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Found 918 results

  1. (XB1)Arbiter Dragon

    A cry for help, from a WF vet.

    BUNGIE STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING Hey, Warframe veteran here. Listen DE, please stop taking the current path you are taking and please listen to the vets more than the new players. The vets have been here for years and know what keeps us playing, the new players come in and leave a month later. I'm curious to know how many of those registered millions of users actually play the game still. The path you are currently taking is extremely similar to Activision & BUNGIE with Destiny 1 and Destiny 2. Nerfing everything to the ground making it unusable, and no longer fun. I remember when warframe was about going into a giant room and destroying everything the second you walked in, now that's fun. Decimating your enemies with ease has been warframe's gimmick for the longest time and it's going away rest quick. Please look for those actual useful tips to make additions. Not the trolling new players. New players will never stay if there is no one to guide them. Listen to the Vets, please. We love the game just as much as you guys and would hate to see the game go to ruins faster than Rome. Vets only stay because we have nothing to do other than sell things in trade chat and help new players, run clans, alliances, and extreme endgame runs. Please stop nerfing things or reworking without asking for advice from the community beforehand. Sincerely, Arbiter Dragon, an Xbox Warframe veteran.
  2. (XB1)Young Boy HT

    Don't break Trinity...

    For all those people who avidly (perhaps solely) use Trinity within onslaught, I'm with you here. I cant tell you how many times I have saved my squads ass in onslaught, by keeping up energy and using blessing. I'm personally not a fan of the nuke-trinity stuff, because it's too much of a gamble to self damage. I'm on xbox, so I'm still using the older saryn, but the forums here are sending a bad message. If you're gonna change trinity, perhaps make it so self damaging doesn't put that damage into enemies within link. But don't break her because of how a few people use her in one game mode, especially when there are some of us who use her as intended.
  3. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Maybe I'm Crazy? - A Nyx Revist

    Am... am I the only one who thinks Nyx needs a revisit? Sure, Nyx is a good in play, but when you really step back an look at her from an objective standpoint, she really could use some improvement. ___ So yeah, hey Tenno. Welcome back to another one of these things if you've been following my revisit and rework threads for some of these Warframes. Today I'm doing Nyx because I'm really bored and have nothing better to do so... yay! I think the problem with Nyx is that she has too much of the same. Nyx is supposed to be the... THE crowd control Warframe, and while she kinda' is, she's just... forgotten about over other options that players think would work better. Honestly, the last time I've heard someone ask for a Nyx is when raids were still a thing. Even so, it's just ChaosChaosChaos everywhere and no other types of play. While I get it, it's CC, she's the Mind Warframe, Chaos (and Absorb, with the Assimilate augment) really over-shines the rest of her kit, and it doesn't help that her kit is otherwise not very good. So today, I'm gonna' look at all of her kit, and try to change it to make it more interesting for everyone to use, and a lot more viable. We'll start with the current state of her abilities, and then move on to the revisit part. Where is Nyx Now? Passive : Relinquish - Enemies effected by any of Nyx's abilities have a chance to give up their weapons, putting them into a permanent disarm state. 1st : Mind Control - Nyx takes over the mind of a single target, forcing them to fight only for her team temporarily. They are invincible to allied damage and instead it will be accumulated and dealt on them when the ability ends. Augment Mod : Mind Freak - Everything under the effects of a Mind Control will deal 500% more damage. 2nd : Psychic Bolts - Nyx launches bolts of psychic energy that automatically seek out enemies and deal light damage to them, before doing area damage that can confuse enemies into attacking anything. Augment Mod : Pacifying Bolts - Enemies hit with Psychic Bolts will be stunned for a short amount of time. 3rd : Chaos - Enemies within a long radius of Nyx will have their minds altered, making them all think that their allies are Nyx, attacking them. Augment Mod : Chaos Sphere - Casting Chaos will create a bubble that shrinks over time. Any enemies that enter the bubble will have the effect of Chaos applied to them, inflicting them with 50% of the duration of the initial Chaos. 4th : Absorb - Nyx starts meditating, making her stationary but invincible. Nyx is surrounded in a sphere that stores any damage that would be dealt to her. The more damage Nyx absorbs, the more energy is drained. When released, Nyx will let out all damage dealt (as magnetic) within a short radius to enemies, also inflicting a knockdown. Augment Mod : Assimilate - Nyx can now move freely, cast abilities, and use weapons while in Absorbing mode, but radius is decreased by half and allies cannot add to damage. But these do not work in the way they sound. When practicing with them, you can really see that some of these really need a buff or change to make it more unique. Mind Control has the aggro use, but the enemy damage doesn't scale unless you're using the Augment, and even so, it's not worth it, as you can still kill 10 times faster. Psychic Bolts is just utterly useless in the midst of combat. The radiation procs aren't reliable enough and the damage is just horrid. Pacifying Bolts pretty much just extends the duration of the stun you get when you proc radiation, which is just... useless? You're going to kill them faster than the stun will last. Chaos is her go-to CC which really solidifies her position as the de-facto CC Frame, but is just kinda'... boring. If you're not using the Augment you're spamming it. If you are using the Augment, you're still spamming it to get the initial stun. And Chaos suffers from have such low range and a bad damage type attached to it. Nyx as a whole just embodies how first generation Warframes can either succeed as their own and still be competition, or just fall flat, and start lagging behind as newer, more well-thought designs are added to Warframes. Nyx should not fit into that second category at all, as she is the MIND Warframe. Crowd-control should be at its greatest when it's directly effecting the mind. This is what Nyx could be like that. Lose Yourself - The Nyx Revisit (the game evolves faster than some can keep up) (NEW) Passive : Dead Psyche Nyx's psychic influence is the most powerful in the stars. Her effect on your mind is so drastic, it can make you black out for a short amount of time. Nyx has a 10% chance to send enemies into a sleeping state for 3 seconds, opening them to finishers. does not work on Mind Controlled enemies 1st : Mind Control Nyx invades a single target's mind, making them fight for her cause. The target effected is hyped-up by Nyx, improving their effectiveness on the battlefield. target fights for Nyx for 30 seconds (scales w/ duration) target controlled does 500% increased damage (affected by power strength) target has double movement speed (scales w/ strength) target gains an armor bonus of a multiplicative 30% (NEW) Augment - Mind Transfer Nyx can now hold the ability key to direct her mind controlled target on which enemy to attack. When her mind controlled target attacks that enemy, they deal 300% more damage. (NEW) 2nd : Psychic Bolts Nyx creates a frontal psycho-shield. All weapon fire that hits it will fire back out of the shield in the form of a Psychic Bolt. all weapon fire that hits will fire back a Psychic Bolt that deals 30% of the total damage from it in the form of radiation Psychic Bolts have a 20% status chance the more weapon fire that hits, the more Psychic Bolts = higher damage and status charge for duration tap, 15 seconds 2 second charge, 20 seconds 3 second charge, 30 seconds Psychic Bolts do not fire directly back at the enemy who shot the shield, the will fire in the direction Nyx is facing what isn't affected? melee attacks can bypass the Psycho-Shield attacks from behind can still hit Nyx Nyx cannot shoot through the shield to gain additional Psychic Bolts allies do not effect base Psychic Bolts (NEW) Augment - Psychic Blasts Shots absorbed by the Psycho-Shield will now let out a wave of radiation damage around Nyx, dealing damage will a 100% chance to proc blast status. status chance raised to 30% for radiation 3 second delay between each blast blast radius is 7 meters 3rd : Chaos Won't really change anything on this ability. Just add in something. charge for additional duration, decreases range tap, standard version, 25 seconds/meters stage 2, 30 seconds, 20 meters stage 3, 40 seconds, 15 meters Though I think Chaos could have a much better Augment, could also make the spreading of Chaos much easier than it is with Chaos Sphere. (NEW) Augment - Controlled Chaos Chaos is no longer a radius around Nyx. Instead, it is a targeting ability and will be cast where Nyx is aiming. Enemies within a short radius of where Nyx was aiming will also be affected. Killing enemies under the influence of Chaos will spread it's effect to nearby enemies for the remaining duration. radius of cast is 5 meters spreading effect is 15 meters both can be influenced with range mods this form of Chaos is a single-handed action 4th : Absorb Nyx calms the mind, and in doing so, makes her body take no damage, but Absorb it all and send it back in a deadly blast to her foes. Any survivors will go insane... increased range to 15 meters (influenced by range) changed damage to Radiation based reduced energy drain to 3 per second reduced additional drain to 3 per 1000 damage change damage cap depending on strength status chance of 50% any survivors have a 10% chance to be Mind Controlle Augment - Assimilate Keep it, it's pretty well thought out. Now as to why I made the changes I made... Standard Mind Control was changed for the obvious reason that enemies don't deal enough damage to each other. They weren't meant to. They deal low damage because we have low health while their health is insane. I thought that letting them be able to deal a good amount of damage to themselves would have to be done like this. That takes away the augment (which totally isn't worth it). What I suggested what another way to further increase your Mind Slave's damage output. I thought letting Nyx have even more control over her Mind Controlled subject would be nice an appreciated. Psychic Bolts is something that I felt needed to be completely overhauled. I felt that making it this way would not only open up more room for Nyx to have CC in every aspect, by also a more reliable way to proc Radiation. The Augment is something I felt more defensive players would like to have while also being able to effectively spread radiation procs. My Chaos Augment change my feel a bit Equinox-y... but I felt that in the end it would be more reliable that Chaos Sphere while also giving a change in gameplay. I can see people disagreeing with me, but this was an expected point of contention and I'd like to see your suggestions too! Absorb... jeez it just needed a buff already, lol. ___ So... that's all I have you guys. Tell me what you thought about what I have to say. Do you think Nyx is already fine or no? Do you think this revisit fixes up some of the problems? Thanks for your time Tenno.
  4. Greetings my visitors of theme. Today i want describe a one problem in game which make me feel bad. This armor for animals, or rather helmet for this armor For a long time I was worried about this is problem in the game, and for some reason everyone closes her eyes to this problem, although it also worries everyone With whom I did not communicate, all 100% of the players agreed with me, supported In the game, in different groups the social networks on the game. In the game there are quite a few remarkable types of armor. But the fact is that I want to see the face of a pet in this armor. Many helmets on the armor frankly disfigure the armor itself, that the armor simply does not feel like dressing to the pet. Let's take as an example the last added armor prime on Kavat She's beautiful, certainly. But the helmet spoils everything. And it would be great if DE added the function of hiding this helmet Just clicked on the slider and the helmet is hidden, as it happens with weapons / headgear of Operators I think this is easy to do in the implementation,and I do not think that it will require a lot of resources. Of course I can be mistaken, and maybe it takes a lot of effort, But such a small trifle can provide a lot of happiness to those players who like to play with pets Of course, when I discussed this with people, I was also offered subjects of assembly armor for pets (helmet separately choose from armor),but this is already exactly more difficult to do than just hide this helmet I would like DE to see this topic A similar function is very lacking I apologize if it is written something is not clear :с But I hope the main idea was able to convey to you
  5. KRULL A paradigm shifting warframe whose ability can have 4 roles, Krull can do much things because he is full in-set. Armor: 60 (Assassin) , 120 (Mage), 50 (Healer) , 200 (Tank) Health: 100 (400 max) + 20% bonus from Tank paradigm Energy: 75 (300 max) + 100% bonus from Mage paradigm Shield: 120 (420 max) + 50% bonus from Healer paradigm Sprint speed: 1.00 + 2x bonus from Assassin paradigm To get this, buy the blueprint from market and get the part blueprints from Venus Free Roam Bounties. Passive Ability: Shifter - everytime you shift, you will get 50% off energy cost for your next ability. Also, all paradigms have specific permanent bonus and it will wear off when doing Paradigm Shift. Ability One: Paradigm Shift - Costs only for free energy. You can shift to Assassin, Healer, Tank or Mage. You can shift as fast as you can. Ability Two: Magneto / Dia / Element Ball / Blood Knife - Magneto can be activated in Tank paradigm, which receives all bullets and projections on him, receiving only 25% damage of it. Last for 15 seconds. Dia can be activated in Healer paradigm, giving only small amount of health on himself and nearby allies. Element Ball can be activated in Mage paradigm, which shoots random elemental spell to one target. It can have area damage but minor. Blood Knife can be casted on Assassin paradigm, throws a big shuriken being thrown forward, and can damage enemies 25 times. Ability Three: Metalloid / Blessing / Element Catapult / Knife Tornado - Metalloid (Tank) can summons a shield that he will hold. Can cover up 5 meters, last for 15 seconds. Blessing (Healer) can cast a Shield and Health Regen 2% eveey second, lasts for 15 seconds. Element Catapult (Mage) can cast random elemental spell that can be thrown to create an area damage. Knife Tornado (Assassin) can make him spin for 10 seconds, creating combination of critical hits. Ability Four: Tanker / Renewal / Element Tycoon / Knife Rain - Tanker (Tank) can summon a moving platform, making himself and allies floated by 5 meters from the ground while having a projected shield, last for 30 seconds. Activating this again will create a very durable area shield, which has total 2900 HP. Renewal (Healer) can give full shield and health restoration to himself and all allies. Allies can have bonus 25 energy while nearby enemies will have toxin and drain. Elemental Tycoon (Mage) can summon elemental meteories, hitting inside the 60 meter radial area. Knife Rain (Assassin) can summon a 30 second sword rain on the whole map, which can also give himself invisibility. The damage will be taken from the current melee weapon (and bonus from equipped bows). *In Conclaive, the Knife Rain will be only be inside the 20 meter radius area of the player.* Looks: Head: A better version of Limbo's. (Shorter head). He also had a hologram symbol floating above his head which can be changed whenever he's doing Paradigm Shift. Body: Full of rings. He has 4 circles, and one of them will glow when in a specific paradigm. Legs: Combine Limbo + Volt + Frost. *Energy colors will not affect the element in Mage paradigm* Like my idea? Comment down below.
  6. So, Volt and his prime variant. They still do lack the cloth physics mentioned, sometime in the past? And sorry but the textures are quite.. something something. Are there any plans to give him the glorious PBR treatment Excalibur's Proto skin got? Cause that one was GOOD. Let's face it Volt looks really, plasticy and rubbery.. shouldn't he as the electricity frame be.. W E L L C O N D U C T I V E ? Sorry not sorry.
  7. If you had a 3 team of the gaurdians from destiny vs diffrent tenno warframes what kind of warframe would make the perfect team to eaisly kill the gauridans without much trouble
  8. OneymusOfficial

    Valkyr en güçlü buildi - Eternal WAR

    Merhaba ben nam-ı diğer Oneymus. Burada full güç odaklı bir build yapmış bulunmaktayım. 2.Skill odaklı bir build'dir bu öbür skiller için yapılmamıştır. Ne kadar seri keserseniz o kadar çok saniye kazanır ve rahat edersiniz. Valkyr en güçlü buildi budur tabi energy conversion modunu koyarsanız daha da çok güç edinebilirsiniz. En mantıklı bu şekilde yapmak aklıma geldi daha iyisini yapabilcek arkadaş varsa yorumlarda paylaşıp tartışabiliriz. Build hakkında sorun yaşarsanız konu altına yazabilir veya oyundan bana pm atabilirsiniz iyi oyunlar dilerim. Bu arada oyun hakkında soru veya sorun yaşarsanız discord kanalından soru sor bölüme soru sorabilirsiniz. WarframeTurkey Discord Adresi:
  9. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    What Is Khora Supposed To Be...?

    Like... I am confused here. Every Warframe has a relatively coherent theme so far. Ash, Ninja. Nekros, Necromancer. Excalibur, Swordsman. Limbo, Interdimensional Void Space Wizard! And then we get to Khora, the crazy-cat-living-metal-healing-puppet-master-dominatrix-thing? You see? Limbo sounds like he makes more sense than Khora. See DE? When you try to push for a Frame that you really want to release, you theme goes all over the place, and that's even reflected in her abilities. Her first does damage, fair enough. Her second and fourth do essentially the same thing except one makes enemies shoot at other enemies for... what again? And her third is also her passive and on top of that it has attack mode (fair enough, it's a wild "metal" Kavat), defense mode which disarms enemies (fair enough, commanding a Kavat) and... heal mode? Since when do cats heal? Hopefully you guys don't go off the rails with your next Warframe (it'd be easy if it's something from the Forums).
  10. The state that you left Ember in is quite... embarrassing, to say the least. It's actually insulting to the players that love Ember that you just "attempt" to revisit her and then let her rot without actually fixing her issues. This is actually a problem. While I do like what you guys have been doing this year, fixing all the issues by rebuilding everything from the ground-up, you're moving way too fast, and some things are being left behind in the end, one of those being Ember. And on top of that, my salt has reached almost-- unfathomable levels with the recent Saryn changes and all of her buffs. So here's what I think, I know you guys like to design your Frames your way, but you guys need to stop and listen to your players, and I don't mean the vocal majority (because look what happened to Zephyr's Tail Wind and Dive Bomb), I mean the calculated minority who has great ideas! And if you can't take this up I just have one question for you guys... How long are you just gonna' let Ember rot?
  11. proflap

    Mag Nemite

  12. Short disclaimer, if you haven't played the "Second Dream" and "The War Within" and "Saya's Vigil" quests yet, you might want to turn back now and come back later. ... As you play through one of the Warframe universe's main questline quests called: "The Second Dream" you will meet the essence of our Tenno existence, the operator. The Operator's reveal in this quest adds a new layer of combat to our beautiful Warframe experience. This seemingly weak little child, incapable of basic maneuvers such as walking at first, proves its significance and strength as we venture deeper into the Warframe lore and reach and complete "The War Within" quest. After "Focus 2.5" droppped, another new layer was added to the warframe combat system through a large amount of Tenno Abilities. The following idea has been a dream of mine eversince. Wouldn't it be cool if we had warframes and operators do joint attacks/movements, simeoultaneous attacking or support one another? Let me give you, the reader, insight in my train of thought as you proceed into my thread which was carefully written with the intent to bring to life within your mind my fantasy of operator combat's, and combat altogether for that matter, next step. Behold several Concepts & Ideas below: Easily Implemented Conceptual Ideas PS: The reason I consider these ideas easily implemented is because they utilize/function based on already existent warframe game components On exit the operator is presented with the option to command the warframe. (This was inspired from the operator's phrase: "My Warframe is the hand, and I am the will.") - Operator shoots amp / uses operator ability to immobilize an enemy after which the warframe executes a predetermined (attack) move. (1st,2nd,3rd or 4th ability; Warframe runs over to do a quick melee/ finisher attack; Warframes move applying Specter AI logicistics to shoot primary,secondary,melee attacks and/or abilities) - Warframe uses a warframe attack ability automatically on nearest hostile enemy - Warframe uses a warframe support ability on nearest ally or even on operator - Warframe uses a wall latch, or any warframe acrobatic maneuver, to draw enemy aggro away from operator as a decoy (optionally whilst remaining invincible). Experimental/New/Future Concepts: - Warframe picks up operator and gives up warframe ability usage but AI shoots nearby enemies with secondary( as with volts shield), whilst operator shoots enhanced beam as done in the second dream while fleeing the reservoir. PS: Quick melee would cause AI to shoot warframe secondary weapon to nearby target in line of sight - Warframe's 4th ability and operator powers are weaved together into a special warframe operator joint-ability (consider it to be an ultimate attack) Warframe or Focus School themed attacks: Example 1: Ash-themed joint attack - Ash and operator would become invisible together and attack enemies. While ash executes a bladestorm the operator joins in teleporting to enemies through the void. the operator would use predetermined amp/void explosion(finsher) attacks of some sort per target alongside the original Ash. In this skill Ash's clones would be left out while ash takes over their job as the sidekick in the operator's maneuvers. Example 2: Ash-themed Joint attack #2 A second example using ash's theme and kit would be: Instead of bladestorming, ash teleports to a target and holds the target down immobilizing it ,as it would normally do with it's teleport ability, and the operator would then perform an operator unique finisher to it. How to choose between the multiple Joint Attacks Through and augment mod-like system with the quills, one could unlock multiple joint operator attacks and choose which one one wishes to utilize. Joint attacks would be attached to a focus school and based off of those one would be selected as a default.(Each of these attacks basing their themes/utility off of the Focus school's ideology) Warframe themes More to be added.. Mapping Warframe Commands Bringing all these new actions into the game also requires thought as to where to leave them on one's controller and or keyboard! Since keyboards are rather flexible when it comes to keybinds I will focus on a solution for Console controllers in this thread which can be logically mapped to keyboard as well. Here is my solution for the problems my idea bring along with it. Currently warframe abilities are mapped to R1/RB(R1 For PS4 Users & Right Button on XBOX Controllers) ability "Context Menu". In operator mode all of the R1/RB Triangle/Square/Circle/Cross combinations for PS4 and Y/X/B/A combinations for XBOX are unoccupied. These combinations could be remapped for operators to use while outside of their warframes to command them. I'll be further updating this thread as I get more input/ideas. Feel free and encouraged to join in on this train of thought and concept in the making! Player Suggestions:
  13. I will start off by saying that this is an Ember Rework thread, sorry for the different type of formatting in the title. We'll be discussing her current functions, where she came from, and where she is now. Then, we'll discuss how effective she is compared to other Warframes and how we can make she better. Now then, let's begin! (notice that I call this an Ember rework and not revisit. World on Fire is getting cut completely.) Now then, Ember... let's just say it, she's bad. She's not viable to me at any level of play anymore. She suffers from many different factors. After the World on Fire nerf, her surviviability has been more noticeable than ever, especially on the vast Plains of Eidolon where we are "encouraged" to spend much time during the game. Her low damage output for what is supposed to be the damage Frame is slightly better than it was before and none of the actual issues that people had with Ember were addressed. And now it's "anything under level 40"? Her whole thing is ever less effective than it was before, and makes her theoretically weaker, considering her damage can't reach far enough to control the areas that would be putting her down. The reason she will continue to be weak in this day and age of Warframe is because just damage can't do crap. She needs utility. The exact opposite, actually. While she is technically stronger, now she's more prone to death than ever. Nerfing the range on her World on Fire throws her surviviability in the trash, making her more prone to damage due to her not having a good enough effect on the battlefield. World on Fire is also now pretty much the least capable of clearing rooms effectively. A Lenz does it faster. This doesn't mean that I want to see World on Fire go back to what it was before. I feel that her fourth ability should be so much more. Now that that's been said, let's hop straight into how to make Ember good! And before you guys start arguing with me about "she's very good... with this augment!" I mean without an Augment. The Ember Rework - Sixth Degree Burns _____ Passive - Ignition - It is a theoretically good passive. However, with the fact that only about four or five different things can cause Ember to take fire damage, you're hardly ever gonna' get that 10 energy per second and 35% extra power strength. Additionally, Ember isn't anywhere among the tank Frames, so she won't be able to normally benefit from it with the ridiculous enemy scaling. NEW Passive - Wildfire enemies closer to Ember have more of a chance to suffer a Heat proc, heat procs last twice as long 100% chance when 1 meter away diminishes by 5% per meter increased Heat proc chance is additive This new proposed passive is very useful (and practical), encouraging you to use heat-based weapons to increase you survivability by forcing enemies to panic. It also has high damage potential, considering enemies will suffer the burning effect for much longer than usual. 1ST - Fire Ball - Still isn't that good, but it is pretty close to getting there. The charge up time to get the max Fire Ball effect is way too slow and isn't good enough to use. Fire Ball itself is also pretty slow. Let's take the general concept and make it a bit more useful in higher levels. increase projectile fight speed of normal Fire Ball by 20% charging to the max changes Fire Ball to a two handed action much bigger Fire Ball much faster travel time guaranteed knockdown chance with added blast damage fire damage is doubled, along with area damage. current lingering AOE effect shall be effected by range 75% fire status chance This should make the ideas that DE were going for much much better to use, and also fun! Like a Kamehameha, but Fire? Wait! It's a burning Spirit Ball! 2ND - Accelerant - It's pretty good already. I want to just give it a tiny buff and little extra addition. Accelerant Stun equal for all enemies (5 seconds, not effected by duration) enemies are opened to melee finishers This will further increase Ember's survivability while her 4th ability isn't active, giving her more protection and after effects in the midst of battle. 3RD - Fire Blast - Probably the worst ability in Ember's kit. Fire Blast isn't practical to use at all in a game like Warframe. It's primary function forces you to stand still and let the ring around you keep enemies away, and it's a fairly small ring at that (that doesn't even do what it's supposed to). The expanding ring on cast is alright at best, but the effect only lasts for 3 seconds which is absolutely nothing. On top of that its damage is absolutely terrible. The only situation this would ever be even somewhat practical in is Infestation missions because most of them can't shoot you. However, DE has been shoving the Grineer down our throats since day 1, so the ability should be useful across all factions. Fire Wave the wave of expanding Plasma will burn away enemy armor and deal high damage over the duration armor strip rate is 2/4/6/8 % per second for 6 seconds (effected by duration and strength) damage per second is 70/140/210/280 (effected by strength) wave radius is now effected by range Ember's new Passive can increase the duration of armor strip Fire Ring the ring made at the cast point will strip armor even faster and deal more damage armor strip rate is 4/8/12/16 % per second (effected by strength) damage per second is 100/200/300/400 (effected by strength) ring now has a 5 meter radius and is 1 meter thick (effected by range) Ring can now burn projectiles shot through it 50% burn chance (effected by strength) Ember's new Passive can affect the ability's potency remove added fire damage inside the ring added synergy w/ 4th ability (see fourth ability) New Augment Eruption - every 3 seconds, big geysers of plasma and fire erupt from the ground, damaging and knocking down nearby enemies each geyser drains 5 energy These proposed changes to Ember's Fire Blast will actually allow her to scale much higher into the game, and allow her to achieve her intended damage potential. Fire Blast will be much more useful and see regular usage at higher levels. Don't freak out at the removal of added fire damage here. The Augment however is a very useful skill. It's pretty much what Fire Quake is now, but stationary and effective within the range of Fire Blast, encouraging you to stay nearby. Very good for defenses. 4TH - (NEW) Ancient Inferno - World on Fire no longer has a place in the game, so I'm suggesting it be removed completely. With DE recently looking at older ability design and changing it up. Same case with her World on Fire as you know. Previously, World on Fire was a high range ability that dealt decent damage for "Starchart" content for little to no energy cost. This damage however lost scaling power very quickly, giving her the position of only being good for stuff below 50. Now, World on Fire can't clear rooms, which really takes away the "World" part from it. It also does more damage. But the limited range takes away survivability from Ember and Firequake. This new ability will adopt the added fire damage from Fire Blast's Ring and allow Ember to do much more damage and have some added utility. And if DE can break promises by adding in a new ability for Zephyr after they said they aren't making new abilities, then I can do it too (sorry I'm still kinda' salty about that). Ember burns like the sun, unleashing the violent and godlike power of fire across the battlefield. 75 energy to cast, 10 additional energy per second Gating Flames - main function enemies within 10 meters (not effected by range) take 300/600/900/1,200 fire damage (effected by strength) with guaranteed status chance each enemy killed by Ember adds to the damage and range of Burning Ashes - main end function Burning Ashes - main end fuction on ability end, Ember erupts, dealing massive (heat and blast) damage to all enemies within 15 meters (not effected by range) while also blinding them with smoke and ashes enemies killed by Gating Flames or Ember add onto the damage and range of Burning Ash Eruption calculations for Burning Ash damage and range additions every 500 points is 100 extra points of damage, every 2000 points is 1 extra meter accumulates 50% of enemy health and/or shields for additional damage, and 50% for extra range bypasses obstacles in the environment, but not level geometry (bypasses things such as Blunts, but not walls) Mending Overheat - secondary function yay! the possible return of overheat! Ember gains 100% more fire damage to all attacks, and gains 50% damage reduction, along with healing 30 per second to her and all allies in range extra fire damage not affected by strength, damage reduction effected by strength (maxed at 75%), and healing rate affected by strength w/ range not effected (range is 10 meters, increases with enemies killed) synergies Fire Blast enemies Ember kill while inside the ring have a 50% additional increase to the Burning Ashes counter New Augment World On Fire - Ember ignites an entire room on fire (30 meters), dealing 300 damage per second to all enemies who enter the field with a 50% status chance. ignited duration is 30 seconds energy cost is 100 I know this sounds very overloaded and complicated, but it's really good, and the extended use is not encouraged because of the high energy cost. It can serve multiple different purposes and can put Ember back on the radar for high damage in an almost "Equinox" like way with the scaling per kill. The Mending Overheat function will make up for the low range, back returning that boost of survivability and Ember can finally benefit allies! Also, World on Fire actually feels like the World's on Fire and can be used defensively now as an augment. That'll be all for the Ember changes I propose! So... thanks everyone a ton for reading along, and I hope you enjoy the tweaks I propose to Ember, let me know what I missed or got wrong and also let me know if you'd like to see any changes to Ember and what those changes are! Thanks for reading along Tenno. Whoo, that was I lot to type.
  14. Hey, I have beat second dream and I have been trying to get shadow stalker to spawn more often. He came to me once during an excavation mission on Solo but he dropped nothing and I want to get the all of his weapons. I know I am not the mastery rank for War but I still want the blueprint. Please tell me some tips to get him to spawn.
  15. (XB1)Cubic Clem

    I can hear her.. (Khora)

    Anyone else noticing Venari sounds in the orbiter? It always creeps me out a bit. I'd recommend making Venari visible in the orbiter..? Or remove her completely from it.. I would like the first more though. 😉
  16. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    A Quick Loki Revisit Thread

    Yes, I know that Loki doesn't necessarily need a revisit guys, so don't feel compelled to yell at me quite yet! Anyways, hello everybody! I'm back. With another revisit thread. Usually I look at the Frames who really need a revisit and make a super-long thread on that, however, since Loki is one of the better Frames he doesn't require much change. I just feel as though there is no variety in his gameplay along with lack of synergy. So, here's what I'm trying to aim for. Tackling The Underused - Loki really doesn't use two of the abilities in his kit. That being Decoy and Switch-Teleport. That being because these two abilities either don't really have much of a practical use in general gameplay or they simply aren't powerful enough for what they should be used for. This is really where more of the radical changes will come to in this proposed revisit, as these abilities could be much better! Rewarding Synergy - When I think of Loki and how he's a trickster in other media, I really imagine him using multiple abilities together to makes something grand and exciting. While yes, Loki is more of a stealth Warframe, he could also synergize his abilities with each other to make something interesting. Updating The Passive - Let's be real, the only reason Loki's passive is ever used is to quickly tackle those Riven challenges. Wall-latching doesn't really see much use outside of that and that is because of the fact that our current parkour system really eliminated the need for that. However, Loki still has his extended wall-latching passive, and that's something that really needs to be replaced, or added on to. Now that my intentions are clear, let's just hop on in! Insert Cool Title Here - The Loki Revisit ____ (NEW) Passive - Sly Competence stealth finishers have a 20% to increase the duration of Loki's next ability cast duration increased by 5 seconds if Loki already has an active ability, the timer will automatically be extended if the passive is triggered additionally, Loki's wall-latch time is also 10 times more than normal 1st - Decoy Decoy survivability scaling Decoy will now have the same base health as Loki, along with being able to be effected by health and shield increasing mods (e.g. Vitality, Redirection, Vigor, etc.) has an invulnerability period of 3 seconds in which it stands still, converting all damage taken into additional health. increased ultility can hold command to toggle between 'follow' and 'hold position' modes stationary by default Decoy can now actually deal damage Decoy duration increased to 30 seconds at base when Decoy dissipates, it will knockdown all enemies within 5 meters synergies added synergy with Invisibility added synergy with Radial Disarm retains synergy with Switch Teleport 2nd - Invisibility ability name change plz, perhaps something like Trickster's Cloak? Pretty much stays the same. synergy w/ Decoy if Loki casts Invisibility near an active Decoy, they will gain a 50% Evasion bonus for the remaining duration bonus not effected by mods reduces Invisibility's remaining duration by 15% 3rd - Switch Teleport additional utility gives 15% speed boost for a short duration not effected by mods disoriented targets are opened to finishers add a lock on mechanic for easier targeting synergy w/ Decoy can Switch Teleport with Decoy 4th - Radial Disarm minor functional changes removed all damage effected enemies are staggered and slowed for 5 seconds (effected by mods) infested enemies will be forced to a stand-still for 5 seconds and then be slowed afterwards synergies casting w/ Decoy will increase the range by 50%, but the Decoy's duration will be cut in half by 50% of the full duration So, what do you all think? Hopefully I didn't do something completely wrong! Let me know what you think below and also leave your suggestions for Loki changes if you have any. Thanks for reading along!
  17. SaiSoul7895

    Archwing tile set changes

    Archwings are indeed fun to use especially on the plains but why is it that most of us dread the archwing missions on the starchart? The tilesets do not allow much movement. Archwing allows 3D movement in the x-y-z plane but like the mobile defense mission on Neptune ( Salacea I believe) navigating through the conduits and in between the pipes feel very restricting. Reminds me of those old time flying games where you have to pass through hoops to gain points. Can we ask for a rework on those tilesets to make them more open and less congested? Archwings are a really cool concept, I mean who wouldn't like to fly around in a custom pair of wings and wreak havoc throughout space?
  18. (XB1)GrizzlyBearProd

    this gotta be a record for a kuva flood!AqLiUAOE1zhEgnVJQ2NT6NDTGtWu i did a kuva flood exterminate mission on narcissus (Pluto) an my cat's charm sparked 4 times.. it took me 13:42 bcuz i had 2 ambulas pop in
  19. It's easy to fix/UNbreak but the question is will they?
  20. Warframe: Chronos Gender: male Chronos uses and controls the time itself to defeat the enemy. Use the time for your enemy to forget about his existence. He was found on the Lua, only a few of Orokin know his secrets. Method of obtaining: quest at one of the locations in Lua (Grimaldi and/or Stofler). Shield - 80 (240 for 30 lvl) Health - 150 (450 for 30 lvl) Energy - 160 (240 for 30 lvl) Armor - 70 Running speed - 1.10 Polarity: Aura Polarity: 1) Oldness: within 7/9/12 seconds 3/6/9 enemies aging slow their pace and receive +100/+200/+300 damage. Let the ability manifest itself when he stretches out the palm forward and sharply lowers his hand down. 2) Looking to the future: within 9/12/15 seconds shows to allies (and also to him) the areas of further appearance of the nearest enemy within a radius of 20m. White backlight - easy enemy, yellow backlight - normal enemy, red backlight - hard enemy. Areas of appearance are visible through walls and other obstacles. Let the ability is manifested when he touches his central lens (eye). 3) Frozen time: within a radius of 10/17/24 meters congeal motionlessly enemies for 7/9/12 seconds. After the end of time, the released arrow or shot from any other weapon is come out of a statiс state and continue their way. (with any arrow or static object if it was which destroyed/blown up then their fragments motionless just in the field of action of this radius for this time) Let the ability is manifested at the click of a fingers. 4) Paradox: within a radius of 3/6/9m. it forms a time distortion in which the enemy get damage by +400/+600/+800 hp and completely disappears. Let the ability is manifested when it takes off a little above the ground and spins around its axis three once. Passive. Dejavu: having received critical damage from the enemy is chance to move the opponent 10 steps to his early position and disorientates him for 1 sec. Idle Animation: periodically brings his hand to his chin and scratching him. P.S. I tried to combine all sorts of manipulations with the time that you can imagine in science fiction. 😊 |Under the link of his sketch pic|:
  21. I know this isn't a big problem or anything, but I keep forgetting to switch focus trees. There are also the benefits of the focus trees too that can work well with a specific loadout, this won't really only do anything really other than save time. I use loadouts a lot and I just found it annoying I couldn't assign focus trees to them as well. I didn't see anyone asking for it so I thought I would throw it out there.
  22. We understand that you wonderful people at DE are hard at work day in and day out. With everything upcoming in Warframe, we are aware that some things have gotten put on the back burner. However, and I speak for myself here, Clans as well as Alliances feel like they have lost their relativity in Warframe. It also feels like the options we have to clan as well as alliance customization, as far as UI and commands, could use an overhaul. I may be speaking for myself, but I'm sure that many will agree with me. ALLIANCE ADD ONS/CHANGES Let me start off by sharing instances where the changes my alliance has come up with would have been helpful. We had one clan who dedicates themselves to mess with alliance. We were unaware of this until it happened. At the time they had moderating privileges within our alliance. They went berserk kicking and banning everyone from alliance chat. The rest of us were all immediately alerted to this. The clan was promptly kicked from the alliance once the people that could kick got online to kick said clan. However, we had to wait until the daily reset for the kick to take effect. Making it so that said clan could still do their shenanigans for longer than they should have been able to. Then someone specific to a clan decided to do the same, of their own accord. However, no one from their respective clan was online to put a stop to it. Thus, giving that specific person the reigns to do as he pleased until someone from their clan could stop them. What we proposed in our alliance was to give us an option to kick specific members from other clans. Of course only the Lead clan and any other clan the lead clan chooses would have this ability. As well as to see if it was possible for there not have to be a wait period for a clan getting kicked from an alliance. CLAN ADD ONS/CHANGES There seems to be a glitch when you're scrolling up and down the roster of the clans, where when you scroll down, stop, and keep scrolling, you're sent back to the top of the current list you're looking at. This would be helpful when you're trying to scroll down trying to look for those that need to be ranked up in the clan. Also, the very bottom person's pop up menu is underneath the screen as it doesn't change positions depending on the place the username of the person is relative to the list on the screen. (this is just relative to console. at the very least, PS4 as I do not own an XBOX and PC has the luxury of an actual cursor) There's another glitch where, when scrolling through the names, the curse just freezes (this is just relative to console. at the very least, PS4 as I do not own an XBOX and PC has the luxury of an actual cursor) A search bar for names in the list would be very helpful and appreciated. A separate customizable welcome message for when a new member leaves the clan would feel great. As well as a little more space for MOTD of clan and alliance. More defined menu options on the chat name list. "Kick" and "Ban" (hour) (day) seem to confuse people. Some clans have a limit as to how long a member can be offline for, would it be possible to add a "countdown timer" of sorts and have that player automatically expelled from the clan? More Roles to each rank within the clan would make every rank possible more relative to the clan itself. For example, we could have one rank focus mainly on recruiting another one on gathering pigments, so on and so on. Colored names for moderators and warlords in both clan and alliance chat would be amazing. Letting our Kavats and Kubrows run around the dojo like they do in our ship would be a cute thought. Or perhaps that's where some random pets go when they get consigned. Just thought it'd be cute. CLAN/ALLIANCE RELATIVITY I know Dark Sectors will not be returning for a very very long time. Or so I think at least. I also know that the Kingpin system has gotten delayed. Even more so with the Venus open world and The Sacrifice Quest among other things. However, Clan and Alliance Relativity, I personally feel, has been lost. The only thing the clans do currently is clan tech. Obviously it helps new players out, for the most part. Aside from that, there really is no use to clans. Currently, there is absolutely no use for Alliances. Now, I don't know about PC or XBOX, however, in PS4, trying to recruit isn't as easy as before. Even with weekend recruit sessions or Summer coming up, it seems less and less people are inclined to join a clan. Thus, making it difficult for clan numbers to increase. It hurts Moon Clans the most as they seem to lose more member, due to inactivity policies, than they can gain. This is something a friend and alliance mate came up with when I spoke to them. 1) More benefits for the clan and alliance relationship. Such as a dojo room/hall that is unlocked while in an alliance. Or possibly a new research room and the research is done collectively by the alliance. Research could be for cosmetics or possibly weapons and frames. 2) easier way to monitor resource contributions of everyone instead of only being able to look at one person's contributions at a time. 3) more clan rank/hierarchies. We are currently limited to 8 but I would prefer if we had a few more. 4)Give moderators a symbol next to their name within clan/alliance chat. Possibly a crown,crest, clan emblem, or the lotus symbol. 5) clan and alliance glyphs to display clan/alliance pride in game. 6) a way to tell who invited a person into the clan. Could just be shown in clan log. This could be used if someone repetitively invites a trouble maker. 7)an easier way to donate resources. Possibly just include it in the vault post and show a record of the most recent to donate to it. 8)a way to search for a name when looking at the clan roster. When a clan is either mountain or moon it can be a pain to find a person's name because the list is so long. 9)bring back the event that allowed the finis wraith research. Some clans were made after that event and they deserve a change to get it. 10) Let clans research the rail stuff so they can get full research. When recruiting people often make a decision to join a clan based on Research, and it is very annoying to be denied because your clan wasn't made back in those days. 11)the ability to recruit whilst idle in our dojo would be helpful.
  23. (XB1)DATURTLE343

    Add a Stalker Excalibur helmet

    Please add the Stalker's helmet for excalibur warframe. I really want to get the pakal armor and a stalker helmet to look just like stalker which would be ready cool. Then I could also get the Stalker's drops(he dropped nothing for me) and be like the stalker. Please add a stalker helmet.
  24. Greetings my visitors of theme. Today i want describe a one problem in game which make me feel bad. This armor for animals, or rather helmet for this armor For a long time I was worried about this is problem in the game, and for some reason everyone closes her eyes to this problem, although it also worries everyone With whom I did not communicate, all 100% of the players agreed with me, supported In the game, in different groups the social networks on the game. In the game there are quite a few remarkable types of armor. But the fact is that I want to see the face of a pet in this armor. Many helmets on the armor frankly disfigure the armor itself, that the armor simply does not feel like dressing to the pet. Let's take as an example the last added armor prime on Kavat She's beautiful, certainly. But the helmet spoils everything. And it would be great if DE added the function of hiding this helmet Just clicked on the slider and the helmet is hidden, as it happens with weapons / headgear of Operators I think this is easy to do in the implementation,and I do not think that it will require a lot of resources. Of course I can be mistaken, and maybe it takes a lot of effort, But such a small trifle can provide a lot of happiness to those players who like to play with pets Of course, when I discussed this with people, I was also offered subjects of assembly armor for pets (helmet separately choose from armor),but this is already exactly more difficult to do than just hide this helmet I would like DE to see this topic A similar function is very lacking I apologize if it is written something is not clear :с But I hope the main idea was able to convey to you
  25. (XB1)GRaaYDominaTIOn

    So I've got an idea for Warframe

    So I've got an idea for the indie FTP game Warframe. Warframe has a solar rail function to where you can put in specters that use copies of your equipment to fight attackers, and that got me thinking today. What if on the next update there is a new mode similar to the Solar Rail, but it's a complete defense happening on your entire clan dojo. A new permission that you can give members where they can put enemies or allies that they have finished scanning for the codex, into the Dojo rooms. You could even add in the storage compartments from grineer, corpus, or orokin containing any item you have, in case you want to reward the attackers a little further for getting through a very hard defense. This would be like the Simulacrum, except instead of fighting scanned enemies you spawn, they would defend the Dojo room you put them in. This would also give Sentient Fighters an even bigger purpose, as if you are able to fully scan a fighter, you can put that fighter in the second to third last room in the Dojo, making a formidable defense. Digital Extremes: I'm hoping that you can add the feature that I propose to you to the game Warframe, as it will make the game more fun to play than it already is, and it will give a much bigger use to the codex scanner and entries, making more players get more credits to get codex scanners, and playing more of your game to scan the enemies within each and every planet to put into their dojo, thus increasing playing time. Thank you for your attention, even if you don't accept the idea.