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Found 4,044 results

  1. Contact me in game, or if im offline: 1-Discord: ALHaiLLeLouchViBritannia#1327 2-Add me in game with message about riven of interrest EDIT: Vectis and skiajati sold.
  2. WTS Looking for 3.5k platinum, thanks.
  3. Nizel132

    WTS Vectis Riven

    WTS Vectis Riven +143.7 CD +58.9 Reload Speed -23.2 Ammo Max PM offers either here or in game
  4. private msg me in game ill send links for rivens.
  5. HeavenlyDemiser

    WTS Strun / Sybaris riven

    Strun 200p Sybaris (for munition&corrosive) 200p or call your price
  6. Boar: 850 Boltor: 500 Paris: 700 Kronen: 1200 Glaive: 950 Quanta: 400 Scoliac: 800 Quartakk: 250 Tigris: 300 Veldt: SOLD Leave a message or pm me. Willing to negotiate. I am currently in-game.
  7. Hydrogen

    WTS perfect Kohm riven

    Reserve: 25k Buyout: 40k Miss me wit dat "dmg > fr " lie. Can't use tainted shell with a dmg riven. Anyway, serious folks only, thanks.
  8. Wts , 190k pure plat, pm here for more info.
  9. WTS RIVEN'S PM In GAME For PRICE IGN: Enchanter.x7
  10. GenjuTheAutistNinja

    WTS BERRY nice skiajati RIBBON

    1.8k, pm me here or in-game
  11. Smeeta Female - big balled ears - guppy tail - Yellow energy/eyes 200p  - Adarza male -big balled ears - arrow tail - pink eyes/energy -60p-   -   prices are non-negociable i've putted effort to get these combinations for your taste so a bit of effort appreciation will be kind of you guys ❤️ Pm me In-game : /w AnasDAce  or leave a reply here so when i'll be online i'll make sure to send you a message if you still in need for these cats 😉
  12. Sahasa -bulky lotus -Rare RED/Rare NAVY/ Rare RED -pink energy -1800p both prints or nearest offer. A truly rare kubrow for an avid The avid fashionfame player. Height (and gender) isn't carried on imprints, to get your desired height simply take its prints and try breeding it again until you get your desired height. join us on the kubrow and kavat breeders discord (730+ members)
  13. Kohm Satidex 1999, Boar Acri-critaata 3333, Arca Plasmor Sati-critatis 3333, Astilla Vexi-satiata 1111, Karak Acri-visican 3999
  14. Charybdim


    IGN Charybdim Feel free to offer here on ingame. All prices negotiable. Check my profile to choose from over 50 rivens. Vectis rivens [-mag / -zoom] Lanka rivens [-zoom] Rubico rivens [-zoom] Kohm rivens Unrolled rivens [Aklex Boltor Braton Karak Kronsh Latron Ogris Paris Sicarus] Various rivens [Aksomati Akstiletto Astilla Braton Burston Cernos Dread Pandero Paris Scoliac Tigris] Demonstration for buyers can be arranged. All prices negotiable.
  15. Other Riven Mods: Please message me in game, on the Forums, or reply to this thread if you are interested in any of these Riven Mods. The most up to date list of my Riven Mods can be found on my Riven.Market Profile.
  16. SubnormalDonkey

    WTS God roll Phage Riven Max Rank

    Wanting to sell this riven for a decent price, 0 Rolls and max rank, if your interested give me a message
  17. Leonardo12555

    WTS Decent LANKA

    +166% crit chanche +90%cold +88%status chance -48%ZOOM
  18. 150 plat for both the blueprint and systems of Saryn prime, if u want it reply to this thread or add me on xbox, my Xbox messages aren’t working