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Opticor does no damage to Lephantis anymore

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So, today's sortie 3 is a Lephantis Assassination with Energy Reduction. ...Meh, I thought, taking my usual Lephantis killing loadout (Rhino Prime, Opticor). Then I got to the boss room. I shoot the Corpus head... 0 damage. I shoot the Grineer head... 0 damage. Erm... What?

I mean, I noticed in the past that the closer you are to killing Lephantis, the more your damage falls off the cliff (from 15k damage at full health to 73 at near death... With Roar active), but, this is kinda ridiculous. Lephantis is a ridiculous bullet sponge anyway, making him immune to one of the very few weapons that don't make him such a chore that I'd rather not fight him is just rude. Please, fix this. I don't wanna spend an hour killing a pathetically boring boss when my Opticor can kill him in like, 10-15 minutes.

Thank you!

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