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Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

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Heya Tenno,

Those of you who watch our Devstreams might have caught news of an enthralling update potentially slated for this week. We are still hoping to release the Mask of the Revenant this week on PC, but you will not see an Eidolon Warframe roaming the Plains tonight. 

As always, we’ll keep you Tenno updated if plans change!



Our top astronomers are on the case and it looks like tonight isn't the night for Revenant, unfortunately. Something to do with the position of the moon, or stars or something. Keep an eye out for him (hopefully) tomorrow! 

Appreciate your patience! :community:


EDIT: 4:04 page not found PM EST

Still working away! We'll update you all if plans change. :) 

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vor 4 Minuten schrieb --Nob0dy--:

please don't make the mask cost crazy fish resources 

Yes you bet. Fishstuff, Miningstuff, Whisps, Eidolonshards, Sentientcores and Mutagensamples....and Oxium, ofcourse.

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