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Found 880 results

  1. Riven mods

    Many rivens for sale. Nah DabOnEmGohan for trade. simulor zeti-critiban max ammo - recoil + crit chance Paracyst- action-concicon grinneer damage crit damage and flight speed PMO
  2. Focus farm 2.0

    Where and what frame you all use to farm focus I use ivara I make them to fallow me as many I can get then put them to sleep and kill them all not really a great way to do it lol
  3. Recommended 3rd Frame?

    Hey guys, I've made why way through about I'd say the mid tier planets and I'm currently working my way through to get to neptune/pluto and so on. I've currently maxed out my starter Excalibur and my second frame Rhino so I'm looking to make the step to a third frame but the big question is which one?! Originally I was planning to go with the Ash frame, but I'm unable to last the 15 minutes required to get the manics to spawn on Ophelia Uranus (having to do it solo because no squads are being formed when I do the mission. Side question, what ways exist to form squads aside from relying on the game finding you one when you try to do a mission).So I figured why not get the opinions of my fellow tenno of the frame they would recommend. I've been considering frost which sounds alright, I'm just worried that I might already have a tanky/defensive frame in Rhino. There is also Loki but I've gotten the idea that after a while, the stealth route becomes a bit of a drainer and is less useful outside of spy missions. There are so many frames that I can't list all of them, so I'm really just asking what would you recommend as a third frame (that I can get realistically in the stage of the game I'm in). This whole thing is mostly cause by the slots on warframes, maybe the 20 plat is easy to come by later in the game, but as of now I can't see myself getting more slots too soon.
  4. Connecting Xbone/PC accounts

    I did some googling on this but most of it was old (btw, why have I never heard of this game till now if it's been around as long as it has?) I play on PC and Xbone, I started playing on PC but then got an xbox 1 x the other day an started playing on my xbox a bit. Is there anyway to login my account from my xbox on my pc or vice versa and progress the same account on two different platforms?
  5. Chroma self damage

    Any idea which weapon and mods set for self damage while runing chroma build full strength and duration
  6. Nidus base health

    Nidus has 37 base health down from 150. Making it a total of 112 without mods at max rank. Is this a weird bug or just a brutal nerf, as without shield I am literally getting 1 shotted by grineer lancers.
  7. Funny moments in warframe!

    So as the title says, I've started this topic so that we may discuss and share humorous moment in Warframe that tickle our funny bone; from glitchy NPCs to Ordis's dialog lines; feel free to share things that have given you a good laugh. Screenshots are acceptable as well and highly encouraged when possible! As shown here within my own screenshot, we have a Corrupted frontier trooper whom think's he's a Zephyr! Between jumping from zip line to zip line, he also appeared to be walking on air with a very slow decent. Before he met his tragic demise at the barrel end of my Sobek; a tad grim but, but at least it was funny while the moment lasted! To be fair though; he was probably lobotomized a long time ago when that Orokin control device was placed on his head, so I like to thing did him a service by giving him an honorable death via dying in battle. I just found him walking on air and jumping from zip line to zip line like a Tenno hilarious.
  8. Nidus Augment Idea

    So I was playing nidus and my friend kept going down so what I was thinking is what if you had an augment that did this? If someone is tethered to nidus they have a slow health regen and if they are downed you can tether your downed teammate to revive them slowly while you keep on fighting. I head the Devs were looking for an idea and this seems like a good augment that can be well tuned tell me what you think!
  9. Focus 2.0 question

    I have been working away from home for months and haven'y been able to stay up to date with all the current changes and news and I have a question about Focus 2.0. Before Plains and Focus 2.0 my Zenurik skill tree was completely maxed in each skill to maxed level I even had enough Way to actively use almost all the skills and now I can only max out 4 abilities. I chose Energy Pulse, Inner Might, Void Siphon, and Void Flow. Was I returned to wrong amount of focus for the reset or are the skill just really that much more expensive?
  10. Console: Quality of Life Changes

    Alright so, i have been playing Warframe for roughly 4 years now since i got my my ps4 and i throughly enjoy the game. however in those 4 years a few issues have cropped up that i believe could be easy enough fixes. mostly its to make my life as a console player easier. now all my experience is on ps4 but i believe if the same issues are on my system perhaps its the same on Xbone as well. First off the biggest one. i am color blind, most colors i see fine but there are a few that just merge easy for my eyes. and i'm sure others out there have it worse than i do in terms of colorblindness so it would be greatly beneficial to be able to have colorblind options to begin with. or even one step further id make it so that you could customize every color in the UI. shield, health, energy, damage numbers, experience bars, name color. all of these i believe should be changeable for those of us with special eyes. now i have been watching some dev streams and they devs are doing good work, but i feel its detrimental to all of us players to lack this option when so many other games do. Second suggestion is counters. as a long time player i've accumulated a lot of mods, prime pieces, platinum, materials, and other odds and ends in my dragon hoard of an inventory. however the biggest pet peeve of mine int hat regard is how selecting the items en mass requires the use of the trigger buttons to dictate how much of something i want to give or keep. which is extraordinarily time consuming. from talking with my pc player friends they do not have this issue because they can use the keyboard to type in what number of X that they want. so why not give an option, or something similar like say the system UI keyboard or maybe making an in house calculator used specifically for just the counters. it seems i spend more than enough time trying to hone in on the magic number of items or plat i want to donate, use, turn to endo for mods or any other thing a counter is used for. seems like a simple enough solution to solve a long occurring issue. Lastly as with my dragon horde i have made mistakes in plat purchases. Such as buying a skin, later buying a bundle containing said skin, and they just sit there in in my inventory. gathering dust so to speak. along with duplicates of weapons, or sydanas the entire inventory list gets cluttered fast and being able to sell things that are currently unsellable would be nice. now the issue i understand is the loss of platinum, the economy impact of being able to sell cosmetics in any regard is just off. however i believe i have a solution that would better everyone. i propose we be able to sell the cosmetics we do not wish to use or regret purchasing for plat. However that platinum trade back shouldn't be even in fact id feel comfortable getting back anywhere from 10% - 50% plat sellback value, along with the platinum being unable to be traded away much in the same manner as the free plat given away currently with the psn booster pack. it would be a simple way to get plat flowing back into the economy, make it easier to not having buyers remorse. also to prevent fruad, perhaps the first aquired cosmetic be locked and all others able to be sold back. or have timer on recently purchased platinum items before they get locked in. so i know i've proposed a lot of changed some simple, the final i know being way more complex, but i believe such changes would be beneficial to all console players, and maybe even useful to all players on all systems. so i'm open to debate on the ideas. lets see how this drop in the pond fares.
  11. Night Equinox Mend needs tweaks.

    I love day Equinox, he super powerful. He's able to store in insane amounts of slash damage and I think it's totally amazing. On the other hand night equinox is fragile and squishy. The only thing that's cool about her is the fact that she can sleep mass amounts but it doesn't make you survivable in high levels. Her mend ability is really bad. Like really bad. Yes she may be able to heal herself but what is seriously the point of storing 200k health and not being able to apply it to yourself in some way? It just replenishes your health up to the cap which for most people is 740 health. I was thinking that instead of all the other health you stored up disappearing it could either 1. Convert the health into ridiculous amounts of overshield or 2. Go to our health anyway and ignore the health capacity. How do you guys feel about that?
  12. WTS GODLY Buzlok Riv

    WTS BUZLOK Visi-acrican +259.2% dmg +118.2% multishot +167.6 Crit dmg +100.4% recoil!!! Looking for best offer.
  13. I'm still rather new to warframe and i wanna learn how to trade away some of the stuff i got from relics for plat. I often go to maroo's bazaar and set up shop but no one trades. I'd like some hints on whats valuable and how to trade.
  14. Furax wraith

    Jogo no Xbox, nao sei se isso acontece em outras plataformas, mas o konzu só trás 2 partes da furax, sempre repetindo essas 2 partes das 3 partes para construção dela, ficando de trazer mais uma parte para ela nas recompensas de caçada.
  15. Today I would like to talk about a Warframe that needs an incredible amount of love. That frame is Zephyr, the definitely-not-flight-capable flying frame. In all honestly Zephyr is debatably one of the most pointless Warframes, in her current capacity, currently in the game. Yes, she is able to buff allies’ movement and projectile speed, but once you move past that she just has a high mobility ability that has no real damage and is only useful for crossing PoE very quickly, a dive bomb that nobody uses because it is fairly pointless and does no damage, and large aoe cc from tornadoes. Or you can get rid of the cc and augment the tornados. So good. Zephyr is in need of a rework and I’m not certain that anyone is too worried about actually giving her one, especially with the presence of PoE. Here is what I propose; solid numbers to come later, description of my idea first. Zephyr: Passive Ability – EXTREMELY slow fall while in the air and increased aim glide time. [Press Crouch to fall straight down without waiting to glide down] This is open to much criticism. Please offer me other alternatives that might work. I just can’t seem to think of anything that wouldn’t be a large power jump. 1st Ability – A medium range air dash. Activate the ability to dash in the direction that you are looking regardless of whether you are on the ground or in the air. A cone of air radiates ahead of you and continues flying once you have ceased movement. Distance traveled is affected by a combination of power strength and power duration. Size of cone is affected by power range. Distance the cone travels once your warframe ceases movement would be affected by power duration. Speed of projectile is affected by power strength. Enemies contacted by the cone projectile become staggered. 2nd Ability- Zephyr creates a small vortex below herself that descends quickly to the ground, drawing in and knocking down all enemies within range. Duration of knockdown affected by power duration, radius of vortex affected by power range, damage inflicted affected by power strength. Damage inflicted would be Impact. 3rd Ability- Turbulence [Because that name is just too good] Zephyr cloaks herself in a turbulent vortex of air that deflects incoming projectiles and most gunfire. The wall of wind does not stop beam based weapons or energy weapons. (Unless this is too difficult to code and implement into the game, but I think it would be a really decent interaction that keeps the ability balanced.) The radius of the Ability is affected by power range. Power duration affects primary ability cast, but not the special interactions with her 1st ability. Power strength affects trajectory of redirected shots [This is most likely impossible to implement. What I mean by this ability change would be that any shots fired at you would be redirected toward the enemy that fired upon you with increasing accuracy based on power strength.] Any shot redirected is affected by a small damage multiplier. Special Interaction- If Turbulence is active when activating Zephyr’s 1st Ability, she will not dash in any direction. Instead she will begin to hover in the air a distance from the ground and gain mid-air movement at 20% movement speed. Activating her 1st Ability while in this mode will move her through the air at reasonable speed, affected by power strength, following the reticle around, but keeping her locked upright. The distance that Zephyr Hovers from the ground is affected by power range. Zephyr’s energy drains constantly while this ability is active and the drain is amplified while gliding around with her 1. Base energy draw of 15 energy per second to a minimum of 5 energy per second with efficiency/duration mods or something in line with that, having the cost maybe double when actually gliding around with her 1. [Here is the BEST part. Make Aviator will work while Zephyr is in the air. Because…yeah. It needs to be something that works.] 4th Ability- Zephyr begins to channel and summons a tornado over the course of ten seconds. This drains an amount of energy on initial cast as well as per second that it is active and can be activated a second time to cast the ability early. All incoming damage is absorbed by the tornado and adds to the total damage that the tornado will do. Overall range of the ability is based on the amount of time spent channeling the ability. Max channel for a large area, quick cast for a small area of effect. The damage multiplier of this is not affected by power strength or any other modifications. A damage amplifier in the area of 25% is what I am imagining for the balance of the ability, but that might be too high. All enemies that are in the area of effect when the ability is cast are knocked down if they are within the inner radius of the tornado itself, otherwise they are staggered. Each enemy in the area will then have a percent chance to be staggered for the duration that they are present within the ability’s effective area at a base of 15% up to 50% with power strength modifiers [Possibly too much?]. Duration of the final tornado cast is affected by power duration. Base and maximum radius of the tornado are based on power range. The ability will randomly apply status afflictions based on the type of damage that is fired within the tornado. Base damage type is impact. (Low chance to actually proc 5-10% unaffected by power strength) If cast in the air, the tornado’s height will be based on duration of cast, short cast will sink to the ground and only be as tall as a regular short/quick cast. I feel that this would be an amazing change for Zephyr while keeping her in a niche all her own. Yes, her 4th Ability borrows from Nyx, Harrow, and Gara to some extent, but provides its own utility and could very well be used as a decent way to deal damage over a large area. While the need to cast her 1st ability to move around in the air quickly may feel clunky and HEAVILY drain energy, it limits the INSANE utility and mobility that a full free-flight mode would give to an unrestricted Warframe. While I would love for Zephyr to have a free-flight mode, I do not feel that it would facilitate helpful tweaks and changes to her abilities at large. Zephyr needs to fit more precisely into the niche of utility defender and team support from the sky in my opinion. [For what my opinion is worth.] Augments Her augments could easily be changed to apply meaningful effects for the mod space sacrificed. For her 3rd Ability the augment could be changed to increase projectile speed for all allies and give them turbulence at full duration, half range and half efficacy, only redirecting 50% of the shots fired and with half the damage multiplier on redirected shots and grant you increased movement speed while in the air. This keeps Zephyr from infringing upon the one thing that Volt had in his arsenal to be useful for mobile combat (I don’t want to hear about volts shield being picked up by allies because that just…isn’t a great augment imo and should probably do something slightly different but that’s not why I’m here today) while still offering a perk to her allies. Augment for her 4th ability Could Cause the cast time, range, and power strength to be lowered, but allow you to cast more than one tornado at a time OR Cause you to summon three tornados that rotate around Zephyr and move with her while granting a small speed boost to you and any allies within the affected range (unaffected by power strength. Maybe a 15% flat base movement increase that is calculated on top of sprint boost and other sprint modifiers, or Scaling with power strength with a lower base multiplier could also be an option.) Augments for her 1st and 2nd abilities are the most awkward to implement. Adding a residual area of effect on the ground when activating her 2nd ability based on augment rank could actually be useful for a spammable cc combo with her other abilities. For her 1st ability the augment could concern the projectile exploding to deal impact damage in an area based on mod rank for a flat amount of damage. This augment should not feature stagger, knockdown, or ragdoll of any kind in order to keep it from being too…annoying. Visual Changes? Insofar as visual changes are concerned I think that most of the abilities have resources that could be tweaked and used from their current status. I would love to Zephyr to have energy wings/jets sprout from her arms and legs when she is hovering/flying. It would be so majestic. Majestic AF The channeling of her tornado could involve her doing an animation somewhat similar to her current 4th ability casting animation, but with more swirling of the arms and hands and having the small tornado start to form while in her hands before she hurls it onto the ground and it does the thing. TL;DR: Zephyr, Combo her 1st and 3rd abilities to create a semblance of a flight mode. Make her 2nda simply fun to use cc ability that would actually have some purpose. Make a channeled tornado for her 4thß I mean, does that need any modifiers? The casting of it alone would be amazing to watch. Visually add some form of energy wings or jets from her arms/legs/body to denote that she is “flying”.
  16. Vacation

    I'm leaving the country for a week, and as a result I won't be able to get my daily login rewards. I play every day, and it will be disappointing to have a lapse in my "login streak" Is there any way around that?
  17. Let us Fish in Peace! DE please, make it so that the enemies just stand there looking at you or something, and attack you as soon as you equip any weapon. making it work only 10m near a water body prevents its abuse in normal game play, even further disable it if a incursion/bounty is accepted and is in progress.
  18. I would like to offer some of my own concepts for possible future amp melee weapons. 1. Exalted blade style sword! 2. Energy whip with grapple/throw mechanics! 3. DBZ Krillan-esque throwing disc with punch-through for days! 4. Cool claws that allow you to climb up walls! 5.Big ol chunky anime robot punching gloves made of light with rocket punch mechanics! 6. Extendable stave with helicopter mode and a wicked ground-pound! C'mon people! Just throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks!
  19. So... I've been thinking on a concept of an entire Warframe revolving around the concept of Captura and photography. I want to do an in-depth thingy thread about it. I don't usually ask this, but should I not waste my time with it or do you guys think it would be cool?
  20. Relic

    Looking for a nikana hilt on warframe can someone help
  21. Relic

    looking for a nikana hilt does someone have to trade will trade 39 platinum gamer tag new wnw siren on Xbox one warframe If you willing to trade send me a friend request on Xbox one and a message with it
  22. Let me start off by saying that I've been playing warframe for upwards of about a year and a half. I love the game, and I love the content. That said: Me and my friends who play the game are band nerds, and back when we heard that a musical warframe was coming out, we were thrilled. The prospect of having a warframe that revolves around music was just the sickest thing ever for us; and for the first few weeks after octavia came out it was exactly that: sick! Time passed, and we filled up our slots with songs, and we started to have trouble coming up with new original tunes that fit the very small and undynamic range of the instrument. Here's the problem, You've got one chord to work with in bass, and melody. Percussion doesn't necessarily need range so it's fine, but you've only got one key to write in. After a while it starts to sound repetitive using the same notes over and over again. On top of that the instruments that are available are interesting, but only a few of them seem to work well when trying to create recognizable rhythms and melodies: having note values that either are too long or do not speak on the beat do not work when put together with any other voices. The tempo is also set for you, you can choose to subdivide the notes to create the illusion that it is faster or slower, but there is no in-between options for the tempo. I can see how a melody that is too fast or slow may negatively influence gameplay, but that doesn't mean it cant be at least a little bit customizable. Those are my main complaints, but because I know nothing about game design and programming, I can't act like I know how to fix it so instead I'll just list generic things I believe could point in the direction of improving the quality of Octavia's mandichord. 1. Allow chromatic movement of notes and just cap it at a certian octave (preferably with more range than at current) thus allowing minor keys and key changes. 2. Allow for customization of the tempo. 3. When creating new instruments, make sure they speak on or near enough to the beat to be used. 4. Create a more user friendly interface for the mandichord because right now scrolling around the disk replacing my notes bit by bit while guessing what pitch each bar is. Like I said I dont know anything about gamed design or how hard this would be to fix, but even if it is impossible, I would like a reason why.
  23. Network not responding

    So after doing all what was offered to me to fix "network not responding" cost me a little bit of money, and still get "Network Not Responding" how can I make it to where I still can play with out getting that error?
  24. Newly created warframe discord chat. We come together as a great warframe community. Join here join the community and help us make this chat better!!
  25. WTS GODLY Buzlok Riv

    WTS BUZLOK Visi-acrican +259.2% dmg +118.2% multishot +167.6 Crit dmg +100.4% recoil!!! Looking for best offer.