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Found 1,397 results

  1. aKawaiiLizard

    WTS Miter Riven

    Have a Miter riven, re-rolled once because the initial was trash. Reply with offer
  2. (PS4)Entropy_of_Stars

    Riven Price Checks (PS4)

    Hello all, new here, and trying to set up a sale for some rivens I have received recently. All stats are when the mod is maxed for use purposes- but the mods themselves are NOT maxed. Sorry, trying to save some endo here. Broken Scepter Pleci-Ignitor: +131% Range +107.7% Heat +108% CC for Slide Attack -37.3% Damage to Infested Knell Fevacron +49.1% Reload Speed +137.5% CC Fusilai Acrinok +4.1 Punch Through +140.6% CD -28.8% Damage to Infested Burston Insilis (meh...) +177.4% Puncture +81.5% Zoon -28.2% Damage to Infested If y'all could let me know what you think of these, I would really appreciate it, trade chat is, quite literally, cancer... constantly metastasizing. I also have rivens for the Redeemer (Attack speed, CC and - damage to corpus), Convectrix (+damage to corpus, +slash, -SD), and Orvius (+channeling damage, +combo duration, +cold, -finisher damage). Thanks in advance for all the help!
  3. Les_Onardo

    WTS Rubico Rivens

    Pm me here or add me in-game if you're interested IGN: Les_Onardo Asking prices Visican: 3500Crita-Toxican: 3500Hexa-Satiata: 3900 Sati-Critatox: 4500
  4. negotiable of course
  5. 8.5k (negotiatable)

    WTS Lato riven

    WTS laton riven +178.1% Critical chance +106.5%Critical damage +110.3 Cold MR 14 Rolls 10. 550p
  7. -LotusPrime-

    WTS > Lots of Rivens ... again

    Update log: Sold & Traded: 2x Legend Core, R10 Rare Ancient Fusion Core, 2x Arca Plasmor, 2x Lato, Skana, Aklex Acricron, Aksomati, Dual Cleavers, Supra Acri-critatio, Euphona Prime, Ignis Visicron, Twin Gremlins, Skiajati Visitis, Vasto, Cassowar, Amprex, Plague Kripath, Guandao Acritor, The Old Boar, The Old Strun and some cheap riven. Recently Added: Vectis Visicron, The New Boar, The New Strun. CC + CD +DMG/MS... Dual Crit... CC + DMG/MS... DMG DMG DMG... For Maiming Build... Some Good Rivens... And More, PM me if you interested PS: Selling 2x Legend Core, R10 Rare Ancient Fusion Core, Kinetic Diversion 300p, Magma Chamber & Searing Steel...
  8. Please message me in game, on the Forums, or reply to this thread if you are interested in any of these Riven Mods. The most updated list of my Riven Mods can be found on Riven.Market.
  9. Sydster21

    Godly zenistar Riven

    Looking for 2k or best offer
  10. BESTIA Sunika Female Lotus Atlhetic 200 pl both SARANDONGA Huras Female Bulky 40 pl both RENE Raksa Male Bulky 40 pl both ADARY Adarza Female Guppy Tail/Long Ball Point Ears green energy 100 pl both MOLON Adarza Male Guppy Tail/Fox Ears Yellow energy 80 pl both RITA Smeeta Male Peacock Tail/Long Tuffed Ears Blue energy 120 pl both
  11. Adarza -big ball ears/guppy tail -iliac energy -120p both prints Smeeta -kavat -big tuffed ears -guppy tail - blue energy -150p both prints Smeeta kavat -big tuffed ears /mermaid tail -white energy -100p both prints Sahasa -bulky lotus black/rare purple/white -will look pretty darn good once they fix the texture bug! -400p both prints Sahasa -merle pattern -40p both prints Raksa -dommino with rare red -40p both prints  come join us on the kubrow and kavat breeders discord, for sales breeding questions, help and more: (900+ members and growing)
  12. HeavenlyDemiser

    WTS ACRID Riven

    300p or call your price whisper in game
  13. (PS4)xMADxCHR15

    WTS Vasto Riven (PS4)

    Vasto Hexa-Critacon Maxed. MR 13 +180% crit chance +113.6% status chance +138.9% multishot Edit. The mod is also on 0 rolls in case of interest
  14. +111.4 electricity +160.8 multishot +207.5 damage -124.7 impact
  15. Leave your offers below (1.8k-2.4k) Price Range given by Folren's discord bot is 1.6k-2.8k
  16. Williamwaitunnaing

    WTS great Gram riven

    give offers here or pm
  17. Same rules apply; make your offer here or PM. I will make updates for any items that had been sold. Notes: -No Riven Mods for trade. Individual item trades acceptable. -Will accept bundled trades preferably for parts relating to one Warframe each. Example (will trade all ParisP parts for SarynP Neuro and Chasis, NOT SarynP Neuro and VoltP Chasis) NAT Type 3 connection, so expect difficulties. Inv me from your dojo as I'm not in one myself. Prime Set: Paris Prime Prime Parts: Akbolto Prime Receiver Akstiletto Prime Link Boar Prime Receiver and Stock Carrier Prime Systems Euphona Prime Barrel Fang Prime Blade Fang Prime Handle Fragor Prime Head Glaive Prime Blade and Blade Helios Prime Systems [x2] and Carpace Hikou Prime Stars [x2] and Puch Kronen Prime Handle Orthos Prime Blade and Handle Paris Prime Grip (Duplicate) Soma Prime BP, Barrel, and Stock Tiberon Prime Barrel, Receiver, and Stock Wyrm Prime Systems Frame Prime Blueprints and Parts: Ash Prime Chasis Banshee Prime BP Hydroid Prime Neuro Nekros Prime Chasis and Neuro Nyx Prime Systems Set Mods: Augur: Message R0 and R5 / Pact / Reach Gladiator: Aegis / Resolve / Rush Hunter: Adrenaline / Command / Munitions / Recovery / Synergy Vigilante: Fervor / Pursuit / Vigor WTT for these items if the offer's right: Mirage Prime BP, Neuro, and Systems Saryn Prime Neruo and Chasis Volt Prime Chasis and Systems
  18. Byson2013


    Buyout reached, Auction Ending Thank you so much, gtrmonkey!
  19. Only WTT Vectis riven for R3 [Arcane Energize] and Plague Keewar for R3 [Arcane Grace] Not interested in trading for other rivens or other items! Prices negotiable! Reply here or message/add me ingame @HowCage Vectis Acricorn: 2500p Plague Keewar Hexa-Critatis: 999p
  20. PrismBlack

    Wts Dual Skana Riven

    I happen to have a [Dual Skana Visinem] Riven mod rolled once already maxed its stats are; +257.1% Melee Damage +12.1s Combo Duration MR 11. If you want me to part with it you will have to offer at least 1000 plat any less and I will not respond. If your interested in buying it send me an message in game.
  21. Hi, i am waiting for offers (here or in game) Rubico Critatis +223,5% CC +169,5% CD -23,7% Dmg to Corpus Rubico Visi-toxitis +91,8% Toxin +113% CD +183,8% Dmg -80,3% Status Duration
  22. SquinkyJunior

    WTS A Few Rivens

    Prices are negotiable, rivens aren't actually maxed. PM me ingame at: SquinkyJunior, leave an offer in this thread, or PM me here on the forums. Thanks! 🙂
  23. morningstar999

    WTS: kavats and kubrows! :D

    Adarza -big ball ears/guppy tail -iliac energy -120p both prints Smeeta -kavat -big tuffed ears -guppy tail - blue energy -150p both prints Smeeta kavat -big tuffed ears /mermaid tail -white energy -100p both prints Sahasa -merle pattern -40p both prints Raksa -dommino with rare red -40p both prints come join us on the kubrow and kavat breeders discord, for sales breeding questions, help and more: (900+ members and growing)