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  1. Hello Tenno! It was so great connecting with you all–in some capacity or another–at TennoCon this year. Since then, we have deployed an all platform Hotfix and have been quietly working on exciting new content and updates for August (and beyond!). In the near future, we have an all platform update on August 17th; expect to see TennoGen Round 22 Part 1, Quality of Life improvements, and fixes. Following the update on August 17th, we are diving headfirst into streaming with 3 streams planned. We will have more information about the upcoming streams and respective dates next week!
  2. that's literally why eximus were changed and makes playing against infested simply unpleasant and unenjoyable for any frame with any semblance of an energy economy. this should be brought in line with the same status effects and counterplay, it should be a magneitc proc: lose 100 energy over a 4 sec duration (20 per tick including initial hit) not all energy on a random basic attack, please correct this.
  3. With the announcement of possible cross platform and progression/save. I’ve been wondering what the plan might be if people have created multiple accounts on different platforms. I know myself, my PC crashed shortly after I started the game years ago so I started playing on PlayStation. I’m wondering if we’ll have to start a new account if they get the cross save working or if we can choose an account to be our main and overwrite another we may have? I’ve only got like a week worth of progress on PC where as my PlayStation account has years. Thoughts?
  4. Pouic, Tennos ! Nous étudions actuellement les problèmes de connectivité pour les utilisateurs confrontés à des erreurs "OpenSSL SSL_connect". Bien que ce problème semble être répandu dans le monde entier, il n'affecte qu'un petit groupe de joueurs. Si vous rencontrez cette erreur, vos logs de diagnostic nous aideraient grandement à identifier le problème. Vous pouvez trouver un guide sur la façon d'obtenir vos logs ici : https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/fr/articles/200182250-Quelles-informations-dois-je-donner-lors-de-l-envoi-d-un-ticket- Lorsque vous avez vos logs, vous pouvez les envoyer à notre équipe du Support avec une description du problème auquel vous êtes confronté, y compris les mots-clés "Open SSL" et "SSL_connect" : https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/fr Comme étape recommandée, vous pouvez ouvrir ce site Web de diagnostic et cliquer sur Soumettre lorsqu'il est terminé : https://www.t1info.net/4wm238 Nous travaillons activement avec nos partenaires de réseau et vous tiendrons au courant au fur et à mesure que nous traquons la racine du problème ! Merci !
  5. This is my most hated thing about Corpus Railjack. I wanted to do public endless missions for a specified amount of minutes. It always ended up me extracting earlier due to the lack of solo extraction feature. Other squad members are forced to drag me out every time they want to extract. This feature is missing for more than one year after the content's introduction. If you want to do long runs, you are forced to go solo. So, please DE, implement this. This is way overdue.
  6. EDIT Aug 12th @ 11:34am ET: Our network partners have confirmed this issue is mitigated. If you are still facing this issue please follow the steps below. Hi Tenno! We are currently investigating connectivity issues for users facing ‘OpenSSL SSL_connect’ errors. While this issue does appear to be widespread across the globe, it is only affecting a small group of players. If you are running into this error, your diagnostic logs would greatly help us identify the issue. You can find a guide on how to get your logs here: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200182250-What-information-should-I-give-when-submitting-a-ticket- When you have your logs, you can send them to our support team with a description of the issue you are facing, including the keywords ‘Open SSL’ and ‘SSL_connect’: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us As a recommended step, you can open this diagnostic website and hit submit when it completes: https://www.t1info.net/4wm238 We are actively working with our network partners and will keep you updated as we track down the root of the problem! Thanks all!
  7. If you've recently gotten the update to the mobile companion app for Warframe, you might have noticed that the planets you select to deploy to are not where the extractors currently go. There is a mismatch after they re-ordered the display to be alphabetical and didn't update the backing data for them. Here is the listing of what shows in the app and where it will actually deploy to if you send out your extractor: Ceres - Mercury Deimos - Venus Earth - Earth Eris - Mars Europa - Jupiter Jupiter - Saturn Kuva - Uranus Lua - Neptune Mars - Pluto Mercury - Ceres Neptune - Eris Phobos - Sedna Pluto - Europa Saturn - Phobos Sedna - Deimos Uranus - Lua Venus - Kuva Fortress Zariman - Zariman
  8. Tenno, For over 10 years I’ve been writing posts to you. I’ve always called you Tenno. That will never change. Other things, though, are changing. We’re in a new chapter of Warframe. I’ve always written from the perspective of someone that has been a steadfast believer in community as a core part of what makes Warframe great. And that belief will stay with me now that I get to work closer with the developers that have made everything possible. If the community has always been the heart of Warframe, the developers have been the soul. It is an honor, and an emotional one at that, to be a part of Warframe’s future in the Creative Director role. Even more of an honor is being able to do it with members of the team growing into roles that form Warframe’s new leadership. You know some of this team already, and there are many new faces behind the scenes. They are wonderful people who I deeply respect, and as we work through the transition I know you’ll feel the same. As for the Digital Extremes team moving on to our incredible second project, Soulframe, they’ve not gone far. I’ll miss many of them on the Warframe Devstream couch, but I’m excited for the next generation of folks that will be blinded by our studio lights. I hope to make them proud, and bother them frequently with my Fashion Frame choices. Nothing can stop me now. How lucky are we that both Science Fiction & Fantasy will now exist under one roof. Envoys & Tenno, the future is bright. See you soon, - [DE]Rebecca Please also see [DE]Steve's Open Letter:
  9. 원문: 안녕하세요 텐노 여러분! 현재 일부 플레이어 여러분들이 겪고 계신 'OpenSSL SSL_Connect' 관련 에러를 현재 개발진이 조사 중에 있으며, 해당 문제의 발생 범위는 전 세계에 걸치나 오직 소수의 플레이어분들만이 겪게 되는 문제입니다. 만약 해당 에러를 겪고 계실 경우, 해당 문제에 대한 진단 로그 파일을 보내주시면 문제 파악 및 해결에 아주 큰 도움이 됩니다. 진단 로그 파일을 얻는 방법에 대해서는 아래 과정을 참조해주세요: 1. 워프레임 런처를 실행시켜주세요. 2. 런처 오른쪽 상단에 있는 톱니바퀴 아이콘을 눌러주세요. 3. 로그 얻기 버튼을 눌러주세요. 4. 로그 수집 과정이 끝난 후, 바탕화면에 생성된 "Warframe Logs" 폴더를 찾아주세요. 5. 서포트 문의를 보낼 시, 이 "Warframe Logs" 폴더를 'attach file' 란에 드래그해 넣어주세요. 업로드가 끝나면 아래와 같은 3개 이상의 파일이 목록에 나타납니다: 해당 로그를 얻으시면, 겪고 계신 문제에 대한 설명과 함께 파일을 서포트 센터로 보내주시면 됩니다. 서포트 문의를 보내실 때에는 문의 내용 및 제목에 'OpenSSL' 혹은 'SSL_Connect'라는 단어를 포함해주세요. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us 또한 권장 사항으로, 아래의 진단 웹사이트를 열어 진단이 완료된 후 'submit' (제출) 을 눌러주시기를 부탁드립니다. https://www.t1info.net/4wm238 현재 네트워크 파트너사와 함께 문제를 해결하기 위해 최대한 협력 중에 있으며, 해당 문제의 원인이 파악됨에 따라 소식을 계속 전해드리도록 하겠습니다! 감사합니다.
  10. 你们好,Tenno! 我们目前正在调查玩家会遇到“OpenSSL SSL_connect”错误的连接问题。虽然这个问题在全球范围内普遍存在,但它只影响了一小部分玩家。 如果你遇到这个错误,你的诊断日志能极大地帮助我们找出这个问题的原因。 你可以在这里找到关于如何获得你的日志的指南: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/zh-cn/articles/200182250-提交问题单时我应该提供什么信息呢- 当你获得了日志后,可以把日志发送给我们的客服团队,并描述你所遇到的问题,记得写上关键词“Open SSL”和“SSL_connect”: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us • 另外推荐做一步的是,你可以打开这个诊断网站,在完成后点击提交: • https://www.t1info.net/4wm238 我们正在积极与我们的网络合作伙伴一起处理问题,并会在追踪问题源头的过程中向你们提供最新信息! 感谢大家! ===================== 进度更新:我们的网络合作伙伴已经确认他们那有一个问题,并且正在努力解决中。 他们说当他们有更多信息时,会让我们知道。感谢你们对此事的耐心,并非常感谢那些发来日志帮助我们诊断这个问题的玩家。 ===================== 美东时间 8 月 12 日 11:34 am 进度更新:我们的网络合作伙伴已经确认这个问题已经得到缓解。如果你仍然遇到这个问题,请按照以上提到的上报步骤操作。
  11. 你好 Tenno! 我們正在調查玩家遇到「OpenSSL SSL_connect」錯誤的連線問題。雖然這個問題目前來說正影響全球,但今次只影響小部分的玩家。 如果你遇上這個問題,你的診斷日誌將大大幫助我們找出問題根源。 你可以在以下指南找到你如何可以獲取你的日誌: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/zh-tw/articles/200182250-提交問題單時我應該提供什麼資訊呢- 當你獲取你的日誌之後,你可以附上你目前遇到問題的簡單描述並發送給我們的客服團隊,可寫上「OpenSSL SSL_connect」「SSL_connect」等關鍵字眼: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/zh-tw 另外一個我們建議的步驟,你可以開啟這個診斷網址並在問題單裏附上診斷結果發送給客服團隊: https://www.t1info.net/4wm238 我們現正努力跟我們的網絡合作夥伴處理這個問題,當我們找到問題根源後會通知大家! 謝謝大家!
  12. Disclaimer: I'm using the PSA tag as I am doing my best to try avoid this being a metacomplaint. However, I AM addressing a popular point of community discourse and controversy, and specifically a common misconception. Please proceed with an open mind, and please don't be too rude to me or anyone else. Pablo's recent tweets and interviews - specifically, this tweet and interview: Have reignited the topic of balance in Warframe vs power fantasy. And to be honest, whilst I think there's a lot of very healthy and important debate to be had, it's the 'vs' that I believe lies at the center of much of the, to put it politely, less constructive discourse. The idea that balancing the game means removing the element of power fantasy, or the inverse, that power fantasy means that the game should not be balanced. I want to deconstruct these two terms, try and help a degree of mutual understanding. Starting with the term 'Power Fantasy', the definition is deceptively simple. However, there is deeper complexity when you dive into the specifics. To illustrate, I have heard Dynasty Warriors, Halo and even Dark Souls all described as 'Power Fantasies'. Yet these games share almost nothing in common. The term 'Power Fantasy', in reality, is a supertrope - most games and a good chunk of media are some form of Power Fantasy. The term, after all, refers simply to 'the fantasy of having power', but there's a lot of different forms that fantasy can take. There's a Power in being an unstoppable force of destruction mowing down countless helpless troops, yes, but there's a distinctly different power in being a jack-of-all trades defeating an enemy that has you hopelessly outmatched and outgunned through wit and quick reflexes. And, yes, there's a feeling of overwhelming power in being the underdog who kills a god ten times your size with nothing but the scavenged armour on your back and a sword. I'm not going to discuss how many and what forms of power fantasy Warframe should engage in, at least not in this thread. Goodness knows, I have elsewhere! Balance, in video game terms, can be described in two ways. The first, is simply 'how many options are practically viable' - that is to say, how many options can one use. There are other ways you can describe this (for example, the difference between an unoptimised, minmaxed and 'average' build), but the principle is ultimately some variation of how many options and builds are reasonable and fun to play. The other way is 'how well does the game succeed in delivering its intended experience'. In other words, a 'survival horror' game that gives you powerful weapons and tons of ammo and healing items has very little survival or horror. Balance should usually be considered along both vectors, since a game could have a ton of ways to play it, but all conflict with its main fantasy; or its main way to play could self-sabotage by being overly restrictive. With that in mind, ultimately, Balance and Power Fantasy are not opposing concepts. Instead, Balance can be described as the means by which a Power Fantasy is attained, and for the most players and playstyles, since there is a different fantasy between sniping, using explosives and even wielding Warframe Powers. I would ask that the next time you offer discourse on a thread arguing for one or the other to keep this in mind, instead of discarding the main crux of the thread. I know I have not always myself, but I am going to try to more going forwards.
  13. Tenno, Digital Extremes has been my home for my entire game development career. 20+ years for those counting (I try not to). Over 10 of those years have been on Warframe as you know it today, but in truth the Warframe story started much earlier. Warframe once existed as Dark Sector in my mind in the early 2000’s. Turning that seed of ‘Dark Sector’ into ‘Warframe’ has been a life-defining accomplishment for me and the Digital Extremes team. I feel like I can say: We did it. And in some ways, I thought it’d be the last thing we’d do as a team. But we want to tell another story. Soulframe development has officially just begun. We hope you follow along. It’s only possible because the community believed in Warframe to allow me 10 beautiful years in the Origin System. Further still, the Warframe team believed in me, but more importantly, I believe in them. I know they can do great things with the story of the Tenno. And now, a group of us have set our sights on the Fantasy genre to tell the story of Soulframe. I want to have Fantasy & Science Fiction as a part of Digital Extreme’s legacy. I want to spend as much time with Soulframe as I have with Warframe. My beard only has so much black left in it. Envoys, see you in the future. We all lift together - and always will. - [DE]Steve Please also see [DE]Rebecca's Open Letter:
  14. The Sands of Inaros Second Vessel Challenge is bugged and will not record kills at all even though the quest is selected. The indicator on the vessel has not moved an inch since starting it even though many of the required enemies have been killed. [SOLVED]: The vessel was not equipped in my gear wheel, thus not counting kills.
  15. Just plain and simple here: Nora Night's Bounty: Conservationist Bounty Text: "Complete 0/6 different Perfect Animal Captures in Orb Vallis" I feel it's getting a little stale in repetition. This bounty needs to be expanded to all open worlds somehow (6 animal captures on any open world or fully randomized where you do the 6 in one of the three worlds). I GET that Fortuna/Orb Vallis didn't have animals wandering around for the longest time. I think players who play know by now that they do wander. Those who come back will learn if they haven't forgotten how the whole hunting system works completely. I mean, DE you could put in a voice line just saying "Did you hear that Tenno? that roar/squawk/sound? That's the sound of an animal nearby!" Just saying, I have been playing long enough to know if some creature makes a sound in the open world that means that certain animal is nearby, and THAT'S GREAT! I'd just be happy if the Fortuna/Orb Vallis hunting bounty was more randomized with 2 other sorts of bounties on 2 other planets. If that's the way you want to roll it, I would love that too. Thanks for reading, Poestis / Bauchie
  16. Pouic les Tennos ! Nous avons créé de nouvelles options pour vous aider à recruter des membres pour votre Clan. Avec l'aide de Maroo et de son vaste réseau, vous pouvez désormais faire la pub de votre Clan auprès de membres potentiels. Pour les Clans cherchant à publier des annonces Rendez visite à Maroo dans son Bazar et elle publiera une annonce pour votre Clan pendant 8 heures. Si vous essayez d'économiser du carburant spatial, vous pouvez également accéder à la fonction "Annoncer le Clan" via votre menu de Clan. Les frais pour Maroo seront des Ressources de votre Coffre de Clan et ils changeront sur une base hebdomadaire. Les Clans peuvent rédiger une brève description des intérêts de leur Clan et également ajouter des tags pour aider les membres potentiels à filtrer les annonces. Ces tags comprennent : Débutants acceptés PM élevé exigé Connexion régulière exigée Recherches de Clan terminées Dojo décoré Axé sur les événements compétitifs Escouades pour longues missions PM élevé exigé Escouades pour Mondes Ouverts Fashion Frame Ambiance décontractée Discord de Clan Mentors présents Plusieurs langues Une fois que vous êtes satisfait de votre annonce, vous pouvez la publier et c'est parti ! Lorsque les candidatures arrivent, vous les verrez dans la section "En attente" du menu de Clan. À partir de là, vous pouvez examiner le candidat et choisir de l'accepter ou de le refuser. Pour les Tennos sans Clan Vous pouvez afficher le tableau des annonces via le nouveau menu "Rechercher un Clan". Ce menu est accessible à tout moment depuis la section Communications -> Clan du menu principal tant que vous ne faites pas déjà partie d'un Clan. Il est également accessible si vous rendez visite à Maroo. À partir du tableau des annonces, vous pouvez afficher toutes les annonces actuelles par Taille de Clan et également filtrer avec les tags prédéfinis pour trouver le Clan qui vous convient le mieux. Lorsque vous passez le curseur sur une annonce, vous serez accueilli par le message du Clan et vous pourrez cliquer / sélectionner cette annonce pour postuler. Vous pouvez ensuite rédiger votre propre message et expliquer pourquoi vous souhaitez rejoindre ce Clan. Une fois que vous êtes satisfait de votre message, vous pouvez l'envoyer et attendre une réponse du Clan ! FAQ Pourquoi avez-vous décidé de faire ce changement ? Nous avons reconnu qu'il devenait de plus en plus difficile pour les Clans de se promouvoir uniquement via le Tchat de recrutement et les Forums. Nous avons donc décidé de créer un espace plus ciblé et facile à utiliser pour que les Clans recrutent et partagent un peu leurs intérêts avec des membres potentiels. Qu'est-ce que cela signifie pour le "Tchat de recrutement" ou le Sous-Forum "Recrutement" ? Les deux resteront ! Cette fonctionnalité supplémentaire est destinée à compléter les processus de recrutement actuels en ajoutant une option supplémentaire pour le recrutement dans le jeu. Qui peut publier des annonces ? Le Seigneur de Guerre Fondateur ou les Seigneurs de Guerre peuvent publier une annonce : ils peuvent également désigner des membres avec le nouveau rôle d'Annonceur pour assurer cette fonction. Y a-t-il une limite au nombre d'annonces qu'un Clan peut publier ? Les Clans peuvent publier une annonce et celle-ci sera active pendant 8 heures avant d'expirer. Vous ne pouvez avoir qu'une seule annonce active à la fois. Que se passe-t-il si je souhaite republier mon annonce ? Ou si je veux l'annuler ? Vous pouvez republier / annuler votre annonce auprès de Maroo quand vous avez une annonce active. Lorsque vous lui parlerez, l'option "Republier votre annonce" vous sera présentée, ce qui la réinitialisera pour 8 heures (moyennant des frais), ou vous pouvez "Annuler l'annonce", ce qui la retirera du tableau d'annonces. Les annonces annulées n'entraîneront pas de remboursement des Ressources dépensées. Comment accéder à mon Coffre de Clan ? Visitez votre Dojo de Clan et assurez-vous d'avoir fabriqué et placé la décoration "Trésorerie" dans votre Dojo et vous pourrez ajouter des Ressources et plus encore à votre Coffre ! Si je postule dans plus d'un Clan, puis-je être accepté partout ? Non, vous ne pouvez être accepté que dans un seul Clan. Lorsqu'un Clan vous accepte en tant que membre, il empêche automatiquement les autres Clans de vous accepter également. Vous avez une limite de 10 candidatures actives et quand une est acceptée, toutes vos autres candidatures sont immédiatement retirées. Une candidature active expire après 24 heures si le Clan destinataire ne fait rien. Bien que vous ne puissiez pas annuler une candidature, si vous êtes rejeté ou si votre candidature expire, cela libérera une place pour postuler à nouveau. Est-ce le seul moyen d'inciter les gens à rejoindre mon Clan ? Non, toutes les options que vous avez utilisées pour recruter des membres resteront. Que vous ayez utilisé le "Tchat de recrutement", posté sur nos Forums ou établi des liens avec d'autres Tennos sur Discord, vous êtes toujours libre de recruter des membres comme bon vous semble ! Que se passe-t-il si je vois quelqu'un publier une annonce inappropriée ? Comme dans de nombreux autres domaines où vous pouvez fournir un message personnalisé, les joueurs peuvent signaler une annonce de Clan si elle enfreint l'une de nos Conditions d'Utilisation, notre Code de Conduite ou mène à toute forme de discrimination ou de harcèlement des autres joueurs. Recrutez à votre guise, Tennos, mais comme toujours, nous vous demandons de faire de Warframe un espace accueillant pour tous. Rappelez-vous également que les rapports sont pris très au sérieux, donc abuser de cette fonction peut entraîner des conséquences pour votre compte Warframe. Les Clans plus petits peuvent-ils utiliser cette nouvelle fonctionnalité ? Oui, tous les Clans, quelle que soit leur Taille, pourront utiliser cette fonctionnalité. Comme toujours, vos commentaires sont appréciés, Tennos. Bon recrutement et que les couloirs de vos Dojos regorgent de nouveaux compagnons d'armes !
  17. So i bought a kuva lich that had 59% status (kuva bramma), then after doing the murmurs and the confrontation i got the kuva bramma the weapon status dropped to 21%?????? am i just dumb and thats how its meant to be or did i get robbed? im so confused. anything helps
  18. Pouic les Tennos ! C'était génial d'être en contact avec vous tous - d'une manière ou d'une autre - lors de la TennoCon de cette année. Depuis, nous avons déployé un correctif pour toutes les plateformes et avons travaillé tranquillement sur de nouveaux contenus et mises à jour passionnants pour août (et au-delà !). Prochainement, nous aurons une mise à jour pour toutes les plateformes le 17 août ; attendez-vous à voir la Vague TennoGen 22 Partie 1, des améliorations apportées à la qualité de jeu et des corrections de bugs. Suivant la mise à jour du 17 août, nous plongerons tête baissée dans les streams avec 3 de prévus. Nous aurons plus d'informations sur ces streams et leurs dates respectives la semaine prochaine !
  19. Witajcie Tenno! Mimo że jest to dopiero początek wakacyjnej zabawy, nadszedł czas, aby pożegnać się z Efemerą Kanikuły. Dzisiaj o godzinie 22:00 czasu polskiego Efemera zostanie usunięta ze wszystkich kont graczy. Nie przejmujcie się, ten letni hit powróci wraz z następną edycją Kanikuły. Do tego czasu pamiętajcie, aby się nawadniać, Tenno!
  20. 你好 Tenno! 很高興在今年的 TennoCon 跟你們所有人相聚—不論時間長短。在這一場盛事過後,我們在各大平台上發佈了熱修並為了 8 月(和打後的月份!)默默地努力創作讓人興奮的全新內容和更新。在不久的將來,我們會在 8 月 17 日會有一次全平台性的更新;密切期待 TennoGen 的第 22 輪第 1 部份,遊戲品質改動,以及修正。 在 8 月 17 日的更新之後,我們會全力籌備 3 個已計劃好的直播節目。我們會在下個星期推出更多有關即將到來的直播節目以及各大播出日期!
  21. Witajcie Tenno! Niezwykle się cieszymy, że mogliśmy się z Wami połączyć podczas tegorocznego TennoCon. Od tego czasu wydaliśmy Poprawkę dla wszystkich platform oraz po cichu przygotowywaliśmy ekscytującą zawartość na sierpień (i nie tylko!). Już na 17 sierpnia zaplanowaliśmy aktualizację dla wszystkich platform, w której możecie się spodziewać pierwszej części 22 rundy TennoGen, poprawek jakości rozgrywki oraz różnych poprawek gry. Po aktualizacji 17 sierpnia powrócimy na Twitch z trzema transmisjami. Więcej informacji o zaplanowanych transmisjach oraz dokładnych datach pojawi się już w następnym tygodniu!
  22. Ciao Tenno! Per DE è stato fantastico entrare in contatto con tutti voi, in un modo o nell'altro, al TennoCon di quest'anno. Da allora, hanno rilasciato un hotfix per tutte le piattaforme e hanno lavorato in silenzio su nuovi entusiasmanti contenuti e aggiornamenti per Agosto (e oltre!). Faranno un aggiornamento per tutte le piattaforme il 17 Agosto; aspettatevi di vedere la Parte 1 delle Skin TennoGen Round 22, Quality of Life e correzioni. Dopo l'aggiornamento del 17 Agosto, torneranno a fare dirette con 3 stream pianificati. Daranno maggiori informazioni sui prossimi stream e le rispettive date la prossima settimana!
  23. Hello Tenno! Back in 2017 we launched Warframe Twitch Drops and made continual back-end changes for stability, variety, and overall fixing. Now in 2021 we’re excited to launch Warframe Twitch Drops 2.0 - a more user friendly Drop experience! A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Everyone must relink their Twitch Account to their Warframe Account to be eligible for Twitch Drops 2.0. Follow these easy steps below to unlink/relink: Log into the correct Twitch account at https://www.twitch.tv/ that you use to watch Warframe streams Unlink Warframe to Twitch by clicking https://www.warframe.com/twitch/unlink_action Go to https://www.twitch.tv/settings/connections, then find Warframe listed under OTHER CONNECTIONS, click DISCONNECT and then confirm by clicking Yes, Disconnect Log into https://www.warframe.com/ with the desired account/platform to wish to receive the drop on Go to https://www.warframe.com/user and click the ‘LINK ACCOUNT' Verify both Twitch is linked by checking https://www.twitch.tv/settings/connections and make sure Warframe is listed in the "OTHER CONNECTIONS" section Verify the Warframe side by checking https://www.warframe.com/user (it should say "Linked to USERNAME") and display your Twitch username You’re all set! What you can expect from Warframe Twitch Drops 2.0: Upon entering the stream while a drop is active, you’ll be greeted with a chat message at the top of the chat window which can be expanded to see more details about the drop at a glance. By clicking your Twitch icon in the top right, you’ll see a progression bar depicting how close you are towards claiming the Twitch Drop. Clicking the drop will take you to the Drops main page where a more detailed description of the Warframe Twitch Drop can be read. Once you have met the Twitch Drop criteria (30 minute watch time, etc) a popup in the chat window will appear for you to manually claim your Drop. IF you miss this popup and don’t claim it within chat, you can go into your Twitch Inventory section and it will be waiting there for you to claim: https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory *Twitch Drops in your Twitch Inventory must be claimed within 24 hours of the Campaign (stream) end date. Example: Monday's 1-2 p.m. ET stream drops must be claimed by 2 p.m. ET the following day. You must manually claim the Twitch Drop for it to be delivered. Once claimed, the Twitch Drop may take 5-10 minutes to be delivered to your linked Warframe account. Once delivered, the familiar face of Teshin will greet you in your in-game Inbox. That’s it! Warframe Twitch Drops 2.0 will debut this Tuesday, February 16th during our Working From Home Community Stream. Thanks! ==================================
  24. I was having issues registering at soulframe.com for an Envoy title. Since there are no Soulframe forums, found this community extremely helpful https://www.reddit.com/r/SoulFrame They have a Wiki page for troubleshooting and tips for hidden messages on Soulframe.com
  25. Starting TODAY Baro’s inventory will be synced on all platforms! First announced at TennoCon 2022, Baro Ki’Teer’s inventory will soon be synced across all platforms! Along with community testing happening later this year, this is a major step in fulfilling our promise to bring Cross Play to Warframe. This is the first of many steps we are taking to unify systems that are per-database timers (Relics, Vendors, etc) - more to come on that at a later date! Starting today Friday July 29, Baro will visit the Earth Strata Relay and carry the same inventory regardless of what platform you’re playing on. This is especially great news for console players, as Baro’s console inventory will no longer be several weeks behind his PC manifest. As part of this change, please note that Baro’s inventory will remain the same for his next three visits, until the end of August. To thank you for your patience, we’re excited to announce that Baro will be selling several brand new items, including an all-new Baro-themed Armor Set and Syandana, several The New War-themed Noggle Statues, and more! These items will be available each time Baro visits from now until the end of August, so you’ll have plenty of time to earn the Ducats needed to purchase everything. This is in addition to nearly 100 other items that will be available during his next three visits. Double Resource Event Rerun Baro’s synced inventory won’t be the only reason to jump into the Origin System on Friday. As previously announced, we’re rerunning a portion of TennoCon 2022’s Double Resource Event due to server issues some of you encountered during that weekend. This means you now have an extra opportunity to earn double the Resources on any activity you participate in throughout the Origin System. It’s the perfect time to stock up and build that new Warframe or Weapon you’ve been eyeing! The Double Resource Rerun will begin at 9 a.m. ET on Friday July 29 and will last 24 hours until July 30 at 9 a.m. ET
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