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No Revenant in Conclave?


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To be fair, i prefer it this way until the devs at charge of conclave can take a better look at his kit and give it a proper adaptation for pvp before enabling Revenant in it, this is mainly to avoid having an unbalanced frame that might take forever to fix running around and taking away the fun of those who don't have it yet or simply notice its lack of balance and decide not to use it.

1 hour ago, Omega-Shadowblade said:

new items are not directly added to conclave on release. They have to go through a conclave balance pass first. 

so basically they design for the main game and release before balancing for the second game mode.

Most weapons are enabled on conclave right on release unless these have a hard to balance gimmick or require some additional actions; take for example the gunsen requiring its stance to be reworked for conclave and hystrix with its 4 different elemental shots). Even the Phantasma is already available for PvP even tough not hotfix has been released after its addition while the Prisma Twin Gremlins had a fix to their damage on U23.5.

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