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Exploding Frame Concept

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Passive - weapons with blast have a 50% greater chance to trigger it and blast does 20% more damage

(1) Cost 25 - throws a bomb that will explode on impact, depending on what enemy type it last kills depends on how strong/weak the next explosive is (if it last's hit a heavy unit the next throw is stronger)

(2) Cost 50 - when used on an enemy it takes it over and makes the enemy a suicide unit (no cap limit for enemies)

(3) Cost 75 - Creates a repeating explosive around you or your ally boosting damage while units that melee the person with the explosive ring around them will get knocked down (nearby enemies don't get knocked down)

(4) Cost 25 5 energy/kill - your hands become filled with explosive and with each kill your combo counter increases, increasing the power of the punch


How to obtain

enemies drop parts 100%  from blast death's which part is depending on the faction

Grineer - Neuroptics

Corpus - Systems

Infested - Chassis

you purchase the main blueprint from the market



the (1) ability can trigger the (2) ability to explode the enemies 

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