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  1. Greetings, fellow Tennos To introduce myself; my name is Axle, leader of the warframe clan Fever Clan. I discovered this game back in 2015 and have been playing it ever since as much as i can with whatever time available. I Joined this guild roughly a month ago (at the time of writing this), I am trying to establish as many players as I can to join us on warframe One thing right away: We are not trying to aim to be one of the big or competitive guilds - rather we would like to gather players that want to be in our multi-gaming clan and are interested in warframe. To be part of our guild you have to be in the clan, by the way! While that might drive some of you off, let me tell you that this is not a problem, if you'd like to be part of a bigger community and find some friends for different kinds of games. Our goals are to have a consistent, somewhat casual player base. We welcome both new players and veterans, so keep that in mind. We do have a bunch of veteran players, and we all are helping out as much as we can. Another reason why I keep mentioning "casual", is that most of us are having jobs or study along with it (plus playing more than just this one game) - which means, we might not have time to be online every day We also want to make it possible to have regular game nights on the weekends to hang out and some events with prizes now and then, just like the other game-sections in Fever. As already mentioned, we're not all necessarily active daily. That additionally to the fact, that right now we have about 20+ people regularly active just from our clan. So please be aware of that if you join - I would be sad to see someone leave out of disappointment, because they were expecting much more than we can offer right now. This guild was recently just built up from scratch! Now, about what our clan has to offer: We are a nearly 10 year old multi-gaming clan with a lot of active members and several gaming sections. Our members come from all over the world, though a lot of them come from the US (So be prepared to find more american players on WoW for example). Our gaming sections range from MOBAs (League of Legends, Smite and Heroes of the Storm, etc) to MMOs like World of Warcraft and FPS like Overwatch and CS:GO; but also games like Hearthstone, Diablo 3 and StarCaft 2. We do have quite a bunch of other games in our repertoire though, so it's best to check out our forums on your own and dig around a little bit; and get in touch with the players! We offer a well thought-out ranking- and job system besides all of this. You can choose to forever be an enlisted member or not take on any of the jobs we got (May that be part of the recruiting and greeting team or maybe the streaming department; we got a bunch of different ones) and just be a gamer. Or you can decide to help out the clan and work your way up in the ranks and even become an officer and above - which means more responsibilities, of course, but also the opportunity to lead even a whole gaming department, for example, and make a difference. As for events, that's different of course from section to section. But generally we all try to make tournaments, game nights and coaching-sessions happen. A great example is our Heroes of the Storm section, which just recently got re-structured to the better by a bunch of very dedicated people. As communication platforms - aside from our forum - we got our own Discord server, which is open for all members 24/7 with a lot of different channels for all kinds of games. May it be some conflict with another member (which we prefer to resolve privately between the involved parties, instead of spreading it out) or help in games; Our officers are also around at any time to help you guys out with whatever problem you might have. Also, a thing I personally would like to address: Things aren't set in stone in this clan (which is what I really like). If you put some effort and dedication into something that interests you, people are gonna see that and will support you! Most of our members are 20+, but anyone applying to Fever must be at least 18 years or older and have a working headset and mic. You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing an interview on our Discord server. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about - we will just go through the rules and some other stuff in detail and help you get started in our forum and community. Register here Submit application Interviews are conducted on our Discord server. If you hop into the Interview Room and Interview Room 2-channel, one of us from the Applications Team will be there soon and do the interview. Just keep in mind that we might be busy and/or in games as well right now, so you might have to show some patience. When answering “How did you hear about Fever Clan:” on your application please remember to put the following: Fever Member Referral Referrer: Axle
  2. Indonesia Warframe merupakan salah satu clan Warframe lokal dari Indonesia yang lebih dikenal dengan nama singkatannya, yaitu INAWF. Tujuan didirikannya clan lokal ini yaitu sebagai wadah untuk menampung serta tempat berkumpulnya player Warframe tanah air agar lebih mudah mendapatkan teman main satu bahasa, mengingat beberapa tahun lalu sangat sulit untuk mencari sesama player Indonesia di Warframe. INAWF terus berkembang secara perlahan & seiring berjalannya waktu, clan ini tumbuh menjadi salah satu clan lokal besar, Pada saat yang bersamaan, komunitas/playerbase Warframe di Indonesia juga ikut tumbuh & berkembang. Hal ini dapat dilihat dari berdirinya berbagai macam clan Indonesia baru dengan tier/ukuran yang bervariasi, mulai dari Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, hingga Moon clan, serta dengan terbentuknya Aliansi Indonesia. Mungkin ada yang belum mengetahui keberadaan clan ini, padahal sebelumnya sudah pernah berjumpa dengan kami baik itu di Relay, Lobby, bahkan mungkin salah satu dari kami pernah main 1 Squad denganmu Informasi Clan Syarat Bergabung Slot Anggota Pembangunan Dojo Fasilitas Penunjang Cara Mendaftar Kami Tunggu Kehadiranmu di Indonesia Warframe !
  3. Our clan was started on Jan 1st, 2019. I've been playing for a few years now, currently MR24. We are looking for people who want to learn the game or already do, helping other players, and being active in WF and as a group (yes I know we all take breaks now and then), even if you are a new player, it doesn't matter! Things like doing sorties or farming relics/kuva/edilon hunts, leveling items or just farming anything in general. The only rule we really have is just remember to have fun! We are located in the US, EST but location doesn't matter as I am sure we will have people from all over the world! Rank: MR2 or higher to join. Age 18+. We do use Discord for voice communication & letting everyone about things we are doing as a clan or team, and this is our primary way of communicating with other clan members. HEADPHONES ARE REQUIRED if using voice communications, NO EXCEPTIONS! 99% of the RESEARCH in our Dojo is done, Railjack is completed! other than dyes/pigments and a couple other items. If you are in another clan, you must leave that clan before we can invite you. Interested in joining us? Send me a PM here on these forums if your interested!
  4. Rank 8 Shadow Clan ‘Ethereal Brotherhood’ is now recruiting new and old members!! 👁 We have a Developed Dojo - most rooms are built and a lot of research has already taken place and we just need more members to expand our clan and make researching and building a lot easier. Since recruiting it really has come a long way I’m just getting back into Warframe and If you need a change of clan/new clan or just a new friend then this is the place for you haha. My username is MJthe2nd shoot me a message or reply to this and I’ll add you and we can start to build a community. There are 17 of us now but I’d like help to get this back up and running as I’ve put a lot of work into this dojo.. alone. Oh also I’m from the UK 🙂 We have a discord too that deserves to be more populated! Drop me a message 👻
  5. Our ps4 warframe is currently recruiting, we're a shadow clan with 23 members, our dojo is fully equipped with all the facilities you could need: multiple trading stations, most of the gear based research ( excluding some of the colours ), dry dock for railjack stuff etc. We don't have any requirements as far as level/rank or experience goes. our roster consists of a good mix of players in terms of experience so hopefully no matter what part of warframe interests you there will be people to run stuff with. for any further information on things like rules/inactivity feel free to respond on the forums or contact me on psn gamertag: CoNnOr52_6
  6. Aether. | Clan hispano. Hey, ¿qué tal?, yo soy Takitos del clan Aether. y estamos reclutando gente para unirse a nuestra comunidad. Buscamos miembros activos que sean amigables para jugar, charlar o simplemente estar ahí. Tenemos un servidor de Discord donde ocurren la mayoría de las cosas, el clan sólo pide ser amigable y ser relativamente activo. Tenemos todas las investigaciones de armas/Warframes en el dojo (a excepción de la Ignis fantasma, el clan se creó después de ese evento) por si alguien tiene dudas acerca de ellos. Si a alguien le interesa unirse puede escribirme por aquí, mensaje privado, en Discord a #Tortillitas8074, o por PSN a Takitos013.
  7. Newly resurrected Shadow clan rank 9 with the name Aspire is recruiting members 16+ and without a Mastery Rank requirement, Veterans and new players alike. We have most research done as well as the Railjack Dry dock ready for Empyrean. - Looking to create a great community with room for everyone, with a 30 days inactivity cap - given there is a note it will be longer. - The Dojo is ours not just mine, if you are creative and love decorating then feel free to do so! - We are in an alliance with a few other clans on discord and do communicate in both game and there aswell. The details are in the clan message of the day. - For more info please message me in game or here. Bang!
  8. IGN : WorseThanAI MR 13 Singapore GMT+8
  9. Rank 8 PC Shadow Clan ‘Ethereal Brotherhood’ is now recruiting new and old members!! 👁 We have a Developed Dojo - most rooms are built and a lot of research has already taken place and we just need more members to expand our clan and make researching and building a lot easier. I’m just getting back into Warframe and If you need a change of clan/new clan or just a new friend then this is the place for you haha. My username is MJthe2nd shoot me a message or reply to this and I’ll add you and we can start to build a community. I make it sound like there’s an us.. it’s just me really but I’d like help to get this back up and running as I’ve put a lot of work into this dojo.. alone. Oh also I’m from the UK 🙂 drop me a message
  10. Twisted Casuals : Age 21+ : Rank 10 : Mountain Clan : Discord : Any MR : Beautiful Dojo : Dry Dock Ready We're a Mountain Clan with 150+ members, full research (minus ignis wraith but we have blueprints to give out) We're not looking for a huge amount of players - we're looking for quality over quantity. There's 3 things we look for in players >Age 21+ >Active >Social We're very relaxed about activity level though if you fit in well, any questions just get in touch Futureheadz Alliance : Age 18+ : 30+ Clans : Discord Any clans who are 18+ and are interested in joining our alliance feel free to get in touch and we can talk about it 🙂 Contact : Message me in game, via PSN or on here and you should get a reply fairly rapidly 😎
  11. Welcome to Hardcore Human Beings (HHB) 99% Researched, Shadow Tier. ~~Recruitement open: YES We are apart of the SoH Alliance (Stalkers of Hunhow) Active members, Friendly environment. We do have a Clan Discord, as well as a Alliance Discord. For more information send me a message on PS4 or drop me a message here. - PSN - Midnightriotz. I'll be checking the forum page twice a day.
  12. Our Clan ‘Ethereal Brotherhood’ is now recruiting new and old members. It’s a rank 8 shadow clan We have a Developed Dojo - most rooms are built and a lot of research has already taken place and we just need more members to expand our clan and make researching and building a lot easier. I’m just getting back into Warframe and so I’m just wanting to start over without having to actually start over! If you need a change of clan/new clan or just a new friend then this is the place for you haha. My username is MJthe2nd shoot me a message or reply to this and I’ll add you and we can start to build a community.
  13. Hi everyone, I´ve been playing Warframe since March 2013, with more than 2600 hours in game, Mastery Rank 27, looking for a Ghost or Shadow Clan with active Tenno, since in the clan I´m in right now, I´m the only one active. I prefer a clan with adult people, but i´m open to anything. Preferably with full dojo, but I care the most about complete Dry Dock (with MK III Armaments and Components) right now. I just want to have friendly Tenno to join, without too many clan restrictions. Let me know the name of your Clan, if it is Ghost or Shadow and your IGN to contact you if i like it. See you around Tenno. -Cruizato
  14. Ciao io e altri 3 membri abbiamo appena creato un nuovo clan e abbiamo bisogno di membri seri, non abbiamo nessun tipo di standard nel reclutare e non abbiamo orari fissi da rispettare per collegarsi, si richiedono solo serietà e cordialità (e ovviamente di usare la chat vocale 😂). Questo clan ha l'obiettivo di divertirsi e aiutarci a vicenda, anche per coloro che si sono avvicinati da poco al meraviglioso mondo di Warframe. Vi aspettiamo in tanti e cercheremo di aiutare il più possibile. Il Clan si chiama Organizzazione XIII. Per essere aggiunti rispondete a questo post col vostro nickname ps4 altrimenti contattate in privato: VijiTheBisd o Psm325. Speriamo di vedervi arrivare in tanti 😊😁❤️
  15. I would like invite people to join my clan.
  16. Pwnography is a small, close-knit clan that doesn't plan on expanding past 30 members. We are international, english-speaking, and active. Our clan has all research completed (including Ignis Wraith), and share the costs whenever new items are released. We have many veteran members who are capable of completing the hardest content Warframe has to offer, such as triple eidolon captures and veil railjack. We prefer to use Discord over in-game chat, so you should be willing to get on Discord often. Pwnography also has a badass logo! Our clan is always active in discord, regardless of the state of the game. If you prefer to get to know a small group of people well, this is the clan for you. Some requirements: * Play on PC * Speak English * Mastery rank 20+ * Age 18+ * Regularly use Discord * Have a mic * Be somewhat active Let me know if you're interested and I'll get in contact with you! Preferred method is by leaving a comment in this thread. Alternatively, my in-game name is BrewBreuw and Discord name is BrewBreuw#9373.
  17. Keine Lust auf einen ueberfuellten Massenclan in dem du zwar bist, jedoch sowieso immer alleine oder public spielst? Dann sind wir eine gute Alternative. Mit TS3, und guter Laune pruegeln wir uns taeglich im Warframe Universum. Fuer den Empyrean Content suchen wir Verstaerkung. Egal ob Neuling oder Veteran. Bei Interesse schaut einfach auf TS vorbei oder schreibt mich ingame an. -Exalted_Owl-
  18. Welcome kouhai ! To Excalibur templus clan ! Shadow clan , research 89% , has rail jack. --------------------------------------------------- Our clan has been 3 years in total , now we need more player for the rail jack updates ! Clan target are mainly to invite asian players who loves anime in the clan , we all have love to the anime ...well that sauce to as well ! Right now the clan accept any player with any mastery rankings since ours player more into anime/manga/waifu , respect ,Culture and honour , we don't advice kids to join since it be to extreme for them because most player has certain fetish so please be advice to enter ! We need player who are interested in -deco the clan -active player who can use discord also love anime - rail jack update ! We need pilot senpai! If very interested ! Sugoi sugoi ! Welcome to the clan you disgusting scum ! We brothers will be good! Here's how to join us ! The thing we scum must have !requirement ! ; -MUST have discord! Here inv link sugoi https://discord.gg/7qDRWgv -leave your IGN in da chat ! - tell us your anime/manga/waifu fav in da chat ! My name is TJad ! Thank you for reading this!
  19. About us Lepidus is a Shadow Clan, that wishes to help others wherever we can. New players and veterans alike are more than welcome to join. Current members are in Australia, though we are accepting anyone friendly! We are also seeking Apprentices, which are the recruiters for our clan. Rules 1) Be friendly to strangers, while a member of Lepidus you are also a representation of what we are. 2) No harassing or excessive trolling. 3) No spamming. No spamming. No spamming. 4) No homophobia, blatant racism, etc. I mean come on people! That's it! Our Goals 1) A fully functioning dojo, so far about 2/5 is researched, though the drydock is finished and ready for use. 2) To help newbies learn what they can about Warframe 3) To have fun! Dojo Our Dojo is still in the earlier stages, we do however have the following: 2x Bio Labs 2x Chem Labs 2x Energy Labs 2x Tenno Labs 1x Orokon Lab 1x Oracle 1x Crimson Branch 1X Dueling Room 1x Observatory 1x Obstacle Course 7x Reactors Discord: https://discord.gg/8F3kvwk I've noticed an issue that appears when giving yourself a role in #roles. If you are not receiving the available role, please PM me or another admin to give it you immediately.
  20. Sors Elegit Nos is a Shadow clan on PS4 which won 3rd place in the most recent dojo contest, and we are now recruiting! We are a clan built on respect and ask for mature players that are MR10+ and/or 16 years of old or older that are really into the game and are willing to help the clan. Benefits: We are apart of the Stalkers of Hunhow alliance, which is one of the largest alliances on PS4! The alliance also hosts giveaways and events! 100% Research done (excluding Ignis Wraith) Beautiful, large dojo We also have a Discord server (and so does the Alliance), which I will provide to new members upon request. Most of our rules are related to our alliance: 21 day inactivity limit No trading in Alliance Chat (unless its syndicate or requiem trade requests, as well as kuva liches, fish, gems and lenses) No cussing, bullying or derogatory statements whatsoever in Alliance Chat OR around younger members in our clan No begging for plat in Alliance Chat Limit of PSN message chats to avoid spam I will provide a document of full clan rules and alliance rules upon request.
  21. Olemme shadow clan(10) tällä hetkellä 4 aktiivisella pelaajalla. Tarkoitus olisi kasvattaa määrää kahden squadin verran. Pitää porukka suht tiiviinä. Casual klaani ei mitään jäätävää hifistelyä, rentoo peli meininkii huippu porukalla. Juostaan kaiken näköistä shortiet, arbit, relikit, pitkät endlessit jne. Ei sen erikoisempia vaatimuksia eikä haittaa vaikka olisit tyhmä kuin saapas me jeesataan. Ois tietenkin kiva et oisit jonkun muun kun äitisi mielestä hyvä tyyppi. K-25 et juttujen taso pysyy tarpeeks huonona. Tule rohkeesti kyselemään lisää, Ei turhia määrä-aikaisia sopimuksia. Ota yhteyttä pelissä superpaap tai tommando Tai https://discord.gg/nEMZXvv
  22. Guardian Prime is Recruiting! We are a semi-casual Shadow Clan (30 members max), We will stay at this tier, I believe an large it becomes impersonal and more of a crowd than a friendly group. That said, we like to participate for awards in events (hence semi), receiving gold trophies in every event since the clan was created. That said our goal is to be a friendly community with nice players. We share our discord server with our sister clan, Synetics, as their clan leader is a friend of mine and our communinties mingle often. What we have to offer Fully researched Labs (and new weapons will be started researching within a day or two of release) A well decorated Clan Dojo with Dry Dock and organized teleporter menu Friendly community Clan MoTD Updated frequently with News for the clan or a few important game changes Clan Logo {Seen above} Clan Discord that we use as a messageboard/forums ♥️Screenshot Dojo Tour https://imgur.com/a/QcRgycM Requirements Mastery rank 6+ (higher the better, shows dedication/longevity of the player) Participation in operations (Scoreboard Operations, not Ghouls/Fomorian etc, those are up to the individual) Friendly and active player, more than 3 weeks AFK and no contact/reason warrants a boot (Understand burnout/life/finals etc are all fine reasons) Most of our players are active in the afternoon-evening [NA timezones] so it'd be best for you to be active during these times too, that being said we do have some euros. This just makes sure you dont join a clan and feel alone for the time periods you play at. Fluent in English, it does not matter if english is not your first language, but you should be able to communicate with other clanmates Be contactable through discord Applications are received by sending me [Coldstreme] [Discord @Cold#1027] Signing up to our discord here ( https://discordapp.com/invite/SXXUqrX, Alternate: https://discordapp.com/invite/jrBCE6f ) and sending me a DM Replying to the thread (slower response) Message/post should include: In-Game name Mastery Rank What time you'll be available for invite
  23. One of the oldest xbox1 clans is back up and running with a fully stocked dojo. Come join our family
  24. About us: I started this clan some months ago with my friends, we all did something to make this clan really good for us. We did aproximately all the research just us kinda 97% and the decoration of the dojo too. Time's goes fast and we think it's time to invite members even new players who just started, to teach them, have fun and make new friends. We are very friendly, with a big sense of humor, and looking to have a really good time. Rules: There's not much rules other than, speak english, don't insult others and be respectful and you will be respected. You will get a higher rank when you will won our trust, doing good things for the clan, help others,have respect, and be friendly. Others: We just started and hope we can be really good friends, and in the future to become a big clan. With your help, we can all achieve what we want from this game. Decoration: We don't really have much decorations but we will have in the future, the most decorated room for now is the Main Hall: Apply: Just let your IGN here if you want to join, any MR. And will invite you : ) Good luck Tenno!
  25. looking to form an alliance with another smaller casual clan. more friends, more fun, without more research cost in the future.
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