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  1. I noticed for last few days that website log me out itself, but only for forums, on main paige im still loged. Can you look at it
  2. I love Warframe but... You guys really messed up with this new operator FOCUS ability system. They absolutely suck in each class doesn't matter if you choose narmon, madurai, zenurik, etc... The old operator focus system was 100% better by far, hands down, no questions asked. This new system really took the pleasure away of using your operator in battle 😒. Rule of thumb, If its not broke don't fix it. It was totally unnecessary. At least give the option to switch back to the old Focus ability system. I hope you review this comment in the forums. Thank yall for your time. Peace, War, and Blessings Tenno.
  3. Are polls some kind of taboo here? Wouldn't it help to find the biggest flaws of the game as well as find out which changes people actually like or don't even notice?
  4. The Tenet Envoy needs to be nerf. It can hold up to 16 ammo maximum. Grab 4 ammo per pick up. Compare to other launcher weapons like Kuva Ogris that only has 7 ammo maximum with a pick up of 1. Either make it so other launchers are comparable to the Envoy or nerf Tenet Envoy to be inline as other AoE weapons.
  5. Hey DE, Been trying to dig up info on current Zariman bounties when I tried testing the API and the Zariman's "jobs" parameter seems to be unpopulated? This isn't consistent as the other syndicates provide bounty information and the reward pools in the API but Zariman does not. Can we please have this fixed? Example hitting https://api.warframestat.us/pc/syndicateMissions endpoint shows this for Entrati Syndicate: { "id": "1668429084797EntratiSyndicate", "activation": "2022-11-14T10:01:25.924Z", "startString": "-1h 13m 37s", "expiry": "2022-11-14T12:31:24.797Z", "active": true, "syndicate": "Entrati", "syndicateKey": "Entrati", "nodes": [], "jobs": [ { "id": "DeimosExcavateBounty1668429084797", "rewardPool": [ "3X 1,500 Credits Cache", "150 Endo", "15X Ganglion", "2X 3,000 Credits Cache", "250 Endo", "Aya", "Scintillant" ], "type": "Core Samples", "enemyLevels": [ 5, 15 ], "standingStages": [ 6, 6, 6 ], "minMR": 0, "expiry": "2022-11-14T12:31:24.797Z" }, ... } But the Zarmin only has basic information: { "id": "1668429084797ZarimanSyndicate", "activation": "2022-11-14T10:01:25.924Z", "startString": "-1h 13m 37s", "expiry": "2022-11-14T12:31:24.797Z", "active": true, "syndicate": "The Holdfasts", "syndicateKey": "The Holdfasts", "nodes": [], "jobs": [], "eta": "1h 16m 21s" },
  6. DE please add back the xbox logo and windows logo to differentiate platforms. It looked way better and with the other platforms getting crossplay eventually I would like to be able to differentiate platform. Especially if I want to recruit players to my clan from 1 platform when that ability gets added in.
  7. I recently noticed that drops are available on YouTube the same as Twitch. If it'd be beneficial to creators (maybe some would make more money on YouTube livestreams opposed to Twitch streams?), it'd be cool if we could still earn drops while watching on YouTube.
  8. For some classes of updates, especially the "hotfix level" ie, 32.1.1, it's impossible to read the notes on the mobile app because the app will redirect you. Reproduce steps: News > Echoes of VeilBreaker 32.1 > scroll down a bit. THIS IS FINE. You can read the patch notes News > Echoes of VeilBreaker Hotfix 32.1.1 > THIS IS FINE UNTIL > now scroll down half a screen > Instantly redirected to the bottom of a different page. scroll up, What? we're now on the *bottom* of the page for Veilbreaker 32.0.0 -> 32.0.13 We're not even on the right minor version (32.1) so i can't even scroll up for the content. I'd like to find this app useful for reading patch notes on my lunch break, but this happens every time (ie, every hotpatch) and is enraging in the "i want to read this and the first few lines of text are TANTILIZINGLY THERE there but OH GOD WHY WONT YOU LET ME READ THEM" kind of way. Poking around a bit, it seems to explicitly be triggered on Scroll Down. scrolling up doesn't have this problem. Do you have any js callbacks bound to scrolldown anywhere? Phone is a Samsung, it seems to be running in the default chrome browser More testing notes: If i go in via the "32.1.0" minor patch (ie, not hotfix) and scroll down all the way to "32.1.1" this doesn't happen, so it's specifically a bug with the hotfix links, ie, https://www.warframe.com/updates/pc/32-1-0 vs https://www.warframe.com/updates/pc/32-1-1 on the desktop, the later has a js stacktrace on the developer console that may or may not be relevant. It's possible that this buggy behaviour doesn't happen on the desktop because of broken javascript 🤔
  9. Please allow us to let more than one companion roam the drifter's camp or dormizone. Like I wanna see all my pets roam freely instead of just having one at a time, and I believe this would encourage me and other players to collect more than one type of companion instead of just getting the useful ones like panzer vulphaphyla. Plsss make this happen :<!
  10. A topic that has been here for years, and as a newcomer to this community, I have been seeing this trend all over the place for 8 months, whether from Warframe youtubers, or just generally, Warframe players. Let's dive in to this. Now, I give you two choices. 1. Fix the game and make the game stagnated, becoming Halo Infinite 2.0, and quite possibly kill the game completely due to no new content, DE can fix the game, but can the players and the community in general endure the cost that bring along with it, will it end its legacy being one of the most successful in the looter shooter genre just to fix its old issue caused in their inexperienced days? Will you accept it being half dead for a long time just to bring you a potentially better overall experience after that? OR 2. New content to ensure game's longevity but you try your best to fix the game as much as you can, but you are bound to have angry players that keep roaring at you by "DE FIX YOUR GAME" or keep asking for reworks, but you have little time left due to you trying to dish out content every 3 months which is a very tight schedule, considering everything will not go as smoothly as you expected, 3 months might be even tighter if everything goes south, leaving lesser time just to fix the issue, angering the people who actually encounters any issue, making them mad because "DE didn't fix the game" as they wished for. What choice you take? 1 or 2? No matter what choice you take, you can already see the downsides along with it, all of them are devastating to the game and the community at some way. There's no perfect solutions, a series of choices that it's just different kind of poison in the sweet candies your daddy or your mommy, or DE in this case, bought it for you. It's "Pick your poison" at it's barest form. NO gimmicks, NO word plays. Any of your choices wouldn't matter. YOU WILL ALWAYS SUFFER IN SOME WAY, SO DOES DE THEMSELVES, that might be the main reason behind Steve making a new game. Didn't you realize a trend? Every content DE dishes out, how long do you think players can enjoy it? 2 months? 3 months? No. It's around 4-6 week, at most 7 week. That's when the time you unlock everything that DE brings to the table in this new update. What you gonna do on the last 5-8 weeks? Grinding Vay Hek's Air for lols and kekws? IF you think This is the time DE can actually fix the game, No offense tho, as I'll be unleashing my truest feeling to you. You either are insane, or you are just delusional at this point. Do you really expect a dev team to dish out content for you, for your own sake, and wishing them to fix all issues in the game caused by their inexperienced days? You can be mad, I understand your frustration, It's your right to do so, you have rights to voice your unsatisfactory to the dev team, no one will question you, even me. Its just basic human rights. But you should think of this, although it's your right to do so, wouldn't such act be a lil bit inconsiderate if you overdo it? Your frustration shall be justified, but it's not asking them to go overworking, insano style like charlie aka Penguinz0 likes to say, just to fulfill two large pile of work that is impossible to finish without any sort of sacrifice. Devs are humans too. I can see them dishing out a lot of patches already while trying to feed you with new content every season aka 3 months, 12 patches of hotfixes aren't a small feat to achieve, most devs out there cant even dish out such patch note numbers in such short period of time, and actually having a lot of bugfixes inside. Take league of legends as an example, they only dish out 20 patches of updates this year, not per 3 months, by now, and most of them aren't even bug fixes, even there's bug fixes, there's so much old bugs and new bugs that you can have a DEDICATED youtube channel just to showcase how many new bugs you produced (Vandiril is just the nemesis of Riot Dev team at this point) there's why the meme of "Riot's spaghetti code" exist, if they were actually the person who make warframe, the game being alive must be a miracle at this point. At least Warframe, as I further investigate, is ok enough. Not good, but not worse either. At least we aren't bad enough to have a dedicated fan-made youtube channel just to showcase the bugs... Why taking league as an example? They have the same issue as Warframe. Old mistakes, the inexperienced days. At least DE is trying, but Riot? Imagine having a game breaking bug on a WORLDS stage. It's not their first time already. I have been watching league content for years and I'm not even surprised at this point. It has to be shown in everyone's eye and making everyone pointing their fingers at Riot to force them to fix it, or having a huge streamer raging just to fix their remake system. How pathetic it is to have a heavy influenced streamer have their day ruined and making everyone knowing the issue and force Riot to make their move to fix it, years of problem being unresolved, killed by a raging streamer, and thanked by the whole community just by that. Are DE this incompetent? Ask the one deep inside you. Yeah they took a lot of time to fix the bugs we wished for, and might killed some "fun" along the way, as I can understand it's not their intention for it to exist, but they are trying, this is the spirit I want to see from a dev team, at least you are trying to fix the bugs, not just let them be for years unwilling to fix it. As you may know, OP things don't last long. Savor it while you can. The Devs will eventually patch it, as most of them being exploits that tends to be not the intention that a dev is going for. It's the golden, unmentioned rule in the gaming community. You are obligated to know this by now. We cant really blame the devs. Honestly. (Oop, going off-topic now ehehehe, gotta go back to the main topic) Bugs are bound to exist. That's the nature of coding. Inevitable and annoying to deal with, but what choice do you have? You cannot just say "I give up" just because you encountered a bug. That is just some coward move. There's no way you could ever finish a game if you just give up like that. I know DE isn't the best dev team you could ever wish for, but they aren't bad either, you might think I'm "sugarcoating" Digital Extremes as a whole, but you're just wrong, so, so wrong. I'm very straightfoward. I don't care about your feelings if I think something should be told. Yeah, DE is not very good at reaching our expectations, as we all have high expectations anyway...although the community is raging about DE having broken issues along the course of my warframe journey all the time and I'm basically tired hearing it, and I encountered a lot of bugs along the way too, like operator stuck bug which when you return to your warframe under the situation of you not being the host, you'll be stuck and unable to do anything than sprint and roll, and you cant even bullet jump, cannot attack or cast skill and you have to force suicide by standing in middle of a large enemy group and even by that, It takes a long time. Frustrating, mad. But after rage, although they didn't fix the bug, but other bugs are being resolved every patches, not much if compared to pile of bugs caused over the years, I still appreciate their effort. Most of them are even player-reported bugs and issues, some of them is very recent like the New loka lvl 4 to lvl 5 needing a vaulted part (nezha prime chassis BP), which I appreciate, not much for others, but I see the effort put into it, not just trying to blame every single thing that is not on the good side. They may have fix our "fun" along the way, which is bound to make ppl rage, because...you know, cannot abuse it anymore, but you cannot just say "why DE have time to fix them rather than the other important ones" like nothing. It's like trying to undermine a dev team's effort to actually trying to fix bugs, and can be discouraging at times. The priority is the key. Exploits don't last long, if it became famous by being it showcased some famous warframe youtubers, even 1 or 2, you can initially prepare for its funeral already. Just look at the Bing Chilling Xata's Whisper + Cold elemental ward Chroma setup. Prime example, no need further explanation by me. How do you want this to fly under DE's radar if it's showcased everywhere by famous warframe youtubers and people abuse it to the core. It's just impossible at this point. I already see fixes coming in my way by just watching a video and saw how broken it is, and im not even getting my hands on it yet till now. So, if something is broken. Hide it. Showcasing it will only shorten its lifespan aka found out by the devs. So, after some occasional off-topic shenanigans along the way, if you choose to have the first choice, you could have DE focusing their power in fixing bugs, but you are bound to have little to no content along the way. You might say "Huh, fixing bugs and make new content can be initiated all together, just put more time onto fixing bugs" or "Nah, fixing bugs is not really difficult, It's just DE being incompetent" or "new content and fixing bugs all together is okay, it's manageable, it's just DE being bad and is killing the game" These thoughts are okay to have, it's normal, we all human beings are just evil, selfish and cunning, and will fulfill themselves first under most circumstances. it's just most people not showing it to the public. I'm not trying to be a saint here, but what I want to tell you is, game development is no easy task, its hell disguise as heaven. Beautiful for us, hell for the person behind that tasked to manage it. It always look so easy watching those "devlogs" on youtube by indie devs, move there, put there, and boom, fun and enjoyable gameplay in front of your eyes. But they don't show you much about the creative process behind it. The planning and the execution of it.. The part that takes most of the scheduled time. Planning a new content isn't easy. Ideas don't come like mineral water, you have to find it yourself, or push your luck and see if you can be suddenly inspired while you are squatting on your toilet seat while thinking about life, even the ideas come like you expected, a lot of things has to be considered, the idea can be ditched in the next moment without hesitation if it doesn't meet your criteria. 3 months seems long, for normal person. Devs? That's either somehow ok or very short, depends on what you do. it's pretty normal to see a series of devlog on youtube to have few months in between for each episodes. DE could dish out content per 3 months, but that means bugfixes are bound to be slowed down or come to a complete halt, we humans or devs in this case, just don't have enough time. Fix bugs aren't easy feats too, so as making content. You can only choose one to prioritize, or else you gonna lose both of them due to you trying to take on two big piles of work at the same time, plus bugs and issues accumulated by DE themselves aren't a small amount that you can disregard like nothing. New updates always introduce new bugs, That's just some "typical DE moment" but ye at least most of them are quickly resolved, which I'm okay with it. Now, the consequences of a game that stop dishing out new content for a long time just to fix the issue. It is just like asking league of legends to stop coming up with new champs, skins, game modes and actually focusing on fixing bugs entirely. Even the devs are ok, from a monetary standpoint, your investors are going to be very "ok" too. Just look at Halo Infinite already. Such prime example for this very long essay which you wont even bother to read all of it. Unfinished game, and broken issue all over the place, the launch was ok, but the content was so little. They even extend the period of 3months 1 major update, to 6 months, to now a staggering 10 months...and you can already see the player count tanked the consequences. Yeah, 343 try to concentrate their power in fixing, or I should say, "finish" the game, what do they get in return? Poor player count. Trying to convince players to hook onto your game without any new content is virtually impossible, even the old plyers who join in for a lone time can be bored and potentially just ditched the game forever simply because of him/her tired of waiting for new content. I have experienced a cycle of a game from being alive to death. I understand the feeling of no content. It's worse than you think. Heard of Vainglory? A mobile moba that died 3-4 years ago. Now only left a few groups of extremely dedicated players, including me (although I didn't do much, but I contribute what I can), keeping the game on life support, the game server died, and we have to need codes just to play together. its basically half dead, kept alive by us. But even then, we feel extremely boring. Meta unchanged for years. Same meta champ, same win conditions, for 3-4 years. The group is only getting smaller day by day, it's sad, but what you can do about it? This is to show you how devastating it can be if no content or meaningful or kinda meta-shaking changes was introduced, it can even burn out the most dedicated players if it was left unchecked, left alone warframe, a game that heavily relies on new content to keep going. A live-service model without new content after a certain period of time is basically asking for painful death, aka falling into irrelevancy. So, after my long essay of me rambling about "Fix game + little to no content VS new content for longevity + some fixes but not enough", This is inspired by KnightmareFrame's New video, titled "DE Pls Fix your game", on 13 Oct 2022. (or something like that, I'm virtually too lazy to check now, go check yourself if you wish to...) You can say this is my post-video review essay. But something here more is what I saw along the way in my warframe journey, or what I feel about this particular community. I don't feel offended by the video, this is just what I feel I want to say to the community, about this unsolvable problem that we all must endure and face, for the sake of the game's longevity itself, or there's a timeline where Warframe don't have bugs and issues in a sudden... PS: I am open for any discussion, and let's be a civilized person here and don't just come in trying to attack me or others personally just because you don't like the point or u just don't like me/him/her in any way. Discussion exist for a reason. Please utilize it wisely.
  11. Hi! So yesterday I was watching a twitch stream of this one streamer who draws great but S#&amp;&#036;s on warframe in her vids like no one else. During said stream many one use only codes appeared and I tried many times to be the first and use them. So I guess a bot or sth else blocked access to www.warframe.com. Could you unblock me? Below is the info I get when trying to access the website: Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://warframe.com/" on this server. Reference #18.1d941160.1496596119.14bbe6
  12. As we already know Adaptation does not stack with his passive. This may be a stupid question to ask but how about the following? Do they function independently from his passive? 1) Aerial DR mods like Aviator, Aerodynamic and Boreal set mod 2) Shock Absorbers 3) Quick Thinking and Gladiator Finesse 4) Elemental resistance mods like Antitoxin
  13. hi! newbie and first-time poster to the forums. i wish it could be something a bit more positive, because so far i've been enjoying the game. it hasn't been difficult to get my common beginner questions answered via search, so i'm sure i'll stop by again when i've learned all the basic stuff and need to dip into more nuance and opinions. i've gotten very prompt service when i first needed it months ago, but a ticket i submitted the saturday before last hasn't been touched. granted, that first time was in between update cycles, whereas veilbreaker has just come to the game with prime resurgence re-surging and revenant prime launching this weekend. and maybe some other cool stuff? ;3 for anyone who's had to send in a ticket during an understandably busy time for DE. is this the expected timeline for support? i put the request in on the 17th, with an immediate acknowledgement mail of receipt, and then two subsequent auto-update apologies for delays on the 20th, then 23rd. it's the 29th now with no new mail, so i'm hoping it's still in the queue. even another auto-update to let me know that wait times are high would be good so that i know what to expect. i only turned to the forums because i'd like to get regal aya before varzia's offerings rotate out, and i'm having payment issues that are preventing that. i'd be curious to hear your experiences! cheers, -muse
  14. Could you please add tabs in foundary for prime and non prime for warframe and weapons? If not tabs maybe a toggle. Please it's small change but am sure many would want this.
  15. Warframe Ideas Lottery gun (Doramas is a sniper but has an alt fire, after getting 7 headshot kills turns into a shotgun with 200% crit chance and crit damage. When welded by Chancer, gains guarantee slash proc per bullet) A randomized Warframe (Chancer, the frame of thievery. This frame can cycle through different frames at random with a cooldown for the first ability but can be canceled with an operator ability. Second ability would be to take over an enemy and play as them like Khal. This ability doesn’t work on sentients. The third ability would be stealing weapons similar to Xaku’s grasp but instead of the weapons, you get ammo. The final ability is a crit, status, and drop chance booster for the team depending on ability strength. To acquire this frame, you’d have to farm railjack assassination missions which would be released at the same time the frame is to be released. There will be four bosses to fight, grinner, corpus, infested, and Tau. Each boss has a 25% chance to drop a piece as well you can farm new weapons with said bosses. They can also drop new mods, arcanes, relics, or 1 day boosters which the boosters are only a .001% chance of getting) An elemental sword (Tranvul is a heavy sword made of pure energy like Excalibur’s chromatic exulted blade but instead of energy, it’s health. With a heavy attack, you can shoot out shrapnel like a shotgun dealing heat, toxin, cold, and electric as well as modded elements. The range of the shrapnel is by combo counter and base is 1m and maxing to 20m with a 12x combo counter. The pieces are dropped by the new bosses on railjack missions. Tranvul will take 3% health per second and it will only steal health when equipped. While being welded by Chancer, it gains more range on shrapnel, minimal 5m to max of 40m) A minigun pistol (Artner is a auto pistol and with each headshot, boosts fire rate and maxes out at 250%. Magazine size of 100 and ammo pickup of 50. When welded by Chancer, gain 50% ammo efficiency after 5 headshot kills)
  16. I have changed the lenguaje and ubication and nothing happend, only change de lenguaje of the console, please help
  17. When we spend void traces on relics we should get a higher drop rate on either rare or uncommon rewards or get to choose our reward depending on the reward, lower the endo price to rank up mods because one person caculated that it costs more endo to rank it up piece by piece and also warn the players that there is gonna be eximus enemies that has abilities and can kill them one shot and that new players are having it hard to rank up and change the sortie rewards and change the kuva to the common rewards and if we get either common,uncommon,rare,or legendary rewards that we get to choose what kind of rewards we get.
  18. Hello together, I am usually not active on Twitter but from time to time I check it and saw that the official Warframe account had a new tweet. The link leads to the Warframe website where someone wrote an "article" about Styanax. The post was created yesterday. They also went as far as to embed 3 Youtube Videos from TheKengineer (which seems to be sponsored), Brozime and our favorite original-Warframe-content-creator, GHS. So far so good. The Youtubers show off different Subsumable abilities, the general Playstyle and more. The article then summarizes each video by pointing out the Strengths of Styanax. However that is where the problems start. The videos were made on September 7, 9 and 11 respectively (in the order mentioned above) so each Youtuber had time to try out Styanax and get inspired in order to make a build video. You see, all videos came out BEFORE the Styanax Nerfs on September 14. And 15: Even more, at least 2 of the Videos (Kengineer and Brozime, I could not get myself to watch 9 Minutes of Roboter voice) mention specifically that you can cast Abilities while in his 4 (i.e. in the Air) and Brozime even equips Boreals Hatred, which will appearantly make you Invulnerable while in his 4 (according to the Warframe Post): Maybe I just figgured out the reason why DE removed the "infinite Airtime" - to stop Styanax to become invulnerable... from 20% dmg reduction... They even wrote: "And that’s pretty much it! “Death from above” is your main strategy, as you’ll be recasting Final Stand again and again." - which worked back then but does not anymore. I get that it is a Marketing post and probably some intern from marketing wrote it, but linking videos that were created after you massively changed/nerfed a key feature Bug of the frame doesn't feel very honest and respectful to players. I do not care about the fact that they nerfed Styanax here or that they linked youtube videos (as at least that way you can be sure the tutorials are made by people that actually took time to play the game). What I am personally mad about is that they decided it would be a good idea to do it post-nerf. If they had created the article at launch when it was up-to-date that would have been fine. If they had updated the builds or at least *noted* that since the videos went up there were changes, that would have been fine. But a post that is already 2 weeks outdated when it is posted - thats not the solution to the declining player numbers. Enought rambling. DE, please quality and sanity check your posts before posting them. This is kinda embarassing.
  19. some changes in the latest update were necessary but some reworks like the merciless arcanes are questionable, since this also affects single target weapons. also that one of the scaffolds has been affected by the aow nerf. i suggest a dedicated technical testserver in order for the devs to get direct feedback without having to filter through the many singular complaints from the playerbase. this way a live update might take longer but the result will be a better game in my honest opinion
  20. 60 in-game warframe 5 crystals per warframe 1 crystal per week. it's kinda bad there. if you don't want to increase the crystal drop then remove the price to remove the crystal from the warframe so at least we can change the warframe build bile the most annoying resource to get in the game It's kind of bad at this kind of thing. you can improve for the players, just want
  21. I thought: if a separate quest and special missions were created for the character from the New War for Kahl, then maybe it's worth doing the same for Veso? Quest and missions.
  22. To all warframe management creators/developers etc etc. As a long time player of the Warframe game, it has come to my attention that Warframe could be long overdue for a higher frame lvl cap. Instead of having to stick to 30, frames should at least be at 60 or 70 due to events, missions and sorties that has enemies around that level or higher. It's only fair because sometimes we will end up doing solos or paired with only one or two other players and will either fail or pass said missions and events depending on difficulties. For the relic part, I feel like ALL vaulted relics should be available to players as rewards because that'll give everyone better chances of getting relics that actually contain prime parts they're looking for besides having to randomly wait to purchase from Baro Ki Teer or other players. I also feel it's time to allow players the options to SELL the relics for credits also because I find myself getting the same relics as rewards for over 30 or 40 times and hardly get any other relics with parts I needed. Either allow us to sell relics or let us use multiples in games and unlock by collecting the amount needed per relics. 10 for 1 and 20 for 2 etc etc.
  23. The pricing Prime Accessories in Prime Resurgence is strictly worse than in Prime Vault. The cheapest bundle costs €17.77, the same as a Prime Accessories bundle previously. However, you only get 3 Regal Aya. Every Prime comes with at least 2 cosmetics that always cost 2 Regal Aya. This means that the equivalent of a Prime Accessories bundle has gotten more expensive, both in how much players pay for the cosmetics and in how much they need to pay to get it. Instead of being able to buy only 4 Regal Aya, players have to pay double to get 7. This is also ignoring Primes with more than 2 cosmetics like Wukong, whose cosmetics are even more expensive. I think a decent solution would be to make the smallest Regal Aya bundle contain 4 instead of 3, and increasing the amounts in the larger bundles to follow suit.
  24. why is my clan emblem gone
  25. On the app, baro is coming back 4699 days it's saying Image below https://ibb.co/XzY1f9k
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