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39 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

THE PYRUS PROJECT is going live SOON on PC from August 30th to September 13th!


Console players will receive The Pyrus Project at a later date! PS4 players will help rebuild the Larunda Relay on Mercury, and XB1 players will help rebuild the Strata Relay on Earth.


Four years ago, Vay Hek launched an unprecedented attack on our Relays. We defeated his Fomorians, but not before three of our Relays were destroyed.

Now it's time to rebuild.

Cressa Tal and Steel Meridian are marshaling the reconstruction efforts. Tal is in dire need of valuable resources to rebuild the Strata Relay on Earth. Find them, deliver them, and she will reward you for your efforts. Be warned: Sargas Ruk and the Grineer will not make things easy for you, Tenno. Show them that we will not be intimidated.

You will receive an inbox message when you first log in from Cressa Tal with instructions on how to start!


Assist the Steel Meridian with what they’ve called the PYRUS PROJECT as an effort to rebuild the Strata Relay. Complete the 4 reconstruction tasks listed below and donate the required resources by bringing them to Cressa Tal located in the Strata Relay Reconstruction Site located on Earth.

The following tasks can be completed in any order!

Contribute Pyrus Essence

  • Collect a total of 30 Pyrus Essences and contribute it at the Relay Reconstruction site.
  • Pyrus Essence is collected from Essence Carriers on Earth, Mercury, Saturn, and Ceres.
  • You will receive a transmission from Cressa when an Essence Carrier is located in your mission.
  • Essence Carriers look like Eximus enemies, and they have a special icon identifying their location within the mission similar to Synthesis targets.

Contribute Relay Strut Components

  • Craft a total of 5 Relay Strut Components and contribute them at the Relay Reconstruction site.
  • A reusable “Relay Strut Component” blueprint has been delivered to your Inbox so that you may craft the required Components!
  • Relay Strut Components require Trembera Essence, which is acquired in the same way as Pyrus Essence.

Complete a Simaris Daily Synthesis Task

  • Speak with Cephalon Simaris in one of the current standing Relays and begin the daily synthesis task by selecting “Do you have any targets?” and accepting to perform the Synthesis.
    • To perform Synthesis, you must own and have Synthesis Scanners equipped. You can purchase 25 of them from Simaris in the Relay for 5,000 credits. Kinetic Siphon Traps can also be purchased from Simaris to help make scanning Synthesis targets a breeze.

Defeat the Grustrag Three

  • The Grustrag Three are disrupting the construction process. Lure them out and eliminate them!
    • During The Pyrus Project, the Grustrag Three have a chance of spawning in any regular mission (with enemies that are higher than level 3) on Earth, Mercury, Ceres, and Saturn whether or not you are marked by them.


By working with Cressa Tal, we shall rebuild the Strata Relay. It will stand as a shrine to those who fell in battle — and a reminder to the Grineer that our will cannot be crushed.

Completing the reconstruction tasks will grant you access to the new Strata Relay!



  • You can track your task progress by hovering over the Strata Relay Reconstruction Site node on Earth to bring up the task list. This list is also available in the Reconstruction Site hanger next to Cressa Tal.
  • You can contribute Pyrus Essence and crafted Relay Strut Components by speaking with Cressa Tal located in the Strata Relay Reconstruction Site Hangar.
  • You can jump to the Relay Reconstruction Site at any time by opening the event tab in the world state window and clicking on “Contribute in Relay”.
  • Get a sneak peak at the new Strata Relay by opening the event tab in the world state window and clicking on the “select image to preview” option.    
  • Essence Carriers start to destabilize after you’ve downed them, capture them before the 30 seconds runs down to collect Essence!


THE PYRUS PROJECT - Special codename used by the Steel Meridian for the Strata Relay reconstruction.

ESSENCE CARRIERS - Enemy units that appear like Eximus units but are marked to identify them as Pyrus and Trembera Essence carriers.

PYRUS ESSENCE - Special resource used to rebuild the Strata Relay! Collected from Essence Carriers.

TREMBERA ESSENCE - Special resource used to rebuild the Strata Relay! Collected from Essence Carriers.

RELAY STRUT COMPONENTS - Special item crafted in the Foundry used to rebuild the Strata Relay!


How do I participate in The Pyrus Project?
You will receive an inbox message from Cressa Tal when you log in. She will explain what you need to do to rebuild the Strata Relay. Start with any of the listed tasks and work your way to completing them all.

Do I need to be in a Clan to participate in The Pyrus Project?
The Pyrus Project is a community-led effort so there are no Clan or competitive components to it. We're excited to have our Tenno come together to leave their mark on the Sol System by rebuilding one of our lost Relays

Where do I find Pyrus and Trembera Essence?
Pyrus and Trembera Essence can be found by hunting down Essence Carriers in any mission on the following Planets: Earth, Mercury, Ceres, and Saturn. Attack and capture them and collect any Essence they may have on them.

Where do I contribute my Pyrus Essence and Relay Strut Components?
Speak with Cressa Tal in the Relay Reconstruction Site located on Earth to contribute!

What happens to the Pyrus and Trembera Essence I’ve collected after the Operation is over?
It will remain in your inventory unless you decide to sell it for 10 credits a piece.

The reconstruction effort runs until September 13 and is available to Tenno of all Mastery Ranks. Together, we’ll show the Grineer that our will cannot be crushed.

Good luck, Tenno!

when does it start

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Umm is it august 30th on the other side of the world or what cuz no event rn.

1 minute ago, Thundervision said:

Better be Flux Rifle Vandal! But seeing it's SM specific... damn. Still! *fingers crossed*


On the other hand, I wonder if the reward are forgotten Proto-skins for weapons:

  Reveal hidden contents




Its a grineer event so no corpus wep, if anything expect wraith weapons over vandals.

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Few questions/oncerns:

  1. Is this going to be just easy casual content for everyone? Is any of it going to be challenging or an option for a greater challenge?
  2. What is the main incentive? like for both veteran and new players, what is the reward or motivation for this?

I personally love the fact that content is being added but rewards vs challenge have always been a topic

Thanks 🙂

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So if we don't participate, we can't use the relay? If we can use the relay anyway after the event ends, is there any non-standard incentive to participate?

What will the rebuilt relay offer us aside from a different aesthetic, if anything?

I'm not trying to be petulant, but it's difficult to decide whether I care enough about this to bother with it. I personally detest needing to visit relays when I typically want as little to do with other players as possible.

I'd be a lot more interested if I could load solo/private instances on my PC instead of using the servers, or if there were some sort of payout unrelated to the relay itself.

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once again, all competitive aspects are stripped from a new event. been waiting for this for over a year now ever since the clan banner for participation was datamined. nowhere to be seen now it seems.


wasn't this even called a "clan event" by Becca in a devstream not too long ago?

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