanted to switch back to my primary weapon ADS was a pain to do. I can hardly imagine trying to use a sniper with this setup. This is why i propose the addition of more specific control options to go with this new system. I understand some people may enjoy being able to ADS and dual wield, but it makes many primary weapons feel clunky when you try to switch back and forth. Ideally the ability to change controls based on which weapon type you have selected (Primary, secondary, melee) would be much appreciated and make for a much smoother game-play experience.
  9. Coming together is the Beginning, working together is Progress, Staying together is Success. ~Henry Ford °•Stalkers of Hunhow Alliance•° ▪EST. IN 2015 - OVER 2.5 YEARS OLD.. GOING STRONG ▪ 60+ HIGHLY ACTIVE AND ESTABLISHED CLANS- Over 3,500 Members. We won't stop til we hit max capacity👊 ▪WEEKLY TOP LEADERBOARD(ALL TIERS) AND GOLD TROPHY WINNING CLANS (AND A FEW SILVER AND BRONZE TOO ;) ▪ WEEKLY/MONTHLY ALLIANCE EVENTS. DAILY GIVEAWAYS! ▪ ALLIANCE PSN COMMUNITY FOR EVENTS, TRADING, UP AND COMING INFORMATION, BUILDS ETC ▪DAILY RAID SCHOOLS!👊 •°ALLIANCE COMMUNITY°• As an Alliance we are like blood, like family. An alliance must be active, helpful, informative and share goals or building clans up to be successful and strong. We assist on all things whether farming orokin cells, aiding with WF information or with teaching Raids. LoR, NM and JV Schools Daily with multiple instructors 👀 •°MONTHLY EVENTS/GIVEAWAYS°• (Past Alliance Event Example) ☆REQUIREMENTS☆ ~Must be Ghost through Mountain tiers only. ~Clan must maintain 70% active members to ensure all Clans remain Active. Monthly activity screenshots required. ~Have FUN! Let's help each other, teach each other and share our knowledge to develop the strongest Tenno! ~Clan must be active and growing, always striving to be better and stronger. Need help recruiting? We do that too! ~NO spamming invites, instead ask the Alliance for help, we will be there to aide you. ~NO Profanity, racist/sexist slurs and or hate speech allowed in Alliance Tab. Be respectful to all. There may be kids about😮 ~We have a highly successful trading PSN community in place for alliance trading. We allow trading of Focus Lenses and Syndicate items(mod for mod, item for item etc) in tab. We choose to refrain from Trading plat/prime in our tab to better allow our members to get the help they need without trade spam. ~Tab is used for squad recruitment, WF Q&A, quest/mission end help and general warframe chat. ~Must have the desire to grow as a Clan within our Alliance to help us remain a Strong and Active Force within the Star Chart. ▪JOIN If you meet the above criteria please send Message via psn or in game to one of our High council(listed below) or leave a quick message below. We will need to see a Screenshot of your clans page showing your member activity. We look forward to hearing from you. ☆Steelergurl33 🥓Dorian_hawkmoon 🤓Markfitness
  10. Please Help

    Dear Warframe community a good friend and member of my clan is currently experiencing the strangest and most disturbing problem with his Warframe account. For over a month now my good friend has not been able to trade with other players. He can visit a dojo but he can only do this alone. As soon as he is invited or try's to invite a person to a dojo he is met with a "network not responding" error. The same exact thing happens when he try's to go to a relay. Again he can join a relay but he cannot enter a relay where there is other people. I myself have never heard of such an insane problem. The poor guy has now left my clan because he feels so awkward and can't properly play the game, losing the ability to trade has severely affected his game and obviously enjoyment. Trading and using the relay is an integral part of playing Warframe. If anybody on this forum could offer help or suggestions it would be great, I even tried contacting DE via Twitter but was met with no response. I'm desperate to figure this out and be able to help my friend. He doesn't want to stop playing Warframe he loves this game, but without a solution won't have a choice. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section. Thanks in advance.
  11. I've created a new weapon with many functions, that I think you would beinteressed by it. Every time you will change the build, it will change how to interact with the weapon. In other word, it is a riffle corpus. Initially, his function is like a normal riffle (single shot or a few shots at time). But, when you use it as a secondary, the weapon will change his aspect and his functions. The speed of the run will decrease, but it would not change the speed of the walk. The weapon will open and it will became a semi-shield and at the same time a semi-shotgun. When it's active in his second type, all the loader's shots (the shot is made of energy) will became the shield of the weapon. You can shot meanwhile the shield is active, but the shield will lose the resistance, because the energy of the shield is the same energy for the shot. The shots have a large diffusions, so it's ideal when you've few vital's points and you're face to face with the enemies. The resistance of the shield is composed with the number of the loader's shots per the total damage of the single shot from the primary weapon. The mod "multi-shots" don't influence the resistance of the shield, but when you use shot-gun (meanwhile the shield is active) the number ofthe multi-shots will increase. For the shield is recommanded to use mods for increase the range and for increase the capacity of the loader. It means, that the shield is wider and more resistent, so it's the ideal for small spaces, as tunnel and corridor and for safe your mates or to safe the objective. There is three principal build: 1. Primary shot 2. Secondary shot 3. For the shield I've done a drawing of this weapons. What do you think about it? Would it be use as new style for the gameplay? It's better than the two shields of the cold steel of Warframe. In order word, it's more adaptable. ^^
  12. この度クランの規模を拡大したので、新規のクランメンバーを募集しています。 PS4でのサービス開始時より細々と続いてるエンジョイ勢クラン『We can Do It』 初心者の方からベテランの方まで幅広く所属しています。 ですので、プレイが下手でも始めたばかりでもMRが低くても参加大歓迎です。 現在クラン人数39人(長期ログインしていないメンバー含む)です。 現在のアクティブメンバーは約15人程度です。 ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー 【クラン概要】 ・当クランは MR、ログイン頻度や時間問わず気楽にプレイしたい Warframeを始めたばかりの初心者 自分のやりたいことを優先したい クラン武器の設計図が欲しいけどどのクランに属せばいいか分からない ログイン、ログアウト時にクランチャットでの挨拶やイベントへの強制参加等の堅苦しい決まりが嫌 など気楽にやりたい人、エンジョイ勢向けのクランです。 ・役職について メンバーの役職はクラン加入すぐは採用と研究が可能な役職に設定しています。 長期間クランに所属していることとMRが10以上の方には採用、人事、研究、建設が可能な役職へと昇格します。 ・研究について 設計図の研究は現状では全て完了しています。 ・参加/招待について メンバー同士のミッション協力は大歓迎 ただし、迷惑になる可能性があるので「無言参加」「無言招待」はNG 参加・招待したい場合は一度クランチャットにて連絡を取り合ってからにしましょう。 ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー 【加入条件】 最低限のマナーを守れる これさえ守れる方ならMRが低くても、始めたばかりでも誰でもOKです。 ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー 【連絡先】 当トピックでの返信もしくは PSID『takuya1313』宛にこのトピックを見たと伝わるようにメッセージをください。 ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー
  13. Chroma advice please help

    I like playing chroma, mainly because of fashionframe. I just wanted to know if anyone out there has a build which makes use of all 4 abilities. Right now I use chroma for 2 abilities as I play the ice variant. Thank you for your help.
  14. WTB dual kamas riven

    msg me on psn with screenshot and price
  15. Riven mod formula

    Alright so Id like to say no this is not a perfect formula but it still should clear up some confusion and other stuff in the pool of crap that is now trade chat due to riven mods(no offence [DE] its just the truth) for example: Yesterday I wanted to buy a riven mod for the (god tier) Scindo prime and what I got was.... +heat/+dmg to grineer/-crit chance (this individual wanted 1k for it. not including the reroll of 15...) I get offers like that a lot and quite frankly im tired of getting called a scumbag for offering low on S#&$ty mods like that. So here's my solution(hopefully): #Rolls+MR(req)+polarity+negatives (if it genuinely hurts the mod) + amount of buffs above 2 If its a 0-5 re rolled / MR9 / V polatity / no negatives scindo riven (sticking with scindo) with 3 total buffs. That would peak my interest right away. If its crit chance+crit DMG+speed id be willing and ready to pay. However thats where my second part of the formula comes in... crit chance+crit DMG+speed is good and by no means is bad but chances are you will be using Berserk with that which makes the[ +speed ] kinda pointless. But if it was something like range or a bane of some sort than that would truly be god tier. Not saying that a mod like [crit chance+crit DMG+speed] is bad just saying that last part is kinda redundant. Now if it was Crit chance+Crit Dmg+range+bane that would be a god tier for sure. I would also not have enough plat to buy it with. Now if it was 25 rolls/MR18/D polarity/negative crit(in general) I would pay about 25p at most. Because 25 rerolls .... thats ALOT of kuva to try and reroll that. On top of the fact its MR18 and D polarity which we all know blows. I know this guide is not perfect but I hope it does help some people buy certain mods easier. Not God Tier: miter mod is trash nikana is ok but no dmg or crit dmg so not god tier. PS: leave feedback so i can update if needed. PPS: idk why it came up under question i clicked start a new topic.... if a [DE] can move this that be awesome. ~kimmimo
  16. Hello and welcome to the Rising Ember's recruiting thread, I am the leader of the clan, and extend the offer for you to join. History Clan Details Dojo Preview of Clan Emblem in Designer's Dojo Clan Ranks Long Term Plans In summary, what the clan can offer is: An active community, with friendly and helpful members The chance to be involved and contribute to the clan An organised leadership group with structured ranking A big community that offers a place to converse and trade, as well as competitions 100% weapon research Rules for Entry: Must be Mastery Rank 10 or higher. This is to ensure that all members are active, and able to contribute towards the clan. Must be active (14 day inactivity kick) Must be willing to help contribute to the clan No swearing, racism, bullying etc. Must be respectful to other clan members (and alliance members) If you would like to join or want any additional information, please message me on PSN or reply on this forum, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. You can also visit our clan website at: Thanks :) P.S We are also looking for someone who has a keen interest in design, who would be especially interest in helping to decorate the dojo. Please message if you like to know more about this - you don't have to join the clan permanently, but maybe would like to jump in, decorate and then return to your original clan.
  17. We are a new clan looking for amazing and fun people to game with. We have many activities and prizes and not many rules to join. Add my psn and send a message with 'warframe Soda' and ill send you game invite. You must be 14+ of age. Have a Mic and Active. After 1 month of offline you'll be removed from clan. Our hierarchy: -Hokage: Is the leader of the clan -Kage: Second leader ( bryan_LV00) -The hand: would be 5 most trusted players with responsibilities -Sage: All veteran and/or experienced players. Trial and raid leaders -Assassins: players who help new players on missions or leveling up their warframes -Shinobi: you reach this level when you have participated in clan activities and contributed resources -Graduate: Congrats and welcome to our clan. -Shinobi Academy: Must contribute to clan for 1 week, participate in activities and you'll graduate. If your already experienced and very knowledgeable about the game let us know. Join us, you wont regret it :)
  18. Waframe Charakter verschwundem

    Hallo ich habe nach einem jahr pause wiedermal warframe spielen wollen aber mir fehlern 4 warframes . Rhino Prime Fost Pirme Loki Prime Ash Prime Die sind einfach weg wieso ?
  19. Wtb godly venka riven mod

  20. Contact me Via PS4 msg or on here. Thank you!
  21. Sedna Brücke geht nicht.

    Leute bitte helft mir. :( Ich kann einige Quests nicht machen, da bei mir die Sedna-Brücke buggt. Aufgabe: Stelle eine Waffe mit mindestens MR5 her. Dies habe ich mehrfach getan mit Waffen auf Rang MR5-8 und trotz allem schaltet sich die brücke nicht frei. Danke im voraus :/
  22. Who sounds more scary and creepy voice, Stalker or Rell?
  23. ✴☠Welcome to Reapers of Warframe☠✴ #1 in Ambulas Reborn (36,779) #1 in Pacifism Defect and the Only Mountain Clan to hit Victory Tier🏆 #1 in Shadow Debt🏆 Gold Trophy Winner of Rathuum Event🏆 We are a Highly active, Top Leaderboard International Clan(Rank 1-2 weekly). One many try to rival with and compete against. We will not back down. RoW is a 4+ year old Clan founded by Overkill1469. Our focus is to be a strong, super friendly and helpful Clan that will assist in the development of only the Strongest Tenno. Our goal is to provide our members with a means to accomplish all goals within the game and a Clan/Alliance. We base our Clan rank structure off your performance, attitude, helpfulness and leadership skills that you demonstrate. Not off MR. Our dojo consists of 6 floors all easily accessible by transporters. We have robots, glitched rooms and more! All Research is completed, pigments too! And any new research is completed immediately with all clan members contributing. (Clan Emblem) (Meditation glitched rooms are available if needed.) We are also the founding clan of our Alliance, Stalkers of Hunhow Alliance, of which has 60+ Clans with our same vision... To be the best at all things Warframe. (Alliance Emblem) (Past Alliance Event) ❇All Adult Clan with Event and team building focus. ❇We are Event Driven. WF Events that require member activity are mandatory. We need you. RoW needs you. ❇Extremely Helpful, experienced members to guide and help build the strongest Clan. Our community is one of a kind. No one is left behind. ❇Currently 280+ active members. 🌟#1 Mountain Clan in Ambulas, #1 Pacifism Defect, #1 in Shadow Debt and Gold Trophy winner of Rathuum. (Ambulas Reborn 2017) ❇All Research and pigments complete. 🤖We have robots.Yes, robots. 🔥Daily Raid Squads. Raid Schools Available daily. Weekly/ Monthly events, both Clan and Alliance. Plat, Mod and Prime Prizes! ✴2nd in Command candidates are greatly welcomed. Mentors always welcome! ☠Endgame Players. Loads of experience here... 🤙Huge, active and helpful Alliance. 60+ Clans, over 3.5k members. Rules: ✔Support Clan and Alliance. ✔Participation in WF Clan Events are mandatory. Mandatory amount will be given per event type. If you are unable to contribute, you must inform a Warlord Prior to Event start. You will sadly be removed from clan if you do not contribute. ✔18y/o+, Sorry No Exceptions. ✔⚠Must have 300+ hours played in game⚠ If you don't fit our criteria we can get you into a highly active Clan in our Alliance. We have all sizes of clans with stellar leadership available! ✔Must remain Active, 10day inactivity kick. Vacations, emergencies, holidays, military service(Thank You!) absences are excused. ✔PSN Alliance Trading Community in place for trading between Alliance mates.Our Alliance allows Focus Lenses & Syndicate Trading(mod for mod, item for item) in Alliance tab. ✔Clan trading is encouraged but at a "family" discount. ✔No Spamming Random Invites. Ask and we will be there to help. ✔NO profanity, vulgar or abusive chat in tabs. Be respectful above all! Contact via PSN or in game: ✴ Steelergurl33 🤙digipo ⚱Lak3rz79 🏹Tundra8863 👊 M3THOD777 🕋 Omegas-Handler 💥Become the best you can be with RoW💥
  24. Clan vision (Long term goal) - "To be one of the biggest, active, casual clans with the most loyal, friendly and helpful members in the world" Clan mission (Short term goal) - "To grow into a mountain clan with active, loyal, friendly and helpful members." About the Clan - We have been around since January 2014 which myself and a few friends have managed to build over the first year. We then invited the public to join of which we have experienced many different types of players. The good the bad and the ugly. We are a mountain clan with currently 219 and counting members. We have 100% activity rates. We have specialised in the above clan mission of which we employ the rule of "TREAT PEOPLE HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED" We have a dedicated YouTube channel of which tutorials of Warframe and any other useful informational videos are released, e.g. mastery ranks and weapon reviews. We have a PSN community of which clan updates, events and other important information is posted, as well as being able to trade socialise and make new friends with other clan members. Kick/Activity Policy - The kick policy is 30 inactive days, however players get warnings everyday once they get to 25 inactive days. When they reach 30 days they are kicked. The reason why it is 30 days is because we understand that life can get in the way, but also it would be very unlikely that a player wouldn't be able to access their PlayStation for a whole month. This is why we are lenient like this as, like we say, life can get in the way. Also the people who reach this warning point will be put on a watch list, when you're on this watch list we will know how many times you have hit the warning phase. If hit too many times the player may be kicked. This is because people could technically log in once a month and still be in the clan which is unfair on other active members. Base and Activity - We are a UK based clan but have a presence in most of America and Europe so almost 24hr clan. Activity times are during the hours of 8:00am (GMT) and 3:00am (GMT). The main activity times are 9:00am (GMT) to 12:00 midnight (GMT). About the Alliance - The alliance we are apart of is one of the best I can say I have ever seen. The alliance is called Stalkers of Hunhow with 3200+ members at last count (still increasing). The alliance has regular events and has pretty much the same rules as this clan which is useful. The alliance is always active 24 hours and pretty much feels like another region chat when looking in the alliance tab in terms of size, but obviously has the bonuses of everyone wanting to help each other. I can't say how much praise I can give this alliance but it is definitely one of the best to be involved with. Like I mentioned the alliance rules are similar to the clan, so you will only find friendly and helpful members around. What we look for in a player - We look for active, loyal, friendly and helpful members. Active means being online at worse every week (ideally every day).(Special circumstances are given if notified) Loyal means not leaving and coming back, sticking by the clan through whatever they face. Friendly and helpful mean players that are courteous and always have an attitude to help other players, whether that is helping on missions, providing opinions or needed information or giveaways - (Giveaways are not compulsory). When a player has all of these attributes, it would be likely they would rise to the rank of royal guard in a matter of months. (Warlord would be a year at least) Mastery rank is not too much of an issue as long as you prove you are active. There are very few kids in the clan and only join once they have gone through my "interview" type style of recruition as I'm aware some (granted not all) can sometimes be problematic. Dojo - The dojo we have is extremely big as it has been undergoing constant improvements, additions and modifications since the clans birth. All of the rooms are well decorated (not including original as we like the original ones.) with different colour schemes in each, so it's easy to know where you are. If not there is always a teleporter nearby to help you get back to where you are familiar with. Duelling and room design events happen in the dojo, as well as time trials (obstacle course) if that floats your goat. All of these events are either clan or alliance wide, and participants can win platinum and rare prime parts. Hierarchy - (Starting from low to high) Inactive Spud, Soldier, Guard, Resource Officer and Tenno Talent Agent (Same level in hierarchy) Royal Guard, Warlord, King. | All of the higher members of the clan are either founding members or members that have proven themselves over the last few years by sheer determination, trust and helpfulness. The first rank of promotion is given only through proving that you are active. Then the next levels are determined by your ability to be loyal friendly and helpful to others (Probably can see a bit of a theme here). Once you reach the rank of Guard, the member is given a choice to fill a certain role depending on their playstyle. This choice is to become a Resource Officer or a Tenno Talent Agent. In basic, Resource Officers are memebrs that are primarily responsible for donating to research and structures in the dojo. Tenno Talent Agent is a recruiter who recruit, monitor and manage new recruits. These two positions are designed to prove to myself and the other Royal Guards that the players are dedicated to the clan and in it for the long term. Anyone that proves themselves enough to get into the Royal Guards will become part of a PSN group chat of which we discuss future events and other important matters. This means being able to have an influence in the order of the clan. Where do I sign up?!?! - Feel free to contact me on PSN (MGough1200) if you have any questions and/or are interested in joining and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP. If not my trusty Royal Guards will get on it and do their best to help. What Happens once I have joined? - Once you have joined you will be sent both clan and alliance rules which you must confirm to and abide by. You have to join the clan community (this is where we advertise important warframe and clan information, clan events and recuirtment/promotional opportunities.) Then once you have been announced you are a new member you will be able to reap the benefits of "stealthiness of Uranus", enter competitions and work to make a difference in the clan, alliance and the Warframe community. This entire process can take minutes (not including clan key). Thanks for taking your time to read this post and hope you join if you fit the requirements! Cheers MGough1200
  25. Console & PC Controller / Gamepad Suggestions

    Ayyyoooo Tenno!!! This thread is mainly for players that play on console, or for PC players that happen to use a game pad / controller! If by chance some suggestions are thrown in by PC players, they are more than welcome! I'd love to see some controller QoL for KB and Mouse / Steam Controllers as well! This thread is the result of me playing a LOT of Warframe on both Console (PS4) -- and PC over the past two years or so. There are, and always will be some disparity between the controls for any given game on a Controller vs a Keyboard and Mouse, however my goal is to collect as much feedback as possible, with the help of everyone, and hopefully close the gap in controller functionality on Warframe for PC vs Warframe on Consoles! (or at the very least, get controllers some QoL upgrades!) With that said, I'll just hop right to it! ------------------------------------------ The following Layout is what I like to call "All Thumbs" - Thank you to (PS4)Sreza for this picture!. He is also the one who turned me on to this entire way of thinking when playing Warframe on console. Please note: There are two main goals with this layout 1. To have all the abilities on the D - Pad (which helps greatly with the "hold to charge / use and tap to swap abilities) such as Ivara's Quiver or Inaros' Scarab Swarm & Devour. 2. To have everything in a place, so that you have to take your thumbs off of the controller as LITTLE as possible at any given time to perform any sort of parkour maneuver / jump / roll etc.... because it just simply "doesn't feel 100% like Warframe" unless you have full control of your Slide, Crouch, and Jump buttons readily available while maintaining control over both your movement (left joystick), and your aim / look (Right Joystick) For the above lay out, there are several things to note: Jump is on R3, and yes it is insanely hard to get used to, but I promise you, if you force yourself to try it this way or, alternatively, putting jump on R1 for a week or two, you will not go back. I would prefer to have R1 as my jump key, but then that forces me to put Melee/ quick melee on R3 - as I cannot deal with melee being on Triangle, Square, Circle, or X. The absolute best way to melee in Warframe, is to have attacks alligned to camera turned "ON" (also a toggle in the options) This makes it so that, you aim your melee with your right joystick, just as you would a gun. In regards to the above two bullet points: The reason that we do this, is there are some combo's on certain stances that require you to hold "back" while pressing the melee button. & Unless allign attacks to camera is toggled "On", your character is most likely always going to turn backwards and whiff whatever you are wanting to hit for that particular swing. All abilities are readily available on the D pad for "tapping to switch, or Hold to use" -- Note that Context action is also the Reload Button via the options menu toggle for that Crouch is set to "toggle" - but that's purely preference with this load out, however it does allow you to do a "super roll" of sorts. (See below later in the thread, as I plan on demonstrating this with a video on PC and then again on Console.) - but a quick explanation of how to do this, would be to sprint forward, hold crouch to slide and then VERY quickly tap to roll while you still have momentum going from the slide. (This is not possible currently unless crouch is set to toggle, and even when performed with precise timing, it is "not" the same as hitting Roll + Crouch at the same time on PC) -- which sends you "very far" and it is extremely useful in almost all situations Last but not least, one MAJOR inconsistency is fixed when using the above layout by simply swapping Melee Channel and Block to L2 and R2, respectively. This allows you to use L2 for aim gliding whether you are using a Gun, or going all out Melee. Other small up-sides of this lay out: Using Archwing Super boost by pressing R3 -- allowing you full control while boosting. (It is normally X) Having Gear slots Hotkeyed No need for a power menu button at all with this layout, or the "use ability" button. Also please note that Power E = Focus ability, and is bound to swipe "up" on the D pad. Downsides: No room for the "reverse camera" or "shoulder swap bind" Hard to get used to because of Jump being on R3. --------------------------- Layout 2 -- Which I will just call "Default / Custom" because it is simply the "new" controller defaults, but switched around a little bit. -- Huge thanks to (PS4)Viggorrah for providing me with this pic! This is most often what I see when I look at someone else's custom controller -- give or take a bind here or there. Up-sides: Being able to use 2ndary fire while aiming by pressing R3 Context action and reload are separate, which results in less accidental deaths because you decided to "reload" using context action beside a void laser, which.... probably downed your entire squad if you have my luck. Not having to re-train your brain to use something other than X to Jump Something that these two customizations have in common that I would like to point out: -Neither of them use the Power Menu Button Why? - Because the power menu button cancels you out of whatever you are doing whether it be aiming down sights, charging a weapon, or even wall latching / aim gliding. Suffice to say, most players that have played Warframe as long as I have on console end up veering away from the power menu button because of this. Downsides: No shoulder swap bind (AKA: Reverse Camera in the options) Not as great for freedom of movement while aiming, as you need thumbs "off" joysticks more often. ------------------------------------------ FINALLY, we are at the entire reason for this post. I have tackled what seemed somewhat impossible, and taken the Xbox 1 controller, which has the least amount of buttons available to it, and decided to make a layout which I would use all the time, while at the same time accomplishing several QoL changes! See the proposed Layout Here: Main things to note about the above lay out: To be clear - I would not suggest the above as a default layout -- I would suggest everything except I would swap the function of the A button and R1 as defaults, simply because I know most people probably are too used to jump being on A to change. Regarding having jump on a shoulder button or R3 -- (I was stubborn at first, but now that I've changed, I won't ever go back -- I can't stress the difference it has made!) - To be honest, it's not something you are going to know that you are missing out on movement wise, unless you have played Warframe with a Keyboard and mouse. Obviously the Ps4 and Steam controllers would have more leniency with where they can put things and how many different things can be bound. However, I felt that when proposing a QoL change, the best course of action would be to do the best I could with the least amount of buttons possible. Oversights / other notes regarding the above controller layout: When making it, I overlooked and forgot to add the "place mark / waypoint" -- so I would suggest putting that on "left on the D-pad". I have separated roll and crouch/slide, as this is causing more "funky" things to happen than I care to think about right now, but here they are: 1. Cannot perform a "roll" in Arch-wing (Yes you can roll by turning quickly, but that is not what I am talking about- I am talking about being able to literally dodge missiles etc... while Aiming down sights by rolling left or right by pressing "Roll") 2. Have to toggle sprint to perform a "roll" while in abilities such as Atlas' Stonegaze or Chroma's Fire breath as opposed to just pressing "roll" 3. Even if Crouch is set to Toggle in Options, you cannot toggle crouch on a zipline, which seriously hurts their functionality as you are not free to aim and shoot while sliding across a zip-line. (this IS possible on PC with toggle crouch "on") 4. You cannot do the "super roll" that I've mentioned earlier in the post as efficiently due to not being able to pressing Roll and Crouch to slide at the same exact time. (Will insert Video's here ASAP) No direct bind for focus ability -- just activated / deactivated by pressing 2 shoulder buttons at the same time, or both joystick (Seems fine?) Tap to switch through abilities but hold to use that ability, or inverse that and hold to switch and tap to use (bound to Right on the D-pad) then have the "use ability" button work the exact same way for Ivara's quiver / Inaros Scarab Swarm / Devour / Vaubans Traps etc.... I've squashed Toggle Melee channel in with context action AND reload as this is the only way I was able to fit everything. I don't see how this would cause any conflict, however, since you can't reload a melee weapon, and you can't channel a gun. Separated Quick Melee and "All out Melee" -- Replaced "fire gun" with "all out melee" on R2 depending on if you are in melee / holding a gun -After taking a good second, third, and fourth look at the above layout, here are some things I would change in hindsight. -put Jump / Archwing thrusters on A -Shoulder swap on R3 -Use ability on D pad UP -Remove the funkiness I have on R3 -Move Quick melee / Melee together back on R1 -Melee channel back up to R2 with "fire gun" -Possibly Context action + reload also includes "secondary fire"? -- Secondary fire if applicable and ADS'd -- reload when not applicable / not ADS'd? ---------------------------------------------------- Note: I've put hours and hours if not days, or maybe even entire "weeks" of thought into the above, and over 2 years of playing Warframe on PC and Console as my #1 hobby in order to come up with the above suggestions and notice all the differences with controls in the game. Now, what I want to know is --- What do YOU guys (The entire Warframe community) think!? -PC players that use controllers, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU TOO!! -- If you have and use a steam controller layout that you think is awesome, or you have problems with - please post them here! -XB1 & PS4 players -- do you like the controls how they currently are? is there anything else you would suggest or change!? Would you change things at all? Please, let me know! Warframe is one of the more, if not the most "controller intensive" games I have played as far as how many things are possible / bindable simply because it is so movement and Ninja / Parkour oriented, and has so many different, awesome aspects to it. The game is absolutely amazing with the current controller configurations, but I believe it "can" be made better! -- do you? What would you suggest!? Please feel free to post ANY opinions / suggestions here! Thank you everyone! :-)