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  1. I got a 75% off coupon, but I can't use it on slots, I can't use it on anything deemed a bundle (and many bundles include items exclusive to said bundles), and I can't even use it on the seasonal glyphs (individual purchase, not a bundle). On PC, you can use it to buy platinum, which you can then use to buy any of the things I just mentioned at effectively a discount. Really, the only thing coupons shouldn't apply to is Tennogen since that's cash-only on PC.
  2. TennoGen will return with Round 21! Twenty-one original pieces are coming to the Origin System in the near future! Because our teams are working diligently to complete and release The New War content update for you before the end of this year, we have made the decision to move the release of Round 21 to early 2022. In the interim, our team will be working towards transferring these items to all platforms for our console Tenno as well! For artists, please note that this later release of Round 21 will not affect our TennoGen review cadence. We tentatively have our Round 22 deadline scheduled for early 2022, but we will post more details as we approach the end of the year! With that all said, here’s a look at what’s coming in TennoGen Round 21: Warframe Skins Harrow Algalyst Skin by Goosmo Mesa Mesnificent Skin by kakarrot2812 Protea Technocron Skin by Master Noob Titania Pixialyst Skin by kakarrot2812 Wisp Celestist Skin by malaya & Awk’Q-Luz Wisp Coven Skin by malaya & blazingcobalt Wisp Sycorax Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus. Wisp Zamariu Skin by led2012 & daemonstar Wukong Piercing Eye Skin by Mz-3 Weapon Skins Arashi Heavy Blade Skin by Lubox & ValentinaPaz Ksara Two-Handed Nikana Skin by kakarrot2812 Axonnak Hammer Skin by Erneix Syandanas Fei Syandana by malaya & Jadie Laprosys Syandana by FrellingHazmot Draugen Syandana by Goosmo Eklis Syandana by Goosmo Armor Pieces Grineer Inflatable Armor Shoulder Armor by CERF Avyrdi Shoulder Armor by led2012 & lex182 Landing Crafts Lilieae Xiphos Landing Craft by MaceMadunusus Operator Accessories Oculus Papillon Facial Accessory by HariPear & lukinu_u Corail Diadem by HariPear & lukinu_u If you have a favourite item that didn’t make it in, don’t be afraid! We’ll be working with several creators throughout the end of the year to get their items across the finish line in time for the Round 22 submission deadline in 2022. Typically, technical or stylistic issues are the primary cause for an item not being included, but we do our best to help pieces with a lot of promise make it into the game. Artists can expect the feedback mentioned above to be sent out within the next few weeks. As always, if you’re an artist and you’d like some feedback on your submitted pieces, please feel free to reach out and we’ll do our very best to prepare & send a quick writeup for you!
  3. For a moment imagine this. When it finally comes time to trade your hard earned prime parts or mods, you look no further than your inventory where you can set items as "For Sale". You then go to your dojo and start advertising in trade chat, like normal. However, all you have to say is "I'm selling -x items-" and afterwards add a command, like the [look] command, that shows everything you're currently selling to those who click on it. In your dojo, there would be a new type of structure/terminal that would display everything that the clan members are currently selling and give you the option to DM the person selling it if you see something you like. This way of trading would still encourage you to communicate and advertise your wares, but would streamline the process a bit. The allure of negotiating and haggling to get the perfect price would be untouched, but overall it would mean a lot less sitting in trade waiting for your goods to be sold! I'm open to suggestions as well as ideas on how to improve this idea! ps: Thank you to my friend for helping me brainstorm ways to make it less complicated and ways to work it into the game without ruining the fun of trading!
  4. Hello. Xenneth369 here I play on Playstation currently at MR25. Here are my points: 1) The marketplace needs to be largely revamped: Several(most) items in the marketplace are largely ignored by the players because they are completely not worthwhile. For example, you could buy 1 Neurode for 10 plat, or you could farm a mission for an hour and get many. Why even have the option to buy these things if it's not going to be worthwhile? I'd wager a large portion of the players would be willing to spend some plat on a stack of resources that would otherwise take several hours of farming. Offering this would only allow people to spend money to speed things up in the game which is already how the payment system is based here and if not make it worthwhile just take it out entirely. If the focus is supposed to be on using resource boosters to enhance farming then proceed to point 2 2) Warframe needs a subscription option. Seriously. Why not offer a monthly subscription that provides (discounted) a continuous booster of all types and X amount of plat on every login Maybe even some other exclusive things like further enhanced login rewards and random cosmetic items from the store. Improved login rewards is a whole separate point that has probably been made several times (10k credits. 100 Cryotic. LOL). But seriously. I love this game. Let me subscribe, make it worthwhile. :) Offering a subscription does not suddenly make the game pay to win. It's still just pay to "win" faster, if not: grind harder. Due to time constraints in my life I don't get to play as Id like to (hardcore all the way to max mastery) it would be really awesome to be given something that makes squeezing in an hour of game time worthwhile. Sorties/Nightwave are great and all but it still always feels like im just biding my time untill I can get more plat. Why farm resources if I have no booster? You should focus on giving more rewards for the first maybe 2 hours of gameplay after logging in and expand the login rewards system entirely. Rewards for consecutively logging in. A more coherent achievement system. 100 kills, 1000 kills, 10000 kills, yadda yadda. More trophies. I love this game, you guys are doing a fantastic job and I can't wait for the big upcoming updates. But if we are going cross platform you should really be thinking about player retention and taking notes from some of your top competitors. (For example.. Genshin Impact, which I no longer play due to its toxic payment model unlike this game, does have great achievements/login rewards to keep people coming back). These are low effort changes that would pay off many times over while making the game more enjoyable for new and old players alike.
  5. This one is kind of a joke Warframe, focusing on explosion and a “bit” of randomness. He had an exalted launcher (that he pulls from his vest like torso) that he launches his first 2 abilities from. He’s the definition of unfair and a dangerous to everyone including himself. He has the possibility of insane damage but also the possibility of exploding himself. The aesthetics for this Warframe would be similar to early 1900’s America themed based off of laborers or gangsters attire. Ascanio causes one to ask themselves 3 questions. Question 1: do you like gambling? Question 2: do you like gambling with your life? Question 3: explosions which isn’t a question but he did it anyways. Name: Ascanio, based off of Ascanio Sobrero a.k.a. Discoverer of nitroglycerin. Also Ascanio is a grand opera with 5 parts (hinting to the 5 magazine round of the Eruptive Persuader) Passive: each shot from Ascanio has a 20% chance of instantly reloading his gun. Ability 1: Unstable Shakers- Ascanio launches a pair of six sided dice towards enemies. The ability basically runs like Dice (the gambling game) and cumulatively gain power the more the ability goes for. The ability’s power temporarily goes up for the sum of the dice rolls. This will continue until the player reactivates the ability (causing the dice to explode dealing blast damage with whatever the bonus is), duration ends (dice will explode automatically), or they roll snake eyes. If they roll a 7 then the total ability power bonus doubles after adding 7(used to prevent no gain in the beginning. (This means if you had generated +20% bonus it would become +27% then become +54%). This also means that if the first roll is snake eyes no damage is dealt and energy is waisted. When a dice roll on 2 1’s then it is considered snake eyes which will stop the ability early and will not have the dice explode final damage. Ability 2: Hot stick- Ascanio launches a stick of dynamite with a randomized timer at an enemy. Enemies will pass it to their nearest ally after 1s which will increase the damage by 20%. Once the timer hits 0 the stick of dynamite explodes dealing blast damage amplified by the amount of hops. If the enemy is alone, they will not hop the dynamite until their ally gets close enough. If an enemy with the “Hot Stick” becomes confused or part of the players team in any way, they will still have it and will be passed along their allies(now the players team) potentially hurting them. Ability 3:Volatile Roulette- Ascanio place a dispenser on the ground which will give allies and him a random type damage bonus to weapons. The dispenser carries it’s own set of counters which increase by 1 for every use(this is visible to all players). The damage bonus will increase (a certain amount that is not decided yet) with every counter and also increase Ascanio’s own ability power with every counter. However, with each use the dispenser has a chance of breaking “misfires” in the final user’s face causing blast damage and Ascanio to lose his bonus. This means the higher the counter, the better the damage bonus but also bigger chance to main weaker allies. Ability 4:The Eruptive Persuader- Ascanio takes out his weapon of absolute randomness, an exalted launcher that fires random damage types. Whenever it is fired it will deal a random element (not physical ones). This ability has 5 shots(increases if it’s magazine is increased). If the element is blast, it will deal triple in damage and double the blast radius. Any damage bonus will add to the total damage but will not provide an exact type to prevent swaying of the results. Also keep in mind that an explosive shot could potentially cause Ascanio to kill himself in not careful. (Will figure out the actual stats later) open to better ability names (especially if they’re Italian) or better abilities in general but should be a gamble of course
  6. Are Acid Shells glitched out now? I see nearby enemies get hit with the explosion, but their damage hit are only 450. seems like its not applying the +45% Enemy Health portion.
  7. Recently been leveling amps. In the mission complete screen it doesn't have a section for Operator Kills. I am unsure if there are sections for archgun, archmelee, and necramech. These breakdown of kills can help players see what they are primarily using amongst other things.
  8. I'm on PS4. Since the PS5 came out (and with increasing frequency), I have had multiple occasions where, upon a public match ending, I am pulled into another mission by one of the players before I have even gotten out of the load screen for exiting the first mission. (I never see my ship/dojo and never get to leave the squad.) This is often very frustrating when you have no desire to go into whatever mission they pull you into and just adds two more load screens (one for when I get pulled in, one for when I leave) and potentially a host migration for everyone if I leave and am host. Can we get a minimum time to be out of a mission before someone can force a vote to compensate for the disparate load times between the consoles?
  9. Hey folks! So I'm sure you've all (or mostly all heard) the great news regarding Cross-Play and Cross-Save coming to Warframe soon: While we do not have all the details yet, this long requested feature is finally making its way to the game (and the moderators will no longer have to lock the monthly/weekly/daily thread asking about it). Folks on different platforms will be able to play together, and users will (presumably) be able to freely transfer their progress between platforms on a whim (or perhaps 'unify' different platform accounts in a similar fashion to some other games, like Destiny, where all linked platform accounts access a singular set of account data stored on DE's servers). I decided to re-create the megathread of yore (the one from 2018 with 69 pages) with some up-to-date info and a more relevant opening post. Please feel free to discuss and speculate on this upcoming feature here! Some of the major talking points popping up in the thread: Platinum between platforms - Will platinum be merged between platforms, or will platinum bought on one platform remain on that platform? (Think Silver from Destiny 2) Trading & Market Questions - Will players across platforms be able to trade with one another? Or will it be restricted to the platform a player is currently on? The market-scape between platforms is vastly different for platinum prices on some tradeable goods, and cross-save/cross-play may wind up balancing/equalizing prices across platforms TENNOGEN - A real hot topic, seeing as the method of implementation is radically different between PC and Console; will Tennogen skins transfer when moving between platforms? Will PC players be able to purchase Tennogen skins for platinum when playing on consoles? Platform exclusive cosmetics - Similar to Tennogen, will they transfer? In regards to the Obsidian/Jade skins, etc. Method of Cross-Save - Some players have expressed interest in a 'Merge' style of cross-save (where items from multiple platforms are merged/combined) versus more traditional style of 'Overwrite' style of cross-save (where the data of the 'master' account overwrites/overrides the linked accounts of other platforms--think Destiny 2). When it will go live - There are no announced dates for when it will be released, though there is speculation that it may drop with The New War. This thread will hopefully be able to start compiling some good sets of questions we can field to DE staff for upcoming devstreams. I for one am very eager to hear more about the manner in which cross-save and cross-play will be implemented. Update: Thanks to @xcrimsonlegendx for the update on goals for linking/merging/cross-saving accounts!
  10. It's the first time I'm creating a topic here, and I just wanted to register this question here. I'm originally a PS4 player, all of my progress, items, platinum and etc are stored on that account, I needed to sell the PS4 for personal reasons, now I have a better PC and I can finally play my favorite game again! But sadly, the fact that I need to redo the G R I N D again really doesn't help me wanting to play the game again.
  11. The changes that Nyx is getting does nothing. The changes to her 1 does nothing if the AI is bad, her 2 is useless in low level missions and the 4 changes still wont make a difference. Their is not a lot you can really do with the concept of mind control and only two of her abilities are even that, that being said she needs a rework and to make her abilities make sense not only she has the ability of mind control but she also has psychokinesis. Her abilities needs to not only need to be useful but fun also. Here is what I would do to give her a rework. New Passive: If Nyx`s health is below 50%, enemies attacking her will be put to sleep. Telekinesis (rework): Nyx sends out a telekinetic wave that levitates enemies in the air. Deactivating the ability will turn them in to a projectile shooting them across the room. · Enemies will be levitated for 15 seconds. · The wave range is 15m and it’s sent out as a cone. · You can recast it however if the previous cast was holding enemies, it will deactivate. · Holding the ability turns the lifted enemies into projectiles you can point them in the direction of where the radicle is aiming at. · Each enemy projectile will receive and deal 500 damage. · The duration of enemy de-buff can be increased by duration mods. · It can be cast in the air. · Depending on the chosen energy colour, there will be an aura around the affected enemies. Psychic Bolts: · Make it de-buff all eximus units. · Pressing the ability will deal 500 damage and stagger enemies while holding the ability will strip their defences. Chaos: · Nyx has the option to cycle through three different commands; Control - will make enemies fight against each other. Terror - will make enemies run away from Nyx in fear. Crippled - will fall to the ground brain dead. · You can change enemies` behave while the ability is active (by holding the button) but it will drain 25 energy for every switch. · Control and terrors` duration will last as long as the ability however crippled`s duration will only lasts 5 seconds. · Crippled`s duration cannot be increased with mods. · If Nyx is shooting an enemy while they are in the animation state (control), the enemy will accumulate the damage you deal to it (which will be spread to all enemies affected) and will convert to extra damage. · The extra accumulated damage does not affect Nyx or allies being attacked by enemies. · Enemy stun and invulnerability window last for 3 seconds. · FIX: In interception, enemies will still hack the terminal while under the effects of it and even if enemies are near them. Absorb: · Make her move at the same speed as jogging. (While in her meditate stance) · It pulls aggro from enemies. · If cast in the air she will be stationary and have a 30% chance for enemies to be hermitized into slowly moving closer to Nyx in a 50m radius. If allies or companions get within 20m of the enemy, it will break the hermeticism making the enemies attack them. · You can use weapons while inside it to add to it. 30% of the weapon`s damage will be converted into status damage from the weapon Nyx is using to the absorption damage. · Whatever enemy is shooting at nyx will be affected by the explosion no matter the distance. Enemies in close damage range will take damage and enemies outside that will receive a knockdown and the status affects from whatever weapons you`re using. · Remove the ability for allies to be able to shoot it. · It won`t drain energy unless Nyx is being attacked. · (Synergy) If you aim your radical at an enemy and use the 1st ability, Nyx will pull herself forward to the enemy in a 15m radius however, this will also deactivate the ability. · (Synergy) You can cast other abilities while using 4th ability and will cost half the energy. · (Synergy) If you use the 2nd ability, when deactivating the 4th ability, the de-buff will spread to enemies the survive the blast.
  12. Why not just make pressing the alternate fire button release a shot from shotgun mode? The zarr does not have any animation when changing the firing mode unlike other weapons like the Ambassador. Why not just make it like Bubonico? which when you press the alt fire button releases the projectiles instantly instead of changing the firing mode
  13. Just noticed that the PS5 originally supported a third-party keyboard and mouse. I've tried and found it usable in the PS version of WF, but still there are some problems as follows: 1. the UI would not change to adopt the keyboard, which can get confusing while you are using keyboard but staring at circles and triangles and do not know which key represents which bottom; 2. the keyboard layout cannot be changed. As the whole UI would not change to adopt keyboard, there is no keyboard setting in the option thus only some default keys can be triggered like aim and shoot or melee attack. With the above being mentioned, is it possible to have it supported in the near future?
  14. Seriously. I never use her anymore. Never use zipline. Don't need warcry. There are weapons that do the same thing as the third ability. The ultimate can't be built for. Are there any builds that actually set Valkyr apart as a good frame.
  15. I just recently finished unbinding all schools passive ways & I'm trying to equip all 10 & only had enough room to equip 7 of the 10 & need 25 more storage to equip the other 3 however what's the total amount needed to max out the pool?? I'm currently at 87 storage. Thanks
  16. 皆さん、こんにちは。 去年に引き続き、Warframeは「Quest to Conquer Cancer (QTCC)」キャンペーンに参加します! 二年連続で、十月にプリンセスマーガレットがんセンターの乳がんとの闘いに協力します。 私たちの今月の配信は、がんの影響を受けた人々への支援や意識向上のためのスペシャルエディションです。 10月は、Warframeで「Naberusの夜」が開催されるため、今月の配信では「トリックオアトリートグラブバッグ」をお届けします。 各配信を30分以上視聴して、Twitchドロップを入手しよう。 この週の配信ではトリックオアトリート「スーパーチャージグラブバッグ」をお届けします。 オロキンカタリスト オロキンリアクター 武器エクシラスアダプター オロキンセル セルアレイの装飾品 配信でDropsを有効に設定したうえで、キャンペーンに参加しているWarframe配信を視聴し、今週のDropsを獲得しよう。 週末のコミュニティチャリティー配信は次の通りです。 Miabyte (英語) - http://twitch.tv/Miabyte RainbowWaffles (英語) - http://twitch.tv/RainbowWaffles LadyTheLaddy (英語) - http://twitch.tv/LadyTheLaddy Nononom12 (英語) - http://twitch.tv/Nononom12 Angry_Unicorn_ (英語) - http://twitch.tv/Angry_Unicorn_ Pyrah (英語) - http://twitch.tv/Pyrah DasterCreations (スペイン語) - https://www.twitch.tv/dastercreations Dezsaras (英語) - http://twitch.tv/Dezsaras JessiThrower (スペイン語) - https://www.twitch.tv/jessithrower Chelestra (英語) - https://twitter.com/chelestra Kirarahime (英語) - http://twitch.tv/Kirarahime SIEJ0 (英語) - https://www.twitch.tv/siej0 Vamppire_ (英語) - https://www.twitch.tv/vamppire_/about Twitch Dropsの受け取り資格 Dropsを獲得するために、TwitchアカウントとWarframeアカウントが正常に紐付けされていることを確認してください。 紐付けが未設定の場合は、Twitch Drop ガイドをご確認ください。 今週のDrops獲得は北米東部時間の、月曜午前9時から日曜午後11時30分まで有効です。 どの配信を視聴しても、最大5つまでのDropsを獲得できます。 Nintendo Switch版Warframeをご利用のテンノは、Nintendo e-ショップからYouTubeアプリをダウンロードするとSwitch本体から視聴することもできます。 Switch本体からYouTubeアプリを開き、WarframeのYouTubeチャンネルにアクセスしてください。
  17. Naberusの夜:ホットフィックス 30.8.3 最適化: • レールジャックミッションで起きるパフォーマンスの問題を解消するため最適化を実行。 • レールジャックの戦術オーバーレイを開くときに起きるヒッチングを解消するため最適化を実行。 • オープンワールド風マップへロードするとき、離脱する時のフレームレートを最適化。 • アークウイングを展開したりK-ドライブに乗るときに起きるヒッチングを解消する最適化を実行。 • レールジャックが多くのダメージを受けると起こるヒッチングを修正。 修正点: • ホスト移行が引き起こすクラッシュを修正。 • プロフィットテイカー戦の最終ステージへ移れないため、依頼ミッションの報酬を受け取れない問題を修正。 • レールジャックミッションで複数のNightwaveアクトが正しくトラッキングされない問題を修正。 • その他のNightwaveアクトで同様な問題が起きていないか調査中です。 • Coaction Driftを毒耐性を持つオーラMODと同時に使うと、毒ダメージを多く受ける問題を修正。 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1283989-toxin-resist-aura-coaction-drift-increase-toxin-damage-taken/ • Dex Furisマガジンへスキンが適用されない問題を修正。 • Warframeのアビリティを発動する時に起きるスクリプトエラーを修正。
  18. I have been playing Warframe for 5 years now and I have loved the gameplay. The action is amazing and always gets me praising it. However one thing Warframe lacks is purpose. The story is so disjointed and lacking meaning. You do the missions over and over but what is being accomplished? If you do missions anywhere there is no reason to do it besides the loot. I would consider this an looter shooter RPG. You have loads of customization options and a world that has vast potential in telling a great story. The quests were pretty good but there was no connectivity to the overall purpose of what you are doing. The people of Fortuna don't get saved no matter how much you try. They are is such a sad state. Cetus missions bring you no closer to understanding the people or the effect you have on them. I imagine you are incredibly important to cetus because no one goes out to hunt or fish from the looks of it. You are the sole reason they haven't been killed or starved out by the grennier. The deimos world is probably the only one that seems to have nothing really going on besides its infested. No one there to save or anything. When you save corpus slaves on ships it doesn't feel like you saved them. You just leave them on a ship with countless enemies. The lore and character building seems so disjointed from the purpose of your character. There isn't much to go on to be honest. The leverian did add some lore to the mix which is nice. Warframe really needs to build off that first new mission and keep the momentum going. The tenno are numerous and they should have way more of a presence in the world. They are basically these War heroes that consistently get the job done and have nothing to show for it in terms of progression. The way warframe feels reminds me of episodic shows that don't ever expand on about the last episodes. In a game like Warframe it doesn't feel right that way. Maybe the devs can really dive in and do some character and world building. Maybe we can have a purpose for saving these "operatives" in rescue. Or know what we are "defending". What information are we extracting and what are we doing with it? The liches seem to be the only enemy that cares that we are around. When are we going to Liberate the people of Fortuna and kill Nef Anyo. I understand that having a resolution means that the missions stop. But what if the goal changes to just keeping them safe from further corpus rule. Or what if taking out the grennier in Cetus helped the people go out and get their own fish. The missions don't have the stop but the reasons should change. Honestly it doesn't have to change the way I am saying it but I feel that the tennos purpose and the impact on our world is missing. That is what makes playing a game feel important besides just gathering resources. Maybe others won't agree but having played for so long I feel that Warframe needs this the most.
  19. Tenno, 我们很自豪能继续征服癌症活动 (QTCC)! 我们第二年在十月与玛嘉烈公主癌症中心合作抗击乳腺癌。 因此我们这个月的直播将格外特别,我们在努力提高人们的对该疾病的认识和捐款意向,以帮助那些受癌症影响的人们。 在 Warframe 中,10月正好是纳贝流士之夜,因此,我们本月的 Twitch 掉包将是不给糖就捣蛋盲盒。在本周的掉宝中,观看 twitch.tv/Warframe 30分钟即可获得不给糖就捣蛋:活力充能盲盒: Orokin 催化剂 Orokin 反应堆 武器特殊功能槽连接器 Orokin 电池 电池阵列装饰 除了在我们的直播上启用掉宝之外,如果你观看这周期间我们的任何社区募捐者直播,你也将有资格获得本周的掉宝。 我们这周的社区筹款者是: Miabyte - http://twitch.tv/Miabyte RainbowWaffles - http://twitch.tv/RainbowWaffles LadyTheLaddy - http://twitch.tv/LadyTheLaddy Nononom12 - http://twitch.tv/Nononom12 Angry_Unicorn_ - http://twitch.tv/Angry_Unicorn_ Pyrah - http://twitch.tv/Pyrah DasterCreations (ES) - https://www.twitch.tv/dastercreations Dezsaras - http://twitch.tv/Dezsaras JessiThrower (ES) - https://www.twitch.tv/jessithrower Chelestra - https://twitter.com/chelestra Kirarahime - http://twitch.tv/Kirarahime SIEJ0 - https://www.twitch.tv/siej0 Vamppire_ - https://www.twitch.tv/vamppire_/about Twitch 掉宝资格提醒 请确保你已关联 Twitch 帐号和 Warframe 帐号,这样你才有资格获得掉宝。 如果你还没有这样做,在这里有一个方便的指南! 本周的掉宝将从美东时间周一上午 09:00 开始, 持续至周日晚上 11:30。 (北京时间周一上午11:30) 无论你想观看哪一场直播,你最多只能领取本周的盲盒奖励 5 次。 更改 Twitch 密码后重新关联您的 Warframe 帐号 Nintendo Switch 平台的 Tenno 若想要观看直播,可以通过 Nintendo eShop 免费安装 YouTube 应用在便携式设备上观看。 我们直播时,请访问 Warframe YouTube 频道!
  20. Hay alguna arma que sea tipo katana dobles o skanas dobles tipo samurai o algo asi estaria chido que hubiera una que se llamara tipo nakana doble y cada una tuviera su funda y asi uwu
  21. If hadn’t been thought of, yall don’t game fr, but this would be a good crossover for this game, but idk what they’ll do for her weapon because theres different projectiles for it
  22. I compiled a massive list of a bunch of suggestions floating around in the Workshop thread that got randomly locked -_- added a few I saw in Yareli's feedback megathread (that DE hasn't commented in at all) as well, but I don't feel like plundering 20+ pages for suggestions that might be redundant to what I've already gathered 😅 So what do we have as suggestions for each ability again, if we're practically unanimously in agreement that simple number buffs aren't enough for any of these abilities to shine? Note, this is just me recounting all of mine, and other player's, weaknesses and solutions observed/proposed for these abilities. Let me know if I've forgotten anyone's major problem-observations or solution-recommendations from this thread! I hope DE listens to at least one of us a bit! Shoring up one ability the right way can help other abilities work better and make her kit feel much more cohesive! I don't expect all of these to get implemented, I just want a grab bag of them implemented! Over 80 options to choose from, DE could just choose the best or the easiest to implement, we've already done a bunch of the brainstorming for them. I'd settle for them saying "After New War we'll review", but this silence is AGGRAVATING to me. Passive SeaSnares Merulina Aquablades Riptide Tenno, please let me know if I've missed any other glaring problems with how Yareli currently feels to play, and/or any additional unique solutions/additions to her kit to make her more viable and fun across a variety of levels and mission types. DE, please consider either implementing some of the easiest options present ASAP (so that your newest Warframe isn't a terrible option to play with for New War, and in general for the entire time leading up to it), or at least let us know that you plan on implementing some more comprehensive fixes to her kit after New War drops. Not fixing her, and not talking about when you'll do so, imo, is kinda unacceptable.
  23. Elevate your style and master your Fashion Frame with the brand-new Prime Gaming Verv Collection! Available exclusively to Amazon Prime members, Prime Gaming Rewards return on May 26 with more unique Customizations than ever before. Whether you’re a seasoned collector, a Fashion Framing master or a brand-new Tenno exploring the Origin System for the first time, you won’t want to miss out on the exclusive Prime Gaming Verv Collection. HOW TO CLAIM: To redeem your free Drops, you’ll need to make sure your Prime Gaming and Warframe accounts are linked. Not an Amazon Prime member yet? Sign up here. Once your membership is activated: Link your Warframe and Prime Gaming account here and get the Stezia Sumbha Syandana added to your Arsenal instantly! Starting May 26, claim your Rewards on the Prime Gaming site. Jump in-game to redeem your Rewards. Check back each month to see what exclusive item is ready to claim next! LINK YOUR AMAZON PRIME ACCOUNT On your Account Management page, you’ll be able to keep track of every Reward you’ve claimed with the Prime Gaming Rewards Stamp Card! Redeeming at least eight Prime Gaming Rewards will land you a free Loki Verv Glyph at the end of the promotion. Here’s a sneak peek at the first four Drops: Drop 1: Available May 26 Loki Warframe Loki Verv Helmet Loki Verv Skin Drop 2: Available June Verv Atelia Syandana Drop 3: Available July TennoCon Bonus Drop Drop 4: Available July Redeemer and Redeemer Verv Skin Weapon Slot Be sure to check back monthly to collect a brand-new Drop to add to your collection! Express yourself in-game and customize these items to show off your style. Mark your calendars for May 26 to start collecting! FAQ CAN I LINK DIFFERENT PRIME ACCOUNTS TO MY WARFRAME ACCOUNT AND CLAIM EACH OFFER MULTIPLE TIMES? No. Each offer can only be applied to one account. Each account can only receive one offer. I ACCIDENTALLY LINKED THE WRONG WARFRAME ACCOUNT TO MY AMAZON ACCOUNT. WHAT DO I DO? If you linked the wrong Warframe account to your Amazon account, you'll need to first unlink the account here, log out, then log back in with the correct account and complete the linking process. Note that each content drop can only be redeemed once per Prime and Warframe account. WHAT HAPPENS TO MY CONTENT IF I NO LONGER HAVE A PRIME MEMBERSHIP OR MY FREE TRIAL EXPIRES? Once you claim your content, all content that is delivered to your game is yours to keep! After claiming your Reward on the Prime Gaming site, log in to Warframe to finish redeeming. Items will be available to redeem no later than 30 days after the program has ended. CAN I CHANGE WHICH WARFRAME ACCOUNT MY CONTENT GOES TO? No. Once you enable content on your Warframe account, the content will always be delivered to that account. It cannot be changed. DO I RECEIVE PAST CONTENT IF I JOIN PRIME AND CLAIM THE WARFRAME CONTENT AFTER LAUNCH? You can only claim content that is currently available. WILL MY CONTENT BE AVAILABLE IN ALL GAME REGIONS THAT I PLAY IN? Once your content is claimed and added to your account, you will be able to access it wherever you play! Prime Gaming Rewards are only available in select countries. WHAT IF I HAVE AN ISSUE THAT ISN’T ADDRESSED ABOVE? If you are having trouble with your Prime Gaming account, please reference the Prime Gaming Guide for more information. For issues with your Warframe account, please reference this page.
  24. Tenno: ¡Estamos orgullosos de continuar en la Aventura para conquistar el cáncer (APCC)! Por segundo año consecutivo, colaboramos con la fundación contra el cáncer de Princess Margaret durante el mes de octubre en la lucha contra el cáncer de mama. Como resultado, nuestras transmisiones de este mes serán muy especiales a medida que tratamos de generar conciencia y hacer donaciones para ayudar a los afectados por el cáncer. 💟 También recuerda que Noche de Naberus está activa, por lo tanto los Twitch drops de este mes serán Grab Bags de dulce o truco. Ve 30 minutos de twitch.tv/warframe y/o el stream en español de twitch.tv/warframeinternational del miércoles para recibir los Twitch Drops de esta semana. El Twitch Drop de esta semana es Dulce o truco: Grab Bag Supercargado Catalizador Orokin Reactor Orokin Adaptador Exilus de arma Celula Orokin Decoración de matriz de células Por favor revisar los siguientes enlaces para saber la hora exacta de los streams en tu hora local: Si quieres ver la hora local de los streams del canal twitch.tv/warframe revisa aquí. Si quieres ver tu hora local para los streams del canal twitch.tv/warframeinternational revisa aquí. Además de que los Drops estarán habilitados en nuestras transmisiones oficiales, si miras alguna de las transmisiones de nuestros creadores de contenido de la comunidad que están participando en este evento durante la semana, también podrás recibir los Drops de esta semana. Nuestras transmisiones para recaudación de fondos por parte de nuestros creadores de contenido oficiales para esta semana son: Miabyte - http://twitch.tv/Miabyte RainbowWaffles - http://twitch.tv/RainbowWaffles LadyTheLaddy - http://twitch.tv/LadyTheLaddy Nononom12 - http://twitch.tv/Nononom12 Angry_Unicorn_ - http://twitch.tv/Angry_Unicorn_ Pyrah - http://twitch.tv/Pyrah DasterCreations (ES) - https://www.twitch.tv/dastercreations Dezsaras - http://twitch.tv/Dezsaras JessiThrower (ES) - https://www.twitch.tv/jessithrower Chelestra - https://twitter.com/chelestra Kirarahime - http://twitch.tv/Kirarahime SIEJ0 - https://www.twitch.tv/siej0 Vamppire_ - https://www.twitch.tv/vamppire_/about Recordatorios de elegibilidad de Twitch Drops Asegúrate de tener tus cuentas de Twitch y Warframe vinculadas para que puedas recibir los Drops. ¡Tenemos una guía útil aquí en caso de que aún no lo hayas hecho! ✨GUÍA PARA ENLAZAR CUENTAS✨ Los Drops de esta semana estarán disponibles desde las 9 a.m. ET del lunes hasta las 11:30 p.m. ET del domingo. Independientemente de la transmisión que veas, solo puedes reclamar este Drop esta semana un máximo de 5 veces. ¡Vuelve a vincular tu cuenta de Warframe después de cambiar la contraseña de Twitch! ¡Nos estamos viendo, tenno! ~👾
  25. ※10/19更新:1枠空きができたので募集再開。埋まり次第締め切ります。 ・当クランは設備の利用、設計図の入手目的のプレイヤー用のクランです クランイベントやコミュニケーションを重視する方には不向きです。クランでのイベント参加、挨拶含めコミュニケーションは基本的にありません。 ソロもしくは固定のフレンドとプレイしている方が所属しています。 クラン所属人数が増えるのに比例して武器の研究開発や施設作成時に必要な素材が通常の10〜100倍までと非常に多くなるので、上限を30人とさせていただいています。 ・全ての設計図は解放済みです。(※現在入手不可能なイベント報酬のignis wraith設計図を除く) 研究や施設の作成時に必要な素材の提供はしなくて構いません。 ・最低限のマナーを守れる方なら特に参加条件はありません 最近始めた方や復帰された方でも参加を希望される方はお気軽に当トピックへコメントしてください。 確認し次第クランへの招待を送らせていただきます。 ・クラン除籍処分基準は、Warframeにて100日以上ログインが確認できない方を除籍処分の対象とさせて頂きます。 ログイン出来ない理由を伝えてもらえればもちろん対象外です。 マナーが悪い、悪質な行為等の理由でクランメンバーや他のプレイヤーからの苦情があれば未ログイン期間関係なしに除籍させていただきます。
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