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  1. I have my gear wheel bound to 1-0 on the number row, and this prevents me from using the little UI in the bottom corner to switch spear types and baits and things. It would be nice if the game would prioritize the conservation/fishing UI over the gear wheel until i no longer have the fishing spear or whatever equipped.
  2. For once, this is not a warframe concept, but rather, an operator concept. So, picture this... The tenno are beings with raw void energy flowing through them, right? Now, like most types of energy, it can be changed into different kinds of energy (for example- electricity, fire, ice, blood, glass -- you get the point). Now also like most energies, it can be refined and amplified and even focused ( for example - void amps and arcanes). So what if, through meditation, training, and exposure, the tenno can learn how to control their energy better, without the need for a conduit like a warframe? Able to properly control things like its flow, its constitution, it's density and its quality. Then next through martial training, they would understand how their energy functions as a part of their body, as an extension of their will, an extension of the limbs, an extension of just...them as a whole. To internalize that the energy they possess is there to help them, to fortify them against their enemies attacks, to empower their pwn attacks against any threat. The least understood and most predictable source of energy, it is dangerous to everything, especially poisonous to sentients. Inside a warframe, they can take on whole armies by themselves, but they would be better served if they could function sharply even without one. But to do so, they would need to nurture the void within them, and gain pinpoint control over it. Taking time to refine it and focus it within themselves through meditation and training, as well as studying with their preferred school, they would gain the ability to increase and compress the void energy within themselves, then let that chaotic and entropic energy erupt wildly, untamed. No limiters, no subconscious restraint, just pure, unfettered power, "The Void Unleashed" if you will. That's my explanation, but what would it look like? How would it manifest? I can answer those too. Bear with me, I have fleshed out this thought quite a bit, so there will be a lot to take in. First and foremost, what exactly is it? It would be an ascended form operators can take after fulfilling a few pre-requisites. In this form, the operator will surge wildly with void energy so potent, it changes their appearances and subsequently their gameplay mechanics. (The operator's height will be scaled up to 6 feet and they will be given a long, glowing set of robes that enshroud them. The robes will have an energy circle on the back that brightly displays the dominant focus school on the back as a large glowing light-symbol. The glowing energy that surrounds the tenno will be based on their chosen energy color(s). They will also levitate constantly (We've seen Wisp. It can be done.). Preferably long hair and glowing rings of energy, rings everywhere. One energy ring around the head, two energy rings around the wrists and one large ring on the back each with encircling orokin symbols, their meaning is irrelevant, it just needs to look really cool. They will shed the amp they are using and attack with bursts/beams/spheres/bolts of energy fired from the hands depending on which form they have. ) Next... How do you acquire the form? A progression of logging meditation time in a special, uninhabited node in the void, to build constitution and refine as well as compress stored void energy. Compressing the energy increases its potency and reduces its volume, which will allow the tenno to hold more in their body and increases its damage when used offensively. This will done for 20 minutes in real time (2 hours in lore-time), 5 times in total. The 20 minutes can be split into sessions of 5 minutes each, but it needs to be logged as 20 minutes before the day ends, otherwise you start from zero again. (It's literally leaving your tenno alone to meditate by themselves for 5-20 minutes, go watch a show, maybe make a sandwich or something) Every time the 20 minutes are logged, the operator's energy capacity will permanently increase by 13% and operator armor will permanently increase by 65. While meditating, however you will not be allowed to participate in any missions, and it can only be done once a day so you will need to choose when you do this. After, you will need to train martial prowess, to build a strong bodily foundation to be able to use a greater amount of much stronger void energy at any given time. This will be done by going through "Mastery Rank Up" style missions where there are certain conditions (Like don't take more than a certain amount of damage, or kill a certain amount of enemies without using more than a certain amount of energy). The tenno at this stage will be able to use modified versions of either sparring stances or fist stances and fight barehanded. These training sessions will happen 4 times in total. The first one will teach the tenno to envelope themselves in protective void energy to be able to take more punishment. Then the next session will teach them to use void energy to bolster their bodies, mainly their reflexes, to allow them to move more acrobatically and elegantly. This will help them dodge, bullet jump, roll and auto-parry melee attacks. The upward bullet jump will be a high backflip that lands with a safety roll. The third session will allow them to use weapons within a certain category without a warframe. (No hammers, greatswords or certain polearms. Too heavy) The fourth session will be test that combines everything the tenno have learned to overcome a group of simulated enemies. The enemies will come in waves, with each wave of enemies increasing incrementally in level. Best them in any way possible. That is all. The final task would be to go through void fissure missions with the operator only, to acclimatize the tenno body to the feeling of wild, chaotic void energy, without losing control of it. When in operator form, you can use the action button to investigate void fissures, to "feel them out". To understand how this energy corrupts the other factions. Investigate 4 times and log 30 total seconds in close proximity to these fissures to complete this step. (Lore-wise, this is about 2 weeks) After that, a new menu will be unlocked for use. This menu is the Ascension Customization. This menu allows you to customize the features of your new form, whenever you use it. So what can this new form do? There are 10 different Dominances that your new form can take. A Dominance would be a template of passives and recommended weapons as well as a special 4th ability to use while in the form. A dominance is assigned to you when you build your ability kit for the operator. You see, you get to select 3 abilities out of a pool of all the warframes' abilities in the game. Multiple equipped abilities with a similar theme or functionality will determine your Dominance. ( For example, if 3 or more of your skills revolve bleed statuses, you will be given the Blood Dominance, which has a passive that restores health to you when an enemy bleeds. This dominace also gives you access to bolts of condensed void energy that rip the enemy apart.) The ten possible Dominances and their Passives Are: Creation: If you get down, you can create an ethereal copy of yourself to revive you. When you get up, the tenno's will pulse with energy that stuns those nearby for a few seconds Destruction: Using a finisher on an enemy will release a wave of energy that removes 20% of total hp from all enemies within a small radius (roughly 9 meters). 45 second cooldown. Blood: Restores health to you when an enemy bleeds near you. The more bleeding enemies, the better. Scourge: Slam attacks will inflict viral, gas and corrosive statuses at the same time. 14 second cooldown. Solar: Every other ability used will cause the tenno's void aura to flash brightly, blinding all enemies with line of sight for 3 seconds. Lunar: Bullet jumps are a short blink forward, that can be charged. Upon full charge, the tenno will teleport and leave behind an illusion of their presence that draws aggro for a few seconds. Cooldown of 18 seconds. Storm: Every 300 energy spent will create a cyclone-like zone around the tenno that moves with them and levitates enemies in range off the ground, afflicting them with magnetic and corrosive, and then throwing them away, forcing Stun when they get up. The cyclone lasts 5 seconds. cooldown of 12 seconds Science: Enemy projectiles will convert 25% of their damage to armor and 25% to energy for the tenno on hit, for the rest of the mission. However, the tenno will take the remaining 50% damage. Power: Dealing a certain amount of damage will allow the tenno to use a spin attack that will sacrifice all stored damage and trigger a 7 second period of invincibility. Every subsequent use will require more damage to be done than the last one. While invulnerable, the tenno will do 35% less damage and all attacks will force blast status. Damage stored will not fill during the 25 second cooldown period after the invincibility is used. Element: Dealing Fire, Cold, or Electric damage with any weapon will cause enemies in the vicinity to also suffer that element's status effect and damage. The Dominances each have their own special 4th ability that does really impressive things, but ideas for the animations would be kind of hard to nail down... not to mention a lot to describe in detail, so I'll save that for another time. I just want to see how this idea sits on the heads of people out there. I know it will 99.9% never happen, but a little hope never hurt anybody. If you made it this far, feel free to leave a constructive criticism or opinion in a reply. For the next few days, I will be watching this thread closely. Thanks for reading!
  3. Can we atleast apreciate this concept made by Angel_An
  4. The flowing energy effect on the Yaksha helmet reverts back to default energy colors when closing the appearance tab. The appearance tab with the bugged helmet: Opening the energy colors causes the correct colors to display: But then returns back to the orange default when the appearance tab is closed: Maybe I should downscale the images next time
  5. I will get straight to the point here: let Warframe Specters fill up matches. The way I imagine this is basically like with the Index where the players team is made of specters for each missing player. This function would make the Conclave feel less empty overall and perhaps even encourage players to still play it since Specters will complete the teams anyway. Given that, the teams may even not need to be formed with AI controlled Specters since everyone joins assuming they will be. Of course, Specters would not be limited to the team modes and they will scale based of your rank with Teshin, going from Vapor Specters up to Cosmic Specters; like the ones you can deploy in your missions via the Gear wheel. Meaning that someone with the lowest rank will have Vapor Specters as potential allies/enemies and those who have the highest rank with Teshin will be joined by Cosmic Specters. With this Conclave may be a relatively active gamemode again, making Conclave Rewards attainable again to the majority of the player base (I'm looking at you, Celestia Syandana) while also not having to play matches with only a very small amount of players who are eiher fresh newcomers to the game or that one vet that played the game since the moment it came out and has nothing left to do and dominates everyone. There would be actual "elo" within the Conclave unlike the two player skill levels I mentioned before, making everything more diverse as well. This was my "optimistic approach" to reviving the Conclave, however I also thought of an alternative that may sound really bland but whatever. That idea is simply removing conclave as a whole and putting all the rewards somewhere else. Conclave Mods will just be put together as drops amongst all the other mods from the PvE mode and Cosmetics such as the Riv Armor Sets, Conclave Weapon Skins and the Celestia Syandana would either be part of Invasions, Baro or Tactical Alerts. Coming back to the Celestia Syandana, since Conclave as a whole would be removed it wouldn't make sense to have the lightbeams appear by completing Conclave Challenges/Missions, therefore the beams shall be active permanently at all times. Now I hope this post will spark some attention within the community and somehow, someway get to DE; cause honestly I kinda like Conclave in it's idea. Just the current state it is in right now kinda makes me upset
  6. Я думаю все сталкивались с такой проблемой что игра начинает лагать когда ты заходишь на Цетус или Фортуну т.п Я подумываю эти лаги можно убрать если команда разрабов решить поделить две локации на два разный лвл, а между ими поставить там какой-то переход. Кто не понял объясняю на примере Цетуса. На данной территории находится две локации сам Цетус и равнинны Эйдола. Когда ты заходишь на любую локацию игра начинает жутко тормозить не смотря на настройки графики. Вы наверное подумаете "купи себе мощное железо" или "интернет нормальный подключи". Парни это всё пиздеж, я сам помню как игра лагала когда я с кем-то играл по сети, но после последнего обновления всё стало более-менее работать стабильно. Как я до этого докотился объясняю, я короче хотел зайти на локацию Тэнно там вообщем до хрена игроков, и всё работало нормально но, когда я зашёл на двойные локации началась жопа. P.s. Может быть это никому на хрен и не надо просто поделился своими мыслями. Пишите свои мысли на этот повод, только не бросайтесь дерьмом в меня. Сорян за ошибки!!!
  7. If you love Mesa Prime like me, don't play her with an Ocucor equipped with the Magnum Force mod. Cause if you also have a Magnum Force equipped on your Regulators, the negative effect of this mod will stack (-110% Accuracy) and it's gets pretty uggly fast. It seems to be fine with other beam secondaries though .... weird !!
  8. Phoenix Family. Helpful, Active and Fun! 7000+ members! Introduction: Welcome to the Phoenix Family one of the most active Communities in warframe. Phoenix Family is also the most active and biggest clan family in warframe, with over 7000 members in our community. Phoenix Dynasty is the founding clan of the Phoenix Family, founded by ImHeroic, 3.5 years ago. Phoenix Family is an activity clan, meaning we strive to be active and always keep our clan alive and growing everyday, to give our members a active community to come on and play with. We accept all types of players new and old and are always expanding! Active Discord with over 4,500+ members! (Most boosted warframe clan discord in the world with over 60 boost) Discord Link Below!!! Clan Goal: Strive to be the most active and helpful community on warframe. To give our members a place to call home to be proud to be apart of the Phoenix Family. To help out members when they need help Clan discounts Active chats for our members to come on to Great leadership for our members Clan Achievements: Largest Clan Family in warframe Most Active Community in warframe All of our clans active Gold trophy in the last 2 events Most boosted clan discord in warframe Activity Rule: We are an activity clan meaning we strive to keep out community active You can be off for 15 days before we kick you from the clan You can ask for an invite back to the clan when you come back online Events: Survival, Defense and Fashion and orbiter events for: Plat, Primes, Arcanes and more Discord: 4,500+ member active discord Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Phoenix always 900+ members online active and helpful ( people actual use the voice channels) Ranking up: If you wish to not be apart of the staff just be active in the clan and you will get promoted Applications are released monthly for new staff members. Clan Rules: Be nice to fellow clan members Harassment, trolling, hate speech, and racism will not be tolerated. This may result in a kick or a ban without any further notice Please be mindful of channels in the discord and their uses! Failure to do so may result in a mute Do not spam Your nickname must not include racial remarks or use an excess amount of special characters, and must have a least some forum of regular English test in it Do not advertise other clans or discord servers in our discord or in game clan chat No political, religious, or controversial discussion If a staff members tells you to stop, stop. Do not post sketchy links in the discord Do not abuse/spam bot commands in the discord Do not beg for things Do not ignore/block staff members Runaways & Runagates Alliance Runaways & Runagates alliances where founed by the Phoenix Family Home of the Phoenix family clans. ALL OF OUR CLANS YOU CAN APPLY FOR TO JOIN Phoenix Dynasty, Moon Clan, Founding Clan Founding clan of the Phoenix family Mastery Rank 0+, 950+ members, 15 day inactivity Head Warlord: ImHeroic Sister Clan's: Phoenix Kings, Moon Clan, Sister Clan. Mastery Rank 0+, 950+ members, 15 days inactivity Head Warlord: Skarokin Dojo: Phoenix Vanguards, Moon Clan, Sister Clan Mastery Rank 0+, 950+ members, 15 Day inactivity kick day Head Warlord: Qorha W Phoenix Paladins, Moon Clan, Sister Clan Mastery Rank 0+, 950+ members, 15 Day inactivity kick day Head Warlord: Luluno Dojo: Phoenix Titans, Moon Clan, Sister Clan Mastery Rank 0+, 950+ members, 15 Day inactivity kick day Head Warlord: Riidux Phoenix Sentinels, Moon Clan, Sister Clan Mastery Rank 0+, 950+ members, 15 Day inactivity kick day Head Warlord: thepolarknight Phoenix Rangers, Moon Clan, Sister Clan Mastery Rank 0+, 950+ members, 15 Day inactivity kick day Head Warlord: -Nocturne Please post your IGN, rank, region, and type of player: Casual or Competitive below if your interested in joining the Dynasty Family. Example: IGN: ImHeroic Rank: 27 Region: NA Type of Player: Competitive. Clan you prefer to join: Phoenix Dynasty Reminder: Please leave your current clan before asking to join so we can send you the invite as soon as possible! Make sure to join our clan forum club here:
  9. Noticing an issue when using the Komorex with Wisp. The gun won't reload for a time then when it finally does it will only fire one round and then locks up again. Anyone else experienced this?
  10. 1. Почему после сканирования животные не отображаются в кодексе (кроме вирнорки)?. Вирнорки и рыбы показываются, но, например, равнинная куака, кондрок - нет. Почему? 2. Почему в симулякре недоступны: Сфера Эксплуатации, сфера извлечения прибыли, обычный ракноид и сотрясатель бивня? Я не вижу причин, чтобы не использовать их там, потому что я уже отсканировал их, и они отображаются в кодексе, но недоступны в симулякруме. По приблизительным размерам Сфера Эксплуатации идеально вписывается в симулякрум, и, если он подходит, извлекатель подойдет точно (включая обычный ракноид). Может быть, вы скажете: «Тебе надо просто убить их». Не! Это не работает. Я уже убивал сотрясателя, но он так и не появился в симулякруме. То же самое относится и к сфере эксплуатации. 3. Зачем в системе «Фокус» функция «Увеличение»? Теперь у меня есть 12/12. Я не понимаю, что это увеливает. 4. Как тема форума попадает в архив? В архив попадают темы, на которые уже дан ответ или как? 5. Почему Сфера Эксплуатации постоянно находится возле храма Прибыли? Она должна быть на палубе 12. Или это то, что было задумано? 6. Почему я не имею глиф на сайте, как в игре? Говорили же, какой глиф установлен в игре, такой и на форуме будет..(уже имею) 7. На каких заказах появляется Сотрясатель Белл бИвня? Почему, активировав последний заказ на равнинах, я никогда не встречал Сотрясателя Доме бивня? Я ждал весь день, но он так и не появился. Как? 8. Почему в симулякруме джаггернауту бегемоту и рыси нельзя выставить уровень? Почему у рыси он 1, а у джаггернаута 500? 9. Как вы обрабатываете 40000 фокуса? Почему-то у меня максимум 1000 фармится(ну 1,000 - 3,000, но не больше), и это с вольтом, а еще и на резне P.s этот пост уже есть в англ форуме, но т.к там никто не ответил, я написал сюда(+ модератор разрешил -_-) P.s x2, напишите про фокус более подробно, т.к на вики нифига не понятно, а на ют нету(там только общее про фокус, а то что я спрашиваю - нет)
  11. ~ Eagle Rising ~ ~ Eagle Rising Sun ~ ~ Eagle Rising Moon ~ ~ Leader de l’alliance Amethyst Phoenix ~ ~ Branche de Gilded Phoenix ~ Tout d'abord... Eagle Rising est une communauté tournant autour de trois piliers: Eagle Rising, Sun & Moon. Malgré la présence de "trois clans", nous tenons à ce que l'aspect de "bons copains" soit préservé. Ainsi, nous pouvons répondre aux besoins de chacun en vous proposant quelque chose qui vous correspond, au sein même d'un groupe unis. Adopter différentes formules est donc une force à nos yeux... ~ Eagle Rising ~ Fondé au sein de "l’Alliance V” il y a maintenant 4 ans, Eagle Rising forme ainsi l'emblème de notre communauté. Ayant pour objectif de conforter sa place de clan compétitif important sur la scène Française voir au delà, ce dernier est actuellement de taille Tempête et de Rang 10. (Screens des deux dernières performances d'Eagle Rising au cours des deux derniers Events en jeu) Malgré cela, nous formons un groupe hétérogène de joueurs majeurs Actifs, qui aiment s'amuser, partager et communiquer dans une ambiance Détendue, basée sur l'Entraide et le Fun, en toute liberté donc et Sans Prise de Tête. Eagle Rising aspire à rester un groupe amicale, agréable et soudé de part ses objectifs ambitieux. Peu importe le palier, ce qui compte c'est la motivation! Quant à lui, le dojo est complet à 100%, au sens propre du terme (Recherches, couleurs, Ignis Wraith), structuré et décoré avec amour. Enfin, nous traitons nos anciens avec soin. Tous nos joueurs présents depuis plus d'un an, sont récompensés d'un privilège: Eagle Prime, donnant accès au conseil du clan. ~ Eagle Rising Sun ~ & ~ Eagle Rising Moon ~ Fondé au sein de "Gilded Phoenix" il y a maintenant 1 an dans le but d'étendre la communauté, Eagle Rising Sun prétend à rester un groupe dévoué à l'apprentissage pour les petits nouveaux sur Warframe mais pas que! Ce dernier faisant partie de notre système "Experiment", il permet donc une progression continue au sein de la communauté. Quant à lui, Eagle Rising Moon avait été fondé par un groupe d'amis il y a fort longtemps, mais, aspire aujourd'hui à rester un groupe solidaire afin d'accueillir tous ceux qui le souhaiteront et ainsi constituer un apport conséquent à la communauté. Si vous souhaitez jouer tranquillement et progresser de façon autonome, c'est le bon endroit. Les deux clans étant au Rang 10 puis respectivement de taille Ombre et Tempête; Les joueurs y sont Actifs, aiment s'amuser et dialoguer dans une ambiance Sereine, basée sur l'Interaction et le Fun, en toute liberté donc et Sans Prise de Tête. Si le premier clan ne vous a pas convaincu de part ses ambitions compétitives, peut-être que ceux-ci vous correspondront d'avantage. Veuillez noter que peu importe le clan que vous souhaitez rejoindre, notre système interne "Experiment", définit un procédé par lequel vous devrez évoluer du premier échelon (Moon) jusqu'au dernier (Eagle Rising). Cela permet de s'adapter à l’environnement dans un premier temps pour ensuite monter en puissance progressivement. Cependant des exceptions sont faites au cas par cas. ~ Ce qu’il faut savoir ~ - Notre serveur Discord est au cœur de la vie du clan. Servant aux réunions, aux propositions collectives dans le but d'améliorer notre structure, nous y proposons également divers Concours (Pvp, Captura...), Farming (Endless, Eidolon, HL, Reliques…) ainsi que des Events Inédits... ou encore, quelques séances collectives et interactives chaque semaines, permettant dans le même temps à mieux nous connaître. Mais aussi, vous y trouverez de nombreuses astuces sous forme de Guides & Tutos, ainsi qu’une solidarité propice à l’interaction afin de progresser rapidement. De nombreux salons textuels sont dédiés à l'explication de certains aspects du jeu: toute question mérite réponse et chacun est là pour vous aider. - Comme dit en introduction, les clans de la communauté Eagle Rising forment une seule et unique famille. Le Respect est donc une notion naturellement acquise par tous, nous sommes très pointilleux sur ce sujet. Nous portons également, une Grande Attention à ce que tous les joueurs Participent au sein de la communauté, il est donc normal qu’une Activité Régulière sur notre serveur Discord soit Fortement Recommandée, à l'écrit comme à l'oral. Pour finir, nous recherchons des joueurs motivés, peu importe leur "Palier de Maîtrise". Que vous soyez vétérans ou débutants, vous êtes tous conviés! Malgré l'importance accordée à certains points, nous souhaitons, encore une fois, mettre l'accent sur une certaine Liberté d'Expression notamment, tout en prônant une "Non prise de tête" au sein du clan. Régulièrement des sondages sont donc effectués afin de tenir compte de vos avis et ressentis dans le cadre de notre développement. Warframe n'étant qu'un jeu, les points ci-dessus sont donc fortement recommandés mais non obligatoire... La vie avant tout. Attention tout de même si vous vous éloignez du droit chemin. Enfin, malgré le fait que nous possédions 3 clans, nous ne voulons pas donner l'impression que les joueurs s'y trouvant sont tous des êtres lambda. Ce que nous recherchons avant tout, ce sont des personnes cherchant à connaître ses coéquipiers. Nous restons tout de même un Groupe Soudé , il ne faut pas l'oublier. ~ Pour conclure ~ Si vous êtes Motivés et que vous souhaiteriez postuler: Dans un premier temps... Postuler dans l'espace commentaire en nous précisant quelques informations importantes telles que votre palier, votre expérience, votre âge, vos envies... Et ensuite... Nous contacter via notre Discord : https://discord.gg/WCyqR9H Suite à un entretien où nous répondrons à toutes vos questions et réciproquement, vous deviendrez après acceptation de notre invitation, un vrai “Eagle” prêt à déployer ses ailes. Si vous souhaitez avoir plus d'informations concernant le clan, contactez In Game : ---EG---Zarwit / ---EG---Kramer / ---EG---PraiseTheSun ---EG---DoctorTee6 / ---EG---Alpha / ---EG---Mazarelas / ---EG---Fantoman Merci d'avoir lu, Cordialement, la communauté Eagle Rising.
  12. Just as the title says. I'm not sure if this is an intended feature or not, but in some patch from the last few weeks, the glass parts on Gara's Virago helmet now disappear when casting Splinter Storm. Some may appreciate this as the glass on Gara's head now disappears along with the rest of her armor, however my friends were startled to see my Gara running around without her characteristic "bunny ears": As a Gara main, this is pretty disheartening. I think the now featureless head kills the aesthetic of a warframe that many would agree is already difficult to fashion frame. Restoring the helmet to not shattering when casting her 2, or an option to toggle whether the glass shatters or not when casting her 2, for those that prefer this change, would be much appreciated.
  13. Hello there tennos I'm programmer how loves to play warframe, I recently went into the IOT territory with google assistant and alexa but I found all of them to be boring so the only AI I want in my house is none other then the Cephalon we know and love Ordis. I've been searching for few days trying to replicate his voice and cephalon transmission to put create an AI assistant from but disappointingly I didn't find useful so I want to ask if anyone can help me how to replicate his voice?
  14. Oyun İçerisinde Koşarken Veya Archwing de Shift Tuşuna bas çek halde koşu ayarı bunu basılı tutup elimizi çektiğimizde yavaş yürümesini sağlıyacak bir ayar varmı ???
  15. Olá Tennos! Me chamo Weeaboo_Slayer e venho aqui para convidar você a se juntar à nossa aliança chamada União Cósmica 🌌 Nossa aliança contem 4 clãs Lua com 950 membros ativos em media em cada um deles, com todas as pesquisas prontas e decorações digamos modestas, mas em melhoria constante: Os Tennos de Orion (TO) / Os Tennos de Aquila (TA) / Os Tennos de Andromeda (TAN) / Os Tennos de Lyra (TL) Nossa aliança conta com: Equipe de colaboradores para administração e cargos internos (exame com diversos cargos para quem possuir interesse em ajudar na administração); Discord para aliança com cargos, guias, builds e bots diversos (não é de uso obrigatório); Sorteios de itens no Discord; Eventos da aliança no Discord e dentro do jogo; Confraternização quinzenal da aliança com premiações em todas as modalidades; Escola Tenno e universidade de Eidolons (Contamos com professores para ensinar aos novatos tudo sobre o jogo, atendimento ocorre no Discord). Espaço para desenvolvedores de conteudo da aliança; Grupos no Whatsapp, Facebook e na Steam e futuro projeto de canal no YouTube da União Cosmica; Para entrar em nosso clã informe seu nick abaixo ou acesse nosso Discord Aqui e vá para a a sala recrutamento, informando o seu nick e seu clã de interesse se for o caso, senão será direcionado para o clã do recrutador que lhe atender. O recrutamento só é possivel quando você estiver online in-game. Obrigado pela atenção, um bom jogo e diversão
  16. Bonsoir, alors, je joue avec un routeur 4G de chez HuaWei, la B715s-23c. Mon jeu m'affiche souvent ceci : Des fois ça ne m'affiche pas ça, mais quand je regarde l'analyse de réseau dans les options jouabilité, ça m'affiche que tout est O.K et que aucu n UPnP ou NAT-PMP n'est détecté. Or depuis mon routeur, tout semble ok. Sur ces deux screen, je peux rien modifier à part désactivé/activé l'UPnP et le NAT symmetric ou Cone. J'ai tenté cette manip la sans succès : Alors même quand tout va bien selon ce screen, quand j'host personne me rejoins, quand j'host certains de mes amis n'arrivent pas à me rejoindre, du coup je suis obligé de demander à mes mates de m'invité quand on veut jouer. Quand je suis solo, impossible d'host une game si je ne trouve pas d'escouade. Quand je lance hélène par exemple, même en attendant 10 min personne ne me rejoins. Des fois une personne me rejoins, mais rien d'autre ! Sur Fortuna pareille, alors la pire chose qui m'est arrivé c'est quand il y'a migration d'hote, je me retrouve souvent seul. J'ai aussi beaucoup de soucis au niveau des invitations pour les échanges, ça je ne sais pas si ce n'est que moi. Depuis mon pare-feu la connexion "Steam Warframe" est uniquement en public et non privé, je n'arrive pas à le modifier. Voili voilou, j'ai résumé mon soucis au mieux, s'il faut des détails n'hésitez à me le demander et merci de votre aide !
  17. Edirakoth

    Gustav Three

    I don't know if this belongs here, or if it has been covered already but... If you are supporting a the Grineer in a siege, and summon the Gustav Three they will be friendly AI, untargetable and fight for you. I don't know if this is intended but it cost me a beacon.
  18. Hello, I have a problem. Once I win any mission in the index I don't get an award in the form of extra credits, I only get as many credits as I have contributed. Please solve it!
  19. Helmet making of video: https://youtu.be/rUJnbiQmKAw Equipment: Skin: Graxx (Faven) Syandana: Due Volpi (Liger Inuzuka & led2012) Front sigil: Stalker Back sigil: none Chest armor: none Shoulder armor: Targis Prime Leg armor: Imugi Prime Shoulder emblems: eventually ? Weapons: yes, but I still haven't made a choice Current state of the different parts: Syandana: finished, needs proper attachments Chest: needs all the straps on the sides Back: missing some details, LEDs, needs all the straps on the sides, unpainted Head: complete Arms: missing details, unpainted Shoulders: missing details and paint Legs: far from done The feet: The knees: The thighs: Undersuit: needs loads of adjustments, a zipper, and I still have to make some sleeves Frequently Asked Questions (ok, more like "Frequently Given Answers"): I cannot provide a link to the patterns because the whole thing is freehanded It is made mostly out of EVA foam It is not for Tennocon, as I cannot go there (the trip from France would represent a significant expense)
  20. Jacky942


    I've already finished The War Within but still haven't give me Personal residence module,please fix this
  21. Последнее время бывает так что выбираешь 5ю миссию(цетуса) а попадаешь на первую судя по уровням или вторую.
  22. Went to point on map press x on point and the video played to say follow the prints but no prints showed up or yellow area didn't showed up on map to search in. I went to other locations and they worked,came back it wasn't working still. https://twitter.com/KainBlooden/status/1165321874655645697/photo/1
  23. Hallo Warframe Community Ich hab da mal eine frage kann man aktuell noch Guide of Lotus werden oder Chat Moderator Es wird immer schlimmer im Chat Bin der Meinung wir haben keine Chat Moderatoren mehr und Guide of Lotus findet man auch noch kaum welche (meine Meinung)
  24. Bueno, estaba jugando una partida en las Llanuras de Eidolon y me di cuenta de que esta bugueada la partida porque no le causaba daño a los enemigos en general. Dejo aquí el fragmento del vídeo. Espero que solucionen rápido este bug porque da un poco de mal rollo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q6mMap94xo
  25. I've noticed the Supra Shock-camo skin reload animation doesn't pulls the battery and reinserts a new one. Frame animations are fine but the battery part doesn't leave the gun. On Normal skin it works normally. Here's it: Normal skin:
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