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Decor capacity needs some changes for artists

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Specifically, over the past few days I've been working to create some murals in my dojo. My decor item of choice is the tenno storage crate, as it's small, thin, and short enough that it can easily be maneuvered to create curved lines.

Well, turns out it takes 3 capacity to place.

This has entirely eliminated the possibility of creating large-scale art installments outside the dojo. I'm basically required to use observatories, as they are one of the few rooms with a halfway decent skybox for outdoor building (and my regular halls are already decorated), but the combination of the storage crates unreasonably high cost and the observatory's low capacity (is it low? I can't find the actual capacity on the wiki) has prevented me from completing the catgirl that my clanmates requested.

I'm using tenno 8m trim as a replacement right now, as it is 8x as long and 1/3 the cost (hence my confusion about the cost of the crates), but it's a poor solution and the artwork loses a massive amount of detail.

At this point I'll take anything. A maximum capacity increase, a lowered storage crate cost, or even the ability to reallocate capacity from other rooms. I just want to make my dojo an art exhibition.

Here's a screenshot of my progress when I hit the limit, for reference:



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