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Show Your Support During Leukemia Awareness Month   


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It started with simple dizziness, then it kept growing until one day he fell. His mother was asleep, "Mom!", he shouted from his room, "Mom! Mom! Maaaaaa!", his mum came rushing hearing his call, he was breaking apart, drowning in tears, "maa!". They knew, they called emergency who rushed him to the hospital where the doctors said he's been diagnosed, but don't worry, it's curable. It will take time, however, we are not sure what the outcome might be.

I am still standing tall, a proper chemotherapy, and medicines, 3 months of hospital and 8 months of regular weekly checkup has completely cured me. 

I sincerely thank you DE, for doing this small act of kindness, and I want to say this to everyone suffering or not, stay strong, keep fighting, stand tall, in the end it's all on you and your will to defeat this disease. Don't ever lose hope.

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While I do agree that this is a very worthy cause - having lost close friends and family to cancer in real life myself.
I do not think this is the proper venue for such IRL campaigns.
Let's try to keep it strictly gaming focused without any IRL campaigns no matter, if they are political or for charity.

If Digital Extremes wishes to support this cause - I would suggest making a generous donation quietly 🙂

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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