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Found 281 results

  1. so in the Harindi crater and another crater just like it (Asta Crater, I think it's called), there are these giant round things with a ton of massive gold pipes coming out of them, but they spiral out in such a way they look kind of like tentacles, and they also seem to have stuff growing on them. they don't look near symmetrical enough to just be mere decorations from Orokin towers, and they look almost like they've been frozen in place. they seem as though they might have once been some kind of... Orokin monster? considering the things the Orokin have done in the past it wouldn't surprise me if they owned a couple of gilded Krakens, but when i went to the other crater, saw pieces of the "tentacles" being loaded onto a truck and drones circling the area. they appeared to be gold on the inside too, not organic, but the way that they are spread out.. it seriously looks to me like it could be a frozen monster of some kind. has anyone that has been to the craters in the Orb Vallis got any ideas as to what those things might be? me and a friend theorize that it is some kind of creature, but to everyone else they might seem just like weird decorations from that destroyed tower on the outskirts of the map. if anyone has any theories, please share.. I'm racking my brain wondering what the those damn things are..
  2. ChimeraCorp

    Octavia's Anthem, unable to complete.

    During the third Hydraulus mission, in the void, upon being asked to "Amplify the Hydraulis" you are sent to an intractable console. Upon interaction, the music starts up as if you are in combat, or tasked to defend, however the mission does not continue. No enemies spawn, and no more objectives are given. You are simply trapped in the mission.
  3. In The War Within we are following Teshin through caves learning our locked away skills. When we reach the part where we have to avoid those gilded ass worms we're given a cut scene when we fail. This very quick scene shows us floating unconscious in the void and then returning back to where we messed up. My question is, was this a simple game mechanic to allow a reset or are we sent to the void and then spat back out? Are we immortal in the lore? DE could have simply made a revive mechanic or had the worm throw us back.
  4. arborealkey

    Valkyr Graxx cosplay

    I made progress on the chest, all made out of foam. I made a pattern on myself with tape so the pieces would fit me perfectly. For the moment, the different parts are attached together with tape (and missing a fair amount of details). They will be articulated so I can move easily. UPDATE 1:back UPDATE 2: shoulders UPDATE3: base of the shins UPDATE 4: bottom part of the syandana UPDATE 5: I tried some of the pieces on (please ignore my ugly face) UPDATE 6: the spine UPDATE 7: base of the arms UPDATE 8: beginning of the head (yes, I use the Cheetah helmet on the Graxx skin IG because nothing makes sense) UPDATE 9: current state of the Due Volpi syandana
  5. Maybe this topic is old and enough has been argued wether or not there has to be an ugly cyst in the game or not, but I really want to set loose of these feelings already, I need to let this word out: I have a friend who WAS FORCED to STOP playing warframe when the cyst came along T-T He has got a problem with the cyst because of a phobia or illness, this is for real! He says it broke his heart, but simply just couldn't play the game anymore solely because of the cyst, or more likely the look of it! I was wondering a lot about a solution to that, and somehow I hoped, that he would have the courage to make a forum post about this himself, but then somehow he went along with the situation, handled it and just walked away from the game as it was no big deal. Fast forward: These days I tell him about FORTUNA and all kinds of stuff, praising warframe above everything else I played (or am playing ) so far and so on... And all of a sudden we remember what went wrong months ago, why he had stopped playing and in a subclause he deeply sighs "Aaaah if it weren't for that ugly cyst, I wish i could play it again some time..." Today, maybe for the last time ever, I shall whine about that damn ugly cyst, because I wanted to share my or muchmore his sorrow! But on top of that: How many similar cases are there out there? What do you think? Would DE maybe think about adding some solution to a real, I mean a damn real problem that occured for players out there? Maybe altering the look of the cyst to, let's say some sort of "cactus " or maybe even a "flower" a pretty neat FLOWER / Blossom / flush ? Wouldn't that be awesome? On a sitenote: Why was it designed so.. repellent? Does anyone out there actually like the look of the cyst? What was the exact intention to make it repellent? Finally as a matter of fact: Did maybe someone find out a trick how to alter the graphics settings so the look of the cyst is without its "tail", or that it vanishes completely? And what do you think, would DE give us an option to turn the cyst off in the graphics settings when they understand that players were really actually forced to look away and walk away? Thanks for reading / listening! Take care fellow Tennos!
  6. After Completing Chains Of Harrow and being completely creeped out i completed The Sacrifice quest and,after a day or so,i heard a voice similar to Rell's say "Hey Kiddo". Once hearing the voice i noped out as fast as i could and went to fortuna to chill out,this might not be a problem for the usual folk but is there some way to disable or avert that voice and the operator sitting on the table because i hate horror and would just love to be able not to have these random jumpscares appear out of thin air. It has gotten to the point i have stopped playing warframe simply because of being so goddamn scared,if anyone knows a way to avert the random encounters please say it.
  7. Greetings, Tenno! What once started as an art dump has now become a more fleshed out fan concept, with each passing day adding more substance to it, either by me or the community members interested in it. Especially now that DE has given us our Sentient-Hunting Excalibur Umbra, there is a very good chance that we will be seeing Tau for real soon. But until then, I will continue to develop this idea! The Legion of Tau is a Warframe update that will bring players, or more specifically, veteran players, to the Sentient Homeworld of Tau. The Tau level I am designing is Open World in nature, filled with deadly enemies patrolling for a fight. The Landscape of Tau is constantly changing as the Sentients continually Terraform it for reasons unknown. This will help keep the world fresh and interesting: one day, a certain zone may be an ashen, volcanic landscape, another day it may be freezing with a violent blizzard. As the Tenno presence on Tau has not gone unnoticed, players will essentially be dropping into a war zone; even the ‘town’ segment of Tau is constantly noisy with the sound of gunfire as Tenno operatives fight off encroaching Sentients. Enemies on Tau, specifically the Sentients, have been designed to be engaging and dangerous. Every enemy has specific strengths and weaknesses; even the ‘fodder’ enemies require more attention than the old run of the mill Grineer Lancer. A combination of expert weapon builds, teamwork and communication will be key in these lands; Tau is not a beginner friendly landscape! The Legion of Tau also includes new mods, Zaw parts and weapons, obtainable from anything from enemy drops, bounty rewards, brand new clan research and more! Special Sentient weapons can now contain a special Omni polarity, which acts as an adaptive polarity, capable of reducing ANY MOD’S DRAIN BY HALF of it is set in that slot. Both Broken War and War, being Sentient weapons, would also have one of their already existing polarities swapped to Omni. Omni polarities can be forma’d out (although idk why you would) but cannot be forma’d in!) Omni polarities are not comptible with Umbral & Sacrificial mods. You can open any of the tabs below to view ‘assets’ for The Legion of Tau. Please leave comments, constructive criticisms or suggestions on literally anything that you see here! Also feel free to leave your own ideas and even artwork if you would like to contribute to the main concept! NOTE: Yes, I used Excalibur Umbras as a scale unit. It's supposed to represent the future of Warframe 😛 SYSTEMS AND ECONOMY: ENEMIES: TENNO REINFORCEMENTS: NEW MODS: CONTRIBUTORS AND OTHER HELP: Seen on PrimeTime here: I will keep updating this list as I come up with new Sentient enemies and other stuff for the world! In the meantime, you can click here to see all of my Sentient artwork.
  8. Welcome Tenno to the Umbra Discussion and Appreciation Thread [old V1 here ] Feel free to join the >>Discord Server<< This Main Post contains items that have been discussed at length in the thread (old and new), items are condensed for quick access to allow those new to the content to quickly catch up on the basic topics discussed. Please review the content before posting, if your still unclear on some subjects please inquire Topics have been split and categorized in a section that can be opened via the spoiler button, so you can read its contents and sub section(s) at your convenience. Console players please note the topics can be spoiler heavy as can discussions Please Review the FAQ before Posting, also please note that all discussions should be treated as speculation and conjecture "Important: This merchandise is only available for a limited time. Orders close on November 9 at midnight PST and are expected to SHIP IN LATE MARCH, 2019. Please note any additional items added to your order will also ship in late March." [FAQ:8/9/17][Read Before Posting] [Log&Index] [News] [Umbra Warframes] [Discussions ] [The Vault] [Misc ]
  9. Hey there. FIRST OF ALL: This post will contain some lore references and speculations that could turn into large spoiler for anyone that has not done: Main quests up to Chimera Octavia's quest Complete Cephalon's fragment scanned Jordas' Precets (atlas quest) So now that spoiler alerts have been told, here it start. I was replaying the Sacrifice while I heard Ordis asking us if we were seeking revenge for the damage that Umbra caused to him when we built him even after Ordis warned us to not build it. And I just realised that in the entire actual storyline of the quests, we never really shown some recognition to Ordis for everything he did for us. He's always there, he always support us, he never turned upon us by will, he just never even thought about betraying us. If you completed the entire scanning of the Cephalon Fragment you know that he is literraly "in love" with his operator, he never did anything for himself alone, without thinking of the consequences that the operator could suffer. We damaged him so many time by just beeing kiddos that just want to pew pew pew, and he never complained that much, he even erased his own memory to protect us from what he was and could become again. And all of that lead me to wanting to have a Main Quest where we, the operator, would have to sacrifice a lot to save him. The base idea is that for some reasons, [insert scenarium here], Ordis would start to depleate in a way that Simaris would tell us that we must either: Remove his software and install a brain new Cephalon that would replace him. (most selfish choice for the operator to make) Upgrade entierly his software to a newer and more stable version of cephalon. (the neutral path, where you make compromise between new and old) Doing all we can to save him and rebuild him like he was before the start of the quest. (the loyalty choice, where we show him our love) The result of the quest would change forever the relationship between the cephalon and the operator, and each of the three path would requieres huge sacrifices to make.
  10. (PS4)BradleyAanderson

    Promo codes

    Hey everyone, Awesome Support on this Forum! Thank you all! -Any and all Warframe Promo Codes/ Redeem codes will be posted HERE. -All Codes can be redeemed via the in game Warframe Market, or Online on the Warframe Website. Again thank you all for the support and active Codes. -Also if you think you know a code not yet posted please post it up!!!
  11. Hello, I recently started warframe Revenant quest, Mask of the Revenant. I saw waypoint, and touched energy, and quest proceed. I returned orbitor and I created Nueroptics, Chassis, Systems. But i took those items via Warframe android application. I think there is a problem. Maybe quest trigger passed or something? Anyway, when I head into the Plains of Eidolon, nothing happened. No Onkko's messages, No waypoints. I need help, I want to make warframe Revenant. How I can solve these problems? help me please. good day guys.
  12. SPOILERS AHEAD DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE NOT MAX SYNDICATE RANK ON FORTUNA. Upon reaching max syndicate rank on Fortuna, you get a revelation. IMO it is one of the best plot twists in the game in a long time. Keep it up! So, by now you know that all Fortuna Colony inmates are just severed heads, that live inside the torso of the inmate. For all we know, the torso and limbs may not even be the person's, they could be borrowed, bought, leasesd, rent, stolen, be partially or fully missing, or replaced with robotic versions. We know that Corpus, like the Grineer, are remnants of the Orokin, and Corpus excel at making cheap version of once-great tech. They are profit first and foremost, but are trying to re-develop the means of making tech as great as the Orokin era tech as well. Could that mean that the severed heads are also a cheap man's version of "Orokin immortality"? By replacing the body, and finely controlling the nutrients of the head, it is conceivable that one can achieve at least a much larger lifespan, as it is much easier to prevent aging and damage on the mass as small as a head. It is also a perfect explanation to the Corpus obsession with huge, boxy helmets to protect their heads so much. IMO it would be super cool to have Corpus be slightly reworked in light of the recent developments. I think it would be cool to move the "headshot" weakspot to the neck, making Corpus be subject to "neckshots" to sever off their heads. The chin frontsplate would be separated from the helmet, and can be shot out to expose the neck weakspot. There would be a backplate that can be shot of as well. Shooting out the helmet would not make that much of a difference, until you see the severed head on the ground. A severed Corpus head with the helmet would have muffled shouts requesting rescue and eventually teleport away with a small version of the Corpus teleport beam we see on Fortuna. A severed Corpus head without the helmet would be screaming in utter despair asking for help, maybe would have an invulnerability energy shield around it, and would also eventually be taken away. If you want to have it even more disturbing: The lower level crewmen would not yet have undergone the "head detachment evolution", only the higher level crewmen (like snipers) did. Some killed Corpus would be harvested for their heads by a variant of Hyena/Lynx/Zanuka. The quadruped would teleport into the field, ignore the Tenno, go omnomnom on their heads only, leaving the bodies behind. After the belly is full of heads, it would teleport away. This enemy would have an invulnerability shield and would not attack the Tenno. It would be just to "add flavor".
  13. I understand that DE does not like passive play. However, Excal Umbra's passive generates zero affinity while in operator mode- meaning you earn less affinity than if you were using a normal warframe. I find it odd that, mechanically, it's a bad idea to use Umbra to do the cool thing with Umbra, because you're penalized for everything he kills. It doesn't even count as companion kills, or other player kills. The affinity is just gone. I want to fight alongside my good buddy Excal Umbra, but I can't justify doing so because it slows down the focus and mastery grind even harder than just going it as a lone operator. DE, please reconsider Umbra's affinity nullification.
  14. Welcome to my thread! I recently found out about this section of the forums (I have only come here for patch notes before) and it inspired me to make some of this concepting stuff myself. But, instead of making a new warframe or weapon, I decided to add some things to my favourite faction in the game (spoiler: It's the Grineer). This is going to have 3 (maybe more, who knows) parts. I'll go until I have no more ideas, strap in bois. In each of them, I will create concepts for new units, bosses, lore and event-like stuff. Okay, I'll make some weapons as well. Disclaimer: All lore that doesn't go with official materials or outright changes/removes canon is made like that on purpose. This is NOT supposed to be canon in any way, I am effectively making fanfiction here. Everything should be considered my headcanon, I do NOT make these concepts to be realistically put into the game. Sidenote: All the drawings are mine. Made the logo using some materials from the fansite kit available on the official Warframe site and the amazing TennoTyper (found here: Since the thread has become pretty sizeable, I decided to make a working table of contents, full of links for reader convenience. If you wish to follow the story as it was made, you are welcome to read from beginning to the end. Alternatively, use the Chronological List. If you are interested in a specific topic, or wish to read everything in a more cohesive, logical way, use the Thematic List. Additionally, I have a small, "miscellaneous" thread with bonus ideas. While those are generally way less "grandiose" than what you'll find here, I do consider them as "in-game" for the purposes of this thread, so if something doesn't make sense, it might have been mentioned there. Link: Click here. Chronological Table of Contents: Part I: Fall of Vay Hek and Operation Shadow Marines Shadow Marines Reinforcements (weapons) Shadow Marines additional info + Archwing End Part I Grineer Reinforcements 1 (weapons) Part II: Teaser Inner Sanctum introduction Inner Sanctum units 1 Inner Sanctum introduction continued Inner Sanctum units 2 Inner Sanctum units 3 Kuva Flask mechanic Intermission: Grineer Reinforcements 2 (weapons) Noblewomen introduction Noble Houses introduction House Drakkar House Spruk House Regor House Krall Intermission: Future content Teasers Inner Sanctum (all 4 missions) Inner Sanctum Trial intro Inner Sanctum Trial proper End Part II New enemy damage scaling system, courtesy of Loza03 Guest Appearance: DrMegavolt 1 Guest Appearance: DrMegavolt 2 Part III: Life and Death of Grineer: Society and Hierarchy Lore "Trivia" and Glossary of important terms Life and Death of Grineer: Family and Kin Intermission: Regicide Teaser Vehicles and Space Vessels of the Empire End Part III Orb Vallis Invasions Teaser Grineer Reinforcements 3 (weapons) Large-scale unit update Grineer Reinforcements 4 (weapons) Thematic Table of Contents: Basics and Mechanics: Damage Scaling System, courtesy of Loza03 Kuva Flask mechanic Shadow Marines introduction Shadow Marines additional info Inner Sanctum introduction Inner Sanctum introduction continued Inner Sanctum Noble Houses Inner Sanctum (all 4 missions) Inner Sanctum Trial intro Inner Sanctum Trial proper Nano-Fiber Mesh Armor Type Lore: Fall of Vay Hek and Operation Shadow Marines Intro to Noble Houses House Drakkar House Spruk House Regor House Krall Life and Death of Grineer: Society and Hierarchy Lore "Trivia" and Glossary of important terms Life and Death of Grineer: Family and Kin Units: Shadow Marines Inner Sanctum units 1 Inner Sanctum units 2 Inner Sanctum units 3 House Drakkar House Spruk House Regor House Krall Vehicles and Space Vessels of the Empire Guest Appearance: DrMegavolt 2 Large-scale unit update Weapons: Shadow Marines Reinforcements Grineer Reinforcements 1 Grineer Reinforcements 2 Grineer Reinforcements 3 Grineer Reinforcements 4 Guest Appearance: DrMegavolt 1 Teasers and bonus stuff: Inner Sanctum Teaser Future content Teasers Regicide Teaser Orb Vallis Invasions Teaser
  15. who at DE thought it was a good idea to not compensate every single spoiler in the game? you can easely make this alot less by releasing them at the same time or just put console update in cert until you know the release date and release the pc version at the same time so we dont get absolutely screwed over because we prefer to use a console instead of a 1 gb laptop is that really that hard to do? even with the fee? please take this into consideration because console players get spoilers boosted out the ###
  16. HodanK

    Umbra fallen

    While being transferred out of Umbra, playing operator, my Umbra suddenly had fallen in The Index mission. I transferred back to the warframe, it didn't work and the operator became invisible. So I attempted suicide falling out of map and operator just became invulnerable, and I couldn't chat during after that. You can see the screenshot here:
  17. There's been talks for, pretty much literally years, about having a complete amount of information in the worldstate api. Some fellow players and I got a usable Worldstate mirror set up providing the data from DE's Worldstate PHP (and the console versions) in an easy to use format for more people to use (feel free to read the swagger here, sorry it's not perfect, I wrote it in an afternoon a few months back and haven't updated it). However, there's always aspects wanting. @vaur06 brought this up in a past devstream thread, but we haven't been able to get much traction or desire for this openly. Developers, creators, and data fanatics alike need help from all Tenno to get visibility on this. From the list of asks that Vaur brought up, some data points that would help a ton with making external trackers (like Warframe Hub), vaur's PrettyBot, and Genesis, the latter two on discord, to have better and more accurate data on what's up in Warframe: Kuva missions list, like Syndicates Heck, even just the closest planets Invasion mission type included explicitly, because invasions cycle mission type frequently Current Time of Day on Cetus Both time remaining in the cycle/expiry as well as the localized string for time of day, similar to mission type in the rest of the worldstate Current Weather on Cetus including modifiers would be awesome when they affect Eidola/whatever else Cetus Vendors Inventory Treat them as void traders since there's already an array in there, just add more, at least the data would be there Redtext entries With OID's and whatnot per-message would be super cool Arbitration location, mission type, and modifiers. Modifiers akin to sortie enum Mission type, like fissures now have Location via SolNodes Now, all of those are asks that vaur brought up in their comment on the DevStream discussion. Below are some of the things we've either compiled or are actively compiling over time: Language localization strings and translations Formatting and parsing of drop table information from the official site Estimated Cetus time of day based on the bounty timer (it's felt pretty accurate so far) Weapons data in a consumable JSON dictionary Warframe data in a consumable JSON dictionary Official Tutorials Thankfully, some of these have expanded over time either through the use of the drop tables site being tied to bounty tiers from the officially provided drop tables, but like many things, this is simply correlation, not new data, as things we've listed above would provide. There's always more to learn and get data on. There's some fun little things like a jobs from the Events Syndicate whenever it has any that we can find, but not everything. We need your help, Tenno, otherwise we can never drive forward to getting as much data possible for everyone to use. If there's anything, anything at all that you'd like to be able to be provided, tell us so we can talk about it with you, and so we can show DE in this thread that we are serious and want to make these things available to the player base, with as little extra work apart from making the data available, even if we have to figure out how it's put together. Honestly, I get a thrill from figuring out what some new section of the worldstate php corresponds to. Previous Post (archived)
  18. SPOILER GALORE ALERT - DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVENT DONE ALL QUESTS Just conjecturing about the dangling bits of lore entries here, and trying to hypothesize what they really mean. There are also a bunch of lore fragments and Ordis Transmissions, which as they are collected, eventually we come to understand a part of Ordis past. Ordis was a human mercenary in the Old War, named Ordan Karris. He was a genocide and destroyer which lived for the thrill of war. Eventually things changed, and he started to have nightmares of his misdeeds and the suffering he caused, to the point of having suicidal thoughts. Ordan hatched a plan to try to compensate his blood debt, and was ruthless in following the Orokin's deeds, to the point of being recognized by them as one that could rise and actually become Orokin - achieve immortality. At that moment, Orokin united, he unleashed his vengeance and killed them. But being immortal, they came back and applauded him. Ballas punished him with immortality all the same, but turned him into a subservient robot - a cephalon - removing part of his memories and personality in the process to make him more obedient, a servant, a controller, built to love and protect the Operator - and with a little bit of a hijack, for the Orokin to spy on the Operator through him. In the Stalker Codex, it is said that he was a low Guardian, and watched the Tenno slay the Orokin. He felt betrayed and started hunting the Tenno. In the Second Dream, the Stalker finds the reservoir, and finds out the true nature of the Tenno, and his own as well. His resolution to kill the Tenno falters for a moment, and he is defeated. The Hunhow says he still hates the Tenno, and still hates himself. Come forward to the apostasy prologue, we get confirmation that the Warframe are indeed deformed bodies consumed by the Helminth virus, but not completely. We also get to know that Warframes can retain memories and a mind and will of their own. This ties up neatly with the unexplained act of the Warframe acting on its own to break the War sword in the second dream. Up to this point I was just retelling lore. Now, the ultimate conjecture: What if the body of Ordan Karris was not destroyed, but turned into a warframe instead, which eventualy became the Stalker? Ordan Karris's mind and memories could have been split into two, the higher functions and peaceful part becoming Cephalon Ordis. The violent part being buried and suppressed in a Warframe. Upon witnessing the betrayal of the Orokin - which Ordan tried and failed - that fragment of a mind in that warframe would have broken its chains and awakened. But being half-amnesiac and brainwashed into subservience, the unfiltered rage in his heart was redirected to the Tenno - unbeknownst to him that he also tried the same thing, before. The Codex entry of Stalker, from the pov of this conjecture would be the moment of awakening of Stalker, from being a puppet to self-awareness. It is never explained what the low Guardians really are, and they could very well be cephalons like Ordis. The acolytes taunts fit this theory too. Instead of criticising the Tenno for following the Lotus - a false leader - they could be talking to the warframes, dissing them for being subservient puppets of the Tenno instead of acting on their own. It would be up to an upcoming quest to find the Stalker, restore some sanity to him - at least partially - and reconnecting the two parts of Ordan - Ordis and Stalker - not necessarily losing either, as each part evolved into its own being. We could then arrange a truce or even allegiance with the Stalker. That would be a neat plot twist that would serve a few purposes for the game's development: Possibly make a new player main faction, opposed to the "Lotus" which inly a simulation by now. This can give a lore tie-in to justify "Stalker mode" in the game. Possibility to uncover more lore about Ordis and the Old War via Stalker's memories. Possibility of either waking up Stalker as another Umbra frame, or better yet, to farm materials by killing players to create an "Umbral Reactor" to install in a Warframe and Umbra-ify it. Or some other type of reward from Stalker mode.
  19. SpeggynMerbles2

    Warframe GMVs
  20. midtarget

    NPC Tenno

    Why are there no NPC Tenno? I think it could add some life to actually be talking to some warframes in the relays, and maybe an operator or two in the hub worlds to sell you operator cosmetics, focus, and unique items.
  21. Just a bunch of questions I have about tenno, well mainly the Operator. Does the operator every sleep? Do they ever eat or drink? Do they ever need to use the restroom? Are these answered by "void magic" What do they see when using the Somatic Link? Do they see out of the Warfrane's point of view? Or do they see from other angles? If a Warframe enters a bleed out stage, what happens to the Operator? If the Warframe dies, does the Operator also die? Why are they ugly? Kill them with radiation.
  22. Without getting too much into the alignment discussion - Moon (detached +Logical), Eclipse (Balanced decision making), Sun (Emotional + Involved). What Syndicate do you think is best for each alignment? I have always been Red Veil (primary) since I started, because I loved the Edge Lords vibes. However my Tenno has developed into a Moon Tenno, and I was now thinking that RV is better suited for a Sun Tenno (emotion and aggression). My Moon Tenno maybe better suited with the AoH or CS. What are your thoughts on reconciling your Tenno's 'character' with the Syndicates?
  23. I really like the idea of Excalibur Umbra pretty much being a specter that you can deploy at any time by going into operator mode, as there are certain weapons that the AI can handle pretty well and fire at high speeds, on top of having infinite ammo and energy(?) However, one thing i do NOT like about Excalibur Umbra, is that despite never being stated in the ability text, is that he takes FULL damage from all sources and definitely has a worse sense of self-preservation than you, in addition to possibly not using self healing methods you have. (like Life Strike) In addition, due to Excalibur Umbra actually being a combatant, he will also draw aggro and thus take even more damage from enemies, other than just being caught in AoE attacks. This pretty much means that at high levels, (most noticeably in Kuva Flood) and against Eidolons, his passive is actually very detrimental, while it only grants a minor actual use. While the actual use of operators in most missions is highly questionable, it should at least not come with destroying your actual Warframe. It is unfair to have such a major, unavoidable danger be directly caused by a warframe's passive ability and thus discourage use of it, so i think that the Excalibur Umbra "specter" should be invulnerable, or take only 10% incoming damage in line with channeled abilities, or have a maximum damage cap that he can take. Either of these so that you don't suddenly find yourself in a Warframe with 2 health.
  24. ChillyWilly

    The New Sword Crafting Cost

    So the Paracesis, the weapon you got from Chimera Prologue (well the blueprint) have a cost of a whopping 1k Ducats Lets be real, No one would spend that much ducats to get that weapon... Even it have some sort of power to defeat sentients This is a unique case when you are putting a currency into a crafting cost. Ducats are not easy to get, after the new relic system and not old void keys. Ducats fodder is harder and harder to get since you only get 1 prime item per Relics (Taking the Relic Farm can takes 5 Minutes on average) it would take around 335 Minutes or 6 Hours and 35 Minutes getting relics and come up with worse case scenario of getting Commons (Not counting the time opening relics cause it depends on missions). Lets put it this way. If DE comes up with a New Shotgun, and you need to use 50plat as crafting cost, would you do it? Its pretty much the same. You can earn Ducats and Platinum. Either make the Ducats cost atleast 200 (Yes I'm not spending more than 2 rare parts for a single and possibly an MR Fodder weapon) or Change it to use Nitain or Argon instead. Ducats SHOULD NOT be in a Crafting Recipe, THEY HAVE VALUE!