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Coming Soon: Devstream #116!

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With changes to Ash's bladestorm (which I think are good), The player doesn't really get to experience Ash's hidden blades anymore, because the clones now do all the work. (Yes, I know you can join in the bladestorm, but that is really inefficient, offers no real benefit, and just wastes time that you could be shooting enemies.) Is there a chance that we can have Fatal Teleport reworked so that the finisher animation played, instead of corresponding to the weapon you are holding, is one of the animations from bladestorm - using your hidden blades? No crazy camera angles, just teleport, and the finisher animation used is a hidden blade one, carrying all the properties of your current melee weapon. This will make Ash feel like he actually has hidden blades again.

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With Archwing continuing to be used across the game, and featured relatively heavily in the upcoming Railjack update, will there be plans to revamp the Archwing systems and gamemodes to play and feel better? 

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Big thanks @[DE]Rebecca for reading out and answering my question during last devstream! ❤️ ❤️

As always here is my list of questions:

Fortuna questions:

  1. Tony Hawk's Skateboarding soundtrack when?
  2. Jet Set Radio spraying mechanics when?
  3. Spider pets when? (Please make cute ones just like jumping spiders with hats made of water droplets)

PoE questions:

  1. More archwings when?
  2. Archwing fashionframe when?
  3. Sentient arm gun when?
  4. Sentient transporter when?
  5. Archwing secondaries when?
  6. Archwing melee stances when?
  7. Prime fishing rod when?
  8. Bird companion when (we need one for Pirate-Tentacle Prime)?
  9. Extractors working on PoE like any other planet when? (I have a very sad distilling extractor prime)
  10. Vendor selling rugs when?
  11. PoE quests when? (For example: catch alive that big fish in the coast for 10k-20k mastery, or find a mine rich with ore, or a kid lost his pet Condroc and you need to find it)

Questions from previous devstream topic:

Hi! My questions below:

  1. When will you make Tonkor great again? Or at least when will you release Prisma Wraith AkTonkor Vandal Prime?
  2. Friendly fire when? Radiation from sorties isn't enough.
  3. When will you nerf other "cheesy" frames, focuses and guns (looking at you Inaros, Naramon and Tigris series)?
  4. Tonkor's grenades exploding on impact with enemies when?
  5. Tonkor's grenades bounciness revert when?
  6. Very BIG indicator where the grenades are when?
  7. No more holding fire to aim with Tonkor when?

Some serious questions:

  1. Sentient invasions when?
  2. Baro when?
  3. Pablo appearance during devstream when? (that one with Rebb doesn't count)
  4. Better loot from higher lvl enemies when?
  5. Not ridiculous armour and HP scaling of our enemies when?
  6. Tenno grenade launcher when?
  7. Kuva boss when?
  8. Orokin derelict matchmaking when?
  9. Excavation extractor HP and shield lvl scaling when?
  10. Stances for primary weapons when? You know you want it 😄
  11. Silva & Aegis buff when?
  12. Tonkor 6 meter indicator when?
  13. Mutagen Sample drop from infested mission nodes when?
  14. Mutagen Sample drop chance equal to that of Fieldron Sample or Detonite Ampule when?
  15. Lore events (like mutation of Salad V) incorporated into quest system when?
  16. Shield-gating when?
  17. TennoGen items for plat when?
  18. Different defence missions when? For example use the "defending the colony" type of mission for some of the Corpus dark sector nodes.
  19. Boss taunting us throughout planet's nodes when? I really loved when sometimes Zombie Salad V appeared in exterminate on Eris (and yet you fixed it).
  20. Lotus talking about boss during missions when?
  21. Radio chatter being significant when? It needs so much love.
  22. Ordis quest when?
  23. John Prodman quest when?
  24. Zephyr Deluxe Skin when?
  25. Second Clem quest when? Also waiting for "The Clem Within" quest.
  26. Phorid rework when?
  27. Phorid boss arena rework when?
  28. Tenno space program unfix when?
  29. Different enemies based on planets and bosses when?
  30. Misery when?
  31. IPS changes when?
  32. What killed me message when?
  33. Khora getting her whip instead of Strangledome when?
  34. Tricking game into thinking we play with more players in solo mode for increased spawns when?
  35. Fixing endless modes for solo players when?
  36. Hydroid and Zephyr Prime trailers WHEN?
  37. Private servers for mods other then conclave WHEN?
  38. Rework of session creating and network connection WHEN?

Questions answered:

  1. Invasion outcome actually changing node's faction when?
  2. Umbra when?
  3. Earth remaster when?
  4. Clan nemesis system when?
  5. Operator interacting with pets when?
  6. Focus changes when?
  7. Tenno shotgun when?
  8. More mandachord sound packs when?
  9. Operative not being stupid when (e.g. going into toxin in sortie kuva defense)? Hey you fixed that before Devstream, not fair!
  10. Wraith weapons/appearance colouring when?
  11. Orbiter's door opposite to infested door opening when?
  12. Other planet remasters when?
  13. A working map of plains when? (Current one is not very functional)
  14. Different Teralyst models when?
  15. Khora when?
  16. Warframe & Operator using two waypoints pls unfix.
  17. Tenno hover bikes when? (Dargyns will are be cool but not "hover bike" cool)
  18. Flying through space with our orbiter when? RAILJACK ❤️ ❤️
  19. Alphonse Elric skin when?
  20. Tricks and leaps of faith for our hoverboard when? ❤️ ❤️

Keep up the good work! 🙂
But please reconsider at least some changes to Tonkor (you did revert changes made to Sonicor). 🙂

@[DE]Rebecca, pls answer some questions from my list. 🙂

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Intentionally Vague Question: What do you envision as the end-goal for Archwing in Warframe? In other words, where/what is the dream implementation of Archwing if you could fast-forward two years of development?

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will there be new melee weapons with fortuna asides the ones teased?

will k-drive consume a resource?

are there plans for new archwings or archwing skins?

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Can you tell us about any plans you have for HUD updates? I would very much like more customisation like scaling and positioning of individual HUD elements on a per-frame basis (e.g. bigger centered squad healthbars for Trinity, bigger centered buff timers for Rhino and Loki, etc.).

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It's been more than 6 months since trials were "temporarily put to rest". While i understand that the team is focusing on Orb Vallis and whatnot I'd like to know if any resources have been dedicated to bring back raids.

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31 minutes ago, Lored said:

When next Double Resource Weekend? Last one was more than 1 year ago.

How about: 

  • New archwing & arch-weapons;
  • New Landing Craft ship;
  • New mechanics with Helminth Infirmary room;
    • Infested Kavat;
  • New Kavat type;
  • Clan management system:
    • Fields for "Clan description"(Clan Rules), except for the already available "motd"
    • More information for admins:
      • Player(x) invite Player(y);
      • Curent resources progress (%);
      • Curent research progress (%);
    • More flexible and variable "Hierarchy and Roles" system:
      • Stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).
  • Dojo decoration:
    • Custom Obstacle Course increase decoration limit;
    • In-room spawn point;
    • Changeable statues in Temple of Honor;
    • Infested & Corpus statues decorations (now only Grineer);
    • Weapon racks decorations;
    • Infested theme decorations;
    • Orokin Derelict theme decorations;    
    • Factions Storage Containers;
    • Factions Resource Caches.
  • Boss reworks:
    • The Sergeant;
    • Hyena Pack;
    • Phorid;
    • Zanuka Hunter.

how about no 

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Another question about Archwing, but what was the original intention for the idea, and what is the plan for archwing going forward?

Is Archwing supposed to feel like a "vehicle section" of the game? Or is it supposed to feel like an extension of the base warframe movement? If it's the former, then Archwings as a whole are far too fragile to feel like a proper vehicle. If it's the latter, then the Archwings are far too sluggish and limited in movement, especially compared to standard movement controls.

 Either way, Archwing needs to be streamlined and focused. There are too many inconsistencies, such as having extremely sluggish inertial while rolling/stopping/starting, while basing turning on the camera which completely ignores inertia, and nothing about the base system feels fluid. Additionally, there are a lot of visual features that are just missing that you'd see in a standard space flight game, such as a 3D map, HUD markers for items/enemies/allies, a system to actually toggle between active targets, etc etc.

Like everyone else, I'm excited to hear about future plans regarding Fortuna, Railjack, and pretty much anything new being injected into the game. However, I'm always reminded of things like Archwing whenever an Alert draws attention back to Archwing missions.


Also, was it intentional for Lua Sentients to stop dropping sentient cores? That happened at some point, and hasn't really been addressed.

Edited by TotalMaverik
Additional question I forgot to ask.

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Riven dispositions rebalance when, you should use that system you showed us that followed which warframes were being used by which MR's over the course of a week for the riven changes in the future

can we get a relic separation from vaulted and unvaulted? some of us hundreds or thousands (in my case) of these things already

we know its chroma prime but are you going to show him and his weapons off during the stream

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Any chance of seeing a unified arsenal? As in seeing the disparate elements of out loadout (Operator focus school/amps/arcanes and Arch-gear) brought together into one unified system, maybe with a more partial preset system behind it? (Essentially turning loadouts into more of a certain set of gear that will override only pre-selected portions of your current loadout.)

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2 minutes ago, TotalMaverik said:

Also, was it intentional for Lua Sentients to stop dropping sentient cores? That happened at some point, and hasn't really been addressed.

IIRC DE did it to make the Quills' grind less tedious.

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Hmm since we have Grauda next... When Grauda arrives on Warframe Fortuna update

Should we have a Tiki Hawaiian Gods theme Frame next?

Who Agrees with me a Tiki Hawaiian Gods theme Frame?

There's Ku. Ancient Tiki God of War. 

Kane. Ancient Tiki God of Light and Life

But i'm not sure of Kanaola since he's a God of sea... We have Hydroid and Lono.. God of Love and Peace... in my opinion no...

Would you agree with this reply? Just thinking about it.

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Are you going to address exalted melee weapon stance mods not giving capacity? The way it currently works, it takes at least 2 forma to make up for the lost initial capacity. This does not include the lower overall capacity when compared to regular melee weapons that were previously used as stat sticks. 

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- Wukong Rework???? The community has expressed MUCH interest in this. Most credit to DeMonkey who has posted his own thoughts on this among giving examples and proof to why it's needed.

- Thoughts on adding new and more consistent events?

- This v

1 hour ago, Synpai said:

1. The Gunsen have a unique appearance, but sadly Slicing Feathers limits them to be obsolete dual swords/daggers; Will Melee 3.0 allow the Gunsen to shine as a guinea pig for Chakram/Dual Glaive weapons? They could really blow away the competition without purposeless fanning animations (If they were throwing weapons, you could have the warframe fan with one while the other orbits for example).

2. Will infested weaponry ever get variants? Will we ever get an Infested Archwing?

3. Is there any intent to expand on unique mods and functionality for Glaives and Gunblades and Melee 3.0? (A FEW examples along with original post below)






- And this v

1 hour ago, Buff00n said:

Repeating warframe-related quests actually giving you another BP?  I just want 20 Octavias.


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Removed Revenant comment in light of patch
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Reposting from last thread:

Has anyone at DE ever considered letting players design tiles for Warframe? A sort of "Tennogen" maps, like a constantly ongoing community event. I heard at Tennocon players were allowed to make their own tiles and with the way Captura and Dojos are becoming I think it'd be great to allow players to create tiles, best ones get chosen by DE and after fixing or polishing them up put them into the game. This would be good for many tilesets that haven't seen improvement in years without requiring as much effort on DE.

Heck, some DOJOs look like they could be tiles with player creativity.

I should clarify these wouldn't be stuck behind a paywall and all players can come across them. If there is the desire to compensate creators, Warframe could introduce something similar to "Stamps" used in TF2 to compensate TF2 community map makers.

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Any news on the sentient carrier thingy you showed in a Devstream a while ago?


Will there be more syndicate weapons?


Can Focus be added to the Arsenal?


Any plans on allowing Archwing Mission to be fissures, so the entire planet of Uranus can be used for fissure missions?


Will long endless run be more rewarding? e.g. the 2nd B Rotation reward rewards 2 B Rotation Reward, or the 3rd B Rotation, maybe that is more balanced?


Can Kuva Fortress and Lua be Fissure-viable please?


Will Corrupted Mods get a look at again at some point? Especially since mods like Magnum Force are outclassed heavily by new common mods


Gentleman a short view back to the past. four years ago, Some Guy told us: "Take a trained monkey, place him infront of the computer and he is able to copter through the void." four years later years later some guy told us: "I had to move through the void like a robot. It's very complicated." And some other guy said, err, he pressed during the mission, I don't remember what mission, the wrong button on the keyboard. Question for you two both. Is warframe movement today too complicated with 20 and more buttons on the keyboard for movement, are you too much under effort, under pressure? What are your wishes for the future, concerning movement, errrm, during the race? Less buttons, more? Or less and more communication with your lotus.


Where is single sword + pistol dual wielding?


Are there any plans for allowing dual wield with thrown weapons like the Kunai, Spira (Prime) or Hikou (Prime)?


Will we ever get primary and/or secondary stealth finishers/finishers?


Any news on the (promised) updates to current boss fights. Mainly Phorid, Seargant?


Any plans for new Kavats?


Any plan to buff Kubrows?


Is there a way to see how much xp each Weapon/Frame/Companion got in a mission when they are already level 30?


Is it possible to have us set up the "important" resources that pop up when we pick them up, like Tellurium and Argon Crystals?


Possible to add hours next to Usage in the profile?


Is it possible to add mouse over for the buffs at the top of the screen?


Can Kuva Survival Life Support Kuva scale? Maybe for every completion we get 1 Kuva more? That sounds fair?

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"oh look we made no progress on melee 3.0 but we made a decision on what chanelling will become"

"watch us go in circles on a hoverboard for the 5th time!"

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The most important question though;

Will you be able to play the echo lure on the K-Drive? And will there be doppler effect?

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