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Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.7.0


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Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.7.0


Gara - Mending Splinters (Splinter Storm Augment):
For each target affected, Splinter Storm heals 3 Health/s.

Khora - Accumulating Whipclaw (Whipclaw Augment):
Hitting 3 enemies will grant a 35% stacking Damage Bonus to subsequent Whipclaws. Bonus will decay after 10s.

Octavia - Conductor (Resonator Augment):
Reactivate the ability to command Resonator to move to your aim point at 150% Speed.

Wukong - Enveloping Cloud (Cloud Walker Augment): 
Allies within 4 meters of the cloud become invisible to enemies for 14s.

Please note: The stats shown are for Augment Mods at Max Rank.

General Additions:

  • A Search bar has been added to the Friends and Clan screen!
  • Added a new timer animation to the Mission Voting UI.


  • Input message boxes have received a new stylized look that matches your chosen UI theme! 2ed6436e8672966c3456e73e4977446b.jpg
  • You can now Donate MULTIPLE Resources and Decorations to your Clan Vault (Alliance remains Credits only)! An input message box will appear requesting that you enter the word ‘DONATE’ to confirm your donation.
      • Be warned that you cannot retrieve these back to your Inventory once Donated.
  • When Consigning a Pet to the Lotus, an input message box will appear requesting that you enter the name of the Pet you’re consigning to confirm. This extra step ensures you’re absolute confirmation on sending the desired Pet on a permanent vacation.
    • 7d8d425181a7c99b3f254532c362eee9.jpg
  • Removed Grineer Commanders from Simaris’ possible daily Synthesis Targets as it never functioned properly. 
  • Made some micro-optimizations to host performance in the replication system.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to the level zoning and visibility system.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to particle system recycling and initialization.
  • Made some micro-optimizations in the dynamic music system.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to ragdoll setup.
  • Returned the controller functionality of pressing (Y) to open the Matchmaking dropdown menu.
  • Focus Conversion now uses chosen themed UI for Eidolon Shard selection.
  • Changed Inventory sell list to show total sell price for each row, instead of price for just one item, even when multiple were selected.
  • The pause menu UI now automatically displays the first 3 loadout items (Warframe, Aura, etc). Aura has also been moved to always be the second line under your Warframe.
    • We’re aware and working on improved line breaking for longer text Auras like Corrosive Projection, etc.


  • Fixed a loss of functionality for Clients after completing The Pyrus Project and receiving the Project completion Inbox message. 
  • Fixed a soft lock when manually skipping the ‘Riven Capacity Reached’ message.
  • Fixed breaking Gara’s Mass Vitrify by standing on an incline not always increasing your Splinter Storm timer/damage (when both active). 
  • Fixed Melee weapon not appearing in Chroma’s hands after casting Vex Armor.
  • Fixed the Host not receiving confirmation that they have invited someone into a Captura session. 
  • Fixed Clients having the voting UI stuck on their screen upon entering the Plains if they entered Cetus first.
  • Fixed some UI menus (Market, Foundry, etc) not displaying your Mastery Rank.
  • Fixed the Mute and Unmute buttons not updating player's current mute state when enabling/disabling them.
  • Fixed misaligned button callouts when launching a mission with a controller.
  • Fixed wide aspect ratios having lost usable space under the new UI Inventory screen.
  • Fixed common crash that was being submitted to us on game-shutdown.

Revenant changes/fixes are still in the works - stay tuned!

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Thank you for the new augment mods.

With Melee 3.0 under development, will players be seeing any changes to Riven disposition? The balance passes for Primaries, Secondaries, and beam weapons were awesome, but Riven dispositions were left untouched. Many weapons sit at an outrageous disposition (Opticor, Scoliac, Sicarus Prime, Tiberon Prime, etc.). The trading economy has gone out of control as Platinum has become exceedingly inflated. Riven Mods have strayed far, far away from their initial intention.

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I think the design of the resonator augment is on of the most lazy designs on an augment on quite a while and I'm pretty sure that nobody will be using it 😛 thanks for the gara one though it sounds promising and I know for sure that memesage will be excited about the khora augment

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