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  1. Hi all, I'm finally using the fourms on PC so hopefully all text won't look like a wall. Anyways, I want to talk about invigoration's and why I don't like them and why there are already too many systems in warframe currently. First off, Invigoration's are just easily forgettable that's kinda a fact with them. Like yea its nice to have a MASSIVE buff in lets say ability strength or melee on one frame but its so random that people end up just losing interest after awhile. BUT, Those who pay way too much attention to them and take the game way too seriously when it comes to Eidolon hunts and lets say Profit Taker. Might cause some social divide to those who want CERTAIN members of the party who has invigoration's on their frame and only want certain people to join. This is just my opinion but I genuinely think its stupid to value someone who has an invigoration over someone who doesn't and still is pretty damn good at what they're doing. I just genuinely feel invigoration just cause the people who care way too much about power to go F**king ballistic when they hear the guy doesn't have an invigoration. Now this is just a very small part of the community atm but it does concern me. Anyway moving on. It's just another system on another system- Invigoration's as we know are part of the helmith system which while it is cool. It makes bad frames irrelevant and good frames more relevant. Anyways, at this point we all know Warframe has way too much systems at this point. I feel DE is just making new systems for the sake of calling it content. But Warframe is becoming too cluttered with these systems in my opinion. My current opinion on Warframe right now- Now listen, I really do love this game but I have to criticize these systems because I genuinely feel they would either just add to the clutter and just be another system that people will forget about or abuse later when they find some wacky stuff and DE nerfs it to the ground and then it becomes truly forgotten. Listen I care about this game a lot and The New War looks really good and I really hope DE are gonna make the right changes and listen to their community moving forward. And now I'm gonna move on to my last point. Edit- A part of this section was removed. Listening to the wrong people in the community- I genuinely feel like the community is a mixed bag of good people who genuinely recommend some really good goddamn Ideas but also that part of the community that just really doesn't want the right choices in the game. Like for example, Someone could genuinely make a really good post and make a crap ton of valid points and not get his voice heard. While some guy who would whine about cosmetics and wanting a weapon to be nerfed gets listened too. Like sometimes these moments make me go "what the hell man". Because I feel like sometimes someone who whines about a gun being to strong gets listened too more than a guy with some good constructive criticism about a frame or something. Now, I just want to say this I'm not trying to make DE or the community look bad I'm just telling you the way I see it. Some people in the community I feel really just want to say things like "OMG PLZ NERF IT TWOO STRONG" just to screw it up. The tenet Tetra is a good example of this. We need stronger primaries and secondaries but overall we need a rehual of ALL THE GUNS STATS TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN. That is just my opinion but i genuinely feel if they were to do the right thing and fix everything. There will always be that one Person "OMG NERF EM ALL DE". Closing thoughts- Now I love this game and I just want it to succeed. And all the things I'm saying are just from the bottom of my heart and all I want is to at least help give some criticism of the game. I love this game and I love this community but I feel like certain choices these dev's did are just wrong. Now, I just wanna say this. If any of you read this I hope from the New War and onward this game can improve and show that it still has talent to succeed. But if they go down the wrong path again. I'm just quitting the game outright. Thank you for your time reading this. Edit- It seems some people have mistaken this post for me wanting to control how people play. Please note that is not the case, and if it seems like that I'm very sorry. All I'm just trying to do is criticize the state of Warframe atm. Please note I'm not trying to judge others too hard or seem like I have a vendetta against anyone. This is just coming from someone who has 1500+ hours from my Switch to PC playing this game and I'm just giving my thoughts.All I ask is don't be offended by them because I said something this is just my all thoughts and we are all entitled to what we think.
  2. Waves, I'm decorator for one of the very old clan out there. I'm in the process of doing entire new wing for my Dojo 20+ rooms. This plan also included Starlight Market and whole theme around it as main central area. But as my Starlight Market finished building and I went to check the room panel there was no option to make this very room as "Spawn Room". So please DE please add this feature for us. It could be one of the coolest rooms out there and no way to make as main room.
  3. During the Q&A in the dev panel, Pablo said he would much rather work on new content rather than fix old stuff, and as such no additional Warframe reworks are pending. I can understand wanting to add things to the game, and yes, please, give us more. But there are a lot of things that really do need to be addressed, and I hate the idea of have 47 Warframes with at least half of them having either a wasted ability or just a really weak kit. Don't get me wrong, there are almost no frames that I would say are broken to the point of needed a total overhaul, and the community definitely tends to be very shortsighted with new releases (Yareli's being dragged through the mud right now, but I'm confident she's going to get some bumps in power). There are also some core mechanics in the game that honestly do need a bit of a once-over. Note: Pablo's responsible for a ton of my favorite parts of this game, like Nezha and Wukong's reworks, as well as Nullifiers. Yes, I think Nullifiers are a good addition. ...Except when I'm playing max range Limbo. Warframes: We all have at least one frame that we think needs a little love. Mesa needs a new 1. Excalibur's 1 needs to be retuned for Melee 3.0. Garuda is basically a Valkyr rework, and she has her own problems like blood ball management and a fun bug if you cast her 1 too fast. Grendel is Grendel. Hydroid is about as effective at killing enemies as slapping them with noodles. Obviously, some players love these frames as they are, but with the Helminth system came a chance for us to get a look at what abilities players thought were better being replaced with something wholesale, and it really does feel like a band-aid approach. I think a good once-over of every frame would do some good. Not even big changes, for some it would literally just be tweaking AOE/aiming and shifting some numbers and scaling around. And for Void's sake, we really should be able to recast buffs while they're active, rather than having to have a ton of mods thrown at us to allow them to be recast. Convenience is rarely worth a mod slot. Weapons: I like the idea of the Galvanized mods, as they introduce what's basically a combo counter to a lot of weapons, but again, this was a faster solution in the place of a more thorough one, especially when paired with arcanes. I think mechanically the new primary and secondary arcanes are tuned just fine, but I do feel as though a lot of the problem is the systemic failure that is the damage system. There is practically no reason to run viral/fire outside of very specific circumstances. Meanwhile, gas and magnetic have almost no real utility outside of basically two enemy types, even though gas is probably one of the most fun status effects. Magnetic, however, has no utility outside of shielded enemies, which are almost non-existent outside of the Corpus, and toxin ignores shields anyway. Seriously, what is the point of having magnetic damage outside of semi-scripted fights like Profit Taker? To make matters worse, there are twelve flavors of enemy resistance types with thirteen types of damage (excluding "object" enemies like Blunts and True and Void damage types, which have no resistances), and a lot of the damage vs resistance matchups don't really make sense. Why does poisonous gas do less damage to living flesh and more damage to infested flesh? Why does electricity do less damage to alloy armor, despite metals being conductive (generally)? And then there's another problem. Primaries: There are, realistically, six categories of primary weapons: automatic rifles, semi-automatic rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, launchers, and bows, along with a few oddballs lumped into other categories like the Phage, Phantasma, and Ignis. Tuning-wise however, there are almost no situations where you would want to use a semi-auto over an auto rifle. For example, assuming you have perfect timing (or just assign mouse-wheel down) you can fire a Latron Prime 4 times per second, with each shot at a base of 90 damage. A Tenora (classique) will spool up to doing 11 shots per second at 40 damage. The Latron Prime has lower crit chance and higher crit damage and status chance, but you're way more likely to have a Tenora crit, and having almost 3 times the fire rate means a higher probability of status effects. Both are dwarfed by the sheer destructive power of the Cedo, which not only has innate Condition Overload, but also an AOE that spreads a TON of status. It's an automatic shotgun, and probably the best weapon in the game, which is why it makes sense to lock it behind a long rep grind. However, all of these are MR 8 weapons. I understand that older weapons aren't going to be as highly tuned as more recent ones. However, there really should be more consistency among the relationship between fire rate and damage per shot. A more math-savvy Tenno could probably do proper DPS graph of what a mag dump would look like for each weapon, but I think most of us would rather run explosives anyway. Modding: Warframes, and I'd argue melee weapons, have a ton of wiggle room in modding. Primaries and secondaries are basically "build hybrid crit/status with Viral/fire." If the point of having eight mod slots is the give players the freedom to have a unique weapon instead of a tech tree, then that design has failed. Every now and then you get a weird outlier of a weapon like the Tiberon Prime that can be modded towards any one of its strengths. But unless you're in very late game or running Chroma, there's almost never a reason not to add base damage or multishot to weapons. My opinion on Multishot has always been that it's a glorified, upgraded version of crit chance, and many Warframe youtubers basically repeat the mantra of one or two "free mod slots" or "preference slots," meaning the ones not devoted to damage, multishot, viral, and crit. The most fun weapons I've ever built were a set of max fire rate Twin Vipers and a max magazine Carmine Penta (the Grenade Scythe), but there's absolutely no reason to ever use them, and in most situations they're unusable. On one hand, weapons level like Warframes, so it would make sense for a weapon's power to scale with level, but on the other hand, that would also mean a lot of homogenization of weapons. ...Honestly I'm not sure how to tackle this. Player Feedback: Why is there no in-game way for players to give feedback on new content? A simple rating box that you can access if you've done the requisite task would be great! A great example would be Yareli. The forums have made it very clear (myself included) that she has some serious problems. But to make your voice heard, you need to go to the forums, and because all of the feedback is being done in a massive batch, a lot of it gets lost. While I'll admit a lot of players are really optimistic about some changes (someone basically suggested a full rework of Merulina to be a whale, like... lol wut), there is a ton of requests that are really reasonable that will probably be lost to the ether. Not to mention the simple problem of "how many players post of the forums?" Just some buttons in game that integrate with the game's data would be fantastic. It would also be cool to have a wider access to some beta features to see what's coming down the pipeline. I love the Tennocon relays, and I think it would be awesome to have them in game for every dev-stream. I don't know what that would look like from a back-end perspective, but it would be a way more positive experience to hang out in a relay with fellow tenno rather than try and comprehend Twitch chat from literally everywhere on Earth. I know this was a long, rambling post. I'm not meaning to be like "rawrgh Pablo bad." I honestly think he's one of the coolest figures in gaming right now, being an extremely active player in a game he's developing. I just thought that particular line rubbed me a little the wrong way. To quote Shuri from Black Panther: "Just because something works doesn't mean it can't be improved." I mean, I wouldn't have put thousands of hours into a game I don't love. But there are some things that I feel really deserve some polish and love.
  4. Take to the skies and unleash the full power of the elements! Zephyr Prime and Chroma Prime return to the Origin System along with their signature Weapons and Customizations for a limited time. ZEPHYR AND CHROMA DUAL PRIME PACK 1200 Platinum Zephyr & Chroma Prime Warframes Tiberon Prime Kronen Prime Rubico Prime Gram Prime Impetus Prime Syandana Commodore Prime Suit Imugi Prime Armor Tibor Prime Armor Tibor Prime Gene-Masking Kit BONUS: Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment and Kavat Starter Kit Zephyr & Chroma Prime Glyphs ZEPHYR PRIME PACK 400 Platinum Zephyr Prime Warframe Tiberon Prime Kronen Prime Commodore Prime Suit Tibor Prime Armor Tibor Prime Gene-Masking Kit BONUS: Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment and Kavat Starter Kit Zephyr Prime Glyphs CHROMA PRIME PACK 400 Platinum Chroma Prime Warframe Rubico Prime Gram Prime Impetus Prime Syandana Imugi Prime Armor Chroma Prime Glyphs ZEPHYR PRIME ACCESSORIES PACK 200 Platinum Commodore Prime Suit Tibor Prime Armor Tibor Prime Gene-Masking Kit BONUS: Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment and Kavat Starter Kit CHROMA PRIME ACCESSORIES PACK 200 Platinum Impetus Prime Syandana Imugi Prime Armor The Prime Vault opens April 27 at 2 p.m. ET on all platforms!
  5. Greetings Dreamers! At TennoCon 2021 we announced that Nightwave Intermission 3 is coming to an end on July 28th at 2 pm ET. When Nightwave Intermission 3 has concluded, there will be a transition into Nightwave: Nora’s Choice. This brings back some of Nora’s favourite Rewards but also introduces the new exclusive Yareli in Action Glyph and the Waveform Ephemera for the first time. You can tune into Nora’s Choice beginning on August 4th at 2 pm ET. Duplicate Protection Continues! Intermission rewards are sometimes a repeat of the previous Nightwave series, and while newer players might delight in getting some of these new items, we wanted to add a way for it to still be rewarding for returning Dreamers! We accomplish this by giving a 50 Credit reward instead of a previously owned item. This does not apply to items such as Warframe Slots, or consumable items (such as Forma), but rather for owned, unique items such as previous Nightwave Cosmetics. Upcoming changes? As we mentioned in our previous post: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1247630-nightwave-intermission-iii-is-now-live/, we shifted our focus from Nightwave to develop The New War and beyond in Warframe. Nightwave is a regular and reliable reward track for Tenno of all experience levels. Play and get cool stuff! Continuing into Nora’s Choice will allow us to ensure we give The New War the attention it deserves. Our goal to have a simultaneous release across all Platforms remains the same.
  6. Currently Nightwave credits "expire" when an episode or intermission ends. Is there any good reason for this? No, the only changes with the credits every Nightwave iteration are the icons and small additions to the cred offerings. Changing FUTURE Nightwave credits to be "universal" would be beneficial to all players. (Also not having 80 different NW creds in the future. I'm looking at you devs) You can argue that Nightwave doesn't change often, but it still does and has a currently unnecessary credit reset system. Pros: Credits don't expire every episode/intermission (no restarting if you haven't played in a while) No worrying when NW is going to end (save for what you want/need instead of buying just to spend your credits) Not every players can do elite acts (new players would be able to save up for their mods/potatoes without getting reset) Less save data (¬¬ devs) Cons: Less money for DE because you could have credits between NW iterations (I don't think you can access the shop between NWs so maybe not a con) Please share your thoughts about how Nightwave credits could be improved for the future. My personal motivation for the change: TLDR-current credit system bad. no more unusable credits "I'll start with the amount of unused credits I have from previous Nightwaves, 385. I don't care about being able to spend those previous credits, but having a better system where our credits don't go to waste. I also think from a dev standpoint that once NW gets to the point of intermission 20 it is going to take up unnecessary game save data with the multitude of different credits (swap out credit icon instead of making new ones every time). I do try to look at things from all angles and see this proposal only as a positive change for the future of Nightwave."
  7. 9 different buffs in total (offense buffs) (or 11 in utility) 47 different warframes double invigoration being a thing total : chances to get the right invigoration for a squad build (and thats with offense, thats even worse with utility, or both combined) Please DE, please
  8. Some of us have reached the cap of the current Nightwave intermission and I'd like to ask for more Prestige Ranks so we can earn more stuff, please? Here's a related topic in General which could be of use to the Devs: Thanks. :)
  9. So many people struggle to type in those riven links and the same goes for me. I have a idea where if we had a link in the chat button for rivens in the mod machine so we don’t have to type it in and save those seconds from our time. I always be anxious when typing multiple rivens and is all because if one letter is misplace I will have to type it all over again until I get it right. :(
  10. I currently play on NSW and the game is awesome, truly remarkable how well it performs and looks. I do have some frame drops and wish I could migrate over to PC but I don't want to discuss that here. Playing on the a controller limits the amount of buttons I have access too and I was hoping you could add some additional mappings to the ability menu to have access to more mappings in game. Current options: Equip Omni Focus and Transference Tactical menu (Ability menu) Ability menu proposed additions: Place marker/Captura camera (personal priority) Quick progress view Show level map Show player list Consumables (personal priority) Gear Hotkey 1-12 (personal priority) These additional mappings would be able to map to the thumbstick clicks, directional buttons, L (left-bumper), LZ (left-trigger) & preferably to button pad (A, B, X, Y). This would be greatly beneficial to how I play Warframe as I have a controller with 4 additional buttons on the bottom that I like to map the 4 Warframe abilities but for it to work properly I have to map the abilities to the directional pad and I lose 4 mappings that are greatly needed in my opinion.
  11. I realize a mission can't be running 100m in an empty warehouse, completing the objective, then running another 100m on the save level to extract. I understand that. But mission distances are getting close to ridiculous. It's not uncommon to run 800m+ to the objective, complete the objective, and then run over 1000m to extract. The other day there was a run to the objective that was almost 2000m long. No wonder it seems like 80% of the players stick with Wukong. Again, I understand missions can't be in an empty warehouse, but the length of these missions are ridiculous. A player shouldn't have to load up on speed mods and be forced to parkour the entire mission. No, I'm not going to waste my helminth skill on speed.
  12. So many people struggle to type in those riven links and the same goes for me. I have a idea where if we had a link in the chat button for rivens in the mod machine so we don’t have to type it in and save those seconds from our time. I always be anxious when typing multiple rivens and is all because if one letter is misplace I will have to type it all over again until I get it right. :(
  13. Whats up Guys, I'm looking for a Nintendo Switch Clan, I do have a pc, PlayStation and now switch account, so far i am enjoying the switch very much and i would really like to get to know some more people, and also help them in their goals in becoming the best switch clan, i started new with my warframes to keep up with the new people coming to switch and because i don't mind the grind. so if your looking for a dedicated and a veteran warframe player, Im your guy!
  14. Hey Tenno! We are mostly back online across the board for now, except for in-game Chat service. (If that changes we’ll let you know). We wanted to give you a quick post-mortem of what happened this time around, and assurance that any stability issues will not prevent you from getting the day’s rewards. We’ll treat that right. The servers began to have issues when we combined our massive rise in concurrent users with several calls to action (account management, game access). There will always be the root “but shouldn’t you have expected that?” and the answer is we did, and based everything off 5 years of experience and data patterns. Yet - you still overwhelmed it in sheer numbers, Tenno! Free stuff is powerful. We have things in place to keep operational and will update threads as needed. The important thing is for everyone to be aware we are working on this, and we will treat you all right if connectivity issues persist. Please continue to enjoy the show at twitch.tv/warframe. Cheers ! Update: In-game Chat is back on all platforms. Update 2 (17:18 eastern time): We are monitoring some issues at the moment Tenno. As mentioned before we will treat you all right if connectivity issues persist.
  15. We all hate one and done drops, once you get them once you have no use of it anymore. For example if Mission A has a 10% chance to drop a warframe part, you have a 10% chance of getting absolutely nothing of value because you already crafted the part. How do we fix this? Simple, up their sell price by A LOT. For example, if an annoying to get warframe part blueprint like Harrow Systems sells for 2500 credits, it should be sold at around 50-250k credits. Now you actually get something worthwhile if the drop system give you a duplicate item. Sell price can be adjusted based on their rarity.
  16. I found it personally frustrating to constantly kill Larvlings/Candidates that have a minimal chance of generating the desired weapon I desire. It's especially time-consuming after multiple missions when the desired weapon in question finally generates. For this reason, I believe it to be much more convenient if Larvlings/Candidates, after being downed, cycle between different weapons before performing a mercy on them. They could display different selections of Tenet/Kuva weapons that switch every 5 seconds, out of the total 30 seconds until they expire on their own. This would save much more time in gaining the desired weapon generated with their respective Lich/Sister gained from a single mission, compared to repeating multiple missions that offer the weapon solely by chance and RNG instead.
  17. Press CTRL + F then type the title from contents. Contents: Movement Focus System Rework Void Melee Weapons Operator Game-Modes Operator Cosmetics QOL, Bugs, Changes & Improvements What I want out of Duviri Paradox On the last devstream a play asked a question about operator content, they didn`t say much but from their reaction it looks like we will finally (the operator lovers) get some operator content. Since this is the case I want to give some ideas of what I would like to see them get. Movement Firstly, the operators should have better mobility than what we currently have. Here are some improvements; Sprint Speed: The operators should be able to run faster than the current speed they are at even with the passive of 30% sprint speed from the Naramon tree is still slow. The operators should at least get an extra 50% running speed to make them more usable. Also, if anyone knows how much sprint speed they have without any passives or arcanes please let me know. This is the operator`s sprint speed with the way-bound passive (mind step) which gives 30% sprint speed. This is the operator`s sprint speed with the tenno speed buff from disruption. Look at the complete difference, this should be the operator`s base sprint speed. This is the operator`s ludicrous sprint speed with the tenno buff and from arcane cadence that gives you 90% sprint speed. With all those speed buffs this is how far the operator can jump. Jump Hight: Operators should either be able to do a double jump or holding the button should make them jump higher to make them be able to get to higher platforms. Wall Run: I would like to see them be able to perform parkour moves. Even though void dashing gets you to where you want to be faster sometimes it`s uncontrollable and it`s not fun but seeing the operator performing a wall run would be fun to watch and another alternative to get around places. Dodging/knockdown Recovery: Even through their dodge is sliding I think it should be dramatic like the knockdown recovery they have when shooting certain amps but instead work when enemies knock them down. Since they don`t have that much of survivability, this would be a very useful mechanic plus it would be fun to watch. Fly Kick/Slide Kick: Fly kicking is one of the most underused manoeuvres in warframe. Because warframes are powerful, a fly kick is underpowered but since operators are not as powerful as them, I think this move would be fitting for them. When they fly kick an enemy, they should receive a small ragdoll also, they should be able to do a slide kick (like in Ninja Gaiden) where the enemy should receive a knockdown. (combined with the slide we currently have) Edge Grab: Although operators can perform this, It`s not reliable. The only thing I’ll say is it needs to be more consistent for it to be useable. Chimera Prologue Dash: This feature in the prologue was fun, I`m hoping that we get this dash after we complete the new war quest. In the environment, there can be dash points where operators can dash to. (like in the amazing spider-man games web dash) If they added an operator game mode where it`s about stealth, this dash ability would be a perfect fit. Enemy Vaulting: Warframe can do this already however, performing this is not reliable and unnoticeable. Operators being able to do this makes them more versatile in getting an advantage on enemies. As for how it works, if the operator jumps onto an enemy, it will automatically vault them up into the air, holding the jump button will make them vault over them getting behind them. Running on ziplines: Watching them do this is fun however, once again, it`s doesn’t happen all the time which makes it unreliable. This needs a fix that makes it more consistent and when operators are on a zipline the should move faster and when jumping off, the should get a jump boost. If the operator can do this it will make them enjoyable to play and make moments like this satisfying. Focus System Rework When this was introduced, I was hyped, it was a grind but I’m glad I got them all done that being sain the issues I have with this is that they support the warframes more than the operators so the point of these changes, some will be replaced with new abilities and some will switch places with another school. The focus of these changes is to improve and make them useable for both warframe and (most importantly) operator gameplay, also bold writing means changes. Here is the link to all the focus schools and their abilities https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Focus Madurai Naramon Zenurik Because of how good it is and that its abilities is good for the operator there will be no changes as I feel this focus school supports both warframe and operator gameplay. Vazarin Unarui One thing I also want to add is that the nodes are no longer connected, you can now choose the abilities you want active and what abilities you want turned off. Void Melee Weapons Since operators have void abilities, I think operators should be able to use melee weapons. This is something that I and other people have wanted to see happen. So, I’m going to talk about what I would like out of this when this happens. Usable weapons: Traits of melee weapon: You can use any melee weapon with the operators, however, using a certain weapon will give bonus stats for the weapon and the operator. Madurai: Zenurik: Naramon: Vazarin: Unairu Void Rage Void weapons have a gauge that can be filled up by killing enemies. When this happens, the operator is in a powerful state that increases melee damage, attack speed, 60% damage reduction and amplify weapon bonuses. · Void rage will last one minute. · Upon activation, operator will scream in rage surrounded by an aura (operator`s energy colour) Visually the weapon is broken, then as the operator kills enemies it start to become whole and when it does you can activate void rage (which is also a visual indicator). Amplified bonuses: Madurai: Aerial attacks will ignite into flames instantly, reach up to 20m and will release three energy waves. Zenurik: Held enemies are affected by radiation and enemies shooting enemies held up will have their shots reflected at them. Naramon: Enemies with a mark will be affected by gas damage and preforming an aerial attack will zip the operator towards enemies within 20m. Vazarin: Melee weapon range is increased to 15m and can hit through obstacles and walls. Unairu Slam attack AOE range reaches 20m and affected enemies receive 30% reduced movement speed for 10 seconds. If operators were to use melee weapons, they would be fun a heck (especially with the Naramon focus school). Operator Game-Modes Imo this is something that needs to happen, we have operators but we don`t have much that`s exclusive to them. Since the operators are here, we need some operator only game-modes that can make use of their movement and abilities. This is a mission where you use operators that can benefit from warframe abilities however you can only use operators and the only thing your chosen warframe can do in the mission is sprint can cast abilities that can affect operators. Effective warframes: Volt - 2nd 3rd Wisp - 1st Harrow - 2nd 3rd 4th These warframes provide useful buffs or abilities that operators can use while in the mission from ranging from damage to survivability. Here is a game-mode I came up with back in 2018 where it`s a mission with eight objectives and each of them evolves around the focus school which means each focus school are useful in each mission. New game-mode: Operation Havoc As for this part I’m not going to take credit for, I can`t remember who said but this person basically said that instead of gaining focus by putting lenses on warframes and weapons, it would be better to get focus by a specialised mission for operators that an NPC gives based on the focus school you are currently with. For example Madurai mission – exterminate all enemies (infested enemies) Naramon – mission – Infiltrate into a base and steel classifies intel on enemies` weaknesses and patrol routes. If it`s from a syndicate: Arbiters of Hexis – Complete challenges that will better your skills. Steel Meridian – Storm into the base, rescue prisoners and escort them to extraction (obviously more interesting than this) This will make getting focus more interesting and for the people that have done it already will get other rewards that only the people that have completed upgrading the focus schools will receive. Operators can also be used in conclave in fact I think they should replace warframe to give them a use. There could be a game-mode where you have to find 6 parts for you necromech, build it then you can use it to defeat you rivals. Here is how it works: Also their could be K-drive races where the gameplay is like mario karts. Here is a post I put up about how it works. If you have any ideas for operator only missions put them here. Operator Cosmetics I put up a post on the warframe forums and on reddit back on March last year asking if we could have the armour from the Erra quest and to my surprise a couple of months later the Bishamo armour is now purchasable from Teshin and now It my most favourite armour in the game. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1176452-operators-please-let-us-have-this/ https://www.reddit.com/user/Vexx757/comments/fkpslu/operators_please_let_us_have_this/ But I’m not satisfied I WANT MORE! The crew members can wear armour pieces and syandanas if they can use them why can`t operators do the same thing, it would be sick if this was a thing. Here is a post that @(NSW)Gamer-Steve has put up about it. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1212287-expanding-operator-customization/ I have an idea of armour pieces made out of resources. It could be a possible reward where you receive a blueprint and depending on what resources you use will determine the visual appearance like Argon Crystal Armour or Oxium Armour. There are three different visual versions of the (argon crystal) armour, adding more of the same resource will change its appearance. The point of this is that you can decide to choose two more appearance options if you don`t like the first look. When it comes to suits, I would like to see outfits like Egyptian armour, a sick Japanese outfit, a roman inspired armour even a trench coat look but the one thing I want to see them most is a suit with a HOOD, we technically have two but one covers the face and the other one when closed look like bloody Globox which looks weird. It would be sick to run around dodging and running with a hood. The possibilities are endless... It would also be sick if they could do something unique besides looking sick like preforming an action which will do something like the syandanas from the syndicates or for it to glow in the dark. Since we have armour that the dax wore I would like to see some syndicate themed suites (Arbiters), warframe themed suites (like an Ash suite) I would like to wear the Grinner armour in the footage from the cinematic shown at tennocon. I have even come up with my own holographic armour. If anyone has any cosmetics they want to see say what here. QOL, Bugs, Changes & Improvements There are some problems when using the operators plus somethings that could improve them as well so there needs to be some QOL/bugs/changes/improvements for them. If their is something that I haven`t mentioned please put it here. · There is a delay between pressing the button and operator crouching. · Companion mods like animal instinct should work while in operator form not just warframes. · Two arcanes can be installed on amps. · Include the A, B & C slots for amps to give option to change amps, colours, equip arcanes and lenses. · Include the ability to change the face of the operators in the slots of A, B & C. · Operators can ride on K-drives. · You can change operator visuals, focus trees and amps while in the simulacrum. · Add an in-depth face customisation (nose length, eye width etc) and separate body sliders to change the length, width and height of the operators. · Add different voices for operators (from different ethnicities) and have a slider to manipulate the sound to make it unique to your operator. · Sentinel are invulnerable while you`re in operator mode. · If you have vacuum mod on your sentinel or companion and you are in your operator form, the operator should be able to pick up items. · You should be able to use operators in the relays. · Give operators new idle animations. · Make operators be able to use the idle animations from the syndicates. (when it`s released) · Make operators be able to use all emotes. · Fix the bug where operators with black hair looks white when sitting at the back of the ship. · Fix the bug where the scaffold that`s on your amp is clipped into the amp. What I want out of Duviri Paradox Based on the trailer and from people talking I have concluded that it is an open world where on operators can go to like somewhat of a haven for them. Here is what I would like to see from this update: And that`s it I’m finally done, if there is anything I forget to add or you want out of the operators feel free to express them here and let’s have a discussion. If all these things were to be implemented it will make operators more than a tool for warframe and make them have a firm place in warframe to make doing things like this enjoyable.
  18. It would be nice to be able to schedule multiple builds of the same repeatable blueprint. Without this ability, it's sometimes pretty frustrating to sit and click stuff, effectively being rate-limited by the speed of UI animations. For example: By the time I click through the list to claim built stuff and schedule another build - items at the top are already finished. And the whole process is very tedious - I have to click one item, wait for the UI to update (until then, no clicks are coming through at all), click "build", click "ok", wait again, then move on to the next item. This is not limited to the mobile app, in-game UI suffers from the very same issue - building stuff is rate-limited by UI animation delays between each interaction.
  19. Between all the weekly resets for stores, the 4 day Ergo Glast store reset, the daily Ticker RJ Crew reset, and the invigoration resets, there really need to be more tabs on the star chart to remind us. There's so much to remember now. I'm getting old. Well, I feel old, anyway. It'd be nice if tabs showed what the weekly item is. For example: Teshin's tab shows 3x forma.
  20. I see this sentiment rolling around the community that Frost isn't very good--at least in current meta--and having played him for quite a long time, I have some notions as to why. However, rather than dictating my opinions from the top-down just because I'm the OP here, I want to ask two fundamental questions of each person here who has an interest in this frame and his place in the game: 1. What do you feel are the main reasons he has fallen behind in usability? 2. What do you propose they change to remedy that? I'll be adding my opinions in the replies later on, but I am more interested in seeing if there's any sort of consensus on the issue or what solutions some creative minds here come up with. Ideally, this would be a thread that we could use to fine tune something tangible the devs can look at and consider if it's worth working on, because without our input I don't believe they would be motivated to fix it.
  21. Tune in to TennoLive for the first-ever gameplay reveal of The New War and reinforce your Arsenal at the same time! Join us for TennoCon this Saturday, July 17 at 12:30 p.m. ET, and get Loki Prime, the Vastilok Gunblade and more just for watching. The New War Gameplay Reveal Be the first to see the gameplay reveal of the highly anticipated next chapter of Warframe’s cinematic questline: The New War. The Sentients have unleashed war on a scale the Origin System hasn’t seen in millenia. You won’t want to miss this reveal during TennoLive, starting at 5 p.m. ET at twitch.tv/warframe! TennoLive 2021 Relay Join us for a Relay unlike any other and experience a special preview event from the TennoLive 2021 in-game Relay. Stay until the end of TennoLive to get the ceremonial Tannukai Longsword Skin and Tannukai Armor Set. All Tenno are welcome to join! Twitch Drops LINK YOUR ACCOUNTS Reinforce your Arsenal for free while you watch TennoCon on Twitch or Steam! Watch TennoCon 2021 on Twitch with a linked account or on Steam for 30 consecutive minutes from 12:30 p.m. ET to 5 p.m. ET to get the Vastilok Gunblade. Watch TennoLive on Twitch with a linked account or on Steam for 30 consecutive minutes starting at 5 p.m. ET to add Loki Prime to your Arsenal. LINK YOUR ACCOUNTS We can’t wait for you to join us for TennoCon this Saturday, July 17, starting at 12:30 p.m. ET on twitch.tv/warframe!
  22. Hello Tenno, We are experiencing some issues with our website and game servers due to the high volume of traffic during Tennocon. We are working on resolving this issue and will update this thread once we have more information to share. Thank you and we hope you are enjoying TennoCon 2021! Update 1: We are still working on it Tenno, please sit tight. Update 2:
  23. I've been doing a lot of Arbitrations and Steel Path lately, and the loop of going from orbiter > mission > orbiter > relay to access the various shops is tiring considering the loading screens in between. Same could be said when I'm farming Open Worlds where it's orbiter > (open world hub) > open world > open world hub, which is wouldn't have been that bad if you were able to exit from the open world to your orbiter, which IS POSSIBLE BY THE WAY (During Saya's Vigil). To minimalize the loading screens in order to streamline the process of accessing vendors and orbiter segments, I suggest the following. When extracting from a Star-Chart mission, allow an option to return to a Relay or an Open World Hub instead. Allow travel from an Open World to the Orbiter. Add integral Orbiter Functions to the Relays and Open World Hubs, specifically the Foundry, Market, Codex, Landing Craft Management, Fusing/Transmuting Mods, and Void Relics. Add Navigation to Open World Hubs. Allow an option to return to the Orbiter from a Railjack mission instead of only being able to return to a Dry Dock, I mean, the Railjack is already parked above the Orbiter if you look through the Sun-Roof, so it's feasible. For the love of all things holy, PLEASE allow fast travel to Syndicates within the Relays. This will make the game more connected and make farming Open Worlds, Railjack, and specific mission-types like Arbitrations more efficient than before. If I'm farming Steel Essence, I can return from a mission and directly travel to a Relay to cash-in at Teshin, then I could use the already-present Navigation within the Relay to start another mission if needed. Another example is farming a item that requires open-world materials. Lets say I'm farming a modular weapon like a Zaw, and once I'm done getting the materials from an Open World, I'll be able to craft the items within the Open World's Hub, instead of having to return to the Orbiter to craft them instead. This also applies to Railjack, having an option to return straight to the Orbiter if you need to, instead of going through the process of entering the Dry Dock and then leaving the Dojo/Relay afterwards. Overall, lowering the amount of loading screens needed to do what you need to do, like cashing in at relay vendors, is much appreciated. Additionally, this will expand the Player Hub Areas serve a better purpose as a Hub, instead of having to return to the Orbiter every time to do important things.
  24. I am on switch and don’t know if I can get doxxed or not, I saw someone say that ppl can easily get your IP, so if this is true please fix this DE
  25. Good morning, afternoon, evening where you or when ever you are, I have some feed back ideas for some possible future stuff to add into the Dojo if others agree with these ideas and if the devs could honestly do them, cause I get it game design is hard and some of these may be ungodly harsh to try to tackle and may not be worth doing however here they are. And please do keep in mind I see dojo's like a home, an place for people to chill and enjoy the day and relax from getting off work before they head off to do a mission, like a social hub\meet up and I've seen it happen with former friends however maybe some of these ideas can really push the focus for people to use dojo's as a hub more or less. First Pets - We all loves our animals and some times we need to give one up to space mom to make room for another new friendos, however I love all my pets and while I do get more slots I'd love to share my friendos in a more proper set up, so my suggestion for the Dojo is to have an area where the pets of the clan members can be left to instead of letting space mom take care of our pets, just be responsible and put them in a bigger place than a small ship. Heck if all able to set up proper pathing with AI for halls and such I would love to see them and others roam in the dojo one day. Second Improved placements for rooms - I think this would be extremely rough to do but it would be awesome to see a more modular system where you can install new rooms without the whole dojo needing to reload everyone back in and resetting elevators and such. Third custom events for Dojos - Right at this time we got a few default events and weekly praises that go on for dojos and I love the breath of creativity, however I purpose a system that allows dojo leaders to set up events for everyone in the clan\alliance to participate, an example to throw off the top of my head! But the stalker sent an agent into the dojo hiding as a floof it's up to everyone to locate this imposter floof to prevent the clan secrets being found. Now while sounding silly, it can be a system where they gotta find one floof that nearly looks like the others but has some marking they can add in from a sigal or something that shows it different but mainly the key factor is a modular system that would allow a leader to run a event like this, where they can make a minor edit, set up the dojo to have a event from this day to this day time to time basis, and who ever finds x amount wins and then the leader can provide what ever they find fitting for this. the forth idea SHOPS and AI - Dojo's are basically customized relays, it would be awesome to continue to get more customizing options like setting up AI who can be a shop that rep's for the dojo for prime parts or something that can create a wonderful hub for people to visit if they so choose on certain days - like if Clan A runs a bazaar than they can get shown as a public dojo to visit for trade that day, have people visit in and do said trading. Creating a more dynamic approach and more social interaction with the custom Dojo's instead of it being a glorified house that people don't do much with at this time, Or at least having an AI based off the reps we ground for that rank with to show up and be in the dojo, instead of a contract I want to recruit an AI who will help research things faster or assist with X or Y factor in the dojo, or just hang around and relay what bounties are going on down on X planet for the moment. Lastly, just more seasonal stuff for us to add into our dojo with, I saw Christmas and I believe there is some Halloween, but it'd also be amazing to see some other holidays for people to enjoy, like the Chinese new years, or the lunar event, new years. Many little wonderful things that could be a limited time item to bring in. Past that these are some idea's I've had brewing in the back of my brain - I hope maybe some of these are used as a spark for possible really strong ideas that the devs can use to improve a system I really love as while we've had a 2.0 of the dojo if not a 3.0 with a ton of new rooms\items I'd love to see that next step, a breath put into the dojo to keep me in there for DAYS, setting up events for clan mates\others to enjoy.
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