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PS4 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0 (LIVE!)


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Sept 13th Update:

Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0 is now live on PS4!! 

We hope you enjoy the update, and I'll see you guys in the Frame Fighter ring!

Sept 11th Update:

Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0 has passed cert!! The Update will be going live Thursday, Sept. 13th ~11:00 AM ET! 

Yes! That's right, everything you see below is coming to you this Thursday @ 11 AM ET, you can look forward to meeting with Red Text who will guide you through the countdown to the update. 

Thank you so much for your patience, we really hope you enjoy Mask of the Revenant! 

Get ready to Danse the Macabre and Enthrall your enemies with your moves because Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0 has been sent to cert! 

This build includes loads of new content, changes, and fixes from PC Updates 23.2.0 to 23.5.0 with some cherry picked goods from 23.6.0*.

*With the exception of The Pyrus Project - Between when it was released on PC and when we must submit before cert deadlines, we couldn’t integrate The Pyrus Project for consoles without having done the required bug checking and quality testing. We thank you for understanding and look forward to when you can help rebuild the Larunda Relay in the next update (Yes! The Pyrus Project WILL be included in the update that follows this one)!

This update is also a remaster update! What exactly is a “remaster” you ask? Well! 

When we launch a remaster update we are essentially doing a big cache cleanup to optimize old and existing assets. When we do this, we free up space that ultimately reduces the overall size of Warframe on your PS4’s HDD. When the update goes live, Warframe will go from 48 GB to roughly 24 GB! 

It is important to note that since this affects existing assets, Warframe will be re-downloaded in its entirety when the update goes live. This will appear no different from any other update, business as usual! It will download in the background as is expected with all main title updates. 

Here are some things to keep in mind before the update goes live

  • You do NOT need to delete Warframe before the update.     
  • You do NOT have to back-up your data before the update. 
  • Your Warframe settings will be saved after the remaster launches! 

The highlights from this update are listed below!



Nakak has discovered a new oddity - Once you’ve reached Observer (Rank 2) with The Quills, you will be able to visit her in Cetus to uncover its mysterious connection with the Plains of Eidolon…

To prepare you for this miniquest, we’ve laid out the process below. This contains spoilers for what to do in the Quest, but not for the lore contained in it -- read at your own risk!

Guide to Mask of the Revenant:

  1. Visit Nakak in Cetus and select the “Mask” dialogue option. Purchase the Mask of the Lost One from Nakak and equip it to your Operator. Listen to Nakak’s dialogue for hints on what to do next!
  2. Once you have followed and completed Nakak's directions, visit Konzu to select a Bounty with a Revenant Blueprint in its droptable. Complete the Bounty until you receive a Blueprint.
  3. Build the Blueprint and claim it from your Foundry.
  4. Repeat steps 2 - 3
    NOTE: The Revenant part you build needs to be different than the one you completed in Step 2 to proceed to the next stage.
  5. Return to the Plains of Eidolon with the Mask of the Lost One equipped and find the item within the marked area. Follow Nakak’s instructions to discover more!



Introducing the 36th Warframe, Revenant! Afflicted by Sentient energy, Revenant rises from the shadows to prey on the weak and unwilling.

PASSIVE: Shield depletion smashes nearby enemies with a knockdown shockwave.

Convert a target into a zealous thrall. Thralls turn on their allies and enthrall through damage. On death, they disintegrate into a damaging pillar of energy. The thrall horde remains under Revenants spell until this ability runs out.

  • Included in this update from 23.6.0: Enthrall cap for thralled enemies increased from 4 to 7. 

Become enveloped in Sentient energy, which redirects damage and stuns all those who dare attack. Stunned enemies can be Enthralled at no energy cost.

Dash through enemies as a wall of Sentient energy, leeching shields and health from any encountered, enhanced for thralls.

Erupt with a multitude of Eidolon energy beams and sweep a circle of death around Revenant. Incoming damage is redirected to the beams. Hold fire to boost range and damage, while also increasing energy consumption. 

  • Included in this update from 23.6.0: Danse Macabre energy cost increased from 12.5 to 20 energy per second.

Damage type can adapt to select defenses. Thralls killed by this leave overshield pickups.*

*To invoke a more Sentient theme with Revenant, the damage output of the Danse Macabre can adapt to certain enemy defenses as seen by Sentients in the wild!
3 special adaptations exist for the damage types of Danse Macabre:

Striking Armor will adapt Danse Macabre into Corrosive Damage.
Striking Shields will adapt Danse Macabre into Magnetic Damage.
Striking Infested Flesh will adapt Danse Macabre into Gas Damage.

This will be at a base 20% Status Chance, amplified by holding the default "fire weapon" trigger.



Irradiate enemies with a continuous stream of deadly plasma. Charging secondary fire releases a glob of plasma that erupts with homing bomblets on impact.

  • Included in this update from 23.6.0: Phantasma alt-fire will seek targets in all directions, instead of behind the projectile 


A uniquely-style alternate helmet for Revenant.


Make Revenant whole with his signature armor.

The signature Kavat Armor of Revenant.


TENNOGEN ROUND 13 (Warframe Skin bundles) 

TennoGen Round 13 Warframe skins created by talented Tenno artists are on their way! The following items will be available in the in-game Market when the update goes live:

TennoGen Bundle XXIX 
Excalibur Ronin Skin by Rekkou
Loki Kodama Skin by HitsuSan
Nova Corpra Skin by Frelling Hazmot
Nekros Graxx Skin by Faven
Zephyr Strafe Skin by prosetisen

TennoGen Bundle XXX 
Banshee Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster
Oberon Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster
Rhino Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster
Trinity Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster
Excalibur Exaltation Skin by Cheshire

TennoGen Round 13 Syandanas, Weapon and Liset Skins, and the Nekros Ion Helmet will be released in future updates.


A fortress of ingenuity and style. Plus unique Citadel styled Tesla grenade!

  • Included in this update from Hotfix 23.3.1: Subtle tweaks to Vauban’s Citadel Skin for a more consistent metal tint.

Sunder all attackers with the signature weapon skin of Vauban Citadel.

  • Included in this update from Hotfix 23.3.2: Increased the scale of Vauban’s Mortier Heavy Blade Skin.

The signature sugatra of Vauban Citadel.

Reinforce allies with this ingenious warrior. Contains the Vauban Citadel Skin, the Mortier Heavy Axe Skin, and the Marquis Sugatra.


The Vauban Citadel Skin brings with it changes to Vauban! 

  • Vauban's Passive has changed! Vauban's new passive: "Deal 25% extra damage to incapacitated enemies".
    • Whether by Vauban's own CC'ing abilities, or the abilities of others, Vauban can amplify his damage against the incapacitated!
  • Tesla can be ‘held to charge’ for increased Damage & Status Chance.
  • Vauban’s Repelling Bastille Augment will function as it did originally with the intended addition of pushing enemies on enter and every 4 seconds after.


Limbo, Atlas, and Chroma Noggles are available in the in-game Market!

A collection of Glyphs created by artists in the Warframe community.



Challenge your friends to a side-by-side duel -- Warframe’s newest lunchtime project Frame Fighter is arriving! Inspired by classic fighting games and long-time Warframe Fan/dedicated PS4 Tenno LocoCrazy_, this arcade fighter will transform your Orbiter into a battleground! No quarters required! 

Frame Fighter specifics: 

  • Ludoplex: A new home for all of Warframe’s minigames! Acquired using Standing with Simaris. ‘Wyrmius’ and ‘Happy Zephyr’ can also be acquired through Simaris! 
  • Frame Fighter Fragments: Choose from Excalibur, Volt and Mag, each with their unique Ability. Unlock additional Frame Fighter Warframes* by discovering Fragments throughout the Solar Chart.
    • Included in this update from Hotfix 23.4.2: Changed the Spawn chances of Cephalon Fragments if you don't have your Personal Quarters unlocked, to a 100% chance of a Cephalon Fragment spawning, instead of 50/50 AND Excalibur Umbra will be available upon completing The Sacrifice quest.



Rahn Prism: Pulses void energy through a fine-cut pavilion to riddle targets with flashing fire.

Phahd Scaffold: Launch energy discs that ricochet off victims and surfaces, vectoring toward a new target with each strike.

Anspatha Brace: A dual-purpose brace that reduces void energy regeneration delay, and decreases regeneration time, though not as quickly as a single-purpose brace.

The following changes are also coming to the following Operator Amp Components! Expand spoilers below for full list: 

  • Mote Amp:
    • Converted to reflect the Beam behavior changes introduced earlier in the year
      • Damage increased slightly as part of the conversion
    • Added +10 meter Range when Gilded
  • Raplak Prism:
    • Damage increased from 1000 to 3000
    •  Critical Chance increased from 30 to 38%
    • Critical Damage increased from 2.2 to 2.6x
    • Fire Rate decreased from 5.42 to 2
  • Granmu Prism:
    • Radial Damage increased from 1000 to 1400
    • Radial size increased from 3 meters to 3.5 meters
    •  Direct Impact Damage decreased from 1200 to 1000
  • Pencha Scaffold:
    • Added a 2 meter Punch Through
  • Klebrik Scaffold:
    • Converted to reflect the Beam behavior changes introduced earlier in the year
    • Damage increased slightly as part of the conversion


We're bringing the outside inside to complete your hermit Dojo oasis! You'll be able to choose from many nature themed Decorations such as (but not limited to):

  • Asteroid Rock Wall
  • Waterfall (Gentle)
  • Ice Stalactite
  • Spinklat Plant
  • And so much more!

General Additions: 

  • Added new Lotus Transmissions for Kuva Siphon missions when attempting to destroy a braid. The new lines better emphasize the clouds being integral to success.
  • Added a HUD Damage indicator for Gara’s Splinter Storm ability.
  • Added a directional arrow Decoration for the Dojo Obstacle Course Architect!
  • Added a new Grineer Themed UI to show your allegiance to the mighty Clem!
  • Added a watermark logo to vendor screens (Baro, Master Teasonai, etc).

Expand spoilers below for list! 

  • Capture Mission Changes:
    • Capture Targets will have a 1 minute Bleedout timer after being downed for 30 seconds, upon which Lotus will alert you that you’re running out of time to capture the Target. Capture missions had become an unofficial Endless mission with the tactic of leaving the Target squirming on the ground for hours while players dealt with the never-ending horde of enemies. The Bleedout timer has been added as a countermeasure to fix the unintended Endless Capture missions.
  • Updated the ‘High Contrast UI Theme’ based on feedback in an effort to better aid colourblind Tenno.
  • Submitting message when typing in the Chat window with a game invite open will now prioritize the Chat window over the game invite. This also applies when viewing the in-game Market while typing in Chat.
  • Weapons displayed on Hok’s Entitlement screen now show more information (Mastery Rank, Forma count, etc) to better reflect which weapon in your Inventory you’re Entitling.
  • Personal Platinum and Credit values now appear in the Arsenal UI when in Cetus or a Relay.
  • Empty Inventory Slots now appear with an ‘Empty Slot’ UI text for better recognition.
  • And more! 

UI & Virtual Cursor Fixes:
Expand spoilers below for list! 

  • Fixed inability to place Komi stones in The Sacrifice quest if Jump and Move Up/Afterburner are bound to a different button.
  • Fixed missing quick button for Invite at the bottom right of the Navigation screen.
  • Fixed selecting to view a Profile and then immediately backing out resulting in some UI elements disabling.
  • Fixed opening the Lens selection window in Archwing mode resulting in your Archwing weapon appearing to pierce through the UI.
  • Fixed the D-Pad not lining up correctly after changing Menu Scale.
  • Fixed having to move the virtual cursor on the purchase button to make a purchase on certain in-game Market Bundles, instead of being able to purchase anywhere.
  • Fixed Warframe Helmet selection UI indicating you do not own the Warframe they are for when trading it in Maroo’s Bazaar.

Expand spoilers below for list! 

  • Fixed shared Affinity not properly spreading between all equipment, specifically when an Exalted weapon is active.
  • Fixed Fishing breaking when switching Spears if you have no Bait or Dye.
  • Fixed equipping Vicious Frost on the Orvius reducing the Cold Damage instead of increasing.
  • Fixed Mod sets (Umbral, etc) not updating all values when equipping/unequipping Mods.
  • Fixed Nyx Mind Controlled Shield Ospreys spawned from Corpus Tech and Attack Drones spawned from Fusion Moas not being friendly.
  • Fixed numerous situations (casting Harrow’s Thurible, casting Mesa’s Peacemaker, etc) deactivating ‘Toggle Sprint’.
  • Fixed sometimes becoming disarmed of all weapons in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed inability to select/move Dojo Decorations that are perfectly embedded in the floor.
  • Fixed abilities being permanently blocked (until death) in Sanctuary Onslaught if you enter a portal as Operator but Transfer back to Warframe right before the fade/teleport starts.
  • Fixed zooming in on an Operator Focus tree too quickly resulting in one of the Focus tree schools will be missing.
  • Fixed the Jordas Golem Assassinate Star Chart node continuing to glow blue even after a successful completion.
  • Fixed ‘Solar Map Progress’ stat displaying that there are 229 Nodes needing completion when there are in fact only *227. This stat was including the “invisible” Sanctuary Onslaught nodes, which resulted in the unbearable 228/229.
  • Fixed randomizing colours and changing loadout appearance in the Simulacrum Arsenal not updating your appearance when you exit the Arsenal.
  • Fixed a large hitch each time you Randomize under the loadout button in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Clients not getting credit for completing Jordas Golem Assassinate and Mutalist Alad V Assassinate missions.
  • Fixed not being able to donate the Mote Amp if you have multiple.
  • Fixed Itzal Fighter Escort drones pausing if you get too far away from them.
  • Fixed Warframes playing the currently equipped Focus school idle animation instead of their standard Warframe idle animation when loading into the Plains.
  • Fixed Vomvalysts facing the move direction instead of target during combat.
  • Fixed cases of enemies not spawning after destroying an Antiserum Injector console in an Infested Salvage mission.
  • Fixed ejecting from a Dargyn while in flight causing it to float in the air instead of landing.
  • Fixed unscannable Kuria in the Grineer Sealab tileset by placing it in a different location.
  • And much more! 

Once we get the news that the build has passed cert, we’ll announce an official launch date for Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0! 

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Awesome, Finally Tennogen update, my Obezzy Pezzy needs that Blade of the Lotus like a cure for opiod addiction, [ i know, not funny...just saying]. Hope the Syandana update not far behind, will make due with what i got. Thanks heap much, DE! Giving us Revenant, V'an Citadel and more...ya'll working hard for us over here on console. I know we 'gripe' alot but you know why we do! Also can't wait for that Aegis skin for R'no, plz cert that one for sure!


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Thank you Matriarch Danielle.

Looking forward to Frame Fighter and Phantasma.


Patiently awaiting more Blade&Whip unique Idle stance to return...


Also will Codex hidden Audio message activation be fixed in this update:

The new UI changes have made some of the activations nigh-impossible to trigger hidden Audio messages.


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5 hours ago, (PS4)shantibby418 said:

There something missing where is his signature melee weapon at? 

The sentient 2 handed katana that was shown in previous dev streams did not release with Revenant, rather it will come with Melee 3.0 rework that DE are working on.

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