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  1. Is there a possibility we can bring back the Orokin Tea Set? The promocode for this item was "Oldfriend", but some of us were unfortunate enough to not retrieve this item. For example: I was in training for the military during the time frame of this drop which caused me to miss out. Please let us know if we can still somehow get this item. I, myself, is a huge fan of cosmetics and decor in warframe and would highly appreciate retrieving this item!
  2. I know a lot of people have talked about wanting Excalibur Umbra to roam the orbiter and do stuff when not in equipped. I think that would be really cool too, but it would probably take Dev time that DE doesn't want to spend on it. So instead, I offer a (possibly, maybe, could be) simpler option. In our personal rooms, we have a couch. Umbra could sit on the couch. So, my idea is would be a toggle from the arsenal that gives an option to let umbra just sit on the couch with a simple idle animation when not equipped in your current loadout. If DE wanted him to do anything else like interact with the Somacord, Pets, or his Shawzin while there that would be super cool, but even just the basic sitting would be great. TL;DR suggesting a toggle to let Umbra sit on the couch in our personal quarters while not in use
  3. In case you don't know what I mean, my kubrows is sitting on the infested carrier drone (Roomba) and.. animated, it was a.. it was.. something i never expected to ever see. So far i never had an interaction between pets and Roombas so.. idk. Side note: how does the spoiler tag work on mobile now? Everytime i try it, it doesn't work.
  4. 想了一个多月决定发这个贴,可能官方不会看,但发了总比没发有希望,之后也会试着在英文区发一个言简意赅的简单帖子,如果有朋友愿意帮忙推动我会很高兴! 这次我想讨论的是侍刃(Nikana)武器的架势(Stance Mod), 其中我只想讨论跑攻[↑+E],我觉得de因为省事或者一些不该有的原因忽视了武器架势的特色。 侍刃的架势有3种: 1,Blind Justice 无明制裁, 2,Tranquil Cleave 秋风落叶, 3,Decisive Judgement 果断裁决 无明制裁是反手刀盲侠,秋风落叶是弧线加突刺,它们的跑动攻击[[↑+E]都非常形象的展现了这点:无名制裁BJ是反手挥刀旋转,秋风落叶则是在侍刃的无架势模组(without Stance Mod)基础上添加了第三段攻击。 但Decisive Judgement 果断裁决, 它的描述是”two-handed slashes双手握刀“,在近战3.0的跑动攻击[↑+E]的动作却是侍刃默认动作模组(without Stance Mod)! 你可能会觉得我事多,因为保留原始跑攻[↑+E]动作的武器架势不止侍刃一把,为什么我要专门长篇大论说这个? 确实,像长柄里的关刀guandao、欧特鲁斯Orthos 等,某些架势里其跑攻[↑+E]一直以来都使用默认动作模组,从来没变过…… 重点来了: 可Decisive Judgement 果断裁决在曾经的版本中,有着独一无二的跑攻[↑+E]动作!而且,不仅是双手握刀的连段,甚至还能边跑步边砍! 现在却成了干巴巴的无架势空挥,不但伤害和触发没有提高,连常用动作模组都不符合mod的描述,砍一刀还定一次自己…… 这种从有到无,怎能不让人唏嘘? 明明有现成的动作模组套进去,明明有mod描述摆在那里,明明可以让侍刃多一种顺滑赶路的玩法,明明不会影响游戏中武器的平衡,明明其他连招都用了曾经的模组,却偏偏落下了最常用的跑攻,有任何理由说得通吗? (况且我早就想吐槽这个双手持刀的待机动作了,正常武士的双手待机动作two-handed stand难道不应该是这样的吗↓↓↓↓↓↓) ↓而这是warframe的two-handed stand……↓ 本来就很偏离原设了! 而且说起来katana这东西在剑道Kendō里,单手挥刀根本就不如双手挥刀普及啊! 然后你们又把唯一双手持刀的[果断裁决]阉割了,本来输出就弱,现在它就是个四不像Freak。 最后at last but least, 我想说点别的,关于我对于跑动攻击的看法。 warframe是个讲究爽快打斗的游戏,其中融合了许多东方风格(尤其是日本),使得游戏中与科幻枪械区分的近战武器大放异彩,这种先进中带着古朴的神秘感让wf直接区别于同类游戏中的无主之地Borderlands 3和后来的命运2Destiny 2…… 提到爽快战斗时,对于近身的敌人还用枪试图瞄准反而很破坏节奏,因为那样会迫使你后退跟敌人保持一定距离,但如果能快速挥出伤害极高的近战武器解决对方就不一样了,这会鼓励你向前冲去接近敌人并且在斩杀的过程中保持移动,新玩家在体验前期关卡时敌人大都不超过30级,可以轻松用近战武器解决,这也是为什么大部分近战武器都建议上攻速mod(Fury)以及很少有人选择锤子和镰刀的原因,因为攻速speed/架势stand会直接影响你的游戏节奏,没人喜欢在开车的过程中突然停下来然后再一次发动油门。 我们回到第一段话,wf是个ninjia游戏,提到ninjia(日本文化)必然少不了武士刀katana,我想如果一个新玩家是出于对ninjia的喜欢而来玩这个游戏的话第一件事就是寻找这款游戏里有没有武士刀katana(比如我),然后他们没有失望,他们找到了侍刃Nikana和龙刀dragon nikana,虽然需要很高的段位才能制造…… 而当他们终于拿到武士刀nikana的时候却发现,这把武器的架势,其攻击动作会打断跑步,改变他们的游戏节奏,而虽然【无明制裁Blind Justice】可以通过安装狂暴fury mod来降低对于快速移动的影响,但BJ无明制裁终究不是一个传统持刀者的风格——它是个使用特殊剑法的盲侠(Blind)!遗憾的是其另一种架势stand【Tranquil Cleave 秋风落叶】的招式是停在原地攻击数次,这对于快速移动的影响是毁灭级的,而其在强度上也不如无明制裁【BJ】,只能硬着头皮接受当一个盲侠的命运或者强行适应另一种攻击节奏,这对这些新人们是不小的打击。 这也是为什么我会去用单手剑skana. 但是我们有第三种架势,【Decisive Judgement 果断裁决】,它的跑动攻击↑+E,能够在完全不影响快速跑动的前提下解决路上的敌人! 或许它不如盲侠BJ强力,或许它不如秋风TC攻击频率快,但如果你只是想体验用一把武士刀katana顺手解决低等级敌人的流畅感,【Decisive Judgement 果断裁决】是你最好的也是唯一的选择! 之后是近战改版2.9(Nahkampf 2.9),移除了大量的快速近战和无停顿跑攻↑E,只有少数武器幸免于难,比如降灵追猎者Ninkondi的【深渊之火(Atlantis Vulcan)】和侍刃的【Decisive Judgement 果断裁决】,那时候,如果你仍然喜欢跑动杀敌,【DJ果断裁决】已经不只是侍刃中唯一的选择,而是所有近战武器中为数不多的选择! 然而本该更棒的近战3.0(Nahkampf 3.0),在归还了其他武器快速近战后,竟然删除了【果断裁决DJ】的快速近战招式,而且还替换成了无架势动作(without stand mod),但这个架势stand里的其他招式并没有任何重做直接套用的2.9,这让它的默认动作↑+E显得非常不可思议又毫无道理。 我再次恳请de的工作人员能把【Decisive Judgement 果断裁决】的跑攻↑+E还原回Nahkampf 2.9以前的流畅动作,或者如果可能,希望可以做一个更加还原武士双手持刀的架势动作,这对于katana爱好者、ninjia爱好者、快速近战爱好者以及热爱这个游戏背景故事并愿意谈论设定的人来说很重要!!
  5. So why is there even a limit on how many times you can do /unstuck? This is either dumb as heck if implemented purposely or some one is not thinking... In Survival Kuva Lich mission. Kuva spawns, throws me in-between floor in a narrow path in Kelashin Neptune. I get stuck and do /unstuck, happens again and now I cant get out cause the game is saying to many attempt......... WTF. So timer runs out being its a survival and got a failed mission. I mean seriously DE, the game is plagued with bugs being stuck in the floor or not to mention falling through the floor, why have a limit on /unstuck? This makes no sense at all..... I've noticed so many bugs in the game and each time when I notice something I contemplate if I want to waist time and post it on forums since there is no dedicated bug report directly to the team and not 100% sure these are read by DE team. And with this report, even though its not a bug and is coded for the game to not allow you to /unstuck multiple times is just outright crazy since the game is plagued with getting stuck in the floors! Its almost easier to report someone for cheating and in the description you state he wasn't cheating but here is a bug I found and is the only way I can ensure you to get the message!
  6. And not be useable anywhere else in the game? That's considering steel path isn't a realistic environment because the passive buffs to enemies don't exist anywhere else in the game.
  7. (Chef's kiss) I was saving this for later, so I could savor the story since we don't get many quests too often. I'm seriously happy that I didn't rush to do this. So first of all, the background to this and how it ties into the entire Warframe lore/universe was really well done. It wasn't just some random "oh here's a new void/infested/space signal fart, which just so happens that is also related to this NEW WARFRAME WE'RE RELEASING. WHAT A COINCIDENCE GUIS (I mean, nothing wrong with that since it's hard to be original 100% of the time, and you need to sell your products... but it's really lovely when you guys do come out with fresh and great storytelling) The voice acting was ON POINT. Seriously I could really feel the emotional tension Eudico & Biz had, and nef's arrogance and pride, and then the disdain and disappointment that parvos had towards nef. I absolutely love that it wasn't over the top at all, like it's often done in some american movies/games, or EN voice dubs. It felt appropriate and "human" still. I love the corpus Gas City tilesets, and i'm super happy you used them for this. The big ass hand looks so cool but also weird/creepy. Oh and there was this one random hangar in this tileset, which let me press a button to launch this one fighter or drone? (it's not in the picture because I took it after launching the thing) anyway it was super dope, because it added immersion and was an unexpected but fun detail. Love it I loved that we still went back to 4-tuna sometimes, but not EVERY TIME (since that would've gotten annoying/old fast). Plus the master stroke was when Nef was making an announcement regarding the mission, as we were returning to speak with Eudico.... so f-ing cool I absolutely wasn't expecting to still see the old dude (Parvos, right?) still alive and kicking... I mean it should've been obvious because protea, but that still caught me off-guard. Though what was EVEN BETTER, is how Nef Anyo figuratively got spanked by his dad. I mean that was harsh AF... but it was towards Nef, who does deserve the dose of reality. (no pics for this, because I was too caught in the moment to remember taking a pic) The only negative thoughts I had were: The fight with protea felt a little wonky, due to the glaive... but that might also be related to me not putting any forma into the weapon. Still, i'm not quite used to glaives, or to melee attacking things in the air. I sorta wish the story had been longer... but I can't really fault you guys that it wasn't longer, since it's still somewhat of a side-story and it's a lot of work to make super long story quests constantly. Overall and awesome experience, and I really enjoyed it. I appreciate all the awesome work you guys did here.
  8. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT This post will present different ideas for new weapons that will possess unique abilities, their numbers may NOT be balanced. Nor is this post intended to be taken into account by DE devs, it will simply be used to express various ideas that could be interesting for the community. Your attention is also appreciated. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HITERA - [Heavy Sword] Description: "Hitera" is a heavy sword with a wide tip that carries a mini dark sun in the middle above the hilt, its functionality is to accumulate thermal energy and each blow to enemies will accumulate more energy, generating heat fields on the surface of the blade, increasing the probability of inducing heat states innately. Performing a heavy attack will unleash an expansive ring of fire that lasts for a short period of time and incinerates enemies that touch and are within the ring. Functionality: - Weapon will gain + 10% HEAT status chance per combo multiplier (120% max at x12). - The ring will have a radius of 2m to 8m and it will take 5s to reach its maximum range and then dissipate. - The ring will take 5% of the TOTAL damage from the heavy attack as HEAT damage exclusively, dealing this damage continuously per second to enemies within its radius. That is, the damage of the ring will also be increased by bonus skill damage and the combo counter. - The ring has a 100% HEAT status chance (plus cumulative passive chance 100% + 120% at x12). - The accumulated heat status chance will be completely lost when performing a heavy attack. Base Stats: Range - 2.8 Status Chance - 18% Critical Chance - 28% Critical Damage - 2.2x Attack Speed - 0.810 Damages: Impact 109.2 Puncture 32.7 Slash 121.6 Heat 90.0 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DATERAGON - [Nikana] Description: A blade that has the essence of warriors and battles dating from before the old war. Hitting the ground will leave a replica of the sword stuck in it. When carrying out a heavy attack, all the replicas will fly in the direction of the wearer, passing through and damaging all the enemies in their path, obtaining a critical damage bonus for each enemy crossed. Functionality: - Up to 12 swords can be placed, but they will only last 60 seconds before disappearing. - The damage of the swords when passing through enemies will be defined by the total statistics of the weapon. (They do not depend on the heavy attack damage) That is, they can do critical damage and apply statuses according to the total weapon's statistics. - Gain + 5% Critical Damage for each enemy damaged by swords. Up to a maximum of 60%. This bonus will last 20 seconds. - Enemies pierced by swords will be blinded for 5s. - Enemies that have already been hit by a sword will not add bonus critical damage if they are pierced by another sword, but will take damage and their blind duration will be refreshed. -If have the maximum critical damage bonus, and more swords damage enemies, the duration is restored back to 20s and will keep the critical damage bonus. Base Stats: Status Chance - 18% Critical Chance - 29% Critical Damage - 2.3x Attack Speed - 0.970 Damages: Impact 12.9 Puncture 52.1 Slash 138.2 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IONICA- [Laser Rifle] Description: It is a sustained damage rifle, launches a powerful laser, burns and cuts enemies with precision. The weapon works with a battery charger, so it does not require to be watered nor does it depend on ammunition. It charges a secondary shot that will completely discharge the battery in a laser with high cadence and power with innate punch through, this laser charges enemies with ionic energy that will make them explode when killed, doing great damage in a certain range. Functionality: - The damage from the explosion will be defined by 80% of the damage received by the victim, plus 30% of his maximum life. - The explosion has a radius of 8m and decays to 70% damage. - The primary shot will not charge enemies, unless they are damaged by the secondary shot. - Damage from the explosion can stack with any source of damage they take after being damaged at least once by the weapon's secondary fire. - The damage from the explosion will be exclusively of the BLAST and RADIATION type. - The blast counts as a radial attack and can knock out the player. Base Stats: Primary Status Chance - 29% Critical Chance - 19% Critical Damage - 2.0x Fire Rate - 10.00 Magazine - 70 Reload - 2.0 Damages: Puncture 6.8 Slash 15.2 Heat 11.3 Secundary Status Chance - 8% Critical Chance - 31% Critical Damage - 2.1x Fire Rate - 25.00 Damages: Puncture 5.8 Slash 12.3 Heat 40.3
  9. First of all kuva nukor shouldn't only went down to 3 not 2 when it was 4 chaining enemies . At least don't make weapons in playable like all the other weapons your nerf. The new prime weapons are a joke. Second blood rush cost 14 capacity if your gonna nerf you also have to justify its capacity which you haven't and youve already nerfed blood rush before . Condition overload capacity (its cost 15) should also be reduce . If your gonna nerf it. I would reduce both to 11-12. Third hardly anyone runs two attack speed mods that's literally a meme if anything. Changing berserker way to proc (on kill essentially Making it difficult to proc In steel path) and shorting the time is a huge nerf . Either do one or the other . So it would be reasonable because it might become a un-use mod. You should learn to gradually nerf not make huge nerf your priority
  10. Hi Tenno, I was going back over some old lore and realised that I had made a large misconception about the continuity and that the truth leaves open a way for the Orokin to return and potentially explains why the elder queen hasn't revived. I originally assumed she died because we interrupt her continuity, because it is a process that require 2 living bodies, for a consciousness to be transferred between. However, looking back at the lore, that is definitely not the case: Ballas specifically says "we have died hundreds of times" and makes it clear that a corpse is no impediment to being revived by kuva and while a somewhat different process, the liches also confirm this, as we kill the larva, but the lich still revives from that corpse. This seems to clearly imply that kuva can preserve a consciousness outside of a living body and that in fact a body may not be needed for anything but a resurrection. Cephalon are also preserved with kuva, but instead of being transferred to a new human body, they are loaded into crystal and edited to serve a function (except in cases like Suda). This makes me think that kuva may actually be a substance that can be used to imprint a mind or consciousness and afterwards, the person either exists in the kuva, within a host body, rather than directly residing in its brain, or exists in both, like a redundant backup. This would make sense as, although we are told that kuva is vital to the continuity, we see the queen using different technology, when she tries to overtake us. Likewise, we may not have interrupted her continuity by killing her current body, but instead by taking the kuva she had removed from it in preparation for the transfer and if kuva itself doesn't instigate the transference, then that would explain why some Tenno drinking it didn't have that effect on them. Similarly, with liches, they survive until we either capture them, or take a kuva weapon from them, removing that from their bodies and preventing further resurrection. Now that we suspect kuva can preserve minds in isolation of anything else, one piece of lore takes on a massive significant; because in the current age, kuva come from two sources: New kuva, harvested from siphons and old kuva, running through the living tower in Cetus, a construct we already know to have a mind and will and to be coursing with kuva. The tower is ancient, from the era of the old empire and compared to the small vial that the queen had, it contains a colossal amount of kuva, enough that it could have imprinted thousands of minds. In the current age, there is no faction that wishes for the Orokin's return, but if the old kuva still remains, then their continuity may not in fact be broken, it may only be waiting. I doubt this is the direction DE will go in, but it's an interesting thought, that I hope amuses some Tenno. (Glass-Maker silliness: That episode has a few annoying things, 1stly, that it completely spoiled the cephalon lore, seeming to imply that massive secret was something that every Tenno should already be aware of, despite DE never putting a single clue for accessing it in game and worse, that the in universe characters should know it too, despite it being a revelation that could destroy many cephalon and as such, almost certainly kept hidden. However the bigger problem here is that it also partially retconned how cephalon are created, removing the kuva element. That said, as no full cephalon are actually created, I don't think it's much of a stretch to carry on thinking that kuva is still essential to making complete cephalon, or at least that it was, in the earlier generation, perhaps with it becoming unnecessary as the vitrifying technology was perfected.)
  11. Tenno Training Initiative The Idea: A scene similar to the very first mission of the game, where we don our chosen Frame for the first time, and the Tenno mission on the mountain after our encounter with Teshin. A basic training facility (or 'stage') where new players are shown a glimpse of their tenno's potential. -most probably accessible via the Codex In this instance, the essence of the 'simulacrum-type' tutorial would involve: 1. disseminating information about schools (particularly Zenurik), ------allowing examples of how school abilities work -------how to upgrade, Bound vs Unbound explained --------how amps work against Eidolon shields with the status and critical variations of amp builds. 2. Describing what Focus is ------how focus can be used --------what Focus Cap is 3. Describing what Amps are ------what a Prism is -------what a Brace is ---------what a Scaffold is 4. Describing what Arcanes are ------how to equip arcanes -------what arcanes do --description of Operator arcane / Amp arcane ---------the importance of upgrading acquired arcanes This particular idea is conceived from experience and in no way am I a veteran or anything close to that. I am only at day #146 lmao. The point is, when I first came across an Eidolon in the Plains, -me at MR1- ..aimlessly shot at an Eidolon Teralyst for an entire night, following it around until Konzu told me the sun was coming up and the teralyst would try to escape. -also me at MR1- shooting the vomvalysts and trying to figure out why a ghost could kill me with 2 Psyco Crusher dashes. In essence, even today, I still randomly encounter new players in PoE doing the exact aimless shooting I did, maybe encountering a Rhino and Excal duo shooting Mk1 Bratons and using Skana to slice through the thick hide of Eidolon legs, randomly asking why the 'thing' is staying 'invincible' -I was literally in that exact position before. If I think of more, I'll make sure to edit later.
  12. Hi all .... i hate to inform you this but Hydroid Rakkam Skin helmet with that compass on top of his head look like Concave head wojak the whole skin look nice on the outside but from the back view .... oh god lord i cant unseen anymore
  13. Hey! Lately, i have been wondering. What does the original Eidolon look like? What could its original size be? Is there any concept art from an artist? if so please let me know ^^. Seeing a grand bossfight with the original eidolon would be awesome, just imagine fighting a 100 meter tall sentient. The boss fight could also bring back raids. I mean how are 4 tenno going to defeat it? More lore about the Unum tower and eidolons is definitely needed. This is a topic that is not talked about enough.
  14. Tenno, 观看 Warframe 社区直播,与社区团队一起来聊聊天、玩游戏! 为了替代我们的传统直播,社区团队的成员会在我们安排的定期时间于家中直播。 记得驻足和其他 Tenno 一起来和我们聊聊天! 在 twitch.tv/warframe 上观看 30 分钟来获得本周的 Twitch 掉落奖励! 本周所有的直播都将掉落 50 个 NAKAK 珍珠。 Nintendo Switch 平台的 Tenno 若想要观看直播,可以通过 Nintendo eShop 免费安装 YouTube 应用在便携式设备上观看。 我们直播时,请访问 Warframe YouTube 频道!
  15. Targets do not spawn if you are in operator mode inside the Corpus Stronghold. Mission Restart is required to progress the mission.
  16. UPDATE: Many people decided to do manual thrall counts and it does seem improved by around 33%. ------------------------------------ Original post: I´m trying to max-out one of my Kuva weapons and just noticed that for the second time in a row today (2nd Lich), I reached Requiem stage 3 in just 1 planet. This is a wonderful experience, but I'm just wondering if this is just me or if this is a QoL update that slipped through in preparation for Sisters of Parvos. Anyone else experiencing this?
  17. the rolles from dog days are not interact so well with the orbiter for example in the operator's room they fall down to where the player has the invisible wall (Screenshot 1). or in the Helminth's room they fall down through a small hole (Screenshot 2) in the floor to the aquarium (Screenshot 3) . And that I will not start talking about the fact that sometimes when you put them the wall swallows them and I can not see them sometimes for hours Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3
  18. What kind of mission across ALLLL the Starchart ask us to do anything like what is tested here? None. What kind of skill proves this test? aiming? running? Having a Limbo, having a fast Warframe not a really... why do I need to do this test? what does this teach me? it really look like poor design
  19. Here's a set of skin made for my favorite Warframe:octavia TurnTables: A Statue Made Just for Her: hope your guys will like it~ have a great one <3
  20. ///Coordinates: Ascension droite 19h 53m 26s | Declinaison -22° 25′ 27″ ..............Transmission received............... [Error] Transmission encrypted: level 7 ///Decoder: OROKIN encrypted communication protocol compatible: level 7 .......................decoding........................... [Success]Transmission decoded ///Production signature: 《A Warframe created with the intention of defending the Seven. Wielding a shield made from the remains of a SENTIENT. 》 ///Production key: ///No source identified brain was removed, to avoid rebellion Identity was erased, to escape memories SENTIENT was reshaped, to serve as a shield AND here I am, the Emperor has been killed ///No source identified I WAS WARFRAME l M∀S SENTIENT I ∀M BASTION [Close]Transmission Ended
  21. When I go to my operator, the Nikana Dax skin bug still shows. It defaults to light blue. I'd love a fix to this as it's driving me insane! Edit: I also can't change the color of the energy at all it turns out. It's always white until I go to my operator. Is this a weird feature? Cause it seems pretty particular about certain colors at certain times. Only white when I'm in the warframe, but always blue when I'm out of the warframe, no matter what color I pick.
  22. Многие негодуют касательно неканоничности будущей прайм версии нидуса, но есть на мой взгляд простое решение. Баллас как творец прайм версий в прошлом, сумел добраться и до наших дней в игре, и даже уже сыграл для нас роль кузнеца. Помимо Нидуса есть ещё фрэймы такие как Заку, которые появились после эпохи Орокин, и скорее всего они не последние. Только ДЕ известно (а может быть они сами ещё не знают) как завершится новая война, но почему бы сценарно не вытащить Баласа оттуда где он сейчас дабы он брал в руки инструменты и создавал для нас версии фрэймов "на свой золотой вкус" в настоящем?
  23. As the tittle explains, side guns on railjack fails to load properly with the Tempestarii skin. As you may see, there is a giant hole in the railjack where the guns are.
  24. Happens with no apparent cause, has been doing so occasionally ever since I got the Personal Quarters.
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