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Found 306 results

  1. (PS4)Drakonas324

    Sentient Devstream?

    After the release of the Chimera Prologue and receiving the paracesis, I started thinking about the future for sentients in warframe. I looked back at the art panel at tennocon 2017, and some past devstreams where they teased sentient outposts and new sentient enemy types, as well as that "sentient arm cannon". When DE was showing the latter, they said that they were going to make it a release for 2017. It is almost 2019 and we have not heard anything about these things. I think it would be great if they would dedicate just one devstream to the future of sentients. WIP sentient enemies, news on future sentient weapons, have they scrapped the sentient arm cannon? More news and/or concept art of the sentient outpost since we are getting close to the new war, etc. I would just really like to see MORE for sentients. What do you guys think?
  2. Amanecer_Plateado

    Making Paracesis More Unique

    We have seen the first version of this blade and its sheath before it released. Some of us suspected it to be a one handed sword or katana such as a sheathed skana or nikana respectively. When the Paracesis came out some players complained that we where getting yet another heavy blade, others looked at its stats and lack of status chance and considered it a wall hanger, some of us simply wanted something more interesting. Collectively, we have ideas that may make the Paracesis more unique! Some fellow players and I have been talking abut this weapon sense it was first teased, after such a stretch of time some forgot about it but those who didn't thought this weapon would be a one handed sword. I was surprised that we where getting yet another heavy blade and found it odd that it started off with more capacity then other weapons. I thought that and its anti sentient stats were all that there was to the weapon until I applied my first forma. I was going to make that first forma my last until I noticed that the sentient damage increased and one of my friends told me that this blade needs 5 forma to get all the mastery from it. I found the number of forma necessary to fit all the mods some one could ever want on the blade if built practically. I looked around to sate my curiosity on what everyone else thought of the blade and what other secrets it held. I found some interesting statements. Out of the many comments, one stuck out in my mind the most. A poster on the warframe wikia on the Paracesis' page pointed out how this weapon has a long handle yet a some what shorter then usual blade for a great sword weapon. He compared it to a hand and a half sword, or a bastard sword. The poster was hoping that this weapon would continue the trend that the dark split sword started. They where hoping to be able to use heavy blade stance mods and one handed sword stance mod for this weapon. The more I thought and talked about this idea the more sense it made and the more attractive it became. With this post I'm hoping to chat with those who like this idea or those with other interesting comments about the Paracesis and what they would change. Hopefully we can even catch the eyes of the developers. This idea can help set this weapon apart from other recent heavy blade weapons.
  3. ChillyWilly

    The New Sword Crafting Cost

    So the Paracesis, the weapon you got from Chimera Prologue (well the blueprint) have a cost of a whopping 1k Ducats Lets be real, No one would spend that much ducats to get that weapon... Even it have some sort of power to defeat sentients This is a unique case when you are putting a currency into a crafting cost. Ducats are not easy to get, after the new relic system and not old void keys. Ducats fodder is harder and harder to get since you only get 1 prime item per Relics (Taking the Relic Farm can takes 5 Minutes on average) it would take around 335 Minutes or 6 Hours and 35 Minutes getting relics and come up with worse case scenario of getting Commons (Not counting the time opening relics cause it depends on missions). Lets put it this way. If DE comes up with a New Shotgun, and you need to use 50plat as crafting cost, would you do it? Its pretty much the same. You can earn Ducats and Platinum. Either make the Ducats cost atleast 200 (Yes I'm not spending more than 2 rare parts for a single and possibly an MR Fodder weapon) or Change it to use Nitain or Argon instead. Ducats SHOULD NOT be in a Crafting Recipe, THEY HAVE VALUE!
  4. [Not sure where dramatic moment retellings fall into the forum categories. If this isn't in the right place, feel free to move it.] Friends! Countrymen! Space Ninjas! Gather around as I tell you the (dramatic retelling of a) tale of four Tenno who refused to let a bugged enemy spawn force them to retry a mission. It is a tale of a (not really) epic battle against an unseen foe, and proof that even the most insurmountable bugs can be whittled down with obscene amounts of dedication. It is a tale of a trashy Limbo Main (yours truly) managing to be a hero in the end, scarfing down enough energy pizzas to make even the gluttonous Lephantis choke. It is the tale of not letting your pride be spat on by the Corpus machines, standing up to true adversity in the form of one single, self-destructing, airborne robot. It's also mostly a tale of not wanting to go through a LV.100 Sortie Defense again when the target was one rift bubble away from certain death. [I didn't realize to start snapping screenshots until the very end (not only do I main a salt-producing frame, I also am rather daft!), so I apologize, but I'll do my best to set the scene until we get there!] The place? Lua. The final stop on today's sortie mission, where we were tasked to defend a very fragile little operative against some questionably tanky foes. Our heroes were a Nydus (Tehkku), a Nezha (Jynxed86), a Saryn Prime (King-Gampo) and yours truly, a Limbo Prime (Librus_MT). At first things went well enough, my overly ranged rift bubble allowing the others to make quick work of our foes, and keeping Nydus fed well to sustain his abilities. When the floor caved in to reveal the next stage, things grew dramatically more intense, as my sworn rivals, Nullfiers, used their own nefarious bubbles to pop mine, rendering our A+ strategy useless! Many of us were toppled, hiding away in hopes to regain energy so we could rush in and save our teammates, and more importantly, our very unfortunate operative until I could deal with the dastardly anti-bubble bubbles and place my own down again to turn the ever-growing assault into a field of helpless statues once more. Things grew tense as we were dropping like dominoes, doing our best to race over and revive the others. But finally, we passed wave 10, the last of the assailants falling onto the dusty lunar rock and lying still... Or so we thought... It took a moment for us to realize things weren't quite right when we didn't get the rewards screen to appear and be handed yet another pineapple. It took some digging around, but finally we were alerted to one last straggler: some mysterious, floating point behind the walls of the edge of the map! For whatever reason this singular opponent managed to find their way down to where the next five waves usually occur, a good 50 meters below us! My extensive bubble couldn't reach that far when placed against the wall, and the rest of us couldn't reach it either. Our last saving grace, Nydus, was also helpless to assist, their mutation stacks having dwindled down to a feeble zero, their plan of simply reeling this mystery enemy in for a pummeling like an overweight Norg now useless. But we couldn't give up, right? I mean, that assault, barely scraping by... and what if it wasn't a pineapple again? A riven, maybe? We couldn't pass up the chance, at least with this fiasco only having lasted five minutes. No, we needed a plan. The game is still in alpha, after all, we just needed to find a bug of our own to throw at this other, more annoying bug. But what...? And then, our saving grace was found: wallhacks. As this unseen enemy skittered about like some cockroach in the walls, I found out if I stood just at the seam of the wall where it met the floor, I could send out my rift bubble and deal... some damage. Tragically my current build was more for utility than offense, so I had foregone ability strength for duration and range... only able to deal roughly 130 damage to this LV.100 tank. But with Nydus, the only other one capable of reaching past the walls out of food, I could only stand by and slowly blow and pop bubbles through this tiny seam in hopes of whittling down this mountain until it broke. But then, the bastard moved. Unable to wallhack it anymore, we considered giving up. Some of us tried to jump up to the top level again and force it to respawn, only to come tumbling down. We tried using our Operator amps, we spammed other abilities, and we were just about to quit when it fell into a small hole of collision layers, funneled into the very center of the map. Now only 40 meters away, but still out of reach, I realized I could actually turn my reticle red if I hovered over the red target mark. I could actually see and hear the little pest now! And it was trying to shoot us, it's shots pinging against the floor, the iconic pew pew pew sound of Corpus laser impacts sounding along the ground. After some deadeye-sniper-tier scoping, we could see the enemy health and it's identification. It was an Oxium Osprey, and at roughly 2/3rds health! And luckily enough, by hovering over it's exact position, I could bubble it again, taking damage as it was hurled through and back out the rift again and again. With hopes it'd try and explode on us when it was at half HP, this flew us into a flurry of activity, spamming amps and abilities once again, yet only I being able to reach it with the bubble's infinite spawn range. Many, many pizzas were placed down to feed the bubble's intense energy consumption of being cast and popped again and again... and even then all three teammates pizza reserves ran empty, the enemy standing (er, flying?) in defiance of our efforts. I even had stood on the very spot I could only reach our opponent so long, I had stopped regenerating energy, needing to move around a bit or get the full AFK penalty. And yet I continued to whittle it down, learning that I could Rift Surge it while the bubble was still up for some bonus damage when it popped. Waiting for 150 energy in my pool, then pressing 4, then 3, then 4 again, then waiting... it became almost mechanical in it's execution. And also, very, very boring. The clock ticked on to 20 minutes, then 30, as I continued to rinse-and-repeat my bubbles and rift surges... the rest sat back and tried to devise other strategies, sometimes looping back to giving up. But then it hit all of us. No! We couldn't give up! We had spent so much time throwing ourselves at this wall, this one enemy that had decided to spawn where it shouldn't. It was sitting there, taunting us. We couldn't let it win, even if it took us the rest of the day. We had committed to a cause. A silly one, maybe, but Mars would freeze over before we let this one out-of-range opponent best us today. And so it's health slowly ticked down, to 2/3rds, then 1/3rd, then 1/5th, then 1/8th... and then 1/10th. With every swipe of my bubble, it's health bar would tick down one tiny notch, a sign that we could still come out victorious. Bit by bit. Pixel by pixel. Sloooow and steady. Just... a bit... more... A tiny sliver of red remained, the rythmic sound of the bubble slamming open and close again and again burning into my psyche. Eventually, the bar was all grey, the value too small to even be seen on the counter. We were all so tired. I think Nezha was just running in circles around the map. Nidus has just... fallen asleep at my feet. Couldn't even see what Saryn was up to. A few more ticks, right? A few more bubbles? I gave some very over-the-top anime lines, about channeling my strength, for the glory of us proud, few, salt-resistant Limbo mains everywhere, I would be a hero! Pop! And so, finally, the Osprey died, popping apart and it's remains clattering down into the void that lay beneath the map. We finally heard the victory drums, the victory screen pulling into view. We cheered, but... was it worth it? What was our reward for overcoming such a tricky Corpus opponent? Another pineapple? A small handful of Credits or Endo, or even Kuva? Maybe a Potato blueprint? We all said together that this wasn't about rewards, that this was about making a point, but deep down, we all wanted to know what we'd earn from this hellish trial, watching some blue Limbo pressing his face up against the dusty ground, clapping his hands over and over dramatically... Slowly, our gaze turned towards the rewards tab, and... OH MY SWEET SUN-SURFING SENTIENT-SINGING SANGUINE-SLAYING SOUL-SEARCHING MOTHER OF ALL LOTUS: A real, actual, fully-there-not-some-dream LEGENDARY POWER CORE was in front of us, it's infinite, fractal design ours for the taking. The rarest of the rarest items. Years have been shaved off just trying to obtain one of these. Countless soldiers of all factions have been struck down in droves in hopes of some Tenno getting their hands on one of these. And there it just was, for four nerds watching and feeding a Limbo gallons of energy as he clapped like a seal against the floor for 20 minutes, slowly ticking down the health of one, persistent Osprey. So yeah. It was well worth that tiresome dredge, that super-Osprey, the last-ditch effort by some cheap Corpus tactician to get us to give up and go home. "No!" we said. We wouldn't be so easily thwarted after such a tiresome and tense fight. And then with a bit of luck, we watched me spawn a thousand bubbles through the floor to succeed, proof that no threat is insurmountable to the Tenno cause. The friends we made, the time we shared... it was a real adventure, all made worthwhile by this shiny, yellow orb now in each of our possessions. I don't know if I'll even spend it. It's a memento to this silly, wonderful, tiresome challenge we set ourselves. We could have easily just restarted, but no. We did it. So, thanks to all my squadmates for having faith (and all those energy pizzas) in me, and ganging up to fight a bug with a smaller bug. To all Limbo mains out there: strive against the hail of salty teammates. You too, can go down as a hero, be the saving grace your team needs in their most desperate times. You all are awesome, with your fancy hats and dapper coats. And that is this overly dramatic retelling of how I got my first core, and the friends I made along the way. I thank you all for sitting through this silly story! [And yes, I know the salt isn't so bad about Limbo anymore, I just have grudges to settle. :P]
  5. There's been talks for, pretty much literally years, about having a complete amount of information in the worldstate api. Some fellow players and I got a usable Worldstate mirror set up providing the data from DE's Worldstate PHP (and the console versions) in an easy to use format for more people to use (feel free to read the swagger here, sorry it's not perfect, I wrote it in an afternoon a few months back and haven't updated it). However, there's always aspects wanting. @vaur06 brought this up in a past devstream thread, but we haven't been able to get much traction or desire for this openly. Developers, creators, and data fanatics alike need help from all Tenno to get visibility on this. From the list of asks that Vaur brought up, some data points that would help a ton with making external trackers (like Warframe Hub), vaur's PrettyBot, and Genesis, the latter two on discord, to have better and more accurate data on what's up in Warframe: Kuva missions list, like Syndicates Heck, even just the closest planets Invasion mission type included explicitly, because invasions cycle mission type frequently Current Time of Day on Cetus Both time remaining in the cycle/expiry as well as the localized string for time of day, similar to mission type in the rest of the worldstate Current Weather on Cetus including modifiers would be awesome when they affect Eidola/whatever else Cetus Vendors Inventory Treat them as void traders since there's already an array in there, just add more, at least the data would be there Redtext entries With OID's and whatnot per-message would be super cool Arbitration location, mission type, and modifiers. Modifiers akin to sortie enum Mission type, like fissures now have Location via SolNodes Now, all of those are asks that vaur brought up in their comment on the DevStream discussion. Below are some of the things we've either compiled or are actively compiling over time: Language localization strings and translations Formatting and parsing of drop table information from the official site Estimated Cetus time of day based on the bounty timer (it's felt pretty accurate so far) Weapons data in a consumable JSON dictionary Warframe data in a consumable JSON dictionary Official Tutorials Thankfully, some of these have expanded over time either through the use of the drop tables site being tied to bounty tiers from the officially provided drop tables, but like many things, this is simply correlation, not new data, as things we've listed above would provide. There's always more to learn and get data on. There's some fun little things like a jobs from the Events Syndicate whenever it has any that we can find, but not everything. We need your help, Tenno, otherwise we can never drive forward to getting as much data possible for everyone to use. If there's anything, anything at all that you'd like to be able to be provided, tell us so we can talk about it with you, and so we can show DE in this thread that we are serious and want to make these things available to the player base, with as little extra work apart from making the data available, even if we have to figure out how it's put together. Honestly, I get a thrill from figuring out what some new section of the worldstate php corresponds to. Previous Post (archived)
  6. (XB1)Architect Prime

    Build-a-frame the infested room workshop!

    I just thought it would be cool if you could make your warframe look how you want by mix and matching limbs and stuff in the infested room. Not changing the abilities, cause that would be incredibly op, but just really make it your own... And name it. I mean, if DE made some abilities and added to them once in a while, a fully modular/custom warframe would be feasible. [Don't you tell me about it being too much work]. As it stands, I'm about ready to toss a heavy gunner in there just to see if turns into a warframe... The room needs more uses.
  7. i hope they buff paracesis's status chance. it was supposed to be a legendary sentient slayer not a gram prime junior😢
  8. Sillfix

    Love must die

    (I don't really know if this is a spoiler or not?)
  9. Cherribo

    WARFRAME: The Movie/Short Film?

    Hello everyone, by this moment if you clicked on this forum, you are probably super stoked for this concept, well as am I, but here's the thing. I am looking forward to making a fan-made short film/movie of WARFRAME, but I will need a whole cast and crew. If you are intrested please DM me, because right now it's just an idea, but I would love to Direct and Edit this film if the day comes. P.S. If any Devs or [DE] Workers read this, would you give permission for this project and/or funding for equipment, thanks.
  10. Welcome Tenno to the Umbra Discussion and Appreciation Thread [old V1 here ] Feel free to join the >>Discord Server<< This Main Post contains items that have been discussed at length in the thread (old and new), items are condensed for quick access to allow those new to the content to quickly catch up on the basic topics discussed. Please review the content before posting, if your still unclear on some subjects please inquire Topics have been split and categorized in a section that can be opened via the spoiler button, so you can read its contents and sub section(s) at your convenience. Console players please note the topics can be spoiler heavy as can discussions Please Review the FAQ before Posting, also please note that all discussions should be treated as speculation and conjecture "Important: This merchandise is only available for a limited time. Orders close on November 9 at midnight PST and are expected to SHIP IN LATE MARCH, 2019. Please note any additional items added to your order will also ship in late March." [FAQ:8/9/17][Read Before Posting] [Log&Index] [News] [Umbra Warframes] [Discussions ] [The Vault] [Misc ]
  11. So i just finished the new quest (Chimera) and i entered the infested room to see if it would say anything new and i think it did
  12. Rheiya

    Subtitle misspell

    There's a missing "i" in Yingbindunyai (Merchants of Cetus fragment)
  13. Basically what the title says, previewing and equipping the Judicial Coils ends up with nothing on your operator ears. It just doesn't exist

    Paracesis and stance mods

    After i got the Paracesis to level 30 I couldn't use any combos from any stance mods, all of them used the base left click+left click+left click+left click from tempo royale and i can't use any of the other combos. I haven't met anyone who had this bug yet.
  15. The thing is that i have ranked up all the way to the max the sword and it says that i dont have maxed it up and i cant but forma on it or lens its bugged plz fix it thank you.
  16. I recently found out about this section of the forums (I have only come here for patch notes before) and it inspired me to make some of this concepting stuff myself. But, instead of making a new warframe or weapon, I decided to add some things to my favourite faction in the game (spoiler: It's the Grineer). This is going to have 3 (maybe more, who knows) parts. In each of them, I will create concepts for new units, bosses, lore and event-like stuff. Okay, I'll make some weapons as well. Table of Contents: PART 1: Fall of Vay Hek and Operation Shadow Marines (COMPLETE!) Interlude: Grineer Reinforcements 1 PART 2: Kuva Fortress, the Inner Sanctum Interlude: Grineer Reinforcements 2 PART 3: Project Grineer Supremacy PART 4: Urania Depths Ok, so without any further ado, let's get into it. Disclaimer: This might get into the super-biased fanfiction territory. I'm not kidding, I really like the Grineer (and kinda dislike the Corpus). All lore that doesn't go with official materials or outright changes/removes canon is made like that on purpose. This is NOT supposed to be canon in any way, I am effectively making fanfiction here. Quick edit: I forgot to say it: The drawings are mine. I made them. Yup. Edit again: Made the logo using some materials from the fansite kit available on the official Warframe site and the amazing TennoTyper (found here:
  17. Ok, After this Chimera Prologue, I honestly have no idea whether to think The Man in the Wall is a good guy or not. I mean, he messes with us saying "hey kiddo" all the time, he wants us to think we killed Isaah, etc. So... why did he take us to Ballas then and let us get the Paracesis? I want to have a discussion with all you guys and see what you think. I am personally gonna treat this the way the American court treats those on trial; innocent until proven guilty. (So in this case, on our side until proven not to be) I have some more speculations in the spoiler if you guys are interested, but feel free to skip over those and post your own opinion. Further speculating can come later.
  18. So as long as i like how now we have 3 separatecustomization loudouts on operators, i kinda don'tl iek how new mesh for the suit/armor parts messes the looks of them like will show few examples on how my outfit changed, so this is my " Tenno fighter" suit before update adn how it looks after so besides fact i've changed color scheme on it, the Zauba arm armor lacks these pauldrons that were giving really nice armored look, which is bit annoying as thye are now attached to torso pice directly and i just hate how it looks, Varida hood looks now like some stupid collar floating ring when open, Vhad armor pisses the cloth pices that were holding these armored straps over crotch and butt(and thye aren't even present on Vhad leg armor so this might count as bug report), and seen some awkward stuff going on other parts as well. Like previous mesh maybe was bit outtdated but at least allowed for fun combinations of different clothing which now might work or might not anymore, honestly only thing i would modify in old mesh would be to add "shoulder" area for all the decoratiosn from Vhad, Ceno and Zauba arm armor, to be used outside these for even more intrestign combinations, but still woudl rather to see it added to old mesh rather to thsi new one
  19. angrygaming17

    Paracesis My paracesis already has the full 90 mod capacity with no forma and isnt registering all my mods mainly sacrificial steel isnt changing my critical chance
  20. I keep all my orbiter decorations in my personal quarters, and they disappeared when I started Chimera Prologue. Even after finishing, they did't reappear and when I go to Equipment > Landing Craft > Decorations it says I don't have any. However, checking the market says that I do own decorations.
  21. Hey there Devteam, A little bit before the Chimera update launched (Great Prologue btw, loved it.) I saw that my operator was wearing the Varida Hood base while not having that equipped! I own the hood, payed plat for it. But I don't see the purpose of having the base on me while I want to wear my Umbra Hooded Scarf. Please fix this cause my operator's scarf looks really ugly now. Edit: I have checked and the base is now connected to the suit itself! What the actual Clem? This base was usually attached to the helmet itself and now it is attached to the suit, what was the decision behind this? I refuse to buy/switch to another suit cause I bought this one while the base was not attached and I like the look of it. Please remove the base that should be attached to the hood itself.
  22. Back before the Chrima update the Zauba pauldrons were massive! I enjoyed the bulk they gave my Operator and how they covered the torso to help decorate the bland breastplate of the Commodore suit. I particularly enjoyed how they wrapped around my Operator's back to frame the chain-hook. But after the update, they've lost most of the bulk that made me love them - and even worse they no longer wrap around my Operator's body at all! Obviously this has made me feel just a biiit ripped off as the armour is no longer how I bought it! Please, if you won't outright revert the changes, could we POSSIBLY see an option to choose the style of our armour? Seeing the threads on this, I'm clearly not alone! For reference: A before and after. I didn't have many screenshots of my Operator - and none from behind - but I chose the best I had.
  23. Endr1n

    And so it begins

    In an upcoming update the Corpus will take Earth and bring about a golden age for the savages of Cetus. We'll be graced with the finest goods and they'll only cost 100 wisps each a small fee. It begins, brothers and sisters. Are you ready?