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Found 170 results

  1. Certain nightwave acts won't register that they've been completed mainly the ones with friends/clan mates and in order to complete them I have to complete it multiple times. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take so long to do them, please either fix this bug or remove the friend/clan mate compulsory part as it is really annoying and I can see this bug negatively impacting on players who don't have the time to complete it multiple times. Also the Index one doesn't seem to want to complete even though at the end of the mission it showed it had.
  2. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AhccHFhd24Zjl2MQXG6-DqtxYib4 this is the bug in action it happens when you shut off the water from a console which time gates it then it turns back on for a bit before you can move up the shaft again. Please fix this as it happens for the rest of the mission... Thank you.
  3. I did kela De thaym assassination two or three times and she became unhurtable (wasn't even getting 0s) she also fell in the ground as well https://xboxclips.com/KettuTheGreat/643e9cb3-ceef-4241-b815-4af2fad82cbe this is a clip of me not doing damage ik the void didn't cause it because I used a dif frame before
  4. This has been a recurring thing recently. Since the 'kill profit taker with a friend or clan mate' I and several others have mad multiple runs only to not receive the reward from nightwave. It has carried over into this current week. Fendallwit and myself just did a 1h 11min 40 wave defense mission on Casta Ceres after adding each other, neither of us got the reward. I'd like to think it's just host connection issues since I Did manage to get the last one as host and after resetting my game. If hate to have to do that for each of those types of missions, doing it, not getting the reward and then having to redo it. Please fix this DE
  5. There has been a bug appear since latest update where I walk up to a green (auto open) door that basically doesn't register I'm there so when I play with a friend they have to open the doors to get me through then when we get to a 2 person door my button won't trigger so we have to force quit. Happened on solo as well as co-op.
  6. This is going to be short and simple but every time a host disconnects from orb valis while doing the event (Thurmia fissures) it is resetting the amount of thurmia collected in the canister. This is making the event not completable (for me at least) with the amount of "luck" I have with disconnecting hosts(6 times now). I don't know if this should even be reported as a bug but it is impeding the gameplay of the event which feels like a bug to me.
  7. Started using my phage again recently and noticed that there is an incredible amount rumble feedback. Like 10 or 15 seconds of max rumble for only 1 or 2 seconds of firing. Just curious if this is normal cause it totally turns me off using the weapon if its gonna shake this much.
  8. I was playing kelas boss fight when she fell through the world and died yet the door was still locked I had to abort the mission
  9. For some reason you are unable to rebind keys to the way you would like them my friend quit the game because they can’t get used to the obligatory new controls if this is on purpose is it possible to let players customize there controls again? Thank you for your time
  10. a couple of my K-drives in my profile are showing greyed out and not mastered when i have them in my inventory mastered and i also have the MR points for it i know its a visual bug but something i would like fixed
  11. After careful testing it appears that the Pack Leader mod is not working, meleeing enemies does not restore health to your companion.
  12. When I was using my Larkspur archgun in a mobile defence mission I picked up the data mass and was unable to pull the archgun back out and couldn't use melee for the rest of the mission. Don't know if this has been reported yet.
  13. I just now got on warframe and I decided to try the Thermia event, but as soon as I got in a host migration happened and when the game started backup my warframe was dead, it forced me into my tenno form, only movement and home button's worked, and the team it had momentarily loaded me in with was gone. So by the end of it I was forced to close the game and restart. Also to note I had went into tenno form for a few seconds before the host migration happened, but I had changed back not even 2 seconds before the migration. I'm not really upset I just want to know if this is just a me thing or if there's a way to avoid it or something.
  14. Ever since the weapon updates my warframes And All my weapons wont damage anything and AI cant kill me. Like im a ghost. Plz fix this bug so i can get my rank 12
  15. O did 1 hour KUVA survival and a lost everything, i had achieved more than 30 thousand kuva, but when we finished the mission and I went to the ship had nothing!!
  16. When host leaves, host migration takes place and it fails most of the time. Survival and excavation missions are most problematic since last update of solo extraction. Pls fix asap.
  17. Currently, there isn't a separate setting for the mouse sensitivity, forcing those using KBM to tweak their controller sensitivity instead. This creates multiple problems. 1) Any player wanting to play with both a controller and KBM has to choose one or the other unless they fancy memorizing two sets of sensitivity values and constantly adjusting them. 2) I believe this also affects the cursor sensitivity. Currently, the cursor sensitivity option itself doesn't affect anything when using a mouse. When using my mouse in the menus, it is noticeably slower than normally using it on my computer. 3) Because of 2), this also seems to make it more difficult to match my sensitivity to other shooters I play on PC. Please look into this and thank you for your consideration.
  18. Title says it. Anytime im in my orbiter doing anything it's a 80% chance it logs me out. Literally has happened to me 5 times in the last 10 minutes. Checked everything, nat open, cone type, blazing fast GB dl speeds 150 up, all ports open, wired straight to modem not a router, power cycled everything. Nothing. Seems to started happening about a week ago. I can record on twitch how often this is. Please for the love of God someone address this.
  19. As i said using molt does not shake the sceen as it used to be, nothing serious but i was so used to it that using molt now feels empty
  20. Buried Debts has just launched on Xbox, and I've found a major flaw within Melee 2.9's controller scheme: Mandatory/uncompromising button settings. For context: I redid my controls so that I could aim with gunblades while still having easy access to abilities, at the cost of secondary fire's accuracy. I did this by making (RB) melee, (RS) ability usage, and (B) into secondary fire. However with this new control scheme (RS) must always have melee channel attached, period. Any attempts to tamper with (RS) will always result in the respec being denied. Ironically the controller allows one to forgo a melee button altogether. This is rather frustrating as I don't even use channeling to begin with. I'd rather have the option to just remove channeling outright than deal with this. UPDATE: I have found something of a work-around. While the game throws a fit if you try to move certain controls around, it has no issue with several others. Essentially you can play a game of hot potato with your buttons by moving every button you want changed into place EXCEPT the ones that the game won't allow. While the game gets flaky if you try to move certain buttons yourself, it'll happily relocate these buttons itself if other buttons are being moved. Basically just play around and save whenever you get close to the scheme you want.
  21. During a mission on a Grener underwater base I came across the jump puzzle were you have to hack the nearby console and get to the top by jumping on each platofrm before the water comes back and nocks you down again, once the puzzle was done I jumped back into the hole were the water goes down while the stream was going on and I got sent back to the start of the puzzle like normal but when I continued with the level the water effect from the water stream would cover my screen and it makes it hard to see and it seems to clear up but them come back on time when the water is running on the puzzle, it went away when I redid the puzzle and waited for the water to clear then went back down and that seem to sort the problem out. Video Here...
  22. Maybe this should be two reports, but they are sort of similar issues. For the last few days, while in in Prowl on Plains or Orb, some enemies seem to see me anyways. This is especially irritating because the enemies that seem to have super vision are the ones I really want to avoid (turrets, mortar strikes, dargons, the Ghouls that will not stop spawning, the very angry orb mother while I'm trying to hunt any where near the Temple). It seems no matter where I move, they follow as if prowl isn't a thing. Then there's today. I bought the mining tool silencer widget before bed last night. Took it for a spin today and it broke me out of prowl, altering everyone in the camp above me. It broke prowl every time I tried to use it. I'm nut sure if the issue is something to do with Ivara/prowl, the open worlds, or the AI, but this was not happening 4 days ago and now I can't get any peace.
  23. As soon as i update warframe with Buried debts i decided to play with Limbo with the augments Rift Haven and Cataclysmic Continuum. Normally when you banish an enemy the banish countdown would begin and would immediately end when all banished targets are dead or have left the rift. Now the timer stays until it runs out (which is a long time with high duration) thus making it impossible to know with 100% certain if anyone is left in the rift. I've also noticed that the cataclysm will still last an additional second per enemy killed inside however these seconds do not get added to the ability bar timer, causing the countdown to reach zero but the bubble will remain active until it is meant to run out. Please can this bug be fixed ASAP as it makes Limbo unnecessarly hard to use. - A loyal fan with a love for Limbo
  24. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but I keep trying to play warframe since buried debts was just released today at 12 PM Mountain time to do the event for the opticor vandal. I was able to do it for the first hour or so but then I got off for a bit because I had some things I had to do. I get back online to just continually get the error message failed to login. couldn't connect to server. And when I was able to login I couldn't access my navigation console because anytime I tried is would say "failed to create session" the event is half way done at the time of writing this, and the servers are acting like how they did that time there was an ash prime give away. Guess I'm not gonna get the chance of getting the opticor vandal...the game won't let me get on to do anything
  25. Just got hildryn today and wanted to do some fashion frame on her. I noticed that the new Tennocon 2019 legs are not positioned correctly on her at all. They are way far in the back of her leg and you can barely see them. Also for some strange reason the Targis prime greaves on her right leg are tilted weirdly to the left.
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