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  1. Last year, we ran the Dojo Remaster Contest to select Warframe’s first ever Featured Dojos! We were amazed by the submissions and delighted that the winning Clan Dojos could be showcased on the Star Chart for all Tenno to visit. The Dojo Remaster Contest demonstrated that there are so many talented Clans who deserve a chance to share their hard work! Show us your unique Clan Dojo and the exclusive Trophy and featured spot on the Star Chart could be yours! There will be three winners per Clan tier per platform (15 first place winners in total). PC: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon PS4: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon XB1: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon How to enter: Decorate your Clan Dojo by yourself or with members of your Clan. Take us on a tour by sharing image(s) and/or a 3 minute video of your Dojo here! Feel free to dive into interior design detail and tell us what went into creating your rooms of art! You must include the following information with your submission: Clan name Clan tier Clan platform Your Clan role (must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions) Feature image of a section of your Dojo that you want to highlight (in addition to any other images or video you choose to include) Please keep in mind that the winning Dojos will be accessible from the Star Chart. That means that, if you win, all players will be able to access your Clan Dojo at any time! Prizes: 1st place – Exclusive Gold contest trophy for your dojo + 5000 Platinum added to your Clan Vault + Your Dojo featured on the Star Chart! 2nd place – Exclusive Silver contest trophy for your dojo + 4000 Platinum added to your Clan Vault + Your Dojo featured on the Star Chart! 3rd place – Exclusive Bronze contest trophy for your dojo + 3000 Platinum added to your Clan Vault + Your Dojo featured on the Star Chart! Need an example? Rules: One submission per Clan Must list your Clan’s name, tier, and platform with your entry Must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions for the Clan whose Dojo you submit Video tours must not exceed 3 minutes Dojo theme and presentation must be appropriate for the community forums Do not reserve spots in this thread Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified Dojo Remaster contest winners are not eligible for the first run of the Featured Dojo contest. They are welcome to enter again in a future round! Best Practices for Winners: Nothing vulgar or offensive can be added to your Clan Dojo while it is featured on the Star Chart You cannot change your Clan tier while your Clan Dojo is featured on the Star Chart Winning Clans who do not follow these guidelines will have their Dojos removed from the Star Chart Selecting Winners: After the contest closes, a group of Warframe Community Team members will take one week to review all submissions. Once the top submissions have been chosen, Community Team members will closely review and compare those submissions a second time to select the winners. We will look for creativity and quality. Large structures are impressive, but keep in mind that small details set winning submissions apart from top submissions. Focus on creating an immersive atmosphere with details we can’t ignore. Make your Dojo a testament to your unique Clan! Winners will be announced on January 31 during our Prime Time live stream at FAQ: This contest starts now until January 24 @ 1:00PM ET! All players from PC, XB1, and PS4 can participate! The Nintendo Switch will be included in the next round!
  2. So, what did ever happen to Warframe ability combos? I only remember the Mag/Excalibur and Volt/Ember combos, however, I feel as though all Warframes should have at least a few others that they should combo with. I know right off the bat people are gonna say "well DE's resources and they have other things they could work on", to which I respond that the concepts I have shouldn't be that hard to implement and this is only my ideas to which I would appreciate seeing if the opportunity ever arises (since y'know PriME TrAilErs ArEN't GeTtinG In The WaY). Warframe ability combos give more of an incentive to cooperate with your teammates for some awesome battle moments. They should definitely be noticeably stronger than the two abilities on their own, because otherwise, what would be the point? However, they shouldn't be massively overpowered. To combat that, I'd suggest a cooldown of maybe... 30 seconds between combos, or perhaps a combo opportunity mod that goes in the Exilus. A fair trade off of a mod slot for the opportunity to use ability combos. As to what these combos would be... let's get into that... ____________________________________________ Ash Combos - Atlas Combos - Banshee Combos - Baruuk Combos - Chroma Combos - Of course this isn't going to be a full list, but I think the idea of the ability to have more powerful team synergy would be a very nice and welcome addition to the game. If what's already proven to be possible is expanded upon, it'd be pretty cool. What do you think?
  3. (XB1)Panda Lendario

    Consoles update fortuna 2.0 next week?

    Consoles update fortuna 2.0 next week?
  4. (XB1)FineSquirrel27

    PAINS of Harrow

    Chains of Harrow can be considered one of the hardest quests in the game. It starts off easy, but as soon as you have to capture Rell's manifestations, it gets significantly harder. Chains of harrow is also referred to by some players as pains of harrow because of its difficulty. As if capturing Rell's manifestations once wasn't hard, you have to do it THREE TIMES. While capturing the manifestations, you are chased by infested, fanatics, and rell himself. I have four suggestions. Either remove the quest as a requirement for the apostasy prologue, remove the fanatics and infested (keep Rell to balance the horror and difficulty), make the quest co-op (this would be so much better), or postpone all enemy spawns (except Rell) until extraction is availible. This quest is a great idea, and everybody wants to learn the lore, but nobody wants harrow when we could just be getting better frames. The best option, in my opinion, is to make the quest co-op. One person could fend off the infestation and red veil fanatics while the other weakens the manifestation. To keep difficulty up, the group size could be reduced to two players so that others will not get carried. I've heard from experienced players that this is the hardest quest, and experiencing it myself, I agree with them.
  5. I found my ingame cave counter broken, it stucks at 29 of 30, although I am sure for 100% I found every cave in the Orb Vallis. All the caves are marked on my map, all of 30, but counter stucks at 29.
  6. Please DE Fix the missions waypoints system (mission obejctives), the update time is really slow and it makes me get lost in the map and lose a lot of kills (volt speed junkie here). Maybe put dynamics arrows to show you the way like Firefall had?
  7. Hola, seguro que por este nombre no me conocen, pero a lo mejor Deuce les suena un poco más, en fin, tengo pensado hacer un vídeo compilando lo que a nosotros, la comunidad de habla hispana, no nos gusta del juego. Por ello me he dado a la tarea de publicar en diferentes lugares un llamado a todos y todas, lo que quisiera saber es: ¿Qué es aquello de Warframe que no les gusta? ¿Por qué no les gusta? Más que nada quisiera que fuera una aproximación seria al tema, la idea de esta publicación es brindar un espacio donde ustedes puedan argumentar y expandir sus inquietudes, las cuales luego condensaré para después compartirlas y debatir al respecto. Por supuesto que todo debe hacerse partiendo desde la base del respeto y el entendimiento mutuos. Dicho esto, quisiera agradecerles de antemano, se cuidan todos y nos vemos 😄
  8. (XB1)MrOcarina319


    I've just been wondering how many inaros mains are there on xbox
  9. (PS4)Vexx757

    Ash: Ability Upgrades

    The changes that I came up with Ash makes him useful in a team, more of an efficient killer and makes him fit the theme of a ninja better. Ash: 1st Ability: If you hold the ability, you have the option to make two things happen; · Either the elemental mods you have on your melee weapon will be inflicted onto enemies but only base elementals. If you have two elementals equipped, it will proc either one. Same thing applies If you have all four elemental mods equipped. · Or by having no elemental mods equipped it`s damage will double however if you have only one elemental mod equipped, the damage will split e.g. toxin & slash. · If you aim it at an enemy, both shurikens will seek out that enemy. This gives Ash more options and a creative way to kill enemies. Even through most people would rather have the double slash damage, it`s a choice whether you want mods with elemental mods or not. 2nd ability · Increase the stun duration to 4 sec. · Enemies that enter the smoke will have a 6 sec stun duration and be more susceptible to damage by 30%. · The smoke will linger for 10 seconds. · The effectiveness can be increased by strength and duration mods. Synergy: · Using 1st, 3rd and 4th abilities on the smoke victim will increase the damage the enemy will receive. · If you use any ability while you`re invisible, enemy bodies will disappear. There are three new ways you can use this ability; · You can mod for duration and range to make this a better cc ability. · You can use it next to a dangerously high-levelled enemy to stun it and kill it with ease. · You can use it to block enemies in doorways. Since the smoke affect duration is 6 seconds and the smoke lasts 10 seconds, enemies will be stuck for a total of 12 seconds. · Ash is more effective in stealth gameplay. · Ash now can be use in a farming team with a nekros. 3rd ability: · Make ash able to teleport through windows. · Make ash able to teleport to enemies in the air. With these small tweaks Ash will be beneficial in spy missions and has an easier time killing airborne enemies. My re-visit to Ash makes him strategic in missions, more effective in stealth related missions, gives him synergy and makes him more of an efficient in the art of assassination.
  10. ------------------------------------------>> <<-------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------->> <<------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recopilacion de algunos glyph partner actuales 23.1.1! Algunos partner usan streamlabs o streamelements donde podras canjear tus puntos por el glifo, otros usan un Generador de puntos y Redemcion en la misma pantalla del directo y otros puedes reclamar tu glifo con un comando en el stream. !Sé amable con su búsqueda y respeten todas las reglas en cada canal de cada streamer, se lo agradeceran. pueden suceder cambios, incluso algún error, si encuentran algo mal, diferente o simplemente no existe, podéis comentarlo para editar el post! Los siguientes Codigos Promocionales solo pueden activarse una vez! Este Post sera actualizado cada vez que incluyan un nuevo Codigo Promocional Puedes activar los codigos desde la Tienda en el juego o desde la pagina de Warframe ------------------------------------------------------------------------->> <<------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Codigos Especiales <<---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREESWORD ------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Codigos de Eventos y Updates <<------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WANDERBOTSLABOROFLOVESOLARISUNITEDWARFRAMETENNOSKOOMOLDFRIENDSPACENINJATWOGRAKATAGUARDIANCON2018r/warframe FALSEPROFIT ------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Partners Codigos Globales <<------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LEGEND! PSIV BIKEMAN PROFESSORBROMAN SUMMIT1G LYNXARIA ADMIRALBAHROO SP00NERISM IFLYNN SHUL TACTICALPOTATO TVSBOH MIKETHEBARD MOGAMU MCIK SKILLUP TOTALN3WB ORIGINALWICKEDFUN MCGAMERCZ HOMIINVOCADO BWANA BRICKY BROZIME N00BLSHOWTEK INEXPENSIVEGAMER KINGGOTHALION LILLEXI STRIPPIN BURNBXX TEAWREX UNREALYUKI DJTECHLIVE COHHCARNAGE LEYZARGAMINGVIEWS DIMITRIV2 DKDIAMANTES DEEJAYKNIGHT FROZENBALLZ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ KIWad: griddark: RandomSurge: SlapstickLogic: agayguyplays: NoSympathyy: Relli5000: Ivorysmoon: BackyardisTV: esp4him: DanieltheDemon: Tygastripe: DappaDanMan: J3ubbleboy: RLCGaming: Ceratia: FatefulYT: Rippz0r: AlexandraLive: Adelfos_Selene: Alyekk: Azrael112: GogumaGaming: Janine: DarkSlayer313: Makarimorph: PrettyPoison105: Zakguo : JayNeverwhere: AeonKnight86: UncleCatTH: Le_double: Bennyfits: GorillaWolfGaming: Volkeris5k: Annoying Killah: JoeyZero: Xenogelion: vnorberto : HM_Fuji: A_H_R: Warframe Madness [vamp6x6x6x]: ToYou: FromThe70s: Zanagoth: Porongo: ShadowFoxx086: Canal Tenno: MrWarframeGuy: AlThaniTheNoble: Mozetas: Gooperatives: H3dsh0t: Kaoiji: Qynchou: Hidroxate: ArgonSix: Senastra23 [QueenSena]: Sherpa Rage: neavo_0: ChrisIsHD: (CruxedKat) Smashley: LovinDaTacos: BabychanTH: WoxLi: NeoNess007: Ashi: SpaceBeastX: Lordschaby21: Lunskee: BlackOni: GiR8Tacos: Tanchan: JunoWaifu: Lok_KingMacho: k0yi: XandyPants: Whiskey_Cat: Goku_707: (MatterMind) MrMorgenstern: MemeSage: SteelWar1337: Tenno Clock News (TCN): Wobbzie: BBSChainWarden: Bast50: superxinvader: CrazyBikerDude: xOGx SKEEZY (SkeeZ): AdikDarkCero: CaptainTuTu: Toasted_TV: Rundas342: eduy16: NRDabear: King Kacchi: wgrates: QuietteShy: LifeOf Rio: XiaRose: InglriousB (TheNextLevel)[Michel Postma]: ClanRawSteel: Flare_Eyes: El Tio Prod: InfraRedMike: TioMario: LittleNavi: EMOVJ: Rahetalius: Slycker: DogMan Dan [NightOwlsGaming]: AngryIceberg: DADxGOTxGAME: Buff00n: distantObserver: Endotti: fattshane: Francois878: Gamingbtches: GlamShatterskull: GlitchyGirl: Old07: OldDirtyDaz: PokketNinja: Rageypoo: SabaiGuy: serafim_pt: Shanksy1387: Slivarito: SpiritualJedi: Triburos: x3lplive: Zotbot: AccessibleGamer: Omni_Voice: Capt_Walker: VoidFissureBR: Grind Hard Squad: Crusader: RavenN: Sealsdie: DobraTV: Reaper_Hunter: DeepBlueBeard: RedX: GrimlockePrime: Infodiversao: JustPlayBP: lluull: Roy Gaming: SerganIkari: Smoodie: VVhite_Angel: TheDorTip: Yantzi: MC Monkeys: Aywi: CASTiELiX_URBEX: Dayjobo [代 啾 Ra Rakshasa]: NekroKrim: OriginalGamersLive: Tenno Defton: Tyler [TyFighter]: VoltTheHero: Vernoc: TavierCorsair: Zopney: Mk3Gaming: Deuce the Gamer: AnJetCat: iwoply: Seleste: Stormcrown: Sapmatic: BadNewsBaron: ajingom: GARA: StallordD: Sabuuchi: 13angTV: [alex][sNeewer4]: AuroraStarr: NyXx_tv: SilverShadow: Vladislava_Lynx: ReclaimJoey: Silentmashiko: s0lstep: "Glifos disponibles en proximos Updates" Kr1pton Player: Reyganso: TorkieTV: Char: Mooha: SIN INFORMACION / Tioramon: SIN INFORMACION / EligibleMonster: SIN INFORMACION / KingWolby: SIN INFORMACION / PixelReboot: SIN INFORMACION / Robertgk2017: SIN INFORMACION / Strcommander: SIN INFORMACION / ThatReallyGrossGuy: SIN INFORMACION / TheLadyEGO: SIN INFORMACION / PostiTV: SIN INFORMACION / --- ---
  11. Become the fastest gun in the system with Mesa Prime. This legendary gunslinger comes with the Akjagara Prime dual pistols, the long-awaited Redeemer Prime gunblade and more! Mesa Prime Access Features Mesa Prime: Cast a long shadow with this lethal enforcer. Mesa Prime Glyphs: Embody Mesa Prime with these Prime Glyphs. Akjagara Prime: Precision machined mirrored pistols. Primed and ready. Redeemer Prime: Deal out double-barreled death with this primed gunblade. Mesa Prime Accessories Anten Prime Operator Earpiece Respa Prime Operator Mask Erlang Prime Operator Oculus Mesa Prime Montesa Helmet Don one, two, or all three fashionable Operator Prime Accessories and give your Operator a golden visage! Also included in the Mesa Prime Accessories are: Cholla Prime Sugatra 90 Day Credit Booster 90 Day Affinity Booster Mesa Prime, Akjagara Prime and Redeemer Prime Blueprints can also be earned in-game through Relics! Do you feel lucky, Tenno? Mesa Prime Access is live now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and will arrive in early 2019 on Switch.
  12. VenomousValentine


    Can we as players encourage DE to care more about conclave? Think about it. Would you care as much about content drought if you could just play a legitimate pvp system with actual ranking, Incentive, and updating rewards? If they just put 10% of their effort into conclave each update it would be great. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but it would draw in more new players, give vets something to do instead of complain, and just add a whole new element to the game. Can we please as a community who wants to see the game stop stagnating encourage this. Please like this thread if you agree.
  13. (XB1)RECLAIMERR117

    Glaive Prime Nerfed

    Since the Chimera Update on console the Glaive Prime has been nerfed. The time it takes to achieve a fully charged throw has been increased. I've heard some speculation it may not be taking primed fury in to account like it should. There was no mention of this nerf in the patch notes.
  14. Broken Scepter drain enemy prompt does not appear at all with any corpse on the ground in Orb Vallis. I checked Plains of Eidolon as well thinking this was intentional and found out that you can drain enemies but it was inconsistent. Enemies that were air dropped tend to not have the drain enemy prompt. Most enemies that dropped from ships their corpses were to give an drain enemy prompt but was inconsistent. Enemies at the grineer bases tend to not give the drain enemy prompt at all. Enemies patrolling the Plains of Eidolon tend to have the drain enemy prompt and running incursions those enemies tend to have the drain enemy prompt but is inconsistent.
  15. (XB1)Shadows4End

    MR20 Bug

    Passed practice first try,went to do test,game says i have to wait 24 hrs ?. For what i passed and i cant progress ?. Plain ridiculous, this should be a pass, instead of penalty. Are you fixing ?, or ignoring the affected, still
  16. (XB1)Ag0bLN50

    A New Warframe idea

    Please note that everything that I have written down in this is still a work in progress and is subject to change Down the road. With that being said, enjoy what I have written down and please let me know know on what you think of it and have a discussion about it down below. Please enjoy. (Note: a complete overhaul for the main article will happen when the ideas for the Warframe are finalized. Until then, please be patient.) I have a new Warframe idea and I hope that it gets looked at by DE. His name is Orian, The Machine Frame. He is a interesting one, since he is something that was made in my spare time. I wanted him to be something like Ballis's last made Warframe. he became a experimental combat unit. Kind of like a A.I. unit originally made and designed for combat during the mid years of the Orokin Empire's great war. But it couldn't be finished in time nearing the end of the great war. Warframes are usually piloted and used by a Tenno for combat and other uses. The idea was for the Warframe to be controlled by the Orokin/Dax Elite during the great war. Kind like a programmable machine so the Orokin will be able to control it without a Tenno. Orian was a new Warframe that used a new experimental liquid metal recently discovered that mimics its users will to meet the users standards and commands. Sadly it was never mass produced because it was finished after the war. A warmachine that never tasted war and blood, nearly forgotten by time. Now it's up to you now Tenno to rediscover a nearly lost Warframe forgotten from the great war of old. I already have the Warframes' moves thought about. They may change in the future, but please let me know on what you think would be a good idea for this Warframe. Please note that the names of the moves and stats for each ability is still a work in progress but please let me know if you have any ideas for Orian. His first ability (Orb Guardian WIP): a Sphere of liquid metal hovers above Orian like a sentinel and links to you, giving you damage reduction of up to 95% when given strength mods. As Orian or the Sphere takes damage, it expands after reaching a damage cap and explodes into a radius covering the enemies in hot liquid metal. The liquid metal slows down the enemies and burns them while healing you for 3% of maximum health per enemy covered in this liquid metal. Strength increases health recovery, range increases orb burst radius, and duration increases the time that the enemies are covered in hot liquid metal and the timer for the damage reduction buff. (Stats are still a work in progress. Please be patient until then.) The second ability (liquid grab WIP): Orian pulls enemies to him like nidus's larva and cause puncture and electricity procs over a duration. When Orian takes damage when doing this move, he absorbs the damage to power up this moves strength even further. After the end of the move animation, Orian gets a gun damage buff. duration X for every enemy caught into the move for the buffs time. Damage and gun damage buff is increased with strength mods. Range increases grab range for the move. And Duration for the longer but stronger buffs and procs.(Still a work in progress but I think it's a good idea.) Can be casted while on the move and pick up enemies while moving around or stationary. The third ability (The Phoenix Engine): would be where Orian would deploy 2 small pods down that gives you and nearby allies Shields and Energy in a short range pulse that works off of your power Strength, duration, and range. Stats are still a work in progress. Can still be destroyed, but sends out a strong pulse when destroyed. The pods can be recasted. The Final ability (The Unstoppable Force): is quite something, Orian would morph the liquid metal around his body to make himself the equivalent of a big mech suit. His weapons in that form would be a powerful Minigun and the Alt. Fire would be miniature homing rocket. While in that form, his melee would be a exalted hammer that when it slams the ground, it suspends the enemies in the air for a few seconds. (Stats are still a work in progress.) Special Signature Weapon (note: not sure if this should be a separate weapon or a part of him like Garuda) it's a unique weapon that does impact and puncture with very high radiation damage. It has a 32% critical chance with a 3.0x critical damage. And a 32% status chance. It would fire a energy shot or slug that explodes in a 6 meter range on enemies and surfaces. And it would have a Alt. Mode that turns it into a powerful semi auto sniper beam hybrid. It would also be able to charge up on both modes, the first mode would fire a 12 meter blast of elemental energy. And the sniper Alt mode would fire a concentrated beam of pure energy for a few seconds with a 5 meter punch through. The sniper mode would have the same stats of critical and status except the critical damage would be 4.2x or it could change down the road. (Side notes: I like Limbos dash functions, so maybe add a jump pack built into his body for quicker movement for Orian and make him go farther based on his movement speed. His Final ability form would also have a thruster pack to move a little faster so it could sprint. His abilities are still a after thought after talking to some friends about Orians' abilities.) Passive ability: do more damage with primary weapons and increased damage to enemies that are encased in his liquid metal. Orian dashes instead of rolls with a jet pack to go faster. Just wanted to share this with you, the Developers, and everyone of the Warframe Community. I hope you have a great time time and stay safe Everyone. Edit: I may need help with coming up with more ideas and stats for Orian's stuff. I was thinking for his stats that it would be, Health: 175 Shields: 125 Armor: 500 base Energy: 100 Power Strength: 100% Power Duration: 100% Power Efficiency: 100% Power Range: 100%
  17. Issue One: When running up into a open door in fortuna the player would be force push under the map. ( sorry about this just wanted to see if I can transfer twitch motes onto here XD) Issue Two: The Cave achievement bug even though I and some of my friends have found all the caves it would still say you found 26/30 or 29/30 caves. Issue Three: When the host in a fortuna game leaves it would make people who are hunting unable to interacted with the poop or animal. Issue Four: When throwing the disk from the Zenistar it would sometimes not return to the weapon or put me into a melee only mode even though I have my primary and secondary equipped. Issue Five: This is my issue with the A, B, and C when I press my LB it doesn't want to go to the left to change class I would either have to use the cursor or press RB and yes I checked my controller and other controllers but that isn't the problem and its not damaged either.
  18. It’s been 2 rotations, I’m giving up, I wanted the dang bath mat!
  19. I think there should be a new weapon added cause of male 3.0, and I have a great idea for one. The Halberd/ rifle. its a polearm with a very long spear/spike and a battle-axe combined with a rifle and I think it would fit in very nicely with Warframe. who Elise agrees? the battle axe part would add a little bit of slash. the spear/spike head would add puncture. it would be heavy but lighter then a normal battle axe. (maybe) add 2or 3 new stances for it, one with powerful swings for the axe head to make it a bit more fantasy, one for thrust for the spear and one that combined both axe attacks with spear attacks + something fancy cause we are space ninjas. it would have low to mid impact. it would be a high status weapon. It would have a alt mode to turns it into a rifle. (feel free to help me make this idea come to life. don't be hatful please just give ideas.) [BASE STATS] BLADE MODE ATTACK SPEED 0.780 CRITCAL CHANCE 15.0% CRITICAL MULTIPLIER 1.3X DAMAGE BLOCK 75.0% LEAP ATTACK 100.0 SPIN ATTACK 210.0 STATUS 35% WALL ATTACK 160.0 SLASH 40.0 IMPACT 20.0 PUNCTURE 100.0 RIFLE MODE ACCURACY 21.0 FIRE RATE 2.56 CRITCAL CHANCE 35.0% CRITCAL MULTIPLIER 3 .3X STATUS 15% NOISE ALARMING MAGAZINE 8 TRIGGER SEMI PUNCH THROUGH 2.0 SLASH 30.0 IMPACT 21.0 PUNCTURE 150.0 I would base the design on the corpus, I think it would look cool as an plasma axe/spear it would be as big and long as the GUANDAO
  20. I just don't know if armor can do some difference in my energy drain from quick thinking when I am fighting monsters at level 150+ ~ 200+. I usually take Saryn, Volt, Frost, Nekros, Umbra and Limbo. I know sometimes the monsters are in a so high level that quick thinking dons't even matter anymore, but I am wondering until wich level it can take me without taking a hitkill. If higher armor will make some difference at this point. I would appreciate an opinion whose have already experienced that.
  21. (PS4)Vexx757

    My version of titania improvements

    Titania: · Decrease all ability cast speed time. 1st ability: · Instead of them rag dolling, make them just hover in the air. · Killing enemies will drop a health orb. When picked up. It will send out health regeneration giving her and allies 10 health a second for 5 seconds. Synergy: if you use the 2nd ability on an enemy affected by the 1st ability, they have a 50% chance to drop energy orb. 2nd ability: · All buffs will have 75% effectiveness. · The range of enemies affected should be in a 50m radius. · Thorns – the damage reflection should be 1000+ to make it useful. This can be increased by strength mods · Full Moon – it should also increase companion’s and butterfly’s movement speed. · Holding the ability should give you the option to choose what buff you want. · When cycling through buffs, enemies that will give you the buff will glow by her chosen energy colour for 5 seconds. · Enemies should get either a damage debuff or a health debuff. · Buffs should be absorbed into her no matter the distance. Synergy: dust & thorns applies to 4th ability butterflies. 3rd ability: · Each enemy affected will increase the range by 2m to a cap of 10m. · The enemy affected will stay stationary in the air. · You can shoot at affected enemy loading status damage into it depending on what mods you have on your weapons. The butterflies and the explosion will release the damage. Visually loading fire damage will show the butterflies and enemies on fire and will show an fire explosion. 4th ability: · While using 4th ability, make the other ability cost half the energy. · Get rid of zero gravity. When you stop, she stops instead of it keep on moving, it’s very annoying. (include this in archwing) · When it comes to movement, she should move as smoothly as it she was on the ground or better.
  22. Oni, the Ogre Frame Oni is an ogre themed warframe based around the old folklores of ogres being able to eat anything, including people. Oni is a thank frame that feeds off enemies to build up power and gain buffs. Appearance: Oni is a fairly large male warframe, with horns and spikes covering parts of his body. On Oni's stomach is a mouth like segment of armor that covers a small void warp hole. Along Oni's back and limbs are a series of elongated lines that work as vents when using abilities. Art The link is an updated version of the rough sketch. Here is a more final version of the warframe done by XhiroKhai on deviantart. Lore "Oni hungers for battle. Let him feast on all those who oppose you tenno." -Lotus During the late phases of The Old War, the Orokin were trying to experiment with void energy and how to properly weaponize it. That's when they discovered a way to create small wormholes that could transfer matter to the void, but the matter would be transformed into a toxic liquid when transported back. This development made all those involved believe the project was a failure, it was later realized that this could instead be used as a weapon within a warframe. Thus Oni was created, utilizing the new wormhole development and the existing warframe technology. Basic quest line will involve exploring the void and finding old research notes on a warframe that uses small wormholes to send matter to and from the void. For completing the quest, the player will receive a blueprint of Oni and will now be able to get his component blueprints. All of Oni's component blueprints drop from corrupted enemies in void missions. Stats Armor- 300 Health- 150 (350 max rank) Shields- 100 (300 max rank) Energy- 100 (150 max rank) Sprint speed- 0.9 Abilities Passive- Digest: Oni has a gauge that measures how full his void stomach is. The gauge fills from 0-100. As the gauge fills Oni gains buffs according to its fullness. For each 10 stacks Oni gains 15% extra armor and 20% extra health (Max 150% armor and 200% health). Stacks drain at a 1 stack every 1.5 seconds and heals health at a rate of 5% health per stack. While at max stack, Oni will instead consume the 100th stack over a period of 7 seconds while still healing at a rate of 5% health per 1.5 seconds. 1- Consumption: Cost 20 energy to cast then drains 5 energy per second. The void warp hole on Oni's stomach is opened and will pull in any enemy projectiles that enter a 1.8/2.2/2.6/3 meter vertical radius in front of Oni. Enemies can be consumed as well if they are under 15% health. Each projectile that is consumed grants 1 stack, enemies grant 5 stacks. While using this ability, Oni's movement speed is reduced by 15%. Any enemies that linger within the range of Consumption will take 50/75/100/125 damage per second. 2- Regurgitate: Costs 15 stacks to cast. Oni's void mouth opens and leaks a void infused slime in a 10/13/16/20 meter radius. Enemies that are caught in this area take corrosive damage 150/200/250/300 per second with a 100% status chance and are slowed by 25%. Allies that stand in the AOE gain an armor bonus of 100 and regen health at a rate of 3 per second. Allies only gain these buffs while standing in the area of effect. This ability lasts 10/15/20/25 seconds. 3- Scattered Slam: Costs 40 energy to cast. Oni summons his exalted mace and slams it into the ground. All enemies caught in a radius of 6/8/10/12 meters are knocked downed and stunned for 3/4/5/6 seconds. The impact of the mace deals 200/350/500/650 damage, 50% impact, 25% puncture, and 25% slash. Can be charged up to deal extra 10% damage per second its charged up, maximum of 5 seconds at a cost of 5 energy per second its charged. All enemies caught within range of this ability are marked with a cross over their heads, when consumed they grant 8 stacks and can be consumed at 20% health. 4- Carnage: Costs 30 energy to cast and drains 5 energy per second. Oni summons his exalted mace (similar to the maces Ogres are depicted with in old Japanese art). Oni's stomach opens and his vents release energy. In this state Oni gains increased movement speed of 45%. Kills in this form grant 1 stack. Oni is immune to status effects in this state and can't be knocked down. The mace will deal 175/250/325/400 damage on each swing. The damage is separate into 20% impact, 40% puncture, and 40% slash. When the mace makes contact with an enemy it sends off a small shock wave in a 4 meter radius of the target that will stun near by enemies. Slam attacks cast Oni's 3rd, Scattered Slam, at the cost 20 energy instead of 40. Weapons Protix: Primary Rifle with a revolver style drum Accuracy- 27.8 Crit Chance- 15% Crit Multiplier- 2.0 Fire Rate- 18.0 Magazine- 44 per shell (6 shells within revolver magazine, 264 rounds in full magazine) Noise- Alarming Punch Through- 0.0 Reload- 0.1 when switching to next shell, 2.0 when replacing magazine Status- 28% Trigger- Auto Slash- 45.5 Impact- 7.0 Puncture- 17.5 Dual Kamraa: Dual lever style shotgun sidearms (primary fire/ secondary fire) Accuracy- 100.0 Crit Chance- 12% / 33% Crit Multiplier- 1.8 / 3.5 Fire Rate- 2.0 Magazine- 16 / 8 Noise- Alarming Punch Through- 0.0 / 1.0 Reload- 1.5 Status- 30% / 15% Trigger- Auto / Semi Slash- 52.5 / 555.0 Impact- 122.25 / 42.0 Puncture- 35.25 / 113.0 Fisk: Heavy blade cleaver style sword Attack Speed- 1.0 Channeling Cost- 5 Channeling Damage- 1.5 Crit Chance- 18% Crit Multiplier- 2.0 Damage Block- 85% Leap Attack- 140.0 Spin Attack- 149.0 Status- 28% Wall Attack- 280.0 Slash- 67.3 Impact- 19.3 Puncture- 23.4 **Working on an alternate helmet and quest to be included.** Looking for any and all input on my concept. Thank for viewing. 🙂
  23. (PS4)LukinhoGamer

    New open world concept

    Hades Location: Pluto A little city who is controlled by the Corpus, one of the most rich parts of the origin system. Spawn: Instead of spawning inside a hideout or a city protected by shields, you spawn inside an apartment room. All things you need to know are in there. Reputation: The syndicate(The poor ones) do not use any reputation, all things you need is... CREDITS. Yes, a syndicate who uses credits as reputation, and I think it explains itself, but for the ones who does not see any sense in it, just see the name of the syndicate, it would make a lot of sense poor people need credits(money) to give you things. People: To go to the real open world, you just need to go to the room's door, and it is... A City. A city like any other, it has shops, houses, industries(Far away). All the people that gives you things are in shops on the city: Mechanic: Create your own car, to drive through the roads of this city. Merchant: Sells and buy thing to and from you, like parts of the warframe And others. There are some building being sold, and you can buy them and use as: Shops. New spawn and apartment rooms. And more! And in the middle of your walking through the city, many times you will find some people being stolen, opressed, abused(+18)(option to toggle that on) by Corpus guards who think they are the center of the world, the unstoppable ones, saving them would give you money(little bit), but if you record yourself saving it(the camera would be given to you in the first time you enter the city(infinite)), it will post the video and you could watch it any moment, as a report(like a TV screen), it would make people start to trust you, making any time you save someone again, you receive more money and become more famous, after you become famous, you can give interviews to some people in the city. There are banks being robbed too, stopping them would make many people like you, becoming more and more famous. When you become famous, you can give these little interviews, can receive more money and do the final objective, screw up with the corpus. To screw up with them, you need to:
  24. Hello fellow tenno, welcome back to Mind over Mission. A few days ago I talked about the poor state Warframe is on twitch compared to less popular games, as well as compared some of the rng to my current favorite game Path of Exile. If you want to read it the link is here: Now, I will discuss a little deeper into rng and high difficulty rewards. While I am not an expert and numbers or rng statistics, I have some knowledge from the rng based games I play, and some knowledge of the rate at which some things drop in game. Lets get started. As many of us know, Path of exile not only relies on rng, but the amount of rng continues to grow. A few years ago on the release of The War Within, we received Riven mods that require four forms of rng to roll perfect (almost 5): 1) get a riven mod in sortie, 2) get the type of riven mod you want, 3) unveil the mod for the weapon you want 4) reroll over and over again until you finally get what you want. The reason why I say almost 5 is because you sometimes have to reroll the mod so many times that you have to start the system over again. While this imo is the best and most interesting form of rng in the game, it never feels rewarding until you get what you want, aka could be some months if you get unlucky or you just buy one, because who wants to spend that much time getting one mod. Riven mods are frustrating, but at least it feels godly when you finally get what your looking for, but there really isn't enough of decent rng in warframe, and there certainly isn't any potentially fun rng mechanics in warframe, except for syndicates spawning in and Stalker showing up. (I will get more into this in another post) We need some endgame, yes? While it would be cool to have an all powerful boss to fight as an endgame thing, I doubt that will happen, as DE seems to be more focused on cosmetic things vs content, as that's mostly what I see on dev streams. However, just in case they read this, I will display some ideas for an endgamey type of situation. Currently, according to LifeofRio, endless survival is the only form of end game right now in the game; its not arbitrations, and its not the Sortie. I do agree with LifeofRio, so for now, because survival is the only mission worth going deep into, and my suggestions fit this gamemode because of its excess-ability. Survival, especially on Mot (Void), start to get difficult at wave 40, assuming your starting mission as at least level 35+. I'm going to be honest I get one shot my corpus shot guns all the time (btw fix scaling). I want to suggest mods and variations of mods that begin to drop post enemy level 150. This enemy level means that it will begin to finally separate people who play the game casually, vs people who who want to treasure hunt and have the best gear/min max. IT may also mean that people who played casually will play the game more, and work hard to get these mods. So what are the mods, you ask? Hear they are. Mods that have a .005 chance to drop from any enemy that is above level 150. Orokin Sinew (10 ranks) R16 +500 flat heath %100 increased health Piercing Puncture R12 Puncture attacks from secondary weapons reduces enemy armor by 5 per bullet. (that means shot gun pistols would be buffed) Fast As Wind R16 50% chance for enemy attacks to deal no damage Gain 50% bonus movement speed when you get hit Silencer Buffer (10 ranks) R14 Silent weapons deal 150% increased damage You may notice these mods bring some interesting and unique stats into the game. You may also notice it has a .005 chance to drop from enemies. I did some rng testing and from what I saw if your killing 5000 enemies post level 150, you do have some good chances of one dropping; however that means about an hour or two of fighting generously difficult mobs that can one shot you. Mesa won't work here, Frost won't protect you. These mods are just a few ideas from me and friends. However that's not all. I would suggest certain mods that we already own gain value if they drop at a higher level of mission. For example post level 150, a vitality can potentially drop as 41% increased health and levels up like that each time, vs the current 40%. That means that on max that mod will be 456% increased health, or a redirection mod that drops 45% is 495% at max. These mods would be extremely rare to find, but imagine finding a barrel diffusion able to have 150% increased multi-shot vs 120%. My expectation is about 25-30% of the warframe community is able to do the high end content, but only 5% of people will actually do it. Yeah people do have work and not everyone won't have as much time to do it. However, for these mods, I think anyone will strive to have them. DE might even gain some plat buys from people aiming to buy them off people. The idea is that they are rare enough that people who gain one of the mods won't often have doubles. People can grind for them, but I think that based on how expensive people price things, my bet is the price will be at least 200 for mods you don't have to rank up much but work was put into the grind, and 500 for maxed for work + endo. One more thing before I close this out. ME and a freind were talking about status and we thought how great it could be, if status chance over 100% had a chance to proc an additional status. A time where weeping wounds could finally be chosen instead blood rush, procing two stacks for corrosive at once or some enemy is hit with double slash procs with proced with viral. 150% status chance is basically 50% chance for an addition status sooo... yeah, this would tip the meta on end. Anyway please post your comments down below. I am eager to see them. Also if you have any questions just ask me! Have a nice day/night!
  25. ArkThanatos

    Atlas Rework Idea

    for the TLDR look for Redtext, NOTE, NEW, REPLACE. Atlas Mastery Rank 0 Health 250 (700 at rank 30) Shield 0 (0 at rank 30) Armor 450 (650 at Rank 30)25 Energy 165 (265 at rank 30) Sprint Speed 1.1 Polarities Exilus Polarity None Aura Polarity Monolithic Wielding explosive power and incredible stamina, Atlas strengthens his insurmountable durability through battle. Atlas possesses various passive mechanics highlighted in the tabs below: Strong as the mountain, Atlas is immune to knockdown effects while in contact with the ground. § Atlas remains susceptible to knockdown while in the air. § Certain attacks like Fire Blast can push back Atlas, regardless of knockdown. § This immunity applies to obstacles and traps capable of knockdown, such as Corpus Laser Barriers. Rubble is a pickup item unique to Atlas that drops from petrified enemies and Rumblers on death. Rubble restores Health to Atlas if he is injured; if Atlas is at full health, Rubble instead grants additional Armor that decays over time. A piece of Rubble § Each petrified enemy and each Rumbler will drop 1 piece of Rubble that restores 50 health or provides 50 armor. Rubble will remain on the ground for 30 seconds before crumbling away if left untouched. § Enemies petrified by Path of Statues' rock trail, Petrify's flash, and the summoning of Rumblers are eligible to drop Rubble. § Petrified enemies killed by Landslide grant 75 health and armour from their dropped Rubble. § Rumblers that sustain damage to their health will grant less health points or bonus armor from their dropped Rubble. § NEW!! § Rubble will grant armor if at least 1 health point is missing from Atlas' maximum health pool. Excess health points gained will overflow into bonus armor points. § Rubble armor is displayed in a circular gauge on the HUD above the ability icons. § The current number of bonus armor is shown below the gauge and will visibly subtract as bonus armor decays or add as Atlas picks up new Rubble. NEW!! § Atlas can accumulate up to a maximum of 5000/10000/15,000 bonus armour. § Bonus armor decays at a rate of 5 armor points per second. § Decay rate is doubled when Atlas is inside a Nullifier Crewman's bubble or inside a Fog or Nul Combaand Scrambus's nullification field. § Upon picking up Rubble to gain bonus armor, bonus armor decay is paused for 2 seconds. Picking up Rubble to restore health points will not pause armor decay. § Bonus armor will not be lost if the player falls out of bounds, but will be lost in the event of a host migration. § The stone icon in the center of the gauge will enlarge or shrink depending on the amount of bonus armor stored. At 0 bonus armor, it remains a pebble; at 15,000 bonus armor, it covers His body. § Rock formations will appear on Atlas' body as he accumulates bonus armor. (please make it cover more than just his right arm and Leg, both sides would be nice! Cover his entire body) § Rubble pickup can be vacuumed by Sentinels or the Warframe's innate vacuum radius. § Rubble pickups resemble a piece of stone encased in a translucent layer of reflective rock-shaped metal, which is tinted in Atlas' chosen Warframe energy color. § Rubble pickups spawned when a petrified enemy or Rumbler dies while airborne will fall to the ground. Strong as the mountain, Atlas is immune to knockdown effects while in contact with the ground. § Atlas remains susceptible to knockdown while in the air. § Certain attacks like Fire Blast can push back Atlas, regardless of knockdown. § This immunity applies to obstacles and traps capable of knockdown, such as Corpus Laser Barriers. Abilities NEW! Strength:80 / 180 / 280 / 330 (1 hit) 160 / 360 / 540 / 660 (2 hits) 320 / 720 / 1080 / 1320 (3 hits) 640/1440/2160/1640 (4 hits) Duration:1.5 s (combo window) Range:10 / 13 / 17 / 20 m (dash range) [1 hit] 2 m (impact radius) [2 hits] 4 m (impact radius) [3 hits] 6 m (impact radius) [4 hits+] 8 m (impact radius) Misc:75% (bonus Rubble health/armor) Atlas charges forward to punch a target enemy up to 10 / 13 / 17 / 20 meters away. The target and enemies within 2meters are dealt 80 / 180 / 280 / 330 Impact + 1/2/3/4% targets Max HP (true Damage) damage as a melee strike with a 160% critical damage multiplier, a 10% critical chance, and a 15% status chance. (on 3th hit the max true damage can be 16% target max HP. Can crit hit) this would also allow for the melee weapon to sacrifice a mod or 2 to allow for Fury or other A.S mods and be a useable weapon. ATM most of them are terrible at being a melee weapon with a A.S of 0.7 or less. § Damage is affected by Ability Strength, the Melee Combo Counter and most mods. § Landslide is also affected by equipped melee mods including: § damage (e.g., Steel Charge) § physical (e.g., Collision Force) § elemental (e.g., Shocking Touch) § critical chance and damage (e.g., True Steel and Organ Shatter) § Status chance (e.g., Melee Prowess and Vicious Frost) § weapon augments (e.g., Justice Blades) § Riven § Manticore's damage bonus applies to the ability. § Landslide is not affected by the equipped melee weapon's stats and innate effects, class-specific mods (e.g., Covert Lethality), or Acolyte Mods. § The only exceptions to this rule are: § Mire and its passive ability to grant +10% Toxin damage, which carries over to Landslide. The toxin damage combines with any elemental damage from melee elemental mods. § Landslide's damage is affected by Venka Prime's modified Melee Combo Counter. § Each enemy struck adds to the Melee Combo Counter. § AoE damage bypasses obstacles in the environment and does not diminish with distance. § Impact radius is affected by Ability Range, while the dash range is not. § Atlas' Health is invulnerable to damage while dashing. § If the target dies before Atlas lands his punch, energy used for Landslide will be refunded. § Landslide can be recast within a 1 second window to perform a repeating combo chain. Each successive hit in the chain deals increasing damage with a larger impact radius and reduced energy cost up to a cap: § 200% damage, 200% impact radius, and 50% cost reduction for the second hit § 400% damage, 300% impact radius, and 75% cost reduction for the third and all subsequent hits in the chain § This reduction in energy cost modifies Landslide's activation cost and is afterwards affected by Ability Efficiency as normal. § As an example, with a maxed Streamline the second successful cast will consume: § Atlas ragdolls enemies with an uppercut on every fourth successive strike in the chain. All other strikes stagger enemies. § Combo window is affected by Ability Duration and can not fall below 0.5 seconds. § The duration of the combo window and the respective damage multiplier for the next cast are displayed underneath the HUD's targeting reticle. § If no casts are performed within the combo window, the damage and energy cost will reset. NEW!!!! § Synergy: Using Landslide to kill petrified enemies frozen by Path of Statues, Petrify and Claymore\RazorClaymore § Casting Landslide requires an unobstructed enemy target. § Landslide is capable of locking onto and attacking invisible enemies (e.g. Stalker). § Can be cast while in mid-air. § Killing an enemy with this ability is not counted as a Melee Kill. Therefore the Swordsman Challenge is not affected by the successive use of the ability. § Shattering Impact does not work on this ability even though it deals impact damage. § Landslide attacks can damage enemies across the Rift Plane. § Landslide is affected by and can trigger Warframe Arcanes. Main article: Path of Statues Path of Statues is a Warframe Augment Mod for Atlas, that makes Landslide leave a petrifying path for a short period. That is 0.5 -1 meter in Diameter New!! Rank Path Duration Petrify Duration Cost 0 7s 5s 6 1 9s 6s 7 2 12s 7s 8 3 15s 8s 9 NEW!! § Reshaping the surrounding terrain, Atlas erects a Bulwark made of stone with a base health of 3250 / 3500 / 3750 / 4000 and additional health equal to 550% modded armor and 50% Atlas’ HP . Upon activation, the bulwark is invulnerable for 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 seconds. Incoming damage that is absorbed during the invulnerability period is converted and added to the bulwark's health. § Base health and armor multiplier are affected by Ability Strength. § The bulwark's health uses the following expression when accounting for Ability Strength: Modified Health = (Base Health + 5 × Atlas' Base Armor × (1 + Armor Mods)) × (1 + Strength Mods) + Absorbed Damage. § For example, with a maxed Steel Fiber and Intensify, rank-3 Tectonics will produce a bulwark with an initial health of (3750 + 5 × 450 × 2.1) × (1 + 0.3) = 11,017.5 before converting absorbed damage. § While active, a health counter becomes visible on the ability icon that tracks the bulwark's health percentage from 100% to 0%. Placing the HUD's targeting reticle over the bulwark will also display its health bar. § Atlas and his allies do not contribute to a bulwark's health gain by shooting it during the invulnerability period. § Invulnerability duration is affected by Ability Duration. NEW! Note!: wall falls off hard lategame. Early game it wont matter if its indestructible as its early. But lategame it is little more than tissue paper. Needs a serious buff!. Ergo problem solved with this buff. More HP. REMOVE! § Reactivating the ability will cause the bulwark to compact into a Boulder that rolls towards the current direction of aim, dealing 150 / 300 / 450 / 600 Impact damage per second to enemies that are dragged along its path. After rolling 15 meters or hitting an environmental object, the boulder will explode and inflict 250 / 300 / 350 / 500 Puncture damage to enemies within a radius of 3 / 3 / 4 / 5 meters. § Rolling and explosion damage are affected by Ability Strength. § Enemies affected by the rolling damage are ragdolled. § The explosion damage does not bypass obstacles in the environment and diminishes with distance. § Explosion radius is affected by Ability Range, while roll distance is not. NEW!! Also note! Projectiles NOT some Hitscan crap!. Projectiles are better!. Claymore · Reactivating the ability Atlas will Landslide the wall (consuming a landslide charge cost as well) Causing it to explode into Projectiles dealing 150 / 300 / 450 / 600 Impact damage, Knocking enemies Over. this will also apply the Damage from Landslide (it will also take into account the combo he is on) these can Critically hit. NEW!! Razor claymore § Synergy: Casting Petrify on the Bulwark hardens it into a Petrified Bulwark. Boulders created from Petrified Bulwarks § Bulwarks and Boulders becomes silver-colored and metallic when petrified. § As the 3 bulwarks created by Tectonic Fracture can become Petrify effects on them. § Bulwarks now will become Brittle and become razor sharp when hit. this will change the Damage type From Impact to Slash. Also increasing the Base Crit chance of Land Slide by 10%, Crit Damage by 15% and base Status Chance by 15% NOTE! § While the bulwark is capable of blocking most hostile gunfire, it does not provide cover from area of effect damage, including the explosive attacks of Grineer Bombards and Napalms. But will reduce 50% of the Damage § Bulwarks and Boulders have collision detection for enemies only. Atlas and allies can move through Tectonics' objects unobstructed. § Enemies that are melee-focused will attack the Bulwark if it obstructs their path, though some enemies may simply run up against it. § Atlas can maintain only one bulwark at a time. § Tectonics can be recast immediately to create a new Bulwark. § The Bulwark will spawn on the same elevation as Atlas and will not fall down, even if there are no objects under it. § Tectonics can not be cast in the air. § Casting and reactivation duration of 1 second are affected by Natural Talent and Speed Drift. Main article: Tectonic Fracture Tectonic Fracture is a Warframe Augment Mod for Atlas that modifies Tectonics to allow additional simultaneous walls, but sacrifices the ability to turn them into offensive boulders. NEW Rank Walls Health Cost 0 2 80% 6 1 2 90% 7 2 3 100% 8 3 4 110% 9 Atlas unleashes his hardened gaze in a conical burst of energy 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 meters long within a 70° field of view. All enemies caught within the cone are instantly turned into stone. Petrified enemies receive 50% more damage from all sources and are completely disabled from attacking or moving for 7 / 12 / 16 / 20 seconds. § Petrify will not solidify enemies behind obstacles in the environment unless Atlas has line of sight. § NEW!!! Gives allies in range a knockdown immunity for 7/12/16/20 seconds NEW!! Loot drop is increased by 5/7/11/15% (lower than the original augment, more consistent with out the need of the mod) § Damage vulnerability is not affected by mods. § Stone duration is affected by Ability Duration. § Cone length is affected by Ability Range, while the field of view is not. § Activation energy cost is affected by Ability Efficiency. § Casting animation speed is affected by Natural Talent and Speed Drift. § When killed, each petrified enemy will drop 1 piece of Rubble for Atlas to pick up. NEW!! § Synergy: Casting Petrify on Atlas' stone constructs yields additional benefits. § Bulwark hardens into a Petrified Bulwark that gains Razor Claymore bulwark gains 10% base Critchance, base 20% status chance and + 30% cirt damage § Rumblers' health pool is instantly restored to 100%. § Petrified enemies are resistant to status effects, status durations are reduced to 50%. Any duration-based status effect, such as a Bleed proc, that is applied before an enemy is petrified will have reduced Duration § If enemies are unaware once hit by Petrify, they will retain their unaware status upon being petrified. § Bosses and Capture targets can not be petrified. § Frozen enemies can not be petrified. § Enemies will turn a darker tone and obtain a stone texture upon being petrified. § Using Petrify on an enemy that is currently solidified will not refresh the stone duration. Once the enemy breaks free, it can be petrified once again. Casting Petrify will Slows Atlas' actions and movement by 80%. OLD!! Kinda useless outside a survival with a nekros to make the most of the body parts! Main article: Ore Gaze Ore Gaze is a Warframe Augment Mod for Atlas that modifies Petrify to cause enemies turned to stone to be scanned into the Codex and have a chance to make them drop extra loot. § NEW, Rumblers casting petrify on a enemy and then Killing them will summon 3 rumblers they spawn in at enemy Level like a spectre! They last up to a max of 30 seconds. make them act like they do, Taunt enemies, they aren’t worthy of a 4th ability slot, they do sod all damage and are a bit derpy. BUT having them as a 3 Augment gives some survivability. Some more tank. Out there. Keeps them in his Kit. But moves them off 4 and into something more like Inaros 3 but as a option. This clears up his kit. Gives it more utility and flexibility Change their Damage type to deal a Full IPS. 50% impact,35%puncture,15% slash increase rock throw projectile speed by 25% REMOVE!!!! From 4 move to 3rd augment! § Atlas summons his 2 earthly elemental golems as he instantly petrifies all enemies into stone within a 3 / 4 / 5 / 6meter radius for 10 seconds. Once summoned, the Rumblers will roam the battlefield seeking nearby enemies to attack. They last for 15 / 20 / 30 / 45 seconds unless they are killed or manually detonated. § Number of Rumblers summoned is not affected by mods. § Petrify radius is affected by Ability Range. § Rumbler duration is affected by Ability Duration, while petrify duration is not. § Cast delay of 2.5 seconds is affected by Natural Talent and Speed Drift. § Petrifying occurs instantly when Atlas begins his casting animation. § Each Rumbler possesses 500 / 750 / 1000 / 1200 Health, 50 / 150 / 250 / 500 Armor, and a speed multiplier of 1. Rumblers inflict 800 / 1000 / 1400 / 2000 Impact damage and stagger the target backwards with each melee attack; they can occasionally throw stones that home in on enemies to inflict 200 / 250 / 350 / 500 Impactdamage and ragdoll enemies hit. § Physical size of each Rumbler along with their health, armor, and all sources of damage are affected by Ability Strength. Health and armor are also affected by Warframe health, shield, and armor mods. § Rumbler health uses the following expression when accounting for Ability Strength: Modified Health = Health × (1 + Health Gain From Leveling + Health Mods + Shield Gain From Leveling + Shield Mods + Strength Mods). § For example, with Vitality, Redirection, Intensify, and Atlas all at max rank, rank-3 Rumblers will have a modified health of 1200 × (1 + 2 + 4.4 + 2 + 4.4 + 0.3) = 16,920. § Atlas' rank influences Rumbler health as the "Health Gain" and "Shield Gain" in the expression are referring to bonuses applied to Atlas' respective base stats. As Atlas at max rank will have 300 health and 300 shields (from 100 health and shields at rank 0), the +200% health and shield increase will also apply to the Rumblers' health. § Rumbler armor uses the following expression when accounting for Ability Strength: Modified Armor = Armor × (1 + Armor Mods + Ability Strength). § For example, with a maxed Steel Fiber and Intensify, rank-3 Rumblers will have a modified armor value of 500 × (1 + 1.1 + 0.3) = 1,200. § Speed multiplier is affected by Ability Range and can not fall below 0.5 or exceed 1.5 under any circumstances. § If the ability is reactivated or if Atlas becomes incapacitated, active Rumblers will self-destruct and inflict 500 / 750 / 1000 / 1250 Blast damage to enemies within 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 meters. § Explosion damage is affected by Ability Strength. § Damage does not bypass obstacles in the environment and diminishes with distance. § Explosion radius is affected by Ability Range. § On death, each Rumbler will drop 1 piece of Rubble that restores 50 health or provides 50 bonus armor when picked up by Atlas. § Rumbler Rubble provides reduced amounts of health or armor if Rumblers sustained damage to their health before expiring. § Amount of Rubble dropped per Rumbler, health restored, and bonus armor provided are not affected by Ability Strength. § Synergy: Casting Petrify on injured Rumblers will instantly restore their health to 100%. § Rumblers are immune to Status Effects, such as knockdowns or Slash procs, but they can be staggered. § While melee kills by the Rumblers are considered melee kills by Atlas, they do not contribute to the Melee Combo Counter. § Rumblers have collision detection for enemies only. Atlas and allies can move through Rumblers unobstructed. § Atlas can maintain only 2 Rumblers at a time. § The number of active Rumblers is displayed in the HUD beside Atlas' shield and health indicators, and waypoints are displayed onscreen for each active Rumbler. § If a Rumbler enters a Nullifier bubble, it will have its health drained. Main article: Titanic Rumbler REPLACEMENT! Strength of the Titan. Cost 16/13/10 energy per second Atlas Gains Mass, and his Armour Hardens. He becomes unstoppable by enemy unites running thru them. Atlas Lets out a Warcry Fearing enemies for 1s. Increasing His HP by 25/50/75%, Armour and Rubble By 15/20/25% (rubble gains 10/15/20% more on pick up) Atlas also gains 25%Casting speed and 30/45/60% movement and gains 2.5% more momentum every 0.5 seconds if he hasn’t hit any enemies up to 120% movement speed., If atlas collides with Enemies the Will Take 300/600/900 impact damage + (2.5x1.1[Movement speed] x 0.5power strength). whilst knocking them down and not hindering his movement. Atlas also takes 50/70/90% Reduced Damage. Before Armour. atlas cannot be CCed. Atlas’s Land Slide will also deal 15/20/25% more damage. + 15% more energy petrified enemies will receive 10/30/50% more damage if ran into. + 7.5% more energy passive. Every kill atlas gets increases his HP by 0.5 HP Flat, this is unaffected by Mods, but is affected by Strength of the Titan. Augment. Colossal assault: Range 10/12.5/15M Fall Under Atlas Protection and Raises Moral. Atlas and allies when taking lethal Damage will instead not go down but become invulnerable for 4/6/8 seconds and Consume 2500/2000/1500 Rubble from atlas.