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Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.7.0

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Just now, ixidron92 said:

Octavia's augment should be a default thing, not an augment... You seriously expect people to waste a mod slot to command the resonator?

same as titania razorwing mod.

same as equinox mend and main.

same as prowl.

same as frost let it go snowball

But hey let me stop here before the legion of white knight DE have report me!

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Please in addition to listed Revenant changes, make thralls immune to ally damage and either increase damage of Danse Macabre or reduce the energy cost. Thralls die far too easily at the hands of allies and Danse Macabre is largely not worth using due to the high cost.

My thread on the matter:


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11 minutes ago, Ejuz said:

Wukung doesn't need augment but a rework. Cloud walker is contender for top 10 worst abilities in-game. Also augments shouldn't take a mod slot in the very least..

I think his 2's drain need to be higher, too easy to sustain without issues or worry. People shouldn't be allowed to use 1 ability and think they are in no danger.

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