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Rhino Has Been Surpassed & Succeeded By Revenant

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Upon the recent update and buff to Revenant, my clan leader has fallen into depression as his favorite frame which he views philosophically as the superior tank frame. Rhino, has been surpassed and succeeded by a frame who's truly worthy of claiming the crown, Revenant. He can only pray and hope that Rhino Umbra the one true lord and savior, shall return and reclaim the throne. 

= w=


Let us mourn together for Rhino and all Rhino Mains out there.  /s

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just adding a little bit
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Yeah no.
Rhino has one of the strongest damage buffs for the whole team.
Rhino's defensive abilities are better.
Rhino has great crowd control potential.

Rhino is at least the same power level as Revenant, if not better. Also he's ripped.


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2 minutes ago, AzureTerra said:

Or you know get over the fact that older frames maybe supplanted by newer frames in some ways but if your really a fan of that original frame you'd still be no matter what the new "flavour of the month" is


Rhino hasnt been nerfed.  So if you like his playstyle, then keep using him, nothing has changed for Rhino. I get that he is meant to be THE tank, even if he is not anymore, he still is very good at it.

Besides, Iron skin gives you status immunity,  i dont think Revenants 3rd does that?

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35 minutes ago, tehflamex said:

Let us mourn together for Rhino and all Rhino Mains out there.  /s

sorry, what was that? can't hear you over the major damage buffs I'm giving this Eidolon hunting team right now! say, how many Revenants make it into Eidolon squads? :crylaugh: :crylaugh: 

jokes aside, no frame is ever surpassed, Rhino still works just as well as he always has, but he's never been a "superior tank frame". he's a CC and Buffer with a good self-protection ability, which makes him far more capable than a barebones tank. won't say no to Rhino Umbra though.


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Well this thread makes no sense.

How did your clan leader draw that conclussion? I must have missed something in my Revenant kit. Which skills would be Rev's Roar and Stomp? I'm highly curious. Rev is a fantastic frame but he is very different from Rhino. Survivability wise yes, Rev is on par with Rhino, but besides that Rev is a damage frame while Rhino is a buffer/CC frame.

This is slightly more of a longshot than comparing Rev to Mesa.

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24 minutes ago, 45neo said:

Like what others have said above, Rhino has long since been surpassed by several other frames in terms of tanking. To mention a couple that were missed, Trinity and Wukong easily surpass rhino. 

Trinity is ok, but I found her to be a lot more work to keep her tankiness. 

Rhino is easy mode tank. 

Havent played Wukong yet so I can’t comment. 

I mained Valk P for a while as well and while she is unkillable with her 4 and has a great buff with Warcry and it’s augment, she was still more work than Rhino. 

I think I may main Rhino for a bit as it’s just easy. 

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9 hours ago, xcenic said:

i dont know why but every time i hear "Rhino main" i picture a bad player.

Because most Rhinos we encounter use the *cough* lazy invulnerability *cough* I mean Iron Skin and Arca Plasmor/Amprex/ other weapon with no aim requirement and rush akin to Leeroy Jenkins into the fray.


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11 hours ago, Miser_able said:

Rhino was surpassed ages ago, first by Valkyr 1.0, then by Inaros, then by Nidus, then by revenant. 

Rhino was "surpassed"

Rhino is THE TANK, the rest are just traps for noobs, also he is certified eidolon hunter


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