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Found 887 results

  1. DISCLAIMER: LIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE THE WAR WITHIN QUEST. Kuva is the resource needed to reroll unwanted riven mods, and it requires lots of time and patience to aquire large amounts of it. Given that the current farming method of kuva is painfully boring and repetitive with no explanations on how to kill the actual kuva siphon itself, some players have started to be inactive in kuva missions. From being clueless on what to do in the mission to being completely AFK while leeching off squad mates, DE needs to realise that kuva needs a change. The 3 different types of people in every kuva siphon / flood mission. The people who actually do the mission quickly and flawlessly. This group of people know what they're doing, effectively splitting the mission between kuva and the objective itself. These players know how to get the job done fast to get a quick boost in kuva. Examples of this are in rescue missions. 2 players finish the objective while the rest stay to destroy the siphon. These players are what Warframe needs more of. The people who are AFK for the majority of the mission. This group of people are known as the "leechers", making their squad mates do the mission while they reap the benefits for doing absolutely nothing. There are only 3 reasons to why this happens: They have actual issues to attend to irl, their pc blacked out or they are just plain AFK. Several changes to the farming method to attain kuva can be done by DE to prevent players from AFK'ing which I will explain in another section in this post. The people who are clueless to what they should do. More often than not u will encounter these people walking to the kuva siphon / cloud without knowing what to do. Since there is no in-game tutorial which explains even the basics of farming kuva, it is kind of understandable that these people are lost. The game only tells u to "PRESS <BOUND KEY> TO USE TRANSFERENCE", which does not help new players to understand that you need to damage the kuva clouds in specific ways to destroy the siphon. As such, some of these players kill the guardians thinking that they are doing something. On the other hand, some of these people may not even be clueless at all. They could be making their squad mates to the work while they pick up resources, or they are using an AFK macro to move around when they or their squad finds the siphon. This could also be caused by the boring method to farm kuva. Suggestion There are only limited ways to combat some of these issues in the kuva farming system, and I hope these suggestions are noticed by DE. Players need to be instructed in-game on how to destroy the siphon when they encounter one. Upon release of update 22.12.0, the index has been changed to an endless mission, allowing players to stay for more credits or leave with whatever they have. Many players appreciated and enjoyed the change and this gave rise to people playing the index as a reliable source of farming large amounts of credits. If this sort of change can be implemented into kuva missions in some way, such as a new method to farm kuva in the kuva fortress itself, people can have more fun and at the same time more kuva. A one-stat-lock system added to rivens can also improve the godly amount of RNG that rivens need to be considered "viable". (PS4)mmcareen brought up a suggestion a year ago and I think it's a good way to reduce but not kill the RNG in rivens. TL;DR Kuva farming needs a change to stop leechers and rivens need less RNG.
  2. As title says, the only thing you see when you equip the mastery sigil on the Operator is just a line with a circle in the middle... Not actually representing your mastery rank.
  3. Warframe Review 2018

    A new and detailed review of Warframe for 2018!
  4. Black Panther Review

    As the title suggests ^ Did it live up to the hype or not? And where does it land on the marvel list of movies? Try to avoid spoilers for other players as much as possible, I'll share my views after a few people post, don't want to make this first post too long
  5. The true end game / late game

    Forget the space mom ... Space Daddy shall bring us into the light. Our Lotus has left us for that long armed freak...but who is still with us? That's right, Rich Space Daddy! Give unto the void my child! Join the true prophet...The prophet of profit!
  6. Operators need a name

    Hello ! As says the title, operators need a name. This question did only hit me after a few hundred of hours post- Second Dream quest, and especially as I decided to take more time to fight those giant beasts AKA teralysts (and its bigger mates). We can customize OPs, make them either male or female-like with multiple options like face, voice, and suit. We even got magus arcanes for them, but still, they are only a flesh puppet. I got attached to my female (-like) operator, and got her some cool stuff. Now that I am really attached to her, i'd like to give her a name. I mean, yeah, i already have a pseudo, identifying myself. But warframes have names, Zaws and even weapons have names, and not the operator ? Maybe that name ccould be shown when you're in operator mod ? Please DE, take the time to think about it. Also, I'd like to have the point of view from other players. Would you like to name your operator ?
  7. Dear DE, I would love to be able to expand my eidolon collection through out my ship.
  8. Bug for The War Within quest

    I've restarted the game a couple of times, just to make sure it doesn't fix itself. Whenever I hit the cutscene where you are given the first dialouge choice. after the grineer queen says her line, and the choice prompt should come up. the game freezes for a few seconds, skips the choice, and drops me back Where I was in the level with the lighting of the cutscene. (which is pitch black) I would apreciate any help that is given.
  9. Ive been thinking about something. If void glitch had not leaked that we would get umbra in the war within would we have him right now? Also if thats a yes then whats taking so damn long?
  10. It has happened a lot of times to me now, that I went ahead and had some fun in Operator mode, while having some ability running that negates the complete damage immunity of your Warframe and leaves them vulnerable. In these cases, it is very easy to lose track of your Warframe and suddenly get forced out of the Operator and die instantly. I would like to propose a simple QoL change for these cases, can we simply get another health bar that signifies our Warframe's health under or on top of our companion's health bar when in Operator mode? This would allow us to react accordingly if the Warframe is under heavy fire and losing health.
  11. Project // Gawaine // 01

    “ There is a large platoon of Grineer Marines stationed here. Leave no one standing. There is a person of interest here as well, bri....” The message was cut short and went to static before she could finish. I’ve done this type of mission before anyways, I know she wants them brought in for questioning. Pulling out my scanner, I slowly combed over the area for any signs of a patrol. Two Lancers posted at the door across the room were the only ones here. Moving quickly, I leapt out of the air vent and clung to the pillar in the center of the room before circling to the other side. Drawing my pistol, I dropped down and quickly dispatched one of the Lancers. His body fell to the ground as I uncloaked in front of the other and ran my blade into his face. With a quick motion, I sheathed the blade as the body dropped to the floor with a thud. Walking through the door, I came to an open room with an elevator platform in the center and a few assorted containers. The screen on the elevator platform was flashing with Grineer text. " Wrong? No... False? No... Um.. Error? Yeah, error. No elevator down then." From below I heard the noise of Grineer soldiers talking. I understood some of the mumbling from studying the codex but the rest was gibberish. I saw my chance. " Might as well." Stepping away from the edge I ran towards it before jumping down. Landing on the edge of the shaft, I latched on and pulled out my scanner. " One... Two... Three? Three. No problem." Going to the right I made my way around the elevator shaft before dropping down from above. Three shots in rapid succession took them out before I landed on the platform below. As the cloaking wore off, the door opened and an Eviscerator soldier walked through. By the time he noticed, I already had my sword through his chest. His body sizzled from the heat of the Exalted Blade before it flickered out and he fell to the ground. Moving the bodies, I threw them into the area at the bottom of shaft and called the elevator. Moving on to the next room and checking my map, I could see I wasn't too far from where the POI should be. " Strange, I thought that there would be more grunts, she did mention a large platoon." Suddenly, the door ahead of me opened. Quickly taking cover behind a wall, I heard two Grineer soldiers enter in the middle of what sounded like a heated conversation. " Can't let them see the mess out there." Just as they passed I emerged from behind and snapped one of their necks. As he fell, his friend turned around to a gun in his face. " Tenno skoom." With a bang I sent his head rolling across the floor. I waited for my sentinel to cloak me again before anxiously moving on to the next room. " Just a little further, thats...7 down, barely put a dent in their forces here." Walking through, I came to an open room with multiple tall containers and pipes leading to a large pair of doors. A slope led down to the two doors, and two pathways were at either side of the room. Checking my map, I could see they both lead to dead ends. " Through here then." Walking to the door, I could hear muffled noises coming from behind. Looking at the panel to my right I tried to call in some help from Ordis. “ No answer huh, probably the asteroid blocking the signal. Guess I'll have to do it myself.” Barely managing to avoid setting off the alarms, I hacked the console. " Surprise, I have something for you guys." After the hack was finished, I drew my blade as the doors slowly began to move apart. Opening to a dark room, lights flickered on one after the other revealing a small army of Grineer in what looked like a hangar bay. " There they are." A volley of bullets came my way, reflexively using my sword I began to deflect the bullets around me. At my side I heard a small pop as a stray bullet knocked my sentinel to the floor. Sigh. As more bullets poured on, I drew my Exalted Blade and leapt into the fray. Cutting through the horde with waves of energy, they sizzled as the light seared their bodies and split them in half. From the far back I heard the sound of rockets " Bombards huh." Narrowly avoid one of the rockets, jumped back against a wall. A loud boom rang throughout the hangar bay as I sliced through a group of rockets with a flick of my blade. The explosion threw smoke into the air giving me a chance to go on the offensive. Leaping through the cloud of smoke, I unleashed a blinding flash of light stunning the soldiers, and began to cut a swathe through their ranks. " Now." My body froze mid-air, and became unresponsive, I looked around, trapped within my warframe unable to move. My Warframe fell to the ground, and I began to feel us drifting apart. I could still see soldiers swarming it's body before completely losing the connection. Something grabbed me, forcefully ripping my body from the chair. They shoved me to the ground, and as I tried to get up, I could hear voices talking over me. It sounded like Grineer, their speech grainy and slurred as they talked amongst themselves. The familiar whirring of the engines was silent, inside the ship was pitch black, the only light coming from their guns. One blurry figure turned to face me, he snapped his fingers and a drone behind him illuminated the ship. To the right there was a large hole, with metal clamps around the perimeter, probably how they got in. " We are not going to hurt you, Tenno, the Doctor needs you alive.” There was not an ounce of reassurance in his voice. As my vision cleared, I looked up to see three soldiers all fitted in sleek black and grey armor standing above me. They had bone white masks and various cybernetic implants. The one talking had three horizontal white lines on his shoulder in a column. They had ranks. Guns I've never seen before, accompanied by a Lancer and Heavy Gunner of the same design, each possessing two stripes. The Lancer took aim and shot me in the neck. " W..wha..." My mind went blank and I collapsed to the floor. The sound of someone talking woke me up. I have no idea how long I was out. " You damaged them... *sigh* I thought we agreed that, should, **not**, happen Commander Argo. Now, it's going to take extra work for the project to succeed, if it succeeds. We already have limited resources here, and I do not need to spend any more than I should. Understood?" A few moments passed before there was a reply. I recognized the voice, it was the soldier who knocked me out in my orbiter. His confidence was gone, he was hesitant, scared even. " A...Apologies Doctor, it was either us or them you know that. The Tenno are incredibly dangerous. Please forgive..." She cut him off. " Fine, go." Doors slid open, and someone walked in, the whirr of overworked computers filled the silence between each step. I opened my eyes, and could barely see anything, the whole room was a brown and yellow blob. My arms and legs wouldn't budge at all, my whole body probably restrained. “ Poor thing, I'm sorry for what they did to you." I squinted, trying to see who it was but everything was still a blur. Soon, they were right in front of me, but I still couldn't see a thing. I felt their hands hold my face before a sharp pain went through my head. Lurching away from their grasp, my vision cleared up immediately. There was a mirror in front of me. One of my eyes was completely gone, replaced by a cybernetic. It's sleek black material copied the structure of my face perfectly. The eyeball itself made of the same material, with a small yellow glow in the center. Opening my mouth, I tried to speak, but my voice came out dry and raspy, it was a whisper at best. " Save your strength, the sedative will wear off soon, couldn't have you waking up mid-transport. It took a lot of work to find you,and I didn't want our efforts to go to waste. You must want to know why you're here Tenno. Well, this is for the both of us really. The Queens are losing their grip. They kept the fight going on to hide the death of the Elder Queen, but I saw past it. They are losing their grip, failing to maintain the control they once had. I've grown tired of the Queens and this pointless war over the origin system. Once, I saw my chance, I defected from the Fortress.” They had their back to me, standing at the other end of the room interacting with one of the consoles. Burgundy hair fell to their shoulders, and they wore a long coat made of a white cloth like material. There was something written in Grineer on the back, in stylized large red text. With one final push of a button, my restraints loosened themselves causing me to fall to the ground. I could barely get up, my body still so weak and tired. They turned to face me. A Grineer woman with dark red circles around her bright blue eyes started to walk towards me. She barely showed signs of the degenerative condition, but still sported cybernetic hands and legs. Underneath the white coat, she wore a baggy black skin suit with a few pockets containing various small devices. She took a small bow before introducing herself. " I am Dr. Vey Ylfort, former head scientist at the Kuva Fortress, and current leader here at the Asteroid Installation, Nery Von. And you are?" She asked while pulling out a chair. " Vator." With a smile she sat down and crossed her legs. " Splendid to meet you Vator. I'm sorry for the eye, but, you can never be too specific with instructions can you? I made sure to give you the best prosthetic possible, I even designed it myself. You shouldn't notice it too much. You're probably feeling very weak, it should wear off soon. The sedative I used had to be potent, void demon and all that. Now, I have a preposition." I tried to move my body and escape, to leap into action but I could barely stand. All I managed to do was turn my head away. " I want nothing to do with you or the Grineer." Vey got up from her chair and walked towards me. She held my chin, raising my face up, and looked me in the eyes. " I am not the Grineer." She backed away and started to pace back and forth. " It has been several years now since the Tenno awakened. The Lotus has told you to keep balance in the system but it's as chaotic as ever. We have the Infested, Grineer and Corpus as well as the other usual splinter cells all running rampant throughout the system. If anything, she has been making the situation worse. What I want, is to protect my own, there's nothing for us out there but death and fighting in the name of this war. Hundreds of thousands of Grineer, who would have been fodder for their enemies, now inhabit the asteroid we are on right now. They have all defected with me to the safety of our base here ,and if I let you go back, this would be for nothing. You were sent here to murder them all and capture me for the Lotus. but what end? Do you why you fight Tenno?" I tried to answer but words still failed me. " You have no idea, do you? I could see it in your face. You're not aware of the truth. She calls you her children, but uses you, all of you, as her personal army. What kind of mother would do that to precious children like you?" I shook my head. ", you're lying. " Vey stooped down, now face to face with me. "Then tell me, Tenno, what is the end goal here? What are you fighting for? Balance? The system is worse now that the Tenno are awake. There is an arms race between the Corpus and Grineer because of your very existence. Where do you think they get the resources to keep up? How many slaves and clones are used to fabricate the weapons, robotics and everything you’ve ever fought against? Has the thought never occurred to you? Trust me, you don’t want to think about it. All I want is to keep my people here safe from the war, from the danger of being mowed down by Tenno blades and Corpus proxies or being infected, a fate worse than death. They didn't ask to be brought into this world to fight, they didn't ask to be expendable, and they too don’t want to die. So I decided to risk everything to save them. Is that wrong? Does our will to live not matter so long as the Lotus says we should die? Almost half a million lives are in your hands now. Can we make our own way here? Or does mommy need to give us permission?" I tried to reason with her. "Then why not join the Steel Meridian, they... they are defectors just like you. They would surely help.” She winced “If you haven’t already noticed, I am here to protect my fellow Grinner first and foremost. Cressa Tal, is more concerned with human colonies, and human lies, placing her own kind second. She is even allied with the Red Veil, who have no reservations about culling Grinner, despite their allegiances. She is the last person I would go to, too public and too compromised.” Vey turned to one of the consoles and touched the screen, various mechanisms sprung to life as something below the floor started to whir. The walls pulled away as the room started to descend. "Wh...where are we going?!" There was no response. We moved down the shaft slowly, coming to a halt on a long mechanized railway. The platform we stood on moved forward shakily through a dimly lit tunnel with multiple tubes and vents along it's walls. "Where does this lead? Are you going to throw me into some prison?" She remained silent until we reached the end of the tunnel. Two large doors slowly opened up into another room. It was massive within, some kind of laboratory. Piles of scrap metal were everywhere, accompanied by various parts of weapons, cybernetics and other crude mechanisms. "I'm sorry for the poor decour, this entire place was a previously retired mining facility, abandoned when it's reserves ran dry. The whole thing proved too expensive to keep around for anything else or to remove, and it was left here drifting in space." Looking up, I could see my Mantis hanging from the ceiling. At the center of the room a large metal canister rose from the floor. "I have a preposition for you Vator." The room filled with a yellow mist as it's sides retracted. Inside was my Warframe surrounded by a clear yellowish liquid, it floated motionlessly as small robots worked around it’s body. “ The containment chamber will prevent transference, but all you have to do is ask.” She turned to face me “ I can turn this Warframe into something that is truly your own, it would be above the mass produced husks, something to truly channel your immense power. However, it is nothing without you Vator, you know that. You can join us here on Nery Von, and forge your own path, be your own person.” Vey stepped back, allowing me to take it all in. "It's your decision now." I walked around on the platform looking at my warframe. " What’s to keep me from leaving and telling the Lotus about your operation here?” She walked forward putting her hand on my shoulder. " You can leave and go back to her, I wouldn’t, no, couldn’t stop you. The decision you make here will be your own entirely, you can return to serving her with the rest of the Tenno. Or be your own person, here, liberated like the rest of us on Nery Von.” I looked down at the floor, uncertain what to do. "What about the soldiers I killed when I came? I thought no one was to be harmed." From the ceiling a hole opened up and a Grinner soldier dropped down. It stood in front of me motionless with a blank expression on it's wrinkled face. It's body slowly opened up revealing strange and intricate cybernetics surrounded by what looked like infected tissue. "I would never put anyone here in harm's way, nor would ever I need to." More soldiers dropped down from other openings in the ceiling. "I have made leaps and bounds in advancements with robotics and infected tissue in my time here. Learning from the Orokin, I have devices implanted within each android. These emit a special type of radiation that keeps the virus complacent, in small amounts of course." With a wave of her hand, the soldier stepped back and reassembled itself. "They aren’t perfect, and aren’t as effective as normal soldiers, but they manage to deter most that accidentally venture in. The transference jam has been lifted, I’ve kept my promise. Now, as I said before, it is your decision, will you stay with us Tenno? To realize your own destiny?" I thought for a moment, thinking about what I stood to gain. “Do I really have anything to return to? Kill, rinse and repeat? And I don't even know why. This is the same thing I did under the Orokin,and, is she really that different? I know I could be so much more, do so much more, and here I can actually see the difference I make. She's been completely honest so far, more than I can say for the Lotus. I’ve dreamed of going off into the unknown, on my own but now, the chance has presented itself to me. Will I regret this if I go back? Is one chance?“ I took a deep breath, and looked at my Warframe floating there in front of me. The connection was there again, she wasn’t lying. I saw my reflection in the glass, I looked worried and afraid, but why? This was entirely my decision ,and I felt anxious, scared even, about that kind of agency. What I decided here could change the course of my life forever. However, it is mine and mine alone, so I could do whatever I wanted with it. Vey held my shoulders and looked at me earnestly, “What do you want, Tenno?” I looked down at the floor, uncertain, before closing my eyes and losing consciousness
  12. An answer to "what now" after focus

    I came up with an idea that needs reworking, but it answers the question of what to do after all schools are maxed. The answer could be add a final node. This node would be automatically unbound and not effected by way pool. But to balance this it follows the equation 10,000*x^1.25 per rank to level up. This would multiply the time it takes to completely max all focus nodes, making the effective time from 212 to 800 some days. These upgrades go as follows Naramon: adds .01 to the operator speed and works with the way bound, at rank 50 it would give a max speed of 1.4 Madurai: gives operator damage 1% (maybe 2%) armor negation, rank 50 would give 50% armor negation (maybe 100%) Unairu: adds 10 armor per rank, hitting 500 at max, with arcanes and they waybound this could hit 1130 armor Vazarin gives 50 additional health, with arcanes and waybound this hits 3625 health No clue for Zenurik yet. Each of these would take about 30 million to max if I am correct, which makes the final count 200,000,000 when including base focus. This way it doesn't effect the frames for those who dislike operator, but gives a use for unused focus afterwards. It also answers the "aren't we supposed to be all powerful entities" question as well.
  13. I just played Hyrdron and went 10 minutes without a focus orb spawning while in operator mode. I then started playing as the warframe and a focus orb apeared after 1 minute. I believe this to be a bug. Why should being in operator mode stop us from gaining focus?
  14. when you press right click while in the apostasy prologue quest, instead of zooming in, your operator suit flashes.
  15. Lotus was my valentine :c

    So I had this idea, because one of my friends caught up with the current story things (F*** Balas), and I had bought all these decorations (34 right now, will grow.)
  16. Main Ship Personal courters Infested Room Operator Room
  17. So I've been mulling over and leaving feedback over what my real problem with the Z-kids is for a while now, and things that I would like to see about them improved (I'm not going to tell DE to just remove them, that's absurd and selfish). One problem I keep running into is that, from my perspective, the Z-kids and the way NPCs talk about them feels to me like a bad example of ludonarrative dissonance LudoDisso is when the feel and tone given off by the gameplay, and the actual story being told by everything else, don't mesh. This is usually benign examples such as "only a few hours until the Big Bad Evil Guy conquers the land" and you are given an unlimited number of in-game days to do sidequests. But I feel the Z-kids fall afoul of it too The design of the Z-kids falls into two intended themes. The first is a smaller, younger, more vulnerable child being guarded by a stronger warrior as a deliberate contrast. I have no problem with this if it's not played for a generic cliche (which it was introduced as but has plenty of time to subvert). The second is a combination of "this is your pure, true form" and a Japanese-culture-flavored "this is your true potential". That second part is really driven home with Teshin's character, in how he acts like a generic "sensei" trying to guide you to "more true potential". And it's that second part that I feel really clashes with how the game is actually played and the feel of how Warframe acts as a space fantasy epic The Quills force us to leave our Warframes behind to even talk to them, as if to imply that Warframes are just a crutch and that our Z-kids are the REAL powerhouse of the transference equation. This is hilariously laughable; five minutes watching Warframes and Z-kids would show that they're completely different power tiers. Less egregiously, Paladino talks of our Z-kids like they're our holy, divine true form and Warframes are "mere vessels". But Warframes, their extensive use, and their iconic powers are the primary thing that make Tenno unique. A Z-kid with no Warframe is barely a Tenno at all (and no, the origin of the word "Tenno" does not impact this philosophy much). DE's item descriptions make multiple mentions of Tenno culture, all of it centered on Warframes Anyone else see what I'm getting at here? Or am I just weird? Assuming that answer is "yes" to at least the first one, I'd like to know if/how it could be improved upon. Here's my train of thought so far, but I'd like to hear other people's: If we tackle it at the writing level, the obvious answer is to stop addressing Z-kids like they're the only part of Tenno that matter. Let anyone who owns a Mote Amp buy the other amps in Warframe mode; do it like Paladino, where once the story is over you can visit the NPCs in whichever form you please (I had no problem getting out of my 'frame because the transference signal was interfering with the seance, that's totally cool with me). Develop Helminth as a character. Maybe even involve Warframes in the upcoming cinematic quests beyond "look how cool it is that we can match your cosmetic loadout during in-engine cutscenes". Did the original Warframes have residual personalities? If so, how well did they synergise with their Z-kids? If we tackle it at the gameplay level, we need to seriously rethink what Z-kid mode is supposed to be for and what their power level is. Let's be frank, some of the abilities are downright terrible and need to be buffed regardless (Void Hunter, I can see enemies behind a door so long as they're close enough that we both trigger the door's automatic opener). But while they're at it I would like DE to answer me a question: are Z-kids supposed to be a viable second mode for open combat, or nothing more than a support fighter who buffs frames and debuffs enemies? I feel the current approach of "some are for one, some are for the other" is ironically unfocused, and that's how we get only a few good powers even being worth looking at. Which in turn results in people like me who feel the least stressful approach is to only care about passives But I've rambled long enough, what say you?
  18. As the title shows, this would be a big spoiler for the Chains of Harrow quest. So for those of you who haven't finished the quest are free to ignore this. Unless you want to be spoiled. So, as most of us already know (and perhaps experienced), after finishing Chains of Harrow quest we will be "visited" by an entity that mimic our Operator appearance. Most, if not all people, call this entity "The Man in The Wall". Now here's my question. Do we actually have any confirmation that this doppelganger is truly "The Man in The Wall"? As far as I remembered, the only connection we have is this entity/doppelganger appeared after the quest where The Man in The Wall is referenced/mentioned. It doesn't necessarily mean those two are the same entity. We all can conclude that the doppelganger is the same entity that possessed the Operator at the end of the War Within quest (since it has the same voice), but nothing else connecting it to The Man in The Wall. Also, a small thing I noticed as well. If Rell was holding back The Man in The Wall for who knows how long, then how come the doppelganger can possess our Operator? It kind of suggest that these two might be a separate entity. Sure, it could be explained that Rell didn't fully suppress the entity, that maybe the doppelganger can still do a few things, just a bit restrained by Rell. So, what do you think? Is there something I miss? Or is there something we all miss?
  19. Syndicates need some love (As does Simaris).

    Whether you aid Cressa Tal in her quest to prevent Grineer dominance, or strike in the name of Rell, you've encountered syndicates at some point. While I think we can all agree on the necessity of better syndicate missions, I primarily want to focus on an emphasis for new cosmetics. For the most part, all you really have in the game as of right now is regalia & syandanas. It feels rather...Limited. I believe there needs to be a bigger push for armor sets, shoulder emblems & legitimate syndicate glyphs. The Provvok shoulder guard is cool, but I'd love to see a Provvok armor set and several more armor sets for the corresponding syndicates. Is it too much to also ask for the basic logos as shoulder emblems & glyphs? While I do like using the Pacifism Defect emblems, I'd prefer using the basic logo for obvious reasons. And the syndicate glyphs are just...Goofy. A clanmate of mine decorated his ship with Ergo Glast's face...In multiple rooms. Excessive, disturbing, yet hilarious. Noggles are also universally welcomed, for obvious reasons. Also, Simaris deserves a similar treatment. He isn't used for too much else as of late. If anyone else cares to add to this, by all means, don't hesitate.
  20. Would be nice if we were able to add more muscle definition to our operators. I know they're teens, but they seem like they're still in their 13s. When I was 15-17 I had a six-pack, and decently sized (big) biceps. Now my operator Q.Qs wishing they could look like their space mom, SWOLOTUS. I don't mean that literal btw... It's an exaggeration, for comical effect lol. I think the word for it is hyperbole. I definitely wouldn't want a SWOLOTUS kid xD though I'd lmao. I just mean more muscle development/definition, in proportion to their age. I get that if they've been in the capsule for thousands of years, they'd be string beans. Muscle atrophy is a real thing that happens, so I'd expect to see it affect our operators. Though after (spoiler)
  21. Operator, ready for battle

    "Let's break the rules and grab our Warframe's guns instead, we're not afraid to fight on our own." Character belongs to me, art commissioned by me from Jefra
  22. Vazarin Mending Soul

    Can someone explain me why Mending Soul is called passive? 4 Revives on Warframe and Operator total 8, after that You got nothing... There is no way to refill em? What is this? Simple fix; Remove INSTANT REVIVE Make it up to +75% revive rate...
  23. After completing the war within and Harrow quest line I still never received the blueprint. I also replayed the war within quest line this morning hoping that I’d get it and yet again no messages or anything.
  24. I recently got "This Is What You Are" steam archievement,which means I completly finished one focus school node. [Zenurik] ...and it felt as time wasted,not all void skills modifiers are great (they look cool though). Yes,I have a concept on my mind of how I would like them to be,but we dont need them to be overpowered,but useful and capable of doing damage,you know,my archaic kinect projectile Soma can kill a Corrupted Bombard lv 145 in seconds because they have a formidable armor,but my Amp,powered by an unknown uncontrolable void energy,so powerful that Orokin had to made warframes to channel this force on it,will only tickle this Bombard and I have no idea why this happens. About Focus schools: Some nodes will modify or enchance how void powers works,for now I will take Zenurik as example. Lightning Dash " will Manifests ball lightning after a Void Dash that travels slowly and zaps enemies" while this concept is cool,this does little damage and wastes tons of energy on each cast (void dash base consuption + Lightning Dash modifier total of 35 energy per cast),I think it should cost a little less energy,this reduces the Operator mobility a bit even using zenurik's waybounds. (would be better if void lighting wont manifest a ball lightning,but instead uses the void static animantion with a trail of eletricity to zap enemies around and X distance) Void Static " Void Mode emits a pulse that deals 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 damage/second" ,despite lightning effects,this wont trigger any eletrical status or damage type and it should,for more damage and crowd control capabilties. Pools makes focus farming the worst,getting 5.000.000 focus just to increase 16 pools just to use one new waybond for a tiny QoL-type usage (amp energy recover or amp energy capacity pool - we have braces for that) All operator damage should do damage equal to enemy level (hell,even Oberon does that),so their uncontrolable void power would look more destructive and overwhelming,also Void attacks should do 100% of the damage and should not be resisted (at last for now) and also Void should deal status effects like a random debuff (any applicable debuff ingame or % hp drain per second) as lore wise it changes the something of the affect being (Sentients being steryl or decaying // zariman children gaining powers). TL;DR :I felt like Focus is the end-end game,it takes too much time to get things done and is not as rewarding.
  25. APOSTASY Quest theory's

    Ok the apostasy prologue quest amazing any theory's on the next big story quest apostasy