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Found 901 results

  1. Carniv0r

    New Leveling pets Mode Idea!

    New Pet levelling that would make the pets bigger for each level up to 50, making then giving then more health and a more specific type of killer. Having an option at level 10,20,30,40 and 50 a new skill option and getting stronger damage, health and getting bigger and bigger up to a more taller and stronger look.
  2. Please Give Me Input For This Updated Concept, Of The Clonarus Warframe. Well What Does Everyone Think? Please Let Me Know In The Comments Below. Thank you.
  3. Glavenusaur

    Promo codes!

    Editing this post with every other codes I find from here on out. This includes codes generously given by posters within this thread and others all within this forum. Here's are a list of all the promotional codes i have found for the game so far. They contain two weapons (with their own free slots) some Glyphs, and a Syandana, If anyone knows of anymore, please feel free to share them here so that the rest of us can know, you can claim them through this website here, enjoy! Glyph codes and the Syandana (still dont know which of these codes is for the Syandana yet): Warframe May not work MCIK works HOMIINVOCADO works KINGGOTHALION May not work PROFESSORBROMAN May not work ADMIRALBAHROO works BIKEMAN May not work SUMMIT1G May not work SP00NERISM May not work IFLYNN works TACTICALPOTATO works MOGAMU works SKILLUP works ORIGINALWICKEDFUN works MCGAMERCZ works TVSBOH works BRICKY works N00BLSHOWTEK works r/warframe works New codes: TOTALN3WB works (added in memory of Totaln3wb, who passed on the 4th of july 2018) BWANA works LILLEXI works BROZIME works INEXPENSIVEGAMER works LYNXARIA May not work STRIPPIN works Other codes: FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N - (vectis sniper rifle with free slot and a catalyst pre-installed) Expired FREESWORD - (Heat sword with free slot and a catalyst pre-installed) works OLDFRIEND - (3 days affinity booster along with an old orokin tea set) works Special thanks to rfreug and to Indemon and everyone in this thread for letting me know about these codes, you guys are awesome!
  4. (XB1)kirikigus

    Console status

    Due to the time that we (console players) have wait till the updates come to console I would enjoy a way of migrating the account, also, it is important the fact that there are a lot more players on pc so consoles feel totally empty, this could be fixed with crossplay but nowadays it seems not to be posible. I really would enjoy a way of expanding my gameplay, the game looks really dead in consoles.
  5. So today i was playing Warframe like any other day, i decide to do an alert and suddenly i get this stranger telling me i can't play umbra because "SPOILERS!" I usually don't post and keep to myself when people do this but I'm curious as to what others opinions are on these types of things. I've been playing Warframe since closed beta and have never had anyone be like this till recently. (there were a couple others who did similar things but i didn't think to screen shot the convo's) (For those wondering what i meant by "play similar to me.." i was using operator while umbra ran around the map like an idiot lol)
  6. [DE]Danielle

    Limbo Prime has Arrived!

    Limbo Prime, Destreza Prime, and Pyrana Prime have arrived - like magic! The Rifts are opening and a Cataclysm is about to begin. Wield the wily Void magician, bend the power of the Void to your will, and outwit your enemies. Limbo Prime Access Features: Limbo Prime: Manipulate the Void as the golden gentleman. Limbo Prime Glyphs: Embody Limbo Prime with these Prime Glyphs. Destreza Prime: Precise strikes and high Puncture damage make this Prime rapier devastating against armored targets. Pyrana Prime: A far cry from a gentleman’s traditional dueling pistol, this Tenno secondary automatic shotgun shreds enemies with ease. Limbo Prime Accessories Oblivia Prime Syandana Rift Walker Prime Sigil 90 Day Credit Booster 90 Day Affinity Booster Limbo Prime, Destreza Prime, and Pyrana Prime Relics have replaced all locations of Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime, and Kronen Prime Relics: Plains Bounties Sanctuary Onslaught Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (Radiant) Added in the Orokin Derelict Defense mix Added in the Orokin Derelict Survival mix And the list goes on! Check out the public PC drop tables here. *Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime, and Kronen Prime Relics are also still out in the wild, just not in exclusive spots like Bounties or Onslaught. PS4 Release Dates: North America: June 19th Europe: June 20th Asia: June 20th Japan: June 21st Check out Limbo Prime Access here: Please note that some Limbo changes are coming in a future Update for PS4/XB1 Tenno: Nekros Prime, Galatine Prime, and Tigris Prime have entered the Vault! With this Vaulting comes the shift of the follow Syndicate sacrifices: Replaced Arbiters of Hexis sacrifice of Nekros Prime Neuroptics to Mirage Prime Systems. Replaced Cephalon Suda sacrifice of Nekros Prime Chassis to Oberon Prime Chassis. Replaced Steel Meridians sacrifice of Nekros Prime Neuroptics to Zephyr Prime Chassis. Replaced Steel Meridians sacrifice of Galatine Prime Blade to Sybaris Prime Stock. If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.
  7. Заметил, что производительность в игре резко упала, на 20-25 fps при обновлении Windows чуть более 3х или 4х месяцев назад. ( забил тогда на это, не до игры особо было) В других популярных играх, ничего сильно или так, чтоб было заметно снижение производительности не было, разве что в Counter-Strike: Global Offensive фпс возрос, что в принципе не странно, эта игра все таки признанна International e-Sports Federation и по ней проводятся чемпионаты мира с большими призовыми фондами. Но не будем отвлекаться от наших "баранов". Хотелось бы узнать, что могут сказать разработчики, другие игроки, сообщество в целом по этому поводу, кто что заметил, по поводу этих аппаратных уязвимостей Meltdown и Spectre?Каковы последствия установки обновлений для защиты от уязвимостей? Действительно ли они повлияли на нашу любимую игру и она стала тем самым исключением, которое затронула эта проблема? P.S. Это также затрагивает вообще все выпущенные процессоры, не только для ПК, ноутбуков, консолей, но и смартфонов, TV- приставок и всего где используются CPU
  8. (PS4)ATreidezz

    Gears rework (PIZZAS)

    We know Ninja rely heavily on their tools. Its part of their "Magic" and also what makes them a Ninja. In warframe, as space ninja, we also rely on our tools, specifically gears in our battles & missions: specters, pizzas, archwing launcher, air support charger, ciphers, scanners, trapper. But most of the time, i only see people kind of abuse/spam it, rather than really use it efficiently. I want to talk about specific gears in this thread : PIZZAS. Currently, the function is too simple, and can be spammed I propose changes so that it can also be used to assist us in battles, like the following : HEALTH RESTORE Renamed to Red Whirlwind. A sort of grenade (like specters ball) that spawn a red whirlwind, heals "X" HP per second (depending on the item's tier), as opposed to "X" HP each burst and has a chance to nullify physical proc on players, It has a "duration bar" that indicates how long it can last. It moves towards the nearest player like zephyr tornado, and players affected by it shown with SFX of the whirlwind "doing ivara's stealing prowl" on players, except its healing players. The large one from clan, has additional perk, it can reduce enemies accuracy caught on its range, numbers of enemies affected increase whirlwind range, size, and heals rate speed at the cost of shortening the duration of the whirlwind faster. ENERGY RESTORE Renamed to Blue Fissure, its a grenade (like specters ball) that spawn a blue void fissure that zaps nearby players with lightning of X energy (depending on the item's tier), also a chance to increase energy efficiency for 5 secs. The blue fissure has a "duration bar" that indicates how long it'll last. The large one from syndicate has an additional perk, it can stuns the enemies with electric proc, numbers of enemies affected by this also increase the fissure range, size, and energy from the lightning zap to players, at the cost of shortening the blue void fissure duration faster. SHIELD RESTORE Renamed to Cyan pulsar, its a Grenade (like specters ball) that creates cyan colored magnetic bubble, players passing through it will have their shield restored by X per second (depending on the item's tier) , with a chance of nullfying elemental procs on players. It has a "duration bar" that indicates how long it can last. The large one from syndicate has an additional perk: pulling nearby enemies to its center like mag's Magnetize, the numbers of the enemies inside the bubble increase the bubble range, size, and shield restore rate at the cost of shortening the duration of the bubble faster. AMMO RESTORE Renamed to Yellow Fireflies. Its a grenade (like specters ball) that spawns a swarm of glowing Fireflies. The Fireflies looks like yellow particles hovering around in its spawning place, and some of them will be "vacuumed" to players nearby, replenishing their ammo for X amounts (depends on the item's tier) , with a chance of increasing reload speed for 5 secs. As usual, it has a duration bar that indicates how long it will last. The large one from the syndicate offers an additional perk: it can swarm to enemies in range to reduce their firepower, enemies killed while affected by this will transfer the swarm and all the loots from the killed enemies to the players who land the kill strike, regardless of distance, instantly replenish their ammo and collecting the loots at the same time. To prevent it being abused by players, each players can only deploy 4 grenades of any kind at a time, deploying a 5th will replace the oldest 1.
  9. The Virtual Cursor is live on XB1 and PS4 in Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.6! To read the full dedicated Dev Workshop head on over to: [Expand spoiler below for changes] We will be closely monitoring your feedback/bug reports! These are some big changes, so we understand it will be quite jarring when you first get to moving around the UI. But with that said, we really do appreciate your constructive feedback so that we know where we can improve. If you are reporting a bug, provide screenshot/video where possible. Thank you for your time as Warframe continues to develop!
  10. As it says on the tin. This bug has been around for at least several months (probably longer), been reported repeatedly, and applies to the following weapons: Gunsen All Nikanas - including Umbra Excalibur's Skiajati (will show through the scabbard) Venka Prime Sigma and Octantis (only shows in mission and will temporarily disappear at random) Glaive Prime Orvius There are possibly a few other weapons, but these are ones that I have seen so far. If anyone has seen this on any other weapons, reply to this post and I'll add them to the list. More than likely this affects consoles as well. This bug is fairly easy to replicate. Simple turn off Elemental Weapon FX under options, equip any of these weapons (don't just preview them) in the arsenal and mod them for any type of elemental damage. Elemental FX will show up on the blade in mission and in the arsenal (with one noted exception). Fixes for this have been requested for some time in numerous update feedback threads to no avail. It would be GREATLY appreciated if this could be fixed soon. If you can address size scaling issues with weapon skins within a day or two, this should be really easy to fix. Thanks for reading!
  11. (XB1)Fernando Senpai

    Me suspendieron del chat

    a cada rato me banean del chat, creo que le caigo mal al moderador o nose, la proxima vez que me pase lo voy a grabar, tuve que cambiarme de region porque nomas escribo algo y pum baneo en la boquita, seguro que por eso esta muerto el chat, nadie comenta nada pasan horas sin un solo comentario nuevo, es un abuso, estan arruinando este juego, DE has algo con esos moderadores.
  12. Hey Xbox One Tenno! If you’ve been experiencing chat issues after recently changing your Gamertag, we suggest rebooting your console. This is a temporary solution for something we will have a more robust fix for in the near future. Thank you!
  13. ThunderBearGames

    Does this sound like a cool Frame?

    I was thinking of a frame that can change weapons and the weapon he/she chooses change the abilities he can use. The first ability would make him cycle similar to Ivara's quiver or Equinox's metamorphosis. They have a choice of three weapons; A battle ax, A mace, and a Sword. The ax gives them the abilities "bash" which is a small charge that knocks enemies to the floor. The next one is "Blunt Strike" where he hits the enemy with the end of his ax and they become blinded. The Mace gives him "Crush" where he smashes the nearest enemy(ies) to walls and they become stunned for a couple of seconds. The mace also gives him the ability "Overpower" where he strikes the target to the floor dealing massive damage but drains energy. The sword makes the frame become very fast and very strong but take more damage, the first ability is "Tactician" where his melee strikes have a chance to hit multiple times and the other is "Serrated Edge" which applies a small bleed to the target. His fourth ability called "Exalted Master" makes him summon all the energy in his energy bank and all of the power from the weapons previously used and summons a flail and shield that let him become invulnerable for 5 seconds and then retaliate, blinding and stunning them.
  14. (PS4)strivexwolf


    We Have Never Been Given A Warframe Like This, So Here Is My Concept Idea For A Corpus Warframe, As A Nidus Equivalent, I Strongly Urge We Use That The Active And Passive Abilities Because Currently There Is No Warframe Like "Clonarus." (Eris Needs A Little More Love So My Concept Idea Was Drawn From Cetus When Konzo When He Said His Brother Lived On Eris, So I Decided There Needed To Be Something Other Than Death That Came From Eris.) My Backstory In Detail: "So Clonarus Was Built As A Endgame As A Last Hope For Eris To Survive Unfortunately Clonarus Was Never Sent Online As Eris Fell Before The Clonarus Prototype Could Go Online, And Thus Sat In Stasis Until Something Awoken Clonarus From His Sleep. That Something Was The Beacon Itself It Went Offline Triggering Clonarus To Go Online. Please take a look at my concept idea Images That I Typed Up On My Ps4, And Rate My Concept Idea. *PLEASE?! PLEASE GIVE ERIS SOME LOVE IT NEEDS MORE BACKSTORY!!!!* :3 (Thank You For Reading This Post Please Let Me Know What You Think in the comments Below.)
  15. Oni, the Ogre Frame Oni is an ogre themed warframe based around the old folklores of ogres being able to eat anything, including people. Oni is a thank frame that feeds off enemies to build up power and gain buffs. Appearance: Oni is a fairly large male warframe, with horns and spikes covering parts of his body. On Oni's stomach is a mouth like segment of armor that covers a small void warp hole. Along Oni's back and limbs are a series of elongated lines that work as vents when using abilities. The link is to a rough sketch of Oni I made after posting the idea on the forums. Here is a more final version of the warframe done by XhiroKhai on deviantart. Lore "Oni hungers for battle. Let him feast on all those who oppose you tenno." -Lotus *Quest coming soon* Basic quest line will involve exploring the void and finding old research notes on a warframe that uses small wormholes to send matter to and from the void. For completing the quest, the player will receive a blueprint of Oni and will now be able to get his component blueprints. All of Oni's component blueprints drop from corrupted enemies. Stats Armor- 300 Health- 150 (350 max rank) Shields- 100 (300 max rank) Energy- 100 (150 max rank) Sprint speed- 0.9 Abilities Passive- Digest: Oni has a gauge that measures how full his void stomach is. The gauge fills from 0-100. As the gauge fills Oni gains buffs according to its fullness. For each 10 stacks Oni gains 15% extra armor and 20% extra health (Max 150% armor and 200% health). Stacks drain at a 1 stack every 1.5 seconds and heals health at a rate of 5% health per stack. While at max stack, Oni will instead consume the 100th stack over a period of 7 seconds while still healing at a rate of 5% health per 1.5 seconds. 1- Consumption: Cost 20 energy to cast then drains 5 energy per second. The void warp hole on Oni's stomach is opened and will pull in any enemy projectiles that enter a 1.8/2.2/2.6/3 meter vertical radius in front of Oni. Enemies can be consumed as well if they are under 15% health. Each projectile that is consumed grants 1 stack, enemies grant 5 stacks. While using this ability, Oni's movement speed is reduced by 25%. Any enemies that linger within the range of Consumption will take 50/75/100/125 damage per second. 2- Regurgitate: Costs 15 stacks to cast. Oni's void mouth opens and leaks a void infused slime in a 10/13/16/20 meter radius. Enemies that are caught in this area take corrosive damage 150/200/250/300 per second with a 100% status chance and are slowed by 25%. Allies that stand in the AOE gain an armor bonus of 100 and regen health at a rate of 3 per second. Allies only gain these buffs while standing in the area of effect. This ability lasts 10/15/20/25 seconds. 3- Scattered Slam: Costs 40 energy to cast. Oni summons his exalted mace and slams it into the ground. All enemies caught in a radius of 6/8/10/12 meters are knocked downed and stunned for 3/4/5/6 seconds. The impact deals of the mace deals 200/350/500/650 damage. Can be charged up to deal extra damage. All enemies caught within range of this ability are marked with a cross over their heads, when consumed they grant 8 stacks and can be consumed at 20% health. 4- Carnage: Costs 30 energy to cast and drains 5 energy per second. Oni summons his exalted mace (similar to the maces Ogres are depicted with in old Japanese art). Oni's stomach opens and his vents release energy. In this state Oni gains increased movement speed of 45%. Kills in this form grant 1 stack. Oni is immune to status effects in this state and can't be knocked down. Working on stats for the exalted weapon now that they require there own mods. Working on an alternate helmet and weapons to be included with Oni. Looking for any and all input on my concept. Thank for viewing. 🙂
  16. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Xbox Play Anywhere

    As the title says, I'm requesting that we try to get support for an Xbox Play Anywhere version of the game. Before this gets out of control I would like to clear some things up. 1: This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the steam version of the game. 2: I'm only looking for supporters of this request, not everyone who has a negative opinion on why they THINK it may not work. 3: I am not assuming it's easy or difficult to make this happen, I do not work for DE so I am not an expert on this game, and neither are any of you unless you work for them on this game specifically, so please don't come here just to tell my you know coding and know it won't work. I play on the Xbox one, and I absolutely love the game. I however hate my Xbox itself. This is the only game I play anymore, and I can't play it with a controller due to a work related hand injury, so I play with using a Xim4. My console has enough issues to make me think it will dies out any day now. I want to play the PC version of the game, but I do not want to spend the time trying to catch up to where I am now. I'm not asking for a migration, because it's been made clear that DE will NOT allow me to transfer my progress to my preferred platform.... I'm am only asking that we get support for the Xbox Play Anywhere program. I have a decent gaming PC that I use regularly.(I started Warframe on Xbox long before I built the PC) The Xbox okay anywhere program, if you aren't aware of, is way for Microsoft to allow owners of supported game to play them in either their Xbox console or a windows 10 PC, but through the Microsoft servers only accessing the Xbox live database. Meaning you use your Xbox account and can only play with people connect through that same service. Minecraft is one such title that allows this, and now they even allow access from almost every platform out there. I think PlayStation and Sony are the only ones not included. For example I okay Minecraft on my PC and my kid uses his tablet to connect with me, or he'll use my Xbox to connect with me. But this is done through the Xbox play anywhere program. Now Minecraft is owed by Microsoft so obviously they have their full support on this. But they aren't the only one. Ark: Survival Evolved is another title that is supposed by this feature. Ark has a steam version, the original version, of their game and console versions. They also have an Xbox play anywhere version of the game that is completely separate from their steam version. It's connected through Xbox live and you can play with your console friends without having to use a console, and you get full mouse and keyboard support. From what I can tell, and this is only my perspective on this, the Xbox Play Anywhere version of these games only seem to be ports of the Xbox version. And altered to be used with multiple hardware. I'm not gaming coder or engineer, and forgive me if this is completely false. But I'm pretty sure DE, with their personal experience in developing their own game of different hardware for YEARS, they can manage to make it compatible again, but with the Xbox version. I know ark and Minecraft are completely different games built in completely different engines. But it seams as if the play anywhere program itself is something Microsoft has engineered with all Xbox games in mind to allow for this to happen. It's just up to the devs of their own games if they want to pursue this. If you are a PC player of the game, this really has nothing to do with you unless you play the Xbox version as well or have friends that play it who don't have a PC to play with you. And if you are a PlayStation player, well I don't really have any answer for you, I know steam works with Sony on other games, who knows maybe you'll see crossplay in the future. I'm not asking for a miracle, I'm only asking for DE and hopefully other supporters to read this post and get this out there. If this post is formatted poorly or in the wrong section, I apologise. If you are only going to bash my post with your negativity, please save yourself the time of typing because unless you work for DE you have no sure way of knowing if this can or cannot be done. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I'm sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes. I did this on my phone with a disfigured hand.
  17. (PS4)Vexx757

    Robot Warframe: Sodium

    Passive: Immune to eximus enemy. · This includes; Blitz, Energy leech, Leech / Sanguine and Nullifiers. Health: 240 Shield: 3000 Armour: 800 Energy: 100 Sprint Speed: 1.10 1st ability: Shoots out nano machines to steel enemies health, shields and armour which will be given to you, doing so will also stagger the enemy. Energy: 25 Strength: Health steal - 20 Shields steal - 70 Armour steal - 50 Duration: Armour buff 30 seconds Range: 20 meters · Stealing armour can stack up until duration runs out. · You can steal and keep as many health and shields as you want however armour is limited. · If you strip all of enemy’s armour you will no longer get it but get health instead, same goes for shields. · Can be used in the air. · It won`t steal it all and once. Whatever you see first you can take. · Even if your health and shields are maxed you can still use the ability to deal damage. 2nd ability: When active you will stack up damage depending on how many enemies you kill for a short duration. When duration runs out you will receive the damage you have stacked up in your next attacks. Energy: 50 Strength: Killed enemy - 50 damage. Amount of attacks - 10 Duration: 25 seconds. · You will not loose stacks if you shoot/hit environmental objects. · Can be used in the air or on the move. 3rd ability: Release a sensor pulse that lets you see enemies through walls also giving you punch-through, increased damage fall-off and range (beam weapons) for a short duration. Energy: 75 Strength: Punch-through – 2.0 Duration: 20 seconds. Range: Sensor range: 20 meters Damage fall-off – 5 meters Beam range – 3 meters · This can benefit from 2nd ability. · Re-castable. · Sensor pulse and enemy x-ray colour is determined by your chosen energy colour. 4th ability Four sentinels will detach of Sodium`s shoulders and will seek out and deal damage to enemies which will also give a faster shield recharge rate, blast, ammo or mobility buff to allies that approach them. Energy: 100 Strength: Damage - 700 a second Health of sentinels - 1000 Blast buff - 50% Ammo - 100 Shield recharge rate buff - 100% Sprint speed, bullet jump, maneuver buff - 30% Duration: Sentinels: 40 seconds. Buff duration: 20 seconds Range: Sentinels beam range: 17 meters · You can control the sentinels by two actions; Pressing the button will make them act on their own while holding the button will make them follow you around and fight becide you. You can do this until the duration runs out. · Each of the sentinels will show a colour indicator on the map and in game of what buff players can receive. Ammo is yellow, blast is orange, shield recharge is blue and manuver buffs is green. · Teammates will have to run up to the sentinels and confirm that they want the buff. · Everyone in the team can get all four buffs but can only get it once until the duration is up.
  18. (XB1)OverlordPanda91

    (Xbox one) Reporting Scammers

    So I saw one dude bragging about scamming people so I messaged him why he’s bragging about it. His two buddies messaged me and admitted to scamming people. Not sure if they were joking or not but I don’t care just gonna see if I can get them banned if they are actually scamming people gamer tags are xI TiiG3r I and XiiX ToM XiiX I dunno where else to report them Update: XiiX ToM XiiX and traps arnt gai are harassing me at this point
  19. (XB1)DarkDerpAroo

    Linking rivens

    Been kinda annoyed when linking rivens in chat because having to type it in and if you mess up when typeing with your controller well yea, I would like an easier way of linking rivens like my idea probably stupid but I'll say it anyways, my idea was that you can nickname your rivens to like "riven 1" "riven 2" excetera and when you link it useing the nickname after hitting the button to post it auto changes to the actual name if the riven in chat , it would be nice to have something like this or similar to make it easier to look rivens in chat or possibly other items idk
  20. (XB1)ResidentRecon89

    Restorable Umbra Is a needed Feature

    Note: I have not Formed and overrode my Umbra Polarities. With that said... I know I’m not the only one who thinks this, but having the option to restore Umbra’s Polarities after changing it is a needed feature. Players shouldn’t have to be penalized permanently for changing their Umbra’s Polarities to fit their builds. Having the ability to restore his polarities would be a wise feature to have for those who want to revert back to their Umbra Polarities. I would actually like to see the Umbra Polarities to be added to the Polarity Pool if you will. That way we have the option to Umbraize Rhino, Hydroid, Ash etc. etc. That way we can change, restore etc. This is the one thing I hate about Imbra, is the inability to restore it’s polarities after someone chsnges it to fit their build. DE, please make Umbra Polarities Restorable. I know you listen to your community, so I hope you take this into consideration.
  21. Starting July 12, link your Warframe and Twitch Prime accounts and receive exclusive goodies on all platforms! Amazon Prime day is July 16, but from July 12 to August 12 at 2 p.m. ET, you can redeem the Spektaka Liset Skin and Spektaka Color Palette to customize your Landing Craft and Arsenal! You can claim your items with your Twitch Prime membership --just make sure your Warframe and Twitch Prime accounts are linked. Also, don’t forget about the Trinity Prime Bundle! Match your new Liset Skin and Color Palette with a vital Support Warframe and matching Syandana!
  22. yo llevo ya casi 4 años jugando a este juego en xbox y ahora que tengo nueva pc quisiera saber si puedo pasar mis artículos de xbox a el juego en pc
  23. TDMkiller998

    Twitch Prime Color Scheme

    Heres my main color scheme i use. Its based off Twitch + Orokin Primed Gold thus creating, Twitch Prim! (lol). here is what you need to know, you can rearrange the colors how ever you like and also use different tones of that color! Primary : Back, I used Black from the Jade Color Pallet (X4,Y13) Secondary i enabled legacy color pallets for the purple and purple only. i used purple from the Infested pallet (X5,Y12) I used a white-ish grey from Spektaka pallet but you can use any different shade of white-grey (X5,Y12) I used a more yellow-ish gold from the Corpus pallet (X1,Y5) and for the energy i also used the same Legacy Infested Purple (X5,Y12) if your confused about the X and Y's, X is across and Y is down on the color pallet so you can find what colors i use! hope you like the color scheme as much as i do (ik i mispelled some stuff but o well) heres a link to the pic, cant get a propper Image URL to work so here ya go i guess
  24. OuTlAwTACO229

    My Sexy Liset

    So after spending thousands of plat and a few hours of decorating everything perfectly, I think I can say I'm legitimately impressed with my liset decorations. If DE would allow us to exceed the "max cap" right now though that'd be great cuz then I could work on my operators room. But until then. This is my progress. Feel free to show your liset decorations down below. I'd love to see it.
  25. (XB1)lI HeimdalL Il

    ERRO XB1 ao entrar em missões!!!

    Olá!! Estou tendo um problema sério ao tentar jogar... Sempre que inicio uma partida qualquer recebo a msg " a conexão foi perdida. Você será redirecionado ao menu principal ". Porem a internet continua estável , chat estável e sem perca de pacote na conexão..... Ja deu hard reset no modem, reinstalei o warframe mais de 5x conforme alguns foruns e ate resetar o xbox para as configurações de fabrica ja fiz.. o erro segue... Apenas o Warframe está apresentando esse problema. Queria saber alguma solução... nao consigo jogar a 4 dias por conta desse problema.....