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Coming Soon: Devstream #116!

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Who:  Rebecca and the Devs!   

What: We’re back, and we have LOTS to show and tell. Updates on Melee and what Channeling is becoming, Fortuna + The Orb Vallis' secrets and more await you. And this time our K-Drives will actually work on the Coolant Lakes... or will they?

Twitch Drop: We want to stress-test a Riven Twitch Drop! Tune in with your linked Twitch Account to grab your Riven Mod! Link your account here: https://www.warframe.com/user

Prizes? Oh yes, Platinum and Prime Access awaits lucky Twitch viewers!

Where: live at twitch.tv/Warframe (among other places)!

When:  Friday, September 14th at 2 p.m ET!  

This thread is open for your questions! The thread closes Friday at 10 a.m!


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1. The Gunsen have a unique appearance, but sadly Slicing Feathers limits them to be obsolete dual swords/daggers; Will Melee 3.0 allow the Gunsen to shine as a guinea pig for Chakram/Dual Glaive weapons? They could really blow away the competition without purposeless fanning animations (If they were throwing weapons, you could have the warframe fan with one while the other orbits for example).

2. Will infested weaponry ever get variants? Will we ever get an Infested Archwing?

3. Is there any intent to expand on unique mods and functionality for Glaives and Gunblades and Melee 3.0? (A FEW examples along with original post below)


On 2018-06-08 at 2:40 PM, Synpai said:
  • Orbital Guidance - Prefect throws cause the Glaive to orbit warframe ; rotations affected by bounce/rebound mods and combo counter
  • Explosive Ordnance - Power Throw + Quick Return (since the mods don't really work without one another); Explosive damage should scale
  • Gravity Javelin: More damage and flight speed while airborne; less when on the ground.
  • Vortex Crater: Perfect throws pull enemies into the impact location (force and radius based on combo counter)



On 2018-06-08 at 2:40 PM, Synpai said:
  • Ricochet Rounds: Charged shots bounce a number of times based on combo counter.
  • Sticky Shots: Charged rounds stick to the barrel, dealing damage when meleeing a number of times based on combo counter.
  • Bladed Barrel: Melee attacks increase critical chance and damage of next X charged shots (number based on combo multiplier)
  • Relentless Bombardment: Charge attacks fire consecutive shots (Same damage) and hits restore a portion of combo counter; + Combo Duration



Free the caged condrocs! 

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Yay! I have some questions I've collected.

1: When will we get melee, bow, speargun, etc. stances for our Warframe Articula?

2: Will we be able to use Operators in each other's ships?

3: Will we ever be able to spawn multiple of our own Warframes in Captura? 

4: Will we get appearance tabs for the Operator?

5: Will we ever get to have multiple pets roaming the ship at a time?

6: Will Sentinels ever be able to roam the ship? (Everyone I've talked to seems to like this idea)

7: Does TennoGen fit into the lore? (Maybe the Tenno could affect the designs of Warframes somehow? I NEED confirmation!)

8: Why aren't we trying to destroy the Kuva Fortress?

9: Will Volt get cloth physics anytime soon?


Thanks for doing this guys!

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Speaking of K-Drives--- will our Tenno also be able to use them (in a limited capacity maybe), or is it a warframe-only thing? 🙂 

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Ok so here are some questions I'd like to see answered:
- what about the new Tenno/Operator Hair?
- what's the status about Pets 2.0?
- as many people requested: can we get our primary Focus School bound to Loadouts?
- is there any progress about Boss Reworks for Sergeant and Phorid?



- is there any plan on individual extraction in endless missions?
- will the ledge-grab move on literally anything be reworked?


ledge-grab on a latern after a Bullet Jump and losing all the momentum is bollocks

- is there any plan to implement a never/always Host option?


I am sick of 500 ping when my max ping in settings is 150...

- what's the status about Arcane dissolving?
- is there any plan on a Rework for the in-mission marker? It's actually more like "Can you find the Extraction...




- will the Drone-Pathfinding in the Plains ever be fixed?


e.g this Drone will not move a single inch


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Can you tell us who the next prime will be? Can you put in the functionality to use your personal resources as opposed to using the guild vault resources for crafting decorations in the Clan Dojo? Are you going to be looking into expanding Rail Jack for 8 playes as there is no current big group end game content in Warframe? Also can you put Orokin Reactors and Catalyst in relics replace the silver level forma bps with those bps?

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Added a question.
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So since its been revealed we'll be getting some kind of rework of the gas city tileset. Is there any chance in the future we'll see some undamaged versions of some unique rooms seen on the orokin derelict, europa, or eris' corpus ships in their normal counterparts in the void and on corpus ships? Some of them are quite interesting and would add up a bit of a change to the current rooms available in those tilesets.

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Repeating warframe-related quests actually giving you another BP?  I just want 20 Octavias.

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Hmm... Zephyr Deluxe Skin? I mean, it's only been about... two years and eight months now for that Deluxe.

If not, at least a nice little update to Tailwind to give us a reticle indicator when Dive Bomb is going to happen, and let us charge up the Hover while moving and while in the air... Just quick ones, you know?

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9 minutes ago, Lored said:

When next Double Resource Weekend? Last one was more than 1 year ago.

How about: 

  • New archwing & arch-weapons;
  • New Landing Craft ship;
  • New mechanics with Helminth Infirmary room;
    • Infested Kavat;
  • New Kavat type;
  • Clan management system:
    • Fields for "Clan description"(Clan Rules), except for the already available "motd"
    • More information for admins:
      • Player(x) invite Player(y);
      • Curent resources progress (%);
      • Curent research progress (%);
    • More flexible and variable "Hierarchy and Roles" system:
      • Stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).
  • Dojo decoration:
    • Custom Obstacle Course increase decoration limit;
    • In-room spawn point;
    • Changeable statues in Temple of Honor;
    • Infested & Corpus statues decorations (now only Grineer);
    • Weapon racks decorations;
    • Infested theme decorations;
    • Orokin Derelict theme decorations;    
    • Factions Storage Containers;
    • Factions Resource Caches.
  • Boss reworks:
    • The Sergeant;
    • Hyena Pack;
    • Phorid;
    • Zanuka Hunter.

Before they add new ones they need to make the abilities of the current ships better. Have them scale at the very least - before adding new ones.

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Subject: Riven mods and disposition

  • How are dispositions decided for new items?
    Context: Most new weapons seem to float between 1.1 and 0.9, but there are a few outliers which almost look like an issue of copy&paste. ex. Dual Keres added in 22.18.3 which seemingly copied the dispo from the Dual Skana (1.48).
  • What can we expect to see in regards to "picking up the ball" with Riven mods and their dispositions?
  • How will dispositions be decided for existing items?

The last documented change was January 27, 2017 in Hotfix 19.8.1. The last (of many) undocumented change was on September 7, 2017 in Update 21.7. You can view a nearly complete log of disposition changes on this Google Document.

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