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  1. In my experience, Veilbreaker really didn't impress me in the very end. So many bugs, in my pov not a well design, and a disaster so far. This is a tall wall of text about bugs, possible better design & strong suggestions. 1. Why are the archons now randomised and not cycled throughout a certain row? (Boreal again in a row, while Boreal was literally last week) 2. Genestamps were nearly impossible to find in second kahl mission, mostly ending up in finding 4/5, genestamps, 3. The last kahl mission (I could be totally wrong, just heard that from a video) apparently was told to be a new kind of mission, but is a reskin of the Veilbreaker story mission, and just reusing Saturn six as a final boss, why even is he in veil proxima? Is it lore accurate? (If yes, I'll take that back), Kahl's plushy is insanely difficult to find (I was one of the lucky to instantly find it in second attempt), why is one of the genestamps highlighting at the beginning of the mission not showing up upon closer inspection? 4. Why the necessity of nerfing a new fun, not overpowered Warframe? I understand about the fact casting other abilities while 4th ability. I even thought it was a bug when I first noticed, but then the real nerf is kinda unnecessary. Not overpowered, not underpowered, was a really cool design, was fun, not anymore. 5. Why is the language of the final archon hunt down objectives explanation for me translated in German, while the game for me is actually set on english? This has been a bug for a while by the way. 6. Damage Attenuation (Has been talked 'bout a lot, but regardless) I literally have to rely on using Phenmor to effectively kill any archon, and in the end, just not enjoyable. If y'all didn't wanted a one shottable/quick-done boss, just have it like other bosses with health chunks that require certain objectives to progress fighting the boss that isn't gonna be boring. instead of punishing players for dealing too much damage that have been literally grinding their Tenno butt for their builds. There are better and fun ways for the archons in my opinion, and most likely in this state of warframe 32 bit damage numbers the best solutions. Damage Attenuation calculates down as far as I heard of, if you deal too much damage. Profit Taker for example is amazing compared to the archons, because of its many unique needed objectives of dealing with the boss, Eidolon's, amazing too, & Void Angel's. 7. Why where the weekly events (archon hunt & kahl) so inconsistent in the beginning, and required to move kahls weekly to wednesday, and then finally both to a Monday, where all the rest of weekly resets are? Could have just moved Archons to the nightwave reset, and that's it. Would have been less inconsistent. 8. Why do all type of archon shards require 50% bile to remove a shard? We have literally 6 different things we can feed our helminth, and 3 different shards. And every single shard requires one single feeding source. Why not have: Amber Shard: 25/% Oxides, 25% Calx Azure Shard: 25% Biotics, 25% Synthetics Crimson Shard: 25% Pheromones, 25% Bile Or something like that. And Tauforged Shards can require 12,5% - 25%+ more to the individual required feeding sources. Choice of sources on individual shard types is your choice. That way, we make use of all feeding sources consistently. I just really feel like DE really hasn't properly tested their implementation in terms of bugs, to find any bugs, and fix it along the development, planning & designing Veilbreaker. I have to admit it, cus it's just what it feels like to me. I know that's why hotfixes even exist in games. The bugs I encountered aren't game breaking bugs and therefore not a huge deal yea, not every bug can be fixed in a single hotfix, of course I understand that, but still, it honestly dissapoints me. But then positively: Not absolutely everything was dissapointing. At least I had a little fun in the kahl missions, and enjoyed the sound design of Veilbreaker along of their soundtrack. Never ceased to amaze me! This is just me summarizing my experience in Veilbreaker so far. I don't mean any offensiveness to DE of course. Just mentioning that, because often text can sound like insulting them in my pov. Hopefully this tall wall of text can help DE in the future. If anyone thinks against any of my points, feel free to discuss. :•) And at last... If you read it this far, your a chad!
  2. Don't overthink it. Simply record lotus lines that guide the player through all the mechanics in detail. The end. Someone will come and say it's complicated. It's not.
  3. Press CTRL + F then type the title from contents. Contents: Movement Focus System Revisit Void Melee Weapons Operator Game-Modes Operator Cosmetics QOL, Bugs, Changes & Improvements What I want out of Duviri Paradox Also to see more ideas and discussions about this (starting from page 3) type VEXX-INFO to view them and follow this post to be updated on THURSDAYS or FRIDAYS. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1261597-operators-the-improvements-the-tenno-needs/page/3/ On the last devstream someone asked a question about operator content, they didn`t say much but from their reaction it looks like we will finally (the operator lovers) getting some operator content. Since this is the case I want to give some ideas of what I would like to see them get. Movement Firstly, the operators should have better mobility than what we currently have. Here are some improvements; Sprint Speed: The operators should be able to run faster than the current speed they are at even with the passive of 30% sprint speed from the Naramon tree is still slow. The operators should at least get an extra 50% running speed to make them more usable. Also, if anyone knows how much sprint speed they have without any passives or arcanes please let me know. This is the operator`s sprint speed with the way-bound passive (mind step) which gives 30% sprint speed. The speed is roughly the same speed as a warframe jogging. This is the operator`s sprint speed with the tenno speed buff from disruption. Look at the complete difference, this should be the operator`s base sprint speed. This is the operator`s ludicrous sprint speed with the tenno buff and from arcane cadence that gives you 90% sprint speed. With all those speed buffs this is how far the operator can jump. Jump Hight: Operators should either be able to do a double jump or holding the button should make them jump higher to make them be able to get to higher platforms. Wall Run: I would like to see them be able to perform parkour moves. Even though void dashing gets you to where you want to be faster sometimes it`s uncontrollable and it`s not fun but seeing the operator performing a wall run would be fun to watch and another alternative to get around places. Dodging/knockdown Recovery: Even through their dodge is sliding I think it should be dramatic like the knockdown recovery they have when shooting certain amps but instead work when enemies knock them down. Since they don`t have that much of survivability, this would be a very useful mechanic plus it would be fun to watch. Fly Kick/Slide Kick: Fly kicking is one of the most underused manoeuvres in warframe. Because warframes are powerful, a fly kick is underpowered but since operators are not as powerful as them, I think this move would be fitting for them. When they fly kick an enemy, they should receive a small ragdoll also, they should be able to do a slide kick (like in Ninja Gaiden) where the enemy should receive a knockdown. (combined with the slide we currently have) Edge Grab: Although operators can perform this, It`s not reliable. The only thing I’ll say is it needs to be more consistent for it to be useable. Chimera Prologue Dash: This feature in the prologue was fun, I`m hoping that we get this dash after we complete the new war quest. In the environment, there can be dash points where operators can dash to. (like in the amazing spider-man games web dash) If they added an operator game mode where it`s about stealth, this dash ability would be a perfect fit. Enemy Vaulting: Operators being able to do this makes them more versatile in getting an advantage on enemies. As for how it works, if the operator jumps onto an enemy, it will automatically vault them up into the air, holding the jump button will make them vault over them getting behind them. Running on ziplines: Watching them do this is fun however, once again, it`s doesn’t happen all the time which makes it unreliable. This needs a fix that makes it more consistent and when operators are on a zipline the should move faster and when jumping off, the should get a jump boost. If the operator can do this it will make them enjoyable to play and make moments like this satisfying. Focus System Revisit When this was introduced, I was hyped, it was a grind but I’m glad I got them all done that being said the issues I have with this is that they support the warframes more than the operators so the point of these changes is to make operators good on their own and not to be a tool for warframes. Some will be replaced with new abilities and some will switch places with another school. The focus of these changes is to improve and make them useable for both warframe and (most importantly) operator gameplay, also bold writing means changes. Here are changes based on focus 2.0 if your interested you can take a read. WHEN I FINISHEd WITH COMING UP WITH SOME IMPROVEMENTS FOR THE NEW FOCUS I WILL UPDATE IT SO KEEP AN EYE OUT BY FOLLOWING THE POST. Here are the abilities from focus 2.0 Focus 2.0 improvements Here is the link to all the focus schools and their abilities https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Focus Void Melee Weapons Since operators have void abilities, I think operators should be able to use melee weapons. This is something that I and other people have wanted to see happen. So, I’m going to talk about what I would like out of this when this happens. Usable weapons: Traits of melee weapon: You can use any melee weapon with the operators, however, using a certain weapon will give bonus stats for the weapon and the operator. Madurai: Zenurik: Naramon: Vazarin: Unairu Void Rage Void weapons have a gauge that can be filled up by killing enemies. When this happens, the operator is in a powerful state that increases melee damage, attack speed and amplify weapon bonuses. · Void rage will last one minute. · Upon activation, operator will scream in rage surrounded by an aura (operator`s energy colour) Visually the weapon is broken, then as the operator kills enemies it start to become whole and when it does you can activate void rage. Amplified bonuses: Madurai: Aerial attacks will ignite into flames instantly, reach up to 20m and will release three energy waves. Zenurik: Held enemies are affected by radiation and enemies shooting enemies held up will have their shots reflected at them knocking them down. Naramon: Enemies with a mark will be affected by gas damage and preforming an aerial attack will zip the operator towards enemies within 20m. Vazarin: Melee weapon range is increased to 15m and can hit through obstacles and walls. Unairu Slam attack AOE sends out a radial wave reaches 20m and affected enemies receive 30% reduced movement speed for 10 seconds. I have made a petition for the operator to have melee, If you want this to be a thing, please sign this petition so DE can make this happen. https://chng.it/7XBLWvRdCL If operators were to use melee weapons, they would be fun a heck (especially with the Naramon focus school). Operator Game-Modes This is something that needs to happen, we have operators but we don`t have much that`s exclusive to them only. Since the operators are here, we need some operator only game-modes that can make use of their movement and abilities. This is a mission where you use operators that can benefit from warframe abilities however you can only use operators and the only thing your chosen warframe can do in the mission is sprint and cast abilities that can affect them. Effective warframes: Volt - 2nd 3rd Wisp - 1st Harrow - 2nd 3rd 4th These warframes provide useful buffs or abilities that operators can use while in the mission from ranging from damage to survivability. Here is a game-mode I came up with back in 2018 where it`s a mission with eight objectives and each of them evolves around the focus schools which means each of the focus schools are useful in each mission. New game-mode: Operation Havoc As for this part I’m not going to take credit for, I can`t remember who said but this person basically said that instead of gaining focus by putting lenses on warframes and weapons, it would be better to get focus by a specialised mission for operators that an NPC gives based on the focus school you are currently with. For example Madurai mission – exterminate all enemies (infested enemies) Naramon – mission – Infiltrate into a base and steel classifies intel on enemies` weaknesses and patrol routes. If it`s from a syndicate: Arbiters of Hexis – Complete challenges that will better your skills. Steel Meridian – Storm into the base, rescue prisoners and escort them to extraction (obviously more interesting than this) This will make getting focus more interesting and for the people that have done it already will get other rewards that only the people that have completed upgrading the focus schools will receive. Operators can also be used in conclave in fact I think they should replace warframe to give them a use. There could be a game-mode where you have to find 6 parts for you necromech, build it then you can use it to defeat you rivals. Here is how it works: Also their could be K-drive races where the gameplay is like mario karts. Here is a post I put up about how it works. If you have any ideas for operator only missions put them here. Operator Cosmetics I put up a post on the warframe forums and on reddit back in March last year asking if we could have the armour from the Erra quest and to my surprise a couple of months later the Bishamo armour is now purchasable from Teshin and now It my most favourite armour in the game. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1176452-operators-please-let-us-have-this/ https://www.reddit.com/user/Vexx757/comments/fkpslu/operators_please_let_us_have_this/ But I’m not satisfied I WANT MORE! The crew members can wear armour pieces and syandanas if they can use them why can`t operators do the same thing? it would be sick if this was a thing. Here is a post that @(NSW)Gamer-Steve has put up about it. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1212287-expanding-operator-customization/ I have an idea of armour pieces made out of resources. It could be a possible reward where you receive a blueprint and depending on what resources you use will determine the visual appearance like Argon Crystal Armour or Oxium Armour. There are three different visual versions of the (argon crystal) armour, adding more of the same resource will change its appearance. The point of this is that you can decide to choose two more appearance options if you don`t like the first look. When it comes to suits, I would like to see outfits like Egyptian armour, a sick Japanese outfit, a roman inspired armour even a trench coat look but the one thing I want to see them most is a suit with a HOOD, we technically have two but one covers the face and the other one when closed look like bloody Globox which looks weird. It would be sick to run around dodging and running with a hood. The possibilities are endless... It would also be sick if they could do something unique besides looking sick like preforming an action which will do something like the syandanas from the syndicates or for it to glow in the dark. Since we have armour that the dax wore I would like to see some syndicate themed suites (Arbiters), warframe themed suites (like an Ash suite) I would like to wear the Grinner armour in the footage from the cinematic shown at tennocon. I have even come up with my own holographic armour. If anyone has any cosmetics they want to see write them here. QOL, Bugs, Changes & Improvements There are some problems when using the operators plus somethings that could improve them as well so there needs to be some QOL/bugs/changes/improvements for them. If their is something that I haven`t mentioned please add it on the post also bold writting means bugs/issues. · There is a delay between pressing the button and operator crouching. · Companion mods like animal instinct should work while in operator form not just warframes. · Two arcanes can be installed on amps. · Include the A, B & C slots for amps to give option to change amps, colours, equip arcanes and lenses. · Include the ability to change the face of the operators in the slots of A, B & C. · Operators can ride on K-drives. · You can change operator visuals, focus trees and amps while in the simulacrum. · Give us the ability to customise the operator in captura. · Add an in-depth face customisation (nose length, eye width etc) and separate body sliders to change the length, width and height of the operators. · Add different voices for operators (from different ethnicities) and have a slider to manipulate the sound to make it unique to your operator. · Sentinels are invulnerable while you`re in operator mode. · If you extract with your operator, the operator is what you will see getting onto the ship. · You can open lockers and switch to synthesis scanner while moving. · If you have vacuum mod on your sentinel or companion and you are in your operator form, the operator should be able to pick up items. · You should be able to use operators in the relays. · Give operators new idle animations. · Make the cursor more visible on amps. · Make operators be able to use all emotes. · Give the ability to switch to scanner while running. · Remove the long delay between doing a hard landing and when you start moving again. · Make it where you are able to view the emotes while using operators on the menu screen. · Remove knockdown from amps and use the knockdown system for when they receive it from enemies. · Fix the bug where operators with black hair looks white when sitting at the back of the ship. · Fix the bug where the scaffold that`s on your amp is clipped into the amp. What I want out of Duviri Paradox Based on the trailer and from people talking I have concluded that it is an open world where the operators can go to like somewhat of a haven for them. Here is what I would like to see from this update: And that`s it I’m finally done, if there is anything I forget to add or you want out of the operators feel free to express them here and let’s have a discussion. If all these things were to be implemented it will make operators more than a tool for warframe and make them have a firm place in warframe to make doing things like this enjoyable.
  4. Titanias risen in popularity, well don't wanna say it's "Rose" like it suddenly sky rocketed to new levels cause well she was all ways popular, but with the nerf of AoE weapons and the rise of the Neutron star augment and the archon hunts it feels more people then usual are gravitating towards her, and Sunder Titania was already a popular build as well. now if your wondering why people are using her in archon hunts even if she somewhat does minescule damage against them (you have to mod it properly and maybe add some Maduri in there for that extra kick), well for 1 she can survive you can't kill her, and 2 it's constant and consistent strong damage you can just constantly qnd continuously keep shooting and repositioning yourself and keep shooting even when the archon summons those Acolyst things you can just ya know keep firing. As for Neutron star now there's things like archon vitality which adds another heat proc, and you fan stack that with molt augmented, and you can put natural talent and just keep spamming the stars everywhere. I for one welcome our new fair overlord, besides obviously us titania mains who have been using her way before even molt augmented was even out, how has everyone been enjoying her now?
  5. Im not too much worried about its abilities but more on its appearance. Now I have been looking forward to the idea of a werewolf frame and I'm glad the idea got the devs attention. Out of all the fan designs I was threw off the direction they went with. Its not all bad in general I like it, I was hoping on it being a male frame cause just about all the fan art had it as a male frame. I don't mind it being a female frame much but my issue is it having big boobs. In fact by the design so far its bigger then any female from so far. I want this warframe but I dont like it to be too sexual. If no changes are made to the design I'll accept that. I thought I should voice my thought on the matter, I wanted a werewolf frame to be my main.
  6. There is a desperate need for improved sniper scope reticle accessibility. I went to the accessibility options and changed the reticle color but it did not apply to my sniper scope dot. As you can see in the below screenshot, you cannot see where to aim at all with any sort of graphics option on. I also noticed that 50% of the time, the headshot indicator doesn't even turn red when hitting a headshot.
  7. Just my idea in an attempt to modernize the kit or something, probably not that good but wanted to share anyway. Passive Recover 50% faster from being knocked down and increases her movement speed based on "blood lust" meter Rip line For the most part works like it works now, however with a difference that it always pulls Valkitty to the location it is casted (at enemy or terrain). Pull speed for Valkitty to location is very fast that goes and when Valkitty arrives at location it creates shock wave around her Knocking down enemies around her. Radius of the shock wave and the speed of Valkitty bolting to ripline location increases and decreases based on "Blood lust" meter Warcry For most part remains as is with one addition. Every 10-2 seconds releases pulse around her (within Warcry range) that applies the slow on enemies Frequency of the pulse is based on "blood lust" meter Paralysis Use resource of this ability is changed to "blood lust" meter Cast consumes 50% - 30% of "blood lust" based on efficiency In a large cone cone in-front of Valkitty (Requires line of sight), Valkitty strips 50-80% of enemy armor (based on ability strength) enemy armor, stuns them and deals small amount of damage Hysteria Valkitty summons her Exalted weapon (Claws) Her heavy attack is changed to pounce Valkittys attacks in Hysteria generates Blood Lust (Based on damage or kills) No longer increases energy drain rate instead higher Blood Lust slows down down energy drain No longer has invincibility instead if Valkitty dies in Hysteria and has 75% or above Blood Lust Valkitty enters into Berserker rage. Berserker Rage Berserker rage is sort of a "minigame" in this state Valkitty needs within said duration (Based on ability duration) fill up a secondary meter (only appears during Berserker rage) by killing enemies. If succesfull: Valkitty recovers her health and shields, she looses 75% of her Blood Lust and is locked for 5-10 seconds from recovering Blood Lust In unsuccesfull: She dies That's it, it's probably not that good, but in the end it's just a fan idea for her. DE would likely be able to come up with something way better. But i wanted to share it anyway.
  8. Note: Hold ctrl and F to view the the following sections; Issues Stats Look/try for yourself The Ultimate Revisit
  9. Doing the Kahl mission the first Cache password is glitches and won’t let me it.
  10. On the ps getting ur map out onto ur screen u push up on the plus buttons on by the L3 stick , and hold the up again to make the map bigger n up again to make the map smaller , for some reason this hasnowchanged from making the map smaller and bigger to the buttons net to L3 moving than around the same as the L3 stick ,. Why has this changed ncan you put it back yo the way it has all ways been and stop trying to fix things that ain't broken. Thank you
  11. I like to first off sayin that game is good but i would like to address steel path major problem yall not showing guns with auto and semi automatic weapons no love in steel path theirs is so many enemies come out all at once on the player its too hard to kill the majority of them so i feel like yall pushing people to use AOE weapons when i love giving head shots i dont want to use Explosives for every little thing i do on steel path because it nearly make defense missions impossible like Defense, Excavation, Mobile Defense, Interception And Disruptions Please Fix this, its too overwhelming to play and i cant matchmake with people because steel path technically dead
  12. Someone will always complain, so just do what you think is right, even if I or anyone else doesn't like it. Why? - Because I'd much rather be at the mercy of my own skill than outright limited by ammo maximum, which I'm beginning to think shouldn't even be a feature. The Damage - The presence of shield gating makes self damage much less threatening. but I'd still reccomend an extreme fall off for self damage, which would require you to aim at your feet to two-shot yourself. Bear in mind that the damage of a fully modded out explosive or and launcher of any kind deals fat damage, so the drop off needs to be something like 99.999%, and that's probably at the least if I had to guess without crunching the numbers. The Builds - Chroma. There's no reason to scoff at self harm set-ups. It's a interesting type of build and should be allowed. The rollback - Straight up revert those ammo changes. I like the bramma because an explosive bow is cool af and it's also very good. Taking away items from players just because they like them is an easy fix, but fundamentally poor game design. I would suggest increasing the MR required to use some of these super weapons in the future and making the existing ones rarer or and harder to get. A thought - Add some extremely rare enemy units that can show up with these weapons in high level missions. Like steel path and not early game.
  13. All frames should have 40-50% damage reduction with armor for better survivability. all caster frames have less then 200 armor and could use more health at base as well all of these would be a small tweak before mods health for frames could also be buffed for example caster focused frames like ember, nova , mag, ect all of these could use more health and armor at base before modding the big reason i don't use frames like gyre is that having 100 base armor is like a death sentence on some content, now I'd love to take more of my caster frames into hard content like steel path but i know it will get wrecked pretty quick and having more armor/health would help a great deal to help a lot of frames as a whole. just as an example I've used Nova/prime for a very long time and stopped playing her since sisters of parvos update and switched to frames like mag/frost/volt to handle corpus my two main frames i play these days are Lavos & Saryn because of their kits and base stats in health/armor most of the older frames could use a rework on abilities but i figured focus on suggesting armor and health get buffed. if anyone has input to help I'm open to any extra help.
  14. So I've finally worked up the nerve to post my ideas for a Hydroid rework. I've been thinking about it for the last couple of days and I think I've come up with a decent rework. Of course it could sound good in my head, but in reality isn't that good. So anyway, for the time that I've played hydroid it seems that his abilities don't really support each other or do a whole lot for himself or a team. There are warframes that can do what he does a lot better. So my ideas aim to change that while still sticking with his theme. My ideas will cover his passive, abilities, and ability mods. I will provide information on damage types and numbers, duration, power cost, range, intended effects, and a description of my thoughts and intent of the change where I can or when I feel it is necessary. All of the numbers provided are treated as if Hydroid was at max level. If I don't mention a mod or an ability I either forgot about, didn't know, didn't think it was worth mentioning, or don't think it's a real problem at this time. Thank you for taking the time to check out my ideas. Passive Description: (OLD) When Hydroid slams the ground an 10m radius wave emanates from Hydroid that knocks over enemies and then pulls them towards Hydroid. (NEW, 10/3/2022) When Hydroid slams the ground, a wave that surrounds Hydroid travels out knocking over enemies. Once the wave finishes a puddle with a radius is left on the ground. Mechanics: The wave does impact damage and the puddle does magnetic damage. The puddle has a chance to knock over enemies that move through it. Enemies hit by the wave or effected by the puddle suffer an accuracy penalty. Heavy slam attacks increase the damage and range of the wave and the range of the puddle. Also, Ability Strength and mods like Heavy Impact increase the damage of the wave. If the puddle is hit by Tempest Barrage or Tidal Surge the duration of the puddle is refreshed. If either of those abilities have mods that add or change damage type(s), that damage type is added to the puddle. Wave Damage Type: Impact Wave Damage: 300 Wave Radius: 8 m Wave Damage Status Chance: 50% Wave Accuracy Penalty: 35% Heavy Slam Attack: 600 Heavy Slam Attack Radius: 10 m Puddle Duration: 15 seconds Puddle Damage Type: Magnetic Puddle Damage: 150 per second Puddle Radius: 8 m Heavy Slam Attack Radius: 10 m Puddle Knock Down Chance: 40% Puddle Accuracy Penalty: 20% Thoughts: (OLD) The idea of this passive is to support Undertow by bringing a decent amount of enemies close as well as make it easier to do melee attacks. (NEW, 10/3/2022) So after some suggestions from others, I decided I was going to bring the original passive to Tidal Surge and make a new passive. So this new passive is passed on the past passive, ideas I've had regarding puddles, and slightly adding to Hydroids crowd control capabilities. 1st Ability: Tempest Barrage Cast Cost: 25 Energy Radius: 12 m Duration: 15 Seconds Damage Type: Impact Damage: 500 Status Chance: 100% Chance to proc an impact status effect Mechanics: Press the cast button once to activate an hold button to aim it. Remove the charge mechanic on this ability. It doesn't serve a purpose and creates an extra step in order to getting the full benefits of the ability. When in Undertow, holding the cast button for a brief period of time will shrink the radius of Tempest Barrage to the radius of Undertow and concentrate the projectiles on Undertow even while moving. Thoughts: I've always thought of this ability as a light softening and crowd control ability. It reasonably reduces the amount of shields a target has since it does impact damage as well as reduce the amount enemies attacking you because it keeps knocking them to the ground. However, I also want it to make it easier to kill heavy units and set up for his other abilities. By giving it a 100% proc chance, heavy units will need less health taken away before you can do a mercy/finisher kills, especially if the procs stack. I also want the procs to stack in order to set up for Undertow and Tentacle Swarm. Mod: Corroding Barrage Changes: Name: Implosive Cavitations Effect: Each projectile has a 100% chance to inflict a heat status effect. Tempest Barrage gains 100% ability strength. (The heat status effect does not replace the impact status effect but is added to the ability. So the ability will trigger an impact proc and a heat proc.) Thoughts: I wanted a mod that would improve the ability's "softening" capabilities by not only effecting armor but also flesh. Inspiration: I watched this YouTube video about the mantis shrimp…. also exploding cannonballs. Time starts around 2:22 : 2nd Ability: Boon of the Seas Cast Cost: 50 Energy Damage Type: Magnetic Damage: 20% Duration: 20 Seconds Status Duration: + 100% Effect: Provides a magnetic damage to melee weapons. Increases the status duration of melee weapons and Hydroid's abilities. Thoughts: I wanted an ability that would provide benefits to Hydroid and potentially his allies without being another direct damage ability. Mod: Sharing the Bounty Effect: Hold the cast button to cast this ability on all allies within a 15m radius. Thoughts: I wanted Hydroid to have a way to directly help teammates. 3rd Ability: Tidal Surge Mechanics: Tap cast button for Hydroid to travel with wave. (OLD) Press and hold to launch a wave from Hydroid. (NEW, 10/3/2022) Press and briefly hold to summon a water current surrounding Hydroid that brings enemies to him. Tap Cast Cast Cost: 75 Energy Travel Range: 8m 6m (How wide the ability is) Duration: 3 seconds (Show this stat in the ability stat screen) (OLD) Reach (Horizontal Range): 6m; (Can be effected by range mods) Damage Type: Impact Damage: 300 Damage / Sec: 300 per 0.5 0.75 seconds Status Chance: 50% Speed: 30m / s Effect: Tidal Surge has a 50% chance to disarm an enemy trapped in the ability. The 50% chance is a 1 time occurrence that happens when the enemy gets pulled in. Hold Cast Cast Cost: 75 Energy Radius: 12 m Damage Type: Impact Damage: 800 Status Chance: 50% Effect: Tidal Surge has a 50% chance to disarm an enemy trapped in the ability. The 50% chance is a 1 time occurrence that happens when the enemy gets pulled in. Thoughts: So I saw this power more as a crowd control and utility ability than a damage dealer. It can do a little damage but was mostly there to move Hydroid around or to stop and displace enemies trying to attack you and your allies. Unfortunately, for the energy cost it took and how minimally effective it was, it didn't really serve a point. So instead, I decide that at the cost of increased energy it would be far more useful. First change was to make the damage that the ability does not a one time thing upon contact with an enemy, but something that is continuously occurring to enemies trapped in the wave. This would not only help with damage but also help build impact status procs for other abilities. Second was to increase the range at which it could gather enemies because if the ability was to narrow than it would be competing with your arsenal and usually the arsenal beats powers in terms of small groups or single targets when it comes to damage. By effecting a larger group of enemies it helps separate itself from your weapons. Following similar lines of thinking, to prevent the ability from being just another damage ability I added the effect that enemies will be disarmed. (NEW, 10/3/2022) After some suggestions from others I decide to change the second version of this ability from what it was to an altered version of my first idea for Hydroid's passive. I realized that this new version would be more beneficial for him. Not only does help with crowd control but it also works well in supporting Undertow and Tentacle Swarm. 4th Ability: The Depths Thoughts: I wanted to combine both Undertow and Tentacle Swarm while making them more effective. This is also where all the impact status procs come into play. Undertow Mechanics: Tap the cast button to activate the ability. Cast Cost: 25 Energy Sustain Cost: 3 Energy per second Traverse Speed: Equal or slightly less to warframe sprint speed Distance / Energy: 0.2 Radius: 5m Damage Type: Puncture Damage: 30 Damage Increase / Second: 2 Effect: Casting Tidal Surge in Undertow will reduce Tidal Surge's cost by 25 energy. Tentacle Swarm Mechanics: Press and briefly hold the cast button to cast Tentacle Swarm. Tentacle Swarm can be aimed. Remove charge mechanic because of same reasons as Tempest Barrage. Tentacle Swarm will move with Undertow. When exiting Undertow will Tentacle Swarm is active will expand Tentacle Swarm to its radius. Casting Undertow within the radius of Tentacle Swarm will shrink Tentacle Swarm to the radius of Undertow. Cast Cost: 75 Energy Duration: 20 Seconds Radius: 15m Grab Range: 15m Number of Tentacles: 20 Damage Type: Impact and Puncture Damage: 200 Effects: When in Undertow, casting Tentacle Swarm will increase the base damage by 20 and increase the sustained energy cost of Undertow by 2 . When enemies have stacked a certain number of impact status procs or the enemies are at a certain health with impact status procs on, the tentacles will do finisher damage. This will also happen if enemies are in Undertow while Tentacle Swarm is active. Mod: Pilfering Swarm Changes: Name: Enriched Waters Effect: Enemies called in or by The Depths has a 100% chance at additional drops. Side Notes: Helminth Abilities Abilities like Aquablades and Elemental Ward should work in side Undertow instead of either sitting on top or not working at all.
  15. Im trying to upload a new clan emblem, i know its the right size. it just wont upload on the website. Im not sure what the issue is.
  16. DE will probably never see this message but i just wanna comment on some things, In no way do I expect anything to happen this year but everything I bring up I’m curious about if it’s still planned in general. 1. Operator suit’s carried over to SPOILER, male and female versions of bishamo armor: both were talked about and were said to be nearly done this year after The New War released, haven’t heard anything about either since but Warframe armor was announced for Operators and SPOILERS in the last devstream so possibly it might release with that? 2. Melee 3.0: it stopped at 2.999 and we were told that the final phase was almost ready/in the works and this was like a year or two ago? Possibly more? Everything talked about when it cane to Melee 3.0 sounded really good and would bring new life to the melee aspect of the game. Talked about in Devstreams 115 & 121 3. Damage 3.0: Removal/rework of all meta/mandatory mods, this was talked about in 2016, haven’t heard much about it since besides the inclusion of Galvanized mods and Primary/secondary arcanes 4. Modular Archwing & Archwing Rework: the complete dissolution of current archwings and the making of personal modular archwing builds. Talked about in 2019 and devstream 117 5. Pets 2.0: Promised addition of a bunch of QoL and new features. Sources are Devstream 137 6. Infestation Railjack areas and infested variant of “liches”: we were shown concept art and some maps of planned infested railjack areas and didn’t hear much about it afterwards. Infested liches were also said to be a planned addition. Confirmation on infested liches from Steve in 2019 7. Necramechs deployable in regular missions (2019), Archmelees for necramechs and deployable archmelee: All mentioned in 2019 after Heart of Deimos released. 8. Lastly, The 3rd Orb Mother: She gets mentioned here and there as a planned feature as a combination of Exploiter and Profit Taker but in recent times not much as been said. Let me be clear, i am not demanding these features nor do I expect them to release anytime soon: I just hope that this post gets seen by someone at DE and hopefully some long standing questions i ask in almost every devstream get answered IF they can. I do not demand anything and if anyone who sees this can bring it life so a staff member sees this id greatly appreciate it
  17. 10月は世界乳がん啓発月間です。Digital Extremesは今年もPrincess Margaret Cancer Foundation、Warframeコミュニティ、そして世界中のコンテンツクリエイターと手を取り合って、Quest to Conquer Cancerキャンペーンに参加し Warframeコミュニティは2020年10月からPrincess Margaret Cancer Foundationへの募金活動を開始して以来、総額300,000カナダドル以上を寄付し、研究と技術の発展を促進する事業を支援しています。 「The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre」はカナダのオンタリオ州トロント市に位置する世界の5本指に入るガン研究施設です。彼らは近年の癌克服を目標としており、寄付金を資金源として教育や医療ケア、研究を行っています。 Warframeコミュニティの皆さんは10月いっぱい、Warframeコミュニティチーム及びクリエイターの配信を視聴してください。 皆さんからの温かい支援が目標に達する度、ゲーム内デジタル報酬をアンロックしていきます。結果によっては、Conqueraをテーマにしたショルダーアーマーやエフェメラなどが登場するかもしれません。 支援方法 Princess Margaret Cancer Foundationのサイトに設立されているWarframe寄付ドライブページから Conqueraチャリティグッズのご購入から チャリティグッズの売り上げはすべてPrincess Margaret Cancer Foundationへ寄付されます。 詳細は記事の後半に記載します。 寄付ランク報酬 ConqueraをテーマにしたTwitchエモートをアンロック:$5,000 - 到達しました! @TadaCharlyがデザインしたオリジナルエモート4種がTwitchチャット用に登場します。 フォーマ(完成品x3)を得られるアラートをアンロック:$10,000 日本時間の11月5日午前3時から11月15日午前4時まで、全機種でお楽しみいただける完成品フォーマ(x3)アラートが発生します。 Conquera新グリフをアンロック:$20,000 コミュニティアーティスト@RoyalpratさんがデザインしたConqueraグリフを使って「Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation」を支援しよう。 このデザインは今年のチャリティーT-シャツのロゴとしても使われます。 来年のQTCCぬいぐるみに投票しよう:$30,000 来年のQTCCキャンペーンのマスコットぬいぐるみを決めるお手伝いをお願いします。 目標に達すると詳細が明かされます。 スタンスフォーマ(完成品x1)&オーラフォーマ(完成品x1)を得られるアラートミッションをアンロック:$40,000 日本時間の11月5日午前3時から11月15日午前4時まで、全機種でお楽しみいただけるスタンスフォーマ(1x)とオーラフォーマ(x1)アラートが発生します。     3日間のアフィニティブースターウィークエンドをアンロック:$50,000 全機種でお楽しみいただける3日間のアフィニティブースターウィークエンドを日本時間11月19日午前4時から11月22日午前4時まで開催します。   Umbra フォーマ(完成品x1)を得られるアラートミッションをアンロック:$60,000 日本時間の11月5日午前3時から11月15日午前4時まで、全機種でお楽しみいただけるUmbraフォーマ(1x)アラートが発生します。     Warframeスロット(x1)と武器スロット(x1)をプレゼント:$70,000 この目標をアンロックすると11月1日に無料のWARFRAMEスロットと武器スロットを含めるキャンペーン終了メッセージを受け取ります。 この受信メッセージを受け取るために2023年1月1日までにログインしてください。 狼をテーマにしたWARFRAMEの名前を決める投票をアンロック:$80,000 狼をテーマにしてJoe MadさんがデザインしたWARFRAMEの名前を決めるお手伝いをお願いします。 目標に達すると詳細が明かされます。 Conqueraショルダーリボンをアンロック:$90,000 Conqueraキャンペーンに新しく登場するConqueraショルダーリボンは、キャンペーン終了をシグナルする受信ボックスメッセージにて11月1日から配布されます。 Conquera エフェメラ IIをアンロック:$100,000 完全に色をカスタマイズできる新しいエフェメラが登場します。 Conqueraエフェメラ IIはキャンペーン終了をシグナルする受信ボックスメッセージにて11月1日から配布されます。 Conqueraチャリティグッズ 皆さんが2021年にご購入いただいたチャリティグッズの売上金総額29,000ドルはすべてPrincess Margaret Cancer Foundationへ寄付されました。 今年のQTCCキャンペーンでは、新しいグッズ4点をお求めいただけます。このうち2点は、才能あるコミュニティアーティストがデザインを手掛けました。昨年と同様、売上金のすべてはPrincess Margaret Cancer Foundationへ寄付される予定です。 Conquera II T シャツ: カナダ出身アーティストRoyalpratさんがデザインしたシャツ。Valkyr、Khora、Magがハイライトされています。 Conqueraピン3種セット:韓国出身アーティストGamleeさんがデザインしたピン。Excalibur Umbra、Yareli、Garudaがハイライトされています。 Conqueraソーゴーのぬいぐるみ:ふわふわして抱きしめたくなるソーゴーのぬいぐるみが新しいマイホームを探しています。 このぬいぐるみをご購入いただいたプレイヤーには、Conqueraソーゴーのぬいぐるみのゲーム限定アイテムも入手できます。 Conqueraブランケット:昨年のQTCCキャンペーン中、ほっこりするぬいぐるみアイテムをお友だちにプレゼントしたとお知らせしてくれたテンノがいました。 これをきっかけに、あなたやあなたの大切な人に温かいものを贈れるよう、ブランケットもグッズに並べることにしました。 Conquera II コレクション:チャリティグッズコレクションもお求めいただけます。シャツ・ピン・ぬいぐるみとブランケットだけではなく、ゲーム内限定アイテムのConqueraソーゴーぬいぐるみと150ボーナスプラチナが含まれます。このプラチナはプロモーション用プラチナなのでトレードではご利用いただけません。 生配信スケジュール Warframeコミュニティから30名以上の素晴らしい配信者がQTCCキャンペーンに参加します。これら配信はTwitch Dropsに対応する予定です。DEスタッフもゲスト出演する場合があります。どうぞお楽しみください。 さらに、これらコミュニティ配信に加えて、Prime Timeのホストは10月の各月曜日にもう一本配信をお届けします。 公式QTCCキックオフ配信は東部標準時間10月3日午後2時の予定です。 また、クリエイターとDEスタッフが共演する8時間マラソン配信も東部標準時間10月31日午前10時から午後6時までお届けします。     Warframe x Quest to Conquer Cancerマイクロサイト(warframe.com/qtcc)からホスト・共同ホストのリスト、そして配信スケジュールを確認しよう! 配信チームへの参加方法 配信に興味がある方、どうぞこのキャンペーンにご参加ください。 Warframeチームへ参加し、集めた資金をチームの目標へカウントするためには、寄付者チームページへアクセスして「Join Our Team(チームへ参加)」をクリックしてください。その後、寄付者チームアカウントを登録するか、アカウントへログインするよう促されます。 画面上部に表示される「チーム」ボタンを押すと、Team Warframeページにリダイレクトされますので、その画面にて参加の確認をしてください。 なお、Princess Margaret Cancer Foundationは素敵な2022 Quest to Conquer Cancer配信ツールキットを用意してくれました。クイックスタートガイド、放送アセット、テーマに基づいたオーバーレイなど、多くのツールを提供します。 また、Warframeチームも無料でご利用いただけるWarframe 2022 QTCCアセットもご用意してます。 ゲーム内アイテム 2020年と2021年からのConqueraアイテムがゲーム内マーケットに戻ってきます。これらアイテムは日本時間10月4日午前2時から12月31日まで1クレジットでご購入いただけます。   Conquera シャンダナ Conquera グリフ Conquera シジル Conquera チェストリボン 皆と共に…. いつも… 今回ご案内させていただいた支援方法を通してキャンペーンにご参加いただける皆さん、どうもありがとうございます。チャリティグッズのご購入をはじめとする皆さんからの温かいご支援は、どのような些細なことでもがん啓発キャンペーンの重要な役割を果たすことになるでしょう。 今年のQuest to Conquer Cancerキャンペーンも成功することを願っています。 寄付のご案内はこのページから Conqueraチャリティグッズはこのページから
  18. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Digital Extremes is joining forces with the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, our community, and content creators around the world for Warframe’s third annual Quest to Conquer Cancer campaign! Since beginning to fundraise in October of 2020, the Warframe community has raised over $300,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, helping to fund vital research and technological breakthroughs. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is one of the top five cancer research centres in the world, and they rely on donations to accelerate cancer research, education and clinical care. All month long, Tenno can tune into streams hosted by Warframe Content Creators as well as members of the Warframe Community team to collect free drops and consider donating. As we hit fundraising milestones we’ll be unlocking digital rewards in-game for the entire player base, including new Conquera themed Shoulder Armor, a brand new Ephemera and more! HOW TO DONATE Donate to Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation through our Donor Drive Page! Purchase Conquera Charity Merchandise from our Online Store! All net proceeds will be donated to PMCF. More information below! DONATION TIER REWARDS Unlock Conquera themed Twitch emotes - $5,000 - ACHIEVED! Four original emotes designed by @TadaCharly are headed to a Twitch chat near you! Unlock a 3x Forma (Built) Alert - $10,000 - ACHIEVED! A 3X Forma in-game “Tenno United” Alert will go live on all platforms starting Nov 4th at 2 p.m. ET through Nov 14 at 2 p.m. ET. Unlock a New Conquera Glyph - $20,000 Show your support in the fight against cancer with a brand new Conquera Glyph created by community member and artist @Royalprat! This design is also on this year’s charity T-shirt. Vote on Next Year’s QTCC Floof - $30,000 Help decide on the Floof mascot for Quest to Conquer Cancer 2023! We’ll open up the decision making process to the Tenno. Full details to follow after the goal is reached. Unlock a 1x Stance Forma + 1x Aura Forma (Built) Alert - $40,000 Additional “Tenno United” Alerts will go live on all platforms from Nov 4th at 2p.m. ET through Nov 14th p.m. ET to reward you with 1x Built Aura Forma and 1x Built Stance Forma. Unlock a 3 Day Affinity Booster Weekend - $50,000 All platforms will enjoy a 3 Day long Affinity Booster Weekend later this year, starting Nov 18th at 2p.m. ET through Nov 21st at 2p.m. ET Unlock an Umbra Forma (Built) Alert - $60,000 Enjoy a “Tenno United” Alert live on all platforms from Nov 4th at 2p.m. ET through Nov 14th p.m. ET that will reward a 1x Built Umbra Forma. Unlock a Warframe Slot + Weapon Slot - $70,000 All Tenno will receive an end-of-campaign inbox message containing a free Warframe slot and Weapon slot for their inventories on November 1st, 2022. You must login before January 1st, 2023 to receive this item! Help Pick the Wolf-Inspired Warframe Name - $80,000 Help select the final name for the wolf-inspired Warframe, designed by Joe Mad. Details to follow once the goal is reached. Unlock Conquera Shoulder Ribbon - $90,000 A brand new addition to the Conquera collection, the Conquera Shoulder Ribbon will be delivered to all Tenno via an end-of-campaign inbox message on November 1st, 2022. Unlock Conquera II Ephemera - $100,000 A brand new, fully colour-customizable Ephemera arrives for QTCC 2022. The Conquera II Ephemera will be delivered to all Tenno via an end-of-campaign inbox message on November 1st, 2022. CONQUERA CHARITY MERCHANDISE In 2021, purchases of the limited edition charity merchandise resulted in an additional donation to PMCF of over $29,000 CAD based on the net proceeds generated by sales of those items. This year we have four brand new items – two of which were designed by talented members of the Warframe community – with all net proceeds once again being donated to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Conquera II T-Shirt Designed by Canadian artist Royalprat, featuring Valkyr, Khora and Mag. Conquera Pin Set Created by Korean artist Gamlee, including Excalibur Umbra, Yareli, and Garuda. Conquera Sawgaw Floof The round and huggable Sawgaw Floof is looking for a new home! Those who purchase the Floof will also receive the exclusive in-game version of their Conquera Sawgaw Floof. Conquera Blanket Last year, some Tenno told us that they gifted Floofs to loved ones who could use a comfort item. We wanted to expand on this idea and create something that could comfort and warm you or someone you care about. Conquera II Collection This year’s items will also be available in a bundle that also includes all of the above, as well as the in-game Sawgaw Floof and 150 bonus Platinum (non-tradeable). LIVESTREAM SCHEDULE More than 40 incredible streamers from the Warframe Community are joining this year’s festivities, streaming with Twitch drop-enabled broadcasts and featuring DE staff co-hosts. On top of these Community streams, the hosts of Prime Time will be adding a Monday stream to each week in October to kick off the week with a bang! Our official QTCC Kickoff stream begins on Monday, October 3rd at 2pm E.T. We’ll end the month with a grand finale stream: 8 hours of back-to-back programming featuring creators and DE staff on October 31st from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET You can find the entire streaming schedule and the complete list of hosts on our Warframe x Quest to Conquer Cancer micro-site here: warframe.com/qtcc HOW TO GET INVOLVED We invite all those who are interested in streaming to participate! To join Team Warframe and have the funds you’ve raised contribute to our community fundraising efforts, visit our Donor Drive team page and click “Join Our Team” – you’ll be prompted to log in or register for Donor Drive if you haven’t done so already. You can easily confirm that you are part of Team Warframe by clicking the “team” button in the upper banner, and checking that it redirects you to the Team Warframe page. Our friends at the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation have put together a handy 2022 Quest to Conquer Cancer Streamers’ Toolkit for all to utilize, which includes a Quick Start Guide as well as broadcast assets like Alerts, themed Overlays, Lower Thirds and more! We’ve also included high quality versions of the Warframe 2022 QTCC assets that you are free to use! FREE IN-GAME ITEMS RETURNING Four Conquera items from 2020 and 2021 are returning to the in-game Market for 1 Credit each starting October 3rd at 1 pm E.T. until December 31, 2022. Conquera Syandana Conquera Glyph Conquera Sigil Conquera Chest Ribbon LIFTING TOGETHER, ALWAYS. Whether you choose to donate, purchase charity merchandise, host your own stream or simply spread the word online, you’ll be playing a vital role in the Warframe community’s Quest to Conquer Cancer. The over $300,000 CAD you managed to raise for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in 2020 and 2021 continues to amaze and inspire us, and we can’t wait to see what’s possible this year. Visit Our Donor Drive Page! Shop Conquera Charity Merch On Our Store!
  19. This is just for fun just to start a conversation. When it comes to the abilities, they can pull from Sevagoth but there are other inspirations they can pull from. This could be also inspiration for a Vampire frame. Just to give two examples of ability ideas his 1st can be a pounce that dismembers enemies when killed, it does slash and true damage but if the enemy survives, they will be open up to finisher with a unique animation. The 4th obviously turns him into a werewolf but I added somethings unique to it: The werewolf form has two stance and each stance has different attack animations, one is for fast attacks and one is for heavy attacks. The attack animations involve claw, bites and his whole body as a weapon for attacks. Each combo has a purpose. One does a lot of damage to a single enemy, one does attacks that deals with multiple enemies, one does crowd control and one applies a de-buff. Obviously, the werewolf form can mod the claws. The werewolf form will have its stats increased. It has a synergy where the first ability does more damage and costs less energy while in werewolf form. I speculate that the reveal for this frame will be at tennocon.
  20. Hi there, I have a suggestion for Steelpath Void fissures: It would be pretty neat, if Steelpath void relic runs give 2 choices to collect reclicet (if solo a duplicate from the own relict which would drop) 3 bonuses it would make: 1: Endgame players would get more reward options, for more difficult missions. 2: People with dupe accounts (bot farmers) would have a lesser reward cycle (gaining less then steelpath runners "rewards" from non steelpath "easy" voidruns). (they are mostly 1 high level account and 1 or more semi passive "afk" low rank accounts). 3: New players would play more with their own pace, since endgame players are very fast in those low level mission and mostly new players dont experience those relict runs right now. (so they value and understand more, why, what and how relictruns work). Thanks for reading.
  21. Quest to Conquer Cancer inizia oggi, 3 Ottobre e finisce il 31 Ottobre! Warframe sta collaborando con la ''Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation'' ancora una volta per supportare la loro campagna Quest to Conquer Cancer! Ci sono due modi in cui puoi aiutare, Tenno! Guarda le dirette di Warframe e dona direttamente tramite la pagina delle donazioni. Acquista merchandise esclusivo di beneficenza. I ricavi netti saranno donati al termine della campagna e contribuiranno ai livelli di donazione. Sblocca le Ricompense Dona per raggiungere nuovi livelli e sbloccare Ricompense in gioco e altri contenuti su tutte le Piattaforme! Ricontrolla spesso per vedere i progressi della comunità verso lo sblocco delle Ricompense. OBIETTIVI: Merch Sostieni la causa acquistando il Merch ufficiale Conquera! Ottieni una nuovissima Coperta Conquera, Floof Sawgaw Conquera, 3 nuove Spille Conquera dal Community fan artist Gamlee e una T-shirt Conquera dal Community fan artist Royalprat. Livestream Segnale sul calendario e non perdere le livestream su Twitch! Da questo sito puoi vedere gli orari italiani delle dirette ufficiali: https://warframestreams.lol/ Da questo sito appositamente creato per l'evento vi sono segnalate tutte le dirette, comprese quelle dei creator coinvolti! http://warframe.com/qtcc Sintonizzati e guadagna Premi! Guarda per 45 minuti consecutivi su Twitch con un account collegato per richiedere una Ricompensa. Accedi ogni giorno della settimana per ottenere più oggetti! Extra Gli oggetti Warframe Quest to Conquer Cancer dell'anno scorso sono tornati! Ottieni la Syandana Conquera, il Glifo Conquera, Sigillo Conquera e il Fiocco Conquera nel Mercato in gioco per 1 Credito fino al 31 Dicembre 2022!
  22. Now that the DevStream has happened and quite some weeks have passed, I feel prepared to give my thoughts on Veilbreaker + Echoes of Veilbreaker as a coming "surplus" to it. Because normally my posts are very long, from now whenever I do an update review I'm going to be implementing a small "Index" or an Kuaka-sized version of my opinions first, so those who don't want to go through the whole thing but are interested in the opinions can have a pleasant experience as well. With that little disclaimer out of the way, lets go into what I think about Veilbreaker: Version for people who likes shorter and more to the point threads: The full version: And that's about it, tell me how you like the new format, your arguments, and of course, your own feedback about Veilbreaker. Ba-bye!
  23. Kahl sells shards for 90 Stock however they are random (Azure, Amber or Crimson). Not everyone want all shards. I, for example, just want Amber one. Let us pick any shards from 3 (Azure, Amber or Crimson) but limit it 1 per week (if you don't want it to be easily achieve able). Or rotate shards from Kahl shops daily.
  24. I just found out that we had a 4 day cycle on the Archeon so they could sync the rotation to be on Sunday. It didn't occur to them that people can't play on those days?! Why wasn't the cycle longer and reset it NEXT Sunday instead of the same week one. Now I'm one shard behind...
  25. If I've ran the calculations correctly, the max cc a operator can get from amp builds is 58% combined with, eternal onslaught, stacked on top of the mutalist Quanta? Has anyone tested this out yet?
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