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  1. The Lotus in the Apostasy Prologue, but apparently she was already able to come and go before that. I was watching someone play the second dream and completely forgot she appears in the operator's orbiter to put them in the chair. I wonder if it's a plothole of sorts because Natah says she was imprisoned on Lua, but it doesn't seem like she was, unless she was freed when the moon left the void. Edit: I had originally wrote in that she may have been referring to her helmet as the imprisonment, but for some reason erased it and never wrote it back in. Also apparently the Zariman 10 0 was an Ark of sorts being sent to colonize the Tau system. It makes me wonder if TMINTW knew about the war brewing, hence why the ship never made it and the kids were given powers. It could be to keep a balance of sorts or to be for his amusement.
  2. Welcome Tenno to the Umbra Discussion and Appreciation Thread [old V1 here ] Feel free to join the >>Discord Server<< This Main Post contains items that have been discussed at length in the thread (old and new), items are condensed for quick access to allow those new to the content to quickly catch up on the basic topics discussed. Please review the content before posting, if your still unclear on some subjects please inquire in the thread or in a DM Topics have been split and categorized in a section that can be opened via the spoiler button, so you can read its contents and sub section(s) at your convenience. Console players please note the topics can be spoiler heavy as can discussions , please keep this in mind when participating Excalibur Umbra statue (UPDATES) Update to statues: statue buyers please note of a delay the status will ship in march ,and another set will ship in summer: a compensated amount of 170p to each platform was sent to you via email and is non purchased plat(so you can not buy tennogen console side with it) [FAQ:3/1719[Read Before Posting] [Log&Index] [News]3/4/2019 [Umbra Warframes] [Discussions ] [The Vault] [Misc ]
  3. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1105806-official-legion-of-tau-weapon-concept-contest-with-grand-prize-on-until-july-31/ Greetings, Tenno! What once started as an art dump has now become a more fleshed out fan concept, with each passing day adding more substance to it, either by me or the community members interested in it. Especially now that DE has given us our Sentient-Hunting Excalibur Umbra, there is a very good chance that we will be seeing Tau for real soon. But until then, I will continue to develop this idea! The Legion of Tau is a Warframe update that will bring players, or more specifically, veteran players, to the Sentient Homeworld of Tau. The Tau level I am designing is Open World in nature, filled with deadly enemies patrolling for a fight. The Landscape of Tau is constantly changing as the Sentients continually Terraform it for reasons unknown. This will help keep the world fresh and interesting: one day, a certain zone may be an ashen, volcanic landscape, another day it may be freezing with a violent blizzard. As the Tenno presence on Tau has not gone unnoticed, players will essentially be dropping into a war zone; even the ‘town’ segment of Tau is constantly noisy with the sound of gunfire as Tenno operatives fight off encroaching Sentients. Enemies on Tau, specifically the Sentients, have been designed to be engaging and dangerous. Every enemy has specific strengths and weaknesses; even the ‘fodder’ enemies require more attention than the old run of the mill Grineer Lancer. A combination of expert weapon builds, teamwork and communication will be key in these lands; Tau is not a beginner friendly landscape! The Legion of Tau also includes new mods, Zaw parts and weapons, obtainable from anything from enemy drops, bounty rewards, brand new clan research and more! Special Sentient weapons can now contain a special Omni polarity, which acts as an adaptive polarity, capable of reducing ANY MOD’S DRAIN BY HALF of it is set in that slot. Both Broken War and War, being Sentient weapons, would also have one of their already existing polarities swapped to Omni. Omni polarities can be forma’d out (although idk why you would) but cannot be forma’d in!) Omni polarities are not comptible with Umbral & Sacrificial mods. You can open any of the tabs below to view ‘assets’ for The Legion of Tau. Please leave comments, constructive criticisms or suggestions on literally anything that you see here! Also feel free to leave your own ideas and even artwork if you would like to contribute to the main concept! NOTE: Yes, I used Excalibur Umbras as a scale unit. It's supposed to represent the future of Warframe 😛 MUSIC: SYSTEMS AND ECONOMY: BOUNTIES: QUEST- THE SHADOW OF EREBOS ENEMIES: NEW VEHICLES- VARAKIRA WARHORSES: TENNO REINFORCEMENTS: NEW MODS: CONTRIBUTORS AND OTHER HELP: Seen on PrimeTime here: https://youtu.be/lbB1Sdvs9zg?t=3427 I will keep updating this list as I come up with new Sentient enemies and other stuff for the world! In the meantime, you can click here to see all of my Sentient artwork.
  4. Comment lotus if you would choose to save her Comment Natah if you would choose to kill her Comment Neutral if you would choose to spare her I am curious to see results i would say i choose lotus, even if it seems unlikely she would come back but i think we might see a tenno/sentient pact in new war
  5. We have lots of problems on Switch that are getting ignored for months now ! Please fix them. 😞 -When switching back from operator to warframe the game thinks R1 is constantly pressed and instead of doing actions it launches all abilities. -When the Switch recovers from sleep mode and warframe was running the whole system freezes. -There is no working preview for the operator voice in the character editor, -Sometimes you can see Lua from within the ship, even when you never went there yet. (it's a big spoiler !), -God rays, ambient occlusion and lens effects are gone... Please add them as options that are toggled off by default - give us the choice. -There is a lightning bug in some dojo garden rooms where shadows disappear when looking up. -Enable USB headset voice-chat. (It works in Paladins, Fortnite etc.) -Add an unstuck button in game options, (Many people don't know of this feature and don't get what to do, so they either try to get out for 10 minutes or leave when getting stuck) -Fix crashes in Fortuna, (I still couldn't finish the thermia fractures because the game crashes about every 20 minutes) -Fix motion controls with pro controller, (With joycons or in Handheldmode it works great, but with the pro controller it's almost non-existant) -Fix motion control drifting, (the gyro anti-drifting correction is too aggressive and let's it drift back to it's last position when moving the joycons slowly - it's impossible to slowly aim like for catching animals) -You could increase the framerate by using lower polygons enemy and/or object models instead of reducing their animation fps in the distance so drastically. (They did this in the switch port of yooka laylee too and it runs amazingly) Thanks in advance, Hermy.
  6. Hi, The reconstruction process we did with the Pyrus Project bothered me a bit : the Syndicates, helped by the Tennos were able to rebuilt a space-station on enemy Space territory; while the big factions wouldn't take a move on their own ? (for what we could see at least). The Leonov Relay is in the heart of the Corpus territory (Jupiter/Europa); was destroyed some times ago, left to drift in the void of space ... But what if it wasn't the case, if the Factions were actively moving ? The Corpus is made of capitalist investors, always seeking profit... That's where the remains of relays are interesting : if good chunks are still more-or-less intact, they are reusable & by so, they can be used as a start to build a space-station. If such thing was possible, why doing a station ? Well, in the Jupiter area it's more visible : the Corpus is using a massive fleet; those vessels have to be built, to be maintained, and repaired when... visited by Grineer, Tennos, or even Infested. Building on a planet/moon requires to fight constantly the gravity & the atmosphere; it will be more economic & fuel efficient to do everything in Space. Maybe so, but you'll need workers, where do you put them ? Why not... installing them on the said Station ? Making them sleep, eat, and enjoy their free-time on the Station, with all that Luxury made by yourself, on your own Station will only benefit you ! Plus, as we are making the station habitable: why not inviting more people to live on it, to work (for you)? So you have, in the heart & most secured area of the Corpus faction : A Space-station able to receive many & different class of Corpus-spaceships to maintain or even upgrade them ; while doing so, it can build other spaceships, receive goods & materials for both civilians & military forces ; and welcome hundreds (if not thousands) of people (worker, military, scientist & finaciers/investors). And what kind of group, or even government to rule over such monstruosity ? Our dear Investors won't have to do anything, just to profit*. A specialized Cephalon, name MIN-OS (standing for: Management & Investment Network Operating System) will be in charge, to regulate all the constructions, all the contracts & deliver the Station services. *it is still possible for the shares' owners representing at least a specific percentage would have the ability to suggest directions for investment & research at the exchange of their full responsability in case of decrease in value of the Station due to said suggestions. ---------------- In-game/gameplay, how does it translate ? Location : Europa, new node "Pasiphae" Friendly faction : MINOS, a Corpus AI investing on different fronts Enemy factions : Corpus (Nef Anyo, smugglers), Grineer, Infested* (event) & Amalgams Mean of transport : indoor - on foot & K-drive / outdoor - on foot (magnetic boot?), archwing & Railjack Type of areas : Urban, Construction Areas, Space around the Station (civil & military space) Missions : -Assassination + Capture + Extermination + Sabotage : with additionnal challenges "silent / limited destruction / maximized destruction of the area"; -Mobile Defense & Interception -Defense : mixed on-foot & archwing with Spacecrafts that intervene. Rewards, on a shaddy-street of the Station: -new K-drive & corpus decoration sellers; -primary kit-gun; -archwing modes/arcanes (kit-gun?); -Railjack modules. Possible events: -Repo Counter: Vox Solaris receives a communication from MINOS - a part of all the things & persons the Repo-Squad taken on Venus are stocked & protected on Pasiphae; the Tennos are asked to act against Nef Anyo. It's time to face that dreadful squad ! (Fortuna's continuation) -Grineer in need: According to their spys, the Corpus found a new weapon playing with gravity, in the idea to break the Grineer space force. They are forced to ask the Tenno, as they can't axt themself : if the Corpus succeed, it will break the existing balance, but most importantly that weapon would have disastrous effects on planets or else. After a Capture & a Sabotage, it appears that two prototypes exist: the 1st is on a light-vessel (Pursuit mission) & the 2nd is already on board of a Hammerhead... it must be destroyed (Railjack mission). The New War related: -Awaken again: MINOS wanted to gain more popularity for the Station by adding an abandonned Orokin ship into the Station, to be reused. He paid a good amount to neutralized completely the ship & it finaly arrived to the Station. After a few weeks without any issue: MINOS had to put the area in quarantine... The Tennos are hired to investigate the disapearance of dozen of people. When they came, they are the witness of horrifying creature devouring civilians. The Infested are back, but this strain of infested is special... so are the newly encountered creatures. (wanting to give a Dead Space vibe) -Forces of discord: Alad V seems to be interested in the Station... the Tennos investigate to found that MINOS is trying to contract something with Alad, and so with the Sentients. The Grineer took interest in the Tennos' will to sabotage the negociations. But Alad was one step in advance : he is already trying to hack MINOS with his new-tech... ---------------- I hope you like the concept, I would like to add more details but I think I'm already too long 😓
  7. Aures Diadem is seen floating above Wally when he shows up sitting on the Codex console as seen in the screenshots. It tracks with his head about 3 "feet" above him. https://imgur.com/EiKEh79 https://imgur.com/t4YE8iw https://imgur.com/CBTSkaS
  8. we all know who space mama is. she was the first voice we heard when we wake up, she guided us on our missions, she is our moral compass and cared for us as would any mother would but all of it was all lies. there is no space mama just the sentient Natah, she have us playing in her tunes all along even back then. she make us turn on the Orokin, have us attack potential allies on the coming storm. so heres the question do you still love space mama and can you forgive her for having deceive you all along? its not just us she deceive but also space daddy granted space papa is a bad dad for having sent real mama to the jade light but he did give us the means and the tools to avenge mama from the others who also sent mama to the jade light and without daddy taking over mama's work we may not be where we are now.
  9. Shortly after logging in and clicking on Nightwave Intermission, I see the following (SPOILERS, at least if you haven't completed Quest: Apostatsy Prologue yet): The Lotus didn't disappear after saying what she was supposed to say:
  10. So, I've been suspecting for a while that one culprit of the so called "content drought" is the lack of common enemy units. I know I'm not one to really speak about this, considering I'm only MR 19, but I've played this game since late 2015. I know my way around. And I love this game, it hurts to see and hear these things. But it's true. Back on topic, one of those such units is Eximi. So I've taken up the task to craft some ideas for several more Eximus unit types. (Also: If you think these are unbalanced or unfair, or too complex, please read the wiki page on Eximus units before posting some hateful trash. If you have read it, and maintain the same opinion, that's fine. Just don't be rude.) Also, feel free to reply with your own Eximus ideas. 1. Reflective Eximus (Might Need Nerfs, as HP scaling is ridiculous) Ability: Has a 50% chance upon being hit to reflect 20% of the damage of that hit back at their attacker. (It can only reflect it's max health, so performing an attack that deals more damage than their max health can only do 20% of their max health.) Stats: No innate resistances, 200% health, shields, and armor. Factions: All except Infested, only ground units, not Ospreys or airborne Grineer. Appearance: Would glow white, and emit a small slash like sound when an attack is reflected. Clothing wouldn't be changed. (Maybe be a bit more reflective and metallic?) 2. Magnetic Eximus Ability: Upon hitting an enemy, the eximus has a 35% chance to apply a Magnetic proc. Additionally, allies within 15m are immune to Magnetic procs. Stats: 30% innate resistance to all damage types, 300% health and shields. Factions: Corpus only, excludes Nullifiers. Appearance: Would glow teal (Orokin esque blue hues), and have an aura of small particles like the ones that surround Magnetic Anomalies. Clothing should be changed to white and blue colors. 3. Burst Eximus Ability: Enemies affected by this ability have +100% multishot on weapons. Stats: 50% innate resistance to all damage types, 200% health, shields, and armor. Factions: All except Infested, only ranged units. (Unless their are Infested ranged units I'm not aware of?) Appearance: Would glow bright purple, and their weapons appear about 50% bigger than usual. Clothing would not be changed. 4. Visor Eximus Ability: This unit can see through invisibility (abilities only, arcanes not affected, Operator Void Mode not affected) within a 20m radius. If an invisible Tenno is more than 20m away, the Visor Eximus will act like any other enemy. (BTW, this Eximus should be quite uncommon.) Stats: 20% innate resistance to all damage types, 275% health and armor. Factions: All factions, all units. Only spawns in Exterminate and Spy missions. Appearance: Glows a faint red, and their eyes glow a brighter hue of red. Clothing should be in darker colors of default hues. 5. Chromatic Eximus Ability: Each different attack by this unit applies a different status proc. Has a 100% chance of proccing status on hit. Stats: 50% innate resistance to all damage types, 175% shields, and armor. Factions: All except Grineer, only units that can attack, excluding Mine Ospreys (and units with similar function, like Mutalist Ospreys). Appearance: Eximus glows a different color depending on which element it last applied on hit. Orange = Fire, Purple = Electric, Cyan = Ice, Green = Toxin. 6. Detonite Eximus Ability: Upon death, this unit will detonate in a 10m radial explosion, dealing Blast damage equal to 75% of it's max health. Stats: No innate resistances, 125% health. Factions: Infested and Grineer only, all units. Appearance: They do not glow, but emit sparks around them, let's say in a 2m radius. 7. Planar Eximus (POTENTIALLY BUGGY) Ability: Every 7 seconds, this unit can warp 8m in any direction, horizontally. Stats: No innate resistances, 175% health and armor. Factions: Corpus, Corrupted and Infested only, ground units only. Appearance: Part of the unit's body will appear translucent, and will emit a loud reversed "ding" sound when they warp. Similar to THIS. (It would obviously be more high quality, best I could do in 5 mins.) 8. Zealous Eximus Ability: Every 10 seconds, can trigger one of three random effects: A 10m shockwave, knocking enemies into the air (not knockdown effect), can spray toxic goo in 4 puddles within 15m around it (similar to Mutalist MOAs, puddles last 10 seconds), or nullifies the next instance of damage dealt to it. Note that multishot can bypass this last effect, because it will only stop one instance of damage. Chances are as follows: 40% for Shockwave and Spray, and 20% for Damage Nullifying. Stats: No innate resistances, 225% health and shields. Factions: All factions, all units. Appearance: Changes color depending on last effect triggered. For Shockwave, glows yellow. For toxin, glows olive green. For nullifier, glows light gray. 9. Hallowed Eximus Ability: Emits an aura very similar to Oberon's Renewal Ability, all allies within 12m regen health with this formula: (0.02 x (Eximus Unit's Maximum Health Pool)). Also grants enemies armor with this formula: (0.3 x (Eximus Unit's Current Armor)). Note that when the unit is affected by procs that reduce armor such as Corrosive, the armor formula will be affected. Stats: 50% innate resistance to all damage types, 250% health and armor. Factions: All Factions, excludes Nullifiers and Osprey units. Appearance: They glow a mixture of yellow and green, similar to dying grass. Enemies within the aura faintly glow white. Clothing is changed to shades of white. 10. Discharge Eximus Ability: This eximus is extremely weak, dealing 50% of the damage of a normal enemy unit, but doubles the damage of units in a 10m radius around it. Stats: 20% innate resistance to all damage types, no boosts to health, shields, or armor. Factions: All factions except Infested and Corrupted. Appearance: These units will often appear 20% smaller than normal units, and clothes will be inverted colors.
  11. As the title says, I was taking a Wisp captura in the Deck 12 scene, when the Orb Mother fight dialogue started playing. It acted like I triggered the fight to begin, y'know the "WHAT WERE MY SISTER'S NAMES" and all that. Obviously, the Orb Mother never showed up, but it acted like it did. I didn't stay in there long enough to see if it played anymore than the starting bit. I was in there for a good 3/4 minutes when it started.
  12. I'm looking at pictures of wisp on reddit and notice that wisp has no feet,and I can't find anything on google about why. Anyone care to tell me the lore behind wisp?
  13. I just hit another milestone, and in celebration, I get hit with Konzu and the infested boil that is uglier and more putrid than ever? My "birthday" is ruined. 😞
  14. So far we have seen no signs of other alive tenno (I know that we learned about tenno like rell and the limbo warframe, but i am talking about ones that are alive canonically) so I have a question for DE themselves. Will we ever learn about other tenno that are alive? Nora does say dreamerS as in theres multiple, whether its just one other, or a multitude of tenno, or is this just reffering to the many players of warframe and shouldnt be taken as concrete evidence of other tenno, it could also be that average people are listening, that would explain why she says things that you would expect a radio host to say. If this is true that there are other alive tenno that we can meet in a quest, how would you guys think it would affect the game?
  15. Helmet making of video: https://youtu.be/rUJnbiQmKAw Equipment: Skin: Graxx (Faven) Syandana: Due Volpi (Liger Inuzuka & led2012) Front sigil: Stalker Back sigil: none Chest armor: none Shoulder armor: Targis Prime Leg armor: Imugi Prime Shoulder emblems: eventually ? Weapons: yes, but I still haven't made a choice Current state of the different parts: Syandana: finished, needs proper attachments Chest: missing some details, needs all the straps on the sides, unpainted Back: missing some details, LEDs, needs all the straps on the sides, unpainted Head: complete Arms: missing a LOT of stuff, and I'll have Valkyr's bonds Legs: I made the kneecaps since the photo was taken, missing a lot of details, the whole feet, LEDs (especially on the Pakal armor), unpainted Undersuit: needs loads of adjustments, a zipper, and I still have to make some sleeves Frequently Asked Questions (ok, more like "Frequently Given Answers"): I cannot provide a link to the patterns because the whole thing is freehanded It is made mostly out of EVA foam It is not for Tennocon, as I cannot go there (the trip from France would represent a significant expense)
  16. I want a Ordin Karris operation/event/quest. An Assassins Creed style dive into the past of the Beast of Bones. The OG of Orokin Slayers. I want to experience the whole Ordis story. At the end of which we get an option to to pick him in his true form as our new mission navigator. Not only is he the only one that truly cares for the Tenno but I find his voice soothing, and inspiring. I enjoyed listening to the cephalone fragments and hearing him speak. That's not enough, I want more. I would enjoy this vary much. I want him as my mission navigator.
  17. I know, I know... DE don't want to implement this just because it's Excalibur's thing but.... it can easily be fixed. Just make Excalibur's charge attack charge a super gigantic wave of void slash that can solve our hands trying to press e rapidly and destroying our keyboards in the process. Or maybe make Excalibur change whatever shape of the exalted weapon he's wielding as long as it has a "Blade" (Wukong: Phew...) Ok, so De should give the operators Sword and probably even dagger amps so we can use it in conjunction to our void cloak to "STEALTH KILL AND NOT ALERT THE BIG JERKS WHILE YOU'RE TRYING TO SQUEEZE BETWEEN A DOOR AND A BOMBARD THAT IS STANDING ON THE WAY TO THE SPY VAULT!" Also, it'll make the Madurai line fit in. Because, let's be real here, why did you even train with swords if you don't even use one "YOURSELF". (Throwable Amp daggers would be cool....)
  18. While playing Mesa with the Mesa's Waltz mod equipped, occasionally after casting your 4, Mesa will raise her hands and fail to complete the animation, which results in the inability to use any other abilities, swap weapons, shoot, use operator form, use gear items etc. However she can still move around, bullet jump and dodge. The only way around this bug is to die and respawn. 1. Equip Mesa Prime with the Mesa's Waltz augment mod. 2. Cast your 4 3. Deactivate your 4 4. Repeat from Step 2 until the bug presents itself. Obviously this still needs a bit more testing, as I am unable to find a real reliable way to reproduce this bug as this seems to occur randomly. I have tried reproducing this bug in the Simulacrum but to no avail. It is worth noting that I always try to keep my 2 and 3 abilities up at all times, as well as perform Energizing Dash from the Zenurik tree liberally. This tends to happen 2 or 3 times per mission, and as you can tell, has costed me quite an amount of affinity. Also it is worth noting that no, there were no nullifiers present and I wasn't out of energy or anything like that. In the image below you can see that the bug has occurred during an infestation mission whilst I had full energy. FYI: The 'Insert image from URL' tab doesn't seem to be working so I'll paste the image link here. https://imgur.com/09JgRDd
  19. There's been talks for, pretty much literally years, about having a complete amount of information in the worldstate api. The Reality Some fellow players and I got a usable Worldstate mirror set up providing the data from DE's Worldstate PHP (and the console versions) in an easy to use format for more people to use (feel free to read the swagger here, it's actually up to date now and I made a snazzy dark theme for it). However, there's always aspects wanting. @vaur06 brought this up in a past devstream thread, but we haven't been able to get much traction or desire for this openly. Developers, creators, and data fanatics alike need help from all Tenno to get visibility on this. From the list of asks that Vaur brought up, some data points that would help a ton with making external trackers (like Warframe Hub), vaur's PrettyBot, and Genesis, the latter two on discord, to have better and more accurate data on what's up in Warframe: What we need: Now, all of those are asks that vaur brought up in their comment on the DevStream discussion. What we've done on our own: Thankfully, some of these have expanded over time either through the use of the drop tables site being tied to bounty tiers from the officially provided drop tables, but like many things, this is simply correlation, not new data, as things we've listed above would provide. There's always more to learn and get data on. There's some fun little things like a jobs from the Events Syndicate whenever it has any that we can find, but not everything. How you can help: We need your help, Tenno, otherwise we can never drive forward to getting as much data possible for everyone to use. If there's anything, anything at all that you'd like to be able to be provided, tell us so we can talk about it with you, and so we can show DE in this thread that we are serious and want to make these things available to the player base, with as little extra work apart from making the data available, even if we have to figure out how it's put together. Honestly, I get a thrill from figuring out what some new section of the worldstate php corresponds to. There's every so often a resurgence in people being willing to help out. We even had a developer stop by our discord the other week talking about stuff they'd done with Destiny 2's API. It is so verbose that it gives per-mission stats that can be polled. How awesome would it be to be able to have a public facing stat page? DE, we know you've been concerned with security of things like this in the past, but even making it an opt-in via profile and generating API keys, akin to EVE Online, would be leagues better than what we have now, which is basically nothing. There was discussion at Twitchcon 2017 about opening up extensions for things like exposing the players current loadout to let creators make streams more interactive. Can we have some resources dedicated to a bit of this "community engineering" and collaborate with known community developers? We're not going anywhere, and would love to have a chance to give more open feedback. On a previous incarnation of this thread, we had been told that, after Fortuna, more data would be made available As of yet, sadly, all we've seen from this is the previously released, very sparse riven data that we haven't seen any iteration or improvement on. That data was released 2 months prior to this posting. We need you, Tenno, to get involved. Show DE that, even if you aren't a developer or "tool maker" that the data we are looking for matters to you and the community. Previous Post (archived)
  20. The Spoiler warning is there because I go to an area in the Orbiter that is locked through the main quest line. There was a glitch when I entered my orbiter where my frame didn't exist. I activated operator form to no avail, but when it resolved itself this funny event happened. I am my Operator, but with the visuals of my Equinox frame and holding my Stradavar Prime. The Idol animation is the operator sitting in their chair. I decided to pet my Kavat and that caused my to hold my melee weapon at the same time as the Stradavar. I was even able to change my idol warframe to any warframe I chose to equip, but was unable to transfer into it. Got a bunch of screen shots next to my favourite frames 😄 This ended the instant I left the orbiter and by no other means, but it was fun whilst it lasted. Anything funny like this happen to any of you?
  21. Hello, So why were the Tenno able to massacre the orokin? Ordis Karris was unable to kill them Yet, the Tenno were: Void magic? (Way too booring solution, imho) Also why the !"#!"# were all Orokin in single spot? Decadent and corrupt does not mean stupid. Hmm. Come to think of it... Have the orokin themselves done anything in the lore? Executioners, Dax and Archimedians are seen in action, but I can't recall any 'orokin' doing anything. Maybe it's nothing, but just struck me.
  22. Spoilers Ahead: I absolutely love decorating my Orbiter in my spare time, finding little trinkets all over Warframe to fill my Orbiter is by far one of the most gratifying feelings to me! While doing Chains of Harrow, Sands of Inaros, and The Glast Gambit I was so pleased when they rewarded decorations at the end. I've done hours and hours of Ayatan hunting just to use them as decorations, and even went and hunted down all the Kuria and the Plains of Eidolon Thousand-Year Fish for the decorations they give! Now for the main point of this post (Besides praising DE's wonderful art team for the time they put into these little trinkets of joy) I was fairly sad when the Fortuna Mem Fragments didn't give any sort of decorative reward, or when Saya's vigil didn't allow us to keep the case we'd worked to repair, or the Mandachord from Octavia's Anthem. I absolutely love decorations from quests as it can rest in my Orbiter as a sort of reminder of the fun I had with specific quests.The Sacrifice also didn't give anything as a decorative reward which surprised me, even something as simple as the Komi board to play with people alike Frame Fighter would be amazing! TL;DR: I believe I speak for quite a few people when I say that decorations can encourage us to do stupid things that take absolutely massive amounts of time, and we'd love if we could have more from Quests and Treasure Hunts! (Also thank you DE for making Ticker because lords know I dump a ton of money into buying the decorations!)
  23. Every time I hear “Sentient hybrid (something-or-other)” I can only think of one thing: Hunhow better not find out about this. So my idea is, Whatif he did?! That inspired me to suggest a tactical alert where Hunhow does find out about it and hides a fragment of his consciousness in Jupiter which he then uses to possess Corpus amalgams and use them to ruin while attempting to kill the Tenno. When he “beams in” and possesses someone, he says things like “I am assuming direct control.”, or “I will direct this personally.” But when you kill the possessed one, he says thing like, “This changes nothing.” Eventually the tactical alert leads to a boss fight with another eidolon, but this one is the vessel for the shard of Hunhow’s mind/soul. Killing this one rewards participants with hybrid Sentient weapons, and extra cool amalgam mods.
  24. Welcome to my thread! Here you will find my "little" attempt at effectively remaking the many enemies of the Tenno. While this thread started out as "Grineer-only", I've decided to expand onto the other factions. Welcome and enjoy, dozens of new units, characters, stories, locations, etc. await. As it has become somewhat popular these days, here's a rough roadmap of things to come: Corpus Roadmap: Infestation Roadmap: Corrupted/Orokin Roadmap: ViSoRi Roadmap: T̷͉̪̬͓͙͕ͅo̱̖̣͚͟r̞͈͚͖͢m͚̪̺͇̯̝͙e҉n͉̣t̟̰ Roadmap: Disclaimer: I'll try to mix it up with the factions, instead of posting huge blocks of content for one. Expect chaos. Now, don't expect me to really adhere to all that above stuff. I'm like Bioware with Anthem when it comes to keeping to schedules 😉. Also, you've probably noticed I omitted the Sentients. 2 Reasons: a) I don't really care about them; b) Jado's got them covered anyway. Old greeting: IMPORTANT NOTES!: Small, but potentially important note: This thread is best viewed in the default (light) forum theme. I am aware of several things that might be harder (or maybe even impossible) to read/see when using the dark theme. I simply can't be bothered to keep the topic up to my admittedly high standards in both themes as it would require way to much menial work (As this is a "for fun" project, I thinks it's understandable why I don't want to do things I consider "unfun"). Old logos: Sidenote: All the drawings and art is mine. Made the logo using some materials from the fansite kit available on the official Warframe site and the amazing TennoTyper (found here: https://clarvel.github.io/TennoTyper/) Official Warframe materials are used on certain occasions. Since the thread has become pretty sizeable, I decided to make a working table of contents, full of links for reader convenience. If you wish to follow the story as it was made, you are welcome to read from beginning to the end. Alternatively, use the Chronological List. (Decided it was taking too much space, I recommend using the Thematic Table of Contents for the best "experience"). If you are interested in a specific topic, or wish to read everything in a more cohesive, logical way, use the Thematic List. Additionally, I have a small, "miscellaneous" thread with bonus ideas. While those are generally way less "grandiose" than what you'll find here, I do consider them as "in-game" for the purposes of this thread, so if something doesn't make sense, it might have been mentioned there. Link: Click here. (archived, but still relevant) Thematic Table of Contents: Generic Grineer Corpus Infestation Corrupted/Orokin ViSoRi T̷͉̪̬͓͙͕ͅo̱̖̣͚͟r̞͈͚͖͢m͚̪̺͇̯̝͙e҉n͉̣t̟̰
  25. Title. Only tags are for PC since consoles have their own graphics levels and can probably run these places well. Spoilers because not everyone knows what I mean (Operators). Post PoE 2.0, I decided to try playing there for those thumpers and grossly low drop rates of that sparring weapon. I immediately noticed a difference in frames (from 40 to 30, fluctuating constantly). So imagine the grief when I see that. Now I can play less of these open worlds. Not sure if I can count these as optional anymore. Arcanes are becoming a thing, especially the fancier arcanes with health regen and all. More sentient cores means more rep for that faction at Cetus (forgot their name). Sentient shards yield focus rep and unlocking passives for the operator (250hp vs 1250hp, for example). Better amps for the operator. 4 frames locked behind these 2 worlds (got only gara, still need the rest). A bunch of weapons with exclusive open world resources. Floofs (I think that's the name), mostly for the hunting experience. Mostly the gear and operator stuff. Yes, I am aware this is extra work for the DEvs, but I am honestly curious how many players would be in for this. P. S. 30 tops frames at PoE. 10-20 only at Orb Vallis Edit: 2.2ghz dual core, 4gb of RAM, Nvidia MX720, internal memory is not an issue (500gb at least free), warframe set as high (not highest) priority, most tasks eliminated. Running at bare minimum low settings. Vsync off. Dynamic resolution on.
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