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45 minutes ago, Thundervision said:

So if I have an active task to turn in, I have to wait until tomorrow? OOF.

What I mean is, if you got a daily synthesis yesterday and turned in today you have to wait until tomorrow, because today it will be counted as you've alreade completed it.


Just to clarify: I'm not complaining, just saying there may be a problem.

Yeah but it is going on for over 13 days so it should be fine.

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19 minutes ago, baldy117 said:


It's honestly not even greed for me; I just want more information to decide if this is worth my time.

If the relay is coming back for all players no matter what (there will be enough participation regardless) and it doesn't really offer anything different from the other relays except the setpiece, then I'm going to spend my time playing other games.

If I were more engaged with Warframe like I was 2-3 years ago, I'd do it regardless. But the arbitrary repetition of "Do X mission Y times" just isn't doing it for me anymore.

It'd be one thing if I actually cared about the social environment of the Relays, but if anything they're a chore for me to visit. I'm not COMPLAINING if the only incentives are community spirit and all that, but in that case there are a plethora of ways I'd rather spend my weekend.

I'd even be more interested if they had a more creative and immersive means of contributing to the reconstruction effort, like raiding supply shipments or mounting point defense against assault ships for the construction area. Instead we have an arbitrary and irrational capture knockoff supplemented by Foundry wait walls.


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2 minutes ago, TheEternalJester said:

They don't say anything when you start the mission, you HAVE to find them.

reckon its more or less like the Groove from Titania's quest, the transmission will play when you get near or at the tile it pops, maybe.

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3 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

For those asking about rewards, there is much to be uncovered by playing The Pyrus Project.


This honestly looks like a fun couple weeks. i'm more bummed out by the minimal nature of revenant's changes really but I wager that's mostly due to folk being out of the office than anything so keep the changes conservitive.


That and having the resource goons pop if you don't get there in thirty seconds is stupid.... 

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