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Survival Weekend


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Survival Weekend

Special Survival Alerts


Start:     Friday, Aug. 30 @ 12pm EDT

End:      Tuesday, Sept. 3 @ 12PM EDT


The Lotus is calling for all available Tenno!


The Lotus is leading a group of Tenno, to raid hidden valuable supply caches elsewhere in the sector and needs your help to provide support by distracting enemies.


As your enemies advance they will attempt to cut off life support to the sector by draining the ship’s oxygen supply by the second. Fear not, the Lotus will drop supplemental oxygen supplies to buy you time. Enemies also carry personal oxygen supplies that drop as you eliminate them, which will help replenish the sector’s oxygen level.


Your objective is to activate oxygen capsules to maintain the sector’s oxygen levels for as long as possible. If oxygen levels expire before the first supply cache is raided-or all players die, the mission fails.


Enemies get progressively difficult the longer you survive. Fight your way through three tiers of enemies to obtain rewards, survive even longer to earn Leaderboard status.




  • Survive 5min: Participation Event Badge
  • Survive 10min: New Mod – Equilibrium
  • Survive 20min: New Weapon -- Strun Wraith
  • Gold Statue for first ranked Clan


Warframe - Health pickups gain additional Energy. Energy pickups gain additional Health.
+2 on pickup (max +22)
Rarity: Uncommon
Polarity: Tactic
Initial Cost: 4
Fusion Limit: 10




These awards will be handed out after the event ends.


Will you Survive the weekend?

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May i suggest a detailed explanation of the event's conditions, whether if it can end upon completion of a 100% bar or if there's no goal at all, just let the time pass? In order to avoid some complain-happy people's flame wars in forums?


To further prevent even more QQ threads, you could also detail how the new mod can be obtained (if randomly, etc) and what does it do.


Thanks for your time and dedication Megan and DE

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Interesting weapon choice to give a skin.


Edit: Well, it does say "New Weapon" so lets hope any stat changes will be significant enough to validate it not being a skin.



Strun Wraith is a new class similar to the Vandal class. Its an existing weapon that has been "customized" with a new skin, boosted stats, and new sounds.

Survive long enough and its yours.

There you have it folks. Get excited.

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