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[Suggestion] Missions with revivable objectives (ie. rescue, sortie defense)

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Hi there,

Just a quick suggestion about these sorts of missions (usually just rescue, but occasionally other types of missions - like when a sortie mission is a defense mission).

If possible, can there be some sort of very visible alert that the objective (the operative) has been downed, if that happens? While stationary defensive nodes are usually quite sturdy and as such you rarely have to watch their health like a hawk, operatives can be quite squishy, and while you *could* watch their health bar like a hawk, the fact is that it's a tiny thing in the top left corner of the screen, whereas your attention is usually in the centre of the screen (ie. near your character). Failed the sortie mission a little earlier not because nobody would've been able to get him up, but because nobody noticed until it was too late, whereas it would've been easy as pie if something like "operative down" flashed somewhere centrally in the screen. Or perhaps if Lotus were to say something (like "the operative is down; help them up or you will fail this mission").


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