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Found 165 results

  1. OshinoM3m3

    Best warframe ass, FIGHT!

    I stan Khora
  2. (PS4)peak18100

    Duda con clan

    Voy directo al grano hace ya casi un mes me uni a un clan que apenas se habia creado lo unico que tenia creado es la mesa para hacer los intercambios y de un dia a otro mi señor de la guerra desaparecio antes que se fuera me dio el rango de sabio y he construido muchas cosas del dojo e invertido muchos recursos pero el señor de la guerra ya casi completa un mes sin conectarse y no he podido reclutar gente, febo seguir esperando que el señor de la guerra vuelva o debo crear mi propio clan ?
  3. So i just got to Genius rank with Cephalon Suda, and when i got the "Choose a reward" screen the first thing i wanted to do was pick up Concentrated Arrow for my baby. But i noticed it wasnt on the screen, so i had to search to find it (I got it without problem, but i couldnt see it at first and got scared) Maybe its because its such a new augment, idk just wanted to let whoever needs/wants to know know.
  4. Hello Tenno, In keeping with tradition, our new Warframe, Octavia, will be released soon with her very own quest! For players who decide to play through “Octavia’s Anthem” and acquire her that way, this is business as usual: Octavia’s blueprint will be awarded upon quest completion. However, an additional quest reward has been assigned for players who are eager to add Octavia to their collections before finishing the quest. If you purchase Octavia outright before completing the “Octavia’s Anthem” quest, you will earn a Veiled Secondary Riven mod when you complete her quest. We work very hard to deliver impactful and engaging quests to our Tenno, and we want everyone to experience them regardless of whether you plan to craft the Warframe or purchase her with Platinum! Thank you! ___________________________ P.S… hello! I am [DE]Aidan, a new member of the Community team here at Digital Extremes. I'm just finishing up my internship and will be joining [DE] full time this Summer. I would like to retroactively and preemptively thank everyone who has ever taxied and will ever taxi me through alerts, events, the Index, boss battles etc. You are all the greatest. Look forward to working with you all in the coming months!
  5. (XB1)GhostofaMessiah

    Exilus mod Idea.

    Vacuum for your Warframe! I rock carrier almost exclusively... I like how vacuum can go on all sentinels but, I want to run kubrow and kavats... I'm too lazy to run over every single drop ever... Ugh.. I want vacuum for my exilus slot or aura idc which just do it already. I'd also like it to increase my ammo and resources picked up... But I know even suggesting it... "Those forum posters" you know who you are. Those guys are gonna be like, "actually Ghostofamessiah, that's a terrible idea and you are dumb because it's supposed to take forever to do anything in this game so you can have a sense of pride and accomplishment and blah blah blah." Please just do it. I'll be your best friend if you do.
  6. The full year of Free Prime with Twitch Prime has begun! Starting today, get Trinity Prime and the exclusive Spektaka Prime Syandana for free with your Twitch Prime membership. We will be offering exciting Warframe content as part of this program all year! To take advantage of this offer on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, you will have to link your Warframe and Twitch accounts and be a Twitch Prime member. If you’re not a Twitch Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial on the Twitch Prime page. Once your account is linked, click here to claim your Trinity Prime and exclusive Spektaka Prime Syandana!
  7. We are officially re-running The Sacrifice Twitch Drops starting Tuesday, August 7th! Thank you for all your patience guys! ❤️ Hey console Tenno! Since TennoCon 2018 has come and passed, we wanted to give you an update on where we’re at with The Sacrifice Twitch Drops Campaign re-run. To get you up to speed, we originally informed you that we would be re-running the campaign after TennoCon. For the sake of the console Tenno who, at the time, did not want to spoil the quest while watching PC broadcaster streams, we still intend to do so! Our goal has not changed, however, since Update 23 launched on XB1, there have been some difficult-to-solve login and quest freezes/crashes issues. We recently just launched a hotfix on XB1 that’ll hopefully solve the bulk of these issues. You can read more about that here: While we are confident in this fix, we require the following weeks to observe the fix to see if it’s been successful. Additionally, we are concerned that the traffic we usually get on our servers during a Twitch Drops campaign would cause more stress on these ongoing issues. With that said! Once we have the “all clear” that the fix has done what we sought it out to do, we will post an official start date for the campaign. We will also be posting a new thread when the Campaign goes live with all of the information you need to earn your Twitch Drops. You can expect the same rewards earned the same way as the first campaign run. Thank you for your continued patience as we work to make this re-run a reality!
  8. The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.3 is LIVE! The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.3 has passed cert and will launch Thursday, August 9th @ ~ 11 a.m. ET! We love when a build passes overnight, feelsgoodman. You can expect to see red text somewhere around the 11 a.m. mark this Thursday for the release of all of the content you see below! The console team has sent off the first post-Sacrifice build to Cert! We grabbed a whole bunch of goods (and long anticipated cosmetics!) from 23.0.5 to 23.1.3 that we’ve listed below. Once we get news that the build has passed cert, we’ll announce an official launch date for The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.3! NIDUS PHRYKE DELUXE SKIN Embrace the terror within as Nidus Phryke. This new Deluxe Skin is coming along with a new Claw Skin, Syandana and more! NIDUS PHRYKE SKIN From the depths of pestilence, a new horror emerges. Become the exalted master of blight with Nidus Phryke. This Deluxe Skin transforms as Nidus gains Mutation stacks. DEIMOS CLAW SKIN Tear through the still-beating heart of your foes. Bestow this eye-opening Skin to any Claw Weapon. NOSOS SYANDANA The signature Syandana of Nidus Phryke. HELMINTH CHARGER METUS SKIN Nidus Phryke’s loyal beast.* This works on all Kubrow breeds! METUS KUBROW ARMOR Adorn any Kubrow or Helminth Charger Pet with a battery of gothic spikes. NIDUS PHRYKE COLLECTION Everything you need to become the ultimate terror. Includes the unholy Nidus Phryke Skin, Deimos Claw Skin, Nosos Syandana, Helminth Charger Metus Skin and Metus Kubrow Armor. TENNOGEN ROUND 12 (The last bundles!) The remaining Round 12 items are finally making their way to you! We were able to bring you the Syandana TennoGen Bundle XXVI in Update 23, but in the midst of TennoCon and cert deadline craziness, had to hold the bundles you see below. With all that said, here are the TennoGen Round 12 bundles that will be coming in this update! TennoGen Bundle XXVII Mesa Marlet Skin by Cheshire and prosetisen Mag Ferro Skin by Master Noob Nyx Aurelia Skin by Hitsu San Gara Silica Helmet by Arsenal Lympharis Polearm Skin by lukinu_u TennoGen Bundle XXVIII Chroma Thyrus Skin by Stenchfury Chroma Graxx Skin by Faven Loki Erebus Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus. Rhino Scarab Sect Skin by Mz-3 Volt Fulgursor Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus. Since we’re on the topic of TennoGen! It is very likely that TennoGen Round 13 will also be split into separate releases in future updates due to content Cert deadlines. We will keep you up to date as we have more information to share! NEW WARFRAME AUGMENTS (MAXED RANK): Nidus - Ravenous - Insatiable: Nidus has 60% chance of generating an additional Mutation stack whenever he gains one, while standing in the Ravenous infestation. Harrow - Thurible - Warding Thurible: Allies in range take 40% less damage while channeling Thurible and grant 0.5 additional Energy charge whenever damaged. Octavia - Mallet - Partitioned Mallet (Community voted Augment!): Allows for two simultaneous Mallets, each with 50% reduced range. Ivara - Quiver - Empowered Quiver: Dashwire grants allies 100% Critical Damage. Cloak arrow has a 100% chance to prevent Status Effects. These new Warframe Augments will be available at the respective Syndicate Offerings! THE SACRIFICE TWITCH DROPS CAMPAIGN RE-RUN (Started today!) As promised, we’re re-running The Sacrifice Twitch Drops, with minor simplification tweaks, for everyone who missed out the first time! Full details here: General Additions: The Sacrifice will be replayable! 2 new original quest songs will be added to the Somachord from the Sacrifice soundtrack. You will be able to find and scan the Fragments by re-playing the quest! These Somachord Fragments must be scanned in mission order from beginning to end in order to collect them all. If you miss one in mission 3 (for example) you can replay the quest and begin your search at mission 3 instead of back at mission 1. Somachord & Mandachord Changes: All Mandachord songs (other than the default song) will appear in the Somachord, between the unlocked tracks and the locked tracks. Each song will play for 10 loops = 80 seconds. Added per-song autoplay toggle to the Somachord. Using the right trigger on a song will toggle eligibility for autoplay. Songs with autoplay disabled can still be played manually, and through the historical prev/next song toggles (going backwards always plays the previously played songs, and going forward after doing that will do the same until a new song is selected). Mandachord tunes will duck out other music in the Market and Star Chart. New Player Experience changes: After watching far too many people struggle (and reading many feedback threads) with the crafting of an Incubator Core in the 'Howl of the Kubrow' quest, we are making it easier! We will give 'Incubator Cores' as a reward for completing the Earth > Mars Junction. Anyone who has completed Howl of the Kubrow will receive one on login automatically when the update goes live. General Changes: Cetus Star Chart node will always glow blue until the player has completed their first Bounty. Orokin Cells pickups will appear in the pop-up notification similar to Argon Crystals. ‘Damaged Mods’ will be called ‘Flawed Mods’. Increased Fissure enemy spawn rate for Fissure Sabotage missions. Sortie Interception missions will only require 2 rounds instead of 3. Tweaked unicode filtering for private channels so you can play in English but still chat in Swedish with your Clan! Improved the Rift Walker Prime Sigil to be more metallic. This is the start of our Art team going through previous Prime Sigils to give them the same metallic treatment by request! Tweaked the Rhino Graxx Skin to more accurately match the Steam Workshop images. Removed bleedout state condition for Rivens requiring kills on dropship passengers. … and more! UI & Virtual Cursor Fixes: General Fixes:
  9. Hey Xbox One Tenno! If you’ve been experiencing chat issues after recently changing your Gamertag, we suggest rebooting your console. This is a temporary solution for something we will have a more robust fix for in the near future. Thank you!
  10. (PS4)soldierbellcross


    So I've been playing Warframe for 150+ day and since at the beginning I didn't now much of the game I've might of not put to much attention to the quest and their meaning So, I was wondering if it's possible for DE to make all quest replayable? So people would be able to replay them if they want to... I mean at this point I'm MR 25 and there's no much to do besides loving weapons and try to get new Riven Mods... Anyone else who would like to have this done??
  11. [DE]Megan

    QOL Update 23.2.0 Tomorrow!

    PC Tenno! We have a Quality of Life Update in the works with some fancy additions for your hoarding collecting pleasure. With some polish and final checks required, we'll be deploying this QOL update tomorrow, August 2nd! In the mean time, I spy with my little eye, something new...
  12. oSPoJellyz

    Dojo Insufficient Space Bug

    Clearly, it is possible to build a reactor here, since I've done so many of times, however somehow it says insufficient space. I have more than enough capacity for rooms, and the reactor does not consume and energy capacity (it actually increases energy capacity for 25 points, obviously shown). I have also personally counted the rooms in my dojo if it reached 100 limited rooms, which it does not even come close. Please fix this, DE. Thanks.
  13. Tenno che giocate su PC! Digital Extremes ha in programma un aggiornamento "Quality of Life" (ovvero miglioramenti minori atti ad ottimizzare le prestazioni in gioco o\e in generale l'esperienza su Warframe) e in più vi saranno alcune aggiunte fantastiche che stuzzicheranno i Tenno che amano collezionare decorazioni per la navicella. L'aggiornamento uscirà oggi, 2 agosto (presumibilmente quando in Italia sarà sera)! Nel frattempo, i miei occhi scorgono qualcosa di nuovo...
  14. Become the master of manipulation! The Prime Vault is open for a limited time on all platforms. For the first time ever, the hypnotic Nyx Prime is leaving the Vault! Charging out beside her is Rhino Prime along with other high-demand Vaulted Prime Accessories, Prime Weapons and discounted Platinum. Thanks to your feedback, this is also the first time we’re offering separate Prime Accessory Packs! Brains and Brawn Dual Prime Pack Features: 1200 Platinum Nyx Prime Rhino Prime Boltor Prime Hikou Prime Ankyros Prime Scindo Prime Targis Prime Armor Set Noru Syandana Prime Vala Sugatra Prime Distilling Extractor Prime + Blueprint Prime Glyphs Nyx Prime Pack Features: 400 Platinum Nyx Prime Hikou Prime Scindo Prime Targis Prime Armor Set Vala Sugatra Prime Prime Glyphs/Profile Icons Brute Prime Pack Features: 400 Platinum Rhino Prime Boltor Prime Ankyros Prime Distilling Extractor Prime + BP Noru Syandana Prime Prime Glyphs/Profile Icons Nyx Prime Accessory Pack Features: 200 Platinum Targis Prime Armor Set Vala Sugatra Prime Rhino Prime Accessory Pack Features: 200 Platinum Noru Syandana Prime Distilling Extractor Prime + Blueprint The Prime Vault opens on July 24 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4! See below for PlayStation 4 regional launch dates: North and South America – July 24 Europe – July 25 Asia – July 25 Japan – July 26 Click here to pick up these Prime Vault Packs before the Vault closes!
  15. Dear Xbox Tenno, As you may already know, the limited time Prime Vault with Nyx Prime, Rhino Prime, and their respective separate Prime Accessory Packs opens today! Today at roughly 2PM ET we have a planned Hotfix (on all platforms) that adds the respective Relics into the drop tables for the limited duration of the Prime Vault. At that time, our official droptable site will be updated with the location/Relic information for your hunting pleasure. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the release of the Prime Vault packs to the Xbox Store will be delayed by 8 to 24 hours. We will keep you all updated as to when the packs become available for purchase. Sorry for any frustration this may cause - we appreciate your understanding! July 25 Update: Thank you for your patience! The Xbox Store is slowly rolling out the Prime Vault packs now. July 25 3:55pm ET Update: Hello XB1 Tenno! Good news - All Prime Vault packs should now be live in the Xbox Store! Thank you for your patience while these were rolled out across all regions. We also wanted to note that the two Accessories Packs (while not currently visible in Warframe's in-game market) are available for purchase in the Games Store on Xbox,, and the Xbox app by searching "Prime Vault" ! You can purchase all of the Prime Vault packs in these locations as well. July 26 Update: We just dropped a Hotfix on Xbox One that added the Accessories Packs to the in-game Market home page. You no longer need to search "Prime Vault" to find the Accessories Packs! Thanks again, Tenno. We hope you enjoy!
  16. Gain access to PS4™-exclusive content with Renown Pack XIII! Send a clear message to the Grineer by using Armor cobbled together from their vanquished kin. Pair that with a powerful Grineer shotgun, and you’re set to give them a taste of their own medicine! Renown Pack XIII Includes: Hek Shotgun Hek Obsidian Skin Obsidian Provvok Shoulder Guard (*similar to the Provvok Shoulder Guard, you can find this attachment in the "Left Arm" armor selection screen) 170 Platinum Renown Pack XIII is available now at the in-game Market and on the PSN Store. This pack is available on: North and South America: May 22 Europe and Australia: May 23 East Asia: May 23 Japan: May 24 PlayStation®Plus Member? Get an extra 20% off! Renown Pack XIII may only be purchased once per account and is available for a limited time.
  17. Starting at 9 a.m. tomorrow, Thursday December 7th, we will be performing some in-house maintenance for PS4. Several phases of maintenance will be performed throughout the day, but there should be no interruptions to the game. Red Text will inform you of when the next phase of maintenance has started and when it has finished. We will be monitoring service during maintenance and will update you here if there are any issues. Thank you! December 7th edit: We've had to delay maintenance due to internet related issues in the office. We'll start once it's been resolved. 12:50 PM ET edit: We have completed the first phase of maintenance! We've got a couple more to go today. 2:10 PM ET edit: Next phase complete! 3:43 PM ET edit: Second last phase complete! One more to go. 4:05 PM ET edit: Last phase completed! Thanks everyone for your attention :)
  18. THE SACRIFICE: UPDATE 23 IS LIVE!!! We couldn't be any luckier to have such an incredible and supportive community. Thank you for your energy, patience, and continued support. We hope you enjoy the quest and everything else Update 23 has to offer: THE SACRIFICE: UPDATE 23 IS COMING JULY 5TH @ ~ 12 PM EDT! We did it!! We passed cert and THE SACRIFICE is officially launching this Thursday, July 5th!! We could not be more excited for you all to experience the third cinematic quest in Warframe's history. Thank you so much for all your support, Tenno!!! Can't wait to see you at TennoCon 2018 and at the TennoLive stage this Saturday! We had 2 goals with The Sacrifice on console: Sending the build to Cert before the end of this week. Passing Cert in time to launch the update before TennoCon 2018 on July 7th. Well, the Console team has done the impossible and HAS MET THE FIRST GOAL! With only 2 weeks to get The Sacrifice build ready to send to Sony, they made it to the finish line and it has officially been shipped to cert!! The console team truly are champions for making this happen within such a small window of time, so they definitely deserve a big round of applause for all their hard work. We have received so much of your energy over the past couple of weeks, and it has kept us fueled over the many long nights, thank you for your support! Now is the time where we channel all that energy to the Cert Gods so that they may bless this build and pass it. At this time we would like to remind you that there is a possibility that the build doesn’t pass Certification, which means we might not be able to reach goal #2 of shipping The Sacrifice before TennoCon 2018. To best prepare you for all scenarios, if it so happens we don’t pass Cert, The Sacrifice will launch shortly after TennoCon has officially come to a close. In any case, we will do our darn best and we appreciate your understanding. With all that said! Let’s take a look at what Update 23: THE SACRIFICE will bring: THE SACRIFICE QUEST The Apostasy Prologue left a memento from the Lotus lingering in the Orbiter, calling back to the moment Ballas extended his hand to her. As they faded beyond grasp, nothing but fragmented transmissions from her remained. Now, a foreboding vision leads the Tenno to hunt for a savage Warframe. Will you unmask the truth in this mind-bending new chapter of the cinematic storyline? THE SACRIFICE will bring you closer to uncovering what has fallen into shadow. Prepare for THE SACRIFICE! You must complete The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow and the Apostasy Prologue quests in order to get access to The Sacrifice. If you have met all of the requirements, the quest will be available in your Codex upon login. You can also prepare by planning your best Warframe and Operator loadouts to face the challenges that await you in THE SACRIFICE. A new Gold Trophy has also been added for completing The Sacrifice! THE SACRIFICE TWITCH DROPS CAMPAIGN As promised, we are re-running the Twitch Drops Campaign for our console Tenno who have been patient and strategically avoiding spoilers. As a heads up, the campaign will be a bit delayed to launch after the update goes live due to TennoCon 2018. We will have an official launch time to share at a later date. We will be posting a new thread when the Campaign goes live with all of the information you need to earn your Twitch Drops. You can expect the same rewards earned the same way as noted in our updated campaign: NEW COSMETICS Umbra Armor Eclipse the darkness of Umbra with this Armor Set for any Warframe. Umbra Companion Armor Embody the height of companion Fashion Frame with new Umbra-themed Kubrow and Kavat Armor Sets. Operator Cosmetics Outfit your Operators with these golden-age Customizations. Umbra In Action Glyph He’s mad but he’s also cute in chibi form. The Sacrifice Collection Cast a long shadow with these Umbra and Dax items [beware of spoilers!] Dax Syandana Worn in battle and ceremony at late-Orokin Dax, this Syandana was seen as a symbol of power to all in the empire. And more to be discovered upon completing THE SACRIFICE quest! TOWSUN COLLECTION II Plains living is tough living, Tenno, especially in the sweltering summer. Channel the Ostron spirit of resilience with the Towsun Collection II. This collection includes: Quartakk Towsun Skin Stubba Towsun Skin Maggor Towsun Armor Maggor Towsun Syandana MODDABLE ‘EXALTED’ WEAPONS! Warframes with unique Ability-driven (Exalted) Weapons will be separately Modded in your Arsenal with the launch of The Sacrifice! This includes the ability to customize their appearance too! They appear in your Arsenal as an unranked moddable Weapon option once you’ve unlocked the Ability. If you own any of the following Warframes, their “Exalted” Weapon will be added to your Arsenal: Excalibur/Prime’s Exalted Blade Ivara’s Artemis Bow If you own or purchase the Ivara Obsidian skin from Renown Pack XI, you will automatically receive the Obsidian bow skin to equip on Ivara’s Artemis bow. Mesa’s Regulators If you own or purchase the Mesa Presidio Skin, you will automatically receive the Presidio Regulators skin to equip onto Mesa’s Regulators. Titania’s Dex Pixia and Diwata Increased Titania’s Diwata damage to 200, Critical Chance to 20% and Critical Multiplier to 2x. Titania’s Dex Pixia will use Secondary Mods! You can read more on that in the dedicated Dev Workshop on the official Warframe Forums. Valkyr/Prime’s Talons Wukong’s Iron Staff NEW UI THEMES! Currently, we have exactly 131 screens in Warframe that need an artistic pass to the new style. 8 are done and ready to go - and they are coming in Update 23! There are 10 themes to choose from (default or purchased themes) for the screens we have completed, and all subsequent screens will inherit whatever UI theme you've chosen. Customize your UI! To change your UI theme, you will have to go to your Interface Options and select “UI Customization”. From the default free themes we have 2 specifically tailored for our visually impaired and color blind Tenno: the “Equinox Theme” (B&W theme) and the “High Contrast Theme”! Backgrounds: Equinox Background Legacy Background Vitruvian Background UI sounds: Chose from “Legacy” and “Vitruvian” options. UI CHANGES & FIXES (Expand the spoilers below to check out them out!) GENERAL ADDITIONS Vitruvian Glyph Pack: Ashwat Glyph Vanva Glyph Kulam Glyph Nila Glyph Samat Glyph Added some much-requested items to Clan & Dojo management to make decorating and contributing much easier! Added a new ‘DECORATOR’ Role to Dojo hierarchies! This role will allow the player to place/remove Decorations and change room colors/lighting, but without the ability the destroy/build rooms. Added a ‘Contribute All’ button for Dojo room/Decoration Resource contributions, and Dojo Research contribution. Added a ‘Reset’ button to the Obstacle Course to clear all Decorations. Onkko has acquired new offerings! Trade Quills Standing for Landing Craft Decorations like Glowing Sentient Cores, Eidolon Relics, and more! Plus, acquire the Onkko's Cave Scene for your Captura desires. Old Man Sumbaat will have new offerings for the Tenno! You will be able to trade Ostron Standing for everything from decorative fruit baskets, to baskets of spices, to... boots? Boot Trophy from Fisher Hai Luk’s Offerings. Added some sparkle to some Warframe abilities and other FX with new GPU Particle system. … and more! TennoGen Round 12 - Remaining Items delayed As you know, in Update 22.20.6 we released TennoGen Bundle XXVI that included the Syandanas from TennoGen Round 12. After that bundle was released, we informed you that the remaining items will be launched in updates to come. However, due to strict deadlines and the amount of work/resources required to get a build out to Cert this quickly, the remaining TennoGen Round 12 items will be released in a later update. That will include the Warframe skins, Gara Alt Helmet, and Lympharis Polearm Skin. We thank you for your understanding as we wanted to get The Sacrifice to you as soon as humanly possible. Limbo Stasis Changes: Limbo's Stasis will be changed to make it more cooperative! Currently, Stasis only stops time for Enemies. Limbo's Gear and all Ally Gear will continue to function. But, because complete time-halting for enemies within the Rift is akin to godly power, the duration of the ability has been shortened overall - from base 30 seconds to 15 seconds. This is of course affected by Mods. GENERAL CHANGES Optimized Foundry operations considerably for people with a lot of Inventory. Doubled the Tower White Pigment drop chance and reduced the Pigment quantity to 5. For consistency, damage link abilities (Trinity, Nidus, Nekros) will no longer transmit self-damage, but you will still get the damage reduction. This is particularly relevant for the healer/support class of Trinity who had become the go-to DPS frame in addition to the intended support roles. The re-release of Mods like Aviator added to some clever but ultimately uncharacteristic roles for Trinity. Increased Saryn’s Miasma duration to 6 seconds. Reduced Nova’s Antimatter Drop max Health in half and doubled the absorbed damaged. This fixes Nova’s Antimatter Drop charging twice as quickly as a Client by buffing the Host to match Clients! Nova’s Antimatter Drop base projectile damage is now reflected on the Abilities screen modified by Power Strength, and the multiplier also appears as an unchangeable 8x. This is purely a UI tweak to match how Antimatter Drop has functioned since its release. Doubled the maximum amount of 'Loadout' slots you can purchase with Platinum (now 20 max)! In an effort to make Excavation Fissures more enjoyable and successful, we've increased the Void Fissures spawn rates depending on how many Excavators are deployed! Teralyst, Gantulyst, and Hydrolyst no longer have regenerated Shields immediately after teleporting from being stuck. Slightly lowered the Battalyst and Conculyst's base health from 1300 to 1150. Slightly reduced the Battalyst's projectile damage. Ancient and Scorpion grappling hooks no longer go through Gara’s Mass Vitrify wall. Moved Cetus Wisp and Maprico Tree spawn points a bit further away from water volumes in the NW corner of the Plains for gathering ease. Stunning or knocking down Conculysts during their whirlwind ability and Battalysts during their omnidirectional laser ability now cancels the ability. Punch Through Mods no longer affect the Zenith’s Alternate Fire deployable disc. Changed the player marker to now attach to the body part that you were looking at, so it can be used to mark a specific Teralyst weak point, for instance. Also improved the behaviour when attempting to mark an enemy that was close to your marked world position. Replaced the Bounty Level 40-60 Relic with a Axi O3. This fixes Bounty Level 40-60 Rotation B having the same Lith V5 Relic as Level 10-30. ... and more! FIXES
  19. [DE]Danielle

    TennoCon 2018 Tickets (SOLD OUT)

    TennoCon 2018 tickets are now on sale! Join thousands of other Tenno to witness the future of Warframe at TennoCon 2018 on Saturday, July 7th. Can't make it in person? The TennoCon Digital Pack will go on sale April 3. This year's TennoCon features huge new reveals at TennoLive with the developers, a cosplay contest with a $10,000 CAD prize and more! A portion of all ticket and Digital Pack sales will go to benefit Canada Learning Code. Grab your tickets here before they're gone!
  20. [DE]Danielle

    Save the Date: TennoCon 2018!

    TennoCon 2018 is July 7th! Protect this day in your schedule at all costs. The countdown has begun to this year's TennoCon, thinking of attending? Be the first to know when tickets are available here: Wondering what TennoCon is all about? Check out last year's highlights:
  21. [DE]Danielle

    Renown Collection Retires Soon!

    Get it before it’s gone on May 22nd! Put your PS4™ pride on full display with the Renown Collection full of Obsidian-tinted armaments! The Renown Collection features items from previous Renown Packs including: - Excalibur Obsidian Skin - Obsidian Yomo Syandana - Liset Obsidian Skin - Obsidian Dendra Armor set - Coltek Obsidian Mask - Helios Obsidian Skin - Wyrm Obsidian Skin - Gorgon with Gorgon Obsidian Skin - Silva and Aegis with Silva and Aegis Obsidian Skin - 300 Platinum PlayStation®Plus Members will receive a 20% discount on the Renown Collection. This Collection may only be purchased once per account and is available until May 22nd!
  22. Time is running out to get these Prime Items! On June 19, Zephyr Prime Access will retire to make way for a new Prime. ZEPHYR PRIME ZEPHYR PRIME ACCESS FEATURES: Zephyr Prime: Rule the skies as the golden avian of destruction. Zephyr Prime Glyphs: Show your devotion for the Queen of the Skies with these all-new Glyphs! Tiberon Prime: Art meets ingenuity with this beautifully deadly rifle. Kronen Prime: Ancient blades, perfected for efficiency. ZEPHYR PRIME ACCESSORIES: Commodore Prime Suit: Take command with this regal Operator Suit. Tibor Prime Armor: Have your Kavat strike fear and respect into any enemy with this golden Armor. Tibor Prime Gene-Masking Kit: Complement your Kavat’s Tibor Armor with this elegant Primed Gene-Mask. BONUS: Kavat Incubator Segment and Kavat Starter Kit. Get it before she flies flies away! You can also find in-game Relics containing the Blueprints and parts required to build Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime and Kronen Prime. NEXT ROUND OF VAULTING Also on June 19, Nekros Prime, Tigris Prime, and the Galatine Prime will enter the Prime Vault, and their Relics will no longer be available in the game. If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting. Don’t delay, Tenno. Get those Primes before they’re gone!
  23. It’s almost here… Update 23: The Sacrifice will land TODAY on PC! We could not be more excited for you all to experience the third cinematic quest in Warframe’s history. We are postponing Prime Time #211 so that the team can continue working behind the scenes to deliver The Sacrifice and potential accompanying hotfixes. Still want to tune into some great Warframe content? You should absolutely check out our amazing Warframe Partners! This is an excellent way to meet our Partners as they also prepare for the update to launch, and keep an eye out for Sacrifice Twitch Drops when it does! We’ll see you on stream next week for gameplay, fan art, and other Prime Time goodness! Thank you so much for playing Warframe and we hope you enjoy The Sacrifice.
  24. L'année complète de Free Prime avec Twitch Prime a commencé! À partir d'aujourd'hui, obtenez Trinity Prime et le Spektaka Prime Syandana gratuitement avec votre abonnement Twitch Prime. Nous offrirons du contenu Warframe passionnant dans le cadre de ce programme toute l'année! Pour profiter de cette offre sur PC, PS4 ou Xbox One, vous devrez associer vos comptes Warframe et Twitch et être un membre Twitch Prime. Si vous n'êtes pas un membre Twitch Prime, vous pouvez vous inscrire à un essai gratuit sur la page Twitch Prime . Une fois que votre compte est lié , cliquez ici pour réclamer votre Trinity Prime et Spektaka Prime Syandana exclusif!
  25. [DE]Danielle


    ZEPHYR PRIME HAS ARRIVED ON ALL PLATFORMS! Zephyr Prime: Rule the skies as the golden avian of destruction! Tiberon Prime: Art meets ingenuity with this beautifully deadly rifle. Kronen Prime: Ancient blades, perfected for today’s combat. Check out the accompanying Prime Accessories here: You can also find in-game Relics containing the Blueprints and parts required to build Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime and Kronen Prime. Vauban Prime, Fragor Prime and Akstiletto Prime have entered the Prime Vault, and their Relics are no longer be obtainable in the game. *If you already wield the power of these Primes or if you already hold Relics in your inventory that house these Primes, they will remain in your inventory. As a result of Vauban Prime, Fragor Prime, and Akstiletto Prime entering the Prime Vault, the following Syndicate sacrifice has been swapped: New Loka: Vauban Prime Neuroptics swapped to Banshee Prime Chassis