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Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0


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Please Relog to be able to acquire Nakak's Mask! (and make sure you select the "Mask" dialogue option to do so)

We are aware of the missing Mask in Nakak's inventory and are investigating the cause! Looks like she forgot to update her wares in all this excitement. Thanks for your patience, Tenno. 


Nakak has discovered a new oddity - Once you’ve reached Observer (rank 2) with the Quills, visit her in Cetus to uncover its mysterious connection with the Plains of Eidolon…

Since this is a miniquest, and therefore isn’t included in the Codex for easy tracking of steps, we’ve laid out the process below for you all. This contains spoilers for what to do in the Quest, but not for the lore contained in it -- read at your own risk!



Prerequisite: Rank of “Observer” or above with The Quills Syndicate. 

Step 1 - Visit Nakak in Cetus and select the “Mask” dialogue option. Purchase the Mask of the Lost One from Nakak and equip it to your Operator
You can do so straight from Cetus by going to Equipment > Operator via the ESC menu while in Operator Mode!

Step 2 - Go out into the Plains of Eidolon during the night with the mask equipped. There will be a marked area with an item for you to find -- listen to Nakak’s dialogue for hints!

Step 3 - Once you have found the item, you must return to Cetus and talk to Konzu. Using the Bounty Board, select a Bounty with a Revenant Blueprint in its droptable. Complete the Bounty until you receive the Blueprint.

Step 4 - Build the Blueprint and claim it from your Foundry.

Step 5 - Repeat steps 2 - 4.
NOTE: The Revenant part you build needs to be different than the one you completed in Step 4.

Step 6 - Return to the Plains of Eidolon with the Mask of the Lost One equipped and find the item within the marked area. After doing so, yet another marker will appear in your minimap. Search the area, find the item, and follow Nakak’s instructions.

You'll receive the Revenant Blueprint and then you’re done!



Introducing the 36th Warframe, Revenant! Afflicted by Sentient energy, Revenant rises from the shadows to prey on the weak and unwilling. 

PASSIVE: Shield depletion smashes nearby enemies with a knockdown shockwave.

Convert a target into a zealous thrall. Thralls turn on their allies and enthrall through damage. On death, they disintegrate into a damaging pillar of energy. The thrall horde remains under Revenants spell until this ability runs out.

Become enveloped in Sentient energy, which redirects damage and stuns all those who dare attack. Stunned enemies can be Enthralled at no energy cost. 

Dash through enemies as a wall of Sentient energy, leeching shields and health from any encountered, enhanced for thralls.

Erupt with a multitude of Eidolon energy beams and sweep a circle of death around Revenant. Incoming damage is redirected to the beams. Hold fire to boost range and damage, while also increasing energy consumption. Damage type can adapt to select defenses. Thralls killed by this leave overshield pickups.*

* To invoke a more Sentient theme with Revenant, the last detail to change since past Devstream presentations is his Danse Macabre Damage. Sentients in the wild can often adapt to your attacks...so the damage output of the Danse Macabre now can adapt to certain enemy defenses!
3 special adaptations exist for the damage types of Danse Macabre: 

  • Striking Armor will adapt Danse Macabre into Corrosive Damage.
  • Striking Shields will adapt Danse Macabre into Magnetic Damage.
  • Striking Infested Flesh will adapt Danse Macabre into Gas Damage.

This will be at a base 20% Status Chance, amplified by holding the default Left-Mouse Button. 


Irradiate enemies with a continuous stream of deadly plasma. Charging secondary fire releases a glob of plasma that erupts with homing bomblets on impact.


A uniquely-style alternate helmet for Revenant.

Make Revenant whole with his signature armor.

The signature Kavat Armor of Revenant.

General Additions:

  • Show your allegiance to the mighty Clem with the new Grineer Themed UI
  • Added a watermark logo to vendor screens (Baro, Master Teasonai, etc).
  • Slightly tweaked the loading spinner to increase visibility on certain backgrounds.

Frame Fighter Changes & Fixes:

  • Movement is now disabled while crouching.
  • Switched Equinox's Metamorphosis FX to match the ability outside of Frame Fighter.
  • Equinox’s Night Form now gives damage reduction and Day Form now gives a Damage buff.
  • Fixed inability to invite another player to Frame Fighter due to the session being full when choosing Frame Fighter and then backing out.
  • Fixed aborting from Frame Fighter counting as a ‘Mission Failed/Quit’.
  • Fixed Excalibur Umbra’s Radial Howl not working as intended. Radial Howl now removes the opponents jump and deals damage.
  •  Removed the open chat inputs. You can still open the chat while waiting for an opponent or with the pause menu open like in normal missions
  • Fixed pause menu freezing your Warframe. 
  • You can now move, jump, and crouch using the D-Pad.
  • Fixed Chroma's special being interrupted by grab.
  • Chroma’s energy color no longer affects the damage.
  • Fixed Nyx's special dealing more damage when shot up close to the enemy
  • Added Revenant fragments the Origin System. 
  • Fixed EoM showing after leaving Frame Fighter

DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 Changes:

  • Reduced memory footprint by over 2MB.
  • Made numerous micro-optimizations to CPU performance.
  • Hardened against crashes caused by corrupt shader data.

Localization Improvements:

  • Updated text across a wide range of text for better consistency, syntax, terminology, and grammar.  


  • Fixed ability to purchase Starter UI Themes that are intended to be free.
  • For those who purchased, we have reimbursed the Platinum.
  • Fixed a crash when firing the Phahd Scaffold Alt Fire.
  • Fixed lingering FX from the Phahd Scaffold Alt Fire.
  • Fixed missing ‘Hit Indicators’ for Operator Amps.
  • Fixed unscannable Kuria in the Grineer Sealab tileset by placing it in a different location.
  • Fixed an issue where default Loadouts would save localized text in the database, which could include illegal characters. Players with such a loadout would find the name displaying incorrectly when playing in other languages.
  • Fixed projectiles that have trail FX sometimes stretching wildly when they kill an enemy.
  • Fixed missing Arrow Dojo Obstacle Course Decoration. 
  • Fixed sometimes getting unintended colors on Venari  when using the Randomize feature.
  • Fixed Hok facing in the wrong direction when viewing the Zaw creation screen.
  • Fixed wonky FX when casting Mirage’s Eclipse on certain Armor Attachments.
  • Fixed some Ice Dojo Decorations having collision when ‘under construction’. 
  • Fixed offsets for several TennoGen Syandanas on Banshee Prime.
  • Fixed Ki'Teer Sekhara so it appears properly when equipped. 
  • Fixed clients not being able to hear pitch changes on remote player weapons.
  • Fixed sound spam when auto installing mods.
  • Fixed Luciferin Gogalla Plant causing camera to go into your Warframe. 
  • Fixed ejecting from a Dargyn while in flight causing it to float in the air instead of landing. 
  • Fixed Nav and Menu options taking you to unfinished rooms in your Dojo. 
  • Fixed returning to an unfinished Observatory when you launch a mission from a finished one. 
  • Fixed enemy spawn exploit in Mobile Defense.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while loading into a mission. 
  • Fixed the Prisma Twin Gremlins not being tradeable. 
  • Fixed Prisma Twin Gremlins having incorrect damage in Conclave. 
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Thank you for Revenant and Phantasma!

I hope to see the Login Tribute changes soon! Giving players choice in their tribute milestones while also respecting those who have invested in the system was the best compromise. This is a fantastic solution to the "I need to wait this long for a single item" dilemma. Players will now only feel that way if they want it all at once.

I hope Revenant plays differently from Nyx and we see future changes to separate both Warframes. Thank you once again for responding and attending to player feedback.


EDIT: The quest is only progressive during a night cycle....


EDIT 2: No mask from Nakak


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Just from reading through the kit Revenant seems to be actually really bad. Generally speaking straight up killing enemies is way more worthwhile than mind controlling them so unless his 4 deals a lot of damage and he has decent survivabilty i don't see this frame being popular in any piece of content.

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YES I am definitely excited to try out Revenant! The last two newly released frames didn't provide much of an impact but I'm sure Revenant is sure to change things! Thank you for your hard work DE, I'm definitely excited to try out the quest and new frame ASAP.  Also thank you so much for releasing Prisma Twin Gremlins it's an amazing weapon 

Edit 2: Full build guide now available: 


Edit: quick look at Danse Macabre on a 2 forma build (build video coming soon) 


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