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[PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread


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Preliminary feedback:



The material and colour channels on Revenant take colour really well! The uncanny blend of Eidolon and Warframe definitely comes through in spades.

The only criticism I'd have is how the Energy effects on his model are handled. I expected it to appear more like a multitude of energy fibres making up a mane of energy hair.


Ability visuals and sound:

With the exception of his 4 and 3 his abilities sound and feel satisfying to use.

The issue with his 2 is that it looks underwhelming. Where's my spectral sentient root armor DE? 😞

The issue with his 3 is that it looks very ugly. Kindly rework it.

The issue with his 4 is that it looks very awkward and echoes Inaros' sandstorm too much. Please give him something less floaty and more visceral feeling. There should be some special effect to enemies killed by his 4. The sound effects are very satisfying however.

Giving him control and allowing him to walk around with an arm laser sounds good too but I'll take a revamped animation.



I like the touch that he is immune to magnetic procs from the water during night in the Plains.

His knockdown on losing shields feels...situational. It feels more there for flavour than anything. I would prefer if it blinded or pushed enemies away.



1)Very restrictive. In missions you will reach the manual enthrall limit very quickly, and enemies will not spread it fast enough before they themselves are slaughtered by your allies. Like Harrow, Nidus and Khora to some extent, your ability is suppressed by the killing potential of your teammates.

2)Enemies don't do enough damage for this ability to be useful for damage. As CC as shown by the above point, it is therefore unreliable.

3)Damaging pillars left by enemies rarely come into contact with enemies because of how narrow and small they are.


Uncap the number of enemies you can turn, and have the number of enemies affected inversely affect duration of affliction. As the number of your thralls increases, the time they spend under your control decreases from a maximum value of 60 seconds. 

Let your manual enthralling limit be increased upto 24. 

This actually lets you manage your army by culling it if it gets too large and makes it fit better with the overall goal of killing enemies.You are free to kill them at your desired pace when they have satisfied their need for CC, while careless use undermines its potential.


Mesmer Skin:

Amesha's guardian swarm made into a warframe power! 

The reason it works so well with Amesha is that because of how archwing plays you do not get hit as much as you do in regular play.

Unfortunately Warframe's horde modes are capable of stripping his mesmer skin in a flash, particularly using gunplay.

It also suffers from a very long casting animation.


1)Raise the number of charges. At current, the number you can gain is too few to be really useful, particularly in higher levels!

2)Add a buffer between consumption of charges, allowing each charge to protect you for a minimum duration. For example, when consumed, each charge gives you x% damage reduction for 4 seconds before next charge is consumed. This allows for you to get more use out of your cast and makes it less frustrating and flimsy.

3)Add his passive as an effect when all mesmer skin charges are depleted to give you some breathing room to reposition/recharge your Mesmer skin, and replace his passive with a new one.

4)Shorten casting times.

Alternately, let killing enemies stunned by mesmer skin return a charge if killed within a certain time limit.



1)Very awkward to use, often causing you to overshoot/fly into corners/get stuck in geometry, etc. 

2)Movement is also linear, feeling very restrictive.

3)Energy cost is too high for a movement ability even if it provides sustain.


1)Activate to go into spectral form, becoming invincible but unable to do damage or interact with environment and having limited movement speed.

2)Give an omnidirectional dash that lets you steal health and reposition.

3)If Danse macabre is active, only the dash is available to use, just like now.


Danse Macabre:

Fantastic damage, adaptation to enemy weakness was a stroke of genius. Very few things to say here.


1)Please change damage type for flesh to viral. Gas suffers against infested!

2)Please allow us to Aim it slightly up and down. Right now it only interacts with enemies on the exact horizontal plane as you which can be frustrating sometimes.

3)Please add something more to killing entralled enemies, like releasing small shockwaves, etc.


As I continue to play with Revenant I will revise and add to the feedback as necessary.



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I've already posted but just wanted to add a bit more.

Playing at or above level 50, I simply find myself using only Reave (3) and Danse Macabere (4). Reave to recover and Danse to clear a section of common low-health mob dudes. Occasionally, Enthrall is useful for Nox, Eximus, or Napalms.

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  • High shields allow preparedness for ranged enemies
  • Damage of Revenant's 4th scales well and balances out
  • 2nd ability's defensive mechanic is rather unique


  • Requires a lot of casting of Revenant's 1st to create more Thralls to make some of his skills stand out
  • Some aspect of Revenant's 1st could be best if it had some AOE
  • 3rd ability's traveling is EXTREMELY wonky and uncontrollable



Revenant uses the Senitent Eidolon "Scream" to seduce surrounding enemies to become his thralls.

  • From Revenant, he blasts an AOE turning surrounding enemies into his thralls
  • Thralls in this variant could have some limits to how it can spread


  • Could have enemies that are stunned by this ability have then give Thrall {the suggested version} some Energy instead of the 0 Energy cost effect


Revenant enters the ghost form of the Vomvalyst while draining power fro surrounding enemies

  • This version of Reave becomes a toggle (or low duration temporary mode) that allows Revenant to ignore all damage sources but has an AOE aura which drains Health and Shields from enemies inside the aura.
  • Could also have this form grant increased running speed and bullet jump while toggled on

Danse Macabre SUGGESTION

  • Maybe have this ability offer Revenant free degree movement?
  • Have the above Reave while Danse Macabre is active have some special effect on energy wells created?


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His 2 is great. Scaling with ability strength means Revenant can withstand quite a few hits in high levels. Enthrall is ok, but I wish thrall limit can scale with ability strength aswell, but I guess it then becomes almost as good as Nekros' ult? His 3 is a bit disappointing imo. An overcost Rhino Charge with minor benefits can use some buffs.

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34 minutes ago, DeckChairVonBananaCamel said:

Personally i think radiation would be the best choice as it actually blocks the buff that ancients give to their allies, but even heat damage would be better tbh.

Radiation would be a horrible choice. It is resisted by regular Infested and extremely resisted by Fossilized Infested.

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I fell asleep in the middle of typing this....feels bad.



I think the blending of these two themes have really shown in gameplay.

It felt like his first and third abilities were only made to satisfy some vampiric theme that wasn't Re-l-evant (Reven-l-ant? I'll accept my pun-ishment now)

I can say I'm disappointed that there are no wailing sounds at all.



Enthrall is mind control, there's no other way to look at it. You'd be better off smacking it on Nyx, giving her DR per target controlled and making the targets harder to kill by allies

I'm flabbergasted that the Phatasma's secondary fire...wasn't Revenant's first ability, it fits the bill to a tee. Refund energy on enemies stunned by mesmer skin add in synnergy with other abilities and you could make the disco ball throw bullets too.

PPS: If you're going to give a warframe a random feeling trap ability....make sure they have a away to suck in/congregate enemies, otherwise you have an ability that....doesn't really DO anything. You could make it so that Revenant/his allies get a buff when standing in/picking up traps too.


Mesmer Skin:

Good ability, charges are inconsistent. I have a feeling if the charges functioned correctly you'd be dead more times than you could count.
For a pseudo tank (relying on the ability) and creating other targets it's hard to reliably take incoming damage to power up Dance Macabre



He's a pseudo-tank....he has no damage reduction so shields make him butter, he has very little actual armor so his effective HP isn't high enough to benefit from lifesteal. Better off going unused to avoid walls, cliffs, and such. Costs too much energy to use effectively with his main ability: Dance Dance Revolution (I'll see myself out).

No Energy wail or stomp....he turns into a cloud....for reasons unknown to me in my small scope of sentient research.

He could have stomped or pulsed out in a wave, and then dragged enemies back to him


Dance Dance Macabre:

It's the best thing he has. Range and angles makes this ability a bit awkward making damage inconsistent and the one ability you CAN use during this....there's no point to.

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Just now, (PS4)LoisGordils said:

Radiation would be a horrible choice. It is resisted by regular Infested and extremely resisted by Fossilized Infested.

radiation is one of the best for high level infested because a single proc anywhere within a healers aura disables the aura. procs on disruptor and toxic ancients also disable their auras.


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His 2 is great. Scaling with ability strength means Revenant can withstand quite a few hits in high levels. Enthrall is ok, but I wish thrall limit can scale with ability strength aswell, but I guess it then becomes almost as good as Nekros' ult? His 3 is a bit disappointing imo. An overcost Rhino Charge with minor benefits can use some buff.

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1 hour ago, Azvalk said:

A very short audible indicator would be welcome for every stunned enemy,
and another when we no longer have our armor.

Why stop at an audible lure? Seeing eidolon tendrils reach out and stun the target would let you prioritise stunned targets much better in the heat of battle.

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3 hours ago, ADYY2002 said:


I went out on the plains with the quest started , i went to the circle and after i first saw revenant Nakak told me to go talk to Konzu , i went without getting the blueprint , and now when i enter at night in plains , the revenant circles are not appearing , and i can't do anything to get the blueprint.

Gotta farm his parts to continue the quest.

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Please lower the brightness on his ability 4 (Danse Macabre) Every mission with a Revenant in it is ends up me completely avoid being near him. It is an absolute catastrophe with all those beams shining everywhere for me to being able to see anything within the proximity.

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After 7 forma into this warframe and extensive testing, I have to say that his main lackluster point is Enthrall. I think the cap of 4 is perfectly fine, I can see the reasoning behind the cap, but it still grants issues.
Firstly, the free energy enthrall cast granted by Mesmer Skin becomes pointless once the thrall spread and capped, making it purely for sleep.

Reave is fairly expensive, it's powerful against thralls due to its mechanics, but it does not justify its cost for the healing purposes it has. I would recommend reducing its cost from 75 to 50.

Danse Macabre suffers from the same issues Sandstorm has, and that's lack of verticality. I suggest some form of aiming upwards and downwards, maybe using Ctrl to bring the lasers down, and shift to bring them up.

For Enthrall, I suggest these two:
-Enthrall now divides in two categories: Thralls and reserves. Thralls cap remains at 4, however more thralls can be created by their spread, they just won't be mind controlled (thus will remain attacking either thralls or Revenant) and instead will buff Revenant's armor by 105 (can be buffed by strength) per reserve thrall. Once one of the main 4 thralls dies, one of the reserve thralls will be mind controlled. This system will keep the ability balanced, while boosting Revenant's survivability when he's not relying on Mesmer Skin. It will also give the asleep enemies some synergic use if the cap is covered.

Forgot to add: Spamming Reave will cause a visual bug, which will leave the smoke screen remain forever at sight, letting you unable to see anything.

Edited by Naagore
Added bug report
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Just got Revenant.

His 4th seems like the carrier ability of his entire kit. As soon as you have the Ability unlocked even without any strength mods it can deal with lvl 40s easily. And the other 3 Abilities just lose their purpose. Why enthrall anything if you can just mow it down. Why leech if you can just mow it down. Why protect yourself if you can just mow it down!

I think combining 1 and 2 would be a good start. Have anyone that damages you be automatically enthralled. And replace the second ability with like a suicide bomber command, where all your thralls will just die in an explosion or will just straight up run to the nearest enemy and explode with sentient energy.

But like honestly with the 4th Ability the other 3 just become irrelevant... better turn those 3 into revenant and bring them back

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One thing I do want to point out is that I absolutely adore the concept behind this frame. Taking on a Sentient aspect and mirroring their abilities in Revenant's kit is extremely fun, though there are some faults to his kit that I wish were polished better.

His Enthrall for example is a great idea (arguably a better implemented Mind Control from Nyx) and the focus on using Enthrall to synergize with the rest of his kit is a good idea on DE's part. Except for the fact it takes far too long in many cases for an Enthrall horde to even build up. This is because Enthrall spreading is completely held hostage by the enemy's AI. And those of us who have played this game for many, many hours know how often the AI fumbles and bumbles about, sometimes not even attacking or shooting at an object that is in between the actual target fruitlessly. Building up a large horde of brainwashed minions (or even a horde that is just a quartet of angry Corpus Crewmen looking to stand up against Nef Anyo's Black Neptune sales) feels very clunky due to the fact the AI takes a variable amount of time between getting Enthralled and actually attacking- which is repeated for every enemy that goes under your command. This leads to moments where the fastest way to build a little posse is to swing around your reticle and spamming Enthrall to the best of your abilities to get the ball rolling. An idea I thought of to alleviate this would be letting the small Vomy above an enemy's head "gaze" at nearby enemies to quickly enthrall them in, say, one to two seconds or something. An enthralling gaze so to speak. That way it could spread better without relying on chance of the AI actually being competent.

Mesmer Skin functions and that is sadly the only good thing I can say about it. You activate it and it does its job, but I personally believe it needs something more for the eye. Namely an indicator so you know which enemies are affected so you can get that delicious no cost Enthrall. The only way to really tell is if you watch for enemies that go into a lobotomized looking state. Why not have them glow like how enemies under Nyx's Mind Control, Titania's Lantern/Spellbind etc. If we're talking about visual effects of the ability itself, it looks very boring. Smoke comes out of you and it is not even of your energy color. Only the very small bits flowing directly over Revenant actually changes color. Why couldn't the rest of the smoke share that color feature?

Reave is, in my opinion, the worst of his kit. A movement ability at best with some bonuses tacked on to it all for the cost of a hefty 50 energy. This isn't so bad with efficiency, of course, but 50 energy doesn't seem like a worthy cost for something that does not drain that much shield and health like it SHOULD. Not to mention it looks jarring visually. The "wall" that you dash through is like a fogged up mirror trying hard to look like a Volt shield.

Danse Macabre is the most visually pleasing move of his kit and does more than enough to make Revenant stand out. The damage is great. The ability to adapt to different damage types is a nice bonus and the overshield drops along with damage redirection makes this ability the juiciest of his kit. I am completely satisfied with his fourth ability especially because it emulates that damned Gauntulyst laser light show that has shredded my operator and frame countless times over many tridolon hunts.

I am hoping there are going to be a change or two to Revenant. Especially his Enthrall and Reave as it is clear DE wants Enthrall to be the basis of his kit synergy, but it just does not build up fast enough to make him feel as fluid and flexible as a warframe like Nidus or reworked Saryn. I've also seen some people in past squads say how his Danse Macabre is doomed to be nerfed and I hope that doesn't happen because, to me, Revenant is far from that "OP" spectrum that a lot of people right now are putting him up on (by a lot of people I can only speak for the people in my squads and clan that solely see him as a 4 bot).

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Some quick thoughts, as I slot my second forma:


Passive: It's barely noticeable, which I guess is neither a good or a bad thing? It feels like it needs a more pronounced effect or a slightly wider radius.

Enthrall: His worst ability, by far. Since it's capped at 4 units with no way to easily cycle out "poor" choices I almost never wind up using it. The pillars it leaves behind, while thematically cool, don't seem to do much. Not enough to warrant the power expenditure of mass enthralling, anyway.

Mesmer Armor: So we went through with the charge system? Seriously? I guess it's fine as long as you're not staring down the Grineer or anything that produces a DoT effect (hellow Toxic Ancient), but it just feels unsatisfying to use, especially given the cast time and animations.

Reave: Ugh. Just, why? It's SOOOOO short range, I almost spend more time in the animation to cast the skill than I do actually mist-dashing around. Why isn't this ability a toggle with energy cost per unit moved?

Edit: I almost forgot to add. It is borderline unacceptable for a game that looks this good to have Revenant's 3 ship with a giant mist-filled square. Like, it just looks bad. There's gotta be something done here on the visuals.

Danse Macabre: Mixed feelings here. Damage seems solid, but the ability range is inconsistent (seems to be two hemispheres pushed together, with the wider one covering the arc of his outstretched hand. Makes range stat in the arsenal utterly misleading). In general, the only thing I hate about this ability is its goofy animation. Why is he doing a laser pirouette? Why doesn't he just hover off the ground while the lasers either come up from the ground around him or down from the sky? You know, LIKE THE EIDOLONS.


All in all, he's got great visuals, but just a poor execution on his design that winds up feeling frustrating to play.

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You've made Revenant totally useless, well done DE.

Remove the hardcap of 4 from his first ability. Wtf were you thinking anyway? That's not a 'horde'. Especially considering teammates kill them within 5 seconds. How did you not notice this during testing? Give us a minimum of 10 minions, and make the skill a wave like Harrow's chains so that we can enthrall multiple enemies at a time.

And how do you expect us to find enemies that are stunned from his 2nd skill in the middle of 30+ enemies, and with tons of effects around? Oh and cheers for the smoke screen while its active, ensuring we see even less.

His third ability looks incredibly bad. Please change that placeholder graphic asap. Of course the skill itself is pretty much useless too.

His 4th ability needs the ability to hover upwards when holding space. Can't move over the smallest of ledges.


I've learned my lesson, I'm not buying frames anymore on the day they are released.


EDIT: Oh and of course his passive is totally useless too.

EDIT 2: His 4th ability also stops your sprint, when you've got toggle enabled.

Edited by DrGerbz
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Passive: Honestly, I didn't even notice he had one.

Enthrall: You've got a hardcap of four Thralls to pick from, choose wisely. God help you if you use this ability in a Public lobby, because your allies are more than likely going to demolish them before they get the chance to do anything. I find the concept strange, especially when Revenant's entire shtick is based around Thralls and his ability to both create and absorb health/shields from them. Either increase or remove the cap, or give it some sort of feature where you don't have to rely on a foe's competence and aim to acquire more zombies at your command. Additionally, the pillars enemies leave behind when they die don't really do anything.

Mesmer Armor: Boy I sure do love me an obscuring smoke effect. Least I don't have to see it for long when the DoT effects eventually come rolling through to wipe that armor away. I get the concept behind it, but I feel like during design someone was a little too afraid of making it too good, but then had a stroke somewhere along the line and made it effectively useless.

Reave: The cast time alone makes this ability more trouble than it's worth. Then couple that with the energy cost and janky movement, and it really just feels too awkward to both with.

Danse Macabre: This looks neat and it does damage. Drains a lot of energy, but it's neat. The animation just looks a bit strange, though.

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I have been playing Revenant a lot with a balanced build and honestly I enjoy him. I think he's definitely close to being in a really good place.

My feedback for him would follow the same vein as others feedback. Enthrall is really difficult to use especially in a squad when they get instantly nuked by other players. Maybe if they could charge other enemies rather than enthrall them that could help it, making charged enemies drop a smaller energy trap on death, maybe they go away after a single tick or something. This could give him a lot of potential to have a kind of viral effect similar to Saryn where he would spread out his plague without running into the issue of being completely op because he turned a room of enemies into his minions, as well as when you want to enthrall something and you can't because you're at the cap from a thrall grabbing four buddies, which can be frustrating when they take really weak enemies when you would've enthralled something stronger.

The other bit of feedback would definitely be mesmer skin. While I don't mind this ability too much mechanically, I have a hard time with the mist visual. It can be really distracting, especially in places that are darker scenes, such as infested missions, it adds a lot of visual noise that can be difficult to deal with, especially when other enemies are lobbing around fog like a Nox or infested osprey.

His third and fourth ability I don't have anything wrong with, they have a lot of synergy and are good for offense and defense. His passive is also nice for rezzing allies under fire and a random panic button for when you are under a lot of damage pressure. Kinda wish it did more to help the rest of his kit but I don't really expect much from a passive. Niche but still useful.

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