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Remove spy from sorties please

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6 hours ago, Fallosssss said:

Dont like my comments? Dont read it.

If you like spy, than go play spy on any tileset you love. Why do you want to see spy expecially in sorties? What is your problem?

Meybe you need help?

Meybe you shud git gud?

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On 2018-09-08 at 6:38 AM, Fallosssss said:

Spy is the pane. Most people hate it. People who like spy may play it as separate mission.

Just remove this from sorties please this is most annoying thing in the game.

Citation needed on most people hating spy in sortie, because if the thread is anything to go by, most people do in fact not hate spy sortie. If anything, they prefer it over many other mission types. 


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Remove spy missions in the sortie ? I dont understand why.

We can complete them quickly. => It's not a question of duration.

We dont have our 3 rewards but it's a Sortie: we will have a big reward (!) when we complete it (if we are lucky).  => I can understand it's annoying, but if you win a silver/gold reward, it's equilibrate i think.

A lot of warframes can easily complete them (Loki, Ivara....), of course people can use unadapted warframes (Rhino ? Frost?...) and complete them too: training is the key, if you think it's difficult and just remove the mission instead of learn how to complete them, a lot of things in the game will be issues for you.

Using Decipher ? Why ? For me, the most complex hacks are the grineers one and i can complete them because i trained myself.


You must explain your opinion because it seems nobody understand why DE should remove spy mission (in the sortie).

(In a sortie, I prefer a spy mission instead of a defection... ^^' )



[Sorry about my language, English is not my native language]

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I see this from both sides

Single fail spy missions are a pain in the ass and obnoxious, make a mistake and all your work on other vaults is down the drain, it sucks. also no other missions are the same level of "find yourself a premade, do it alone, or get rekt scrub"

on the other hand its the only real test of stealth in the game.

what can you do? the best option would probably be to make multiple sortie paths like chose survival, defense, assasinate or spy, survival, interception at the beginning of the sortie.

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