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  1. so we all know now that yareli has survivablitiy worse then a bag of potatos in a high power blender. i tried doing a rank 2 Lich mission alone and because of the lack of fire power and ability power i cant even take down a level 65 Nox. so i have some idea's on how to make yareli more useful. 1. make it so yareli can use all types of weapons while on her second ability/Merulina. a. this would allow her to kill more eneimes more effectively. b. it would also allow her to get though higher level content easier and not leave in failures and making the player feel like they wasted there plat or/time on her 2. Merulina being able to use existing K-drive mods already sold by the Ventkids in fortuna. 3. allow Merulina to count as a K-drive for the k-drive races and seeing the locations for the races on the map 4. make her 3rd ablilty have more then three blades spining around. or/and make it so it can actually protect Merulina and Yareli by being able to deal damage enough to do a something against heavy gunners and higher tier enemies. these are some of the ideas i have for Yareli. i really want Yareli to be good, but at her current state and the content i am up against i cant bring myself to use her because she cant keep up with the level of the enemies.
  2. Ogris Nightwatch Napalm flame effect remains bright red even after changing the weapons effect color to say black. My personal preference is to change aoe weapon energy to dark colors as to not to obstruct my own and other players view while still enjoying all the other particles. Demo - https://1drv.ms/v/s!Av-PWuKTYiZmgsUD4PAlodN7suxaBw Mission - https://1drv.ms/v/s!Av-PWuKTYiZmgsUE3ZF8TH9NJmcu0w
  3. I mean really, the auto fire mode does the same base damage as the Braton, has basically the same crit chance and a longer reload on top of that. The charge shot is also inconsistent in the range of the explosion, often failing to hit enemies standing right on top of each other, if the explosion is supposed to be 6m in radius then that is utterly impossible. It is basically worse than the Fulmin by a large degree (the next nearest gun it can compare to) despite being requiring 2 MR more to build. I'd seriously suggest buffing this gun ASAP, it doesn't need to be absurd, but at least make it not comparable to a freaking MR0 Braton in terms of stats.
  4. Mark anbarea and Railjack will fire its cannon every 2 or 3 seconds when enemies enter the area. Deals heavy damage to enemies and knocks back those who survive the blast. (Similar or same as Vauban's 3rd ability) OR (More challening to code) Enemies are shot with the side cannons that have been currently selected in your Railjack. Shots explode in small AoE every 0.5 seconds regardless of the chosen weapon.
  5. TENET DIPLOS: Increase the base status chance of Tenet Diplos from 14% to 20%. Double the current base ammo reserve pool of Tenet Diplos. Increase the current base fire rate of Tenet Diplos by around 60% (14~15.75 value as shown in-game with a Lethal Torrent mod installed). Change the Aim-Bot fire mode to the middle mouse button for firing the gun when aiming down sights to separate it from the normal aim-down-sights fire mode and also remove the 2 shots per target cap, seriously it's just stupid. The weapon itself is still weak on potential damage output and the slow as heck fire rate only makes it worse. Ammo efficiency is the by far one of the biggest issues this gun faces alongside its stupid aim-down-sight aim-bot mode. DO THE ABOVE FIXES AND THIS GUN WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER TO USE. IT'S NOT THAT HARD DE. We're literally suggesting these hard-to-miss changes/fixes to you guys whom are the developers of this game.
  6. Well, this is mostly a fashionframe related gripe really. Warframes, weapons, sentinels, can all be customized to any color you have unlocked in the color scheme, and yet companions such as Kubrows, Kavats and their variants have their separate gene kit color system, but the colors are way too limited. There's no way to preview the colors of the gene masking kit on your companion before purchasing or obtaining them either, which is a shame. The square fur patch often doesn't show how it would actually look on your companion, unlike warframes, sentinels or weapons where you can preview colors of schemes you haven't obtained yet, and see for yourself how it would look on them. Even the default collar for Kubrows let you set the primary, secondary colors and such, but doesn't actually change its grey color, only the emissive portion actually changes. I understand DE probably makes a lot of money from platinum spent on the gene masking kits, going at 50 each, and not giving the option to preview likely means purchasing kits for one color that you think would look good but might end up not matching after all, but only realizing that after purchasing it. I've been looking for a specific color, and off-white light yellow tone, but the only color closest to that is Atrox Kubrow Gene Masking Kit, offered free to players in 2015. I only started playing on 2019, and it's been 6 years since then with no other way to obtain it either. What's really insane is the lack of color choices compared to everything else in the game, to the point you have to look at a gene kit offered 6 years ago for something as simple as an off white light yellow hue.
  7. I have my Amazon prime and twitch linked to my Warframe account and I have not received any drops. They say claimed but I didn’t receive anything in game. It says that I am linked. I tried unlinking everything and relinking them and I have still received nothing.
  8. 50% toxin tenet cycron with a lucretia ephemera
  9. During the Q&A in the dev panel, Pablo said he would much rather work on new content rather than fix old stuff, and as such no additional Warframe reworks are pending. I can understand wanting to add things to the game, and yes, please, give us more. But there are a lot of things that really do need to be addressed, and I hate the idea of have 47 Warframes with at least half of them having either a wasted ability or just a really weak kit. Don't get me wrong, there are almost no frames that I would say are broken to the point of needed a total overhaul, and the community definitely tends to be very shortsighted with new releases (Yareli's being dragged through the mud right now, but I'm confident she's going to get some bumps in power). There are also some core mechanics in the game that honestly do need a bit of a once-over. Note: Pablo's responsible for a ton of my favorite parts of this game, like Nezha and Wukong's reworks, as well as Nullifiers. Yes, I think Nullifiers are a good addition. ...Except when I'm playing max range Limbo. Warframes: We all have at least one frame that we think needs a little love. Mesa needs a new 1. Excalibur's 1 needs to be retuned for Melee 3.0. Garuda is basically a Valkyr rework, and she has her own problems like blood ball management and a fun bug if you cast her 1 too fast. Grendel is Grendel. Hydroid is about as effective at killing enemies as slapping them with noodles. Obviously, some players love these frames as they are, but with the Helminth system came a chance for us to get a look at what abilities players thought were better being replaced with something wholesale, and it really does feel like a band-aid approach. I think a good once-over of every frame would do some good. Not even big changes, for some it would literally just be tweaking AOE/aiming and shifting some numbers and scaling around. And for Void's sake, we really should be able to recast buffs while they're active, rather than having to have a ton of mods thrown at us to allow them to be recast. Convenience is rarely worth a mod slot. Weapons: I like the idea of the Galvanized mods, as they introduce what's basically a combo counter to a lot of weapons, but again, this was a faster solution in the place of a more thorough one, especially when paired with arcanes. I think mechanically the new primary and secondary arcanes are tuned just fine, but I do feel as though a lot of the problem is the systemic failure that is the damage system. There is practically no reason to run viral/fire outside of very specific circumstances. Meanwhile, gas and magnetic have almost no real utility outside of basically two enemy types, even though gas is probably one of the most fun status effects. Magnetic, however, has no utility outside of shielded enemies, which are almost non-existent outside of the Corpus, and toxin ignores shields anyway. Seriously, what is the point of having magnetic damage outside of semi-scripted fights like Profit Taker? To make matters worse, there are twelve flavors of enemy resistance types with thirteen types of damage (excluding "object" enemies like Blunts and True and Void damage types, which have no resistances), and a lot of the damage vs resistance matchups don't really make sense. Why does poisonous gas do less damage to living flesh and more damage to infested flesh? Why does electricity do less damage to alloy armor, despite metals being conductive (generally)? And then there's another problem. Primaries: There are, realistically, six categories of primary weapons: automatic rifles, semi-automatic rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, launchers, and bows, along with a few oddballs lumped into other categories like the Phage, Phantasma, and Ignis. Tuning-wise however, there are almost no situations where you would want to use a semi-auto over an auto rifle. For example, assuming you have perfect timing (or just assign mouse-wheel down) you can fire a Latron Prime 4 times per second, with each shot at a base of 90 damage. A Tenora (classique) will spool up to doing 11 shots per second at 40 damage. The Latron Prime has lower crit chance and higher crit damage and status chance, but you're way more likely to have a Tenora crit, and having almost 3 times the fire rate means a higher probability of status effects. Both are dwarfed by the sheer destructive power of the Cedo, which not only has innate Condition Overload, but also an AOE that spreads a TON of status. It's an automatic shotgun, and probably the best weapon in the game, which is why it makes sense to lock it behind a long rep grind. However, all of these are MR 8 weapons. I understand that older weapons aren't going to be as highly tuned as more recent ones. However, there really should be more consistency among the relationship between fire rate and damage per shot. A more math-savvy Tenno could probably do proper DPS graph of what a mag dump would look like for each weapon, but I think most of us would rather run explosives anyway. Modding: Warframes, and I'd argue melee weapons, have a ton of wiggle room in modding. Primaries and secondaries are basically "build hybrid crit/status with Viral/fire." If the point of having eight mod slots is the give players the freedom to have a unique weapon instead of a tech tree, then that design has failed. Every now and then you get a weird outlier of a weapon like the Tiberon Prime that can be modded towards any one of its strengths. But unless you're in very late game or running Chroma, there's almost never a reason not to add base damage or multishot to weapons. My opinion on Multishot has always been that it's a glorified, upgraded version of crit chance, and many Warframe youtubers basically repeat the mantra of one or two "free mod slots" or "preference slots," meaning the ones not devoted to damage, multishot, viral, and crit. The most fun weapons I've ever built were a set of max fire rate Twin Vipers and a max magazine Carmine Penta (the Grenade Scythe), but there's absolutely no reason to ever use them, and in most situations they're unusable. On one hand, weapons level like Warframes, so it would make sense for a weapon's power to scale with level, but on the other hand, that would also mean a lot of homogenization of weapons. ...Honestly I'm not sure how to tackle this. Player Feedback: Why is there no in-game way for players to give feedback on new content? A simple rating box that you can access if you've done the requisite task would be great! A great example would be Yareli. The forums have made it very clear (myself included) that she has some serious problems. But to make your voice heard, you need to go to the forums, and because all of the feedback is being done in a massive batch, a lot of it gets lost. While I'll admit a lot of players are really optimistic about some changes (someone basically suggested a full rework of Merulina to be a whale, like... lol wut), there is a ton of requests that are really reasonable that will probably be lost to the ether. Not to mention the simple problem of "how many players post of the forums?" Just some buttons in game that integrate with the game's data would be fantastic. It would also be cool to have a wider access to some beta features to see what's coming down the pipeline. I love the Tennocon relays, and I think it would be awesome to have them in game for every dev-stream. I don't know what that would look like from a back-end perspective, but it would be a way more positive experience to hang out in a relay with fellow tenno rather than try and comprehend Twitch chat from literally everywhere on Earth. I know this was a long, rambling post. I'm not meaning to be like "rawrgh Pablo bad." I honestly think he's one of the coolest figures in gaming right now, being an extremely active player in a game he's developing. I just thought that particular line rubbed me a little the wrong way. To quote Shuri from Black Panther: "Just because something works doesn't mean it can't be improved." I mean, I wouldn't have put thousands of hours into a game I don't love. But there are some things that I feel really deserve some polish and love.
  10. Compared to Cambion Drift, Orb Vallis feels boring and less interesting imo. I don't mind the bounties, I'm talking mostly about the activities like fishing, mining and farming environment resources. Mining can be buggy sometimes (dots not appearing or animal companions getting on the way), but on Vallis specifically they're rare compared to the other landscapes, mostly found inside caves or near their entrances. Fishing can also be annoying, with short 6min warm cycle and ocasional bug where the lure+dye being thrown on the hotspots not spawning any fish at all. Resource caches are usually found inside caves or near the outposts. On the other hand, Cambion Drift is quite the opposite, in most caves or any part of the surface area, you can easily farm environment resources, fish and mine at the same time, you can get bonuse drops on Requiem Obellisks while you're at it. Fishing here is definetely less frustrating, you can easily respawn them by just walking a little bit and returning to the hotspot. That's just how I feel about Orb Vallis atm. What are your thoughts on the state of the landscape after the release of Cambion Drift?
  11. I was wondering if I can start a new character and restart the game from the beginning?
  12. T_erry


    I want option that select ability's additional element BEFORE mission that can be do in arsenal
  13. The Teza is a secondary weapon and is classified as a Sniper Rifle. What I almost never see in this game is a straight up utility weapon. Most weapons aim for crit builds or status builds and the meta is Viral with Slash. The Teza challenges this concept in that you would not build it for crit or status, but utility only. Still interested? The Teza would have low stats across the board, making it seem like a dull weapon. Stats: Trigger-Type: Semi-Auto Ammo-Type: Sniper Projectile-Type: Projectile Noise-Level: Silent Fire-Rate: 0.85 Accuracy: 100 Magazine Size: 5 Ammo Maximum: 20 Reload Time: 2.0 Damage: 50 Impact: 20 Puncture: 30 Status Chance: 7% Crit Chance: 3% Crit Damage: 2.0x Again, this seems weak and pointless, yes? Well, when fired into an enemy, it generates a tether that will link the targeted enemy to up to 4 enemies within 5m of the targeted enemy. Each tethered enemy, including the targeted enemy, will slow all tethered enemies by 10%. What this means is that if you hit a target and gain the full +4 tether then you will have chained 5 enemies together, reducing their movement and action speed by 50%. This effect will remain until all enemies of the tether are killed. If you chain 5 enemies together and kill 1, the effect is reduced back to as if you only have 4 enemies chained together, because you do, so the slow effect would reduce to 40%. Headshots will double the total enemies chained to 10, this meaning including your targeted enemy it will chain up to 9 surrounding enemies for a total of 10. This will also increase the tether range to 7m. This also means that by chaining more enemies together, you increase the slow effect up to a total of 95%. With an ammo max of 20 and up to 10 enemies tethered per shot, you can slow up to 200 enemies by 95% before running dry, use any ammo conversion mod and you are golden for the long haul. Additionally, here comes the utility. Since the stats are low, crit and status are low you would want to use utility mods only such as Ammo Max, Ammo Capacity, Reload Speed, Projectile Speed, Fire Rate, etc... These utility mods would shine on this weapon. Holster Speed would be great because once you have the enemies locked down, switch to your primary and unleash Hell. Yes, gloom can be used for this and much better, however, not everyone has access to gloom, or the helminth system, or knows how to build properly for gloom so this gives a weapon alternative that is unique to any other weapon out there. Furthermore, I know I said you wouldn't want to build for status, but this weapon has one more thing going for it. Status and crit have a chance to proc for each enemy within the tether, so if you chain 5 enemies together then the 7% status chance has a chance to proc 5 times. If you do proc a status, it is shared amongst the tethered enemies, so a single proc will equal up to 5 enemies effected, or 10 depending on whether or not you landed a headshot and were able to chain the max amount of enemies due to proximity. So, if you have a couple mod slots open after applying your utility mods, slap a couple status mods in there such as the dual stat mods to also gain an element and add a bit of armor stripping with fire, or give their health a debuff with viral etc... This opens up the possibility of status as an additional utility and since the procs are shared amongst the enemies and you are given numerous chances per single shot, the low base status chance is not as bad as it originally seemed, but still low enough to keep this weapon as a utility weapon. Consider this: Pin down some enemies with a body shot. Take advantage of their slow for a headshot and increase the chain. Keep shooting chained enemies to tether to more enemies and thus increase your chance for status procs among all the chained enemies. A single shot can chain up to 10 enemies but the chain can grow indefinitely. The Teza, a secondary sniper used not to kill, but to capture and pin down your prey.
  14. It would be great to be able to try out any warframes and weapons that we don't yet own, and test out mod configurations, being able to set our own levels for them and forma in slots, maybe even helminth an ability if you have the segment unlocked, within a simulation such as in the Simulacrum. This would allow us to test mod combinations and weapons/warframes before farming for or purchasing them, and testing different combinations against simulations of enemies. I think this would also benefit DE as it would show what certain warframes or weapons have to offer and increase desire to obtain them, while we as consumers and players would have a better idea of what we are purchasing or farming for, and plan out builds better. There are third party sites that do DPS calculations of given mod configurations, but an ingame way to test out the builds would be great.
  15. I other players reached a certain point in Warframe, which made us stop playing and uninstall. Warframe is a top game, but something leaves a lot to be desired, the freedom of an open pvp without skill restrictions in open places like the plains, the game is very focused on attacking boots, this was never exciting, which hinders developers to apply the best system ever in this game? Should I purchase a subscription of thousands to prove it? "We want open pvp without skills restrictions"
  16. Hey Tenno! We are mostly back online across the board for now, except for in-game Chat service. (If that changes we’ll let you know). We wanted to give you a quick post-mortem of what happened this time around, and assurance that any stability issues will not prevent you from getting the day’s rewards. We’ll treat that right. The servers began to have issues when we combined our massive rise in concurrent users with several calls to action (account management, game access). There will always be the root “but shouldn’t you have expected that?” and the answer is we did, and based everything off 5 years of experience and data patterns. Yet - you still overwhelmed it in sheer numbers, Tenno! Free stuff is powerful. We have things in place to keep operational and will update threads as needed. The important thing is for everyone to be aware we are working on this, and we will treat you all right if connectivity issues persist. Please continue to enjoy the show at twitch.tv/warframe. Cheers ! Update: In-game Chat is back on all platforms. Update 2 (17:18 eastern time): We are monitoring some issues at the moment Tenno. As mentioned before we will treat you all right if connectivity issues persist.
  17. For whatever reason the forums aren't giving me the option to post in the xbox bugs section, but based on other posts I'm not the only one having this issue, so here this goes. Whenever I try and talk to anyone in Deimos, mid dialogue my Xbox One X crashes and hard restarts, obviously this prevents me from making any sort of progress there. Just came back after a year break after finding out cross-save was finally coming and as one can imagine, this kinda sucks.
  18. It was rough. Before I complain, I just wanna say that I love the short invulnerability you get when Marilina dies. Noice. It took r5 arcanes, galvanized mods, a riven, adaptaion, and more. Sounds good right? Wrong. I went out and forma frenzied kulstar, which was able to have a crit build with Yareli's passive. I tried to make her survivable on Marilina... She barely hangs in there. I was constantly dropping into operator form to survive fatal damage. "Why didn't you use a helminth ability? Why didn't you use a meta weapon?" BECAUSE I WANTED TO THINK THAT YARELI MIGHT HAVE EVEN ONE GOID ABILITY... Which would be her 1... Because it can stop a few enemies I guess... omg [edit] This was done in steel path.
  19. Remove "Life Support" timers, keep countdown for mission extraction and rewards--BUT set reward countdown to 3 minute intervals, to better match Relic Capture mission efficiency and progress enemy strength more quickly. No change to Acolyte's 5 minute spawn timer. Make Survival more about surviving and less about kills-per-second-lootframe-cheesing!
  20. how much would a 50% tox zarr w/ ephemera go for? ty
  21. Not allowing me to select Xbox as a bug report. Only seen one post, but nothing more about it. So i'm farming the Ambassador and down to Pluto and Veil for parts. I try to do those only when there is a void storm so there is a chance for hollow keys at end and i get get some void traces. There are several issues with survival: cant do them public because people can leave early and drag you with them, hollow keys are not granted every 5, 10 or whatever minutes and its per mission even if its 1 hour. Issue i'm reporting is that the void traces are granted for the first round only. After that you collect the 10 reactant to open the relic and you get nothing. Provided im not using any relics, but why grant me the traces on round one. Example #1 - https://1drv.ms/v/s!Av-PWuKTYiZmgsUF32fV1YJFyawN_A Example #2 - https://1drv.ms/v/s!Av-PWuKTYiZmgsUIhxhHveP32L95Zg
  22. 鋼の道のりに関する変更+修正点 • エンドレス系のミッションでない場合(特に妨害ミッションの場合)、最大で3体のアコライトが出現し、出現する度にレベルが上がるように。 • これは鋼の道のり妨害ミッションでのAFKアコライト出現に関する問題対処の為の変更です。 • 特定の距離を離れた後、スティール・エッセンスの5分間の消滅タイマーが正しく機能しない問題を修正。 効率変更 • サーバー側のIPv6プレイヤーのデータベーストラフィックを最適化。 変更点 • Vastilokの貫通距離を1から1.3へ上げ、コンボ倍率の表示が変更前のものである問題を修正。 • K-ドライブ、YareliのMerulinaに乗りながら転移を行えるように。  • 注:オペレーターモードでK-ドライブには乗れません。 • 呼び出したシスターはSoul Punchなどでターゲットをクローンせず、クローンからアイテムをドロップしないように。 • ハウンドのNull Auditプリセプトをトリガーしやすいように変更。 以前まではターゲットがエクシマスである場合のみ発動し、変更後は範囲内にエクシマスがいる場合発動するようになります。 • 「/dnd」チャットコマンドの仕様をトグル式に変更し、有効化・無効化を任意でできるように。 (変更前は「/normal」コマンドでのみ無効化可能) • Riven解放チャレンジでシールド回復アイテムに関する記述を変更。 • Helminth画面にHelminthアビリティ映像を追加。 • シスターハウンドのRepo Auditプリセプトはダウン中のプレイヤーをターゲットしないように。  • これによりダウン中の非ホストプレイヤーがRepo Auditによって武器を失わないように。 修正点 • Galvanized MODで得られる状態異常によるダメージボーナスが複数の武器で適用されない問題を修正。  • 後日、Catchmoonの確定衝撃効果との相互作用に関する問題も修正されます。 • 新規アカウントでランディングクラフトをカスタマイズした場合発生するゲームフリーズを修正。 • VoidrigのGuard Mode中に倒された場合発生するクラッシュを修正。 • キメラプロローグクエストをサクリファイスクエスト直後に開始した場合コンテキストアクションが表示されない問題を修正。 • クラン管理画面で発生するフリーズ・クラッシュを修正。 • レールジャック残骸画面で発生するフリーズ・クラッシュを修正。 • 通信シーンで発生するフリーズ・クラッシュを修正。 • シスターレールジャックでの決戦でホスト移行が発生し倒されたスペクターにコンテキストアクションを使用した場合発生するクラッシュを修正。 • 稀に発生するHelminth活性化を使用できない問題を修正。 • レクイエム・アルティメイタムを使用しギアが消費されシスター・リッチが出現しない問題を修正。 • レールジャック星系マップで「クルーに参加」ボタンからリッチ・シスター決戦ミッションに参加できる問題を修正。 • 決戦ミッションでリッチを抹殺・転向しミッションを中止すると、ホストがすべての報酬を手に入れられる問題を修正。 • センチネル武器の極性を入れ替えられない問題を修正。 • YareliがMerulinaに乗っている間、複数のアビリティが正しく機能しない問題を修正:  • Ash Smoke Shadow 増強  • Baruuk Desolate Hands  • Ivara Cloak Arrow  • Mesa Shooting Gallery  • Oberon Hallowed Ground  • Octavia Metronome  • Protea Grenade Fan  • Titania Tribute  • Wisp Reservoirs • Tenet Envoyのミサイルがナリファイアバリアに当たった場合空中で停止しスタックする問題を修正。 • Oull Requiem MODがチャットとコーデックスでリンクできない問題を修正。 • 非ホスト時ハウンドのDiversified Denialプリセプトがミニハウンドの蘇生プロンプトを表示する問題を修正。 • カンビオン荒地での出現ポイントに関する問題を修正:  • 敵の援軍がプレイヤーを追わず彷徨う問題を修正。  • ダイモス ジェネトリクスが敵を正しく出現させない問題を修正。  • ダイモス テンドリルドローンの出現頻度が高すぎる問題を修正。 • Helminthクブロウの幼体の表示が正しくない問題を修正。 • LunaroでカスタマイズしたWARFRAMEアビリティHUDが表示される問題を修正。 • ミッション結果画面で、結果画面が表示されてからミッションタイムがカウントされる問題を修正。 • ロード画面ヒントでParazon Mercyに関するヒントが以前の仕様を指す問題を修正。 • エリートクルーメイトの説明欄にある「Zetki」表記の誤字を修正。 • 戦術メニューからハッキングを行った場合のスクリプトエラーを修正。 • VoltでTransistor Shield増強MODを装着し、Electric Shield発動中に転移を行った場合発生するスクリプトエラーを修正。
  23. 我是一名warframe的萌新9段,刚开始接触这个游戏是去年,那时候刚注册steam发现这款免费的游戏,后来发现我同事也玩这个也给我讲了关于这个游戏很的事。比如:这个游戏挺良心的啊不用花钱的等等。刚开始很无聊除了跑图就是跑图但看见朋友的操作和特效真的很赞然后每次下班就去网吧开黑。渐渐喜欢了这款游戏,也是由于工作压力大打打砍砍放松放松。两个字很爽,刚开始真的什么都不懂一个开放式用的飞机好几天不知道怎么做出来滑板也没装打赏金任务刷那个材料就靠腿跑,手都真的按废了。渐渐的玩到了9段,这个月16号充了网费之后第二次上线突然发现验证码怎么还没发过来然后又等有又问,然而结果 哎 后来几天都去还是一样的 去问那些主播发了好久弹幕才回复不清楚他玩的tmd是国服,在群里发言也没得到太大的关注到现在心真的凉了。也不想说了好累 。什么新闻公告也没有也不解决也不怎么样怎么样,就我这些登不了的在这里逼逼,没问题的人处于事不关己 高高挂起的心态大家都没意识到事情的严重性和团结性可能是我这样的认为吧。我想今天玩个游戏让我登进去吧,求求你们了。
  24. I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else or I’m just unlucky but... recently... actually today I was doing a longer SP run for about 90min in MOT and everything was fine all mission long. My squad and I decided to leave so we did when the mission ended I was greeted with the message “failed to update account information” and it said it was retrying. It did this a few times then never did it again and booted me back to my ship. I went to check mission results and it was results from the previous mission not the one I just completed so the 90min SP run I did I did not receive any of my rewards or anything from the mission and just was left feeling like I just wasted an hour and a half. I want to preface this by saying I do have great connection. I don’t lag or have connection issues in games and I did not open the companion app. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and it feels bad. Is anyone else getting this? Is there a way to get back my about 20 arcades and 70+ SE or is it just gone?? Things like these really leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and makes me weary to even do longer missions or any mission at all for that matter. Am I the only person getting this?
  25. Xbox Sisters of Parvos: Hotfix #5 A quick and small hotfix post-TennoCon 2021! We hope you enjoy the day’s events. Fixes: Fixed Nightwave Cred Offerings not appearing.
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