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  1. Before DE came up with the concept of a fat warframe I have come up with my version one and before we get Grendel and ppl start saying Grendel is better coz they played him or coz DE made it, without knowing the stats I want to know which ability ideas you like better and which one you would play? Here is the link to find out what Grendals abilities are; https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1134508-pc-coming-soon-the-old-blood/ And her is my version of a fat warframe; Barricade front back Passive: Increased immunity duration by 5 seconds This will include; · Starting a mission · After getting revived · Using rolling guard · Protective dash · Revived sentinels · Harrow`s 4th ability Health: 450 Shield: 225 Armour: 800 Energy: 150 Sprint Speed: 1.00 1st ability Turns into his sphere form to preform homing attacks on an enemy target. Energy: 25 Strength: Damage - 700 Range: 25 metres Impact range: 7 metres · Can be used in the air. · Can be used on the move. · If you continue to home in on enemies while you`re in the air, you will build up damage multiplier. The more you use it the more damage it does and the less energy it used. · If you hold the ability while you are in the air, you will be suspended in the air for 3 second. · When holding the ability, there will be an indicator showing the radius of impact when aiming. · When you hit an enemy, you will ricochet into the air in your humanoid form giving you a chance to successfully hit the enemy again. · Enemy hit will receive a small stagger. · Requires direct line of sight to a small part of the target to cast. 2nd ability He turns into his sphere form that rams into enemies. Each enemy hit will increase his and allies armour. Energy: 50 Strength: Armour per enemy hit – 10 Impact damage - 250 Movement speed – 50% Duration: 50 seconds Range: Impact radius – 10m Jump height – 4m · Can be cast in the air. · Can be cast on the move. · If you kill an enemy, you will get an extra 50 armour. · Hitting a wall while on the ground will cause you to ricochet off it. If in the air, you will ricochet back into the air. · Enemy hit will receive a small knockdown, enemies near the hit target will receive a small ragdoll. · Rushing by an enemy will cause a small ragdoll. · You can deactivate the ability to turning you back into your humanoid form. The duration of the ability will continue until it depletes, and you get to keep the armour you have accumulated however, you can no longer use the ability again and to stack up armour. · While in this form he has the ability to double jump. · In this state, he won`t be affected by laser trap doors. (Synergy) You can use your 1st ability in this form and will cause blast damage. 3rd Ability He produces armour on his body that reduces damage inflicted by nearby enemies for a short duration while also absorbing and storing up damage he is taking. Energy: 75 Strength: Damage reduction – 60% Stored damage gain – 400 Duration: 25 seconds · All types of damage can be absorbed. · Damage taken to shields will be stored up as status damage while health damage will be raw damage. · In this state, he won`t be affected by laser trap doors, magnetic doors, traps or status effects. · It can be cast in the air. (Synergy) The damage stacked up can be used on the 1st and 2nd ability. 4th Ability He spins around in his sphere form pulling enemies closer to him, then body slams the ground leaving enemies suspended in the air for a short duration. Energy: 100 Charge energy drain -10s Strength: Slam damage – 1000 Duration: 15 seconds Range: 20 meters · Holding the ability will increase the speed of enemies getting pulled towards him and the range by an extra 7m. · After the body slam, enemies are spreads out then are suspended in the air. · In the first stage of the ability, he is in his sphere form spinning round to pull enemies in. After that, he will body slam the ground in his humanoid form and will bounce back into the air. · You cannot move while using this ability. · This ability can be used in the air. (Synergy) The damage accumulated from the 3rd ability can be used to damage enemies, the status damage can strip the enemy’s defences, will deal double damage to infested and decreases sentients adaptability. (Synergy) While the enemies are suspended in the air, you can use your 1st ability to help you kill enemies and build up you`re damage.
  2. As much as Ash is my main frame, I think he needs to be looked at again. The 1st ability is only good with its augment. Augments should be used as an option and not coz the ability on its own is bad, the 2nd ability could benefit by having better cc and even through ppl say that his invisible is too short I have no issue with it, the 3rd ability has potential to be so much better just of the concept of teleportation alone and the 4th ability is terrible when it comes to activation speed, it`s too slow and other ppl can take your kills (even in low levels) and even more things that make it bad. Overall Ash is a contradiction to what DE wants ppl to do in this game.... PLAY AS A TEAM, that's why he needs to be looked at again and If I were to give him a re-visit, this is what I would do; Ash: · All abilities can be cast while on a zipline. 1st Ability: · If enemy is killed in one hit it is considered as a stealth kill. · Holding the ability will make both shurikens target the enemy you`re aiming at dealing double slash damage and adds critical damage based on what mods you have equipped on your melee weapon. · The more health the enemy loses, the slower the enemy moves when bleeding out. · When the enemy stops bleeding, it will go back to its normal movement speed. 2nd Ability: · Increase the cast stun duration to 4 sec. · The smoke left behind will last for 10 seconds. · Enemies that enter the smoke will have a 6 sec stun duration and are 40% more susceptible to damage. · All stun durations cannot be increased by duration mods. · Increase smoke cloud radius by 7m · Smoke cloud`s radius can be increased by range mods. · The stun and the smoke damage buff will also work on bosses. · When Ash is invisible, the apparitions from bs are also invisible. There are now new ways you can use this ability; · You can use it next to a dangerously high-levelled enemy to stun it and kill it with ease. · You can use it to block enemies in doorways. Since the smoke affect duration is 6 seconds and the smoke lasts 10 seconds, enemies will be stuck for a total of 12 seconds. · If you mod for less duration and more range, it will turn it into a better cc ability. 3rd Ability: · Holding the ability will give Ash certain mobility buffs. Teleporting in the air will give him sprint speed, bullet-jump before teleporting will give him increased bullet-jumping distance and sliding before teleporting will give him maneuverer speed. · The buffs start at 5% however, multiple used can increase them up to its maximum of 25%. · All buffs will have a duration of 20 seconds. · These buffs are not affected by strength and duration mods. · Holding the ability while on the ground will make ash kick the enemy across the room causing a small ragdoll (visual animation is the same) · You can teleport through windows if there are allies, npcs, enemies or objects with a health bar on the other side of it. · You are able to teleport to enemies in the air. · After teleporting in the air, preforming melee attacks will keep him in the air. (if DE decides to add aerial combos to melee 3.0) 4th Ability: · When activating the ability, it will start instantly. · Pressing the ability will bring you into the animation while holding the ability will send clones out to kill instead of you. · If you want to jump out of bs, press the ability again and the clones will continue to kill enemies. · Enemies that are red can be killed by players. · There is no limit to how many enemies he can kill within the radius of the enemy he`s aiming at. · An indicator is shown of the number of enemies that are going to be killed by bs. Why this logically makes blade storm better; Interactive blade storm animation Since Ash doesn`t have any synergy (or any good ones) here are some that will improve his performance; Synergies Smoke Screen + Shuriken, Teleport & Blade Storm: · If you use any ability while you`re invisible, enemy bodies will disappear. · The energy cost will also be cut down by half. · Using you 1st, 3rd and 4th abilities on the smoke victim will increase the damage dealt to the enemy. Shuriken + Teleport: · Using the 1st ability on an enemy will show their health bar through walls longer, making you able to teleport to them as long as they are continually receiving bleeding ticks. Since DE is getting rid of the combo multiplier, here is a solution to building up damage. Shuriken + Blade Storm: To increase the damage of bs you must use shuriken. As long as enemies continuously keep receiving bleeding ticks, your damage will increase over time with no limit. · Enemies need to be alive and bleeding from the 1st ability for bs to build up damage. · If no enemies are affected by slash, you will have five seconds before the damage is lost. · If the five seconds is up, the stored-up damage will decay overtime instead of disappearing completely. · There will be an indicator showing the amount of damage you are accumulating and the amount of time you have left. · If you get downed, the timer won`t start until you are revived. Fixes: · Make Ash be able to teleport in and out of the same grates instead of just one direction. · Sometime ash is glitched and stabbing the air and he is unseen when using bs due to camera angle. · Make the “clones” look like him (like wukong`s 1st ability) instead of looking like a hologram. · When blade storm is done, Ash doesn’t appear at the same place he started at but instead is teleported in a different location. Loki is on of those frames ppl say that don`t need to be looked at but imo, he needs a look over. Only 2 out of 4 of his abilities are being used, the 1st ability is just a couple of seconds of a distraction until its destroyed plus Wisp and Saryn does it better and the 3rd ability gets it into more danger if you switch with enemies. Here is what I would do to improve his abilities; Loki: 1st ability: · After cast, it`s immune to damage for five seconds while absorbing damage however, the five seconds of immunity doesn’t start until it gets attacked. Depending on the damage stored it will be converted into health for more survivability. · Holding the ability will make the decoy mobile within a 10m radius which can be increased by range mods. · When shooting, enemies will be affected by an impact proc making them stagger. · There is a 50% chance of it to proc blast damage knocking enemies down, if this happens, enemies within a 30m radius will prioritise the decoy as a dangerous threat increasing threat levels for seven seconds. (threat levels higher than interception and defence targets) · It will use whatever primary or secondary weapon Loki is currently using. 2nd ability: · When you shoot your weapon at a certain point, enemies will seek out the location of the surface where the bullet hit. · (Synergy) An enemy you kill while invisible will give the 1st ability 40% critical chance to and 3.0 critical damage for 15 seconds. 3rd ability: · After switching with the enemy, loki will be invulnerable for three second while the enemy will receive a radiation proc. · Loki is always be facing the enemy he`s switches with. · If he teleports into a group of enemies, they will receive a knock down in a 10m radius however, this only works if you`re not invisible. · If you have a melee weapon equipped while doing so, enemies will take slide attack damage from melee weapon. · If an enemy is killed by it, Loki will receive 70% critical chance and status chance increase on weapons for 15 seconds. · (Synergy) If you decide to switch places with the decoy, you and the decoy will knock down enemies within a 15m radius. 4th ability: · Holding the ability will make enemies weapons explode dealing 1000 blast damage and knocking them down. This can be increased by strength mods. · This will deactivate infested eximus for 20 seconds. · (Synergy) If you use this after receiving critical and status chance from teleporting to an ally, the critical chance status chance will carry over to enemies affected by blast increasing its damage. I think if these change were implemented they will drastically improve their usefulness and most importantly... make them fun to play. So I ask, if these changes were implemented would you play these frames? or would it make you want to play them?
  3. Just wanted to say that the Clan UI needs the little "Edit Text" box, just like in the friends list. It would be a lot easier to keep track if someone will be off for a long time so that the clan moderators can see and can also add/edit text next to peoples names if they are notified by the person. I was thinking maybe you can add in an additional role for the moderators so that only members with the permission of a moderator can add/edit the text? It would help out a bit instead of keeping track on discord or a peace of paper
  4. In my opinion augments should be used as a choice for people, an option to use in certain missions however with most augments this is not the case. There are seven types of augments; · They make the ability better and if taken off the ability is useless. · It`s should be a part of the warframe`s abilities or made into an ability. · They change how the ability works and gives players another option. · While the augment is good, it`s for the wrong warframe. · One is good for only type of mission vs one good for all missions. · They do the same thing for different warframes but nothing that stands out. · It`s bad/useless overall. I’m going to go through each point by giving some examples of these augments Point 1 Ash`s 1st ability augment seeking shuriken This is very useful because of the armour strip (mainly at high-levels) however the ability by itself is only good for low to mid-level enemies which means Ash`s 1st ability need to be improved. Here is what I would do to improve this ability; Point 2: Valkyr`s 4th ability augment hysterical assault I like this augment, this makes Valkyr pounce on enemies which makes sense since she has claws and she`s a raging killer. This to me is something that should be an ability for her, I would get rid of her current ability and replace it with this. This is what I would do to the 1st ability; Point 3: Mag`s 3rd ability augment counter pulse This is an augment I use on mag permanently, this augment jams enemy weapons and disables robotic enemies for a short duration which changes the ability from de-buffing enemies to that plus cc however there are times when and when not to use it. Using this in an interception is great because it stops enemies reaching the terminal though using it in a defence is not a good idea since you want enemies (with guns) to move out of cover and this mod will slow the progress of the mission. So, this is an augment when you have to use in the right situation however you still have the choice. Point 4: Inaros` 4th ability augment negation swarm This augment blocks status effects from affecting Inaros, draining a percentage of bonus armor for every status effect blocked. On paper, this is a very good augment unfortunately, Inaros doesn’t need it due to the fact it`s he has a lot of health and has more than one way to regenerate health. That being said in my opinion, this augment should have been made for Nova. Imagine if this was an augment for Nova`s 1st ability which consumes particles and the particles don`t seek out enemies, this will improve her 1st ability drastically by giving her survivability since she doesn’t have any unlike Inaros. Point 5: Ash`s 1st ability augment seeking shuriken VS Trinity`s 2nd ability augment vampire leech Even through Ash`s augment is useful in high-level missions if you`re playing low level missions, this augment is useless since there is no point in striping armour from weak enemies plus, it only works for enemies with armour. On the other hand, Trinity`s augment gives allies and herself over-shields which is useful no matter what level mission you are playing. Point 6: Ash`s seeking shuriken and Banshee`s sonic fracture Sonic fracture strips 70% armour for 8 seconds… and so does Ash`s augment. Even through both augments are good, there is no difference between the two augments which gives player no reason to pick on over the other. If I were to make a distanced difference between the two I would; Ash augment – Ash`s shurikens now strip enemies defences by 70% for 8 seconds. Banshee`s augment – Sonic Boom strips enemy armour and decreases enemy damage by 70% for 8 seconds. As you can see there is a difference between the two. Point 7: Valkyr`a 1st ability augment swing line This augment makes it to when the next cast while airborne will cost no energy, this is the most useless and pointless augment in the game since receiving parkour 2.0. If I had to make a prediction, I think Valkyr will receive a rework since DE know this augment is bad but they haven`t even made changes to it when they had the chance. On solution I can think of is whatever the warframe is lacking in, the augment should add to it. (Loki lacks damage so augment gives him that) If I had to come up with some augment for warframes here is what I would come up with; Improved: Banshee`s 3rd ability augment – Enemies affected are open to finishers. Each enemy killed by finishers gives banshee and team 100 armour (60% max) for 20 seconds. New: Titania`s 1st ability augment – Each enemy killed by Titania and allies will either regenerate 60 health or regenerate 10 energy for 5 seconds. Improved: Inaros` 4th ability augment – A full charge gives Inaros 200% power strength. Power strength and charges will decrease when taking damage. New: Wisp 1st ability augment – When picked up, Wisp and allies receive 20% damage reduction, (60 max) pods will deal damage to any enemy that steps in its radius. Vitality pod – fire damage, haste pod - toxin damage and shock – electric damage and you can combine them to change damage types. Improved: Loki`s 3rd ability augment – switching with allies grants them with invulnerability for 6 seconds while switch with enemies will give Loki 500% damage for 10 seconds. New: Gauss` 2nd ability augment – Enemies attacking Gauss will reflect 700 damage back at them having a 75% chance to receive viral procs. In order for augment to improve DE need to take these points into consideration.
  5. Tell us of your Warframe-related dreams here in this thread, anything from last night or from the last few days ago. Nightmares, too... In my dream, I can faintly recall myself being in my personal quarters, seeing a toy train track banding around the vignette podium, while the Man in the Wall is watching the train move. After he disappears, I can hear him humming ominously throughout the room. I don't know if this holds any significance in the game, or if the Man in the Wall actually likes trains...
  6. I have been waiting for a week on a ticket and I need help serious its really important.
  7. Chromatic Blade and/or Condition Overload... that's pretty much it. Unless willing to make several compromises with your companion (making a stat stick) or sticking to the meta Exalted Blade's build variations seem very limited. If you're not doing high level missions, it doesn't really matter, but I feel like for the sake of higher level content exalted Blade should be looked at. Wukong's Staff seems to have a lot more freedom when it comes to builds. You're more likely to make it your own and tailor it to yourself. I don't get that with exalted Blade. What finally made me decide to make a post here though, is Sacrificial Steel. Without one or both those mods I mentioned in the beginning, Exalted Blade's damage output is sub par. I've tried dozens of builds and this sword of light is in no way a Crit weapon. It can't even benefit from Blood Rush like the Skiajati which has similar Critical Chance and Damage multiplier, and honestly Blood Rush is the Skiajati's saving grace if you try to make a crit build. It just feels like Sacrificial Steel highlighted the fact that exalted Blade can not be a stand alone crit weapon. What makes it worse, I applied the same build from my EB onto other melee weapons and somehow they performed better??? EB has stat numbers upwards in the Tens of Thousands but gets outclassed by my Skiajati or a random Zaw? I don't understand. I'm genuinely hoping this gets looked into. Even if it comes down to allowing blood rush so long as chromatic Blade and condition overload isn't equipped. It just doesn't add up. Edit: I'm fully aware of the stat stick methods but it seems like a compromise. Rather bring my Kubrow or a useful sentinel than subject my companion to being a mere placeholder buff for my weapon. I also know of the meta builds. Quite easy to replicate. Cuts through enemies like butter no matter the level.
  8. Okay, new to the forums, bare with me... What's the point of the Sacrificial mods on the Exalted Blade (mostly Sacrificial Steel). I've tried dozens of varying configurations, but Exalted Blade does not seem like it's a viable crit weapon at all. It feels like without Chromatic Blade, Condition Overload or Both, a crit build just won't hold up against enemies. Worse yet, Blood Rush can not be equipped on it. So again, "why?" Compare Exalted Blade to the Skiajati which has similar Critical Chance and Critical Damage with the mods equipped. The Skiajati's saving grace in a crit build is Blood Rush. Without it, it's viable up to maybe level 50 enemies at best. LSS: On Non-Chromatic Blade/Condition Overload builds, Blood Rush should be allowed on Exalted Blade. In fact, I bet this is a problem on most exalted weapons. Would like to hear your thoughts on it. I'd like a Furious Javelin build with Critical Exalted Blade be viable.
  9. Hello Tenno!! I had this idea for a project for the longest time and just now gathered the resources to form an actual product. I need help from as many of you as possible and everyone that contributes and gets in will be credited! Essentially, I was watching the latest cinematic trailer from Tennocon, and while I found it gorgeous and absolutely incredible- one of my favorite all-time trailers, in fact- it (understandably) didn't contain any gameplay or show off what the game truly had to offer. That's why I want to work on something to the best of my abilities... I aim to create a community-made trailer for Warframe!! I won't say too much about it, as I want to surprise as many people as possible, assuming it gets any recognition at all. But to get straight to the point, it's impossible for me to create a COMMUNITY-made trailer on my own. I want to show off my favorite two frames (Octavia and Trinity Prime), but despite my relatively large collection, I can't (and shouldn't) represent every single frame or use purely my own clips for this project. As such, I'd like to request clips from you, the Tenno! I want to not only represent every single frame in this trailer, but also the awesomeness in the community itself. Guidelines go as follows: 1. The clip can be almost anything you want it to be! A cool cinematic clip you made, trickshots, something that shows off a frame's ability, or even just some random cool clip of you bullet jumping through a hallway (although I can't promise to accept 300 bullet jumping clips lol), 2. Leave the duration of the clips at about a 10-15 second maximum. It's going to take a long time to download these to begin with, it's going to be a lot more painful if I have to trim almost every single one. 3. I want to show off every single frame, so if you have multiple favorite clips as different frames, feel free to drop them here. Just don't send so many that it's overwhelming! 4. Your clip can either be in the form of a YouTube video or in a trustworthy file sharing site for convenient downloading, like Google Drive. 5. It's preferred for music to be off as I'd like to use the game's sound effects and voice lines for a less blank effect. If there is music or off-putting sounds in your clip, such as voice chat or audio from a mic, the clip is likely to be muted if I put it in. 8. Please include how you'd like me to credit you! It's likely that I'll just end up using your username, but if you'd prefer a specific name or would rather shoutout any social media, let me know to put that instead! 9. Try to avoid spoilers, I may accept operator footage but I want to welcome new players to make their own discoveries. 10. The deadline is either going to be at the end of October or sometime mid-September, it depends on the amount of clips I can gather. I hope this topic picks up! I encourage anybody interested to share this thread around. I'm super hyped to put this together, even if this thread becomes a ghost town and I have to make the whole thing on my own XD. Show us what you can do, Tenno!!!
  10. -------------------------------->>> https://www.warframe.com/es/community/partners#partnerIndex <<<------------------------- Echa un vistazo a la lista completa de los Socios de Warframe, que incluye a creadores de contenido en YouTube, Mixer y Twitch. !Lista Completa de la mayoria de Glifos que puedes conseguir, Asociados a Warframe! !streamlabs, streamelements suscripciones con twitch, youtube, patreon, mixer... !si encuentran algun error, diferente o simplemente no existe, pueden comentarlo para editar el post! >>> Puedes activar los codigos desde la Tienda en el juego ó desde la pagina de Warframe <<< -------------------------------->>> https://www.warframe.com/es/promocode <<<--------------------------------- NOTA: >>> Algunos Asociados, pueden estar "Inactivos ó su Glifo retirado del Juego <<< >>> Los siguientes Codigos solo pueden activarse una vez! Algunos codigos son Temporales y solo funcionan cada cierto tiempo <<< NOTA: >>> Introducir demasiadas veces un codigo invalido puede bloquear vuestra IP en la pagina <<< >>> si esto sucede se arregla a los pocos minutos, solo os bloquea el acceso a la pagina de Warframe, no afecta al juego <<< >>>>> Glyphs Partners (Waves)(Rondas) <<<<< >>>>> Partners Codigos Globales <<<<< >>>>> Comunidad Warframe <<<<<
  11. Why must we be at a disadvantage when equipped with an arcane helmet? I think that arcane helmets should not take up an arcane slot. They should be a bonus for those who have collected, and spent hours grinding for them back in the day. This is something I think about every time that I put my Loki on to go and do a spy/rescue mission. I would have to think that I'm not the only one who feels the same about this. Let me know what you guys think! Also, I would love to hear from the DEs if they read this!
  12. Cuz Nightwave Just Ended 13 Oct 2019, what do you think about Next NightWave?
  13. Editing this post with every other codes I find from here on out. This includes codes generously given by posters within this thread and others all within this forum. Here's are a list of all the promotional codes i have found for the game so far. They contain two weapons (with their own free slots) some Glyphs, and a Syandana, If anyone knows of anymore, please feel free to share them here so that the rest of us can know, you can claim them through this website here, enjoy! Glyph codes and the Syandana (still dont know which of these codes is for the Syandana yet): Warframe May not work MCIK works HOMIINVOCADO works KINGGOTHALION May not work PROFESSORBROMAN May not work ADMIRALBAHROO works BIKEMAN May not work SUMMIT1G May not work SP00NERISM May not work IFLYNN works TACTICALPOTATO works MOGAMU works SKILLUP works ORIGINALWICKEDFUN works MCGAMERCZ works TVSBOH works BRICKY works N00BLSHOWTEK works r/warframe works New codes: TOTALN3WB works (added in memory of Totaln3wb, who passed on the 4th of july 2018) BWANA works LILLEXI works BROZIME works INEXPENSIVEGAMER works LYNXARIA May not work STRIPPIN works Other codes: FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N - (vectis sniper rifle with free slot and a catalyst pre-installed) Expired FREESWORD - (Heat sword with free slot and a catalyst pre-installed) works OLDFRIEND - (3 days affinity booster along with an old orokin tea set) works Special thanks to rfreug and to Indemon and everyone in this thread for letting me know about these codes, you guys are awesome!
  14. For those that don`t know what room 101 is, it`s a room where you can place someone, something or a concept in that room to be removed from existence. Now making it warframe related (somewhat) I ask… What warframe would you put in room 101 and why? What warframe ability would you put in room and why 101 What would you like to bring back to warframe from room 101 and why? What in real life would you put in room 101 and why? Just for an example I start; Warframe – Revenant · His ugly. (somewhat) · DE tried to mix two concepts which is stupid imo. · 1st ability don`t suit his theme. (needs a new ability) · 2nd & 3rd ability do the same thing, give his survivability. · I would rather use his 2 then his 3. · Wukong does his 3 better. · Massive energy drain on his 4th ability. Warframe ability – Nyx`s 4th ability · Massive energy drain for little results. · Can`t move. · Awful damage. · Can`t do anything while inside. · It`s augment is a brandade mod. · Only good for survivability but other frames do that with less problems. Bring back - Old bladestorm · Quick cast. · Doesn’t need line of sight. · Aoe. · Apparitions act like the terminator. · Fun experience. Real life – Tattoos · Expensive. · Permanent. · People go overboard with it. · An excuse for people to say that they want to be different when really, they are like everyone else. · Women with big tattoos is a turn off for me. (tramp stamp) · Too much of a norm in western society. · Some make you look like you have terrible skin. · People don`t think long term when getting one.
  15. Just noticed the redeemer and perhaps the sarpa cannot charge gauss' battery like all other melees do. Since the redeemer uses a stance and you can't really move around while shooting like primary and secondary weapons can, I don't see why the redeemer shouldn't use that mechanic for melees as well.
  16. Hello everyone, Tunisia finally got a new independent president, who will fight corruption, insure security and open the doors to the new generations. So I was thinking (as a half Tunisian), maybe it's an opportunity for a big game like Warframe to open their doors in an Arab and African country like Tunisia.I mean, this is the opportunity to help a whole country change, make good business deals and recruit talented people who will work with passion. Tunisians suffered for a long time... Like people in Cetus do. And they are finally ready to blossom. Would Digital Extremes give a chance to Tunisians? Would bring a change to the game itself to have more people from different cultures working on it?
  17. Hi, This is my Titania ''Ultimate Rework''. Since DE seem to check players feedback for some warframe rework (Vauban) I thought, Why not try and make one for Titania. I don't think this info should be necessary, since anybody should be able to give feedback no matter their MR or time played. However here's the info anyway : Xbox One, MR27 , 1726 hours players, Played since you could petrify enemy with a beam from your operator. Please note, I am sorry for my writing (English is not my first language and I have more issue writing than speaking it. Be aware... your eyes might bleed with soem words :P) Anyway... Here goes...Let's talk Titania ‘’Ultimate Rework’’ This is Titania, the pixie, the unseen. Titania is a deadly and mischievous addition to any squad, but don’t take my word for it Tenno. Thanks to let me know! I’ll not take your word for it after having played with her! Titania was, when I was not playing Warframe that much, the first warframe I was excited about. Then Octavia came out and I buried Titania. However she is still a warframe I want to like. - Dust Bloom (Passif) Titania gains +25% Bullet Jump and rolling distance. Bullet jumping also creates a trampoline that lasts 5 seconds and grants the Upsurge buff, giving the same +25% distance to Bullet Jump and Rolling maneuvers performed in the area for her allies. Successive Dust Blooms do not cause the previous instances to disappear, therefore being able to grant the whole squad a consistent buff to their travel momentum. While it is not the worst passif, I don’t think it is the greatest either. While it could remain unchanged, with the apparition of newer frame with ‘’Special’’ passif like Hildryn, Wisp and others, I think changing it could be a good opportunity to attrack players to play her. Passif might not be what define a warframe, but it didn’t stop players to created build adapted for certain passif like Wisp. I suggest to change, not modify, but to change Dust Bloom to a different passif. Thus I propose to you… Fairy Queen. Titania is supposed to be known as the Fairy Queen. While she look like a fairy, her playstyle is not. Unless you only use Razorwing. Fairy Queen would allow Titania to fly, similarly like Wisp. Unlike Wisp however, she would be consider in flying mode but would remain on a ground level. Thus, the use of Mod for damage reduction while in the air could be applied, making Titania more resistant (This point is to debate since it could make her to much resistant with only her passif). However, her fly would be affected by her animation. Using the Agile animation could give her an increase movement speed, while her Noble animation could give her an armor boost. Using a different warframe animation would not triger the passif. However, Wisp animation could apply. Thus, Wisp Agile animation could give make enemy less accurate when in a certain range (like Nyx, but using Wisp ‘’Invisibility’’, but not as strong) while her Noble animation could give her a health boost. (I think you see the point. This would make her really unique. The difference in what the animation gives as buff doesn’t to be the one specified necessarily. I just try to take some buff that could be use depending on the animation the player want) - Spellbind Enemies fumble their weapons as they tumble into the air. Nearby allies become immune to Status Effects. Spellbind is not bad, but the implementation is. For a ground control point of view, it works perfectly. But the other half of this power (Nearby allies become immune to Status Effects.) is not necessarily easy to cast since you need to target the allies to use this power on them. Let just say that powers that requires you to target other players in Warframe are not that used since your teammates are always moving! Thus, like the augment for Ember, Frost, Oberon, Saryn and Volt I think Spellbind should change from a ‘’Targeting’’ power for an ‘’Area’’ power. Sure, I don’t have any issue with targeting enemy for it to work, but it impact the second half. The power would work the same, but instead, casting the power will have a radius of effect. Since the ability radius is only 5m (Without any Mods), I don’t think it would be that overpowered. By holding the casting animation, the Allies would gain the immunity to status effects (If they are in range of the power). However, the duration, while it is good for ground control is lacking when it comes to buff your allies. I just think that 16s is not enough (Without any Mods). Let’s take the Fireball Frenzy augment (Ember’s Fireball augment) when max out, duration is 40 seconds without any Mods. With all the Mods for duration, you can have 122.4s of power duration on Ember’s Fireball augment. I don’t think it is a good Idea to go that far with Titania. Since it gives an immunity to all status effects, however I do think it should be bring up to 25s. With all the Mods for power duration it will be able to go up to 76.5s. If you can combined this power duration with the max range you could have (Not with both stat at max, but let’s say it is possible) 76.5s on 14m when with Ember augment, If you could combined this power duration with the max range you could have (Not with both stat at max, but let’s say it is possible) 122.4s on 42m. Primed Continuity (+55% Ability Duration) on 40s = 22s / on 16s = 8.8s / on 25s = 13.75s Constitution (+28% Ability Duration) on 40s = 11.2s / on 16s = 4.48s / on 25s = 7s Narrow Minded (+99% Ability Duration) on 40s = 39.6s / on 16s = 15.84s / on 25s = 24.75s Augur Message (+24% Ability Duration) on 40s = 9.6s / on 16s = 3.84s / on 25s = 6s Overextended (+90% Ability Range) on 15m = 13.5m / on 5m = 4.5m Stretch (+45% Ability Range) on 15m = 6.75m / on 5m = 2.25m Augur Reach (+30% Ability Range) on 15m = 4.5m / on 5m = 1.5m Cunning Drift (+15% Ability Range) on 15m = 2.25m / on 5m = 0.75m - Tribute Extract an offering from an enemy in the form of a random Ability Buff. Survivor's attacks are weakened. First off, the buff/debuff is not affected by any Mods. There’s 4 random aura (Second issue) that you can get (Dust, Thorns, Entangle, Full Moon) Dust: The Dust aura reduces the accuracy of enemies around Titania by 50%. Thorns: The Thorns aura will reflect 50% of the damage taken back to the attacker. Any allies within range will also benefit from the damage reflection. Entangle: The Entangle aura slows down enemy movement around Titania by 25%. Full Moon: The Full Moon aura increases the damage all companions, sentinels, MOA (Companion), and Titania's Razorflies deal by 75%. Any teammates within range will also benefit from Full Moon's effects, increasing their respective companions' damage. The Second issue I have with those buff is that they are random! You could cast 10 times this power and never get the buff/debuff you want. The first change with this ability is, I think you should be able to select which buff/debuff you want to cast (Like Ivara’s Arrow, Vauban’s mine and Wisp’s plant). Thirdly, to be able to receive the buff/debuff, you need to go and collect the aura on the enemy you cast your power on. This auras could instead create a buff/debuff area where you can go with your teammates to collect it. You could refresh the buff/debuff upon re-entering the area, like Wisp’s plant. However, unlike Wisp’s plant, area is on a timer. - Lantern Create a swarm of razorflies that transform an enemy into an irresistible floating beacon, attracting witless comrades before exploding on command. While this power could be salvage since I think it is one of her best ability (Her fourth being the best). This power could be change for a better ground control ability. Thus I present to you… Swarm Cloud. Swarm Cloud, would work almost the same. However, Titania would shoot Sworm of Razorflies on a given location instead of selecting a target. (Power could be recast multiple time on different area with maybe a max of 4 Cloud) Enemy that enter the cloud would be affected by the same type of damage, strength of damage (Strenght of the explosion, but without explosion) Cloud could have a health bar, similarly to Wukong ‘’Clone’’. (See Razorwing section for more info about this cloud) - Razorwing Shrink down and take flight, while razorflies attack nearby enemies. This ability is probably the only ability players are using. While I am one of those who use it, I think it should have some changes. Fisrt of, Titania will still shrink and fly everywhere she want. Second, her Exalted Weapons (Dex Pixia and Diwata) should be removed. I do like Dex Pixia and I dislike Diwata. Not because one is good and the other is not. I would remove them firstly because I don’t think it fit Titania. She is a fairy after all. Hell... a magic wand would a fit her best I think (Joke). Secondly, Diwata is hard to use in missions (Except Plaines of Edolon and Fortuna) without bashing our head everywhere. Thus I would change her Exalted Weapons for another one that would fit her better. Thus I present you… (Pixies) Pixies would be her New Exalted Weapons, or companions would be a better way to put it like Venari. Higher in my Titania’s Rework, I was modifying some abilities to make more uses of her ‘’butterflies’’. Building those Pixie on healt / Armor / Status / Critical chance, etc… would benefit her third power Swarm Cloud. The healt / Armor / Status / Critical chance, etc that Swarm Cloud would have would depend on the build put on Pixies. Furthermore, while Titania would be in Razorwing mode, she would sent (By selecting target) her Swarm of Pixies. (She would not have access to any other weapons while in Razorwings.) I want to point out that my point of view on Titania is that she is a fairy. I see her flying everywhere and support other players. Thus I think it would be good to remove the energy drain on her fourth. Instead, for each swarm Titania would send, she would use her energy. Yes, people would fly all the time. Would that be overpowered? Then we just need to not make her shrink down. That way, enemy could still target her while she will dominate the battlefield from the air.
  18. It would be awesome if Excalibur could wield TWO exalted blades at the same time with its own unique stance. Anyone else agree?
  19. Legit people that are the host and leave during arbitration some not be able to do join or play. I just lost all my endo and mods because of somebody that is so butt hurt over 1 death decisions to leave over a thing that cause have been prevented. Make dedicated servers my god I bet the community feels the same way I feel right now about it and it's really sad.
  20. They could’ve make the whole ability one. And it would look like the antenna thing like the corpus picks in Fortuna. and it’ll still have the damage buff maybe only up to (30 %, nothing game breaking) but it have proximity maybe like 15-20 meters , which will also help the passive out too , nothing too crazy, in that area it tethers enemies that get in, up to like 20 enemies. and after the duration is over, all damage that was applied in that area is split between every enemy . And also it has 4 insta death prevention , it doesn’t heal , but it revs someone instantly, would make him a top pick for arbitration. And if it runs out of the 4 revives before the time is up . It just goes off as it would with Duration. This would synergies so well with his kit . The range is just enough to hit enemies with the orbital strike . And if there’s 20 tethered then the orbital strike would scale pretty well. To balance it out if it seems too OP . Make the antenna have plenty of Agro , and maybe something like 10,000 health ... it’ll be like a mini objective for the team . That’s rewarding if they keep it active .
  21. Vauban: · All abilities will land where you are aiming at instead of an arch throw. 1st ability: · Make them have 100% stun proc on a normal cast. · Reduce the shock time to 1sec. · Make one tesla shock two enemies instead of one. · If you throw it near a trap, it will override it which means you or your allies will no longer be affect by the trap but will instead affect enemies. This includes laser/magnetic doors · Make the radius of stuns affecting enemies to 12m. · Make it able to shock enemies while on the move. · Make the drones look like Vauban`s grenades. 2nd ability: Sticky Ripline: · On cast, there is no duration until enemies are affected by it and when trapped, the duration is 20 seconds. · Make this seek out enemies until one enemy is trapped. · Make the duration affected by duration mods. · The radius of enemies triggering the trap is 12m. · Each time enemies runs near the trap they will be pulled in up to a max of 7 enemies can be caught. · Make the number of enemies caught be affected by strength mods. · Enemies killed while caught will give Vauban 5 energy. The amount of energy received can be increased by efficiency mods. Despite this I think this should be replaced with a different ability, this is just a weaker version of vortex. Here is what I would replace it with; Gas Grenade: · It will seek out enemies until impact. · On impact, it will explode leaving a gas cloud dealing gas damage and stunning them for 5 seconds. · This has a 12m range and can be increased by range mods. · Its base duration of the gas cloud is 20 seconds and can be increased by duration mods. Nail Grenade: · I don`t think this ability should do damage. This ability should either de-buff enemies like enemies affected are vulnerable to damage OR enemies hit will have their weapons explode dealing damage and making them use their melee weapon. (which I prefer) If Vauban can disarm enemies, this make his other abilities more effective. · Eximus hit will have their de-buff disabled for 20 seconds. · Make duration of ability affected by duration mods 10 seconds at base. · There is no limit to how far it can reach. · Make it bypass all obstacles or make it bounce od surfaces. · This has to hit enemies, if it`s based on rng then this ability won`t be as effective. Boost Pad: · Vauban and allies that run across it should get a speed buff for 10 seconds for whatever you do while running on it. (running, reloading, shooting bullet jumping) · When enemies run across it, the will ragdoll in the direction the arrow is facing. · Enemies affected will receive 50% reduction to movement speed. · Make the duration of enemies’ movement speed reduction affected by duration mods 20 seconds at base. · This works for k-drives. · Boost pad will have no duration and won`t disappear until over 5 have been cast. · When Vauban or ally runs across it, it will not work again for 2 seconds. Damage Amp: · Make damage affected by power strength mods. · Make duration affected by duration mods. · This also works on companions and npc if you throw it at them. 3rd ability: · Keep the animation but increase the cast time speed. (reminds me of his prime trailer) · When cast it needs to fire instantly. · If enemies are still alive, they receive a fire proc. (or a cold proc) · This ability needs to do a significant amount of damage for it to be useful. · Holding the ability will leave it behind as a trap, holding the ability again will activate it. · You can till case more of them if you have one as a trap. · It`s base range it 10m and can be increased by range mods. · Make it be able to be cast in the air and on the move. 4th ability: · Keep the animation but increase the cast time speed. · Make this ability deal blast damage. · When ability runs out or deactivated, it will set off a blast proc ragdolling them. · Vauban and allies that are inside should receive 50% damage reduction. (this is better than having increased armour since armour doesn’t do much) · The damage reduction Vauban and allies receive can be increased by strength mods. · Make it deal blast procs instead of magnetic procs. · Make vortex`s range the same as bastille`s range. · Make it be able to be cast in the air and on the move. · Instead of it striping armour make it strip enemies’ defences. (this makes it useful for all fraction) - Grineer will have no armour - Corpus will have no shields - Infested will be dealt double damage - Sentients can no longer adapt Synergies: 1st & 4th · If you throw your 1st ability in the 4th ability it will shock every enemy sucked in doing more damage. 2nd (bounce pad) & 4th ability · If you throw bounce pad into the 4th ability in vortex form, it will move it to the direction the arrow is facing. Ember: Fire Procs: Fire proc on enemies will increase damage overtime is an idea that I have been pushing to get so I`m glad this is being implemented in the game plus it will buff Nezha`s abilities Gauss` 3rd ability and Choma`s abilities. (his 1st ability is going to be even better) Passive: · I don`t think this is a good passive due to the range of it. Instead the overheating gauge from the 2nd ability should be the passive plus it affects all of her other abilities performance that’s why it makes more sense for this to be Ember`s passive. 1st ability: · The blast radius of a normal cast is 10m · Holding the ability will increase damage and the blast radius to 15m and enemies will be ragdolled. · Headshots will do more damage. · The duration of the lingering flames can be increased by duration mods 2nd ability: · Make ember visually be on fire. · Instead of all energy depleted make it increase drain energy drain or just take it out completely. · When deactivating after the meter is full, Ember will explode dealing damage to enemies around her in a 15m radius. · Make there be an indicator showing how much damage reduction she has. 3rd ability: · Make enemies be stunned instead of being ragdolled. · Instead of it striping armour make it strip enemies’ defences. (this makes it useful for all fraction) - Grineer will have no armour - Corpus will have no shields - Infested will be dealt double damage - Sentients can no longer adapt 4th ability: · Enemies affected should run around in a panic catching other enemies on fire. · The duration of enemies panicking and on fire should be 20 seconds and can be increased by duration mods. · The radius should be 15m and can be increased by duration mods. · The radius around an enemy on fire should be 10m.
  22. Why? That would look cool. But ideal that if still add (opened) Umbra hooded scarf.
  23. they return the wall run and some changes in the game now it can be indefinitely hooked on the wall each warframe has its own hooking style (nidus generates an infested contact area where it is held, hildryn uses the thrusters to maintain it and wisp floats maintaining a slight contact with it) the indefinite form applies to the use of a secondary and mele in primary schools remains temporary in some weapons. with this update the mobility of the enemies has changed (the grineer, corpus and infected no longer jump from one side to the other) now the grineer use the elevators another use the jetpack or the hook, the corpus use some energy portal or use the hawks and the infested climb like spiders. With this update the passive loki is useless so it has been replaced by a better now for each stealthy shot loki will take the form of the enemy with 25 percent extra damage for 30 seconds among other changes if you like it and like it in case you want a second part
  24. Universal medallions is only worth 1,000 because I did the math and Its a 5% drop chance from disruption. In total medallions you need is 2,097 of those include emeny syndicates,open world syndicates,event syndicates,and cephalon simaris. Please increase the drop chance of this item and I think the player base would agree on this to.
  25. And epic cut scene Not my wallpaper, taken from the internet. Source link.
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