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  1. Ao concluir a jornada A Guerra Interior antes que eu pode-se voltar para nave, ocorreu um erro com o servidor. Ao logar novamente recebi a mensagem do Kenshi com alguns itens( Broken Scepter,Diagrama Orvius, Mod Riven, Glifo: Rainhas Grineer ). Nem percebi, mas só futuramente quando tive interesse em pegar o Excalibur Umbra, que senti falta do item " Diagrama de Segmento de Alojamento Pessoal ". Após completar a jornada Corrente de Harrow ao tentar fazer a jornada O Sacrifício vi que o requisitos era ter concluído a jornada O Prólogo da Apostasia e foi quando descobri que era pra ser umas das recompensas da jornada A Guerra Interior. Vou continuar as jornadas mas espero que esse item essencial drop,( Já refiz mais 2x A Guerra Interior), pois gostaria muito de obter esse ótimo warframe. Se mais alguém ja passou por isso ou está na mesma situação posta suas experiencias. Ou se por acaso eu estiver errado por favor me corrija e exponha minha falha.
  2. If someone would be kind enough to make a 2020 unvaulting schedule I would much appreciate it, really I just really want to know and mostly because I am obsessed with zephyr prime access (which I do not have) 🙏 thank you
  3. Why is mod chance booster or umbra forma not in the market yet. The umbra forma is available in game through railjack but it's insanely rare and never got it once.
  4. 此贴为讨论官方手机助手应用的贴,属长期更新贴。。。 官方介绍: 使用《Warframe》助手应用来与游戏保持紧密联系,并随时获取最新消息。使用你的 PC、PlayStation Network、 Xbox Live,或 Nintendo 账号登陆来获得最佳体验。 警报、入侵,以及更多精采内容 获取有关最新警报的通知,以及查看当前进行的入侵、突击,以及虚空裂缝任务。 午夜电波 检视你在当前午夜电波系列的等级,以及每日任务和每周任务的完成情况!另外,偷看一眼下个等级的奖励是什么。 部署采集机 通过《Warframe》移动应用轻松部署采集机。收集诸如 Orokin 电池、生物质,以及神经元之类的资源。 使用铸造厂 你的铸造厂时刻都在运作着 — 即便你处于离线状态。直接通过你的手机来打造最新的 Warframe 战甲、武器以及其它装备。 管理同伴 无论你身在何处,都可以向你的库狛和库娃表示爱意。购买 DNA 稳定剂组来使它们保持健康,或是在冷冻舱中管理同伴,以确保它们随时可以出战! 有关错误排查的提示和技术支持,请访问: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006829311-Warframe-App-Troubleshooting 有关未来更新的反馈或是任何建议,请发布至以下论坛板块: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1432-mobile-app/ 此应用支持以下语言: 下载地址 iOS版 https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/warframe-nexus/id698910075 安卓版 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digitalextremes.warframenexus 安卓版网盘: https://share.weiyun.com/5kl41IV 链接:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1EVm8Hybpz01OB0UI1_HW9A 提取码:grkx 如果运行不了,可以尝试以下操作: 如果你的手机没有谷歌框架,可以查询你的手机相关说明来了解如何安装谷歌框架。 使用类似Ourplay这种软件来尝试运行。 如果这些都不行请等待软件后续更新。 更新历史 4.8.0-4.8.1 • 对所有支持的语言添加了本土化支持,除了韩文(该语言即将到来!) • 加入了夜灵平野和奥布山谷的时钟设定 • 加入了30级以上武器的支持 • 修正了赤毒武器的名字 • 修正了特定裂罅数值 • 修正了守护的等级 • 其它多个问题的修正和改动
  5. I havent herd anything about the command intrinsics in a while will this be a feture in the upcoming event crimsin spear ? Or will it be coming at a later date ? If its coming later i have some ideas for it athat may be good 1. Auto forge a command that tells your engineers what to build whial you fly the ship 2.foreword artiliry auto fire command your gunners to fire forword artiliry at crew ships 3. Find wrekage command your engineers to find a certin peace of wrekage wich will take some time around 12 to24 hours deppending on the house of the wrekage 4. Boarding pods launch an assault team to bord a crew ship and disable it 5. Engineering team engineers repair all hazerds and damages 6.auto pilat whial you are out doing an objective your team fights for you untill you get back 7. Upgrade and building parts your engineer can upgrade any part with another part making it better (like reactors mk 3 can go to 100 capacity and 400 flux, engianes can go even faster, guns can max out damage or firerate, and shealds can add more sheald capacity and recharge rate) giving you the purfect railjack overtime 8. Gunner over drive a command that lets your gunners go into a stat of overdrive fireing faster and doing more damage but has a cooldown of 2min 9.resourse gathering just like a drone you sent to planets to gather resourses you can send a team out to gather needed resourses they will return after 24 hours with a big pile of resourses 10.lich security team have 2 liches protect your railjack from borders Thease are just some of the ideas iv had for this intrinsics i dont know but some of theas idease maybe good or not
  6. Just a quick question, since games are going to project xcloud.. has anyone heard anything about if warframe can/will be delving into game streaming? Cause I'd love to be able to play warframe on my phone while I'm out on the road
  7. Since this is the year DE is fixing things, I feel like warframe abilities is one of them so i`d through I would put up some ideas to improve the warframes abilities, I have been playing each warframe to see if they need some improvements or some changes to their abilities. Here are my reworks, revisits & QOLs I would like to see each warframe get; Ash Atlas Banshee Baruuk Chroma: Ember Equinox Excalibur Frost Gara Garuda Gauss Grendel Harrow Hildryn Hydroid Inaros Ivara Khora Limbo Loki Mag Mesa Mirage Nekros Nezha Nidus Nova Nyx Oberon Octavia Revenant Rhino Saryn Titania Trinity Valkyr Vauban Volt Wisp Wukong Zephyr Depending on how far this post goes, I may come back and update it either to improve their abilities or to add new warframes that need some tweaks.
  8. -------------------------------->>> https://www.warframe.com/es/community/partners#partnerIndex <<<------------------------- Echa un vistazo a la lista completa de los Socios de Warframe, incluye a creadores de contenido en YouTube, Mixer y Twitch. !Lista Completa de la mayoria de Glifos que puedes conseguir Asociados a Warframe! !streamlabs, streamelements suscripciones con twitch, youtube, patreon, mixer... !si encuentran algun error, diferente o simplemente no existe, pueden comentarlo para editar el post! >>> Puedes activar los codigos desde la Tienda en el juego ó desde la pagina de Warframe <<< -------------------------------->>> https://www.warframe.com/es/promocode <<<--------------------------------- NOTA: >>> Algunos Asociados, pueden estar "Inactivos ó su Glifo retirado del Juego <<< >>> Los siguientes Codigos solo pueden activarse una vez! Algunos codigos son Temporales y solo funcionan cada cierto tiempo <<< NOTA: >>> Introducir demasiadas veces un codigo invalido puede bloquear vuestra IP en la pagina <<< >>> si esto sucede se arregla a los pocos minutos, solo os bloquea el acceso a la pagina de Warframe, no afecta al juego <<< >>>>> Glyphs Partners (Waves)(Rondas) <<<<< >>>>> Partners Codigos Globales <<<<< >>>>> Comunidad Warframe <<<<<
  9. Passive: 10% chance to freeze melee attackers for 20s Passive 2.0: Each enemy frozen or effected by cold procs reduces Frost's thermal meter. As Frost temperature drops he gains dmg reduction (75% max) and ability duration (+ 120% max) based on temp. Ability: Freeze Ability 2.0: Channeled Ability- effected targets are chilled slowing them and radiate an area of cold chilling nearby enemies and dealing damage overtime. Ability: Ice Wave Ability 2.0: Ice Pillar- Forms a pillar of ice. The pillar erupts from the ground dealing damage and knocking down enemies upon cast. The pillar will taunt enemies in it's radius and reflect 25% of the damage it takes back at the attacker. Explodes when destroyed dealing damage alternatively casting again will destroy the pillar and deal the remaining health as bonus damage. Standing within the radius will slowly lower Frost's thermal meter. Ability 3: Snow Globe Ability 2.0: same as original except as follows. As Frost's thermal meter drops the dome will gain damage reduction up to 75% and will regenerate it's health overtime. Holding the cast key will raise Frost's thermal meter to increase the health of all current domes split evenly between them. Ability 4: Avalanche Ability 2.0: Same as original except as follows. Damage scales with thermal meter. Deals additional damage to chilled enemies and chilled enemies remain frozen longer. Hold cast to rapidly raise Frost's thermal meter to causes a Artic Storm. Duration, Status Chance, Range, and Power Strength increase the longer it is cast. Summons a powerful Artic Storm that freezes and buffets enemies with powerful winds and debris dealing impact, piercing, slash, and cold damage. Enemies that are killed add more debris to the storm increasing damage.
  10. As much as Ash is my main frame, he needs to be looked at again. The 1st ability is only good with its augment. Augments should be used as an option and not coz the ability on its own is bad, the 2nd ability could benefit by having better cc and even through ppl say that his invisible is too short I have no issue with it, the 3rd ability has potential to be so much better just of the concept of teleportation alone and the 4th ability is terrible when it comes to activation speed, it`s too slow and other ppl can take your kills (even in low levels) and even more things that make it bad. Overall Ash is a contradiction to what DE wants ppl to do in this game.... PLAY AS A TEAM, that's why he needs to be looked at again and If I were to give him a re-visit, this is what I would do; Ash: · All abilities can be cast while on ziplines. 1st Ability: Shuriken This makes Ash more strategic by giving a choice of who he wants to kill and makes him better at killing single target enemies. 2nd Ability: Smoke Screen These improvement makes this ability strategic and you have more than one way to use the ability. 3rd Ability: Teleport These tweaks Ash`s 3rd ability will improve his teleporting abilities and gives him the option from focus enemy targeting to teleporting anywhere with less limitations. Before I get into bs here are the current problems with bs; 4th Ability: Blade Storm Why this logically makes blade storm better; · Ash`s bs is still slow when it comes to dps however, at lease because it`s an instant activation, he will at least get to the enemies 1st before any other frame`s damage ability does. · The current bs we have now made him absolutely useless in a team but with my changes, at least in a high-level mission he can kill more efficiently which in turn make the team less likely to get downed. · The choice of whether you want to be in the animations or not is much easier to pull off. The way it is now, if you use bs and you want to join the animation, but you have no energy you can’t join it even through it`s not meant to cost any energy to do so. · The indicator lets you know when you can use bs again. · Other people can take his kills while bs is still active which won`t matter coz of the amount of enemies he can kill. Since Ash doesn`t have any synergy (or any good ones) here are some that will improve his performance; Synergies There are some issues with Ash that need to be fixed At the time ash was ranked the number 1 favourite warframe by votes on Mogamu`s channel in 2016. Now he is one of the least played warframe stated by DE themselves on life of rio`s video in 2018. Proof: Mogamu`s vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adLohAFoWQc Life of rio`s vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJRx6oTxF1Y My re-visit to Ash makes him strategic in missions, more effective in stealth gameplay, gives him better and useful synergies, makes him more of an efficient killer in the art of assassination and makes him have a use in a team. If you like my ideas please leave an upvote, hopefully DE can see this and make Ash way better than he is/was.
  11. I`m so disappointed in Nova`s deluxe skin, it`s not even the same concept they showed at tennocon. Don`t get me wrong it`s better than her 1st deluxe but I prefer the other concept so much more, even though I think she needs a revisit due to the fact that her 1st and 3rd could be improved, (imo) that deluxe would have made me use Nova more. 1st better concept design Now not a big deal design What`s the bloody point of showing a concept, get ppl hyped then say frig it I’m going to change the skin, I don`t care what ppl think coz they are going to play our game no matter what we do. To me it looks more of a tenogen skin than a deluxe and the worst thing is no one else is saying anything about it. I saw a post of someone saying “Oh my Nova, take my money DE” I don`t know about that person but speaking for myself I’m not buying that deluxe skin, such a disappointment. Also you get rid of the crate at extraction on ceares which no one had an issue with but you can`t do a simple thing as make limbo`s abilities be visible with chosen energy colour which ppl have been ask for from time ago? make that make some bloody sense.
  12. So for the begin... Everyone who Complains about Warframe is to EZ... Grab your Bag of Tears and move on this isnt for you... go and play Conclave if you want a Chalange or just play Darksouls 2 i Begin with the Basics... Level 50-150+ Enemys Enemy Design: Grineer: all Grineer have nearly a 100% Slash proc chance and delete your health bar in Seconds. Bombards... just one or 2 shot you Napalmer: one shot you Gunner: Kill you in a blink of a second Normal Grineer: Slash procs for days Hyekka Grannys: just toss a Napalm Nade and one hit you Mitter and Harpak Grineer: instand Punture and slash procs Scorpion: one hits you Squishy frame Powerfist Grineer: TELEPORT... and also Hurts you bad Grineer in general above Level 50+ are unbalanced and right out unfair... i know you are a Tenno with a Warframe a Mighty tool of the Orokin... one Grineer laughs and nukes you cuz his dmg and Armor Scaling is so bad he becomes a one hit God with 1.000.000 hp... cuz balance scaling... My suggestion is not to make them one hit you nor make them nearly unkillable Tanks on legs... this is just Frustrating to fight against. Corpus.... oh boy... Nullifier: One shots you no matter what Ospreys: just toss a AOE one shot trap you can't dodge in some situations Crew man: blasts your light quick out Big Supra boys: just as Bad as a Grineer Gunner Ratel: spawn nearly Endless and annoy the S**t out of you... try to find the spawner pad a fun for the entire Family Moa: is worse than a crew man Rail gun Moa: read above... also Launches Shield Eating Parasites on you Bursa: crawled back out of hell Corpus in general are unbalanced... so unbalanced that i don't want to go to the Orb Valis... why you may ask... cuz even in Level 20+ missions the ammount of Corpus spawning on you is so Big they gun you even with 90% dmg reduction fast down. in Normal missions the Dps output of Corpus enemys are nearly Double the amount of what Grineer can do above 50+... yea thats fair Hmm what now... aaaahh Infested: the only Good thing is that most of them are Melee Enemys and can't kill you that fast... oh wait.. they can do it better than Grineer and Corpus together Runner: easy to Take out but hurt you if they get to close Jumper: can jump to far an knock you down Crawler: uhm i don't count them Mutalis Ospreys: DE for the love of everything good... Remove the Poison cloud or atleast give it a 2 minute Cooldown... its funny dying over and over again cuz 5 or 6 of them decide to spit out the Nuklear Fallout Cloud that makes quick work of your Health Ancient Infested: really need to be toned down... especially the poison one... here smell my breath... you cant even see it and boom... you died Mutalis Moa: well they are annoying but not unbalanced they are fine just like Runner and Jumper Juggernaut: is nice to fight against him.... but only as long as he not spits out the Poison balls of aoe one hit Infested are Balanced but some of them need a rebalance Orokin: Well... i don't need to say anything... just read all above so all in All... Difficulty is Good... as long as not everything gets so mighty it one shots you on sight... lets Take a look at Destiny 2... and yes i compare this game with Warframe D2 has difficult Content... but even if the enemys are super Strong and can Delete you in a matter of seconds... non of them one shots you... ecxept for a Raidboss the game rewards you for being Tactical.. you can hide or run out of sight and kill someone from behind and the games gives you a fair Chance of surviving... Warfames Ai does not give a F**k they allways know were you are.. don't give you a chance to recover and simply mow you down... Warframe is Difficult... there is no need for more One shot BullS#&amp;&#036;e... just because a slim Minor group wants the REAL Endgame... then ask DE for Raids.... but some players just want to enjoy in piece the Grind and the game and not destroy the Keyboard cuz they get one shot all the Time in high level Content.... now i know why i allways so Wisp, Loki, Ash and some others in endurance runs or in high level Content... cuz they can makle themselfs invisible... and if the Ai can't see you it boosts your ammount of actually staying allive for more than just a few Minutes... or seconds Warframe does not Need More Difficulty... it needs better Challanges... a fair and Rewarding Enemy Balance... good Rewards and Scaling Rewards i do not Hate the Difficulty of Warframe... i hate it being cheesy put down in one hit with no chance of escape i played Warframe for over 3000 hours.. and i know how bad the Scaling can be in a 1 Hour plus Kuva run or Orokin run and btw i Play most of my games on Hard Difficulty cuz if its to Ez... it gets Boring fast so i get the Point of People wanting Stronger Enemys... DE Needs a Fair and Balanced system in Scaling that makes the Enemys harder but more forgiving for People who don't have MLG SUPER HIGH END PRO QUICKSCOPE SKILLS I hope People who read this get my Point and my Frustration that i have with the Difficulty in Warframe
  13. If someone would be kind enough to make a 2020 unvaulting schedule I would much appreciate it, really I just really want to know and mostly because I am obsessed with zephyr prime access (which I do not have) 🙏 thank you
  14. *Rolls eye* *Another #*!%ing PvE rando* Haha I know feel. This time it’s coming from a long time PvP Vet and it’s mostly directed towards Conclave players and *only* conclave players. If you’ve been following the public forums, community groups etc, you know Conclave is brought up negatively quite often. If you’ve been closely observing them from a long time or you know, watched *Cough Cough* I’m Coofing Rio *Coof* *Coof* You know the reason my friend. If not, here’s a snippet from my doc on core issues Main reason for the anti-pvp sentiment was, removal of Raids and now recently, post Unimed unrest. You and I both know how both of it is BS “DE magically requiring #*!% ton resources to keep plug on PvP that it hurts PvE argument” and “Conclave players deserve no exclusivity/compensation! Give give give pvp rewards!” and well other variants of Unimed unrest arguments like how we all conspire to guard our rewards over everything else and yadda yadda yadda. I made a subreddit post on my views on Rewards Systems and stance on Unimed It’s a really long post so TL:DR is: Unimed link to Conclave Not Bad.Reward Exclusivity Not Bad.Person Talking about Unimed ≠ Conclave No Crucify.Focus on Actual Problem (Dysfunctional Reward stucture/system)Conclave could be fun for most, look links for more on that S#&amp;&#036;.Crucify Triplinster Now, there was one paragraph in there that was directed towards PvP players, here it is Now, lets get to the bottom of it. In the past I’ve been walking a fine line between completely vouching for removal of reward exclusivity and keeping current reward system with major tweaks. I’ve said several times before, I as a long time PvP player, care only about the game mode and not the rewards. Most PvP regulars I’ve been around with share the same sentiment. So that means whatever is beneficial for the mode, (Keep or removing exclusivity of rewards), we will vouch for. Now why do I keep talking about “Exclusivity” too damn much? Well, unless you’ve been living in a outer space. You know the WF community (I differentiate them from WF playerbase) doesn’t really like PvP (and I mean, core mechanics PvP) being its own gamemode. Most of the negative sentiment now (specially post Unimed unrest) is coming because of the exclusive rewards system. Yeah I know why cater to snowflakes yadda yadda yadda I guess to them it feels like something mandatory. And yea I know how silly it sounds whine about a reward system rewarding for doing X task. Here’s my bit on it from the subreddit post just to let you know I understand it. I will also link a forum post on Rewards, where I tilted more towards keeping Reward system as is but majorly tweaking the effort to reward ratio to make it easier So now, I’m in a position where I think we should vouch for removal of exclusivity. And hear me out, why do I think it’s beneficial at all? Conclave will not feel “mandatory” to these people. It’ll be one less argument for being anti-pvp. The crazy bunch will be filtered out from the slightly sane bunch, and It’ll help negate the hive mind effect in the WF community. And maybe then, DE will feel less weight when doing anything PvP content related. There is nothing to lose if you just experiment with a game mode that isn’t linked to a sense of progression (and no, not progression for us, I mean what the WF community thinks is progression). There would be less weight in bashing DE for working on PvP. DE would just work on PvP if they feel like it, we’ll still be there providing feedback. And no one can force DE on what to do or not to do with their creative free time. If these barriers are broken, The Conclave Experiment might ascend into something more, maybe even a thing of its own. So these are my thoughts on this whole exclusivity thing. As you can see, I’ve tilted more towards removal of exclusivity but I still value the other side of keeping rewards but making them take less effort. So I want to here your thoughts. Should we all unite to vouch for removal of exclusivity? I think so, and maybe just give a badge or statraks to PvP players. Or not.
  15. Is anyone else experiencing an issue? It's been awhile since I went hunting a lich, but this is getting crazy. I do my usual lichling hunt... Go solo, Enter Adaro on Sedna, and get ready for the hunt. The signal comes up, but no message or lichling spawn. I done this not twenty times in a row... I even signed out and back in several times to no avail. Is anyone else having an issue here?
  16. Zephyr is good at a lot of things, such as: Her fashion frame looks cool, its hard to mess up. She's fast, and good at speed running She's good at crowd control. She's good at dragging her face across the ground and ceilings She's also good at standing by the objective in Hydron runs, watching Saryn kill everything. Zephyr is a cool frame, and has some cool concepts to where if they were fully realized, she could probably be one of the coolest frames in the game, I have a few ideas for a Zephyr rework which I think would make her much better, especially in the late game. Sadly this wont have any numbers or calcs in it, so if DE see's this then that's on them. 😞 The goal of this rework is to make Zephyr more consistent and easier to control, while also giving her more versatility and synergy with her abilities, as well as introduce new concepts that work well with different mods and setups. Passive: She falls 35% slower and moves faster while airborn. (New) While Zephyr is in the air, she gradually gets ability strength which ends when she hits the ground. Ability 1: Zephyr shoots off by tapping the button and holding a direction. When ability is held Zephyr will charge up a jump and hover in the air. When Zephyr shoots towards the ground, she will do a nose dive and damage surrounding enemies. (New) Increase the angle in which the nose dive effect is activated, (New) While Zephyr is hovering in the air, there will be a tornado similar to her 4 ability drawing enemies in under her, gradually increasing in damage due to her passive. (New) Zephyr is able to move around the tornado she is floating on. (New) If cast and held while Turbulence (Ability 3) is active, and during a bullet jump, Zephyr will shoot through the air like a drill, tunneling through enemies, damaging and displacing them. While doing this, Zephyr will rapidly drain energy for as long as she drills. This ability can be steered. Ability 2: Zephyr throws out a blast of wind that does area of effect damage. Ability costs less when hovering. Casting on a tornado makes the tornado larger. (New) Casting on a tornado buffs the tornado consistently with its damage. This can be stacked. (New) If cast while turbulence is active, the damage will be added onto her 3rd ability, damaging enemies that get close. Ability 3: Turbulence stops enemy projectiles from hitting Zephyr. (New) Enemies who come within Turbulence's range will be slowed Ability 4: Zephyr sends out 4 tornadoes that pick up enemies and damage them over time. Shooting the tornadoes will damage all enemies inside, and tornadoes will absorb the element it absorbs the most. Zephyr can control the tornadoes by aiming in, moving them in the direction she is aiming. (New) Zephyr can jump on top of her tornadoes, hopping from one to the other. When she is on top of one, she can move it just as she would with her first ability. (New) Forcing 2 tornadoes to merge will cause them to double in size and damage. Combos: (Falling Winds) Using her first ability, she can surf on her tornado and pick up enemies, then when she wants to, she can nose dive downwards, dealing damage to all gathered enemies, and displacing them. (Ballistic Bullet) If Zephyr casts her third ability, then her 2nd ability, then her first in that order, the drilling effect will do extra damage. Since she is bullet jumping, bullet jumping enhancing mods will also make this combo stronger. (Tornado Hopping) Zephyr can jump from tornado to tornado, giving them an element of damage if she has element augment mods on. Jumping from tornado to tornado will allow her to stack the ability strength passive, gradually making them stronger the more they are active. She can also force tornadoes to merge by driving them into one another (I make Nezha mains cry) By combining her 2nd and third ability, running into enemies will slow and damage them equal to the strength of Zephyr's 2nd ability. Augment Mods: Ability 1: When Equipped, Zephyr can activate and hold in the air to hover mid air from a higher angle Ability 2: Zephyr will shoot out a slash of wind with infinite punch through. This will also have an element based on energy color similar to Chroma. Ability 3: This ability will store up damage that Zephyr would have taken. If this ability is cast again while it's active, it will explode in the area around Zephyr, and displace enemies. Ability 4: Tornadoes will move faster and will grow over time, drawing more enemies in over a larger area Final Thoughts: I personally think that reworking Zephyr in this way, obviously with some tweaking, that she would be a much cooler frame to play, with a much better place in the meta. While this way would give her more of a learning curve, it provides a new way to play the game, while also being really impactful. With the first ability, bullet jump is something always used, but turning it into an attack ability seems very innovative and would be overall cool to see, and by mixing multiple abilities and playing to Zephyr's strength, she could easily one shot high level enemies in quick succession by going from tornado to tornado, constantly casting them to keep a powerful zone to herself.
  17. Hi, I was on the Warframe store page and I was looking at some of the bundles. However, when I click on a bundle the price shown on the Xbox market place is different from the website. Does the price of Platinum/bundle packs vary from console to console? Thanks
  18. The railjack reactors RNG needs to be incteased by a major amount every time me and my team go to grind for reactors were met with nothing but weapons, shealds and somtimes engiens but never reactors even with the increase from 2% to 4% its realy anoying to get them i mean reactors are a big part you need so you can unlock the wall to use your railjack abilitys and avionics to make your railjack more versitile so why wouldent they be more promenent than weapons It takes my team 1 minuts to get a gun wrekage and it takes 3 hours to get a reactor (with random stats and usualy is zetki) that shouldrnt be guns realy arnt needed badly enough were every wrekage drop has to be guns but you do need a good reactors wirh the right stats to even unlock the wall your set behind to use a full set of abilitys and some good avionics to make the higher missions more doable To me Reactors were one of the most horible desision de has come up with id wrather had seen a pergreshion systom were you level up your railjack to 30 or 40 in order to get a better capacity all the way to 120 and if you want to increase it you would use a railjack capacotor to do so that would have been a way better thing than grind, grind, grind, grind, grind again, and still more grind id rather have fun in this game not spend 47 hours grinding for one thing with random houses and stats that hase a big persent chanse to be garbage
  19. Just a quick idea for a zephyr rework, let me know about any thoughts or changes I should make. Passives and stats can stay the same. 1st ability: Grow wings and gain the ability to fly, draining 7 energy per second. Pressing the ability again lets you perform a dash in a given direction like normal, and facing directly downwards will perform the usual dive bomb. Her air dash movement is not affected by mods. Her dive bomb damage is affected by power strength and its radius is affected by range. Movement speed while flying is affected by movement speed mods, aim glide mods, and efficiency. 2nd ability: Basically stays the same, except the damage it deals is slash with 600 / 700 / 800 / 900 damage with a 50% chance to proc bleed. It can be held to charge an additional 120% damage boost. 3rd ability: Stays the same. 4th ability: Summon a large tornado, with a radius of 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 meters, and a grab radius of 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 meters lasting 7 / 14 / 21 / 28 seconds (think of limbos 4, but smaller and picks up enemies). Multiple tornadoes can be summoned, with a max of 4, each tornado has a 25% chance to form with one of the 4 base status types. Once summoned, the tornado will deal 900 / 1000 / 1100 / 1200 damage per second with a 80% chance proc their given status types. Also, the tornado can spawn small elemental areas of affect around them while active (an electric tornado will strike lightning at a single enemy at random, a ice one will leave freezing patches randomly around it, toxin has a chance to form a corrosive acid puddle around it, fire can do the same as the ice one, but with fire). Been thinking about a zephyr rework for a while and these are my favorite thoughts so far. Any input is appreciated.
  20. Please bring back the lich killing tenno when wrong.Enjoyed the animation know its boring.
  21. Hello Tennos! I am Paul. I am passionate about and committed to designing High-quality emblems for clans to showcase their pride, honor their heritage and recruit more loyal members. Almost all my previous clients are satisfied with the quality of work I am able to produce for their clans. Now, my need for more reach and exposure has led me to create this thread in hopes to offer my skillset to those needing a real face lift for their clan to show true love for their group and increase the number of loyal clan members in the future. Unlike many other clan emblem design services out there, which typically focuses on bulk collaborations, my service dovetails nicely with proud, passionate and committed clan warlords who are serious about having a high-quality emblem designed for their clan. My focus is on the end result which will surely reflect the meaning and core values of the clans that I get to work with, thus both visually appealing and contextually appropriate. My old thread (placed in the wrong Section, thus prompting me to create this new thread) has been featured by the awesome tenno HolyIcon in his extremely helpful thread [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale Here are some of the works I was able to produce working with amazing warlords: Note: If you use mobile and would like higher resolution view of the emblems, please consider checking out my imgur gallery below: https://povo844.imgur.com/all/ Justicars of Sol Clan - Warlord: babygoestoChin Dragon's Talons Clan - Warlord: QueenGaea F0X HOUND: SPECIAL FORCES Clan - Warlord: Anastasia Galaxy Brawlers Alliance - Warlord: DarkenPrime Ophidian Clan - Warlord: xNakshx Black Sky Alliance - Warlord: Anonymys Children of Lotus Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 Children of Lotus Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 (Alternative Option) Umbruh Clan - Warlord: expelled_angel Crimson Shadow Knights Clan - Warlord: Synchro122 (Alternative Option) The Ashen Knights Clan - Warlord: Sethrox100 Trigger Warning Clan - Warlord: Whitewasher2 Crimson Shadow Knights Clan - Warlord: Synchro122 Rageing Tennoids Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 Nothing to see here Clan - Warlord: sb1125 Tactica Imperialis Clan- Warlord: Agent M3tallion UnKnown Origin Clan - Warlord: Viox_IV Venatores of Mars - Warlord: Raidershogunate Hope to proudly showcase your clan's emblem as my next portfolio piece! Inquiry Method: In order for me to best serve you and your clan, I only ask of you a few things: Reach me via Forum Message or my Email: paulvo(dot)844(at)gmail(dot)com To save time for both parties, in your inquiry, please include the form below with all information filled in: Once I receive your inquiry, we can discuss further then. Note: Since I am no longer an active player in-game, the preferred transaction currency will be Paypal (address is the same as my email). It is beneficial to note that when you pay with real money, you get my 100% effort and time in real life to create that good-quality emblem you and your clan deserve. To kickstart our project, a down-payment ought to be made. (as a token of commitment from both parties). My mission is to come up with a high-quality emblem that truly represents your clan and its core values, for your clan to wear and showcase to all Tennos out there. I am committed to the delivery of good end results, and I hope to receive your commitment and respect upon our collaboration. Looking forward to hearing from and serving you, Tenno!
  22. Hi guys. I would like to start (maybe again) some discussion about warframes which possesses basic armor like Rhino, Oberon or Volt. So... Why only Volt Prime can equip his non-prime variant of shoulder plates? I would be pleased to see this option on other warframes as i mentioned before. Or maybe it would be possible to just take off prime shoulder plates without the need of putting on other one.
  23. I don't know what is going on with the intrinsics system but it needs a fix. I am not even rank 10 and the ui is not showing.
  24. -Can we please have option to scrap sigma items. -I don't know why this is no locking railjack parts to prevent deleting items. -Increasing the wreckage capacity to the railjack ship or make where we can get wreckage slots for dojo research.
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