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  1. Cursor Prime's sensitivity is not affected by in-game settings. Intead, mouse DPI settings need to change for better sensitivity. As a result, this changes your aim sensitivity as well. On another note, do any PC players have any recommendations for keboard and mouse bindings? I see there's an alternate column available. I take it that could be used with something like primary and alt fire with the mouse wheel to make certain weapons shoot faster than clicks, and there hopefully won't be binding conflicts?
  2. (XB1)Nittymaster

    Axi A5 and Belenus Void Defense

    So me and my old raid crew got back together to farm the unvaulted relcs and according to the Codex Belenus Void is supposed to be one of the tilesets to farm for Axi A5 relics. However after playing this is what we discovered - rotation A random Meso relic, rotation A (2nd) yet another random Meso relic, rotation B random Neo relic, and lastly rotation C another random Neo relic. So DE where are the Axi A5s in Belenus?
  3. Glavenusaur

    Promo codes!

    Editing this post with every other codes I find from here on out. This includes codes generously given by posters within this thread and others all within this forum. Here's are a list of all the promotional codes i have found for the game so far. They contain two weapons (with their own free slots) some Glyphs, and a Syandana, If anyone knows of anymore, please feel free to share them here so that the rest of us can know, you can claim them through this website here, enjoy! Glyph codes and the Syandana (still dont know which of these codes is for the Syandana yet): Warframe May not work MCIK works HOMIINVOCADO works KINGGOTHALION May not work PROFESSORBROMAN May not work ADMIRALBAHROO works BIKEMAN May not work SUMMIT1G May not work SP00NERISM May not work IFLYNN works TACTICALPOTATO works MOGAMU works SKILLUP works ORIGINALWICKEDFUN works MCGAMERCZ works TVSBOH works BRICKY works N00BLSHOWTEK works r/warframe works New codes: TOTALN3WB works (added in memory of Totaln3wb, who passed on the 4th of july 2018) BWANA works LILLEXI works BROZIME works INEXPENSIVEGAMER works LYNXARIA May not work STRIPPIN works Other codes: FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N - (vectis sniper rifle with free slot and a catalyst pre-installed) Expired FREESWORD - (Heat sword with free slot and a catalyst pre-installed) works OLDFRIEND - (3 days affinity booster along with an old orokin tea set) works Special thanks to rfreug and to Indemon and everyone in this thread for letting me know about these codes, you guys are awesome!
  4. ------------------------------------------>> <<-------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------->> <<------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recopilacion de algunos glyph partner actuales 23.1.1! Algunos partner usan streamlabs o streamelements donde podras canjear tus puntos por el glifo, otros usan un Generador de puntos y Redemcion en la misma pantalla del directo y otros puedes reclamar tu glifo con un comando en el stream. !Sé amable con su búsqueda y respeten todas las reglas en cada canal de cada streamer, se lo agradeceran. pueden suceder cambios, incluso algún error, si encuentran algo mal, diferente o simplemente no existe, podéis comentarlo para editar el post! Los siguientes Codigos Promocionales solo pueden activarse una vez! Este Post sera actualizado cada vez que incluyan un nuevo Codigo Promocional Puedes activar los codigos desde la Tienda en el juego o desde la pagina de Warframe ------------------------------------------------------------------------->> <<------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Codigos Especiales <<---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREESWORD ------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Codigos de Eventos y Updates <<------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WANDERBOTSLABOROFLOVESOLARISUNITEDWARFRAMETENNOSKOOMOLDFRIENDSPACENINJATWOGRAKATAGUARDIANCON2018r/warframe ------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Partners Codigos Globales <<------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LEGEND! PSIV BIKEMAN PROFESSORBROMAN SUMMIT1G LYNXARIA ADMIRALBAHROO SP00NERISM IFLYNN SHUL TACTICALPOTATO TVSBOH MIKETHEBARD MOGAMU MCIK SKILLUP TOTALN3WB ORIGINALWICKEDFUN MCGAMERCZ HOMIINVOCADO BWANA BRICKY BROZIME N00BLSHOWTEK INEXPENSIVEGAMER KINGGOTHALION LILLEXI STRIPPIN BURNBXX TEAWREX UNREALYUKI DJTECHLIVE COHHCARNAGE LEYZARGAMINGVIEWS DIMITRIV2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ KIWad: griddark: RandomSurge: SlapstickLogic: agayguyplays: NoSympathyy: Relli5000: Ivorysmoon: BackyardisTV: esp4him: DanieltheDemon: Tygastripe: DappaDanMan: J3ubbleboy: RLCGaming: Ceratia: FatefulYT: Rippz0r: AlexandraLive: Adelfos_Selene: Alyekk: Azrael112: GogumaGaming: Janine: DarkSlayer313: DKDiamantes: Makarimorph: PrettyPoison105: Zakguo : JayNeverwhere: AeonKnight86: UncleCatTH: Le_double: Bennyfits: GorillaWolfGaming: Volkeris5k: Annoying Killah: JoeyZero: Xenogelion: vnorberto : HM_Fuji: A_H_R: Warframe Madness [vamp6x6x6x]: ToYou: FromThe70s: Zanagoth: Porongo: ShadowFoxx086: Canal Tenno: MrWarframeGuy: AlThaniTheNoble: Mozetas: Gooperatives: H3dsh0t: Frozenballz: Kaoiji: Qynchou: Hidroxate: ArgonSix: Senastra23 [QueenSena]: Sherpa Rage: neavo_0: ChrisIsHD: (CruxedKat) Smashley: LovinDaTacos: BabychanTH: WoxLi: NeoNess007: Ashi: SpaceBeastX: Lordschaby21: Lunskee: BlackOni: GiR8Tacos: Tanchan: JunoWaifu: Lok_KingMacho: k0yi: XandyPants: Whiskey_Cat: Goku_707: (MatterMind) MrMorgenstern: MemeSage: SteelWar1337: Tenno Clock News (TCN): Wobbzie: BBSChainWarden: Bast50: superxinvader: CrazyBikerDude: xOGx SKEEZY (SkeeZ): AdikDarkCero: CaptainTuTu: Toasted_TV: Rundas342: eduy16: NRDabear: King Kacchi: wgrates: QuietteShy: LifeOf Rio: XiaRose: InglriousB (TheNextLevel)[Michel Postma]: DeejayKnight: ClanRawSteel: Flare_Eyes: El Tio Prod: InfraRedMike: TioMario: LittleNavi: EMOVJ: Rahetalius: Slycker: DogMan Dan [NightOwlsGaming]: AngryIceberg: DADxGOTxGAME: Buff00n: distantObserver: Endotti: fattshane: Francois878: Gamingbtches: GlamShatterskull: GlitchyGirl: LeyzarGaming: Old07: OldDirtyDaz: PokketNinja: Rageypoo: SabaiGuy: serafim_pt: Shanksy1387: Slivarito: SpiritualJedi: Triburos: x3lplive: Zotbot: AccessibleGamer: Omni_Voice: Capt_Walker: VoidFissureBR: Grind Hard Squad: Crusader: RavenN: Sealsdie: DobraTV: Reaper_Hunter: DeepBlueBeard: RedX: GrimlockePrime: Infodiversao: JustPlayBP: lluull: Roy Gaming: SerganIkari: Smoodie: VVhite_Angel: TheDorTip: Yantzi: MC Monkeys: Aywi: CASTiELiX_URBEX: Dayjobo [代 啾 Ra Rakshasa]: NekroKrim: OriginalGamersLive: Tenno Defton: Tyler [TyFighter]: VoltTheHero: Vernoc: TavierCorsair: Zopney: Mk3Gaming: Deuce the Gamer: Kr1pton Player: AnJetCat: iwoply: Seleste: Stormcrown: Sapmatic: BadNewsBaron: ajingom: GARA: StallordD: Sabuuchi: 13angTV: [alex][sNeewer4]: AuroraStarr: --- ---
  5. Not a preview in the sense of being able to see the stats of the daily zaw/kitgun, (As there already is) but more like a 10 second gameplay clip of it in action with an average build. Personally, this would be more of an incentive for me to purchase it, but on the other hand, I understand how it could give away some of the enjoyment of figuring out how it works on your own.
  6. (XB1)DannBull

    Xbox One Content Update

    So! Has anyone else had their Warframe app try to update itself due to some unknown reason? Whenever I open up the game and start the launcher, it checks for updates before downloading something and then says 'Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers' all the while it is still downloading something in the back ground and preventing me from playing the game. Not sure if this is a bug or something else.
  7. (XB1)Fartmonkey

    Layered Octavia music

    I recently copied a really good sounding song called Crab Rave on Octavia and spent 100 plat getting two new instruments to make it and it turned out amazingly. However the beats are way too hard to get buffs to and make the song worthless. I find myself stuck now with my Doom song since it's the only one that gives buffs that my team and I can move to. I think it would be a great idea to add layered music so I could have my Doom beats but people would hear Crab Rave instead allowing for good music and supportive beats that allow players to stay alive longer. I know that the beats won't match up but if we are being honest most randoms will just spam crouch wether or not the song is fast or slow. I hope a dev can see this and give a response and I'd also like to hear what the community thinks about this idea even though I'm sure it's not the first.
  8. (PS4)BloodWolfFang

    Welcome to West Waste of mars

    West waste is a bio dome on mars with 4 towns each with a different (style) to them. the name West waste stands for the forgotten town, after the orokin tower of mars became infested the towns put a dome over the a large area, the dome keeps the infested in, but it can let grineer and corpus in and out, it also has random sand storms so you may want to find some cover. The links are consept picturers that I didn't do ~center dome: this is a visible dome that covers miles of land, it is powered by 4 towns called west, north, east, and south, each town is based off of old earth historic towns.;ccid=vxCYnYqq&amp;id=0C90449A2B45B14A862BB34FEF4673B9A1588148&amp;thid=OIP.vxCYnYqq3kfdZwsB1_1FvQHaJu&amp;;exph=896&amp;expw=682&amp;q=hell+demon+tower&amp;simid=608010893262717403&amp;selectedIndex=2&amp;cbir=sbi&amp;ajaxhist=0 ~infested tower: this is an orokin tower corrupted and mutated by the infestation, the concept pic is not exact but close to what I believe it to look like. ~land scape: the consept pic is close to a mars landscape as could be. ~mystery ship: this ship is said to have crash days after the orokin came to the system, there is a quest that will revile the secrets within. ~ambush canyon: it is a perfect place for the grineer and/or corpus to hide and well you know, it is located in the north ~Bone yard: this is an area filed with the bones of extinct creature, it is also a new place to hunt some creatures call the bone stealers, these creatures go by 3 feet tall 4 feet long to 1foot and 2feet, these creatures got their name because the steal the bones off of the dead, note they eat rare plants. (PC) Culaio: this comic basicly explains what west town's amesphire will be like, (the town and bar seen only): ~west town: this is based off of a steampunk western town, Here you can get zenuka as a customizable companion. In addition the town is govern by a Mayor. ~His name is Mayor Hex, John Hex. the town is also filled with Steel Meridien Grineer. ~north town: this is based off of a Egyptian town. In addition the town is govern by a King and Queen. (The King~ ~The Queen~ ) His name Sah and her name Kakra. The town is also filled with members of The Perrin Sequence, and Cephalon Suda. ~east town: this is based off of a Chinese style. In addition the town is govern by an Emperor. His name is D-34-D (DEAD). the town is also filled with Red Veil. ~south town: this is based off of the Aztecs. In addition the town is govern by a Chief. Her name is Zuma. The town is also filled with Arbiters of Hexis and New Loka ~Grineer train: the train is the fasest way to travel from town to town, and only for 1,000 credits. (PC) Culaio: , the third pic down, , ~ Vip-cycal (name optional): this is one of two new forms of transportation, the vip-cycal is the iron horse of the tenno allowing a one to two tenno to travel the Waste, the Vip-cycal will cut sand storm damage in half, It can be built in west town (ps4) StormFalcon2018: (PC) Culaio: and ~Jun-bug: this is the second form of transportation, its a two seater buggy that you can customize with a torrent, missile launcher, or two more seats. the grineer and corpus both get buggies that fit their styles, the Jun-bug can also travel through the sand storms, It can be built in west town from (PC) Culaio This link has multiple pic that can be used :
  9. I try to get my friends to play but they say the Start is not interesting or they could not understand it or the movement in the game. So I was thinking the community might have some good ideas to get new players in.
  10. With arbitrations on all platforms, it's now a great way for endo farming. So in my honest opinion why would you keep those 2 rewards locked in sorties as just doing 30 to 40 min inany of the arbitrations proves more productive. Some may agree and some may disagree, however I think if they were to be removed dont replace with anything. And it may be unfair to those who have yet to complete the star chart but for those of us who have doing sorties only to get endo or a sculpture is just aggravating. This is merely my opinion but I am sure there are some that do agree. I just hope that in the future they change this as my rng in sorties is either a sculpture or either endo or kuva with a occasional booster.
  11. Oni, the Ogre Frame Oni is an ogre themed warframe based around the old folklores of ogres being able to eat anything, including people. Oni is a thank frame that feeds off enemies to build up power and gain buffs. Appearance: Oni is a fairly large male warframe, with horns and spikes covering parts of his body. On Oni's stomach is a mouth like segment of armor that covers a small void warp hole. Along Oni's back and limbs are a series of elongated lines that work as vents when using abilities. Art The link is an updated version of the rough sketch. Here is a more final version of the warframe done by XhiroKhai on deviantart. Lore "Oni hungers for battle. Let him feast on all those who oppose you tenno." -Lotus Basic quest line will involve exploring the void and finding old research notes on a warframe that uses small wormholes to send matter to and from the void. For completing the quest, the player will receive a blueprint of Oni and will now be able to get his component blueprints. All of Oni's component blueprints drop from corrupted enemies in void missions. Stats Armor- 300 Health- 150 (350 max rank) Shields- 100 (300 max rank) Energy- 100 (150 max rank) Sprint speed- 0.9 Abilities Passive- Digest: Oni has a gauge that measures how full his void stomach is. The gauge fills from 0-100. As the gauge fills Oni gains buffs according to its fullness. For each 10 stacks Oni gains 15% extra armor and 20% extra health (Max 150% armor and 200% health). Stacks drain at a 1 stack every 1.5 seconds and heals health at a rate of 5% health per stack. While at max stack, Oni will instead consume the 100th stack over a period of 7 seconds while still healing at a rate of 5% health per 1.5 seconds. 1- Consumption: Cost 20 energy to cast then drains 5 energy per second. The void warp hole on Oni's stomach is opened and will pull in any enemy projectiles that enter a 1.8/2.2/2.6/3 meter vertical radius in front of Oni. Enemies can be consumed as well if they are under 15% health. Each projectile that is consumed grants 1 stack, enemies grant 5 stacks. While using this ability, Oni's movement speed is reduced by 15%. Any enemies that linger within the range of Consumption will take 50/75/100/125 damage per second. 2- Regurgitate: Costs 15 stacks to cast. Oni's void mouth opens and leaks a void infused slime in a 10/13/16/20 meter radius. Enemies that are caught in this area take corrosive damage 150/200/250/300 per second with a 100% status chance and are slowed by 25%. Allies that stand in the AOE gain an armor bonus of 100 and regen health at a rate of 3 per second. Allies only gain these buffs while standing in the area of effect. This ability lasts 10/15/20/25 seconds. 3- Scattered Slam: Costs 40 energy to cast. Oni summons his exalted mace and slams it into the ground. All enemies caught in a radius of 6/8/10/12 meters are knocked downed and stunned for 3/4/5/6 seconds. The impact of the mace deals 200/350/500/650 damage, 50% impact, 25% puncture, and 25% slash. Can be charged up to deal extra 10% damage per second its charged up, maximum of 5 seconds at a cost of 5 energy per second its charged. All enemies caught within range of this ability are marked with a cross over their heads, when consumed they grant 8 stacks and can be consumed at 20% health. 4- Carnage: Costs 30 energy to cast and drains 5 energy per second. Oni summons his exalted mace (similar to the maces Ogres are depicted with in old Japanese art). Oni's stomach opens and his vents release energy. In this state Oni gains increased movement speed of 45%. Kills in this form grant 1 stack. Oni is immune to status effects in this state and can't be knocked down. The mace will deal 175/250/325/400 damage on each swing. The damage is separate into 20% impact, 40% puncture, and 40% slash. When the mace makes contact with an enemy it sends off a small shock wave in a 4 meter radius of the target that will stun near by enemies. Slam attacks cast Oni's 3rd, Scattered Slam, at the cost 20 energy instead of 40. Weapons Protix: Primary Rifle with a revolver style drum Accuracy- 27.8 Crit Chance- 15% Crit Multiplier- 2.0 Fire Rate- 18.0 Magazine- 44 per shell (6 shells within revolver magazine, 264 rounds in full magazine) Noise- Alarming Punch Through- 0.0 Reload- 0.1 when switching to next shell, 2.0 when replacing magazine Status- 28% Trigger- Auto Slash- 45.5 Impact- 7.0 Puncture- 17.5 Dual Kamraa: Dual lever style shotgun sidearms (primary fire/ secondary fire) Accuracy- 100.0 Crit Chance- 12% / 33% Crit Multiplier- 1.8 / 3.5 Fire Rate- 2.0 Magazine- 16 / 8 Noise- Alarming Punch Through- 0.0 / 1.0 Reload- 1.5 Status- 30% / 15% Trigger- Auto / Semi Slash- 52.5 / 555.0 Impact- 122.25 / 42.0 Puncture- 35.25 / 113.0 Fisk: Heavy blade cleaver style sword Attack Speed- 1.0 Channeling Cost- 5 Channeling Damage- 1.5 Crit Chance- 18% Crit Multiplier- 2.0 Damage Block- 85% Leap Attack- 140.0 Spin Attack- 149.0 Status- 28% Wall Attack- 280.0 Slash- 67.3 Impact- 19.3 Puncture- 23.4 **Working on an alternate helmet and quest to be included.** Looking for any and all input on my concept. Thank for viewing. 🙂
  12. Took a break, got my sh.t together, and i'm back. Let's Begin. This, is Belithusa. The methodical, the natural. The stewardess of biological forces. Awesome Artwork Compliments of @KronikPlague. They are absolutely amazing! Look them up and check out their stuff! 🙂 Stats at max rank: Health: 500 Shield: 175 Armor: 150 Energy: 230 Sprint Speed: 1.25 Passive: Belithusa is constantly undergoing accelerated mitotic cell division, culminating in a constant state of slow health regeneration. (Think Rejuvenation, but innately...because this makes sense.) +5.8/sec Constrain: This is self-explanatory. All enemies in a cone in front of the warframe will have their nerves jolted to the point where their muscles lock up, rendering them immobile. - Affected enemies will cease all movement for 3 seconds, then collapse - Will remain unconscious on the floor for an additional 10 seconds - When used with Mitosis, Allies will have their neurological processes steadily increased within safe levels, resulting in a reload speed increase that gets faster and faster with every reload as well as a recoil stabilization that gets better and better with every unit of ammo consumed. Neurological conditioning done in this manner will also aim-lock to the enemies heads. Occipital Distortion: Creates a deficiency in the occipital lobe to make enemies process visual information as if they were drunk. - Enemies can see, but will fall over if they try to move too far (6 m) - They will fall every time the condition is met, regardless of actions being performed at the time. - Their accuracy becomes miniscule. - Duration: 30 sec - When used with mitosis, Allies will have their occipital lobe improved, making their vision much more capable of spotting the small details. Under these effects, allies become able to see the imperfections in enemy armor, which will make targeting them ignore their armor. (these weakpoints are very, very small and will rely on the 1st ally buff to consistently hit them. (So for everyone who's going to say "B-But banshee", deal with it... weakpoints are a universal thing.) Mitosis- An aura of biological energy that sets mitotic cell regeneration to overdrive, reducing maximum HP by 30% in exchange for 88% damage reduction and a +20/sec health regeneration. Applies to all allies in Affinity Range, but they get 75% of the effects. (Overclocking natural processes in this fashion should not be consequence-free.) Duration: 26 Seconds (affected by power strength - When used with Stroke of Genius, Allies will have their heart rates increased within safe levels, which will increase output from the muscles. Allies will attack faster and hit harder with melee. (60% and 130% respectively) Flatline: All enemies in range will have their hearts squeezed, creating a surge of blood through the vessels, rupturing them and cutting off blood flow to the brain, starving it of oxygen. - Affected enemies will hemorrhage internally, losing 6% total hp every second until they die. Critique is welcome, will be taken seriously and will be implemented accordingly. And please, for the love of dog, make sure your proposed changes do not change the theme or feel of the warframe
  13. Well seeing as the plains of Eidolon and the fortuna updates are really good and are well received I've got a idea to take it to the next step. Now take one of the war torn planets from the game make it a open world, but make it a full on war on the surface and make you build the "resistances" and have them fight with you won the surface and for the bounties you can do like spy missions and for the harder ones you can have all of the forces and the enemy forces go head to head and you have to do a set of task in order to complete the mission this will be very cool and i feel that it will take the open world to the next step anyway its gust a rough idea any through's on how it make it better or compatible with the warframe universe?
  14. (XB1)Rouskyrie2094

    What will your first kitgun be?

    When Fortuna arrives on console, of course. I'm going for Rattleguts + Gibber + Zipfire personally. Additionally, if you've already made one, feel free to mention it with its base stats (Since I don't think the exact stats for the kitgun combinations have been posted yet).
  15. Copied from my Reddit post here I hope it helps First of all you need 2 things (both of which can be acquired from The Biz/Business in Fortuna): A Tranq Rifle (or Tranquilliser) and an Echo-Lure (note that there are currently 4 within the game: Pobber, Vermink, Bolarola, and Kubrodon). Once you have both of those, equip the Tranq Rifle in your Gear Wheel and now you can set off to Orb Vallis. Once you load in, equip your Tranq Rifle, this will make multiple blue diamonds with paws appear on the map, they are all the Capture locations (if you are looking for a location for a specific species, equip the corresponding Echo-Lure and that will mark only Capture spots for that species appear on your map). Now select one you want to go to, and find a suitable method of transport. Now that you're at the Capture location, look for a brown mass (poop) at the point indicated by the blue diamond (you'll know that it's the right brown mass as when you approach it it will give you a chance to interact with it). Now that you've got there, interact with it and a trail of steps will appear, follow them until you see another marker (this time it will also appear in front of you and on your map) on a blue mass, that is the call point. Now get onto that call point, take out the corresponding Echo-Lure (if you aren't sure which species it is, hover over the call point and it will display it). Once you have it out, just press and hold fire (PC:LMB; XB:RT; PS:R2) for the duration of the sound (the movement doesn't matter yet), you will normally1 hear a call back if done correctly. You will now need to mimic the call, you do this by following the indicator on the right side of your screen (using aim or ADS [PC:RMB; XB:LT; PS:L2] will slow the movement and make it easier to stay within the indicator). If this is done correctly you will hear another call and Biz will tell you about the creature, the creature will come from the direction it called, and walk towards the call point, so it would be wise to stay out of its path, as it will get scared away. Now you can finally equip your Tranq Rifle, and you'll notice that if you ADS you will be able to see the creature (3 creatures when it comes to Pobbers) through walls, use this to your advantage. Once you have a clear view, Biz will tell you about the variation of the species (link to full list at 2), shoot and you should see a 0 DMG pop up, meaning you have Tranq-ed the animal (if you don't you have missed, the Tranq Rifle has a little bullet drop and travel time so no shame in that). Once you have Tranq-ed the animal, go up to it and you should be allowed to interact with it (watch out though, bullet jumping [spinny jump when you crouch and jump at once] into it, you will kill it and fail the capture for that animal) and then a drone will come to collect it and you will be placed into a scene next to your captured animal. TL;DR: Too complicated for TL;DR 1:At the time of writing this, there is a glitch where the call from the animal is not always played 2:This Page
  16. Ability cool down, instead of having to search for energy it regenerates on its own at a higher percentage, replace energy orbs with hp/energy orbs [make em purple] lol. Increase the Shields & Health by 70-100% increase Weapon damage by 25-50%. Decrease/increase movement some. Also biggest factor of joy factor and trying to keep the skill level matched. There are people who join a match hoping for players they can be easily matched with next thing you know MR1 vs MR25. Seen it too many times and players dont want to play the mode because they are out matched by people who have been playing long enough and majority of the time ends up in people making fun of conclave then just quitting. THIS could be competitive and more fun to play. Only thing Destiny has on Warframe is the pvp. The pvp as it is is hard as ever to learn much more enjoy sometimes because of skill level with out ranking restrictions. New guys come in with no mods with conclave. Higher levels run every match if not some use AIMBOT. Just to get mods and skins and make the game unenjoyable. Ran into two people who openly admitted to it. Also ive cosmetic rewards for matches won or make it to where you have to unlock all the guns for conclave. As in if you own the guns you can only unlock them by standing. IT would fix the whole issue with people not bothering to learn how to aim in the game because most just choose Loki and Arca plasmor combo or Loki and sniper combo or else everyone runs arca plasmor as soon as someone sees an arca plasmor, the rest of the people in match go to it because all is needed is to aim close to them not even focus on target. Make players learn to aim from low rank in conclave. Give them a completely separate Mastery Rank for Conclave so players can be matched equally based on KDA and Matches won. These are only suggestions I'm a founder and have been playing the game a while i just feel this would bring more players to be competitive and give them so much more things to do. PVP could Also have like a MOBA setting in PVP 4v4 or 5v5 tower defense/offense. Offer mods as purchasable items inside the matches when you have to start at a base to shop. And a level up system just like PVE where it goes to level 30 and before match choose a load out. Again Create the KDA/Matches won ranking and unlockable weapon system so they can not be outmatched. but can be leveled up by killing minions aka Syndicate characters or faction characters that are at a set LVL for each match. Just some ideas 😄
  17. (PS4)TheCheekyLlama


    Anyone have any idea of when fortuna will release on consoles?
  18. Disclaimer: I know we have a "cowboy/girl" frame who is a gunslinger, this frame however is a lawman/marshal/ get the idea and yes he is western themed and his passive is multipart like mesa..see below thank you. Also I intended this frame for the future Mars open world. Armor: 150 Energy: 400 Health: 300 Shield:300 Passive: #1 reloads duplex weapons twice as fast(this one I am not sure of). Passive: #2 while teamed with mesa bounty targets allow mesa's peacemakers to perform headshots ( I like this one and I don't feel I would be to op, but would have to consider eidolons ect.) Ability 1: wanted/bounty( not sure on the name) sundown Mark's a target/targets? that all allies can see through walls and is slowed by 50%?. When target is killed has a chance to drop energy or health also drops a gold coin/bounty charge/reward that all allies can pick up that can stack up to 10 times and increases damage to bounty targets by 5% per coin/charge/reward. Some might think this should not be a first but it should because it can be cast will moving,jumping,reloading and needs to be used often for high value targets. Also would like feed back if this ability should only effect one enemy or work like enthrall. Ability 2: justice(this will seem like mesa's first just a little different) Infuse your primary weapon with the justice shotgun for 6/8/10 shots that give a multishot boost( not sure on % increase) and a spread and knockdown affect if used on a shotgun. Would appear like shooting the arca plasmor if using a shotgun and a just a larger muzzle flash if using a rifle this encourages shot gun use but is not required since the multi shot boost is given to rifle or shotgun. Ability 3: lasso, sundown throws his lasso in a big loop to catch up to 4 enemies ( could work like khoras ensnare to pull them together and could synergize well with her) pull them together and reel them in for punishment from your allies, hold the ability key to keep the rope tight while becoming invincible and draining energy a second while holding. This is a minor cc ability and bounty/wanted targets can be caught and brought closer to the team a good way to build up bounty rewards. Ability 4: gatling gun, for a duration summon 1 to 2 gatling guns that can be mounted/dismounted by you or any ally with 360 degree turn radius and has over heat function, if not mounted will function as auto turret this also forgoes the over heat and shoots slower. This is an exalted weapon that uses rifle mods I have not figured out the stats but it would be on par with mesa's peacemaker, the appearance would be a futuristic gatling gun. Augment ideas: Pay day: bounty targets drop 50% extra loot when killed. This perhaps would put sundown in the "farming group" which there aren't enough variety for resource frames. Universal justice: justice has a 50% chance to apply adaptive damage to enemies.( like revenats danse macabre) on top of equipped status. Barbed lasso: lasso has 100% chance to apply puncture proc to lasso targets. Gun fortress: mounts frontal shields to sundowns gatling guns that resist 10,000 damage then break. Appearance: I imagined sundown like erron black from mortal kombat with the wide hat and bandana. A must for this frame is jingling spurs that well...jingle, now there should be an option to turn the sound of them off for people that don't want to hear it like octavias music. This frame should be thin like limbo. One animation idea was interlocking his fingers and cracking them. That's all I got for now thank you and leave comments and feedback.
  19. (XB1)KAMISAYA43

    Please fix kubrows fur back

    Since update a couple hours ago, kubrows and genetc templates look horrific. They appear to be in limbo rift or straight from borderlands. No distinctive texture differences are noticeable in patterns and colors now. Please fix this back to how it was before. This is not an improvement but a vast downgrade.
  20. Saludos Desde la última actualización para Xbox One llamada 'Quimera', el mod de guardia para armas de asta llamado 'Maldición fulgurante' ha dejado de funcionar como antes de dicha actualización ... Ahora, al golpear resulta de que se detiene en seco tras varios movimientos o golpes (momentum) lo que provoca que no se pueda avanzar luchando y golpeando enemigos, o sea, que ya no se puede avanzar libremente golpeando como antes, algo que provoca que los enemigos te maten justo cuando se produce esa detención de movimiento, ya que justo al detenerse, en esos instantes hasta que se inicia de nuevo el combo, no puedes hacer nada, y los enemigos te matan ... Vamos a ver, señoras y señores de Digital Extremes, ¿a quién se le ha ocurrido la genial idea de cambiar el mejor mod de guardia de armas de asta del juego? ... ¿A quién se le ha ocurrido la genial idea de provocar que el mod detenga los movimientos (momentum) del warframe en pleno combate? ... Llevo casi 700 días en Warframe, y siempre juego en modo melé, a no ser de que por las directrices de la misión, deba usar otro tipo de armas ... Desde la fatídica actualización, no puedo luchar correctamente, ya que al detenerse los movimientos del warframe (momentum) justo en ese instante, los enemigos me dan caza y muero sin poder remediarlo, porque el warframe se queda absolutamente inmóvil y los enemigos me matan a placer ... Por favor, Digital Extremes, en nombre de todos los que pensamos que han cometido un grave error al modificar ese mod, rectifiquen y devuélvannos el antiguo mod Maldición fulgurante (Shimmering Blight) ... Y recuerden siempre que, si algo funciona bien, ¿para qué cambiarlo? ... Muchas gracias. Master Tutak
  21. So, I would like know if they would ever add the ability for me a PC player to play with my friend an XBOX ONE player. I think making all platforms together would be great. Now, I'm not a game making expert so if they can't make the game like that then that's ok I just want to ask if they could. Again, I'm not a game making expert so idk how this works.
  22. nokinoks

    Ivara needs a speed boost

    She has a versatile kit but her penalty while invisible I think is too much especially in a game like Warframe where people spun-2-win with tipedos before bullet jumps were created. I can pretty much pseudo perma invi with Loki and the dude is fast. I got like 1.98 sprint speed on him plus the sprint aura. I know they're not the same frame but I also think that Ivara's speed penalty is just too much. EDIT It seems people keep suggesting that making her fast will break her balance, people seem to forget that her invisibility is channeling, she can't get energy while she is invisible. That's already a big thing. If she runs quicker how is that going to break the game? It's not, it's not going to break the game, it's not going to break her gameplay and let's be honest, no one really uses Ivara. Don't get me wrong, I love her kit, but her kit doesn't belong in this game. If you make her run faster tho, her invisibility (which again is channeling) will be of greater use for normal alert missions or sorties or just life in general. If it breaks her gameplay or balance, then just revert it, it is literally just sprint speed. Literally. That's one value which increases with Infiltrator mod. It hurts absolutely no one. PS People who say she is already OP seems to forget that she has a LOT of penalties for her skills. Prowl you CAN'T slide! You are slow af and you can't even slide BUT you can bullet jump. Amazing Logic. You can't do spin melee too or it will remove you from Prowl. Wow, that's so OP, skill deactivation every time you do a spin attack. Her 4 needs a lot of setup (forma and mods) and you can't use secondaries and melee while it's activated. Yes she's got a very cool and creative Kit, but she's also got a lot of "balancing mechanisms", and it's not going to break her if you make her run faster, just not being able to spin attack or slide is already enough penalty.
  23. Ok, so one of my favorite features about warframe is the customizability allowed in the game. I've probably spent 99.9% of all my time playing in Fashion Frame mode. There is just something about getting your frames and weapons to look just right that feels great and I think most of the community agrees with me on this. Now I was playing around in Fortuna when this happened. For those of you not in the know, this is a bug I stumble upon wail in Fortuna were the Paracesis a heavy weapon mind you, has the idle animation of a sword or a machete weapon. when I stumble upon this bug my first thought was Omg this is awesome why isn't this a feature in the game. I would absolutely pay plat for this. It could be a feature like a weapon holster which we already have in the game. I can't be the only person that has thought to themselves man wish I could just hold my Nikana or Skijati in an unsheathed state it would look cool on my capturas. or just regular gameplay its just something I think the community would enjoy. though I do understand that diverting precious resources into a purely cosmetic feature when the developers could be doing other more important changes to the game is kind of a dumb thing to ask for. I just thought maybe it would be something nice everyone may like. but that's just me, please by all means If you have any other points you would like to add or if you think I miss something important just mention it. Criticism is always welcome.
  24. Howdy everyone, I just want to ask if the Sari syandana (butterfly wings) can be purchased with steam dollars (not euro). Thank you for replies 🙂
  25. (XB1)Matewosk

    how much is arcane nullfier

    I want to know how much of plat I can sell my arcane nullfier plz help me