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Found 1,086 results

  1. (PS4)BradleyAanderson

    Promo codes

    Hey everyone, Awesome Support on this Forum! Thank you all! -Any and all Warframe Promo Codes/ Redeem codes will be posted HERE. -All Codes can be redeemed via the in game Warframe Market, or Online on the Warframe Website. Again thank you all for the support and active Codes. -Also if you think you know a code not yet posted please post it up!!!
  2. (XB1)EternalDrk Mako

    Makos Art: wip project art

    <Deviant Art<>Discord<>Youtube<>Twitch><Twitter><Tumblr> i started a chibi and im still shading the project art WIP Project art-still shading away some doodles of my operator KH [kuro-hime] and her trusty future excalibur umbra [called X ] along with chu the sharaac
  3. (XB1)Architect Prime

    Inversion Themed Warframe Concept

    Nega "It's like if you combined nova and mag and gave it the story of harrow and umbra" Could also be named "Contra" if people can't get their heads out of the gutter. armor 50 at rank 0 shield 100 at rank 0 health 100 at rank 0 Innate passive Physical Contradiction - Nega can run on walls for a short period (unique parkour. Press [button] to stand/run on wall. Maximum of 5 seconds of wall time. Probably just uses the old wall run but with normal run animation). Negative mass - Convert an enemy's body into negative mass, causing them to them move the opposite direction they try to move. reverse effect (power strength) effect duration (power duration) Reversion coating - Nega secretes negative matter through her/his (I envisioned a her) skin, causing her/him to become nearly invincible. But at the cost of inverted controls. Invincibility 75% (power strength) Anti Powder - Nega's ballistic firearms (only) deal additional damage. projectiles get unlimited punch through and their flight speed is increased with each enemy they pass through. Damage increase is actually a static - 20% Damage increase per enemy in a shot - 3% (power strength) Inversion - Turn the world with opposite energy, causing the entire map flip upside down (Other players will not experience this).Nega, Enemies, and loot fall to the ceiling, which is flipped to be the ground for them. Enemies that stand still get launched into and enemies that try to run get their feet stuck in the ceiling (which is the ground. Flips back to regular at the end, causing enemies to fall for some additional damage or dangle by their feet from the ceiling (Which is actually the ceiling again). ragdoll/stuck chance static around 10%. Ragdoll or stuck is determined by weather the power strength is above or below 100%. (power strength) Inversion duration (power duration) Augment Repellent Reversion - Reversion coating grants an additional speed bonus of +30% walk, jog, and sprint speed. Augment Anti Primer - Spray the environment with negative matter (removes default effect), Causing enemies move backwards in their tracks within a 15 meter area for 10 seconds. Lore/quest: Nega's operator fought a massive sentient on uranus, trapping it on one of the planet's many moons with her abilities in the process. This caused the moon to get knocked out of orbit, smashing it into the space station where Nega's operator and the operator's family were located - killing them all. Now the moon is held in place, attached to uranus by massive chains built by the orokin (Or the grineer I suppose) to prevent further calamity. The Nega warframe revels in the pain of the opertor's self hatred of killing his/her own family. Similar to Umbra, but it's an operator's memory that Nega is stuck with instead of its own. The quest takes you from the oceans of uranus to the depths of the rogue moon to find this this tormented warframe. [this part is just an unrealistic fantasy of mine about how this could go] At the end you decide (morality wheel moment) how you want to resolve Nega's issues. It's NOT a text option though. Light - You make Nega realize that the memories arn't his/her own. This requires you to fight a level 100 Nega (Umbra) Neutral - You replace the old memories with your own memories. This requires you to fight a level 40 Nega (regular) Dark - You take on Nega's memory in order to use transference with him/her. This requires you to fight a level 70 Nega (Prime) I MIGHT attempt to create some related visual and auditory art for this.
  4. NeroAugustine

    Tennogen Creator Help

    So I have many ideas for Operator facial accessories, but my development programs are limited. I have Photoshop CS5 and Lightwave. As such, I think the most difficult part of creating content is that I can't dictate how the UV map unfolds. (Lightwave only makes square UV maps, and PS won't let me edit polygon positioning) Here is an example of both a cool idea, and a really poor result. I really really want to be create and share my ideas, because I think they have a place. But... I am afraid I am missing, either tools or the skills to use them.
  5. Before Umbra was released, Steve said that he was gonna have Umbras be different from Primes so they wouldn't be considered a copyright to Chinaframe or whatever. So, there was a lot of speculation on what this system would be, but now I'm curious... What is it exactly? There's alot of Umbra stuff that came with The Sacrifice, so I'd like to figure out what exactly this system is. Steve said the Umbras would have their own special means of acquirement, and I'm willing to bet that this is through quests/mini-quests like what we have promised for Revenant. Mini-quests to get Umbras would be cool imo. DE doesn't need to take a year just to introduce another Umbra frame. Maybe just have another "Hunt down Umbra" mission sequence and get the backstory of each one, see what they had to go through. I'd like them all to get a backstory, give us all a reason to love them. Anyways, that's my guess as to what the new acquirement system is. The "Umbra System" was said to be a gameplay thing though... I have 3 contenders for this; Umbral Mods Sentience without Transference An ability that erases Sentient immunities. These all make sense. If each Umbra comes with a few Umbral mods, that would be amazing, but probably pretty broken if they ALL make the other mods in the set stronger. That would be op. If an Umbra frame is able to get more Umbral polarities in the future... well, as soon as 3 Umbra frames are in the game, assuming they all come with three Umbral Mods, well... talk about an Umbral build... literally every slot would be filled. Sentience without Transference sounds plausible as well since I expect that each Umbra is going to have this. It would make sense for that to be their special gameplay mechanic since that's more of actual gameplay than mods are. An ability that erases Sentient immunities sounds like it's a decent idea too. Excalibur Umbra really had no relation to the Sentients in his lore, so why he has an ability that erases Sentient immunities, I don't know. But it would be SO COOL if every Umbra had an ability that did this, and they ALL have their own voice that they battlecry with when they cast it. Excal has his, so it would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING if the other Umbras have one too. PLEASE DE! It would be cool if they have their own, not just one that's a carbon copy of Excal Umbra's. So what do you guys think this "Umbra System" is?
  6. Shadowsetp

    Codex Scanner bug

    Little bug when using codex scanner while using operator mode allows you to scan without costing any scanners.
  7. superaquafin

    Ray Tracing Update!

    I'm just wondering if Ray Tracing is being added to Warframe this year and will The One X console version with the added graphical capabilities utilities even the most basic implementation of Ray Tracing? NIVIDA/PC Zombies don't even start, Warframe looks and runs better on the One X, I own a GTX 1070 and it runs worst on PC due to bad HDR optimization and screen tearing. No I will not buy a small 8bit G-sync monitor for $800 when the One X/S supports FreeSync which is currently in the best HDR gaming display in the the world, Samsung Q9FN. Don't get mad at me since NVIDIA is the one who chose not to add VRR or G-Sync support over HDMI in its 2018 RTX 20 series cards.
  8. So... yeah. As for the 19th of August, I have finished all the available quests. Why should you care? You shouldn´t. BUT! I think this is something people don´t really talk about. Game modes, Warframes, Missions and main storyline quests all get their time in the spotlight. But what about the rest? This list is for them. Rememeber, this is just my opinion. I will try to be as objective as possible and point out why a quest is good or why it sucks, but alas, its still just one man´s thoughts on them. I wont go to deep into them either but I´ll focus on the core aspects of each one. I will not rate them according to their rewards. Also MASSIVE SPOILERS!!! No, seriously, if you haven´t played most (if not all) of this quests, leave now. Anyway, let´s go! #19 The Limbo Theorem #18 Patient Zero #17 The Jordas Precept #16 Once Awake #15 Hidden Messages #14 Saya´s Vigil #13 Howl of The Kubrow #12 The Archwing #11 Stolen Dreams and The New Strange #10 A Man of Few Words #9 Vor’s Prize #8 The Glast Gambit #7 Octavia´s Anthem #6 The Silver Grove #5 Chains of Harrow . #4 The Second Dream (and Natah, because I’m lazy). #3 Sands of Inaros #2 Apostasy Prologue and The Sacrifice #1 The War Within
  9. Mission "Pursue Umbra" on Triton, Neptune Drop shields with amp - check Stun with void blast - check. Ordis even says his defenses are down. Umbra kneels. Transference - does nothing out of the ordinary. "Use transference before he recovers!" Using 5/Transference puts the operator back into the warframe, as expected at any point in the game except for this one. Over and over and over again, quitting the mission and restarting...same results. The instant I use Transference, Umbra gets up and splats the operator. Yes, I submitted a support ticket with logs. I'll update this post with the results so others can see.
  10. Greetings, Tenno! What once started as an art dump has now become a more fleshed out fan concept, with each passing day adding more substance to it, either by me or the community members interested in it. Especially now that DE has given us our Sentient-Hunting Excalibur Umbra, there is a very good chance that we will be seeing Tau for real soon. But until then, I will continue to develop this idea! The Legion of Tau is a Warframe update that will bring players, or more specifically, veteran players, to the Sentient Homeworld of Tau. The Tau level I am designing is Open World in nature, filled with deadly enemies patrolling for a fight. The Landscape of Tau is constantly changing as the Sentients continually Terraform it for reasons unknown. This will help keep the world fresh and interesting: one day, a certain zone may be an ashen, volcanic landscape, another day it may be freezing with a violent blizzard. As the Tenno presence on Tau has not gone unnoticed, players will essentially be dropping into a war zone; even the ‘town’ segment of Tau is constantly noisy with the sound of gunfire as Tenno operatives fight off encroaching Sentients. Enemies on Tau, specifically the Sentients, have been designed to be engaging and dangerous. Every enemy has specific strengths and weaknesses; even the ‘fodder’ enemies require more attention than the old run of the mill Grineer Lancer. A combination of expert weapon builds, teamwork and communication will be key in these lands; Tau is not a beginner friendly landscape! The Legion of Tau also includes new mods, Zaw parts and weapons, obtainable from anything from enemy drops, bounty rewards, brand new clan research and more! Special Sentient weapons can now contain a special Omni polarity, which acts as an adaptive polarity, capable of reducing ANY MOD’S DRAIN BY HALF of it is set in that slot. Both Broken War and War, being Sentient weapons, would also have one of their already existing polarities swapped to Omni. Omni polarities can be forma’d out (although idk why you would) but cannot be forma’d in!) Omni polarities are not comptible with Umbral & Sacrificial mods. You can open any of the tabs below to view ‘assets’ for The Legion of Tau. Please leave comments, constructive criticisms or suggestions on literally anything that you see here! Also feel free to leave your own ideas and even artwork if you would like to contribute to the main concept! NOTE: Yes, I used Excalibur Umbras as a scale unit. It's supposed to represent the future of Warframe 😛 SYSTEMS AND ECONOMY: ENEMIES: TENNO REINFORCEMENTS: NEW SET MODS: CONTRIBUTORS AND OTHER HELP: I will keep updating this list as I come up with new Sentient enemies and other stuff for the world! In the meantime, you can click here to see all of my Sentient artwork.
  11. Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3

    The inevitable First Contact

    It’s my idea that, during the New War, we will inevitably encounter extraterrestrials. They might not be the Sentient, but they will be either for or against the Tenno, and/or the Orokin. This is that thread where we can post ideas. The only limitations to what can be posted is this: You can’t use aliens that are already part of established universes. This is Warframe, not a fan fiction. Other than that, let go of your inhibitions.
  12. After the Chains of Harrow quest, a ghost (The man in the wall) haunts your liset and will randomly appear saying a line or two of dialog. I have a friend that gets anxiety attacks from horror movies and similar things. When this ghost appeared, it gave him an anxiety attack. He's submitted a support ticket and they don't think they can help. I wanted to start this post to see if this happens to anyone else. He's really invested in the game and story, but he can't handle the fact that an NPC can spontaneously spawn to scare him. I really would like him to be able to play with us again. If there was anyway to turn off the random spawning of this NPC, this would be great for my friend and others like him.
  13. (PS4)DaOffxcalEli

    Mesa melee getting locked or glitched

    When I'm using mesa's 4th ability my melee weapon becomes stuck and locked all I can do is block and equip it I can't do S#&amp;&#036; else til the mission is over can this be fixed please because mesa is one of the best solo frames in the game and this is really #*!%ing her up right now
  14. I recently found out about this section of the forums (I have only come here for patch notes before) and it inspired me to make some of this concepting stuff myself. But, instead of making a new warframe or weapon, I decided to add some things to my favourite faction in the game (spoiler: It's the Grineer). This is going to have 3 (maybe more, who knows) parts. In each of them, I will create concepts for new units, bosses, lore and event-like stuff. Okay, I'll make some weapons as well. Table of Contents: PART 1: Fall of Vay Hek and Operation Shadow Marines (COMPLETE!) Interlude: Grineer Reinforcements 1 PART 2: Kuva Kortress, the Inner Sanctum PART 3: Project Grin-Frame (name is WIP ) Ok, so without any further ado, let's get into it. Disclaimer: This might get into the super-biased fanfiction territory. I'm not kidding, I really like the Grineer (and kinda dislike the Corpus). All lore that doesn't go with official materials or outright changes/removes canon is made like that on purpose. This is NOT supposed to be canon in any way, I am effectively making fanfiction here. Quick edit: I forgot to say it: The drawings are mine. I made them. Yup. Edit again: Made the logo using some materials from the fansite kit available on the official Warframe site and the amazing TennoTyper (found here: PART 1: Fall of Vay Hek and Operation Shadow Marines Background info: After the fiasko of the Balor Fomorians, Vay Hek lost much of his foothold in the Grineer Military Council, even the Queens have shown their displeasure with his failure. In official materials, it's Tyl Regor who has been given the authority over the future offensives. However, this is where my concept will diverge from canon. Enter Nazol Fokk, one of the oldest Grineer generals and, conveniently, Hek's biggest rival in the Council. There is a saying that "opposites attract each other", then I guess it is normal that Nazol and Hek are sworn enemies. They are very similar, both in their background and in their heavy use of augments. One thing divides them, however. Fokk is a traditionalist, where most Grineer officers would like to use the Tenno, he would like to destroy them all. He's deathly afraid of them. When Hek started losing power, Nazol was the one who took over. His great intelligence and independent thought, results of a mistake during the cloning process, let him quickly subjugate the Council. This old, veteran Grineer is only alive due to double-redundant life support systems, specifically crafted for him by Tyl Regor. But while his body might not be in combat-ready state, his mind is more than enough to completely outpace most of the Grineer. He's a mastermind-in-hiding even moreso than Hek. First thing Nazol did with his power, was promoting a young, aspiring Grineer, named Vuuk Nob, as his right hand assistant. Vuuk is a similar freak accident, capable of critical thought and, more importantly, innovation. Thus, after the failure of the Fomorians, a new operation was planned. "Grineer technology is not enough" Nob decided "We need to gain understanding of corpus tech to advance ourselves". This was approved, as a lot of generals considered a more open conflict, or even a flat-out war with Corpus a possibility, after Hek decided to assault them with his Balors. This was the beginning of the Shadow Marines. An elite dispatchment of Grineer soldiers, specifically cloned, trained and equipped to deal with Corpus. Their mission: to stealthily board lone Corpus vessels, then comandeer them and take them to Ceres for "deconstruction". Their existence shall be always denied and Corpus ship losses explained as "Tenno attacks" or "increased pirate activity". The Worm Queen was promised a "completely new type of protein slurry, with a unique, Crewman taste" and so she happily agreed to the plan. Vuuk had an additional, hidden agenda, however. He wanted to find a way to contact the Tenno. From the moment he barely survived a Tenno attack, he became obsessed with them. He thought: "Tenno are the perfection of war, Grineer must become that same perfection". And so begun operation Shadow Marines... General mechanics: Shadow Marines (or as they are often called, "Korsar" Grineer, e.g. Korsar Lancer) are not featured in a one-time event. Instead, they can be encountered when the following requirement are met: 1. The planet (not the mission) needs to be under a Grineer offensive (invasion). They will not appear if it's the Grineer who are defending. 2. The player needs to have completed the War Within cinematic quest. 3. The player needs to start a mission on a node featuring Corpus Ship tileset or Corpus Archwing tileset, that does not have any Grineer presence (meaning: not an invasion node, not a kuva siphon/flood node). These guys work as a stealth team, other Grineer would blow their cover. If these conditions are met, the Korsar units have a high chance of spawning during the mission. They can and will appear in Corpus sorties. Once they are there a few short transmissions will confirm their arrival. The player will then have a choice, if they attack the Korsars, they will obviously retaliate, but if no offensive action is taken for a short time, they will become allied for the mission. The Shadow Marines always spawn several levels over the average mission level. Due to this, they can be a dangerous foe in higher level planets. The player will get different rewards for fighting them or fighting with them. Fight the Korsar and you can acquire blueprints of their advanced weaponry. Help them out enough times and you will gain a blueprint Hrokgar Grineer-made Archwing as well as a Korsar Teleport Beacon gear item blueprint (which allows you to summon the Korsars in any mission, which meets the normal conditions). Coming next: Korsar Units, including 2 (two!) Heavy Gunner variants, as well as all their weaponry (including stats) and the Hrokgar archwing!
  15. -JnK-Asura

    The Beast of Bones 2.0

    I really believe that Ordan was a grineer boi.P.S. made bone spikes more like Boltace blades. first art.
  16. So I bought the Ludoplex recently then I noticed; we currently only have 1 proper game in it coz the other 2 can be free. Then I remembered my experience with the minigame in The Sacrifice, the one with the black and white stones; IT BECAME TOO EASY. (Except for the later ones where you start in a losing position) Literally: I learnt how to fool the AI after 2 rounds. If you played against someone, probably they would have different strategies from other people, making the game a lot more interesting. The game is really fun with other people; I tried playing it on pen and paper with my brother and with some of my friends. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I would really like it if DE added it there |:D
  17. I have the Vazarin stance equipped on my operator, and I'm able to view it just fine after triggering transference on my orbiter, but in mission with my friends I'm not in the vazarin stance after triggering transference, and my friend is not in his Madurai stance even though we both have the stances equipped. This first started occurring maybe a week before the latest update, and I have tried unequipping the stance and restarting the game to no avail. Is this a current bug in the game or something I can fix on my own?
  18. This maybe a spoiler to some people that dont know about this.. but i recommend for you to read it so you wont end up like me Note : i rarely check the forum so i dont really know what's going on with the game Recently i've been grinding for mods like crazy.. and then i was making some build for my Vectis.. when i was testing my build.. Solo on Lua Survival mission i realize that it runs out of ammo really fast.. so.. i remember doing something to my sentinel when i have the same problem to my Soma.. i add a Rifle Ammo Mutation to MY SENTINEL, so i wont be worry about getting out of ammo in a long run like it used to.. when i try to do the same to my sentinel (its atrax actually) moding it with sniper ammo mutation i cant seem to find nor do i can add the mod, so.. i tried to look around and findout that there's another mode of atrax it was a BURST LASER AND LASER RIFLE.. tried to look for it on the internet even on this site but i cant seem to find it.. it seems like there's not many people talk about it or maybe even realize it so i tried to look at them and guess what.. the BURST LASER can be mod with a Pistol ammo mutation.. so i tried looking at the laser rifle thingking.. "maybe i can mod this one with a sniper ammo mutation but.. u know the story, IT CANT cause its spesialize for Rifle (blind me didn't read the RIFLE part)... so i'm gonna ask here and hope maybe DE will see this Are you planning on making another mode for atrax which spesialize on sniper or maybe bow.. or maybe its just me dumbfounded about this whole thing.. because i dont wanna put an ammo mutation to my weapon and waste the capacity for anyone who see this please reply and tell me WTH is with this thing.. because i rarely touch my sentinel so maybe you know something that i dont.. and share it so maybe player like me can also know about this
  19. OH HEY! If you haven’t finished The Sacrifice quest and don’t want to have the juicy bits spoiled (like that yogurt I left in the fridge for too long), TURN BACK NOW. Shield your eyes and hit that back button, we’ll see you here once you’ve finished if you have a bug to share with us. If you ran into a bug during the quest and would like to report it because you are fearless, this thread is all yours! That said, this thread will be used to house your Update 23: The Sacrifice bug reports. Our resident bug master, [DE]Saske, will be monitoring this thread and relaying prevalent bugs to the DE team for fixes. With any update, we focus on fixing the priority issues first as soon as we can! Lower priority bugs that can be reproduced are logged to be fixed when we’ve squashed the monster bugs. Bug report guidelines: Be as detailed as possible! The more information we have on the issue, the better we can track down the cause. Provide steps on how to reproduce the bug that answer "How was I able to produce this bug, and can I do it again?" If possible, provide video and image of the reported issue. Be respectful - We understand bugs can be frustrating, but the better you can report the bug the better we can get to fixing it. Thank you!
  20. I was redoing The Sacrifice quest to get all somachord fragments, and so far, every mission went fine, and then when i had to confront umbra, this happened: As you can see, my operator spawned in this weird off-map room, (which is the "game-over" screen for operator-only missions), and i'm invisible. 1-My health is operator's 2-my skills and weapons are warframe's (I entered into the mission using rhino prime, it changed to excalibur umbra). 3-I can still access Void Mode (operator crlt) and Void Dash using my warframe's energy pool. 4-The controls are all operator, which means no bullet jumping and etc, And i'm impervious to all damage. I can continue the mission like that if I use /unstuck. If i don't: I fall down a void,and 2 things can happen: I either go back to that room or the ending cutscene when you use transference on umbra plays out: (this one is going to be an awesome wallpaper tho) And finally i get stuck in the moment above, only way of getting out is alt+f4. I've tried relogging, changing quests, and even resetting my pc, but nothing works. FunFact: Near the blue 'game-over' room, there is a secret room, where the whole game of komi with ballas happens: I didn't have anything from the quest equipped (sword and umbra), using ability 5 just does 1 (this case, slash dash), and since I can't use void beam, the mission is impossible to complete.
  21. First and foremost, I used Ash modded for HP+Armour+Shields (with Hunter Adrenaline and Flow thrown in (I think, can't really remember and Umbral Mods kinda remade my build... so... yeah, but those wewe my guidelines), and a Dragon Nikana (Crit+Slash+Combo+Life Strike) (I think in some of the earlier ones i used Toxic/Electricity/Heat instead of added Slash) I did not use any abilities (unless you count Naramon Passives & Channeling, then i did indeed use those), Consumables or companions. Following the tagline for U13 I took only my melee weapon and went after every boss, here are my thoughts on them. Vor: He's Pretty neat. Though him being below 10Lvl is... sad, as I was to lazy to change my loadout to be on level ground... Being able to fight him on a much higher level would be great. Other than that, no complaints. Jackal: Similar to Vor, he's neat hut has to low of a level to enjoy (and again I was too lazy to lower my build). Vay Hek: Hek is Nice if annoying with his flying and weakspot being temporary (and dificult to hit mid-air). Though finding a place to happily hack at makes it a quick(er) fight Again. Option for a higher level encounter would be nice, other than that, He's nice. Lech Krill: He was... hard to say, this fight was basically like Mario: jump above him -> slam. Rinse and repeat, then,when he goes into 2nd phase, slash him until he dies. He isn't bad, Interesting even... though some more flavour wouldn't hurt. and again option to rise his level. The Placeholder Sergeant: HE IS A PLACEHOLDER! Really, first time i did the mission i didn't notice I killed him before making the video, @DE, When will you add a proper boss here? Because he is more of a joke than Derf Anyo... Vor&Krill Another Placeholder, but this time it's 2 somewhat nice bosses instead of a unique one. Can't say much. And they do have (slightly) higher levels... Salad Alad V: Salad and his pet... hard to say... nice gimmick, low level? (same as most of the bosses). Raptor: That annoying friggn... Yeah... If it being a flying, bomb-dropping, annoing-pest sumonong Corpus Proxy of a menace wasn't enough... It often decides to stay where he spawns and won't come out. I had to rely on slam attacks to even hurt it... Other than that it's actually a really nice fight. And somwehat challenging, with mobile health packs usually away... and the target being quite deadly... (I won't even ask for higher levels, he was enough i think (though nowadays I think I could handle him without dying... maybe) Sargas Ruk: He's one of those that have annoying weakspots that are hard to hit with melee. I had to change my stance (to Decisive Judgement) to be able to reliably hit the weakspot on his chest. Hmm Nice one I guess? Him being more of a sponge wouldn't be nice as there aren't that many healthpacks running around. Tyl Regor: He is probably my favourite boss. Really, the arena, the fact that he also fights with melee... and his lines... Though he feels somewhat squishy (nothing a few levels wouldn't help). Did I mention that I really like this boss? Hyena Pack: Umm they have high burst... and are a pack... But why can't I face the whole Pack at once if I am alone? I'd really like the option to do so. Other than that... They are nice I guess? Could be better, sure, but not Sergeant-bad. Ambulas: It's nice, really. Defending the hacked Ambulas is a nice Idea. Though it gets harder when there are more of them to defend. (I had a close call there XD) Yep, nice one. Rotten Salad Mutalist Alad V: Not bad, Can't say much about him though. Lots of invulnerability phases, but otherwise would be squishy. Don't know what to say about him. Jordas: This damned piece of infested faeces taught me that there is a time limit for Assasinations. Or at least this particular one. (I got a failure after 55minutes 23 seconds). This "Bossfight" is basically hoping to glitch inside him and hit him a few times, without getting catapulted into an obstacle and dying because of collision damage. And let me tell you, with maxed range on Centaur I wasn't able to get close enough to the engines to hit them. and his whole body has a repelling field that flings away anyone who gets close. So to damage him i had to either do the above, or hope that I will be able to hit him with "slide attack" and again, not get flinged into some debris to die of collision damage. And on top of that there is no way to heal besides pitiful drops from ospreys (yay a 25hp orb. Maybe) or Rejuvenation... This one would be epic, IF NOT FOR HIM FLINGING PEOPLE ACROSS HALF THE MAP OR KILLING THEM ON DEBRIS. Kela De Thaym: The Arena, the Fight the...switches. That sums it up: Really nice fight (Damn she has some damage!) on a really nice Arena. But those switches... they forced me to use my operator... because they require a ranged weapon to activate them... Other than that She's good. Lephantis: I really really love this fight probably the best (even better than Regor) Though it does have some issues: First the invisible wall above the "broken floor" around the heads, it's redundant (and annoying), then there is that moment when some of the heads just pop up stay there for a while and then go down, or interrupt their attack and plop down before hitting them is posible. And then there is Grineer Head's Instakill in the 2nd phase. It's ridiculous. For some reason if you are in a wrong spot (usually on top of Leph, or very close to the Grineer Head) when it starts it's swing, it'll kill you (or at least deal enough damage to insta-kill Ash with 162 Armour, 1575HP and 700 Shields). Other than those few things and it beeing somewhat in need of a graphical upgrade in my opinion, It's probably the best Boss in the game. Phorid Poor overgrown Charger of a placeholder. At least it feels so. Sprag&Ven'Kra Tel: Those two... don't really feel like bosses... more like an "elite" mob... but then again they still are better than Sergeant... Lynx: This one has a neat little gimmick, and is Jackal's reskin (not that I mind) Tbh... Getting to Sabotage Bosses is more often harder than killing them (Viva Bombards!)
  22. Ich habe damit angefangen die Töne aus "Das Opfer" zusammeln, bin nun beim 3 Durchgang und komm nicht mehr weiter, ich hatte diesen Bug schon aber, der ließ sich durch das leeren der aktiven Quests beseitigen. Hier Spawne ich. Mit Voidschub hab ich in ziel Richtung geschaut und lande hier Nun den raum kenn wir alle wenn nicht tut es mir leid was mir da auffällt ich bin Umbra? Von hier aus komm ich raus und da hinten ist Umbra ich komm mir vor wie ein Bilderbuch Erzähler xD ... da ist Umbra er ignoriert mich erst naja seine Angriffe machen keinen schaden außer meinem Carrier Ja damit sind wir am ende des Bilderbuchs, ach und ich kann keine Void Angriffe ausführen aber, ich kann mit der rechten Maustaste (Zielen eigentlich) Donnerschocks machen die bei Umbra auch null schaden machen, ich hab versucht die Aktiven Quest zu leeren hab Warframe neu gestartet bringt nichts hattet ihr das auch? wenn ja wie habt ihr das Problem gelöst? (hoffe die Bilder konnen von euch gesehen werden, falls ich was falsch gemacht habe... tut mir leid ist mein erster Beitrag hier ^^)
  23. So I have a theory about Umbra. It's nothing big, but it's an interesting one. So, Umbra was forced to kill his son, as we all know. This is why he was so driven to kill Ballas, as it was Ballas' Transference on him that forced him to do it. So... I understand that the Tenno helped Umbra cope with his memory, and he allows them to use Transference on him because they take away his pain. But I was thinking... maybe he considers us to be a semi-replacement for Isaah? I would personally be happy to call him Space Dad!
  24. (PS4)figure2206

    I just got tagged(possible spoilers)

    I just got tagged by the stalker!! I got tagged by beating the jackal a bunch of times I bet he's gonna appear in my new few runs and I wasn't trying to be tagged I was trying to get the rhino Warframe systems blueprints
  25. KelsierSurvivor

    My new Umbra and Operator fashion

    This is probably the wrong place for this. Lol So, I decided to do a new Operator fashion. It turned out really good and I wanted to make my Umbra match. I was surprised by the result. I took some captura in The War Within Choice Scene, partly because it fits my aesthetic, and partially because of Fortuna hype. Anyways, I just wanted to share my screenshots. I'm gonna name each one, btw. Take Away It's Pain A Pained Soldier (I can't think of a name. If anyone has one, feel free to pitch it!) The Valley of Venus (I took this one out of Fortuna hype. Lol) Tears for Isaah (He looked like he had a tear coming from his eye. Hopefully I'm not the only one that can see it.) Wretched Things (This having a double meaning. Hunhow's dialogue in The Second Dream was this; "But you're asking yourself; was I one of these wretched things? You still hate them, you still hate yourself." I am willing to bet that Umbra hates himself for killing his son, for not being strong enough to fight Ballas. So, in this picture, there are two wretched things.) I Killed Him... Isaah (I have a theory that since the Operator believes it was them that killed Isaah, this is mainly the case because of the reverse Transference that happened when hunting Umbra. "The Transference flow has been reversed; usually it's Operator to Warframe, but now it is Warframe to Tenno." (Or something like that) -Starchild Ordis I think that Umbra put his own thoughts into the Tenno, and now, like in my picture titled "Tears for Isaah", the Operator mourns for him as well. But, since the memory is no longer haunting Umbra, he is going to protect his savior while they mourn.) I hope you guys like them as much as me! And yes, the mix-matched armor was intentional. The helmet is asymmetrical and so is the scarf, so I put the Skiajati on the back off-center and figured I'd do the same for the armor since it looked good. I considered doing the same to the leg plates, but that seemed like too much.