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Celestia Syandana Visual


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Hello everyone, 

I worked pretty hard with my friends to get the amazing celestia syandana, but when I finally got it, some bugs started to happen. Like in this pictures, sometimes even if my syandana is completely filled by my conclave daily ou weekly mission, other players can't see it as I do, on relays, cetus, and dojo, for example, this syandana doesn't show his flames for others players. It happens on our arsenal and in our 'Lotus' room. One more thing that I really like to point out is the difference between the celestia flames and the new flame effects on WF, I think it deserves a Visual update.I took some pictures rigth after completing my conclave quests, to show what I was talking about. We want this to be displayed for other players too, we're proud that we finally got it. #letthemseetheflames


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On 2018-09-11 at 7:23 PM, Judge-R3d said:

I agree that they should fix this but an easier solution would to be just make the flames permanent, it wouldn't have to update in diromas etc all the time then.

at least the flames activation would be something else, like doing 5 matches of any game, or maybe the collor of syndana change per matches played.

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