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Found 188 results

  1. Castlefrost

    Mag Help

    I got Mag Prime a day after i got Nova Prime. And ive read stuff that bashes Mag and some sees potential on Mag, and i want to believe there really is a potential to Mag (Prime) since ive read alot of stuff that tells me she does. But sadly she is my most unused frame 😞 main reason is that i really dont know how to play her. Her 1 i understand is a ragdoll which is nice but the other skills i dont know. Anyone know a good build and playstyle for her cos i really want to give mag a chance. Ty in advance :)
  2. Not quite experienced at the game yet so need help on making a build, this is what I've got so far but I would rather opinions and even completely new build if this isn't very good. Also would like help on nezha in general like good weapons that complement nezha and so on. Thanks for the help!
  3. (NSW)PixelLink

    Chains of Harrow emotions??

    I am currently trying to get through the second mission where you capture Rell's manifestations. I've been doing it with Ember, Boltor (primary), Kracken (secondary), Broken Scepter (melee), and Taxon (companion). I feel like I'm missing something because I'm being slaughtered so easily by the immortal manifestations, the ones that use some of Harrow's abilities. Does anyone have any suggestions for Warframes and weapons, maybe even mods that I should use to make this quest easier for me?
  4. (PS4)CaliceMalice

    New sensitivity settings

    Hi there, I've noticed after this update bullet jumping while playing as ivara in prowl breaks my prowl. Usually carefully pressing L1 and X allows me to bullet jump without breaking prowl. Is there a way to go back to the previous settings? I've already played around with the new sensitivity settings to no effect. Please this is game breaking for me.
  5. y2ciller

    Kind of at a roadblock.

    Hi, I'm relatively new to Warframe. I just got to Uranus and by this point enemies are...really difficult. Anything up to around level 22 is manageable, but above that they're tearing through me and my companions like paper and i often end up failing missions just cause i'm dying so much and can't dish out enough damage in time. But the thing is, there's just so much stuff to consider i'm not actually sure how to improve my load-out to proceed. But the thing is my frame, Mag, is max rank, as are all of my companions, as well as my top weapons (Boltor, Strun MK-1, Afuris, and Amphis). I just don't know where to go from here and what exactly I should be grinding for once all my things reach max rank. I know basically how to upgrade mods and what elements work well against which factions, but it just feels like I'm being forced into getting carried by other people with better builds. They basically beat Tyl Regor for me but I can't go on from here. I feel like It's an uphill battle to learn what builds work and what don't. Could I get some pointers?
  6. So I recently got to max rank with Steel Meridian and get my hand on Chromatic Blade Augment for Excalibur’s Exalted blade and I have to say... It was a blast! Everything die so much faster and with Condition Overload and Life Strike, I could easily walk through long endurance run. So my current build is: Umbra pressure point Umbra Steel Life Strike unrank Fever Strike The melee electric mod that I can’t remember... Molten Impact Condition Overload Berserker This build has been working so far for me but I was wondering what elemental combo has the highest DPS on Chromatic Exalted blade. Also my energy color is Blue (electric).
  7. (XB1)Clowed665

    Excalibur's Passive

    So I know on the wiki it says that his passive works with swords, dual swords, nikanas, and rapiers. But it is wiki so I wanna know is this true or no it's just swords. I wanna put the dual kamas on him and those are supposedly dual swords but I just wanna be sure.
  8. (XB1)Phantom V Snake

    Thoughts on Saryn Prime Build So I'm messing around with builds for Saryn, and I seen that having 200% strength is very good for her spores for armor stripping. I wanted to see peoples thoughts on this build or what people would recommend. Hunter adrenaline might be an oddball but, I'm using it for energy paired with a Zaw with healing return. Quick Stats to the build: Power Strength 200% Duration 105% Range 235% Efficiency 100% Would like any weapon recommendations for her too! Side note: Warframe builder shows the wrong duration for her Toxic Lash 105% duration would be 47 seconds, not 31 seconds. Thanks in advance for the help!
  9. IwanTerro89

    need some help

    so i can`t seem to open hieracon at pluto even thought i have defeated the hades boss. Is there something that i am missing or what ???
  10. taznkid

    General Questions

    I'm a fairly new player, currently MR 10, going on MR 11. I'm bad at the game and keep dying, so I play Inaros, since even I can't die with him. Problem is: 1. I'll be honest, I think he looks pretty ugly, and fashion frame is the true endgame. 2. I would like something with more to offer the team, like a Chroma or Rhino. Having stated the above, I would still like to avoid dying if I my question is, what warframe fulfills the below requirements the best: 1. Possesses great survivability 2. Is a team player (i.e. provides buffs, alot of crowd control, aoes, or some combination thereof that is effective) 3. Looks decent, or has a Prime that looks decent 🙂 Second, is that I am looking for a good melee weapon to go with without Maiming Strike. I currently use Redeemer Prime and a Nikana Prime; are those good enough, or should I be looking at another melee like a Gram Prime or something? Or is this question completely irrelevant because of Melee 3.0? To clarify, I am looking for frames and weapons that can handle "endgame" well (so I guess...100+ enemies? Or whatever is stronger than sorties I suppose, since I do not have any problem with those). Thanks~
  11. Hashchh

    Nidus Build

    I finished farming Nidus. I need a good build for him. How do I build him? Any suggestions?
  12. Hexwater

    Deluxe Skin Collection

    Greetings and salutations. Some time ago, I've bought Feyarch Oberon Skin. After a while, I became interested in the other two skins; for a bow and for sword+shield weapon. And now, there is a problem; what will happen, if I already bought stand-alone deluxe skin for a frame, and buy the collection that contains it? My common sense tells me, there should be a discount if you have the skin already, but I dont see any. Plus, if I get the second Feyarch Oberon Skin, what can I do with it? 225 plat is kinda a lot, and I kinda don't want to waste it like that.
  13. I recently found out that that limbos cataclysm prevents saryn from destroying her spores. Does anyone know of any other abilities that cataclysm blocks like that?
  14. Carisma31

    Find control module

    Hi everybody, I star play this game two weeks ago and now I want to unlock Rhino. i have unlocked Mercury, Venus, Earth and Marts and I don’t know how to find the control module. I see that I can find easily on the Void but I can’t go there yet. So my question is: is there a chance to find control module in Mercury, Venus, Earth or Mars or can I buy it somewhere? i am apologies for my English, i from Italy.
  15. ILoveMen69

    Sydana 2 #*!%ing Bright

    How in gods name do I prevent this from happening without turning down my graphics, This is actually wack. I love this Sydana, its really nice and cute and such, just got it today. But lord in heaven is it bright as hell if light ever catches it.
  16. Yrsegor

    Clan emblem

    Hello. Can i upload clan emblem from the internet? Is there any copyrights to it? Or i can only paint it on my own?
  17. gohjustin97

    Nekros as Main

    Hi, from what i love playing and my playstyle, i want to use Nekros as my main and i heard theres a tank build. may i know what are the mods required for tank build nekros ? i really love nekros 😄
  18. Andr_ew

    Need to know this.

    I wanted to know if i uninstall warframe from steam and than get it from the warframe website, can i log into my account with all the progress i have? I've been wondering this and don't want to try because it may not work. So i just want to know, if i uninstall warframe from steam and get it from the warframe website, can i log into my account in which i have all of my progress? -Thank you.

    Trinity o limbo

    Ayudaaa es que yo soy de pc y como soy pobre nadie me quiere comprar basura prime (aparte de que no farmeo) y por lo consiguiente no tengo platino ahora vendí un mod y con eso tengo 14pl y hagan de cuenta que hace tiempo compre 1 ranura para warframe y tengo en la fundición a dos warframe haciéndose (Trinity prime y limbo) y ya casi se terminan de hacer y necesito ayuda...No se a cual elegir ya después farmeare para comprar otra ranura de warframe y si alguien me regala platino mejor xd


    Hola necesito ayuda, es que necesito platino para comprar ranuras de warframe.... Alguien me regala platino???
  21. Ok so I have gotten to mastery rank 1 and I'm using Excalibur I've been in the game for a little under 2 hours total and need some advice I have completed Vor's prize and venus junction, now I'm lost I have no clue where to go or what to do. I'd like to join a decent clan that will help a newbie learn the game, also I'd like to get any other tips, tricks, hints, etc. about what to do next I have no prior experience with this game. Thanks

    Loki o Ash prime

    Disculpen tengo una duda que es la sigiuiente: En mi Arsenal tengo a Ash prime y a Loki para hacer misiones de sigilo (como espionaje o rescate) pero no se cual es mejor entre esos dos, uno está Ash prime con su habilidad de "pantalla de humo" y otro que es loki que tiene "invisibilidad" y la verdad no se que warframe es mejor para esos casos, ayuda
  23. I have been doing some research on the madurai focus school and noticed the phoenix talons / spirit passives. Per the wiki, each of these abilities are multiplicative to other damage increases. The examples given were serration (phoenix talons) and hellfire (phoenix spirit). If I understand that correctly, then the buff for each mod would be as follows: Serration 165% * 25% = 206.25% Hellfire 90% * 25% = 112.5% So, with that in mind, I have a few questions: Is the wiki correct in stating that the phoenix passives are multiplicative to other damage increases? If so, is my understanding of the formula correct? If not, how is the buff actually applied? Does phoenix talons boost Chroma's vex armor damage buff since it works like serration?
  24. Hi. Im new to the game (started 4 days ago) and I love this game. I have gotten all Rhino blueprints from Jackall. I have already crafted the Chest and head for him and now only need the system. For that I need plastics and control modules. I am only on mars so any help on how to quickly get them? Also I was planning to use the Fragor that I just crafted for the Rhino, is this a good weapon? I am mastery rank 2 and have level 30 Excalibur for those who wanna know... Sorry if there are spelling errors.
  25. I know that you can make mag's pull stronger, but is there any way to make Magnetize's pull stronger? I couldn't find info about this on the wiki and it's annoying knowing that any enemy can just easily run out of the magnetize radius.