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Found 790 results

  1. Dude looks like he's about to steal a car in GTA I forgot to ask him what his operator gears were.
  2. Rell player model glitch

    Found an operator player model glitch when Rell appeared. His right shoulder armor piece seems to be slightly misplaced.
  3. Two Warframes in the Oven

    I'm at the point in the game where I'm accumulating Warframes. Rhino was the first one I ever built. Call me crazy, but I build every warframe part as I get it (If I don't have it). Now two frames will be finishing up soon - Chroma and Nova. From what I've read, I'm excited to to try both of them out. Are there any gotchas I should be aware of regarding these frames? Any potent teammate frames to go along with them for optimal mayhem? Thanks
  4. Vahd Greaves

    Hey y'all, today I noticed that my Vahd Greaves don't have the golden ( metallic recolorable ) spikey things at the ankles anymore. See attached screenshots. Is this intended or a bug ? I like the "new" look, but I wouldn't mind a toggle for those parts. Thanks for reading :] <3
  5. I would like to offer some of my own concepts for possible future amp melee weapons. 1. Exalted blade style sword! 2. Energy whip with grapple/throw mechanics! 3. DBZ Krillan-esque throwing disc with punch-through for days! 4. Cool claws that allow you to climb up walls! 5.Big ol chunky anime robot punching gloves made of light with rocket punch mechanics! 6. Extendable stave with helicopter mode and a wicked ground-pound! C'mon people! Just throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks!
  6. Maw transference Bug.

    So I have restarted warframe twice to come back and retry the quest of "The War Within" and when I get to the Maw that you can use transference on and it won't let me use transference on it after I stun it. I tried choosing different word choices before the maw to see if that would work, reinstalled the game, and even tried to use the default keybinds.
  7. 8 Things I Hate About Warframe

    Played Warframe for a couple of hundreds of hours now and I thought I give you some feedback about the things I really hate. 1. The Credit and Focus gains are too damn low The game never felt particularly grindy to me. There were some low points like running 45+ spy missions on Lua to get that one missing Ivara component BP but in general I mostly had the feeling that I could collect the needed resources while having fun and just playing the game and not had to go through repetitive hour long grind session to get what I needed to progress. There are two big painful exceptions to this which are getting Credits and Focus points. Both farming Credits and Focus cannot effectively be gained just by playing the game: I am owning over a douzen of Primed mods that I would love to use but cannot afford to rank up due to the horrendously high Credit costs and looking at Focus playing high level content for 4-5h only gives a measily 20-30k Focus despite me religiously collecting every freaking orb that pops up. The only way to effectively farm Credits and Focus is in a targeted effort farming specific missions in a certain setup with the goal to get it over with as quickly as possible: the definition of a chore and not playing a fun game. 2. Focus system is just another grind and does promote hardly any choice The current Focus 2.0 system is just another grind, another bar to fill up. The only choice is what school to choose as primary. There is no choice about what skills to pick, only a choice about the order in which to get them because after a lot of grinding all of them can be unlocked anyway. There is no element of customization if everyone can have every skill (in one school) at the same time. Player decisions should matter and to make it matter there needs to be a system if one skill is chosen another one cannot be at the same time. 3. The Second Dream narrative was ruined with Enemy Within and further with the Quills [SPOILERS] I really loved the Second Dream narrative for how it heavily impacted the way one looks at the Tenno and the player character in particular, their place in the world, the relationship to the Lotus and a lot more. When the player begins the game the way the Tenno are presented one assumes that there is a trained proud Samurai soldier somewhere within that warframe - if not in body then at least his brain/ghost/soul/whatever. With the Second Dream that understanding is completely shook up as the operator of the warframe is exposed as a physically weak and psychologically scarred kid forced into this role pretty much as much a victim of the circumstances and the strong anti-symmetry it provided to the inhumanely strong and nigh invincible tools of war that are the warframes wielded by them. It was perfectly symbolized in the moment the warframe carried the helpless operator in his arms to safety. And the realization of this was what broke Stalker. This anti-symmetry reminded me quite a bit of Neon Genesis Evangelion. In War Within this anti-symmetry was partly deconstructed turning the operator from someone helpless who needed protecting into a utility psy spy for certain situations who was essentially untouchable (because only a projection or whatever) making his active involvement completely risk free. Then with the Quills and amps the operator turns into Psy Corvo Attano with mobility and offensive/defensive capabilities rivalling that of warframes (and a cool coat of course) completely shattering the previously introduced anti-symmetry. That was really really really really bad story telling. Remember when the Intersect gave Chuck ninja powers? Yeah that bad. 4. Forge has no queue "And what did you do last night?" - "I played Warframe for an hour." - "Cool, what did you do? Kill Grineer, slaughter Corpus, roast Infested?" - "Nah. I build 60 Ciphers." I mean seriously, how is this not in the game yet? Wake up people. 5. No in-game market Sites like warframe market should not have to exist. This functionality should have been integrated into the game a long time ago. Chat trading was already getting old in Diablo 2 and that was 15-20 years ago. About time for Warframe to join us in the future, by which I mean the present. 6. AOE damage/crowd control too effective It makes the game far too often far too trivial with the only challenge being left to not to fall asleep. Who bother with meleeing/shooting enemies one by one if one can as well use some crazy AOE weapon/ability which kills douzens of them at the same time at the press of one button. 7. 24h wait period after failing a MR test Luckily only happened two times to me so far but both times I felt like quitting the game and not playing until I can repeat it 24 hours later (even though I knew it would not hinder my progress since I could still continue to earn XP). The psychological effect of failing a test is really negative and feels like a punishment. One fails the test and what one wants to do is improve and do better the next time proving to oneself that one can do it. But that is not possible and having to wait 24h feels extremely demotivating. I guess that restriction was not put in place to punish the player but to prevent power levelling new accounts in a short amount of time. The same could be achieved with letting the player retry failed tests immediately but after a success not allow the next MR test until 24h later. 8. Requirement to do fishing/mining All the Ostron/Quill rewards require the player to farm fish/gems which are terribly boring activities that do not fit the scope of the game at all. Having them as optional mini-games would be fine but requiring the player to waste time with this nonsense is just bad design. It is like someone at DE read all the negative press and critic No Mans Sky was getting for being a boring shallow repetetive resource collection grind and thought "You know what this game needs. Running around with a laser like an idiot shooting at rocks.". Who does that? Learn from the mistakes of others.
  8. Plains of Eidelon Wallpaper

    There comes a point in every Warframe player's career when he must make some wallpaper. I guess that time for me is now. Here's mine: Apparently PhotoBucket wont let me embed the full rez version. Oh well.
  9. Make the War great again!

    As we all know, War is the Stalker's sword, that requires to craft some Nitain and the Broken War itself. The MR requirement is 10, so this weapon should be at least decent. But its main damage type is impact, not slash, which means even standard Galatine variant is better than this weapon. Wouldn't it be better to rework the War, so it could deserve the name of Stalker's sword?
  10. Theory about how kuba works+STALKER

    Before starting with theories about kuva,orokin continuity and stalker let’s define them to the people that is new or doesn’t care about lore; Continuity:The way used by the orokin to transfer their mind to another body,this was achieved by corrupting the mind of the victim using kuva,was the way orokin had to be inmortal. Kuva:Red substance used in the continuity proccess,is not known how it really works and what is made of. Stalker:He is a NPC that survived the old war (like teshin) and seeks revenge against tenno for killing the orokin Let’s start with MY theory about kuva: Kuva imo should be nanobots,that store like a pendrive the mind of a person inside them,and when introduced in another being they corrupt the personality of the victim and copypaste the mind of the orokin inside his body,why i think this? In the lore of Ordan Karris,AKA ordis or “the beast of the bones” we are told how kuva works,at least in a simplistic way,ordis says: -Drink!- Said Ballas,so i draw on the red vial, A VAGUE METALLIC TASTE (nanobots are made of metal) -I wanted to laugh and scream,when they reach my face,they burrow inside my mouth hungry for the fruit inside my skull (how exactly nanobots should work) So kuva is nanobots that can transfer a mind to different beings (like another human) or places (like for example a computer,like a cephalon) My theory about stalker is simple. He was a tenno that didn’t trust lotus and loved orokin,so when the other tenno killed most of the orokin after the nagga drums played,he drove himself mad and with the use of kuva he transfered his mind to his warframe directly! All feedback is good TY for reading
  11. DE, about the Teralyst...

    So without looking at how to's on Youtube or the forums I did what I normally do: I scanned the Teralyst to see what its weaknesses were and then adjusted my loadout accordingly. Here's what the game shows: - Shields: 15000 vulnerable to magnetic damage (this stat is hilarious since its shields can't be damaged by normal weapons. Are the amps magnetic based?) - Alloy Armor 300(? Really?) vulnerable to puncture and Radiation - now here's the funny thing: I re-modded my Tigris Prime to pump out 40k Radiation damage, you know, since its supposedly vulnerable to it. You know what I got when I shot the Teralyst on its knee (yes, the shields were down)? A big fat basket of zeros. On the odd shot where the hits would register, I'd get the number 300. A shotgun outputting 40k in radiation damage and the best number I got was 300 on a "level 20" enemy. ....???? I did manage to destroy the knee after what felt like an hour. Yay. - Robotic 100000 vulnerable to electricity - I brought an electric secondary and it didn't do anything either. The point being if your going to bother at all with a codex and scans and vulnerabilities, then shouldn't that information be accurate? So after that disappointment I went to Youtube. I even tried an Ice Chroma and the self damaging weapon buffing (Vectis Prime), cheesy nonsense that goes with it. Still nothing. The worst part of this, for me, is the misleading advertising. In the lead up to release, you guys (DE) had an image of "The Great Eidolon hunt" with Gara, Excalibur, Ivara and Banshee displaying a Cernos (Prime?), an ostron weapon and Gara's hammer (name?). All of the above mentioned frames and weapons have no hope of doing anything to the Teralyst. And yet, all the way up to release, the idea of "bring your frames, weapons and friends for an epic boss fight!" remained as if it were actually true when the real idea was "Bring Ice Chroma, Harrow, Volt, Opticor, etc, etc". This is just kinda dumb. I'm not going to cheese my way through content. If my friends and I can't bring what we want (radiation weapons, etc) with the frames we prefer (as your advertising would suggest), the what the hell is the point to Warframes diversity? Why does this kind of fight even exist outside of a Trial? And now you're doubling down with a Megalyst. That's 3 people that were going to buy Prime access in appreciation who were turned off and decided that money was better spent elsewhere. I can't blame them. I've been playing for 3 years and I feel the same way right now. Either the Teralyst is glitched or the diversity of play in Warframe is actually meaningless. Either way, the ads leading into this were a flat out lie. There's just no other way to say it. Oh and the Quills need a bounty system. I think the Operator outfits are purchasable on the orbiter, so you'll get that much from me at least. That's my feedback, do with it what you will.
  12. In "war within" quest, operator is transference to 'orokin worm(?)', and fight. I want play the transference ability. For example, (just example) i regret not used that transference ability of operator. wouldn't it be fun if add this?
  13. TL/DR: I would like to use Protective Dash in Vazarin Focus School ("Allies hit by Void Dash are granted immunity from damage for 2s and healed 75% over 5s") to heal my Kavat, Kubrow, Sentinel, or Moa pet if we get one eventually. Please? \^_^/ I love Vazarin so much, I don't have to put Life Strike on my melee weapons anymore, Star Child Yuni_Hermit is a pocket-Trinity, always around when my ally Warframes/Operators need healing or protection. But my Kitty and Sentinel can't benefit. It'd give people more incentive to use Vazarin, and let me take care of other people's pets, too! But right now it can only target Warframes and other Operators. ^^; I still have to carry Health Pads for now, it seems... Thanks for all your hard work on this patching and updating, DE. I love the event. <3
  14. Mastry Rank 24 test

    So, if anyone else has reached as far as I have to get to the MR 24 Mastery Rank Test, you know that you're running around a small-ish map as your Starchild. Now, I have no griefs with the Starchild, and I do like playing them at times. (Watching an enemy fly across the map from being dashed into by a puny void child is hilarious) BUT. The MR 24 test Strips you of all the bonuses and buffs you get from Focus, as well as your Amp you get from Onkko. My Tenno can't even slide-- all she can do is sprint. My normal Tenno has 600 health when running around normally, and her health goes right back down to 100 when in this test. I understand that this was how things were when TWW was released. But we have things for our operators now; we have Arcanes, Focus buffs, Amps-- stuff that we had to work for to get. So why can't we use those things in the points of time that matter? I'm referring to things like these Mastery Rank tests, where they limit and halt your progress until you complete them. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask that we get to use the Arcanes and the Focus Passives while doing the MR 24 test. The Amp might be a bit too much cheese-- but still, everything else we deserve to use.
  15. OK sooooooooo this is gonna be a huge lore rant but mostly a huge theory thing i just realized about a few minutes ago. and that thought was how many tenno ARE there in the origin system. yes you can say well look at the registered number of users and theres your number of tenno. my problem with that is the fact the number would be inaccurate anyways since most of them will be side accounts or practically dead accounts so i am not gonna be add them to this discussion, i am only gonna be talking about YOUR player tenno and all the in lore tenno that you hear of or meet in reference to Rell. speaking of the warframes we get in quests....they never talked about with a happy ending. starting with mirage our first questframe, lotus tells us about her throught the void prints and how she kicked major sentient &amp;#&#33; during the old war but when she was reawakened she was killed by the grineer. next we have limbo who litterally mathed so hard he rift walked into non existence. Mesas warframe was infested thought lotus claims its just a shell with no operator i cant really gonna claim if the operator died or not, same with chroma, nidus is not really part of the quest lore wise, titania ends up dying at some point before the events of the quest, so does inaros and gara. and just like mesa and chroma. octavias fate is kinda in the air. and atlas more then likely got killed by his insane cephalon pal Jordas now harrows is by far the most #*(&#036;%%@ in terms of bad fates. especially we have a confirmed tenno death in this quest. well the others you can say the tenno themselves may not have possibly died but not in this case. at the end of his quest you end up destroying harrow to release rells soul and let him go into the after life. now all of this makes me bealive that tenno right now are slowly but surely dying out as a group despite the fact that tenno are hard to kill and so forth. and i am just gonna pull a bullS#&amp;&#036; number and say around 10,000 are left give or take. not saying that number is right cause like i said, this is mainly theory crafting here and i am more then likely wrong about all of this and margulis actually did adopted 1 mil space children that came from a ship that had said 1 mil children FOR SOME REASON.
  16. Enemy Adjustments - The Plains of Eidolon

    Hey Tenno, I just wanna' preface this by saying that I don't mean to come off as whiny or complaining, but I feel as though the slight adjustments that I suggest will make activities on the Plains that don't relate to massacring enemies a lot more enjoyable and easy to complete. So without further ado, let's jump into the adjustments to enemies I propose for the Plains of Eidolon. So to start off, I think enemy spawns should be completely changed. It's extremely annoying how there are Grineer that can literally spawn almost everywhere. It's just stupid. Take a look at this map of the Plains. Now this here below feels like the enemy spawns: Now just imagine Infestation and the new Ghoul enemies on top of that. This gives you little wiggle room to do your own fishing or mining peacefully, and while I don't want this to be too easy, I don't want it to be extremely annoying and sometimes frustrating. Now, how can we change that? Easy! Implementation of "hot spots". These hot spots are kinda' already in, but not too much. Allow me to explain. Hot spots will be the massive points where Grineer hang out at and while there will still be some enemies on the outskirts, hot spots will be the danger zones, where you are almost certain to die if not careful. However, there is also a risk-reward factor too. Hot spots will contain additional loot, along with a ton more mining spots! So now, the maps will look a bit more like this! So you are given a real incentive to go out and actually risk dying to cut down on your grind just a bit, while also giving you peaceful areas while you can enjoy fishing and mining, just to yourself. So have I nailed it? Leave some of your thoughts down below and we can discuss the topic. Thanks for reading!
  17. I was farming for Ivara on some spies and between missions I was running around my ship and saw my operator hunched over against a wall. The same voice said "Hey kiddo" and it kinda scared me. I didn't get a good look at the face and only got one screenshot because my mission started. Anyone else gotten this yet?
  18. Let Me Tell You A Story....

    And at the end ask a few simple questions. About 3days ago me and two of my clanmates set off to kill the Teralyst. We hadn't practiced much but we were pretty confident. I brought trinity to keep the lures alive and my friends brought nova and Chroma. It was a good setup. We went through soooooo many energy pads and bullets but we were well equipped and informed. After a gut wrenching 40 minutes we beat it. We didn't capture it because well he blew up my damn lures. In the end one of my clanmates died and I was sure he'd been dead just long enough to trigger the afk alert. I got my drops and chose to die so my other clanmate could revive port me to the entrance of the Plains. Upon leaving said plains i got this odd mission failed sound followed by the biggest pile of crap ever. I got absolutely nothing. No drops, no credits, no mods. Nada. So I checked with my friend whod perma-died 4 minutes before me thinking maybe we just were dead too long. He got everything! All of it! AND I GOT NOTHING!!!! I can't describe how pissed I was and still am. But it got me thinking. What the hell is the point of plains??? I get standing that goes back into getting items for plains that helps getting other items from plains. The only thing I can carry back over to general missions are the set mods and stances, and the damn zaws. There is no reason for quills. I'm not going to hop out of my operator to use weapons that i can't put mods and that do damage that what? Gives a bullet attractor effect for 3s??? Thats crap. It has no weaknesses sure but it has no strengths either. I get standing from gathering cores that I then in turn use to get more powerful gear, which isn't actually powerful, to help in gathering more cores and its this damn loop that offers nothing other than kill eidolons to make your operator semi decent to kill more eidolons. All of a sudden a switch flips because at this point im tired of getting screwed over by this game. I get crap from sorties and when i finally get something good like a riven, its for pistols. The only riven i have no use for but i open it up anyways because im hoping i can find something interesting. But I don't. I could get one for the tysis or the akmagnus or a bajillion other interesting weapons that i can supe up but no I'll get a seer riven or a afuris riven. Weapons i don't use and rivens i can't sell because the trade chat is this toxic pile of garbage that spews word vomit a million characters a second and that's only slightly exagerrating. I was going to spend 150 this christmas and get the 3k plat pack. A gift from my wife actually. I had to tell her today that I didn't know if i was going to continue playing. Im playing a video game. It shouldn't be stress inducing but it is and thats a problem. My actual only question is why should i continue playing? I'm looking for reasons, looking for a good reason for me why i should keep playing and I'm having trouble finding it myself so I am asking the playerbase instead. PS i started playing right after the first event on playstation
  19. Tenno Operator

    On Saturday 11/18 I logged into warframe on PS4 to join some clan mates on eidolon. I checked the star map the backed out remembering I had some things to equip. when I turned around I was met by my Tenno sitting on my Codex Console starring at me. He proceeded to say "Hey Kiddo". Anyone know whats going on here?
  20. Not sure what else to say here, besides my question in the title! I am sure they aren't even in production or anything, but Melee Amps would be quite nice. I guess, well. What Melee Amp idea's do you have, with that in mind? Melee Amps, as in, Melee Operator Amps.
  21. So I'm writing a warframe story.

    So as the title says im writing a story about warframe, and if this is the wrong place to put this kind of thing in the fourms im sorry and i will move and/or remove it. The title is "Three Tenno". Spoiler alert this story mostaly takes place after the events of the second dream, and The War within quests. Chapters are only a few pages and im sorry for Grammar errors I want to update the story here if people are acually intrested in it.
  22. Seeing that DE usually rework a frame a bit before releasing it's prime variant and in devstream 101 they showed off mirage then I think it' pretty safe to say that it' mirage prime thats the next prime warframe. What are your thoughts on this ?
  23. my Teno Bug

    I returen to my ship and i find Teno like this .... is it bug ? i hope the wil be fix it
  24. Transference

    I wonder if (or when) operators will have ability to control stuff like they did with the Golden Maw, cause being a death worm robot was quite fun.
  25. This is very interesting because it could be the developers skipping making new models or it could have some lore behind it.