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  1. Pouic à tous ! Tout d'abord : les récompenses sont toujours en train d'être distribuées - doucement mais sûrement pour la sécurité de nos serveurs ! Merci pour votre patience ; si vos comptes étaient correctement liés, vous devriez avoir votre Athodai et / ou Hydroid Prime selon ce que vous avez regardé ! Il s'agit juste d'une question de temps ! À cause du nombre record de spectateurs, les Récompenses sont distribuées plus lentement que prévu. Mais elles sont distribuées ; nous les regardons être envoyées heure par heure en ce moment. TOUTEFOIS - vu les demandes pour Hydroid Prime, nous allons modifier tout en sécurité le script des récompenses pour donner la priorité à l'événement final de la journée. Bien que les récompenses sont envoyées dans un ordre chronologique, nous nous attendons à ce que cela prenne la journée entière pour se terminer (vu le trafic considérable notamment). Nous vous tiendrons au courant de l'évolution des choses ! MISE À JOUR : Toutes les Récompenses éligibles ont été distribuées ! Si vous avez encore des soucis avec les Récompenses, entrez un ticket au Service du Support !
  2. Pouic les Tenno ! Tout d'abord, merci beaucoup d'avoir participé au TennoTrivia de la TennoCon 2020 ! Pour ceux ayant participé et qui n'ont PAS reçu une notice pour entrer leur email à la fin du trivia, veuillez : Créer un ticket au Support dans la catégorie "Mon Compte" avec comme sujet "TennoTrivia : Notice d'email manquante". Dans le ticket, veuillez inclure votre pseudo Twitch et l'email souhaité pour recevoir votre prix. FACULTATIF : ajoutez n'importe quelle capture d'écran que vous pourriez avoir montrant votre classement. Nous avons des enregistrements nous permettant de vérifier si vous étiez un participant ou non afin de vous donner vos prix. Merci, et nous sommes désolés pour ces inconvénients !
  3. Bonjour, je voudrais juste soumettre une idée que moi et mes amis ont eu en jouant concernant une warframe qui comme les amp pourrai etre assemblé en fonction des piece deja crafter et qui aurai des stats de offencif et defencif a souhait et en fonctions des composant warframe que nous avons débloqué jusqu'à present. On pourrai attribuer des aptitude de pouvoir grace au warframe que nous avons deja debloquer et ainsi crée une warframe qui corrrespond a la personalité de chaque personne unique fort et special. Il s'agit juste d'un partage d'idées rien de sérieux. Sa me ferai plaisir de savoir se que vous en pensez.
  4. Pouic les Tenno ! Les préparations pour la TennoCon 2020 sont dans leurs dernières lignes droites et nous sommes plus qu'impatients de partager avec vous tout ce sur quoi nous avons travaillé ! Cet événement Digital sera différent cette année par rapport aux autres, mais nous avons prévu des plans pour créer une expérience unique pour chaque Tenno à la maison. Voici ce dont vous devez vous rappeler pendant que vous naviguez sur cette vague du hype. LIEZ VOS COMPTES Afin de tirer le meilleur parti possible de cette expérience virtuelle TennoCon et obtenir les deux objets en jeu (gratuitement !), assurez-vous bien de lier vos comptes Warframe et Twitch : OBTENEZ GRATUITEMENT HYDROID PRIME ET LE CANON PORTATIF ATHODAI De 12h30 HE, soit 18h30, heure française, à 17h HE, soit 23h, heure française, regardez notre stream sur Twitch ou Steam pendant 30mn consécutives pour recevoir en avant-première l'arme secondaire Athodai, qui vient également avec son Emplacement d'Arme. Regardez le TennoLive à 17h HE, soit 23h, heure française, sur Twitch ou Steam pendant 30min pour obtenir Hydroid Prime, qui vient également avec son Emplacement de Warframe ! Pour recevoir une Récompense via Steam, vous devez être connecté sur votre Compte Steam ! Après avoir regardé n'importe quel Atelier pendant 30min consécutives, vous recevrez un Jeton Athodai. Après avoir regardé le TennoLive pendant 30min consécutives, vous recevrez un Jeton Hydroid Prime. Vous aurez jusqu'au 15 août pour vous connecter à Warframe et réclamer vos Récompenses ! Pour réclamer vos Récompenses sur Steam, allez dans votre Inventaire Steam, réclamez votre jeton et vous aurez alors vos objets lors de votre prochaine connexion en jeu. Veuillez noter : ces Jetons ne peuvent pas être échangés. RELAIS TENNOLIVE 2020 Venez célébrer avec la communauté dans notre Relais TennoLive 2020 sur toutes les plateformes ! Regardez le stream aux côtés de vos camarades Tenno dans le Relais et recevez des récompenses spéciales. Vous recevrez l'Aspect Bâton Lemnas quand vous regarderez le TennoLive entre 17h HE (23h, heure française) et 18h HE (0h, heure française) et si vous restez dans le TennoLive ou le Relais TennoCon jusqu'à la fin du TennoLive, vous aurez une seconde Récompense - une décoration mystérieuse ! Le Relais TennoLive 2020 accueillera tous les Tenno, et à partir du 1er août 11h HE (17h, heure française) vous trouverez le Relais en train d’orbiter la Terre sur la Carte Céleste, sur toutes les plateformes. Si vous avez acheté le Pack Digital, vous pourrez également recevoir ces récompenses (et regarder le TennoLive) depuis le Relais TennoCon de Baro. Vous devrez quand même regarder la TennoCon sur Twitch depuis un compte lié ou vous connecter sur Steam afin de recevoir Hydroid Prime et le canon portatif Athodai. Baro, toujours aussi occupé que d'habitude, fera également sa visite régulière sur toutes les plateformes à partir de vendredi, 31 juillet à 9h HE sur toutes les plateformes et partira le 2 août à 9h HE. Vous devez être dans le Relais TennoLive 2020 ou le Relais TennoCon de Baro pour obtenir l'Aspect Bâton Lemnas et la mystérieuse décoration ! TENNOTRIVIA Vous savez tout de Warframe et cela rend vos camarades d'escouade aussi verts qu'une palette Shamrock ? Alors faites bon usage de vos connaissances pendant le TennoTrivia ! Suivez les instructions de Megan ci-dessous pour vous préparer, puis rejoignez-nous à 16h HE (22h, heure française) le 1er août pour gagner l'un de nos prix fantastiques ! Tous les participants recevront une Affiche TennoTrivia à mettre dans leur vaisseau. PRIX : Les 1000 meilleurs joueurs gagneront un Glyphe TennoTrivia Les 100 meilleurs joueurs gagneront 500 Ducats et un Glyphe TennoTrivia Les 10 meilleurs joueurs remporteront 10 000 Platinum, 500 Ducats et un Glyphe TennoTrivia La première place remportera un Cœur Légendaire, 10 000 Platinum, 500 Ducats et un Glyphe TennoTrivia Avec autant de butin à obtenir simplement en regardant de chez vous - qu'il s'agisse des Récompenses Twitch, de celles du Relais TennoLive ou des prix du TennoTrivia - nous les avons compilés dans cette image utile pour que vous ne manquiez aucun des équipements gratuits ! UNE JOURNÉE ENTIÈRE DÉDIÉE À WARFRAME Nous avons une tonne de révélations, d'ateliers et d'annonces excitantes à vous montrer, Tenno ! 12h30 HE, soit 18h30, heure française : bienvenue à la TennoCon 2020 13h00 HE, soit 19h, heure française : L'Art de Warframe (pré-enregistré) : rejoignez notre hôte [DE]Danielle, le directeur artistique et d'animation Geoff Crookes, le directeur artistique associé Lucas Hug et un invité spécial, l'artiste conceptuel Keith Thompson, alors qu'ils jettent un coup d'œil aux prochaines Warframes, ce qui est nouveau pour la faction Infestée et d'autres aperçus de ce qui est à venir pour Warframe ! 14h00 HE, soit 20h, heure française : Les Sons du Système (pré-enregistré) : Rejoignez notre hôte [DE]Helen, le directeur audio George Spanos, le concepteur sonore Erich Preston et un invité spécial, Antonio Greco (voix d'Erra) alors qu'ils examinent les coulisses de la conception des sons dans Warframe. Découvrez comment les voix de créatures sont créées, la manière dont la musique est composée et plus encore ! 15h HE, soit 21h, heure française : Atelier sur l'Art de la communauté de Warframe : rejoignez notre hôte [DE]Megan et l'invité spécial Miabyte alors qu'ils jettent un coup d'œil au Fan Art, au Cosplay, à la Musique, aux Accessoires et plus encore soumis par notre communauté Warframe passionnée ! 16h HE, soit 22h, heure française : TennoTrivia : Rejoignez [DE]Megan et DKDiamantes pour une confrontation ultime sur vos connaissances de Warframe. 17h HE, soit 23h, heure française : Édition Digitale TennoLive : rejoignez la directrice des opérations et de la communauté Rebecca et l'équipe du Devstream pour découvrir les révélations sur "Le Cœur de Deimos" et bien plus encore. Vous voudrez certainement rester après la fin du TennoLive pour regarder un interview spécial Summer Game Fest avec Geoff Keighley ! Il parlera avec le directeur créatif Steve et la directrice des opérations et de la communauté Rebecca de tout ce qui concerne la TennoCon et le Cœur de Deimos. PACK DIGITAL TENNOCON 2020 Pour encore plus de façons de profiter de votre expérience TennoCon 2020, procurez-vous le Pack Digital TennoCon 2020 avant le 3 août à 9h HE. Le Pack Digital est rempli de Platinum et d'éléments de personnalisation, ainsi que d'un accès au relais TennoCon de Baro Ki'Teer, où il vendra l'intégralité de son inventaire à partir du 1er août à 11h HE jusqu'au 3 août à 11h HE ! Économisez vos Ducats : il s'agit peut-être de votre meilleure chance de récupérer des Mods intéressants ou des variantes d'Armes. À bientôt au 1er août, Tenno !
  5. why does the healing return only heal if the enemy doesn't die in the first attack? and yes before they ask, even with a 100% chance of status, if the enemy dies in the first attack, you will not be healed, and why are excalibur’s first and third abilities so bad today?
  6. I just did the 90 second Capture for NW, and only got 2000 for it, rather than the 7000. Anyone else notice this, or have the same problem? I'm on PS4, btw.
  7. Прежде всего: они все еще продолжают приходить на аккаунты игроков - только постепенно и безопасно для наших серверов! Благодарим за ваше терпение - если ваши учетные записи были правильно связаны друг с другом, вы должны получить Атодай и/или Гидроид Прайм в зависимости от того, что вы смотрели! Это всего лишь вопрос времени! Из-за нашего рекордного количества зрителей, награды распределяются медленнее, чем ожидалось. Однако, процесс доставки наград все еще продолжается - мы внимательно следим за этим. ТЕМ НЕ МЕНЕЕ - учитывая спрос на Гидроид Прайм, мы безопасно изменим скрипт распределения наград, чтобы также расставить приоритеты финального события дня. Поскольку предоставление наград Twitch идет в хронологическом порядке, мы будем ожидать весь день до полного завершения (особенно учитывая проблемы с трафиком). Мы будем держать вас в курсе событий!
  8. Приветствуем Тэнно! Прежде всего, хотим поблагодарить вас за то, что приняли участие в TennoTrivia TennoCon 2020! Для тех кто принял участие и все еще НЕ получил электронное письмо в конце шоу, мы просим вас сделать следующее: Создать запрос в службу поддержки под категорией "Мой Аккаунт" с темой "TennoTrivia Missing Email Prompt". В запросе в службу поддержки, пожалуйста, укажите свой псевдоним Twitch и адрес электронной почты, на который мы сможем отправить ваш Приз. ОПЦИОНАЛЬНО: скриншот таблицы лидеров с отображением вашего места. У нас есть данные, на которые мы можем ссылаться, чтобы предоставить вам награду, если вы были участником TennoTrivia. Спасибо, и примите наши извинения за эти неудобства!
  9. The following counsel bug is still not fixed on the PC for xbox controller issues. RB is still locked as ability menu and cant be changed. @[DE]Danielle @[DE]Megan @[DE]Rebecca XB1 The Deadlock Protocol: Update 28.0.5 (+Hotfixes) Fixed a controller issue where you could assign an Archwing action (e.g. Move Down/Dodge/Blink) to a button that has a non-Archwing-exclusive action already bound to it (e.g. Ability Menu), resulting in both being bound to the same button simultaneously (where only one action would actually be executed when the button is pressed). Now, in the above example, the Crouch/Slide/Roll action would trade places with the Power Menu action, resolving the conflict.
  10. Maggor Leg Plates are not located on the right place the model is wrong i am sad because these are my favourate leg paletes
  11. Also momentan hänge ich bei der vox solaris misson fest da wo man den Kühlmittel verteidigen muss weil da ganze jetzt lvl 30 archioanden spinnen sind die das ding gefühlt 1 hitten
  12. I have a question, concern, and complaint... WHY DON'T WE BRING BACK WAR TO THE NAME WARFRAME! we have railjacks now and we are in an open battle with the sentients waiting for the next story mode so here's an idea, why not bring war back between the clans? Duels are great, they are fun and exciting. But I'm talking about fighting multiple players at once, space raids, or contract killers in the syndicate missions I see a team of 4 tenno running a mission for the arbiters of hexis then BAM out of nowhere a crazy power squad from the red veil attacking out of nowhere!! Please everyone leave your thoughts 🙏🙏🙏
  13. This is a 100% informational How-To Guide designed to enlighten Tenno of any experience level in the ways of the Panthera. With the information in this video, you should be able to comfortably, and successfully, Build and Utilize the Panthera/Panthera Prime!
  14. Greetings Tenno, At Digital Extremes, we take your account security very seriously, and the Corpus are very inventive in trying to get your account information. As a best practice, you should be aware of the following: Digital Extremes will never send you an email from a public email domain (such as Gmail or Hotmail). If you receive an email claiming to be from Digital Extremes, make sure the sending address is either @warframe.com, @digitalextremes.com or @digitalextremes.zendesk.com (our Support site). Do not click on the links in false emails, as they can lead to bad software or password-stealing ‘spoof’ sites. If you are on PC, you should make sure that Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is enabled. This is required for Trading, so be sure to protect your account! If you need more information on PC 2FA, you can read the instructions in this thread. If you are on Console, you should enable 2FA on your console account. Each console has a different process, and you can find that process over on this thread. Protecting your console account covers your games which automatically log in, Warframe included. As a general rule, there are lots of good anti-virus programs out there (some of which are free), as well as some other best practices (such as using robust, unique passwords). While we cannot recommend individual programs or password managers, we highly suggest you research reputable programs and use them to protect yourself - not just in Warframe, but for your digital security as a whole. Stay safe out there (physically and digitally), Tenno!
  15. Is the steel path going anywhere? Tesh seemed impatient...
  16. With the Deadlock Protocol now on all platforms and the Jackal revamped for a greater challenge, I feel as if another Corpus boss deserves a buff in every aspect: The Sergeant. Here's what I can recommend in terms of buffs related to the Sergeant: -More abilities: The Sergeant behaves too similarly to a regular crewman, and teleportation is not enough to set the bar between the two. Additional abilities such as those similar to Rhino's stomp, Excalibur's Radial blind would make the Sergeant a more formidable opponent. What would be another good idea for the Sergeant's AI would be to have a fail-safe in case teleporting doesn't seem to work. He can attempt to activate a corrupt nullifier shield if the Tenno gets too close. -Damage buff: Instead of running away, The sergeant will actually fight against the Tenno using his snipetron rifle. Increased damage would make him more dangerous, especially if puncture was increased. -Shield/Health buff: The Sergeant ends up dying too soon. Giving him a big health or shield buff would kind of change the pace of the fight. In addition, increased shield regeneration speed is suggestive. These are just some tips for changing the boss on Phobos. I do recommend keeping the character design as it is. However, I have noticed that the sergeant doesn't have a proper intro or unique voice. Making those changes would be great as well.
  17. Yesterday morning I got a 50% off coupon and had nothing to do with it so I stared asking around if anyone wanted me to buy them something. After about 5 mins looking in chat to see if anyone wanted me to I was not able to go into any chat and when I try it says “Your access to in-game chat has been suspended”. I have no clue if it’s because of trying to get rid of my coupon or what so I submitted a ticket to support to see how long I am suspended and why. well Respond and basically say if I didn’t get a PM before the suspension the bot banned me and it could be a 24hr ban or 7-14 day ban and there’s no way to tell why I got banned. So I got a little annoyed and said “So I’m supposed to sit here and do nothing and just hope it gets lifted in 24 hours? I don’t even know what I did for sure and I wasn’t even given a warning to stop whatever I was doing” and the response I got was they don’t interfere if it was a ban from the bot. I just wanted to make this known and let people know how messed up their system is like they can’t even tell me how long or why I was suspended and I wasn’t even given a warning. One other thing that suck is I can’t go into clan chat or anything so I’m basically screwed sitting here hoping I’m unbanned by Saturday to get a squad to farm ducats. I just hope this system could be improved people should at least be given a warning before a ban and when given a ban be able to know how long they will be banned and what for.
  18. Incorporating a faction war, be it Grenier v Corpus v infested with tdm, ctf, or domination and some other modes would be interesting, idk if the enemy units have playable models but I'm sure it'll be a good break from the daily grind think of the invasion missions with a little more polish and mix in some players in it. Take inspiration say battlefront where you gain points and get stronger units, customization unit cosmetics, what are the thoughts people?
  19. Inaros is a frame that is only played for his heal, armor, and selfvhealing this by design is not a good warframe. For starters he has 2 healing abilities and his 4th has a secondary use for healing. His passive is neat in concept but odd and should be looked at. His third ability is entirely useless. And last but not least hi brings no use to the team overall. He definitely needs a rework even a small one would do. I propose the following Update his passive ability to either make it work better or make a new one Merge his 1 and 2 into one ability (tap for 1 hold for 2) (Move to 2nd slot )Make his 3 pull enemy inward and do more damage possibly do slash and heat damage aswell (sand is sharp and friction is hot) (Move to 3rd slot) Make his 4 a tap to activate instead of a hold (New 4th) Give him a new ability that uses a scarab swarm summon (wukong clone + titania razor flies = the scarab swarm) The end he is better now I am sleepy gn
  20. This is a follow up to our original announcement. The Questions and Answers (Q&A) Chat Channel is going live with Deadlock Protocol on PC this week! So we’ve written a brief Guide to Using the Q&A Channel, which outlines the rules and expectations for both new and experienced players alike. Guide to Using the Q&A Channel: The goal for the Q&A channel remains the same as we near its debut: “To provide new and experienced players a place to seek and provide help in a dedicated and organized way. This channel will be the first channel new players enter (instead of Region, which will be available as an opt-in!).” This channel - while open to all players - does have some rules similar to the Trading and Recruitment channels to meet the goal above. It will be enforced by the same hired professional team of moderators that have been active in our Warframe chat channels for almost a year and a half. While in all cases, the chat Code of Conduct must be adhered to, the following also applies to the Q&A channel: Be respectful, especially to the new players in the channel asking questions that may be well known to you. We were all new players once! The Q&A Channel is not for casual conversations. Region Chat is better suited for more off-topic discussions. The Q&A Channel is for in-game systems questions/answers only. Here are some examples of what would be considered a suitable question for the channel: “Is this a good build for Lecta? [MODLINK] “Which is better to use, Serration or Heavy Caliber?” “Which Warframe is best for Crowd Control?” Here are some examples of questions that would not be suitable for the channel and more appropriate for Region Chat: “How does my Warframe look? [LOOKLINK]” “Who do you think would win in a 1v1 match: Tyl Regor or Alad V?” “Do you think Konzu gets tired of talking about his early lunches every day?” A new channel brings new opportunities for the community to come together and new ways for us as developers to learn through it. As with all new features, we will be monitoring and accessing where changes need to be made to ensure our goal with the channel is being maintained and more importantly that players are benefiting from it. Thank you and we hope you enjoy this new space to tap into the community’s knowledge! June 25th Update: A week later: Q&A Channel on PC It has been little over two weeks since the Q&A Chat Channel launched on PC with Deadlock Protocol and we’re honestly ecstatic to see players jump into this new community resource and get the answers they seek to their Warframe questions. We have been monitoring the channel alongside the professional mod team overseeing and moderating where necessary. The first 24 hours after its launch was a bit chaotic, but that was to be expected as players adjusted to and were excited about the new channel. It wasn’t long before it was being used as intended, and that has been maintained since! We’re extremely impressed with the level of knowledge sharing and helpfulness we’ve witnessed thus far - keep it up, Tenno! Coming Soon: Launch of Q&A Channel on Console With the latest announcement that Deadlock Protocol build has been sent to Cert, the launch of the channel on console platforms is impending. Similarly to PC, the Use Guide will also apply to our console players who decide to use the channel and are in discussions with the same professional mod team to be present in the channel at launch. Thank you to all who have been participating in the channel respectfully! We look forward to bringing this to consoles with Deadlock Protocol. Status threads for consoles available here: PS4: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1202831-ps4-the-deadlock-protocol-update-2805-status-in-cert/ XB1: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1202832-xb1-the-deadlock-protocol-update-2805-status-in-cert/ Switch: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1202833-switch-the-deadlock-protocol-update-2805-status-in-cert/ June 30th Update: The Deadlock Protocol is live on all consoles! Which means so is the new Q&A Chat Channel. We will be monitoring the channel with the professional moderation team during the many hours of its introduction. We hope you enjoy and please use responsibly! Update threads: PS4: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1204171-ps4-the-deadlock-protocol-update-2805/ XB1: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1204164-xb1-the-deadlock-protocol-update-2805/ Switch: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1204166-switch-the-deadlock-protocol-update-2805/
  21. The dex furis obsidian skin is glitching by making the mag disappear every 0.1 seconds, i have a link to a video which shows the problem https://youtu.be/1CotK_M-TJI
  22. Like title says, when I play as Protea I cant rewind through Gara's glass wall. The steps are: Be inside the glass wall zone, activate Temporal Anchor, fire gun/use abilities (to change ammo/energy numbers), run through glass wall - when rewinding Protea will stop upon hitting the wall, not refunding health/ammo/energy.
  23. I wish I would’ve came up with this idea earlier during the community Warframe submissions but I guess I’m slow at coming up with ideas lol. My idea consists of a Warframe for “endgame” players. This Warframe would be a reward that would most likely take the place of Grendel or some other thought to get frame. Essentially the player would need to build a neuroptics and chassis like a normal frame out of materials but in order to make the systems it would require 4 already built (non-prime) systems from other Warframes. The 4 systems chosen to make the new Warframe systems would then intergrate 1 random ability from the old Warframe into the new Warframe. Ex. In the new systems you added a volt systems, a mirage systems, an ivara systems, and a wukong systems. The new Warframe when it’s done being crafted would have 1 random volt ability, 1 random mirage ability, 1 random ivara ability, and 1 random wukong ability. i think this would be very cool as it would be like your own custom Warframe and very few players would have the same abilities as 1 another making people want to grind even more to make their own unique Warframe. I want this to be endgame related only so I would want this to be attached to a somewhat difficult mode that way players aren’t getting very overpowered warframes easily but I want them to be able to do the grind a couple times to have multiple different unique frames. I think adding a customizable feature like this will allow Warframe builds to change and become unique as the random abilities won’t match up as well as others forcing the players to think about how to make their new frame and there won’t be a specific “meta” either as all Warframe have at least 1 good ability that might mesh well with another ability. I believe that the new frame shouldn’t come with any polarities on it as the abilities themselves could potentially be very powerful and in order to make the frames really good I think a grind to add Forma should be required. An aura polarity and eximus polarity should exist though. The base stats of the Warframe should just be an average of all non-prime Warframes. And I haven’t come up with a suitable passive yet. I haven’t even thought of what the frame would look like either. I did think though that when you finish making the new Warframe you can name it whatever you would like similar to a zaw or kitgun when you gild it. I am curious as to what people would think about this idea and hope one day it gets implemented so that “endgame” players have something to grind for and show off.
  24. this is the skin i'm thinking of, and i can see it being a huge possibility. https://i.paste.pics/9COMK.png literally make it a free skin with new abilities, and when you equip the skin you gain 400 bonus health and shields, and you have new abilities, every time you dodge roll she trips and flops to the ground emitting a small shockwave that knocks down all enemies in a small radius, and when you bullet jump she comes crashing down making a huge shockwave that does 1.2K damage and instantly killing any target you land on in a 2 meter radius, and when you bullet jump with a shield satellite all bonus shield health is transferred to the flop slam while adding an additional 60% damage and radius bonus to the shockwave, that can be affected with ability strength, but the cost of this every 15 seconds spent on sprinting she stops because of a small heart attack causing you to be stunned for 3 seconds and lose 200 health, and if you do a bullet jump or dodge roll on your dispensary she does a belly flop and that literally crushes her dispensary with her weight it causing it to drop out health, energy, and ammo pickups all at once but at the cost of destroying it. also im sorry for making this, if anyone feels horrible after reading this then let me know, i feel just as bad when making it.
  25. Hey Tenno! We're aware of network issues currently affecting our EU Tenno and are working with network partners to resolve. At the moment re-logging may help restore connection if you are having issues with matchmaking, etc. We will keep you updated here, thanks! 11:30 AM ET Update: All issues have been resolved! Thanks Tenno
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