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XB1 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0 (LIVE!)


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So thrilled for the new content, and even more excited about the stuff yet to come. This is why Warframe is without a doubt the best game ever made! Endless new stuff that is much deeper and more interesting than what other games pump out and then stop after 18 months. The DE team just keeps trucking after half a decade! Any other game would be charging real dollars for these expansions, but DE leaves it up to you. You can play this game just fine without ever buying plat if you want to. Me? I buy every new Prime Access and shiny that catches my eye, not because it's necessary but because I want this game to be around for another 5 years.

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On 2018-09-07 at 3:42 PM, (XB1)billyazzmen985 said:

sweet can't wait for it to come out. DE once a month for console updates is too long & were not even getting all the updates up to the build your releasing. i love you DE Keep up the great work.

It’s 2 weeks for smaller content. We would’ve had to wait another 2 weeks for pyrus project.

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On 2018-09-06 at 6:03 PM, (XB1)UlisesTheFallen said:

So, with the bug that allowed ppl to turn a capture into survival without life support fixed (didnt even know that was a thing), how about giving us a survival mode without life support? Let us stay as long as we want. Many of us want an endless mission that doesnt require us to babysit some objective or function. Make it to where in order to reach a rotation (A,A,B,C), we have to hit a benchmark of a number of enemies to kill. Just a thought

The enemies drop Life Support you sit in a room with Despoil Nekros, Hydroid to use to kill all the time with Pilfering Swarm, Umberon with Silva & Aegis and the mod that makes it so the enemies only attack you, and spore Saryn to kill when things get sticky.

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On 2018-09-06 at 8:00 PM, (XB1)Dabnician said:

Basically lets cut to the root of the loot drop... Please add a "payday" mode where me and 3 other friends can raid the loot vaults of <insert faction/story/whatever here> because something gives me the cords to a vault owned by some one. and in that vault is some type of thing that lets me pull loot contains out of a deep storage thing like that machine in demolition man but instead of frozen/sleeping people its some loot container thats encrypted and has to be opened when you finally decide to extract. Let me take it back to the extraction zone and then when i get there give me the option to extract or go back and get more loot containers....

Have the npcs prioritize the player carrying the loot and then if that player dies/incaps they drop the loot container and the npcs pick it up attempt to take that look container back to the vault and lock it up. hopefully they can reset the lock and close the door so the players have to rehack the gate to reenter the vault. Gimp the carrier like you do in mobile defense/sabotage/mining missions and block the primary weapon.

The npcs "renforce" the mission because they are getting raided and the tenno are stealing their loot. Which means that every so many rotations the enemies should get harder(armor/hp/dmg/more npcs at one time?) maybe after a round of AABC rotation so every four trips back. 

have the vault sertilized and relocked on every extraction so no one stays in the vault waiting for it to pop, you can say its gas that the tenno cant breath and the doors lock so anyone inside is killed unless the door is rehacked from the outside. <-yes for balance.

you can have nav coords to this sort of mission drop in those interception missions becasuse your decoding messages id imagine a loot vault location is something that can be discovered.

id play the hell out of this sort of mission. just go look at games like payday were i get to steal loot

So pretty much capture the flag in a way, I like it!

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