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  1. We already have railjack and i don't think these boring missions are necessary.
  2. Rule 1. If a Tenno has fallen, Rez them especially if you have your operator/drifter unlocked Rule 2. Hacking therminals and other stuff is on a first come first serve bases do not complain. Rule 3. Mark Aragon or any rare resources, also Mark cephalon fragments, and music tones Rule 4. If the stalker comes after somebody, kill them. Rule 5. Stabbing murmurs is also on a first come first serve bases, if you press the button first you get the finisher. Rule 6. If someone's Kuva liche/sister is after them during a Liche/sister hunt HELP KILL THEM. Rule 7. Do not wake the void angel during the middle of a mission unless you know dang well your strong enough to do it on your own, and even then on some mission types it is still very I'll advised. Rule 8. If the Void Angel wakes up you are now legally obligated to stay in the mission until there dead, or to help kill them. Rule 9. If you are on someone elses railjack and they ask you to get off the wheel, GET OFF! Rule 10. If someone loads into a mission late because the system drops them therez wait until they have the sufficate number of reactant before trying to extract, they literally have no control over this so have some god dang curtiousy. Rule 11. You can leave a mission literally any time you want to, now it's probably rude and straight up wrong to leave before 30 minutes during arbitration or before 20 rounds on defense, but anywhere else if someone wants to leave, don't say anything they are fully in there right to head out. Rule 12. Mobile defense, ya grab the thingy and ya go to the thingy, you should be on a tunnel visioned blast straight to the objective at speeds Walley West could not phatom. Rule 13. Skip the cinematic..... Rule 14. The person who opens the deimos valuts must have at decent enough memory (there's usually only one person doing it and it's usually myself) so make sure that person does not screw you all over. Rule 15. Warframe does allow "Minimal" afking throw out your on-call crewmate, use your abilities, call your spector, take out the trash go to the restroom do whoever and whatever THEN GET BACK! Rule 16. If you and a person get the same part from a relic switch and grab each others part so you both get that bonus 5 reactant. Alright these are just common warframe things you probably do now without even thinking about, have a nice day all.
  3. Aside from being Railjack pilot. What’s really the benefit of playing Lavos over other DPS frames? What about his cooldowns make his abilities better than if they ran on energy?
  4. Hello Tenno, While the summer fun has just begun, the time has arrived to bid the Dog Days Ephemera goodbye. Later today on all platforms at 4 p.m. ET, we will be removing this Ephemera from player accounts. Have no fear, this summer time hit will return again when Dog Days comes back. Until then, stay cool, Tenno!
  5. In my completely and to totally unbiased opinion the Jat Kusar is the best Weapon in warframe period. https://imgur.com/a/vIgXk7O
  6. Since DE are going to look at wukong I'll like to give some suggestions on what I would like to see happen to him. 1st ability: · Wukong should spawn two clones, one using you secondary weapon and the other using you melee weapon. - Wukong constantly switching from gun to melee affects the clone’s performance which is a problem. · Since you have two clones, you can mark up to two enemies for each of them to attack. · After marking the enemy, the clone(s) should teleport to the target. - When marking while the clone is using a melee weapon, the clone takes a long time to reach the target. If using guns, it`s stuck in a spot and can`t kill the target because of obstacles in the way. · The melee clone can use whatever stance you have in your melee weapon and stance from the 4th ability. · When you crouch the clones will crouch and not attack enemies unless you mark them. · Instead of the clones teleporting to you when you move far from it, pressing the ability on the ground will teleport the clone to that location and make them do their own thing unless ordered to do something different. - In defence missions you want the clone to attack enemies but if you move far from it, it teleports to you which is something you don`t want. · If you target an airborne enemy while the clone has a melee weapon equipped, it will either jump at the enemy doing melee attacks while staying in the air or will extend his staff to hit the enemy multiple times. · You can mark enemies while looking through a window. · The clone using melee can deal with airborne enemies by either pouncing at them doing melee attacks in the air which keeps him suspended in the air for 5 seconds or he can extend his staff to jab the enemy that does a massive amount of damage and his no range limit. 2nd ability: · Pressing the left trigger (controller) should give different options to Increase or decrease it`s speed. (not moving is 1st speed, walking is 2nd speed and sprinting is 3rd speed) · Sentinels and companions are invulnerable while activated. · Remove healing from 2nd ability. 3rd ability: · There is no limit to how much armour you can receive. 4th ability: · The second part of the combo with the kick animation should (small) ragdoll the enemy hit instead of a knockdown. · The ground slam animation should look like the slams when Wukong`s staff is bigger. (the slam we have now looks weak) · The ground finisher animation should be Wukong jabbing his staff into the enemy`s back. · Pressing the secondary fire while aiming at an enemy will jab his staff into the dealing damage and pull Wukong to them doing a flykick closing the gap. New synergy: · The clones will benefit from the armour from the 3rd ability. Fix: When Wukong stands still with no weapons equipped, the animation is meant to show him with the staff in his hand but you can`t see.
  7. Uwaga dla graczy z konsol: Gdy pojawi się nowy kod promocyjny, może się zdarzyć tak, że nie będzie on od razu aktywny. Zazwyczaj jest to spowodowane dodaniem kodu na PC w aktualizacji, która nie dotarła jeszcze na konsole. Przed zgłoszeniem wadliwego kodu upewnijcie się, że spróbowaliście go aktywować po kolejnej aktualizacji konsol! Ten post jest zbiorem Globalnych Kodów Promocyjnych, z których może skorzystać każdy gracz. Kody powinny działać na każdej z platform i mogą zostać użyte tylko raz. Większość wymienionych kodów dotyczy Glifów, ale zdarzają się kody nagradzające innymi przedmiotami. Kody mogą wygasnąć w każdym momencie (zależne od DE). Lista będzie na bieżąco aktualizowana wraz z dodawaniem i usuwaniem nieaktywnych kodów. Kliknięcie na nazwę danego kodu spowoduje otworzenie strony, na której można je wykorzystać lub sami możecie wpisać kod na https://www.warframe.com/pl/promocode. Jeżeli kod wygasł a dalej widnieje na tej liście jako aktywny, śmiało powiadomcie w odpowiedziach poniżej. Upewnijcie się, że zostawiacie szczegółowe zgłoszenia (nazwa kodu, platforma i kiedy podjęto próbę wykorzystania kodu), ułatwi to weryfikację problemu. Informacje na temat pozyskiwania różnych innych specyficznych kodów znajdziecie na glyphs.wf Aktywne Kody na Glify: Aktywne Kody Inne od Glifów: Nieaktywne Kody (Te kody nie działają i służą jako archiwum): Lista Zmian: *Post wzorowany na:
  8. 제가 작성한 포럼 피드백 글이 늘어나고, 또 이전 피드백이 아카이브화 되고 있어서 이를 정리하기 위해 새로 만들었습니다. 새로운 피드백은 댓글 형식으로 추가될 예정입니다. 보이드 키&보이드 성유물 2.0 나이트웨이브 2.0 나이트웨이브의 유료 구독권 - 프라임 패스 프라임 볼트 상점의 개편=바르지아의 상점 피해 유형 관련 개편안 각종 워프레임 개편안 새로운 연속기 시스템 - 콤보 레벨 무기 카테고리별 공통 개편안 헬민스 주 무기 보조 무기 근접 무기 하이브리드 무기(신규 무기군) 모드 시스템 개편안 각종 모드 개편 및 신규 모드 제안 무기 아케인 아크윙 오퍼레이터 동반자 공통 개편안 센티넬 쿠브로프레임&카밧프레임 용병 시스템:승무원 시스템의 변경 네크라메크
  9. TL;DR Please give the players who built the railjack and dry dock back in 2019 when it was still new a unique cosmetic skin for the railjack. We served as beta testers for the devs to realize that the task they had set forth for their player base was, in their own eyes, too monumental a task. And our compensation for achieving that was three rush repair drones. 😞 I know how this sounds, a bunch of entitlement and what not, but seriously, hear me out. I get that the game is still considered a beta, and I get that this is what can happen in betas, but I expected more from the devs. I built the railjack and dry dock back in 2019 when it was still new. It was pricey and cost a bunch of resources, ESPECIALLY for someone whose in a Ghost clan with a handful of friends who weren't really playing at the time. But I thought, "Hey, epic space battles sound awesome, so lets do this!" And I did! I invested the time and the patience and ground everything out. I even made it harder on myself (my own fault) by refusing to do railjack missions to get the railjack specific materials to build everything. Instead, I mined for them in the open world. If I was gonna play with the railjack, I was gonna grind it out the hard way and play with my own warship, gosh darn it. So, after SEVERAL days of effort, I finally built my brand new shiny warship, and oh my god it is AMAZING. I love the railjack and the space battles! (Just wanna point out real quick that even if I had done railjack missions to get the materials faster, the whole process still would have taken quite some time) So, why am I here? Well, the opening should have made that clear. The reworks for acquiring the railjack have made the effort I put in pointless. I worked hard for it, and feel cheated now that all that extra time and effort I put in has been boiled down to three single use consumables. Yes, I know we got a refund on the resources, but that doesn't refund my time or effort, and so I have refused to use them. I really don't like sounding entitled. Its cringe, and I am not ignorant to how difficult it is to make a video game, let alone a balanced video game experience. A unique cosmetic for our railjacks would at least give us that ability to show off that "Hey, I did that thing the devs thought was too hard." I love Warframe. I've been playing since 2013. Its one of my favorite games of all time. This is coming from a person who typically despises F2P games. Yet I see Warframe as the golden standard of the genre, or perhaps the exception to the rule that F2P games are purely designed out of greed and exploitation. I really doubt anything will come from this post. I know the hate this very well might generate against me, but I don't think I'm wrong about this.
  10. I really don't see any reason why those cool animations shouldn't come back, since Sisters of Parvos came out with them, after DE removed the animations from Kuva Liches, it was weird. I'm surprised they haven't added them back in and make them like Sisters of Parvos The original reason was bc DE wanted the Liches to not feel like they "had the upper hand" and kill you...which was to me a pretty weird reason.... But since Sisters came out with those animations which didn't really have any negative effect on you when you fail Requiems, I think it'd be nice to see the Liches' animations back, I always loved them...
  11. I`m really upset by this, this is something people have wanted for years and now DE is saying that they are not doing it. EX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNzIyUHUofg&t=417s I`m going to address what Pablo has said: “Basically, we don't want the operator to play the same as a warframe, because then what is the point of having both, right?” This comment is the reason why people think the way they do, have you forgotten that this is a “game”? what do you mean what’s the point? The point is that it would be fun. There are clear limits to things an operator can, and things a warframe can do. Even if they were to copy-paste the code, it would still be fundamentally different for operators, due to their lack of a modding system. Besides, there are already examples of 2 things basically being the same thing in warframe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJDWlH8n9qc&t=550s Gyre isn't the only theme copy warframe either, sevagoth-nekros, garuda-valkyr, yareli-hydroid, the list goes on. “We want you to feel one way when you're playing with your warframe and then when you switch to your operator, it should feel distinct in a way. “ Focus 2.0 literally did that, it focused mostly on the operator`s powers, making them good on their own. Having void blast made them able to defend themselves. (Which was removed for no reason) What`s the point of making melee switch to warframe when you can switch back by pressing the transference button? There is already a button that switchs you back into warframe, the transference button. IMO this was added as a sugar coating for not replacing void blast with anything at all. People are forced to play during much of the late game content, and yet operators do not have adequate tools to defend themselves still. Amps are operator's only source of damage, before the recent reward some schools at least had abilties that did damage but not anymore. Operators need a form of fallback like melee for when they're stuck in an orphix field of some kind, and out of amp power, especially if DE is going to force no warframe sections into gameplay. "I watch you on the scope sometimes you know. Some of those moves, I thought only a Dax could pull them off". This quote alone shows that operators are supposed to be capable of preforming sick combat manoeuvres The most we can do currently as operator mobility wise, is slam our head into the wall at mach 10 via void sling. Operator melee could offer alternate mobility options, similar to how most stances have a "gap closer" combo in them to add mobility. People aren’t asking for them to be like warframes, they just want them to play good to the point people actually want to play as the operator for them to have better control but as it stands now, these changes haven't really made people want to play them more for long periods of time on their own and the people that like the operators now like them less. If DE really didn't want operators to be like warframe, why give operators over 1,000 health which is more than most warframes can get with a maxed vitality mod. Saying "we don't want operators to function like warframes" and then making changes like this, completely invalidate that statement. “So that's why we don't really want to have like a one-to-one match of how the gear works for your operator and for your warframe.” You don`t need to make them the same the only similarities would be they both can use melee weapons, however, the way it functions can be completely different. For example: -Operator melee is made of void energy, and therefore costs (X) energy to cast (Pressing 3 to summon melee weapon, as that ability slot hasn't been used yet) -Operator stances could be based around which focus school you have active, either having different chooseable existing stances, or new stances unique to operators. -Operator melee wouldn't be modable, and instead damage would scale based off health/shields/armor of the enemies struck, doing a solid constant amount of damage across the board. (Adjusted up or down depending on the type of enemy hit, nox, bombard, boss, lancer, etc) -Operator melee damage could alternatively work based off of your equipped amp, and all its arcanes. I could go on and on with ideas, but even with just these 4, melee for operators would be fundamentally different to warframe melee. You may say that it`s a waste of time but there are already quite of bit of stuff in the game that serves little to no purpose, lunaro, convlave, k-drives on yareli (maps aren't made for it), I would even say k-drives in general server no purpose, at least the moment you get an archwing. Having operator void melee however is something people have asked for years since their release, people will never stop asking for it, especially now that void blast is gone, and there is no longer anything in the way. This will not be a waste of time plus operators having operator melee will support the Naramon focus tree and will be the best focus school to use operator melee with. (which is now even less used since the recent rework) So PLEASE DE reconsider and give operators void melee weapons, it won`t be a waste of time.
  12. Alright so We reduce the Mag size of AoE weapons right? Then we give all single target Secondaries inate 85% CC and times x3 critical Damage, as well as all exalted Secondaries also get a 30% damage buff and a arcane slot and excelius slot on top of the other stuff, boom problem solved.
  13. In the beginning frames had a noggle released in the in game market alongside them.. but I have noticed that over the years this has not alway been the case as some frames would not recieve a noggle when a few released after would. I come here to bring light to this and ask if there is any plans to add them sooner or later. Caliban Sevagoth Lavos Xaku Protea Grendal Gauss Wisp Hidryn Garuda Revenant Gara Harrow Nidus Titania I came across this recently when i was decorating my orbiter and learnt that i could not complete my noggle collection.
  14. So I noticed recently that many warframes released recently are either super good or underwhelming. It's funny because Xaku was underwhelming but was buffed, and now Yareli, Caliban, and Gyre are all meh but never got buffed. I understand if they were having trouble and stuff and didn't know what exactly to do to those frames, but when your community is pumping out hundreds of suggestions on how to make them good it's just silly that DE isn't doing some of them. The easiest thing they could do is simply increase modifiers: Add % based damage to Caliban, make the sentient allies shoot lasers and scale off of enemy levels, make his passive stack with adaptation. Make Yareli's 4 do actual damage, make merulina do 90% damage reduction (which every other frame utilizes), and add primaries to merulina. Add armor (and maybe shield) strip to Gyre as an augument or something, continue to increase ability damage until satisfactory performance is attained. It's really not hard to think of this stuff, so I seriously don't understand why they don't implement these sort of balance changes. (I am perfectly fine with frames being weak on arrival, but they should then have numbers adjusted to reach at least steel path at minimum.)
  15. Emergence dissipate was an arcane that had so much potential, only to be given a stupidly long timer when people used it to max out energy in 5 seconds. The reasoning? People using dissipate in groups was too much especially since it competed with Zenurik (boy I can't think of any other operator related arcanes that compete with Zenurik), so de decided that adding a hard cooldown of 1.5 seconds was going to fix that. The problem? Not only did that make it overly clunky, but now dissipate literally relies on you using large groups of enemies to use it. I understand that there should probably be a nerf, but 10 energy every 1.5 seconds is way too slow for an arcane you get at the end of the game. So I have 3 suggestions, each one is standalone from the other two, but any of them would fix dissipate: (1) halve the cooldown to around 10 energy every 0.75 seconds. That way it won't feel like a slog to use. (2) double the energy from a mote to being 10 energy R0 and 20 energy at R5. This will make the ability feel like it's giving you a large amount of energy as compensation for being slow, making it feel "more effective." (3) {and the one I would prefer the most} Remove the cooldown of 1.5 seconds. Emergence dissipate now causes an explosion where void sling will be, hitting up to 4 enemies and generating motes. (So basically, do exactly what de wanted to do except we actually accomplish it by making only 3-5 enemies targetable at once, keeping you from instantly maxing out your energy.) If any of these were implemented, emergence dissipate might actually be useful again.
  16. Note: Hold ctrl and F to view the the following sections; Issues Stats Look/try for yourself The Ultimate Revisit Ash is a very controversial warframe to talk about, he is like marmit, some ppl like him and some ppl dislike him and if you say something negative about him or you say he needs a look over ppl will jump down your throat, whether ppl want to admit it or not Ash needs a revisit and here is why, people want facts so I will present facts. So I will first show the reason why Ash needs a revisit, then I will give Ash the ultimate revisit. Firstly, it`s a misconception that Ash is amazing, through my own investigation I have come to realise that Ash is popular online but not in-game. Why? Issues Shuriken · Shuriken is only good with its augment, an augment is meant to be used as an option and not to make the ability better, which means on its own it`s not worth using. · Because of the way bladestorm works, it makes it redundant due to bs doing more damage and costing less energy. · If there are 3 enemies in front of you and you want to kill the one in the right, sometimes it will target the other two enemies instead of the one you want even if you`re aiming at it. · The only way it will be affective is if you spam the ability however you will lose out on energy doing so plus you can`t control what enemy you want it to hit and (in other ppl`s eyes) why do that when you can use bs? There is no distinction between the two. Smoke Screen · The duration of it is low and even though I don`t have any issue with it I understand why other ppl would. Teleport · When teleporting to enemies it`s not consistent in opening them up to finishers. · People use it`s augment as a bandade coz the bug which means the ability on its own is bad. · On consoles it`s changed to where the finisher prompt is separate from the melee button which makes it which kind of brakes the flow of it. · If a enemy is under a stun, it can`t interrupt it to be able to open them up to a finisher. Bladestorm… so many issues Stats Here are some stats about Ash. This shows the warframes that are subsumed the most, as you can see Ash`s 1 is 4th because once again his augment. This shows the abilities that are infused the most used (which also means used the most) Ash`s shuriken is called "glaive" and is the 19th ability on the list however the reason it`s on the list as I said before is not of the ability itself but because of it`s augment (seeking shuriken) which means if it wasn`t for the augment it wouldn`t even be on the list which shows the issue of the ability. This shows the warframe abilities that are replaced the most. As you can see Ash`s 1st is within the top 10 which says a lot and his 4th is 22nd on this list, again it`s the marking mechanic that is the reason why it even on here. And the last one that ultimately proves my point... Even though I don`t really care about the helminth system that much, one thing I like about it is that it shows how ppl feel about warframe abilities and what abilities/frames need another lookover and Ash needs it. No matter what ppl say actions speak louder than words. At the time ash was ranked the number #1 favourite warframe by votes on Mogamu`s channel in 2016. Two years later, he is one of the least played warframe stated by DE themselves on life of rio`s video in 2018. Mogamu - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adLohAFoWQc Life Of Rio - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJRx6oTxF1Y And this shows before the "revisit" Ash was both popular online and in-game. Two years later… Think about, this was over one ability change which means the other three abilities were not good enough on their own for ppl to keep playing him. Look/try for yourself I`m not going to say that I have seen every video on Ash but if you search on YouTube for Ash videos, you won`t find any videos of ppl playing him in a team and staying with that team using bs. In fact, there is one youtuber that`s done just that and despite what he says his video shown the opposite. Go to these time points in the video. I know I`m starting in the mid of the video but it will make sense as you read on. This is him testing bs in the simulacrum. Here is a comment from someone in the comment section on youtube that I copied and pasted from. This person is able to see the issues Ash has. Very good analysis. Go and do a normal Earth defence mission with a team and use bs, to a place where damage doesn’t matter to where even Nekros`s 1st ability can kill them and you will see what will happen to you, better yet try doing it by yourself and see how long it takes you to complete it. Imo warframe abilities (damage abilities) should be usable no matter where you go e.g. Nezha`s 2nd ability. Here is a video which shows that he can`t kill level six enemies with another player because of the marking mechanic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdMM5eXYaIA&feature=youtu.be Let’s go into detail what we see in the footage. This makes no sense, he can deal over 2,000 damage but he can`t kill level 6 enemies in a team (or with someone), the way bs is now it only can be used in high level missions and open spaces vs old bs where it can be used anywhere and at any level. If you`re still not convinced after all this just go do a defence mission on Earth with a team and you will see what happens with the amount of kills you will get. I said it once and i`ll say it again, the marking mechanic should never be tied to damage EVER! and if the marking mechanic was given to Saryn, Ember, Equinox, Banshee and Mesa`s 4th NO ONE WOULD USE THEM ANYMORE which proves why it`s bad on Ash. I was the only one back in 2016 that voiced Ash issues and I got ridiculed for it. I`m glad that more ppl are voicing it but it took too long, I feel like I’m the only one that took the red pill while everyone else was taking the blue pill. And the part you have been waiting for... The Ultimate Revisit Listen while you read (loop it) TRUST ME · All abilities can be cast while on ziplines. Shuriken: Smoke Screen: Teleport: Bladestorm: Interactive blade storm animation (optional) Since Ash doesn`t have any synergy (or any good ones) here are some that will improve his performance; Synergies Smoke Screen + Shuriken, Teleport & Blade Storm: · If you use any ability while you`re invisible, enemy bodies will disappear. · While smoke screen is active enemies won`t be able to detect Ash or enemies killed when in close proximity. Shuriken + Teleport: · Using the 1st ability on an enemy will show their health bar through walls longer, making you able to teleport to them as long as they are continually receiving bleeding ticks. Shuriken + Blade Storm: To increase the damage of bs you must use shuriken. As long as enemies continuously keep receiving bleeding ticks your damage will increase over time with no limit. · Enemies need to be alive and bleeding from the 1st ability for bs to build up damage. · If no enemies are affected by slash, you will have five seconds before the damage is lost. · If the five seconds timer reaches zero, the stored-up damage will decay overtime. · There will be an indicator showing the amount of damage you are accumulating and the amount of time you have left. · If you get downed, the timer won`t start until you are revived. Fixes: · Make Ash be able to teleport in and out of the same grates instead of just one direction. · Make opening enemies up to finishers consistent with 3rd ability. · Sometime ash is glitched and stabbing the air and he is unseen when using bs due to camera angle. · Make the “clones” look like him (like wukong`s 1st ability) instead of looking like a hologram. · When blade storm is done, Ash doesn’t appear at the same place he started at but instead is teleported in a different location. · If he targets an enemy behind cover with his 3rd ability, he will teleport behind them for a finisher instead of just standing above them. My re-visit to Ash makes him strategic in missions, more effective in stealth gameplay, gives him better and useful synergies, makes him more of an efficient killer in the art of assassination and makes him have a use in a team. If you like my revisit please show support by sharing this post, If you want my idea to be implemented to Ash please sign and share my petition so DE can see this and make Ash way better than he is/was. http://chng.it/TVJnXgZC To see more things I say relating to Ash go to each, press CTRL + F then type Vexx-info to view them and follow the post to see them. People say that the people that loves the old Ash (bladestorm) and complain about the current Ash are emotional, I say based on what I've seen both sides are emotional. Yes I'm emotional too but what do I bring after my emotions? FACTS. Comments that proves my point: I love Ash I play him 24% of the time but i`m not going to ignore the facts, all I want is for Ash to get a revisit on the level of Nezha`s revisit or better, If Ash is like this it would make doing things like this fun as heck.
  17. Dark Split sword is the coolest sounding weapon with the absolute worst implementation. The idea of a weapon swapping fighting styles mid battle sounds awesome, but sadly only 1 phase is useable per mission. Now normally I wouldn't be upset about this, but when we have weapons like incarnon weapons, weapons that default to a stance, and finally, Teshin in New War swapping stances mid fight, it's obvious that Dark Split sword can and should be capable of switching forms mid-mission. How would I accomplish this? After all, Teshin switching weapons was used when there was no Warframe abilities. Simple, we have two options: Option 1: Tie it to a special combo like how Narmer weapons have a special combo. Doing this combo (presumably block attack) will switch to the other form of Dark Split sword. Option 2: Dark Split sword changes forms during heavy attacks. This would work but be slightly annoying if you were using a heavy attack build, or if you don't want to lose your combo. Since you can only be using one stance mod, the weapon will use default ones that are built in. My picks would be Swirling Tiger on dual swords and Cleaving whirlwind on the Heavy blade. If you want to override them, you simply use the stance you want in the stance slot while modding your Dark split sword. These changes would make dark split sword feel much stronger and might even make it more popular. If they were implemented, it might even pave the way for other weapons that also swap forms mid battle (like a blade whip that change change to a blade or whip).
  18. Warframe players Join mission on my Railjack: *I sleep* Warframe players touch My Railjack wheel: EXCUSE THE HECK OUTTA ME WHO SAID YOU COULD TOUCH THAT?!
  19. I think that there is a strong sense of separation between the normal attack and the heavy attack. The normal attack can be interspersed with each other, while the heavy attack interrupts the fluency with a single action and rigid charge.I hoped that the heavy attack can exist in the stance combo as a variant of combo. Do you remember the variant combo of melee 2.0?Each stance has a basic combo,and based on this combo,different commands can be matched at different times to change the attack action,For example,the basic combo is E E E, and one of its variants is E E holding right mouse button+E E to change the subsequent attack action by matching an command after the second attack. Well, I mean use the variant combo mode of melee 2.0 to integrate the heavy attack into the combo,For example, stand combo: E E E, and add the variant of heavy attack: E E heavy attack heavy attack (I hope it can be a heavy attack that does not require charge and has unique actions, It would be better if it have characters are not attacked and close-up shots,just like Ninja Gaiden) 我认为一般的攻击和重攻击之间存在很强的割裂感,一般的攻击可以相互穿插,而重攻击却以单一的动作和僵硬的蓄力打断了流畅度。我希望能让重攻击存在于架式的连击中,作为一种连击的变体。 你们还记得近战2.0的变体式连击吗?每个架式有一个基础的连击,然后基于这个连击,在不同的时机搭配不同的指令就能改变攻击动作,比如基础连击是E E E,而它的一个变体是E E 按住右键+E E,通过在第二次攻击后搭配一个指令来改变之后的攻击动作。 我的意思是以近战2.0的变体式连击方式来把重攻击融入到连击中,比如站住不动的连击:E E E,加入重攻击的变体:E E 重攻击 重攻击(我希望它可以是无需蓄力并且拥有独特动作的重攻击,如果能像忍者龙剑传那样带有无敌和镜头特写就更好了)
  20. I uh… well miss these… you guys couldn’t do a 300 plat with maybe a random colour palette and a couple silly meaningless cosmetics? I mean Riot seems to be doing alright.
  21. When we are in a mission and we are formaing Kuva/Tenet weapons and probably Mechs we get simple "Rank N" in the "pause screen" (press P for PC). Kuva/Tenet/Mechs gets exp even after max rank (e.g. 34). We don't know if we finished leveling kuva/tenet/mech or not. For Kuva/Tenet/Mech put "N forma" or "rank n/m" where "n" is current rank and "m" is max rank.
  22. INFORMATION This is a quick information tab, so you know what's going on in this guide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Difficulty to Obtain: A number from one to five, about how hard it may be to get this frame. Please note that it's often RNG, which some people can get lucky with, and others don't. 1 = Almost free. From Excalibur to Nezha. 2 = Boss drops. From Rhino to Saryn. 3 = Quest. From Inaros to Mirage. 4 = Bounty drops. From Gara to Garuda. 5 = Oftentimes a grind. From Ash to Harrow. Prerequisites: This is what you have to do before you can even try to get the frame. For example, it will show a quest, or a planet you need to unlock. Acquisition: This is how you get the Warframe. it includes the place, percent chance, and what quest you may have to do. Tips: These are tips on how to acquire the Warframe. Place to try? Items to equip? etc... History: The year the Warframe released. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Some Warframes do semi-require certain quests. For example, Chroma does require 'The Second Dream' and 'The War Within' quest (to unlock the planets he is on). However, for Prerequisites, I am only including things that are fully required. For Chroma, that would be Sedna unlocked and 'The New Strange' quest complete. Note: All text in this guide relating to anything past 'Chains of Harrow' quest will have spoiler text over it. That's it! Every Warframe will have a tab like what was above. The last tab in this guide is about Primes. It shows every unvaulted Prime, what's in access, what's next to vault, and even what the next Primed Warframe and weapons will be. This guide is also on Steam, if you'd rather look at it there. Good luck, Tenno! -Bubbha ASH Difficulty to Obtain: 5/5 Prerequisites: 'Rising Tides' quest and the empyrean location Pluto. Acquisition: Railjack, which is unlocked via the 'Rising Tides' quest. Your Railjack can be upgraded and modded to higher levels by just playing and unlocking Intrinsics and new mods. From Survival (Rotation C; 20 minutes) or Defense (Rotation C; 20 waves). He has an 8.33% chance for neuroptics, systems, and chassis in Survival, and 8.55% for neuroptics, 10.26% for chassis and 10.53% for systems in Defense. Venus Proxima: Ash Systems Neptune Proxima: Ash Neuroptics Pluto Proxima: Ash Chassis His blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: I suggest doing Survival and just leveling your Necramechs to get those done, bring some low-level weapons, you know. Do some other things while you're at it because... he's quite annoying to get. Defense often takes longer because mods get stuck (even with a speed-nova) Some people even suggest he is worth buying for platinum. History: Ash was released in 2012, as one of the original eight frames. ATLAS Difficulty to Obtain: 3/5 Prerequisites: 'The Jordas Golem' quest. Acquisition: His component blueprints are dropped from the boss the Jordas Golem on Eris. Atlas Systems: 22.56% Atlas Neuroptics: 38.72% Atlas Chassis: 38.72% His blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: I suggest using Amesha or Itzal. The boss really isn't that hard, just used a decent archgun and archwing. The quest takes about two days, most of it crafting, but really isn't that hard either. History: Atlas was released in 2015. BANSHEE Difficulty to Obtain: 1/5 Prerequisites: Be in a Clan. Acquisition: Her components are sold from the Tenno Lab in any clan that has her. Her blueprint is sold from the Tenno Lab in any clan that has her. Tips: No tips to give. History: Banshee was released in 2013. BARUUK Difficulty to Obtain: 4/5 Prerequisites: 'Vox Solaris' quest, Rank 5 with Solaris United, and Rank 3 with Vox Solaris. Acquisition: His component blueprints are sold by Little Duck for 5,000 Standing each at Hand Rank with Vox Solaris. His blueprint is sold by Little Duck for 5,000 Standing at Agent Rank with Vox Solaris. Tips: Run only Stage 1 of the bounties in Fortuna until you gather enough debt-bonds to Rank up to Rank 5. Once you hit Rank 5, do all four phases of the Profit-Taker and gather enough materials for Rank 3 with Vox Solaris. History: Baruuk was released in 2018. CALIBAN CHROMA Difficulty to Obtain: 3/5 Prerequisites: 'The New Strange' quest, Sedna unlocked, and be in a Clan. Acquisition: The component blueprints are received upon three different Junction completions. Chroma Systems: Pluto Junction Chroma Neuroptics: Uranus Junction Chroma Chassis: Neptune Junction His blueprint is gained after completion of 'The New Strange' quest. Tips: 'The New Strange' quest is required to even get to the Pluto Junction. Just by working on your Sol System you can unlock him. However, his systems do require Saryn's systems to build. This requires Sedna. While farming Saryn, you may get two systems. Use one for Saryn, and the other for Chroma. He also requires Ember Neuroptics (Saturn), Frost Chassis (Ceres), and Volt Neuroptics (Clan Dojo). History: Chroma was released in 2015. EMBER Difficulty to Obtain: 2/5 Prerequisites: Saturn unlocked. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped by the boss Sargus Ruk on Saturn. Ember Systems: 22.56% Ember Neuroptics: 38.72% Ember Chassis: 38.72% Her blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Ember was released in 2012, as one of the original eight frames. EQUINOX Difficulty to Obtain: 2/5 Prerequisites: Uranus unlocked. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from the boss Tyl Regor on Uranus. Night Aspect: 11.28% Night Systems: 12.91% Night Neuroptics: 12.91% Night Chassis: 12.91% Day Aspect: 11.28% Day Systems: 12.91% Day Neuroptics: 12.91% Day Chassis: 12.91% Her blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: Get a team and turn your brain off. Just run the boss over and over until you finally get all eight parts. She has three blueprints, one is from the market, and the other two from the boss. All six component blueprints drop from Tyl Regor as well. History: Equinox was released in 2015. EXCALIBUR Difficulty to Obtain: 1/5 Prerequisites: 'Awakening' quest (if you chose him) or Mars unlocked Acquisition: In the 'Awakening' quest, you can gain Excalibur for free. A fully built Excalibur is sold from Teshin for 60,000 Conclave standing at Rank 5. His component blueprints drop from the boss Lieutenant Lech Kril on Mars. Excalibur Systems: 22.56% Excalibur Neuroptics: 38.72% Excalibur Chassis: 38.72% His blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Excalibur was released in 2012, as one of the original eight frames. FROST Difficulty to Obtain: 2/5 Prerequisites: Ceres unlocked. Acquisition: His component blueprints are dropped from the boss the dual boss of Captain Vor and Lech Kril on Ceres. Frost Systems: 22.56% Frost Neuroptics: 38.72% Frost Chassis: 38.72% His blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give! History: Frost was released in 2013. GARA Difficulty to Obtain: 4/5 Prerequisites: 'Saya's Vigil' quest. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from the bounties in Cetus, on Earth. She is dropped from Tier 1, 2, and 3 bounties, with the highest chances below: Gara Systems: 21.82% in Stage 3 Gara Neuroptics: 21.43% in Stage 3 Gara Chassis: 30.52% in Stage 4 Her blueprint is gained after completion of the 'Saya's Vigil' quest. Tips: The best way to farm her is to speed run bounties in Cetus and get to Stage 5 plus the bonus reward. The bonus reward is considered another Stage 5 completion, meaning, your chances are practically doubled. You can get her in a couple of bounties, if you're half lucky. History: Gara was released in 2017. GARUDA Difficulty to Obtain: 4/5 Prerequisites: 'Vox Solaris' quest. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from the bounties in Fortuna, on Venus. Below are the highest chances to get each part: Garuda Systems: 22.22% in Stage 5 Garuda Neuroptics: 25% in Stage 5 Garuda Chassis: 30.56% in Stage 5 Her blueprint is gained after completion of the 'Vox Solaris' quest. Tips: The best way to farm her is to speed run bounties in Fortuna and get to Stage 5 plus the bonus reward. The bonus reward is considered another Stage 5 completion, meaning, your chances are practically doubled. You can get her in a couple of bounties, if you're half lucky. History: Garuda was released in 2018. GAUSS Difficulty to Obtain: 5/5 Prerequisites: Sedna unlocked. Acquisition: His component blueprints are dropped from the Disruption mission on Sedna, Kappa, at Rotation C. Gauss Systems: 7.84% Gauss Neuroptics: 7.84% Gauss Chassis: 7.84% His blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: Run Kappa and get all four Conduits for the first four rounds. If you do so, you can defend only one for the following rounds and still have Rotation C. Keep going until you get him or have to leave, and don't reset every four rounds since Rotation C sticks around. Save time by bringing good gear and staying till you unlock him. History: Gauss was released in 2019. GRENDEL Difficulty to Obtain: 5/5 Prerequisites: All nodes completed. Acquisition: His component blueprints are dropped from the three exclusive Europa missions unlocked from the Arbitration Honor vendor in Relays, which cost 25 Vitus Essence each. The items are called Grendel Part Locators. These exclusive missions have a 100% drop rate of his parts; however, they are highly difficult and call upon skill instead of blowing stuff up. All mods are disabled, along with your Operator, Gear items, and Focus abilities. These are the missions you must complete: Grendel Systems Locator: 800 Cryotic Excavation Grendel Neuroptics Locator: 20-minute Survival Grendel Chassis Locator: 10-wave Defense His blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: For the above information, that's if you're doing it yourself. You can also pair with someone who already has a Grendel Part Locator, and it will not cost you anything. Thus, you can farm him without settings foot in Arbitrations at all. Keep an eye on Recruiting channel, if you don't want to spend time in Arbitrations. It's a good idea to have a team, anyways, including Warframes like Frost or Limbo to protect the objectives and Trinity or Harrow for healing. History: Grendel was released in 2019. GYRE HARROW Difficulty to Obtain: 5/5 Prerequisites: 'Chains of Harrow' quest. Acquisition: His component blueprints are dropped from four different spots: Harrow Systems: 15% from Rotation C and 6% from Rotation B Defection missions Harrow Neuroptics: 16.67% from Rotation A and 12% from rotation C on the Spy Mission Pago, Kuva Fortress Harrow Systems and Neuroptics: 12% from Rotation C on the Kuva Survival Mission Taveuni, Kuva Fortress Harrow Chassis: 3% chance to drop from Void Fissure enemies His blueprint is gained for completion of the 'Chains of Harrow' quest. Tips: For his systems, get a good team and rush the Defection on Phobos. For his neuroptics, just run the Spy missions a couple times with a decent stealth frame. For the chassis, you should have a couple hundred by now if you are farming his other parts. If you need Kuva, then just run the Kuva Survival to Rotation C a couple times. History: Harrow was released in 2017. HILDRYN Difficulty to Obtain: 4/5 Prerequisites: 'Vox Solaris' quest, Rank 5 with Solaris United, and Rank 2 with Vox Solaris. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from the Exploiter Orb boss on the Orb Vallis, Venus. Start it by talking to Little Duck in the backroom. Hildryn Systems: 22.56% Hildryn Neuroptics: 38.72% Hildryn Chassis: 38.72% Her blueprint is sold by Little Duck for 5,000 Standing at Agent Rank with Vox Solaris. Tips: Get a couple teammates and an hour or two spare, and just go at the Orb. Grab your rewards before the Orb explodes once you kill it. History: Hildryn was released in 2019. HYDROID Difficulty to Obtain: 2/5 Prerequisites: Mastery Rank 5 Acquisition: His component blueprints are dropped from the boss Counselor Vay Hek on Earth. Hydroid Systems: 22.56% Hydroid Neuroptics: 38.72% Hydroid Chassis: 38.72% His blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Hydroid was released in 2014. INAROS Difficulty to Obtain: 3/5 Prerequisites: 'Sands of Inaros' quest. Acquisition: His component blueprints are gained from the 'Sands of Inaros' quest. His blueprint is gained from the 'Sands of Inaros' quest. Tips: During 'Sands of Inaros', when you begin fighting kavats, I suggest scanning thing (and having a Resource Booster, if possible) so you're grind for Smeeta, Vasca, and Adarza kavats later on will be easier. Also, if you want to complete your Codex, bring a Helios to scan the boss near the end, or scan it yourself because the quest is not replayable. History: Inaros was released in 2016. IVARA Difficulty to Obtain: 5/5 Prerequisites: Uranus unlocked. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are gained via Spy missions- Tier 1, 2, 3, Lua, or Railjack count. Ivara Systems: 10% from Tier 1, 12% from Venus Proxima Ivara Neuroptics: 7.52% from Tier 3, 12% from Pluto Proxima Ivara Chassis: 5.64% from Tier 2, 7.37% from Lua, 12% from Neptune Proxima Her blueprint is found from Tier 3 spy at 7.52% or from Veil Proxima at 12%. Tips: I suggest doing Tier 1 and Tier 3 spies for related parts, and Neptune Proxima for Ivara's Chassis. Also, for reference, Tier 1 means the planets from Earth to Phobos, Tier 2 means Ceres to Saturn, and Tier 3 means Uranus to Sedna. Proxima are Railjack locations, and Lua is unlocked after 'The Second Dream' quest. History: Ivara was released in 2015. KHORA Difficulty to Obtain: 5/5 Prerequisites: 'The New Strange' quest. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from the Sanctuary Onslaught mission. Khora Systems: 11.28% from Rotation C Khora Neuroptics: 9.09% from Rotation B Khora Chassis: 8.33% from Rotation A Her blueprint is gained from Rotation C Sanctuary Onslaught with an 11.28% drop chance. Tips: Join Sanctuary Onslaught with a couple others and play until you complete Zone 8. If you happen to obtain Khora's Systems and blueprint before the others, then cut it down to Zone 6 or to Zone 4 if you only need her chassis. Also, for reference, every two Zones is a Rotation. The Rotation for this mission is AABC, meaning Zones 2 and 4 are A, Zone 6 is B, and Zone 8 is C. History: Khora was released in 2018. LAVOS Difficulty to Obtain: 1/5 Prerequisites: 'Heart of Deimos' quest and Rank 3 with Entrati. Acquisition: His component blueprints are sold by Father for 5,000 Standing each at Acquaintance Rank with Entrati. His blueprint is sold by Father for 5,000 Standing at Associate Rank with Entrati. Tips: Lavos' total Standing cost is 20,000. History: Lavos was released in 2020. LIMBO Difficulty to Obtain: 3/5 Prerequisites: 'The Limbo Theorem' quest. Acquisition: His component blueprints are gained from 'The Limbo Theorem' quest. His blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Limbo was released in 2014. LOKI Difficulty to Obtain: 2/5 Prerequisites: Neptune unlocked. Acquisition: His component blueprints are dropped from the Hyena Pack boss. Loki Systems: 22.56% Loki Neuroptics: 38.72% Loki Chassis: 38.72% His blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Loki was released in 2012, as one of the original eight frames. MAG Difficulty to Obtain: 1/5 Prerequisites: 'Awakening' quest or Phobos unlocked. Acquisition: In the 'Awakening' quest, you can gain Mag for free. A fully built Mag is sold from Teshin for 60,000 Conclave standing at Rank 5. Her component blueprints are dropped from the Sergeant boss. Mag Systems: 22.56% Mag Neuroptics: 38.72% Mag Chassis: 38.72% Her blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Mag was released in 2012, as one of the original eight frames. MESA Difficulty to Obtain: 3/5 Prerequisites: 'Patient Zero' quest. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from the Infected Alad V boss on Eris, which costs one Mutalist Alad V Coordinate per fight, which are obtained from Invasions. Mesa Systems: 22.56% Mesa Neuroptics: 38.72% Mesa Chassis: 38.72% Her blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Mesa was released in 2014. MIRAGE Difficulty to Obtain: 3/5 Prerequisites: 'Hidden Messages' quest and Sedna unlocked. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are gained from the 'Hidden Messages' quest. Her blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: If you are seeking the Riddle answers in the 'Hidden Messages' quest, here you are. Riddle one is Olympus, Mars. Riddle two is Calypso, Saturn. Riddle three is Charybdis, Sedna. History: Mirage was released in 2014. NEKROS Difficulty to Obtain: 2/5 Prerequisites: Deimos unlocked. Acquisition: His component blueprints are dropped from the boss Lephantis on Deimos. Nekros Systems: 33.33% Nekros Neuroptics: 33.33% Nekros Chassis: 33.33% His blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Nekros was released in 2013. NEZHA Difficulty to Obtain: 1/5 Prerequisites: Be in a Clan. Acquisition: His components are sold from the Tenno Lab in any clan that has him. His blueprint is sold from the Tenno Lab in any clan that has him. Tips: No tips to give. History: Nezha was released in 2015. NIDUS Difficulty to Obtain: 5/5 Prerequisites: 'The Glast Gambit' quest. Acquisition: His component blueprints are dropped from the Infested Salvage mission on Eris. Nidus Systems: 14.29% on Rotation C Nidus Neuroptics: 14.29% on Rotation C Nidus Chassis: 14.29% on Rotation C His blueprint is gained from completion of 'The Glast Gambit' quest. Tips: During the quest, you will need a good amount of Credits. The Index is not locked by this quest, do farm up a couple million credits from it or from the Profit-Taker. The Infested Salvage mission is highly boring solo, do bring a team if possible. History: Nidus was released in 2016. NOVA Difficulty to Obtain: 2/5 Prerequisites: Europa unlocked. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from the Raptor boss on Europa. Nova Systems: 22.56% Nova Neuroptics: 38.72% Nova Chassis: 38.72% Her blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Nova was released in 2013. NYX Difficulty to Obtain: 2/5 Prerequisites: None. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from the boss Phorid in Infested Invasions. Nyx Systems: 22.56% Nyx Neuroptics: 38.72% Nyx Chassis: 38.72% Her blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Nyx was released in 2013. OBERON Difficulty to Obtain: 5/5 Prerequisites: Veil Proxima unlocked. Acquisition: His component blueprints are dropped from the Point of Interests located in three Railjack Proximas. The ones in Veil are marked with a white waypoint once you have the Intrinsic Piloting Rank 5. The rest are just double objectives- so completing any mission in Saturn or Earth will count. Oberon Systems: 10% from Earth Proxima Point of Interest Oberon Neuroptics: 10% from Grineer Veil Proxima Point of Interest Oberon Chassis: 10% from Saturn Proxima Point of Interest His blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: Just by doing missions in the three mentioned locations above you may be able to get him. Especially if you stick to doing Point of Interests every Empyrean mission as well. Also, by Grineer Veil Proxima, I mean the few missions to the right of the Veil Proxima. All in the middle and to the left are Corpus nodes. History: Oberon was released in 2013. OCTAVIA Difficulty to Obtain: 5/5 Prerequisites: 'Octavia's Anthem' quest. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from three separate locations. Octavia Systems: 22.56% from Rotation A resource caches on Lua Octavia Neuroptics: 22.56% from Rotation C survival on Deimos Octavia Chassis: 100% from the Music Puzzle on Lua Her blueprint is gained from completion of the 'Octavia's Anthem' quest. Tips: For her systems, just search around in the Exterminate on Lua and find one cache, then extract. For her neuroptics, run a usual survival on Deimos to 20 minutes, and end it. For her chassis, the Music Puzzle is a rare room on Lua that requires you to listen to a couple notes and then repeat it. If you are watching and listening, there should be no problems. History: Octavia was released in 2017. PROTEA Difficulty to Obtain: 5/5 Prerequisites: 'The Deadlock Protocol' quest. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from all three tiers of Granum Void. Protea Systems: 11.11% from Granum Void (Nightmare) Rotation C Protea Neuroptics: 11.11% from Granum Void (Normal) Rotation C Protea Chassis: 11.11% from Granum Void (Extended) Rotation C Her blueprint is gained from completion of 'The Deadlock Protocol' quest. Tips: For Protea's Neuroptics, you should use Granum Crowns on a Corpus ship tileset (Phobos's Capture is a good one). For Protea's Chassis, you should use Exemplar Granum Crowns on the same tileset. For Protea's Systems, you should use Zenith Granum Crowns on the same tileset (Pluto's Capture is a good one). History: Protea was released in 2020. REVENANT Difficulty to Obtain: 4/5 Prerequisites: 'Mask of the Revenant' quest. Acquisition: His component blueprints are dropped from the bounties in Cetus. Below are the highest chances. Revenant Systems: 21.95% in Stage 5 Revenant Neuroptics: 10.20% in Stage 5 Revenant Chassis: 19.05% in Stage 5 His blueprint is gained from completion of the 'Mask of the Revenant' quest. Tips: For maximum efficiency, just do the later on Cetus bounties till Stage 5 with the bonus reward. The bonus reward counts are another Stage 5 completion, so you practically double your chances. History: Revenant was released in 2018. RHINO Difficulty to Obtain: 2/5 Prerequisites: Venus unlocked. Acquisition: His component blueprints are dropped from the boss Jackal on Venus. Rhino Systems: 22.56% Rhino Neuroptics: 38.72% Rhino Chassis: 38.72% His blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Rhino was released in 2012, as one of the original eight frames. SARYN Difficulty to Obtain: 2/5 Prerequisites: Sedna unlocked. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from the boss Kela De Thaym on Sedna. Saryn Systems: 22.56% Saryn Neuroptics: 38.72% Saryn Chassis: 38.72% Her blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Saryn was released in 2013. SEVAGOTH Difficulty to Obtain: 5/5 Prerequisites: 'Call of the Tempestarii' quest. Acquisition: His component blueprints are dropped from the Void Storm missions in the Veil Proxima, Neptune Proxima, and Pluto Proxima. Sevagoth Systems: 10% from Veil and Pluto, and 9.76% from Neptune Sevagoth Neuroptics: 10% from Veil and Pluto, and 9.76% from Neptune Sevagoth Chassis: 10% from Veil and Pluto, and 9.76% from Neptune His blueprint is gained from completion of the 'Call of the Tempestarii' quest. Tips: No tips to give. History: Sevagoth was released in 2021. STYANAX TITANIA Difficulty to Obtain: 3/5 Prerequisites: 'The Silver Grove' quest. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are gained from completion of 'The Silver Grove' quest. Her blueprint is gained from completion of 'The Silver Grove' quest. Tips: No tips to give. History: Titania was released in 2016. TRINITY Difficulty to Obtain: 2/5 Prerequisites: Pluto unlocked. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from the boss Frohd Bek and his Ambulas on Pluto. Trinity Systems: 22.56% Trinity Neuroptics: 38.72% Trinity Chassis: 38.72% Her blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Trinity was released in 2012, as one of the eight original frames. VALKYR Difficulty to Obtain: 2/5 Prerequisites: Jupiter unlocked. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from the boss Alad V on Jupiter. Valkyr Systems: 22.56% Valkyr Neuroptics: 38.72% Valkyr Chassis: 38.72% Her blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: Take out the Zanuka first, since it heals Alad V whenever he gets low on Health Points. History: Valkyr was released in 2013. VAUBAN Difficulty to Obtain: 1/5 Prerequisites: None. Acquisition: His component blueprints are sold by Nora Night in the current Nightwave Season for 25 Nightwave Creds each. His blueprint is found in the Market or as a daily login reward. Tips: No tips to give. History: Vauban was released in 2013. VOLT Difficulty to Obtain: 1/5 Prerequisites: 'Awakening' quest or be in a Clan. Acquisition: In the 'Awakening' quest, you can gain Volt for free. A fully built Volt is sold from Teshin for 60,000 Conclave standing at Rank 5. His components are sold from the Tenno Lab in any clan that has him. His blueprint is sold from the Tenno Lab in any clan that has him. Tips: No tips to give. History: Volt was released in 2012, as one of the original eight frames. WISP Difficulty to Obtain: 2/5 Prerequisites: 'Chimera Prologue' quest. Acquisition: Her component blueprints are dropped from the boss the Ropalolyst on Jupiter. Wisp Systems: 25.81% Wisp Neuroptics: 25.81% Wisp Chassis: 25.81% Her blueprint is dropped from the boss the Ropalolyst on Jupiter at a 22.56% chance. Tips: The Ropalolyst boss is hard first try, but once you get it, it's not hard. Start by travelling the 1,000 meters to the boss fight. Once you begin the fight, head to one of the three electric towers on the left, right, or forward sides. Let the Ropalolyst try to shoot you and instead shoot the tower. Take out it's shields with your Amp, and then Interact with it and fly it into the electric tower. Repeat three times, then kill. History: Wisp was released in 2019. WUKONG Difficulty to Obtain: 1/5 Prerequisites: Be in a Clan. Acquisition: His components are sold from the Tenno Lab in any clan that has his. His blueprint is sold from the Tenno Lab in any clan that has his. Tips: No tips to give. History: Wukong was released in 2015. XAKU Difficulty to Obtain: 4/5 Prerequisites: 'Heart of Deimos' quest and Rank 5 with Solaris United. Acquisition: Their component blueprints are dropped from the bounties in the Necralisk on Deimos. Xaku Systems: 10% from Stage 5 Xaku Neuroptics: 10% from Stage 5 Xaku Chassis: 13.04% from Stage 5 Their blueprint is gained from completion of the 'Heart of Deimos' quest. Tips: Complete the bounties to Stage 5 and get the bonus. The bonus reward counts as another Stage 5 completion, so you practically have double chance to get the parts you need. Xaku also requires Gyromag Systems, which are from Vox Solaris and require Rank 5 with Solaris United in Fortuna, Venus. History: Xaku was released in 2020. YARELI Difficulty to Obtain: 3/5 Prerequisites: 'The Waverider' quest. Acquisition: Her components are sold from the Ventkids Bashlab in any clan that has her. Her blueprint is gained from completion of 'The Waverider' quest. Tips: No tips to give. History: Yareli was released in 2021. ZEPHYR Difficulty to Obtain: 1/5 Prerequisites: Be in a Clan. Acquisition: Her components are sold from the Tenno Lab in any clan that has her. Her blueprint is sold from the Tenno Lab in any clan that has her. Tips: No tips to give. History: Zephyr was released in 2014. PRIME WARFRAMES AND WEAPONS Before We Begin This section does not display the best way to get each Prime. Just so you don't get too confused, every single one is from the same source. Open relics in Void Fissure missions to get Prime parts. New relics can only be obtained in missions for Unvaulted Primes. Vaulted ones do not drop in missions, but their parts and relics can be traded. There are three ways to get each Prime: -Farming relics and opening them; only Unvaulted. -Buying relics and opening them or buying their parts and building them. -From rare Twitch drops, certain Primes are available whenever DE feels like giving them. Now that's out of the way, enjoy! Prime Releases: Khora Prime* (Released summer 2022) with Dual Keres Prime and Hystrix Prime Garuda Prime (Released spring 2022) with Corvas Prime and Nagantaka Prime Harrow Prime (Released winter 2021) with Knell Prime and Scourge Prime Nidus Prime (Released autumn 2021) with Strun Prime and Magnus Prime Gara Prime (Released spring 2021) with Astilla Prime and Volnus Prime Octavia Prime (Released spring 2021) with Pandero Prime and Tenora Prime Nezha Prime (Released autumn 2020) with Guandao Prime and Zakti Prime Note: Khora Prime, Dual Keres Prime, and Hystrix Prime are currently in Prime Access, and Nezha Prime, Guandao Prime, and Zakti Prime are next to be vaulted. * Khora Prime provides 12,000 Mastery Points (instead of the usual 6,000 for a Warframe) because her companion, Venari Prime, also provides Mastery. Ordered: By Release Prime Unvaulting: Chroma Prime (Released autumn 2018) with Gram Prime and Rubico Prime Zephyr Prime (Released spring 2018) with Tiberon Prime and Kronen Prime Note: Unvaultings usually last around three months. This one began May 11th and is assumed to end late August. Ordered: By Release Permanent Primes: Valkyr Prime (Released autumn 2016) with Cernos Prime and Venka Prime Nyx Prime (Released autumn 2014) with Hikou Prime and Scindo Prime Note: Permanent Primes are currently only available from Railjack, along with their weapons. Ordered: By Release Baro Ki'Teer Exclusive Primes: Aklex Prime, Akvasto Prime, and Vasto Prime Volt Prime (Released spring 2015) with Odonata Prime Note: Baro Ki'Teer comes every two weeks but does not always have relics for above Primes. Ordered: Alphabetically Vaulted Primes: Ash Prime (Released summer 2015) with Vectis Prime and Carrier Prime Atlas Prime (Released autumn 2019) with Tekko Prime and Dethcube Prime Banshee Prime (Released spring 2017) with Euphona Prime and Helios Prime Ember Prime (Released autumn 2013) with Sicarus Prime and Glaive Prime Equinox Prime (Released spring 2019) with Stradavar Prime and Tipedo Prime Excalibur Prime* (Released winter 2012) with Lato Prime* and Skana Prime* Frost Prime (Released spring 2013) with Latron Prime and Reaper Prime Hydroid Prime (Released summer 2017) with Ballistica Prime and Nami Skyla Prime Inaros Prime (Released summer 2020) with Panthera Prime and Karyst Prime Ivara Prime (Released winter 2019) with Baza Prime and Aksomati Prime Limbo Prime (Released summer 2018) with Pyrana Prime and Destreza Prime Loki Prime (Released summer 2014) with Bo Prime and Wyrm Prime Mag Prime (Released autumn 2013) with Boar Prime and Dakra Prime Mesa Prime (Released winter 2018) with Akjagara Prime and Redeemer Prime Mirage Prime (Released winter 2017) with Akbolto Prime and Kogake Prime Nekros Prime (Released summer 2016) with Tigris Prime and Galatine Prime Nova Prime (Released winter 2014) with Soma Prime and Vasto Prime** Oberon Prime (Released spring 2017) with Silva & Aegis Prime and Sybaris Prime Rhino Prime (Released spring 2014) with Boltor Prime and Ankyros Prime Saryn Prime (Released spring 2016) with Spira Prime and Nikana Prime Titania Prime (Released spring 2020) with Corinth Prime and Pangolin Prime Trinity Prime (Released autumn 2015) with Dual Kamas Prime and Kavasa Prime Collar*** Vauban Prime (Released spring 2016) with Akstilleto Prime and Fragor Prime Volt Prime** (Released spring 2015) with Odonata Prime** Wukong Prime (Released summer 2019) with Zhuge Prime and Ninkondi Prime Note: All above frames and weapons' parts can be traded, however not obtained via drops. * Excalibur Prime, Lato Prime, and Skana Prime are for Founder's only. Not tradeable, either. These three items do not show up in your Profile unless you have them. ** These items are available from Baro Ki'Teer. *** Kavasa Prime Collar does not show up in your Profile and is not able to be mastered. Ordered: Alphabetically Expected Primes Revenant Prime (Expected autumn 2022) with Phantasma Prime and Tatsu Prime Baruuk Prime (Expected winter 2022) with Cobra & Crane Prime Hildryn Prime (Expected spring 2023) with Larkspur Prime Wisp Prime (Expected summer 2023) with Fulmin Prime Gauss Prime (Expected autumn 2023) with Akarius Prime and Acceltra Prime Grendel Prime (Expected winter 2023) with Masseter Prime Protea Prime (Expected spring 2024) with Velox Prime Xaku Prime (Expected summer 2024) with Quassus Prime Lavos Prime (Expected autumn 2024) with Cedo Prime Sevagoth Prime (Expected winter 2024) with Epitaph Prime Yareli Prime (Expected spring 2025) with Kompressa Prime Caliban Prime (Expected summer 2025) with Venato Prime Styanax Prime* (Expected autumn 2025) Gyre Prime (Expected winter 2025) with Alternox Prime Unnamed Werewolf Frame Prime* (Expected spring 2026) Note: Prime releases are often two males, then two females. This list is showing that; however, the order could swap. For example, Revenant and Baruuk could swap places. However, Baruuk and Hildryn have a very small chance to swap places. Note: All above with a single Prime weapon will most likely receive another Prime weapon, however it is currently unnamed. I only put their signature weapons above, since those have always been Primed in the past. * These Warframes currently do not exist yet but have been announced. Ordered: By Release THE END Thank you for sticking around to the end! I hope you found this guide useful, and I plan to do much more with it in the future. Now, I am so very sorry, but I have to do what EVERY content creator... EVERY guide maker does. I really am sorry. Like, honestly, I am. If you found it useful, leave a like. If you have any ideas on how I can improve this guide, leave a comment. And if you SUPER loved this guide and want me to sign something for you with my name on it, don't ask. Because I won't do that. If you are willing too, please do go through the guide and make sure the formatting is accurate. I tried my best to keep every section the same and I self-revised as much as possible, but I do miss grammar and formatting mistakes sometimes. Leave it in a comment for me to fix. Thank you! -Bubbha P.S: Find me ingame as @BubbhaPrime or send me a DM on the forums for any questions.
  23. Introduction The wolf warframe is one ive been waiting for ever since my first time playing the game. It took them long enough but the design looks truly brutal, primal and looks like they will be really vicious. I have some ideas for this frame. I know theres no chance this will be seen by enough people to get it in DE's eyes and even less that this is what the frame will do but id still hate myself if i didn't get these out there. If they do end up taking inspiration thats great too ofcourse. I have actually decided to just fully conceptualize my idea of this frame. Warframe stats Health: 400 (2000 at Level 30) Armor: 200 (350 at Level 30) Sheilds: None Energy: 100 (250 at Level 30) "An apex predator on the battlefields. Striking fear into those previously thought fearless. Fighting tooth and claw tearing the flesh from bone. As loyal as a kubrow yet as lethal as a honed blade. This is ________." I decided that this Warframe is the perfect frame to also lack sheilds as its theme to me gives off a primal feeling. I was also going to originally have this frame use health as its energy but decided against it. I struck a balance between Inaros and Nidus for these stats. To me this Warframe feels like they belong up there in the "Too angry to die" category of characters alongside Guts from Berserk, Doom Slayer or Doom guy from Doom, Ganon from Legend of Zelda and the likes so being a frame with high health and armor just feels right. Ability concepts Ability 1: The first ability i thought of could be a shoulder charge or leap. When at max distance of the shoulder charge or on recast of the shoulder charge your tail of energy could explode. You would deal impact or slashing damage as you run staggering those you hit (The design looks heavy and sharp so its a toss up) with the AOE explosion being a mix of blast and viral damage (Maybe a different damage type but since lycanthropy is contracted and the claws/teeth of most creatures cause infections i thought viral could help and make sense.) If the leap then it could explode when landing dealing impact to those you land near and again exploding with blast and viral damage (Again damage types could be swapped around.). Maybe both of these abilities could be in one? A sprinting stace where you deal minor impact or slashing and stagger like the shoulder charge when sprinting but you could melee to shoulder bash or jump to leap. There could be a reticle that shows where the explosion could happen on the floor. Ability 2: The second ability i thought would be really cool if it could group so it makes it easier for you to use your abilities effectively and build up your passive. With this ability you cast it on a area and the heads create a ring that closes over time knocking anyone it hits towards the centre and dealing slight damage. Could even also explode if charged or leapt into using the first ability or when reaching the end of its uptime. Great synergy for rest of the kit. This also echoes the behaviour of wolves stalking prey as a pack. Ability 3: The 3rd ability might be cool if it was a buff potentially a toggle or stack based one. If it were a toggle: it could drain your health but gives you armor and lifesteal to really sell that feral theme and playstyle or maybe that feeling of a starving beast looking for its next meal. My other idea is technically already taken but ill put it here anyway you would lunge forward and grab an enemy much akin to the Necramech Bonewidow. You could melee to throw them or recast to drain/devour them which would add one stack or a % to the buff that could again be armor and lifesteal. Maybe the higher the buff is though the more health is being lost over time. This is similar to a Necramech ability and a Grendel ability. If we want a visual representation of these stacks we could have a bigger tail, more energy heads or a energy moon above the Warframe's head. Ability 4: My favourite idea is the 4th ability. This would be a howl that summons the energy heads around you that will bite when you use a melee attack dealing damage probably Viral and piercing or slash. The heads would fly out towards your crosshairs and deal damage along the path when shooting with ranged weaponry if an enemy that wasjust hit by a head is hot again with another they could even explode for a small AOE. Maybe this could also have one circle each ally in range upon its initial cast to deal slight thorns or lash out at enemies in range to sell the pack idea. Possibly an augment idea? Passive: As for passive id love for the frame to have the ability to full on wall crawl but that's a bit far so i thought of maybe a bloodlust idea? The more enemies (Or allies and companions) around you the more armor, lifesteal or ability power you get. Could also be the total amount of enemy missing health around you as if the spilled blood is driving the frame mad and it deteriorates over time. Another idea is something that allows her to either bypass or shred enemy armor and or sheilds with her abilities. Maybe converting a % of her Ability strength or efficiency into shred or damage bypass. Name ideas I think the frames names is a different matter since theres so much you could pull inspiration from. I was initially not going to add this but i love mythology so much and have a few decent enough ideas i thought id add them. First is Lycan/Lycana for example pretty basic but gets the point across. However mythology has a ton of interesting and fun hounds and wolves to pull from such as: Fenrir from Norse mythology, Skoll and Hati the Norse wolves who chase the sun and moon, Geri and Freki other names for Skoll and Hati i believe, Romulus and Remus could be fun names to make spins on since they were raised by a She-wolf you could akin to the Lotus maybe Romula or Rema, Asena founder of the Ashina clan, Amarok has potential as it fits well in warframes current naming conventions with is sounds and Amarok is a monstrous wolf and night hunter, Im going to throw Cerubia out there a feminine spin on Cerberus with the numerous heads and we all know Cerberus as the gaurdian of the underworlds gates. Last but not least theres Mauthe the hound from Greek mythology which could pair well with our 50th warframe being this sheild and spear centurion/spartan warrior. Weapon concepts I could make a thread aslong as Warframes lore about weapon concepts but for this i wanted them to work with the frames design and abilities. I have also decided to only give ideas in one of each category so one primary, secondary and melee. Primary: So for this weapon i think a nice heavy rifle would fit best. One that can rip shrapnel at high speeds. Either a crit and slash based stat set or a Element viral based stat set would fit best. I was thinking of a gun that can switch fire modes much like the Tiberon that launched fang like projectiles in a shotgun, Full auto and semi auto firemodes. The design for all these weapons could look similar to the Bad Juju (Shown below) from Destiny crossed with the Grim Marrow (Also shown below) from Outriders. A bony like design with one of the wolf skulls on it. Its passive in "Wolf inspired Warframes" hands could be that it ignores a small % of Sheild/Armor or has a small % lifesteal. Bad Juju (Destiny) Grim Marrow (Outriders) Secondary: These i thought would be cool if they were wrist mounted wolf skulls that launched energy much like the Staticor or Yangs ember celica from the Rooster teeth's show RWBY but shoot the fang like projectiles that are either crit slash or viral slash. These could also have a similar passive to what i suggested for the primary. Melee: Theres only one option i think for what the melee weapon could be. Claws. These claws would match the previous weapons in design and also be either crit slash or Viral slash. Their unique trait in the new warframes hands would be that as your combo counter grows it gains energy around the claws that what released on a heavy attack send claw mark projectiles forward that deal heavy damage. Conclusion Anyway those are my ideas, either way i love the final concept design (Shown below) and will probably be maining them. It was a great moment to hear that an artist from Darksiders and none other than JOE MADUREIRA was working on this frame was well . . . I screamed audibly. Final concept art below belongs to Digital extremes and the artist Joe Madureira. Thanks to Goatly Gamer for the ideas of the passive working off allies and companions.
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    I have searched the highest mountains been to the deepest depths of the sea, I have explored the skies far and wide, and after my long long Journey I have come to the conclusion, Inaros is indeed trash.
  25. Tenno, 我们征求了你们的反馈意见,你们也给予了回答!感谢你们给了我们如何继续改进和发展 Warframe 的建设性反馈。今天很高兴与大家分享我们与 Purzzle 和 Um_Jaewon 合作创建的 Warframe 2022年调查结果。我们收到了 70,253 份来自你们的回复,现将其总结如下。 你可以在这里找到这些数据的原始表格。 那么,接下来会有什么? 现在,我们有了这些信息,有几件关键的事情让我们印象深刻。 • Mod 系统可以做一些调整 • 玩家希望看到试炼任务(8人任务)的回归,此外还想要有一些更具挑战性的后期游戏内容。 • 我们可以在很多方面进行探索以改动游戏的体验。 在我们继续制作完善 Warframe 的过程中,我们会考虑这些之前被拿走和更多相关的内容!我们很高兴看到大部分结果与我们目前对 Warframe 的期望一致。总会有改进的余地,且这次调查给了我们很好的综合反馈来让我们继续前进。 对于所有深思熟虑和支持性的评论,我们也很感激!再次感谢你们,Tenno!通过你们的努力,始源星系将会继续拓展。
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