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  1. Starting just before Update 30, Warframe included network updates to the way the game transmits data between players and servers. These updates increase the security of our game traffic as part of our campaign to fully support Warframe on new-generation consoles. Unfortunately, the way Internet Service Providers are configured in some parts of the world- principally Egypt, according to our data- causes interference with the secure connections Warframe requires. This may cause you to be unable to see or join multiplayer sessions, or to see other players online. We are looking at worka
  2. Hello Tenno! Back in 2017 we launched Warframe Twitch Drops and made continual back-end changes for stability, variety, and overall fixing. Now in 2021 we’re excited to launch Warframe Twitch Drops 2.0 - a more user friendly Drop experience! A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Everyone must relink their Twitch Account to their Warframe Account to be eligible for Twitch Drops 2.0. Follow these easy steps below to unlink/relink: Log into the correct Twitch account at https://www.twitch.tv/ that you use to watch Warframe streams Unlink Warframe to Twitch by clicking https://www.warframe.
  3. Boas-vindas Tenno, Neste tópico, gostaríamos de mostrar e de lembrar a todos vocês o quão fácil é de ativar a Autenticação de Dois Fatores, seja em sua conta do Warframe no PC, ou em suas contas de console específicas. Caso você ainda não tenha feito este processo, recomendamos que você tome alguns minutos de seu tempo para realizar estes procedimentos, para garantir sua segurança digital. Para usuários de PC: Basta acessar https://www.warframe.com/pt-br/user e procurar pela seção de Gerenciamento da Conta. Lá, você encontrará a opção para ativar a Autenticação de Dois F
  4. Hello Tenno! We received reports that the TennoCon Digital Pack was incorrectly providing 475 “Free” Platinum (untradable) instead of the intended 475 “Paid” Platinum. We have since fixed this for future purchases. In addition, we have just run a script that will convert the TennoCon 2021 Digital Pack 475 Platinum to the proper “Paid” type, allowing you to Trade it as you please! If you’ve already spent the 475 Platinum or parts of it, the remaining balance will be corrected. Apologies for the mix up!
  5. Tenno, We're in the process of making a few updates to the forums, the most obvious of which is finally adding a 4k background. In addition, we're expanding the use of tags throughout the forums to help make searching and tracking easier. Topics will be required to include at least 1 tag, and we'll expand the available tags as necessary. We've made the decision to remove the Clan feature, which never quite worked the way we desired and caused more issues than it solved. We apologize for any inconvenience if you found it useful. Other changes include minor tweaks to FAQs and other dated fea
  6. Greetings Teeno! With the upcoming unvaulting of Chroma and Zephyr Prime, we are making some changes to their components that we want you to be aware of. On Tuesday, April 27 at 2 p.m. ET, the rarity of various pieces are being adjusted, and therefore their Ducat prices are changing as well. Please read the list below for all the changes. Zephyr Prime Blueprint - 100 down to 65 Zephyr Prime Chassis - 45 down to 25 Chroma Prime Systems - 100 down to 65 Chroma Prime Chassis - 45 down to 25 Tiberon Prime Blueprint - 45 down to 25 Tiberon Prime Barrel
  7. After our recent infrastructure upgrades (https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1258399-matchmaking-presence-server-upgrades-complete/), some players are affected by issues with finding sessions via matchmaking or inviting others to their session. This issue is occurring for Tenno on all platforms. This is specific to a particular server in our network, where players who connect to this server are not able to talk to players of other servers. The problem primarily (but not exclusively) affects players who are connecting to the North American West Coast. We do not have a timetable for when th
  8. Greetings Tenno! As many of you know, Warframe uses a Two-Factor Authentication system (2FA) to help provide account security for our PC Tenno. In an effort to help people better find help documents and report issues, we are giving this system a name: TennoGuard 2FA! The base benefits (such as the Fae Path Ephemera) and process are the same as the previous, unnamed system - the details of which can be found on this support page: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028551411-Warframe-Two-Factor-Authentication-FAQ If you have any issues with TennoGu
  9. Greetings, Console Tenno! We wanted to take a moment to remind you that while you can easily enable TennoGuard Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your PC Warframe account, you should also take the time to enable any 2FA functionality on your consoles, and the accounts linked to them. For Nintendo™ Switch Users: Go to https://accounts.nintendo.com/security and sign in, using your account credentials Click “Sign-In and Security Settings” Click “Edit” in the 2-Step Verification Settings panel Follow the prompts, and set up 2FA using the free Google Authenticator
  10. Hello Console Tenno! Congrats on entering Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii! As promised in the patchnotes, as 'Early Adopters' of Railjack you shall be rewarded for being with us from the hyper-jump into Promixa. We will be running a script later today for those rewards to be delivered to your accounts. The rewards are based on the following Tier requirements: We will update you once the script has started and finished. Thank you! 4:00 PM ET Edit: Script has begun! 5:00 PM ET Edit: Script has completed! Log in to receive your rewards!
  11. Pouic à tous nos Tennos sur toutes les plateformes, À partir de 16h HE aujourd'hui, ou 22h, heure française, nous effectuerons des mises à niveau de nos serveurs de présence et de recherche de groupe. Nous ne nous attendons pas à trop de turbulences, mais si vous ne parvenez pas à trouver de groupe pendant que nos mises à niveau sont en cours, reconnectez-vous simplement au jeu. Nous mettrons ce post à jour quand les améliorations seront terminées. À bientôt, Tennos !
  12. Hello Tenno! We recently identified and quickly resolved an issue that was preventing PC players from completing their attempted web transactions. This was a very small window - we estimate only 500 players would have experienced the issue. The issue that blocked the payment options screen from appearing has now been fixed and things are working as they should be. Rest assured that nobody who attempted a purchase during this window of time was accidentally charged! Thank you! ~Corey
  13. Bien le bonjour les Tennos ! Avec notre introduction de l'Interlude III des Ondes Nocturnes, nous avons ajouté une protection contre les doublons afin que les utilisateurs reçoivent des Jetons des Ondes Nocturnes au lieu des objets qu'ils possédaient déjà. Les joueurs qui ont atteint les Rangs 23 et 28 n'ont pas reçu de Jetons en remplacement du Geste Hurlement du Loup et de la Collection Opérateur Émissaire. Nous sommes désolés pour la confusion ! Pour résoudre ce problème, nous allons exécuter un script dans un avenir proche sur PC (les consoles suivront bientôt !) qui vous do
  14. 你好 Tenno! 随着我们推出的午夜电波间歇 III,我们加入了重复保障机制来让玩家在获得已经拥有的物品时改换成可以收到午夜电波货币。 等级达到23级以及28级的玩家并没有收到替换狼嚎表情动作和使徒指挥官组合包相应的货币。对这次的混淆表示抱歉! 为了解决这个问题,我们将在最近于 PC 版上运行一个脚本(主机版很快就会跟进!)来给你预定的每个受影响物品的 50 午夜电波货币。请留意近期的脚本,一旦脚本运行完成,我们将更新官方贴。 谢谢 Tenno!
  15. Hello Tenno! Sony has announced that they will be ending support for PS Communities in their latest notice: This means that the Warframe Casual Community will be coming to an end. The community was created back in 2015 by [DE]Drew when we first started the PS4 @ 4 live streams. It had reached over 40k Tenno! We want to thank you for participating in the beginnings of the Warframe Playstation community, we've come a long way since then right into the next generation with Warframe on the PS5! We encourage you to us in the official Warframe Discord server! The DE staff is mo
  16. Pouic les Tennos ! Vu que nous ajoutons de manière permanente Valkyr Prime et ses Reliques d'armes Prime, en plus de Nyx Prime et de ses Reliques d'armes Prime aux missions Railjack Corpus, nous allons ajuster leurs valeurs en Ducats pour correspondre à leur niveau de rareté lors de la prochaine Màj. Valkyr Prime - Châssis : passe de 100 à 65 Ducats Valkyr Prime - Systèmes : passe de 100 à 65 Ducats Scindo Prime - Manche : passe de 45 à 25 Ducats Cerno Prime - Corde : passe de 45 à 25 Ducats Notre but ici est de vous avertir assez en avance de ces changements s
  17. PS Plus Booster Pack V is now available on PS4! Celebrate the next generation of gaming with the PlayStation Plus Booster Pack V, available now on PS4 and free for PlayStation Plus members! This pack features everything you need to kickstart your journey, including a PS5-themed Obsidian Sedai Syandana; a 7-Day Affinity Booster; a 7-Day Credit Booster; 100,000 Credits; and 100 Platinum. Check it out in the PlayStation Store! Note: The Platinum included in this pack is non-tradeable. Learn about Warframe on Next Gen here:
  18. OPERATION: ORPHIX VENOM The Sentients are back. Armed with weaponized pulses cleverly designed to disable Warframes, they're staging a takeover of enemy vessels. Deploy your Necramech to survive incoming hordes for as long as possible and earn Blueprints for Lavos, the newest Warframe, plus much more! Operation: Orphix Venom is a limited-time event and is live now! The Operation will be live until February 22nd @ 3:00 PM ET. Also enjoy global double Affinity during the first two weeks of the Operation starting January 21st @ 3:20 PM ET to February 11th @ 3:20 PM ET!* *We a
  19. Hello PlayStation Tenno! It has come to our attention that the Octavia Prime Accessories Pack is currently missing from the North American PlayStation Store - We are in contact with Sony to resolve the issue and will report back here once it has been put live. Thank you! In the meantime you can watch the Octavia Prime trailer over and over again.... (I know I have) 4:50 PM ET Update: Looks like the pack should be up around 7 PM ET, Tenno! The Octavia Prime Accessories pack is now live in the North American PlayStation store!
  20. Ehi Tenno! Nel 2017 abbiamo lanciato le Twitch Drop di Warframe e apportato continue modifiche per stabilità, varietà e correzione generale. Ora nel 2021 siamo entusiasti di lanciare le Twitch Drop 2.0 di Warframe, un'esperienza Drop più user-friendly! NOTA MOLTO IMPORTANTE: Tutti dovranno ricollegare il proprio account Twitch al proprio account Warframe per ricevere le Twitch Drop 2.0. Segui queste istruzioni per effettuare questo passaggio: 1. Accedi all'account Twitch su https://www.twitch.tv/ che usi per guardare le stream Warframe 2. Scollega Warframe da Twitch facendo cli
  21. Edit: We have added the list of offerings below to Baro's shop! If you are in the Relay, you may have to exit and re-enter to see the updated list. Thank you! ---- Hello Console Tenno, Baro seems to have brought the wrong rotation of offerings today! So, in addition to the offerings that are currently live, we are in the process of dropping in the following correct offerings into his shop for his weekend visit: Prisma Dual Decurion Primed Quickdraw Primed Pistol Gambit Primed Slip Magazine Primed Flow Puspa Luxxum Ornament
  22. Pouic les Nintenno ! Nous voulions vous tenir au courant de tous les détails concernant les Ondes pendant que l'équipe prépare ce nouvel Interlude. Notre équipe Nintendo Switch a rencontré des soucis spécifiques à cette plateforme et qui doivent être réglés avant le lancement de cet Interlude. Du coup, nous ne pouvons pas lancer les Ondes à la date prévue du 1er février. Nous sommes désolés pour ce délai et nous utiliserons ce temps pour apporter des améliorations au build Nintendo Switch. Nous allongerons la durée des Ondes Nocturnes sur Nintendo Switch d'autant de jours, selon le r
  23. Greetings Tenno, At Digital Extremes, we take your account security very seriously, and the Corpus are very inventive in trying to get your account information. As a best practice, you should be aware of the following: Digital Extremes will never send you an email from a public email domain (such as Gmail or Hotmail). If you receive an email claiming to be from Digital Extremes, make sure the sending address is either @warframe.com, @digitalextremes.com or @digitalextremes.zendesk.com (our Support site). Do not click on the links in false emails, as they can lead to bad softwar
  24. Pouic de pouic ! Voici une courte annonce simplement pour prévenir à l'avance, il ne devrait pas y avoir de soucis ! Il y aura une maintenant au niveau de l'infrastructure sur Xbox et PC le jeudi 28 janvier pendant quelques moments entre 12h et 20h HE (18h - vendredi 2h, heure FR). Nous savons qu'il s'agit d'une grande plage horaire, mais en général cette maintenance particulière n'a jamais impacté le gameplay. Au pire, il se peut que vous voyiez quelques perturbations dans les hubs de joueurs (Relais, Dojos) lors de la maintenance. Comme toujours, nous vous informerons une
  25. 21/01/2020 3 PM ET Status Update: Orphix Venom: Update 29.6.5 is live on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch! Reminder that the Operation will begin at 3:20 PM ET! While the update downloads, might I suggest you have a read through the update notes? Click the links below to read the update notes for each platform: PlayStation: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1246042-psn-orphix-venom-update-2965/ Xbox: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1246038-xbox-orphix-venom-update-2965/ Nintendo Switch: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1246039-nsw-orphix-venom-update-2965/ ------------
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