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[PC] Mask of the Revenant Update Available Now!


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1 minute ago, LuLu_HoHo said:

It's supposed to be a shotgun right? You still need to reach 100% to get the status advantage... I'm not sure, But I think we still need 4x dual stats to reach 100%

It's a beam shotgun so it doesn't calculate status the same way as pellet shotguns.

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1 minute ago, Dark_Chroma said:

Wheres the nodatchi??

as I and others have pointed out previously in this thread the nodachi is being delayed because the melee 3.0 rework is literally a few weeks away at most and DE stated they don't want to ship a new melee weapon type just before melee 3.0 ships

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1 minute ago, Dante102 said:

Vetala - sounds like a name commonly used in Russia.


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Kasha - sounds like "porridge" in Russia.

Vanya - also a name often used in Russia.


I like it.

Vampire frame.  Wasnt Dracula (Vlad the impaler) eastern european? Hungarian if i recall correctly. 

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30 minutes ago, SnuggleBuckets said:

This is a small thing, but I just want to say that I'm happy to see you experimenting with less conventional damage combinations for weapons 👍

And if people are going to be nitpicky then let me say that I'm happy that it's becoming MORE of a thing now, with a few secondaries like Hystrix or Zakti.

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1 minute ago, Caliboom said:

Definitely delayed to next week.

At least give us a date or something..

When did they say it wouldn't come this week?  Was it in the "where is update 23.5?" post when they said it was still planned to come out this week?  Or was it in this post, where they gave literally no indication of when it's releasing?

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50 minutes ago, Circle_of_Psi said:

Going, to be honest, this is really bad, this is just a re-skin of Mind Control at this point, from Nyx, I got something better in mind.

The thrall horde remains under Revenant’s spell until he re-casts on the same horde or the horde dies. 


Right now, he is legit a buffed Nyx and a Nerfed Nekros, with copy and paste powers.

His 2nd power is a Buffed Cloud-Walk

His 3rd is Scab Armor/Iron Skin copy and paste, with a little tweak.

His 4th is the only unique thing 

Quoting myself, cuz I got better suggestions:


<Passive>: His Passive allows him to regain HP, depending on his engrey, this is fine. However.

<Suggested Passive>: When Downed, Revenant lets out an call upon and causes the remaining surrounding Vomvalysts to heal it. (It is an Eidolon Frame, right?)  

Enthral: Convert a target into a zealous thrall. Thralls turn on their allies and enthral through damage. On death, they disintegrate into a damaging pillar of energy. The thrall horde remains under Revenant’s spell until the thralls die. Re-casting on the same horde makes them explode dealing high void damage. 

Reave: Tap to Dash through enemies as a wall of Sentient energy dealing Void damage, leeching shields and health from any encountered that is enhanced for thralls. Hold down to let out a wailing howl summoning Vomvalysts around Revenant joining his battle.

Mesmer Skin: Become enveloped in Sentient energy, which redirects damage & sends it back into Void damage, stunning all those who dare attack. Stunned enemies can be Enthralled at no energy cost. With each strike, he leaks out "Teal Blood" dealing void damage whoever dare steps on it.

Danse Macabre: No Change, besides allowing it do deal Void Damage.


Why This Change?: Makes him more unique, rather than a copy and paste, powers are similar but now have a unique twist to them, rather then a slapped on buff. As well I feel that a frame made out of its own kind should be a nightmare killer to the Sentients (And can do hunts).



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