[Suggestion] Multiple Gear Wheel "Loadouts/Configs"

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I'd like to suggest the implementation of Gear Wheel "Loadouts" or "configs", where you can set a few different gear wheel configurations, and then quickly select them before missions from the arsenal menu, just like the way you would a Sentinal/Companion or some other manner.  The value of this suggestion would be to allow for different gear wheel setups that would be frequently used by a player.  With only one gear wheel loadout, it is becoming more frequent (and will become even more frequent probably with Fortuna and future enhancements), to require gear wheel edits before a mission. Edits for Tactical Alerts or Quests with unique gear items are fine. I'm specifically focused on addressing the normal "day to day" running of missions


For all missions, I like to always keep on hand all 4 types of restores (rather than changing slots out just for one mission here or there, ie hijack), Synthesis scanner and ciphers.  That would consume 6 gear slots, leaving the remaining 6 available for context specific gear (contexts being regular WF missions, Archwing and PoE). 


There are certain gear items I like to keep on hand for regular missions that I wouldn't bother equipping for the PoE, and vice versa (ie. Kinetic Siphon Traps, Gem Cutters, Fishing Spear, Archwing Launcher). For regular missions, I always bring along my Kinetic Siphon traps (I regularly do Simaris targets, despite being MR 25) and all the specters I can squeeze on the rest of the slots (I like to keep them on hand in case I get into a defense or interception on my own and need a hand. Its also great fun to have a specter party at a defense objective😆). For those who haven't bothered to buy the Simaris widget, they'd also need to equip Codex Scanners. But, I would never bother equipping these in the PoE if I didn't have to edit my gear wheel everytime I switch between regular warframe missions and PoE.


For the Plains and with Fortuna coming, most of the remaining 6 slots would be consumed with the cutter, hoverboard, animal lures and 2 spears (or maybe not animal lures if you guys set it up similar to fishing spears and fishing lures). The slot real estate of the gear wheel will become even more tight, and require people to do more gear wheel changes before missions for appropriate loadouts, if we have to continue to use one gear wheel loadout. 


Having different Gear Wheel loadouts would allow us to switch between "warframe mission" gear wheel configs" and "PoE/Fortuna" configs that make sense for the mission contexts.  I think most of the community would find a lot of value to having multiple gear wheel configurations, especially once Fortuna comes. I am sure there are other players in the community who would find value for having additional configs beyond these two, such as people who run dragon keys intentionally for their debuff.  You could start everyone with 3, and maybe allow people to purchase additional gearwheel loadouts with plat (similar to arsenal load outs or weapon slots). 


A single gear wheel loadout doesn't leave room for any fun gear items without sacrificing something more useful in a mission -- ie. Grand Finale fire works, Glyph Prism, Remote Observer.  Being a more pragmatic player, I never even consider putting them on because I'd rather keep the slot for something I'll be much more likely to use in a mission when I'm bouncing around the solar system kicking butt.  If I had the luxury of extra gear slots, I would play with these more.


Plus, implementing this change will be valuable for future releases, as I'm sure you guys have grand plans, unbeknownst to us, that will probably add more gear items and other contexts in the future 🙂


Thanks for reading and considering 🙂 If you like this suggestion, comment or upvote this thread!

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Hmm, interesting. Might be interesting to see how that works when you have more than 2 contexts.  You can spiral one way, then the other, if its only one gear spiral, but what if you have a 3rd or 4th gear set up?  Are you gonna have to spiral past the first two, to get to them? It could become a bear as there are more items over time.  I still think there's value to my suggestion, even if they implement the gear spiral. 

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