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Limbo Prime Access Ending Soon & Valkyr Prime Entering the Vault!

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Limbo Prime Access Ends September 25th! 


Limbo Prime Access is almost finished! The most magnificent magician will conclude his show with a grand disappearance on Sept. 25. Act quickly to get yours or lose Limbo Prime to the Void!

Limbo Prime Access Features:

  • Limbo Prime: Manipulate the Void as the golden gentleman.
  • Limbo Prime Glyphs: Embody Limbo Prime with these Prime Glyphs.
  • Destreza Prime: Precise strikes and high Puncture damage make this Prime rapier devastating against armored targets.
  • Pyrana Prime: A far cry from a gentleman’s traditional dueling pistol, this Tenno secondary automatic shotgun shreds enemies with ease.


Limbo Prime Accessories

  • Oblivia Prime Syandana
  • Rift Walker Prime Sigil

Buy now with Prime Access! You can also find in-game Relics containing the Blueprints and Parts required to build Limbo Prime, Destreza Prime, and Pyrana Prime.

Entering the Vault: Valkyr Prime! 


Starting September 25, the following items and their respective relics will enter the Vault and will no longer be available in-game:

  • Valkyr Prime
  • Cernos Prime
  • Venka Prime

If these powerful Prime Weapons and Warframe (or their Blueprints/Components and Relics) are already in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.

Your time is short, Tenno. Make the most of the time you have left and put on the performance of a lifetime with Limbo Prime Access!

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Just now, Leyren said:

But what with the Valkyr Prime Neuroptics which are needed for leveling up syndicate? You can't really expect people to get vaulted stuff for syndicate rank ups.

they change the required items when they vault the current set


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