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PS4 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0 (+ hotfixes & CHROMA PRIME)

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10 hours ago, (PS4)lX-_ichigo_-Xl said:

Thanks to your careless act of making this update SO DAMN HUGE i’ll Literally probably never get to play it again.

day 2 and I haven’t even gotten a Gig downloaded. Thanks for wasting a thousand hours of my life. DE 

That's not D.E fault. U just need better internet. Or get a lan line and connect it from your router to your ps4 

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Y'all just making us redownload the game and I think there could have been a way better approach to this "remastered" download. It's not that "after we download the update, it will optimize the cache to lower its size" but rather, y'all have done that for us and gave us the already-optimized version.

All that is appreciated. Y'all been doing a wonderful job at this game. But I think it would have been way beneficial to both had y'all just released a sort of maintenance update that just goes into the existing game and remove the unnecessary stuff.

Here's the thing, I know I am in no position to argue the point I just made because I'm no IT, programmer, Game designer, etc...so I could be overlooking some stuff that warrants this specific update. But I cannot help but think that there could have been an alternative way to get the same result. 

I'm advocating on the side of "my Internet is a$$" and "See you next year Warframe cus my ISP is a potato" groups where it's approaching a week since the update launched and I'm still at 23.303gb to go with 30 hours remaining. It is an unfortunate scenario to say the least.

DE & Crew, y'all been doing a tremendous job on the game, on the community meet-ups, Streams, all the 9 yards and I wish y'all a continued success in all the fields I did and did not mention.

Thank you 💜

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the mask the the Revenant quest 1. is working as intended 2. working most of the way and not droping the Blueprint, 3. that the quest get halfway though and then just stops the quest after a monologue, and 4. some player don't even have access to the quest (although this rarely happens from what i hear but it does). I am a number 3. player although i might get Chroma prime access and get Revenants collection i would still like other players to get access to the blueprint as soon as possible because i know a lot of free to play players out there and most are missing out on this new warframe which i don't think its fair to let let this go on for another 2-3 days like what happens most of the time  with ps4 hotfixes and updates. 

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Okay.  First, I'd like to say thank you for downsizing the game.  Helps me quite a bit.  


Now, for those of you saying it's easy to login while you are downloading, try it next big download.  You will see that you are unable to login until the DL is finished.


Glitch time.  It seems that the Stalker glitches games now.  Fought him yesterday and he stopped the enemies from spawning.  Fought him today and we couldn't go past the room he was in.  Both times were on Meso missions.  Yesterday was capture and today was exterminate.

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On 2018-09-15 at 1:01 PM, (PS4)lX-_ichigo_-Xl said:

Thanks to your careless act of making this update SO DAMN HUGE i’ll Literally probably never get to play it again.

day 2 and I haven’t even gotten a Gig downloaded. Thanks for wasting a thousand hours of my life. DE 

Sounds like your internet is bad. Disconnect all your wifi sources, hard-line your router to your console, and don't play other online games while it does its thing. If that doesn't work, get a new ISP. 

Also remember, this update isn't just an update, you're re-downloading the game essentially. You're playstation is not pulling from cached data to help, it's all from scratch. So it's going to take longer. 

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40 minutes ago, (PS4)emmapeac said:


Do you have rank 2 or higher with Quills syndicate? 

Also are you selecting "Mask?" option when talking to Nakak?

"The mask itself can only be purchased from the Cetus vendor Nakak once the players have achieved the Observer rank with The Quills, and has talked to her with the "Mask?" prompt."


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September 25th - Hotfix #3 - CHROMA PRIME! 


Become the true elemental master with Chroma Prime. This legendary warrior comes with the formidable Rubico Prime sniper rifle, the monstrous two-handed Gram Prime and more! 

Chroma Prime, Gram Prime, and Rubico Prime Relics have replaced all exclusive locations of Limbo Prime, Destreza Prime, and Pyrana Prime Relics:

  • Plains Bounties
  • Sanctuary Onslaught
  • Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (Radiant)
  • Added in the Orokin Derelict Defense mix
  • Added in the Orokin Derelict Survival mix
  • And the list goes on! Check out the official public drop tables here.
  • *Limbo Prime, Destreza Prime, and Pyrana Prime Relics are also still out in the wild, just not in exclusive spots like Bounties or Onslaught.

Check out Chroma Prime Access for sleek Prime Accessories and more in the in-game Market! 


Valkyr Prime, Venka Prime, and Cernos Prime have entered the Vault!
With this Vaulting comes the shift of the follow Syndicate sacrifices:

  • Replaced Arbiters of Hexis sacrifice of Cernos Prime Lower Limb to Sybaris Prime Barrel.
  • Replaced Perrin Sequence sacrifice of Venka Prime Gauntlet to Nami Skyla Prime Blade.
  • Replaced Perrin Sequence sacrifice of Valkyr Prime Neuroptics to Hydroid Prime Neuroptics.

Rhino Prime, Nyx Prime, Boltor Prime, Hikou Prime, Ankyros Prime, and Scindo Prime Relics have also re-entered the Vault! 

If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.

Region Date Releases: 

  • NA - September 25th
  • EU & Asia - September 26th
  • Japan - September 27th


  • Fixed a performance hitch that would occur when using Revenant's Danse Macabre on some tile sets. 
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