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[PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

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I only have one thing to say about the passive.  I have yet to see it activate, so I am unsure if it suits him in between Mesmer Skin and Over-shields.  It doesn't feel entirely suitable for how I perceive he plays and from what I've seen.

Possible idea:  When he is hit by an elemental proc, Revenant has a 20% chance to be immune to that status proc for 15 seconds.

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I do not like to say that something is useless in a warframe, especially when it is new and we are in the period of constructive feedback, but for once, the passive is really, useless.

Revenant's gameplay style is based on his invulnerability charges, and increasing his overshield so he does not get killed when it has to be recasted in front of enemies.
So a passive that sends a tiny shockwave, if we lose our shield, will have no effect against the danger that has just destroyed more than 2000 overshield.
° - ° it's not complicated to understand.

So, I would gladly exchange this passive for the fact that Reave becomes a dash similar to that of Limbo.

I also saw another interesting idea of passive.
Health will never be attacked until our shields are 0.
The way the shield of an Eidolon works.
This could allow us to avoid all the health dot that are still able to reach us even though Mesmer Skin is active.
But, with the possibility of having over 2000 overshield, and Mesmer Skin, such a passive would too easily guarantee his survival.

So I do not know..
look for something else ..

I liked the idea of the spectral form of vombalyst when health reach 0 and the obligation to go kill some enemies quickly while remaining very fragile during this time, maybe with 3 small charges of invulnerability that would not be influenced by the power strengh.
( with all our abilities deactivated, except the dash..)
Or maybe, with all our weapons inaccessible, and with damage on our dash.

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1st Ability: Enthrall

Literally, this ability works perfectly fine, but the thralls should no longer be damaged by allies OR yourself. The only way you can kill them is by enemy fire, or revenants abilities.

I agree that your allies shouldn't be able to kill your thralls. There have be so many times now where I use it then they immediately get killed by an ally or they get killed shortly after by an ally. I'm banging to feel like it's almost a useless ability unless you're playing solo or with a group that knows not to kill the guys with the marks over their head.

I think all his other abilities are perfectly fine though.

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It seems I'm not alone in thinking that your allies shouldn't be able to kill your thralls. There have be so many times now where I use it then they immediately get killed by an ally or they get killed shortly after by an ally. I'm banging to feel like it's almost a useless ability unless you're playing solo or with a group that knows not to kill the guys with the marks over their head.

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I have been using Revenant almost all the time since 23.6.2 hit and at 2 Formas my feedback is as follows:

His casts take way too long. Sometimes it takes longer to cast Mesmer Skin than it takes for a horde to destroy it. And most of the times my Enthrall targets die by my teammates hands' mid-cast. Don't even get me started on Reave's delay. Enemies move out of the way by slowly strafing while it's being cast.

His synergies, although present, feel lackluster. Being able to get more shields and overshields from Thralls is good, but very basic.


Fine as-is, although a little bit more range would be appreciated, considering even levels as low as the higher end of the star chart shields just get depleted by almost anything with burst damage (such as Hyekkas and any Corpus unit with a Lanka). Maybe make it look a bit more Energy Spike (not as visually noisy, please)


It's pretty good now. I love how it doesn't hold waves back on missions such as Defense.

The animation is still too slow and the fact anyone can kill them as easily as any enemy makes it so people just kill them by accident or just because they want to, which makes it an ability with cost and high risk of it yielding nothing. Makes it a lot less better at contributing something to the team while Revenant takes other advantages from it (health and shields).

Affected enemies should just become immune to ally damage that doesn't come from Revenant himself and take away the ability to Enthrall bosses and special units such as them, so that it doesn't mean the ability can stop progression in the same way as Nyx's Mind Control and Nidus' Parasitic Link can. Since they don't stop mission progression it should work just fine and make it more player-friendly and team-friendly. Would also bring it more in line with Nekros' Shadows of the Dead, along with the 7 units limit.

Make it so these enemies have better aggro displacement. As it stands, most units just ignore them and go for any objective or Revenant himself.

Energy pillars are kinda fine, albeit their range is a bit lackluster unless used in very specific spots such as doorways.

Can we get a counter so we know how many Thralls we still have? Checking the map can get confusing in crowded spaces. A counter in the Buffs would probably work wonders and be noticeable enough.


Mesmer Skin
Now that's a real troublemaker. It's buggy in various situations, the charge counter doesn't round up or down and even loses its number until it loses a charge once you transfer out and back in.

Absolutely any damage that doesn't come directly from an enemy or that comes from an immune enemy (such as Nullifiers) goes through it in full force, meaning Nullifiers and any units inside their bubbles are still able to destroy Revenant through the ability by totally bypassing it. Very inconsistent when compared with other defensive abilities.

It just feels clunky and too situational, while being incapable of lasting against any group of enemies you'd find in most places. It's too easy to burn through charges when dealing with whole hordes, which is a constant in Warframe.

Just make it so when you activate the ability it gives you damage reduction ONLY ON YOUR SHIELDS (similar to Nova's Null Star, but on shields only instead of health only) and make him status immune. That should steer him closer to a the Eidolons, since he was modified by the Sentient that resides on Plains and all of the Eidolons depend on their shields to defend themselves. No more stunning for free Enthrall casts. It's already cheap and would spread more than enough with the changes proposed above.
Should have good synergy with Reave, as you'd need to keep your shields up or you'd be a lot more vulnerable (again, much like the Eidolons themselves)
I would propose these stats for it:
10/20/30/40% damage reduction at rank 3, affected by ability strength up to 95% reduction (not so strong as to be a gamebreaker, but strong enough to make his defenses more consistent against incoming damage and more in line with Gara, Nidus and Mesa)
8/16/24/32 seconds base duration, affected by ability duration. (Recastable, for the love of Tyl Regor for his tubemen. It's not fun to wait behind a wall waiting to recast a skill so I don't get destroyed in half a millisecond).


Life steal and the movement during Danse Macabre are useful and the skill is pretty good as it is now. Although I would advocate for it being able to work as a 3d mobility so it allows for vertical movement, allowing it to be put to better use during normal gameplay for mobility in more practical ways. Would need no changes when used in conjunction with the suggested changes to Mesmer Skin, since it'd be a way to keep shields up while repositioning.


Danse Macabre

Still a good trash-mob cleaner, but has trouble against heavier units, but is pretty fine on that aspect since it still eventually deals with them up to a certain point by itself (positively surprising considering the damage only scales by reflection without a multiplier).

Ancient Healers and Toxic Ancients make it absolutely useless. Ancient Healers nullify procs and reduce damage (making gas useless) and Toxic Ancients also delete gas procs. Just give Sentients a special flag that hits Ancients with Radiation so their auras stop working. 

Give it a multiplier on reflected damage. Enemy damage is not nearly enough to deal with other enemies without a multiplier. That's why Octavia's Mallet works so well and could make Revenant's dps and kps scale better at higher levels (he still falls off way earlier than some other frames' similar abilities without scaling or modded damage)

Energy drain of 20 per second is a bit too much, considering any enemy that actually needs attention requires boosting, which makes the cost skyrocket and be almost impossible to sustain. There are probably better solutions to stop afk defense clearing on him, although I sincerely can't think of any at the moment. Making him harder to use on normal actual gameplay doesn't really feel fair to the players that actually use him actively.

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Not much of a point in keeping those thralls alive though seeing as how the ability is just an overglorified radiation proc. besides that most of the benefits that enthrallment has is after the thralls death.

The only problem here is the ability just isn't able to catch up with the rest of your party members, and making them invincible to allies wont solve a damn thing.

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12 hours ago, New_Zion said:

Pretty strange that you compared revenant to Inaros. Although the two of them are the only frames that have a spinning attack ability.

Didn't really compare them, just couldn't think of another frame that had 2 mechanics that could compliment Revenant's abilities as well.

All about that effort to reward, and reusing mechanics with a slightly altered outcome should be low effort.

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PASSIVE: Unnoticeable and I built around it. Using Augur set and shield recovering weapons. I would love to see it bigger and fun to build around.

ENTHRALL: Love the ability. I especially like that it doesn't hold up defencive waves like Nyx does with her mind control. This should be extended to Nyx. PLEASE!!! So annoying to see waves held up because some mind controled enemy is derping around and isn't marked because Nyx forgot about it. Seeing you guys allow thralls, this should be on Nyx too.

MESMER SKIN: Great defence ability. Kinda wish it was on a timer instead of charges. Big thing though is I hate the mist around the character. I have bad eye sight and it is made worse by having this mist floating around the character. I tried going to shadow black energy and that didn't get rid of the mist. Just really annoying.

REAVE: Kinda slow to cast. Like to see it more like Rhino charge.

DANSE MACABRE:  I would like to see this also more of a directional charge. I love spin to kill things. Any game that lets me spin at mobs is a win for me. Ever since Diablo 2 barbarian I love spinning at enemies and use the stances in Warframe that let me do that. Just something about this feels meh. Probably because it's so floaty. I would love to see it as kinda fast charge too, spinning around like a helecopter blade of light beam death. Maybe even bouncing the warframe off of walls and enemies when they contact one. Right now in it's floaty state just feels... boring to me.

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(Yes, I'm on ps4, but I got to play Revenant on my pc account)

With DE's recent attempt to shift balance away from Revenant's 4th, it really makes his other abilities problems even more apparent. 

-Why use your Enthrall when you can just kill the enemy. The pillar of light that the thralls leave when you kill them deal little to no damage at high level, and your teammates can kill thralls which pretty much waste your energy. 

-Mesmer Skin could be a really great ability, but it's really clunky. The cast animation takes forever, and the charge system and not being able to recast this really hurt the ability. 17 charges just isn't enough since enemies are shooting left right and center. And to recast it, you have to get hit down to 0 charges. Not to mention, nullifiers will bypass your Mesmer skin for no reason. Not sure if this is intended or not.

-Reave, for what it does, is kinda bad. Going through enemies to drain health is alright, but for 75 energy, you don't get much health for it unless you go through a big group of enemies. I feel it would need a secondary effect to work. 

-Danse Macabre was perfect, but encouraged low level map cheese, so the energy cost was nerfed by 60%. 

Since danse was nerfed and knowing DE, the nerfs probably will not be reverted. Here is my suggestion to give Revenant more usefulness to his kit instead of making him a 1 trick pony.

 Passive: Converts 10% of damage to Shields to energy

The original passive, which was a radial knockdown when your Shields went down didn't fit Revenant's kit much at all because Mesmer skin negates damage as long as you have charges.

This new passive will encourage Revenant players to use the synergy between 1&4 to get overshields.


-When first casting thrall, the enemy is marked, this enemy can spread the mark

-When marked enemies are killed, they become ghost, and join your team.

The problem with Enthrall was that your teammates could kill the enemies, making you feel like you wasted your energy. Now enemies that are thralled will fight for you no matter what.

Mesmer Skin:
-Cast animation is shortened
-Mesmer Skin only uses charges against damage to health
-Nullifiers no longer pierce Mesmer skin.

This should reduce the charges consumed drastically, since Revenant has high shield values. Lowering cast time means that Revenant will be able to cast Mesmer skin in battle easier, and fixing the nullifier issue will make him more consistent with other warframes against nullifiers. 

Enthrall & Mesmer Skin Synergy:
-Killing a target marked with Enthrall with Mesmer Skin active will grant you 0.25 of a charge for Mesmer skin, killing 4 thralls will grant 1 full charge of Mesmer skin.

This will eliminate the problem of having to wait for Mesmer skin to go down before recasting. 

-Energy cost reduced to 50
-Can take Shields and Overshields 
-Easier Movement and camera issues fixed

Reducing Reaves energy cost to match it's effectiveness. It should also take Shields when health is already full and Overshields if shields are already full.

Danse Macabre: 
-Does bonus damage to enemies stunned by Mesmer Skin
- Can now cast other ablities during Danse
- Energy cost remains at 20 per second

Allows synergy as well as quality of life changes while using Danse. 

Shortened Version of Changes:
-Thralls marked will become specters
- Mesmer Skin only uses charges when Revenant is dealt damage to health (So charges will go slower)
- Killing a thrall with Mesmer Skin will grant 0.20 or 1/5 of a Mesmer skin charge
-Reave has energy cost reduced and can now take Overshields
- Danse Macabre does bonus damage to enemies stunned with Mesmer skin as well as allows you to cast your other abilities


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"I am the shadow of Death.  I have walked with Darkness since before memory, so that We may consume the deserving.  Prepare yourselves for consequence, for in this moment I shall reap what you have sown, and you shall learn the nightmare of the weak...  DANCE PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wait, what?

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after playing around a while with revenant my experience is:

the 1 is getting better by 'thralling' 7 instead of 4 enemy's. But as long as thralls can be killed by team mates its not really usable, nekros do it better.
the 2 is nice as it is, i wouldn't change it.
the 3 could be a nice 'panic' button, but is way to ineffective and therefore only used for other pruposes.
the 4 got nerved (for no reason in my opinion), it is still ok, but not exiting any more. it was powerful yes but you take damage from all sources while using it, also your movement is limited, to me that was a fair enough deal.

over all revenant is an ok warframe that still have it's fun sites, but stays behind my expectations.


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Here's my feedback :

First ability : only revenant and the enemies should be able to damage his thrall, the fire pillar damages are trivial a waste of gpu performance imo.

Second ability : excellent one nothing to say.

Third ability : one of the most useless ability in the game, it's costly, have a slow cast and is underwhelming.should be replaced with something that instantly consume thrall to get health/shield/energy back.

Fourth ability : add a gigantic spectral eidolon that hold his hand while he dance ... what ? :3

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On 2018-08-31 at 12:10 AM, Kidkilla said:

It's a get out of jail ability,

If that's the case then 4 needs to cast a lot quicker and arguably do more damage then, you can be killed in the time it takes to 'spin up', especially if you've lose your 2 as you 'spin up'.  Also they need to make his 2 re-castable if he's being aimed at 'tank' style of game play. 

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The real problem with the Thralls is that they are DUMB AS F* they ignore Revenant and go for the objective while almost ignoring enemies, making very low damage and being insta-killed by allies. The Thralls could be much better if they escorted the player, providing a real meat shield (since they have no damage), no friendly fire and should die when ability ends, leaving the damaging pillar behind. Said pillar lasting a way too short time ta actually work as a mine.

*slams desk* THANK YOU  Mesmer Skin stacks SHOULD disappear only a few seconds once Revenant is hit. Also enthralling manually to profit from Mesmer skin bonus is slow, all asleep enemies should be enthralled at once when using first, starting with the closest ones. To balance, we could have a cost of 5 energy to enthrall all asleep enemies in range.

The amount of health and shield from Reave is too small.

The only thing about Danse Macabre is the damage is great but when starting to hit lvl 50 it starts to get harder to kill. Amplifying the damage should work in a gradual manner, for each seconds passing pressing LMB, the damage gets higher, with no ceiling. That way you can sweep rooms even at high level, but that would completely destroy your energy tank.

Revenant kit is great you don't need to change it ! But each ability has a defect. Please DE, if you were to add what I wrote, I firmly believe it would make all Revenant player happy.

EDIT : about augment, these are my ideas :

Ballet Macabre : Now absorbs ally weapon fire ! left mouse button now also increase movement speed

Medusa Skin : automatically enthralls attackers, but cost 5 energy each time doing so.

Soothing Mist : Reave now heals allies

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I want to talk about an idea I've had for Revenant. While we can certainly deal with what he was and what he could be. Let's improve what he is at this point in time. The first rule of this however is: No Augments. Augments are great, but we shouldn't "fix" warframes with augments. 

From here, I'll start from the bottom and work my way up. Starting off with Danse Macabre.

Danse Macabre is a great ability as it is, but it has some hiccups. You can't refresh your other abilities while you're using it. DE doesn't want it to be a "set and forget" power. The solution is to cancel both of these things out. Allow both Enthrall and Mesmer skin to be used during the ability. Along with that, because of the energy drain inherent in Danse, cut the ability cost to increase the synergy his abilities have with one another. This will allow you to stay in Danse Macabre while also staying an active part of the game. You'll be able to target dangerous or inconvenient mobs while spinning, such as Parasitic Eximi, Nox's or other such high priority targets. Being able to refresh Mesmer Skin will allow you to stay tanky without necessarily needing to rely on high health or shields. 

Reave is a fun as hell mobility option and its synergy with Danse Macabre and Enthrall. I think it is good enough to keep as is, but with one potential tweak. Thralls could have energy sucked out of them as well as health and shields. This will allow them to serve a third purpose which will increase the synergy between all of his abilities, allowing you to keep using abilities as needed, rather than having to luck into orbs or needing to take health damage with Rage.

Mesmer Skin is a pretty decent way to avoid damage. It's got innate scaling due to the way it works, it reduces incoming damage with a temporary stun. There's just a few things that really kill its usefulness. The major one being: It cannot be refreshed or refilled. Enthralling holds a very good solution to that. By hitting a thrall with Danse, you refresh one point of Mesmer Skin. This gives even more incentive to be an active participant in the game, using enthrall to keep up Mesmer skin via Danse Macabre, suck more shields, health and energy with Reave, Along with being able to completely reset the ability if it runs out because you're not paying attention. 

Enthrall is a great ability in a lot of ways. Its synergy with the other abilities being increased for both Mesmer Skin and Reave has been addressed, but not its own functionality. The biggest downsides to Enthrall is enemies like to run away and hide or just not attack, and your own teammates have a tendency to plow right through them. There's a couple of things that could help. 1. Is giving the Thralls the Nyx treatment. Make them invulnerable to friendly damage. A helpful thing to do would be to take them out of any enemy counters for Defense and Interception so that they will last to the next round so that they can be used for the following round. Additionally, making enthrallment possible by taking damage as well as giving damage will increase their likelihood to spread similarly to Saryn spores, giving more chances to Reave and Danse Macabre them for their synergies. 

TL;DR The full picture of these changes means that his Danse Macabre is buffed through being able to use all abilities. It recharges his Mesmer Skin via Thralls. His Reave can drain energy from Thralls. His Mesmer Skin is buffed through his Danse Macabre Passively. And Enthrall is easier to spread and may even be able to last through defense waves or interception rounds, making it more reliable to gain the buffs from them. 

This could all result in one thing. Revenant being a Warframe that can be played nearly entirely without using weapons. By using these abilities in conjunction with one another, he can deal damage, use minimal crowd control, avoid damage and dash into and away from enemies. This would not make him broken, nor would it make him an afk frame. If one wanted to de-incentivise his afk gameplay, you can simply make it so that after a minute or two of not using another ability, his energy drain for Danse Macabre goes up, thus making it all the more important to keep active during gameplay rather than only using one ability. However, I think incentivising using more abilities already makes him a more active frame, rather than simply toggling Danse Macabre on and off repeatedly. 

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Here are basic number changes I would make. Nothing huge but nothing small either

Enthrall: Cap raised to 10 and puller radius set to 4m

Mesmer: not number changes needed

Reave: Decrease initial cast time to make it smoother

Danse: Reduce energy cost to 15 energy a second

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Bit of a different direction but I think this is an idea that should be proposed: basically instead of focusing on the mind control aspects of Enthrall, focus more on the 'mark' aspect of it. After all a basic problem with Enthrall is the conflicting incentives of a) keeping thralls around to help you; and b) reaving/killing them for health/overshields/traps. So the goal here is to separate the concerns of having 'minions', and 'marks'.

A simple way to go about this would be to explicitly introduce a second type of debuff separate from Thrall to denote Marked enemies, which could also work on a separate limit from Enthrall. This Mark could be associated with the trap/reave/danse aspects of Enthrall, so basically a semi-enthrall that can be upgraded to a full Enthrall. An added benefit of having this distinction is allowing a greater number of Marks while still limiting Thralls. Enthralling Marks could then come with additional benefits, such as boosting damage (compared to Enthralling unmarked targets). In fact this is similar to the cost reduction given by enemies hitting Mesmer Skin and could easily be reworked by giving Marks the cost reduction and making Mesmer Skin Mark enemies. Finally, two additional ways to Mark enemies should exist with their own advantages, design-wise: applied by Reave, thus allowing Revenant to keep gaining Mark benefits during Danse Macabre; and replacing the Enthrall effect on Thrall damage, thus making Marks spread more naturally and making Enthralling a Mark a more conscious decision (in this version perhaps a bigger boost/unique effect to Enthralled Marks is needed).

This is what I consider the bare minimum 'least change' needed to make Revenant make more sense and play more actively. So to sum it up: make Thralls, Mesmer Skin, and Reave apply a weaker version of Enthrall with a higher limit that gives synergy benefits and traps on death but without mind control; make Enthrall on these enemies stronger and free.

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I have some feedback regarding Revenant's abilities.

Enthrall is really hit and miss in its current state. Even solo, while leveling my Helminth Charger, I couldn't get this to work very well. My dog body slammed everyone I enthralled. It was hard to propagate to other enemies as a result.

It might be unreasonable to change the AI to ignore Enthralled enemies but it's a little disappointing. Another suggestion for this, is maybe give them a small window of invulnerability. In this period, the thralls can store damage received(from allies/enemies) and redirect that out again towards enemies. Also, when killed, the stored damage goes into the pillars creating very powerful no-go zones for enemies. It might help with having the thralls disintegrate whenever they are hit by friendly fire.

Mesmer Skin is very powerful as it is. It has a long casting animation which, I suspect, is probably intentional. If I had to give any suggestions with this, it might be a better audio/visual cue as to when/what enemies are affected by it.

Reave is too expensive. The recovery animation also doesn't protect you at all if your dash ends near powerful enemies. Maybe make this transition better into the game's movement system?

Danse Macabre is just a lazy skill. I've already encountered players spamming this and basically making gameplay for an entire party totally unenjoyable and frustrating. It's another in a long list of skills that makes me play solo a lot of the time. I have no feedback on how to improve it other than change it entirely or remove it.

This thread is long so I apologize if any of this was mentioned elsewhere.

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Alternate title: Revenant: A Love Letter An Effortpost.

I love Revenant. He's fun to play and has A* fashion straight out the gate. His kit has great potential, but falls short in some areas. You've all heard the complaints - they are valid, if overblown. Below you will find my humble opinion on his abilities, now that I've spent some time with him. Nothing complicated, just some synergies and numbers.

Long post ahead - skim-read bold lines to get the gist, or read the TL;DR if you're in a hurry. No Vorpasta, pinky promise.


Retaliation is his passive. He knocks down enemies when his shields deplete. Usually either enemies don't break your shields at all or they have already killed you by the time your shields drop. There's nothing to do here without implementing shield gates, and that's not a topic I want to get into here. Moving on.


1: Enthrall is an interesting but incredibly niche ability, difficult to use to its full potential as a Radiation proc on steroids. Revenant's entire kit synergizes around this ability, but several fatal flaws prevent it from reaching this potential in mission, especially playing with teammates.

In solo play, you can actually use Enthrall for what it's supposed to do, which is take some aggro off of Revenant and allow him to use his other skills. Some thralls survive long enough to allow interactions with Danse and Reave, which provide small benefits to the abilities. Most commonly I found myself mind controlling enthralling one enemy in a group while under fire, giving me some breathing room to cast Mesmer Skin and jump back in with Danse. I also found myself wishing I could enthrall a whole group at once rather than spending time mousing over each enemy and spamming 1 - the casting animation is far too slow for an ability that is supposed to be his bread and butter. This is a theme in most of his abilities, actually. I feel like any testing was done with Natural Talent already equipped.

In public matches, thralls are too short-lived to serve their primary purpose, and instead die very quickly. (especially where most people have used Revenant... Hydron.) This only serves to emphasize how useless the little death pillars are - they have no range, and if they deal any damage at all I have not noticed. Thralls can't spread quickly enough to divert aggro from Revenant or benefit his kit, which brings the flaws in his other abilities to the spotlight. I found it pointless to attempt casting Enthrall after the 5th or 6th time my puppet Lancer got a faceful of teammate Saryn before the poor thrall had fired a single shot. Seeing her nuke the map with Miasma gave me an idea though, and seeing the WAVE COMPLETE banner appear while my enthralled Nox was still alive gave me another idea.

Suggested changes: Reduce base cast time by 50%; change cast from single target to AoE cone (think Banish); either Thralls can only be harmed by Revenant (no trolling, like the Nox) OR Thrall effect spreads on kill, whether by Revenant or teammates, much like Saryn spores

2: Mesmer Skin is Revenant's main defense, as well as an enabler of Enthrall. Very potent, easy to use, but faces issues in higher levels of play due to Enthrall's current impotence, the casting time, and inability to replenish charges.

The biggest plus of Mesmer Skin is the stun. Besides making riven headshot challenges easy (got a Knell riven, fittingly), Mesmer Skin enables you to Enthrall enemies provided you can actually aim, or just murder them if you're public. The number of charges scaling with power strength is very useful, as you can't recast the ability or regain charges by any means, though I question how I can have 9.76 charges. Once I use 9 charges I end up with a 0th charge which still reflects damage but does not allow recasting. If the charges are discrete, just show whole numbers in the ability screen.

The biggest issue with Mesmer Skin deserves it's own paragraph. The casting animation. It's brutal. DE, please, have some mercy on us poor registered losers. The only skill I can think of with a longer animation is Nekros' 4 (which, by the way, is drastically shortened if you're not summoning new shadows), which at the very least draws some aggro away from the frame during the long cast time. I put on Natural Talent while leveling Revenant. By the extraction screen I was convinced I forgot to put it on, rushed back to the Arsenal, and there it was, mocking me with all the might that gold card could summon. I took it off to fit on more power strength, more charges, resigned to my fate. Listen, I'm sorry for whining about Oxium, please make this bearable, we can work this out. I just don't want to get my gnome hat knocked off by another Bombard rocket while I'm trying to put Mesmer Skin back on.

Suggested changes: Reduce base cast time by 50%; either allow recasting or give Revenant an invincibility period once all charges are spent.

3: Reave works best as a mobility tool, although a clunky one at that. It has synergy with Enthrall, which means it's not very useful in public.

My experience with Reave consists almost entirely of banging into walls, chest high railings, boxes, cryopods, and falling off the map. Once I learned the double tap I understood this skill a bit better. Much like Enthrall and Mesmer Skin, this ability takes far too long to cast (outside of Danse Macabre). It also takes a whopping 75 energy to cast - between this and Danse Macabre, maximum efficiency is almost a requirement. It's also pretty strange that the distance you go is actually affected by Duration rather than Range, almost like a channeled ability. So... why not make it a channeled ability? Hold-to-channel and the double tap we have now would both be fine imo, and might decrease the high energy cost we have now. Also, I really want to zoom around the Plains with Reave, and I can't do that very well currently.

But that is sidestepping Reave's selling point - siphoning life from your thralls. I was actually kinda excited for this, seeing how hyped [DE]Rebecca was on the devstreams showing it off, but in game it falls flat. Seeing as we have Mesmer Skin up most of the time, our health doesn't need much more replenishing. We have Medi-Ray and Hunter Recovery for that. Shields need it less, they recharge on their own. What we do need is a way to get Mesmer charges.

Suggested changes: Reduce cast time by 50%; decrease the energy cost and/or make Reave a channeled ability; scrap the HP siphon and allow Reave to replenish Mesmer Skin charges.

4: Danse Macabre, finally, is really good even with the energy nerf (provided you build for efficiency). It does tons of damage in a good range, is very fun, and the adaptive damage is a wonderful idea. I have no real complaints about this ability in terms of power.

Anyone can tell you how fun it is to put on You Spin Me Right Round or Dancing Queen and spin circles around Hydron. This is an ability done right. It's just... it's so good. Sure, Mesa and Equinox do better, and the lasers have no verticality whatsoever, but that doesn't really invalidate Revenant. If people only played the best frames, we'd all be playing one of Volt, Mesa, or Trinity.

I usually run Zenurik + P.Flow + a good deal of efficiency, but if one of those elements is gone the drain is pretty brutal. I think 15 energy/s at base would stop any complaints.

The other common problem I can think of with Danse Macabre is actually just a complaint of Mesmer Skin, as currently we can't refresh our charges during Danse which lowers survivability drastically. If Reave is changed to replenish charges rather than HP, this introduces a nice active synergy with these three abilities, or all four if you get double charges from thralls.

Suggested changes: Change base energy consumption from 20/s to 15/s.

That's it. No Vor. Thanks for reading. Double dip thanks if you're at DE, great work on the frame, please give it the last bit of polish it wants. I'm really enjoying Revenant, he lives up to the hype, same with Phantasma (tip: use the alt fire with Nidus' 2 or Vauban's 4). Please fix Vetala armour though, the attach points are skewed up on several frames and the colour channels make zero sense.


TL;DR for the time impaired: Reduce cast times on 1 2 & 3, let Reave restore Mesmer charges, give Enthrall some AoE and allow Thralls to stick around for long enough to be useful, and let us Danse for the low price of 15 energy/s.

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4 minutes ago, Sybariel said:

Most commonly I found myself mind controlling enthralling one enemy in a group while under fire, giving me some breathing room to cast Mesmer Skin and jump back in with Danse. I also found myself wishing I could enthrall a whole group at once rather than spending time mousing over each enemy and spamming 1 - the casting animation is far too slow for an ability that is supposed to be his bread and butter.

This echoes a problem people had with Limbo, and I can't help but wonder why his ability doesn't work like updated banish.

As it is, minions suck. They're a bad mechanic in the game because they're almost always too weak and too reliant on allies not killing everything. It works for Nekros because he only needs corpses, but for Revenant, it's terrible. Thralls need a HUGE damage buff, and damage reduction from other players. They should be more than just a temporary distraction. If you're going to make three abilities centered around controlling enemies, make those enemies worth controlling.

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1 minute ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

Reave needs a major cost reduction. It’s hard for an ability to be fun if you can only cast it like 5 times before running out of energy

Part of my idea is to cut the cost of all abilities while in Danse, making it easier and more fun to cast additional abilities while spinning like a top. 🙂


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