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Found 190 results

  1. Archimedes01

    The Red King's Identity

    I should clarify what I mean by that. Veytok is the name of a Grineer rebel around the time the Tenno betrayed the Orokin. If you're interested in where this information comes from, read the Guardsman synthesis imprint here in the wiki: Veytok was my clan leader's first guess on who this Red King is. His second guess was himself, but lets go with the former. Veytok was apparently the leader of the Grineer before the Twin Queens, he also has the ability to lead and command the Grineer and act on his own. I wanna emphasize on how he's much larger than the other Grineer and he's quite the skilled fighter based on Synthesis Imprint. My clan leader's third guess is that this Red King might be an entirely new character as a whole, but his gut feeling tells him that the characters in all the Synthesis Imprints are going to start becoming more relevant and some of them might even appear in the main story from now on. He also added that Veytok was capable of killing low tier Dax easily and possesses incredible combat ability along with his massive size, it doesn't matter how many sheep there are, Tenno, Veytok will definitely pose a threat and maybe even be capable of taking down Tenno and Warframe at our fullpower. This would be exciting, since unlike Stalker who simply cancels out our ability, we have yet to have an enemy who could fight like us and beat us with our own strength while we're at our best. He also wanted to add that Nora Night might be Bilsa (an Orokin betrayer) in disguise, leading the Tenno to a trap, and how there were also these Grineer soldiers that served the Orokin before they started making Grineer soldiers out of the regular Grineer slaves. This is all speculation at this point. What are your thoughts on this?
  2. please warframe , we need a crossserver and a crossplay , i am ps4 player and i have so many friends on pc but there is a barrier betwwen us , players should allowed to played together despite their platforms , i really putting hope in this so please start thinking about that and take an action towards it please , especailly that you made all the patches close to each other except the hot fix on pc that wouldn't make that much problem , plus that my pc isn't good even to run warframe so i play it on ps4 , crossplay between platforms is evolving in most of the games and warframe isn't less exciting that these games , pc may take the advantage of mouse movements but also console has he advantage of controls and casting abilities and other stuff in controlling Hope that my msg reach the developers and they start planning and deploying this idea ASAP
  3. Hello, I would like to propose solutions in regard to the cutscene inconvenience in door room of fortuna, basically I would advise to have the option to toggle the cutscenes on each NPC-Bounty so we can access them faster or else if we have watched the cutscene once there could be an NPC that can show the cutscenes a second time and simply not show the cutscenes on the bounty NPC ever again, either solution could work for this issue because it becomes annoying after the first run as most people would agree with.
  4. Velaethia

    Lotus, Void, Holy Rell.

    Lotus: She woke us from our slumber and has taken us as her own. She guides us on our journey. Void: It made us who we are for better and for worse, more then human. Holy Rell: he sacrificed himself to save us from the man in the wall. (Rap, Tap, Tap) These are the 3 pillars of my faith, join me fellow tenno. Embrace truth.
  5. (PS4)Mirishi949

    Quiero ser parte de la historia

    Hola mucho gusto soy un jugador amateur de Warframe algo que me llamo la atención fue nidus así como helminto que llase en el ala médica y su kubrow único e escuchado que pronto Arán una aventura relacionada con ellos y quisiera colaborar con parte de ello yo e echo varios fragmentos de una historia que podría explicar una historia secreta de Lotus la manipulación del kuva y su esencia en nidus su relación con helminto y su único asimilación el cargador kubrow
  6. Greetings, Tenno! What once started as an art dump has now become a more fleshed out fan concept, with each passing day adding more substance to it, either by me or the community members interested in it. Especially now that DE has given us our Sentient-Hunting Excalibur Umbra, there is a very good chance that we will be seeing Tau for real soon. But until then, I will continue to develop this idea! The Legion of Tau is a Warframe update that will bring players, or more specifically, veteran players, to the Sentient Homeworld of Tau. The Tau level I am designing is Open World in nature, filled with deadly enemies patrolling for a fight. The Landscape of Tau is constantly changing as the Sentients continually Terraform it for reasons unknown. This will help keep the world fresh and interesting: one day, a certain zone may be an ashen, volcanic landscape, another day it may be freezing with a violent blizzard. As the Tenno presence on Tau has not gone unnoticed, players will essentially be dropping into a war zone; even the ‘town’ segment of Tau is constantly noisy with the sound of gunfire as Tenno operatives fight off encroaching Sentients. Enemies on Tau, specifically the Sentients, have been designed to be engaging and dangerous. Every enemy has specific strengths and weaknesses; even the ‘fodder’ enemies require more attention than the old run of the mill Grineer Lancer. A combination of expert weapon builds, teamwork and communication will be key in these lands; Tau is not a beginner friendly landscape! The Legion of Tau also includes new mods, Zaw parts and weapons, obtainable from anything from enemy drops, bounty rewards, brand new clan research and more! Special Sentient weapons can now contain a special Omni polarity, which acts as an adaptive polarity, capable of reducing ANY MOD’S DRAIN BY HALF of it is set in that slot. Both Broken War and War, being Sentient weapons, would also have one of their already existing polarities swapped to Omni. Omni polarities can be forma’d out (although idk why you would) but cannot be forma’d in!) Omni polarities are not comptible with Umbral & Sacrificial mods. You can open any of the tabs below to view ‘assets’ for The Legion of Tau. Please leave comments, constructive criticisms or suggestions on literally anything that you see here! Also feel free to leave your own ideas and even artwork if you would like to contribute to the main concept! NOTE: Yes, I used Excalibur Umbras as a scale unit. It's supposed to represent the future of Warframe 😛 MUSIC: SYSTEMS AND ECONOMY: BOUNTIES: QUEST- THE SHADOW OF EREBOS ENEMIES: NEW VEHICLES- VARAKIRA WARHORSES: TENNO REINFORCEMENTS: NEW MODS: CONTRIBUTORS AND OTHER HELP: Seen on PrimeTime here: I will keep updating this list as I come up with new Sentient enemies and other stuff for the world! In the meantime, you can click here to see all of my Sentient artwork.
  7. Welcome Tenno to the Umbra Discussion and Appreciation Thread [old V1 here ] Feel free to join the >>Discord Server<< This Main Post contains items that have been discussed at length in the thread (old and new), items are condensed for quick access to allow those new to the content to quickly catch up on the basic topics discussed. Please review the content before posting, if your still unclear on some subjects please inquire Topics have been split and categorized in a section that can be opened via the spoiler button, so you can read its contents and sub section(s) at your convenience. Console players please note the topics can be spoiler heavy as can discussions Please Review the FAQ before Posting, also please note that all discussions should be treated as speculation and conjecture "Important: This merchandise is only available for a limited time. Orders close on November 9 at midnight PST and are expected to SHIP IN LATE MARCH, 2019. Please note any additional items added to your order will also ship in late March." [FAQ:8/9/17][Read Before Posting] [Log&Index] [News] [Umbra Warframes] [Discussions ] [The Vault] [Misc ]
  8. (PS4)BradleyAanderson

    Promo codes

    Hey everyone, Awesome Support on this Forum! Thank you all! -Any and all Warframe Promo Codes/ Redeem codes will be posted HERE. -All Codes can be redeemed via the in game Warframe Market, or Online on the Warframe Website. Again thank you all for the support and active Codes. -Also if you think you know a code not yet posted please post it up!!!
  9. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Chains of Harrow Rell

    When I did the quest for the first time, I just thought it was just a scary warframe quest and nothing more. I didn’t find any of it funny and Rell just came to as a strange person who needed to use cards to learn. Sure enough, when I found out how the spinning relic was actually something that helps Rell focus and the fact that he himself has autism, I was surprised and kind of felt bad for not realizing it. I didn’t realize either because I don’t know enough about the condition or I just didn’t dove in deep enough to figure it out, or both. So what about you guys? Am I the only one?
  10. (NSW)Hermit_King

    Limbo archwing launcher bug.

    This is on the switch. I had gotten to the point in the limbo theorem that required the archwing launcher segment. I then crafted and have used it in the plains. Then as I went to continue the quest it says I cant continue without an archwing The gap between when I got to that point in limbo and when I had the launcher segemtn was over the switches fortuna update. However I had already obtained an archwing befor starting limbo another player had told me that just the archwing was needed.
  11. Ns si soy el único o no, pero la cuestión. Es que me gusta la mitologia grecorromana y aun asi los 2 ultimos mensajes me costaron mucho descifrar, me gustaria sugerur un cambio para dichos mensajes En el segundo mensaje, si se me permite hacer una rima Segunda misión calipso: La ninfa de dulce cantar Atrapada en su isla anelando liberta Engañada por melosas palabras Hija del paso entre cielo y tierra Y para el ultimo caribdis: Hermosa ninfa por su tio maldita En monstruo se convirtio Comiendo tres vezes al dia Hija de la tierra y el oceano gracias por su atención, disculpen las faltas de ortografia pero la dislexia me limita XD, y discuplen toda molestia que pueda causar y se que las ultimaz lineas dan una pista muy clara, pero solo a los que saben de dicha mitologia, a los desconocedores les seria igual de confuso, gracias por si atencion
  12. SpartanCommander


    This is a thought I have to say that I refuse to believe that all the Orokin tech marvels fall soly on the Orokin themselves considering their placement for doing things that will only benefit their own comfort. So I dough with no real reason they would do much in basis research. And the lack of information of eras before the Orokin era would lead me to assume that once the Orokin Rose to power they tried to purge all knowledge or eras and history before their own Empire to prevent anyone from knowing their was something better to lower the chance of rebellion (certain nations did this very thing to try to control it's populace) Considering the the Orokin are I think that what ever Nation or nations they toppled down would have probably realize what will happen once they took over and maybe repaired ways to save the knowledge and history of the human race so they wouldn't be forgotten. (face it I'm a firm believer that the nations from before the Orokin were probably much better forward thinkers than the Orokin) Thus commissioned several massive ships filled with recorded history knowledge and maybe even plant and animal species from old earth sent out into the blackness of space to avoid the Orokin. These ships could be equipped with an AI or types of AI's (not cepelions since an AI will probably have an easier time coping with this task and possibly. And an old AI might be capable of doing things Cephelions and Sentients can't do. Like the AI isn't vulnerable to anything connected to the wieve since he's not really connected to it. But these AI's could eventually develop their own personalities during their task of keeping the ship functional and hidden. Considering how petty and wasteful the Orokin are I can actually picture they could use vast resources in hunting those ships down and when they can't seem to find them they might make an automated ship manned with a Cepilion with one task to destroy all Archive ships. Now here's the interesting thing the surviving archive ships or ship could eventually reveal themselves to the different factions in the Origin system due to either now desperately needing resources to maintain themselves or other reasons but considering the Orokin Empire is gone and the entire system is now suffering from the aftermath of a major collapse the Archiveships could reach out to different groups and strike a deal inexchange for help and protection it will give them knowledge knowledge and tech of ancient past before the Orokin Empire that they did their hardest to erase. Considering the different factions for several various reasons especially the Syndicates will find the lure of Tech and knowledge the Orokin thought were dangerous to them to be very tempting. The only problem is that their is an actual functional Sentient ship that's trying to destroy the Archive ships as well as the Corpus and Greneer that think they can take the knowledge for different reasons. The no fire zone in that place would probably be interesting to see how the different group see these ships from an age long forgotten. I can picture the AI's probably hate the Orokin and the major problem is constant corrupted assaults on their decks. It would be interesting to see a free roan area to be the inside of a massive ship designed like a space station. Like some regions act like a Wildlife preservation area with it's own ecosystem. While some areas are like decks for various purposes and such. And mean while their are certain strong points the Corpus Greneer and Corrupted have secured. It could even list that their were forms of FTL experiments and the possibility of before the Orokin Empire there were actually colonies outside the origin system until the Orokin stopped any contact with them due to the sole focus on themselves so the fate of those colonies are unknown. The idea of this is that the loss of technology and innovation may have actually started in the Orokin Empire and it was only visible of the loss after the Collapse. I'm pretty confident that the Orokin would stop supplying these outside colonies on the start of their empire simply because it wouldn't help their own comfort thus knowledge of FTL was probably the first thing they got rid of so no one could leave their empire. Their shortsighted enough to do that especially since at the start of their Empire the Earth is still resource rich and is in good shape and their were efforts to preserve and heal the natural Biosphere of Earth since Humans do depend on it to survive. Granted this is likely a very rough idea and if it is to work several things would probably get chanced but what do you think of the concept? I mean the more I learn about the Orokin the more i just want to ruin something they put in place like their image or a flashback of the start of the Collapse.
  13. This post is intended to archive information related to Nora Night. The message in the title is to hopefully prevent the topic from being merged with an unrelated thread for a third time, defeating the purpose of an archive. Feel free to discuss theories here too, as we have the information on hand. If you have any info of your own to add, please share. I'll do my best to keep this main post up to date with any and all info, and of course credit providers. (NOTE: The reasons the Youtube links are not specifically credited, is because of the merging I mentioned earlier. The provider was lost in the shuffle, but I salvaged the links from my history.) Here's what we accumulated so far. OneDrive links provided by me, Youtube links by others:!AkauNdFvdmtwmEHHahwJeg7MJN-L!AkauNdFvdmtwmEJp1mgFfWbYblX5!AkauNdFvdmtwmENZ6GhBaq7KY_RH!AkauNdFvdmtwmETccElaDq08QQoi ALERT: There's a message not archived here yet, about people treating "you" like dirt and "you" gaining their trust to take advantage of it. My clip didn't come out right, will try again.
  14. Welcome to my thread! I recently found out about this section of the forums (I have only come here for patch notes before) and it inspired me to make some of this concepting stuff myself. But, instead of making a new warframe or weapon, I decided to add some things to my favourite faction in the game (spoiler: It's the Grineer). This is going to have 3 (maybe more, who knows) parts. I'll go until I have no more ideas, strap in bois. In each of them, I will create concepts for new units, bosses, lore and event-like stuff. Okay, I'll make some weapons as well. Disclaimer: All lore that doesn't go with official materials or outright changes/removes canon is made like that on purpose. This is NOT supposed to be canon in any way, I am effectively making fanfiction here. Everything should be considered my headcanon, I do NOT make these concepts to be realistically put into the game. Sidenote: All the drawings are mine. Made the logo using some materials from the fansite kit available on the official Warframe site and the amazing TennoTyper (found here: Since the thread has become pretty sizeable, I decided to make a working table of contents, full of links for reader convenience. If you wish to follow the story as it was made, you are welcome to read from beginning to the end. Alternatively, use the Chronological List. If you are interested in a specific topic, or wish to read everything in a more cohesive, logical way, use the Thematic List. Additionally, I have a small, "miscellaneous" thread with bonus ideas. While those are generally way less "grandiose" than what you'll find here, I do consider them as "in-game" for the purposes of this thread, so if something doesn't make sense, it might have been mentioned there. Link: Click here. Chronological Table of Contents: Part I: Fall of Vay Hek and Operation Shadow Marines Shadow Marines Reinforcements (weapons) Shadow Marines additional info + Archwing End Part I Grineer Reinforcements 1 (weapons) Part II: Teaser Inner Sanctum introduction Inner Sanctum units 1 Inner Sanctum introduction continued Inner Sanctum units 2 Inner Sanctum units 3 Kuva Flask mechanic Intermission: Grineer Reinforcements 2 (weapons) Noblewomen introduction Noble Houses introduction House Drakkar House Spruk House Regor House Krall Intermission: Future content Teasers Inner Sanctum (all 4 missions) Inner Sanctum Trial intro Inner Sanctum Trial proper (now also includes all the info about the Inner Sanctum normal missions as well the Regicide Quest) End Part II New enemy damage scaling system, courtesy of Loza03 Guest Appearance: DrMegavolt 1 Guest Appearance: DrMegavolt 2 Part III: Life and Death of Grineer: Society and Hierarchy Lore "Trivia" and Glossary of important terms Life and Death of Grineer: Family and Kin Intermission: Regicide Teaser Vehicles and Space Vessels of the Empire End Part III Orb Vallis Invasions Teaser Grineer Reinforcements 3 (weapons) Large-scale unit update Grineer Reinforcements 4 (weapons) Enemy-Exclusive Status Effects Operation Payback recurring event Some more units, extra DEADLY edition Thematic Table of Contents: Basics and Mechanics: Damage Scaling System, courtesy of Loza03 Kuva Flask mechanic Shadow Marines introduction Shadow Marines additional info Inner Sanctum introduction Inner Sanctum introduction continued Inner Sanctum Noble Houses Inner Sanctum (all 4 missions) Inner Sanctum Trial intro Inner Sanctum Trial proper (now also includes all the info about the Inner Sanctum normal missions as well the Regicide Quest) Nano-Fiber Mesh Armor Type Enemy-Exclusive Status Effects Lore: Fall of Vay Hek and Operation Shadow Marines Intro to Noble Houses House Drakkar House Spruk House Regor House Krall Life and Death of Grineer: Society and Hierarchy Lore "Trivia" and Glossary of important terms Life and Death of Grineer: Family and Kin Operation Payback Units: Shadow Marines Inner Sanctum units 1 Inner Sanctum units 2 Inner Sanctum units 3 House Drakkar House Spruk House Regor House Krall Vehicles and Space Vessels of the Empire Guest Appearance: DrMegavolt 2 Large-scale unit update Yeti Special Tusk Force Some more units, extra DEADLY edition Weapons: Shadow Marines Reinforcements Grineer Reinforcements 1 Grineer Reinforcements 2 Grineer Reinforcements 3 Grineer Reinforcements 4 Guest Appearance: DrMegavolt 1 Teasers and bonus stuff: Inner Sanctum Teaser Future content Teasers Regicide Teaser Orb Vallis Invasions Teaser
  15. Syndicate is in the infected room of the helminth It allows you to create infected Accessories 1 (masks, scarf, hairstyle, armor, earrings) amplifier 2 for the operator. new warframe 3. 1> wearing an accessory affects the ship's infection (the appearance can be changed <yes> <no> <permanent effect>) a new voice "mutalist" and simple commands [Q] for the operator appear. (Some people like the growling voice of lifentis) 2> Paratsist barrel shoots arrows (toxin) Substrate “rononarost”> hold down type: “rononarost” charges and shoots a nearby spear, 'poison the flesh of the enemy and infects the' injection site 'with a chance of infection (it can become one of the infected) ) + New possible helminth quotes: For nidus: -we are strong enough ... We remembered the master ... {Entrance to the syndicate of infected: - feed us ... and we ... will become stronger ... together ...} master we have found a new flesh (vessel) for you, let me serve you # 1. For the Operator: - Demon ... we have a weapon ... for you ... let ... swallow us ... you # 2. -Now we are united with the demon (if all the infected accessories are dressed for the operator) (the ordis will be extremely against this, but will nevertheless agree with the operator when he says, even the necessary evil must grow) + New mini quest After passing, you can play on the infected side: (for 3 successful missions of anxiety, you are given several cysts for a helminth syndicate) (Available Collecting materials: fragments of armor fractions of the corps / griniir for their further mutation and transformation into the accessory of the operator, by destroying the first and second available ONLY on the charged side) weapon for warframe bracelet brass knuckles with a spiny long live process Helminthus 3 frame from mutalist (cyst) of helminth parts / drawings (base, system, body, helmet), also cyst catalyst> bestows artificial intelligence on charged warframes with cyst, drop from: Hippo Juggernaut (case), Lifantis (hands, built-in paired braids) forid (helmet with shchupalets on the neck from the back.) Toxic Healing Ancient (system) (DIFFERENCE from the Umber attacks using ONLY melee. The helminthus has charged spit-shoots, it can also radiate the aura of the ancient healing. in a loaded warframe cyst, an equipped weapon grows instead of shoots) Pasive # 1 when there is no operator in it, “helminthus” will free up corrosion spores when attacking enemies) The appearance of the helminth: helmet "chrysalis" with mandibles and 6-8 eyes, on the neck, from the side of the back, the process of the sting * (1 ability creates a cocoon in the body of an enemy whose health is below 20%) Hands have holes in the palms (2 ability allows you to use the built-in flamethrower (elements gas, fire, toxin) Also from the “upper palms” to the elbows there is a hidden metal buildup (built-in braids [F] ***) 3 protective shell> acts on itself *** (protection for a while. Special mod: a shell of armor changes to strength. An attacker attacks them to infection / poisoning (like a sarina cloud) 4 ability: toxic connection> acts on allies and enemies (Gives the ally a shell and restores him some health if he takes damage when the toxic link is active then the shell releases a gas. Effect on the enemy in the area of action and also poisons with gas, toxin) 5 the ability causes a flower queen (similar to flowers-trampolines from the valleys of the spheres, but with elements of infection, 4-8 helminth stings It absorbs nearby enemies with schupalts like a kraken and drowns
  16. (XB1)ExcaliburSapph

    Valentine: Banshee's Unexpected Valentine

    To celebrate Valentines I drew qhat I thought would be a cute picture of my operator giving Banshee (my fav frame) a valentine-card-lotus-logo-hologram-thing. UwU
  17. Not really sure if the Tenno can age, but I made some V-Day gift art of me and my partner's operators being cute husbands together in some hypothetical timeline.Playing Warframe again has led us to grow a lot closer and further rekindled my love for the game too. (My partner is actually the player who called Stalker 'papa' on stream a couple of Prime Times ago haha) I hope to get around to making more fanart soon! -@_tooie on Twitter Twitter link: Bg screencap credit goes to aliferous on Imgur, you can find the rest of their screencaps of Lua here:
  18. (PS4)Maunstre

    Two of a Pair Valentines Fanart

    (Mild spoilers for Umbra's sunder helmet) Mushy idea stemming from the ideas posited by the Sacrifice and some Codex entries. Judging by current Codex entries, the only other Warframe directly stated to show pre-Operator sentience is Rhino Prime, a trait assumed to be kept in future crafted builds as a part of its blueprint (like Umbra), maybe as something latent. Umbra is a lonely figure, no longer human (arguably) and potentially unable to connect with other sentient creatures, even the Operator, on an interpersonal level. With this sort of disconnect in mind, would a second sentient Warframe ease that sense of isolation? Minus the mush: I thought it was a cute idea so I sketched it out after seeing [DE]Megan's Twitter call for Valentines fanart. I hope it's not inappropriate! Image link in the event that my formatting is bad.
  19. Say, this fragment found somewhere near The Pearl scans The Business' mem fragment 5/5 yes? I've scanned them some time ago, but why is the fragment not appearing in the codex? (same goes for ticker's mem fragment 5/5)
  20. So I decided to start making Warframe videos. I completely understand that the videos I make now, will probably be bad. All I'm looking forward to doing is improving and hopefully getting a partnership one day. So here is the first video in an episodic series of me playing The Second Dream. I already made a short list of things I can do to make the video better, but after you have watched it, it would help a lot to get any feedback. "Improvement To-Do List: 1. Fix the game audio being quite you dummy. 2. Fix weird low-quality video render. 3. Don't cough during cut scenes. 4. Calm down with the swears for friks sake. If you're reading this and you're not, uh, me. Then for context, I basically will be commenting my own list of ways I can make the next video better based off of my current progress. You are very much welcome to add to this list. <3"
  21. ArttHuman

    my operator realistic portrait

    third illustration like drawing i did of my operator
  22. KelsierSurvivor

    Dying as the Operator with Umbra in the Index

    My playstyle in the Index is to use Umbra with the Arca Plasmor and use the Operator to walk around and grab points. It's extremely effective, save for this bug that came in an update before Christmas. (I believe it was after Fortuna part 2.) When I die as the Operator and Umbra is dead, I become a completely invisible (Not like Void mode or Loki's 2, it's completely gone) and stuck at Operator crouch walking speed, unable to Void Jump, attack, switch to Umbra, pause the game, or even Alt+F4. I have to Alt+Tab and click the X around Warframe's window. This bug is not only game-breaking, but technically also computer breaking if you don't get creative like myself. I meant to make a thread about it over Christmas break, but... well... family. Priorities, right? Anyways, thank you Devs! I appreciate all of you!
  23. (PS4)LaloEdu003

    Amp parts miss placed

    All the new amp pices look horribly placed they are backwards and glichie pls help
  24. As you can see, the brace is facing the wrong way and the scaffold is sideways. Literally unplayable, smdh... And Just so I don't get into trouble, I will point out that this is a joke. (The bug is real, though. Pls fix, thank.)