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Launcher update problem


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i'm new here got beta key a day ago. When i downloaded and installed the game evrything went ok..in the begining. After launching the game to update it it downloaded a file around 500+ megabytes big and after that it stoped updating. The bar froze in one place and above it was writen Downloading new content... That continued for about half an hour not moving at all. After that i closed the launcher and started it again and now i looks like this http://imageshack.us/f/26/bugbei.jpg/.

So i was wondering if someone have any idead what could cause this to happen. Thank you in advance. Oh and Merry Christmas. :)


Just to add, i'm trying to run the game on winxp sp3, 2GB Ram, Athlon x2 4000+, GeFroce 7300GT.(no comment on the video carf i know it's under the minimum)

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EscapeGL i had today same problem with Launcher when downloading new content was and it freezes in place (and allways it takes a 99% of my DAMN CPU!!) anyway my speces writted in my posts somewhere in General Bugs :P. Please do something with that Launcher to not eat my CPU coz it is a pain in the &#! really :/. My regards and thx for epic game :)

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