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Found 209 results

  1. In June 2018, we announced plans to change Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs. We have officially set a timeline for these changes! Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, DirectX 10 capable graphics cards, and 4GB of RAM in mid February 2019. We want to move away from operating systems that Microsoft and hardware vendors no longer support and focus on software that improves Warframe’s development potential. Updating our Minimum Supported Specs will keep player experiences safe and stable on operating systems that are up-to-date, secure, and supported by the companies that make them. We explained in detail when we announced our plans - please click here if you’d like to know more! We’ll let you know in this thread when the changes are live - stay tuned!
  2. Sicarius1775

    Loc-Pins Bug

    As of date of posting this, (Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 + 24.7.1) new Loc-Pins are bugged and cannot be interacted with once placed. Loc-Pins placed before this hotfix are able to be interacted with and allow the new changes introduced by the hotfix. As per the tag, this is a PC bug and I cannot confirm if the other platforms are also having this issue. I use the Loc-Pins quite extensively for my clan to help members know where good fishing spots, Toroid farms, etc are. If DE could implement the option of the markers being shown to all clan mates as well as the owner, it would be a nice quality of life improvement. Allow each member to be able to interact with the marker to opt in to turning on the HUD option. This would alleviate any issues of members that may not want the HUD indicator to have the markers show on advanced map view just as they are currently. Please fix this bug soon and hopefully implement my suggestion as well.
  3. So what are those things you pick up during Syndicate Faction Missions? Hope this helps all you new players out there! If you have questions, write them in the comments and I will address them in my next video. Thanks for the support Tennos!
  4. IactonQruze

    Vauban Needs a Rework

    DE, Vauban really needs a rework. Everything he does is done better by another frame. Their is no niche place for him to fit in he is just a poor warframe to use. The concept behind him is exceptionally cool and I would like to see it expaneded upon. Through this post Im going to outline what I think should happen to him to make him a better warframe to use and play with. So far booben has only 2 useful abilitys. His 3 and 4 are decent abilitys that allow him to trap enemys and then deal damage through either finishers on his 4 or headshots on his 3. Alone these 2 arent horrible abilitys but combined with a kit that doesnt really increase his damage much (with the exception of his passive) they really dont help him at high levels. This combined with his 3 being unable to hold more than X amount (x is determined by power strength) make him very hard to mod for and worse to play. When I build my booben im torn between strength duration and range. If I do too little range vauban dies too quickly (even at low levels) because not enough enemys are immobilized. If I go pure strength then not much happens since none of his abilitys do any really damage. Duration causes me to have too little strength effectively make his 3 useless. Since his 1 and his 2 cannot help him in anyway his 3 and his for need to compensate. This works on some frames like chroma because you can get your health back and increase damage/armor if you play it right. On vauban this really doesnt happen. Now to solutions, I understand that fixing him is a hard task and a rework could easily break a frame like him but these are just some suggestions to hopefully help you out. 1. Vaubans 1 needs to be scrapped entirely. In its place should be his old 4. In order to balance it make his new 1 deal no damage at all but still open enemys up to finishers. The catch is that there is only a certain amount of enemys that can be trapped at a time. It would work on a duration and its primary function would be to build combo and to kill/immobilize enemys. 2. Minelayer is another ability that needs to be thrown out. In its play should be a siege shield like atlas's. This one should run on a hitpoints which build off of his own/his duration. This would allow him to fire from behind cover and give him a bit of utility for blocking off choke points. 3. His 3 should stay as is with 1 exception. For every enemy trapped within they should take some of the damage for vauban. In essence it would function like nekros's 4 augment granting him damage reduction. This would help him CC and survive in higher tier missions without breaking him. 4. His 4 needs to be a way for him to deal damage. For this one vauban should plant his Standard (a medieval esc flag the player gets to design or even just the players glyph) and vauban and his teamates each get a damage buff which allows them to deal 75% more damage to enemys effected by his abilitys. This combined with his passive would allow him to deal some real damage to enemys making him CC better. Enemys also have their resistances reduced by this. This is obviously not the end all be all but its at least a start. Please can we get a long awaited rework that does something and moves out of being one of the worst frames in the game?
  5. (NSW)Sands123

    Personal quarters bug and more

    Okay so I haven’t played since the release of the plains, during that time the personal quarters were released. I do unserstand that to get the blueprint you need to finish the war within (which I have done on pc before the plains and I just did today) and you get the blueprint as a reward however I haven’t gotten any reward with the blueprint on my switch and now after redoing the quest I am locked out of the infested room which I had access to before. The other glitch that I have doesn’t really effect me to bad is that before I transphered my pc data over to the switch I had started making a Sniper rifle, after the transpher it showed that the weapon was finished however when I check my foundry it says there is no weapon even being made much less finished. I know the transpher is new and there will be bugs but I do hope it can be fixed soon so I can do the sacrifice quest.
  6. We take account and game security very seriously and are constantly working to improve it. To protect your account we highly suggest you enable Two-Factor Authentication! Here's how (images included in spoilers): To enable Two-Factor Authentication, go to and select “Account Management” from the menu beside your account name (log in if necessary). On your account management page, you should see the option to enable Two-Factor Authentication. You’ll receive an email with a link to confirm. Click the link, and you’re all set! How does it work? Upon first login after activation, Warframe generates and emails you a code that you will need to enter before you log in. The code changes every few minutes and can be used only once. This process will need to be repeated on every PC you will use to play Warframe. It is therefore very important that you use a valid and trustworthy email address. Please also know that future email changes can only be made while you still have access to your email address. Learn about other ways you can keep your account safe here:
  7. Reposting this to new Forum. To start I must say that the deconstructor sentinel weapon gets no love at all. And with the new companions Mao this makes this even more of a sad truth, as they can't equip the gun. My wish is that they make a companion that could use the deconstructor, and fire energy disk, or glave that could still be respected as a deconstructor via description. (Take the enemy apart.) I love the theme of the new Venus open world being slightly more toward neon and dark, and I could hope D.E could use this to spawn a new companion or pet with this. (Fire energy disk with a wicked neon flare) Now as a person I have not ascended past stick figures so please don't ask me to design it. I will give it a try the sake of Venus.

    Bloodshed SIgil Bundle Discussion

    I was thought it was a bit odd to include an exclusive sigil in a bundle that included a frame and weapons. Let's say you are a person that wants the Bloodshed Sigil but still want to farm Garuda and the new Energy Lab weapons. At this time, you can't just get the sigil and are forced to get this pack/bundle which basically kills the grind and a lot of the reason to play Fortuna. It seems like a bad development decision to encourage players to not play the new content that was hyped for months if you want the sigil. You first get the frames which basically gives you no reason to play the first 3 bounties. Then you have a ton less grind with getting the weapons. You also get other stuff that you would had to farm for if you didn't buy the bundle. It's like if you want this sigil will give you all this other stuff you might of wanted to play/grind for. Seems very odd to me. I heard this sigil will come in an event but still doean't make much sense on how it was brought to the game. I would of understood if DE put the sigil in a bundle with other cosmetics or something like that but to put it in a bundle with brand new gear that is for most people a big reason to play Fortuna to get the gear makes little sense. That is just my personal feeling and putting it with Garuda makes sense but to force players who want it to pay over 500 plat and get a ton of stuff they might of not wanted to pay for is kind dumb in my opinion.
  9. (PS4)Dubufu

    Conclave: MAG Review

    Hey guys! Welcome to my new series that I hope will take off in a constructive and meaningful way. Hope these reviews help new players understand what frames will be good for PVP, and their viability. Disclaimer: I have been playing conclave for a long time. I am by no means the best, but I know what I am talking about. Mag is a high contender for conclave, and is a fierce opponent in the right hands. Stats ARMOR: 55 ENERGY: 100 HEALTH: 110 MOBILITY: 0.90 SHIELDS: 165 SPRINT SPEED: 1.00 Off the bat, we can see that her shield pool is drastically larger compared to other frames. Her kit compliments that in conclave with the use of clever polarization and high damage potential. I will now go over her abilities, and how they work in conclave. To anyone new; Warframe abilities are changed specifically in conclave. Do not expect them to work the same as they do in PVE PULL: This ability forces opponents to the ground. The range is 40 meters, but the radius is small, so make sure your crosshair is on the target for a successful knockdown or stagger, as well as 40 damage to their shields. MAGNETIZE: A devastating ability that surrounds the player in what is essentially a larger hitbox that amplifies damage by 0.5x. Great for those players who can't stop jumping around, making for easy targets. POLARIZE: Give yourself a boost of instant shields, while also depleting a percentage of enemy shields within a range of 15 meters. Pair with the right weapon for 1 shot capability, preferably a shotgun if you plan to be that close. CRUSH: Surprise enemy players with this powerful attack. Guaranteed to kill with bursts of damage up to 13 meters. Be careful, enemies can escape, and you are extremely vulnerable to anyone outside of the short radius. With a mix of high damage potential and constant harrassment, Mag is a threat to both new, and veteran players who think they have mastered their evasion skills. The variety of engagement options make her a solid choice for new players. She pairs well with any weapon, and can make quick work of any foe DOWNSIDES: Her passive ability is essentially useless. Newer players may experience inconsistencies with her Magnetize ability, in which it may proceed with the animation, but may not work at all. Likely due to being out of range or lag. SUGGESTIONS: You can afford to sacrifice shields for mobility. For augments, I would recommend "Sapping Reach". See Teshin in the relay for mods and details. DIFFICULTY: EASY RATING: 9/10 -Dub
  10. Join the Mandalore Raiders Discord to fully take advantage of our clan!
  11. Aniquilar

    MOA Needs more cowbell

    To start I must say that the deconstructor sentinel weapon gets no love at all. And with the new companions Mao this makes this even more of a sad truth, as they can't equip the gun. My wish is that they make a companion that could use the deconstructor, and fire energy disk, or glave that could still be respected as a deconstructor via description. (Take the enemy apart.) I love the theme of the new Venus open world being slightly more toward neon and dark, and I could hope D.E could use this to spawn a new companion or pet with this. (Fire energy disk with a wicked neon flare) Now as a person I have not ascended past stick figures so please don't ask me to design it. I will give it a try the sake of Venus. I don't know how to delete post to I'm relocating this.
  12. NOTICE HOW THE HAT GOES THROUGH ITS HEAD ? ... When you click Baro's armor sets , it sits well on the Drahk skin but theres never a option to apply any armor sets on the drahk skin REGARDLESS of how cool it looks in the picture. LASTLY any regalia used on this kubrow skin goes inside its leg joints instead of showing up on the outside . So like i said DE pls get this fixed . Maked the already terrifying mastiff skin look better and given some more customization options .
  13. (NSW)Motsuda

    tennogen on switch

    im not 100% sure but i think me and some of the lot of other nintennos are wondering when tennogen is coming to switch it would be great to know so i can set up a plan for not just the ever desired fashion framing but trading so i can get my hands on some of the sweet sweet warframe syandanas and skins
  14. ossonoodle

    grinding amp exp in SO

    apparently if you grind exp for amp in SO and then host migrates you lose all the exp. only lost 20 minutes of my time but still a little disheartening
  15. In the first phase of the Profit Taker Bounties, if you pick up the fishing spear on the ground, you will find that Lanzo Fishing Spear will be removed from your inventory. Do it once more, and the Tulok Spear will be taken. I have not attempted to purchase the spears again, and I suspect that if you continued to pick up the spear, more spears will be taken too.
  16. BlueOmegaX

    Lenz Ammo

    THE LENZ NEEDS MORE AMMO. The lenz is a really fun weapon that can do alot of damage and I get it needs to be balanced in other ways because of that but please give the lenz more max ammo like 12-20 or lets the rivens give over 100% max ammo or both PLEASE. I love this weapon but the 6 ammo and 7 if I can b asked to use carrier makes its so un fun sometimes if I want to snipe from a archwing or stationary location.
  17. This is something that I have been seeing a lot of players have an issue with, so I thought I would put the solution out there for anyone looking for it. The issue is that people using the forums page on their phones won't be able to post new content. The option to start a new topic is there, but when trying to select a forum, the selections are all greyed out and can't be selected. Reply buttons also don't exist in topics in this state. As far as I can tell, the main Warframe . Com web page and the official forum page treat logins as separate entities for whatever strange reason, and yet still overlap somewhere in their screwed-up coding. This means that if you have logged in on the main Warframe web page, the forums web page will not treat you as if you have logged in, despite saying you are logged in on both areas. So what worked for me, is I completely logged out of both areas, starting with logging out of the forums and then logging out of the main warframe. Com page, then I went straight to the forums page and logged in from there, and it then allowed me to post from my phone. Reply buttons and all show up too. If anyone knows of a better area for this post on the forums page, then please let me know and I'll do what I can to either move it there myself or to contact an admin to get this one moved itself. I hope this helps anyone else suffering with the same issues as I was. Happy Hunting and Merry Christmas, my fellow Tenno.^_^
  18. CyberMemes

    where farm Balduk!(meme Review)

    Dear [DE]Kickbot, Where Balduk? 10/10 English.Subscribe to PewTSeries. hashtag spread memes
  19. The Cult Of Shadows: The Cult is a secretive subsection of the Tenno, only few know of the Cults existance. If you know of the Cult, chances are your either a member or are looking at one of there members. Or, you're six feet under in a coffin. The Cult would function like The Ostron. So basically, they're a new faction. You would join the cult by completing the quest Abduction. This quest begins with your warframe being captured from your ship and taken to a Orokin gauntlet on Lua. When you wake, a shadowy figure speaks to you and tells you that you must complete the challenges ahead of you if you want to leave. The first challenge is a platforming puzzle where you have to climb to the top of a on Orokin tower to activate a button that will open a door to the next room. The second challenge is a stealth challenge. You have to sneak past Corrupted Enemies, and if they spot you or you attack them they will make a loud noise that alerts all the other enemies, and you fail the challenge and have to start over. You can use any movement ability to get by them. When you arrive at the end of this challenge, you take an elevator up to a massive open room. This third challenge is a eliminate challenge. You have to kill 20 enemies in 1 minute. When you complete the eliminate challenge, the Shadowy figure approaches you and tells you that you have passed the trials, and that you can now join the Cult Of Shadows. Cult Activites: You can undertake 3 different types of missions for the Cult, dagger, sword, and hammer. Dagger missions are stealthy missions, like spy or Priority Target. Priority Target is a mission where you have to kill a target (the inverse of a capture mission). Alerting the Enemies will cause to trigger an alarm that can be reset from a terminal. Sword missions would be missions like capture and mobile defense, so missions that would can be completed by stealth or going loud. Hammer missions are Exterminate and excavation. Now, after that it's probably good to go on to Whisper, the Assassin Frame. Before you say she's just an Ash wannabe, she's very different from everyones favorite ninja frame. Whisper is a master of stealth, able to become one with the shadows. You wouldn't know she was following you until she was right behind. Starting stats: Health 100 (level 1) 200 (level 30) Shield 50 (level 1) 150 (level 30) Armor 20 (level 1) 40 (level 30) Energy 150 (level 1) 250 (level 30) Abilities: Passive: any melee kills made in Shadow form restores 10 health. All of her abilites are only useable in Shadow form. Meld: Allows Whisper to melt into the shadows, making her harder to detect and almost impossible to find in shadowy areas. Cost is 0 Augment: "Ghostly Figure": When you cast Meld, it creates a Spector of Whisper that has her same stats but deals half damage. Abduct: Whisper lunges forward at the nearest enemy. If she hits, she drags the enemy back to where she is and executes them for a completely silent kill. Any kills by Abduct are affected by her passive. Base range of 10 ft. Cost is 30. Affected by Power range. Augment: "Mass Abduct": Whisper releases a shadowy clone of herself that abducts 1/2/3 more enemies. Passive doesn't apply to these kills. In Sheep's Clothing: Whisper disguises herself as an enemy. She can get up to 3 enemies to follow her, and she won't trigger cameras or scanners. If she crouches, slides, or takes damage, she will drop her disguise and become invisible for 5 seconds. Any enemies that were following her become blind for 3 seconds. Costs 3 energy per second. Affected by cost reduction. Augment: "Mutiny": When Whisper has enemies following her, she can have the Enemies attack enemies. Some enemies will resist, and will instead attack Whisper. The enemies that will resist will be killed by any enemies affected by Mutiny. Mass Panic: Whisper creates 3 clones of herself that deal no damage, but give enemies fear and they will run away and take more damage from headshots. Affected by Power duration. Cost is 100 energy. Augment: "Your Worst Nightmare": Whisper becomes a nightmarish figure that has a 11/13/15 percent chance to cause enemies to kill themselves. Whisper' s parts drop from Cult Dagger missions with a 10.5 percent chance to drop on Priority Target missions and C rotation on Spy missions. Whisper is the leader of the Cult Of Shadows. Her knowledge of the shadows allows her stay undetected and stalk her target, until she's ready to strick.
  20. (PS4)ChrisIsHD_

    Fish Dismantling bugged maybe ?

    Ain't they supposed to give materials ? Why is it just showing the fish were dismantling also what ARE the materials we get from dismantling just spend 1h catching fish and i have no idea what i got for breaking them down... Iv already broken alot of fish and this section just has me confused as to what i get for breaking them down and IF i even got anything
  21. Gravitus123

    Fortuna fish dismantle bug

    Ive not seen this mentioned anywhere but if you dismantle fish in large amounts the game bugs out and only seems to recognise the first fish in the pile so lets say you dismantle 5 charamotes and 5 longwinders of equal value you will only get 1 sagan module and 1 lathe coogulant. It works normally if you dismantle them one by one at first i thought the lower value fish didnt give out their specific parts until i tried it. The worst thing is nobody has mentioned anything about this so people could potentially be losing tons of resources from fishing and not even noticing. I cant believe this has still not been fixed please if you have encountered this speak up and tell others so they dont waste their bait,resources,standing and time
  22. Cpt_Mugiwara


    Has anyone not been able to access the chatbox. Im getting a blue spinning circle was wondering if its happening to others since mesa prime got put into the game. Already filed a ticket just wondering if more are having this issue.
  23. (PS4)Clarkeybart


    Idk how to do this!
  24. I understand the amount of time and effort already goes into forming and creating new Warframes and abilities as-is, but if we look to the perspective of a new player or someone currently slogging the the star chart, the addition of more and more new content may be overwhelming. There are over 30 Warframes (excluding Prime variants) available to players now, and that creates a lot of variance in play styles, which is nowhere near a bad thing and in no way am I insinuating that DE stop pumping out new Warframes. However, I think that DE should take their time with the frames they are adding. I have been playing Warframe on PS4 for several years, enjoying the quests, gameplay, and lore as it all developed in front of me. Earlier today I finally came around to doing the Mask of the Revenant quest and I found this wholesomely underwhelming and disappointing. I would use the +SPOILERS tag, but there's nothing here to spoil - Nakak gives you some dialogue and a rough idea of who Revenant was and then all you need to do is build one of his parts and you've completed the quest. I was intrigued at what Nakak was saying about him, but then she refers you to Konzu. By this point I had already farmed his parts, but I expected a little dialogue from him about Revenant or the story that Nakak referenced. Instead, there was nothing except the usual, so I decided to go to my Orbiter and inspect the quest's steps. Then I saw "Construct a Revenant Component" (or something to that effect). This felt like a tease of a quest and didn't fulfill what I thought was more of a DE standard of storytelling or at least lore exploration. If you're confused what the point to all this is, I want to simply pass along the sentiment that DE doesn't need to sacrifice the quality of the content they put out in order to meet demand. The more mature and understanding members of the community would rather DE put out quality, well-tested, and fleshed-out content rather than something that is rushed, incomplete, or simply half-assed. I absolutely adore Warframe, the story and lore, and even this vast and ever-expanding community, but nothing is perfect. I would rather all Warframes receive the same amount of love each quest-based frame receives.
  25. -GothKazu-

    Focus Waybounds Total Cost

    So I was doing more unnecessary math and this time it was for how much focus youd need for only the waybound passives. First and foremost: you need an energy pool of 99 to have them all active at the same time at max rank. For one school by itself the most you would need for JUST THE WAYBOUNDS is 27 The total cost, including unlocking the schools and the main nodes (you will ultimately save 50K because of the first school you pick will be unlocked for free) is 17 million 581 thousand 482 focus for just the 10 waybound passives. okay now bear with me here I'm going to tell you the math for each school Zenurik Void Siphon 50+80+108.284+160+226.969+306.274 = 931.527 + 1 mil Void Flow 80+120+162.426+240+340.454+459.411 = 1.402.291 + 1 mil 50K unlock, 25K Energy Pulse, 4.333.818 = 4.408.818 Unairu Basilisk Scales 50+80+108.284+160 = 398.284 + 1 mil Basilisk Gaze 50+80+108.284+160 = 398.284 + 1 mil 50k unlock, 25k Void Spines, 4.796.568 = 2.871.568 Vazarin Enduring Tides 50+80+108.284+160 = 398.284 + 1 mil Rejuvenating Tides 80+120+162.426+240 = 602.426 + 1 mil 50k unlock, 25k Mending Unity, 3.000.710 = 3.075.710 Naramon Mind Step 50+80+108.284+160 = 398.284 + 1 mil Mind Sprint 50+80+108.284+160+226.969+306.274 = 931.527 + 1 mil 50k unlock, 25k Affinity Spike, 3.329.811 = 3.404.811 Madurai Inner Gaze 25+80+108.284+160 = 373.284 + 1 mil Eternal Gaze 80+120+162.426+240+340.454+459.411 = 1.372.291 + 1 mil 50k unlock, 25k Phoenix Talons, 3.745.575 = 3.820.575 and you can see Madurai is weird cuz the unlock costs are half the unlock costs of every other school