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  1. A real question to everyone. Why won't DE allow console players to switch from console to pc? I understand the underlying reason but still doesn't make much sense. PlayStation and Microsoft want a cut of microtransactions but then again all it is a cut. Switching from console to pc doesn't break that agreement nor interfere because a consumer has to decide to spend on a completely free game. To start completely new because you can't recover what you already earned. They can even put it on the Microsoft store for PC so another loophole to make money. There are plenty of ways to keep the same agreement but not much a focus because the content is more important but I still see this as a valid concern and question. I myself haven't played Warframe in a year because I switched to pc and didn't want to start completely over again. I was MR20. Can it be exploited with a one time switch? DE is a very careful company with no real breaches in what they create. Economy wise Xbox is behind PC because of cert testing so that wouldn't be a thing for wrecking any platforms economy for a one time switch from Xbox to pc. ANyone let me know what you think of this.
  2. During a few relic misson upon going to the exit to complete the mission there has been doors that myslef and other is the party have not been able to go through, the doors a marked green for use to go through, no locked out ethier
  3. So long story short i got REMOVED from YT and Twitch because other players are putting heavily copyrighted songs on there Octavia. I learned like 5 mins ago after I got deleted you could mute players Octavias why isnt this a default setting for when it knows you're streaming. I understand players want to have decent music but ive probably lost $2,200 in revenue from a sortie.
  4. Okay so heres the deal. I generally engage in something I call "Ayatan-Craft" where I use ayatans and other items in my orbiter in order to create sculptures of things like a captains helm, a life support system, a hoverbike, and a warframe repair system. But recently Ive noticed something awful that is ruining my ability to engage in these inventive ways to give new uses of all of the different decoration pieces we have at our disposal. Clipping has been removed. Meaning as much as I want to place certain decorations in certain ways I no longer can. This makes decorating the orbiter and beyond it INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING, BLAND, AND UNIMAGINATIVE as all you can do is place the items on the floor or one of the TWO shelves provided.. There should be a button that ALLOWS for clipping so that people like me can use it to our advantage to build new decorations for our orbiters. Below I have showcased an example of the problem I am having Along with Images of my previous works to help understand why I would need the ability to clip decorations together. Please note: Due to this change all of my past sculptures can NOT be moved as they required the ability to clip together in order to be created.The image above is me working on my sculpture "The Captains Wheel" and becoming frustrated that I cant use the bounty trap WHICH I SPECIFICALLY WENT AFTER SO I COULD USE IT in my sculpture. Below are 2 images of the captains wheel as it stand now. Now for 2 of the hoverbike.Now for 2 of the life support system.Now for the warframe repair system. Now for a stereo system. Now for my Arsenal which is a WIP. Remember, ALL OF THESE now have issues where I can no longer move certain parts without the ability to put them back due to clipping being removed. Also before anyone says anything, I know it's not "realistic" for items to clip together, but we're literal superheros fighting zombies, cyborgs, other robots, giant's with trees for arms, rogue AI's and soon amalgamations. Hell our clothes even clip though items on our frame and Hildryn can't use any other stance then her own cause she's so bulky she will clip her own body into herself with certain ones "such as Mirage Nobel" I know for some of you it may seem silly to allow for decorations to clip, but for people like me who used it to decorate our ships vibrantly its one of the few things that keeps us coming back to the game. Please DE. Please revert this so that I and others like me can build to our hearts content again. My now deceased (cause I tried to move him) robot butler sculpture Wilson will thank you for it.
  5. So I've been seeing a bunch of posts on this, I thought I would make my own since I had it happen 3 times within a couple hours of play. In arbitrations you can apparently get one shotted by sniper rifles with 1 tick of damage, from nullifier crewmen. This ignores literally every defense ability or countermeasure, even armor doesn't stop them. Exhibit A. (I'm Rift, nice to meet you 🙂 )A member of my team died and I rushed to collect points (I accidentally picked them up during carry) And I was running a 1.6k armor 2k hp build. Instant death while I was moving, and quickly moving at that. Exhibit B. During an interception, Boa was a mesa prime with his shatter shield up, and he had 300% str because of the arby buff. Instant death for him. Phrost was another nidus, I don't know about his survivability but I do know 1 damage tick to a nidus isn't supposed to equate to 609 hp. (Note how nidus ones were nullie crewman and mesa one was guardian) When will you fix this, DE?
  6. Você está em uma viagem que eu planejei para o jogo .. Espero que você goste 1ability 2ability do aumento do movimento aliado desde que a pressão gravitacional diminuiu 3ability 4ability Trazer um espaço para o chão e as ondas na área (tem que ser fenomenal) agora falando sobre sua história .... here is a journey I planned for the game .. I hope you enjoy it the journey itself is based on a character one (warframe) called Gravitaz which as the name suggests controls the gravity 1ability causes gravitational pressure to increase causing an area of enemies to be trapped on the ground 2ability of the increase in the allied movement since the gravitational pressure has decreased 3ability unite material around you in a single point by making a mini black hole that is released and then vaporizes in a wave of energy 4ability brings a comet from space reaching the ground and causing damage in the area (it has to be phenomenal) now talking about your story.... everything begins when the solar system (where the warframe passes) begins to suffer influences in its orbits and the lotus would send our warframe to go in that same body seleste that would be causing this ... "at that moment we would realize that the map of the game would have changed and that a new planet appeared "" "we would click on it and the game would load (half a second) and after that would eat a song thema of the journey ... I drew the gravitaz and the concept of the landscape that damages it ... only I can not get ak (I'll try it) ... on this planet will have unique ores and also unique enemies known by the name of altomothos, 2,5X the size of a griner they would be made only of crystals stones and its nucleus that would be in the face ... on this journey we would find Gravitaz and we would know that he is the cause of it all .. a very cool theme would be that in parts of the day he used his abilities previously mentioned to attack our character and make the players become type (MY GOD I I WOULD LIKE TO DO THAT) .............. now about the villain's goal ... joining the entire solar system into one big black hole and attracting other systems and then galaxies to destroy the whole universe
  7. Back around June of last year Digital Extremes mentioned briefly about adding NPC's to our Clan Dojos, around new years of 2016 I believe, DE also mentioned around when they were releasing Octavia and the Personal Quarters room for our Dojo that they would also be adding a Somachord jukebox prop to our Dojo, allowing us to edit and play music in our Dojo from the OST. It is now 2019 and we have not heared yet from DE about either feature. Today i'll be going into my own ideas on how to easily implement both features for our Dojos. This post is on behalf of me, a dedicated Clan owner, as well as the hundreds to thousands of clan leaders across Warframe, especially those who I've spoken to ingame, on forums, ect who are also waiting for these features. NPC's & usage In the Dojo: NPC's will simply fill the emptiness of our Clan dojos. Even with the new contest abound showing off various user's creatively made Dojos, this does not fix the emptyness- the void if you will of our Dojos. They currently are at best, a pretty room where players grab free blueprints, maybe trade and forget they ever existed. I have no fear in outlaying the flaws of our clans, and I know not even railjack or kingpin will exactly increase the player count in a Dojo room at any given time. With this in mind- let us fill our void with NPC's ! The three ways you can have NPC's placed in a room is idle, walking from Point A to Point B, or to have them walk around in a designated somewhat small area highlighted between each NPC in a circle. If this seems difficult I'll also mention a game as basic as Spore handles all three of those features with simple tools anyone can understand. If idle, the NPC could pose with one of many animation sets designed already in game for them based on their faction. Tenno relay NPC's do their usual Praise the sun, idle chatter, ect poses; Corpus or Grineer units can use poses already from Cetus or Fortuna. walking NPC's simply can walk around from point a to point b with a simple walk animation that Solaris NPC's can already do. Running wouldn't be much harder. NPC's walking in an area set for them simply idle and walk about, avoiding obstacles or walk up designated stairways. If it's too difficult they can ignore the custom player made stairways or stairs all together. Somachord Functions & Uses in Dojo Rooms: The Somachord could stay as a placeable object for each room that can be accessed the same way as you access your own in the Personal Quarters. If not a prop, it can easily be tied into the panel located in each Dojo room. By accessing the menu, you can simply click on "Somachord", from there you can choose from the songs you have unlocked to play in that room. From there it can be set to shuffle, in order or on loop with a specific OST song. When entering a room not playing music from one that is, it will quickly fade out and begin playing the normal Dojo OST. When walking between two rooms that have different songs it will simply quickly fade out and into another song. Walking between two rooms playing the same song will keep the music playing without pausing or restarting. Now then, this feature would help to apply specific ambiance to a room to control it's design for the player. Allowing more eerie, intense or relaxing rooms simply through the power of ambient influence. With what I've posted here today, this might come off a bit rude or on the nose. I'm sorry. I'm trying to give great detail into how i believe these features can be implemented, and to show it's simplicity. I might not work for Digital Extremes but im confident in saying these would be easily implementable features and VERY welcomed features for our Dojo. Outside this I left out any fully abstract ideas like an Aquarium room to put our fish in or a semi requested Simulactrum feature inside part of our Dojo- say conclave rooms or elsewhere. I wanted to keep this to just what you have brought up in the past with my and others views not ramble about purely concept ideas. These features could also have been in the works but we simply never heared back, but that brings up the clarity issue. After months of various posts no one fro DE has replied to these questions or ideas, leading us to think it was scrapped without being told or at worst, that we're being ignored. This post is again not meant as any attack against parts of DE, I understand you are a busy company and you have a smaller team to handle everything that most other top gaming companies. If either of these features are in a sense canceled, all we'd like is o know so and we'll stop asking. Below are various alternate forum posts about both topics. I'd like to thank everyone for reading this post, and would encourage ou to help bump this post to help get it's attention by Digital extremes. This will very well help determine if we get any responces, answers, ect. LAstly Thank you to @meerai, @Twilight053, @MasterProtector & @ExplicitContent.vK as well as our reddit and steam posters for helping with this topic. ( MasterProtector isnt wanting to pop up my appologies I couldn't get it to tag you ) Thank you for reading~ Clan Dojo npc forum posts: proof that others have considdered the possibility of npc's for their dojo rooms- even going into how they might impliment these features given the chance for an audience with DE. https://steamcommunity.com/app/230410/discussions/0/350542683212088512/ I put a recent post i made about this in here too- focusing on replies more than the repeated sitations of meerai and explicit's posts. VVV VVV VVV . . . Clan Dojo Somachord forum posts: Proof that others have talked about, are asking about or are fully awaiting somachord music features for Dojo rooms
  8. Arbitrations has been a great idea but why is there only one? Why can't there be a harder better rewarding kuva arbitrations? Regular tilesets fighting off kuva invasions... It would improve so many aspects of the game and even give us new challenges! What I propose is instead of the drones we have to fend off a -however many kuva guardians we fought during war within- multiplied by group number, type of attack. Alarms go off, lotus starts getting worked up about odd scans appearing in her systems, then the queen hacking in with a smug message, then a cool fight. Or if it's just a regular arbitration with kuva instead of endo, add a 0.5->1.0->1.5% chance to get a random veiled riven. I haven't crunched numbers but i think they should be extremely rare as it was never intended to give us rivens, but rather more so just a little extra something to reward our hard work every now and again. This would revitalize warframe to new and huge levels for new, mid tier, and old gamers. A- 1500/1750/2000/2500/veiled riven B- 2250/2500/2750/3000veiled riven C- 3500/4000/5000/veiled riven/forma pack (3) If there were rewards like this ppl would be playing their asses off. I have fallen in love with warframe since day 1, I'm MR 23 on ps4 and 25.9 on Xb1. I'm at a stage in the game where i'm having more fun trying out brand new seasons than grinding kuva in the same clunky poorly designed map over and over and over. I'm not asking for game breaking buffs, I'm asking for new ways to farm old things and also in a way getting more people to **WANT** to finish their star chart. Kuva survival was fun for the first few times but once you play the 2 whole tilesets for it a few times, it just feels more and more like work. Kuva arby would add some new rewards, challenges and tilesets to kuva farming and after mentioning to a few clan/alliance members, all of them **LOVED** the idea of it. If the max cost of kuva won't go down then let KUVATRATION enter the game and give everyone a choice of their own arbitration. Please DE! I love all of you except 1 of you.. haha secrets are fun, and so is kuva. 😉 KUVATRATION! KUVATRATION! KUVATRATION! P.S. I love you all. ❤️🙂
  9. Hi all - some feedback has come in about the Wolf of Saturn Six as a miniboss. The Wolf of Saturn Six is the one that does the hunting. So when you're hunting for him... he doesn't always appear.… We’re getting the Wolf out to howl more as we head into the later weeks of Nightwave Series I. The Wolf's spawn rate will be increased across all four platforms to 4%, and for missions that are level 20+ it will be increased to 6%. One of the major exceptions is that he doesn't spawn in Open Worlds, so keep that in mind. Note that the end of Nightwave Series I does not mean the end of the Wolf of Saturn Six appearances - he'll still be around! We also have much-requested clarity for everyone: The earliest date we will end Nightwave Series I is May 15th. Cheers and happy hunting.. and remember... this isn't over yet and it is the Wolf who hunts you...! EDIT: These changes are live as of posting! New spawn rates are already implemented across all four platforms
  10. Endo is great and all but as a nearly MR 26 player, I had one thought the other day.. Why does arbitrations ONLY give you mods and endo? What if we had our own separate arbitrations for other important resources? There's no need for a different essence let's not get carried away but instead, why not have 3 separate arbitrations to actually supply us with important resources like kuva or credits? Kuva Arbitrations could drop kuva with say a 0.5%->1.0%-1.25% chance at dropping a random veiled riven. 1000kuva->1750kuva->2500kuva. Resource boosters double. Credit Arbitrations could drop credit caches. Actual credit caches 100k->200k->400k affected by credit boosters. These numbers would be perfectly fair to keep the players coming back as not only does it motivate us to do longer runs and try hit the C rotation, but it also motivates players to buy the boosters in the market. I include rivens at a very very low drop chance because it isn't a riven farm, it's a kuva farm intended for farming kuva, not for farming relics. The rivens would just be another reason to keep on trying. Credit arby could have a chance for smaller, either kuva or endo drops from each rotation. Love the game but lately been wishing there was more missions that make us fans WANT to go farm kuva again. The kuva survival is just a horribly clunky design while the siphons and floods just don't really work as well as on console as load times are drastically longer.
  11. So did nightmare mode defense trying to use it for the 40 waves nw task. It's not endless anymore. They killed endless missions for nightmare game modes. Big fat shame since enemies spawned so heavy, hit so hard, scaled up nice and fast. And they went to kill that off. Just wow. Why is the first question followed by a massive REALLY?
  12. Mechanical moving platform in the orokin style with the destruction of falling objects. Environmental objects are falling. The platform moves like a roller coaster. Level example
  13. No idea if this is the case with other platforms, but on PC at least this particular helmet for Valkyr has an odd visual bug: The original stock appearance of said helmet on the otherhand: Oh and I can confirm that this bug appeared way before today's hotfix.
  14. IMPORTANT: changing/lowering settings does nothing to mitigate or atleast significantly mitigate this, its been tried. Ever since they changed the visuals of the staticors shots a while back it has been causing sizeable fps drops whenever the weapon is fired, the effect being much worse if its a shot from the alt fire and worse still if you happen to get caught inside the shot of the alt fire. this also seems to happen when the AOE part of an opticors shot goes off but its not as bad, i would say mid way between an uncharged and charged staticor shot. naturally this is much worse with mirage and with certain energy colours it also becomes a little blinding though new simulor is much worse imo now i know that my pc is pretty much a potato but this stuff wasnt happening before at all, matter of fact i used to love using the staticor but i cant anymore and its a really bad time whenever a squad mate has it on and is just running around spamming charged shots i lose like 10 or 15 fps each time a shot goes off, in missions i have to acitvely avoid these people as if your far enough away theres no real impact but on small maps like corpus and grineer ships this can be difficult. lastly id like to ask that people be a little considerate if theyr spamming staticor blasts chances are for some of your squadmates its pretty bad given that ive seen a few posts about this both here and on reddit, some of which are below.
  15. 1. Exsample: room where you can shoot use turrets how in a dash. Clan scale of danger you need to reduce it to zero. This is the first stage Second stage. Big enemy ship. Need farm resource for to accumulate energy for big gun. (but if you have enough of this resource in the treasury, then this is good). Next final movie. Epic gun shoot in ship and boom 2. Exsample: room with mini fighters on which you can fly into space and fight together with your clan
  16. Hey Guys, I was having Discussion with lot of Old, New and Coming back players about Resource trading, Components and Normal frames BP's trading and almost 89% of them were also thinking the same that Developers should give us trading options mentioned above. We are investing huge amount of time energy money and other stuff in WARFRAME. And now its time to Developers to give something back to the #Community as most of us Quit games like #Fortnite #ApexLegends #CODBO4 #PUBG etc just to play Warframe peacefully. It's High Time #DigitalExtremes t support the player needs. If you guys agree to this then come join me in this Discussion and help realize the Developers about this issue/Request from The #WarframeCommunity !
  17. I'll keep this short Tenno, Relatively recently Digital Extremes mentioned about possibly adding Npc's into your dojo and the ability to place a music box in your dojo room that would play various music from the Ost. The npc concept was talked about around June of 2018 while the music function I believe was spoken about around late December 2017 - january 2018. I'll provide some alternate forums talking about both features here to some degree: : Dojo music player I'd like to know if or when we'd be getting these features in our dojo as I see these adding wonderful life to our dojos empty ambient rooms. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Personal ideas for both though maybe not that original in concept: For npc's i'd like to see the ability to let them wander back and forth from a placed point A and point B location in a room that they can simply path find to- if point a or b are blocked off they can move around objects or jump on top of objects to get to their objective, then walk back. Outside that they can be given a general area they can walk around in as they avoid walls or tall objects. The last thing would have them stand still with the sub option of posing an npc using various poses off of the relay npc roster. The mini menu could function like when you edit an Articula or a glyph or image display. I see this feature adding more fluid life to a mostly otherwise empty dojo. ( i'd also mention a sub idea for npc's that can be given items to sell independently like an editable trader when you're away but baby steps. ) For music I'd simply specify it to the room panel or in menus, decorate, then an option titled Somachord. either from menus or from the room's panel by the door, you could scroll left to right across music you have unlocked to play. only the founder, architect or user with permissions that lets him edit the room could change the music and depending on what songs they had unlocked would determine what they could play in the dojo. ( you could optionally unlock the songs as a clan however no one wants to go through another room colors scenario. ) By selecting the song you can hear it play on loop or in unlocked order or randomized just like the somachord works in your personal quarters ship. Music would ONLY effect the room it was turned on to so you could theme each room with different songs based on what you feel is best. When transitioning from room to room the music fades out and the new song plays shortly after to avoid jarring cuts. If you guys have any ideas for how to make this work better say so below- and help get the word to DE ok! Idk if they look at forum posts alot or even alittle but i'd really like to have this for my clan as the founder. It'd make the place feel more enjoyable to spend time in outside then general reason people go into a dojo- grabbing blueprints and doing quick trades. ( I'll avoid any rants about needing more features for our clans to make them worth staying in for more than a couple minutes. ) Also as a random off note would love more themed rooms for the dojo like an aquarium we can put fish into or a zoo we can pay tags into to get biz to add rare animals we've caught into :3 ... maybe ill make another topic about that sometime If i think de will ever hear me out for even a few moments idk.
  18. After a long journey in space, the gold plate was discovered by an unknown civilization, and now it moves into the solar system and send message (or waiting for a visit in another galaxy or system for discuss questions over a cup tea)
  19. So need activated the core planet use microvawe radiation or other means, so it s takes a lot of energy put it all together. For first need find rare technology terraforming, drill almost to the core, install equipment.
  20. Before I start this thread, I want to note that there are 2 key problems with this bug. A few minutes ago, I entered Hydron with me(Chroma), a Mesa, an Oberon, and an Inaros. The Wolf spawned in and I was ready for him. However, the Inaros on the team used his Devour ability on a fugitive to take him out of the fight. A text option appeared which I thought read "capture". (I know that the fugitives are invincible, which is why I tried to capture him) When I hit "x" to capture, my Chroma stuck his arm out, but was trying to devour the fugitive. It kept showing the fugitive on the ground and continual 0 damage numbers. Moreover, I couldn't stop trying to devour/capture. No button freed me from the perpetual animation. The unstuck command didn't work, I couldn't abort the mission, I couldn't move, I couldn't attack. Literally nothing. Moreover, I want to point out that I was invincible during that time, so I wasn't allowed to be downed. That's bug 1. Bug 2 is that when the Wolf was killed, I didn't receive any award, nor did the other two fugitives grant me nightwave standing. I was still stuck trying to get out. I was doing 82-83 damage continually, and no other teammate could damage the fugitive. When the fugitive was the last enemy on wave 5, the "x" button finally allowed me to stop trying to devour the fugitive. I'd like to note that I had tried pressing it before, but I couldn't get out. At the end of the mission, I left with nothing that the Wolf drops and only 50 nightwave standing. This needs to fixed ASAP, because if my squad couldn't have killed the wolf, it might have forced a hard reset of the game to get out of it.
  21. When you moving on k-drive he can freeze, creating tramplines and road. example: cartoon The Incredibles, character Frozone
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