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Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.7.0

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9 hours ago, arm4geddon-117 said:

Khora's  : ok, boosting an already powerful 1st ability, utility over dmg would have been better but i can live with that.

Gara's : now tell me why in hell an ability that grants already 90% dmg reduction needs a redundant healing augment when most players will be just fine up until sortie 3 ( which is pretty much as high and hard as the majority of players will ever fight ) with a sentinel mediray alone...and those who won't drop a sentinel because of vacum in favor of a kavat/kubrow , won't either drop it to waste a mod slot for 3 health per second regen...Unless it's a niche fight ( aka tridolon with an adarza kavat )

Wukong  : no comment

Octavia : epic facepalm even lamer than Wukong's one.


okay, this is epic

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11 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Octavia - Conductor (Resonator Augment):
Reactivate the ability to command Resonator to move to your aim point at 150% Speed.

1. its buggy, once you tell it to move for the first time, it will never go towards the mallet to go pick it up again, but if it picks the mallet up before you tell it to move, it will pick it up and move with it.

2. there is a unintended "Charge"(like a Vauban Tesla) to the augment, that drains a random amount of energy when it occurs.

3. it stays in place once moved, and loses the ability to attract enemies.......this bug is bad.

4. this is quality of life sold as an augment, and it should be integrated naturally into the ability itself. this is the second time you have done something like this, and it is getting TIRING.

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The wukong augment makes no sense.

It gives invisibility only to allies. Thats cool and all, but first the JttW Sun Wukong never had any such ability where he can make people around him invisible and not himself, and second its completely useless game play wise.

Its the same as ash's smoke shadow with the huge difference where ash needs to constantly recast his invisibility making the augment at least semi-useful, where wukong has no reason to cast cloud walker at all. 4M range makes sure you cant buff anyone consistently so this is an useless augment.

The only instance where its remotely useful its broken - to give your pets invisbility. But when kubrow/kavat try to attack they exit the invisibility.

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Octavia - Conductor (Resonator Augment):
Reactivate the ability to command Resonator to move to your aim point at 150% Speed.


Oh dear, please integrate this in the normal ability! This should be a standard ability, not an extra augment...

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2 hours ago, Sahysa said:

The entire session UI was rewritten.  Please say so.

Also, Please stop this.  Resist the minimalist aesthetic.  I for one like big buttons to click on and am literate. 

This play button does not communicate what you are doing when you press it, which is forcing the mission to start for everyone in the cell.


I know it looks so much better when you put cute console buttons in those spaces but.... please leave us our words.

I concur. It's better to have fat buttons than fat finger the wrong small button.

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well its a bit late for me but good that there is now a message saying that you are actually paying for your pets vacation. I played for several years now and thought consigning means selling your pet xD..

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"You can now Donate MULTIPLE Resources and Decorations to your Clan Vault (Alliance remains Credits only)! An input message box will appear requesting that you enter the word ‘DONATE’ to confirm your donation."

could we have a history of the last donations to the clan ? (credits/resources)
At least for the warlords of the clan.

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On 2018-09-06 at 8:37 PM, DConagher said:

Interesting assessment, but I see one MAJOR flaw: No matter what the weapon of the meta is, that weapon will have an expensive riven, and any change to dispo will either create relics from before the nerf that are worth insane amounts, or hallowed husks of weapons that once were, and now are worth nothing.

The Lanka, for example, is superb at killing eidolons, and so a "godly" riven for a powerful weapon is going to be expensive. (While I will say them costing upwards of 4000 plat is not awesome as a buyer, trying to sell something with amazing stats for a good weapon should have it be worth something, especially so when that thing is achieved by rolling or unveiling it at random chance.) The Torid as an example can't even effectively hit eidolons, so while the weapon itself is decent, some content is locked to it. Its riven price is a lot lower not just because its an average dispo but because it just doesn't boast the same power or use. The Vectis, a more related comparison, is another powerful sniper. it's rivens, however, have seen a major drop in price because its no longer the most sought after sniper on the market, even if it can be one of the hardest hitting guns in the game.

With the infinitesimal variables that rivens allow for, and with how well done the re-rolling system is, you can't really put an exact figure on say Max CC/Max CD/ Max damage/ -zoom riven for a Tiberon. Its going to make that gun amazingly powerful, with no really harmful negatives.

There would be 2 ways I could see DE going about balancing in the manner you described-
Option 1: If you tweak its riven dispo, and don't change the current stats of all existing rivens to match. Downside, that one "godly" Tiberon riven is going to be even more insane in terms of price (if its even for sale), and no sane person would ever reroll the thing to change it.

Option 2: If you do change the existing stats to go with the dispo. Downside, you're screwing people over who have all these expensive things by suddenly making them worthless, or at the very least worth a lot less than these people have in them. If you buy a Tiberon riven now, it's not cheap, but the second a nerf is even hinted at coming its way, many people are going to try and offload the rivens and book it out of dodge, and the price will nosedive. After a nerf of any serious scale, a riven you paid 1,000 for might not be worth 250.

That's what happens with things like the Arca Plasmor. It was nuts, a nerf hit it, and riven prices tanked. Its still good now, and the rivens are still worth something, but not in the realm they used to be. The new shotgun, the Phantasma, is a decently powerful weapon, and with the hype behind it, the other shotgun rivens have lost a lot of value. The Tigris Prime can hit for insane numbers, but rivens for it have plummeted  because of its lower dispo AND that its no longer the most desired shotgun. Vaulting the set actually hurt the price of the riven because less people want them now.

Simply put, Its a Has V.S Has-nots debate as to how valuable the thing being had is. If any weapon has a better disposition than any other weapon, like if you lower the Tiberon to a 2 to balance it but make the soma a 5 (because as it stands now the soma isn't all that potent), suddenly the Soma will be the new powerful, expensive thing on the block, and the Tiberon rivens will be worth basically nothing in comparison to what they are now. People would buy Soma rivens for insane amounts of plat, sell tiberon rivens for basically nothing, and we'll be back where we started with expensive and powerful weapons, except that the top-gun of the scenario is different.

None of these ways really truly work, and at some point fighting broken with broken is the best you can really hope for. 
Taking turns results in a meta heavy style that a slight tap of the nerf-hammer nerf kicks you out of, and fun-sized simply isn't fun in most cases. 

Plat isn't so much inflated to worthlessness either- As it is now, its the fact these rivens are immensely powerful, and any changes to them have to be handled with extreme care so as not to alienate a chunk of the player-base that has these things or break an otherwise floating economy to accommodate for the has-nots. Look at what happened with Scoliac rivens after the "nerf" to spin-to-win builds, when they could no longer hit through walls. What was one an easy 2000+plat riven in the form of Range/SlideC/-neg, Scoliac rivens now run for under 1000 plat, and unrolled rivens that used to sell for 700 now sell for 350. If you made it have a terrible disposition, those rivens would plummet further. Sure, everyone could have one, but it wouldn't matter as much. They'd be 50-100 plat at most. Soon, there would be nobody who would need one after a while, and with the weapon weakened, the purpose it had crippled, it would fall into the same realm as the Torid- Relatively cheap rivens, and basically nobody who cares about the weapon because other weapons that are simply better exist. Sure, some people would use it, and most would rank it up for mastery, and even one or two people would cling to it because they enjoy the lawn-mower playstyle, but the nerf to its power will severely wound the weapon as a whole if it was to be nerfed. In the larger scale, nerfing things into the ground threatens the player-base as much as having disgustingly overpowered things does. 

As a final selling note, this isn't PvP oriented balance either- this is with PvE. Rivens not even being available in the Conclave, the only balance really needed in warframe, from what I've seen, is between fun and challenge, 75% fun and 25% challenge. 

In summary, I find your assessment somewhat threatening to the game's balance and economy as a whole, and am curious why having valuable, powerful weapon enhancements is a bad thing in a PvE game like Warframe.

I do agree with what you sayed, you explained it well. there are always batter and less batter weapons in game thus weapon rivens will have downfall in cost or increase. so "fix" is really relative thing, how to fix without ruin game and ppl who invested time and resources dont be sc*** up. imagine they make your work wortless every few monts. would you play game? think not....

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On 2018-09-06 at 9:26 PM, ShadowExodus said:

Did you even read the info on the Melee 3.0??? And all melee weapons are getting a balanced pass like guns.

Okay. I wasn't specific. Most of them are welcome changes, but a few things. Combo system, light/heavy attacks. These are the problem. It's not that ""Reeee i can't spin2win", it's that I couldn't use any melee above lvl 50, because the combo charges gonna go away with 1 simple swing. Thats the reason why melee is going to be useless, UNLESS they change that. I doubt thats gonna happen. So back to Mesa and/or Loki/Octavia with Amprex. xD

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On 2018-09-06 at 9:59 PM, Airikr said:

1 Oxium amount is getting adjusted according to Rebecca
2. what fixes? people whine "fix this" but they rarely report the bugs. I genuinely believe you that these kind of bugs exist but if people say "fix this" and then dont deliver reports to back it up they play themselves.
3. Scaling rewards cuck casual players out of the higher drop tables. All this does is rewarding the most cheesy gameplay. Which would be nerfed then but then we would go to the "[nerf] happend and now [thing] is dead, thanks DE i quit" stuff all over again.
4. ???? i dont get this "comparison" with Khora at all to be honest.
5. melee "nerf" :OMEGALULCEPTION: Not gonna lie but this sounds to me like you are fan of the spin2win meta.

Melee is still amazingly strong - there actually are weapons besides whips - and CO builds are better anyways. DE harmed the playerbase more with all the maiming strike/blood rush/whip meta being left untouched for so long.
6. They are gonna make archwing charges infinite according to Steve

1. Good to know.
2. Blinded when fighting Gantu or Hydro. Also most of my 3dolon runs, there was always 1 time when I couldn't use anything from 1-5 until I die or jump into water. And still the insane wait time for night which isn't right.
3. Why is a problem when you CAN do higher level content, and asking to get more rewards for it? Have you ever got 2,5k credits or Hornet Strike from like 85 minutes played on survival? And about the nerf... Well, this is how [DE] tries to balance thing. Instead of making every single thing useful, they make more MK1-Bratons, or MK1-Bos out of certain weapons, and some abilities useless etc...
4. Well, Khora is pretty much useless. 1 thing wonder like Revenant.
5. Well, what if I'm a fan of it? Its not the problem. The problem is, EVERY melee going to be useless, if we cannot use the combo system like as is now. Using all the charges on 1 target, then taking a huge damage falloff... NOT a fan of that. I personally like CO builds and Hybrid builds more than just spin2win. And let's just not discuss what [DE] harmed and what not.... Not to mention that you CAN play solo. It's a rare and expensive, event exclusive mod, so it's supposed to be powerful.
6. Hopefully very soon.

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On 2018-09-06 at 11:30 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Gara - Mending Splinters (Splinter Storm Augment):


For each target affected, Splinter Storm heals 3 Health/s.

Heals who?  Gara only?  Gara & allies?  Gara and allies, but only when Gara is nearby the allies?  I cast Splinter Storm (with the augment equipped) on an excavator that had taken damage, but the excavator wasn't healed.  The mod description needs clarification.

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