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Update 23.6.0 -- Where are you?!

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12 minutes ago, [DE]Taylor said:

Hope you have your hammers ready, Tenno!

Steel Meridian have gathered at the ruins of the Strata Relay and it’s time to rebuild it. We’re still working on acquiring the necessary resources, so the reconstruction project will not begin today. Here’s hoping we can break ground tomorrow!

Hey any chance at Revenant gettign a second pass? Ther'es been a lot of talk over the past week on how to give him a tuneup based on his current kit and powers.


That said a new event? Hey I've got a lot of resources i can donate.

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Relay is destroyed..."Wow guys, that was intense you wanna rebuild it?"

"Hell yeah, but first lets take a rest"

*Three years later*

"Yawn, I feel like we're forgetting something...Oh yeah, remember that relay that blew up three years ago, lets finally get around to that"

Tenno: Masters of procrastination.

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1 minute ago, ZenDash said:

always the right 3 syndicates and steel yet you rarely ever see hexis or suda have a say

Suda doesn't really care about anything but data acquisition, and Hexis are too busy trying to reinvent the purpose of Tenno.  The real power players are Perrin, they got the cash and the know-how.

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